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REVIEWS OF Arkansas Children's Northwest Hospital IN Arkansas

Brooke Mangan

My son spent 5 days in the Hospital At Children's NW. We couldnt be happier with all the staff. Everyone you came across on the unit was so kind and helped my son get better. From housekeeping to Techs to Nurses to Doctors was just amazing. One nurse that went out of her way to make my son feel better was KARA on the 4th floor she was an angel sent to us. Thank you so much Kara for everything you're a great nurse and have a big heart it was a pleasure having you for 3 days with my son. :)

Nandha Kumar

Got our MRI done today. So glad that we did not have to drive all the way to Little Rock for every appointment

Hilary Hutchison

I do not like their policy, I hate when you have a important question for a nurse there is never a nurse nearby to answer and then the won't get back with you until they are almost closed or do not have any appointment available. GET MORE NURSINV STAFF TO ANSWER YOUR PHONE

Jeffrey Williams

THE BEST hospital I have ever seen! My son just had surgery on his broken arm. The nurses are so kind and energetic! They are special people doing a hard job with a smile on their face! Doctor was VERY thorough about the while process and you can tell he really knows what he is doing. This place is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Thank you NWA Childrens Hospital for an amazing experience in a rough time in our lives!

Paige Hall

Currently here with my 8yr old autistic son , we were taken back right away when we got here because my son has chicken pox, but have been left in a room alone no vitals nothing for 2hrs...I work in the medical field so i understand you have to wait in this kind of setting, but no one has even checked on us.... Update once the provider came in she figured out his problem and what he need and de were able to go home, providers were very kind

Terry Comer

I very rarely leave reviews. And, when I do they are usually good ones.However, I’ve had one of the worst service experiences ever with this hospital. We were referred here by one of my daughters doctors for her to receive nutrition counseling. We started the process in March trying to just get an appointment. After getting the runaround for six weeks, we find out that they needed a blood test first before they would schedule an appointment. We took care of that the next day. We finally got an appointment for today, July 26. My daughter logged her diet for the last couple of days and we showed up at the appointment time only to find out that they had canceled it because two of their nutritionists were out. We are incredibly frustrated and absolutely will not ever have anything to do with this hospital again! Please be aware that this hospital does not have good processes or procedures. If you don’t have a doctor or medical advocate to help you navigate their messed up system, you may be out of luck. We are done!!

Autumn Sisto

Great Care!

Walker Dyer

Very helpful experience in the ER with my 5yo daughter

Nicole Beaman

Love the kindness they show to everyone! They were great with my son! Love this hospital and all the staff! Keep up the great work and God bless you all!

pre school litl bitz

Paola Araujo

Rachel Weldon

Understanding this is a new facility there are some kinks that need to be worked out. Outpatient Services employees that we interacted with lacked professionalism (Jessica especially). Scheduling for radiology was horrible. Due to the the scheduler not being able to read Military time (which the hospital uses) we were given the wrong appointment time. However, the radiology technician, Roger, was wonderful. Due to the scheduling issues, we were forced to see the neurosurgeon before the mri and had to wait until the next day for the results. We have to return to the hospital in one year and hope to see improvements. Had wonderful experiences at the ACH in Little Rock and hope to have them here as well.

Jennie Willhite

A great hospital for children

Tiffany Smith

James miller

You never want your kids to go to a hospital, being out first time here we were confused on the how the process of check in worked, were to go etc... The staff was great every step of the way. We were greeted at the information desk, show were to form the check in line, give guest check in stickers, admitted and shown to the elevators for the third floor. After checking on the 3rd floor, you sit in the area assigned which for us was Hall (Door) D there are games, activities and a a singing associate which helped keep the kids occupied and pass the time. Overall it was a good experience keep up the great work!

Jennifer carranza


We were seen promptly. While we were waiting there was plenty to entertain children. The staff were all very professional and helpful.

Elizsbeth Padilla


Tifane Immel

Took my son here today for the first time. Everyone that came into the room and the other rooms we had to go in for other tests they were all very nice and was good with him. He has a few sensory problems and they were great and very comforting. I would recommend this hospital. Nice job to everyone who we spoke to today. Thanks again!

Kathryn Rutledge


Karisa Burneson

Sarah Ghigliotti

Great place and great people

Giovanna Toft

I had to take my 15 month old in for an ultrasound through the emergency room and it was such a wonderful experience. I had my 6 year old special needs son with me and the staff kept him occupied with coloring book, crayons, and cartoons while the baby got his ultrasound. While the baby had his ultrasound they had cartoons on the tv for him. The facility was very clean, the staff was so friendly. The were very breastfeeding friendly and very efficient on getting us out as quick as possible while doing the necessary testing needed for him.


Staff were all very friendly and professional. Wait was minimal. Follow up for records was easy too. Highly recommend!


Marco Ordaz

Brendon Lindsey

It shouldn't be a 10-15 minute wait to run in and pay a multi thousand dollar balance. A terrible customer experience when you add 2 to 3 other variables. This is on management. It was not a warm welcome , not a single I can help you attitude...

Brooke McCaslin

The staff was amazing! They made sure my husband and I knew everything going on! Being first time parents in a scary situation it really made a difference! Huge thank you to the staff!

Daniel Shepherd

We just visited the ACH ED today and it was the best ED visit ever. We were in the waiting room for less than a minute. The doctor was in the room within five minutes. He immediately diagnosed nursemaids elbow in my daughter and popped her elbow back in place. We were ready for dismissal within minutes. The staff was kind and courteous. Amazing hospital.

Heather Fisher

We went in for a broken wrist. The Nurse Practitioner gave us a velcro splint which the nurse placed on. It was a total of 15 minutes and we were charged $600+ for an outpatient procedure. Unfortunately, the whole medical industry charges prices like this. But it’s disappointing to know that Arkansas Children’s Northwest preys on our money, as well. Would grocery stores have customers if their product prices weren’t disclosed? Should consumers get a bill for a random amount because they purchased “tomato purée” instead of “tomato sauce”. This is the medical’s a guessing game and depending on how things are coded, you could end up with astronomical bills. It’s outrageous!

Liliana Medina

Absolutely love the staff and doctors, they are Amazing!!

Kyle Morton

My daughter broke her arm and staff here were extremely considerate of us and her care, making sure to keep us informed of what was going on and that she was as comfortable as could be.

Prathana Phommaha

Jessica Lee Bowen

Just like the hospital in little rock, these people are fantastic! They have a nature trail, and a butterfly garden, and a lot more and that's just outside. They have all kinds of things to entertain the kids while they are waiting to see their doctors. Absolutely love this place!

Keegan Case

I was able to see the hospital this past week and wow! Just wow! This hospital which is still under construction is fabulous. The environment of the waiting rooms/check in area are very fun for any and all kids that may need to use them! Can't wait until this place is fully functional and able to serve NWA.

John Haywood

I Can't Begin to tell you how overwhelming I was to See this AWESOME Children's Hospital this is.❤ The Kindness of the Staff and Volunteers. My Daughter KADI spent 18 Months Battling Cancer. Kansas City Children's Hospital is where her home was in and out for 18 Months. Why Kansas City? Because this is where while on a trip to KC, KADI was complaining she was hurting. She was taken to the ER. Next day she was Diagnosed with Cancer. We had know place here to care for Her. Until now! Thank You to NWA for Your Compassion for all our Children. Took a tour today & I Can Say I studied the Staff of Specialist and Administrative Credentials. This Hospital hired the Cream of the Crops Hands Down!

Sabrina Galleur

We could not be more pleased with the time we spent here with our little angel, we loved all of the staff everyone was so helpful and so loving with our baby and we would love to send a special thank you to our night nurse Javier who was so wonderful with Scarlett and did everything he could to help her feel safe and helped with whatever we asked

Will Mendoza

Beautiful and caring place. Very glad they finally have a children's hospital in Northwest Arkansas!

Krysti Massie

Richard Alewine

Took grandkid here, cannot find the right words for how wonderful the place and people are. Mind blowing how these folks care. I will find a way to donate time and items to return what they done for us.

Francisca Vasquez

Been there 3 times since they opened imaging ortho and ER. Wish there were 1000 stars I could give then. Happy happy with all my visits there.

Natasha Holt

Mariam Vazquez

Excelent hospital!! I always prefer this one over Mercy for my kids! Nurses are very friendly and hospital facilities are great. Everything you need to have a comfortable experience..

Cobi Cogbill

Gretta Jordan

Awesome treatment of the children!

Kevin Warren

I watched it get built from ground up

April Thompson

Dr Sarah Weston and staff in the emergency room were wonderful! They were all so kind and patient. From the housekeeping staff who cleaned up after my son got sick to the nursing staff and doctor- everyone went above and beyond to make my 2 yr old comfy and happy!

roy gilliard

Friendly help, nice surroundings.

Rj Littleton

Wonderful place with excellent staff.

Tosha Longtin

When this place first opened up,they were such wonderful staffs & nurses. I brought nephew here a few months ago & staff was caring but slow. Tonight I brought my son in & have literally been in a room for the last hour & not even a nurse or doctor comes in. I have checked the halls & guess what?halls are empty & no soul in sight. The registration lady came in before even seeing the doctor or the nurse! This is pathetic.

Clay House

German Huerta

(Translated by Google) Good deal. (Original) Buen trato.

Tim Lingo

Amazingly awesome place and they're great with the kids! Couldn't be happier with the staff and service.

Tony Pineda

Great service and great staff Thank you for the help

Janie Michaelson

I've had to take my kids here in several occasions for a myriad of reasons, including blood work on two occasions, ultrasounds, urologist appointments, and neurosphycologist appointments. The doctors and staff have been awesome with my kids. They are always willing to answer all of my questions without rushing to leave the room. They have a very kid-friendly waiting area with movies, sensory station, books, and craft area. They also have therapy dogs come once a week to visit.

Tania Anguiano

Andre Brooks

Built for children with a friendly staff. I believe i have my kids a hospital

Alice Gachuzo-Colin

Very friendly and helpful.. Oh and did I mention it is absolutely beautiful!! Just perfect for the babies


Excellent staff with amazing bedside manner. Please let my nephew bring his Xbox then. They already had Wii consoles and tablets to play with for the kids. Game room down the hall with air hockey and stuff for the kids nourishment room Jell-O pudding juice Gatorade things like this for the kids to drink this is a wonderful place for the kids to get healed up and better and the family to relax and feel comfortable while they are here as well :-)

Amber Hughes

Answered all my questions and actually found out what was wrong with my son when his own doctor didn't. Didn't wait very long at all and the nurse and doctor was excellent with my son.

Allicia Faber

Floda Tonyokwe


The staff were so sweet from housekeeping all the way up. The care and support from everyone was wonderful. We couldn’t have found a better hospital to take our baby to. We definitely will take our children there again. I wish there was a hospital more like this for adults.

Lacey Estep

The entire staff & Dr. April Kilgore are AMAZING! My son, who has autism, isn’t afraid of going to the doctor anymore since we have made the transferred to Arkansas Childrens Northwest. The nurses and doctors are friendly, kind, loving, compassionate and most importantly they accommodate to his special needs. Thank you Dr. Kilgore & staff for making us feel so welcome!

Carmen Robles


Dalene Bounds

Heather Kongira

They got my nephew back in a room pretty fast

Daniel Hatfield

Caring staff. Absolute generosity in their time and understanding of different situations. Unfortunately my two daughters are no strangers to either of the two ACH campuses so we have come to expect the highest in quality and care.Thank you ACH for everything you have done for our family!

FranklinandSarah Wascura

Our multiple experiences with the clinic have been very disappointing and frustrating. It is extremely difficult to reach anyone in the doctors offices. The staff has on numerous occasions been rude, not helpful or caring, unwilling to answer questions, and has not followed through on things they have said they will do, such as sending prescriptions to a pharmacy. While I hope these things are issues that are simply from being a new clinic and hopefully they will improve, we have been brushed off whenever we have brought up concerns with communication. Until it improves, I would not recommend it for primary care.

Wendy Adler

Wonderful care, kind nurses, great communication, clean, efficient. They even brought snacks and drinks for the babies, while we waited. Our nurses were just amazing. Dr. Bower performed our daughter's surgery, and he was excellent.

Juan Mauricio

Miranda Waits

Vivi Rivera

Terrible!!! Stuck at the ER for 5 hours, for the doctor to tell us that 104 fever is normal in an infant for 3 consecutive days?? Because she has read articles that prove that theory?? Its a joke! Also, they slow down service on purpose to keep the bed occupied to reduce the number of admissions!?

Kellyloren Metzger

Brand new, brightly-colored, and the staff are awesome

Bianca Dover

Missed an appointment because of an accident, they were going to make us wait an hour and a half to be seen even though his checkups take 10 minutes. Nurse was very rude and unprofessional. Took 6 transfers on the phone to even get someone who knew what they were doing to set up the appointment, just for this hospital to waste our time. Guess our children are just numbers, not people that the hospital cares about.

Eddie Davis


Not very good help.. it’s not fair to have someone sit for 2 1/2 hours when you were 15 mins late because of a traffic accident when you live an hour away.

Rush BT

It's an awesome hospital. Nurses are very friendly. The hospital is fully equipped. And has everything you need for a comfortable experience. My daughter at the time thought she was in Disney World and want to go back and visit . What I didn't realise is that there are many lounge rooms. Some with snacks, some with toys, some with games, a thorough walk around in needed.

Sam Rose

tina ahhee

Where children come first

Austin Smith

Dr. Bagwell was fantastic. Quick service, lovley staff.

Allison Teters

polishamericanjunky 102

Quick delivery, hospital still under construction

PrepperBeeGuy Edwards

Awesome place

Jaida Baker

We have been here a few times for my youngest sons hearing issues over the last few years and more recently with getting tubes put in. They are always polite and informative. Thankful to have a great place near our home now and I know my children will be taken care of when we are there.

Alyssa Vermillion

7 year old son had to get stitches. They are amazing!

autumn holloway

O-Juma Fredrick

Anonymous Anonymous

Bad! morale and personality from The majority of personnel. Assumptions are not diagnostics!!

laney painter

I love the new Arkansas Childrens Northwest!

Guy Nichols

Fast and nice service.


We received outstanding care here. Couldn't be happier.

John H

It was needed at NorthWest Arkansas

GutierreZ Gtz

Brian Peerson

Grand daughter spent a few days there and everything and everyone seemed to be top notch.

Chris Lawson

Kay Cee

This place sucks. Can't ever get anyone to answer the phone to schedule an appointment or get a call back for an appointment (including when they were still at Lowell too). When Dr. Beene was still here, she was an awesome doctor. I guess, I'll have to find a new doctor for my kids.

Tanmay Bhamare

brandi Tanner

Love this facility!

Jenniffer Rose

Hospital as a whole is good... most my experiences have been decent or this would be a 1 star review. My appointment was at 10:20 and I was 10 min early to check in. Its is now 11:05 and doctor still hasnt showed up. This is highly irritating considering if ur 5 min late lost doctors offices will make u reschedule. Doctors time is NOT more valuable than the patients. I'm sorry I have other appointments besides this one and now I'm going to be late to my other appointments. Doctors need to make more time for each appointment so they dont makenother appointments wait. Be more considerate to their patients. The doctors here are good. Dont get me wrong. They are good and kind. But have time management issues for sure.

Conley Pretzer

Erin Lee

Amen We needed a children's hospital up here at N.W.A. . God Bless the staff who provides services to our youth.

Jesus Martinez

Danyele McIntosh

All the er crew is awesome!! My son loves going there and having them help him!! Great experience!!

Nikki Gale

No wait. Very friendly staff. Quick for a hospital.

Kayloni Martin

Dr. Saylors was the best doctor! Very informative, nice, and professional!

LaTrina Pearson

dab boy games

I went here for a hurt ear and I walked in and they were so nice people the frond desk were nice too. The nurse was a male and was very nice.The DR was amazing the place was clean fresh new just wow. I will be coming back if I have more medical needs.

Brenton O'Brien

Jessica Rivera

Kathy Davenport

The staff were all so friendly and very helpful. My daughter loved the bird tree she saw on the first floor that was coming up from the ground level (cafeteria area). She loved all the colors and the little animals she saw on the way to see her doctor on the third floor. On the third floor she was greeted with more warm smiles and was offered a coloring page and crayons while she waited to see her doctor. She also enjoyed the bubble display and was even able to touch the buttons that allowed her to change the colors of the bubbles. This put a big smile on her face. I personally enjoyed the view the facility had to offer. All the hussel and bustle of the city with the mountains that surrounded us mixed with a little bit of the farm country. What a spectacular view. It was like old meets new. Being from this area born and raised it really was such a wonderful moment to be able to take it all in. Needless to say we are so very excited to have Arkansas Children's now here so close to home. We now longer have to be on the road for 8 hours (4 hours to and 4 hours back home) to make a trip to little rock. We now can be where we need to be to see her doctor(s) within 20 to 30 min. So excited that this is going to help not only our family but so many other families within our community. From this family we say Welcome Children's to NWA and keep up the amazing job and the wonderful smiles and positive attitudes. You are making and creating a positive difference in Northwest Arkansas!!!!! Thank You!!!

Amanda Clark

Intake was quick and kind however once back in the er, I was spoken to like an idiot. Doctor tried to send us home prior to finding any resolution. Incredibly frustrating experience. Word to the staff, just because it isn't a textbook situation, does not mean you should ignore the signs. Parents, you are your childs biggest advocate. Follow your gut. Make decisions based on your child not soley on what you are told.

Kristi Capel

Brought my daughter in and they had to clear wax deep in her ears to be sure it wasn't an ear infection. She was afraid so it took 3 of us to hold her down. She was screaming saying it hurted. After they were done, they looked in her ears. They said it wasn't really hurting her. I got home and checked her ear with a flashlight and it was bleeding. Now I know it happened accidentally. They obviously saw that it happened when they rechecked it but then lied to me thinking that I wouldn't see it. Never took her back. You can't trust them so I would avoid at all costs.

Miranda Lynn

I had a very good experience at this hospital while my son was having horrible asthma. Everyone is very very nice and understanding. I highly recommend this hospital.

Deysi Martinez

Heather Williams

My son had CT scan there. Very fast and friendly staff. Also, medical records worked quickly to get results to our doctor. Very clean and kid friendly so it’s not so scary to kids. Lots for them to see and do to take their mind off being sick.

Jose Alvarez

Por su responsabilidad con los niños

Iva Martin-Maddox

I love the staff here they are very good with my children. Especially my special needs child. They are very caring and understanding

Diana Massey

Apparently these people can't figure out how to use their own computers to make appointments. Then they expect everyone else to just shrug it off and reschedule while they refuse to accept any responsibility.

Ray Green

Maggie Reyes

Best experience ever! The staff is so generous & kind! Very awesome doctors! I am so happy with everyone's service here! Best hospital ever!

Alicia Espinosa

The absolute best!! Everytime i come they are so fast and knowledgeable. I don't feel like my kiddos are just another patient. This visit we had to stay overnight and i absolutely love that the staff is so helpful, and caring!!

Ayidh Almansour

Very good hospital with very friendly lovely staff. It’s the place that you take your child and you feel confident.

Susan L. Britt

Great place thankful to have it

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