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mr cat mr. C

This ER is worse then banner . Banner at least the nurses seem to care about the patients. The nurse I had at pro valley is rude and does not seem to care about her job .

Shailen Whalen

The E.R. Nurses as well as the P.A. we’re very kind and compassionate.

Paula Jackson

I was admitted into the hospital Sunday, June 15th at 2am due to passing golf ball sized blood clots. I brought in a sample of my stool for the doctor. My daughter brought me in and when I arrived the nurses were very rude and non empathetic, they acted disgusted at the fact that I brought in a sample of my stool and repeatedly told me to get rid of it because they didn’t want to see it, I kept my poop because I wanted to show the doctor, the doctor was more than happy to look at my poop and as soon as she saw it she immediately said I needed to be admitted due to other health issues. After being admitted they told me they would need another sample of my stool because what I brought in was contaminated. However, they put me on NPO diet and I tried to tell them that my issue only occurs after I eat something. They left me on NPO for two days because they were unable to get in touch with the GI, they wanted me to see the GI before I ate anything. After two days I became frustrated and told them that I didn’t want anyone else to come into my room until I spoke with the GI, almost immediately after I told them that the GI miraculously walked in. The GI took me off of NPO so that I could leave a sample, I was able to leave the sample after I ate just like I told them and they then sent it down to culture. My daughter returned and I told her that I was ready to be discharged, she went down to the nurses station and spoke with Nurse Catherine about when Inwould he able to discharge, Nurse Catherine told her that I could leave whenever I was ready she was under the impression that I wanted to wait until my results from my stool came back. My daughter told her I was ready to go now and inquired about my follow up colonoscopy, Nurse Catherine then disclosed private health information to my daughter out loud in the hall way for everyone to hear. My daughter said okay and after careful consideration she went back to approach Nurse Catherine and asked her “What is your patient disclosure policy at this hospital?” Nurse Catherine looked surprised and confused and my daughter told her that in the conversation that she had with her 5 minutes ago she had disclosed VERY PERSONAL health information of mine that my daughter was not aware of in a hallway for everyone to hear and that she violated HIPPA. Nurse Catherine apologized and proceeded to discharge me where I had to let her know that I haven’t been forthcoming with my children about certain aspects of my health and that she had revealed something that I was not ready for my children to know. I have never had a nurse disclose health information to any family members of mine.

Rock Out Loud Music

Wow, absolute worst hospital. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. They treated me so terribly multiple times, misdiagnosed me three times in a year and a half, and do not have proper equipment and staffing. The doctor saw me for maybe five minutes and put me on a diet that made me so much worse - they should be paying ME! I cant believe that missed something as simple as gallstones and caused me thousands more in medical care when they couldbe taken care of it one DAY ONE. They do not pay attention and it takes you hours to be seen, even screaming and crying in pain. They didn't treat my symptoms and let me sit for hours more. After only a few months, they got a lawyer to threaten me for debt collection while I was paying other doctors to help me. I seriously can not wait to get a lawyer against these atrocious people. They need to be shut down.

John Heitke

Used both ER and Hospital for relative. ER was a little slow to communicate and hospital care was excellent in orthopedic ward.

Debbie Fiskum

My husband was a patient at Oro Valley Hospital for over 2 weeks with a serious, life-threatening infection. We feel that he was diagnosed correctly, given good care and overcame the infection. The nurses, aids and tech in ICU/ACT were way above excellent. They were caring, attentive, and competent. The doctors, except for disease specialist, Dr. Uche, were not very communicative. We had to beg to get a phone call from his hospitalist, Dr. Chasin. Overall, this is a very good hospital and I would take some of the negative reviews with a grain of salt. Maybe different departments were not as good, but I give ICU 5 stars!

Taylor Jackman

Great hospital nice staff with good medical offices my favorite hospital! Very friendly and it has a great café with excellent food. I highly recommend it.

Jerry Wheat

Saved my life after I had a widowmaker!

Cynthia Petrack

Clinical Staff are great but attempts to contact with any problem are full of frustration. Most common response is "I can't help you with that". The medical records dept. and billing dept. are the worst to deal with!

Shivaya Gurave

no cardiologists or neurologists on staff- if you have issues requiring help in these areas DO NOT come to OVH. If you have some sort of insurance they can suck dry they will admit you and hold you so they can bill your insurance until it runs out. I got NO medical answers to what my condition was (after holding me 2 days they eventually said I had a stroke) but with no neurologist on staff could not get treatment or any answers.....they held me for 5 days telling me the whole time I would have to be moved into their rehab unit on the 3rd floor, until finally my insurance told them they wouldn't pay so they finally released me. It was like being held for ransom. Stay far far away.........

Mardelle Burrowes

Every part of my 5 day stay promoted healing: the quality and care by the medical staff was outstanding, the room and view pleasant, the artwork soothing and healing, the ability to close my door and heal in a quiet atmosphere felt luxurious. Oro Valley Hospital is a good place to be when you need it!

Dawid Kas

Cara Bartley

First time to this hospital and I can say I have never been greeted and treated with so much care and respect at any other hospital in my life! The staff is amazing and you can tell they truly love what they do. This is the best hospital I've ever been to, would recommend to anyone!

Alicia Andrews

This is the nicest and cleanest hospital I’ve been to. The staff is extremely compassionate paired with superb knowledge. I was seen immediately for stroke like symptoms and every test imaginable was ordered. I have a complicated disease and the staff was very educated about how to treat me and coordinate my care with other specialist and PCM. Don’t waste your time or risk your health going anywhere else. My care team was wonderful and made me feel comfortable and at ease. Janeen is the best tech. Jackie was such a sweet and caring nurse with great bed side manor. Dr. Chasin took time to explain my diagnosis and care plan with me and treated me like a person who’s life had worth. Hands down, best hospital in AZ!

Les Shipley

From the time I checked in until the time I checked out, this was the best care I EVER received in any hospital in my life. I would certainly recommend this hospital to anyone. Erin Bockstedd is the finest nurse I have ever encountered. A true professional!

James Clark

Should be an option for zero stars. Brought an employee in with heat stroke vomiting not sweating and they have him sit in lobby for ever not even offer ice or anything to cool him down. People die from this everyday and this place does not care

Felisha Gutierrez

I had been sick for days...migraine so bad, makes u want to put a bullet in your head!! I'm a pretty healthy person. Normal things with getting old..I was very skeptical going to any hospital in AZ, just moving from New Orleans La. To be closer to Mexico for good doctors, they are the ONLY doctors that were great in 42 years of life! But, my wife said don't judge by I chanced it. she was wrong!! They took enough test probably to cost me a new car. But to only give me potassium because it was low... still can't look at light..heads relief...not even a prescription for tylenol or ibuprofen 600mg or something to help... I will always go by reviews and there isn't a hospital in 60 miles with over 3 stars....wonder why?? Hmmm btw not Mexican either...Full blooded Native American..United Houma Nation!!!

Colleen Kessler

My husband spent 5 days in the hospital after being admitted for abdominal pain. The emergency was extremely efficient and had him diagnosed withing 90 min after a serious of tests. The care he received from the doctors, nurses and all staff was superb allowing us to concentrate on his comfort and care. This hospital is quiet and peaceful. I want to thank the staff of Oro Valley Hospital for wonderful services you provide.

MaryPat Carothers

This is not my first experience with OVH and, if a loved one or I ever needs hospital care again, I hope it is not my last. The doctors and nurses have been stellar, the ER is quick and efficient without sacrificing compassion, the med-surg care fantastic, the Rehab department is worlds better than any I have ever seen (and I have had loved ones in similar facilities all over the country). I would highly recommend OVH for anyone who needs hospital care.

Adam Bliven

We have hospitals closer to home, but we will drive here whenever possible for their more personal care.

Tami Paz

Terrible. Brought my 89 yr. old grandmother in to the ER. We never spoke to a dr. Only a physician's assistant. They admitted her, by 178/68 the next morning I asked if she was given her medications a nurse said no because her bp had been running low. Wanted frequent blood samples, understandably, drew blood for different veins instead of using the IV port that was left in. Never was given a diagnosis, thought to be a bacterial infection of some kind, never sent in for culture. No communication, are there any Dr' s in the ER? Very rude, impatient. Very disappointed. She has great insurance, and Oro Valley Hospital being a for profit hospital, I cannot believe the lack of care and seemingly cutting corners on staffing.

sam stephen

This is a money hospital. I drove my self to this hospital and had to call 911 in parking lot after being denied medical treatment. My insurance company disputed the bill and this hospital is suing me for 250.. trying to pay them 250 and now they want 722.. and the lady carol that help me with the bill. Was rude and uncaring acting like was wasting her time. Stay away there's a urgent care around the corner. Much cheaper and nicer to customers...

Meg Maxwell

The emergency department was one of the worst experiences I have had!

Jeremiah Gennicks

Personnel treatedme fairly, with good bedside manner. The staff seamed genuinly conserned with my problem. Very knowledgable professionals even provided new meds to help combat the em....keep up the good work!!!!

Loretta Weaver

Outpatient Endoscopy and Colonoscopy “GI Lab” Oro Valley Hospital I was extremely apprehensive re: Oro Valley Hospital, because of the negative reviews and because the RN who telephoned me pre-admission was rude and argumentative. As a RN, I’m fully aware that many patients write negative reviews that are often based on misperceptions, but the number of negative reviews vs positive reviews was discerning coupled with my negative phone encounter. On 4/22/2019 I was admitted (outpatient) for an Endoscopy and Colonoscopy. I was extremely impressed by the staffing level (all RN’s) and the team effort. Perhaps, because I had my procedures on the Monday following Easter Sunday, it was a “light day”. Besides my primary RN other RN’s assisted with my admission and “pre-op” preparations e.g. IV start, monitor etc... Everyone that I came into contact with was professional, friendly and knowledgeable. The nurses worked together as a cohesive team and “we had fun” The Anesthesiologist was extremely nice and professional. I felt safe and trusted him. Anesthesia is frightening for me as I know what can go wrong and being “sedated” / put to sleep can be scary as it involves “loss of control” ... I was impressed by the “communication” tools available for my husband. He was able to “follow” where I was the entire time. He was able to be in recovery with me. He was also treated respectfully and professionally. Most of all he was kept informed. This is my 2nd experience with Oro Valley Hospital. I was treated in the ER ~3 years ago when I dislocated my shoulder and I received excellent compassionate care. Unfortunately “not my 1st rodeo” for a shoulder dislocation. Of all the ERs that I have been to with my shoulder Oro Valley was the best! I have also had outpatient bladder surgery at NWH and received excellent care equivalent to the care that I received Monday in OVH outpatient department. I’m very pleased and comfortable knowing that I have excellent hospitals near me as I am officially a senior citizen

Jerry Stevens

I'm just visiting but the facility is contemporary and comfortable, the staff friendly and competent.

Roger Harrison

Blair Schumaker

This has to do with their patient scheduling director Amber. In order to be the "director" of anything I thought you had to have some type of class & human empathy. Instead she treats people like she is above them & knows it all. It's truly a shame that my overall experience that was a good one with the hospital & other staff member was ruined by one individual. Definitely wouldn't recommend any friends or family to have to deal with this hospital as long as they have people like her working there.

Laurie Espinosa

From beginning to end I had excellent service. I went in through the ER department and was seen immediately. I was admitted shortly after and from the nurses, to doctors and specialist I was well informed of every procedure they were doing and reason behind it. I was comfortable and the staff is superb, I just can't sing enough praises for them. When you go in to a hospital your scared and I can honestly say that they eased every concern with tenderness and knowledge. Thank you Oro Valley Hospital for your excellence!

Shelly Spink

Excellent care very caring doctors and staff A+++

Greg Watts

Very impressed with Wendy, who scanned my heart on 5-31-19. She is extremely professional, patient and caring. After a few minutes I knew I had the best working on me. She knows exactly what to do, and has the education and experience to put you at ease. My thanks.

Taylor Richards

If I could leave a worse rating I would. If you have any choice in the matter, DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL. The overnight staff at this hospital's ER, including security, are the most RUDE, UNPROFESSIONAL, UNCARING, UNCOMPASSIONATE people. My fiance was not even offered a chair while he was being checked in for SEVERE AND CHRONIC BACK PAIN my fiance could barely stand, took everything he had to drive himself to the hospital while I was out of town, and they would not even offer him a chair to sit in. They made him pay $100 dollars before they would even allow him to be seen. This hospital would let you die on the sidewalk if you don't have private insurance or hundreds of dollars to throw at their pathetic excuses for care, professionalism, and diagnosis. One of their ER doctors referred us to an othopedic specialist in the medical offices at the hospital, Dr. Kim Tucker. They told us the soonest appointment they had was 2 MONTHS away but with no other option we took it and WAITED TWO MONTHS JUST TO HAVE THE RECEPTIONIST TELL US AS SOON AS WE WALKED IN THE DOOR FOR THE APPOINTMENT THAT THE DOCTOR WOULD NOT SEE US BASED ON MY FIANCES AGE. She was SO RUDE and cruel, offered us no solution or help and acted as though it was OUR FAULT FOR THEIR MISTAKE. THIS HOSPITAL HAS MADE OUR FAMILY GO THROUGH SO MUCH HELL AVOID AT ALL COST!

Marvel2 DC

We got here just about 6:00pm, as I am posting this, the doctor still has not seen my son. It's been 3 hours!!!!!!! The whole idea of bringing him here is to be seen quickly. Not!! Poor kid is sitting here with a blown ACL or MCL. Where's the help and service ???


Dee Chandler

Surgery Department is excellent!

Larry Cummings

Sorry for the Delay, on 5.15.2015, I received FANTASTIC SERVICE FROM THE EMERGENCY SERVICE DEPARTMENT from Dr. SCOTT SEIFERT MD and "MIGUEL" GUSTAVO M PALACIUS RN, these two Great People took such great care of my dislocated hip and receiving us (my bride Sue) with the care we all would hope that we all would get in this situation. In at 9:59 AM and out at 12:52 PM with my hip back where it belonged. THANKS ORO VALLEY HOSPITAL FOR HAVING SUCH GREAT PEOPLE WORKING FOR YOU. Sue & Larry C

Michael H

Carol Newton

The date today is November 27, 2016. The subject of this review is the care my Mom received after a hip operation. After observing the care during and after the operation, as well as her time in rehab, I feel the hospital staff deserve a 5 star rating. There will always be small items that may have been improved upon, but part of that is my job to be an advocate for my Mom. Special thanks to Ben, the big O.T. guy, and Amy in the rehab unit. You guys have infinite patience and are truly exceptional. Burl and Carol Newton.

Wes Stolsek

paul evans

This is the worst hospital I have been to in 6 states in my 58 years. From surly and incompetent nurses, to an inept and chaotic billing department. The doctor was excessive with tests and I left there having no idea what my diagnosis was. I had chills and a fever and got an $8,600.00 bill and had 4 subsequent phone calls trying to get them to bill my insurance company. It really is THE worst hospital I have ever been to. Places like this should not be allowed to exist.


Rehab took great care of my dad after his heart surgery.

walter jakubin

Overall the staff was great, no problems what so ever.

Kevin Fittz

This is a rehab facility, yet the inpatient rehab my step-father received here was far below the standard of the rehab conducted in the ICU at Southwest Medical Center. The nurses have bad attitudes and the doctors run from responsibility. The bottom line at Northwest is the money they're getting out of the HMOs. Patients definitely are little more to the staff than sources of income, given the staff attitudes, poor patient handling, poor workmanship and bumbling bureaucracy. It's a shame, because it is a beautiful, modern facility. I strongly discourage you from endangering the lives of your loved ones at this hospital. You will leave the inpatient facility absolutely certain that you and your loved ones thoroughly inconvenienced the staff of Northwest Medical Center Oro Valley.

Element Doors and Windows Chris Cook

Intentionally kept me longer than needed to run up my bill. Provided me with services I didn't need to run up my bill. Sent me to collections when my account was paid in full. Avoid at all costs.

Stephen Fogg

Took my wife to the emergency room with a broken bone in her foot. She was in significant pain but no one offered to help her find a place to lay down or elevate her foot. After two hours sitting in a virtually empty waiting room (in the middle of a weekday afternoon) I asked "when will she be seen by a doctor?" I was told that "we are full." And, "again, what was the patient's name?" Skip this place if you need emergency room care. Uncaring staff and poor patient management.

Ramon Mercer

Very Professional, very Clean! Friendly staff Very conducive to Healing

Scott Chilcote

I have had 2 experiences with Oro Valley Hospital over the years. One in the Gastrointestinal dept and one in physical therapy. Incompetent is the operative word. In addition, their billing dept is completely incompetent, unprofessional, and blatantly dishonest.

Jill Silver

The nicest and cleanest er’s ive ever been to. Was taken very good care off. The hospitalest came and saw me and moved me to the floor were I had great care I wouldn’t go to another hospital ever.

Jennifer McDonald

Clean Hospital efficient pleasant staff.

Diana Smith

A comment. I had been considering Oro Valley as a place to retire to. Not any more. I'm scratching it off my list due to all these bad reviews.

Anonymous a

Please send help people dying and the news don't say

David Miller

Clean and efficient facility

Julie Winklepleck

Worst E.R. visit of my life. On 6/5/17 I was sent to Oro Valley ER by my PCP as I was running a fever and tachycardic and he thought I should get IV fluids at a minimum. Although Northwest Hospital is closer, he thought I would get through OV Hospital quicker so I was driven there as I was too sick to drive myself. After a rather long wait, and having still not been seen I asked for a blanket as it was freezing cold in the waiting area. Although I was told they would get me one, they never did. After a much longer wait than that, I was finally called back to get triaged. When I asked how much longer the wait might be I was told there were 8 patients ahead of me that had already waited at least 4 hours. I felt so horrible I didn't think I could wait 4 more hours and had to get someone to drive me home. To add insult to injury, I just received a bill for $409.78 for absolutely no service. The hospital should be embarrassed to bill a patient for to whom no service was provided except a long wait in a freezing cold waiting area. Nobody, seemed to care, nobody was nice. I would never go back there again.

Rob Regal

I went to the ER for treatment of road rash from a bicycle fall. Before going, I asked the hospital if they were in network. They said yes. What they failed to mention was that the attending Dr might be out of network, which turned out to be the case. The hospital got me for $560 which is understandable. But the Dr (Gary Figge) is now hitting us up for $571, just for being examined by his assistant. All I can do at this point is pay the bill and warn others to beware. UPDATE: You'll notice they posted a standard response to my review. About a week before I called them to ask if they would be willing to better inform patients moving forward. Their rep told me, in so many words, no. Doesn't sound like an organization willing to improve.

Mark Robinson

Just walked out with a kidney stone. Never saw a Dr. but a PA who did not listen . She suggested i have a ct i said 4 different times i thought it was unecessary. That i had had 17 kidney stones in the past 42 years and other hospitals gave me an iv pain med and flo max. I had to ask if she was listening i did not want a ct and was asked if o was refusing i said yes. She left the nurseccould not hit a vain she left. So after 10 minutes of waiting i left. At home will pascon my own thank you very much. Just moved here from California and this is the worst hospital i have been to. After getting back and reading the reviews i guess the majorty of people would agree with me. Suggest a rsal Dr. NOT A PA in the ER. especially one with a year of experience. Teach them how to listen and not try to sell. Its a hospital not a car lot.

Beverly Benson Van Horn

I got into ER right away. Had A Fib and treated immediately. Stayed 2 nights. Loved the cardiologist and the hospital dr.

jon knott

Extremely unprofessional and rude the nurse at the front acted like I was an inconvenience. Beautiful new facility and second rate service.

Mike-and-Bonnie Gray

This was the worst experience I've ever had at a hospital. I was the only person there when I arrived. Everybody was rude from the moment I walked in the door (except the amazing x-ray tech). Dr. Serge Hougeir was a total joke. He treated me as if I was a criminal who was out to get drugs and wasting his time. Mind you, I am a 55-year-old professional woman who seldom even goes to a doctor. He did no examination whatsoever. He ran an x-ray for what was obviously not a broken bone, and then two hours later came in and said, "Nothing is broken, so what do you want me to do?" He told me I should go to an emergency room if I want an MRI. I was pretty sure I was AT an emergency room! I came in on crutches because I couldn't put any weight whatsoever on my leg, so he told me to walk across the room so he could see if anything was wrong. This was after I told him exactly how the skiing injury occurred and the loud pop and immediate intense pain I experienced in my lower back. He didn't listen to anything I said, didn't care to help at all, and had a total smart aleck, uncaring attitude. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS FACILITY! Read all the reviews, and pay attention to them!

Susan Ragusa

Ridiculous.. my son was in so much pain from Ears and Throat-they printed out scripts that were 5 years old with no date by these... He saw a PA whom did not have updated scripts on him and gave him antibiotics that he could not take, due to adverse affects-Allergic! BTW did not look up current medications..he even told PA about all medications taking... RUDE. Nurses...Doctors who did not want to be bothered! SHAMEFUL!!!

G Nelson

Professional, respectful, compassionate care from ER to being admitted for small bowl obstruction. Two hospitalist were superb. Only negative was an over read of my Cat Scan by radiologist Other Dr. recognized this.

Christina Gaona Hernandez

Felt loved and cared for me

Lana Demasque

Excellent care received in ER. Treatment was thorough and informed. Special thanks to Dr. Doyle and the nurse, Vicki.

Patricia Ward

Great care...thank you

Michelle J. Berry

I came in with a vertebral fracture and a deep, 4 inch laceration from a bad fall. I was taken in immediately as I was bleeding all over the floor and treated by a very competent ER MD and also an EMT. They did a great job and I would recommend them. I was treated with respect. I read the other reviews and wondered what ER they were in!

Susan Buckner

Beautiful hospital❤️caring, professional staff❤️

S Taylor

Horrible triage, nurses, PA’s, Dr.s! The WORST people in healthcare! I cannot believe they aren’t investigated for their regular MALPRACTICE ACTIVITIES! NO COMPASSION WHAT SO EVER! I hope they experience this same treatment one day. I hope they have to watch their family members suffer because of incompetence! Oh and save your BS standard Im sorry for your experience reply. Save it for the State Board. That’s my next stop!!!

jody cooke

Albert Lizarraga

Nothing to like they take to long in the emergency department

Edith Gallaher

I feel safe when I'm there

Jennifer Martin

Lost my clothes and did not give me all my meds when I was discharged back in hospital 2days later now in rehabs

Raymond Keen

I had right knee replacement surgery at Oro Valley Hospital on February 25, 2014, and was discharged to return home on February 27. Throughout my hospitalization, the nurses and other staff failed horribly in managing my pain. For two successive nights, after buzzing repeatedly in desperation for pain medication and waiting 90 minutes, I finally got a response. All complaints made by me and my wife were met with hostility and defensiveness. I would never be hospitalized again at this hospital, under any circumstances. Their personnel are disorganized, unresponsive, and lacking in compassion.

Veronica Sexton

I'm actually at the medical offices in the west parking area for the hospital. The building belongs to the hospital, however. I have a complaint about the parking. If you don't have a handicapped sticker or license, good luck getting across the parking lot! Where the curb has a ramp on one side of the main 'street' of the parking lot, there is no such ramp on the opposite side! So if you are using a cane or walker, it's difficult enough. If you have less mobility it means going around the end of the lot unless you can get someone to drop you off at the door. No valet service, so if you're alone you are going to have to go quite a ways to get to the front door. Definitely not all ADA requirements are met.

Sasha B

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU VISIT NORTHWEST OR ORO VALLEY!!! I was seen in the Emergency Department, at Oro Valley Hospital for a deep cut from a razor blade. I went to this hospital because I know that Oro Valley hospital is in network. However, I received a bill for over $600, when I normally don't have to pay more than a $125 co-pay for ED visits. My insurance representative stated that I am being charged this amount because the ED physician is not in network (Dr Tiemeier). I was never seen by this doctor, I never met this person, I was seen by the NP. If anything I should be responsible for an NP charge, not a physican charge. I asked if they could please adjust my bill, and they basically told me to F!@# OFF!!! I even insisted that I will be contacting OIG, Arizona Dept. of Health and Human Services, as well as CMS. As patients, it is not our responsibility to ask if each individual physician at a hospital is in network. Especially physicians we never even meet in person, but just sign there name on the nurse practitioner note and charge us $600 for their signature. If you want to risk paying out of pocket by going to NW/OV hospital be my guest.

stacia loya

Loved the Dr. And nurses yes, but the room was filthy. What is worse, leaving a full container full of green waste extracted from my stomach(bowel obstruction) in the hot bathroom. It made me feel awful. I couldn't shower as well. I was very ill when I left. I found out that I still had an obstruction. Very scary.

Erica G

Tricia Jauregui

Friendly and caring staff.

Mark Mittelstadt

Had cataract surgeries in consecutive weeks. Staff, nurses and facilities were excellent. Major questions about the bill including failure to reflect a second payment by me. The business office could not answer, said they could only send me a detailed breakdown.

Dr. Ralph Hatcher

While visiting in Tucson from Indiana I suddenly collapsed with severe back and low abdominal pain and was rushed to the emergency department at Oro Valley Hospital. Without delay they diagnosed a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm, began infusing blood and expeditiously transported me to Northwest Medical Ctr. for emergency surgery. With this condition only one in ten make it to the emergency department alive and of those, only one in ten make it to the operating room. Had there been any delay in diagnosis and/or treatment my odds would have been very close to zero. I wasn't at Oro Valley Hospital for very long, but long enough for them to save my life.

T.Thomas Gabriel Laudell

Best hospital experience from the East Coast to the West Coast

Andrew Crepea

Lynn B

My emergency room experience at this hospital was excellent. Dr Scott Seifert and nurses Michelle and Troy went above and beyond when I injured my finger in November. They spent extra time with me and also made sure I understood the instructions for home. I can not thank them enough for their special care.!!!!

Silveth Gonzalez

To forces I had to put one star to put this bad review , But I don't give you any star the wait is endless even if they are not doing anything. They go round and round. And they don't even look at you. It is the worst hospital. Don't waste your time in this hospital. And I want see my bill for creepy service my daughter received.

Sellena Lopez

Worse hospital I've ever been to. My dad came in for gallbladder surgery and majority of the staff treated him badly. Nurse Roe was really rude and even told my dad his fiancé had an attitude when she was only concerned Then another nurse bluntly told my dad he was "really over over weight". On top of that the nurse peeled off the sticky pad things, hurt him, and said "I'm sorry I didn't realize it was attached to you. Then we have Lexi as my dad's nurse. She was incredibly rude, snobby and everything in between. My dad asked her to nicely leave him covered up 3 times!! And she yanks the blankets off him anyways, my dad tries to ask her a question and she answers it with her back turned and walking out the room. She then removes his IV by also yanking it off and then apologizes sarcastically. If you want friendly service don't come here!!

Beth 5t 5Jorgenson

Bee Real

Unbelievable. Doctor is nowhere to be found for 12 hours and counting, nurses are rude and dismissive. This hospital is almost as bad as St. Joseph’s.

Kathleen Stubbs

Professional, top-notch, patient-centered care

Ron Williams

The professional staff at Oro Valley is amazing. Never have been to a hospital that was that nice attentive and caring. Thank you

Leena Helweg

Excellent from the first point of contact over the phone to the end of the treatment. Many thanks to Dr. Michele Dodman and team. Awesome team! Everything was excellent and fast. Glad to get the treatment there at the surgery center.

nancy MULLEN

Had to go to the ED at Oro Valley hospital on July 12th Friday Night... my care could not have been any better .. Amazing ! Thank you night staff for your kindness and professionalism.. you rock !

Rebecca Standlee

Daniel Henderson

Very fast, professional, clean the way a hospital should be. Went in for stitches and i was out within a hour.

Carol Krause

Yesterday I had a colonoscopy. From the minute I walked in I was impressed with the professionalism and how efficiently everything was run. Behind the scenes I was made to feel comfortable. Nurses explained everything as to what was going on. I wish I could remember all the nurses names. But, thank you all! Thank you, Dr. Eric Peters, (Anesthesiologist) for your kind bedside manner which put me at ease immediately! You were thorough in explaining what to expect all through the procedure. Last but surely not least, thank you, Dr. Dodman. I'm so grateful you are my doctor. Thanks to everyone!

Marteena Delgado

Went to the emergancy room for bad side pain. Had a rude nurse check my temprature and all that like she hated her job. Doctor was super nice but waiting forever. Got an ultrasound by a rude doctor who pretty much made me feel bad that I made him come to the hospital so late. When it's his job too. Not my fault my side pain got worse that i had to come to the hospital. I was telling him when my side pain started and was arguing with me that i was saying today it started and he was like "No you mean yesterday since it's onein the morning" He was just super rude to me and pushed me into my room not putting the bars down for me suprised he even lovked the bed in place. Good thing my mom is a nurse that she put the bars down for me. At the end of my visit they gave me pain medication not really knowing whats wrong with me. Was a pretty bad visit. Wouldn't go again but only closes hospital to me. Wouldn't go again unless im dying.

Vic Elliott

Better make sure you have private insurance, ahcccs patients are treated like leppers.

Vanessa Steed

Horrendous. Do what you can to go elsewhere

Jordy Mills

John Hunnicutt II

DO NOT GO TO THIS SO CALLED HOSPITAL!!! I was brought here in an ambulance for severe upper abdominal pain, and the ER ex rayed my chest and told me that my heart was fine! I told them that my upper abdominal was hurting not my chest, and the doctor looked at me with a stunned

Zephyr Mojini

Went in for shortness of breath, and left 4 hours later without being seen. The triage nurse, Vicki(with spikey hair from the 80s), was extremely rude. Stay away from this terrible place. I watched them send people back who came hours after me, and watched the lobby clear while I sat uncomfortably for hours. This place is a joke. And for Christ's sake, get rid of Nicole Lawson. Zero empathy and atrocious bedside manners.

Sarah metzger

***BEWARE***Oro and NW Hospital. I worked for both companies as a contractor. The things I have seen would stun you. Nurses, doctors, staff, management....elderly patients "falling" due to neglectful techs or nurses, neglect, staff on cell/computers on FB or shopping, patients being sedated because they were "out of control" but really just bothersome for the staff, judging patients by race, station, dependency issues, ect. For goodness sake DO NOT use this hospital or its affiliates if you are in anyway employed by them. Anything that you are being privately treated for can be discussed with or cause you to be unfairly terminated. They don't care about HIPPA in the least. Be careful y'all. There are very few folks at this hospital that actually love their job the other's just pretend they do and give mediocre care.

Sharon Bejarano

I am very thankful for Heather and her nurse. Went in with allergic reaction, hives all over and swelling in throat. She listen to me about what i knew worked from previous experiences. I still needed epi shot but all went great. If they wouldnt have listened to me i would still have hives and throat puffy that would last a week or more. Thank you both again for actually listening to me.

Merna Maxwell

Anyone can have a good or bad experience at a hospital depending on many factors. I can speak from experience. My husband has been in Oro Valley Hospital 5 times in 2015 - 2016, and i spent 5 weeks there for surgery and then in the rehab unit. We have had the best care you can expect while in the hospital at Oro Valley. They care about your needs, are friendly and helpful even when the patient is not, and well staffed so you don't have to wait for help. Hospital is clean and well run. I especially liked the rehab unit, they make you work but the staff is knowledgeable and care about your progress. i highly recommend Oro Valley Hospital. Merna Maxwell

Kent Treiber

I used their outpatient surgery center for inguinal hernia repair 8/2019. Everybody from the woman who checked me in to the discharge nurse was friendly and efficient. The hospital seems very clean and as nice an environment as you could expect.

Kristin Loughney

Went in with bad abdominal pain and nausea that had been progressing for about a week to the point I could no longer take it. The wait to get into a room was fairly short by normal ER standards, along with the time it took to get into radiology and the iv and blood work went smoother than I have ever experienced due to the excellence of the nursing staff. The doc, who spent maybe 30 seconds with me, checked me for appendicitis and kidney stones, found I didn't have those so said to go home. He offered no possible explanation or suggestion for why I felt (and still feel) so horrible. Asking him questions he basically shrugged and said go ask your doctor. Unfortunately for me I am between primary doctors due to the old one moving and new patient appointments that take a month or more to get. I suppose I had mistakenly assumed he WAS a doctor but he acted more like a rude dismissive child.

Sarah Proctor

Go elsewhere! The overnight nurses are uncaring, lazy, and have zero understanding about customer service or empathy. My dad sat in a wet bed for over two hours before my mother had to help him. She asked for new and clean sheets and was refused. They had to wait another 3 hours before housekeeping came. In the meantime, my dad is on day three of no food or water or contact from the doctor. It’s like a third world medical facility. Ridiculous. I am willing to bet prison treats their patients with more dignity and faster service. Update: Ny father was released with a bloated body, yellow skin, diarrhea, nausea, fever, and chills. Exactly 24 hours after surgery. 48 hours later with 104* fever and zero improvement we rushed him to the VA hospital and it was discovered that he had internal bleeding, an infection, and pancreatitis. To make matters worse the Oro Valley Hospital refused send the VA doctors his records until after the weekend. Oro Valley Hospital is the absolute worst “healthcare” facility in Arizona, possibly the whole USA. Poor doctors, poor nurses, and poor management. By the way, the Tucson VA Hospital has been wonderful to my dad and family.

Nancy Eckhoff

Oro Valley Hospital has corrected my billing issues with Rancho Vistoso Urgent Care. Thank you so much

Sabrina Miranda

Horrible experience. Waited there for 45 min in excruciating pain due to my endometriosis and nurse did not want to attend to me when there was no one in the waiting room and plenty of beds.

Brian Reid

Dot Heron

I was a patient at Oro Valley Hospital for an in patient surgical proceedure(total hip). I was listening to audiobooks on my IPod when they came to take me to the OR. They took my IPod and said that they would put it with the rest of my belongings. I had no control of it after that point and I was under the influence of medications. Needless to say the rest of that day I was in no condition to check on much of anything. The next, 2 nd day after surgery, when I got home no IPod. I called and was told the lost and found came in at 4 PM. I suggested that looking for the IPod at 10 am might be a better time to look for it. I heard nothing until a very nice guy called to say that he had been looking for it but could not find it. I have contacted the hospital every day I could. Still no results. I do plan to talk with one of the local TV stations to see if they are interested if trying to get some results form the hospital. I have never heard of an investigative report on TV on this subject. AND I want my IPod back. Because of the lack of response I would have to rate this hospital one star because of the guy who really looked for the IPod. Dorothea Heron

Jackie Rudy

I live in California and I’m looking for a job out of the state I’m looking at different states but when I come across bad reviews what I’m starting to notice is that hospitals have lost patient care they only care about the money they’re going to be making push the money bring in the money patient care is pushed out the door I even see it at my own hospital that I work for they just want to keep the numbers up and bring in the money this is sad to see this is where Patient care no longer exist or you have incompetent people not knowing their job

Tim McDonald

My family member went to this hospital after suffering from an extremely painful urinary tract infection for 4 days that was not cleared up with the prescribed medication that urgent care had given her. When she was admitted they had ran her health insurance and said yes the coverage was still active, 4 months later I recieved notice that in fact my wife had no health insurance and the 4-5 hour hospital visit was going to cost us $13,000 out of pocket. We are a low income family with 2 children, one of whom is special needs, and there is no way we can afford that kind of bill. I immediately contacted the billing department and requested an itemized bill, which i never recieved, and then found out the hospital sent the bill to collections without sending us an itemized bill first. This is not the first nightmare experience I've had with northwest hospital and oro valley hospitals, i highly recommend to everyone looking for quality and honest care DO NOT GO TO THIS CROOKED ESTABLISHMENT, talk about the fleecing of America!!

Natalia May

I'm a veteran to the ER due to health problems as a teen, so lying to me when I ask a question, doesn't work. The nurse in charge of me did not successfully put in my IV, it was so painful every time she came in to give me anything through the IV and she would try to MOVE AROUND the IV (trying to catch the vein) every single time. My arm was red and swollen and the entry point of the IV was a dark purple. When I asked "Shouldn't you redo this IV?" The nurse said "No, it looks great! It's just on a nerve, probably." First of all, there are no nerves in your veins. Second of all, probably? Third of all, that IV ended up getting a lot of pained looks from the CT tech and crew who took one look at it and said "this was done horribly wrong." That nurse was administering and "adjusting" said IV in my arm for 5-6 hours. That was just the beginning. I pressed my nurse light in the ER, had my door open, my machine was going off because there was "air in the line" and while I heard and saw nurses and other workers just sitting behind the desks, laughing and talking about their tv shows and funny things that had happened in the ER that day, I waited 45 minutes for a nurse, to no avail. Thankfully my doctor was coming back with results, or that beeping and me having to wait in bed without the ability to get up, would've gone on much longer. The incompetence and lack of professionalism in this hospital was far too apparent. I was a visitor from out of town, and now know that the extra 20 minute drive is worth it to be able to get service that's actually worth my time and money.

Nick D

Lynn Born

My husband was admitted through the ER via ambulance. I could not ask for more professional EMS staff and nursing staff during his short stay. I'm sorry other's have had a bad experience with Oro Valley Hospital.

Jason Stolsek

Jessica Forte

Horrible. I am to upset to even explain much. I am so embarrassed to admit it was my idea to come here over urgent care for my niece. Horrible staffing, horrible doctor priorities and horrible behavior from the nurses.

Dennis Hurst

After having a TIA waited over an hour in the ER....I was told they would do tests the next day then I would be released... They decided to keep me 1 more night so they could make more money.... Had an MRI, cat scan and and echocardiogram and blood work... total bill 31K...They are for profit and nothing else

Sloan Adkins

Kelly Green

I highly recommend this hospital! I went to the Er here with pain and discomfort because an incompetent doctor messed me up delivering my first child. I didn’t even know what was wrong or what happened doctor Chasin was the one who took very good care of me and moved me to the third floor ran a ton of tests and saved my life!!! He is a wonderful man and I would highly recommend him to you. I couldn’t thank him enough!!!! Thank you Brian Chasin the hospital Specialest

Alex Molina

Avoid this hospital if possible especially the physician assistant Nicole Lawson she is horrible at her job has no sympathy for others and I believe she is in the wrong field she made me feel horrible about myself and i regret coming to this hospital in my desperate need for help. now they are trying to charge me $600 dollars for the crapy service

Alexander Gill


Kimber Louise

The check-in or triage nurse was snarky, short, condescending, and ultimately asked the same,questions,repeatedly. The Physicians Assistant let wind out of our sail immediately becuase tho we try to keep an open mind and remain positive when we pass up an Urgent Care a half mile from Oro Valley Hospital who friends, family, co-workers, church members and neighbors had recommended, as we were only residents of O.V. for 6 months at the point of of our emergency we thought the hospital, tho costing more money typically, should be the best. Very sad in todays society that one can be bleeding and clearing crying and need to ask the physician assistant about four times for those meds. We asked for something for pain but in no way were foolish enough to think we would be brought something to actully help this this poor young man.

April Walker

1/21/2017 20:33:27 I PROMISE I'AM GOING TO SUE THE HOSPITAL FOR PAIN & SUFFERING!!!!! I'am completely entitled too, along with a long list of notarized letters submitted to the company board and anyone else that holds even minimal finical interest or personal relations with the hospital. I arrived in excruciating pain & left in it. Explained what happened when I got codeine-allergic reaction ( hives) I also refused totradol because I don't like the side effects. She said " she would try tramadol but that is was in the same family is codeine. So there was nothing else she could offer me for the pain. My husband drove me there. He and my oldest son who's 12. #Sadalla,Jed # Heather A Froeschle PA I worked a six hour C.N.A shift with a broken arm. ( I'm not complaining about my employer or even self because my employer was in and out on errands not aware of the severity of my injury geez neither was I ) I broke it at the elbow socket joint right before work called me me in. RADIAL HEAD FRACTURE ( a break of the radius bone in the forearm) Fell while skating. I went to the hospital right after work. They quickly got me straight back for my x Rays. Which were done before I even met my doctor. They called the orthopedic doctor who didn't want to splint it because he wants to cast it Monday. And I have no insurance to even see him. While at the ER, I asked multiple times for something for the pain I quit counting after the 4th time and it was not lost in transition. I asked the girl who lead me to my room. My triage nurse never onced asked what my pain level was at on a scale of 0 -10( worst pain imangiable) ( personally I think that if you actually have that type of pain level of ten your more than likely going to be pointing at it, not giving a verbal response. Looking at the triage nurse like "seriously?!" See now that would be for the obvious. It's visible pain & they are trained to work in acute emergency situations/trauma. I admire them it is not a job for just anyone. Not to mention the epidemic spike in drug seekers and doctor shoppers: they can be dress like a lawyer down to the brand mane suit, tie and shoes claiming he hurt his back. The triage is no detective nor doctor and should treat all patients the same emergency room professional respectfulness. They ARE NOT THE DOTOR AND EVEN THE DOCTOR HAS TO RUN TEST, ORDER X RAYS , CAT SCANS, UPPER AND LOWER GI's, SOME TEST WITH CONTRAST. ENT TEST. HEAR ATTACKS, SEIZURES. UTI'S, ULTRASOUNDS and there's still so much more. But just because one patients pain is not the same as the others don't mean they are not suffering in pain. They just left me alone. Seriously I'm in pain, I worked six hours⏳6️⃣

Monique Conway

What a horrible experience. My mom had to go to this hospital twice to be diagnosed with an appendicitis which should be routine. She stayed overnight without being placed into a room. She went into surgery without any family being notified. Then their nurse, Michele, called multiple family members making it sound urgent that my mom didn’t have a ride home. I raced over with my newborn baby only to find out that she was not ready. Keep in mind another family member said they could be there in an hour and she made it seem like thet would be far too long. After waiting in the parking lot for 20 minutes Michele calls to tell me I need to come in to dress my mother. I explained several times that I have a newborn baby I did not feel comfortable taking into the hospital (even explaining before heading to the hospital). There are warning signs about measles everywhere in the hospital, not to mention who knows what else, and my baby is too young to be vaccinated. Needless to say I still had to take my newborn into the hospital to help dress my mother while my baby was crying. I am extremely disappointed in the quality of care and would NEVER recommend taking your loved ones there.

Brian Hanson

I would strongly avoid Oro Valley Hospital if you have any concerns regarding Gastroenterology issues. They haven't staffed that department. They string you along with a diagnosis and then so say" oh by the way we need to transfer you to another hospital". Usually it is it late at night and they transfer you to a facility far away from Oro Valley. Guess who gets to the pay the ambulance fee. I was transferred to St Mary's. My wife will only be transferred to Northwest Hospital after spending a whole day at Oro Valley getting no medical care at what cost. They did the diagnosis without saying we had to be transferred. We've met one doctor that we have felt confidence providing our healthcare. Dr Sedala. I won't be going to Oro valley Hospital ever again. We live on Rancho Vistoso Blvd, and will drive to Northwest. My time at St Mary's was much better than at Oro Valley in terms of staff experience and quality of professional care.

Amy Graham

Overall Oro Valley Hospital is Okay for the basics. My Husband was having a heart attack and he got in and was treated right away and surgery happened before I could get there. The doctor did admit that they do not have all the equipment at this hospital to put in all the stints he needed. If they need to, in the future have additional surgeries, we need to go to UMC or TMC so they have all the equipment needed from the beginning. Remember this is a small hospital. The nurse care was good and overall good experience. Then came billing, and I know they ALWAYS have billing issues. I hear it from everyone at my work, from other family members as well as my own past experience. You so much as say Oro Valley or Northwest hospital and everyone mentions the issues they had. This time at first my experience went smooth, after surgery I was sent my "final balance," I spoke to the insurance company and confirmed what I needed to pay and sent it in (keep your paperwork). Seven Months later I receive a bill with everything exactly the same except the insurance payment amount and they are trying to bill me $28,996! Here I go again, dealing with the billing.... so beware, if you go there you will have to deal with the billing department over and over. I know they have received multiple complaints about that department and they haven't done a thing to change it. Good luck (I know I will need it too).

Scott Bradley Shenberger

Worst place ever! My mother went in for a knee replacement, staff knew full well she had a large hiatal hernia, my mother threw up several times while laying down in her bed, no one bothered to make sure she did not inhale any of it. She was released later that day, got home and threw up again while laying down and was in ICU an hour later with a stomach full of fluid and stayed there for several days with Aspiration Pneumonia. Their billing is a joke. We have been paying on a plan since early this year only to find out they forget to set it up so now my mother got turned over to collections because of their mistake. Northwest in general has questionable practices and if possible avoid them!

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