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BJ Mon

We took our daughter here yesterday, into room 43 in the ER, with a bad spider bite that was infected. They had to cut it open and drain the pus and fluids. These guys all worked hard and did a great job. They really care for the children here. The nurses were awesome and the doctors, not to forget the techs. We are so thankful, all these people are heroes in our eyes. Helping children and healing them. It is not an easy job either but we are grateful, our daughter is doing a lot better!

Lisa Flowers

So far so good could have a personal mini refrigerator like cardons children's hospital in Mesa, but dont

AZ Resource Parents

This organization takes advantage of worried parents. My son broke his arm over a holiday weekend, so I took him to the urgent care facility near us since they were open. In addition to the doctor fees, we were charged over $500 dollars for a "facility fee" EACH VISIT. When I called to ask what this fee was and how they can in good conscience charge this I was told, "You should have called different doctors and gotten qoutes." Yes, let me take the hours to do that while my child suffers in pain with a broken arm. I'm still paying off this bill a year later, and even though I make a payment every month they are sending me to collections because according to their system I didn't pay $103. I've called their "customer service" several times and am told "oh, don't worry about it, just throw those letters away since you pay every month." This last time I asked to speak to a manager and was flat out told no. The care my son received was fine, which is the reason for the second star. It wasn't spectacular, just adequate and any orthopedic doctor would have been just as good. If my review prevents at least one person from going here, then there will be a bit of a silver lining to this mess.


It's the best hospital ever. I've been bringing my daughters here since they were 2, they're 9 now. Very knowledgeable doctors and staff. Everyone is always kind.

Karey Zukowski

The childrens orthopaedics is awsome they did an amazing job on my sons leg surgery

Jackie Morris

Went on a recommendation by our pediatrician for speech therapy for my 3 year old son. Unfortunately, speech therapy is not covered for our insurance, but decided to pay their cash rate for one evaluation. Office staff hounded us for almost $300 prior to the visit which was expensive but we made work and paid prior to the visit. Had our visit and then was billed an additional $100 for the visit. Completely disappointed in how we were misled about the cost. Would have never gone if we had known it was going to be $400 for one visit. Just about the money there unfortunately! Dollar signs rather than helping out their patients. Disgusting.

Cindi Kujath

Terrible experiences the two times my son has been here. I will choose Cardon's over this hospital from now on.

CJ Rey

We had an amazing experience last week while visiting the ED with our newborn that we adopted in AZ. We were treated in the ED by Dr. Diane Hindman and Katie (the RN, that unfortunately we didn't get her last name). These two women were phenomenal. They were professional and competent. Dr. Hindman listened to the concerns we had about our newborn baby and provided her input. She explained her concerns as well and answered all our questions. Katie drew blood, obtained urine and eye cultures from our little one with great competency. She explained everything she was going to do before hand and what to expect from the baby during and after the procedures. We were informed that the results for the culture would return in two days. On day 2 we received a call from a staff member with the results of the culture and then a followup call from Dr. Hindman later that day. We would absolutely use this hospital for our children's care on a routine basis if we were living in AZ.

Jennifer Harris

My son had surgery in December of 2017. When we went through pre-registration they asked if I wanted to pay in advanced. I told them I wanted to wait until after insurance had processed the claim since we have had issues with paying to much in advanced before. When we arrived at the hospital for surgery they informed me I had to pay in full that day or they would perform his operation. When I asked for a discount I was told we didn't qualify by just a few dollars shy of their $500 discount limit. We paid in full only to receive a bill for $85 in March. When I called they "sent it back to billing" to see if we qualified for the discount. I never heard back and in Sept I received another bill for $35. They had magically found a $50 credit but we still owed more money. Their billing system is terrible and no one ever gets back to you, you just keep getting bills. Had I been able to wait for insurance to process we could have received a discount. It's a shame that issues like these make an otherwise great experience so terrible.

Blake Rossell

Never been so frustrated with a business before. My son had to come here for his circumcision in which we had a smooth process. However a year later they sent us a bill for $1K. They had some "mix" up with our insurance. ONE YEAR LATER. We asked what we could do and they said write an appeal, which we did. 4 weeks later we got a bill from a collections agency. Literally so frustrating to have to go through this. We never got contacted after that bill, never followed up, and never responded to our appeal. I do not recommend this hospital.

Zenaida Cobos

I will always be thankful with The doctors at NICU for saving my baby’s life. And thankful with the nurses as well, they were always there when we needed them and answered all of our questions. They also Took really good care of our baby we never had any issues with them

Will Hogue

My 2-year-old son had a minor eye surgery on November 20th, 2017. The surgery and recovery went completely as expected. There were no complications. The total time spent for both the surgery and recovery was less than 1 hour. My wife said the doctor that performed the procedure said everything went perfectly. We prepaid roughly $960 ahead of time. My wife was made to believe that this would be our total cost out of pocket, except for paying the anesthesiologist separately, if no additional procedures were necessary. This was supposed to take in consideration our health care plan which your representative claimed they verified with United Health Care. About six months after the surgery, we received a bill demanding almost $1600 in additional payment. Upon receiving the bill, my wife immediately called billing to dispute the additional charges on April 12th. She spoke to someone name Dante to initiate the dispute. Dante was supposed to pull the call billing information and get back to my wife. After a week, Dante had not called back so my wife called again and was told to email a letter. After the second call, my wife started dealing with Trish C. Trish took the initial information and once again, my wife was told she would get a call back. After a couple weeks, and no call back, my wife called Trish back when we got a notification that our bill was sent to collections. When my wife asked why the bill was sent to collections when we were actively disputing the bill, Trish had no recollection of ever speaking to my wife. After weeks of getting a run around from Trish, and never fully getting an explanation of why we received a bill that was almost 300% greater than we expected, I took over communications. I asked Trish for a transcript of the original call my wife had with Alicia C. She stated PCH will not release the transcripts. I asked why, and she told me she would have a manger call me the next day. I did not hear back from Trish and I called back again. She said there was nothing they could do about releasing the call to me. I asked for a detailed bill and a copy of what PCH claimed was an estimate. She said she would email me a copy of the items. I once again had to call back and ask for the items to be emailed to me. Trish assured me that she would email me the documents but, as far as PCH was concerned, the bill was correct and they would send the bill back to collections. I finally received the documentation and a couple of things became glaringly obvious. There were two major items that we were charged for that were not on the estimate. Also, every item billed except for pharmacy items, were significantly under estimated. Again, my son’s surgery was completely routine. One of the items that was not on the estimate is a Crawford tube. My son did not have a procedure where a Crawford tube was used. My understanding is that a Crawford tube would only be used if the routine procedure didn’t work. Also, if a Crawford tube was used, we would have had to come back and have it removed at a later date. After getting nowhere with your customer service reps, I engaged a third party to look at my bills, and see what I could do. The third party made two attempts to get copies of my son’s records. I made a request. To this date, Heath Advocate has still not received the requested records. From the documentation I sent to Health Advocate, the rep saw another glaring mistake. When Alicia C put together the estimate, she estimated that we had $0 left on our deductible. We had almost $5000 left on our deductible at that time. My Health Advocate rep asked if Miss C called UHC, to confirm the deductible, and for the reference number of the call. As of this date, I still have no confirmation of the that PCH ever called UHC. PCH refuses to release the recorded phone calls to me or my wife, while constantly claiming we agreed to whatever claims they make up. I will never give another dollar to PCH after seeing how badly the treat their customers.

Patricia Cubillo

8/4/2019 For a second time I’m incredibly sad to report another substandard ER visit to Phoenix Children’s, which is always recommended as the best children’s hospital in AZ. My child was vomiting horribly and the urgent care wouldn’t see us and sent us to the ER because it was more serious than they could deal with. While in the main examining room my child had bad diarrhea over the floor and on my husband’s shoe. For the house or more that we were in there no one was sent to help us clean up and sanitize. We used what we could between soap and paper towels to wipe the floor and soiled shoe. The room smelled of the diarrhea. The provider (obviously not an M.D.) was rushing and never once touched my baby to examine him. She listened to a couple sentences I said and quickly prescribed an anti-nausea medication. I was incredibly disappointed at how the provider rushed and really didn’t listen or ask if I had any questions and how they left me in a dirty room. Especially since they say my child had a stomach bug all the more reason for them to have cleaned the floor. Instead we did our best and probably left the room unsanitary for the next unsuspecting ER patient. This is the second bad ER visit in less than 2 years. Because of my experiences with Phoenix Children’s I always opt to take my children to an Urgent Care first because any urgent care has provided better care to my children. Absolutely appalling. Request an M.D. and not a “provider” otherwise your child will receive substandard care and bad diagnoses. People don’t go to the ER for games so this is horrible to receive this experience for a second time. It’s now a pattern and not just a one bad coincidence.

Zuleika s

Amazing hospital I moved from caliCalifo so I would take my son to CHOC in Orange county and they were good .. But wow Phoenix chiChild hospital goes beyond . .The staff everyone is so nice..

Native Spirit


Mike Harris

The most fantastic group of doctors, nurses and staff! Their concern and care is genuine and they all take such great care of our son.

Mrs. Lesly Beard


Jesica Ruesch

I went here for the first time today, and not that I enjoy going to a hospital but this visit was honestly the most pleasant and productive visit I have ever had at a hospital. Every person from the security guard, registration, nurses, drs, social workers, staff all so kind and caring. We spent hours there today and I was overwhelmed with how much everyone there genuinely cares. It's amazing to see so many people who love children come together under 1 roof and create such an amazing place!

Molly Prado

Doctors were wonderful! Head nurse was not. My 10-year old grandson had his tonsils, adenoids, and tubes put into his ears and spent the night. They released him on a Saturday evening when it was around 114 degrees outside. He was still feeling sick and had difficulty walking straight. My daughter was parked in the back of the East Building and since that is closed on the weekend, they made my grandson walk out the Front main lobby of the Phoenix Children's Hospital to the back of the hospital and up the elevator to the 4th floor. My grandson was told that he did not have an operation on his legs, only in his mouth and ears. So he could walk. They did not let him use a wheelchair. Maybe I'm too sensitive when it come to my grandson; but I know how it feels a day after you have had surgery and it's not easy walking around a big hospital in extremely hot weather. Very upset with this hospital that is supposed to put the children as their first priority.

Tara Alaniz

Due to the convenience of the location I decided to take my daughter to Phoenix Children's. From the front desk (triage nurse) Courtney to the PAC in the ER today 07/17/19, there was much left to desire. The triage nurse was not friendly the ER PAC (Brown) who looked at my daughter was in and out so fast and said they couldn't do anything didn't give good thorough advice nor did she go over what the diagnosis was in depth so I would understand my next steps. I would not recommend this ER to anyone, the registrar also didn't speak much or explain the process of billing, and walked away talking without clearly speaking to me. Very disappointed overall - I'll stay with Honor Health moving forward.

Cara Timmins

I love the emergency room staff. They treated my daughter so comfortable when I took her there.

Desiree Ellis

We love PCH!! My son has 31 admissions under his belt and he’s only three years old. We are under the care of 9 different Specialists and have stayed in the NICU, PICU and CVICU. The Specialists and staff in all three units care about my son and are truly invested in his health. The doctors and nurses are always understanding and do their best to make or our hospital stay as comfortable as possible. The ED staff have saved my son’s life on more than one occasion. As soon as we enter PCH we are welcomed with smiling faces. I always recommend PCH to family and friends.

Layla D

I specifically dealt with Cardiology. So the desk ladies spent 20ish minutes on the phone helping me get to where i need to go amd streets plus help of the security. Bless their hearts they were so sweet and patient with me. I felt terrible. The hospital is absolutely clean and beautiful. I LOVE LOVE that there is security and camera every where and cameras all over in the parking lot. My daughter's new cardiologist doctor did well explaining exactly what's going on with visuals. The customer service was friendly from front to the office i needed to get to. Even the customers i was around seemed in a good mood. For a hospital i say it's upscale and positive vibes and they also do accept medicaid. The window natural lighting is also beautiful. I just wish they had valet parking then it'd be off the hook.

Rashi Shrivastava

very good hospital for kids..

Sabrina Lucas

I Always loved Phoenix Children’s Hospital for my 13 month old son, Recently When I took my son to the emergency room he was not feeling good and to me he’s breathing sounded not too good, I go back to see the doctor for him to tell me my son is fine and I shouldn’t come to the emergency room with something like this! No matter what , if you bring your baby to the hospital you should not get judge what so ever! He should be keeping those opinions to the ones who parents who bring there children in horrible health and are neglected and miss treated by there parents! I wouldn’t recommend this hospital, I Recommend Bannner Thunderbird, they have a kids section & I not once had any problems!

Jennifer Johnson

The third leading cause of death of children 15-18 is Suicide, meaning that Mental health is a serious concern. However at Pheonix Children’s hospital it is not! This is not OK! Horrible! Brought my child to the er for a concern of meantal status concern I ncluding safety to self and others, they didn’t do anything other than feed her a hospital meal, make us wait 6 hours to be seen, then refer us out to an agency who the following day stated couldn’t help because we are out of their local area! This is more like a livestock medical care facility, than a human children’s specialist. There is no caring or compassion, they had a social worker speak to us, who saw no concern at all with a child who admittedly self harms. Then releases the patient, without any formal psychiatric evaluations being done, no blood tests checked for chemical imbalances, nothing but a meal is what my kid got for sitting 6 hours.. is it typical practice that when there was a concern of bodily harm to self and others that these children just be let free without proper care!?. I would have been better off taking my kid to McDonald’s for 6 hours. Then at least she might have been able to play or something. I am sincerely concerned that they are going to do this to the wrong child and the cry for help will go unnoticed, and inevitably become one of the statistics. I am beyond frustrated! The insurance companies pay so much, for the hospitals to provide 1) no tangible service at all 2) release children without a proper work up of all possible causes, or at least a proper referral. After all we are all just another number I suppose

Anthony R

FOSTER PARENTS--avoid the PCH system if at all possible. Go to any other system. The sad truth is that PCH administrative offices treat foster parents so poorly that it overwhelms how great the health care workers actually are. In fact, in one of my conversations with their HIM department they directly told me that their policies relating to foster parents are because they do not trust foster parents. They even lawyered up to fight a court order. They trust absent parents but not involved foster parents. And it shows, top to bottom with every office. 1-star for the all of the admin offices...and if I could give a negative rating then I would. Their attitudes and policies twice have caused our child to suffer extra. We bring him to a PCH Urgent Care, get treated and discharged. He gets sicker overnight and we have to decide to take our child whose condition is quickly deteriorating on a 50-minute drive to the PCH ER or go to one near us. Twice we chose the shorter drive (quicker care, right?). But because we have no access to the records from the night before (we have been told we cannot even get a Patient Plan or visit summary because we are foster parents, not "real parents"). That means the poor baby has to get minimal care while we wait for hours before PCH transfers minimally helpful records to the location we are at. Hours of needless suffering because PCH is the only system in Arizona that does not trust foster parents. I mean, we are trusted to make life and death decisions for the child but we are not trusted to access the same child's records. Despicable. 4-stars for the food services. Truly spectacular food and most of the people provide incredible service. The glaring exception is the hamburger grill who are downright rude. They seem to have forgotten that parents that are there in PCH are having pretty bad days and the antagonistic approach that these short-order cooks work with (I have witnessed them yelling at people and mocking people when those people walk away) is bad in most settings and downright awful and unforgivable in this setting. 4.5 stars for all of the medical floor staff we have dealt with in our multiple visits (we are committed here with this child since the PCH records sharing is awful with other systems). Why not 5 stars? One nurse practically drowned our child with deep suction of over 3 minutes. When his heart rate later crashed that night she was asking me what to do. I asked the next morning that we are not on her service anymore and I believe they accommodated (we did not see her over the rest of our stay). Beyond this, though, the nursing staff is outstandingly awesome and they seem to also remember how hard it is for parents (even foster parents) to be going through whatever it is that brought them to the hospital. Once we adopt we will be moving to a different system. As a medical records consultant I have seen many upon many hospital and clinic administrations across the country. This is easily the worst administration system I have ever encountered, the most uncaring and the least trustworthy. Their policies are unjustifiable, not inline with any system within the state (or any that I have worked with across the country) and their offices. UPDATE: the child's Guardian ad Litem agreed that PCH was completely wrong in their interpretation and application of HIPAA in this regard. We agreed to pursue this in court and we succeeded. Next path is to get the Governor involved.

annie gibson

I went go there for many appointments and I love the staff there they are kind and right on top of thing they explain what is happening in a way that children can understand. Even the security guard is super polite and makes you feel welcome!

Always RARE

Horrible experience the most unkind doctors ever ! Stay away from this hospital

Tania Herrera

Excelente service. I’ve been going there for 10 years now and the service has always been great.

Jake Puckett

I'm so sad that I have to share a 1 star followup. The patient care for my 1.5 year old preemie while at Spring Training 2017 was absolutely amazing. But now that I'm dealing with the billing dept. over a year later, if I could give 0 stars I would. The problem is with insurance, I've had to re-submit 5 separate claims three times each. Total of 8 hours on the phone between all of the claims, and the "Business Office" won't pick up my call. They default me to "Customer Service" that is trained not to allow me through. I've paid out 4/5 claims as soon as insurance paid their portion, but because they don't want to pick up the phone and deal with me as a human, they passed me over to collections. Awesome, thanks for adding another hurdle for me business office. Hoping some VP of Marketing looks at reviews online and reports on it. Hoping this feedback helps you to humanize your process. I have NO PROBLEM paying you, but look at the history, I've paid every other claim the day I got my patient responsibility. So sad. Nurses and Doctors, you're amazing! Great job to your Chief Medical Officer, you've done an amazing job!

Genevieve Davies

My son is chronically ill with a variety of issues. The high quality of everyone from support staff to the physicians is phenomenal. It makes our constant visits a little more bearable and I find comfort in knowing that they will always do everything they can to research and find the best solutions to care for my son. No one can make the difficult diagnoses easier but I am never left without hope here. They also do everything they can to make sure that children here are allowed to be children instead of just sick kids and that leads to quicker healing of the mind and bodies of the children they care for every day.

Kah Min A

Slow and inefficient. Doctors look like they enjoy sitting around and taking their time. Other than that, medical services were fine.

Sabrina Nash

Phoenix Children's is by far the best hospital I have ever been to. The staff is knowledgeable. They not only treat your child with the upmost respect and kindness they treat your whole family like that.

Nathalia Hallam

My little nephew get surgery here a few months ago and the truth is that the nurses, the doctors, everybody around, it's been so kind, helpful and super professional; you need a special care and different for kids... plus the food is amazingly good, fresh and can't beat that.

Lessly Benardino

Love this hospital.

Fran Baker

My son was send to the NICU the day he was born and they took really good care of him. The nurses are always amazing. They did the best they can to make the families feel assured and comfortable there. The surgery team was amazing too. This hospital is a beacon of hope during scary times. Thank you all for taking such good care of my son and mostly for saving my son.

Michelle Silva

Medical kidnap* This was my #1 go to place when i felt that my kids were horribly sick. But after hearing about the Medical kidnap that is going on at PHOENIX CHILDRENS HOSPITAL. Blaming the parents and calling cps to take away the child. i am BEYOND Dissapointed. I dont know what to say.. I did informed myself that this actually only happens when parents interfere with the child's wellness... But i still think it's kind of weird that is happening so often and people say the samething.. No matter how right the hospital says they are . I still lost that trust i had. I just pray to god that i never go trough something like this.

David Lizard

They have helped me all my life with asthma and they take care of you very well. The food is very tasty as you are served and I appreciate what they have done for me every time I’ve had an attack. It’s a good place

Claudia Ortiz

My son was there 4/11/19 due to his asthma, fever, chills, cough, congestion, chest pressure, runny nose, chills etc etc...he arrive ER around 930am with his dad when I got there around 1020am financial services come and says ok he is going home soon so I ask dad have the doctor say anything he goes no only thing they give him is the albuterol treatment with the spacer and give him some steroids and ibuprofen for the fever but no test to rule out any virus or x Ray's so I call the RN and i ask what was the diagnose if any x ray was going to be done or the swab for the flu she said no. How are you sending him home without doing any test or giving diagnosis on a child? Later this doctor name ANTHONY PICKETT MD came and you can tell he was trying to get ride of one patient/my son talking no sense and trying to say all he has is virus yeah what virus? For us to have him use the inhaler with the spacer blah blah bunch of no sense things he was trying to let us leave but no I told him I dont feel comfortable taking him home like this and he goes what would make you feel comfortable i told him a chest x ray and flu swab he said oh yeah we can do that but it might take 3 hours I dont know if you can wait. Are you kidding me is my son health of course I have all the time if is to make sure when I take him home he is gonna be ok. So we waited no body went back to check his temperature so I call them and ask are we still waiting and the RN goes oh let me see if any of his tests are back to find out my son was positive FLU A and his x ray was showing asthma of course he has asthma like we told them before. Then this doctor came back to give me the antibiotics and I told him I knew something was not right. I just dont know how this doctors can be doing this job without caring I'm a nurse my self but if you are ever in a hospital ask questions if you dont feel comfortable ask for second opinion dont let a doctor like ANTHONY PICKETT just not care and send you home with nothing and something can happen to your kid

Tayonna Wright

Tired of bringing my son here... staff is nice but service is awful

Margarita Arzola

We came in to see my nephew and talked to a not nice front desk girl and man. They treat you like you are a criminal for not knowing the password to visit. The lady on the sixth floor was just as bad! I highly recommend you teach the staff kindness and compassion. Families are stressed enough when having to visit sick family. Phoenix Children's hospital should train employee's to be kind and have some compassion for visitors.

Virgie huerta

This is the worst hospital ever.instead of treating and finding out what is wrong with ur child they make false allegations of child abuse to DC's without even asking for medical history /background what issues your baby had at birth if there were complications.they know nothing and ask nothing apparently they don't need to know those things according to doctor.i would think all those would be very necessary in determining what is happening with a baby.but instead they make assumptions and they are responsible for all my baby's issues if they would focus on the child instead of asking stupid questions like why is baby early or low birthweight.not every premie is due to drugs or smoking or drinking or whatever they're supposed to be best hospital but they not smart enough to know some lady's can't carry pregnancy.they are idiots n yes kidnappers that I believe have some type of scam with dcs and adoption why is it they are reporting so many abuse in babies it's cuz they adopting parents are "Donating"money to this hospital and we already know DC's gets funding per child.tgats my thoughts on this hospital.if u have a baby this is not the hospital for u maybe a older child not infants.


WORST place ever. They don’t even have HBO in the waiting room. HOW do you expect me to relax without game of thrones? Omg and I didn’t get antibiotics for my kids virus? HELLOOO. I did my research on google. Also. Why don’t the nurses valet my car???? Never coming back

elvira delara

If I could give more then 5 stars I would .. they are always amazing with my son.. They make him feel comfortable with his high anxiety when seeing any Dr Good job phc ..

Erik Pleas

This hospital is amazing I’m currently here with my 2month old son. The emergency department was fast and they was very good at explaining everything thing that was going on and what they were going to do... I love how they didn’t believe in taking any chances with my sons care. Then the hospital over all is so nice I’m taking all my kids here when they are having something wrong . Cause I’m that parent where I want all test done to make sure everything is good and not just what they think then they send me home and it’s something worse. I feel like they get it rite the first time but I just wanted to share

Marcy Steiner

I just had the most ridiculous experience with their outpatient center in Gilbert. Up until now, I hadn’t had any absolutely horrible experiences but I also hadn’t had any great experiences either. When I talked to two separate employees prior to scheduling an evaluation for my son, I was estimated around $150-$300 for an appointment. I received the bill after doing an evaluation and one appointment and the cost for each visit was $600, 2-3 times what I was told over the phone!!! Each visit was only about 45 minutes for a basic questionnaire, evaluation, and OT. That’s over $1200 for about 1.5 hours of time! We immediately stopped going there and I chalked it up to my bad for not getting anything beyond a verbal quote. Well once we received the bill it stated on the bill in prominent orange letters “If your total patient liability is over $500, you may qualify for a prompt pay discount if paid within 30 days from the date of this statement.” So I saw this as a glimmer of hope at redemption for this whole situation. I called within the 30 days to at least take advantage of this discount since I was NOT happy with how things were done by them thus far. Instead, they said their own bill is incorrect and even though the total on the bill is well over $500 and it says “total patient liability,” it’s actually only based on each service (which after insurance adjustments, falls just below $500 for a visit).... Super disappointed and I plan on making sure everyone is aware of how misleading this company is. Just one big money scam. I will never use any of their offices or facilities again.


Very great service and staff!, My brother was treated great from beginning to end.

Michelle L. Myers

Saved my daughter's life mist of the time. Excellent care. At one stay, a doctor lied and almost injured my child due to trying to cover it up. So, I would have given 5 stars, if not for one out of 5 stays being quite hazardous.

Stenny Allow

I try to avoid Phoenix Children’s. Long wait times, rude staff, horrendous billing issues, and questionable doctors in many cases who are ONLY there to profit from sick kids and rush them out the door. Very Sad. Ever wonder why they spend so much on advertising? It seems they collect donations yet then dump piles of cash on advertising so they can herd more kids through the doors and increase profits. Notice the social media person they have responding to comments. Pathetic. Why not actually use the money to help kids?


Great facilities and friendly staff, had relations with PCH over last few years. Had many diagnosis and treatments here for my daughter. Recommend the hospital for best treatment and suggestions from experienced dotors and surgeons. They have financial aid, which helped us a lot taking some burden away. The process and procedures are smooth and almost all paperwork is taken care with Insurance, Pharmacy and other facilities. Always liked the place except that it's not a place where someone wants to go regularly. Would have given 5th star except for the treatment cost are high occasionally and sometimes long wait times for getting appointments even for existing patients.

Amanda Early

The people that work here are all angels. I've never had a bad experience here. Whenever there is an emergency with my son I always and will always take him here.

Lydia Rangel

The Best Childrens Hospital in Arizona!!!

danielle facio

WORST experience. My daughter was sick and we waited two hours before being seen on a slow night just for them to hardly look at her and then say we need to wait in the waiting room again. I asked them how long and they said they’re taking all the sicker people forst. Like first of all my daughter can barely breathe without choking. Needless to say we left to go to Another children’s hospital that actually cares.

Seth Dagnino

As an ICU nurse, I understand quality, and I can say that PCH has undeniably provided my children with the best care! We see Dr. Hurliman in the General Pediatrics office and he has become like a friend to us. We always enjoy getting our Starbucks in the lobby and then going up to see him for our visits. Also, we have great comfort knowing that when bigger issues arise, like my 7 month old breaking one of his fingers, they have subspecialty physicians that we can go to.

Lionel X

Thank you so much Phoenix Children's hospital! If your child has neurological issues, this is the place. We came here after our son was discharged from another hospital in the area without a diagnosis nor treatment for a wide range of issues: respiratory and cardiac failure, seizures, sudden behavorial change. From the very moment we arrived until we were discharged, the whole staff and doctors proved to be genuinely concerned and didn't let us leave without a proper range of tests, treatment plan, follow ups and diagnosis. The whole experience seemed very streamlined: the doctors and nurses always seemed to know exactly what they were doing, and what options they had. The children arrive and through a state of the art orientation process, end up being sent to one of the floors specialized in one area: neurology, GI, surgery, ect. Then they are taken care of by highly specialized nurses and doctors. Also the hospital looks gorgeous: full of colors, lights, art, keeping the little ones distracted and not so scared. I am really glad we went there. We now have a diagnosis and treatment, and can stop dreading the possibility of finding my son unable to wake up one morning. To all the staff at PCH: thank you so much for protecting our son.

Kim Scullion

We had the BEST experience here yesterday with Dr. Cindy Bauer in immunology/allergy. For the first time I finally feel a huge relief with my little boy. Wonderful team! Outstanding care! She is worth more than 5 stars!

Linzie Noble

TJ the ER nurse was beyond amazing! He was pleasant to have work on our 9 month old and easy enough to make a laugh out of a sticky situation! Also what we cherished was how he explained each medical procedure before he did it! Definitely a pleasant to work with! Even stayed a few minutes after just to come back and flush our daughters nose out! 5 stars are given to him! Thank you once again TJ!

D Tully

Very professional and child centric. They took excellent care of my daughter


They are the reason my son is dead. But I don't have the means to sue or I would rather than just posting the truth where I can. They kept him in the dark about a medicine that would have worked very well, but they waited too long and it killed him. I am not overcome with emotion or just looking for someone to blame. This is just what happened, and they did it.

Amanda Freeland

My daughter was hospitalized for a week with kidney infection this last week. All the staff on the 8th floor and the ICU were fabulous! Especially our nurse on the 8th floor, Alexa! She was so great. She was so kind and generous. Thank you so much Alexa, for making our stay so much better! -Lamb Family

Heidi Peniche

I have no words to say thank you to this hospital. Everyone from the parking lot,cafeteria and medical staff have been very supportive and friendly. I could hit ask for more.

Ethan Thorpe

I work here in past 4 years. Actually I will pay $400.00 tomorrow afternoon if we can go to work if see what happen. And I have meetings in 30 minutes or that’s good thing if we have any time and for Remainder go to. Employees have to meetings in 10:30 at the morning. I’m like I said hey I want to go work here all week

Rachel Neumann

We paid a copay for our daughters cardiology appointment of $70. Then were billed for the copay again later and when we called they said it was because we called to switched locations after scheduling the first time, so it caused that mistake and that they’ll fix it. We got another bill saying we still never paid. Now they are telling us since our daughter had a test that day and that the doctor performing the test was different from the one who looked at the results (on the same day) we actually owed 2 copayments of $70, one for each doctor. Without insurance, the cost for the doctor ONLY reading the results would cost over $1500. I’ve had plenty of doctors at other offices and hospitals do tests, with other doctors giving the results and were never charged extra for it. On top of it all, at the appointment when paying the $70 co-pay, we specifically asked if there would be any other out of pocket costs that we would owe and they told us no. Phoenix Children’s is taking advantage of parents who are worried about their children health.

Deanna Kellerhouse

Emergency Room Experience My 3 yr old son is epileptic and we were brought in by ambulance for a seizure followed by a fever. EMT from Buckeye were compassionate and took great care of my son. Upon arrival the usual admission and standard procedure of vitals went fine by the nurses. Dr. GRAM took the time to listen to my son's epileptic history and suggested some labs and x-rays. My review is regarding the nursing bed side manner in the ER. I repeatedly mentioned to let me know the time in which we would be getting discharged to the nurse and doctor so i can notify my family ...but i was never really given a time...yet Dr. Gram seemed understanding and told us we were fine in the exam room until everything was ready...but minutes after we were cleared by the doctor a nurse came in and impatiently peeled away the tape off my son's iv. She left a sloppy cotton and tape with it still bleeding and walked out. My son woken by this and still crying I followed her out to the station and asked her to address his bandage. She came back in and told us we can't wait in the exam room we had to leave. This was our first time at PCH, I walked in circles holding my son and our belongings trying to find the exit, NO ONE bothered to direct us or look up from their time if given the choice by ambulance to which hospital to bring my son it will be Banner Thunderbird, than deal with terrible bedside manner from PCH.

Erika Terwilliger

If you desire to pay both hospital fees and physician fees then this is your place. It doesnt matter if you only go for a doctors appointment the will apply the fees to both. Hospital tax id used at all their locations. Too be honest very much part of why our insurance infrastructure is broken in America. Do yourself a favor see a pediatric specialist elsewhere theres plenty and they arent set up to double dip you for payments.

Samantha Hernandez

Love this hospital!! Great customer service & very clean!! It gets a little busy in the emergency room at times & the wait can be a bit long but other than that pretty good.

Kristen Barge

I just watched a human interest story on ESPN on one of your patients, Autumn Jackson. During the story, we were shown Autumn having blood drawn from her hand. The medical professional drawing her blood was not wearing gloves. From inserting the needle to the actual process of blood collection in the tubes, no gloves were ever put on by this medical personnel. I’m disgusted! Autumn is apparently so highly susceptible to infection, that I am appalled this happened, and it was broadcast on national television. The administration of your hospital should take this seriously and make all efforts to show the world that the safety of your patients, at the very least in preventing HAIs, is THE top priority.

Beth Mast

This is absolutely the best children's hospital! We had another experience elsewhere and...nearly 7 years following a misdiagnosis that led to 5 unnecessary surgeries and a move across the country in search of a dry climate, Dr Johnson with Arizona Pediatric Cardiology was our lifeline connection to Phoenix Children's Hospital. We fell into the loving care of Dr Velez and his team, Dr Gentile and his assistant Tom. Last week our little boy had a surgery that should have been done years ago, and so finally, out of 8 surgeries, he's had the first one that met his need pertinent to his correct diagnosis. We are so grateful! The CVICU team was second to none. The care on the cardiovascular step down unit on 9th floor was second to none. The care we recieved on the medsurgical unit on 9th floor was attentive. The followup with the surgeons' PA's and NP's was far beyond reproach, and there's no nurse practitioner with as deep a commitment and devotion to patients as what Kristin has. WE LOVE PHOENIX CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL! And we have no better place to recommend...for you and your child.

John H. King, III

The hospital staff is always great

Jennifer Mason

I loved working there 20 years ago and they are just as awesome today! My 4 year old granddaughter had a medical emergency a few months ago because we didn't know that she had developed type 1 diabetes..after some labs showed an elevated blood glucose we took her immediately to banner thunderbird e.r where they dropped the ball and sent her home telling us to come back in 2 days to get retested and when the pediatric en docrinologist would be there ..we left and immediately went straight to phoenix childrens hospital where her blood sugar was 4 times higher than normal at 400 and she was already going into ketoacidosis from extended high blood sugar, a deadly condition if left untreated..they immediately admitted her and treated her for a week. I hate to think what would have happened if we had done what Cardons at banner thunderbird e.r had said to do instead. The staff and care she received at pch was excellent during my granddaughters stay and the pch endocrinology diabetes clinic that continues to treat her has been as well. The claims of medical kidnapping there are I said..i used to be employed there and saw nothing of the kind as well as we did not agree to some things regarding my granddaughters care and we questioned ALOT of things, with zero problem...Besides that hospitals are mandated reporters..they are legally bound to report suspected abuse ie medical neglect . for example if your child misses some Dr visits hell yes you are going to be reported to cps to get investigated. Is phoenix children's hospital right on every case that they report? No of course not but better to be safe than sorry and to err on the side of caution. What if they are right and it's not reported and a child dies. If you don't like the fact that pch or any other hospital has to call cps for suspected medical neglect then take it up with the lawmakers....its their rules not pch's.

Janner Greenhow

My son broke his arm back in Sept. 2016, the staff was great how whoever we waited for over 6 hours before they were able to get his arm set. This is not worst part of this review. After 8 month and 5 cast removals the bills came. We paid the bills "in full" that the insurance didn't cover no problem that's standard. Each time my son went in for a check up it was the same thing. They took the cast off, took x-rays, replaced the cast and we talked to the Dr. The cast removal and replacement was done by an assistant of some sort. 1yr. later we received bill from PCH for $1600. PCH is claiming on 2 separate occasions we saw a surgeon and that they some how missed this in the billing when in reality we NEVER saw a surgeon. All his check up visits where exactly the same. Oh and since its over a year now my insurance has denied the claim. Also, we more than met our deductible in 2017 when this occurred so this $1600 would have been paid by the insurance company. This is total BS as they are now threatening to send us to collections. Their billing department miss coded the bills and will not take responsibility for their screw up. I will not only be stopping ALL my donations to PCH, I will not support anything they do, in my opinion they are not trustworthy. Janner Greenhow

Robyn Barker

Had a great experience there. ER was super busy but we still were seen in a timely manner. Doctors and nurses were kind and knowledgeable. Someone from Children’s Life department came to explain to my son what was going to happen with his procedure in words he could understand.

Zachary Crow

Tried getting hold to schedule an appointment from 8-10:05. Was hung up on multiple times, dropped the call multiple times and finally ending with me calling somewhere else for an appointment. If I could give 0 stars that’s what they deserve today! Terrible customer service/scheduling! Go somewhere else!

jim jimflorezsaveSONNYriver

Greatest teams of nurses on Earth. My 22 month old baby boy is in there right now fighting leukemia, and everyone is so awesome there. Yo all the teams of nurses on the 7th floor bless u and thank u so much!!! Jimmy Flowers

Shaunte Allen

I have a child who needs her meds, I have been calling fof the week going on 2 week's, I even call before she ran out of her meds and it's going on a day that she hasn't had her meds. This is truly sad thay a children's hospital are willing to play with a child's life, I will be removing my children from under the care of this unprofessional place, I have to take off work just to make sure my child is ok. I wouldn't recommend this place to amu family they DO NOT CARE as they should I'm very disappointed and upset, wish I had never brought my children to tjis hospital. Great job phoenix childrens

chloe baker

I was here 2 or 3 years ago and my visit was perfect. I felt right at home and staff cared so much about everyone. Fun activities and nice people. I recommend.

Alyssa Morrillo

Hospital doctors and nurses we have had the please to work with is extremely friendly. The only issue I had was when I was trying to find a a room or restroom to breast feed at. I knew they had something I could breast feed comfortably just needed some guide. The front desk lady I had spoke with seemed unsure and told me the wrong floor.. but when I got there someone guided to the correct floor and area. Other than that hospital staff is the best and waiting areas are comfortable!

Patty saenz

Came In Yesterday 4/11/19 @ 10:25 Am Apt The Only Reason Why I Give It A 3 Is Because The One Girl Who Calls You To The Back Is RUDE She Should Be Nicer Didn't Appreciate Her Attitude! Other Than That Ortho Apt Went Well. Except For Her She Spoke To My Son Rudely And Impatiently.

Delilah Miller

Well I give the hospital a 5 stars for the care we receive all the drs and nurses are great the only dislikes and disappointment is that the rooms aren't set up for both parents to stay with there babies so I've included a pic of our makeshift bed lol actually isnt that bad it's not the most comfortable but its doable while your child's in the hospital the room is clearly big enough for to fit another couch bed or even a recliner bed which they dont have enough of in this hospital they need more recliners that turn into beds all they have are chairs that recline a little there not great for sleeping. Luckily me and my husband can fit on my makeshift invention lol. The hospital's are for the whole family were allowed to shower and sleep and order room service which is very nice and convenient. The thing about the bed problem is that not every floor has extra chairs our last stay I had 2 reclining chairs and a footrest which made it easier to create a bed lol I'll also include that pic.


Love this hospital, staff, even night janitors! We have spent months here during my daughters back to back open heart surgeries. I would recommend this hospital to anyone with a little one!

Esther Deberry- Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

I love working at PCH! The care and love plus support each care floor shows is amazing. And I am excited to work here and looking forward to learn and grow here.

Amanda Quick

Great place for children to come when they need a little support

Wayne Stuckey

I work here with a great collection of caring and dedicated coworkers. P. S. the cafeteria has a large variety of high quality items for a reasonable price.

Karla Aguirre

Worst hospital I’ve been to. Took my 8 month old Saturday night because he was having fevers for almost 24 hours. All they did was treat the fever and sent us home. Didn’t even check his body (ears, mouth) Next day, Sunday fevers all day again so took him to Banner Thunderbird, he had an ear infection. If he has had fevers for more than 24 hours it’s OBVIOUS he has some kind of infection. Just because it’s a children’s hospital doesn’t mean they’re the best for children. This hospital is by far THE WORST.

Jamahl Russell

My sisters pain was off and on for 3 days and they continue to come in saying there's something wrong and on the 4th day they said she was pretending and / or there was family issue at home . she was still in so much pain .

Luke Parker

I used to work as a chaplain at one of the banner hospitals. I can tell you without salute certainty the phoenix children’s care is far more about their patients and their staff than any of the hospitals in town with the possible exception of mayo. Any experience I’ve had there with my children, or the children of people in my church, has been extremely professional, courteous, and of the highest caliber of care. I am personally and professionally grateful to Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Michaela Spreng

Administration at this facility is ALL about favoratism. If I could have given it zero stars, I would have. This organization is also a funnel for using kids illnesses to make money because they don't cure any "diseases". They put a "bandaid" over it aka prescribe synthetic drugs, vaccines, and welcome to the revolving door of follow up appt's and more prescription drugs which does not cure anything but supress the lymphatic system. On that note, anything you supress today (aka antibiotics, vaccines etc), is your worst nightmare later on down the road. Your system is made up of blood and lymph. The allopathic community focuses mainly on the blood but not the lymphatic system. Stagnation occurs in the lymph when the body is bombarded with too many acids, breaking down certain organs etc and if your body is not exreting waste properly, this will cause a blockage in the body impeding the natural flow within the body.. Mostly an issue with todays diet. The Homo Sapien species was meant to sustain themselves on breatharianism and/ or fruit only. Todays society has drifted so far from nature and truth(financial gain and population control). Wake up people and do your research on Naturopathic cures because there is a CURE for everything that allopathic medicine says there is no cure for. Society has moved so far away from nature by deliberate design aka the 1 world bank order, suppression, control rtc. Please be awakened like so many others already have.

Ruben Cardenas

I have nothing but bad experience at PCH from a doctor being rude to my Autisic son after surgery to the Orthopedic Rehab staff ready to cut him off physical therapy because he’s not showing any improvement and that messes up each therapist numbers. As a parent it’s very scary when our children is sick or have rare disorders like my son so we depend on PCH in Phoenix thinking it’s the best support and the best for our kids WHEN ITS NOT. I’m so tired of crying my eyes out trying to help my son and only depending on PCH they claim they are 1 in AZ of course they are they are basically the only !!!

Shante Pollock

Can not say enough great things about Dr.Crockett and the whole team at Phoenix Children’s surgery center. From the moment we walked in to the information desk to the nurses and Dr.Crockett himself. We were welcomed with warm welcomes and any help that was needed was given with love and compassion. Our 6 year old had her tonsils and adenoids removed yesterday and to say we were all nervous and scared is an understatement. Everyone including “Mattie” the comfort dog they had made us feel at ease and everything was over before we know it. We decide to pay out of pocket even after finding out the hospital didn’t take our insurance. And after our experience we would do it again and again. So THANK YOU everyone that helped in making such a scary procedure easy and more than successful. We will be back for any and everything we need. You are appreciated!!

SavannahJo Maier

An absolute joke of a hospital. The GI doctor we had was rude, never called back, and refused to acknowledge the diagnosis we already proved my child has; she wanted us to "ignore the diagnosis and hope it will pass" . The nurses didn't bother to even offer a shower/bath for my child, nor did they come into the room when alarms were going off. The respiratory therapist had no idea how to use my child's vent and would not come when she needed breathing treatments. Every single time we are forced to go into this hospital my family has been mistreated. I HATE this place.

Brenda Berish

My daughter has been coming here for years for appts. and surgeries. She wouldn't be where she is today with such great doctors and stuff. Out favorite doctor is orthopedic doctor, Karlen. We are beyond grateful and so lucky to have the best Children's hospital nearby. And on a side note the cafeteria food is exceptional and reasonably priced. Also during Christmas time it is an unforgettable experience with all of the Christmas trees. It had made me want to volunteer my time because we have been so blessed. Thank you!

Spenser Garner

It was our first experience with Phoenix Children’s and it was great. From the front lady at the info desk to the nurses and doctors that tended to our son. They helped us feel welcome and we highly recommend taking your children here when they are in need. The cafeteria staff was super friendly and kind. I had even parked in the wrong parking lot and when we got out at 10:30pm our car was locked behind a gate. One of the security guards was walking by and was super friendly as well. He unlocked the gate and we headed home. Great experience all around!

Kristen Snider

Service at the Scottsdale office was fine. We had a consultation with Dr. Wood, who was very good with our 1.5 year old. He reviewed the x-rays we brought with us from the Honorhealth urgent care. He recommended we keep him in the walking boot that the HH urgent care gave us & follow up in 4-6 weeks. Five minutes face time with the MD. We were billed for a SURGERY!!! $2117. No surgery was done. Not even an X-ray. We already had the X-ray & brought the CD with us. A simple consultation. And my insurance won’t pay it, of course, because we didn’t have a pre-auth for a surgery. We’ve been back & forth with PCH’s billing department for MONTHS! Date of service was Feb 6th. They keep sending the same billing code to the insurance company. Idk what else to do. Hoping someone that can actually help us will reach out to us!

Dan Salinas

Two if our Granddaughters have been here and one if them twice. I absolutely love this hospital. From custodians to Director. All are all nice and loving. I wish all hospitals we're like this one. Kudos to all.


Agreed upon apointment times mean nothing, they are lies. 12:30 apt, 12:10 check in time, and still waiting for an hour past the agreed upon time. Don't like it? Too bad. You are held hostage if you want your children to be helped. Never mind you took time off from work and lost money, and then took additional time. Plus having to arrange for day care for your other kids, and then having to rearrange due to the lack of their ability to do as they say.

Laura Bernstein

Our pediatrician sent us to PCH yesterday for a chest x-ray and blood work for our nine-year-old daughter. She has had a horribly sore throat and deep cough for over a week and broke out in a full-body rash over the past weekend. We spent almost five hours there. The sum total of care included a lot of questions, pictures taken of her rash--none of the doctors or nurses had ever seen anything like it before--and finally a chest x-ray. They did not do blood work, insisting there was no need, and made no suggestions on helping to calm the rash. We were told, "it's probably just viral" and discharged with an appointment to see a dermatologist on April 9th, THREE WEEKS away!!!! I'm giving a second star only because the staff is kind with children. But they were really incompetent. Our main ER doctor didn't even know where to locate gloves--even though they were mounted on the wall, as in every hospital room I've ever been in even as a lay-person. One of the nurses commented that she'd never seen that doctor before. Not confidence instilling.

Corrina Araiza

Yes the hospital is cold, there is a reason for this, it keeps bacteria from growing and multiplying. You can always ask for more blankets and if you truly feel that there is in fact something wrong with the thermostat you can put in a service call with your nurse. PCP overall has an overwhelming amount of love and support and the child life people and volunteers are super amazing. That is honestly the only way parents can ever get food and coffee for themselves, assuming you like mental breaks! Love PCH!!!

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