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REVIEWS OF Cedars-Sinai Medical Center IN California

Marian Mason

They were so great with my Father who came into Neuroscience ICU through Helicopter. They treated my dad with compassion dignity and respect as well as made sure he would improve asap!The Nurses that took care of him were the most thoughtful compassionate caring nurses I've ever seen. Super prepared and smart and understood we needed all the positive vibes we could get. They were super attentive and always alert and working. Now at Neuroscience Tower again we find the nurses/staff are amazing and explain everything as thoroughly as we need it and take care of not only my father but his family too. Thank you so Much Cedar-Sinai I know he is in good hands! Also as a clinical worker myself I appreciate how clean and how great to use of gloves and antiseptic was used to keep the patients safe from any infections.

Lexx Duong

My experience with Cedars----customer service at its worst My sister took my mom here for a neurological consult for an aneurysm. The surgery was schedule in 4 weeks. A day later, a lady called from Cedars telling us that they are in the process of getting authorization for the surgery and it may take WEEKS. So, we thought the appointment is off until further notice. For 2 weeks, I tried to contact the surgeon to ask questions related to the surgery, recovery time, complications, risks etc.. Only the NURSES take the questions, relay the questions to the surgeon, then relay the answers back to me.....A lot of information got diluted/lost in transit. I could not tell my mom anything regarding the surgery because I did not get any direct answers and she was very concern. Got a phone call for an appointment. Showed up for the appointment and were told that they are getting the blood type for the surgery. My mom panicked and refused to proceed. We went home, and the next day I got a phone call from the surgery scheduler, who was acting like a QUEEN BEE, screaming at me saying that it was "messed up" that we cancelled the surgery. The surgery that I could not obtain any INFORMATION because they are too busy to answer their patient's concerns. The QUEEN BEE was more concern about her inconvenience having to switch surgery schedules around than a patient's mental welfare and preparation. FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL. maybe I should give their customer relation department a call. (Update) Needless to say, I took my mom for a second consult at USC. Had a face to face discussion with 2 surgeons. The surgery was performed there at USC. It took longer for my mom longer to be alert post-surgery, but the surgery was a success.

Gevorg Vardanian

Haven’t slept whole night and waiting for procedure, I’ve been told to check in @ 5:30 am , and which I did and they say that I have to wait more. Very unorganized and I’m Upset. Won’t come here anymore, if I need it of course

nITrox x9

Rest in Peace Stan Lee❤️

Sasha Murphy

Great customer service

Joseph Ma

Very helpful staff. Great food and very quality things I love this hospital

Elyse W.L

Went there to visit my friend's new addition one to the family !!!!! First time to be at this hospital. It was kind of confused to find my friend but the staffs were very professional and friendly. Very tight security. My friend said the parking fee is quiet high, and he told us to park in the Beverly Hills Center then walked across the street.

Ashley Ashley

Terrible hospital Thank full for 1 emergency room dr. That saved my daughters life ( Now can I Minus 5 Stars ) however so many more terrible dr.s there almost took her life away from her ..... Terrible hospital. . I would not recommend this hospital to anyone PS . Can't even review your records during your stay ( to try to correct...the incorrect information in the medical records from spiraling.... from dr. To dr. Causing wrongful inadequate healthcare....o and hospital administrator ( & administrative staff ) doesnt care.

Stars line

The place where the actor Stan Lee hospital died.. thank for what you did sir. You are Father of all superhero.

patty laino

I hade to cancel my appointment My friend hade visit this place for a physical and the lady doctor dicline her that service!!! To make things worse she got charge an arm an a leg for something she was not provided with.! I think this place is a fraud and they should b investigated for over charging patients and making false claims..... Maybe better business bureau will be able to investigate this facility... Don’t go to cedar in Beverly Hills, ca

dulce w

Fortunately for the work of my doctors and all the very beautiful nurses it is a great hospital the best in the city of angeles c.a .saved my life. Atte. REINA EL MEJOR HOSPITAL THANKS FOREVER

RaphaelLouis Jones

I love Cedars. Excellent care, and service.

Peesh D

I’m born and raised in Los Angeles. I used to go to kaiser. If you’re deathly ill or have a horrible injury count on sitting in the ER with RUDE staff for at least 4-7 hours. This is also the case for my grandmother who has to wait that long when she has serious issues. This is a VERY RICH hospital and the way they handle the ER is absolutely ridiculous. Also so so so many sick people in the SMALL lobby, if you aren’t sick walking in, you will be walking out. I feel it for the rude staff, it must be horrible working in a place like this. I have insurance, one of the best and still this is how it is here. BEWARE. Again the ER IS AN ABSOLUTE JOKE.

Amaan Nanji

Rest In Peace, Stan Lee! You were a hero and a legend! We will never forget you.

Jonathan Lopez

waiting for 4 hours in the er for an x-ray, some girl walks in and gets called up for an x-ray not even an hour waiting. total joke do not come here


The care & all around is exquisite way nicer than most locations. The parking and overall mapping is slightly confusing. Especially to first timers. It all being connected but not is just nerve wrecking. Information booth could have more wheelchairs or attendants to help travel through all the towers.

malena hoyos

I am alive because of Dr. Michael Lewis and the brilliantly trained staff at Cedars. After fainting 3 times over a 6 week period, being told by 2 Cardiologist, a Neurologist and 2 Internal Medicine doctors at my local hospital that " there is NOTHING' wrong with me they released me. I drove to Cedars 24 hrs later. All ER staff went above and beyond for me. After only 45 minutes the Cardiologist in the ER knew what I had, Dr. Lewis, Director of PAH clinic was called. I spent 8 weeks there getting the care that saved my life, literally. Garfield Medical Center had no idea what PULMONARY ARTERIAL HYPERTENSION was , let alone to look for it when a patient presents with the symptoms. I will be FOREVER grateful to you Cedars!! Your nursing staff is the BEST. Thank you for my LIFE.

Gavin Young

I literally decided to move 1000 miles away from home in Chicago to come here The move was for health reasons and worth it! Cedars-Sinai is following me closely and ordering tests that are RELEVANT to the causation of my condition. If I know the cause maybe it can be fixed.

Jeb Bolt

This is one of the best medical centers in the U.S.A. across the board. It's highly specialized & capable of treating some of the most complex illnesses & diseases in the world.

C. Theodore Lang

I had a kidney transplant there in 1977. My my daughter was born there; as was my first grandchild. Everyone has always been kind and considerate and knowledgeable. No complaints!! The rooms are large and the views spectacular. The lounges for visitors are very comfortable and the hallways are lined with wonderful art and photographs. The complex just keeps growing and they can accommodate any patient. I love all my doctors, never had a bad nurse or tech and I’ve spent plenty of time there; once, for 3 months. If you or a loved one find yourself there, rest assured you will get the best treatment available, from the ER, to the most complicated surgeries. Also, if you have to be in the hospital, you can't beat their brisket on Friday nights!

Andrey Luksik

The service they provide is really great. All staff is professional and helpful, but I always need to wait at least an hour to be seen.

Rafael Duran

Anything I say to compliment Cedar's is never enough to say about their patient care their staff their ability everything. they are the very best


RIP Stan lee +1 ;---; FFFFFF PREsS F TO PAY REspects pleASE

Jill Kline

My best man was in there. The staff was very friendly and efficient.


I rate it the best Hospital that we have in Los Angeles. The staff as well as the Doctors completely cater to the patient and their guests. It is beautifully decorated with live music (grand piano) in the main waiting area. and the food is even something to remember.

gregoryhips mopoy ju

the nurse in after they took my blood pressure was very rude to me and my daughter she is an older white lady.

PG on CL

One of the biggest mistakes of my life was trusting Cedars PAC primary care. Watch your back. Don't expect to find a competent primary care doctor (all residents) because their incompetence & apathy is mandated by attendings with zero interest in patient outcomes. Even changing attendings won't help. There is simply no one there on the patient's side, to put it mildly. Patients are just processed for billing until they give up and go away. I stupidly wasted 2 years there, helplessly disabled as I continued to get worse. No treatment plan. No treatment, except antibiotics. When that made me cry, I was offered antidepressants.


Rest in Peace Stan Lee :(


My treatment at urgent care was very poor, the staff were unprofessional. Very long wait and none of their staff acknowledged the delay. It took them one hour to take my vital signs, after that I was called into a room to undress and wait for the doctor. I was undress waiting for the doctor for almost two hours. Need improvement in customer service and satisfaction. Customer service training is needed for your urgent care staff.

Tamara Curry

This hospital and the staff in the CSF Leak Program ignore patient complaints and symptoms. They change their reading of MRIs when they find out insurance won't pay for treatment. One minute you have a "very abnormal" brain scan; then when word comes back from insurance there is nothing wrong in the very same scan. Disgusting.


Hey, lets give this hospital a bad review because they couldn't keep a 95 years old man alive which was totally not their fault! Good job ya'll, Stan Lee would be proud that his fans are rating this hospital where he received treatment!

Darling H

this place sucks I was discriminated by a doctor and couldn't take him bashing on me I got up and walked away

Rowan Collins

You couldn’t save Stan lee you are the worst hospital on the planet.

sue H

Excellent facility and staff. Truly impressed!!

J. N.

A mixed bag in the E.R. There might be some racial profiling, but know it's mostly an issue with neglect, ignorance and some egotistical Doctors that they think they know it all, coupled with very poor hygiene (sanitary conditions). I've seen all races, and both genders severely neglected inside the waiting around and inside here. There are some good Doctors here but a female Doctor wouldn't give me the one medication I needed to get my heart racing symptoms down even after I told her. Avoid this place if you can, you can wait 4+ hrs or more if it's packed! You might even do better at Urgent Care if they are open even with a life threatening emergency.

Team Parkhill

this is where stan lee died :( we love you 3000 (not reviewing)

Nethaniel Alwen Visitacion

"You know,I guess one person can make a difference"-Rest in peace,Stan Lee.Thank you so much for bringing us comfort,old and new adventures,and strength through hard times...I'll see you in heaven,Legend.

ebony johnson

I had a very scary experience with my mother who was ill and the staff did not make the experience any better. They were very unprofessional, told lies, and was INCREDIBLY MESSY. Dont be fooled by the fake acclaim and think this is a good hospital. IT IS NOT. Spare yourself and your family and go somewhere else. My family is in the process of taking legal action based on our gross experience. Cedar Sinai deserves NO STARS. TERRIBLE. TERRIBLE.

G- Arns

Cedars Sinai medical center is without a doubt the number 1 hospital in the Los Angeles area. Their clinical research departments are some of the most advanced in the U.S. Their staff, their doctor's, their technicians, are among the top 5% in the country. I'm actually sitting inside the hospital as I write this while a close and dear friend is in a room just down the hall, he didn't hesitate for even a second when I asked where to? Cedar Sinai was his answer...I could give you a list of Other hospitals who have ill trained staff with so much attitude that even asking for ice I was given cold stares as if I had asked that the 4th floor be named in my honor...!!! Thank you cedars for having the class that it takes to be giving and understanding without bias, to be compassionate with style and grace, and most importantly for saving my friends life....I will always be appreciatively humble.

Alejandro Tejeda Bergman


Bando Baby

I honestly TRULY believe in my heart that if I would have been taken to any other hospital other than cedars Sinai that I would not be alive today. Its truly a blessing and I truly believe that the people that were operating on me were dedicated in making sure that they did whatever they had to do to make sure that I stayed ALIVE. I died 2 times before arriving there and even once again after arriving there there and even watched them cut my outfit off from above. Like I literally came out of my own body and was dead and watched them cut my outfit off to find out what they had to do to save my life. I was shot in my chest from about a foot range away with a 40 cal and the bullet actually went in right on my collar none because the guy who was trying to rob me in Beverly Hills was aiming for my head but I jumped back just in time that it hit right where my head just was which was my Collarbone/ (neck/ chest area ) and the bullet actually broke my collar bone right in half and bounced off my shoulder blade and went into my lung and threw my lung and then was lodged in between my lung and back, where they later cut it out. But I now live in Arizona and they have the I hospital here called Banner mesa desert Medical and I went there the other day and after seeing what they operate like I know for sure if I was brought to a hospital like the once out here I would not be alive today. I honestly should not be here today and its a miracle that I am here. And I owe it all to cedars Sinai Emergency/ intensive care unit. So please don't read these people's negative reviews and get the wrong impression because those are mostly older people that don't realize that they are in the biggest hospital in LA that have people coming in there that are literally at risk of losing there lives or limbs so obviously if there are full then u are going to have to wait if there is no room for u and other people are dying. But I promise you that they will definitely be dedicated in making sure that your alive. God bless this hopital I love you guys and owe you everything I own. ( literally half a million dollars what you guys charged my insurance) lol.. But seriously this is one of the best hospitals in the entire US. I wish every hospital had your guys training.

Genevieve Burnesse


Life Of Candace

Rescue Britney Spears from this corrupt, money seeking, disgusting place! They won’t even let her use the restroom without supervision! They force feed her & they inject chemicals into her! it’s utterly sad!

Lori Akakpo

I would first like to start off by stating that I hardly leave reviews, however when it is concerning your health I believe that warrants a review, especially since I was treated with such quality care. I went to the ER and let’s just say, I was not in good shape. I was immediately placed in a room and my team of nurses started prepping me and treating me right away. I really wish I remembered the names of the awesome nurses and the kind and charismatic MRI man who brought me extra blankets because my body thought I was in Antártica. I love how DIVERSE and FRIENDLY the atmosphere was. It was refreshing and made me warm inside (although not warm enough to not need the blankets from MRI guy). I would like to personally shout out my Physician for the ER visit Dr. Stephen Kefalas, not only was he dreamy to look at (like VERY handsome) he was compassionate and genuine. He also allowed my PA to do her thang (I’m sorry I cannot remember your name but you were amazing). I am thankful for the wonderful team of Nurses, Techs and my dreamy Dr. for helping me to feeling better. Merci beaucoup! Gracias! Danke! Obrigado! Thank you! I would like to recommend that the bathrooms get the TLC they deserve.

Camila Paiva

Honestly this hospital is amazing. We went to the emergency room after my boyfriend was experiencing chest pains. They found triponin in his blood and diagnosed him with myopericarditis. When I tell you from the very beginning we were taken care of. They took his blood and ekg and did an ultrasound right in the extra room by the waiting room. So before we even were admitted to a room we already had results rather than waiting hours for a piece of mind. They were incredibly attentive and treated us like absolute royalty. I know you’ll see a few bad reviews but personally, I have nothing bad to say about this place. Not to mention we got a beautiful private room with a shower and amazingly comfortable reclining bed seat for an overnight guest. This place is the real deal. And this is coming from a Boston girl where we have some of the best medical facilities in the world. Unbelievable experience! Thank you Cedars Sinai for the incredible care.

Nedward Jordan

Prejudice and heartless staff. Their pledge means nothing to them. They lack decency and morale. I honestly can't think of anything more wicked than posing as a health care provider and doing more harm than good while draining folks financially. I bet they sleep good at night regardless. They condone abuse to both patients and employees. There's no need to say more.

Cory Sanders

Methies that flock here mess it up for the real patients. GREAT HOSPITAL YOU SHOULD GO HERE, PLEASE DONT BE A METHHEAD THOUGH.

Alex Lothrop

If I could give negative stars I would. Please if you value your life seek treatment elsewhere

hoe Macken

Once again, another innocent black life was mysteriously lost at this hospital. MINORITIES PLEASE STAND CLEAR OF THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!

Shirley Goodman

My husband has neurosurgery here and the place runs like a well oiled machine. Everyone is friendly and identifies themselves, professional and helpful. Every time I ask directions they lead you there. Everything is explained prior to treating. Excellent care overall!

Danny Essau

I am not sure you can give a medical group a bad review, and if you can, I'm not sure this is the place. But as soon as my doctor switched over the Cedars medical group, his service turned to sh*t. I don't want to give him a bad review, because until he went over to cedars, he was great... I blame the cedars medical group for the way they make their doctors rum around and treat their patients like cattle. Booo!

Zack Zibits

My Dad booked an appointment with Cedar Sinai. He has a life threatening condition. He was very excited to have the appointment and meet the doctor. But, a couple hours before the appointment he received a message saying the appointment was rescheduled to be earlier. He was unable to make the appointment and is disappointed.

cali banks

I've been sick a very long time .......all my life and out of e.r.'s, hospitals, ambulances and surgery. I literally decided to move 2000 miles away from home in Chicago to come here

me is me

There racist if your not kim Kardashian or beyonce having a baby they treat you like your a homeless person asking for a free syringe

Mortised TheGamer

Rest in peace stan lee. May you rest in peace. I hope you can make comics in heaven about dc and marvel. May you rest in peace.

Martha Peraza

If I could rate this zero stars I would. My mother has been dealing with a hiatal hernia for 10 years. She can’t even drink water anymore. We traveled for 4 hours to and from this hospital for help. We pleaded for my mothers case and we called and called and no one wanted to answer. We left countless messages until finally we got a consultation. They made my mom wait 2 months and pushed her appointment back twice. They finally told her two days before that they cancelled her appointment. Terrible hospital and terrible staff. Extremely unprofessional and a waste of time.

Anomaly 0

If you have to go to a hospital in LA this is the best one Staff is pretty friendly Heavily guarded They just need alkaline water and cold pressed sugar free coffee and some led lighting and lounge music .. The police are friendly The k9 well trained Nicest emergency room in Los Angeles Except only one guest at a time in the ER... Plastic surgeons on site if you need to be repairs Not a bad place to go after a accident

Douglas Barton

Cedars is over rated. More often than not the administrative workers are pompous, rude and condescending. In my opinion, it's hospitals like Cedars-Sinai Medical Center THAT ARE THE REASON FOR OUR MEDICAL INSURANCE CRISIS IN AMERICA. Cedars Sinai Medical Center and its employees (staff) in general act really pretentious in an environment where people are often in crisis mode. This is not a good thing. The hospital is notorious for price gouging but they are most silent about it. Just ask how much something or some service they render costs, or ask to see your bill. They won't show it to you. They make up all these B.S. excuses, saying it's not their policy. If there was more transparency about the cost of things when in the hospital, I promise you they would not be overcharging like they do. I gave been treated there for a few different life thteatening conditions in the past few years and they invariably make reference to the fact that my insurance isn't good enough for their standards, and they throw me out as soon as they can. They have taken me in only to leave me lying on a guerney, close to death in a hallway saying they have to transfer me because my insurance won't cover their outrageously overinflated prices. I've had two major operations there in the past few years which they kept me in the hospital for 2-3 weeks after the surgery, under observation during my recovery. The follow up Doctors and appointments they gave me for follow up post discharge from the hospital were not possible because the Doctors would not take my insurance. Do you have any idea how it feels to go through a serious operation and be denied having any follow up visits with the physician that is familiar with your case? The Doctors at Cedars Sinai Medical Center leave comments on your permanent digital records 2ithout signing them. They can make some sweeping debilitating statement about your condition that isn't even the truth. For example, a psychiatrist might come in and ask you a few questions while you are heavily sedated or on morphine or both, and you might be slurring your words, and they will give you a bogus psychological condition because they don't care. I could go one but you get the idea.

larissa stripes

Racial profiling is a problem here. Kira Johnson died because they told her husband she wasn’t a priority.

John Ciacci

Very, very, very, very, very bad and cruel hospital. Please don't send you loved ones here.

Jenathen T

If you are not a celebrity or Jewish expect to be treated like you are not even a human.

Ben Steve Steve

BEWARE: IMPULSIVE, Artificial guy on the loose! Seen at this hospital today for 12hrs straight

Trent Kaplan

rip stan lee :( stan the man. I love all the video games you consulted, the cameos you were in. I loved them all. I'm glad you released that spider man game before you died. RIP STAN THE MAN, we all love you.

Ramos crafts

Checked in to the ER for a appendectomy this past Monday. Had my procedure done everything seems to feel fine with my health now. The hospital is pretty clean, and a very limited amount nurse are attentive and informative. However I do feel that they need to be more firm and direct with recovery. Firmly encourage patients to start walking as much possible, when having your meals you should take your time, eat sitting up and stay up for about a half hour or more. I feel strongly about this because as I arrived home I discovered that I can manage my pain without the norcos prescribed. And with the gas still in my body I had extreme challenges such as walking laying down on my back or my side. With walking and sleeping in a sitting position I am able to manage the the pain from the gas. I hope this is helpful to anyone

Turquoise Hearns

I just want to send Love and many thanks to Dr. Little and the 7 North tower team. You all took very special care of myself and my husband during our stay with you all due to my husbands accident. Dr. Little my husbands Clavicle is healing swell and his scar is almost unnoticed (Thank You) so much for everything that you and your teams have done for us (him especially). You are a hero in our eyes and we don't know how to thank you all enough! We have never experienced such an amazing Medical team in our lives. We have been through so much with horrible Doctors and medical staff these last 3 years so we were a bite skeptical and afraid but you all made us feel comfortable and secure. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for that, we truly needed that. You all showed us that not all medical facilities are the same. This has helped us heal a great deal from all the pain and betrayal we have been through with other medical facilities. Thank you again Dr. Little and the 7 North tower team, we love and appreciate every single last one of you. With

Roger Early

Great hospital, and IMHO one of the best in the nation. I work in medicine adjacent field, and can compare.


Thank you Cedars-Sinai. Excellent clinic. Professional doctors. Relation to patients super. Best servis. Good luck.

Tyson Ngo

Rest In Peace Stan Lee, who died at this location.

Liam Jennings

Stan Lee, you were a great man, a smart, kind, thoughtful man. You changed the world with your creativity and we will never forget you. Rest in peace.


May we all never forget Stan Lee as he died on this day here on Nov 12, 2018 he was a man, myth a god Stan Lee Love u man

Catherine Berry

Every aspect of the care my partner has received at Cedars has been amazing. The team here has made a difficult surgery and recovery easier for both of us. I can't recommend this place highly enough.


i came here just because of stan lee's death, actually went here before for my 4th shot.

Lingyu Li

You took good care of Stan Lee.

Kurt Messerschmidt

Stan Lee was born in 1922. Lived almost 100 years. Not CS fault he passed.

Amani Smith

They are admittedly pretty slow and some women at the front desk are rude and cut you off when you talk to them, but a lot of the nurses and doctors were quite nice so far and they at least helped with my pain and lack of liquid that was in my body, but because they helped with the pain, they haven't been very attentive since then. The medication is nice, but I came here to find out what caused the pain and how to prevent it from happening again. Ive been here for 3+ hours so far and honestly, I've waited longer at other hospitals. I'm hoping to be out of here knowing my diagnosis by 2 Edit: i left around 2:50 and may this hospital be a little better than California Dignity Hospital, my doctor didn't listen to what I was saying either. She kept offering me medication for constipation, when constipation is not what I have. I was at least able to find out my diagnosis, but I've been there since 9 am, it's currently 3:16 pm

Julia Itzin

The staff, which includes doctors and nurses, was so kind and patient oriented they made me feel quite comfortable no matter what I was there for no matter what part of the hospital I was in. I've had several experiences in the emergency room and not only have the doctors been able to facilitate my complicated needs, but everybody up to the administrative staff were "on my team" and wanted to do what was best for me instead of worrying about politics or financial issues. I'm very grateful to have had the experience of excellent care at Cedars and hope to continue to do so in the future. Thank you Cedars!

Kardo Designs

My husband was admitted after a trauma due to a car accident. Emergency care was swift and efficient enough. We spent seven hours here. Before my husband could be discharged, the doctor asked that my husband walk around and eat something. While he did walk, no food or water was ever brought in....after several requests. I tried to get water from the vending machine, but it ate my money. Just because a patient is out of critical danger does not mean that patient after care should be lacking!!!!!! It's equally important. I've forwarded my concerns to the hospital, but I don't know if I'll be heard.

Samie Tolaris

World class hospital but they charge an arm and a leg for parking

Dylan Cascell

You took good care of our man stan lee

X'Zion Mathis

stan lee died of pneumonia here a simple sickness and you couldn't help him

Eric Lee

Best hospital I’ve ever been too! Highly recommended.

David Beebe

Perfect. Thanks

Winston W Wiggins

As an employee, I'm as proud and happy to work for Cedars as I was for Johns Hopkins and Tufts!! As a patient, I refused to go anywhere else!

Lauren Walls

Currently here and the treatment has been slow and terrible. I am completely debilitated and continue going down and they are refusing treatment and just want to watch and wait. Will update as time goes on. The amount of suffering that's acceptable to this hospital is shocking.

Kevin Carr

Best Hospital, great staff, for the difficult moments, is the best place to be.Honestly this hospital is amazing.

Christopher Kim

They couldn’t even have Stan lee live. I looked up to him as a child

william frechtman

Dr does not explain what results of lab tests are. Office staff busy having fun and not attentive to patient needs.

Jenny Sanchez

I have been here 3 times and this hospital is so nice. The staff are professional and caring. I recommend this hospital to friends and family. Nobody likes to be in a hospital bed but if you have choices I recommend Cedars-Sinai Hospital.

Edouard Moyal

I’m in the emergency room. I have been waiting 45 minutes. Before I arrived, there was an elderly woman parked in a wheelchair screaming in pain. She’s getting worse and vomiting. We’ve already talked to a nurse about it. Other people are being called in who are clearly much less in distress. Don’t go to Cedars Sinai emergency.

Noé André

This hospital right here is on the top 10 hospitals in the united states according to one research that I did. And I can assure that. Their staff, their technology, their cleanliness, etc! It makes me want to work here. Thanks everyone and thanks to the Jews community for this amazing hospital. Baruch HaShem and Jesus is the lord amen!

Alla Mel

Took my mom to ER after she fell and hit her head and shoulder. Had really bad experience over there. Nurses just ignored her and her needs, nobody helped her to use the restroom when she asked for that, No IV or blood work was done for at least 2 hours after she came to ER. No CT head was done for almost 3 hours to evaluate her for possible head bleed. She was in the hallway the entire time, even though there were rooms available to accommodate her. Her nurse Dana was very rude and and ignorant. I don't think that kind of person should be a nurse. She has no sense of empathy to her patients and their families. She didn't want let me and my daughter to be with my mom together stating that they have very sick patients and they can't have both of us at the bedside. At the same I saw nurses talking and laughing at the nursing station and nothing dramatic was going on. Finally, I asked for another nurse. The only reason I am giving 2 stars is that this CT head after finally being completed has been read fairly quick by radiologist and ER neurologist came and talked to me about it. Otherwise, this is not kind of service and attitude from the personnel patients expecting when they come to this ER for help.

Vishal Singh

Very poor skill and care, the left an improperly done IV in a patients arm, causing huge amount of pain, for FOUR days, and they ignored the patient trying to warn them for all four days that it was hurting and inserted wrong, and they did not believe her. These are very egotistical and error-prone doctors who will not listen to you when they are caught making a mistake. Look, everyone makes mistakes, but don't lie when you make one, especially if you're A DOCTOR.

Kari Turner

I brought my husband here for a minor chest complaint after being referred by our local urgent care just to rule things out. I was so impressed with the calm efficiency of the ER and the friendly, reassuring attitude of all the staff. We are very blessed to have gotten a good report and my husband left there with a clean bill of health/nothing to worry about; however, I am confident that if there had been a different outcome he would have received the very best care. Thank you!

Matthew Budd

Got shot about 30 years ago. Was in the hospital for 3 days. They charged me & my insurance about $29,000. This was 30 years ago I can only imagine what it would cost now. On the plus side they did a great job I still walk and I'm alive so got to give them credit for that. Still one of the Premier hospitals in Los Angeles if you can afford it.

J Michael

This is one of the best hospitals in the world. They complete more heart transplants than any other hospital in the county. Excellent place for patients and members of the medical community. They are also leaders in research and have academic programs. This place is geared towards making breakthroughs in medicine and delivering excellent care!

Carrie Harris


akira hakasawa

cathartic experience. the essence of doctorhood, the glamourization of struggle and suffering, words are not sufficient to explain. this place makes you feel like a small snail savouring the grace of a tall juicy grass stalk.

Mohammed Al Gharbawi

Thank you Cedars-Sinai. I had a pancreatic surgery with Dr. Nicholas Nissen. They gave me hope. The staff are great, the doctor is the best and the level of service is exceptionally good. The only thing I don’t give 5 starts is the room and the bed, they can be much better.

April Carter

Kira Johnson died due to the incompetence of your medical staff. How dare you tell her husband she was NOT a top priority after giving birth and experiencing internal bleeding and complications. Please black women stay away from this hospital!! They don’t give a damm!! RIP Kira Johnson, Biggie Smalls and Stan Lee!!

Melanie Campbell

bit of a maze, but everyone very attentive

Ginger the Trail Pup

I have a pretty complex medical history. I switched to Cedars Sinai about a year ago from another supposedly top hospital in the area and have never regretted my decision. My doctors at Cedars Sinai treat me with dignity and respect. I am treated as a person, not a number and my visits are not on a timer. My opinions and questions are never treated lightly. Once I was running late (LA traffic) and my doctors office called, making sure I was ok. More recently I was in a serious accident. After seeing my doctor, a couple of days later there was a message on my phone ... it was my doctor just checking up on me making sure I was doing well. How refreshing!

Akemi Edward

Disgusted with this place. Makes money off people being sick & dying!

Farad Bell

Please pay special attention to all the other low scoring reviews. They are all truthful and correct. My brother went in for a ablation procedure related to his liver cancer. We the family did not see the Radiologist M.D. after the procedure or receive a call. That was six weeks ago and we still didn’t hear from him. I’m a retired physician and very wise to finding the truth. The truth as the previous person wrote is that no one cares at CS about the most important people in the building; “The Patient”. It took over 48 hrs. For my brother to see the pain management dept. meanwhile the nurses were calling the attending to get authorization to give my brother one pain tablet. (He had surgery and no one cared.) Fast forward six weeks we saw one of the department heads who told my brother that he was very happy with his results based on the reports. We were all very happy, but when we saw the dept. head of liver transplants he stated that he was sorry to give him the bad news because he can’t see any measurable signs of improvement and as matter of fact he is recommending that they repeat his recent surgery and see. To me the first doctor violated the most important aspect of the hypocritical oath. He gave his patient false hope only to have it be taken away just the next day. The previous reviewer truly gave you all correct picture of how the entire staff don’t care so I don’t want to repeat things. If you care about yourself or your family please consider the real cost of going to Cedars Sinai Hospital. I will also be notifying the CA State Board as well as the various sites on the internet.

Myranda Wilson

Great doctors and nurses, but long wait. We've been her for 4 hours for a fever.

Jose XZG

Attentive nursing personnel, and most importantly very knowledgeable. Their ICU visitation is a little strict, but I appreciate all their effort put in treating my dad.

Frida Moore

Explained my condition- cervical disc herniation- better than my regular doctor. Thank you very much to all the doctors, staff and upper management. Service and quality are both world class.


Stan Lee died here. I honestly can't believe they took him to a hospital like this.

George Caldwell

I just spent two days in the Cedars-Sinai hospital and it has to be the best in the world. Let me explain why and the difference between other hospitals. First of all, I personally know several people who died while waiting for a new liver. Last Memorial Weekend in 2017, my friend was in a Long Beach hospital and was just about 100% dead due to a liver problem. He requested to be moved to Cedars-Sinai and on Saturday he was approved to receive a new liver. The hospital found him a liver and they put in in on Memorial Day. Now, he has been back to work since January 2018. Now my personal experience this week. I have had serious vertigo episodes for about 5 years. This past Thursday, I had a spell while getting on the freeway and I caused an accident. This is what happened when I went to other hospitals and when I went to Cedars-Sinai. When I went to other emergency rooms 3 times the doctors looked at me, did CT scans, told me to see my regular doctor and sent me home. I went to my regular doctor and other specialists about 30 times and nobody found the problem. This is what Cedars-Sinai did. I went to the emergency room after my vertigo spell and the doctors told me they wanted to admit me to the hospital until they resolved my problem. They immediately put me in a private room and did all types of tests and monitoring for 24 hours without stopping. They found that a vain in my neck was compressed and they set an appointment for an operation for after the Memorial Day weekend. This hospital saved my friend's life and may have saved me from having to give up my driver's license. Thank you very much to all the doctors, staff and upper management.


I was born here y'all!!! Wish I could afford to buy a home nearby...

Bo Lorentzen

Outstanding patient care and literally one of the leading treatment centers in California

Alexander Sandlin

There will never be another Stan Lee. For decades he provided both young and old with adventure, escape, comfort, confidence, inspiration, strength, friendship and joy. He exuded love and kindness and will leave an indelible mark on so, so, so many lives. Excelsior!!

DawgFace Channel

The nurses and the security weren’t empathetic about the situation, rude and one of the guy rn threw me back on bed when I had to use the bath room . They refused to give his name.

Sharee Alexander

At this very moment I am watching a lady bleeding who is pregnant and NO one is HELPING her!!! Myself and another lady helped her out of the restroom. She has been here since 2:45 pm it is 8:13pm. The possibility that she is having a miscarriage is probable!!! I can't believe that this hospital would not take her in as priority. This ER is worse then any one of them in the South Los Angeles. Including Martin Luther King Hospital!! I would never come back here! WORSE ER IN LOS ANGELES

Royline Forward

If you’re African American, don’t go here. Too many suspicious deaths have occurred at this hospital.

Franklin Castillo

New Mom - don't have time to elaborate all the details as to how amazing this place is. Bottom line - I highly recommend it as a place to deliver a baby. It's the Strongrooms of hospitals - quality service every step of the way. Every person we came in contact with treated us with such care - it's amazing that insurance pays for this experience. Dr. Bacon Mitchell is amazing too... And the nurses are incredible. The nurses MADE our experience what it was. Marci, the Lactation Consultant, was also amazing. Breast feeding has been one of the most challenging things (far more so than i had expected), and after lots of patience, we finally got it down... now it works like a charm. (Took 6 weeks to get here and lots of pumping in between).I highly recommend CPMC for your delivery hospital. I cannot think of ANYTHING more they could have done to make my experience better. They are TOP NOTCH!

AL Peng

A culture of excellence and compassion at this world-class medical center. Ranked in top ten in the US & one of the best hospitals, with the best physicians, in the world.

Alan Harrison

Very professional medical system

woman lady

I arrived at this medical center around 7:40 p.m. May 17, 2019. Dr. Rose did not come out to see me until 8:53 p.m. I WAITED OVER AN HOUR to be seen by Dr. Rose. She finished up with my appointment at 9:38 p.m. I was at urgent Care for approximately 2 HOURS!!! Doctor Rose told me the reason why she didn't come in immediately is because she had to take care of one of her patients while I WAITED for her in the examination room. Furthermore, Dr. Rose told me that my appointment might be interrupted AGAIN by her leaving to go see one of her patients MEANWHILE on my time! This type of medical attention is RUDE, INCONSIDERATE, and UNPROFESSIONAL! I feel MISTREATED. By the way I'm visiting here from Pennsylvania. I will tell everyone I meet about my NEGATIVE experience at the Playa Vista Cedars-Sinai medical office. YOU WILL END UP WAITING OVER AN HOUR TO BE SEE THE DOCTOR! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS OFFICE!

Old town

I saw this place on my walk with my dog and this hospital is were stan lee died

Robert Owens

I was very impressed with my visit to Cedars. However, there are some members of the Cedars team who are not in it for the care of the patients. If you end up with one of those, just fire them and move on to another one. Since demanding some respect from them, I have had an excellent experience and can't imagine going anywhere else.


Good staffed, bad wait time at the ER

judy stroud

Had my kids their. Had brain surgery by Dr. Cooper. He saved my life

K. B.

How dare this hospital tell a human being they are not a priority. How dare them be so negligent that a routine C section kills a woman. To make her wait 8 hours for a "stat" catscan is despicable. This hospital needs to do something for this man that lost his wife due to its staff horrific failure. This has medical malpractice written all over it. I am sharing this story across all my social media platforms and will ask my friends to do the same. Two little boys are now motherless because of this "hospital." Please, black men and women AVOID coming here. Their ingrained racist behaviors and practices could cost you your life. Miniorities should stay away from this place because it doesn't care about them. Disgusting.

Kadijatou Bah

rip stan lee they tried there best to save him


Never forget Kira Johnson. Never forget how the staff ignored her husband’s pleas to do something for 10 hours after seeing blood in her catheter. Never forget how she was as healthy as healthy gets, and still was killed by medical negligence of the nurses and doctors of the maternity ward.

McLeod Rodda

only here cause this is where Stan Lee passed away, Rest In Peace. :(

Laura Imonieroh

Very thorough with medical care

Leandro Avila

These Drs are the best I was treated as if I was the only patient they had they bent over backwards to help me. I now have the best care team possible to get me back to my old self. Thank you To all of my care team. Leandro Avila

Johnnie Mikell

Been coming to Cedars back when they were Cedars of Lebanon. Great staff.

Michael Giounotti

I have never been so insulted and belittled, by my emergency doctor, Dr. David Noorvash at Ceaders Sinai. I will never return there to be abused by his negative assumptions. Even after he discovered he was wrong, he never came back to apologise, or even to tell me what was wrong. What a POS!

Fiacre Legault

Best Hospital, great staff, for the difficult moments, is the best place to be.This is one of the best medical centers in the U.S.A.and a lot of Very Caring People over here.

Jen Tat

All staff is professional and helpful!

Kevin Keller

this is where art goes to die. wander the halls and you will find forgotten art pieces in all the floors.


They kept askin if im leaving not nice little kids here, JEFF COOL THOOO SO i give it a 2 for him

Jennifer Jackson

This is the third time I have witnessed the same persons smoking weed in their scrub uniforms. But I finally got a glanced at two of the badges. One was a bald-headed, tall man named Carlos Sola and the other African American woman named Gillian something. It's very unethical to work under the influences of drugs. I will advised others to be careful of these people. It's a disgrace! Somebody do something and get a hold of them doing these of things.

Jeffrey Vega

This hospital saved me from meningitis twice. Today I’m a healthy 21 year old man thanks to the amazing doctors at this clinic.


This is where the beloved Stan Lee passed away. May the avengers be with you :( Ps: I am not here to review about this place EDIT:DANG! I JUST GT 1,115 reviews on this comment! LOL XD

LaQuinna T

This is the hospital that ignored Kira Johnson’s symptoms and she died of blood loss the next day. I hope her family get the justice they deserve.

Fredric Booker

It's hard for me to rate four stars like I wanted too. I don't like the fact I have to call the nurse when I use the restroom, wash my face, get dress. Now I feel I have no privacy, having a nurse stand behind a current while I take a shower and dry myself off. This feel weird and I don't like that feeling that I'm being watch. I understand that if a person is getting pain meds like myself shouldn't walk around but stay in their room like I do, the rest of the of the things they want me to do i feel it's invasive. To have someone to stand outside a door while I use the restroom creeps me out. These methods should be used on people that has a hard time walking and needs help if their condition calls for that type of help but mine doesn't . Last time I look i was able to move. Now they want me to sign a waiver, because I don't want them to stand outside my shower or while I'm using the restroom. Some things just got to far. This is why I gave two stars on the night shift on 4/17/18. Now the other shifts are great awesome people I would give them 10 stars my own personal stars. The things I do like the staff works as a team there is no individuals and the makes it a family atmosphere. They laugh and Mike with each other and just full of life smiles. So in other ways Cedars Sinai employees are wonderful, professional caring people. Even the transporters love their job and the hospital. It's not everyday you see large group of people work together and he on the same page. I can truly say Cedars Sinai has a well oiled machine. In that hospital they are one big family and they make us part of that. Besides there are some other things I don't agree with , but over all employees here know their jobs and they know it well and we'll trained. Over all this hospital and the workers are awesome people. Before I end this review these results are base on my personal experience and for the night shift beautiful people I can't say enough good words about the night shift besides what I mentioned earlier and I do stand by my opinion dealing with the privacy factor. Now housekeeping they do so so job i had scrub my own shower I notice they never clean it so I had to get on my hands and knees scrub he shower myself as a patient. Also I notice they don't dust the rooms and I was amazed how dusty my room was so once again I had to dust my room. Housekeeping has to get together. From what I can tell a new leadership role may have to take place in house keeping. So out five stars i would give housekeeping 1 star because a patient should not have to go behind housekeeping and finish cleaning. To all the nurses that help me THANK YOU! you guys are awesome people with kind and loving hearts. Couple shout outs Jade,Hazel and Rama those three nurses that took care of me are beautiful, kind, loving people with the biggest smiles so I would like to thank them and to the charge nurses as well for running a tight ship.

Glenn Gibson

Great Dr's. Do many procedures such as bone marrow transplant without giving blood transfusions. It's only one of to hospitals in the nation that does bloodless Bone Marrow Transplants.

Stephanie Lopez

Stormie Webster was born here lol

Roy Ervin

I've worked in the medical field for 33 years at other locations. I became a patient here and received a live donor kidney transplant recently. Nothing but the best care I have ever seen medically, but also the compassion and dedication I saw from everyone. The synchronicity in team effort across the board was amazing to experience as I went through some very tough days post op. Nothing but the best to everyone at Cedar Siani.

Resumes 4Life

a lot of Very Caring People over here.

Super Blessed


Erick Ramirez

More than 4 hours and nothing, avoid coming in here! Worst Emergency in the city

Ellia Hode Eshye

A five Star hospital with one star mistakes...signs posted Smoke Free Campus and employees smoke and at the ajacent bus stops. I'm still suffering from the malpractice on my feet...look at the photos.

Faisal Patel

One of the best hospitals around. The campus is sprawling with multiple buildings. Very friendly staff and top notch Drs. and nurses.


Amazing staff, I really recommends this hospital for healthcare, excellent profesionals...

Dennis David

I spent six days in the hospital and received superb care from the emergency room admitting to discharge

Denise Gilbert

What a great hospital and staff. My boyfriend received poor care at our local hospital so we looked to find the best neurosurgeon. We found Dr. King and he performed surgery the next day. We received the best care, were treated like family and we couldn't be happier with Cedars Sinai. Thank you for saving my boyfriend's life, literally. He is back home now where he belongs. Kudos to staff and hospital.

Sheryl Carrillo

My spouse was on his second triple bypass it took over 8 hrs in surgery, this hospital is 1 of our best hospitals in the United States we have been very blessed with the healthcare of my loved 1,I know without the expertise of the professional staff my husband would not be here today, I want to say thank you for all that they do for our loved ones and ourselves ❤️

Adam Hamid

Their care is so bad that stan lee died RIP stan lee i love you 3000

Becca Fischer

I would give negative stars if possible. This place is a disgrace and every employee should be ashamed to be associated with it. The nurses that told Charles Johnson his wife, Kira, was not a priority should be charged with murder. You are responsible for the death of an innocent Black woman.

Sandra Erazo

Extremely dissapointed with this hospital i went in with chest pains all they did throw me in a hallway and connected me to a heart monitor and put an iv which didnt even get half way before the nurse was discharging me when i questioned her about the iv not being done not even half way she said " its ok its the same as drinking water just drink alot of water" this is what the nurse told me i would not go back to this hospital the only way they treat u good here is if u have money or you know somebody important its the sad truth if u need to go to the er i would advice u to go to good samaritan they care more about their unwealthy patients. Not to mention all the people crying in the waiting room from excruciating pain and all i heard them saying was we cant give u medicine yet let me see what i could do and nothing was done in the 5 hrs i was waiting in the waiting room this hospital should be ashamed of themselves.

Dee Tee

On April 13, 2016 Kyira Dixon Johnson died due to your lack of compassion and negligence. What a monstrous place this is, now a husband is without his wife. The thought of two boys growing up without having the support of their mother is heartbreaking. Your medical institution/place of profit has been exposed.

Ignacio Nixon

I've been coming here for my son's checkups and I really like the doctors here. Staff is great and we always feel welcome. Easy to make an appointment online or over the phone. Not a fan of the $5 parking, even though it is validated.


For a fever we still waiting here after three hours wait Before I thought the hospital in US is good, and now it’s looks terrible! The worst thing in America is go to hospital especially this one

Warren Harrison

This is the best hospital in the world as far as I'm concerned. We spent three weeks here in 2016 when my wife had emergency brain surgery and Drs. Wouter Schievink and Robert Naruse saved her life. All of the ICU staff were amazing. All the doctors and nurses and CNA's. Brilliant, compassionate, professional.

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