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REVIEWS OF Adventist Health St. Helena IN California

Roy olivares

Connie Culbertson

I came to St. Helena ER in severe pain. I was seen right away and the physician knew exactly what was going on. It took a while to treat my issue but everyone was great and went above and beyond to help and make me feel comfortable with what was a very embarrassing issue.

Ron Robertson

Yasmin Ghafai

This hospital is LIT AF.... I WAS BORN HERE

Barbara Rose

No one "wants to go to the ER" so reviews are often filled with a lot of emotion. I can easily say though that I was highly impressed with the care provided at St. Helena ER. I was seen it what I feel was a timely manner for a tiny but busy ER on a Saturday afternoon. Everyone from the front desk to the nurse to the Dr. were friendly and had wonderful beside manner. Dee the nurse was highly efficient in her job and clearly had a passion for patient care. My doctor, Dr. Usha Periyanayagam, was extremely personable and clearly knowledgeable. I left feeling a hundred times better and continue to recover uneventfully. Though I certainly never "hope" to return to St. Helena ER (I was on vacation) it is good to know there is a high quality care ER if I venture back to Napa.

Sherri Coates

I want to thank St. Helenas for taking my son in to help him...his such a good person who's lost his way...with such best blessings him being there ...he has a chance to find his way back to us...XXXX

Chris White

Absolutely horrific billing practices!!!! Visited ER for 5 minutes to help with a sinus infection. Received a bill for $750 - after my insurance paid $500 and I paid $80 for a Z-pack. Conveniently there is no one to talk to about the bill. Shame!!!!

Merle Stevenson

Dr diana might be ok surgeon but left my knee with a click. Also still in sever pain more so than before surgery. Dosent seem to care. He is all ego no bedside manner. Wont care about you at all once he collects his paycheck.

Bonnie Olson

I could not have received better care during my stay, but I would rate the Cafe food with 5 stars and the hosp. Food with less because of lack of seasoning. It was a little difficult to make things taste good, but the service and courtesy was the very best.

Viti Tech

Ron Felts

Mary Ordaz


Dave Ta

I was directed by my doctor to stop by to run some medical tests for a stomach problem. The advertisements everywhere say no wait ER, there was a three hour wait. After running some tests they could not find anything particularly wrong. I did get an over over $8,000 bill, fortunately some was covered by my insurance. Lesson learned for me on the cost of this place.

michael frey

Historic qualities and saved my father-in-laws Life. Excellent doctors, Great carrying staff!!!

Carol Davis

The doctor misdiagnosed my family member and now he passed away

Paul Kirkeminde

I loved the care i received from everyone there!!!!! EVERYONE! Dr. Gan is the MAN!

Jake Hoover

Beatuful hospital. Huge building on a hill that's kind of spread out. A little easy to get lost walking around. There is a super nice healing area out side with benches, tables, a even a koi pond. Got to be better than just sitting in a bland old room stuck til you can go home. Never actually had to be treated here but everyone I saw on my visit was kind and helpful.

Andrei Nicolescu

Shari l b

Very nice hospital. Drs are top of the line. The hospital itself is clean and staff is knowledgeable.

Livier Camarero

Ron Harris

From the ER to being admitted, the staff was friendly, responsive, and professional. I found the hospital clean and very efficient. I was not sure what to expect since I was from Atlanta and experiencing some pretty serious pains in my rib cage. After blood work and imaging confirmed Dr. Whitfield's diagnosis as a pulmonary embolism, I was immediately admitted to the hospital for blood thinner and anti-coagulant treatment. I have improved dramatically and am looking forward to my discharge in the next few hours. Much thanks to Dr. Whitefield and Rosy the RN in the ER for great service and professionalism. And finally, much thanks to all the constant busy work and monitoring provided by Johnny, Dru, Petrice, and Michelle on the 5th floor. Just a 5-Star experience all the way around. Thank you from a Napa Valley Vacationer!

John busch

I was sent to Saint Helena hospital for alcohol abuse prior to cancer treatment by the VA. I was released in 3 days as not having a alcohol problem. I went through cancer treatment with the VA and was released cancer free. But that's not all the story. Saint Helena hospital didn't bill the VA, and didn't bill me, they billed Medicare, which did not cover the entire bill. I did not know of this until one year later when I was sent to collection by Saint Helena Hospital who NEVER NOTIFIED ME. I paid the bill to the collection agency under the understanding this could be straightened out with Saint Helena Hospital. When we contacted Saint Helena Hospital the person we talked to saw the mistake and was going to deal with it. We have been requesting Saint Helena Hospital to resolve this situation for approximately one year. San Francisco has the payment set aside for Saint Helena Hospital and WILL PAY AS SOON AS THEY ARE BILLED, however to do this they must return the over charges to me. I guess Saint Helena "got there money" so "screw" the vet on a fixed income. Oh yea the amount is $639.95, may not mean a lot to Saint Helena Hospital to straighten out there error, but to me on a fixed income it means $639.95, which is a lot of money. Either way Saint Helena wins (they "got" there money) Watch your 6 vets. Or anybody else who can't afford Saint Helenas billing department screwup. John V. Busch


Glenn Aufderhar

August 12 I had a VAT-maze heart procedure done by Dr. Gansevoort Dunnington. From start to finish the process was first rate. Three nursing staff that cared for me deserve the Florence Nightingale award. The rest of the staff were good also. Only downer was the quality of food but not so bad as to rate a star demerit. And who knows appetite may have been part of the unhappy meal issue.

richard whitehurst

Thank you, for your exceptional care that I recieved recently on the 5th floor cardio @ St. Helena Hospital. What I observed there was, in my opinion very rare. A family feeling atmosphere with warm caring individuals all working as one. And happy to be there. When all dept. and staff ( no matter who's patient\responibilty ) care about those they tend to or work with; the patient recovery is blessed. Outstanding RN's: Ron, Shae, Laurin, Jobeth, and Great Supportive NA's: Curti, Laura, Adrianna, Jody. CT Scan tech Charles, with varies of lab tech, respiratory, housekeeping, food preps/chefs and Dr. Parker and Dr. Sonji I appreciated your hospitality . room 537 bed 1

Maureen Stratton

I love the employees. They all make u feel pretty special. The food isn't bad and they really do a pretty good job of seasoning the only bad thing is if you are a patient and you are sharing a room with another patient be expected to have that patients entire family stay in that room with you. Made it very difficult to heal from open heart surgery

Teali Johnson

Best mental hospital experience just I knew why I could not walk or stand well one day...but talented Dr.Joe was hot I had trouble parting ways in fact I would be much happier on side B again... what a stay

Kathleen Chesney

Professional establishment. Great doctor's and care here.

Bright Bulb

I just had a total hip replacement at this hospital performed by Dr. John Diana from the Coon Joint Replacement Institute. The professional care and attention to detail regarding medications, reactions and comfort level throughout the process was stellar! The bed side manner of every individual interacted with was wonderful. Kudos to all! As for the food, I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of delicious foods offered. After the surgery I enjoyed a beautiful view of the sprawling wine vinyards and lush, green rolling hills from the large bay window in the single bed room I occupied. Too, I was delighted to receive wonderful neck and shoulder massages during my one night stay ,one pre-op and one post op, which I was not expecting! Nor was I expecting to receive a vase of lovely flowers and a get well card from the surgeon, Dr. Diana, prior to my release from the hospital. To sum up my experience at St. Helena: AWESOME!

J Buyor

My wife had a procedure done here at the hospital. We were a bit worried in the beginning but then the staff was kind and loving by giving us instructions and directions. She had a massage the morning before the operation along with a sweet prayer. The doctor did a wonderful job and my wife recovered fully in two weeks. Very impressed about the post operation visits to their clinics that are very clean and professional with no wait times.

Ashley Webster

Haven't been to this hospital but I'm so happy to see that Dr. Cynthia Janes landed there. She was my doctor in Nashville, and St. Helena is so lucky to have her. If you need a really skilled psychiatrist, she's the one.

Dave Rowland

Anne Sterne

My sister came to the St Helena Napa location, she was cared for in the rehabilitation services for meth. Helping her through the withdrawal stages. Our family has not gone through this before. She is third of seven children and this is not what we do to cope with our problems. They treated her for five days and sent her home. There is no follow up. No counseling to give her any tools to cope. She has had cancer and been treated with chemo and radiation. I understand she is in a lot of pain and is not eating well due to no appetite. Counseling would help but they didn't do anything to help her after the withdrawals. Why not? She still has no coping tools. And the family does not know what to do to help her. This sucks!!

Kathy Simons

Carmen Delamata

Michael Gardner

Norma Rupert


I am very conflicted in writing this review because the care and help we receive from the medical staff was absolutely terrific, however the administration of this hospital is completely and utterly useless, bordering on criminal and I feel like I need to warn others who may make the mistake of going here in the future. A member of my family had a minor bike accident and was taken here by ambulance. As we were travelling from outside the US at the time I provided my travel medical insurance information as soon as we arrived at emergency. The administration took the insurance card, contacted my insurance provider, got full approval for the services and was told to bill the insurance provider directly. Amazing right? Everything actually worked the way it is supposed to right? ...Wrong. A few weeks after returning home I started receiving invoices. The first was for the emergency room visit. As I had been told it would all be taken care of by my insurance company I wasn't too concerned but decided to contact them just to be sure everything was being handled. To my surprise my insurance company had not received any invoices to date and requested that I forward them a copy and also contact the hospital to remind them that they agreed to contact my insurance directly in the future. My insurance company promised to also follow up as well and did so. Ok, good, taken care of... right? A few weeks later another invoice arrived, this time for the ambulance ride. Again I followed the procedure and was told by my insurance company that all bills they had received had been dealt with and were previously paid in full but they would look into this as well. A few more months go by and the hospital re-sends me the original invoice for the emergency room, but this time it is marked overdue and the amount is roughly half the original invoice stated. I contact my insurance company and I am told that the amount they are asking for now is actually the difference between the original invoice and the amount that the hospital and the insurance company had agreed to settle on to make this account 'paid in full'. I am told that I owe nothing more as this claim has been settled so it now looks like trying to 'double-dip' on payments hoping that the patient will mistakenly pay the additional not knowing they have no obligation to do so. This even after the agreement had been made to settle with my insurance company. This pattern continued over and over and over numerous times. New copies of the same invoice would arrive months later repeatedly. I would call, explain it has been paid, have my insurance company follow up, the hospital would say ok, we understand ...and then the invoice would show up yet again. I even got calls from collection agencies on money that was already PAID IN FULL and had been for months. It wasn't until I finally said I was gong to give them my lawyers phone number as this wsa now becoming harassment that they stopped calling. The accident was over a year ago now, so why am I writing this? Because amazingly I just received yet another call from yet another collection agency today claiming once again that I owe them money but this time on an invoice that I had never even received. I was also told this was now showing up on my credit report. As I am not an american citizen, and have no desire to be, I honestly don't care what my us credit report says but I still do not want false information about me out there. So now I get to reopen this entire process yet again when all of this could have been easily avoided. This review could have been much different if the hospital administration would have just done their job as the medical professionals did. Just a warning to know your rights and do not pay anything your insurance provider does not approve as it is likely just sneaky tactics to trick you. If you have any other option go someplace else, the medical care is not worth the hassle you will face later.

Jennifer Fetherkile

I drove a client & his caretaker from Lower Lake thru Butts Canyon Road. OMG, what a ride! The scenery is magnificent! The narrow, curvy road is a little intimidating, but well maintained. The grounds of the hospital are snuggled right into the steep mountain hillside. It's a little tough to navigate, but benefits from excellent signage. I recommend against driving a large vehicle, like a full-size truck or SUV, unless you are very experienced in mountain driving. Also, you will experience narrow, steep, mountainous terrain with little room for pulling off the road for inconsiderate speeders following too close, and a lot of tight switchbacks. Aside from underestimating how long it will take a nervous, unfamiliar driver to make the trip, it is certainly well documented in Google maps, and the trip was smooth. Thank you, Google, for helping us get there! You can also get there from the Napa Valley directly, via the Silverado Trail. Watch out for visitors going wine tasting, farm workers & equipment, and the occasional wild life crossings.

Dark Rainbow

Highly unethical practices going on at the psychiatric wing.

koda Bowlds

jonathan perkins

Great, efficient service. Thanks so much Dr. Stone and staff!

Robert Morgan

Best, hospital North of the Bay Area.

Kit Kirkpatrick

I was finally able to quit smoking with the St. Helena Hospital's Take 10 Program. It's really a course in lifestyle change designed and presented by Dr. Peters. The lectures were inspiring and all of us saw dramatic changes in our health in the 10 days that we lived a truly healthy lifestyle. My cholesterol on arriving, for example, was 209 ... not bad. But on leaving, it had dropped almost 40 points! I've incorporated most of the Healthy Lifestyle now at home and haven't been this healthy in years. I feel proud of myself, and I honor myself and my body in new ways. I really can't imagine going back to the old me and haven't felt tempted by smokers around me, or junk food, or too many days without good exercise. This is an awesome program for all of us who seek great health through diet and exercise...and want to have fun while doing it.


carlos a cruz

It is a beautiful place

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