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Joel Saldana Perez

Total time between arrival and discharge: 5 hours (about 30mins between checking in and being taken to a room, but the lobby was empty). Expected to be there a few hours so I took a book to read. Staff was kind and attentive.

John Slate

I had to go to the ER Aug 2019 with excruciating pain from a pinched sciatic nerve and could barely walk. Their triage was excellent, and I was immediately taken back to the waiting area for a Dr., where I was seen 1st. I would've given them 5 stars, but they only performed an x-ray instead of an MRI to verify where the problem originated. Also, their billing dept. messed up and sent me a bill for over $2k - my insurance covers 100% of ER visits, and that was my only ER visit for the year, so I'll be going to another hospital in the future if need be.

Im Joshh

Very pretty nurses

Sarah Ashe

I’ve been in the ER for about 12 hours now. Haven’t seen a doctor and I haven’t been placed in a room, for 12 hours I’ve been sitting in the lobby with crying childern and sick people constantly coughing. I’ve gone 12 hours with out seeing a SINGLE doctor, so any even work here? I would give zero stars if I could. I’m going to be paying over $500 at least for this “visit” and I’ve been sitting on a bench trying to be comfortable enough to sleep while being in the most intense pain of my life, hence why I’m in the ER. With that $500 plus amount of money I could’ve gone to an actual hospital that would help me in the appropriate amount of time, thank god im not in a state where I could have been dead by now because at this rate of waiting in the lobby I would have been cold by now.

Irene Gold

Julie Gossett

Tucson Medical Center used to be the standard to beat in Tucson Arizona. Standards have fallen far! Although you are called back for the long awaited care... Once you are back, you may be there for 8 to 12 hour just to be discharged without the Dr. Or the nurse remembering to talk to you about the final diagnosis, getting sent home in the same condition one arrived in

Ricky Lizarraga

Awful. Takes so long to “find a bed” when there are 10 people here. Just ridiculous for how long it takes. You need your foot cut off to be able to get in with in the hour

Stephanie Teer

Worst experience ever! Waited FIVE hours before even going back to a room. Then waited another 45 min before someone came to check on me. To top it off as I’m leaving straight out of the nurses mouth “We don’t know what you got but we’re gonna treat it anyways” like are you kidding me!? And they didn’t even wait for results from swab to come back before discharging me. And never looked in my ear when I said it had a sharp throbbing pain. On top of a horrible visit it was so dam hot inside the waiting room my kids were sweating... I’ll NEVER take my kids, hubby or I back there again!

Quijada Martin Quijada

(Translated by Google) Kind, consider Doctors & Staff (Original) Kind,consideret Doctors & Staff

Latina Bella

Worse Emergency Room wait for hours. I was there for more than 3 hours waiting to be call and then another 2-1/2 hours on the back. Stuff is slow and rude and they dont have to many beds or Doctors.

Brittney Molinar

Still waiting to be called back after being here for three hours.. women’s center is great.. ED.. you’re better off going somewhere else

David Palomares

The whole medical staff and their supporting staff were excellent from Michele who was the triage nurse when I checked in, Miguel the security guard, Jessica who is my physician in emergency room at Somi, and also the ultrasound tech Lindsay and her supervisor Gary. They made me feel like a human being and not like a number later a number of other emergency rooms that have made me feel like in the past. I highly recommend the emergency room medical staff and supporting staff there at the Tucson medical center.

Gladys Diaz

Laurie Lefebvre

Awful. Below the standard of care was my experience only. A night in "HE- -"! And this is not directed to every triage nurse, doctor, or intake staff.

Debbie Mejia

I absolutely hate this hospital. I am 9 weeks pregnant and am having bleeding. I came straight from work at 4pm to this hospital. And find myself still waiting for a room at 7:30pm. All the staff gave attitude when asked how long the wait would be, so that if it was long I could go to a hospital where they would be more affectionate. So now I find myself having to go to St. Joseph’s. Worst hospital.

jtennies tennies

I had a kidney stone event and I was treated with care and professionalism the entire stay. A shout out to my nurses Bea and Tammy as well as my nurse practitioner Patricia. Thanks again!!



We were there me , wife and my kids over 5 hours waiting in the emergency room and then overflow room. What the heck is going on here?? Worst medical care I've ever seen of all places I've been to third world country care is better than this Few nurses, what looks like maybe 1 doctor? Left alone for long periods of time, just terrible service and treatment. I'm guessing severly understaffed??

Rebecca Estrada

(Translated by Google) Excellent attention (Original) Excelente atención

Brandy Martinez

If you have an Emergency do not go to TMC if you just need drugs and can laugh and joke around still then go guarantee you will be seen while the Emergencies go home. Cant wait until someone sues TMC for the whole place. My husband went to the ER yesterday with a torn stuck in his eyeball. After seeing people who were there laughing and playing around getting seen before us we inquired on how long it would be since at this point it was becoming pretty painful. The Reception nurse advised oh just keep waiting another hour passed and we called to speak with the house supervisor who advised well did they rinse it NO nothing had happen in 3 hours. She then sends out the head nurse from the ER who advised that because my husbands eye was an emergency he needs to see a doctor we advised yes we know but if it was an emergency then how come others are going back she said those are the ones that we can get out quick and since your husband needs a bed in the ER he has a longer wait. After 4 hours waiting in the waiting room with my husband in pain we left with with a torn still visibly stuck in his eye and no help all because he was an actual patient who needed a bed with a doctor and not just drugs.

Yetti Macdaddy


Eduardo Rojas Jr

Prepare for a long wait and to be moved from waiting room to waiting room.

Deanna Bryant

Went in Sunday May 19th for chest pain, palpitations, shortness of breath, checked in at 5pm waited hours to get called, then finally did X-rays and while I was in the X-ray room changing behind a small curtain another nurse came in not knowing I was in there and told the other nurse “we have another patient waiting for X-rays and she smells” I was shocked like do they really sit around and talk horrible about people that are sick needing help!!! Other than that waited a total of 8 hours for NOTHING ended up leaving, was getting annoyed the nurse kept asking me if I need medicine that had NOTHING to do with what was going on!!!!

toni l.

I expect to wait awhile whenever I have to go to a hospital. That’s not why this is a 1 star rating. The most upsetting thing about this experience with TMC was that a group of at least five people in scrubs sat feet from my husband and two other very ill patients, joking, talking loudly, and using foul language, all while bells are going off as my husbands oxygen and blood pressure changed dramatically. This unprofessional behavior was callous and disappointing.

Amanda Keenum

Maryrose Larkin

Please don't go here. I was in a ton of pain and my regular doctor sent me to the ER. Because I take a drug that can suppress the immune system I have been told to avoid waiting rooms. I sat in the waiting room for four hours trying not to hyperventilate into my mask because there were no beds. Also, I repeatedly mentioned that 2 weeks ago, right before I got sick, that I had pack rat feces and urine exposure, so I thought they might run a test for the disease that pack rats give people, but they weren't really listening and told me to stop talking about it. (focus on you they said, since it seemed to them that I was bragging about helping a friend) I did not request to speak to the charge nurse but the nurse practitioner sent her in anyways and when I explain why it strongly recommended to me to avoid places like waiting rooms where people are contagious, I was told that my white blood cell count was fine and that I was more likely to get sick at the supermarket. It was incredibly rude and condescending. In addition, I take a very low dose of a drug ordinarily used, in much higher doses, for drug addiction. Since they didn't write the dosage down, I think I was pegged as a drug addict. But, not one person health care provider asked about it. I also did not see a pain management specialist while there, so I would assume they thought I was faking. Please don't go here and expect any real help. Especially if you have complex medical problems. They don't have time or staff or the beds for us. The staff is okay but they're clearly overwhelmed and have no time to do anything but run algorithms. I was in tremendous pain and they don't do the test I needed to get done through the ER. I have rheumatoid arthritis and I wind up needing doctors a lot but I will never go back there again.

Aracely Gil

shmarsh_shmello 12

The average wait time is around seven hours. I have a bad infection in my knee and have had to come twice, however, the staff in the ER don’t care. The registered nurse that signs you in was even quoted tonight saying ”I really don’t want to be here, one of my patience left and acted like a bitch.” The waiting room is reminiscent of a run down bus station. By that I mean there is trash littering the floor and a general cloak of uncleanliness. As I have been sitting in the lobby waiting in intense pain. The triage don’t seem to give a rats. God forbid you go to the front desk to ask for anything because again the insufferable RN will likely tear your head off. It’s likened to eating at the restaurant “Dicks Last Resort” where you pay the waitress to treat you like shit, except you pay top dollar for Tijuana quality health care. I hope don’t invest a lot into your personal health and well-being, if you do then you are just better off visiting the “Doctor” van in the back ally of Raiders Reef on golf links. 10/10 would rather eat a bullet than come back to this toxic waste infested shit hole they call an ER.

Captain Howdy

I LOVE TMC. I come here for everything. My mom was a nurse/surgeon assist here for two decades. I had both my children here and the NICU is wonderful. The nurses and doctors here are always nice and so caring. I especially want to thank Dr Gooch who did my most recent surgery in December 2017. He is wonderful. They didn't even judge me or treat me any different knowing I was a heroin addict-they just cared. When you're admitted you usually get a private room with a TV with cable! You get to choose from the menu what you want for breakfast lunch and dinner. They come and clean your room every day. Sometimes there's a long wait in the ER but that's to be expected-the more serious your situation the faster you'll get back though. Even the flobotomists that initially take your blood are friendly. I will ALWAYS continue to come to TMC and recommend it to everybody I know. I love you guys

Rena A

This hospital is slow and they don't care about the People. They tell you to let them know if you have a device(Port,Pacemaker.....) and they still make you sit and wait. With the way the health system is. It's almost makes you wonder why we pay them. It amazes me that they need to get permission to admit you. Especially when you have Port Issues or any major issue.

Grumpy Drone Man

Between them and CNS Dr.s left me with a botched fusion and screws coming out of L4 thru L6 they will lie and cover for others to save their precious reputation but when someone is losing their lives or ability to have a life they will damage you.

Bohan Ye

BE AWARE OF THE HIDDEN COST! I have had great delivery experience in TMC. My nurses were great! However, the TMC hires a random (Wilcox) one to do the lab that does not accept any insurance plan. I was so surprised to see my bills given that I have a very good insurance plan. No matter what insurance you have, that lab is out-of-network and would charge you a lot for any test!

Dominique Harris


Tim Murphy

Just got out of TMC after being admitted for three days. Two of the ER nurses were very cold and, for some reason, very arrogant. The nurses and techs on the floor after I was admitted were mostly very nice, but very busy and understaffed (it would take them more than one hour to turn off the obnoxiously loud beeping of the IV machines that would keep me up at all hours of the day and night for example). A even bigger problem for me was that the nurses and techs were only allowed to follow the instructions of the " hospital doctor," even for a request to have a cup of ice. I was only able to speak to this doctor for a total of 4 minutes during my 3 day stay at TMC so it was extremely frustrating for my medical orders to fall under his direction. The hospital doctor even required me to order and keep down some solid food before being discharged. I told him that I was extremely nauseous but was told it was important since I was " under observation." I went with vanilla pudding and plain yogurt and literally threw up 20x that same day. Then it didn't help that on my last day I was kept with an older man with some form of dementia who kept singing and muttering strange things to himself and shouting at me to " go back to bed" whenever I got up to use the bathroom. While the Children's Hospital at TMC do make children feel important and treat them as unique individuals with unique needs, the adult hospital is more like a cold factory where efficiency and the bottom line seems more important than patient care. Stay away and try UMC instead. Or, if a non-emergency see your primary care doctor. Mine is always happy to sit down and spend as much time with me as I need. Good luck and best health to all.

Deborah Edwards

My husband has been in this hospital 3 times. They don't contact the spouse (me) when an emergency happens to him. The case managers just plain sucks. They tell you "they will call", and they never do. I've had to call Administration just to even find out what the hell is going on with my husband's surgeries and procedures.

Laura Cordova

Very rude and racist lady at the ER check in desk, 06/04/19, 7:15 pm

Zach Hockaday

Took my 2 year old daughter with 107F fever to the pediatric ER at 8:30PM and didn't get out until 3:30 AM with no answers or medicine. Worst experience of my life. They brought her back relatively fast (~1hr), took her vitals (fever had gone down temporarily from Tylenol we have her) and then sent us back out. After another hour we finally got to go back in to the room. There we sat for hours. During that time nurse I stopped several times said "Doc will be with you shortly". Also I watched the doctor sit on his rear end for hours in his office and eating his dinner/lunch. Keep in mind our daughter had a 107 fever for almost 48 hours and only went down after Tylenol AND motrin. Our primary care physician was convinced it was viral and not bacterial and that it wasn't pneumonia or other bacterial infection. ER doctor came in at 2:45 AM. Had to wake our sleeping child with the fever and stick 2 long tubes up her nose for flu test. Still convinced no bacterial infection they sent us on our way with no test results from flu test, no diagnosis, no meds, just a "take Tylenol and Motrin and call of it hasn't come down in 48 hrs". It took a family friend over 1000 miles away to suggest amoxicillin ($4 anti biotic) saying "screw the possibility of drug resistance if it's not bacterial. At this point just try it". You know what happened? It was bactierial pneumonia. This ER and doctor charged me a misdiagnosis and hours of keeping our very sick daughter from recovering via sleep and antibiotic. No faith on the ER or the ER doctor here. I luckily moved and will never have to deal with that place again. See my review of TMC itself as we delivered my son a month after this event

Kayla Beeson

Minimal customer service, snotty nurse, no informing me of what’s going on with my kid, and I understand another child may have a more serious condition, but it still is not ok to say “Hey I have to move you to a room for a more serious client” probably could’ve been left out. Just saying, my child needs help too. Don’t minimize my kid. And this place serious needs to deep clean their rooms.

Federico Celaya

Daniel Soto

Terrible ER dept. Avoid this rat hole at all costs especially if you are in pain!


E Tucson

Over 6 hours waiting in the emergency room and then overflow room. What the heck is going on here?? Worst medical care I've ever seen of all places I've been to. Akin to third world country care. Few nurses, what looks like maybe 1 doctor? Left alone for long periods of time, just terrible service and treatment. I'm guessing severly understaffed??

Ellen B

What a disaster! I went to TMC ER with unbearable pain at a 10 out of 10. Waited over 3 hours and was never seen by a doctor, although they collected my $200 ASAP. Left to go to the UMC ER and was admitted in 5 minutes and given iv pain meds shortly after. I will never go to TMC ER again!


Charlotte King

Nicki Deppe

I was treated poorly ,waited 6hours for nothing,went to leave and had to push my truck,, Know it's worse,I can't wait more hours I had to sleep in my truck and it was cold like the people there had no compassion for the Peoplee just kept telling everyone there s no bed ,I saw tons of open bed,i want to go in cause I hurt so bad,bjt I can't wait anymkhours I gotta get my truck home ,I may have to push it again,,I cried all night in my truck , And i have no one to call,, I've never in my life felt I couldn't go here for help instead I'm looked at and judged by persons who don't know me,,it hurt me a lot to know I can't trust doctors,Merry Christmas,,For I don't even get a Christmas,Nkthing,,I'm alone and but I'll be OK I hope,

Dee G


I dislocated my hip and fractured my pelvis while indoor rock climbing. I went to TMC because it would be better for my insurance. I arrived via ambulance. I was in excruciating pain as my femur was dislocated out of my pelvis. My hip was not reduced for around 8 hours. They are lucky this was not catastrophic as this is a long time to have a dislocated hip given all the nerves and blood vessels that run in the area. Work on prioritizing more acute patients as this was completely unacceptable.

Jim Hreblyn

Piss poor care. You get treated like a drug addict. Worst er I've been to.

Diane Newbrough

If it were possible to give this facility a rating of ZERO, that would be the rating I would give it. My elderly father is visiting here from the Boston area (where, incidentally, the health care is world-renowned). Unfortunately, he fell during his visit, and even more unfortunate, I made a grave error in bringing him to the TMC Emergency Room. While he was triaged somewhat quickly, everything else about the visit was horrendous. The PA that he saw did not even bother to truly examine him. She ordered a shoulder X-RAY and a CT scan, but no labs were done, she did not listen to his heart, she did not look into his eyes with a light......NOTHING. We waited about an hour for his shoulder X-RAY, then waited FOUR hours for his CT scan. They both (thankfully) came back negative, but after MORE THAN SIX HOURS, we were simply discharged with no real instructions, i.e., what to look for in case of a possible concussion or whatever. After about a week, we began to notice some changes in my Dad’s energy level and demeanor. I decided to not bother with another potentially disastrous medical experience here in Tucson, and made the drive up to the Mayo Clinic, and am so thankful that I did. The Mayo Clinic has a superior reputation and for good reason. The care and attention that my father received (from actual MDs, NOT PAs) was extremely thorough. They ran labs, performed a CT scan, looked in his eyes, did a comparative touch exam as well as assessed motor function, and asked very thorough questions of him. He ended up being diagnosed with a concussion, and we were given instructions for care. All of that in UNDER four hours! Needless to say, I would NEVER, under any circumstances, return to TMC, nor would I refer anyone to that facility. Perhaps the administration at TMC, as well as other health care facilities here in Tucson, should take a drive up the road, spend some time at the Mayo Clinic, take detailed notes, and apply the lessons learned at their own facilities. The population here in Tucson deserves much better health care.


Long, long, long wait in the emergency room. Don’t go here if you have a choice.

Carl Pitts

I spent six hours in the emergency room from 7PM to 1AM with a wound in my head from a fall. They essentially did nothing for me until a doctor finally showed up and put staples in to close the wound and then released me. During that time all I saw was people in scrubs walking around aimlessly with apparently nothing to do.

Lauri J Owen

The only reason I didn't rate them one star is that I didn't die. The staff is hit and miss; some are great, and some could not care less. In pain? Too bad. IV out? Too bad. Can't sleep for all the beeping from the IV being empty for over and hour and no pain meds? Too bad. Pain, no sleep, and a general upset that never went away were the three constants during my stay here. Go to ST JOSEPH's instead!

Alexandra Benedetti

Ellie Montañez

Well had great experiences until my husband had to go there one night for an emergency and had to take my daughter with him since I am currently deployed. While he was a patient in the emergency room a nurse named Nicole, thought it would be professional and appropriate to give a married man her personal phone number and to hit on him in front of our child. She then continued to reach out to him afterwards inviting him to hang out and inviting him to meet her mother. TMC please be aware of the people you are hiring. We will never go back to TMC now which is a shame because it’s the closest hospital to our home.

papa jones

Waited for 3 hours and nothing was done !!!! Staff was rude and behaved unprofessionally !!! Bad experience!!

Kellie Fitzgerald

4.5 hours wait time for a room is ridiculous

Sky Galactix

Doctor PA Jackson laughed at me as I was in pain from respitory pain from toxic mold and lead posining. He treated me like a dog. Also they refused me water for hours. The RN Rosa was terrible and had no soul. The medic Carlos was terrible also as he was the one to tell me that it would be hours before I can get my X-rays from the doctor. The X-rays immediately are normally ready. This office is totally corrupt. I will be filing a complain with the highest possible source. Do not come here! Satanic workers.


Joseph Heatherly

I gave 1 star because there is not an option for anything LOWER! DON'T GO HERE repeat DON'T GO HERE!!!!! Read the other reviews THE TREATMENT HERE IS WORSE than you would expect to find in a third world country! The ER staff was HORRIBLE! They put my wife in a separate area because she was crying so loud from the pain in her head! They LEFT her there ALONE for 20 minutes and when I got there they NEVER came to check on her the entire time I was there for 45 minutes. I went to the front desk and asked what was going on and I was told " we put her back there so she would not bother anyone !" That's all the said. I started to read the reviews of TMC and everything that my wife was going through regarding lack of care or concern was there in the many complaints I read. She begged me to take her home, even she saw that they didn't care about her at all. I could go on and on but it is enough to say that if you or your love one need medical help, DO NOT GO TO TMC! May God Bless each of you and Grant you the Mercy never to have to go to TMC! BTW, I will be contacting the State of Arizona and her Insurance company about the treatment here and suggesting that they not pay them, God in his Heaven knows that I will not be!

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