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REVIEWS OF Willow Creek Women's Hospital IN Arkansas

kay Shreve

The ER here is consistently Awful! Rude, inefficient, lazy, know it alls. Sadly, they don't listen to their patience at aIl! They put forth no efforts! They left my daughter sitting for hours, I came, made 1 phone call and got done in 2 minutes what they had waited hours on!!! Ridiculous!! Sadly, Washington Regional is worse! Hard to believe that the best rated hospital here is the VA!! Wish we could go there!

Education Channel

Had labs drawn here for outpatient, and had a great experience, very quick check in, helpful staff. Would recommend!

elisa natera

Kate Shoulders

I have had 2 D&Cs here and they were both very stress-free experiences thanks to the fantastic staff. Everyone, from the folks in insurance who gave me the tip that paying in full gets you 20% off, to the medical staff who were cheery throughout the pre and post op, were exceptional. They took two really crappy experiences and made them bearable. I had absolutely no pain after either surgery - Dr. Reiter knows his stuff. I went there last week after a car accident (I'm pregnant) and received great care during my monitoring. They were slow, so the nurse even offered to give me a tour of labor and delivery so I wouldn't have to make a separate appointment during my work week.

Shanda Guenther

I had all my babies at Willow and the staff and providers are amazing!!!

Kristy Harrison

I have never had a problem here. Had surgery about 5 years ago everyone was nice and professional. Had my son there almost 4 years ago and went into the er several times. The staff was again very professional and nice. Going to have our 3rd baby here in April.

Kala Webster

TERRIBLE SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRY MAKING AN APPOINTMENT! You have to wait 15 min on Hold just to speak with the biggest B that works there!! NO GOOD!


Perfect nurses and perfect doctors

Missy Couch

I went to the ED and everyone was so helpful and caring! The Doctor listened to me and gave me the beat options!

Maria Diaz

Gave birth at this hospital to my baby girl in August of 2012. It was always a dream to come back and work there someday. After 2 years of working at Northwest Health affiliated hospitals, my dream finally came true in December of 2016. Proud Northwest Health employee of 5 years!

Ariell Sloan

I had a great experience here. I had the best nurses that helped me prepare for my daughter's birth and offered amazing support when things were difficult and didn't goes as planned. Vanessa was my nurse through my labor and delivery and really made my experience great. She was friendly, professional, and always made sure I was taken care of and I had everything I needed. Traci was my nurse the night right after my delivery (I gave birth at 5:15pm) and she was also great. She made sure not to wake me or my husband through out her checks unless she absolutely had to and she took great care of me with the trauma my body went through. I never felt any judgment from anyone on the staff and I felt they really listened to my concerns and they honored my wishes more than I had expected. I couldn't have imagined a better hospital to give birth at and I can honestly say I enjoyed my experience here and I will never deliver anywhere else in the future.

Matthew Lawson

The Nurses and Doctors were very accommodating to our needs when we had our child here. Nurse Angie and Dr. Kent Mason were amazing and friendly. We had a very successful and easy delivery here and I suggest anyone to have their baby delivered here.

Amorét Kelii

Have had 2/3 babies at this hospital and have been so satisfied with the staff, environment, rooms, and overall delivery of my children. I recommend this hospital to all moms looking at their options on where to deliver or receive emergency care.

Jodi Elam

Everyone was helpful and made me feel very comfortable. I have to say Tera the preop nurse was outstanding, she made me feel like I had know her for years.

Erin Gayer

The nurses are experienced and truly care about their patients. Great place to have a baby!

Rovin Escobar

Ana Galdamez

Amanda Erbeck

Although it is a smaller women's hospital, the staff does a good job at knowing you and your condition. I had a premature baby and had to have an emergency c-section. I have no complaints on the surgery or the experience after. My pain was managed appropriately and my care was great! My baby had to be in the NICU for 3 weeks and the nurses, nurse practitioners and doctors there were amazing! I highly recommend having a baby here.

Matt Murphy

Juli McWhorter

Lab check in was efficient . staff are great !

angela johnson

Can’t get ahold of anyone over the phone to pay a bill. 5 different times I have tried calling and each time I’m on hold for 20+ minutes then it just hangs up. Very frustrating.


I have been a patient at Willow Creek a few times over the years and can tell you that I have always received the best care! From having my children there to having my hysterectomy, no matter what the circumstances were I was always treated with kindness, respect and given excellent care!

Chandler Arteaga

Have your baby here

Jessica Sloan

I had my twins at 34 weeks and then also a Hysterectomy a few years later. This place is amazing, from L&D, OR, Recovery, and the NICU. I recommend everyone come here!!

Jonn TheMonn

I actually never went to the location just had a few questions because I'm new to the area and my roommate, who is a woman, has a medical issue that for some reason couldn't get remedied in Baton Rouge. Regardless of those facts, Terri answered my call and everyone off my questions with some pretty serious local knowledge of the surrounding medical adequacy. I appreciate an organization that has a helpful staff that can actually answer random questions or if the blue. A+

Dodd Garger

We've had several experiences with this hospital and anything dealing with downstairs has been consistently poor. People don't have their stuff together here. The bad thing is upstairs has been great however these are two totally separate companies and just happen to rent the same bldg.. a trip to the er and staff was just sitting around on their phones texting while my wife and I spent six miserable hours just to find out it was normal braxton hicks!?? Borderline malpractice. But they ride the fine line to get your insurance $$. A real treat... then we deliver the baby after 16 hours of labor and they decide to move us and give me a cart????!! Its midnight people! So I move all personal belongings and baby just to find the room hadn't been cleaned!! This is a health system violation worthy of a large fine and possible lawsuits not to mention a possibility of huge health risks for our newborn and my recovering wife. Unbelievable and unacceptable. Period. Avoid this place. Btw, the reason they claimed we were being moved was because they didn't have enough equipment. This consists of ONE CART ON WHEELS and a PAD for the bed. Yet I get to move ALL my stuff instead. THANKS. Money and efficiency is their goal, basically a Walmart mentality....

Valere Rene Handbags

Willow Creek Breast center makes getting mammograms bearable with their friendly staff and their new technology.

Cassandra Smith

Stephanie Seuyaphanh

I’ve had my baby and surgery at willow creek women’s hospital and the nurses and doctors were amazing. The nurses are caring and genuine, they went above and beyond and exceeded all of my expectations. Willow creek is definitely a 5 star for its services!

Tyra Fifer

The facility and staff are excellent. I had to have an unexpected C-Section. After being in labor for 19+ hours, I was devastated with the idea of having to have a C-Section. At 1030pm the staff had redirected their attention to doing an "Emergency C-Section" within 15 minutes and had me prepped and in the OR. The transition was flawless. My husband works in a high stress environment within a hospital and he was amazed at how quick and flawless the turnaround was.

Chimaira Moody

I had the most amazing experience here, my birth went smoothly my comfort was priority and my nurses throughout the whole time were amazing and super sweet. You guys really do have an amazing team there. Thank you for making the experience of my life as comfortable as you could.

Heather Knepper

I've had nothing but one wonderful experience after another at Willow Creek. Dr.Furniss is my doctor and I could not recommend a doctor more. Through my entire pregnancy she truly listened and was very thorough informing me. Shes professional but also personable. She knows the balance. I never felt pressured, uncomfortable, or uninformed once. The beginning of my pregnancy I was highly ill and required admission for fluids and various infusions due to the severity of my vomiting. She helped me get to feeling better after I started seeing her at about 12 weeks pregnant. I cried tears of happiness to finally feel well and be able to enjoy my pregnancy. There was also concerns for mine and babys health due to my epilepsy which she monitored closely. Towards the end of the pregnancy, there was some concern about the size of little ones head. She took it very seriously and had me sent to a specialist twice. You can never be too careful and she knows that. (Baby is fine btw!) When it was time to deliver my sweet baby, she was sure to be there for me. Couldn't of asked for a better doctor. Truly love her! The nurses were all wonderful as well. They were always kind and were happy to answer any questions I had. I hope to have her for future pregnancies! Even the anesthesiologist was great! As for the hospital, I'm pretty impressed with the way they do things. Many hospitals dont weigh your sanitary napkins postpartum to monitor for excess bloodloss. Unfortunately this could mean trouble for the mother if unnoticed. Dont have to worry about that at this hospital. They have it covered! They are also introducing nitrous for laboring moms. Great for a more natural experience if you're intrested. I wish I could hug each and every one of the staff members for making my extremely tough pregnancy manageable and as enjoyable as possible. If staff is reading this...THANK YOU! You're awesome! I will most definitely chose this hospital over any other.

Wyatt Edwards

What's the point of making an appointment if they're just going to sit here and make you wait for 2 hours before they do anything

Glendy Reed

I received incredible care from the nursing staff and Dr. Furniss during my pre/post-op surgical visit. The nurses remained vigilant when my health was frail and collaborated with doctors during this time. They did everything they could to elevate my low BP, until it finally did, and I was able to go home. I'm glad I was in good hands.

Lidia Price

Willow Creek has the most dedicated nurses, doctors, and other staff members of any hospital! If you are going to have a baby, you should have it at Willow Creek! From the moment I walked into the ER to the moment I left, I was taken care of and never felt like I was brushed over. The nurses were fantastic and I will never forget how well they treated me!

kritter mchugh

I dont know much about the hospital...Im sure its fine. I live in Virginia and my daughter is there having a baby. No one will answer the phone at the hospital. Driving me crazy.

Gabby Rodriguez

Michelle Luna

Pauline Ngina

Dr. Michael clouatre is the best doctor you could ever ask for, he is just amazing and all the stuff who were in the surgery room may almighty God bless the work of your hands..misty the nurse you are one of a kind

Sarah Cossairt

Mitchell Williams Law

My care was good, however their operations are a disaster. They overestimated my expenses by over $1000, asked me to pre pay (which I did) and despite my numerous phone calls and requests, it is now four months later and I'm still waiting for my refund. Not only are they holding my money, no one in senior position will even call me back to tell me why this is taking so long. I think it's very odd that they would get my insurance estimate so wrong and then refuse to issue a refund. I would be very cautious about this hospital seeing as how their operations seem to be in complete disarray.

Colin McWhorter

Great NICU staff!

Ines Reeves

My sister have surgery in the morning, after 2hrs they send her home, I asked why so soon,??? she was still under the effects of the anesthesia. The nurse admitted that they have someone else waiting for that room !! This is unacceptable! Later my sister have complications and no one called me back, until the next day 12 hrs latter! Never ever again. I rather go the the veterinary

Melody Lawson

Dr.Chavez whether do her job half way and not help someone in pain. If your in pain and came to them thinking they'll take care of you you'll be wrong. She told me well you've been seen by another doctor a couple days ago everything seems fine so I don't know what you want us to do. Great. Just send me home in excuriating pain. I walked out. Absolutely ridiculous.

Asia Stevenson

Staff members are so sweet. Very comfortable hospital. I would definitely recommended this hospital to anyone

Rochelle Franklin

I had my last baby at Willow Creek Women's Hospital. As a mother of 3, it was important for my whole family to be a part of our experience and it was a great experience for my whole family. The staff were helpful and took amazing care of myself and my baby.

Lacey Jackson

I had my daughter here in 2014 and this was the most amazing place I have ever been to. The staff was amazing and kind. Professional. Caring. I'm finally expecting my 2nd child but live in Missouri now. And I'm having the hardest time finding a place like willow creek. The one place I found that sounded nice wont allow my daughter to be with me. I wish doctors accepted patients from other states. I would come back here in a heart beat just to know my unborn child and my daughter they delivered could both enjoy this experience.

alison brashears

The nurses at Willow Creek Women's Hospital are caring and dedicated. The nurses that took care of me in 2005 and 2008 are still employed there today. It's a great place to have a baby!

Shelley Villarreal

Outpatient surgery yesterday 10-30-17 performed by Dr. Joseph Ivy. The moment I walked in from nurses to the physician I had nothing but top notch care. The nurses kept me at ease through the entire process from arrival to check out. Anestiologist was a hoot, my doc was confident in this abilities. No rock was left unturned, I had no issues with nausea, kept comfortable and was informed every step of the way. I am a high risk patient with many complications in previous surgeries elsewhere. All my needs and concerns were met with compassion. I would hands down recommend this hospital A+ in my book.

Emily Bennett

Chris Magness

I had two experiences at Willow Creek. One with the birth of my child--And one after losing one. BOTH experiences were amazing. My entire family were treated with such kindness, respect and patience. We were made to feel like special guests staying at a hotel. I have bragged about out time there for years and will continue to do so!!!

euice lopez

Silas Martin

The nurses did a great job here. Good hospital!!!

Shelby Daniel

What do you expect to get when you go to a for profit hospital.

Anna Pridmore

Staff is extremely kind!

P. L. Summers

Felicia Haggans

Worst experience ever! Since Parkhill left this hospital has changed tremendous! From the time Dr. McColloum told me that I was having a Emergency C Section @37 weeks ( bad decision by doctor)to the time I left was horrible! My baby was absolutely fine. My entire stay was Terrible! (5 Days)Nurses and doctors are not good. My delivery was awful, and Dr.Mccollum had very little experience compared to Dr.Hix! Dr. Hix went to Parkhill and i should have as well. There was next to no discharge instructions for me when I was released. The doctor didnt prescribe ANY antibiotics medications for me after i was released to prevent infections.These people DO NOT have there stuff together here! Nurses pressured me to breast feed when I told them several times that my milk was not flowing well, and my baby wasn't getting enough milk. I asked several times for a bottle for my son but got ignored. By the time we checked out my son was at 11% weight loss. I would not reccomend this hospital for ANYTHING!! Very disappointed and beyond pissed.This place needs to be permanently CLOSED! I see why there are next to no patients here now, and the parking lot is always Empty. Parkhill or Mercy is definitely the best choices for your baby delivery I'm even scared to do my Post Op follow up here. I never want to see this hospital ever again! I wish I could give them MINUS 5 Stars! Please deliver your child at Mercy or Parkhill!

lewita neal

My girl's are Flat

Jamie Moore

Amazing place!!

Amber Cotner

I had my daughter here in November of 2015 via ceserean. It was over all a good experience, though there were some flukes. Check in took a while, even though I had preregistered. Then when I got there I was having contractions and my water must have torn or something Becuase I had been leaking for 2-3 hours. The nurses kept telling me the test wasnt showing amniotic fluid and am I sure i was not just peeing? Yes. Because its normal to continuously leak pee for 2 hours. They then inserted a catheter with no medication for the pain because I was unable to pee. Then they were discharging me, afer I was adamant that I know I'm laboring, I go to the bathroom and nurses are telling me not to push (even though I wasnt laboring hard enough for them not to discharge me) and I get back to my bed to get dressed, and wouldn't you know it, my water broke... After that it was pretty smooth sailing, of course my doctor (Dr. Mason) showed up shortly after all this. The nurse was very knowledgeable, and kept me informed and kept my medications going as needed. I pushed for 2 hours and she explained why baby wasnt coming out, gave me the option to continue to try pushing as long as baby wasn't in danger, or go ahead and do a ceserean. And cesereand it was. Baby never left my side (which I loved!) And nurses tried really hard to help me breastfeed, even though I ended up having to formula feed. The only bad thing after the check in fiasco, is that night, the night nurse was CONSTANTLY late for my pain meds, so I was in considerable pain before I got any help, and when I asked her for water, she never showed up with it so I was thirsty all night as o couldn't move to do it myself due to having had an epidural. I have Dr Kent Mason again and am having this baby next month here. As I said the OVERALL experience was not bad... Just some bad parts. OH! and the food isn't like traditional hospital food, its actually not bad .

angie hartwig

Dr. Jan Furniss was outstanding as a specialist OBGYN doctor and as a surgeon. She was professional and kind and went far above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of before, during and after surgery. She listens and cares about her patients and that truly made such a big difference. It made such a difference to know the specialist I was seeing would also be my surgeon...and an exceptional one at that! I highly recommend Dr. Furniss and Willow Creek Women's Hospital as they do exceptional work, treat you with respect and kindness and go above and beyond to be sure you are taken care of and in a timely manner. The follow-up from Dr. Furniss was so timely and so very appreciated!

Kd Ray

I had a baby here in 2014. The place had maybe three others in labor Very empty for a women's hospital. Yet, my epi medicine ran out and despite pushing the call button numerous times and my whole family looking for ANYONE to help I didn't get more medicine for over an hour!!! No one came until I threatened to call 911! So I wouldn't recommend this place unless you don't want pain meds (or any nurses!).

Emily Clark

I had labs drawn at Willow Creek and the process was fast, easy, and painless! Ashley in the lab does an amazing job with blood draws!


I had my baby here in November. All the nurses are amazing and nice and always make sure you have everything you need. My first nurse was Jessica and I was having anxiety attacks basically every time I had a contraction and she was talking me down and making sure I was okay. I had an amazing experience here. The room was really big with a couch and chair and they only took my baby out of the room twice; once for a bath and once for her discharge check up. I would definitely recommend this amazing hospital.

Alexa DeLoach

I loved my experience here. I saw Dr. Farrell associated with Creekside Women's clinic, highly recommend. I had an RN named Erin during the majority of my labor and delivery at NW Willow Creek Hospital, she was very attentive and helped me with everything, right down to push time. I can't remember my anesthesiologist's name, but she was amazing and by far the best epidural and labor experience I have had yet. I have had 3 children and I wish all of them had been delivered here. My child's APRN at the hospital was named Scarlett and she was very thorough along with all the nurses who rounded on my son for our 48 hour stay. Overall I would give the facility and staff 5 stars. Thanks ladies ❤️

christine picarelli

Beyond amazing care. I have had many hospital experiences, and by far this was the best. Extremely attentive care from preop, to OR, to post surgical care. Staff checked on me hourly and ensured I was comfortable and every need met. The very best care. I would trust any of my family members to the care of the Willow Creek Team. I’ve been in healthcare a long time, and know when I see good care. Thank you to the Willow Creek Team!

Meyaya Yaya

The lady in the front desk, Perriann is so rude! If you want to work front desk, act like it & dont be such a stuck up

Gina Gabbard

These people saved my life. Blood pressure after surgery dropped to 40/30. Dr Cunningham is the best.

Cady Hamilton

I had a miscarriage in March and had a D&C done in the days following, it was overall on okay experience for the circumstances. The woman that took my blood before the procedure did ask me when I was due, which I found very insensitive, since she could have easily read on her chart what I was there for, but I was an emotional wreck so I didn't really say much about it . What has me upset is last week I get a call and the woman says that her name is Carla and that she's calling to let me know about a program for pregnant women .I awkwardly tell her that I'm not pregnant, because I miscarried .Once I hung up I realized how horrible that was of them, they did the procedure and should know that I'm no longer pregnant, if I had been on the ledge they would have surely pushed me over. This hospital needs to be more sensitive in the cases of miscarriages .I shouldn't have to say over and over again that I had a miscarriage, because they more than anyone should know that I did. That was my first pregnancy and I'm very disappointed in how they've handled my post op care. Although, I would like to state that Dr. Ashley Mason was incredible the entire time, it's just the office workers that I'm taking issue with .


The staff was extremely nice, however completely oblivious to the needs of my wife. The dr in charge of managing pain was rude beyond comparison, and made a mistake, and attempted to kick me out of the room.If i had an option to go anywhere again we would drive the hour to rogers, the womens clinic there has ALWAYS been great, i really regret coming to this one at all

megan jackson

The First Lady that I spoke with (I think her name was Terry) was extremely rude. I searched on google “obgyn near me” and Northwest came up so I called to make an appointment, not realizing I called the hospital and not the women’s clinic part of it. She was a complete b word throughout our conversation. I told her I found them on google and she said “well who’s “them” i don’t know who “them” is” When I said “I need to make an appointment with an obgyn she rudely said “Congratulations you finally got it” and immediately transferred my call. I’m a very calm person, and I did nothing that would have upset her. I almost cried because of how rude she was. The next lady I spoke with was very nice and took my compliment about her very seriously. I’ve never been to this hospital and after that I never will.

Natalie Cook

Love this facility, love the people in this facility and would have surgery here again if needed

Shelby Dickerson

Jessica Boroughs

I had my baby here along with multiple labs and ultrasounds! I had a great experience! My nurses were amazing and Dr. Farrell was amazing!! Had a very positive experience! Loved being able to decide what I wanted to eat and call at my convenience!

Jojo’s Caribbean Cuisine

They failed to tell us that we had to pay $2,500 upfront, no big deal! We had our card, we paid. The RN who registered patients in the outpatient unit is beyond rude. She was born on 2/23, didn’t bother asking her name. Erica was very kind and respectful, Maggie and Samantha were nice in recovery, Peggy was super nice during transitioning. It’s that beast, rude lady who wanted to argue with me for asking a simple question. The appointment time was changed, the OR was very chaotic because they had an emergency. Recovery took for ever because the anesthesiologists was changed within 5 min of the procedure. The previous anesthesiologist said, she was going to give less dose of the medication to recover quickly. Well, the new one they changed within minutes probably had no idea, and extended recovery time to 6 hours. I had a horrible experience! The worst hospital in America. That 1 star is for the nurses who were kind. They messed up my previous appointment, had to wait for another week. They never called to mention that we would need to pay upfront, which if I didn’t have my credit card with me would have postponed the procedure for another week. We ordered food, which took more than an hour and a half. I had to call them. They told me that it would have been quick, I could have went somewhere else to order food. Very disorganized! That lady raised my blood pressure, she should not be interacting with patients. I hate this place, hope I will never have to be back.

Shelly Mayfield

You want the best, you will get the best!!!

Terri Taylor

Rachel Proctor

Adam Jordan

wooaw Mercy Hospital,. great nurse, ànd great doctors. when I been in Mercy Hospital, nurse or doctor they always right on time, oh yeah always. i 100% recommended the Mercy Hospital respect plus they take care better than others Hospital in Arkansas, oh yes..

Taz Miamor

I recently had a breast reduction done here and the staff made me feel comfortable and cared for the whole time. They were patient with me, even when it was hard for me to wake up, after. Helpful in everyway, from getting me dressed, to helping inside the car to go home. Sincerely, I had to write to let people know, that these are some of the nicest people I've met, since we moved down this way. (We moved to Oklahoma, but go to the V. A. Hospital in Arkansas.) Most of the time, I feel that Arkansas is nicer, than Oklahoma. Thank you, "staff", at the women's hospital! You made my experience less scary. Also, thanks to the nurse who asked all the history questions, in the beginning. She made me feel that I made a friend. Great hospital!!! Sincerely, Rozlyn Anderson

Teri Tillman

2 years ago I had a D & C. I was feeling so good that evening that I wanted to go out for ice cream. The entire experience was great. In fact, I saw my recovery nurse the next day while out shopping and she recognized me. She made reference that, I must be feeling great, if I was out shopping so soon.

juli McWhorter

The registration staff is very friendly and efficient. I love Willow Creek !

jemima huerta

The on call Dr hoekstruck for the ER was extremely rude to the sweet nurse taking care of me and very condescending to me. Bedside manner was lacking and made me feel like I was a nuisance .

Wendy Dover

Registering and getting labs drawn was quick and easy!

Lenny Debrum

Monserrath Silva

Good job I was born in this Hospital people need to stop hating on my homeboys and homegirls!Shout out to the doctor or nurse who delivered me :DDDDD

Monica Bryan

I just wanted to share my amazing experience at this hospital! Having to have made one of my life’s biggest decision becoming high risk to cancer, I chose this hospital not only for their great doctors, but for the experience in the staff that would care for me. I was checked on hourly by staff to ensure I was comfortable and not experiencing any extra pain. I don’t even think I used my call light once! The nurses were fabulous and so knowledgeable to all of my questions about my surgery and recovery process. They have a new Room Service menu, where you actually get to pick out your own food! And let me tell you, it was like ordering to go food from a restaurant! The lasagna roll-ups were my favorite in my overnight stay! So much better than a hospital tray! Plus, it gets delivered to your room within 30mins from ordering!!! I highly recommend this hospital not only for delivering babies, but for gynecology surgeries and cosmetic surgeries as well! I love being in a smaller, more intimite hospital, where the care is better and there are not highly contagious, sick people around.

Amanda Huckins

Dr. Furniss and the Willow Creek staff are amazing people. I always felt important and was always offered wonderful communication. Dr Furniss would sit with me during every visit and chat with me not just about pregnancy but friendly discussion. My wants were always considered and my worries always valid to them. She delivered my daughter and I felt so at ease because the relationship she builds with her patients gives you so much trust. She sat with me and spent time with my daughter and I before and after delivery! It means so much to have a doctor providing their precious time. After my delivery I was given incredible care by several nurses who never kept me waiting— even if it was 4 AM. Any problem or concern I had was immediately addressed. I will never forget the care I received at this hospital. Thank you! -Amanda Dealy

Supriya Agashe

Although Dr Serena was really nice, the check in process is too long. I sat for half hour before being invited by the nurse who filled up a form for 2 hours, asking many irrelevant questions . Entire visit took 3-4 hours (I had only scheduled for hour and half). On top of this the staff did not provide the lab with my insurance information, so I had to go through the hassle of calling them and handing them the information on my own. When I called up the clinic again(in working hours) no one picked up my call, when they did they hung up on me without a word and redirected me to an automated voice. I would say this clinic would be good if the process and staff were more efficient.

Arkansas Girl

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