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REVIEWS OF UAMS - University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences IN Arkansas

Sheila Jackson

Don’t ask to be connected to a room cause they have no idea what the number is to call. Pulse this place isn’t all that great when it comes to listening to instructions your given by the cancer treatment center. Not only that you can have cancer and they don’t even make you aware of it till it’s to late

Paul Ford

I went up here for the methamphetamine study. I am a dependant / e1 cadet. I don't care if I'm asking for meth I better not find it. You are prohibiting me from joining the military the police and the fib are not doing good enough! I am Muslim and will be reinforced!

Mary Edwards

UAMS sucks! You can be dieing in pain and they'd just let you lay there and die. They don't care abouts there patience.

Crista Jordan

They took good care of me during my pregnancy when i was too sick to care for myself!

Lx Dx

Very friendly staff and clean environment.

Cheryl Cockman

I fell saving my puppy from a pet bull, hit face first, within 6 hours there was yellow and green puss on my cheek bone, went to see way infected so quick, was took straight in a doc. can in ask how,what, when,and order MRI had got MRI within 45 minutes, a second doc. looked at face, I told him already had MRI, he going look at it, two hours still waiting, I had not eat since 3pm day before, my hypoclucix is flared up now, I 'm shaking, feeling faint, so I ask for some crackers anything and informing way, and a staff screamed at me with a very rude voice get back in your room, you can't have no drink no food, I said there was no choice I had to have a cracker so she screams at me again, so I told her she would not talk to me like that I would not allow it, ask for release form and left, still don't know what or how I should take care of face.

Charles Wierman

Thought it was the best place to carry my wife who had lymphoma. Everything started out great. After chemo they done a bone marrow on her when we thought she was to weak too. She got where all they could do was give her fluids. We decided to go home and come back every few days. We did this for several months and she seemed better. But her stomach had to be drained every 2 1/2 weeks. She got weak one day and fell so I rushed her to the emergency room at the hospital. The next night her sister come to visit her and we were all happy that she felt good. She was in ICU the next day and they said she was going to a room as soon as they had one available. We left and at 3 in the morning we got a call saying I needed to hurry back up there. When I got there they said in the ICU unit that she had threw up in her respirator and it had gone down in her lungs. They had tied her hands up where she couldn’t get it off. Why they did that they we weren’t told. We could see that she had been with out oxygen and had brain damage. She could no longer talk or respond to us. They had the nerve then to say that she was going to die anyway. After I got through telling them what I thought they got in a huddle and started talking about us. Here we were by her bed side and people started walking back looking at us. I said something to the young doctor about it and he said , well we talk about everybody. Told him to get his ass up and leave. I knew then that she was going to die for no reason. They acted like they needed her out of that room. Had some girl there we called the lady of death. Kept coming in the room saying that she was going to die anyway. We left before I was hauled off to jail. Never in my life had I seen anything like it. She died about 3 that morning before I could get to her. Just 4 days earlier she was ok. I give it 2 stars because everyone else in the hospital had done a great job and was nice as could be. What ever you or anybody else does I beg you please if you’re loved one has to go to the ICU unit get them out of there as fast as you can. Heard they were in bad financial trouble and wondered if they just wanted the bed space. You need more info please text me. I was there for over a year.

Erika C

UAMS NICU seems to have broken processes that cost my son's life. He had several things that could have clued them in on his failing condition if they followed a procedure and recorded their notes. The things that was not done according to his records. 1. They did not measure his abdomen. The circomference changes are a direct symptom of other life threatening things. IF they measured this abdomen they would have known that something was not correct. His abdomen increased in size while his weight decreased. Boyle's law supports this fact in that they pulled 9 ounces (a little of 256 mg) from his 3.5 pound body. They are a school of medicine. In 2013 an abdominal circumference formula was developed based on their body weight. I am surprised they did not implement this in their practice.... since THEY ARE a school of medicine. 2. They did nothing when his Blood Gas pO2 returned at 66. The lower range was 70. They waited another 11 hours before taking another blood gas test. His pO2 dropped to 51. He died the next morning. 3. They failed to monitor the exposure of the UVC line. They stopped checking/recording it 38 hours before my son's death. During that time the UVC moved from the optimal small intestine location to his liver area. They drowned his organs with TPN, nutrition fluid. 4. IF they took the time to know their patience they would not always rely on technology to set an alarm. They would have seen his pulse and blood pressure were at the same levels they were when he struggled to breath minutes after birth. UAMS hurt us by not following and/or implementing procedures. I wish I knew the neglect prior to them killing my family.

Allison Redding

Some incompetence and in communication is inevitable. But I found the staff to be cooperative and caring enough to do their best at an incredibly difficult job.

Jackson Mckellar

god this place is just horrible and complete garbage i live in arkansas and i love it but this is just so bad and it needs to be closed down now PLEASE DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathy Luna


R hulsey

Love working there!!!

Corey Paskel

Worst emergency room every. If you ain’t shot, chest pains, shortness of breath be prepared to be waiting all day! They are pathetic! I just left!!!!

paul lamber

My hubby had surgery for skin cancer here .The whole experience was a nightmare for him and myself. We were told that his surgery would take aprox. 3 to 4 hrs by 3 people .Well they lie, lie ,lie. Bring a lunch folks bring a tent , charge your lap top, bring your phone charger ! Don"t check out of your hotel.Arrived at 6 :am as instructed.He didn't get out of surgery until 7:pm that night Then an recovery .I told them that we got dropped off this morning and was assured that he would be sent home w/ enough pain meds .until we were able to get his scripts filled the next day. We had no immediate access to our car.The staff in the recovery room were extremely rude.Seemed as if they were rushing him out .He woke up in extreme pain and disoriented I expressed concern about taking him out in the state that he was in and was told he's all yours now .I was handed scripts.I asked for the few pain meds that I was promised to get us by until morning ( I can't drive at night) and then was asked who ever told me that was wrong ( a R.N that said she noted that on his chart ) and that the hospital pharmacy just closed there in the hospital.I had to wait for my hubby for 14 hrs .Had I known that I would have stayed at the hotel in comfort until he get out of surgery.I was able to keep my room at la Quinta ( great people there ). They were kind enough to retrieve us from the hospital and out of kindness the driver also drove thru Walgreens and waited for us to get my scripts filled.

Steven Baker

Angela could use some customer service skills at the er check in a crappy attitude

Jackie Schwacke

You should see my bill! Charged me for services I never received! Got a CT Scan on my bill, sure didn’t get one! The UAMS Emergency room is a joke! You’d get better treatment from a birds toe fungus! I remember what I was treated for and sure didn’t get half the services they charged me for. If you love yourself, find Emergency services elsewhere!

Britton Scritchfield

The ER is an absolute mess but the surgeon and staff at the out patient were top notch. My recovery room was pretty big and didn't have to share the room.

Riada Quinlivan

I’m not at all impressed with this hospital. To begin with, we were never told where to go for my husband’s procedure, so we parked in the structure closest to our doctor’s clinic only to find out we were a long way from where we needed to be. We waited on a shuttle that never came, and decided just to walk and find it on our own. I sat for over 2 hours in a waiting room with no word on my husband, who was there for a 20 minute procedure. They wouldn’t let me go back with him, even though he was just sitting and waiting for them to get their stuff together. The receptionist left for the day, turning the heat down before doing so. So I was alone in a freezing room, waiting on an update that never came. Apparently there were some issues getting everything organized for his procedure so he didn’t go in for almost 2 1/2 hours. I wandered around till I found a nurse to find out what was going on; all she would say is that he had just gone back. Back to the freezing waiting room, alone. After he was taken to recovery, I tried to speak to the nurse and ask some questions about aftercare, but she was more interested in bantering with the male nurses. She sat with her foot on his bed and rocked it back and forth while she played on her phone. Then she jerked his IV out and said “Sucks, doesn’t it”. Our doctor there is great, but I’m still stunned at the complete lack of professionalism and bedside manner that we experienced from everyone else.

Edith F Harris

Where healing begins .

Nicole Straw

They dont listen to there paitent lazy slow try to neglect the need of paitents but only go buy the book sure they come and give meds and things it in the book but they dont wanna do any thing else all the way down to give my grandma something in pain all the way down to useing the bathroom testable terable not to have the thong you need die to not enough nerses and laziness you can ask for anything they take a long time to get you anything if they every do the nerses dont act like they care just a job they have to do it is the worst place as far as being treated compasinate

courtney kimbrough

My mom really hates the way your system is set up. she waited over 3 hours for someone to see her. You guys made sure as soon as anyone comes in you have them go immediately to triage but make them wait hours to be seen..And not just her there was a man who clearly had a head/neck injury but yet he waited as She did (unreal), he could have passed out, hemorrhaged or even died.. And to add insult to injury there was pizza being delivered WHAaaat!! I know everyone needs and has a lunch and break but being 1.ignored 2.aggitated pain ( reason for being there). But to see that and having sat for so long the majority of us were not pleased.. I’ve also experienced some GREAT!!things at UAMS but only in me or a loved one being admitted. YOUR ER Department definitely needs to do better.. if at all possible she will NEVER use your emergency department again. No One should ever have to wait THAT long to be seen.. it’s enough that you’re in pain but to have to sit hour upon hour and endure that pain ..waiting .. hoping that someone will see you soon cuz apparently you’re there because you can’t take it and need to be seen, your whole set up defeats that purpose. My mom finally left ( after 3 1/2 hours)went home and endured her pain through the night and went to another facility the next day and it wasn’t even a 3 hour process... pitiful

Kendra Nannette J. Jeffery

I received a quadruple fusion in my neck in November 2016&I received excellent care from all nurses& doctors on 8th floor. Thank you,UAMS,for helping me. I highly recommend this place.

Yas Yas

My 20 years old son had 2 major surgeries with Dr. Suen .. my son is doing very good now.. he is to do another one in a couple of weeks with same doctor.. I don't know about others they maybe right... but i had a great experience in this hospital as they have saved my son life.. They can improve on the nursing side...yet they get easy 5 stars from my side

Debbie Bader

We received excellent service and care from all staff from day one of treatment.

Jeromie Ward

Worst hospital I have ever been at in my life! The doctors and nurses both never check on their patient's you can lay in pain for hours with no help from any medical staff. But one things for sure the person who comes in for the billing information u will see them till they have all the right information to bill you.

Jamie Cletcher

Very clean, staff very professional

Ashley Allen

The nurses staff is terrible! My mother had brain surgery and they expected my elderly grandmother to be able to take her to the bathroom. We called for them to take her to the bathroom and they told her “take her yourself. Just carry the IV.” They get paid to care for their patients; not carry on conversations. This hospital is terrible and I’d rather suffer than come to UAMS.


Missed an appointment. Claimed i could receive a refund that would take up to 14 days. I called at day 15, "oh sorry we did not issue it, and we'll get that sent out now" Day 30- i call, "oh sorry we did not issue it, someone will get the check sent to you". Day 35... i'm ready to drive down there and physically demand my refund. This medical group is clearly Thieving if you look at all these reviews. I'm now contacting my lawyer to send a demand letter, and i'll be following that up with a small claims appointment.

Avie Wade

Molly Cummings

My dad had brain surgery march 2014 by Dr. Day. We went to several hospitals in little rock all who told my dad different things like it was inoperable or it wasn't benign or the brain surgery would be 9 hours long. Dr. Day did micro brain surgery that lasted I believe 3-4 hours. My dad did fine and the UAMS doctors he saw were amazing. My mom went two weeks ago because she had just been diagnosed with MS. She was scheduled to see Dr. Archer who was on vacation but they never cancelled the apt so she sat in the room for 3 hours with a resident who didnt seem to know what she was doing. Then an ophthalmologist came in with more residents and they spent another 30 minutes looking at her eyes and not even telling us much. Won't be going back to them, no help whatsoever.

canvas Dotson

This had to be the worse er experience ever. The bedside manner by the Dr and nurse was horrible. I repeated my symptoms 3 times. I left the hospital feeling worse than I did before I came.My nurse was not very clean either,he took out my IV needle and left it on the floor. I will never go back.

Tiffany Crawford

They are so willing to help with any and every thing you need. Customer service is wonderdful❣️❣️

kaleigh mason

Terrible hospital! Took my father there for the HIPEC treatment they had a team who had inserted the epidural on my dad wrong and messed my dads right arm up! And then blamed it on the way he was positioned during surgery. It has been 3 months since the surgery and my dad has severe nerve pain ever since that surgery. The doctors don't seem to know what they are doing and the team there is not caring I wouldn't recommend anyone to go here. There team is uneducated. If you are going into this field you need a heart and not just care about the money. BY FAR THE WORST PLACE FOR CANCER PATIENTS.

Daniel Zaliski

Paulette Cagle

I came into the Er about 8:30am...I have a drain tube coming out of my liver that keeps leaking around the incission. I have been WAITING on a dr to replace it for 6 1/2 hours!!!! I also have a 3hour drive home where it is not on a major hwy. ...just my mom and myself...2 ladies!!! I WILL NOT RECOMMEND THIS HOSPITAL!! I have nothing but bad experiences !!!!

Adnan And Sana Umer

I just had a baby a month ago it was horrible. This was my 1st born in Arkansas and I can't believe how bad of an experience I had. I was told I was high risk then had a resident do my entire operation my cut is a mess! It wasn't an emergency but still my cut is not straight has many spots if uneven and I was cut quarter of an inch above my previous cut for no reason. If I knew I would have had it end like this I would not have gone. The hospital is very old for the recovery rooms I had kids born in the early 2000s and had better facilities. I am totally disappointed and still can't get over how bad my experience was which it's done and over now and I'm the one who has to felt with how it was done. I was totally brushed off. I would r3comment any e to go anywhere else.

Angela Williams

At work

Mark Jernigan

My family has received nothing but loving and outstanding health care from all departments. I would highly recommend them.

G Eeeez

Very rude and injured my infant badly during birth. Worse hospital in Arkansas and if you are preg please do not have your baby here. Rude doctors and nurses and try to cover up and lie on there mistakes. wish I knew how bad this place was because we would have had our child at Baptist Hospital.

Kesa Taylor

Went through the entire program and was told I could come back at any time... what they don't tell you is that you have to pay the entire fee and start completely over!!!

Nathalie Dodson

Out of all the hospitals this one is the worst the nurses are rude and don't care about the patients. They have made so many mistakes with my mother they have about killed her twice. I wouldn't have them give me a flue shot. I hate this hospital pls if you have sick family go to a different hospital.

Kasey Fox

if you want to die this is the place to be

Angelia Buford

The ER was horrible. It took three hours to get out of the waiting room when there due to concerns about complications from post operative procedure after having a 45 lb animal jump on the incision sites and cause significant abnormal responses from the spinal cord stimulator. The doctors acted like they had never heard or seen a spinal cord stimulator before and the nurse was rude and acted like I was there drug seeking when my sole reason for being there was to make sure nothing was wrong with my spinal cord stimulator. 6 hours total, it was a nightmare, poor patient care and really biased triage practices going on.

Brittany Toscano

I went in due to concerns and complications 3 1/2 months prior to having my son I had formed an abscess in my abdomen and it ruptured and was leaking fluids from out of my scar I was in the ER for eight hours not only to be told I was having surgery as well we finally got admitted to the hospital at 3:35 in the morning the staff sucks and they are very rude they do not explain anything and they don't know what they're doing they were going to do the surgery that night so they went up to anesthesia and asked them and they came back with a yes answer then 30 minutes later anesthesia said no it's too late to do the surgery so we waited another six hours and finally at 7 PM The next day I got surgery

Corvo Blakes

Amol Kalyankar

Very fast searching

Killa K

All the way around disgusted with the staff and treatment I went there Mid night of July 31st 2015 arrive at 1:11 The big organged haired lady was very rude. I went there because I had got into a car accident and my left shoulder and chest were bothering me. I sat in there in a extermely dirty waiting room for 3 hours when i did finally reach the back the dr's were complete idiots they acted as it was nothing to be concered about they did do an x ray and gave me a pregnacy test after asking me twice if i was pregnant and i said no for what reason I do not know i did not have any broken bones so an xray was not needed and that was obvious cause you cant see anthing unless you do a MRI I told them my back left shoulder hurt and my heart was hurting I ended up in that room for 2 hours and the outcome was supposed to be a shot of something for pain which when the nurse came in old white lady with glasses and curly hair came in with 2 brown bottles and she didnt even tell me what it was i watched her very closely cause i am very concern with what goes in my body i watched her open a syringe up and suck up both bottles then she quickly turn around and opened the red box hazard trash and threw everything in there and turn around towards me now and said pull your shirt down by your shoulder now i watched her pull a unopened plastic wrapped syringe out of her nurse shirt pocket open it up by the time i was about to say something she stab that thing so deep into my arm that now my arm and back now are in deeply excruciating pain as i type this its shooting pain into my neck whatever she put in my arm wasnt the pain meds it was somthing else i dont know what but usally afterwards they give you a piece or paper with what they just gave you they didnt and also they leave the room and they give you a min to get your things together and then you leave not the case she said grab your purse and follow me she took me out the room and pointed and said thats the way out! I knew she didnt want me to stay in that room alone afterwards cause i would have caught her ass hiding the pain meds in that red trash box. I am really considering getting a lawyer I didn't get home until 630 am and I am in more pain now then when i first arrived you'll probably be hearing more from me than just this review.

Jennie Curlin

Do not try to call, they will not answer the phone. Do not show up on the time you are scheduled they will say you are late and reschedule you. Be prepared to wait at least two hours.

Holly Ingram

Tori Robinson

My mother was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in early October. They have been on the ball the whole time. Been nice, respectful, helpful, and have just gone above and beyond to get her taken care of. If you are able to come her, do it. It's worth it! We drive from Searcy, Arkansas and I will never take her to white county again.

Taunia Rients

Professionally treated yet again.

Zenaredia Hampton

I will never EVER deliver at this hospital again. Yes, the nurses and doctors were great. But getting your baby's Medicaid and social security card? NO! They spelled my daughter's and my name wrong on her birth certificate, they supposed to have her signed up for Medicaid and she's one month old with no Medicaid, and she still doesn't have a social securiry number! Because of this horrible incident, I AM MOVING BACK TO MEMPHIS!!!

Janet Dixon

Dr. Klimburg, Dr Makhoul, Infusion 1 and 4 nurses, Gift shop, snack bar in the Rockefeller building (bundt cakes!!), Dr. Eric Wright, the BEST nurse practitioner, Rachel Lyle... ALL the very best!

Robin Morgan

The nurses are very overworked and unless you have a family member willing to help you out, you will have trouble getting your needs met if you are an inpatient. Unless you have a very simple case, you will want to go some place else. Never before have I been some place where I was on edge constantly concerned about my care. I even had one doctor attempt to put me on a blood thinner the day before surgery (Not a good idea) Be very careful with what meds they try to give you as well. NEVER take anything that you have not seen before, because you might be getting someone else's meds, this has happened to me in the past. Or something that a doctor doesn't realize what he is doing. BE CAREFUL dealing with this place, it could mean your life.

Marlana Johnson

Worse hospital in the world! If you want to die then I suggest this place. Everyone employed there is rude and don't care

Michael Staton

I've been before with a chopped off toe. They almost killed me by putting under. The nurses and staff are rude and unhelpful. Now I have been on hold for over 30 minutes trying to find a friend. They find the worst of the worst to work here. UMAS your pathetic!!!!!!

sallie loar

This is the best hospital I have been in my whole life!!! The staff is the most coolest and sweetest people I have ever meet. The Doctors have been for me and answered my every question. I know god had a reason to send me here so my son Eli will get the best care

Dymond Brazell


Shane Flowers

Very friendly staff

Simplyy Tia

If I could rate this hospital less than a 1 star I would ! My grandmother called 5 times to check on my auntie ! Every time she called different people would get on the phone and also she was put on hold for a long time every time she called ! It was always an excuse . They are very rude !

Lyndee Bailey

big boss

The care for the patient is poor, they need to improve everything, they need more professionalism and ethics.

Sue Gilenwater

As A patient of Dr.David Bumps,I had surgery on June 10th.From the first office visit to the last day of my surgical stay,I had the best care I could ask for.Being On Friday 9 was a beautiful floor.Taliah was one of my nurses,and she was great as well as the techs,PT ,housekeeping and cafeteria staff.Christina is the unit manager. The patient room was really nice and roomy.I gad a great experience and would return to UAMS for care.

Alexander Burnett

This has been a near-death experience for my mother. She has stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer and has been stuck in the hospital for over 3 weeks. They haven't started any treatment as this aggressive cancer is continuing to grow and spread. The doctors have tried to send her home twice and they have done nothing. This is horrible and pathetic. We waited SEVEN days to get a needle biopsy. The nurses have been sweet but they seem to not be informed with a lot. The doctors have been selfish. If your loved one have a terminal cancer, DO NOT go to UAMS.

Bryson Grays

Everytime I have an appointment here I'm always waiting 2 hours or more to see Dr.Garrion. If you plan on waiting 3 hours to see a doctor this is the place to come.

Cas Green

First off they need more compassionate Admission Representatives that are ATTITUDE FREE!!! Extremely disgusting. Why does it seem like they always laugh in your face??? They need to close the triage doors while obtaining patients confidential information. That's not right!! That's a HIPAA VIOLATION!! They don't clean up. Urine cups and bloody sheets left in the Emergency Department! Arkansas needs to do BETTER!!! Triage nurses are not so passionate about people. They need to be aware of their conversations and have some respect.

Sheryl D Smith-Anderson

Was in ICU for 3 days the care I received was good nurses and Drs was great...

Lou Jacobs

Great doctors and assistance

sandra mannon

Vary good

Sandra Cantwell

The night nurses on Thursday night to Friday morning on 1st floor in clinic for DE SC I sons were rude. Made us feel that we were bothering them. Treated like we were children or stupid. Jrmc is bad but these nurses take the prize. My husband was not there by choice. He fell in your parking and thanks to some people he was wheeled to er. Those nurses were wonderful and very helpful. We have a choice of hospitals in the future will not be here.

Jo Ann Witkowski

I have Multiple Myeloma and I went for a 2nd opinion and was treated there. Best place to be for me .

Marian Gaines

Board certified doctors and well experienced. Very organized process for seeing patients in Medical Oncology Dept. Friendly and compassionate staff.

Jane Bakari

Love it

alex deen

Super staff care

Thomas Anderson

Do NOT attend this school as a graduate student!!!!!!: please read to learn more. UAMS in Little Rock IS one of the worst graduate schools in the country, and possibly in the developed world. If you don't believe me, just check any reputable college ranking system that you please. The teaching staff is terrible, job placement is abysmal, publication record is atrocious, and the overall experience is just miserable. Do not attend this school. Do not. If you are thinking about going to this school (or if this is the only graduate school that actually accepted you) do not go! Multiple classmates of mine wasted countless years at this place, were treated horribly, and came out without PhD degrees or any employment-place-able degrees. This university is nothing more than a government boondoggle that is paid for by the tobacco taxes from the state of Arkansas. DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL! The teaching staff is a miserable coterie of slippery-slope failures. AVOID THIS GRADUATE SCHOOL AT ALL COSTS!!!! I am not sure how the medical or pharmacy schools are, or the Master's programs, but the research graduate programs (PhD programs in biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, etc..) are complete toilets. GO TO A REAL SCHOOL!!!!! Do not attend this garbage factory. GO TO A REAL SCHOOL!!!!! That is what I wish someone told me when I just got out of undergraduate! This place is a complete waste of time for anyone looking for a legitimate research career...or any career for that matter. I left this school, attended a better institution, and now have an actual life and career. Do not waste your time with these losers. And if you are there now: run. Run away. Run now. Why are you still reading this? Run now! Run away from the school! I know that you want to go to a real school, go now! Go to Duke! Or Tulane! Leave UAMS! Leave now! Freeedom!

Marlis Lawrence

For the amount of people they see they do alright. Getting around can be a little convoluted but lots of friendly people to help you out.

amber Gonzales

Everything inside the hospital was fine the first 2 visits, they got us in and out fast and a nice lady picked us up in the parking garage to take us to the doors and drove us straight to our car when we were done. The day dad had surgery (his 3rd visit) they were ready to do surgery on his groin, he was scheduled to have cancer and lymph nodes removed from his NECK. He was there all day waiting to get the paper work checked out before surgery thank the good Lord they figured it out and hadn't put him under yet and did the correct surgery. My other complaint is...what do the ppl on the golf carts do, mind you all I saw them do (besides that first day) is sit in the garage on the carts, not moving. Dad's been told they couldn't take him to the door of the cancer center and that was the day of his surgery, and today (his 4th visit) there were signs at the door that say they couldn't take you to your car, but the lady at the valet said for them to take us to the car, but we was dropped off at the end of the walkway tunnel. Left walk that he rest of the way to the car. That's a job I need, not doing anything but driving around the hospital without patients or sitting there watching sick ppl walk by. You really should figure out what's going on with that. I wouldn't be concerned with it except Dad has copd (hes on oxygen) and at times the walking is hard on him.

Brianna Hantz

24 weeks pregnant aand I went in around 8pm. Waited all the way until 1 in the morning for our results of what was going on with me and we got nothing. Staff was extremely rude and doctor took his time getting back with us. Asked for something to eat and they sent us to the down stairs food court when they were supposed to provide something for me. Ended up leaving And it took the doctor 5 minutes to get our discharge papers. Never found out if anything was wrong but I'm assuming not. He was much more alert when we were ready to go. Will be changing hospitals. Very slow and horrible staff.

Mario Munoz

Horrible hospital and bad service. Everyone is slow there and doesn’t want to help the patients.

Jeff Clark

I'm 99.9% sure that not even new York city, Dallas, or l.a. has a hospital this big. Why does little rock need a hospital this big? I bet even homeless people hide/hang out here. I hope the national medical board reads the awful reviews every one says about how they were treated, neglected, & ignored, how awfull this hospital is kept and taken care of. And last but not least how many patients have died here that didn't have to die.

Bethany Stark

Currently having the worst experience at UAMS. I haven’t got to see my baby yet after having an emergency c section at 1 in the morning, they moved me to a room that is incredibly tiny (which I could deal with) but it’s also 75 degrees and the AC does not work. I have been in this room 2 hrs and the temperature has only increased. My face is flushed from the heat so I have cold towels on my face and legs but I still can’t get rest. Dr. Ryan Strebeck informed me that this isn’t a prison and I could leave if I wanted. He had his arms crossed and was rudest medical professional I’ve ever witnessed. I can’t believe this is happening.

Debbie Bryan

In the emergency room they play beauty shop and the dating game

Ray Williams

My experience as a family member of a patient , First let me say" Thank You " to the nurses and techs, that worked very hard to care for the patients! Unfortunately what I experienced on the 9th Floor, this was the exception not the rule. Many times it would take two,three or more to accomplish a task ie,changing pain med in "PAC pump" E.G. tube,starting/changing "IV" locations.. A lot of lot inexperience working with the equipment and time management skills were seriously lacking, which led to the unnecessary delays for the patients ,and the staff being stressed to out...

kimberly tell

They treat you with respect. There is very good medical personnel here

Debra Williams

Staff was very helpful in directions. The Dr. Staff very professional as well as nurses and PTA's.

Mahfuzul Hasan


Monette Lemoine

Tired of doctors blah

Marye Turman

staff is truly awesome

Regine Simmons

Poor customer service , lack of attention to patients in a timely manner.

Morgan Haile

I’m a 16 year old that just had surgery to do with my cancer I was put in the ICU for one night and the nurses were all nice but the staff were very rude towards my family. And when I got released out of the ICU in the morning it was night time and I still wasn’t in a room and they completely forgot about me and didn’t bring me diner and they were trying to kick my brother out of the waiting area cause he was under 18 we finally got moved into a regular room later on that night. They were very rude towards family.

Irene Franklin

At uams

Moon Light

Mi Visita en especial fue Al dentista puedes Obtener una limpieza, rayos x, etc por $40 es con los estudiantes pero hacen un buen trabajo, les recomiendo Ademas Al finalizar les evaluan.. La otra vez fui a un dentista privado y mas tarde en que atendieran que en lo que ya habia terminado y pague mucho más.. Entonces para mi hacen mejor trabajo aqui!!

Ronald Johnson

Kiyah People

The staff is amazing they do their jobs well but the rooms aren't clean. The janitors do a horrible job there are shoe marks on the wooden floor, hair, stains, and blood in the rooms. Everything else is fine.

Kristopher Trammell

My dad was in the middle of having a heart attack and he was complaining about chest pains and they couldn't have cared less acting like it was no big deal. He had to stop 4 times on the drive home and died in his bed that night. They don't care about their patients let my father die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am completely heartbroken and I'm beyond angry!!!

Scarlett Byers

The billing department and the clinics do not communicate. Pay Attention people! They will bill you and never have billed the insurance companies first. The clinic personnel will make copies of your insurance cards, but never enter the information. They are not willing to help sort the bill out. Please be educated and ready to fight a battle when it comes to your bills.

Mukesh Gupta

Fu*** hospital. Don't go for any kind of treatment. they will loot you like anything. they lie about all the charges. very poor service.

Trent Harmon

I was a visitor to the ER on 11/06/2017 due to an auto accident where I was hit head on by another vehicle! I was totally mistreated by the attending staff and I had complained of a concussion, I have had 6, I know the symptoms of one, but the attending staff defused me an mri or a cat scan, but instead decided to give me an ekg while the LRPD stood outside the room and talked abt how they were gonna get me for dui by subpoena of my records! With that being said, I will be filing a formal complaint with the medical board and a lawsuit is forthcoming for UAMS and the LRPD!

1-N-only UKnow

Angel Morales

Clean restrooms, friendly officers, easy-to-find areas and everything is very accessible. My only issue was with the cleaning lady who accused me of moving a simple kiddie toy from the children's room, but...why would I do such a petty thing??? That was very suspect, but the officer was kind and didn't believe her anyway.

Jack Wyatt

I work here

Paris Hubbert

Poor emergency room service. ER was empty and took forever to get in triage. I guess if your not having a heart attack, stroke , or gun shot wound you’re not considered an emergency so you have to wait.

Sue Scheider

The nurses & Drs on the 9th floor are Absolutely amazing!!! We were there in June and my husband had a complete laryngectomy - they were all so caring and so attentive!!! Thanks to Dr Tulanay, my husband is cancer free and alive!!! There are no words to express our gratitude!!

James Clement

Alexa Byers

I would give them 0 stars if I could. Do NOT have a child here. They almost let my daughter die. They didn't care. They treated me like I was a bother. My daughter was injured and could have permanent damage because of their negligence.


They need to be shut down.

Brady Rice

I can't speak to the entire facility, but I am a patient of Dr. Caris T. Fitzgerald and she is one of the finest and most caring physicians i have had. She takes the time to explain what she thinks and why she thinks it. Extremely courteous and receptive to courtesy, she does not rush patients or act like she has more important things to do. Physicians are busy, no question, but you'll never know it at Dr. Fitzgerald's clinic!

adam dold

The guy at the front desk in the ER was a D$%k!

Curtis Lowe

I've read some of the reviews here some people need to check er's around the country you will wait at least an hour anywhere. The oncology group were exemplary. They treated my father with dignity and respect. I recommend UAMS to anyone.


Absolutely a piece of somewhat... All the buildings are given their standard mailing address, you have to spend one hour on find somewhere you want to go. And if you call them, you are lucky if your phone call answered by a faculty or a staff. If a student employee answers your call, you will try your best to calm down, because you will deal with someone who is stupid, rude or sleepy

S. Clark

I just walked out. I have a blood disease and in recent weeks, my labs have progressively gotten worse. My immune system is pretty much shot. My kidneys have started leaking large amounts of protein, my blood pressure is completely uncontrollable and I feel absolutely awful. I work in healthcare myself and i am literally this close to catching one bad cold and it turning into an fatal infection. Understandably, my pcp called me after getting my latest labs and told me to go straight to the er at uams due to the specialists they have there. Like I'm really sick, I could be dead within a year. So I get there, explain the situation. Triage nurse won't even let me sit in the waiting room because my wbc is so low so I'm prone to catch anything. But the Doctor basically says you LOOK fine, but I'll take some urine. I'm literally getting worse everyday and he says I look fine/ take some urine. After two hours, no one had even given me a cup to pee in so I left in tears. My life means nothing apparently. I see my pcp again this morning and will just let her know that uams didn't find my DEADLY blood disease as important and dire as her. Exactly why I don't see help the worse my condition gets because honestly, no one gives a f***. Thanks uams and dr. Wilson, for making me realize that I am ready to die.

Alicia Miller

My grandson was born there. We had to do a c section. My daughter in law got an infection in her incision while in hospital. This does not surprise me as our room was not cleaned the first 4 days we were there. Upon return to the hospital, the doctor in triage ripped out all of daughter in laws stiches and began raking the incision with q tips. Her pain was terrible and when she asked the doctor to stop and give her something for the pain, her response was, "You really need to stay still." And then she had a male student to lay across her so she could not move. Then we were re-admitted and our room was not cleaned for days again. Finally after reaching the housekeeping night boss, someone came and cleaned our room. She told us how embarrassed she was that we were in such a disgusting room.I wish I could post the pictures we took there. We were very upset at the filth due to the fact that we were now dealing with an open wound. And to top this all off, the air in the room did not work and nothing was done about it, even after asking several times. I was in UAMS before and thought it was just the floor I was on that was so bad. I guess it is a hospital wide thing. We did have some wonderful nurses. I thank them for being so intentional about taking care of us.

tim Archey

I spent 3 days in uams because a uams dentist dropped a tool down my throat. Instead of sending me to the er I was sent to a clinic off campus. That dr. Sent me back to the uams er after he called them. They attempted to get it over 4 hours after it happened. That was because I had to wait at the clinic and in the er. I had 5 drs in the room when they tried and when I woke up I asked if they got it and was told no. That dr said they would have if I would of been sent to the er first. Uams has never responded to anything at all. No phone calls or letters. I guess they think it did not happen.

Satoru Matsushima

Poor, inefficient, and slow service.

Jacinda Purtle

Absolutely horrific traffic and parking, I couldn't get my severely handicapped mother in to her appointment because there is no parking!!! I have to be able to park and push my mom in and I cant. Why even have clinics if the patients can't get in to the appointments??? Do better

Kristina Burks

So I was seeing dr McGraw and I’ll admit I was a little late for appointment but arrived right at cut off time they refused to see me. It’s very inpersonal I will not have my child at this hospital due to the way I was treated. The excuse they used was they were backed up... I was literally the only person in the waiting room. Horrible service. They didn’t care that I talked to a nurse over the weekend and was supposed to be seen today due to complications. I’ve never been to an obgyn office that didn’t care about the patients/babies in the belly. If they don’t care about our needs now, I’m sure they won’t care when I am in labor. Oh and I’ll add I called ahead of time and let them know I was running a little late.

Janis Payne

I arrived about 9pm Sunday to the ER. Saline called to let them know I was coming because Saline did not have a gastro doctor available. So UAMS knew I need a gastro doctor to remove food stuck in my throat. When I arrived they put me in a room and I waited and waited. Finally pushed the call button to see where the gastro doctor was. Within a minute the gastro doctor came in and informed me that the technician for the scope machine that was on call could not be reached. You knew I was coming and yet there is not a tech here and you can not reach the one that is on call. I was told it would be several hours. Nurses were rude when they did answer the call button. Sunday morning they told me that they were just going to admit me and put me in a room since they could not get in touch with the tech on call. Almost two hours later the gastro doctor comes in to tell us that another technician had been called and they would be here shortly and the procedure should be done in about an hour. It was over an hour, however, the tech arrived with equipment saying you should have called me hours ago. I told him that if I had had his number I would have. The pain from the food stuck in my throat increased as the time went by. Once the tech and doctor were set up the procedure went quickly. It should have been done within my first 2 hours there; instead of me being there 12 HOURS!!

Brooklyn Nash

Keith Strege

The nurses and doctors in recovery are rude and don't care about the people. Neither does Marcus L Stephen's. MD resident. He was on call and very rude towards me and my wife and my wife had just had her 7th brain surgery. But the nurses on H8 floor are very nice and respectfull and take great care of there patience.

R Murat Demirer

My home

Ashley Browning

UAMS College of Nursing is the best you're gonna get. Hands down.

Debbie Tyler

UAMS is wonderful. I have had my share of admissions along with many other family members. UAMS is a great hospital and has served my entire family very well. This is from PCP, ER, Cancer Institute, outpatient, Inpatient, ICU and many other areas. I appreciate UAMS and it dedication of staff and physicians for all my family's care. I could not imagine going to any other hospital for my care. Thank you UAMS

Rachel Green

excellent they have everything there at there hospital no need to go this place and that place

Ginnie Earnest

Shelia Kennedy

I was admitted with a diaphragmatic hernia. I had surgery to repair it. From my Dr. Steliga and Dr. Watson to the x-ray techs I received excellent care. Of course the food was hospital food and l had no appetite because of the pain. I was really impressed with care I received!

Jack Stevens

Horrible hospital. The doctors do not care about the patients. They can not get on the same page and their communication is absolutely horrible. Every doctor there needs to go to classes to learn how to communicate with patients. We had an RN that just went to school so she could get a nice pay check. She wouldn't say a word when she would come in the room and if you asked her anything she wouldn't hardly answer it. This hospital is just a money grab. They offer you care then keep delaying how long you need to stay in the hospital. It's the first hospital I've ever seen that instead of work to get the patient better and discharging them. They get the patient better then make them stay so you insurance and you have to pay more.

NeNe Moore

Love the nurses attitude wonderful entertainment for the patients

Barbars Schumacher

I had lung cancer surgery.I loved this hospital it was the best.

charlene smith

Robert Anson

Hershel Thompson

Rude and lazy nurses is the down side, my daughter had a C-Section, her Doctor was great no complaints there. Called nurses for help, claimed they were to busy to help, the nurses station was straight across from her room, there was 5 nurses setting there doing absolutely nothing.

Bob Klein

Very well cared for with lots of attention by the kidney transplant team. Very impressed with cleanliness and attention to details.

Frank Manzanares

I just like UAMS

Rodney Holsten

I love that it came up just like that

Nelly Roscot

Misty Virmani is absolutely the worst!! Try to stay away from that lady!! She's evil and she will crush your soul in your most vulnerable moment!!! She claimed to be my daughter's doctor(24h after giving birth)!!! She was a resident!! She told me my daughter is sick and needs treatment (she was healthy)!!! She called CPS on me for wanting to take my baby home!! CPS lady told her she's crazy and refused to open a case. (I found out about that after reading the report the CPS lady left on my baby's medical record). No seriously that lady has serious mental problems!! Be aware!!! The uni btw refused to do an investigation!!! This is the kind of messed up sink hole you're getting yourself into. My advice??? Run!!!

joshua pharis sr

Dennis Jones

Sie Reye

I had the absolute worst expirence here. Honestly GO SOME WHERE ELSE! Save yourself the stress. Very disorganized staff and no proper communication (Medical professional to patient). The students treat you more so like a science expirenment and the staff act like you are insignificant or annoying.

Michael Pollard

tanna wierman

I would not take my dying dog to this place...they nearly killed my daughter by giving her an infection and they mistreated my sister-in-law as well as diagnosed her wrong. She died yesterday. How can they say the cancer us gone and a month later say there is no hope. The sorry @$$ nurses rushing my brother-in-law so they could use the room. I prayed he would have an autopsy done with a place not funded by this sorry state called Arkansas.

lisa gray

My mother had surgery in January. She had an excellent experience from the Doctors to the Nursing staff. Marshall her pre-op nurse was wonderful, explained everything with a great sense of humor. Dr. Alexander Burnett her surgeon was very reassuring of the surgical results and made the family feel confident in him and his resident surgeon, Dr. Christopher Hall. Dr. Hall was phenomenal. He explained everything in detail, never was in a hurry to leave and had a wonderful bedside manner. The overnight recovery room staff was beyond exceptional. The RN's Donna, Jennifer & Rosie were always prompt and the care they showed each patient was awesome. Then there was our overnight recovery room tech Caroline. What a joy! Words cannot describe how much fun and professional she was. She took excellent care of mom All the staff we met were very professional and loved sharing their knowledge with the patient and family. Overall given the circumstances a very positive experience for both the patient and family.


Brandy Pitts

UAMS stroke team ❤❤❤❤❤ Staff was EXCEPTIONAL

Tami Eastridge

My adult son became very ill, his blood pressure was shooting thru the roof, I took him to Baptist Little Rock, they kept him almost a week, but he didn't have medical insurance so they gave him some blood pressure pills and sent him home, thank God I was the one who picked him up, twenty minutes later his BP jumped up so high the blood vessels in his eyes burst and I called 911,thank God the voice on the other end was a friend of ours and he told me not to wait for the ambulance to get him to UAMS as fast and safely as possible. We barely made it in the door and he was having a heart attack! The team got to work fast and within 3 days found out he has a very rare kidney disease. I'm so thankfulfor everyone there, they treated us very well and if not for them, I'm afraid to say this, but iI don't think my son would've lived. Thank you!

joshua stobaugh

Maybe the Government dose care, it seems UAMS dose. GREAT SITE!

Corey Greene

My grandma was in neurology icu for nearly a month after being transported from Hot Springs where the doctors had pretty much given up on her. With the help of the doctors and especially the nurses who cared for my grandma, she made an amazing recovery and came home after spending a week on the step-down unit from neurology icu. As a matter of fact, the care was so meticulous and professional that I am now at the UAMS College of Nursing as a student!

Crazy Tammy

My friends are at UAMS right now. they were in a vehicle accident. An one of them has still not been seen yet. An the other is in a room waiting on a MRI and she don't even have a call button she can push if she needs something. Is this the way you treat everyone that comes in for treatment after an accident? It's sad, just plain sad. What kind of message are you sending to people? Are you there to help the injured and sick or just your pocket books?

karina Dennea

Waited here for 5 hours before being seen. Then they made me wait another hour and a half before the actual doctor came into my room. Horrible service. I don't recommend this hospital to anyone. This is more of a waiting room than an emergency.

Alexandra Alvarez

By far my worst experience ever!!! Rude nurses, filthy rooms, and inadequate care. I hate this hospital and everyone that works here.

Bianca Molina

They have an amazing team of doctors there. Treated me very well and surgery went excellent. Staff and nurses are very friendly. Great hospital!

Ann Duke


Sharen Jones

Spent 5 hours in ER. Exceptional care every minute.

dorothy tudor

The Uams Clinic in Magnolia is sorry. No one ever answers the phone. Then Went down there and sit 2 hours and never got to talk to anyone. If my mom dies this week end because she cant get her heart meds. We had it faxed to ok refill days ago.

Lachella Washington

Stacie Jackson

In regards to the neurosurgeon or spine clinic at UAMS: I hope the way that Dr. Pait treated me today isn't they way he would treat his own family. To have such disregard to a patient's need for care is less than what is expected in my eyes of the medical field. The medical field is where we as people turn to for guidance and direction to better our health, wellness, and ability to promote the return to the most normal activities of our daily living. Dr. Pait stated, "It's not my job to find someone that performs the alternative methods aside from surgery". Team collaboration is where it all begins to help find the best care plan and least invasive procedure for the most optimistic outcome. You have failed, in my opinion, of caring for and listening to your patient.

keith burkhart

Great hospital, doctors actually listen and talk with you !

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