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REVIEWS OF Northwest Medical Center IN Arizona

Jessica Mora

I went to the hospital on Friday September 28, 2019. The doctors and whole staff was very kind.

James Houtsma

We went in to get a routine back x-ray for my wife. The contract billing service refused to process her saying that Tricare Prime required a referral and approval for x-rays from their contractor before an x-ray could be done. We were told when we get that to come back. We called the Tricare contractor only to be told what we already knew that x-rays ordered by a network provider do not need prior approval. We will not try to use them again. Now, three days later my wife was told to get an MRI. Because of the 'owners' response we called to set it up and were again told we could not be seen because they needed prior approval from Tricare Prime. Obviously the comment below was not backed by any actual changes.

Bridget Dunbar

I was brought here by ambulance after collapsing and not breathing! My boyfriend did CPR on my until medics arrived. They pronounced me dead, but my mom begged them to keep trying. They took me to Northwest Hospital and I was in a coma for a day and a half and then they put in a difibulator. I had wondweful Drs. and Nurses during my 5 day stay! I especially liked a Nurse named Carley that I had for 2 days! Very sweet and personable!! I thought everyone that i came in contact with was very nice and knowledgeable! Its never fun being in the hospital, and we have all heard horror stories about all hospitals! Thats what made me write about my good experience! Thanks to everyone involved in my care!!!!


A dear friend with a compound fracture of her leg was left on a gurney in the hallway for more than an hour with no medical attention. Her bone poked out of her skin. She was scared and suffering. She didn’t matter. Other friends have had bad experiences with NW Hospital as well. If you or your family members have a choice, go somewhere else.

Frank Duarte

We went to Northwest Medical Center on an emergency because my wife lost the tip of her finger in a severe accident. Northwest staff refused to treat my wife after placing her in a room, she bled for nearly an hour, and was told that "she would not bleed to death." When she was finally seen, they treated her without pain medication and referred her to another hospital, stating that they did not have a hand surgeon on site. It should be noted that Northwest Medical Center has a qualified hand surgeon on call. The doctor recommended a 2 day wait to see another surgeon, but put on paper that another surgeon should be seen immediately. The hospital did not give any pain medication, but put on the billing that pain medication was administered. The hospital did not tell my wife that her finger was fractured, and did not treat her for a fracture, but they billed for a fracture and splint. I do not recommend this hospital to anyone at anytime. Stay away!


❕❕PLEASE READ❕❕ Hello there. I am just a 14 year old girl and I have experience some sad things at this hospital

Jeff Goers

Unbelievably quick, staff was excellent.

Matthew Winemiller

Very good at medical malpractice.


Great people that truly want to help.

Sarah Gastelum


Brian Beatty

A veterinarian clinic at best. Wouldn't take my pet there. Been there twice. Misdiagnosed twice. Called back. No one spoke english. How is it this place is still open, is beyond me.

Samuel Reiter

It took me 25 minutes to get to the Emergency Center at Houghton and Old Vail road. I was in a exam room within 5 minutes. At any other hospital in Tucson, It would have been over an hour in triage if I did not arrive by ambulance. I was examined by a MD, blood work performed, CT scanned, diagnosed, preliminary treated, given initial dose of meds, given RX, and referred to primary care and specialist, received 15 pages of results and directions for care and was on my way home within 2 hours. I have been to all the other hospitals in Tucson during my over 30 years living here and have never even saw a DR within 2 hours unless transported by ambulance . I faxed the test results to my specialist, when I arrived home and received a call the first thing in the morning giving me an appointment for that morning. He confirmed the preliminary treatment, And gave me an additional diet. P.S. Assistance from our car was immediately available and parking was close at hand for my wife.

Aleah Moore

DO NOT GO HERE. I've never been treated so badly from a hospital before. They made my husband and I wait in the lobby with our baby who was supposed to be seen, for 5 hours. Then put us in the back into ANOTHER waiting room. When the doctor came in to check our son, (in the other waiting room in the back) he kept checking his watch and laughing with a colleague, as if we were just plain stupid and our concerns regarding our son we're an inconvenience. During the exam he was so rough he made our sons nose bleed for 20 minutes and then told us we needed to give our son a sedative because he was being too rowdy, after he cut the inside of his nose. At that point I was so fed up my husband and I left to another facility.

Deborah Hatfield

Very attentive doctors and staff. Clean facilities. Made special accomadations for my wife. Can't think of anything negative.

Kemal Aksoy

Wait time is excessively long and and there is no way anyone can get out of this place before 6 to 8 hours. Unless you are dying, DON’T come to this place.

Hank Hirschfeld

My wife had an emergency breathing, went to the medical center, on the third night when she woke up she could not remember phone numbers etc, nine hours later they released her in a groggy state. When she got home she fell asleep after a few hours she still did not know her birthday or location. Called emergency and went back to the hospital, now still in ER after 9 hours and still waiting for a room and bed. Can't see how a doctor would release her the first time, very bad!

Diana Valenzuela

The best hospital experience I've ever had. I will never go to any of the other hospitals. I will drive the extra mile for the quality service. Staff were courteous and respectful of privacy and kept me up to speed every step of the way during my ER visit. Excellent job NW hospital!

Ginnie Mchugh

What kind of ER nurse gives a patient a pill she dropped on the floor. The senior patient was in need of medication and took it, but she should not have even offered the contaminated pill. Proper health protocols should have the pill distroyed and another provided. The patient now has come down with a bug of some sort. Stomach, bodyaches and respiratory symptoms, and blames the dirty pill. So to that nurse I say "ThankYou" not.

Scott Robins

My fiance of 7 years recently suffered a bad asthma attack that led to cardiac arrest and supposedly brain damage. She was taken to the ICU at Northwest Hospital on lacholla in Tucson. The doctors said she was brain dead and kept her UNDER HEAVY SEDATION UNTIL HER ORGANS COULD BE HARVESTED 3 DAYS AFTER HER ARRIVAL. This hospital is pure evil. Don't trust them. They will say your loved ones are braindead without using the proper procedure for determining brain death. They think they can get away with this. It's murder in my eyes. All done for profit. Sick sick people. My fiance was not brain dead. She was breathing and her heart was pumping on its own. They sedated her to death. Horrible experience.

Gabriel Lozoya

First off we waited 4 hours to be seen and we were put in a room with no bed. Then I asked a nurse if a bed will be put in here and she stated that we have to wait for a bed to open up. This is absolutely wrong in many ways I feel we are being treated differently than other patients. Why don't we have a bed? I'm going to report this hospital and the experances we've had...

Corissa Malik

My mother in law fell while out of town. She was taken to NW hospital. While there the nurse coughed in her bare hands and continued to touch my mother in law. They kept trying to give her food before her surgery. My mother in law is a diabetic and on meds for it, every single meal they brought her was non diabetic. They kept saying it wasn’t in her chart. They took her blood sugar one morning and her sugar was over 200, when I questioned why it was so high I was told by a nurse it wasn’t that high! I reminded her it was over 100 points higher than it should be. I heard her confining this with someone outside the room. On the plus side her surgeon was great.

Marilyn Abby

Everyone who has helped us has been great! Met several genuinely caring staff in ER. And they know their stuff! No one ever likes going to the hospital, but the staff at NW makes the experience much easier

Tammy Leavitt

Was there with pneumonia, they gave me codeine, I am allergic to codeine, I told them , they said it will open your lungs, I got a worse infection from it and the antibiotics they gave me weren’t working by then, with the codeine! How can they even prescribe it , especially telling them I was allergic to it!

Karen Leasure

I waited 4 hrs and after that I was told I had viral infection bronkitis and they just wanted to do a breathing treating well I told them that wouldn't work I've done that in the past and that I needed a z pack and they wouldn't give it to me and I left with a fever after they wouldn't do a blood work or even help me to see if it could be a bacteria in bronkitis and now I have to go to southern as urgent care and I've had this sense Sunday and the inhaler and cough syrup isn't helping and I'm not sleeping right for two nights and I told them I'm seeing my primary care doctor tomorrow and they said that is good ,no they should have run other testes besides a chest exray

josie shippen

Horrible Service to patients in the ER.The Womens Center is nice though.I've delivered all three of my babies there.It's the ER that they really need to work on somehow.Last year I was suffering from bleeding when I was 7 weeks pregnant.I went to the ER on 3 occasions while waiting for the OBGYN appointment .Waited 4 hours each time to be told I was misscarrying after being poked and prodded.They coild not tell me what was wrong with me or why i was hemmoraging so much blood.They didnt know where it was coming from.They saw that my baby was still inside so they didnt do anything invasive, thank god.I was sent home each time with no medications of any kind.Nothing.Told me my baby will most likely be sucked out with all the blood flow and clotting and die.My baby is alive and healthy today.Today I came in for a possible broken toe.They ex-rayed.Concluded it wasnt broken BUT said nothing is wrong with it although it's clearly disfigured , extremely swollen and bruised and I CANNOT put any weight on it.I cant walk.It may not be broken, but it is impossible to walk or even put a shoe on.I asked for a doctors note for work, but they said Im clear for work as a mail carrier tommorrow.Brian A Hahn was the attending physician.Very dissappointed with the service in the ER and will never return.

michael carey

Went in because I could barely walk on my leg. Knee was swelled up like a balloon. Front desk receptionists laughed as I gimped because I couldn't put weight on my leg, got up and started mocking me like I was taking it. Could barely put my foot down. Doctor came in cranked it several directions, told me he was going too look at the X-Rays and come back but never returned. I was never even offered anything for the pain. Altogether the WORST E.R. visit I have ever experienced. I hope nobody else EVER experiences this hospital. Go somewhere else, anywhere else!!! Completely ashamed these people call themselves medical professionals!!!

TucsonAZ Notary

Dr. Brian Hahn was the worst, young Dr. Right out of med school, stated my lungs are clear, I never even felt the sethescope on my back, he didn't ask me to breathe deeply or breathe in/out, I'm wheezing, coughing up my lungs with mucus and had severe fevers and pain from so much coughing, I feel like it's pneumonia yet he didn't even bother to send me for x-ray and told me to take Tylenol or Ibuprofen for pain & that it's the flu. This is day 3 now feeling like this and I have yet to see the bill they send me. I bet it will be outrageous and nothing was done besides hear him tell me I had the flu, like I already didn't know that. Front desk & triage staff were nice and the front desk looked surprised to see me discharged so quickly in less than one hour, so I guess that tells me how much this Dr. Really loves his job as he didn't do a darn thing for me and was probably hoping for an easy Sunday to be off work soon so he didn't care to examine me correctly. If I wasn't so sick beyond the over the counter stuff and home remedies, I wouldn't of gone to the hospital to be seen in the first place! What a joke that doctor was tonight, such a waste of my time and hopefully I didn't catch anything further while I was there....

Thomas Smith

Brought my daughter to the emergency room early morning about 2 years ago for a bump on her forehead. After 5 minutes with a doctor. The bill was 1895.00 emergency room. 485.00 for the doc and 10.00 for 1 Tylenol tab. Outrageous. They should post there prices. Even with 2 insurance Co. They still want more after ins. Paid them.

Ly Pham

We checked in immediately however it took 3 hours before we registered and we're on hour 4 and have yet to see anyone. My husband is in excruciating back pain and I'm 38 wks pregnant. So much for having an "emergency".

Rob Easter

A few staff members here are responsible for the premature death of my grandfather. In 2015 after shoving him out the door at 3 AM before his scheduled release (against his will, he said he wasn’t ready, but a nurse said he was) from a successful open-heart-surgery—he gets home and dies of pneumonia within a few hours. Thanks. We really miss that guy. Donald Max Easter’s blood is on a few of your speedy and sloppy hands.

Mike Harmon

Nurses here are top notch but over worked, had a family member here for 5+ days twice in a year, nurses remembered me the second time but there are only 2-3 working at a time per floor and are running from the time they start to the time they are off. Doctors are average for a hospital. Dietitician is horrible, but assume that if you are over weight that you eat nothing healthy. Meals (room and cafeteria) are well above average!

Brian Lamberts

My care was okay following surgery. Lots of pain meds and they watch you closely when you need it. My problem with this hospital is if I were having to stay there very long, I'd probably starve to death. You know the jokes about inedible …

Dolores Green

Had my open heart surgery and because I was in a wheelchair they’d not allowed me to used a bathroom or a bedside potty chair claiming that I was a liability therefore I was not allowed allowed out the bed unless they transferred to a chair I sat in a chair for 12 hours or the bed for 12 hours they weren’t interested in a person health care just their Hospital’s policy I transport all the time at home I will never go back to that hospital again I will die at Home

Paul Massman

While hospital admin and billing may affect this rating later, two days after discharge for me this rating is very accurate. Hospitalists Dr.s Kageyama and Harasty were very helpful, kind and attentive. All the staff at the 360-391 nursing substation were very kind, professional, and attentive. Limited by memory, I still want to call out the great help I had from Suzanne, Jen, Michael, Penny, Lora, Rafael and all the others who in any way dealt with me. Also the surgical suite folks who dealt with me met that same level, so thanks to Nora and others. Having been extremely reluctant to go to Northwest, but trusting my referral sources, these folks have now won me over.

randolph shepherd

Horrible service

Rebeca La Mar

The nurses and doctors in the Women's Center are wonderful. From triage to Labor/Delivery to PP care- they all truly care about you and your baby and make you feel at home. It was a great experience delivering my baby girl here. Keep up the great work!

S Sklar

Neglectful staff, i was told the hospital is geared toward the elderly if u have serious issues and can get to a different hospital i suggest u do so

Derryl Perry

Went to closest ER by ambulance on14 August for shortness of breath and severe pain in flank area. Ended up at NWMC. I was diagnosed with pneumonia, prescribed Antibiotics and pain killers and sent home. By the way, never seen a Doctor once. What ever happened to life, limb or eyesight? Next day still severe pain so I went to VA with a barrage of tests to actually find out I had a Pulmonary Embolism, collapsed lung /pneumothorax and no pneumonia, which could have killed me. NWMC could have set my fate with a misdiagnosed condition if I didn’t get a second opinion. I will never darken their doorsteps again.

sean bronson

Super friendly. Time from registration, vitals, to room was less than 5 minutes. All staff that I've encountered are very willing to help me with anything I request

Anita Howard

This is not my first experience with this hospital. My 94 year old mother was admitted with a hip fracture. I am her medical power of attorney. I was out of town and trying to get information. From the get go the customer service was unbelievably poor. I do believe the hospital is clean and set up fairly nicely. I loved that my mother had a private room. She was adequately cared for. The nursing assistant was nice and helpful. Her name was Melody. The nurses across the board were rude and neglectful. I was kind and courteous at all times, trying not to bother them. In return I was treated like a nuisance. Particular the second floor nurse Kim was terrible. From the time the Hospitalist told us at 10:00 am we would be discharged, it took 9 hours to actually get out of the hospital. Yes. 7:00 pm. I received no discharge orders. I received nothing. They said it was faxed to my mothers care home. It was not. Kim made rude and sarcastic remarks when I asked her anything. I was appalled at her rude behavior. I hope someone asks me to review our stay because it was the worst ever.

Judy Newhart

Got flu Dec 2017, turned into nasty infection at previous surg site. Went for help with 3 week infection that was getting worse. No exam was done to look at the infected area. I dropped green infection right in front of FNP and nurse....they didn't care. She told me "get a specialist". Told FNP takes 3 months to get apt w/specialist! You want me to let this infection go for 3 months? In that time it can cross the blood/brain barrier. The pain, sickness and exhaustion were intolerable after being so sick from fever, coughing, flu, & infection of Dec 2017 widespread flu. FNP also denied I had the flu & wanted to argue. I wouldn't argue, had no energy for that. She just looked at me with annoyance and left. She could not be bothered with a sick patient. She walked away without treatment but they took my money just fine. Reported her to hospital review person. Don't go to this hospital. They refuse to treat sick patients! Went to So. AZ Urgent Care and FNP did exam, prescribed correct antibiotic, saw the need for them in my case, explained sequence of treatment, invited me back if I didn't improve, and even offered a boost injection to help me get over it. For less than l/2 cost the NW Hosp charge for doing nothing and encouraging more sickness.

R Rees

Beware! This place uses a Physician Assistant (PA) in the ER. I was told by the female PA that there was nothing wrong with me! I had been asleep for 10 days, severely dehydrated , and had been running a 103 degree fever for the whole time. When I was released the nurse put a blood pressue cuff about a 1/2 inch from my IV needle, turned on the blood pressure machine and began trying to take out the needle. All I could see is her breaking the needle off into my vein. SCAREY! My blood pressure was 170/80! (But there is nothing wrong with me!) I went to my primary doctor that Monday and he disagreed with the not-to-bright employees of Northwest Medical Center. Do yourself a favor go somewhere else of at least avoid the female PA! They keep insisting I'm diabetic there, as well. I told them over and over I've been checked and am not diabetic!

Kevin Fittz

The ICU at Northwest was excellent overall. The nurses are knowledgeable, thorough, helpful, encouraging and supportive. The doctors are cautious, but overall knowledgeable, personable and dedicated. It's good to know that a good medical facility and staff is out there and that there is a place where the business of healing focuses on healing over business!

Kam Al Ensaif

Have no complaints. Had no problems here. Took my daughter to UMC for extreme pain. We waited 2 hours in waiting room, had a sign that said they make every patient comfortable. Well, I tried to let the nurses that she was in extreme pain. No one came to check her. Took her straight to NW hosp. She was called in after 5 minutes, taken to the back, and given meds for pain to calm her.

Carrie Martin

They have a friendly staff! Took very good care of my daughter and Grandson!

Meagan Carroll

Took my infant daughter there because she had a minor fever at home. Upon arrival they take her temperature and she was absolutely fine. They took 6 hours and multiple tests( chest xrays,, blood drawn straight catheter and a flue swab just to tell us it was a "bronchialitis"(not even a word). Discharge paper work said viral syndrome. Her pediatrician said everything they did was unnecessary. She is fine and healthy. 7 weeks old and they do every test just to misdiagnose her. I'm pretty sure they are open just to scam insurance companies for money. How this place is still open beats me.

Melissa Sanchez

The billing here sucks!! They are rude and threaten to send you to collections right away even when you're not even late! I will go out of my way to UMC next time.

Brandon D

This hospital allowed my 6 year old son to sit there vomiting blood for over 2 hours before his ENT doctor called in and had him transferred via ambulance to a BETTER facility!!! BEWARE OF THIS PLACE! if you value decency and intelligence in your doctors then DON'T GO HERE! With the level of incompetence and lack of intelligence at this facility it is a wonder that they can keep ANY patients healthy!!! They should be ashamed of themselves and their disgusting lack of professionalism. If I COULD TAKE STARS AWAY, I WOULD GIVE THEM NEGATIVE STARS!! Someone seriously needs to call the medical review board on this facility and its Doctors, Nurses and Staff.

Gretchen Quinones

Just great people!

Semper Fi

Although the nurse and staff have been great, they need to fix the billing issues. They sent me a bill after I already paid through my surgeon. They know good and well that the surgeon pays for this bill because he's been utilizing this facility for years. The representative stated they had issues contacting them so now they are going after me rather than the responsible person for the bill. Then said that they tried to call me twice when then didn't. They haven't sent me the itemized bill that I requested, they charged me knowing that the surgeon is responsible, they can't give me a straight answer. Someone finally called 2 weeks later to correct the issue. Please double check before sending an outstanding balance to the patient and claiming you did XYZ when you didn't....

Cody Morlock

Brought my girlfriend to the emergency room and it took over 4 hours just for a CT scan. Then they didnt even return her earings to her when they were done. So annoyed!

Raven S

Last Thursday I ended up in your emergency department after having to walk home from receiving services at Marana Health and Wellness Center main facility in Marana. The transportation manager at MHC is holding my services and my Transportation hostage because he doesn't like what I said to him. This is after 4 years of not receiving Services due to their internal paperwork problems solely relating to transportation and an employee not putting in the request. At one point during the last four years the transportation manager at MHC told me if I wanted services so badly I could walk. This Transportation manager knows that it's 22 miles from my home to his Clinic because he has driven me himself many many times. So last Thursday I had to walk home,(thankfully my doctor prescribed me a walker just over a year ago) I made it aproximately 2 miles before I became very ill. I was transported from the side of the road to Northwest Medical Center. Northwest Medical Center took excellent care of me. All of the doctors and nurses that worked with me were so kind. After such a horrible experience at Marana Health and Wellness Center, to receive such good care and kindness at the hospital helped me immensely. I think most of your employees were rather shocked when they heard my story. The nurses who took care of me on the fourth floor were so wonderful. Thank you for taking such good care of me after such a horrible experience at another health Care Facility.

Blu Film productions

Northwest hospital known as a bad hospital have nurses that are no good & the doctors some are no good also to say the hospital would leave you for dead Roaring flame productions will no longer recommend northwest no more they need big supper vision on nurses & need more traing in tucson they are 4years way behind there time Christian influencers say the northwest hospital was good 9 years ago but now went to junk now that's so sad to see a hospital from GOOD to not safe anymore CEO & co founder says that northwest needs doctors that have there heads on right

Barb Bourne

Went to NWMC ER following a car accident. Hospital double billed insurance and retained the third payment. Triple billing. Never go there! Simple car accident is impossible to settle due to NWMC illegal practices. Avoid this ER like the plague.

Dana Oliver

What a refreshing medical center. Very caring understanding quick responses talked with me on care plan such as medications to choose better meds with no reaction or side effects. I really appreciate that so instead of morphine we chose nitro tab Food was good Staff Doctors were awesome not only where they concern on matters at had but how was I feeling about the issues I was having Dr made me feel a lot better about my situation. So thank you all for a very good stay please keep that special attitude you have of real caring

Thomas Evans

If I could give Zero Stars, I would simply because of the horrendous billing department. Staff was courteous & caring, but billing has been a nightmare. If you have ANY other option for delivering your child, please do so. We had our baby in September 2018 with no issues or extenuating circumstances. We received a phone call with a bill settlement in October if we paid immediately. We fell into that trap. we paid in full, and received bills throughout November & December despite "Paying in full". We paid the bills, and today received a phone call from collections asking for more money! We called the billing department after the final "Hospital Billing Department" phone call in December to make sure we paid in full to avoid collections and our credit score being affected, but they said we are paid in full. Please avoid this hospital at all costs!

Little Bit

Housekeeping Dept Supervisors Needs More Training ,They Play Favoritism with some Employee''s- Write up on some and those that walk off the job gets Employee of the Month..Very UNPROFESSIONAL & WRONG.And H.R WILL NOT LISTEN TO EMPLOYEE'S if they have a Problem

Jane Talley

I was well taken care of by the considerate and kind employees. I will have no problem entering the hospital again should the need arise.

Wesley Schaeppi

Two seperate bills for ER visit. For-profit hospital. How much money you guys need?

S Davis

My father suffered a stroke 9/20. Inpatient rehab has been amazing in helping him. He’s going to miss everyone as he moves to another rehab. Thank you for all you do.

Jennifer Potter

I delivered all my babies here. I think its a nice place. The staff are friendly.

John Whitlock

Had to have my gabladder removed was my first surgery ever so i was pretty scared the nurses and surgeon were great they kept me calm throughout the whole thing i was transported from rita to this location the night before and the next morning i was already in surgery i had to stay a couple days to make sure everything was right. During my stay the nurses took such great care of me they kept me informed of everything and came quickly for every request i had. I didnt eat much but food was def made available for me the only thing i ate was the jello but they brought lasagna and many other meals like eating at home with first class service. The bed was sooo comfortable it was some kind of air mattress that automaticallu adjusted anytime you moved. Had cable tv. I wanna say a special thank you to my surgeon the nurses and every one else that made sure i had everyhing i needed. It was a very great experience despite the fact i had surgery


BE CAREFUL - ER DOCS MAY NOT TAKE YOUR INSURANCE! Had to go there twice. Service and speed were fine, but their billing for the ER docs is a mess. The hospital billed us right away and everything for the facility was as expected. But - both Physicians didn't bill until a half a year later, and the hadn't even submitted to my insurance. So, after calling and asking for that, it turns out that the ER docs practicing there aren't on our health plan (BCBS, which is extremely widely accepted). So it seems that this is another case of "you don't have a choice of doctor, so we'll screw you and bill you full price." So, be very careful and ask first (like that's an option when it's an emergency ...), you may be in for a steep price!!

C Charles

Every employee that attended me while I was ill was extremely professional. The teamwork that I saw between staff members was amazing. I feel like they made my health a priority even though they were very busy. They provided all the information I needed. They took the time to share the information I needed in several ways. In addition, they answered all my questions and when they did not know the answer to one of my questions they would go and search for the information for me. I asked a ton of questions and when I left to go home I felt physically and mentally ready to take care of myself. Despite my illness and surgery, this was a positive experience.

Samantha Garza

I have been to NORTH WEST many times as I am severely ill. The nurses are rude and will not go out of their way to ensure you have your medications before going into a procedure. they come up with excuses and blame it on the next person, they call you rude and storm out of your room yelling it to the whole hallway. just so very unprofessional. another nurse when asked how her day was, her response was cleaning peoples butts and kicking people out, you know how it goes. i dont know what the hell is wrong with these people or why they are in the medical field where people go looking to get help and to feel better. so wrong on so many levels. on top of that i have to pay for that type of treatment!

Jj Richardson

This place is horrid, DON'T GO TO THIS ER. And if you place a complaint. It falls on Deft ears. And the northwest Tucson emergency physician, P.C. patient services Liaison is no help at all. and the Site medical director this is not about the money. It's about the care,compassion.

Leslie Strong

Only because I can't give it a zero. Literally everything about every experience we've ever had was terrible. How does it make you feel to know that people would literally rather die than be treated by you?

Nik K

The doctors and medical staff here are horrible and could care less about patients. The experiences I've had have been consistently bad with a complete lack of compassion and general concern for my well being (once an ER doctor didn't even palpate my area of pain, instead he just wrote out a prescription for painkillers and walked away.) Older family members have also had disappointing and traumatic experiences here. My father-in-law almost died because he didn't receive an adequate diagnostic evaluation. Instead, the doctors assumed it was nothing major and sent him home as quickly as they could. Three days later I took him back to the ER because he became septic. And now my mother-in-law is also suffering from the poor quality of care and service at this hospital. Aside from being neglected, her personal items (clothes, phone, iPad, wallet) were in limbo for almost an entire day until my husband went to her previous unit himself and found them. Thank God nothing was stolen. This is a hospital were patients need strong family advocates to ensure they are getting the proper care and attention they deserve!

linda mullins

My husband was admitted via ambulance emergency for heart issue and had a quadruple heart bypass. The cardiac team was amazing.... Very professional... Very knowledgeable and caring. I was so impressed with the compassion and care everyone displayed and cannot say enough positive things about this hospital. Thank you for existing and being a 5 star quality of care facility.

James Sipe

Awesome care, concern and very friendly.

Michy Po

0 stars are sadly unavailable. Waited one and a half hours before I was served and then waited ANOTHER 30 minutes, had a "nurse practitioner" instead of a real doctor, paid quite a bit of money, and no clear diagnosis, only guesses. They never asked questions and gave us antibiotic cream and gauze that is available over the counter in less than five minutes at Walgreens. TMC has better service with actual doctors available, unlike this wretched place. Recommendation: go here if you have a bit of time on your hands OR see a witch doctor on the outskirts of town which will probably take less time than the crappy service here. Additionally, like the nurses, I hated the place and was not happy. DO NOT GO HERE.

Anthony Fagga

Jennifer in the ER is the most non personality person with the shitiest bedside manner. I think maybe a suspension without pay maybe she might be thankful she has a job. extremely unprofessional. Too bad nobody at northwest hospital cares it all about money.

Teena Joseph

The staff was nice and our delivery went well, we were very appreciative of this. However, there were several mistakes we noticed in paperwork such as marking our ethnicity as African American when we are actually from India, sending us home with parent books completely in Spanish (the only language we speak is English), spelling our son's middle name wrong on some of the paperwork, and even measuring the height wrong. They measured him to be 19 inches, but 3 days later when we went to the pediatrician he magically grew to 21.5 inches?

Jared Stokes

This medical center is a perfect representation of what is wrong with health care in the US. The staff - from top to bottom - is inept, indifferent, and disorganized. A one procedure that took exactly one hour required a 21 hour wait in the ER. The physician who sent me had to contact the staff on six different occasions over that 21 hour period to clarify her instructions and seek updates. At one point, prior to the procedure even taking place, she was told I had been discharged despite me being prepped for the procedure. Every staff member had to be constantly reminded as to who I was and why I was there and could never offer anything other than "I don't know" when I sought an update as to my continually delayed procedure. I finally had to call my referring physician to ask what was happening since nobody inside the building seemed to know, and if they did, had no interest in sharing. I advise anyone with a health issue to stay away from this facility.

Adolfo Lara

Very professional and competent doctors and staff. Also, the personnel is very reasonable when billing both automobile and health insurance companies.

Stevan Martin

Terribly slow and total lack of caring. Its not fit even as an veterinary er. Hope they would care for a loved one better.

Greg Sotero

Recently my father suffered a stroke and was seen at the Northwest Medical Center about two weeks ago. From the moment we arrived until when we left, the whole staff could not have been friendlier, helpful and observant to all of our needs. Everyone dealt so professionally and quickly, it was like a well-run machine. It made our experience much less fearful than we anticipated and hopefully if we had to visit again, we feel very reassured. From the emergency area on up to the hospital where my father stayed overnight for observation, every single person that entered our room had the effect making us feel safe and well taken care of. The Northwest Medical Center is only what I can deem a total 'SUCCESS'! From this experience we learned that keeping your bodyweight at a normal place and blood pressure as well as watching what you eat, can make a profound difference in your life. My whole family is all benefitting, losing a total of a combined ten pounds. Thanks to everyone who took such incredible care of my father! It was SO appreciated, warmest regards from the Sotero family.

Shannon Relitz

Do NOT COME TO THIS HOSPITAL. my mom went in for a huge lump in her head that needed to be lanced. They didn't numb her and they had a NURSE COME IN AND CUT OPEN HER HEAD INSTEAD OF THE DR.!!!!!!!! She was screaming in pain and they kept squeezing the lump just for nothing to come out besides blood. After all of that, the nurse says she didn't cut deep enough and comes in again to cut into HER HEAD DEEPER WHIKE THEY STILL HADNT NUMBED HER!! We will be taking them to court to sue them after this. She is now in another hospital and they think she may have STAFF INFECTION. DO NOT COME TO THIS PLACE

Jennifer Ortiz

I had major surgery and was inpatient for 4 days/3 nights. Upon admittance the asked if I had fallen in the last 30 days. I thought it was for the anesthesia. I had fallen day before while gardening, tripped. I said yes. When I was …

Jacqueline Morales

Professional staff and physicians that really cared about me! World class treatment from the radiology department!

keanu k

If you’re medical issue doesn’t kill you this place will. Seriously you’re better off dying than getting seen here. Worst experience ever the entire staff are so unprofessional and half of them don’t have a clue what they’re doing. Never again will I ever step foot in this hospital. An investigation needs to be opened on this establishment because its not right how poorly patients are being treated. 100% would recommend

louise scharf

I went to NW ER due to chest pains. I was triaged and left to sit in the ER lobby because "someone" was busy. I left after 2 hours. I was never seen by a doctor. I received a bill. I thought the business end was settled after I called the …

Eric Ward

Horrible place. Avoid at all costs. Nurse "forgot" to look at doctors notes, causing a serious delay in my recovery. I am currently a patient. Awake in the middle of the night because the beds here cause severe back pain. Hospital tech told me "the mattress is so thin you are basically laying on the bed frame" They told me to leave a stool sample. It has been sitting in my bathroom now for 4 DAYS. Absolutely disgusting. Wish I could have rated it 0 stars. And I almost forgot to mention the SERIOUSLY CREEPY guy who checks you in to ER. Looks llike he belongs on prison chain gang. Im voluntarily checking out tomorrow to go to a different hospital. This one truly SUCKS!

Denise Van Acker

This is by far the worst hospital I have ever had to stay in. Last year, my back went out at a restaurant there in and an ambulance had to take me to a hospital being that I do not live in Tucson, they took me to North west, and it was an horrific experience, and I never, ever will go to that hospital. Again, I was treated so rudely by a few of the nurses, some, however, were very sweet, and they in fact had me on the wrong floor. After being there for days, I told them to get me the hell out of here. They never came and bathe me until the late morning that I was actually being released, and they sent in some creepy guy with a bucket and a rag, and I have to say I smelled so bad that I'm sure no one wanted to come into my room even though I kept asking for someone to help me. When I was brought to the bathroom, some older woman, I don't think she was a nurse, kept just standing there with her arms cross, even when I told her I can't get down on the toilet, are get back up from the toilet, she just stood there and stared at me when I told her that year and was running down my leg, she very sarcastically said, well, that's why I'm holding a rag, it is the worst experience I have ever had, do not do not do not go to Northwest Medical Center.

christina sabo

HORRIBLE PLACE! I went in at 28 weeks pregnant and having extreme pain in my lower back and stomach area I had to wait over an hour to be seen and people who had arrived after I did were seen before I was! When I was finally seen the doctor did nothing and said take an aspirin you'll be fine and then charged me $1,000 that was ridiculous. The man in Triage was extremely nice and gentle but the rest of the staff I saw was extremely rude and unprofessional. Not looking forward to delivering here but TMC is too far away from my home hopefully the Labor and Delivery Unit they have takes much better care then their ER

Talissah Paredez

The staff was very rude both times I’ve been here. The wait time was unreasonably long. I am very disappointed in this medical facility. I only came to northwest because it was the closest but I will assure you I will be taking the long road down to a different hospital next time I do not recommend this place to anyone very rude and staff was taking about me in a rude way in the nurses center. If I could give no stars I would.

veah Mills

Here for surgery. The doctors and nurses were great. The food was ok. Could be a lot better. Not much you can do when you are rushed in by ambulance. For your gall bladder has a blockage.

David Fishman

Every procedure was on time. Food very overdone. Nurses couldn’t get my meds right.

Jeremiah Johnson

VERY POOR TREATMENT IN THE ER. My girlfriend was released from Banner University Medical Center last night, after being diagnosed with an anurism and bleeding in the brain. She went home and the pain progressed to the point that she asked to be taken back to the hospital. I live on the far northwest side of town and on the way to the hospital, my girlfriend began weeping in pain, crying for help. I decided to go to the nearest hospital, Northwest Hospital, where we sat in intake 30 minutes while they trained the lady at the front desk. After that, we were brought back back and our nurse, Jackie or Jacqueline, comes into the room and begins her line of questions with, "Um, if you were released from Banner last night, why did you come here?" Before I could answer, she says, "Now we have to transfer her over to Banner and fill out a bunch of paperwork that they already have." No compassion or care at all for the patient who is laying in the fetal position on the hospital bed, moaning in pain, simply "Why come to our emergency room and put this on us?" I needed an Emergency Room, and I came to the closest one to my home only to be questioned why? Rude, inconsiderate and unprofessional. Her supervisor spoke to me after I requested a different nurse and was kind, but refused giving me a different nurse. She apologized for the nurses line of questioning and told me to settle down. For the sake of my girlfriend, I have settled down. But, I wish to make it very clear that this hospital has issues that need addressed. You are better off driving the extra 20 miles she expected me to drive for an EMERGENCY ROOM. Clearly, this is for first patients only.....

Fawn Remmy

This place is a joke, everything takes forever and no pain treatment. I walked out, i went home to be miserable. Thanks for wasting my life.

robroy 2

The single worst day of the end of my life. Just traumatic and terrible. Not going back.

Sasha B

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU VISIT NORTHWEST OR ORO VALLEY!!! I was seen in the Emergency Department, at Oro Valley Hospital for a deep cut from a razor blade. I went to this hospital because I know that Oro Valley hospital is in network. However, I received a bill for over $600, when I normally don't have to pay more than a $125 co-pay for ED visits. My insurance representative stated that I am being charged this amount because the ED physician is not in network (Dr Tiemeier). I was never seen by this doctor, I never met this person, I was seen by the NP. If anything I should be responsible for an NP charge, not a physican charge. I asked if they could please adjust my bill, and they basically told me to F!@# OFF!!! I even insisted that I will be contacting OIG, Arizona Dept. of Health and Human Services, as well as CMS. As patients, it is not our responsibility to ask if each individual physician at a hospital is in network. Especially physicians we never even meet in person, but just sign there name on the nurse practitioner note and charge us $600 for their signature. If you want to risk paying out of pocket by going to NW/OV hospital be my guest.

Cheryl Gabriella Tang

I had the worst experience earlier today, together with my husband, when I checked myself in due to severe abdominal pain. A little background, I already have a pre-existing condition and I thought the pain was due to the fact that the condition had worsened. However, when I was pushed to a room, the doctor came and honestly, he was so rude. I was in pain and could barely walk or speak. Yet, when I couldn’t answer him at the beginning, he gave a tone as though I chose to ignore him. He didn’t do anything to check thoroughly, just the normal urine sample and blood work, gave me some morphine through the IV for a bit, and he wanted to just send me home. He totally ignored the fact that I couldn’t swallow anything, even water, and he said that he’ll give me oral medication to treat the symptoms. I was thinking, “if I I can’t even swallow water or retain anything, how was I supposed to take oral meds?” He didn’t go down to the root of the problem and just said, “you’ll just have to go back to your specialist.” My husband tried to call my Gastro specialist and the lady at the office said that they needed more information in order to even make an appointment. So, my husband and I tried to ask for CAT scan to be done since we were already there and that was what the doctors had done when I visited Northwest last year with abdominal pain. However, he said he called my doctor to say that I didn’t do anything on my part to help my condition and even stopped me from talking by giving me the hand. I was just so mad and disappointed. I went home with pain and continuous vomiting. This doctor really made our day worse than it already is.

Carla Anderson

My mother was rushed to Northwest emergency because she was bleeding very badly and needed a blood transfusion. When we were finally notifies of her medical emergency, it was at least 4 hours later. We were told my mother was in E.R. When we arrived my brother and I were appalled at the sight. The on duty traveling nurse walked into the room and told us he was very sorry that my mother had sat stranded on a gurney in a puddle of blood for 3 hours. And that he was just finishing the wrap around her chest to keep her from bleeding too badly. This nurse was so stressed out and frazzled. He was very short handed he explained, and then he said something none of us wanted to her. He said and I quote, "I have never seen an emergency room so disarrayed and in havoc".Need I say anything else. Beside that, they have a very rude staff, and lack professionalism. Ill never take any family member there again. thank you,

Lorell Black

Case workers are paid to manage patient's cases, not to antagonize, nor be horribly rude, condesending, hostile and dismisive to the patient, nor their caring family members, who (in this case) pay very dearly for their care.

Xóchitl Perez

If I could give zero stars, you bet I would. This place is horrible. The nursing staff was nice, at least some of them. The doctors seem like they had no idea what was going on. The experience from beginning to end was horrible. Waiting five hours to be seen only to be released within an hour or to. It does not seem like they care at all about the well being of their patients. The worst part is billing. I paid my co pay before leaving the hospital. After the insurance paid their part I paid the rest. And now months later I’m receiving a bill for 400 from the hospital and their debt department is contacting me. What type of bs is this? All they care about is money. SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY PEOPLE. UMC is so much better. I will never put my trust into the hands of the people who work here. They need to shut this place down or reevaluate who’s working there.

Sarah Roxas

I just had my first operation done here. I was having extreme abdominal pains so I went to the ER at 7am. They quickly got me checked in and did some test. Then they found out I needed an operation to remove an infected organ. The whole procedure happened quick and the staff were really nice. I knew I was going to be okay.


I doubt she’ll ever see this but Cindy was my RN and she was the best person I’ve ever met. So sweet and caring, so quick, so respectful. I can’t thank her enough for all her help. She deserves everything good in this world. Great place! Super efficient!

Angel Kriser

Worst emergency department experience I have ever had! Doctor and nurse were both uncompassionate, short and unkind. When asked questions that were defensive and rude. I will never go to this facility again.

Danielle Stoker

I hate this place. $2,000 for sitting in a room for 3 hours. Saw doctor twice once to explain why we were there, the second time to say my baby is fine? Are you kidding me. I want an itemized bill. What cost $2,000 dollars ? Because you did nothing ???

Christine Voda

I was in severe pain and needed an ambulance. They took me to the closest hospital. I was taken care of in a compassionate and timely matter. Turns out I had a kidney stone passing. Dr Berner explained everything very clearly and I was on my way after pain meds and anti nausea medicine. My nurse was very helpful as well.

Carol Byron

The Best in this town or any other. I had poor treatment at another Center and the night staff treated me with kindness and thoroughness. I thank you all.

Andrew Niemeier

We had to take our newborn here for an emergency or else we would have went to TMC. After everything was done we had a bill of about $2,500. We just finished paying a huge bill from our babies birth so we were broke. We went to the billing department and they were kind and said we could make $25 a month payments until tax time when we could pay in full and they would even give us a 20% discount when we were ready to pay in full. We have all of this in writing. They then sued us for none payment and now when we try to call them or the firm who's suing us on their behalf they are no help at all and basically are forcing us to go to court over the $1800 we have left on our bill. I will absolutely never step foot in this hospital again for any reason whatsoever. Absolutely criminal.

Sarah Granados

I would urge anyone considering this hospital to reconsider. The neglect, lack of compassion and poor quality of care demonstrated by the nurses is astounding. As someone who has a masters in nursing, I can attest that the nurses on the medical/surgical floor are not only negligent and borderline incompetent but they are also mean and condescending. I have had 22 operations in five years time and have never experienced such bad care in my life. Their neglect and inability to perform basic nursing skills is shameful. I spent six days in the surgical unit and actually lied to my dr about being ready to leave because I was so desperate to go elsewhere and leave this terrible hospital. While my dr (Dr Patrick Chiasson) made it worthwhile to suffer their poor care, I would never trust a single person at this hospital again. The rooms, the cleaning, the food, the care and the documentation is the worst I’ve ever seen. Hugely disappointed and sad that my insurance will be giving them a single dollar. They don’t deserve it. I think they need to go back to school and not only learn basic skills but learn compassion, kindness and personality traits that they are clearly lacking.

David Spear

Went there on 6/1/2019 with our adult son. We were received quickly and the initial paperwork was very fast. From there, it all went down hill. They never asked for our insurance information. They told us we could not visit with our son until later and after waiting for 2 hours we were told to go home after asking about his status. About 5 hours later we got a phone call giving status on our son. We asked about being able to visit him and we were told that would be fine. When we showed up the next morning to visit him, we were told he could have no visitors. We explained that the person that called us before said it was allowed. They let us in and we had a very good visit. They told us we would be notified when he would be transferred to a different facility but that never happened. He got transferred to another facility and now we (and they apparently) have no idea where he is even though he gave permission for us to know. Next time we will go to TMC, the wait is longer but the communication and service is much better. Update 6/23/2019 - Got a letter addressed to our son about the treatment we received. They basically said they were sorry. We finally got someone at Northwest to tell us where our son was. They sent him to Chandler, AZ from Tucson!

Sonia Ayala

Made an appt for 11 pm. Waited three hours in waiting room. I asked front desk how much longer. They were nasty could not tell me how much longer. They had no idea because they separate everyone by order of emergency. Explain to the nurse I had aigraine for a week. Not a cold. A migraine that's an emergency not a cold. I told them I was leaving never coming back.


The first person inside the door at the Emergency entrance was rude and it turns out stupid too. I received minimal attention, finally a chest xray, and sent home. In spite of having two insurance policies I now I have a bill for $4,512.76 for that 30 minute chest xray visit and there's nobody available there to talk to about it. If there were ratings lower than one I'd be choosing that, this should be illegal.

Kelly Bick

We were there for my mom's surgery. Treated very well from all departments. Nurses and her Doctor were awesome. Food was a one. Needs some work.

Dawn Starkey

My brief stay was horrendous. Intake was fine, surgery prep was fine, but after care was non-responsive. Multiple calls for help out of bed or for a walk escort resulted in hour long waiting times. Horrible, horrible. Would never recommend.


They charged a lot. The representatives are really rude. This center is not for helping patient, the only thing they care is earning $$$$.

sarah gillson

Family had outpatient surgery. They then spent 2 hours in recovery in pain and alone. They would not let us go see her. The first time we got to see her was when they took her straight to the car. Can't believe they would rather let them sit alone for 2 hours than be with family! Update - The nurse gave her a pain pill in recovery, on an empty stomach, instead of something IV. She started getting sick when the wheeled her to the car with a basin. She then threw up all the way home to Willcox. Thanks Northwest for making her experience horrible. :(

Brandon Henry

Experience at the women's center was decent the nurses and care wise, but don't worry when it comes to billing you can bet this hospital will never get it right and ruin that experience. Absolutely horrible..

Aric Milan

I had the best care. The emergency rooms took me in within minutes of arriving and stayed overnight. The care was the very best. Such caring nursing staff. I wouldn't go any where else. I was unhappy to be listed as a African American when it is very obvious I am not.

Mark Evans

Great caring healthcare professionals there. Emergency room excellent!

Madison Knight

The medical staff at Northwest are absolutely wonderful. Went in to the ER, was seen right away and was out in less than 3 hours. Everyone from the nurses, doctors, radiology techs and transport had the best bedside manner I have ever encountered. They all listened to my complaints and were truly engaged in the course of action to make get the right diagnosis and treatment.

Mareli Flores

Surgery went well. It is a little scary to me how quickly people are sent home after surgery.

Michael Jereb

Beware of any institution that cannot afford a receptionist to check people in but relegates the task to a volunteer. What other corners are they cutting? My wife scheduled an appointment and told her actual appointment is an hour later. Must be because finding the correct place could take that long. The signage is a joke! Shrubs blocking signs, signs directing us to one place and then directing us somewhere else without directions. Really?

angel Archunde

I just want to Thank the Nurses who took care of me for Four days, the Doctor(s) who tended to my health, to all the staff, Thank You!, And last to the Nurses in Fast Track!, You truely know what you are doing!! For that i Appreciate All You Did For Me!! Thank You!

Pablo Juarez

When I was admitted to Northwest Medical Center the Staff were outstanding in addressing my health issues right away! Everyone there from the Doctors, Nurses, and Specialist s were very polite, comforting but most importantly very …

Alexis Mendez

I’ve been back and forth with the hospital the past two weeks since 7/17/19 I’m not going to put anything negative that I may have experienced because I did get treated and hopefully I will recover without issues. I would like to give a quick review on Becky, Sheccid & Mariah thank you for all that you did. Wonderful women to be around even though I was in pain they lightened up the mood. I appreciate kind human being like these ladies. It’s hard to come across nowadays. Also the night of 7/22/19 my nurse was Ruben and he was very lovely and helpful. Great group of staff that I was lucky to have.

zander c

Don’t go to this hospital if you don’t have health insurance. They will not treat you as a priority here even if you are in pain. I had to check my self out and head to umc because the doctors there are more caring and competent when it comes to performing their job. If you are dying don’t go to northwest.


Update feb-2018 as I said my dad was still having chest pain and we had to take him to Pima Heart Hospital (who properly diagnosed him).Then we get a bill for $8,000, right. our poor Insurance took a big hit and we were still stuck with $1,200 for the hospital bill. we have no idea where that came from, we ask for an itemized bill. they had all kinds of tests on there for things completely unrelated to what he was experiencing. he went back and forth for 2 months with billing department trying to fix this load of garbage. Finally around August, we settle on a negotiation to clear the account with the hospital, I hope Northwest Medical Center choked on it. But wait there's more! We finally received the bill for the doctor for $680. However, the insurance did not cover it because the doctor failed to submit in a timely manner, and per our contract we are not responsible for this debt. However, that didn't stop them they sent our debt to collections. As of now I am going to call both Collections and Northwest Medical Center to completely dispute this claim. THEY WILL NEVER GET A DIME FROM US EVER!! If they continue to harass us I will get my lawyers involved to protect my father, and sue the HELL out of them. We will provide an update shortly. 0 stars not available. Took my dad here because of heart problems. waited forever then when he was finally looked at they hooked him up to a EKG then gave him some aspirin and said he had a pulled muscle and sent us home. He had to go to a REAL hospital because he was still having problems and was diagnosed with circulation/valve problem. then this place had the audacity to send us a bill for $8000 dollars!!!!We will not be paying that bill and are disputing mystery costs. Do....not ....go here. it is some con/scheme

Lexii Weiser

I thought you guys were suppose to help people, not make them feel worse!! Worst hospital I have ever been to! If I could give zero stars, I would. If you're sick or about to die....dont go to this hospital, go to UMC! You wont come out alive going to Northwest.

Cindy Merodias-Montenegro

Went in today to Northwest Hospital, they got me right in, they were all cautious, they explained everything and kept me informed. I have spent a lot of time at hospitals with my parents over the years; this one did not leave me waiting. Yes takes time to wait on lab reports, then go for other test once got report, but considerably fast.

Bradon Roswell

emergency room pathetic. Brought in by ambulance, was in MORE pain when discharged 5hrs how to pay to be transported to a hospital where I can actually be treated. Would recommend ANY other hospital in the Tucson area. Third world clinics have better service (that is NOT an exaggeration.)


Beware of northwest hospital fraudulent billing practices. One time in the emergency room, I received three separate bills from three different doctors, and one from hospital hospital. Do not go to their emergency room! TMC a much better organization and trustworthy.

Rosa Castellanos

NOT GOOD, GOT MISDIAGNOSED, BY 2 DOCTORS, and then got charged Alot


I came into the emergency with back injuries. Since it was chronic and not acute. They would not do anything. I had my mri done 2 weeks before and they wanted another done with their antiqated machine. They tried to stuff me in but I was too big to fit. Try to bilke the insurance company 8000 or more. I wasnt asking for pain meds. I found out a few days later that my detiorating health is due to hips needing replacement. A simple x-ray showed this...Liability.. No attending saw me. Talking to my lawyer.

April Mills

Will never go back to a Northwest hospital again. Went in by emts and got discharged with no way home. Still really dizzy and nauseous. It's like they don't care anymore about anyone. I ended up walking the parking lot for hour's. They did not care about my health. I tried to call who was over the er doctors and never got a call back. So i will try to get in touch with them again. If not i will be talking to a lawyer about all of this.

Trevor Dickerson

This is a really great hospital... if you have very low expectations. What's great about Northwest is that it's located in a very convenient place and the nursing staff tends to be very good. What's bad about Northwest is literally everything else. My most recent experience was surprisingly awful, as they made a diagnosis practically at the ER check in desk based on my age. They saw me anyway, but kept with that assumption and put me in practically a broom closet thinking there was no issue but had to do something to justify the massive charge to my insurance company. I didn't even see a doctor, and they sent me on my way with an incomplete diagnosis, again, because they thought I couldn't have a PE at 22. Before that, I was brought in by ambulance after suddenly becoming paralyzed. Aside from the miserable neurologist (who by the way has some very unscrupulous billing practices), the apparent inability to make diagnoses, and typical excessive delays, this one spoke volumes about Northwest. They said I was too broad-shouldered to fit in their MRI machine. This was a surprise, as I've had many MRIs done before without a problem, and I'm not a huge person (albeit larger than most). I was also trying to figure out how they do imaging on UA football players or people with similar builds. According to Northwest, nobody in town has an MRI big enough, which was a complete bold face lie. They were saying that because they didn't want to transfer me to a competing in-town hospital. So what did they do? Transferred me to another hospital in Phoenix. As I was not in proper state of mind with what happened, I didn't put up a fight. But, in hindsight, it's clear that this transfer was done to keep money in their pocket. Let me be clear: I only go here because it's a 30-minute drive to any other hospital, and only do so if there's a substantial issue that can't wait 30 minutes. Northwest Medical Center doesn't care about you or your problem. Their sole mission is to pump you full of drugs and kick you to the curb so they can line their pockets.

Celia Scott

Staff were wonderful and caring. Unfortunately the corporation that runs the food services isn't. From the meals served to patients, I can only assume management only cares about money and not helping patients get better.

Moonlit 99

They are horrible. Went in for severe pain in my shoulders neck and head. Tried to give me Vicodin.....don't do pain meds like that at all....asked for anti enflamitory.....said they would be right back.....2 hours later.....nothing. ended up walking out. They said if I went outside I would have to sign back they could charge me twice for doing nothing.....I don't give them 1 star I give them none.oh.....another thing......why the hell do they ask...."what do you expect to accomplish coming here?"......REALLY.....I told them hopefully someone here can figure out what's causing the pain.

Denis Johnston

Great hospital staff but their billing department sucks...

Collidal K

Got charged $1806.00 for a road rash... rather amputate my arm off myself next time than comeback here.

lorena villa

ER fast track is BS. I brought my mom here because she had a fall. The nurse came in once. NP came in ordered meds told us xray where fine and it took the RN 2 hours just to administer meds and still waiting here for discharge papers!! I will never come here again!

Bridget Rice

This is an awful place. Like, horrible. This is the worst hospital, with the most inept and completely oblivious staff. I know a patient's information, down to her weight (including name, address, birthday, and the meds she was given) because of a woman at the front desk named Angela Francesca. Another woman speaking to her said "no one gives a fu**" about that patient. They called the cops on her. Because she left. Because she wasn't being treated. And when my daughter had a broken nose, they literally attempted to hold us there. They refused to let us leave until we applied for Arizona health care. I actually had to threaten to call the police before they opened the (locked) door! This place isn't just bad, it is actively dangerous and run by small minded people who want to feel big and important, and in doing so, forget that they have jobs where people's lives are in their hands. Stay away from the Angela woman, and the overweight guy who sits next to her. Note: head nurse Robbie was fantastic.

Babyj Mora

Amazing experience! As soon as I got there I filled out the paperwork and was seen right away and then brought to a room. My spouse was able to go back with me. The wait was a little long, but there was a lot of people before me, so understandable. They took care of me and gave me med's I was able to take due to my condition. Definitely going back if i or any of my family needs to go! Thank you too all the nirses and doctors who helped me you care all amazing!!

Maury C

Buyer beware! Beware of fraudulent billing activity! After I got out of the NW medical center hospital the bills started coming in. I was billed by several doctors out of this hospital that did not have contracts with Blue Cross Blue Shield of AZ. They billed me directly and did not go through my insurance company as they said they did not have contracts with that Inshurance company. Now I apparently owe $3500 to these doctors. Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance company will not cover any of these bills. The hospital does not inform you of this practice when you are in there care which I feel is fraudulent on there behalf. Update 12/28/2018 After being out of the hospital for a few months now the insurance company finally paid the doctors. My strong advice to you is if you have to go to this hospital you should request that they don't give you any care that isn't covered by your insurance company!


BEWARE! After three E.R. admissions/hospitalizations and within three weeks, my mother passed away in their ICU without any palliative medicine. A dozen specialty doctors focused only on a particular organ, not the patient as a functioning whole being. Some doctors never reviewed her medical health history, but spent more time at computer stations and not with the her. Multiple Hospitalists and Specialists communicated to us poorly and kept deferring our questions to other doctors. They administered uncoordinated, conflicting, duplicated and unnecessary interventions and procedures, prescription errors, multiple days of fasting, dangerously high glucose spikes, femoral line was ripped out during bed transfer (my list goes on!). Unfortunately, the medical malpractice lawyer I consulted cannot move forward. Medicare has been notified for improper treatments/billing. My beautiful mother suffered both physical pain and mental distress as she slowly died from multiple organ failure as a result of their inhumane medical "care."


Not good attention by the office employees. Trying to talk to the Doctor Miriam Gutierrez Assistant and is impossible. Waiting 3 weeks for the authorization of a medicine for an infection. Solution? Go to the office to speak with the Assistant.

Sharon Cotter

My Mother is 92 and was suffering from electrolyte imbalance with dizziness, pain from her arthritis, some disorientation. The care she received in the ER for good to very good, but everything took a long time. Kudos to one of the assistants there, Ryan, who was very quick to respond and provided good care. She had been admitted at 10:30PM and at about 3PM they told me that they were admitting her, however it was another 5 hours before she was taken up. In the mean time, I was up for 24 hours since I didn't want to leave before she was admitted. Chairs were miserable and the staff at the desk were very loud so she couldn't rest. When they moved her upstairs, I left, and when I called back a few hours later, they had no record of her even though I had stayed with her in that room for about 2 hours. They do not have a reception desk, only a volunteer that is on a few hours a day, and no one after 5PM..... so no one was able to tell me where she was, nor did the house phone that gives room locations work. That is a disaster!

A Valdes

Just go somewhere else. If your surgeon is associated with this hospital, pick another one. I have never in my life regretted a decision more than the one I made to have surgery at this hospital. I was a self pay patient and paid all my fees up front - I am STILL fighting with this hospital months later about bills that I am receiving. Save yourself the headache. As brilliant as my surgeon is (Chiasson), I wish I had picked a lesser surgeon just to have had a different hospital experience. Not to mention, the nurses during my stay were so lazy and incompetent. I wanted to bolt the same day I had the surgery just to get the hell out of there. One actually told me I needed to tell HER when it was time for my medication! What?! I was also in a bed that was too short - I was frog-legged for days - which I mentioned to several nursing staff. It took three days for them to find someone to adjust the bed! Fresh out of surgery, probably missing doses of pain meds, so in pain and they didn’t know how to adjust the bed so they just left me like that. Literally no concern and couldn’t be bothered. Insane! The other reviews are borderline people bitching because of the ER - most of it sounds like over exaggeration, but I still say heed the warning. Go somewhere else.

Jess Shoemaker

The two Sarah's are great...Np Hannah Sitter is fantastic..Dr.Tarr is great... Wait times are good.

D luna

The sad thing is we had a great Dr and some really wonderful nurses! Unfortunately when it came time to change shifts the wonderful Dr who was caring for my father had ordered some test to be done, anyone who has a father or any man in their life for that matter knows it's not easy getting them there! As for my father he just won't go, so when my mother called to say she had taken my father into the ER my heart fell into my stomach. I live on the east side and raced to his side! When I got there they had ordered test for a colt he had the wonder Dr was concerned it might go to his heart but as she was getting ready to leave the Dr that was taking her place came in ask my father to stand out his arms out in front and wait for it... your fixed you can go home! Yeah not so much. Needless to say my mother and I were shocked my father could baley stand he has a blood clot and because this Dr said stand he was fixed???? No we did indead end up taking my father hm only to end up back in the hospital needless to say I love my parents as I'm sure most people do so I won't bring my loved ones here! What is wrong with these Dr who just don't care?? Ensurance perhaps or they just don't give a damn!?

Gail Hanisch

Very bad experience here over the weekend. Their MRI department needs to get their act together-radiologist and nurse/tech on the evening of May 28th were true idiots. Would love to go into detail but too long of a story. Never again Northwest!


My experience was awesome. I was treated with highly respect and lots of caring and attention. I want to thank everyone from admitting, lab and all the nurses specially Stephanie in the outpatient ward. Thank you once again.

Tina Marie Peper

I was so dizzy and I thought I had a heart problem. The staff took only minimal vitals on me and sent me home with a benedryl but the worst part was that they didnt have room in the regular hospital so they crammed me in the psych drunk …

Harddrugs Mattress

This place is for profit, banner aka university medical is non profit. It really is a no brainer. Come here if you wanna get screwed around with and lose your money

Bruno B

My dad has been in and out many times at this facility. He is 83, with typical issues the elderly go thru. He has always received great care. It's the waiting for test results and Dr's that make you feel irritable, but that's not the nurses fault.


My wife had surgery and the registration process was terrible! The admitting person named Natasha was very rude and unprofessionally dressed she looked like she was about to work the street. The rest of the staff was very nice. My wife said that the recovery room nurse was very nice and helpful. The experience was ok

m c.

I checked ked in for a pregnancy test only and one of the nurses named Stacy that worked in the little back room today on January 31st was very rude to me she told me why didn't I just go buy a test I explained I don't have the money right …

jennifer Rodriguez

I have never seen such a unprofessional hospital such as this I had surgery Fri Oct 6th 2017 it's been 8 days and i I started having the most horrible pain ever in my knee I had surgery on I was able to drive myself here the closest hospital to my house I am still in waiting area I can't walk in so much pain they pushed me to restroom door and left me then they said gonna do ultrasound and xray left me in pain and no Dr saw me if I could drive somewhere else I would only come here if u have the flu they real quick about that no sympathy here for people. Don't come here at all

Ronald Milo

If you are so unfortunate enough to be admitted to this hospital, make sure you have a family member or friend to advocate your needs for you. Patient care is deplorable there! Just utterly unacceptable. I just returned home from an afternoon of helping my sister who is a patient there, and I am still reeling from the anger I feel, for lack of care which borders on malpractice. She is NOT getting the proper care she needs there. Sadly, I think this is the state of medical care not uncommon in our country now.

Lavender Hart

Little or no follow up or coordination with departments concerning delays or cancellations of tests or procedures. Also totally unreasonable hours times to do procedures. After midnight to put in hooks. Why can't this hospital have a computer system internally to track patients tests timeframes status??? My husband waited for a hook put in by a cardiologist and we had no information or updates when this procedure was going to be done. This is totally unacceptable. This department should have Informed the nurse manager fourth floor of the hospital on duty of delays and updates and told us this information and my husband's assigned nurse. So we are waiting for information and no information or explanations. We finally met with the nurse manager on duty on the fourth floor about our concerns. Hopefully she followed up as promised to us. Have we gotten a followup call from anyone... also the medical records department lost our paperwork to release my husbands records, test results and more to send everything to the VA hospital. Total incompetence.

Justin Cutright

IF YOU HAVE A STATE FUNDED INSURANCE PLAN DONT GO HERE!!!! Since I didn't have a non state funded insurance plan, I feel as though I didn't receive the best treatment, staff was snooty towards me, treating me as though I was a bother and why was I even there. When DES would not cover the visit (staff infection) I was sued by the hospital, and now they are garnishing my wages.

Elissa Brown

There is a TECH in the ER by the name of Patrick that does not want to care for African Americans. Excuses were given that there are language barriers but I called the charge nurse and voice my complaint. They both came into the examination room to back peddle and although there was an apology, it wasn't sincere. More training needs to be done on sensitivity and racial tolerance.

Easy Care

Becky the intake nurse in the emergency room leaves a lot to be desired. If she hates her job that bad she needs to find other employment.

DeAnna White

I was in hospital over night Oct 18th, 2018 for a traditional shoulder replacement with Dr. Prickett. I want to thank the staff for my excellent care. The staff was efficient and kind. The nurses always arrived immediately. I especially appreciated the day nurse, Benny who I believe was assigned to patients the same day as surgery. He had me in a chair sitting up. Then he took the time to walk me through the halls. Having such professional care gave me confidence in moving around with this sling. The Anesthesiologist Dr. Lane, was skilled; easily. came out of surgery with no side affects. Thank you for such professional care. DeAnna White

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