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REVIEWS OF Baptist Health Extended Care Hospital IN Arkansas

Katie Smart

Susan in ICU is on a major power trip. She’s probably the only angry and aggressive person I’ve met the entire time we’ve been here. Someone might want to check her blood pressure.

Ryan Woodson

don will

This hospital is very terrible now my wife went in for a very serious matter in when they took blood the lady came to take her back the one that was taking her blood said I will do it but turned around in asked someone else than the doctor don’t tell you much in a lot of times they will send you right back home without even really trying to help you

JoAnn Weems

I wanted to write a review not about the employees as they were wonderful! Vicky the receptionist, and the other receptionist whose name I didn't catch, Bruno the nurse in preop, the surgical nurse who came to the preop room to sign off on everything.....all were great. But the problem I have is that they rescheduled my daughter's surgery and did not call us (not the problem). Because we lived an hour away we waited from 12:00 to 3:55 before they called her back to surgery. Then we waited from 3:55 this point. I am hot natured and literally could not feel my feet to walk. I have NEVER, EVER been so cold.....EVER!!!! When I asked for a blanket I was told no because "then they would have to get everyone a blanket." Really? If I had known I would be in a cold waiting room for 6+ hours in freezing temperatures I would have brought a blanket. Needless to say, she is still back in surgery going to recovery so I will be back here another minimum of an hour. I can almost guarantee that I will probably be sick. This is RIDICULOUS!!!!! WARM IT UP OR PROVIDE BLANKETS!!!! I cannot imagine how cold an elderly person is OR how cold a sick person is. I'm completely healthy and freezing my tail of for going on 7 hours. We will not come back here for surgery if the temperature problem can't be fixed. Geez!!!!

Donna Leavell

My father was treated at Baptist for kidney failure. They were great with him and I, later on, had a hysterectomy there and the treatment of the nurses were terrible. Different wing but I went in there trusting the hospital and my surgery was a must and surgeon was great. I was cut from pelvic bone to between my rib cage and I have sjogrens syndrome that causes extreme dryness in my mouth and throat. I begged for ice and being sedated from the cut I had, I walked to the nurses station to ask please for ice and they sat talking away. Big cut, first walk, by myself and that's not normal. I asked for ice and they told me to get back in bed. I walked back to my bed by myself after major surgery. I didn't have the typical hysterectomy because of the size of the tumor surrounding cancer. What I did get was my IV turned up to where I had to pee every five minutes. That did not help my dry mouth and throat one bit. It was dangerous for me. My daughter called me and got alarmed because I was walking by myself and I was crying from my treatment of feeling thrown away. I'm pretty tough because I've had to be so my daughter knew I needed help. She drove 85 miles one way to help me. I was lucky she was there because of my weakness, sedation that I needed after that cut, and lack of rest from my IV, she kept me from falling several times. One man got himself dressed, not yet released and told her he was going home where he could get help. Another lady I know had surgery, different wing, had great treatment like my dad.



Alyse Jené

Best staff ever .

Bob Davis

Went in for a rollover and ejection. I had a broken leg, broke all my left ribs and collapsed my left lung. Happened on Friday and I was out Sunday afternoon. Great Doctors and Nurses.

Shannon Chase

The worst experience at a hospital that I've ever had!! Went to the ER for high blood pressure and when I left my pressure was higher than when I went in. I cant fail to mention how this hospital breaks all kind of hippa laws by having all the patients in a hallway. It's a lady walking around asking for payment before the doctor even sees you. Please dont go here if you are sick

Mia Dawn Scaggs

My mom use to go

Jo Dill

Very good people work there.

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