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Nick Duer

Yes I was brought to this facility at approximately 3 I am when I was brought in here they knew they would need to put stitches in so they numbed my face out afterwards a nurse came and told me that I had two fractures to my skull that was at 4 excuse me 4:55 it is now 6:59 I have had no medical attention since then with the exception of them coming and taking the melted ice packs away without replacing them the dumbing of my saves has now been removed from time my scolding fractured I finally did make loud profane language then I'm assaulted verbally by a security guard who thinks he's somebody that he isn't really there talking like they're going to do something and then I just wanted to make sure that this was on the ratings my name is Nick and I would recommend that if you're injured or in pain that you go to another facility

Jennie Hitt

Go to the flagstaff hospital... Cottonwood medical center is horrible and they take forever. Sedona medical would most likely give you faster results. I've lived in the verde valley my whole life and they have always been the worst medical assistance around.

Kathleen Davis

I had an excellent emergency admission for following 5 days primarily to stabilize my lungs & prevent bout of pneumonia. My Dr was Kodwo Dicksonwho was truly concerned with my well being. I just love cottonwood Hospital!!

carolyn foster

Long wait

Kenneth Klemm

dont go there they are Terrible not run right find a real Doctor


Seems adequately staffed, but waited a long time to be seen by a "nurse practitioner" who was a little rude. She seen my girlfriend before and still had attitude! "We really can't do anything for you" shouldn't be words to hear from medical staff in an ER! Only a few staff are friendly and polite. Maybe its because our skin is brown, but who knows! Another positive is front desk personal are friendly as well!

Eric Buzonas

My father passed away at VVMC this past Sunday. As of today Friday 8/2/19 his death certificate has still not been fully processed. His body remains in "limbo". Because of this unfortunate and unnecessary oversite, we won't be able to have him cremated until at least Monday 8/5/19 or later. This was utterly unprofessional and disrespectful to my deceased father and our family. We are extremely disappointed and deeply hurt. We haven't been able to put my father to rest in a timely manner. VVMC downright sucks.

John Doe

We had our beautiful, wonderful, perfect daughter here. We were treated with respect, our doctor had admitting privileges and the birth went extremely smoothly. Our maternity room was as close to a bedroom as it could have been, there was also a family kitchen & family waiting area, and they even allowed me to bring in a crock pot to cook dinner for my wife IN HER ROOM while she was in post partum care. That was almost right years ago. I mention it because that was one great experience, but I went there today with extreme back pain, the cause of which I knew very well, I explained what was happening to the doctor and what I needed to treat it (NOT opioids), he looked at my medical records, verified what I had said, and prescribed me exactly what I needed (steroidal anti inflammatories and gabapentin). I would be laid out in bed for the next several days if they had not prescribed what I asked for and if they had not been caring and understanding of the fact that I already have a bad back. 20 years ago I would have never recommended this hospital but today they truly have changed, after treatment they call to make sure everything went well, I know that VVMC gets a bad rap from some bad experiences in the past. They are very obviously working hard to correct those issues and I am no longer afraid to go there in any way. I actually recommend it, and will request it if I need an ambulance as opposed to Flagstaff, which I used to request. Thank you VVMC for the latest improvements, including the WiFi access. I know you're working hard to get a better reputation, and it shows. VVMC is not perfect, but no hospital is, and they've shown me recently in very real ways that they care, and they're trying to improve service. Having nurses come in for frequent updates is a huge no-brainer, and I appreciate it. I was in & out today in under 2 hours with severe back pain. Nothing life-threatening, and still, they hurried. Don't be afraid to go here. They've improved by leaps & bounds.

Audra Rose

I was taken to The Emergency Department tonight because of a fever of 103°F for 2 days, lethargy, and being completely out of it. I eventually realized that I was in the ED only to have a jackass doctor (Dr. Wray) telling me that I don't have aphasia (mind you, not why I was there) that I simply refuse to talk. I am already self conscious about my inability to talk and was diagnosed by my neurologist and 2 other doctors with aphasia and am in speech therapy. I absolutely loved the rest of the staff but was appalled at Dr. Wray and his piss poor bedside manner. I don't know who the hell he thinks he is, but you don't treat patients so poorly.

N Williams

Great staff, cool gift shop

Crystal Roberts

I just gave birth to my new son Robby. He's perfect! I had a really bad experience here with my first son which was almost 3 years ago. This time, maternity ward has really stepped up their game! The nurses are so much more supportive & helpful! Mandy & Jordan were my day nurses! They also helped keep me going and Jordan helped me during labor! Dr klouse was my epidural doc! And boy is he amazing at what he does! The last doc I had stabbed me 8 times and still couldn't get it to work. Dr klouse did it in his first try!! And of course I can't forget to talk about my amazing over night nurse Debbie! She's helped me with my breast feeding and showed me some tricks to latching better! She's even volunteered to watch my newborn for a few hours so I could sleep since I hadn't in over 24 hours. And okay, if I'm being honest here, Debbie was my favorite! :-) These guys also did a good job with helping my pain stay reasonable, if not gone completely! I highly recommend these nurses! To top it all off, they are always smiling!

Laura Begay

Cheri Meyerhofer

Verde valley medical center name was changes from Marcus I.e. Lawrence 20 years ago

Michael Gordon

I just received a collection notice from VVMC for a visit that was more than a year ago. They never sent me one statement before they turned me over to collections! If they had bothered to send me a bill I would have immediately paid it, but unless I see a bill I have no way of knowing there was any amount owed. Otherwise I just assume that my insurance covered it. This is not the first time this has happened to me with VVMC. I had the same thing happen a few years ago. Other people I know have had the same experience. It makes me want to not use VVMC in the future. I wish their billing department could get its act together.


this was the most unprofessional staff I’ve met. Honestly the security guard was the nicest Person I encountered. We were dismissed As though we were trash. I have never felt so disrespected in my life! As a cancer patient and unfortunately someone who spends time at the hospital this was the worst experience ever. I hope customer service and patient care becomes a priority at some point.

Joanne Wood

I was taken to ER, saw triage nurse waited for a bit but after I was evaluated and found to have abnormal vital signs I was taken back. The ER nurses were the best, I was tended to by 2 male nurses , they were great, knowledgeable, attentive and caring. I was admitted and cared for by the hospitality ( Dr. Abidju ) He was wonderful, he was very knowledgeable, he actually lowered his whole body so he could talk to me eye to eye when I was lying in the bed. He really cared about me and I am sure he treats all his patients this way. All the staff of VVMC were pleasant from nursing, dietary to housekeeping staff. I was a patient for 6 days and have no complaints.

Judy Sinner

I had an esophageal bleed while in Sedona on vacation/business, the staff there was super awesome and the friendliest most caring nurses and docs in my experience with hospitals....which has been rather extensive the last year. Would give more than 5 stars if that was an option :) Seems like most of these negative reviews are a bit unfounded, in my opinion. As a doctor's daughter, I know many people don't see behind the scenes in an ER so have unrealistic expectations. Verde Valley rocks.

Dorothy Crutcher

Much improved in care compared to ten years ago

Edward Johnson

Hospital all ways dirty clean like mans restroom soul dirty walk out

Xander Lee

I don't remember it but I was born here and I think I turned out alright, so thanks!


Bryce Messerly

I will NEVER go there AGAIN! horrible dr in the emergency center. Went there because i messed up my ankle. Was not sure if it was broken, fractured, pulled, etc... HORRIBLE!

Sandra Conway

I have to disagree unfortunately I've been here seven times in the last 2 years everybody here is amazing the doctors to the nurses to the janitors to everybody that works here absolutely awesome and I can say this because I'm a regular

Brandon Wright

I have never have a good experience in this hospital. The staff does not care about patients.

Kathleen McNamara

I can't say enough good things about the team in the maternity ward at VVMC. The nurses and doctors were so attentive and gave me such personalized care during my stay there. Thank you Dillon, Nicole, Rachael, Stephanie, Olivia, Kim, Dr. Launius, Dr. Reed, Dr. Tuccille, and everyone else on the 4th floor, for all the amazing work you do serving mothers and babies in our community. We are so grateful for your generosity and expertise!

Misty Daughters

My grandmother was removed from life support in the ICU there two weeks ago and the staff was very kind and accommodating. Cinna and Sarah were great at keeping us updated with information and Dr. Livingston was also amazing. There were more people whose names I don't recall that helped ease this transition. It was a great experience considering.

Da Clark

Excellent. Nursing was friendly no matter how grumpy I was. Dr. Hoffman was the best I found out. Information was abundant. Very pleased.


john s chasteen

I just spent the Thanksgiving holidays as an in-patient here for hydronephrosis. Given my condition, my 4 days there could not have been more pleasant. The nurses are absolute miracles of care and attention and professionalism and always go beyond what's necessary to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. I am extremely grateful this facility is in the community and seems to be filled with caring medical professionals. Highest rating.

Sunny Bak

I went to ER for nausea and doctor seemed like an incompetent young one who didn't know what to do- When I refused to get morphine as it's unrelated to what I was feeling, they were super disrespectful and left me behind for awhile. After awhile I called for something to help me, then Dr came back and said you don't want morphine.. im like... it's because it's not that kind of pain.. it's nausea. so I later agreed to morphine just to get some attention. the whole time I felt disrespected, unattended, disgusted. I never felt like that at ERs before. Then I ended up being charged over 10K. Super rude and worse experience ever

Sandy Beebe

Carol Ebersole

I received excellent care in the ER from the physicians and paramedics. I felt safe.

Malibu Lynn

It's so so- we have great visits and horrible visits. Blood pressure at 237/129 (at least a critical hypertensive stage) at risk for stroke and we sat in the lobby for a good amount of time while the person who came in before us who was laughing and using her phone went back before us. Granted I do not know the situation behind her, but it seemed as if our case was more important. Props to Marley the nurse in the ER pregnant with her third girl! She's by far our favorite nurse and goes the extra mile and explains things like it should be!

Tristan Schreiner

Very rude, no information, I wouldn't bother calling or going in if you don't already know what's wrong

Stacey Brown

Insanely long wait times, going on 2.5 hours as i type, for a back injury that they don't seem to take very seriously. Glad to know that my husband, who cant stand straight and can barely walk, is pushed to the lowest totem of emergency. Would have gone to urgent care if they had the means to treat properly. They seriously need to re-think how they handle things here.

David Lieder

I needed to be admitted for emergency surgery for peritonitis. I was moved to the front of the emergency room line since my situation was literally life-threatening. I was cared for most professionally by a most competent staff. They worked as quickly and carefully as they could and saved my life. They can be paid to act well as caregivers, but they cannot be paid to care. I truly believe they cared. My experience after admittance was equally positive. I'm sorry a 5-star rating is all I can give.

Carl Ross

If there were a way to have negative stars I would give them... I visited with a bad chest cold, fever, tightness in the chest, they sent me home with a prescription for otc cough syrup. They didn't completely listen to my lungs, I went to and urgent care 2 days later with what would soon develop into pnuemonia had I not caught it when we had. I was put on a strong antibiotic and prescription cough syrup... This isn't the first instance with them misdiagnosing and causing lung issues. I was in a car accident which I arrived by ambulance. They discharged me with bruises and gave me some pain killers They had taken xrays but failed to look at them I went to another doctor a few days later because I was in intense pain. she was able to access the xrays the hospital took a there were a half dozen fracture ribs and lung was hazy. The hospital never got back to me and so I went to phoenix where they treated it with breathing treatments and sufficient pain management... If you want to risk death, this is the ER for you!!!

barb whitla

I have had some hospital stay experience in the past. I put this facility in the top. PT, RT, nurses., staff and the doctors are exceptional. Dr Mapel thank you for your straightforward bedside manner. After a month stay they put me in re-habitat facility for 9 days just to get myself back. Once again thanks.......oh and husband thanks you as lao

Ben Foreback

(Update as of 7/24/2017) Apparently this is still not resolved. Today I got a threatening letter from a collection agency saying that I still owe $280 to Oak Creek Emergency Physicians. I spoke with Cigna, and they said that on Feburary 21, Cigna and Oak Creek Emergency Physicians came to an "agreed upon discount" for this exact amount, yet somehow the doctor is saying that I still owe this, and they even sent it to collections! This is a very shady billing practice, and borderline scam. I would say avoid this hospital if it is at all possible! --------------------------------- The doctors here seem a bit dismissive and don't seem to take use seriously. Also, the hospital is in-network with my insurance (Cigna - one of the largest insurance providers in the country). However, the doctors are apparently out-of-network, even though they work at the same hospital. This means that there is no contracted amount they can charge. Some of the doctor bills from here are outrageous, for instance $1500 even if they only spent 5 minutes with you (not exaggerating). I have a bill from last October that the doctor is still fighting with Cigna over. I have no idea why they think this is ethical, or why it is even legal. From now on, unless I have a life-threatening emergency that requires going to the nearest hospital possible, I will be going to the medical center in Flagstaff.

Wayne Hrdlicka

Friendly but, seems like a training facility more than a professional hospital. My release day kept getting pushed back due to lack of communication. Only as a last resort would I recommend this place.

Mary Jane Gephart

I have never been there. Sorey about the review. It would not let me take off the 1st star. So many bad reviews. Im glad the veteran got up and walked out.

Angelica Cazarez

The most shittiest place, every single nurse sits around gossiping, laughing. Can’t gwt a task done, they say something then takes about an hour and two . This hospital is horrible.

Wendy Grelik

We are visiting this area from Canada and my husband came down with an infection in his ankle. We found the hospital and staff to be great! Got the help we needed, everything was billed through our travel insurance, so nothing came out of pocket. The only reason we didn't give 5 stars was because we were there 4 hours, which seemed excessive for what we expected, as it didn't seem to be busy. Perhaps there were emergencies behind the scenes that we weren't aware of? Otherwise, we were extremely happy with the care he received.

Felicia Sanchez

Been here 13 days and couldnt be more6 impressed. The staff and crew were all vey kind, knowledgeable and professional even when i wasnt! Rooms are very clean

Levi Kerns

Laura Cracchiolo

I was rushed to Verde Valley Medical Center this morning by ambulance out of Sedona fire department in Village of Oak Creek, Sedona. I simply cannot say enough great things about my treatment, from the paramedics to intake, doctors and nurses at the medical center. I could not ask for more competence and kindnesses than I was given today. Before releasing me they actually "invited" me to stay the night if I didnt feel comfortable leaving. I did leave but what a comforting feeling to know I wasn't being rushed or pushed aside once they treated me. Thank you to every single person I encountered today.

Gisela Bustamante

Kymber MacDonald

My 9 month old was stuck in the waiting room for over 2 hours while he bled out of his ear. I finally told them I refused to wait any longer. Overlooking a bleeding infant, no matter how "busy" you are is unacceptable. Trauma 4 ER is a joke!

Thomas Kern

ER Nurses excellent and organized. Dr saw me shortly after arrival. Listed the tests they were going to run on me. They ran all of them and had results to the dr within a couple hours.

eren akers

Kendra Reich

Redrock Debby

I was scheduled for endoscopy with Dr. S Blair Faulkner at Verde Valley Hospital, the whole staff was amazing! What a group of nice, kind caring ATTENTIVE and Professional human beings!!! They crossed all there t's and dotted all their I's. Very thorough and fact checking. They didn't just ask once, each one asked the same questions and carefully recorded it. So way to go TEAM WORK! Even the guy in the bed next to me, was thanking them for all being so wonderful! They deserve way more than 5 Stars!!! Thank You to each and everyone of you! Well done! Docs, Nurses, Anesthesiologist, check in staff, EVERYONE! :)

Scott Dunne

Rushed from Sedona because of a heart attack. Treatment was fantastic from the moment I got in. Was treated and released in 24 hours feeling great. Everyone took the time to explain all the stuff I will have to do with my condition. ICU RN’s Terry (night) and Cinda (day) were awesome!


There was honestly no point in me going !!!! I went in with 10/10 pain and walked out with 10/10 pain... zero point in me going..... but honestly it all depends on what Doctor you get. . There is great doctors here. But then there are also some of the worst doctors

Bryan Carley

L Grant

Went to verde valley medical center went twice becase i had vertigo and could not walk they gave me pills i never got better untill a friend gave me antibiotics and got better. I dont think they ran any test that they said or they would have known i had a infictions. Its one of the worst hospitals i have ever been to. Lisa

Rolene Dugi

Always professional, friendly and efficient, facility very clean!!

emma pershall

Went in tonight with horrible lower back pain. Twisted wrong way or something. They have me a shot of pain stuff ibuprofen and said that should relieve pain. I am in worse pain than before. This is all after they stuck me in the back waiting room to conduct all this. No exam no nothing. What a joke this place is.

Nick Plenzick

Just had my colonoscopy this morning here. Once again a wonderful experience. I felt like I had great care, especially from the nursing staff. As good if not better then I have had on the east coast. We used emergency a year ago for my wife and she experienced the same care.

Abigail Jenkins

I’ve heard a lot of bad things about the ER department at this hospital. So I thought I would come on here and give my experience. I was here in December for a kidney stone. I’m only 20 and I was absolutely terrified. The nurse I had was amazing, he was funny and made me feel very comfortable. They didn’t give me a large amount of pain medication that made me sick, but rather eased me into it to ensure it did not make me sick. I never felt that they overdid it on the medicine. There was a long wait for me to get an ultrasound of my kidneys but I was so tired I did not care and they made me very comfortable so I could sleep. My nurse checked on my every 10 minutes. The ER doctor was very nice and explained things well. I was out by the end of the day and everything was fine. I know it’s not always like this at the hospital but they treated me very well and I want everyone to know that!

Lorretta Jackson

I travel nurse there n lots of wonderful people.

Hayler Torres

I’d give it no stars if I could. The care and courtesy at this hospital is a big fat zero. I had one of the nurses just laugh at me because I told another one of the nurses that she was barely getting to my daughters nose swab. I’m not sure where half of these doctors or nurses get their degrees but they need to be re-evaluated. I’ve always had issues with this emergency room, what happened to excellent patient care?

Ronald Lockwood

This is a first for me to give vvmc a good review ,.. LoL...I am as shocked as you I have a lot of issues , type one diabetic and COPD and got a infection and had to go to the emergency room and all the time in the past it's been a horrible nightmare but this visit was totally different and I noticed it from the beginning and I asked the nurse why so nice and to find out he was a travel nurse and jack was awesome they should try and keep him and start training the others bedside manner thanks jack it was a pleasure meeting you and good luck on your travels

Marcie Bakker

2nd colonoscopy yesterday. Dr. Richards was kind and professional. Nurses were great especially Christina. Rooms are clean. Anaesthesiogist was great. Thanks. Marcie Bakker

Soledad Lara-Montoya

Have been here for 5 hours, I get it is a system of who needs care the most but 5 HOURS...and. Counting..still haven't been seen!!!!

Ann Harkness

Treatment itself is subpar at best. I've had to tell one of their nurses that predniSOL won't show up in their system as a tablet because she needed to look for Prednisone. And she STILL came back saying the medicine did not come in tablet form. This place will also send your account to collections without sending you a statement to first collect from you themselves. Go to Flagstaff or Phoenix.

Sherryl Rittorno

Ian Dittmar

Dorothy Valcarcele

Bev Elias

We are "snowbirds" visiting Arizona from Minnesota. I had to take my husband to the Emergency Room on a Saturday morning and was very impressed with the staff and facility. They were very compassionate and worked in a timely manner. Would not be afraid to go back if I needed emergency medical care again.


I went to the ER last night after my work shift. I was extremely sick with what seems like everyone is experiencing right now. the nurses were great and then in walks Dr. week I don't know if he was tired but he had horrible bedside manner he asked me what I did for a living I told him I was a bartender and then immediately asked if I had been drinking or doing drugs. I told him that that was horrible to assume because I was a bartender that I was drinking or on drugs I end up walking out

Courtney C

Lisa Brown

OB department is phenomenal. I’ve given birth to three children at VVMC OB (most recently 4/2019) and the OB dept. entire nursing staff is incredible. So caring, supportive, attentive, compassionate, genuinely kind - from the moment you check in, to the moment to leave. I would definitely recommend having your baby here, because the OB staff will make your birth experience a memory you can cherish for the rest of your life.

Fani lagunas

The er here is horrible next time I will make the drive elsewhere

Seejay Szolc

I spent three horrifying days in this nightmare facility. I slipped a disc and was brought in by some wonderful ambulance staff. But for a short time the second day, this was the end of my attentive care. The ER doctor took forever to give me something that addressed the pain. Eventually my screaming bothered him enough to prescribe morphine. All but one of the nurses and aides were dismissive and indifferent. I asked for gluten-free meals and was served wheat toast and Special K for breakfast. I took a moment to explain to the aide what wheat and gluten were and asked for something else. The aide brought back a box of Wheaties. The next day I pressed the button for assistance. After I tried three times, I pulled myself up and worked my way to the door. I pressed The button again. The red light above my door flashed and I could hear the buzzer at the nurses' station. I peeked out the doorway and saw half a dozen aides and nurses there chatting. A couple looked toward my door then turned back to their conversation. Later that day the Hospitalist showed up. He actually screamed at me when I confirmed I didn't come to the hospital in a timely manner. These are just examples of the constant hatefulness from the staff. A very nice nurse came the second evening and asked how things were going. I hesitated to share but she insisted. When I told her, she actually began to cry. I guess this happened a lot and she wasn't able to do anything about it. I appreciated her kindness. She apologized that she couldn't stay. She apologized that she couldn't make sure I was cared for after the end of her shift. I left the next day, against the doctor's protests, but I couldn't take it any longer.

soledad Laramontoya

Horrible...the wait time is so bad, sick people get tired of the wait and leave.

Damon W

I have a lot of experience with local doctors.. Most are lazy and uninformed unfortunately. I see 3 specialist's at VVMC and they have been much better than the average doctor in the area. While they aren't great they have at least listened and been willing to try some "innovative" (what everyone who actually gets better uses) techniques. Their lab is what I love the most. Unfortunately my insurance is switching me to LabCorp which always loses my tests and screws up somehow. The lab at VVMC is great. They are friendly and efficient and you have access to your results online after 36 hours. (36 hours after the results have been found) I haven't used the emergency room but I'm not surprised people have had less than awesome experiences. Most ER's suck. It can't be worse than URGENT CARE.

Gillian Goslinga

Beware of Oak Creek Physicians LLC, the outfit that provides the ER doctors and certain nurses. In two experiences I have had with them, I have found their billing practices dubious. They also in my last visit misrepresented the nature of my "presentation" despite clear evidence, including my testimony, that it couldn't have possibly been what they wrote in their notes it was. I was shocked and it was months of hassle.

Richard Saiz

Im alive I guess.

Eli Friedman

The staff here is very nice, the ER is great, not a long wait time, good doctors & amazing nurses too. If you need anything in this area don’t hesitate to show up here as they will help with no judgment at all. Great community hospital

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