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REVIEWS OF Northwest Hospital IN Arizona

Rosie Newlin

When to emergency with son . They where great! Kind, compedent, busy!

Jordyn Cholas

Long waits and the staff is a hit and miss. I wouldn't say it's the worst hospital in Tucson just not the best.

Rob Easter

Not a fan. They killed my grandfather in 2015 after shoving him out the door at 3 AM (against his will, he said he wasn’t ready, but a nurse said he was) before his scheduled release from a successful open-heart-surgery—he gets home and dies of pneumonia within a few hours. Thanks. We really miss that guy.

Richard Volz

My elderly Dad recently spent 10 days on the 4th floor in the Telemetry Unit where I visited daily. I have stayed in and visited many hospitals in several states in my life and I can unequivocally state that I have never met or dealt with a finer group of people than the staff at NMC. The entire staff of doctors, case managers, nurses, nurse techs and supporting staff were competent, professional, respectful and pleasant. Thank you all.

joseph horrell

Great staff and nurses very professional doctors excellent care i dont like hospitals but if i ever needed another one this is where i would go... Just spent 6 days and was taken care of beautifully

Robert Stier

I went to the ER at 10pm on a Friday. The entire place was spotless and the nurses and doctors were very helpful and friendly, checking on me at least every 30 minutes for the two days I was in ICU. It was my first hospital stay since birth so I didn't know what to expect, I actually had a very pleasant experience considering I was there for a life-threatening event. If I should ever require a medical procedure in the future, I will definitely go to Northwest Hospital.

David Medrano Jr.

I was admitted via emergency room. No triage. I was wheeled into to the room 24 1. The room was filthy. 2. No linen on the bed. 3. I requested a couple of blankets after I was given the call button. After my request I overheard a remark to the effect that "oh now he needs blankets" in a sarcastic tone. This went on for 5+ hours. 6. My reqests were made begrudgingly as if patient care was cutting in to the nursing stations time to talk about the patients. I was polite. 7. I was told I would be needing a Gall stone procedure. I refused and siged out ama which means againt medical advice. 8. I would not access healthcare at this facility, even if I were piad a huge sum of money. 9. They have no compassion.

Suzanne Kaldenberger

Place is a dump. Beds are uncomfortable and old, chairs in rooms look old and falling apart, food is gross and they don't take good care of patients.

Thomas Evans

If I could give Zero Stars, I would simply because of the horrendous billing department. Staff was courteous & caring, but billing has been a nightmare. If you have ANY other option for delivering your child, please do so. We had our baby in September 2018 with no issues or extenuating circumstances. We received a phone call with a bill settlement in October if we paid immediately. We fell into that trap. we paid in full, and received bills throughout November & December despite "Paying in full". We paid the bills, and today received a phone call from collections asking for more money! We called the billing department after the final "Hospital Billing Department" phone call in December to make sure we paid in full to avoid collections and our credit score being affected, but they said we are paid in full. Please avoid this hospital at all costs!

Chloe Garcia

I hope someone sees this because idk what to do. In January I was rushed into the ER. I kept hearing nurses talk about me outside the door of my room at full volume telling everyone my business. I was in a lot of pain and experiencimg symptoms of my mental health issues and they kept refusing to call my family or help me use a phone. My mom thought I was dead and had to call over and over again for them to finally confirm I was there after three days. I was in ICU for five days and I remember people around me had died and one of the nurses made a comment when they brought the steel casket out she said "that should have been you." Cut here to four months later, I was gathering info and got my medical records, in these records it had my CT scan results. In the results it says I have a mass that needs to be tested for cancer and that the doctor discussed my options with me. I remember everything from my stay and not one person told me about this mass. They also said they had called my mother and told her they had found something. They had never called my mom once. If I hadn't looked at my records I would have never known I had a mass. A lot can happen in 4 months... I hope I'm okay

Bianca Escobedo

Patricia Franco

DesertBum WoodWork'n

I was in & out within the hour, with great service from the nurses

Sasha B

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU VISIT NORTHWEST OR ORO VALLEY!!! I was seen in the Emergency Department, at Oro Valley Hospital for a deep cut from a razor blade. I went to this hospital because I know that Oro Valley hospital is in network. However, I received a bill for over $600, when I normally don't have to pay more than a $125 co-pay for ED visits. My insurance representative stated that I am being charged this amount because the ED physician is not in network (Dr Tiemeier). I was never seen by this doctor, I never met this person, I was seen by the NP. If anything I should be responsible for an NP charge, not a physican charge. I asked if they could please adjust my bill, and they basically told me to F!@# OFF!!! I even insisted that I will be contacting OIG, Arizona Dept. of Health and Human Services, as well as CMS. As patients, it is not our responsibility to ask if each individual physician at a hospital is in network. Especially physicians we never even meet in person, but just sign there name on the nurse practitioner note and charge us $600 for their signature. If you want to risk paying out of pocket by going to NW/OV hospital be my guest.

Gloria Sierra

North west is the worst hospital in the state of AZ they are rude and no compation for there patients.all they are worried about is ppl woth the best insurance and if u say u have axxes they treat u even worst i will never go there again i would rather drive 100 miles to a different hospital

Connie Scharpnick

Treatment was great. Everyone was nice and efficient.


ALERT! Anyone who has had a terrible experience at Northwest Medical Center, submit an online complaint to The Joint Commission. Although they do not investigate individual complaints, they compile data which will show their incompetence and inhumane treatment. My beloved 80-year old mother was tortured to death by their doctors over three weeks until her death in ICU. Please help to prevent our families and friends from future harm.

carissa Frazine

Wrong place

Mellie Chavez

I went for MRI and when the orderly asked me to get on the gurney he forgot to put the locks on bed wheels, and I fell off the gurney almost 3 feet to floor. They ignored me when they took me to my room! Everyone acted as if nothing happened even the doctor didn't want to talk about it to me! My whole back had black and blue bruises for almost a month! They didn't care.

Russell Carlino

We had a five-year-old child go in there today with impacted colon and in severe pain and the hospital sent her home in the same condition ,severe pain did nothing for her!! And tonight she's still is in severe pain and its 12 at night and she's running around crying and screaming in pain! What kind of service is that? You did nothing for this child. Or should I say the NW hospital ER did nothing for this child.

Jim Henrich

I am just a volunteer but I do love the hospital.

Monica Danesi

The worst poor treatment and they lost my belongings

Steven Rosenberg

Breanna Besteiro

Absolutely awful experience in the EAU. Their general suegeon is a sorry excuse for a man with little to no bedside manner, no compassion or empathy present and literally belittles your experience to your face. Had I known THIS wouldve been my experience, I wouldve driven the additional 6 miles and gone to a hospital that bothers to treat patients like people. I would give a 0 if at all possible; further as someone who WORKS IN HEALTHCARE, i will ensure that I spread this information so that no other person has to share my experience. The ONLY bright spot was my original nurse. She was an angel. The night nurse was fine but the 1nd morning nurse was RIGHT up there with the inept and uncompassionate jacka** who sees fit to call himself dr [i dont care about your title, if you dont care about others, healthcare of any sort would be better off without you.]

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