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REVIEWS OF Yuma Regional Medical Center IN Arizona

Dustin Christensen

This hospital's ER is worthless and very understaffed.

Richard C

On June 9th at 11:30 pm, I called 911 and had my Mom rushed to the ER. After their various tests and analysis we sat there until nearly 5am before they moved her to a room. That long wait was excessive and should have been far less. It is frustrating to patients and family. After that, our experience was very good! Her RN, Bethany, Patient Care, Freddy and the rest of the team took very good care of her. They were friendly, professional, and very social. It helped comfort my Mom. I also want to give special thanks to Ana, the lady that did a phenomenal job at cleaning the entire room! She cleaned far more than I expected. That woman deserves a raise. My Mom was released on June 11th, which was also her Birthday and before she left she was given a Birthday card that was signed by several people! That really made her day! It shows the team there truly cares about their patients.

Rosalinda Garcia

I’ve been in this room for 5 hours now with the doctor yet to come make her appearance My baby has chemical in his eye and they haven’t even tried flushing it or anything the medicine is sitting in my room but they can’t put anything on until the doctor comes I am beyond frustrated


It is terrible we had to wait 8 hours to get attended

Bane Garcia

Perhaps some of the reviews are a little harsh. I've landed at this hospital a few times because of low immune system due to chemotherapy. My only complaint is that some of the people in the ER stick a needle so hard it hurts. But I've been taken in immediately when I told them I have cancer. The top floor is great. They've taken great care of me. The care team even sent me a letter wishing me well.

summer arnold

YRMC has great staff and truly cares about their patients.

Lloyd Rain

4067 South Sunlight Way

Rob Ellis

This place absolutely sucks!!! 7 hours being treated like a piece of trash... My mother came in with stroke symptoms and sat for seven hours in the ER to talk to a fat doctor that had the worst bedside manner I in my 56 yrs. of being alive have ever witnessed!!! Ladies and gentlemen save your precious time and money stay away!!!! Nurses suck, techs suck, Doctor on call royally sucked! Should have driven to Phoenix and back for the time we wasted in this dump!!! Please save the BS for the number that I can call to complain!!!!! Better than that stick it where the sun doesn't shine!!! Read the reviews this place got 2 1/2 stars????? What?????

Robert Rosner

Damn Place is slower than molasses damn supposed to be faster and better hell 10x slower 20x worse heck I have seen people leave because of the waiting

atreyu waldorf

Too long of a wait, even in the emergency room my son was running a fever +107 (keep in mind brain damage starts to form at that temp.) We rushed him here in hopes of getting help. We waited over half an hour to be seen..... a child's welfare shouldn't be put off like that...

Cathy Jancowski

I am a Canadian who tries to spend winter months in Yuma. I had not heard any good reviews about the only hospital here in Yuma so I had hoped to never need to go there. Yesterday I saw the inside of the newly expanded general hospital. I had what felt like a torn or strained muscle in my chest that never improved over a 5 day period, and actually was increasing in pain. As soon as I said I have pain in my chest area they went into efficiency overdrive to run every test in the book. They even kept me overnight for observation in case it might be a blood clot. All tests came back negative so I was discharged the next afternoon. I have to say that I have never experienced such an extraordinary level of kindness and care in any medical facility I've been in or visited. Every staff member, from clerks to Doctors were absolutely wonderful. I see some negative reviews on the website but that was certainly not my experience. Perhaps some people don't understand that life threatening symptoms and open wounds will always go ahead of coughs, colds, and even vomiting that is not accompanied by other heart attack symptoms. In Canada it is not unusual to wait up to 8 hours in ER if your symptoms are not life threatening. As a Canadian it is critical that you get out of country medical coverage before leaving home. I also did call my medical provider before heading to the hospital so the hospital was expecting me when I arrived.


If I could give it a negative star I would. The ER is horrible. You sit for 3 hrs just waiting for a room. Then another 3hrs waiting for the PA to actually see you. My husband had went in for excruciating mid section pain. 6 hrs later after they finally saw him & he had to have surgery to remove his gallbladder (2015). Same with me I sat for 8hrs waiting to be seen. By then I needed to have emergency surgery (2013). Now my daughter went in with abdominal pain and sat there for almost 4 hrs just to get a room. Never even got seen. This hospital is a joke.

Shenoah Touchine

The reception staff was great during my visit. Very helpful and welcoming. I brought my daughter to the ER for a fever and waited three hours to be seen. The doctor came in and asked what was wrong and I literally spoke 3 words before he cut me off and said he’s been seeing her symptoms all flu season and can’t do anything. He told me to try to control her fever with Tylenol and Ibuprofen at home. I asked him if there were any signs I should look out for that would warrant another visit and he flat out said “I’m trying to tell you that you cannot bring her back. I can’t help her.” I could hear him pretty much laughing at how upset I was at the Nurse’s station. He was rude, inconsiderate and condescending. This is her first and hopefully last visit to this hospital.

Brad Ryden

Saturday I was in the ER for severe de-hydration. I was under the care of Dr. Amish Shah; Hillary as my nurse and Marie as her aide. The care I received from this team was the best. I want to commend them to you and ask that you thank them on my behalf for their excellent care and bringing me back to health.

ralph urias

All around five stars it's a blessing the staff was great the facilities clean.and they took really good care of all issues .and yes my grandson was born here. You Gotta love Yuma.

Ronaldo Espinoza

Emergency room more like waiting room. Been here twice and can't believe how little these people care. Honestly to be an emergency room they should probably get things done asap. Very poor. I guarantee after I leave today I will not be coming here EVER! 2.5 rating??? That is way too much for a facility like this. They deserve not even 1 star, worst service experienced. Tip: Get people who will actually do there job properly and most importantly: people who actually care for their patients, it is just sad to be treated like this.

Sam Miles

If you enjoy being lied to, hustled and robbed, and extorted then this is the place for you! For all the rest of us who hope to be treated fairly, AVOID AT ALL COSTS. 2 months ago I was driving from California to Arizona. I realized right as I crossed the boarded into Yuma that I left my medication back home. Already being 5 hours into my drive, the last thing I wanted to do is turn around and drive all the way back. Luckily, Yuma had a nice Urgent Care very close to me, so I went there to see if one of their doctors could write me a new prescription. I filled out my paperwork and within 5 minutes one of the nurses came out and told me that due to Arizona state law, the prescription that I needed could only be filled by my physician and that Urgent Care wasn't allowed to prescribe it. However, they did say that because I could get very sick from abruptly stopping this medicine, that it might be considered an emergency situation and that the ER might be able to do it. The refunded my $100 I paid to see the doctor and sent me on my way. No problem at all. It is not their fault they aren't allowed to write it. Thank you for trying Urgent Care. So now I drive over to Yuma Regional Emergency Room. I get to the lady at the front and explain the situation to her. She tells me they will admit me to a room and I can talk to the doctor. I ask her if there is any way she can find out if it is even possible for a doctor to do this before I am taken to a room. I am not trying to waste their time or mine for that matter. I still have a long drive to go. She tells me that I have to be admitted before the doctors can be bothered. Ok fine. They put me in a room. A nurse comes in and starts asking a bunch of questions and wants to take my vitals. I tell her that I am simply here to ask the doctor a question and there is no need to take my vitals or do any work until I have an answer to my question. She tells me that it is part of the whole process and it must be done before the doctor comes in. Fine, I don't feel like arguing. 45 minutes later, a doctor comes in to the room and I explain the same thing to him. He tells me the same thing Urgent Care told me. Unfortunately, nobody besides my physician can prescribe this to me. Our entire conversation lasted 3 1/2 minutes. Ok that is a bummer, but again nobody is at fault. I leave the ER and have my wife meet me half way with my medicine. 2 months later, I get a bill in the mail for $535.70. WHAT THE ****?!?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW??? I nearly fell out of my chair. How do you people sleep at night? How can you possible justify charging me over $500 when NOTHING happened?? Had I actually gotten the prescription, I still would not be happy about the extremely inflated price, but at least I would have understood that hospitals are expensive but it was my choice to go and get help. I specifically explained on more than one occasion that all I had was a question. Had the lady in front not been so damn lazy and just asked the doctor if prescribing this was even possible, none of this would have happened. I called the hospital to speak to the manager. She was not in at the time, so I just spoke to the person I connected to. I told her this bill is outrageous and I am not paying $535.70 when nothing happened. Her answer was cold and direct. "Fine, then don't pay it and we will just send it to collections." Great, so my choices are pay this insane bill or you are going to screw up my credit. This is called extortion. I called the next day and asked to speak to the manager. They said that she just left for the day but they would leave a message and she would call me the next day. Never got any call back. Thank you Yuma Regional Center for stealing the money I work very hard for to support and feed my family. Thank you for screwing over a veteran in order to feed your greed.

Roman Venalonzo

First nurse was rude, but she was pregnant so I let it slide . 2nd nurse didn't even bother to greet me or ask my name. She bumped into me knocking me off balance and let out a hardly audible "I'm sorry". Mind you, i went in for back injury. The dr . Dr Torres I believe , was the worst . He walked in with horrible energy. Didn't know my name, went to grab my chart but didn't bother looking at it . Asked me why I was there, cut me off before I could get to it . Was in a rush and there was hardly any patients there. He made me feel as though I was making up my symptoms and pressed in an area I told him was tender and kept saying "you didn't know that pain was there before though" as if that had any importance. I let him have it , "no I suppose didn't " . I asked for an X-ray he said I didn't need it too much radiation "u want it anyways" "huh?" Very aggressive. He said just to continue taking the muscle relaxers I had even though I told him I couldn't function on them at all and they were old prescriptions from an assault. .... didn't bother asking what dosage or offering any type of guidance on next steps and certainly didn't care enough to help me with even a temporary solution.

Berndine Scott

This hospital is not very Good.Sad that its the only main hospital in Yuma.E.R. people have to wait hours.What good is that.While your waiting illness could get worse.They seriously need to Get better system going.

Debbie Hebron

We had the best experience you could have in a horrible situation. From the emergency room personnel, to the entire staff in ICU, to the hospital chaplains. We want to especially thank Rebbeca and Christy in ICU and Chaplain Norrie.

Gabriel Ramirez

This is the WORST hospital I have ever been to! My wife who is pregnant was needed imeditant attention & for two hours the nurse did not even BOTHER coming into the room. HORRIBLE SERVICE!!!! & I will be letting all the other military wives and families as well. We are from Texas and we know this would never be th treatment we would get anywhere at home. HORRIBLE RUDE STAFF!!!

Faye Kanae

I would give 0 stars if it let me. I went in with severe kidney pain at 12:30am. I was taken in immediately and told I needed to getsome tests done. Got through the tests in about an hour. Then they had me sit in a separate waiting room for 3 hours in pain because they said they didn't have enough rooms. Then ones I get my room I'm left in there for an hour. By then, the pain had subsided, and once it had they offered me morphine for the pain. So I declined stating that it had been so long the pain was gone. Then I waited another 2 hours in the ice cold room for the doctors to come in and say that I had passed a kidney stone and that was it. So I wasted 7 hours in the ER so that I could pass a kidney stone completely on my own with zero anesthetic. Worst hospital ever.

Patricia Rodriguez

I had a horrible experience. I will rate this a zero but I guess I need to press on a star (which it doesn't even deserve that..) to place my review.

O her

Waited one hour and no one came to my room no doctor no nurse no CNA only registration that was for my son they took x-rays. I had the nurses call button on for 15 minutes and no one came. I myself was there for 10 hours I was hit by a car going 75 miles per hour and these people didn't understand that all my pain was internally not externally with a few scratches and bruises that were visible left after they took my son's x-rays they also gave me Motrin for a sore body and abrasions and my car was totaled all over very dissatisfied

Mercedes Palacios

7 hours still waiting to see the doctor. Holy cow you have better chances of surviving with gramas ole remedies. Only because I'm visiting from out of state and my son needed care. But never again. Thank GOD it was nothing more than a stomach virus. Having worked at an ER for 8 years I figured most hospitals were as quick, efficient, and as professional as my old hospital. Boy what a shocker. This place sucks just drive to San Diego you won't be disappointed there.

Cathy Harper

This is the worst emergency room I've ever been in. You've built this new ER that's nice to look at, but the service has no changed from the old ER. Average wait to be seen is ususlly 6 to 8 hrs and that's on a good day. It's ridiculous! I took my 10 month old great grandson in with a high fever, vomiting and diarrhea at 5am. After sitting in waiting area for 2 hrs, only one person had been called back. I asked the pleasant young lady at the front desk how many were ahead of him and she said 8 more people. At that rate we would've been there all day and half the night. The waiting area was disgusting. Trash cans overflowing, pink throw up buckets left on tables and the floor. Cups and trash on the tables, Kleenex boxes on tables and floors with used Kleenex in them. Talk about germ city! YRMC gets one star and that's for the sweet young lady at the front desk. She deserves a raise!

Lois Caron

Excellent care by Nurses & Physicians!

mindy cordova

Doctors and Nursing staff are awesome. Alma M from Patient services on the other hand is a nosy nosy person. My family was in the hallway and she butted into our conversation. Then she came into the room and ignored my sister when she asked for a patient bag for belongings. Someone like her doesn't belong around people if she can't be proper to the public.

michael ericksen

I was taken by Ambulance and between the Paramedics and hospital I feel happy to be alive. I had a 5 day stay and the doctors and nurses were awesome. Not my 1st stay either. I have never been mistreated and I commend the staff. Thank for the care you gave me.

Lakeisha Williams

I'm not sure what is less than no stars but there's not an option for that. So I'll tell you my story. I'm pregnant. After work today, I noticed blood pouring down my ankles. I came first to the regular E.R. They just had me sitting there in pain and bleeding all over the wheelchair. The receptionist never even bothered to take me to L&D. I had to ask her for a pad to cover the wheelchair seat... She brought me a blanket instead. My family wheeled me outside and up a short walkway to labor&delivery after we got tired of waiting in the ER. While in L&D, I asked could I have my IV and blood draw at the same time to prevent repetitive needle sticks... But this is obviously a foreign concept to these nurses. I had to be stuck 5 times and despite my blood loss... I never got the I.V. that my Dr ordered. The nursing team insist on using 18G needles for IV fluids [the largest available]. I requested a smaller lumen IV but this request fell on deaf ears. My Dr sent me home without any real explanation of why I'm bleeding so badly while pregnant. My entire stay in L&D was less than 4 hours. Please if you can... Just go elsewhere for care

Lori Jackson

I work for a hospital... I’ve never seen such terrible patient care. It took over 6 hours and still no doctor. Went in with stroke symptoms and there wasn’t an ounce of urgency! Would not go back to the ER ! Terrible terrible!!!

Erica Ruiz

The medical staff at YMRC (3rd Floor) are friendly, helpful, and always super busy, yet they managed to come when I needed them taking care as if I were their family. It made being away from my family easier. I also got a chance to rest. I'm thankful for the great care I received.

Nicolas Garcia

Dr.weilbacker did a great job diagnosing and treating me but his assint that was supposed to clean and sterilize my wound did a horrible job she came in the room while my arms is full of blood and who knows what else and throws a wrap on it without cleaning out my wounds. I had to take it off immediately when I got home a clean and sterilize it myself so I wouldn't get a infection from her leaving my wounds and arm full of blood and pus from the doctor lancing my cyst...

Brytha Ocampo

Horrible experience in the ER where doctor made me feel like my symptoms were nonexistent. Husband had similar experience and now we’re learning through a different doctor not associated with YRMC that all his symptoms were a cause of something severe, but was downplayed by the SAME ER provider. Can’t remember his name, older white haired, rude guy with a back hunch. Also gave birth here and labor and delivery nurses were phenomenal. Midwives could learn a thing or two from the nurses’ bedside manners instead of keeping me at the hospital longer than necessary because they forgot I was there during their “hair appointment”.

more cool cookies Mendoza

2nd floor has the worst nurses and nurses aide. Lazy rude and very unproffesional

Laura Leon

Sorry had to be a typo error. It was a great expierence there. They attended my daughter and myself in a timely manner.

jill schafer

Yuma med center , has a reputation or turning nurses over to the Board of Nursing, on trumped up charges, and blatant lies. FOREWARNED They have a man in the apts (YRMC OWNS) running a drug ring with the secretary (who got fired when her felony was brought up, ) she is helping him. The wife of this man has no clue he is also been seen in empty apts with her. (his wife CINDY BUSHEY , just got off nursing probation in Vermont for lying to the BON there., and medication errors ) . Dorita Pool was part of the mix and went out of her way to help this blowhard liar. Doria Pool works hospice now, threatened "i have 3 guns with your name on them " . Yea she works for hospice of Yuma !! Of course she was shacking up while her husband was dying of cancer in Illinois . a real piece of work they hire, don't forget the one who worked 13 yrs as a nurse w/o a license at YRMC. a real liar. ANN TOTSCH psychopathic liar. Nurses RUN when your recruiter tells you Yuma ! Here is another smart nurse who got the hell out of that hell hole YUMA REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER !! Jul 17, 2019 Yuma Regional Medical Center "Think long and hard before working here" Former Employee - NICU RN in Yuma, AZ Doesn't Recommend Negative Outlook Disapproves of CEO I worked at Yuma Regional Medical Center full-time for more than a year Pros Relocation, benefits, they will fly you out for an interview and pay for expenses Cons Hostile work environment that compromises patient safety, very poor leadership, no support for growth in fact you will receive the opposite people will make you hate your job and nursing all together. I started here as a new graduate rn and was sucked into this place by relocation and benefits that were being offered. Let me tell you if it sounds too good to be true it probably is! I have never been treated so poorly in my entire life. I was one of the few new graduates to even make it through the orientation process because many just quit due to poor treatment. Lots of drama on this unit that affected patient safety and was ignored by management. Human Resources was a big joke and never addressed unit problems when I went to them for help.These are just a few of many things that contributed to me all together breaking my contract and moving back to my home state. If I had to do it over again I would have NEVER accepted a job offer here. Advice to Management This place needs some major help, probably new leadership all together. Very hostile work environment to work in and no one in leadership cares. The whole culture of the unit is extremely negative.


No stars if possible. This place is a joke, very incompetent and the staff just horrible no customer service whatsoever . I've had to incidents in this hospital once with my one year old that suffered from what it looked like an allergic reaction but who knows they did no studies, the Dr. came in the room looked at my child and said give her Benedryl. How much who know he said ask the pharmacist!. oh and my child by the time we had gotten in the room (after 3 hrs in the waiting area), she was completely fine thank god. Second incident this is my sister, she released from maternity ward 2 days prior to this for post partum preeclampsia went to the maternity ward again due to a strong infection she was shivering, with high fever could barely walk and still like that everyone there told her to go the regular ER, take in count my sister was by herself. No one offered to take her or make sure she was fine at that moment my sister refused and argued with them in her condition only like that did they take in but made her wait extra time. Screw You YRMC!!!!!

Kaitlyn Lawrence

The labor and delivery ladies are phenomenal!! The triage nurses are a hit or miss. Some make you feel like a burden or dumb for going in and the others tell you to come in as many times as you feel you need to to check on baby. But the nurses after you deliver are so sweet

Haydee Varela

Worse experience ever! , whoever runs the Emergency Dept, should be fired along with the staff, they are rude and nasty, there is no compassion whatsoever, in case you forgot, you are dealing with sick people, most of them seniors, people that go to the ER by themselves, people that sometimes does not understand their situation, you should have just a little compassion towards them, show that you love what you are doing, after all you chose that career, you also need to improve your method of taking care of your patients, you have them running around the place, for lab tests, then an hour later called them again for x rays, and so on , get your act together!

nik tes

Can you guys please stop over prescribing controlled pills you guys are out of control seriously it needs to stop this is why yuma has a big opiate pill problem

steven lomeli

Longest wait time. Hardly listen to patients and charge you through the roof when the doctor spends 3 minutes with you

Andrew Farmer

Worst place ever. My gf came in with a fractured spine and needed to get a cat scan to see how severe the damage was. We came in at 10pm at night. Didn’t even receive cat scan until 3am next morning. It is now 7am and we are waiting for a room to open up so we can see a doctor who will give the test results and pain meds. Horrible experience

Mark Sivori

I would rate their "new, modern 74 bed emergency room" as zero stars if possible. I've been waiting to see a doctor for over 7 hours. I was sent here from the VA for a possible blood clot in my leg. The VA wanted to send me by ambulance, (1½ miles), due to the possibility of the clot breaking loose and killing me. I convinced them to let me drive here yet 7 hours later.... There were 3 other people waiting in the ER when I got here. 1 who jammed his shoulder arrived seconds before me. He's been gone for over an hour and ½. He was seen at about the 5 hour mark. Everyone who was here when I got here has come and gone. The people at the counter just jerk me around. There ain't no 74 people in these rooms they are bragging about. VERY unprofessional!


ER PHYS ASSITANT ORDERS TESTS WITH CANCER SCARE TACTICS. very hurtful to me and now it will be very costly.

Dustin Alexander-Pérez

Yuma Regional Medical Center provided some of the best care I've ever received from any hospital. They are adding new facilities and more staff to accommodate the growing population in the metro area. Furthermore, I couldn't have been more pleased with the entire staff in the ER, the lab and while I stayed in hospital. I was visiting Arizona at the time and would have not been able to return to Wisconsin as rapidly as I did if it weren't for their diligent and mindful care and state of the art room and amenities. I was extremely impressed with the pharmacy. They made individual bottles with their own labels from my pill caddy. I just can't say enough good things about YRMC. Thank you so much for making my experience as pleasant as possible. It's not easy being in a strange place and becoming ill. These folks know how to take the fear out of hospital visits.

Intuitive Vibrations Sending Positive Vibes Maaan

The customer service in this place Is lacking. Since there is only one hospital in this town. I guess there is no need to have good customer service.


Worst hospital I have ever been too! Staff seriously hate their job. Unprofessional, they lack communication. They do not take care of patients with respect. They do not understand that a hospital is a place that is not ideal for anyone to be, and they can make the situation a place of taking care of anything a patient might need. It is sad that staff studies hiw to treat patients and they clearly did not grasp that. Very sad place. Depression at its highest. They need classes on how to treat and respect patients.

Kimberly Davenport

They have built a huge, beautiful emergency room.......but still poor attitude from intake employees, a security guy that is on a power trip and, so far, an 8 hour wait, and that's just in the waiting room!! There is nothing emergency about any of it!!! We could have driven to Phoenix, been seen in an ER, and driven back in just the time we sat waiting. Unacceptable!!! Totally ridiculous! We need another hospital in Yuma!

Julie Brown

Daily Grind Cafe The little coffee place inside the Yuma Regional Medical Center is nasty. I have never asked for my $$ back for a cup of coffee. That nasty cold coffee was not worth $1.75. When I asked for my money back he argued with me about the temperature of the coffee. Really?? What happened to just give me my $$ and smile. Nope, these days, customer service means nothing. I told him that I already noticed every person in this hospital with a coffee cup got it from Circle K. Do not get coffee at the hospital. Stop on the corner first.

Natalie Martin

0 stars. This is absolutely horrible. I'm in the waiting room as we speak. My husband is next to me burning the hell up and coughing his lungs out, pale and we need help immediately. We have been here since a little before 2. It's exactly 5:20 now. DONT COME HERE. Just don't. We'd get better service if we spent our time driving to Phoenix!!!

Morgan Williams

The hospital is decent. Staff is good. One of my biggest problems is the 2visitor limit in the post-pardum rooms. I’ve never been to a hospital that limited the amount of visitors in your room after having a baby. I’ve worked in a hospital and not only did they not have a limit they’ve had no security issues in the birth unit. This hospital needs to update that or allow 4 or so. Absolutely ridiculous rule.

Shirley Overland

Can't say enough about the professional care given me during my ER vist on two different occasions, one of which was yesterday. Both doctors on these occasions were absolutely wonderful and so caring. Loved the entire staff. Thank you!

Mark Strickland

I am disgusted by what is happened to my friend. A man comes in with an arm broken in several places and you did nothing more than an x-ray and say you wont do anything. Do everyone a favor and just close your doors. An absolute failure!

Debbie Ursuery

The only reason I chose one star is the security badging employees were great! The ER nurses and the PA doctor which means he has not been to school to be a real MD doctor. The staff is HORRIBLE, my husband was there for 8 hrs and he had to beg for an x-ray, my husband couldn't walk and he still cannot! He declined on pain shot we wanted to get a real test to out what is wrong with his back! You need to fire all the personnel in the ER, I thought the ER was a place t to go when you cannot walk! The new ER is a nice plac, except for the staff! This is why you have so many negative comments,my husband is bed ridden at home, this is crap!!!

Bertha Heredia

Awful place! My mother came in with severe abdominal pain due to kidney stones and she waited 9 hours in the lobby with no pain meds~just horrible. Waiting area was full of sick patients and most who have been here before said the same thing. “They keep you here for hours and hours before they’ll see you.” Never coming back!

MikeAndRuth Hoffman

Curiously, every individual we interacted with seemed helpful and mostly compitent. Be in almost every case, after the fact, we could do nothing but shake our heads at what happened. Poor communication between staff members and each other. Not telling us about tests being done. They sent us home at 6 pm on Sat evening, but called the prescription into a pharmacy that closed at 5 pm. They were able to get it re-routed to another pharmacy that was open later. But the first pharmacy had already filed with the insurance company, so the second pharmacy could only give the drug to us if we 1) paid cash 2) call the first pharmacy on Sunday morning and have them cancel 3) come back to the second pharmacy and have them refund me after getting approval from insurance. This is all caused by a STUPID move by the hospital. I could go on and on and on. It never ends. IF YOU ARE 90% LIKELY TO DIE ON YOUR WAY TO PHOENIX, GO! DON'T EVER GO TO YUMA HOAPITAL!!!!!! (The prescription was a heart medication we needed to take that evening, and in the morning ( 2 doses ) before the first pharmacy ever opened.

Brittney Reader

Went to the ER for my husband. Woke up in the middle of the night in severe pain. They got him in pretty quickly, but had.some concerns about blood flow and ordered an ultrasound and ordered labs. Everything came back negative and didnt explain why a perfectly healthy 32 year old Male was in severe pain. Was informed by the PA that they dont find out the "Why" at the ER, they just make sure that you dont need to be admitted. WOW!!! That is your entire purpose of being a provider, to find out WHY something is happening. We requested he call the on call urologist. He lied and said he had. We ended up getting a referral via another route through the naval clinic to the on call Urologist. Turns out he didnt call him and my husband ended up having an infection. The Urologist actually asked me why why didn't call him... I informed him that they had told me they had. He said he had not received a phonecall from the ER yet that day. Very thankful that he was willing to see my husband right away. Thankfully I am in the medical field and know to keep asking if you feel like something isnt right. Another example of horrible customer care and lack of empathy. They kept sending nurses into the room at the ER asking why we hadn't left yet. And in the discharge instructions it stated that if he has severe pain to come back ... he was currently in severe pain!!!!!

Matt T

Waited 5 hours(4 hours in the waiting area), after an unessary test(CT scan cost 6k), doctor saw wife for 5 mins and incorrectly diagnosed her pain. Prescribed drugs, had she taken, would have made her sicker, per her primary care Dr the next day. Every person in the ER that night got a CT scan, so they can charge you a small Fortune.

Barbara Wilson

Always have had excellent care. Dr. Sutphin take the time to listens to you. He discuss with you in a caring way what he believes is the best way to handle the situation. When you go to his office you're always greeted by his pleasant staff, which I think is a plus.

Cindy Miller

I was in for a month and the staff treated me like royalty. Good food, real kraft mac and cheese. Doctor would come in just to say hi and we would talk about other things after he checked on me.

Nicole Bjarnson

I took my 11 year old son in to the ER two days ago because he got hurt at school broke his arm they kept on poking it before they X rated then they x-rayed it and found out that l it was broke on his upper arm he had a chunk of skin taken out of his elbow they didn't even clean that they wrapped his whole arm without cleaning the chunk on his elbow I had a go back the next morning because they wrapped it too tight his hand was purple and freezing cold and they referred me to go to a surgeon San Diego they didn't even give my son any pain medicine they're making him suffer. I told them the second day that I had been giving him tylenol and ibuprofen and it wasnt helping still would not prescribe him anything. I'm definitely going to a different doctor and hospital to get a second opinion.

Carla Ivey

I have NEVER had a bad experience here either as a patient or visitor. They are respectful, kind and compassionate. Dont expect much from the triage people because that is a stressful job, they have to weed out the sick/ injured from the hypochondriacs!! Once you get past them you are treated like royalty. I have been in ER about a half fozen times as was satisfied each time. I have had friends in for surgery or the like and they were relatively happy too.

Cynthia Hanks

These Doctors need a MUCH better Bedside manner . Dr Phillip Richemont exceedingly so. The whole working of this facility needs a MAJOR overhaul. Lazy , Lazy People. Some of the Nurses are good enough, but after 4 of our family admittance's to this facility , I think I'd rather take my chances stay home and DIE ! They will figure out how to hold you there ($$$) while other more needing people in the E.R. are waiting for a room , because they again are making More $$$. Rule of thumb ....Do Not Get Sick in YUMA. Get your ass to San Diego QUICK ..... To bad we don't have and AIRLINE to get us there.

Amanda Valladares

I delivered my first baby here almost 2 weeks ago and wow!!! Everyone was absolutely amazing and I’m so glad we were here to have this incredible experience. Thank you Labor and Delivery staff for a perfect childbirth experience!

H&M Lewis

Beware if you are an out of state resident.....I've found out the hard way that Arizona Medical Costs are approx three times higher than most other states.

Monika Montalvo

this hospital is a death trap. people please if you care for ur family u would not go here. they have killed people that i have personally known and because people out here won't sue this hospital. you have to make this hospital pay for what they have done to your family members.

Connor mullally


Bob Owens


Brenda Claridge

Was highly disappointed with the customer service the medical staff gave me when you first walked threw the doors ! But I understood could've been a long day to receive long faces but after all the rest of the staff radiology and Ultra tech, had the most positive attitude that made me feel like somebody cared ! The doctor and rn had great effect on making me feel like my health was important!! So if you never tell staff management about your issues nothing gets resolved!! After talk to management she gave the security of helping to improve our only hospital !:work in progress

Ruben Jaramillo

Too many things to say that i cant even put in words

Taylor Goodwin

My mother has been in and out of the hospital for the past 3 and a half years. Unfortunately, this is the only hospital we have in our town. The past two months, she has been in and out every two weeks, and they keep discharging her without looking further. Yesterday, she went in, and they admitted her. They put her on NPO, and today tried to feed her solids. She couldn't keep it down. They gave her some nausea medicine, and said if she could keep it down, then she'll be discharged. They fed her cream of chicken soup, and she could not keep it down. They are still discharging her. They did not try to figure out what was causing the immense pain in her side, they did not try to keep her on no food/liquids or just clear liquids for a while longer to see if that would take care of it. They did not do anything aside from putting an IV in her arm, giving her medicine that did not work, and failing to even attempt to search for a cause of her illness. This does not even include the immense wait in the ER just to be seen, nor the lack of respect half the nurses and doctors have for their patients.

Terry Myers

The yuma regional medical center has the worst service. to put it simply if you have a serious injury or medical condition or even a minor one you would have better luck going to the hospital in phoenix rather than going here.

Tanisha Acosta

Horrible wait times

Just Me

I can not complain. They did there job. I lived. Guess thats all that counts.

Vanessa Ruiz

Nice new emergency room. Nurses and staff we're friendly. A bit of a wait to be seen by the doctor but overall good experience.

Robin Lynn Marceau

-0 Stars!!! I am trying to schedule a preventative mammagram.The mammagram must be read by a radiologist.YRMC contracts with a group of radiologists.Some are "in network",therefore cost $0 for preventative services.But the other charges a buttload of money to read the test results.We patients never see the radiologist.But YRMC says to check with our insurance to find out if the radiologist is in network.The insurance says that YRMC has to tell us because the insurance has no way of knowing which radiologist YRMC has contracted to appear each day. End result .... The insurance gave me a medical services # for YRMC to use to verify the radiologist is in network.I tried telling the scheduling nurse that. ...She said they can't help me ..... Guess I don't get a mammagram.Just fabulous customer service!

Deborah Parker

The pre-op department for same day surgery is top notch. Kuddos to nursing assistant who took me back from the waiting room. very professional and friendly. I don't remember his name. Jill and Ofelia were wonderful. IV start, never fun but was quick. Kevin, my post op nurse was wonderful. Due to Versed I don't remember any other names. These employees make a stressful time much more tenable. I highly recommend YRMC for outpatient procedures. Your staff deserves many stars and a good raise!

Jessica Johnson

I brought my daughter into the ER and half way through our visit I noticed that the sheets had dried blood and there was a used gown on the table. The nurse placed us in a room that had not yet been cleaned. When the PA examined my daughter they told me that she wouldn’t sit still for the tests she needed proceeded to checked her ears and told me she had an ear infection and sent us home with antibiotics. We took her the next morning to her pediatrician and he said she did not have an ear infection her ears were just red but had to continue to antibiotics because she had already began taking them. I was extremely disappointed with the services received and the fact they placed us in a room that had yet to be cleaned.

CJ Meiko

Varied experiences using this hospital, but all have been pretty decent. Great customer service from the bill payment booth. The ER moves at a decent pace. Nice free parking garages and they use golf cart shuttle service; the ER parking out front is close enough if you can find a spot.

Luisa o

The E.R doctors there are horrible! If I could give them a zero i would. They don't even try to help, there all so rude! Took my baby there and i seriously almost cried cause I couldn't believe how ignorant and careless those people are! A new hospital/add on isn't going to change the ignorant careless doctors in that place.

Eyeless Jack

This is by far one of the worst, if not the worst hospitals I have ever been to. I would give it zero stars if I could. If you're having a baby or get a burn you might be alright here but pray you don't have a traumatic emergency. They got our scans all wrong told my husband he had a broken back when he didnt. Dr that saw him, and older gentlemen with white hair and sent him off pretty much snuffed his nose at the fact her was a blue collar worker and told him to consider a new career like people can just up and do that over night. They just patch you up and send you to Phoenix or San Diego so they dont have to deal with you. Be careful in the Yuma area. It's a long and expensive ride to a hospital that can save your life responsibly.

Sandra Jewell

Went to emergency due to feeling dizzy while shopping. Concerned pressure was high. Person screamed my name across the waiting room. Vitals taken and was escorted to exam room by tech(?) who said nothing and left. Another person came in with a cart asked me why not undressed and on bed. Told her I never had been instructed to do so. Once she left, a female came in with a mask on and asked me to undress in front of her instead of leaving so I could disrobe. (TOTAL DISRESPECT). Person asked questions and I finally asked her role and why mask. She said flu season and people don't cover mouth. Said she was a technician. Had trouble drawing blood. Said she overfilled three tubes for the lab; ab; they had specific requirements about the amount. THIS WAS THE THIRD TIME SHE DREW BLOOD. Threw three tubes of blood away, drew more and used syringe to fill two other tubes. Male came in (never introduced himself) began asking questions. He left. Male who registered me came to curtain and said I was anemic. Hmmmm why did he have that information? First Male returned, I asked who was he, he said PA. Said he wanted to admit me for his concern about the fluid around heart/lung. He had ordered several tests he said we're standard when person expressed dizziness. I agree to admission. Taken to CDU. About 8pm woman came in (never identified herself, assumed MD). Nurse came in afterwards to give shot in stomach for blood clots, said all labs/tests normal. Pill given in ER not lowering pressure so Dr ordered a diuretic. Woman returned who I again assumed was a MD and looked at the left side of my neck and left. She said kid ey function low but don't need dyalisisand left (WHAT WAS SHE TALKING ABOUT). NO ONE ANSWERED QUESTION WHY STILL IN HOSPITAL AND IN CRAMPED ROOM OTHER THAN - location was NEXT STEP AFTER EMERGENCY. NOT TRUE. HURT ARM IN PAST, PUT IN ROOM AFTER LEAVING EMERGENCY, NOT PUT IN CDU. NEXT MORNING still in CDU. Asked why and status of all tests, constant urination all night. 6am Told Dr ordered (what doctor) Echocardigram due to enlarged heart and fluid in lungs. (THAT NEWS NOT SHARED WITH ME). Awoke about 5:30a 6am - breakfast came (not provided face cloth or toothpaste- I used paper towels to clean self and teeth). 11am asked status of Echocardigram and Dr. Still Unkn. They were done on a come first served. I had been there all night. I asked: WHY WAS MY TEST NOT DONE EARLY? WHY STILL IN CDU? WHEN WOULD DR. COME? WOULD ECHOCARDIGRAM BE DONE TODAY? SAME ANSWER TO EACH QUESTION: DON'T KNOW. My patienceatie ran out now. Told nurse I was leaving and would find my own cardiologist. Nurse tried to contact Dr to get status of when coming and ascertain what meds to continue. No response. I incidentally learned diagnosis was congestive heart failure. (SHOCKED). Yet no response from Dr. I left in shock about the diagnosis and lack of care or respect. I googled congestive heart failure. Will locate cardiologist. TERRIBLE PATIENT CARE. NOT INFORMATIVE. FELT DISRESPECTED. NO ONE ALL NIGHT PROVIDED ANSWERS.

Greg Byrd

Outpatient Services sees me every 28 days to get infusion of Tysabri for my Multiple Sclerosis. I can't say enough about the staff, the Nurses are absolutely wonderful.

kristie heflin

The worse hospital! They lack giving patience the proper information! This is the only hospital in Yuma and is sad because they honestly suck. Look at the reviews! How is it that no one is looking into fixing these problems? One main issues is that's they DON'T tell you that they don't give out newborn certificate. I told the nurses and doctors I was moving out of state as soon as I was released from the hospital and they did not care to tell me. I call back to let them know and they give me attitude! I am trying to get my child enrolled to tricare and get seen by a doctor but I can't with out that certificate. They don't care to help either. MY BIRTHING EXPIRENCE: I got into the hospital at 7am they sent me to triage, (which I believe is stupid for maternity ward to have) knowing I have precipitous labor (labors under 3hrs). i was 5cm dilated in active labor and they still took their sweet time to get me into a room. After and hour and a half they took me into a room and finally checked to see how much I had dilated I was 8cm.. quickly after I was 9cm and my midwife broke my water. The second my midwife walked out I had the urge to push and told my nurse, she called in the midwife and so she asked me if I needed to push, I told her yes and the nurse shook her head and perked her lips like if I was lying.. 4 pushes later my baby was born. The midwife was amazing! She made my experience a little better. After that I got sent to an extra room because they were so packed. They should give birthing moms some more priority. I have had my children in way better hospitals with much more care and better experience.

jean norenberg

Had a couple visits to the ER of this Yuma Hospital over a couple years. Service was good and caring. Dr's were attentive and good at explaining the problems. Days in the hospital were good, as hospitals go!, with good service and friendly nurses. Sleep was limited as usual for hospitals but otherwise no complaints.

Francisco Marisa

Worst hospital experience in our lives. The nurse we started off with became very rude when my gf turned down unnecessary tests they were trying to perform. She was huffing and puffing borderline slamming the door every time she came in and out. We heard her saying things like "We should just release her, since she doesn't want anything done." The tech poked the crap out of my gfs hands and inner arm, even when she told her to stop (she still has a big bruise on the back of her hand.) On top of all of this, they weren't listening to the reason why we were there, my gf continuously begged for ice chips or something to drink because she was dehydrated(one of the reasons we were there.) They denied this to her because they insisted that it could be her gall bladder, even though we told them 5 other people had the same food poisoning like symptoms. After about 4 hours of fighting with these "medical professionals" they finally sent in the doctor who in tops 5 mins listened to why we were there and told us what we had to do. Regardless, we were still there for another 1 to 2 hours, constantly waiting on nurses. Yuma is damned if people like these are looking after the sick.


I received great care 3 years ago when I delivered my child. Andrea Aguilar was a very compassionate nurse and was so patient during my long labor. I accidentally fell asleep on her when I finally got my epidural and required a lot of medical attention, but she was so kind and never appeared bothered. The hospital was very clean, and I loved the new labor and delivery wing. The nurse (I can't remember her name) who gave me a tour of the hospital was so funny and eased a lot of my fears before the whole ordeal. My only complaints came after delivery, during recovery. I felt like those nurses were annoyed by me, so I was too nervous to ask them any questions. They seemed really annoyed when i had my siblings visit, too. I felt like they were being rude on purpose to make my guests leave-- like popping in a video about how to take care of my personal regions (even though I had all night and the next morning to watch it). It was a tough recovery, so those nurses should've been a lot nicer.

charles bowen

11 1/2 hrs. in ER before being admitted to the hospital. No food or water given until I made a fuss and got something to eat and drink around 10 p.m. Poor quality care and lack of concern by the ER staff and HR nurse.

Melyssa D

Rating one star because I can't put zero. Spent twelve hours yesterday in excruciating pain sobbing with no pain relief and no doctor. PA tried his best to help me but there was not much he could do. Have a stint in but not on a drip for 12 hours. Meds ordered finally at 5:30 am and they still don't have order from the doctor. I've never experienced such a horrible stay. I felt like calling911 while already in the hospital, that's how bad it is.


I would rate zero if I could. Been here over 3 hrs...they do the intake and place you out in the lobby to wait for results. How many ER rooms do you have??? 70+??? We need another hospital here. This is the 2nd visit to the ER since I moved back to Yuma and it hasn't been pleasant. Horrible experience. Where else do we go to get treated in an emergency situation...Mexico??? People don't come to the hospital to visit...they come here because they are ILL!!! Whoever runs this place..PLEASE CHANGE YOUR INTAKE PROCEDURE!

Dank Memes

If I could give this trashy hospital 0 starts, I would give it 0 stars. This is the ABSOLUTE WORST hospital I have ever experienced. When you are in this hospital you get the feel that no one cares about you. I waited for 7 hours to get an X-RAY. It was not a very pleasant waiting experience either, the doctors seem like they hate their lives and the nurses are terrible people. I hate this horrible, horrible hospital with all my heart. I hope this building along with the nurses falls to the ground. These workers are some of the dumbest people I have ever talked to. You are better off just not going to a hospital.

Gavin Holtz

You're better off using Web MD and snake oil.

Dysfunctional CV

Honestly went once for what I knew was a concussion, they concluded it as a headache. Even when they came to that conclusion they wouldn’t even give me any Tylenol or Motrin to relieve the major pain in the forehead. I would think a priority for a hospital is to relieve patients of pain and reassure them they will live. If I was dying I would just want to die knowing they wouldn’t help anyways. I wish we can give zero stars cause that is how bad the experience was worst health care!

Kget Bsg

This is the third time I have come here, the first, we were turned away because my daughter was 8 months and she wasn't "allowed in the er", the Second, I waited in the car for my fimacee for 3 hours of a six hour wait because my fimacee was havinhaving admoninal pain, and the third is as I speak and I've been up for over 24hrs with no sleep the last 4 that I and my daughter were patiently waiting for my fimacee who's neck is swollen and can't speak because our daughter fell on her neck while playing on our bed, and after 3 hours the reception nurse told mr I wasn't allowed to finally go back because my fimacee got a room, because my daughter shouldn't be in there but she didn't want to say anything. Reading the reviews, I am surprised that another hospital has not come and taken all business away from here. It would be pretty easy due to the lack of emergency in the "emergency room"... not to mention a nurse yelled at her for not speaking loud enough, not knowing that why she was here... Just mind blowing how awful it could be...

Celina Acosta

My mother received the best care, after a horrible accident. The entire staff from ER was very friendly and attentive and so were the nurses on the 5th floor..

Christine Smith

BEWARE of Heart surgeons (i.e. Dr. Moon) who go on vacation and then leave your loved one in incompetent hands!!! The care my dad received was horrible once moved from ICU to the Cardiac Unit. Rude nurses, rude CNA’s, rude physical therapist... If you have the time and choice to see a different Dr. and hospital out of town, DO IT! Don’t risk your life here!

Karina Galindo

Good experience with new staff!

Destiny Ovando

Literally the longest I’ve ever been go an ER, I came with my sister because she has a cyst and it’s been 5 hours we got here at 11:30 pm it’s now 4:26 am and they still haven’t seen her. They haven’t told us much just that the doctor would be in when they can. Not really communicative.

Kathleen goster

If I could give a lower rating than 1 star I would. My husband almost died there over the last weekend. My husbands pacemaker was malfunctioning and they let him lie there for 36 hours and did NOTHING for him I finally insisted on transferring him to Phoenix They said all three wires had come loose and he could have died. Dr Perkins in Yuma ER took an xray and said the wires were in place That man shouldn’t be a dr.!!

Carissa Noriega

What is the point of having this beautiful facility built if they do not have quality health services. I have had good experiences in the main hospital with good care, however emergency services are not good at all. There for 9 hrs and never saw a doctor. Why does it always take so long

David Fine

Can’t complain about the service I received. From beginning to end. Nurses were friendly and caring. Doctors were also quite pleasant. Special thanks to Jessica who was very thorough. She also alerted security outside to help me to my car when my wife pulled up. Unfortunately the security disappeared right after Jessica left them. My wife and I managed. The hospital is new and clean. We were probably at the hospital for 2.5 hours. Reasonable for emerg.


We had r 2nd baby here with DR Luis

Desirae Dipprey

5 yrs ago on may 9th I received the worst e.r care ever I went in pregnant and cramping the doctor who was taking care of me came in and said very rudely your baby is dead u miscarried and the babies heart stopped beating I cried hysterically and he said I don't know why your crying I still cry daily because of it I had to go in later for a DNC worst er in the country

Tilda and Tony Martinez

I was sent over for a dexa scan and a mammogram. They were scheduled on the same day one after the other. They did the dexa scan 1st after sat there for over an hour waiting. Got that done and they sent me back to the waiting saying they would be out in a minute to get me for my mammogram. About 30 minutes later a female technician comes out and says anyone waiting on a mammogram be advised there will be a 3 to 4 hour delay. I stood up, grabbed my belongings and said so much for scheduling appointments 6 weeks in advance. I am still looking for another facility to the mammogram done at.

Bill Perry

I am a Canadian Citizen and November of 2017 I was admitted into the Hospital. I was only in for 4 days but I can not say enough about the care and compassion I received from all the staff from the cleaning staff to the Doctors and Nurses each and every one of you went out of your way to make the patient comfortable. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU.

Tele Gossip

Worst place ever

Iszabella Islas

they are great, and sometimes they are not

Allen Baldwin

Bathroom floors, need cleaning! ER exam room had blood left on handles of equipment! 3.5 hours to be seen by a Doctor. But they did get all the billing info they needed right off the bat!

On the road with Gator and Bunny

5 1/2 hours in the E.R. and never saw a doctor. Back pain and could barely stand. Worst run ER I've ever been in. Shuffled from room to room and just left alone. Go somewhere else if you care about your health

Cam Davis

Always the best hospital experience. DR. Hoovestol did an uncomfortable procedure on me this morning. He was great! Thank you!

michael johnson

Only go here if you can't go to Phoenix or San Diego. YRMC CHARGES 3X THESE OTHER PLACES DO!

Jay Castillo

Grandmother had open heart surgery and is not in good condition. Went to have my son see her before we flew back home. We were turned around at the door because my son isn't 18 yrs old. So now my son may not get to see her again.

Douglas Perez

Care was good... cafeteria is the worst I've seen at any hospital ever!

Marlett Suastes

What a horrible experience. My mother was in the hospital for 10 days and the majority of the Nurses and staff are rude and so unprofessional. There was a couple of them that were nice (nurses Maddy, Lourdes,) . But overall the experience was awful.

Amy Cardinalli

Worst Hospital Ever!! Very poorly ran Hospital with horrible service!! Service is terrible and the ER is a joke!!

Lee Harvey

You would get better care from the Undertaker. Never in my life have I seen a hospital were the waiting room is nothing more then a lunch room. I'd drive to Tucson next time.

Steven Falk

This place is bullshit. And the order in which you are seen is obsurd. You got a better chance of summoning pixies to heal you than gettibg quality care here

Lee M

The staff in he women's and children's department are incredible. From nurses to cleaning staff. Excellent bedside manner. They never treated me like a number or made me feel unwelcome.

Douglas Loven

The nurses were nice

Kelly Schram

We had fabulous care. Our dad contracted MRSA and went from healthy enjoying a holiday to fighting for his life in days. The doctors and nurses treated us well as we waded through the many issues that came with his care. They answered our questions with respect and compassion. Thanks to Teresa, Donna, Matt, Angel, Luis, Rosa, Dr. Tontz, Dr. Chung, and his other staff that I have missed because we were so overwhelmed and frightened. He is now out of bed and going to Glenrose a rehab hospital. His color his back, his strength slow but improving. Albert Featherstones family can not thank you enough.

Kathie Wogomon Lorscheider

We've been waiting for 4 weeks for my mother's medical records to be transferred to our home town. We moved her back home because they said she had stage 4lung cancer and put her on hospice. She now has to be retested for everything (and we have to pay for it) because this is a life and death matter. The dr there took her off her medication for her blood cancer and were gonna let her die, even though they did no biopsy of her lungs. THAT'S the real reason they won't send the records. Because they're shady. She hasn't had her Leukemia shots in 2 months and can hardly stand or walk because she's so weak because of this hospital and they're 80 diff excuses as to why they haven't been able to send them. It's because they screwed up! Not to mention I had to call the D.O.N. 3 times while she was there because they wouldn't come help her to the bathroom for more than an hour when when was admitted with an intestinal infection. Imagine trying to hold it or having to sit it in because you can't get up. Unfortunately, we live 3000 miles away so couldn't be there to do anything, but maybe someone else will read this and seek medical attention somewhere that truly cares about their patients and their lives. This place doesn't! My brother also recorded every conversation with the dr and nurses because he likes to make sure the facts are replayed on to me correctly and so I could hear it directly since I live in another state. The dr straight up said she has stage 4 lung and throat cancer. Personally,I think if they have nothing to hide, her records should have been waiting for her in Iowa when we got there! Her Dr. Office shouldn't have to be calling there 5 times a day, nor should the cancer center there who was also trying to help us. Alas, it's been over a month and we still do not have all her records. Complete B.S.

Frank Jamison

But if you need er go.

Gordon Nickerson

my stay in your hospital was a first rate experience. I could not ask for anything to be improved upon, staff and facilities were first rate. Thank you for making my stay a pleasant one.

Karen Wood

I will after I have filed my complaints.

Matthew Morgan

Worst ever new side is slow you could literally die waiting to be seen.

Rocio Mancillas

I waited 8 HOURS just to be seen for an ultrasound. At the end of the night, they did not give me an ultrasound. I was in a car accident in the morning and I was worried about my baby. I explained to the ER people how scared I was and all they did was take my blood and a few quick pictures and that was it. 8 HOURS for that?! They did not help ease my fears at all. Horrible service. Absolutely horrible.

Patricia Daigneault

I've gone to the Emergency Department quite a few times whether it's for my kids or for myself, and let me tell you... I waited for 7+ hours waiting to be seen for a seizure that I had, and was never seen! After waiting so long, I drove to Phoenix to be seen in only 20 minutes. Horrible service, and the nurses at the front of the emergency department are always snooty and act entitled. When I had my babies there, the triage nurses were a hit or miss, either made me feel ridiculous and after my water started leaking even said "that's ridiculous" and had to CHECK to see if my water had broken or not. Labor and delivery nurses were very good with the occasional slip up. The rating I gave is mostly for the emergency department and the lack o urgency.

lavonne anderson

Fractured hip 7 months ago! Excellent care in emergency and after surgery! It is a hard place to be happy but the staff were always positive!

David Medina

Super long wait in ED. The new ED

Mayely Pedraza

They told me I had arthritis. I was 16 years old. I also went there because I attempted Suicide and the counselor they brought in who was suppose to be helping me during stay at the ER was on her phone the whole time. They never even flushed out all the medication I overdosed in. This place should be shut down.

Samantha Schaub

YOU DON'T EVEN DESERVE THE 1 STAR.YOU GUYS ARE THE WORST. NURSE PRACTIONER WITH THE LAST NAME OF VOIGT JUST WOW WHERE DID YOU GO TO COLLEGE. IM NOT DUMB I KNOW WHAT A SPIDER BITE LOOKS LIKE, IVE HAD ONE. BUT YOU LOOK AT IT, TELL ME WHAT I ALREADY KNOW AND GIVE ME MEDICATION THAT "TAKES 6 DOSES TO START WORKING IF IT WORKS AT ALL". I have to admit the nurses were really nice but the nurse practioner was not good at all. her last name is Voigt, if you get her request someone else. I will take my child to see an actual doctor. I don't know how this hospital is still open. and just an FYI and I don't care if you tell her this but VOIGT, I give my child at least 2 baths everyday do not look at people like they are dirty and scum of the earth, he is a little boy and he gets dirty every 5 minutes so when you say "you need to WASH him" like I don't I wanted to hit you in the face.

Manuel Garcia

So the 5 star rating goes to all the nurses from the ER to 3 west were I had to spend 2 days. I have read reviews where patients waited hours to be seen. Not my case I literally waited 10 min. And after a loud screaming of my name i was escorted to my room. (Might have helped that I came in on a Sunday morning). As the doc identified what my illness was and ordered the labs and ct and xrays. The flow was 5 to 10 min wait between all these things to get accomplished. I have never experienced service like that. I was escorted up to my room in 3 west. Nurse Anu and nurse melissa greeted me with professionalism and smiles anything I asked for I got and in a timely manner. Night shift was wonderful. Next day juanita and Jeanette provided great service. Now 1 STAR goes to DOCTORS. I have seen maybe 5 to six different doctors. Who would introduce themselves but never give me an update. They would always ask me what's going do you guys not read charts or notes or anything. Do you guys update my file so the next doc knows what's going on! Why do I have to repeat myself everytime i meet a new doc. That is both ANNOYING AND FRUSTRATING. Especially when they say ok we will get iv fluids and antibiotics, telling me this all while I have a line in my arm and both bags already going. ARE YOU BLIND! Some one needs to go back to some kind COMMUNICATION TRAINING AND FILE UPDATING.

Melissa Gilmore

Worst service in the ER!!!!!! I have been to many other hospitals....Yumas ER makes all others look great! I was in that damn place for 7&1/2 hours!!!!! Most of the ppl working there are so snobby and do not care for their patients.... only person that was nice was the doctor and one other lady taking blood pressures...I would here the workers talking bout the sick patients ....I pray that I do not get sick ever again, I never want to return!!!! they should have a choice for half a star!!!

Nicolas Hanhan

I took my father for a medical test last week the process was simple and i think the out patient is better than image focus

Jamie Rodriguez Dowdley

My son has chronic illnesses went in with blood pressure 167 over 118 sat in waiting area for 3 hours then in a room for additional 5 hours, saw no Dr. nurse came in once. Driving him to Phoenix Children's. Neglect at its best here Here again different day son had biopsy yesterday at children's came home this morning he was having chest pain. Now sitting 4 hours later still in waiting room. I have never seen more incompetent nurses or hospital

Benji Challis

To sum up what I've written below for easy reading I will say this company is plagued by poor and ineffective management practices making proper medical care seem like an afterthought. If your insurance allows for it go to an urgent care (wait time is usually less and I only paid $40 copay vs the $1200 for my last visit here) and not to this hospital unless you are dying. This hospital just in the past week has added a bill to my account from back in October of 2017 and for reference it is May of 2018 (7 months after). This is standard practice for them and it is one of several bills they have added well outside of what is considered timely billing practices. Nothing I can really do about it besides pay it but it is worth mentioning that I had called and talked with a supervisor in their billing department after they had added another bill from approximately 6 months previous to the call and asked if there were any further pending bills... I was assured there were none... Obviously that was incorrect I want to comment on the actual services from the hospital as well, they just spent a lot of money and time building a new ER but I wish they would have spent the money on staffing it with a sufficient amount of competent doctors. I am not saying that the doctors are incompetent but I am saying they need to spend the money and time recruiting more doctors because a 4 hour wait time after you've had the imaging done is not acceptable. There simply isn't any excuse after they've spent the money on the facility to not staff it well. Nurses seemed to be trained well and compassionate especially considering that they are the ones in contact with the patients the most and probably have to listen to complaints on the wait times for their entire shift. Staff was a bit less professional but nothing to complain about. It is worth mentioning that this hosipital's umbrella of care extends to the family medical center as well. I wish they had told me that they switched billing practices over at their family medical center, ended up receiving about $700 worth of bills for an office visit AFTER private insurance which should have cost me a $15 copay. They did try to make right on that but at this point their shady billing practices have gotten to me. I am out of cheeks to turn and out of understanding and forgiveness. As I write this I am struggling to find a primary care outside of Yuma Regional's network (since they charge everything to my insurance as provider based and in essence I get stuck with the entire bill as if I didn't have private insurance vs a simple $15 copay). I will not say I'd rather die than be in this hospital's ER again but I am at the point I'd rather drive 3 hours west, north, or east so I do not have to deal with this poorly managed company and I truly feel sorry for the employees caught in between the patients and this company's management.

Edgar Martinez

This is the worse Hospital I have visit so far. The nurses are rude and it seems like they don't care when you take your child to the ER. I took my son and it took about 2 hours before a doctor saw him. In the beginning there was a different doctor that was suppose to see him and once he saw me and my wife, he transfer us to another doctor, refusing to see my son, that took another 30 minutes to get seen. When I received the bill from the insurance company it was over 7k. for the amount of time my son was there its ridiculous. not only the service was garbage but the nurses there are rude. If its an ER is for a reason, it does not need to take 3 hours to be able to see a doctor.

Michael Brandenburg

There is a patient walking around the ER waiting room with a Foley catheter bag out in the open drawing blood without using a privacy curtain that is 3 foot away from them and letting everyone in waiting area watch people's blood draws with no concern to their privacy then mom asks for her son to be with her and they say no and violate he r patient rights to have someone with her. Wow this place has really gotten bad since I left I remember these all being a privacy and HIPPA concern.

Gemi Brassine

They'll save your life, and some will give you great service. Others will do the bare minimum.

Dan Dawson

I checked in a day ago with an infection. I am on heavy duty antibiotics but cannot see the surgeon who will determine what will be done untill tomorrow. In the meantime I have not been fed or given water all day. I can again eat tonight but after midnight cannot.

Kimberly Haynes

Dr. Phillip Richemont, “CHIEF of the YRMC ER, the guy who runs the place and makes ALL the decisions,” according to himself, is an utter disgrace to the medical community. Yuma patients deserve better than the arrogance and condescension, which Dr. Richemont delivers! UNBELIEVABLE!

Chris Thomason

Worst experience of my life I went in the hospital with cronic back pain they did an x-ray and Cat Scan then gave me so much medicine that I didn't even know where I was and discharged me with no one there to pick me up they could have killed me with all the meds they gave me don't know if the miscalculated or what

Tana Poirier Honeycutt

The ER is a disaster. Rude, rude, rude nurses. 8 hour wait sitting among coughing, puking and seizing patients. I know they are overwhelmed with patients but a warm blanket and water would be nice. Hire more doctors and nurses!

Tanya Lardin

Worse visit ever, seems like nurses in the ER hate their job, my dad was asked to put on gown which he refused because he had no room and was in the hallway so the nurse kept saying look this is How we do things bla bla until my sister told her to back off that my dad was in pain and her response was "well its gonna be another 9 hours" so ofcourse we walked out After being there for quite some time, yrmc sucks And to you all i can say is KARMA

Don Brown

My 78 yr old friend who is like grandfather to me made 3 ambulance trips to Yuma Regional ER in 3 days. Each morning couldn't breath, chest pains, abdominal pains, they basically said faking the pain and sent him home with ?? Few instructions or what to do. 4th day he is having issues I drove him to San diego VA hospital they spent 30 min blood draw and immediately admitted him said liver and kidney issues and should have been admitted days ago. In a few hours of care the overall care was far supporoior they seem to care and working on him. If your not dying I'd suggest going someplace other than Yuma Regional. I know every such place has good and bad days, and areas of care but to be blown off 3 times in a row when a few tests could have shown otherwise is a disgrace.

Sandra Reeder

Best hospital I have ever worked for. Thanks YRMC

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