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REVIEWS OF St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center IN Arizona

Roxana Rogers

The best hospital in the Valley by far!!! Great doctors and nurses. A nursing staff that cares and are well educated. Doctors who are up to date with the latest research. Doctors collaborate well with each of the specialities and with the nurses. As an informed patient (retired RN), I can say I received the best care, felt safe, and felt respected. They saved my life. Too bad the clinic for follow up care isn't as well organized. However, I would definitely recommend St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center.


(2015's 4th of JULY in WEEKEND DELIVERY NIGHTMARE) Dr. Christine Craig, MD OB-GYN (Dr. Bujak, MD) bold face lied straight to my face when I asked her about my son's birth complications. Never got a straight answer from staff about my delivery. Didn't talk to the doctor who delivered one time.

Gilbert renteria

We have been going to this hospital for many years now. The staff is always helpful and very knowledgeable. Not one single complaint. All 3 of our daughters were born at this hospital and my wife just had a medical procedure that took a total of a 5 day stay at this hospital. The staff here is extremely helpful and always go out of their way to help out. The facility is very clean and well organized. The cafeteria food is excellent and has a variety of good, healthy choices at a reasonable price. Wendy Kramer (who works 7N24) is the greatest nurse we have ever met. She is truly passionate about her job and her patients. She was beyond helpful and made sure we were taken care of. We were lucky to have her for 3 out of our 5 days at the hospital. She truly made a great difference in our stay and hope this simple review shows our appreciation for her. Thank you for your excellent service Wendy.

Angel Alvarez

excellent service and attention

Melissa Kent

Caring staff. Now they give you a card so you can follow your treatment plan!

Mortisha Styles

Gone to emergency with something wrong in middle ears making difficult to balance and breath.1 doctor said maybe it's the shoes you wear.Another time I (keep getting worse)doctor said why are you here i got 1 sentence out he said stop I talk you listen.3rd time I'm passing out plus chocking Doctor said I can't diagnose you if I do'nt know to call you Miss or Mrs.Now blood is running down my throat and out my right ear serious pain and nowhere to go for help.

Sandy Loper

Had back surgery they did not give me part of my stimulator that was put in my back now I have to return there and try and locate it it was in the recovery room and they did not send up to my room so now I have to track it down also I was on the do not leave it alone fell out of my bed in the big cut on my head received a black eye.. breakfast was brought in to me it's 6 o'clock in the morning who in their right mind months to eat breakfast at 6 o'clock in the morning when they discharged me they told me I was being discharged I called my husband and I live about an hour away they were Wheeling out the room and my husband was just walking in the room they were going to sit me in the lobby I do not understand this part usually they will let you wait in the room until your ride comes to pick you up other than that I have no complaints

Andrea Cortes

I had my son here a month ago with midwife Samantha Smith and she was amazing! I highly recommend having a midwife instead of a doctor she was with me in the room for long periods of time coaching me threw my breathing. I loved how my delivery only had 4 people in the room including me and my husband. My other births at a different hospital had about 8-10 people in the room. Only downside to the hospital is the rooms were a little small. I highly recommend trying this location!

Mayra Cervantes

Simply the BEST hospital!! I just delivered my baby here a month ago and all my nurses were really caring especially my L&D nurse Sasha she is the sweetest person ever!!!

Phoenix 1867

Catholic hospital that preforms abortions =Catholic in name only!

Jordan Forde

I went back to get re evaluated because my pain meds weren't helping. And the P.A. who I seen was disrespectful. Refused to prescribe something stronger for pain. And started taking my cast off without speaking to my doctor first.

Iesha Edwards

I will stick to urgentcare instead of coming back to this hospital ever again. The staff were very rude, and weren't interested in hearing much of my issues. When i tried explaining some of my symptoms to different nurses, they would interrupt me. Then i was waiting for 2hrs to be discharged and saw nurses just chatting and having conversation. When i went to use the bathroom i heard the red head nurse, that seen me in the emergency room, talking on the phone being very rude. I didn't say anything, I just walked and sat back in the waiting room. After a while, i tried asking another nurse if i could be discharged and he never came back. The rudest staff i have ever come across.

Jane Bonner

From check in to check out everyone was kind, helpful, courteous, caring and informative. My care came first. They were the best not only to me but my friend.

John Manning

Had testing in the outpatient 4th floor radiology RPP area. Admitting was super slow due to very little staff working and the radiologist was late due to a meeting. Other than that the nurses, radiology techs and the radiologist doing the test prep were excellent. Overall once admitted it was a good experience with no complications afterwards. Have to say it again the nursing staff were awesome.

Rosco Sam

Transient in the waiting room was going one by one to people asking for change. My mother pressed her button repeatedly for assistance with going to the restroom after having brain surgery and nobody came to assist, so she tried to get up and fell. She got MRSA infection in her incision and she was discharged the next day and fell very ill. When we brought her back to the ER we were dismissed as it was just a side effect from the surgery. We brought her back again for a 3rd time within 3 days and they actually did their job and ran a simple test and realized she had MRSA in her incision which ended up killing her. Poorest service I have ever seen anywhere.

derrek porcher

This is one of the greatest hospitals ever to exist plus the neurologists are from barrows right next door, which are the best in the world. If i ever need urgent care again i will drive or fly here. Shout out to my volunteer escort brian paul he wants to go to college for pre-med so he volunteers hours at the hospital please tell him thank you and good luck i hope you make it bud.

Keith McDonald

They are taking care of the love of my life

Michael Piekarski

Going on 11 hrs in the er with no clear plan of treatment...been moved to 3 different er rooms.. for a top neuro hospital it sure doesnt feel like it

Vera Catlett

I had been in the Emergency Room and wrote truthful, not nice review about visit. Since than I have been terrorizing with computer generated phone-call every day. Computer voice has presented St. Joseph Hospital. St. Joseph Hospital does have bad Emergency Room's service, very unprofessional, and does not know how to communicate with patient, who have not been serve proper in their Emergency Room. Do not go to this Emergency Room, if you need treatment, truth about your health, correct record, and do not be terrorizing by permanent computer generated phone-call!!!

nichole holmes

I have never been treated with so much care, respect, kindness & love from a medical facility in my 50 years. Had car accident and was admitted for 3 days. The follow through with every test, procedure, & surgery gave me such confidence. Thank you Lucille & Caitlyn, Trauma Team, and the ER team, the blood drawing team who got it every time.

Bernie o

My name is B. Obryant and I would never step foot back in this hospital as long as I'm on this earth. (1) They discriminate against black gay men.they made a mockery out of me when I heard some woman announced to my nurse saying 'one queen bed available for room 7, when I got upstairs it was a bed that was ment for a child,I had to complain to get it changed. (2) they tricked me into believing they was going to have walgreens fill 3 partial important prescriptions for me but they waited and maneuver things so I wouldn't be released until case management had left for the day leaving me with no way of contacting them and no prescription for 2 days to treat pneumonia and the flu after being admitted for 2 days.I may seek damages for unethical behavior mental pain and suffering after consulting with an attorney as advised.

Jeannette Hovey

Excellent Doctor's and Nurses on the 5th floor Neurology wing. Thank you!


ER is the worst will die before I go back, stay away at all cost nurses are rude and drs. are whiners and need teddy bears NOT KIDDING I was having seizures and had to leave because I used a bad word and the DR felt threatened , the rest of BARROWS is the best all respect and care here even the rooms are disgusting !

Rocket Science

Saved my life after Abrazo Arrowhead sent me home while literally dying.

Penney Kim

I would like to say thank to NIC unit you are very special. The love and care of nurses and doctors is outstanding. Again thank you for taking care of my granddaughter. God bless you

Judy Abel

Staff was fast ready. Little waiting time. Doctors were sympathetic and accommodating. I'd return.

Kathy Fiala

It is a maze to find your way around. The nurses and staff are wonderful!

yessenia cerna

I was born here and to pass by every once and a while feels good ! My mom loved everything about it and till this day still does . Keep up the good work !!

Judy Brock

The workers in this hospital are polite and caring. One time we were looking for a department. A RN stopped and asked if we needed help. She made a call, found where we were supposed to be. Then she walked with us to a completely different building.

Rusty Shackleford

Just moved to Arizona and I needed to get my prescriptions sorted. Doctor comes in about 35 minutes after my appointment time. First, the Dr refuses to give me my ADD medication at all until I see their psychologist. I finally talk her into giving me at least one refill to get me by. Then they won't give me my ADD medication unless I take a urine test (I'm wearing a business suite, do I look like a drug addict?). They give me some paperwork that I read later, and they somehow ran a nicotine test on me that I didn't request or authorize. All of this stuff, by the way, they billed to my insurance company ($471) of which I am responsible for $256 of. Now, how much of that $256 that I have to pay is going to tests I didn't want and didn't ask for? Will not be going back.

Husain Sodawalla

I work here. People are kind and helpful. Some of my colleagues underwent surgical procedures at the hospital and they were satisfied with the care provided. It is a good place to work as well. Hello humankindness!

Cathy Sanabria

My daughter is a patient there at this time. She sat in the ER for 18 hours. No one asked her if she needed anything, not even a drink of water. They finally brought her a tray, sat it on the other side of the room and did not ask or offer to help her with her tray. They finally moved her to her room said let's go, offering no help to get her to her room. Not sure what happened to patient care. What happened to making sure patients were taken care of and patients were assisted when they were unable to do things for themselves, making sure patients were safe? I always thought this is what patient care was about. Believe me I understand how busy the ER can be, COMMUNICATE this to your patient, take a couple of minutes for patient care !I am under the impression the staff St. Joseph's at Hospital and Medical Center does not share the same views on patient care. Very disappointed!!!

Shelley Jones

Horrible care given!!! Was diagnosed with extremely painful orcitise, only to be given extra strength Tylenol!! What kinda of Dr torchers people like this!?? Should really be looked at by others!!!!!

Sofia Sabino Houston

I am so thankful with all staff on the 6th floor, nurse Melissa, and Jodie day shift were awesome and just so passionate. Night shift nurses Amy and Matthew were angels in disguise. I am so thankful for everything you guys did. I will never forget how bless I was to be under your care. THANK YOU SO MUCH. GOD BLESS YOU


My son was admitted at at Westgate and was there any ICI for 7 days. He needed to be transferred to the downtown facility for initial testing. After the ambulance and picked him up we were told that the downtown facility had a room ready and waiting for him when we got here the bed was not ready the room was not clean they expected him to call into a bed that was covered in feces blood and some other white crusty fluid that looks like semen they expected to put my son in that bed without it being cleaned or even having clean sheets in it. After further inspection of the room we found blood and human feces all over the toilet black Footprints all over in side of shower dripping faucets and mold growing from the ceilings for they're inspecting the room the bio box hadn't been emptied what it look like her dance it was overflowing hypodermic needles and tubes with blood coming out of it falling out and going to the floor there was blood on the wall Blood on the floor and blood on the bed frame that they were going to put my son in. After asking the staff if they were going to clean the bed they have asked like they did not know how to understand English and proceeded to make the bed with the feces and blood on it and expected my son to sleep on it I ended up having to ask for alcohol wipes and bleach wipes to clean the bed so I can make it for my son now like I said he just got out of ICU and they expected him to sit in a chair over four and a half hours waiting for somebody to make the bed so he can get up into it he was forgotten on several accounts and when asked the charge nurse when they were going to attend to him she proceeded to jump my case and chew my head off so if you want to go to a good hospital do not come to St Joe's Medical Center downtown Phoenix filthy you get forgotten and you're treated like the trash that lives around in this neighborhood.

Gabi Uebel

I am disappointed with the level of care of my mother-in-law has received at St. Joseph's since she has been out of recovery. Recovery care was wonderful (thus the 3 stars). Once she got into her room, it's been terrible. Nurses don't listen. She is in terrible pain (10+) after having brain surgery. She is obviously in pain if she is crying. Please step up your care. The care she received in 2012 for uterine cancer far exceeded the care she has received in the last 24 hours.

Cassandra Brown

Hospital is only out for money, they charge you for visiting your family! It's hard to get ahold of your family member using their phone lines, their front desk receptionist rudely told a Spanish speaker that "She did not speak Spanish " and had no idea what to do and the lady had a hard time trying to figure out what to do on her end to get a Spanish translater for her so she pushed her to the side because the line was lining up, then a nurse came to help but who knew every single visitor had to sign in at the front to see their family member, even the babies. But anyways, I called ahead a time because I saw on the maps that the only place to park was in the parking garage-- The front desk receptionist informed me that "The parking was free of charge if you visited your visiting patients nursing station and that all I had to do was get it validated by them at the nursing station". I asked the nurse and they had said the front desk receptionist would validate it for me- got down to the front desk and the new guy receptionist informed me "Oh no we dont validate parking, well unless you've been here for more than 6 hours" .... now that's just my experience... my visiting patient had a terrible time there too..... 12+ hours waiting in the ER to be transferred up stairs and then when transferred upstairs he was left in the room without any nurses coming in to introduce themself that they would be his nurse&Every time he called for the nurses they rudely came in with attitude because they had to break their hallway conversation to help him.. (And he was transferred upstairs to his room around 2, the shift change is at 7.) Also they rudely interrupted my visit with him, once my daughter and I got up to his room and started our visit, the nurse rushed in to "Take him to get an MRI" while we asked if they could do it later, they told is we would have to wait for 2+days to get another spot so he went and did it anyways because they had told us "it will at most take AN HOUR from now until your done so your family can wait in here until you are done", he went down and he came back up an hour later upset because he asked them while down there what was taking forever and how long he would be waiting because he had been told it was going to be an hour AT MOST- the MRI guy said to him "I dont know why they sent you down so early because you have a whole 2 hour wait, they could have sent you down later" so he asked if he could come back up and they said sure and brang him back up to his room---- 30 minutes later, A nurse came in and said "The doctor wants to discharge you because you refused to get an MRI "

Pierre Burns

Very good staff especially the nurses

Gary Burbank

This is by far the worst hospital in Phoenix my wife has been there three different times for three different surgery's your staff is very very rude my wife needed her medication and is proscribe methadone from a methadone clinic my wife told them from the day she arrived she is on methadone and when it came time for my wife to get her medication the staff said they didn't know anything about her being on methadone and once she did get it they tried to give her less my wife is on 206 mgs of methadone and the Dr said he would only give her 100 really and then you send her home without her methadone knowing the clinic isn't open Sunday so my wife had to miss a day of medication and my wife and I explained that she has to be discharged because I have to work I already missed a week of work and your Drs and staff say I wouldn't worry about going to work really what I'm supposed to loose my job for your hospital you going to pay my bills no we will not be coming here again

Ashley Dillon

I can't say enough good things about my most recent visit. I ended up having to be admitted. From the moment I walked in that door it was endless care. My nurses and doctors were amazing and helped me with my little one till I could have someone get him. I will be coming here from now on. This staff went above and beyond for me! My doctor even came in before leaving to go home I don't think I'd ever experienced that before. The chaplain here was also the sweetest. For any of my family care I will be coming here thankyou St. Josephs and thanks to ultrasound and ct for your compassion and patience. To floor 7H some of the best nurses I've ever met thankyou so much for everything!

Christine Wallace

Select Specialty Hospital on third floor of saint Joseph is very good respiratory rehab. They could be quicker responding to the nurses buttons 40 minutes to an hour is too long after you push the button to get help. Other than that, most of the staff is extremely accommodating, very friendly and skilled. Kudos to Barry, the best RT at Select.

Queen Tina Aguirre

clean and doctors aim to please but the nurse I had was no Bueno

Kimberly Friese

I checked in here few years ago extremely sick and nearly dead, and after being turned away from Gilbert Mercy hospital because they were discriminating against me for having a drug problem, St Joseph's hospital saved my life and helped me to get sober. :)

Debbie Wilson

This was the best care I have ever had. I had a brain tumor, and they removed it and I am now doing fine. But the care I had was the very best. Never experienced anything like it, and my follow up visits? Flawless.

Steve Burman

Had a very good first experience there seeing a specialist for my wife's condition. Helpful, pleasant, good cafeteria as well.

J.A. Marlow

St. Joseph's and the associated Barrows Neurological Institute took care of my mother through the first discovery and operation on a GBM brain tumor right to the end. Surgeons, oncologists, doctors, nurses, and everyone we met were fantastic and supportive through the entire process. Thank you everyone! St. Joseph's is the best hospital experience my family has ever had.

Kevin King

I love saint Joseph’s Hostpital I have been going here sense my first surgery as a 5-8 year old and each time they treat me with nothing more then respect as if I was part of there family the neurologists doctors and all the other staff are awesome I would give more then 5 stars for all the staff at saint Joseph Hostpital if I could

Casey Bratton

I should have posted this 2 years ago. I believe St. Joseph's may have saved my son's life. My girlfriend was at work when she went into labor. She's native so they took her to the indian hospital. While there they wanted to do the delivery right there and then, she was only 30 weeks. There was a couple St. Joes paramedics that over heard it, stepped in and stopped them. They took her to St. Joseph's where they were able to keep him in for a few more days. When he was born, they took such good care of my son and im forever grateful for your incredible staff. He was there for about a month or 2 before we were able to bring him home, but they made sure he was healthy and ready. Thank you St. Joseph's.

Southern Boy

They really took care of my dad when he had a torn osophiagist and an ulcer 2 years ago. They're way better than John C. Lincoln Memorial Hospital when they did it back in 2008.

dawn taylor

Absolutely horrible experience at this ER 10+ hours and breach of HIPAA regulations upon discharge. This is the 1st time in 25 years an Emergency department corralled many patients into one room and gave individual diagnoses and discharge instructions in front of the whole group. I will not go there EVER again. I wouldn't bring my dog here! Addendum: I was contacted through my review and asked to call administrative office. I called twice a day for three days and no one returned my calls and never answered the phone.

Ashleigh Koleda

So far I've been to St. Joseph's Hospital three times now. The only reason I'm giving three stars is because I had my son here and the experience was great. The nurses were so supportive and friendly. They all helped me with anything I needed. But, my ER experiences have been absolutely terrible. Since I gave birth to my son two months ago, I've been in the ER two different times now for a severe migraine that does not go away unless I take medication for it. Once the medication wears off, the headache is back. When I saw my PCP he adviced me to go to the ER to have a spinal blood patch done. I had an epidural with my son and he said there's a chance I can be leaking spinal fluid and the patch would help. So this was my first trip to the ER. I went in, told them my symptoms and what my PCP told me. The nurse said that it was too late, my body would have closed up on its own because it had been about six weeks since my epidural, yet I was still having the migraines. So they sent me home with a shot in my thigh and some medication. Three days later that medication stopped working for my migraines. So I went back last night. The nurse did the same thing she did the last time. I got a shot in my thigh and they sent me home. Now here I am still suffering from these migraines so bad to the point where I can't even take care of my own son. It's extremely frustrating and depressing. I don't know what to do anymore except lay in bed. I don't know what I would without the help from my mom and fiance. I plan to return tonight with my mom who will help me persist them to either do the blood patch (we researched the length of time spinal fluid can leak from an epidural, the longest reported was 19 months) or an MRI. Epilepsy and brain tumors run in my mom's side of the family. Hopefully they will listen to her.


St Joe's has always been a good hospital. When Dignity took over, a lot of business sense was introduced into the working culture of the hospital. Some of it really good, other aspects not so much. Overall a good choice for medical care. They have a staff with the majority that shows they genuinely care about their patients.


I would give this place ZERO stars if I could. This facility is terrible. Their ER services, radiology department and records department is filled with some of the most miserable, rude people I have ever met. I work in healthcare and have to deal with all departments on a regular basis. They make everything more difficult than it needs to be and send you around in circles to avoid having to help you. It's always a chore to obtain records and images for our patients-- because of this, many patients end up waiting additional days or weeks to begin their cancer treatments. I always avoid recommending this place to anyone.


Our visit today was amazing. When someone you love has a brain injury it's almost like they've been taken away. It can be very confusing and frustrating to understand what's happened let alone figure out what needs to happen next. After a bad car accident I took my husband to 3 different ERs and until the on call neurologist from Banner got involved we had no clue what was going on. The doctors here are some of the best in the country. It's a totally different level of medical care with an extraordinary amount of coordination not only between medical resources but between patient and doctor.

E. Tanya Moon

I would give you no stars if I could!!! My granddaughter was transferred here by ambulance after a severe car accident and after 8 hours she is still laying in the hallway waiting to be seen. I had to go back and almost threaten the nurse to medicate her for pain! Worst care ever!!! I am in healthcare and have never treated a patient like this! I wish the ambulance never brought her here and we will never be back! I will never recommend this hospital and will advise my Patients to avoid St. Joe's like the plague!!!

Megan Higgins

The worst hospital ever. I flew in from Ohio to see my mom in ICU..they were the absolute worst..I saw my mom for 2 hours and was so disgusted by the whole place before they told me I couldnt see her anymore. They were so rude and disrespectful and I hate it that they were able to treat me like this.

lisa kimmell

My daughter,Lindsay glotfelty, delivered a baby girl last evening at approximately 6:30pm the care she received was impeccable. Nurses Jordan,Sasha,etc were so tremendous! The doctor who delivered and his team were absolutely wonderful!. Being in that hospital was such a wonderful experience. I don't think that there is any room for improvement. Kee it up! I will be Bragging about your care. Thank you so much!

William Maxwell

They have a nice outside environment here and a peaceful chapel

Crystal Favors

First, I would like to say in about the last three months in the year of 2016, I had found out I was pregnant. It was the best time of my life. Me and my boyfriend were very excited. However, due to complications I had ended up having an unsuccessful pregnancy.The fact that the doctor in the maternity clinic couldn't explain to us why this happened still bothers me till this today. Then, the OB-GYN department seem very uninterested to not care either and to me it's not right nor professional to act that kind of way.She seem not caring nor compassionate for me as a patient. So I won't be coming on that side to see them anymore. However, the only time I'll be at St. Joseph's is to go to their family practice clinic. Every time I have an appointment, the front desk is nice, polite, and actually care for their patients. I'll be definitely going to BANNER HEALTH OB-GYN where the staff and doctors are knowledgeable and they actually care for their patients. Plus, I want a new place to go to whereas bad karma won't follow me.I wouldn't recommend St.Joseph's Hospital for anyone especially on the women's health department . They are not very knowledgeable at all.

Alex Granado

Hi, everyone I recommend this hospital, the staff there is very kind and professional. I went in late Friday night to the emergency room after having a very bad experience at a John c Lincoln hospital on 3rd st and Dunlap, I arrived here at st. Joseph hospital for severe abdominal pain plus vomiting and was about ready to pass out and as soon as I try to explain what was going on the put me in a wheelchair and immediately took me to the back and placed me in a room where I waited 20 minutes before the doctor came in and seen how much pain I was in and how bad I kept vomiting, so he order some blood work and give me pain and nausea medication to help me feel more comfortable, after my blood work came back he then order a CT scan because my white blood cell count was extremely high, at this time I was put into another room where the nursing staff made me feel comfortable while waiting on my CT scan result, the doctor then comes back around 3:00 in the morning and explains to me that my appendix had burst and they are scheduling me to have surgery at 7:30 Saturday morning at 7:00 the nurses from the surgery team came and got me to get me prepped for my operation, after a couple hours surgery nurses take me to the OR in tower H on the 7 floor where I met my surgeon Dr. Russell who did an amazing job, also met my nurse RN Emilie who took very good care of me making sure I was not in any pain, had everything I needed, when her shift ended she introduced to my new nurse that was going to take care of me for the remainder of the night her name was RN Dara who was also was amazing, over all I had the well deserved experience here and would go back over and over again I highly recommend this hospital to everyone and to think I was at John c Lincoln hospital before I went here and they didn't take my situation seriously which caused me to leave and go to st. Joseph hospital. st. Joseph said if I had waited a little longer my situation could have become life threatening I love this hospital they are very good at there work and know what it means to treat people with kindness very professional staff well done St. Joseph Hospital.

Rachel Cornelius

Room was dirty both times I was there. Nurse was uncaring and rude. Lots of chatter at nurses station. Impossible to sleep.

anna jordan

I had my pacemaker put in

Franc Hernandez

I was there for about a week because of a car accident and I would like to thank all the wonderful staff and doctors, I was in tower 8, room 8T10. Thank you!

Laura Solis

Really bad service to get me in they didnt provide me food or drink more than 24 hours just to do enoscopy and when you call nurse it takes 10-15min to come in. Wont be coming back to this hospital

Kathy Daley

The staff is top notch. I've been to both campuses, downtown, and in Glendale. I especially love the Glendale campus as it is so quiet and peaceful.

Todd Karn

Came to this St Joseph's Hospital in an ambulance. Was walked through the emergency center and to the waiting room all while I was in major pain through my stomach area. After sitting there for almost 30 minutes I was called over by a woman. She sat me down and asked a few questions and then took me to another room to be admitted I guess. During this time I had to move around to keep the pain from knocking me out for about another 30 minutes before another lady came in. At this point I needed to go to the bathroom bad. She sent me there with a cup to piss in and return. I returned and no one in site. I waited a minute and got up and they were in another room talking with staff. She took me in and asked my symptoms and such and then stated that they would asked for a cat scan and other tests. I was then taken to a curtained off chair that only reclined partially. I sat there for over and hour waiting for pain medication. So at this point I had to endure the pain for over 3 hours with no pain medication. I was finally given the pain medication and it barely even helped. Complaining as you would call it or asking about as I did, did no good. So far up to this point very unprofessional and no care for a patience or person what so ever. It was 3 hours before a cat scan was done and another 3 hours before I even got the results. During this time pain had come back and I never seen a doctor through my whole visit. Never heard of not seeing a doctor at least once. No doctor came to see me ever through this visit. I had a kidney stone and that was the pain I was in. I hear they can be one of the most severe pains out there and yet pain medicine was hard to come by and even getting answers from any staff member was a nightmare. My wife was with me and she is most effective. She had the hardest time getting the staff to get us help and get answers for anything. The lady that came down with my test results a Nurse practitioner was very nice and explained my issues to me in detail. We told her our story and she was very apologetic for everything, but a little late for that. This was the worse hospital visit I have ever had and I will make sure they do not take me to this hospital ever again. If I were any of you reading this statement, if you can even get to it, find a better hospital to go to. Good luck to all. Todd

Douglas Cook

The Mayo clinic may be the best for the rich crowd, but St. Joe's is the best bet for poor people. The level of care here is beyond any expectations you may have. The nurses are more compassionate than any hospital I've ever been to, yet battle hardened against their old foe, Death. The doctors here are brilliant at their job, and their bed-side manners are filled with loving kindness. everyone here is willing to put forth the effort to make this an environment of healing.


They genuinely treat the illness while conserving your dignity. I was here twice each time for a week. First in ICU and the second in general recovery on the 8th floor. (Same issue 3 mos apart) So, here is the break down I think might help: • Rooms: supper clear, nice hot and clean showers, the ICU has slightly nicer seating for your loved ones than the 8th floor, the toilets sit a little low so if you are struggling with mobility you will need help from your nurse. • Nurses: SWEET JESUS THEY WERE AMAZING!! I still tear up when I think of how warm and supportive they were. ANABELL on the 8th floor is my hero! She was not just kind to me but so patient with my nagging and nervous loved ones that visited. The ICU nurses were so patient and supportive in my re-learning to walk. I had two at one point on my first walk. One held my oxygen and catheter, the other help my IV stuff. SUE! My ICU nurse I had the most days, she’s ex-air force and strong as heck while still having the most gentle hand. (she had to move my IV twice) She was also one that let me cry a lot post first surgery. • Doctors: Dr. Rubalcava was amazing. He comforted me as I cried and processed my diagnosis. He actually saved my life. He rushed me into surgery about two hours after coming into the ER. This is a teaching hospital so you will have medical residents do a lot of the hospital room visits. I loved both teams assigned to me. They were extremely professional but still light hearted when visiting. I had one female Dr Help me into bed a few times, because I didn’t have the balance to ease into it and due to my surgery could allow my body to drop into it. I loved all the doctors that visited. This includes the gentle anesthesiologist. One saw me nervous before my second surgery and placed his hands on my forhead and shoulders to reassure me. (I was already in place for surgery). • Wound Care: CAROL, she was my hero when it came to teaching me to take care of my wound and medical device. The first few days I didn’t want to even look at it or talk about it in detail and she would just handle all of the changing on her own. She let me come to terms with it at my own time. • Phlebotomist: Ok so they wake you up at 3-4 am every day to draw blood. Almost everyone was superb, there were times I didn’t even notice they had done it already. They are so gentle when they wake you. They wait for you to be ready before they turn the lights on, so they don’t startle you. (there was one clumsy guy on my first visit, but he’s not there anymore) • Transport Volunteers: I had a really sweet girl on my way out, she was patient when my loved one took forever pulling into the pickup section (my loved one got lost).

J Hall

If you are having a life threatening emergency DO NOT STAY HERE. My Son would have died if I stayed there. He is a 13yr old the school nurse called me said he had stomach pain. I went to St. Joseph's hospital because it is only 1 mile from my son school. I go to the ER to check him in & have to find a wheel chair by my self. As we wait for the triage nurse, My son is throwing up in a thrust buster from circle k( that was in my truck). He is spitting/vomiting yellow/green slim. He's having excruciating pains in his stomach. Finally the triage person takes his vitals. No fever, No blood pressure or oxygen problems. And the guy tells me "Oh sorry just filled up all the rooms" I ask the check in nurse if I can have him transported to the children's hospital. MARY ANN tells me" Honey, no one is making you stay here" I said excuse me what did you say? She says " Well you can go, it's not like your chained up and were forcing you to stay here." I ask for her name she tells me M.A I left. Drove to Children's Hospital went to ER from there he went right in and an ultrasound done then a CT scan and went straight into a five-hour surgery. This was life threatening. His large intestines had twisted and flipped over. This was cutting off his blood circulation was literally countdown of time. They removed part of his Intestines, reattached and did a Malrotation. He would have died if I stayed at St. Joseph's. My son is Alive only because I went to Children's Hospital. I understand this is a rare thing that happened to my son. All other vital showed up normal besides the stomach ache & green slim. I just picked him up from school with belly ache. That's why I am not a doctor. Choose the right hospital & you will get the right care. St. Joseph's didn't even offer my son a throw up bag. It's all bad. I had a lot going thru my head, but that was the best decision I made was to leave and rip off that arm band. If you like rude, unprofessional, incompetent and it's not life threatening then this could be for you. Sorry Not for me.


Awesome hospital, but it would be very helpful, and spare a heat stroke or two, if their ATMs were easier to locate in order to get cash for the parking garage.... Lol

Michael McCune

3/22/2019 - Changed rating from 5-star because of ongoing issues with my wound care leaving me in constant approximately 9/10 wound/skin pain. for pain context.. I have had more than 75 ablations (nerves burned) without sedation. I would rate those procedures at ~7/10 pain level, using humming in place of Versed (a sedative). Each lasted ~2 minutes. =========== Infectious disease doctors here saved me from a 5+ year old infection with Incredible Effort and their deep knowledge. I am blessed and appreciative. Some times you just have to keep trying for years... and just deal with a difficult to seemingly impossible situation. Long-suffering is part of the birth of a new creation. My best care was from those with Christ-like compassion who were willing to establish a dialogue with me. The best R.N.s and techs: George and Raul (travelling R.N.s), Lindsay, Taylor, Johanna-charge R.N. , 'A and Jessica' superteam(!), Brett, Steph, Hazel, Ricky and Patricia truly cared for and about me, and made a 2+ week stay (so far) easier. Oh, food.. Alex (all-star!!) in food prep, took an order change in less than 30 seconds without issue as the menu indicated . A fruit plate and chocolate milks with each meal wherever possible, helped me regain strength. Thanks to Alex and to the Techs who kindly and patiently ordered my food (and did lots of other stuff). Wow!!

Alexander Acosta

Found their get down to business at hand and get you back home attitude very refreshing!

Jen Hanson

I've had stay here after 2 separate neck surgeries, and while my surgeon and his team were phenomenal, the recovery care and attending physicians are well....luck o' the draw. One was so awful he left me in post-surgical recovery for 3 hours while he was at a baseball game. The next guy was better and at least kind, but our nurses both times were REALLY understaffed and 1 out of 4 were even remotely decent to deal with. --In fact, the second time, I brought my own insulin and medications and my sister and I managed my own post-op care while we were forced to stay 2 nights in the hospital post-op. All in all, not the worst, hence the 3 stars but DEFINITELY could use better docs and staff. also: billing is a NIGHTMARE.

Don zzz

They released me 6 days after major surgery with a constant fever. 4 weeks later, I still have the fever. They should have tried to solve what could be a life threatening infection. Dr. Kinney in ICU is a joke. All the nurses know it. They told us. He laughs at patient problems. He doesn't do his own work or any research. Very disappointed overall.

Robert Defreese

It's a terrible feeling for parents to be discharged while their baby is still in NICU. Especially when the mother is in need of more treatment due to health problems and lives over an hour away. Good staff but bad policy, because not everyone is the same.

Debbie Schwartz

Love this place. The nursing staff here are Angels. They took such great care of my mother, when she had surgery for a brain tumor. The doctors are fabulous and I can't enough of how wonderful they all are. Thank you St. Joe's

Shari Healey

I'm here all the time had a lung transplant and this hospital is the best in the valley

Jamesha Jones

If I can give a no star I would. The facility is unprofessional and unsanitary. They didn't know what room to put me in. They moved me from a room to the hall just to draw my blood. Which was very unsanitary . they were going over my personal info in the hall way where there were alot of people. A injured guy was left in the hall and hadn't been taken care of for a while. It was horrible. I went to Chandler regional and they got me taken care of and they didn't even have to draw my blood. Which let's me know they perform unneeded service for money. This is the third bad experience I have had here. They made my boyfriend have to get surgery because they pushed his abscess in. And while I was pregnant they removed my abscess in the hall way where people are casually walking by.

Shiella Loreto

My first hospital visit here in Arizona! My experience was really good! I am very satisfied with the service provided by the gynecologist Dr. Aguilar, I highly recommend her to any ladies out there! And her assistant as well, I forgot her name but they are really professional and friendly! They makes sure that the patient feels comfortable with them, and explains every steps that they are going to do to you!

Wehmeyer Babies

Very rude staff, don't seem to like their jobs. When asked for nurse they say rudely they'll let the nurse know that you called the nursing station. Yet no nurse comes so when you press the nurse button again asking for nurse they don't ask if anything is wrong just asks what you want and when you ask for nurse they say they'll let them know. Yet still they don't show. I'm a transfer so they've been expecting me for over 6 hours and yet nobody knows what is going on. I can't eat or drink anything and haven't done the night before for a surgery that was unsuccessful from another location. I'm in pain, starving, and extremely thirsty. I want expecting to be sick here so I don't have my meds nor have I been given a chance to tell them that I need my meds from them. My daughter has been driving around for hours trying to find me yet no one knew where I was and I'm in so much pain and just scared sick of what is happening and not knowing is making things even worse. The nurses and doctors were extremely good, but the person answer the calls and my page were very rude.

Cam Davis

They like to max patients out on pain medicine and muscle relaxers and then ask you why they aren't responsive while doing a sternum rub.

Jay’s World

I really think they have a mosquito problem in the hospital.. I got bites while I was a outpatient getting worked on. And I wasn’t the 1st I got a mosquito bite in st. Joes..

Jody Whitfield

They were aweful with my dying son and they didn't care and they didn't do enough to save him. They just wanted to brush him off to hospice. Never go there again.

Johnson Truong

I just want to thank for St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center for all of the kindness when working with my uncle over the past two years. My uncle had liver diseases for the past two years and had been working with nurse practitioner Ashley Hepner. During this time, she was always there for our family and often got out of her way to help us by responding to e-mails, helping us by responding very quickly to his short term disability insurance, etc. Last month, he was tested as a potential candidate for liver disease and worked with Dr. Reynolds. I just want to say that he was so kind and supportive when telling us that my uncle was not a good candidate. The nursing staff and the emergency department were all very professional and kind working with him for over a week. They also referred us to hospice after discharge. My uncle passed away two days ago, but I want to thank St. Joseph for being so kind and so supportive of my family during my uncle's final years of his life.

Mary Jane Chiefers

Hands down the worst hospital I've ever been to and I've had severe asthma since birth.Came in at 8pm it's 9am. If my oxygen level are fine but I'm having trouble breathing why are you giving me oxygen? When asthmatic people are having difficulty BREATHING and you force them to sit there for 5 hours (because of dosage) than maybe you have the wrong diagnosis. I'm still sitting here, suffering. Slow nurse and ghost Drs. Never coming back. Last time I was here with my grandma for 6 hours for them to tell us to tell her primary care Dr.

Michael Butler

Level of care was okay. It was Saturday night. They were busy. I cut my arm open at work. Rushed to ER. Took less than 2 hours to staple together. No ointment tons of bandaids.

Sara Resendes

I just delivered my twins at St Joseph's (also delivered my daughter there in January 2016) and I would never go anywhere else. They were quick to tend to your needs, every single nurse I had was friendly and supportive, and they just made both of my deliveries so easy and wonderful. If you're unsure on what hospital to deliver at i would HIGHLY recommend St Joe's.

Wayne Neill

Horrible service, and personnel. Took wife to ER for abdominal pain. Staff was rude and uncaring, and made unprofessional comments to her. Took a long time to be seen by a doctor. I do not recommend this hospital to anyone. However we did like and received good care from the EMT college students there. They were professional and courteous. Thanks guys you did a great job.

Stephanie Burnett

This is a great hospital! I recommend it to anyone in need of help. Margie, Dr. Scott & Dr. Cornejo's assistant, is hands down the most kind, caring and loving person I have had experience with in the past 9 years of always being in and out of hospitals. Thank you Margie for everything you did for me!! You deserve to be recognized by the hospital!

Rhonda Todd

Absolutely the best care!

Angee Carter

Took great care of my hubby.. awesome 8th floor nurses.. Jill and Reggie were very attentive!!

Gregory Ellis

Quality care, I must admit, you are the best family care trauma center west of the Mississippi River. And Your staff sincerely cares about everybody's well being, regardless of economic stature. Keep up the great and fabulous work.


Everyone is nice and friendly!

Eddie Sanchez

If It was possible to give them no stars I would. They are horrible at discharging patients. I was in a room waiting to be discharged, six people ahead of me. I watched them all get discharged and every single one complained about the service.I watched six more people come into this waiting room and I watched them leave counting them one by one like I was counting sheep wanting to sleep so bad. 5 hours for one x ray. I was in pretty quick, took some blood from me and of course the x ray. All within 35-40 min, the rest of my time I spent waiting. Dignity is garbage. I transport patients in and out of these facilities and this place is by far the worst. Old too. Banner University just opened up they're new patient towers, so nextime don't chose this place.If you do be prepared to waste the rest of your day in a waiting room. Choose Banner or Honor Health Hospital's. The nurses are much nicer too.

Lisa Loreal Mendez

I like this place when my child was in care, but I feel like they don’t get to attend everyone individually. Wish they could take their time with patients .

David Leon

I was always taken good care by all staff every time I was there.

Jesse García

Came in for stomach pains. Turns out I had an infected gall bladder that needed to be removed. The staff here was great in every way imaginable. Especially Anjelyna RN. She was an absolute professional. I highly recommend this hospital.

Ben Gallaway

I went into the ER for what turned out to be my second set of pulmonary embolism's. They admitted me into the hospital. The one star is not from my experience in the ER. It took some time in the ER to figure out what would settle down my pain because it was extreme. The one star is from the hospital experience. They got me in a room and missed my dinner tray, no biggie and ended up leaving me on a pain medication that does not work for me and would not change it, this is a biggie . My pain was at a nine and I had to lay there and take it. I told them morphine does not work for me and never has for whatever reason. How arrogant is a Doctor Who won't listen to the experience of the ER doctors and won't listen to the patients experience with their own body. I slept zero and was in excruciating pain this is inhumane treatment. Finally my CAT scan came back with two pulmonary embolism's. They kicked me out after one day and didn't monitor me . The pain medication they agreed to give me which was 10 mg hydrocodone every four hours was changed to 5 mg every four hours and it would cost me $500 to go back to the ER if the pain got Bad enough and it did . I wrote this hoping the doctor would get confronted and it might change for the next person. I hope no one has to experience that level of pain untreated .

Andrea Ramos

I love this hospital i had my 3 kid's there an they where in the icu they all came home i will love to said thank you all an they r the #1 to me an one more thank you to my nurse how toke care of my baby's i call her grandma Kathy

Unknown User

my fiancee went to the obgyn lab for blood testing. she went in 20 minutes before closing and they refused her service because they said they wanted to go home early and only gave her paperwork. And they complained and acted rude. Now we are waiting on a Saturday at another LabCorp in another town wasting our Saturday because of the disrespectful selfish rude employees at this location who were heard talking also in the hallway about how they needed to get ready to go to the club and party after we left. Amazing !

Leslie Garvin

My dad was sent there after a botched procedure at Banner that nearly cost him his life. Surgeon and CTICU nurses were top notch. Beyond caring and highly competent. We are grateful.

Jennifer Dobbins

Very great experience! Doctor king was very kind and caring. All the nurses that I saw were just as good. Was in and out in about 2 hours. Explained everything to me. Would recommend this ER to anyone. Thank you to everyone who was involved in my care.

Rebecca McDonald

This is the second time we have gone to this hospital for an emergency and it has reaffirmed our whole hearted belief that this is the best hospital in the valley. The staff has gone above and beyond to make not just my husband comfortable during his stay, but me and our family as well. They are courteous and caring and I know when I leave him to go home at night that I have nothing to fear because he is in great hands. The entire nursing staff has been exemplary and have made us laugh day in and day out. I will never go to another hospital in Phoenix.


A very bad place to find any attention from nursing staff plus abuse

Rose Ann Ramirez

My son has suffered a head injury and one of the nurses hurt him im assuming by mistake his reaction was to pimch her as he was sleeping mind you and she started screaming like a crazy women wakes me i get up try to calm her first starts yelling at me and theeatening to call security on ME. When all im doing is trying to calm the. Situation she leaves screaming and babling and leaves my son dramatized more and crying wth?? Her name is CRYSTAL AWFULL NURSE. I cant believe she is working with trauma patiemce its horrible experience. And all the nurses stand around crystal as if she is the victim when she is nothing but drama. Unfortimately for anyome whomgets this nurse at night im a Catholic women i thought bringing him here was the best. I see i might not have made the right choice. Im so disappointed... Makes me very sad and sick. Where is the humankindness!!!

Patricia Neil

This hospital is full of caring employees, nurses and doctors.

Issac Navarrette

This place has to be the most unreliable hospital in Phoenix, My little sister was being treated here and they did not have the right equipment or the right doctors. The doctors have gave up on my 20 year old sister who they just sent to hospice to die, they do not care about the people at this facility, the majority of the nurses don’t even speak English, I try to ask them a question about my little sister and they can’t even tell me cause they don’t know how to speak English, I visit my little sister while she’s basically a vegetable, and the nurses are horse playing in the hallways, having fun, laughing, not taking anything serious, basically my sister is on her death bed while a lot of other people are too and the nurses and sitting around flirting with each other, unprofessional, I thought Arizona was apart of the United States who speak english. The only thing they could tell me about my little sister is that she was going to be okay, but where is she now? Dead! Thanks a lot st. Joseph, really shows how much you care about your patients, you guys have changed my whole life, I use to believe in god, now I don’t. I use to think all these hospitals were meant to help people, but I guess not if they just want them dead. I recommend if you have a critically ill family member in this hospital, transfer them to somewhere else immediately before they make the situation worst because they honestly do not know what they are doing there. Please take this message serious whoever is reading it. They don’t care.

Brandi Abril

They always take the best care of me

Q. Johnson

Place is horrible. I was told I was being prepared for an emergency procedure, after a 24-hour wait I discovered the doctor had not even been contacted. They left him a VM and were awaiting a response still 24-hours later; while in their care my condition worsened. I went to the ER and was transported to the hospital for emergency treatment, however upon admission the urgency was low I got worse as a result. Pain level was a 3 when I got there and on 8 when I left, on the 10 point scale they like to use. I ended up going to Banner up the road to get treatment. This facility is not set up to treat urgent needs, if that is your situation seek other options.

Christina White

Wonderful staff, clean rooms and friendly/hospitable service... Perfect experience...

Suzanne Nivette

Fabulous. Barrows stroke center. Had brain surgery in 2010 to save my life. I feel great! And very, very lucky. God was and still is on my side. Have a few minor disabilities, but very, very grateful.

Liz Rod

I am giving the hospital and the staff 4 stars. The emergency room staff and nurses have been great. They have been carting and compassionate. ( thank you RN Amber and Joe). I have been at this hospital a total of 4 times this year. I have only had one bad nurse in the ER ( RN Courtney Adams). She was rude and became annoyed anytime we asked a questions. The monitors would start beeping and when we would come get her she would be on her cell phone. We started doing her job for her just to avoid bothering her. Our loved one is on feeding tube and his urine bag would fill fast due to irrigation. We would drain the bag and dump it into a bucket for her. Her behavior bothered us so much we had to write a bad review on her.

Daniel Riojas

People are so nice and the food in the cafeteria is awesome!

Vizion Aarii

I came in on June 18, 2019 . I was having excruciating pain on my right abdomen and my back, I was feeling nauseous, the security guard at the ER informed my boyfriend to push me up to the front desk. There was a black woman with curly hair and a white woman named Tina (she was very rude). As soon as I was wheeled up she asked what are you here for? I explained. As the black woman took all my info then pushed me over to Tina for Triage. As Tina was doing my Triage I had vegan to get hot and clammy and needed a bag because I felt I was gonna puke she got all my info and found my blood pressure was really low she wheeled me down to a room immediately and then explained what was wrong to my nurses and said oh I did her triage for you they said thanks and her face was just so stank and she left. Matthew K and Sarah were my first nurses they were very nice, paid me a lot of attention and were trying to lower my fever. Only issue is the way Matthew put in my IV it wasn’t fully in I asked Sarah if he could redo it because it was hurting me she said no. Only for it to blow and someone to have to do it again later and the vein is really swollen and left a bruise. My next share was Sabrina I think or Alaina idk a white lady kinda chunky with blonde hair she was very UNATTENTIVE and swore morphine was the only thing they had for pain as I told her that was NOT HELPING, I was told I would be admitted for a kidney infection, she then just left me in the room for hours and never came back another tall woman VERY NICE, VERY ATTENTIVE, VERY CARING came in and told me she would be taking her place she was very helpful was the first to get me food seeing as how I had been there about 12-13 hours by now. I waited for a room upstairs for 5-6 hours. Finally got a room and ALL OF THE NURSES UPSTAIRS WERE PLEASANT TO DEAL WITH my favorites being Ms. Julie, Rachel, Lupita, and there were two young blondes that were AMAZING BUT I CANT REMEMBER THEIR NAMES. They left a lasting impression and this will be the only ER I attend EVER AGAIN. Although the rooms are pretty small

Bambi Carrisalez

I was not treated here just visiting a relative. I have been here for 2 days after my father-in-law was admitted. We had the waiting room packed with family so I brought pizza to share with everyone, just to find out you are not allowed to bring in food. Used the restroom last night around 9pm and it looked fine. Used it again this morning and it is disgusting. There is blood on the wall and bleach all over the toilet and floor. I was sticking to the floor and I am still sticking everywhere I walk. Apparently the cleaning staff doesn't know what they are doing. How do you clean a floor and make it worse then when you started? The soap was out last night and they didn't even fill it. I took pictures to post and share.

Hana W

As I type this, I am still in the Emergency Room, waiting for my sister to be discharged. We arrived and checked in at 1145am. It took about 5hrs for her to finally get an MRI, and then another hour for the results. Our room? A chair with a number above it in the freaking hallway. They drew her labs in the chair, put an IV in and gave her the results of her MRI in this hallway with other staff and patients around and traveling through. How is this dignified? If she wasn't ill enough to warrant a room, why not have something better than a hallway? The staff ignored us mostly, no one communicated what was going on, what the hold up was unless I got up and pestered them. The guy in the chair next to us waited 3hrs for a social worker. I know this because the lack of privacy. If I was dying, I wouldn't come here.

Julie Bice

I checked into the ER with severe stomach cramps. Within 5 hours I was headed up to emergency surgery then admitted for 5 1/2 day stay. Overall great staff and caring environment. One minor glitch not enough to make me reduce from 5 stars.

Jessica Abreo

Anyone else felt this place was haunted. I heard a whisper when I was in the waiting room. Staff was wonderful though.

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