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REVIEWS OF Veterans Hospital IN Arizona

Carl Thomas

It's a great place to work at.and I get great service

360 Phoenix

Tony Gerrins

I am in the ER as we speak and been here since 4:30 PM it is now 3:14 AM and I am still here. Once I get to the back after waiting 6 hours I was treated rudely, the nurse just pointed where my bed was and that was it. So I fell asleep and they woke me up to go take a CT scan I got up and pointed out that I messed the bed she says ok. I then tell her I have to use the bathroom. Once using the bathroom she is rushing me to finish because her shift is almost over. After the CT SCAN we go back to the room and I notice the mess is still on my sheets, I point it out to her and she says we will cover this up with a pad your going to do it again smh. So I lay back down she wakes me up again and says I have to check your vitals. Which they haven’t checked since I been to the back (10:25 pm). It is now 3:20. The cup was hurting me so bad that I had to snatch it off it was unbearable and she yells at me for taking it off and I’m trying to explain to her that it was hurting. She gets mad and tells me give me your legs very rude and it was hurting my leg but I could stand it a little more on my leg. My Blood Pressure was 267/105 and there hasn’t been anyone else to check on me since it’s 20 min later. Nurse Rhia is here name

George Ray

Main clinics are open from 7am till 4 pm. Emergency Department is open 24/7. For veterans only.

Andre A

Love this place and they do a great job. But the employees park in front of Steel park next door every morning. They take up all the parking and the citizens of Phoenix have no where to park. Please handle your parking situation. I would like to visit the park.

Sean O'Neil

This place has been awful to me. I am transfering from the Tucson VA and have been handed off 14 times for a simple ptinr and super cheap medication (it was once used as rat poison...). None of my questions have been answered, and every time I request something I am given the run around. My induction appointment has been cancelled tiwce, and they didnt inform me of the last cancellation or rescheduled. They really need to take more responsibility for their people.

Ace Noffsinger

BEAR Carruthers

Meagan Ayres

I usually go to the clinic in Gilbert, but I hurt my back and had to get testing done. They did x-rays, CT, and an MRI and they got me in and out of there as quick as possible without making me feel rushed or insignificant and everyone I spoke to was friendly and helpful if I had any questions or concerns. Good experience.

jerryj K

Dave Anderson

I see my past review was removed. That’s OK Ill post it again. I am retired US Marine Corps MSGT with over 20 years of meritorious and honorable service. I used to work here for a couple of years so I know what I am talking about. Veterans, if you value your life stay away from this place. Not a good place for care and not a good place to work. They treat their employees like trash, especially non care-giving Veteran employees. They treat their patients like ne’er do well baboons. I hate this place and the US Department of Veterans Affairs as a whole. They ruined my life and have denied me care for no good reason other than they could. There actions have made it impossible to get care at any VA anywhere. I have been homeless in the Phoenix area largely because of there actions and they have denied me access to HUD/VASH assistance multiple times for no good reason and with no recourse.

Emily Treichelt

I am the spouse of a Veteran who recently went to Dr. Elizabeth Chang for a Rheumatology consult. I came home from work today and my husband was absolutely beside himself and discouraged from his appointment with Dr. Chang. My husband has been struggling with rheumatic symptoms for years, but they have become significantly worse in the past year. He waited patiently for this appointment and was met with disrespect and lack of concern from the moment Dr. Chang entered the room. Not only did my husband wait until 12 pm to be called back for his 10 am appointment, but she also never made eye contact with my husband, dismissed the questions he asked and didn't even bother to look at the pictures he brought in, records he had been keeping, etc. My husband now feels hopeless and that it isn't even worth trying to pin-point the source of his rheumatic symptoms. He is in constant pain, and was met with disrespect and lack of concern as a result. All I can say is shame on you, Dr. Chang. Shame on you for treating a human being, a patient, as if he and his symptoms don't matter.

Jordan Mccaughey

They don't take the greatest care of their patients, which is priority number one at ANY place of health care. When my father stayed here for mental assistance, they kept changing things on him and literally it felt like they were trying to keep him there as long as possible. Very strange, and since veterans pretty much have no other options, it sucks that this place cant be top notch

Amber Thompson

Jesus Christ the people that work here should be ashamed of themselves. They have no manners, no empathy, no respect for the veterans that come in here. The fat girl at the check in desk in the emergency room is lazy and just sits back there on the phone laughing while people sit in the waiting room, ill, waiting an absurd amount of time to be seen. The emergency room nurses are unemotional hags that act like you're wasting their time by being here. This place needs a major upgrade. And I'm ONLY talking about the people who work here. Just a disgrace. I'm ashamed that our veterans have THIS sorry bunch caring for them. It's no wonder the VA has been in the news more often lately. I can only imagine how many poor souls have been lost thanks to this establishment

Jason Murray

They treat you well enough directly...the politics suck...but that's par for the course. Waiting lists are long if you are unfortunate enough to have a reason to be put on one. But for basic needs, they're just fine.

Jennifer Santana

Appreciate this place.

Mark Mark

If your looking for somewhere to go to be treated and talked to like a piece of trash by substandard medical personell just entering the work force or old washed up and waiting to retire then this place is for you. People say its getting better but its not . When people screw up there are no reprecussions for their actions so they flat out dont care. I would recommend either moving to a different state for VA care or just ending your life. Either one would be better than dealing with the people and care at this location. This facility more than earned the horrible reputation they have

janning schrotter

So two veterans are BSing in a bar. One guys is wasted. He goes on and on about confirmed kills and a Navy Seal stops him and goes "I doubt you killed more people than me." The wasted dude goes "O Ya..." Seal Goes "Ya". Drunk Dude Goes Well I am a Doctor at the Phoenix VA Seal and I killed so many on record that two Presidents had to come and see me.

Jermain Sanchez

Waited 3 hours and didnt get seen. So i left and dealt with my dehydration in the middle of summer on my own.

Joshua Bukowiecki

9:30 appointment and here we are still sitting and waiting to be called back.

Rafael E

The VA has been improving this last year's. I have seen that Substance Abuse Dept Building 31, have done amazing working getting injured veteran's who were prescribe Opioid for pain, to stop opioid use. The Voulenteers are very help, 5 star. The wait in other departments can be a bit long, Not like civilian ER, where they post 15minute ER Wait Time. If your injuring is tolerable, bring a book, make sure your electronic have full charge, because it can be a long wait. The parking can take while, Add 30 minutes for parking to your travel time for this facility. All in all, it's Ok. I've seen some VA's a few years ago, that look like WWII Hospital and Equipment.

Bill Bryant

The team here saved my life. I had colon cancer diagnosed here, surgery, and follow up care (chemo). Every bit of it was excellent service with good, competent people who really took care of me. Despite all of the bad press, I have nothing but praise for the people who work here.

David Anderson

If I could give this place a negative rating I would. It’s not about health care here, it’s about control and power. The absolute contempt of the senior leadership and the medical staff with few exceptions is appalling for lack of a better word. I could write volumes about the horrible experience I have had at the hands of these horrible people both as a Veteran receiving care here because I have no other choice and as a former employee who resigned after being bullied and threatened weeks prior to the Director and other senior leadership being relieved or resigning in Feb 2014. CNN, the OIG and the FBI got it wrong, because they wanted to get it wrong. Smoke, mirrors and political BS. This place should be shut down and burnt to the ground. Not surprisingly it is built on top of the unmarked graves of Native American Children who were murdered by the staff of the Indian School right next door decades prior. This facility is cursed and if you value your life and have any other option you will shun this place. They literally ruined my life and tried to kill me and they will never lay a finger on me or unlawfully detain me again. Everything I have just said is discoverable (counselor)!


10 years I have been asking for this shrapnel to get removed. It took me threating public for them to get me a CT scan of my body to see if they can remove shrapnel. That just happened 12/18. Every time I asked before they would just do some x-rays. They had to use a CT scan to actually locate the shrapnel to make a real assessment. Why didnt this happen before. A pieces is stuck between my shoulder blade and rib cage as if I dont move my arm or anything. The answer that I got before was that its too close to nerves. Now, all of a sudden, its not too close to nerves. Why do I feel like it was about money? How can I trust this place for anything if its all about money? Not like reading these reviews gives vets like me a choice. I still have to go to this place and not get care. I have pretty much taken care of my nausea and migraines myself since I was told by a neurologist that its caused by Excedrin and not getting blown up in Iraq. Funny how I have been off Excedrin for about 5 yrs now and still have migraines. He only saw me for 2 min. Do I qualify as a Doctor now? Not all of the Doctors there are like that but I think I have had my fill of the ones that are! You know the ones that dont actually see the vets faces and makes decisions that effects their lives.

Pam Pike

The Phoenix VA is a wonderful place, they have & are doing a fabulous job taking care of my husband.

Terry Ueb

Normally I don't complain or say something negative. But after being at the Minneapolis VA and back again at the PhxP VA. It's horrible. Sitting in the ED for over 5 hours. Others told me longer. I am sad to say this. I noticed that the rating for the Phx VA is only one star out of five. I believe is overrated. If I could I would not even give this place a one star. I when to the window to ask if there is some type of time frame. Was told by the RN she would get back to me as her computer was ”slow”. This is blowing my mind.

Michael Walker

Had to use the emergency department on Oct 8, 2019. The entire staff were kind, caring and professional. Yes it was busy but most emergency departments are busy. Thanks for the great service.

Danny Ruelas

Excellent Doctors, Beautiful Nurse's, great service. Not what I expected.

Kevin Jones

Went to the emergency room to get seen after having heart surgery in june. Took 2 hours to get seen. The nurse told me that was better than usual. On a positive not the nurse was very nice.

Barbara Oliver

I want to give a big shout out to the staff at VA Hospital of Phoenix. Thank you so much for taking good care of my Dad. Especially Manny, Juliette, Kayla, Ming, Dr. Picone, Dr.Chesire, and I am sorry I don't remember all the other names of nurses and doctors but thank you.

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