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Loren Williams

My experience with this medical facility has been simply horrendous. I have been attending this medical center for approximately 4 years, and have even worked there for a short stint. The staff are rude, inconsiderate, unprofessional, and barely competent. For example, today I attempted to schedule a follow-up appointment with my nurse and was unable to because no one knew how. Instead they took my contact information. It's been three hours and I still haven't heard back. During my first time recieving care for mental disabilities it was heavily insinuiated that I had chronic substance abuse issues. They were unconcerned about any of my actual symptoms or documented medical history, rather projected their own through derived assumptions based on a 10-15 min evaluation. They prefer to practice dependent stylized medicine, ensuring that you have to continually return. It is common for their "teams" to prescribe sedative medications that impair cognitive abilities and side-step rehabilitive treatments. While the facilities and equipment are lacking and in dire need for modernization, much of the administration enjoys bonuses proportioned around six figures. While the surrounding community endulges in quaint fantasies of the old west, it is unacceptable that a medical center harbor the same perspective. The administration is immensely neglegent and somewhat corrupt. Hiring and firing is not based on quality, proficiency or competence rather subservience, friendships and maintaining the status-quo; atypical go along get along old boys club. In general the nurses are kind, and overworked, yet some employees lack a sense of professionalism and ethics in regards to their responsibilities and the moral treatment of the patients, visitors and peers. This facility is managed by the VA in pheonix which has had a slew of mismanagement, neglegent and corruption issues. Much of the culture is to ignore problems and punish whistle blowers and errect regulatory road blocks and red tape whenever convenient... not a place I shall be returning so I figured I share my insights.

Willam Margadant

Rosalie Mohar-Marty


Linda Collins

Nothing but good care

jerry gnerre

Went to check on benefits. Cory was the best. Very knowledgeable and professional

Johnny Vantassel

Craig Stuart

The care and "beside manner" that I've received at the Cottonwood Out Patient facility and the Prescott hospital has made me a strong supporter of the VA system. My team doctor at Cottonwood has made my gout become non-existent, something no private md has ever been able to accomplish and a recent bout of pneumonia was very well taken of by Prescott, I'm now 100%. I'm very impressed and the follow-up care is great. Hard to understand all the 1 star reviews. The ER in Prescott was fabulous and, even on Christmas Eve, all of the staff treated myself and wife with respect, dignity and with the sole purpose of getting me healthy again, what more could you ask for?

Ross Moore

It's the V.A., what can I say.

Susan Smith

I have had to stay in the VA hospital for three days and have never had this quality of care. They are the most caring nurses and doctor's I have ever dealt with. I've also been to the Emergency room and the care was amazing. I do have to admit, in every business there is always one or two that are grouchy, but that is human nature, but I would say 99% of the employees go out of their way to be courteous and helpful. The only negative, the food at the hospital is horrible but compare that to the care I got, there is no comparison. I would recommend Prescott VA to every vet.

Michael Meikis

I work in the kitchen here at the v,a, we are voted the best in Arizona everyone I mean everyone here really cares about the quality of service we provide for our vets as a vet myself I am totally proud to be a employee great people

c Weis

Caring staff. Really nice buildings

Troy Lester

I'm getting great care here at the Dom

David Eastin

Steven Jacoby

kenneth wade

Absolute scary treatment in the E.R. dept. Nurses just use their own "discretion" to start IV's and also to pull numerous blood samples, without a doctors orders, and being unnecessary and unused.Then, supervisor LIES and tells me that is normal protocol. REALLY? Then, WHY did the nurse apologize to me before I left? Took 5 hours just to leave with an oral antibiotic for a condition I have had several times, and told them what it was to begin with! They were rude, and treat us as if we have ZERO KNOWLEDGE. Argumentative staff. I will TRY to never go there again! They were WRONG about several important things regarding my health and treatment. Luckily....i am well versed, and alert. I ask questions, and press the issue if the answer is not right. BE ALERT!!! KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING, AND WHY!!

John Brown

Absolutely the worst V.A Hospital I Have Ever Seen. Seems as though the people there are there to only get paid, NOT TO DO A JOB! ....... Friendly to talk to. But fail at their jobs. No returned calls, don't answer phones, transfer you to the next, the next And The NEXT etc.... Since September this year,STILL Waiting for a mental Health Appointment.Now, I'm suppose to have two surgeries to correct an infection This V.A. said I don't have. They suppose were to send my bloodwork results to my Dr, Never Happened And I'm Still getting the run around.

Art Fanucchi

Awful service and terrible billing practices. Doc wants to share her politics and I don’t care. Denied claims on the basis that cutting my hand open on a rusty box cutter a driving one handed to the nearest ER after dark “wasn’t emergency enough”. That was two years ago but no one decided to inform me of my claim being denied and going to collections...thanks a lot! Customer service over the phone is a joke. If you get the displeasure of speaking to “William” you’ll know how apathetic and rude they are. For that matter talking to ANYONE over the phone in the VA’s phone tree is incredibly frustrating.

stan wloch

Have been going here over 15 years and have never had a problem with any of my care.Always treated with respect and wonderful care.

Charlotte Hansen

Christina Greene

My husband got very sick after picking up his father released Christmas Day from Prescott VA. Thanks a lot nurse Brian third floor 3 b. Hey Brian there are masks to wear if your feeling sick or coughing and sneezing. Why do you not consider others?

Terry Brennan

Tyson Minavio

I have met some wonderful people here, the drug and alcohol rehab is unsatisfactory, I have found the IOP program to be very helpful. The patient advocate is not helpful. The overall attitude towards drug addiction and mental illness is unhelpful and detrimental to patient recovery/care.


David Stuart

Long waiting times and you never get your results from your appointment.

Jim Assenmacher

silrak 7

Looking at other reviews they are all over the place. The staff here that i've interacted with has been kind and considerate. Since i came to this VA it seems that the situation has deteriorated. long waits for appointments unless it's heart issue or depression. There have not been MD's available for diagnosis for minor problems. Just nurse practitioners, long waits also, who can not diagnose and prescribe meds. I had a very minor skin issue for which photos were taken and sent to another distant VA who could not make a determination. Told me to continue what i was doing which was decidedly not working. A search on the internet quickly resolved it and luckily the med was an over the counter one. (The pharmacist diagnosed it at a glance). My take on this is that this and other VA's are broken because the entire US governmental system is broken. The VA is part of the government who's legislative branch is reviewing the Out of system doctors plan and thus their are holds on many service. This i was told. As i saw and heard that some employees were quiting. Employees in some departments have to work overtime because of a hiring freeze. Same legislative branch review issue so hiring is on hold now. The US medical system is broken as is the federal goverment at the moment. This is all, i believe a reflection of the US citizens assumptions of their inherent privilege.

Adrian Garcia


I have been going to this VA since 2006 and before that, the one in Tucson. Both places are great. Prescott comes out on top only because it is smaller, (I have strong issues with crowds.) Except for one doctor here in Prescott I have received excellent care. This doctor's LPN and Nurse and Msa were great, the doctor was the problem. I am now with a new team they to are great except for being a little slow on answering "Secure email" questions. Overall I have received better VA care than I did Active Duty care, but I was younger then and did not need as much care. I have heard, here, complaints from some of the veterans, but they seem to be wanting perfection and sometimes everyone fall short of that, it is human nature. Besides these guys treated the staff rudely and it could be called bullying, I think maybe you get what you give. Shame on them! Being self centered myself I have created a couple of instances where I was boisterous and belligerent and the staff never got mean or threatening with me. They just talked to me in soft soothing tones and calmed me down. I have learned from these experiences that I am not the kind of guy I thought I was, and in turn I am closer to that man that I want to be. Thank you all!!!!

Thomas Mozako

Meg Manolio

My best friend changed from Phoenix V.A. to the Prescott V.A. and I was with him the first day. Volunteers made sure we knew where to go and who to speak with about the change. Everyone at Prescott made my friend welcome and was told that the facilities were to help Veterans get the very best of care. The all around feeling was so positive. The comparison between Phoenix and Prescott V.A. was like night and day. Thank you all at Prescott V.A.

Ricky Rick

Buricratic nightmare.

Dan Bailey

people that complain about the VA medical centers are usually the type of people that habitually complain about everything. I have used for across the country and found them ask to be warm, caring, professional people and I salute you all

Jeannie Marino

The nurses and CNAs on the Hero's Wing Hospice staff are so amazing. They give caring, compassionate service to both the patient and the family. We were there for four months and the loving care my FIL and our family received was consistently excellent. We feel so lucky to have these caring professionals in Prescott. Huge thanks to Jamie, Ingrid, Jeannine, Kelly, Suzi (Sally), Pam, Abby and Rick and all the staff on the Hospice Unit. We will never, ever forget you.

Rob Fetters

Nice docs appts on time

Jed Hudson

Aaron Grade


The Claim psychologists doubt everything you say, even if you take a psychology college level class an learn the terminology for your symptoms. In which case they will say you now might have med student disorder even though you were previously diagnosed with PTSD. Then they will give you a rating for General Anxiety at 50% and put all the ptsd symptoms in the description. Are you trying to get your tavel fixed? Just leave a message and they will fix it but never call you back which will leave you worrying. Need a local appointment for MRI or something else take them forever and when they do approve it with a time restraint to get it done they will make an appointment for you within the next month if you hound them. If you don't have PTSD yet? The VA will be glad to cause it. On going stress after an event is where the symptoms of PTSD are developed.


Every aspect of this V.A. has been a disappointment.

barbara mills

I just take my BOYFRIEND there because he is a vet. I guess it is okay for a va hosp but I think the one in phx az is better they seem to care alittle bit more.

William Mertz

Stewart Smith

I really can't understand the negative reviews, a bunch of ungrateful individuals. Maybe if you're not happy you should move and quit blaming the VA for all your problems. Every VA I have been to for multiple issues has been nothing but professional. I'm sure for some their have been some hiccups along the way, but geeze louise, thanks to Northern VA healthcare system, and the professional staff who work there.

Jeff D

In less than 3 years I've been shuffled between 4 or more Practitioners and NP's. I had to travel to YRMC to get an EKG because the VA hospital didn't have the equipment at the time. I left a message for the patient advocate and didn't get a return call. I don't want to be misleading, the staff I did see were professional and seemed to care. The bureaucracy is the one star but your only as strong as the weakest link. 7 months to get surgery for torn tendons in my knee. Under staffed and unsupported sums up the Prescott VA hospital but hey, were just vets....

Ace Evans

Wow, I don't know where these other reviewers have been going? My Dad is a 90 year old WWII Veteran, he has been at the VA going on 2 1/2 weeks now. Everyone there is an absolute joy to be around, from Sarah the Rec coordinator who put on a movie and even made popcorn for us to Ken, charge nurse who told me how to get my Dad a newspaper to his room everyday (he's been there 15 years and knows what does and doesn't work), the volunteer service said they would make sure my Dad gets his newspaper in his room ( you can't even get that at many Hotels). The day I spent there, there were at least 15 patients with more than 1/2 in wheel chairs, some could not feed themselves, the nurses spoon fed these patients with love and dignity, there were only 3 visitors in the whole room, my Mom, myself and one young kid, it brought tears to my eyes the love these employees gave these Vets. They offered to get my Dad a peanut butter and Jelly sandwich that he wanted and even offered to fill out the form in case Mom wasn't there in time to do it for him. The facility is clean and state of the art. You all deserve a raise. My Dad needs help in the restroom and getting in bed, the Nurses never hurried him or made him feel less than - they treated him with dignity and respect and even smiled as they were doing it. I can't say enough - You are all Awesome - Makes me very proud - you Rock Prescott VA I Love You !!!!

Brandon McDonough

The Northern Arizona VA healthcare system is one of the worst in the nation. Do yourself a favor and go to a VA facility out of state.

Philip Emma

I was a patient in treatment at the VA Domicilliary from Feb to May. All staff, nurses and doctors were very caring to my needs. Very understanding also. I would recommend this VA to anyone whether it be primary care or inpatient treatment.

mike belaine jr

Good service to me & all the vets. God bless America

William Turner

Lynn Powell

Vets are treated bad, especially women \ets.....on a good note it is a clean facility

Richardo Boyd

I had cause to speak with Telecare nurse today...Excellent council.

Elsie Ganzon

Mediocre service at best, poor communications period. SERIOUS attitude problems with employees here at this facility.

Isn't That Something

I as a veteran used Prescott VA hospital for a few years. My Dr. as far as I was concerned was practicing with a first aid badge from the girl scouts located in India. I moved to Cave Creek and tried the new Scottsdale clinic. My new nurse from India examined me from about 10 ft. away using her laptop. Thank god I have health care that I can use outside the VA system. My plan paid VA for care. I was not on a free ride. Just thought I would give them a try being that I could not find a decent Dr. in Prescott. Learned my lesson before I got a serious illness.

Sean Walker

Typical VA, long waits for appointments, no one wants to do their job, no one seems to care about our veterans, etc... etc... etc.... After visiting this VA, I still feel they should close and put them all out of jobs, give us medical cards so we can go to real heath care professionals of our choice. I am in the traveling vet program which makes things 10 times worse. I have been to a dozen or more VA hospitals across this country and would only recommend 1 and have only dealt with a couple of people that I felt really cared about helping our nations veterans. This VA facility isn't one of them!

Ace Lucero Tech

This place is a very happy and positive place that really cares about veterans.

Wade Williams

I had a recent visit to the Emergency Department for a breathing problem on March 6, 2019. When I arrived the numbers relating to a particular health issue that were gathered at the triage station didn't match what I was telling them that I was seeing at home. Guess what? They didn't pack me up and tell me to get lost! Imagine that. They still took me into the back, hooked me up, took blood, got an ECG, and even took X-rays and were waiting on my blood results to see if I needed an MRI or a CT scan. After all of that and the fact that while I was lying on a gurney my numbers began to be the same as what I had reported earlier they determined I was on the edge of pneumonia. Something I definitely don't need with my other current medical issues. The doctor was very attentive, my nurse was efficient and everyone listened and responded to my concerns. I am writing this in this manner because I am so very tired of people complaining about the Prescott VA. I have been a patient of this VA since I retired in 2008. Back then I was healthy other than the beginnings of COPD. I saw my team, the Blue Team, once a year for my annual check-up. I used the ED every once in a while for my breathing issues or negative reactions to various things. Usually I could call me team and they would try to handle it at their office. In 2015 my life took a turn for the worse. I was sent to civilian doctors and hospitals, to include Barrow's with the Choice Program. Guess what, I would have rather have been able to see staff at the Prescott VA. They just didn't have the specialists I needed there or at the PHX VA. I love the Prescott VA. People being people, sometimes you run into someone who maybe should have stayed in bed that day or should have chosen a different career, like the gentleman at the after hours Pharmacy when I needed to pick up my prescription from my visit. I still give them a 5 star rating, because that is what they deserve.

J Dugan

Jerome Begay

Brian Segay

Jeff Anderson

Great so far I'm in along term treatment for my PTSD. Called the Domiciliary

MR Harvel C Reid

Keith Jackson

Good and courteous medical care for veterans.

Danny Baur

The VA gets a bad rap, but to be honest they are overwhelmed and are trying their best.


Bad really bad. Only MD I ever saw in over a year was really bad. Changed meds with no input. Ignored my request for a specialist etc. He's gone; haven't seen his replacement. Saw an Opthamologist who refused to treat or medicate a rough condition. Her treatment consisted of wearing an eye patch for 2 or 3 months until I could see an MD in Phoenix. She never heard of the Choice program. I would be better off without this kind of callous uncaring person. Appointments are made without your input. Lots of effort is expended to keeping doctors and patients from talking directly to each other.The middle men you MUST use do not get everything right or forget to deliver messages. A real breakdown in the doctor patient ":relationship" and this VA strives for that. The director, a Ms Jacobs lied to avoid reimbursing me funds I told would be reimbursed. She is gone thank goodness. The new director can only do better. I agree; West LA VA treats patients far better and encourages direct communication with your provider. There are many good people here in Prescott. However, oversight, management, caring are glaringly missing. What do you expect for only $700 BILLION per year. Strong letter to follow. Reading these 5 star reviews I can only surmise that these people are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Besides when did a person's 5 star review negate another's 1 star review or vice versa.

DONALD Frasier

The best VA medical Center in the system‼!

Rob M

The people I deal with at the various VA hospitals and clinics genuinely seem to care about the patients. I think a large issue with the VA system is there doesn't appear to be a centralized SOP for them to structure their facilities after. I mean, if you can't even standardize team names from different facilities within the same health care area it is no wonder they have issues. So far the best system I have seen was the West LA VA hospital. Admittedly I have not seen them all though. NA VA is pretty decent in Prescott but their CBOC's seem pretty worthless for anything other than collecting lab specimens. You can't even get prescriptions filled at the CBOC's.

Cindy Bonham-Miller

I have had good care. It may take awhile to get an appt. but that is true anywhere.

Richard Summers

I think as far as VA hospitals go this is one of the better ones... But they completely screwed up my billing and blamed it on some glitch in the computer system with Atlanta and never investigated and never corrected the problem, so I ended up paying probably about $800 more than I should have.

Dan Bekins

This IS the best VA facility in the Southwest. I have been treated at this facility for over 20 years and have always been treated with dignity and respect. The doctors here saved my life. Do not believe the naysayers

Laurel Fitzhugh

Good va.

Beau Geste

ER is OK.

preston Abstance

Friendly caring staff that does everything they can to help you!

Charles Wright

Kenneth Kelly

OK service for the most part. I have been misdiagnosed there a couple of times with heart problems and had to go to YRMC to correct the problems. Watch your meds list. At least the team I was assigned to did not keep up with notices I sent them about doctors other than VA prescribed or changed for me. If you wind up in the hospital there they may try to give you meds based on an old list they have. They also think they have the best and cheapest meds but I have found for other than covered RX under my disability I am better of price wise at other pharmacies.

Erin Fernald

I have always received excellent care at the Prescott VA. The medical and administrative staff in the Women’s clinic always treat me with deep care and respect. The eye clinic is also fantastic. “Military issue glasses” aren’t what you remember as “BCGs” in basic. I’ve paid 100s of dollars trying to get comfortable, fashionable glasses out in the civilian world, but the glasses I got at the VA are my favorite: best fit, best durability, and best looking.

Edward Arquette

Fantastic from the get-go! Called to confirm appointment set by my outpatient clinic in Anthem, and I am immediately pleased with how helpful the staff is. The gentleman over the phone was even kind enough to send email reminders to my PCF to schedule me for an additional appointment.

Steve Tripp

The ER staff belittles you for using the ER even though there is no doctors or practitioners available at your clinic. Literally, no doctors on duty in the clinic but the ER demands you go to the clinic

D Forza

Until recently, the Service & Care received has always been top notch. Lately, there seems to be a high turn over in Primary Care Doctors & they typically tend to ignore the problem. Personally, I think they are facing some serious budget restraints. :-/

Sacred Sun

Went here because was having extreme pain and lack of feeling in my left foot. Couldn't feel my left foot really at all. I was told it wasn't an emergency. So not feeling a foot and extreme pain in the area is deemed not a emergency. What made the visit weird is they looked at xrays of my back to tell me my foot was fine. Xrays view the bone, things like MRI's detail the finer workings. A foot, and not feeling it, and pain would be a MRI. Not a check of a back xray. Not only this they were telling me that my issue wasn't a issue. How do they know? They looked at a back xray for a foot. Never bothered to do anything but suggest I take more b12. They gave a man next to me better care because he complained of his issue. I shouldn't have to play up my issue to get proper care. When I told them I felt brushed aside the nurse not only treated me like a child, but like I was dumb. Trying to instruct me what a ER was for. Once she got to the part of injuries to hands and feet. I stated well my left foot hurts a lot and I can't feel it. She paused, and said but you are okay it's not a emergency. Then I said how do you know, nothing was done here to determine that. So I was turned away. And people wonder why the AZ VA is doing so poor. They turn vets away like myself that seek care. Really wish more was done to put the VA in Arizona back on track in relation to other states with better VA care.


Dameon Laird

My uncle called to make an appointment. He was told that he couldn't make an appointment until next Monday, and then hung up on. He is having some serious issues. This is a clear attempt to keep the VA's numbers looking good by not having long appointment queues. This is completely unacceptable treatment, and quite possibly illegal.

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