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REVIEWS OF Siloam Springs Regional Hospital IN Arkansas

Gerardo Vázquez

Melissa Headrick

Kimberlee Brooks

We love the people in the labor and delivery unit. The nurses there are amazing - kind, generous, helpful, respectful, etc. Dr. Hill is phenomenal. If you want a team of doctors and nurses that'll support you and your birthing decisions and assist you along the way - this is the place to go.

Jessica Martin

Darrell Pettigrew

The most up to date and best hospital in northwest Arkansas. Aimee Morrell and the staff truly care about everyone's well being!

Sharon Holland

Amy Mulder

Go anywhere else. No one takes the time to care for you. I'm trying to pay a bill and absolutely no one would help.

Jodawn Jodawn

Siloam springs hospital refused care to a sick 5 year old this evening.. She was visiting family and became ill with swollen throat and the er refused to see her due to her medical card being from another state.. Family had to take her to stilwell ok.... I knew Siloam hospital has been going down hill but had no idea that it was this bad... I have never known a hospital to refuse service til now.. I will not be taken my family or friends to this hospital.. As soon as this child is done outta stilwell.. We will post findings.. Prayer and thoughts are hopeing it's nothing serious.. She has Medicaid just not AR

Jeanette Eaton

I have never been an in house patient here with the exception of two sleep studies . I have been here for several mammograms and other tests. I have always thought I was being treated professionally and with respect ! I have no complaints, whatsoever !


Taylor was amazing she was my nurse on the 24th of October.

Marty Harrison

Great staff, very clean, inviting hospital

Ruby Cruz

Zach Stewart

Nurses in ob are very rude and when u asked them to clean u up cause u just gave birth and ur bleeding still it takes 5 billion times to ask before they finally do it. I agree on the security they have but they are the most rudest people I've been around in a long time. It don't make sense to me one my family.. There are two nurses here that I will give a shout out to and it is the two blond headed ones... But the rest are very very rude......

Tamara Farris

The staff was extremely rude. The doctor (who never gave his name) basically said I was a druggie. The check out lady demanded payment, but had no idea what my insurance covers. I asked them to bill insurance and I, so that I could check my EOB on it. She rolled her eyes and refused to speak to me after that. Very unprofessional. Very rude. I will never go back and I suggest that nobody use this place.

Caitlyn Meadors

The WORST er I have EVER been to. I could not believe how unprofessional and disrespectful the staff are. The only nice person I saw was the lady that checked me in. I was having extreme pain in my upper abdomen. When asked what my pain level was, it was at an 8. According to my MIL, the nurse entered a 2. A 2!! So we went back into the waiting room. An hour later, the other nurse took me back. He told me he was not putting me into a room. What?! So I told him what was going on, and he proceeds to not even say anything at all to me. All he does is shooes me out of the room with his papers in his hands. Next time I have this pain, I will NOT be going here. I will go the 30 minutes to an hour to a different hospital. DO NOT GO HERE!!!!


Go Somewhere ELSE!!! I took my wife to the ER,she had a gash on her forearm,that later took 20 stitches.There nurse tried to undo the towel at the receptionist desk!! Then was trying to claim my wife was suicidal!! Jim Wiley was very rude,unprofessional & was very quick to threaten me with the police for questioning his malpractices and unprofessionalism.Refusing to answer my questions.Patuents have the right to know!! I asked to speak to the supervisor who was a thin blonde who looked like she was on dope.She threatened me with the police after I demanded a complaint form.These people are sick

Kenneth Fegley

Miranda Beamer

This experience was horrible. My daughter and I took my 1 year old grandson in to the emergency room, with what we thought was a spider bite. The people at the front desk were rude to her treating her like she was stupid for bringing him in. When we finally get back to a room I was sitting in the chair and noticed trash on the floor and a cap to a needle by the bed. When the PA came in he looked at my grandsons leg and said it was an abrasion and prescribed him an antibiotic cream. He did not tell us to keep it cover or let the air get to it. While we were in the room I overheard a few nurses or what I thought were nurses speaking loudly about some other patient in the er that was in for a possible overdose. When we were checking out we rang the bell because no one was at the window, a lady was sitting close looked over and then went back to work on her computer. Another lady came over and was even more rude to my daughter when asking her about medical insurance. We had to stand and wait until they ran his insurance to find out if it was good. They should have asked for insurance information when she checked in. We took my grandson today to his regular dr and when I told our nurse whom we have known for 15 years that we took him here she was not pleased. From now on we will not be using this hospital for anything. If I need to drive the 30 minutes to Rogers that is exactly what I will do to make sure my family receives the best care at Mercy. I only left one star because it said I had to leave something. Very unhappy and completely unsatisfied with this hospital. You need to hire people that actually care about patients.

Sara K. Anderson

I had a good experience having my third child at this hospital and taking my 3-year-old here when he broke his arm. The ER nurse gave him a teddy bear to hold while we waited for the orthopedic doctor to get out of surgery. Nice newer facility. Docked one star because my husband was given medication in the ER that caused a panic attack and the nurse was kind of patronizing trying to reassure him and talk him down like he was just reacting to a stressful situation. None of his attendants attributed it to the meds, we only found out later when a pharmacist was explaining side effects of the drug. But overall (despite that one incident) I feel very good about the quality of care we receive here.

Jamie Harris

The entire staff, nurses and Doctors that helped us were friendly, and very accommodating, to mine, my husband and our baby’s needs. I’m very happy with the decision We made to have our baby at this hospital!

Kathryn Knight

Bed bugs on the curtains.

Jeff Copeland

Extremely compassionate staff, low wait time, immediate access to professional resources.

Christina Conly

Wonderful service, clean and friendly staff!

Steven Comingdeer

The one and only interaction I've had with this place proved to me that their staff are either incompetent or do not care about the well-being of their patients and families. Either way, I feel badly for anyone who has to be admitted to this place.

Psycho Trucker

I thought everyone I met were great. Nice people. I do not have a family doctor. I'm a truck driver. So far all I ever hear from urgent care and this hospital is.. I need to go see a doctor. Now comes the good part. I just got a phone call. Spam or scam is what I call it. They want me to give them info to verify it's me. That won't happen. Guess how they said they got my number??? From this hospital!!! Imagine that. A hospital selling your information. I have no idea if its illegal. But it sure is unethical. I will be deducting a fee from the bill I owe. They also charged me triple because I couldn't pay in full before the test. So poor people pay more. All they want is money. They are not there to help people. If they was. I wouldn't be 700 in the hole and still something seriously wrong in my body.

Beckah Arnold

Everyone is so friendly and helpful there!


Jesse Gonzales


Shannon Enderland

Slow and often rude. Not a good place to go to get better. Many bad experiences with few good ones.

Taylor Johnson

I'm really not sure why anybody ever comes to this ER. I would rather drive to Northwest Hospital in Springdale than come here.

Randall Amedee

Loretta Lynn

bears king

I've been waiting 2 hours to be seen by the dr

Jan Hanson

Great care from all staff!

Lori Ward

Rudest staff! Horrible horrible horrible! If you can avoid this hospital, I’d advise doing so! They speak to patients like they are trash and simply do not care about the well-being of the folks that come in. It is appalling that such a great little town as Siloam has such a terrible hospital.

Caala Lewis

My mother was admitted on 9/5/18. She was there for a week. Swollen legs and feet and complaining of chest pains. She didn’t eat the whole week she was there and nutrition and the nurses should have been alerted to that when they would take FULL plates back to the kitchen. They let her go after a week. She goes back to them and was admitted for two more days. During this time, I spoke with the attending physician who said that all of her tests were fine and normal and that she was in CHF which was common for that age, is how he put it. Let her go after two days. Legs and feet STILL swollen and full trays being sent back. At this time, the at home health nurse took a urine sample and sent it off to her DR bc of the foul odor coming from it. The AHN noticed this but not the nurses that took care of her for a full week while there. To cut a long story short, my mom is now dead bc apparently she was sitting wrong and that’s what was causing the edema according to the DR but n fact, my mom had a massive heart attack due to liver failure and was living with a dead heart for over a month before she was finally sent to Washington regional where we got answers. This place needs to be shut down.

Jonathan Stefonek

Had an eye infection. Was seen promptly and was explained what was going on and how the staff was going to give me for it. Bedside manner was excellent

Fake Fake

ER staff are very friendly and helpful. There apparently are no actual doctors on site or call except for ER. Unable to check on patients by phone. No operators available.

Stacey Lawhorn

First they stitched my daughter's cut when she also had cut tendons, then my husband asked how much we owe and they told us so we paid it in full, and now we are being sued by the stupid hospital saying we owe over 2,000 dollars I would not recommend anyone going to this hospital. Let alone moving to this town. It is sue happy. 2,000 for a few stitches I don't think so. From now on till we move out of this money hungry town we will be using a different hospital if needed.

Tonja Clover

Mark Avalear

matt cote

The nurses and staff in the ob/neonatal were extremely rude, unprofessional and disrespectful on 8/24/16 around noon. Extremely disappointed and dissatisfied. I would have expected them to be more professional.

Tate Murray

Loved it. The staff are nice. And really good care. Today I had a perianal abscess ant they drained it out for me I thank them for draining it. It hurt a little bit and I nearly cried when It did but still happy to have it drained. And I had to have it drained it was as big as an egg it was a big bugger. The biggest anyone had ever seen (in that area of course)

Jewell Haeberle

Don't ever go here! The first miscarriage that I had, they had me waiting a whole hour and a half just to get back to the room. After that it took 2 hours just to get out. Then for my 2nd(which I hadn't gone to my first appointment yet) I got back there kinda quick. Then all they took was a urine test and said that i wasn't having a miscarriage. I took SEVEN pregnancy test total and that's how I knew that I was pregnant and also that first missed period, ya know? But according to them who only took a urine test, no blood test or anything else, just a urine test said I wasn't pregnant and that I wasn't having a miscarriage. Then when I was able to get to go see my doctor, he checked my blood hcg levels and everything for me and told me that the siloam hospital isn't a good hospital, that they like to just get everyone out as quick as possible, and don't do the right things. DON'T EVER GO TO THIS HOSPITAL.


Daughter was wheezing hard and they swabbed for flu and did no xrays. Doctor acted like he didn't care. Come to find out she has Pneumonia. Worst hospital ever

Loretta Jordan

My father-in-law was a patient in the ER recently. He received excellent care from the doctors and nursing staff. Case Management came down to offer assistance and was able to have him evaluated for rehab during his visit. Thank you all for the great care he received during his visit.

Tim McCord

Well cared for, was even greeted with a heated blanket when I went for a follow up biopsy!

Beth Bradfield

Had to visit the Siloam Springs Regional Hospital ER in the middle of the night last week for what turned out to be a broken collarbone. I was seen quickly, and the staff was very compassionate. Both the physician, Dr. Chester Carlson, and the nurse as well as the registration staff treated me and my husband with kindness and professionalism. I was diagnosed following an X-ray, and given instructions for next steps. Thank you to all!

Cameron Long

As a nurse, I understand that health care can be unpredictable and busy. I sympathize with the health care workers and I appreciate all that they do. That being said, this is the worst experience I've had "being on the other side of the clipboard". We arrived at 10:15, checked in, waited 30 min, then was taken back for the scheduled CT scan (the only reason we came in). We were then told that they couldn't do the CT scan until the blood had been drawn. And there was no official order for a CT scan from the doctor's office. 3 hours later after he blood was drawn, we are finally going back for the scan. A better system must be in place to check off proper requirements for appointment procedures. Very disappointed in the administration and management at this hospital.

Carson W

I had a great experience at the hospital :)

Lisa Duffin

Usually when we have to come here we get great service at the front desk,this morning I bring my son here to get his stitches removed and DARIA at the front desk in the ER area wasn't nice,no smile no good morning no howcanI help you? Nothing just gave a bland look and waited for me to greet her...smh some people aren't happy with their jobs but there are lots who can come in with a smile and love doing what they do...Maybe she just needed some coffee but they really need a PEOPLE person when having face to face confrontations with the public! I never have anything bad to say about this place because they have always been amazing but this morning was a no go for me.

Amanda Mahoney

I fell at work and busted my knee up pretty badly. Work took me to this place....NEVER AGAIN! They asked me my pain level which was an 8. "doctor" came to the door, not in the room but to the door, order an x-ray and some meds. The meds were two Tylenol, I'm not kidding! X-ray came back and nothing broken. Doctor again came to the door and told me nothing was broken and to go home and rest elevate ice....follow up with my pc next day. I go home in so much pain my husband took me to a different er. I had a torn mcl. Lots of pain meds and stuff. Doctor at Siloam did not even look at my knee but it was fine? Do not go there ever!

Wayne Bollman

My son had an emergency surgery experience in November and it all went very smoothly. Everyone from the ED and Radiology to Nursing and Surgery staff and surgeon were all great. Good communication, timeframes were as expected, and his recovery has gone well.

Joshua Ross

Brenda and All the Nurses and Doctors were awesome,friendly.and very Sympathetic to my needs.!!!!!!!!!!!

A Lewis

Bleed blood in ER for 2 hrs is what I did before walking out! Need urgent care? Try somewhere else.

Markus Craig

The only thing good in Siloam springs hospital is the OB... If you go in the ER for pain they make their own opinion instead of doing all they can do fix the problem, ive been there for kidney stones, gallbladder, and elbow issues and not one time have the gave me an x-ray or CT scan basically just came in told me to take Tylenol and that's it.. come to find out there was more wrong than the doctor claimed.. so needless to say unless your pregnant u wont get help with anything just "professional opinion" NOT facts... Go to springdale !!!! Just because siloam got a new hospital a few years back dont mean the staff or service has changed.. ever heard that u cant teach an old dog new tricks ?? Well thats true for Siloam springs hospital. Enough said..

Calvinetta Wilson

Had my first visit to Siloam Springs Regional Hospital today. I have to say the doctor, nurses and staff were exceptional. Great job!!!!

peggy reagh

Horrible hospital . rude staff. All they care about is your money and how you can pay. If you don't pay (because they didn't do their job) then they sue and garnish your wages. And then continue even after garnishment to call and harass you... Take my advise stay far away from here.

Richard Harrelson

Catherine Bracks

Staff were friendly and courteous!

Jennifer Hawkins

Great hospital! Timely and efficient!

Colleen Mitchell


Jordan Guinn

Candee Botone

Every person at this hospital from the registration to the housekeeping are absolutely the nicest and professional staff. You get the utmost quality care.

Ann Cook

I went in there with pain and the er Dr.and nurses was nice the Dr told me my oxygen was dropping so he put some on me.and told me I was staying the night so up stairs the ones that was taken care of me give me something for pain but said that they can't send me home with oxygen even thro I have problems breathing any ways

Richard Cate

eladio quinones

It was a very bad experience made us feel like we go there for fun or to waste their time or money its not a place I want to go again. The question were very clear that they did not wanted us there and my 11 year old had no pain. Not a place that can be trusted or would like to have as regular place for my kids or my self care

Krystal Balli

Friendly environment

Aeron Campbell

I wouldn't bring your kid here for help, I have sat here for 3 days now,in ICU. you can not leave and they want to be hateful to you here its your child the light of your life and they want to look at you and talk to you like your a bad parent, and don't have health issues yourself cause they will look down on you for that also. Don't ask question because you should know the answers already.

Jackie Williams

Only go here for very minor illness's. They are very limited in their care. Can't do any heart treatments, don't have a dialysis machine, very scary when you are not sure they can take care of you.

Bobby White

My wife came to the ER there were only 2 other patients. She was taken back to a room where she waited for over an hour. I'm from the medical field so I know that is not a huge wait. However when you are sitting right in front of the nurses station and hear the doctor and nurses joking about having a SLOW day. Things kind of changed at that point. The doctor did NO physical exam when one of my wife's primary complaints was difficulty breathing. He then prescribed a shot cocktail for her headache. An hour later we could hear nurses joking about who was going to give the shot. A very disappointing experience.

Justin Rains

I have sever degenerative disc disease torn discs buldging discs and slipped vertabrae. I fell bad and went to the hospital doctor came in asked what was going on then had an attitude my wife and I didn't like. He leaves and orders blood tests I asked why when I fell he said he wanted to check my electrolytes. I told him I've never had to have a blood test before he then said well I'm not going to just give you pain meds and knock you out another words I think you are a druggie. so I told him I didn't want any pain meds and said thank you and left. Apparently the doctor apologized to my wife and said he didn't mean to say I was on drugs but as I left a nurse said well it's the law we have to test you, I told her no she didn't she argued and I told her that last time I hurt my self no one took my blood. She huffed and asked me to sign a paper that I was leaving. Worst experience I have had funny thing is I had pain pills at home I just don't like taking pain meds.

Chelsea Davis

Got admitted, and was forced to go to a other health care unit which wasn't medically necessary, against my will, and charged a crapload for an unnecessary transport via ambulance while I was not at all in need of it. To top it off, their staff are extremely rude and seem to only care about the payment options more than your own wellbeing first.

Howard Hansen

I was told about this hospital,the words I heard was very wrong. They treated my wife like a queen. Really appreciate worker's with care and heart. Wado-thank you!

Rizzero Woods

The staff are great, but the doctors...not so much. It’s pretty much a cluster anytime you go in to the ER. One younger doctor (30’s/40’s) walks around in a leather jacket, jeans, and you can tell he’s just trying to look cool rather than care about his bedside manners. You can tell he’s mad at life because he takes it out on the patients or family members rather than practicing patience. I wish I could go back to when my dad was in there countless times and not allow him to be so rude to my mom and dad. I wish I was his boss so I could fire him.

Moriah C.

Poor help the nurses got mad at me because after blowing two of my veins gettting the I've stuck in my wrist and sticking me a total of seven times said I was combative because my veins were not working for them and then basically discharged me because they couldn't do their job right then lied about my Ct scan being in and normal had to go to bentonville to get the help I needed I wouldn't take my dog here nor my worst enemy now the delivery staff is amazing and caring but the er night shift nurses and doctor are the most rude and uncaring staff I have ever encountered in a hospital next time I rather just go straight to bentonvile and if I am dying then still try to make bentonville they wouldn't even tell me the medicine cocktail as they called it they wouldn't even explain to me what was in it when I asked I was asked we'll do you want it or not then when I asked a second time what was in it which shouldn't of been a problem I thought she got mad and walked out of the room and said I refused treatment and I was in shock please if u really need help try to make it somewhere else because this staff was a nightmare and I left in tears I wasn't treated like a patient but more an inconvenience

Heather Scranton

Thank you to the staff here for taking care of our son in our time of need! You all were amazing and I’m proud to say I work for this company as well

David Secora

A real bad hospital don't go here!!!!!

Bj Baer

Jessica Jiles

Good if you get a caring dr

Jim Sanders

Madison Gibson

RUDE RUDE RUDE. they are so disrespectful

Crystal Butler

My grandmother is in ICU and the day staff nurse with dark long hair is rude. We requested a linen change and the ladies sat at the nurses station for a good 40 minutes before they came in. My step mom went out to get them several times after pushing the nurse call button. I am NOT impressed at all with the care they have provided.

Ashley Campbell

I have visited the ER with my child and couldn't say enough positive things about the way the staff treated us. They were kind and made every effort to ensure my child wasn't frightened or nervous. The lady who did the x-ray was very sweet and brought my child back all smiles. Thank you for the compassionate care.

Carlos lospatriots22

mary boyd

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