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Elizabeth Wallen

Wound care has always been good. The cardiac wing is great. But beware of the 4500 hall. Lazy nurses and aids. Got horrible care and service last time there.thats been twice on that hall now.No reason a patient should have to wait 30 mins for his call light to be answered. Then they have a attitude when they get there. Also the food is awful. Portions are very was cold or hard and sometimes under cooked.

Patricia Harris

I brought my son in here after he crashed on his skateboard . possible broken nose and weve been here 3 hours already and keep getting told soon. The staff sit on their phone while people are waiting to talk to them

Jessica Leach

Went to sparks and did not like the care I received so I went to mercy. Dr Bell accused me of being a drug seeker and told me ro leave when I actually had appendicitis. Had to go to Muskogee for emergency surgery. Dr Bell put in my patient file I'm a drug seeker. Now with a broken foot I can no longer get any pain relief for anything because of his report. He was extremely rude and so was the staff

Billy Coleman

SHORT on staff all over hospital. Procedures for isolation are a joke on 5400. The charge nurse had warning posted on the door to gown up and wear gloves. NOT FOLLOWED housekeeping,nurses aids and visitors came and went freely and staff went from room to room not gowning up or washing when leaving. #just going through the motion. They don't care or follow procedures .

Cassandra Willis

I can not believe how horrible this hospital has gotten, I am on my way to Sparks. The staff was horrible they really need more training. This hospital don't deserve a star at all. If I break my leg across the street from mercy I would go to Sparks .

Roger Guernsey

The experience I had with Mercy Hospital is excellent they have took care of all my needs from the lap band and my knee replacement to other things I had done his a very excellent Hospital on recommended for all dr. Crosses excellent Doctor Jones dr. McLane is excellent doctors good staff is excellent very caring dr. Jones's nurse Donna is very excellent

Chelsea Willis

The staff is always professional and friendly

Michelle Barker

Dr. Sunshine Murray always awesome, my recovery nurse Caitlin W. was awesome today, just loved her, professional, sweet, and funny. Hope she reads this. She made recovering better. Thanks Caitlin

Robert Perelman

I think so Mercy Hospital is wonderful and good place.

Anita Williams Deken

Have been in ER for 8 hours waiting to be transferred to a room to be admitted. Still waiting to be transferred to a room 11 hours.

Batya Wolfe

My brother was in Mercy for a month. He was well taken care of and the staff was amazing. He received the best of care and although it was a difficult case and he passed, I know that they did all that could be done with compassion and dedication.

NaTasha Mixon

We are from Little Rock and The nurses were great as well as the doctors. My son injured his self at his football game in Alma AR. and had to be transported to this hospital. The EMT were great as well. Our visit here was very good, they treated us with great.

Maggie Lockwood

Nelvakay Warren

I was admitted to the hospital in September and I had bacterial pnuemonia and I went septic, which caused me to have kidney failure. These Drs and nurses saved my life. From the ER to the steps away room to the floor, I had the best care anyone could have asked for! I owe my life to them! I'm so thankful to them and God! I got extremely good care!

Cassity Nichols

Got me in immediately, didn't have to wait in the waiting room. We all got a little confused cause I couldn't explain my pain placement cause it changed location depending on whether I was sitting up right or lying down. But they were fast at getting a CT scan. Thankfully it wasn't the problem I thought I was having and it's easily fixed. Just wish the nausea meds had kicked in at some point

Janna Barnes

I was in the ER with my father. The wait wasn't bad. However the nurse that called him back to get his vitals might need to look into a new career. I understand the amount of people they may see but if you have to take a smile. Sometimes just a smile makes a world of difference to a patient. My lamp shade has more personallity. I went to the cafeteria to grab a bite..... Not impressed at all. The wait staff is beyond rude. Salad bar was empty the counters were nasty. Not just the wait staff was rude but a RN was just as rude. Salad was brown. Most of the sides to add to the salad were empty. Not happy with my service or my visit.

Barry Mccreight

Con artist and thieves. My elderly mother had her money stolen while she was in the hospital. Then they charged her 13.00 to call Sallisaw to tell us they stole her phone.

josh higgins

Mary Martin

This hospital is a joke. My daughter had her second daughter here and then denied her 3 yr to see her mom or her new little sister. She cried her little eyes out all the way to the car and home. What POS hospital denies a little girl her mother. Mercy hospital of Fort Smith does

Alicia Turner

Unprofessional. Uneducating. Uninformative. This place puts more care in it's food than it's place.

William Stewart

Codi Lambert

I will like to say thank you all

Preston Robinson

Rachel Guernsey

Good place like it better then the other hospital in town

Mary Hales

I was seen by Dr. Peas (not correctly spelled) for an accident. She was wonderful and my family and myself are grateful to her for the excellent care I received. She was one of the Doctors in the Emergency Room at the hospital. She sewed me up on February 9, 2018, and sent us to UAMS where I had eye surgery. Thankful for her! Appreciatively, Mary Nelle HALES

Shannon Rylee

During the most difficult time of our lives, the compassion and attention to detail was astounding. The doctors, nurses, staff and chaplain in the ICU were so kind to us during the passing of my grandmother. I will always appreciate the kindness we were shown.

Charlene Moore

Juan Lewis

Elda Villanueva

Really slow movement I've been waiting nearly 5 hours with a 10 weeks old baby and it seems like if they don't care

Jeana Hernandez

beth richards

It was horrible, we were there for 3 hours with nothing. Left and hoping for the best. Very rude staff.

Dora Young

Jack Andrew

Morris Hochberg

4 hour in the wat ing room. And no one has gone in pace is full

Roy Morris

Lots of people I know complain about the employee, but I will have to say the staff I had handled me with great care. Wonderful staff and very friendly. Almost makes you feel at home.

Jade Snow

Nurses are so sweet!

Brian Waters

This place is a joke!!!! There is no mercy in this hospital.

Rebecca Brown

We were there with our 7 month old who had been throwing up for over 24 hours, had the shakes, and unable to keep his medicine down. I know this time of year (FEB) there are a lot of sick people, and the emergency room would be busy, however I didn't expect a 4 HOUR WAIT. We were in there for over an hour, watching a very sick older woman puking into a bag the whole time, before I asked how long of a wait we were in for. At least 3 more hours! They only took 1 person back the hour we were there. We left. It was a very horrible experience. The hospital used to be a great place, now it doesn't even deserve 1 star.

Mary Mayfield

Talking to administer she threatening me because I was not happy with there service, her last name was Fisher she was mean and hateful, she was trying to talk down to me and talking like she didn't care what I had to say, because her job was more important than I was

Josh Rogers

Had surgery for skin cancer in January 2018. While the surgery did go well the billing department is a nightmare. Bills keep coming in over and over. I've been told 3 separate times that all my medical Bill's were paid only to receive yet another bill 11 months after my surgery.

Sherika Schwietzer

After 2 trips to Baptist health where my daughter was misdiagnosed a trip to mercy and we had a solution they took the time to find out the answers I so desperately needed for my daughter they was amazing for sure made my 9 year old happy she told me the people was nice and so she wasn't scared!!! Everyone from the er to the pediatrics unit was super great they all went above and beyond to turn a scary situation into the best that it could be I will never take anyone I love to a different hospital again if you want the best of the best medical care go here for sure thank you guys for everything that you have done for me and my family!!!!

Sooper Nerdy

Had our son here on Monday. We were not thrilled with the way we were treated at all. Had to ask several times for basic things, some of the staff was rude and unprofessional.

Lisa Stang

Poor organization and ive been waiting 6 hrs for severe abdominal pain..still here and haven't been seen yet..Dont come here

Kim Early

Manuel Cabral

Two days ago I took my wife to the emergency room and what a nightmare. We are an older couple. My wife has poor health which includes 3 autoimmune illnesses. She is at risk for other complications while being in a full waiting room for hours while others are coughing like crazy and others vommitting. Fitst you see the receptionist, we explained what was going on with my wife as this has happened before and she nearly died. We were told someone would call her in a minute. Fast forward almost half hour and she's called to triage. Has a vital check an EKG and blood work done. We were then ushered back to the waiting room for x-ray to come. A few minutes later the x-ray is done. Back to the waiting room. Now the wait is on. Almost 2 hours later after we asked how much longer she is finally called. All the while my wife is having a hard time with breathing while dragging her oxygen tank behind her. We had asked for a wheelchair because she was dizzy when walking but we were told there was only one and it was for x-ray Dept. Others were taken into rooms with less serious problems before her and this we know because you hear everything from the receptionist desk including people's social security numbers. Hippa!! Get called and I have never in my life seen such a small examining room, old and antiquated, except for the board on the wall that shows what's going on and what they are waiting for. She has learned to know all the symptoms of her illness that brought us here as her MD who is out of town had drilled into our heads because if we wait to long to get to a hospital she could die. We had been told what tests she would need etc, but no one seemed to listen and different testing was done which pretty much was inconclusive. We were then discharged all the while my wife's oxygen tank is just about empty for the 30 minutes to get home. We will Never go back there again. I'm sorry but I mostly found incompetence at that ER.

katherine mankins

Chris Varick

Horrible hospital.

Averi Watkins

Aundrea Traywick

Three years ago my dads health declined drastically. Due to an infection in the tube used for peritoneal dialysis. It was removed and he began hemodialysis again, just in a different place. After the procedure was done his entire arm was swollen and stayed swollen for several months. They x-rayed said it was okay and the only thing they could see was that it was close to an artery and would keep an eye on it. Several months later he has a massive heart attack. The first thing I noticed when walking in his ICU room was the swelling of his arm. It was not completely gone. But, noticeably! Obviously the first thing I think of is this was caused by them placing the port to close to arty and not having enough blood flow to the heart. At this point I'm just thankful he's alive. Who am I to question. I'm not a doctor. Now lets spring forward to three weeks ago. Dad falls and breaks his femur in two places. He did great during surgery and doc put pins in and legs on the mend. He spends almost one week on the 4th floor when the case manager comes in an ask where we would like to send him for rehab. I told her with him having only 20% heart function and doing dialysis I thought it best he stay there and go to the fifth floor for therapy. A little later she comes back to the room to say he didn't qualify. I asked her to look up why. She then began to apologize saying she had him confused with another gentlemen. A couple of days later we were on the fifth floor. They have "2 WEEKS" to get their rehab done or they're out of there. Dad comes down with a stomach infection and has to be tubed and can't do rehab. But unfortunately his time was counting. Last Friday they tell my mother to start thinking about where he needs to go because his times up there and he's not met his goals and needs to go somewhere else. This Monday she shows up to the hospital and as they are taking dad to dialysis, they proceed to tell her he is leaving today after dialysis. First of all have a little better communication and empathy for the caregivers. BUT MY DAD IS NOT ON MEDICADE. HE PAYS HIS BILLS. He has medicare and blue cross. I called medicare they said they would pay for more days if he needed it. There was no time limit as far as they were concerned. So I told this fine young lady that I wanted to contest his release. It kind of stunned her that I asked for that. Which would provide me more time to figure something out. THANK YOU BOB CARTER AT EOMC. This man worked his charm and we transferred dad to Poteau where I didn't have to clean the room myself when we got there (yes I had to both rooms at the other hospital) and he and mom are being treated like humans. ANYWAYS. Before we left on Monday we noticed that dads right breast and under his arm was very red and rash/bruise like. Oh the doctor said no problem just sometime people bruise easy. Well guess where my poor mother and father are today. Tulsa Saint Johns having his fistula looked at because it has been damaged. They are trying to save it and not have to put it in somewhere else. Obviously you can tell I am not happy. You need to get online and read just how bad it is patients being released to early. The hospital I have been referring has been my families go to place for years. I'm not sure who is running now, whoever it is needs to step up your game.

Heather Reyman

This ER is a JOKE! Took my daughter there Sunday and the Dr told her she had strep then when she coughed he went out of room and talked to us through the crack in door. Poor emergency services. I need to give ZERO STARS

Travis Ball

I was taken here by ambulance, moved into waiting area with a heart monitor attached to me. Sat there in pain for four hours. Was seen by a doctor for two minutes or less and released without proper treatment! Terrible

Sharon Williams

I have been waiting in the emergency room for 5 1/2 hours with my daughter. Her doctor sent us over here because her blood pressure was very low and wanted her to be started on IV immediately. There are people who have been out here lots longer. They say there are no more beds. But no beds since this morning. Very frustrating.

Katie Dwyer

I’ve been waiting with my 2 year old for 5 hours and still somehow have four people in front of me when 2 hours ago it was 5. I saw multiple people go back. So does your front desk lie? I would not recommend this hospital in need of an emergency, or for anything. The worst service and medical facility I’ve experienced. I’ve asked for something as simple as Tylenol for my daughters fever and throat pains and they wouldn’t even do that. Head wanting to the reviews. They don’t lie. They do let you sit for hours and give no updates. They skip your place in line. Unacceptable!

Reckless Misfit

The fact that a cardiac patient has been in the waiting room with documented issues for 3 hours is neglectful. Do better for your community.

Dedra Davis

Left hand has absolutely no idea what the right hand is doing. I'm having my 5th child. 1st at this hospital and just getting lab is absolutely confusing. Orders are not put in or are lost. I'm 12 weeks away from delivery so I've given it time to figure out if all of this is a fluke or not... but.. nope.. it's a disaster every.single.time. When you are having to pay $300 a month to have a baby, competence should be expected. Seriously considering traveling to Tulsa to have my baby. If this is how simple labs are handled, I am seriously not interested in having a c-section here. I hold absolutely no trust in this hospital and that is very unfortunate.

M. Ryan Eacret

Gr8 place ! The people who are complaining about the food obviously never starved before or they would be more thankful for help plus meals....


Very unprofessional staff including nurses and front desk. Find somewhere else to go. Don’t pay these as-s holes

Destanee Nichols

I was sent home twice while in labor because I had no insurance. Will never recommend to anyone.

Roger P

It is as good a system that you will find here. They try to keep us healthy!

Ken Morris

I went in and within about an hour they took me to x-ray. They started treatment as soon as they knew what the matter was. They are friendly and professional.

Pablo Blogs

They know if they speak Spanish in this hospital??

Gilbreth Academy

The ER staff are the slowest people EVER!!!!!!

Emily B

Volunteers in the outpatient side are always sending patients to the wrong places. You go to them and offer to give them the correct location of providers, and instead of keeping it they throw it away. Very frustrating when patients are constantly late due to this, and for our elderly patients that can barely get around.

Cecil Griffin


Unsanitary. Rude staff. Medication errors. The list goes on and on.

C Shaddon

Rude, disrespectful and slow. The staff in ER on 8/5/16 @ 12:00 AM are a disgrace. I wouldn't give them a 1 star if I could.

Leandria Smith

The doctors overdosed my uncle after we told them that he had to much and he couldn't take it. We asked them to lower to amount of medicine they gave him and they refused. 2 hours later he passed away. He's been dead for 5 years.

Timothy Aldridge

They took very good care of me and my wife during the birth of our son. Everyone I've known has been taken well care of here.

JoAnn McNeill

Very thorough and understanding. I was treated very well.

Sandra Crow

Clean and professional

Robert Bierma

So at mercy hospital of Fort Smith, where they are the supposed leader for ER heart conditions. The wife checked in complaining about chest pain, here we sit 35 minutes later and have not even been seen! I doubt their claims!

Richard Kolivoski

Very professional. Very helpful staff.

Xieden Zx

I liked it the service there was really great and yeah everybody is nice there

Maison Gipson

Amazing I work there

Lisa Skinner

Heath Werve

I would avoid this hospital if possible. My dad was admitted to this hospital during a COPD flare, because his hospital was full. The ICU was incredible helpful the first few days. Then the staff changed over for people to have days off, it’s like a different hospital now. We have been trying to get a case worker to start paperwork for a CPAP at home it’s been two days now and they still haven’t started paper work with the Veterans Administration. This hospital is way under staffed. A nurse was complaining to us last night about how many patients they had that night. We are about to have a three day weekend with MLk on Monday so now everything will be pushed back because some paperwork didn’t get sent off. And this is just a few things that have happened over the past week of this stay we’ve had.

Audra Wall

Lewis Geiger

My wife and I have been to this hospital several times in the past few years . We have always found them to be extremely informative, caring and professional.

Matt Forsgren

Good Service

April Renee

Worst service at a hospital I have ever received. I waited for FOUR hours and still hadn't been seen. My husband decided we were leaving and getting treatment elsewhere. I felt worse at that point than when I had first arrived. We will not be returning to Mercy Hospital EVER. Not even worth one star but I had to choose an option.

Donna Davis

I have always been treated with respect and dignity when I have gone there and as an inpatient and outpatient. ER care was great but waiting was extensive...

Sarah Barnett

My daughter was seen last night, 3/16/2019, and Dr. Bull, and the nurses were absolutely amazing at explaining the procedures that were being performed, the labs being ran, the results, and what our options were. The Tech, Amanda & the RN, Charles were so gentle and caring. Thank you all for taking care of my little girl.


When I moved to Fort Smith I picked Cooper clinic as my primary care facility. Never had an issue with billing or care. When That excuse for a hospital (Mercy) took over the converted the urgent care clinic to a wing of the hospital. Cooper used to take your copay as payment. My last visit under mercy was for a simple hand wound and After insurance and my copay I sill owe $175. One hint of the issue is they put a wrist band on you when you sign in. Mercy Holdings is the parent company of Mercy hospitals and it's a 5 billion dollar (church) and therefore doesn't have to file an income tax returen (990). I'd love to know where the money goes.

Karen Dunn

Michelle Dobbs

have been waiting with my elderly mother in the er waiting room for 8 hours. Waiting room is completely packed. No one but ambulance patients are being treated. Anyone in the waiting room gets papers filled out or blood tests and returned to wait again. Must be 50 or more people in waiting room.

Shayna Kirby

Ultimately saved my life -more than once

Wes B


exotic ballerina dancer on and off stage

My Mom was taken to Mercy Hospital ER because she had been experiencing chest pain and shortness of breath. She was taken to Mercy Hospital ER during the weekend and was seen by a weekend ER doctor who was eager to open her chest even though Mercy Hospital does not "usually" perform surgery on Sundays. My Mom agreed to having the sudden surgery. A few hours later, the doctor tells my family that while he was performing the surgery, a major vein was compromised. The vein suddenly "split open" and she began to bleed heavily. They clamped the vein and gave her a blood transfusion. After the surgery, we were told that the doctor clamped the vein. The clamping of the major vein stopped the circulation in her upper extremities! She was now no longer eligible for a life flight transfer per transfer administrators. The skilled heart hospitals in the region were not willing to help undo what the weekend ER doctor had done to my Mom. My Mom was suddenly fighting for her life. She lost her life a day later. I'm not trying to scare any person considering Mercy Hospital. This review is to provide Google users feedback so they can make an informative decision when choosing a hospital ER for any heart related conditions.

Duane Stone

This place has gone down hill so much that i am surprised they can still operate. Most of the staff is incompetent and rude, one would think your at family dollar not a supposed world class hospital. CAUTION.... do you really want to come here and risk it all? I would suggest a complete rollover of management on down.

Tara Bailey

ER nurses and staff are very rude, unprofessional, uncaring to their patients. Very disappointed in how they treated my mother. On top of her having to sit and wait over 7 hours. Doctors and nurses and staff do not have communication at all. Very frustrating and tiring experience.

rodney lane

This place saved my life!!!! So don't be to petty over waiting 10 Xtra mins or something small or being not happy over something simple. Smile its a wonderful day!!!

Cheryl McMillen

Debra Rainey

Terrible ER.

Sue Harrington

Some of the nurses are awesome, but some of them are so very, very rude and obnoxious. My husband is on pain pills every 4 hours prn (as needed). He called last night for one and Corey was 2 hours late giving it to him, turned down his oxygen because he thought my husband didn't need as much. That had him very short of breath and coughing when he moved. They may send my husband home today or tomorrow and nothing has been done after a week with his breathing. So so sad that you can't get good treatment anymore. The Lord knows all though. If at all possible, go to NWA for help. Some of the good nurses are Noy, Kaylee and Leah. We have had a lot more nice CNA's than nurses.

James Walters

Beth Lowrey

Abhorrent patient care and follow up. If I could give this hospital 0 stars I absolutely would. Assigned case manager failed to do anything required or remotely expected of her. Doctors communication skills were on par with a 2nd grader, nursing staff on the unit were more interested in their personal lives than in their job duties. Would rather have a patient mess the bed than assist to the bathroom. Communication was a non-existent. Pushed their rehab services and ignored requests to facilitate transfer to a competing rehab. If this was the only hospital in town you would have better care at a vet hospital.

Denzil Neff

My experience was excellent. The ER staff were proficient, curtious and very professional. The doctor was concerned with my comfort and the diagnosis.. The staff on the floor were equally carrying. I can't say enough about their dedication to the heath of their patients.

salem Taylor

This place is awful. We waited for hours then watched a girl crying to them and bent over in pain get told "our rooms are full" and with no compassion. I could tell I'd get no help here. We left to find somewhere else.

d mcguirt

This emergency room is a joke staff stinks....dont go here for any emergency... U will wait for hours. My wife just had pancreas surgery yesterday in little rock. She had complications today we set in emergency for hours. When asking staff to help my wife they told me to ask the nurse who was no where to be found. Oh yeah when we seen staff they were carring potluck dinners or BS ing with 3 security staff in the front office... Well I guess safety is not an issue here neither.......they were protecting the chairs with their backsides..... If u have an emergency go by ambulance they have a direct line...

Sunsaengnim Wonjungnim

Nurses at the urgent care clinic were the worst. The physician on hand should be sued!

Zabdiel Montes

Robin Fletcher

September 5, 2017 On Tuesday, August 21, 2017, my 81 yr old mother, Virginia ---, came by way of ambulance to the ER of Mercy Medical Hospital in Ft. Smith, Ar.. There she was taken care of by attendants, nurses and doctors of which each and every one cared for her as if she were their own mother or loved one! This same level of care continued after she was admitted and taken to room #4404. Each and every person who we came in contact with, (be they nurse, attendant, chaplain, hospitalist or doctor), did their level best to keep her comfortable and out of pain. Each person was as pleasant, concerned, efficient & cheerful as the next! This same level of kind, courteous, cheerfulness and helpful professionalism was shown to not only my Mother and her family members but to each other as well. That too is huge, and goes such a long way toward providing a pleasant healing environment. Thank you. We were so worried, brain-fogged & bleary-eyed from concern and lack of sleep that I'm sure we were a mess and could barely put two sentences together but your people could not have been more patient, compassionate and helpful! Your people in Finnegan's eatery were equally cheery and helpful! I was so exhausted and brain-fogged when I finally went to get food that I just couldn't figure out how to get my meal together! The young woman at the grill patiently helped me find my food and water. That may sound trivial but my brain was in dire need of sustenance here! The cashier was lovely, the food was tasty and nutritious and service was exceptional. Thank you all! I cannot name all people we came in contact with but I would truly like to thank them all. I did thank each one at the time and have sung their praises to each other and others I've spoken to, but I would ask that this note be shared throughout your hospital or at least with those in the ER, the 4400 nurses station, the doctors, Finnegan's, Pre-Op, Recovery, the attendants who either cleaned up her room or pushed her gurney from place to place, & to your hospitalist who helped Mom decide to go in to physical therapy. Thank you all. Mom is doing well now thanks to ALL of YOU. You have my sincere gratitude and compliments on jobs not only well done but done with humanity. Thank You All, Robin Fletcher

Polly Fletcher

My 88 year old mother was taken here from her nursing home. I arrived 45 minutes later from out of town and was treated very rudely by the staff in the ER. I tried 3 times to speak with someone to find out where she was and eventually had to just call on the phone to be told where she was. I asked a nurse in ER to speak to someone in charge only to be told it was a Saturday and the CEO was too busy for me. I NEVER asked for the CEO, but I cannot believe this hospital has gone down hill so much in the last few years. How is this place still affiliated with any religious institution?

Ralph Perdue

Open Heart Surgery - Triple bypass. No complaints with the care and attitudes of the doctors, nurses, personnel. Everyone was cordial and attentive. Special thanks to Dr. James Whiteneck for his skills and positive attitude. Food wasn't great, but what hospital serves awesome food? Thanks again!

Brett Cowles

Name says it all!

Doug Petterson

Place is a joke 5 hrs later practically dying in the ER no one to help

Denisa Lane

WORST experience possible for my Mentally Impaired Son and his brother to go through!! They tell you to go to ER for help, then have you sit there for hours on end (on Christmas Eve day)...just to have the ER Dr Chris Bell come in and start screaming...literally screaming at my son for wasting their time! Bottom line, my son goes for help because he can't get it anywhere else, and ends up IN JAIL Christmas Eve and Christmas day!! Other son was escorted off property for trying to explain to the good Dr. Bell what was going on with his brother. Dr. didn't even speak to my ill son; Had no clue what was happening or why. Didn't care one bit! They haven't heard the last of me, I guarantee it!!! Who do they think they are???? Totally unacceptable! Mercy?? RIGHT!! I wouldn't take an animal there for care.

Danny Skaggs

old school wyrick

I see my doctors here i get great service !!

John Davis

Paula Zachary

I love this hospital! When I had my daughter in 2012 the staff made me feel safe and secure! The nurses was amazing! I will never go to another hospital!

Jennifer Harris

My admittance to ICU was great. The nurses I had were wonderful. I'm taking off a stat for th ER--awful!

Patrick Fealey

I went into the ER with kidney failure. Naturally it did not show up in their triage room, where they put an EKG on you. I was made to wait three and a half hours before seeing a doctor for two minutes. I could have died in the waiting room. The triage nurse was nothing less than a sociopath and I was only given a bed after my girlfriend, a Doctor of Nurse Practice, got on the phone with her and told her what's what. I was given a bed 10 minutes later. Saw the doctor for two minutes and given IV, nothing else. Was discharged an hour later still in kidney failure. I have recently moved to the east coast, where the medical establishment is professional and proficient.

Deborah Fletcher

They tool very good care of my dad

Dan Jen

Do not go to the ER here! They did not bill correctly or on time so VA would not pay. Paid the hospital directly almost 1000 radiology billed separately almost 200 then 1320 from the ER dr showed up on my credit! So a couple of minutes for the dr to MISDIAGNOSE a torn ligament over 2200$

Kimberley Massongill

Since Mercy Hospital has taken over Cooper Clinic the service has gone down hill.

Kathy Oconner

If there was a minus rateing scale this place would get it.Bad staffing,longest waiting time,nurses not not caring.Doctors not informative of your care. Minis 0 Rating.


d h

Buy the grace of God and God's miracles they have saved my wife and taken wonderful care of her she has been there 3 months now my God Bless all of them

john blackbird

Had heart surgery and was BEST place ever

Nina Dickinson

Nurse Jeff was not compassionate at all. He lectured me on going to a different facility other than an emergency room. I'm 62 years old and fell down 8 stairs in my home. I didn't want to go to the doctor at all but after a day the pain was getting worse. The concerns I had were internal and my urine sat on the shelf until I left never got tested. I did get x-ray and was told nothing was broken. Then I was given another lecture not to take my 5/325 Norco to clean house. ??? They were for rest. Explain to me why I got a lecture. I'm not a pill head. I have no narcotics listed in my medications. I was off balance from the pain it took to step up on the scale and I have some confusion issues when I get upset. Needless to say I was so upset I was in tears. I will have to have some major event before I will enter your hospital again. You have no class and you profile everyone as if they were addicts. I knew nothing was broken. I needed an MRI. THEN to top it all off behind the doors were so dirty it was gross.

Brandi Gorman

Dryer Machine

Logan the phlebotomist is rude and not at all careful! mislabeled my specimens and after realizing her mistake, tried to come back in my room and stick me again! I told her no I'm having a bad day and she said well I'm having a bad day too there's no need to be rude about it and left the room! She was so rude I'm never coming back here again!!

Assius Klappious

Went there to get some stiches removed and they left half of them in! I had to pull them out myself!

Keith Parish

No mercy should be the name if it was honest. I've had a cousin die of a heart attack while waiting to be seen in the er ,another one die on the operating table from complications from a bariatic surgery that should have never been performed. They sent me home with a gallbladder about to burst with pain pills and said it was nothing. My neurologist from Cooper found it out . Sad but all true. Then to top it off I had to have emergency surgery there to remove it and I am a high risk patient I woke up with a oxygen level of 70% and strangers saying hello dad in my room when I have no kids. To make it worse through the night my temp kept rising to over 102 then they just quit taking my vitals and refused to give me anything for pain or fever and decided I should "walk the fever off at 3 am " which only made it worse. Then sent me home with a serious post operative infection and no antibiotics and six cuts and major damage to my right lung. Which the dummies even wrote down on the paperwork they sent with me home. Now I am struggling to breathe, on 4 lung meds a cpap and nebulizer for life and hopefully avoiding oxygen till I am 40.

Marsha Gardenhire

Beverly Dalton

They are good....WHEN you can get in. They are always running behind.

Jonathan Humphreys

I had my first baby here. It was awful. I was forced into a C section against my will and when it was over I was forced to wait without my baby or without anyone at all around in the corner of a hall. I had to wait two hours to see my child even though there was nothing wrong with her or with me. The nurses were rude and the doctor on staff was even more rude. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. I have since had children at other hospitals and would never go back to this one.

Freedom McDowell

AWFUL! Waited for 4 hours to even get called back. Patient who has had 7 by-passes and recent heart surgery and you make him sit for 4 hours to even recieve a bit of attention. PATHETIC!

Brenda Lovelady

The ER staff are rude and unprofessional. Apparently, they only had one supervisor in the whole building Saturday and I never got to discuss our concerns. Ironically, I last worked there in 2001 and this was my first experience on the other side. Where are the staff that aren’t burned out or know not to eat their snacks in the glass booth in front of everyone? Yikes people.

Roger William Pfeiffer

Nice hospital system. Seen better but have also seen much worse. Genuinely helpful folks.

Sam eyes

Poor service, My appointment ( surgery referral) was at 1400, and I was asked to come in 15 Min prior, so I made it to the appointment 20 min prior and completed the a double sided sheet, I was asked to complete additional PW, I did and the second form I put the time as indicated 1357, I returned to the desk, I waited 20 minutes and went and asked about the delay and the response was that I was still completing my paperwork at 1405, even though the sheet I turned in list the time as 1357, I waited 20 more minutes, and I decided that this is a poor customer service and notified the front desk that will need to reschedule. Very poor service.

Luci Black

Rachel Porter

Lori Ortega

Was well taken care of. Staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. Felt safe in their care. Nurses are Awesome almost hated to leave. I will feel safe and well taken care of if I needed to return

Rachael Hall

I went to the ER due to severe pain in my back, I never saw an actual doctor, only a PA who spent at most 5 minutes with me, my husband, and my sister who drove 2 hours do she could take me to there. Then a nurse came in have me a shot (she neglected to tell us what is was) and then 20 minutes later a guy came in to release me. The paperwork didn't say what had been done/given to me and when I told him that I was still in pain he said the shot could take up to an hour to kick in. No tests were run, no imaging, not even blood work. This was by far the worst hospital visit in my life and I do NOT recommend that ANYONE go to this hospital!

Nona Humphreys

My husband was a recent patient on the 4300 unit. He received excellent care while there. All of the staff caring for him very timely met all of his needs. Nursing is not an easy job and these nurses did a great job even though they were super busy every day.

amy rowan

ER is SLOW! You sit in an empty or near waiting room for HOURS UPON HOURS with nobody every getting called back and if you question the wait the ER staff is rude.

Jeanna Rodriguez

The staff on 3400 was great made me feel right at home was very friendly always ready to help when I leave this place you will be missed.

Heather Bradley

This hospital sucks ass!! I do not recommend it to anyone!!

Jay Muise

My grandson has been sitting up there for 5 hours. This hospital is nothing more than an incompetent retarded factory that would be lucky to find their own butt with both hands.

dicky warren

I am over the road driver of 36 yrs. The last thing I wanted was to have to be hospitalized away from home. Life happens to us all. From the time I came through the emergency room door your professional staff have been awesome. Very kind,friendly,and compassionate. Unheard of especially if you don't have insurance. You truly live up to the name on the door Mercy. Thank you so much for all the laughs and awesome care you gave me. God bless Mercy Hospital and all the professionals here!

Melissa Wooden

They send you to collections for bills you have paid.

Dan Smith

Amazing place. Truly cares for their patients.

Everett Sondra

90 year old Mom on 4th floor. She has dementia and was admitted from the nursing home for slight rectal bleeding. Was given an upper GI, no signs of ulcers, etc. Pressured by everyone for her to undergo a colonoscopy, which we finally agreed to -- if NO anesthesia, just a sedative, due to a pacemaker. When she wouldn't drink the 64 ounces of prep cleanser, they tried to put a tube down her nose to get the fluid in her. This was done without our permission. They were unable to get the tube inserted, so they were going to try the liquid again. We suggested they give it to her a cup at a time and then let her take a few sips of juice or soda. We were incorrectly told by Jennifer and Kendra that NOTHING but the prep liquid could be given. After several "discussions" back and forth, we decided to get Mom out of there. I have to agree with the other review...stay away from the 4th floor!

Master Shake

Rude personal at the ER, my wife have to wait over 4 hours, when they took her vitals they not even bother to check her swollen leg when she told them the reason of her visit, this place need to be shut down, my dog get better service at the vet

Billy Smiley

My wife was at this hospital for 10 days. They were great. The doctors were great and the nurses were awesome. No problems with this hospital or the people that work there. They are truly a god send,.


I went to the ER this morning suffering from severe symptoms from a spinal cord tumor which was discovered earlier this week by MRIs. I spent 6 hours in the ER in which 3 of those I was left completely unattended and not checked-in on. I chose to check myself out of their care after hearing an ER doctor and an ER nurse refer to me as a "CRIPPLE." I was continually demeaned and belittled after questioning my care after the 5th hour in the ER. This was all done in front of my 5-months pregnant wife causing her undue distress and bringing her to tears seeing me treated like dirt. This was the most awful and unprofessional experience I have ever had at ANY hospital, anywhere. Period. I did not feel safe or comfortable in their care after my experiences and cannot refer anyone to this hospital for care.

karen jean thompson

C & D W

ER wait time is out of control and outrageous. There is NO reason anyone should be made to wait 5 hours to be seen. My child is in so much pain right now and you choose to pop bubble gum while visiting amongs each other. You have taken 4 people back in 5 hours as of right now. Ok I am adding to this review. The short lady Dr. Came in my sons roon with a bad attitude very cross and disrespectful . Pretty much accused my child of being a opiate addict. If you hate your job and people so much then go do something else.

Roger 1

A fairly large hospital system for the area.

cora self

I was a patient in the in-house orthopedic rehab all of the staff was wonderful they believed in me more than I believed in myself the physical therapist are the best but they work you hard during therapy but it was for my own good so I want to say THANK YOU!!!!!

Stanley Wood

my daughter had a baby here and the father dad came out in the hall way and yelled at me calling me names and making threats and the security made me leave. did I add my daughter was only 15. the only reason i gave them one star is because the labor and delivery nurse was top notch couldn't have asked for a better one.

Sarah Crockett

Becky Echols

My mother is currently in Mercy and has received excellent care from kind, compassionate doctors and nurses. We highly recommend Mercy.

Marci HF

Sheila Hodges

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