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REVIEWS OF Adventist Health and Rideout IN California

Crystal Arey

I think that Rideout Hospital has drastically improved over the 10 years I have been out of the area. I honestly feel that my overall experience with the ER and East wing 2nd floor doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, nurses aides, and general staff was excellent. I actually have had a traumatic hospital experience which has caused me to have a phobia but Rideout has helped me face my fears. They made me feel reassured my children were in good hands. I say GREAT JOB ! Keep up the good work! And All of you should feel proud of the accomplishments here and I personally commend you all! Sincerely, Crystal Arey

norberto Palomino

Maricela Jaime

3 stars just for the couple nice staff members, mostly RUDE staff. Very INCONSIDERATE and LOUD!!! Couldn't rest well.

Martha Montes

(Translated by Google) Because I can go to Vicitar perosonas, to talk to them about God, to encourage them, (Original) Por que puedo ir a Vicitar perosonas,para ablarles de Dios,animarlos,

Kat Bowen

A gentlemen was highly sick and fell right in front of us at the check in counter and all the nurses seemed bothered that he was in so much pain. And was yelling at him to get up.

David Gerdes

I have been to this hospital 4 times in the last 2 years and have had no problems. The staff is courteous and tjr doctots havr been very professional.

Belinda Jo Varner

Tyler Ann Sands aka Sister Gramps

Friendly and knowledgeable staff, received my Xray copy fast. Parking is ok.

Jeff Coble

This place is a joke doctors don’t know what the hell they are even doing majority of the time the wait is crazy long I have had nothing but bad experience when at this place wouldn’t recommend this place at all unless life or death then I still wouldn’t go here!

Alma Avila


Steve Huot

I have known this place is horrible, worth at least 2 stars. But the PA at the front today thinks she is a queen and checks you in then won't speak to you. Serious issues, good luck to her husband if she has one. The x-ray assistant has the personality made for someone in this field. He gets the one star lol

Stephanie Richling

If you can get to another hospital, GO! ill start with the positive..they are quick to get you triaged and blood drawn. Thats it. Last night i went in because my feet, ankles and calves swelled up out if nowhere and i was feeling lightheaded and dizzy and had shortness of breath. I waited for 2 hours in the lobby, which was empty. The lady at the desk said it was probably just a spider bite...on both ankles at the same exact time. They finally took me into a little side room where i waited another hour and a half for the same desk girl to come in and tell me my hemoglobin was low and to follow up with my doctor if my feet stayed swollen for over a week. Absolutely none of my symptoms were addressed. I never even saw a doctor! And if that girl had actually looked at my previous bloodwork, she would have seen that my hemoglobin level was normal for me. Im anemic! Always have been. It was VERY obvious they were blowing me off. So now its the next day and i have all the same symptoms plus im nauseous so ill have to go to the urgent care or a different hospital this evening. Waste of time.

kim k

They are very kind and compassionate nurses

Gary Morris

If you are hurt at work they treat you like a criminal. The doctor only sees what he wants and is in there for four to five minutes with partial answers. Oh and don’t forget they will not return your calls and you will be there for hours before being seen good luck!!!

grace primer

They canceled my ultrasound appointment and they don't have a number for me to call and ask why or to reschedule or anything! This place is ridiculous! This hospital is the worst! I already didn't want to have my ultrasound done here because my mom and grandma both died here. I don't want them to treat my baby like they treated my mother and my grandmother. I understand if they are busy, but I also don't understand why people die of something as simple as dehydration because they will tell you you are not allowed to have any water.

Michelle Buck

Because I know how this dump works I thought I'd try "Online ED Checkin" feature so I didn't drive there to sit for hours. Hasn't worked all day or night. I called to see why, was told if it isn't working it's because all time slots have been booked for the next twelve hours. Plus time made for walk-ins. This place even sucks online!!

Stacey Anderson

I tell my family...Unless I am dying take me to Sacramento or Enloe in Chico. The hospital is dirty in the old parts. I watched a man be left in a hallway for over nine hours half clothed. Some of the staff is amazing some is amazingly awful. It has never taken less than 9 hours in the ER. And after all that they did not recognize what was wrong with my 8 yo son. They said they "Have no clue." Gave Motrin for fever. Turned out my son had the Zika virus. And Motrin is actually the worst thing it makes it worse possibly fatal. I recommend IF you can go to any hospital in Sacramento or Enloe in Chico. Then that IS the best choice.

gary pulizzi

Been here for 3 hours as others get help. Mom can't breathe and no one has helped. Nurse yelled at us because we asked for help. Very unprofessional. You can tell nurses just here for paycheck. Update. Came back because my GF was very sick. They had her in waiting room in front of everyone for 4 hours. The were taking her vitals in the lobby while we watched other people get rooms. She was throwing up in lobby garbage cans and screaming because of the pain. And hospital didn't care. The waiting room wasn't even full so they probably cut back on staff to make more money. We were also lied to 3 times. Wish Kaiser would have took it over. We are driving to a real hospital.

Jason Kiracofe

Update: you will recieve bills from multiple companies. Trying to get a copy of your medical records is not an easy process. I ha e been tryinro get a copy of my records for over 2 months and am still waiting. $15 to get 5 pages of my medical record. This hospital is a joke.

Terry Nall


d sulli

This is the worst hospital you could ever imagine. if you don't have an advocate with you to make sure things are being done correctly and to push the doctors to help you then you are in serious danger. I used to feel like the hospital was a place that can help you in any situation but after going to Rideout three times in the last 6 months I realize that the doctors overlook many aspects of what your dealing with and if you are having serious complications there's a good chance they would let you die in the waiting room. the shortest time I waited was 4 hours. a few months ago my doctor directly admitted me to this hospital and they still made me wait in the waiting room for over 8 hours. they kept telling me there were no beds open but when I finally got upstairs the nurses told me there had been beds open the whole time... not to mention the horrible care during the 4 days I was there, THIS PLACE NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN

levi pesnell

Robert Thomas

I knew Rideout was bad four years ago when I waiting in the ER lobby five hours without seeing a doctor while having a heart attack. Many seemed to suggest now that the new additions were open (maybe more than a year now) they’ve gotten better and all the issues are resolved, or at least improved. Wrong!!! Very similar circumstance, only now with my wife. I have never seen a hospital ask for billing before maybe a quick query on why you’re there. The poor young woman behind us nearly dropped her very young child with a broken arm because they needed ID from her first. We didn’t stay and see how much more had “improved” at Rideout. We left and drove to a hospital in Roseville where guess what? The first question was “why are you here?” I let my prior experience at Rideout go as perhaps bad luck or a bad day. As you can read in the posting of this review, this won’t happ n twice. Rideout really needs to figure out how to improve or just start a medical shuttle to surrounding facilities. On a more personal note... earlier reviews suggest the staff at Rideout read these reviews and strive to improve. Maybe I can hope the admitting ER nurse/admin/whatever will recognize these circumstances and think, “was I the one who brought out such strong negative feelings that a man would be this angry?” I would love for that woman to understand what an uncompromising b***h she was.

S Flo

My mom went by ambulance at 2am and didnt getting admitted until almost 3pm the next day. I am the power of attorney for my mother, this hospital wont release any information regarding my moms health status to me. I am extremely frustrated and will never let any family memeber come to this hospital again. Secondly, when my mother came to the E.R. for a prior visit a woman passed out in a wheelchair and hit her head really hard. I had two run out in the hallway to say a woman just passed out and hit her head. Two nurses made no effort to rush to her side and actually had the nerve to ask her if she is okay? Are you kidding? I dont know a single person in the world who would be okay after passing out and hittinf their head. Completely unprofessional and very poor patient care.

Paul K. Gill

Brought my Grandpa to the ER for a head injury hours ago.... Still waiting. Moved from one waiting room to yet another.

Casey Coronado

Honestly I don’t understand everyone’s problem with this hospital. I’ve been in the ER about 5 times now, and every time the staff has been very kind and has accommodated my needs very well. The only problem is the wait time, hence only four stars, but with all the homeless in the area and the shortage of staff it’s understandable. Having a family member working there might make my treatment a little better, though. All in all I appreciate this hospital and the hardworking staff there, cut em some slack guys.

debbie mitchell

Beccalynn Marie

I've also had long waits at rideout but despite the wait the staff had always been nice and very thorough in there work, I really respected how quick the doctors and nurses were able to work once I got in the back

Jannet M

I went there today for my 2 month old son that was feverish and Trust me when I say GO SOMEWHERE ELSE IF POSSIBLE I am a first time mom plus I’m new to this country and I could not believe the disgusting Service we received, the intake nurse (she was blond) was so rude and dismissive I was in disbelief. I have never come across people so rude and to a scared mother with a 2 month old, it was unacceptable!!! they are heartless, I urge you if you can, go elsewhere!

Paco Nava

Horrible service and snotty nurse's

Hue Mungus

The staff is far more inviting and friendly than you expect. I was so grateful that everyone I came in contact with wanted to help me get and feel better.

harinder singh

ER wait for patient is 3+ hours... security guard Ronald was intensely rude. You might as well make a 30 min drive to woodland ER instead of dying while waiting at rideout.

diane woodard

I have been a patient at Rideout Hospital twice. The first time was the last week of April 2017. I had gone in to Emergency with breathing problems and they kept me for 9 days which I spent on the 2nd floor. The nurses were great and my overall experience was good. The 2nd time I was only there overnight on June 29 and 30th. It was the worst experience of my life. I had a procedure done and they kept me overnight. After I was in my room for awhile the nurse said they were going to put a catheter in for urine. They used their fingernails and hurt me so bad that I couldn't even wipe myself for over a week. Then later that night the nurse was in my room and I told her I had to throw up. She didn't even acknowledge me and I was forced to throw up in a small styrofoam cup and had made a mess on the side of my bed that was never cleaned up. I fell back to sleep for awhile but woke up a little later and noticed that my teeth werent in my mouth. When the nurse flushed what was in the cup at the same time my teeth got flushed along with it. I was hysterical and the nurse acted like it was nothing and told me to calm down and go back to sleep and didn't do a thing about it. I will NEVER go back to that hospital if I can help it.

Daniel Sanders

Edward Wynn

Jennifer Gray

No stars should be an option. Worst communication ever! My mother was brough in unresponsive to the ER yesterday and NO ONE would talk to us at all! For over 2 hours we sat in the waiting room, repeatedly asking the secuirty guard to contact the nursing staff to at least give us an update. Over and over, we were told "A nurse will be out in a few minutes" but NO ONE ever came out. We finally gave up and left...I guess they will call us if she dies.

Rachel Guthier

We've only been to the Cancer Center but they have been absolutely amazing so far. My husband has been treated there since Aug and we definitely reccomend the Cancer Center. As for the Hospital and ED, we've never been based on experiences we've heard from countless others who advised us not to go there.

Kristine Grandin

Great hospital Awesome nurses!

Rajesh kumar

This Hospital Service is very fast. All doctors & nurses treat very nicely.

Karin Villa

sofi arechi

The worse hospital. 1st I take my son for fever and throat pain. The said is normal cold. IT wasn't I took him ampla health they did throat strep and come positive. They give him strong medicine. And gone! 2 nd time! I went for symptoms of miscarriage they told me. I was going to loss baby because they saw blood on the egg where baby was. I went to my Dr and she saw my ultrasound results. She said was normal.!! Now I'm almost delivery my baby. 3rd time! My dad went to hospital many times for chest pain and problems with numbness on legs. 3 times they send him home for follow up with Dr. And they never realize what was the problem. Until they transfer him to UC Davis. He got to late there and I bad conditions. Now he is dead thanks of stupid Doctors they don't have enough capability to check and test patients right way on time.

Griever Almasy

Shawn Back

Karen Buckley

I suffered a heart attack just two month after moving back to the Yuba-Sutter area. I initially went to urgent care and was transferred by ambulance to Rideout Hospital. I received very good care from the time I walked in to urgent care to the time of my discharge from the hospital. The time spent in the ER before admittance to a room was a bit excessive but nonetheless, the care was exceptional. While being away from this area for 17 yrs and having no knowledge of doctors or caregivers in this area, I believe I was assigned one of the best surgeons for my bypass surgery. I feel the ICU staff gave their best and most professional care while at the same time, were very personable. Once moved to the cardiac ward, the care was very good. Even follow up with my surgeon and cardiologist have shown they pay attention to the patient’s input as well as discernment of their medical expertise, and experience. Thank You for saving my life!

Mark Fisher

Carolyn Norris

Negligent would be an understatement. My fiance was released with the EKG leads on and then found dead in Ellis Lake 1 day later. I hope the worst for this hospital and everyone in it. Shame on you all.

L A Jessen

Joe H

This is by far the worst experience that we have had in a hospital ever. The nurses were good at caring for my wife but seemed to be reserved and maybe a little embarrassed about my comments about the room. The rooms are not big enough for 2 patients, visitors, computer for both patients and the rest of the staff that are in and out at all times of the day. The floor is nasty and housekeeping checked on the room one time in 4 days. My wife had to use the portable toilet next to her bed (Go LYTELY treatment) for everyone to see and hear. She was basically on her own during this time. Staff was kind and caring but the room was terrible.

Veronica Tellez

Cassandra Legnon

Ive known the place to be very unprofessional in health care i know one person the works er and i could trust other than that i go else where

Karla Metcalf

Warning!!! Avoid this hospital!!! The bad reviews are just the TIP of a very scarry and ugly iceburg. This hospital, drs and staff need to be investigated and shut down for public safety. There would be more horrible reviews about this place but few have SURVIVED the contact. The ONLY thing this place is proficient at is covering their asses and THAT is their only concern, make no mistake. Even billing comes second to their coverups..... This hospital, drs and staff are fully and completely corrupt.

Freda Curcio

I wish I can say this hospital is great because it is the closest one to where I reside; however, I am very disappointed by the services I received when I was admitted to the hospital a week ago. When I was discharged, the doctor told me that someone will contact me the next day to get my oxygen and I never heard back from the hospital. I never heard back from them. As a patient, I trust that the information provided to me by the doctor is accurate, however, it was not the case. After contacting them to follow up, they said they normally don't give patients oxygen (never was it mentioned by the doctor when I was discharged). They also told me they will find out more and let me know within a day and yet I have not heard from them after two days. This experience makes me very angry because I felt like the hospital staff did not care about me as a patient at all. The staff needs to do a better job at communicating information to its patient. It is unacceptable to tell their patient one thing and NEVER follow through. Horrible ER experience!!!!!

ruby manais

If anyone love his family member, I suggest not to go to Rideout memorial hospital Marysville. Staff is totally rude, have no knowledge what they r doing... most of the staff come here to spend job hrs and want to go home. My grandmother was suffering from 2 am to 6 am on May 24th 2016 with chest pain and staff did not bothered to do anything. even she was complaint and beating her chest to the nurse.... they were coming in and ignoring what she is saying. we gave them four numbers to call if u have language problem. but still they did not call anybody. when we asked them how come no body called us then they told us, that u could have called us.. NOW HOW IN THE HELL WE KNOW SHE WAS SUFFERING WITH PAIN IN MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. now u can understand there service and there attitude....finally we lost my grandmother due to there service........

Jon Doe

Maternity nurses were very helpful and caring. Food was not very good. They have a cafeteria that is pretty good.

jake serrano

Terrible place. You barely get the care you need in the ER. I was then lied to, multiple times, they just want money. Going to file with small claims!

Michelle Nicole Timms

This hospital should be ashamed. If it was possible I'd even reccomend that the emergency room be shut down completely. There is a true lack of compassion and motivation from the staff for its patients. Unfortunately for many people this hospital is the only option for care and the hospital staff realizes it so they great you like their God and your just an inconvenience to them.You can really tell that there are a lot of people just there for a check and they wouldn't give a damn if you were there bleeding to death or just had a case of the sniffles. Nurses and doctors should be there to help you, comfort and reassure you. They should be there giving it their all. I'm positive they deal with some pretty horrible people and situations but they should be the beacon of hope in moments of tragedy and despair. This hospital shouldn't be the place everyone fears they have to go to should an emergency arrive. Nurses, doctors, labs and testing all need to be improved 100%.

Melinda Brown

Riteout hospital is such a bad hospital my freind just had her baby there and they didnt help. She was so tired wouldnt even take the baby to the nursery she she can rest. She busted a stitch from having a c section now shes back couse they didnt di there job the right way and the staff dont care about anyinr there rite out is the wirst hospital

Desiree Johnson

kelsie stafford

Ambulance workers afraid of muddy puddles of water didn't want to get dirty the words out their mouths not mine lazy and not who you want to call for help


Worst ER I have ever been to. All they want is money. The ER will charge you for the “usage of the facility” and the doctors will sent you a separate bill because “they are contractors”

Elizabeth Rolon

One star for the triage nurses and the laboratory. The doctor never saw me, and I left because of the pain without medication after waiting for more than four hours sitting on a hard chair. The hospital is worse now than ten years ago. The bracelet had the wrong last name, and they did not want to change it. Consequently, my grandson called and they told him I wasn't there. Close the hospital, and start all over again.

Julia Janzen

I hope to God I'm never in Marysville when I'm ill. While the nurses are fantastic the lack of time the doctors are available to actually spend with patients is horrible. My Grandmother was there and the waiting to get to see someone because it was the weekend or because they weren't available excuses were just not ok. If you don't have adequate staffing then you should refer patients out to other hospitals IMHO. My Grandmother passed away there and I still wish we wouldn't have taken her.

Michelle Singleton

Kaylaa Sweet

Rude staff. Was lied to and then waited 2 hours when they said itd be 30 minutes to an hour. Ill never go back. Not even if I am bleeding from a lost limb.

John garner Garner

Laterell Roach

Walking Rideout Hospital leave out in a hearse worse Hospital in California

Barbara Rutledge

We took our mother there at 2:30 in the afternoon and did not get to leave until 11:30 at night. There were no beds available anywhere, people were being treated in hallways and in waiting Room. Grossly understaffed with doctors They left an 88 year old woman to sit in an uncomfortable wheelchair for 8 hours, no food, no water, no help. If you live in Yuba Sutter area don't get sick!. If you do get sick, it's worth the drive to Roseville or Chico. You'll get faster treatment.

Robert Sands


Bob Leboutheller

I love this place very grate employee rn cna doctor,

Christian Ramirez

Horrible service. Rude staff, crowded Hospital..just awfull. If I were in a life-threatening situation, I would take my chances and take a longer drive to a different hospital.

Kimberly Johnson

This hospital should be shut down, the disconnect with the patients is ridiculous...they make you feel like your a burden to them. The renovations may look good, but you can put makeup on a pig, but it's still a pig. We are not treated like humans, just numbers to get that mighty dollar! These doctors and nurses seem to have lost the compassion that goes into health care.

Erik C

Alyssa Varao

Came to the ER this evening with my mother in law and the staff here is so horrible to the people here waiting. Not even acknowledging anyone or treating them with respect.

Delilah Johnson

Samantha Swanson

Do yourself and your loved ones a favor: drive to Sutter Roseville. This is the biggest joke of a hospital I’ve ever had the displeasure of coming to. I have been here on several occasions for my son and myself. This last trip has included rude lab technicians drawing blood from me, arguing with me when I ask what they are drawing from my body, and rudely telling me I wouldn’t know what it is anyway. I’ve also been given medication that’s unsafe for pregnant women despite being tested twice for Pregnancy. There is an utter lack of communication from the doctors to the patients and, seemingly, the doctors to the other doctors, nurses, and technicians. I have had one doctor I’ve had a good experience with, Dr Bahia, but the rest have been rude, absent, or unenthused. I just want to go home, yet I am still here, with no answers, with people drawing blood without knowing what they are drawing for, and berating me when I ask. I will say- the nursing staff and CNAs are fantastic. They are clearly overworked and short staffed, but they are fantastic, helpful, and have excellent bedside manner.

Daphanne Peters

It's unfortunate to have to put it this way, but it seems to depend on what time you are going to the hospital, whether you are coming in via ambulance, and who on staff is working at the time. I have had both absolutely terrible experiences with Rideout and decent/good experiences with Rideout. If given the choice, though, I would prefer to go to Davis or Sacramento. BTW: The 65,000+ residents of Yuba City need their own hospital. If both bridges into Marysville are shut down (which happened during the Oroville Dam debacle and will most likely happen again in the future), people pretty much have to plan on dying.

Debbie Thompson

The hospital has improved a lot over the years and so have the staff. They do read these reviews and they try to be better and yes I know the wait is a long time but now depending on the wait is depending on the problem you might have. I am very lucky to live near a hospital that will go out of their way just to save other people lives and i think you should too

Andrew Dunn

Sandeep Bajwa

Don’t go here unless you want your loved one to die.

Stephanie H

I was hesitant coming here last night with my awfull pain I've been having but had no choice. The ER treated me FANTASTIC. They were kind and took me right in seeing that I was in pain. I was in a room before I new it. I was fully taken care of. Thank you to all of the people of the ER room. And thankyou to the Security at the door who first saw me and took my name. I am sure he pasted on that I was in real pain to the nurses. Thank you all

Chrystal Lynn

Sarah Head

Doesn't care about patient rights or how too help them wish someone from the hospital would read these reviews all they care bout is money

Billie Raymond.

I live and work in another state and called the hospital to see if their gift shop could send something up to a long time friend's room who was hospitalized after a horse bucked her off and lacerated her lung and broke her ribs. I was transferred to the gift shop who told me they do not have that capability and hung up abruptly.

Justin Stowe

David Jones

Great place to work, and be cared for!

Amy Carter

Some of the staff at this hospital was nice and helpful, some was not. I could give the benefit of the doubt but it was noon so everyone should have been refreshed. Customer service could use some brushing up on. I arrived in an ambulance and the experience could have been better. I was not dying but again, with arriving in an ambulance, my experience could have been better. The wait time was ridiculous. If you can avoid going to an emergency room, I would recommend avoiding it. It was other people in the waiting room complaining to staff about the long wait times also. The hospital is a typical hospital, I do feel I was cared for adequately. I just feel maybe getting nice staff, more doctors so the wait time is cut a bit and/or giving patients updates on their status would have made the experience better. But again, this is a typical hospital and I did get the care that I went there for. If there is an absolute emergency, yes, you will get taken care of here. The facility was nice and clean.

Maui Moods

I'm really surprised that Adventist Health allows this hospital to be run the way it is. Very unprofessional, very haphazard, very lax. I was scheduled for a procedure but never got the call from pre-op to tell me what time, what meds I could take prior, etc. When I tried to contact the hospital, I was shoved everywhere besides someone who could help me. It is a far far cry from the experience I had in Paradise before the fire. THAT was a great hospital. This one, in such a large area with so many people even in Yuba using it? Shameful. I will not step foot in there for any reason unless I am dying. Otherwise...I will travel to Chico.

Brandon Wallace

Absolute worst hospital I’ve ever been at!!!! Aweful!! 4-8 hour wait to be seen my someone and then another 4 hours before the actually “try” to help you. Better off taking yourself on YouTube than coming here

Laury Reynoso

Worst and and scariest hospital I've ever been in. Nasty rude and uncaring nurse Natasha. Left my iv dry with a bubble warning light and loud buzzing for way over an hour. 4 calls to the nurses station didn't help. She was so rude when she finally came making sure it was clear that I wasn't her only patient. No one would tell me anything and when my husband asked, very politely, when she thought my doctor would come in her answer was, very rudely said he has a whole hospital to see. Horrible experience!

Shauna Marie

Angelica B

Bad over all the worse.

Robin Krienbihl

Rideout is the worst place I've ever been to. I went to the hospital, cause I was really sick they did a chest xrey and said I had really bad puss pockets in my right lung. They sent me home 2 days later I came back even worse, so they kept me 4 10 days put a chest tube in my lung and had surgery on my lung I got put in intensive care unit and the whole 10 days I was there the nurse's treated me like CRAP I will never go to Rideout know more. They you walk into Rideout you will go out in a body bag

Henry Guavas

Mohammad Khan

This hospital is a veterinarian facility allowed to operate on people A cockroach motel you can check in but you won't check out. Have heard horror story after horror story about this worthless place and how they try to operate on you for having a common cold in order to make money. Misdiagnosing patients to get them on the operating table on a daily basis. Unfortunately most people don't realize this till its too late, this review is just a humble attempt to save lives. Yes its near, but so is the local cemetary.

Natosha Simmons

Shelby Iglesias

not even worth the 1 star. Nurses are kind. The drs are pushy, rude, & ER wait is ridiculous.

Yeli Ortiz

I’m not going into detail but something is weird about this hospital they don’t care for the patients they care about the money only.

Kristen McClelland

I had my son on the 21st of August and left on the 23rd. The discharge nurse left his umbilical cord clamp on and it got ripped off causing a infection. After checking with a couple of friends that just had babies and the hospital removed their babies clips I called to ask if they were supposed to remove it before we left, they said yes and they're sorry they didn't and it was a good thing that I'm taking him to the doctors to be seen!


Suraj Bhardwaj

Staff yelled at a man praying and are extremely rude . If you’re dying don’t go here because they don’t care and take forever .


Kyle Reece

I am disgusted with the total ignorance of the staff!!! They are unqualified and shouldn't be in charge of anyone who is sick in any way. I have had absolutely no good experiences there and its horrible!!!!!


Gholam Reza Khavary

Steven Dakin

The whole maternity department was very nice, helpful and very caring.

Jenny Lucas

They will share your medical information online

Nancy Patton

Sincere appreciation for the excellent care I received from an efficient, attentive and kind staff before and after an angiogram and 1 other procedure on February 3, 2017. I thank all who assisted Dr Brar with my procedures and especially my nurse Patina and the gentleman who was a nurse for the procedure. Their kindness was very reassuring and comforting. Patina was extremely attentive and made sure my recovery was as comfortable as possible. I can't say enough about Dr Brar. Words cannot sufficiently express my sincere appreciation.

Danielle Bond

If I could give them 0 stars I would. I went here with bad adominal pain and was sent home without thoroughly being examined, a day later I went to sutter where I was diaganosed with appendicitis and immediately needed surgery.

Jarrod Hillis

Dr where nice but some of the nurse need to learn how to take care of patience myou morning nurse was rude very mean uncaring

bob jons

I've always had great care from the nurses and other staff. I've had 1 issue with one doctor but that was taken care of quickly from admin. This hospital has saved myself and many family members, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Gurpreet Hira

Great hospital but parking is a nightmare

Daniel Hoffman

Worst hospital u can get. Wait time is gunna be several hours. Hopefully they can actually help u too

Deana Stickley

For being brand new and we as tax payers paid for this. There is no parking at Rideout like before. Drive around for an hour after dropping my grandson off at emergency and has to park in front of Hust Brothers had to cross that busy traffic with a toddler. Every doctors building in the Rideout parking lot did not allow hospital parking. Security guards blocked off the lots. Ridiculous..


Had a biopsy in my neck. They stuck a long needle in my neck 5 times and collected tissue. Then they said they didn't get anything and need me back. Never trust people that use your life for money. Cops, lawyers, doctors, car sellsman, corrupt politicians and more. The more you go see a doctor the more experience they have seeing patients then they get paid more. Not helping... Seeing you. Thats how funding works its shitholes of this world. California is one of the worst. Everyone wants to make money off nothing.... Pathetic. Not all people in cali or course.

Shawn Grover

Ride out is a good name for this hospital.... being that u gotta ride with your pain for at least 6 hrs before u can be seen by a bunch of high school kids at best that are still trying to get there license... I have never seen so much incompetence in all my live... your better off sitting in the comfort of your own home and bleading out rather then taking the trip to the most uncomfortable, unresponsive, and incompetent emergency room ever... negative 10 review here...

Melinda Wood

This hospital is horrible. Took my husband Monday 2:00am (11/11/13) to ER with abdominal and chest pain. Took him back did an EKG (normal)...had to admit it. They believed he had pancreatitis and said he should be better within the next day or two. However he became worse. His pancreas was back to normal. He still had horrible abdominal pains. They said they believed he had an infection and still to this day, they never found out what it was. And his eyes became yellow on that FRIDAY. They took blood for hepatitis which blew my mind cause I believed they should have done that when they did a whole panel in the ER. Also during this week his IV came out TWICE...the first time while he was sleeping and took forever for someone to come. Second time after waiting to take a CAT scan all day they start putting dye in him and it was too much pressure and his IV popped out and got blood and fluids everywhere. So he had to wait again. I found out after 4 days of him being there they NEVER took a urine culture. Which is another thing that should have been done in the ER. I had to request one because my husband said his urine was very dark and he thought there was blood there. Then to top it off NOT all the staff but there were some that were very rude. It felt like they didn't want to be there, find another career then. My hubby TOLD THEM he believed it was the medicine he was getting a bad reaction from. They changed it and he got his pain away. Still has a high WBC but released him with antibiotics. Their excuse....he's a type 2 diabetic...REALLY. I tried getting him transfer to Gridley...which was very friendly, held back because we would wait on the certain test results then they would screw up something then my husband was afraid of transfer because of insurance. Finally released 11/18/ I guess state department of Health was coming. Will be getting in contact with them too. I felt this hospital found pancreatitis and stuck with that. Did not do standard routine of tests and which made my husband become more sick and stay there even longer. I would not go to this hospital even if I had just a broken toe.

Troy Glidden

Saher Khan

This place is just awful. They don’t care about their patients. Blonde woman at check in was very rude and had lots of attitude, so disrespectful. We waited for over 6 hours for a room. They gave my dad narcos and let him pass out for the next few hours so they wouldn’t have to deal with him. You’re better off calling an ambulance if you can. Otherwise you’ll die waiting in that waiting room. Go somewhere else please

Katherine McCumber - Rapp

The worst care ever -I will die before I ever go back to this hospital again

Latoya Holland

Danny Gallardo

Ramon Estrada

I had to spend more than a week at this hospital and i had the greatest attention a human being needs ,, thanks to adventist rideout im alive and happy,, best nurses professionalism and doctors at its best ,, management to name a few , my god i wish i can say the right word , thank you all .

Christina Coronado

My daughter had noro virus...very dehydrated..gave her excellent care! The wait was not very long for an emergency room...sickest are seen and tended to first..stellar work Rideout!!

Areej Khan

We spent more than 11 hours in the emergency department LIKE REALLY???? IS IT REALLY CALL AN EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT OMG!!!!!

Jaspreet Sahota

Estevan Garcia

according to all the reviews I am supposed to give this hospital one star

Joshua Newby

Robert Lebouthellet

I love this place very nice that look at my foot and gave me med and let me go home so I could her my wife and check in the next day I like that very good rn and. Doctor .Thank you so

Howard Stork

Manvir Goraya

Manu Toor

If you really wanna get rid of your loved one's or you got sick and tired of your Elders.Then i would recommend this place to take care all of your problems.Because they are always ready to send the lovely souls to Hell Or Heaven.......

jovanie romero

I'm giving them one star because of the nice staff. Waited in the waiting room for several hours until the AM. I was in so much pain the whole time. It hurt to sit, it hurt to stand, it hurt to lay down. After waiting nearly 5 hours I left because they still didn't call me in.

Lucky Singh

RN nurse Rashelle, H. Great nurse. One of the best experiences we had at Rideout this morning. She made our visit so great it's hard to put in words. Its because of nurses like Rashelle, rideout stands out in quality care. Best nurse. God bless.

Manraj Randhawa


Carley Langlois

Daniel Ruiz

The Mental Health Unit is the worst unit I was in . I was excitable with Case Management I was treated with disrespect. The RN told me I needed to calm down. The Food was not good it was ice cold. Don't go to this Hospital if you can prevent it.

Jim Palmore

my amputation got infected and swollen and I sat in the waiting room for 2 hours while my stump dripped in the floor.. I finally had to throw a fit to be seen.. I WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN !!!!!!!!

ohh hiii

Lorraine Amaro

It really depends on your situation if its worh going here or driving to Enloe or Sutter General in Sac. Dont let the new paint fool you, staff all seem to be in work mode, friendly and know their job but they get so busy that it gets overwhelming not just for them but for patients. Possibly end up on lock down, seems to be frequent. Its an odd checkin/registration/get your info process but I guess it works for them!

Isaac Lopez

had to wait over three hours just to register when we had a cut open hand in the lobby, bleeding bad, this place could give two rats if your dying or you have a small cough. this place is a joke. DO NOT GO HERE, you will regret it.

Brock Taylor

Beautiful new building finally complete, staff seem very happy to work here, nice place if u are sick!

Samantha Moran

Brian Rose

Good to have in the area. Newly renovated section just added. The staff can be very helpful and nice on good days. Hopefully with the new addition, they get more staff to help serve patients as they visit. They really needed more help over there at times, because doctors have been over worked and just not enough available to help you in reasonable time. However I've had decent experience here.

Samantha Ramirez

Admitted doctors dont listen

Destiny Wheatley

Tonya Taws

I was there for 9 days watching my sister die after they took her off life support.Her hands and feet turn black she also had gotten a bad germ there. That place was so dirty .I seen nurses and even a Dr come and not wash his hands. i got up to see if he was going to wash out of the room ,but he didn't he went to the next room that is so wrong .I would die before i go there.

Kevin Trent

I agree, this is the worst hospital in all of California. Even friends I know from both Yuba City and Marysville said "Rideout Hospital? More like Rideout Hellhole." But my story was when I spent an overnighter on the beginning of my Thanksgiving break from school which was on Monday November 23rd 2015. This all happened when me and my Dad used to live at my brother's house. But I was depressed the night I was there because my Mom was selfish by keeping my dog from me at her house which he is not her dog, did not adopt him and just wasn't fair. But that night at my brother's house I was wanting to overdose on all my medications when the only pill I ever swallow was 1 acne pill that cures zits on my face and body. They took my meds from me and both called 911. When they showed up, they talked to all 3 of us for a while, then I went to Rideout by ambulance. And as much as I told them I swear I did not swallow anything else but one pill that cures acne, they didn't believe me and they didn't want to. But when I got to the hospital by ambulance and I finally settled down on the bed, I was immediately starting to watch TV. Then later they shut the TV off on me because they were like it's too loud and it was waking everybody up. It wasn't even close to being loud for even patients nearby me to hear the volume. I don't know how even the nurses heard the TV by the desk their all at. The only way I should've heard the volume was where the volume is on the remote, and having it right by ear. Then when they shut it off I said to myself "Oh great, there goes my other enjoyments of entertainment." Then an hour later, I wanted get up just to go to the bathroom. Then as I stood up, one of the guy nurses and one security guard came over and started grabbing my shoulders, pressing down on me to keep me from allowed to stand up because they think I was gonna either hide from them in the bathroom or even try to run out of the hospital. And I wasn't planning on doing any of that. I was only gonna go to the bathroom, wash my hands, and go back to lay down on the bed. But they didn't believe me. As they were trying to start a fight with me, I told them "Get your hands off of me, right now." Then I brushed the guy nurse's hand off of me, or at least he so-called "punched him" which is not true and never was. Then they both wrestle me to ground and tie up on the bed for nothing at all. At least they finally untied later, after 30 minutes of hell on being tied for nothing. Oh well, they finally believed me and let me go do my business. Skipping everything else, I never got to leave until 5:00 AM the next day which was Tuesday November 24th. But at least its now June and I have my dog with me too and I'm over depression as well. But now my dog is no longer my mother's concern. But yup. I agree 100% with everybody in all of Yuba/Sutter County, don't ever go to this hospital. Its full of Nurses and Security Guards that are non-believers, no reason interrogators, biggest liars and are just plain abusive to their patients. Even my Dad drove my sister there a few months ago because she had some kind of flu that we thought was pretty serious. Luckily it was nothing. But when they were there, they were waiting for a long time just to speak with somebody to see what's going on with my sister. Minutes later my Dad asked "Can you please tell me what's wrong with my daughter?" Female Nurse: Sorry, your gonna have to wait like everyone else. But later never came and no one ever did see what was up with my sister. Then she asked "Dad, can we just leave now?" And my Dad and sister just walked out. But she's all better now and as said, her visit was a few months ago. I hope this place somehow loses money or something or even they get sentenced to prison. That's right, up yours Rideout.

Gabi Reynolds

Rudest people ever they don't care about helping people only about money if I could I would give them ZERO STRARS I hope they all go to hell

Lynn Spalitta

Not friendly


Mario Jimenez

sanrio sanrio

Dominique Padilla

Dwayne Newman

Terrible experience. Forced to Stand in line at ER with a burst appendix. Staff was distracted and generally seemed disinterested. The whole experience left me doubting that I would get quality treatment so I left and had the surgery at another regional hospital. My bill for standing in line for 35 minutes and talking to staff for 10 minutes $1,800

Jarrod White

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