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REVIEWS OF Mountain Vista Medical Center IN Arizona

Lisa Pierce

Took my 3 year old daughter in because she has a rapid spreading skin infection. Waited 4hrs (that's fine) the PA looked at her for 5mins and they diagnosed cellulitis? Her skin is literally falling off shes in pain they never did blood work even after I begged to see the PA again because I found a new wound. They just rushed us out. Worst hospital ever! I asked if they would test the sites and they ignored my concerns now I have a 3yr old in pain with huge wounds and dying skin.

Brigitte Torres

try to avoid to be in the hospital. rn and staff are not that professional. you dont treat well asked for pillow they dont have ER . when you get release you cant wait in the room or make sure if the patient have ride to get home. so please avoid this place

Tina Contreras

I had both my knees revisions at the same time, and I had no problems, my Doctor is good ,I was treated very well my boyfriend got to spend all 2 days with me, when I needed help I got it, so I would recommend this hospital!❤

Nirmod Kumar

Dr. Manisha Purohit is best Dr. I have seen. Hospital staff were also very good and helpful.

Crystal Williams

Came in because I have a migraine. 3 hours later still have not been taken care of. The doc came to the emergency department and said we don't have any beds but this is what we are going to do.. Still nothing has been done.

Donald Jacobson

Was at Sonora Spine in Rm 416. Awesome peopel great medical staff.

Jennifer Torley

I had my baby here in maternity a couple days ago. This hospital and staff is the best I have ever experienced and this is my 4th hospital birth. Special shout out to RN Becky and RN Donna who were like family through the whole process. I would recommend this maternity ward to everyone!!

savanna justus

Very clean hospital great place wait times in the er are short and their prenatal classes are so informative! Drs and nurses are very passionate and caring

Gretchen Grant

Thank you from the bottom of my Dad's (newly repaired) heart!! From the moment we arrived (I had scheduled an ER visit online and was given the time to be there) the staff was kind, courteous and sensitive to our family's needs. The facility was clean and quiet and we had the best possible hospital experience. From the ER nurse to all the cardiac floor staff, everyone we had the opportunity to speak with was a consummate professional in their field, personable and "on their game." I would compare our experience here to what we had at the Mayo Clinic. Very top notch, caring personnel and a clean, quiet environment. The fact they are 5 minutes from my front door ensures I will be going here again with any future hospitalization needs for my family.

Steve Steinhauer

If you have an emergency and need. Immediate attention, you will die before u get to see anyone for treatment. I highly recommend not coming here. Employees at the front emergency desk have no care in the world.

Judi Galusha

Would never go back. Tried to get discharged - they told me if we left that insurance would not cover the two days we had already been in there - which we never received any medical help whatsoever. Staff had no idea what was going on - ever. There was no management, no leadership, no direction. It is unbelievable to me that a "hospital" could run/function like this. I would NEVER go back there. I would NEVER recommend anyone go there. In fact, I would recommend that people go any where BUT there!!! DO NOT GO to Mountain Vista Medical Center. If you do, you are literally putting your life in the hands of people who don't know what they are doing and they also don't care at all. ' If I hadn't been in an emergency situation I would have looked for customer reviews before we ever went there. Now that we have been in here for 2 days - with no medical treatment - I have had time to google reviews of this place. Horrible reviews. Had I known this, I would never have come here. Now that I know, I will never come here again, and I will make sure everyone I know doesn't ever come here either.

Nancy Hohn

Wonderful hospital. I have been admitted a few times and have always been treated very well. The nurses are amazing. Thank you!

Allie Ramirez

I wish I would have seen the ratings before I went to this hospital. I went to the L&D here & the nurses made me CRY from how rude and hateful they were. They accused me of doing drugs from the beginning of coming in.. after the results came back they apologized but everything was so down hill from there. I will not be delivering here and anyone else should GO TO ANY OTHER HOSPITAL

Jonathan Brent

Recently my daughter was born at this hospital, I dont have the words to describe the kindness and compassion that we received from EVERYONE in the women's services department. Our daughter had to spend a few nights in the nursery and everyone there is TOP NOTCH. I told them they had too many all stars to pick one and I will always stand by that.

Alfred Martinez

Went to the Emergency room as walk in, Had no waiting, was seen right away. ALL the Staff were helpful and friendly. The hospital and the rooms are very clean and roomy. The Doctor was very concerned, so he ordered several tests to rule out the possibility of hidden conditions. I will select Mountain Vista Medical Center as my primary in emergencies from now on.

Pete Hereaux

Easy access from highway and not much traffic

Meriel Glysson

I came to Mountain Vista to give birth to my son and I loved their maternity ward. They have large comfortable labor rooms and all the labor nurses I had Christina, Mary, and Laura were very informative, attentive, and accommodating to my birth plan although they already do many things I was wanting like immediate skin to skin for an hour, breast feeding within 10 mins, delay cord clamping, and waiting 24 hours for a bath, plus they were very supportive of my desire to have a natural birth. I also loved my nurse Jennie who helped us the rest of our stay everyone was so friendly and helpful!

Robert Posey

I was in there for 3 days. I was very well taken care of. The nurses on the 3rd floor were amazing. Thank you.

Elizabeth Watnem

This review is based off my experience during my stay from 11/10/2018-11/12/2018. I went in to be induced on 11/10 and had a great experience. The nurses in labor and delivery were great, especially Meredith. Meredith went above and beyond for my family and I and was very supportive and caring. She's honestly the best nurse I've ever encountered. My OBGYN Andrew Adamson is also amazing. He came in to deliver my son even though he wasn't on call. He wasn't pushy at all and was very easy going. Here are the pros and cons of the hospital: Pros: very clean (cleaning crew came in several times a day and were friendly), amazing nurses and providers, big spacious rooms, good food and the room service has a great and affordable option when it comes to food for your guests. Cons: the billing is terrible (they outsource their providers so you have several different bills and billing wasn't much help in pointing me in the right direction when it came to prices or bills) The only problem I have encountered was the Anesthesiologist David Brewer said I had my epidural in for 2 hours past the time I gave birth. I noticed this error and it was a hassle to get it fixed but the head anesthesiologist fixed it and now I'm waiting on a partial refund. The patient advocate Michelle helped me fix this error and get in contact with the right people. She was a huge help. Overall this hospital is excellent and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering giving birth here

Letty Moral

Great medical service to my son. Very pleased!

Robert Henslee

Went to the emergency room with extreme pain not knowing what was wrong with me. The nurse knew what it was and they provided the proper treatment.

Robert Northern

I would like to thank the people at the wound clinic they are great Linda runs a tight shop thank you. I just don't understand outside on the east side there is a red curb and when I took my drivers test that meant fire lane no parking but I guess if u drive a cop car or ambulance and have to eat at cafeteria u have the right to park there sure they r first responders but eating breakfast isn't a emergency

Judith Fowlet

I just spent five days (3/7 to 3/11/19) at Mountain Vista Medical Center after having a kidney removed. I have had many surgeries at various medical centers over the past ten years. I must say this medical center was the worst experience I have ever had. Pain meds were never given on time, leading to always chasing the pain and never staying ahead of it. I was on a liquid diet and never received solid foods before being discharged. I was told by surgeons to walk hallways every six hours. Continually requested to get up and have help walking, never happened. Was discharged with only getting out of bed a couple of times to use restroom. I must say, in good conscience I cannot or would not recommend this medical center. On the plus side, which raised my rating to a one star, was the result of the excellent care I received during the night shift from Joe. He got me out of bed, into bathroom, changed my bedding and gown. Dr Brown was a lifesaver. He changed pain medications, dosage, and intervals to meet the kind of pain I was experiencing. Nurse, Jezerae (spelling) was one of the best nurses. Very empathetic and prompt on all my needs. A special thank you to these three professionals. Judith Fowler

James Waddle

I had an amazing experience from the moment I got to the ER to my discharge. Very knowledgeable staff. The nurses seem like they are there to genuinely help you not just there to collect a paycheck. They made a horrible moment in my life heaven. thank you mountain vista.

April Koltes

Poor care in regards to my pain and complications after surgery.they were always drawing blood.blood blood...felt very alone and confused about my condition...i finally told them to try something and it worked wonders! Very loud and unprofessional..never will go there again....

Justin Verrico

This review is solely aimed at the Labor and Delivery Department. If you are thinking of having your baby here Inimplore you to exhaust all other options first! My wife just had her cesarean here. The worst experience ever! Luckily the doctors are good but in no way makes up for the horrible nurses. From the moment we walked in we felt unwelcome and treated as an inconvenience. Most all the nurses were unfriendly but luckily you we did not see them a lot because they rarely checked in. When they did it was short and any passed most problems off to the next person on shift. My wife received minimal to no help witch changing her dressings after the surgery. Also to top off things o the final night they assign us a sick nurse wearing a mask to take care of our newborn. Do your self and your child a favor and look for another hospital where the nurses who work there actually enjoy their work and make you feel welcomed.

Daniel Parks

Very professional courteous staff... was seen pretty quick and care was great doctor was super helpful and friendly !


Was there for three weeks for heartsugery staff was wonderful surgeons also top notch food was fantastic! No one complaint!

Teresa Slover

Dont ever use this hospital. My loved one has been here almost a month. No real medical answer. She's been left in her own feces numerous times today was two hours they kept clearing the call button and moving along. They wont help her eat or serve her food warm. It sits on the nurses station for hours. They wont even let her order or help her. They haven't gotten her out of bed and they dont seem to care in the slightest. This happened even in icu when there was two patients just two in her whole section an hour sitting in feces. Today she wasn't served any meals until 530. She has drains and no answers as to where the output is coming and all biopsies have been cancelled with no reason given. Completley disgusted the list can go on and on. Sad I have to call the director of nursing from out of state to get her any help.


I arrived at mountain vista medical Center and spoke with Irene in admitting. Irene was extremely rude, belittling and argumentative. She did not explain my documents to me she turned the screen around for me to reanimated her computer screen myself. When our interaction was over she told me to walk around the corner and she handed me my paperwork. I walked into the waiting room and as I was sitting in there I noticed Irene walking the other ( White patients) patients in and giving the waiting room clerk theit paperwork. My daughter who was with me said that she was rude and also pointed out that Irene had walked everyone else over. So I went and asked for her name and she gave it to me. I took her picture to include in my review about twenty minutes later the head of surgery and two security guards came in and said that I was not allowed to take pictures of the staff so I deleted her picture. Worst hospital experience ever. The rest of the staff was professional and nice but my nerves were already bad due to the uneasy experience with Irene. I would have walked out if I didn't need the surgery.

T Martinez

I would give NO star rating on Dec 24 2017, We had to call 911 to my Mom's residence the first responders dragged my Mom from her bedroom to the dining room floor snapping her neck...they took her to this hospital only to treat my 73 yr old like a drug addict she had medical issues and was prescribed her meds and did not abuse them. When she came too she just kept saying her neck hurt they just ignored her crys for help! Not once did they put a neck brace on. Their MRI machine was broken and they were waiting for a part she kept telling the incompetent Drs and RNs that her neck hurt and that she couldnt move her legs and arms (Dec 23rd she had full use of her arms and legs)by the 2nd day we requested she be transferred to Banner Baywood they told us we would have to be responsible for trsnsport. With her not being able to walk we were at their mercy! On the 5th day they got the part snd and completed the MRI only to rush her and transport her to Phoenix Barrow Institute for the past 5 days she layed there with no circulation or oxygen getting to her spine..slowly her spine died therefor she went under emergency surgery only to find out that she was completely paralyzed from the neck down!! Now if this POS hospital would have transferred her to another hospital she would have had a better chance of recovering from this injury. We went thru Hell with recovery they shipped her to a so call Hospital within St Lukes for 3months she was on a tracheotomy and feeding tube she then was sent to a Rehabilitation Center which is no more than a Nursing home after 5 agonizing months. I brought my Mom home I did my best to care for her only to loose her 4 months later!! Now my Mom's death will not be able to hold the responsible parties accountable because our lawyers said when she passed her pain and suffering went with her. I hate 911 I hate the firemen who were called to my mom's home and this hospital for not doing their jobs!! I just wonder how many others have been affected by their negligence. I pray this never happens to another. It is Hell watching your Mom slowly dying...I will never be the same!! Sincerely A heartbroken daughter in Mesa

Kay Kay Madison

I had my daughter here back in 2012. It was the best experience I've ever had. Nurses and staff were kind, compassionate and very caring. I've had 3 c-sections (at different hospitals) and this hospital was the best experience out of all of them.

Jennifer Mary

If I could give more stars I would! When I read all the reviews i was scared to deliver my baby at this hospital. But based on my own experience I must say it is the best care I've ever had! I have 6 children 5 of who were born in California, every birth was so difficult for me I received poor care and it was what I was used to. Nurses in a hurry due to too many patients, I had to ask many times for my pain medication due to csection, they would forget about me or couldn't get to me right away. I had a very slow recovery.. When I came to mountain vista it was the complete opposite I had caring attentive nurses that I'll never forget! Thank you to all of you!!! I had my own room with bathroom and shower something I've never had before. And the food was sooo good I got to choose my meals, and it was only 5 dollars for my guest. They had a nutrition room full of free snacks and drinks including sandwiches and desserts for patients and family, my kids loved it when they would visit. I had a very ugly scar due to repeat csections, Dr.Kothari made it look so beautiful I was so impressed and happy with the care she gave me! I loved how caring and attentive and honest she was with me every step of the way. I feel very blessed and I would recommend her and mountain vista hospital to anyone. Im glad I didn't let the bad reviews stop me from this wonderful experience thank you so much!!

Luis Armando Fernandez Intriago

Last week, my son was born at this hospital, I will always be grateful for the incredible attention, the warmth and kindness of everybody in the Maternity Center. The group of nurses, for both, the mom and baby are incredible; they did an excellent job every step of the way. We also love my wife's ob-gyn Dr. Namita Kothari, and we were happy with all the doctors that were involved during our stay.

Shaman Skat

I had a great experience here. I drove myself to the ER due to a very rapid heartbeat, chest pains and a little numbness in my hand. I was taken back immediately and given an EKG within minutes. Shortly after I was in my own room, where they took my blood and ran a few tests to see what was going on. In the mean time I was given some sedatives to calm my heart down, which helped dramatically. The doctor I had (Michael Prescott I believe) was super nice and took the time to ask me a lot of questions to try and help pinpoint what the problem might be. He was very helpful and I am definitely pleased with the service I received. Overall it was a great experience, which is saying a lot considering how I felt going in. If the need arises, I recommend this hospital.

Kathy Amstutz

I have had nothing but GREAT experiences at the hospital! I had shoulder surgery [with a 3 night stay] in July 2010, total knee replacement in November 2012 [also a 3 night stay] and a same day procedure [Cardiology Dept] in February 2014 at this hospital and each experience was better than the last! They worked with me concerning my dietary needs and did a fine job of it. The staff was more than pleasant and I would recommend this facility to anybody!

Nicole Bartlett

Best place to give birth. I’ve had thee kids. Delivered my last one here and was the best experience yet. Every nurse was so helpful and I received amazing care. If I was going to have more children I would deliver here and only here.

John Minton

If I could rate -5 I would. Horrible patient relatoinship. Brought medical papers yet still quick to form opinions. Nurse Janice is a piece of work who tries to get you to leave AMA so it's less work load on her. Nags and nags UNTIL you flip on her. I would rather get my issues taken care of by a man on Broadway sitting in the back of a van....... would get better care from him then Janice for sure!!! Oh yeah, did I mention it's crappy....

Terry handwerk

Had outpatient procedure done and was a great experience overall. Support staff and Drs. were all very friendly, helpful, and professional. Highly recommended!

Julia Webb

I had an unexpected visit to the ED and they were absolutely amazing. I told my husband when we were leaving that the staff made me feel as though I were their only patient (even though they were extremely busy). Excellent care and attentiveness.

reham farid

I just delivered my son there. Very nice hospital, and very good, friendly, well trained stuff of nurses. I like to thank all of them, they are really awesome. Some of whom are Laura, Maura, Robin, and the baby nurses are wonderful. I'm sorry I can't remember the names! Excellent care. And the food is delicious as if I am in a 5 stars hotel..I really enjoyed it there..Thanks a lot..

A Vale

I have been at this hospital more than several times only because it's the closest to me. They have horrible hospitality in the ER. My daughter went yesterday in severe pain and as the nurse Chris walked her back to a small chair in a corner because there was no room and said under his breath as he left you could walk faster its not like it hurts that much. Who is he to know how much pain someone ia in if its not him. My daughter was hunched over she could barley walk. He's lucky I was not there to give him a piece of my mind. This is not the only time staff has been rude maybe its that we are Hispanic because everyone else has good experience there. They mis diagnose and my little daughter had stiches done and they were done wrong. Staff is not careful at all or courtious. The only good person in the whole place is Dr Adamson ob who saved my life after I was in septic shock and hospital wanted to transfer me. I was to sick for transfer and had waited over 7 hrs for them to call an ob. I deteriorated fast and almost didn't make it. All because ER staff waited.if I could I'd give 0 stars even negative stars.

Tammy Wehmeyer

I hurt my foot, had to go to the ER on July 3rd, and I got called in in less than 15 minutes. All the Staff treated me with respect, kindness and concern. They gave me an X-ray and explained the results using terms I understand. They took care of my pain to make me comfortable. When I left there I had full knowledge of what I needed to do for my home care and warning signs that would tell me I needed to go back to the hospital. Also reminder to tell me to follow up with my Primary Doctor, and prescription for my home care until I go to see my Primary Care Doctor. I would recommend this hospital to my Friends and Family. Thank You Mountain Vista Medical Center Staff for the great service I received from all of you there

Diana Geary

My son went in for a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. Everything was fine nurses were amazing in recovery until they moved him to his room. Right after the shift change the nurse never took his vitals never came in to periodically to check on him to see if he was feeling ok or anything. The nurse Alexa kept trying to get us to sign an AMA and we refused. I ended up calling and speaking to the charge nurse Monica and she informed me that I could take him out. So I ended up pulling him out of the hospital and will never go back there ever again. Worst hospital ever


Best experience of any hospital I've been to. I felt very well taken care of

Kate Spilman

I'm alive today; getting stronger everyday. I was in bad shape when I went to the ER. Then to ICU for about 7 days. Progressed to regular room then on to rehab site. Doctor And nurses where wonderful, they did not give up on me! I have always found Mountain Vista Hospital clean, with large rooms, and all the testing and treatment needed at hand. Very professional and friendly care. Their food service is the best by far. I don't think I had anything prepackaged. Everything cooked in their kitchen. Wonderful food.

Clos Santana

I recently got my gallbladder removed and the doctors and staff were great, I was treated with care and professionalism ....Thank you

Odessa Proper

This review is long overdue but I just want to share what a great experience I've had in this hospital particularly with the Labor and Delivery ward. I've had a rough time with my delivery and I must say that the nurses there gave the optimum health care experience. The nurses surely know what they're doing and gave the best care for me and my baby. Everyone on the Maternity and NICU ward with special mention to Meredith, Sandy, Judy, Hannah, Laura, Jo and Lyn were just AWESOME including Dulce who maintains pristine rooms. Also to my OBGYN, Dr. Stephine Kramer and her team were just the best. I do hope the management would recognize their efforts in delivering the best care for their patients because they surely deserve it. Keep it up and I surely appreciate every help you have given us.

Toni Wolfcale

I have to give this place 5+ stars. I went in with severe abdominal pain and feeling like crud overall. They did every test possible on me. They were kind and very attentive. When I initially got to the hospital I was uninsured but before I left I had insurance even though I do not qualify for ahcccs! That was also thanks to the hospital staff. I've never had such helpful quality care from anywhere before. Thank you to all the doctors, nurses and other staff who so graciously helped me.

Sheila Coleman

We had absolutely excellent service in the outpatient dept! The hospital was clean, staff friendly and efficient and overall wonderful. Michael (nurse) and Dr Van (GI) were particularly thorough and added to the positive experience.

Vamsi Krishna

We have Excellent service and well Nurses for my wife delivery. i really admire with hospital service.

Jeff S

Came in with chest pains, everyone from the ER staff and Doctors were awesome, was admitted and had 2 stints. The room was nice, and the nursing staff was great, can't say enough about how great and nice everyone was!!, just wa t ro thank everyone again and especially the cardiology dept!!!!

Montana Madera

I had to go to the Emergency Room on Sunday for shooting pain in my neck and arms. It was very early, around 4am. They saw me right away, took X-rays and discovered that I have degenerative disc disease. I felt they were prompt, professional and caring. The total time I was there was about 2 hours. I had read several reviews before going and it seemed they were either one star or five star. Based on my experience, I now think that most of the one star reviews are just people who like to complain.

Megan Hite

This Hospital was efficient and made sure to diagnose me properly rather than rush through and guess. They took the proper steps in diagnostics so I didn’t leave worse than I came in. That happen to me in 2017 when I went to the Banner Gateway ER off the US-60. I still have not recovered from their lack of knowledge and diagnostic tactics. So I am grateful for Mountain Vistas ability and willingness to take the time to properly diagnose my problem. They were all nice there, no one was overly friendly like other hospitals I’ve been too which some might complain about “lack of bedside manners”. But I’d rather have people more focused on the real issues than fluff me full of “great super friendly bedside manner”. I thought they were professional effective and efficient.

Theresa Mm

I arrived by ambulance suffering severe upper gastric area pain. Quickly discovered I was not having a heart attack but instead it was pancreatitis. There were some faux pas along the way, but nothing big. All in all my 5 day visit was successful. Everyone pleasant and accommodating.

Tama McBride

I came in severely dehydrated. The ER was a 10, the ICU was a 10, telemetry was a 10. Med surge was a couldn't get them to come timely. They obviously don't work as a team as alarms go off and are not answered unless you call yourself (trial of 30 minutes and she argued with me about time).nurse was cold, perfunctory in and out I called for charge nurse and nurse came in and made excuses . My husband had had better treatment This nurse was abysmal

James Nyugien


Kelly Kitcheyan

I'm concerned. My mother is currently seeking care through Mnt Vista & all these negative comments are making me think about having a transfer. People are telling me I should ask for copies of what medication they are giving her. I didn't think I should have to ask. They should already know what they are doing. I really don't know now. :/

april richards

Very friendly and helpful staff.

Susan Harrison

My mother was brought here from a dementia unit. She has dementia! They sent her here because she pulled a nurses hair. She was here for a month and they were so mean to her they put her in the shower took four ladies to hold her down and shower her and then had the nerve to tell us that they had to pour buckets of water over her head. This place is for mentally disturbed patients my mother is not mentally does she has a disease. I would not take my dog to this hospital it’s filthy dirty.

Sandy Myren

A very stress free experience. I was in the Cardiology unit and the nurses, doctors and all staff were absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend this hospital.

Averi Park

Everything about this hospital is horrible! Zero stars would be more accurate. I have had Crohn’s Disease since I was 8 years old and now I’m 29. I’ve gone to this hospital as directed by my primary care in cases of emergency because it is conveniently located close. Every time I’ve gone through the ER with not just severe pain but complications that had to be resolved with surgery, I was treated as a person with drug seeking behavior. I was always treated very rudely by ALL the staff. Like I was faking every symptom. Like constant vomit/dry heaving, crippling pain, fevers, and more. They made me feel like I was on trial for my disease. And the one instance I was admitted I was still treated as such even though it was clear I had a bowel obstruction and fistula protruding through my colon. Luckily I left and attended another hospital that took my health care seriously. Do NOT go to this hospital!

Erica Armer

What began with a simple error, that appeared to be an easy fix with a phone call, has now become a complete mess. If ever you have a problem, expect to be ignored entirely. After months of messages, waiting, written letter, phone calls, etc., I was finally fowarded to the Director himself. Do you know how he handled the situation? He just hung up on me like a child. I am shocked about the complete lack of professionalism from the bottom all the way to the top of this facility. I would never trust these people with my health or follow through again. VERY poor all around. BEWARE...

Andy A

No diagnosis, but the staff was nice.

Kevin Carr

Went to interview for a job there. Wait was longer than it should of been. Had to leave. Hospital very clean and well kept.

Elham Jaber

Experience a special birth at this hospital .. Great service and nurses always service .. Meals delicious and generous I really enjoyed the care and stay

Teresa Wyman

My husband is very ill. We’ve been sitting in the ER for hours waiting to be seen. So much for their new “model”. I guess they go by what one nurse says and since he was coherent at the time she saw him, he must not be sick, right? No one says they’ll be right with us. Nurses are just roaming from room to room laughing and giggling with each other and avoiding patients. One kid has been sitting here looking like his arm is broken and they haven’t even taken him back! This is a horrible experience!

john harachis

I have been here 2 times for severe injuries, one time for a few months after a pulmonary embolism. I can't say enough good things about the staff , the food ( shocking I know). It's a great hospital , highly recommended.

Alair Scott

I would not recommend this hospital to anyone. The staff doesn’t seem to know what’s going on and does not communicate clearly and professionally when it’s time to get discharged. My father was told he was going to get discharged, only to find out three hours afterwards that the doctor had not signed off on it.

hershell smith

The Staff is very professional, friendly, informative, knowledgeable, and treat You with respect, and integrity. My stay there was a pleasant experience Under the circumstances.

Mark Bell

We had our baby here and the anesthesiologist (Dr Brewer) showed up an hour and a half late. Less than 1 minute after my wife receiving the epidural she delivered our baby. The epidural obviously had not kicked in and we were still charged the full amount. What was supposed to be an amazing experience turned into panic. Dr Brewer literally ran out of the room because she didn't want to be part of the delivery. The hospital assured us that once it was time for the epidural Dr Brewer is guaranteed to arrive in 30 minutes or less. Dr Brewers excuse was that she had to shower and do her makeup. Very dissatisfied with her and our experience.

c lenz

Poor overall experience with nursing staff, failure to assess or administer medications, discharge instructions showed no procedure (had a cardiac cath) and unclean. It's unfortunate.

Peggy Gomez

Do not go here if you truly need medical attention! I waited 6 hours, no triage. They did not ask for my medical conditions, nor did they treat me at all. A doctor never looked at me; just a very brief, 2 or 3 minute conversation. I had been sick for weeks and remained sick another 2 weeks. They gave me nothing for my symptoms, mainly a horrible cough. I ended up taking an old rx from a family member who was sick in December. Have talked to several people since with same or worse experience here. There were 4 of us sick and they put us in a waiting area all together, chairs, not even a cot for the 2 babies. So uncomfortable! So unprofessional. Waste of time to go here. Kids were all seen next day at urgent care and got rx for their illnesses. Will never go here again. The care is nothing like they boast on their web page, it's horrible! Shame on you people for posting as a caring, compassionate facility. Not true. Wish I could have given zero stars! Too bad they don't give the option for a poo emoji, because I would give 5 poo emojis for your care and medical knowledge!

Adrian Olivarez

This hospital deserve a much better rating then others are crediting. I can not say enough good things about Mountain Vista Medical Center. I had a hysterectomy done here last Friday, and was extremely nervous about the whole process. The staff here was incredible. Every single staff member, whom I came in contact with, made me feel like a priority and well taken care of. Not once did I feel like I wasn't a priority. I've been in other hospitals for other reasons, but have to say Mountain Vista Medical Center is truly amazing compared to the others. I would recommend this hospital to anybody. Thank you Mountain Vista Medical Center, you made my hospital stay a very positive one.

Ray Walter

Yes, I give them five stars for my Wonderful experience at Mountain Vista Medical Center (MVMC)!! I had a cardiac procedure done by the GREAT Dr. H. Shukla which thankfully went very well (THANK YOU, Dr. Shukla!) Many thanks also to MVMC staff especially Cardiology Nurse Estelle M. who did an awesome job preparing me for the procedure, Anesthesia Nurse Austin who was very gentle, and for my overnight stay in Room 331, night Nurses Monica and Patsy were very good, and CNA Ryan was wonderful! Taking over and being very kind just before my release was day Nurse Vinita. Despite what other reviewers have written, my experience could not have been much better. THANK YOU to all my caregivers, you each deserve kudos for doing such a good job for me!

Joan Jordan

I had 2 back-to-back knee replacement surgeries in 2018 and chose Mountain Vista Medical Center affiliated Ortho surgeons and hospital because of high ratings...and I was not disappointed. Empathetic patient-centered training and crisp professional management from the surgical suite through patient services was practiced at all times; I felt that my individual needs were made a priority. If you have a choice of providers and procedure locations please consider Mountain Vista Medical Center (and its attached offices/Residency Clinic/Specialty Medical Practices). And I haven't even addressed the great "room service" hospitality...almost wish I could have stayed longer than an overnight...

Elizabeth Elcox

First I want to say the doctor was very nice and had a great bedside manor so I hope this doesnt reflect on him. There was no wait (which was nice and they got me right in. There was absolutely not one person in waiting room (which I see why now). The staff I saw before him will make me absolutely never go back. The triage nurse that checked me in was the rudest nurse ive encountered. I had to figure out how to even login to make a review because i've never reviewed anything on social media. I trpically go to Mayo Clinic as I have 4 specialists there I see on a regular basis. I was told to go to ER and then treated like I was silly for being there and then questioning my disease ive had for 20 years as if I didnt know what the name of my disease is. Doctor was great but id drive to Tucson before id go back there.

Paula Lange

My father just spent 6 days at Mountain Vista ICU following surgery. The nurses deserve 5 stars, esp Michelle, Jolene, Lea & Francis. You guys rock! Dietary messed up a couple times on his meals & seemed to deliver late, but the food was great. A wide variety to choose from. The hospital was clean & had no unpleasant odors. Very pleased we chose this hospital. Thank you for taking care of dad!

Bobby Carlson

I recently had to take my husband in to the er with chest pains. Dr. Amish Shah took care of him and we were so pleased with his wonderful demeanor. He made my husband feel very relaxed and was caring, informative and jovial. We were so impressed with him as well as the rest of the staff we dealt with. Everyone was friendly and the service was efficient and fast. Things happened when they said they would, which is very unusual for an ER in our experience. I wanted to thank Dr. Shah and his team for making the experience as positive as possible. He is a true asset and deserves to be recognized. Thank you for your time.

Darius Mason

TERRIBLE PLACE. My mother had a stroke and unfortunately this is the hospital that the fire department had to bring her to where she HARDLY received any care during the day, then I had to be checked into the ER here (unfortunately) and they never even returned a call to me with lab results and when I called them for the information they said that they couldn’t provide me with it and that I’d have to come to the location and sign forms when the doctor who saw me specifically clarified that if I didn’t receive a call to just call them back. Very unprofessional place, DO NOT waste your time. Bring your loved ones elsewhere

Ray Tellez

Wow. Why do they call themselves in emergency room nothing seems to be an emergency

Kendall Ramsey

Go to this emergency room if you want to be chastised for coming in and suspected as a drug seeker. My pain was real and I came looking for answers and got none. My wife and I pointed out that I was diabetic but they did not even check my sugar levels and once it was determined that I was not having a heart attack, it was out to the waiting room went for a 2 hour wait. By that time my pain had finally dissipated. Should have never of came here. My wife had issues with them 5 years ago when she was having a heart problem...left and went to another hospital on the 60 and the doctor there found the problem in short order. Two operations later and she was good to go.

Kevin Jacobs

Unbelievable lack of concern and communication between staff. Wife has been in for 24 hours, doctor came in this morning wrote pain meds so ultrasound could be done pharmacy couldn’t understand directions and nurses can’t find doctor now or get anywhere. Meanwhile testing folks came in couldn’t do test because of extreme pain, they’ll be back later and still no word on getting updates or medications.

Steve Brockwell

Every moment at the hospital was very good. Great staff and very cordial my only complaint was I received a call at 3 the day before the surgery already prepping for it and said if I can't come up with half that would be owed u would need to reschedule until I could pay half. I explained I had already prepping and the comment was you will need half owed or reschedule very unprofessional and uncaring about medical condition. More concerned about money

Isis Cruz

Nurses, staff, doctors all of them are idiots. Their excuse is they couldn't find the antibiotics for a patient who had a BLOOD INFECTION! And was just left there for 2 1/2 hours with no iv for antibiotics. Also went into a room that was "just cleaned" and even saw the cleaning staff person leave the room and as soon as I walk in. I see blood on the covers of the hospital bed. Seriously. Called a nurse to get me a new blanket and it took an HOUR... good job morons. Be on the look out for a call from an attorney very soon.

Sherry Rowan

The bad review has nothing to do with the actual medical professionals, but everything to do with the billing department. EVERY SINGLE TIME we've gone to the ER, even though we have very good insurance, they send us to some weird third party billing/collections agency. Then we have to call our insurance company and have them clean out up. We will never go to this hospital again. We will drive the extra couple miles to Banner on Higley.

Michelle S

We had an excellent experience at Mountain Vista recently where we delivered our baby. The nurses were friendly, attentive and caring. They answered our questions and made the transition to parenthood less daunting by answering our questions and helping as needed. Our room was clean and we liked that we could order room service so my husband could eat with me.

C Shell

Brought my mom into ER by ambulance yesterday. Everyone was very friendly, helpful, professional, and kind. They were busy so it took 12 hours before she was sent up to a room. Her care, so far, has been top -notch! It's a clean facility and actually has good food. We're very pleased!

Srikanth Reddy

Dr. Manisha Purohit and team has taken really good care of my wife during the pregnancy & delivered the healthy baby. If I could give them more stars I would. The care they provide is amazing. During the pregnancy she answered all the questions we had, and also provided us with the option to attend prenatal yoga classes. Dr. Manisha Purohit is someone who really cares for patients' well being and understands the stress and anxiety that patients' experience. She carefully explained, patiently listened to our concerns, and walked us through. I highly recommend Dr.Manisha Purohit. Dr.Purohit and staff are whole wonderful package.

Tom Lynch

Was assigned to Mountain Vista , outsourced by the VA , and was skeptical from the get go,as I have heard horror stories about the care there.The surgery went fine and the Doctor (Mendelson) and his surgical staff were top notch. Once into the room , the disappointment started. The nursing staff would only check on me if I paged them and then they would only respond on their timeline. Communication between staff was a mess, from the meal ordering to the discharge, it was horrible. If I have a choice in the future , it would not be MV hospital, I have recently had experience with Banner Gateway (both my wife and myself) and they were miles ahead of MV, both in nursing care and cleanliness of the rooms. MV owners should visit Banner to see what a well run hospital should look like.

Anthony Padilla

Brought daughter in with stomach pains. She was in so much pain she could not drive. Doctors draw blood and did a urine test and a CAT scan. To the nurse she was still pain and they said she was fine and they are sending her home still in pain. I have private insurance and they are not helping my daughter.

Scott Odle

The customer service here gave me cancer.

Patsy Tenorio

We love this place! Everyone is helpful.

Celia Ingrahm

Said I had Krones disease when I do not. Have to go through hell to have it removed from my record. My surgeon and primary doctor are completely livid. Additionally, they sent a collections company after me for something after services from a year prior. Thing is, they never sent a bill. Absolutely insane! Nice facility, completely inept staff! Highly recommend you choose to drive down to Banner Gateway. Could save your life!

Joseph Wright

I never do reviews, ever. But the visit I had in the emergency room earlier I have to say was some of the best and honest treatment I've received in my life. Finally, a staff that was honest and treated me respect. Not like a number or just another patient. I've been dealing with some personal issues in my life and the Nurse practitioner that I dealt with treated me with dignity and respect. She was upfront and I felt like she had a plan for me going forward. Nothing like any other doctors or hospitals that I've been to before. She took the time to listen to me but interjected when I needed to hear the truth. I'm extremely grateful for meeting this woman. It wasn't only her. It was also the person that assisted me with getting approved for access. Again that person did not make me feel uncomfortable one bit. Was extremely professional. Took the time to explain everything and what I needed to do step by step. Also the nurse that helped me, she was amazing. Extremely patient and very calming. Treated me like a human being. Also the gentleman that collected my original paperwork. He came in asked me how I was doing. Asked if i was ok. He said dont worry the games coming on soon. I walked out of there with a plan and felt better about my situation. I was lost and in pain. I'm extremely grateful. Thank you to your staff. Very professional. They deserve to know that they are doing a great job. I came in after 4:00 PM yesterday. Thank you again.

Linda Jackson

The care was wonderful the nurses respond quickly and I felt that my time there I was well taken care of.

Mark Atherstone

This hospital is awful. I was taken to their emergency room after completely tearing and separating the bicept muscle on my right arm. The attendant at the desk said to fill out this paperwork and I reminded him that I couldn't move or use my right arm to write. He told me to have a seat. There wasn't a single person in the ER waiting room, but I still waited for another 40 minutes with no response. Ultimately, I had to call a friend to come and get me from their ER room to be taken to a different hospital where they helped me fill out the paper and insurance information. NEVER, use this facility. It's dirty and their service is awful. There is a good reason their online review average is so low.

Adriana Favila

Love the cafeteria! Great staff and good food! Martha Favila is my Mom and she works for nutritional services. She might be a sweetheart but she takes her job seriously. She's a hard worker and makes sure she gives 100% to her co workers, hospital staff and medical staff. Don't forget to check out the gift shop! Love Glenda and all the cute things they have

Ashley Waggoner

If you can avoid this place, do. Literally the worst hospital ever.


Recently I had my daughter delivered in this hospital. I would have given more than 5 stars if I could. Let me start with Dr. Manisha Purohit, she took good care of me and made me feel the entire pregnancy a bliss. After I had been admitted for my delivery, Tamara(RN) and Marina(RN) took really good care of me. Especially Tamara(RN), she is awesome. Hats off to her dedication, attentiveness and support. Without her, it would have been a nightmare to me. Post delivery, Karen(RN), Amanda(RN) and Ellen(RN) took great care of me and my baby. I am a new parent and I had lot of questions and assistance. All provided great support with warm smile all time. It was a pleasant experience for me and they made me feel like home. I highly recommend all these staffs and consider yourself lucky if you have them as your caretaker. Thank you very much everyone!! You guys are THE BEST!!! :)

Alisa Bingel

My husband just got discharged from this awful hospital! I don't know where to even begin! Had surgery on Friday morning, surgeon came out after surgery, I was waiting in the waiting room. He approached me, couldn't make eye contact with me, was fishing for words, tells me the not good news where everyone can hear him, no privacy whatsoever. We are then told " I am in the OR all day and I do not have time to check on my patients." Then he gets admitted to the hospital and it only gets worse! Friday night he had an episode the nurse comes in and says to us," I was suppose to be off an hour ago,but I guess I will take care of you first. " Next she tells us " Oh what you are experiencing is like what I went thru after getting my ears pierced so that's probably what's going on. " So with 100% no help from the nurses staff ,I get my husband feeling better. This comment was made 3 more times to him over the weekend.Fast forward to Sunday, I arrive at 9am, to have my husband tell me the hospitalist came in, asked him, " So what meds do I need to send you home with?" Really? When I walked in, I. slipped, his floor was wet. I asked what happened. Come to find out they didnt get his catheter bag closed so it was leaking all over the floor. Told the nurses. His head nurse came in and I said be careful the floor is wet and she says "yep I know it's been that way for awhile!" 2 hours go by before they get it cleaned up! This post is long enough and this is just the cake of the stay! Needless to say we will not be going back EVER! This was the most stressful weekend we have ever experienced and it shouldn't be that way at a hospital!

Yareli Morales

My dad was a patient a couple of weeks ago. The nurses were amazing and knowledgeable and they all work well as a team which is essential. My dad loved the food. They really go above and beyond for their patients well being and comfort.

painfully uncool

I’ve used MVMC many times (lab, radiology, cafeteria, Office Visits etc.) It’s consistently attractive, clean, nice, friendly. They’ve had some technology changes and process changes in recent years but my care there has always been good. Staff treat you like a good neighbor: always trying to provide a good experience and sincerely caring. I know there are big healthcare names in Gilbert/Mesa but I like Mountain Vista a lot.

Sharon Shumway

The best hospital experience I've ever had. Wonderful staff. From admitting to discharge they made it easy and pleasant.

Amandalynn Hernandez

Wow where do I start? I was having severe weakness for about a week straight and came in because it was getting worse and was having pain and cognitive issues. So I thought I was having a reaction to a recent medication that I stopped taking. They triage me and took me back by wheelchair because I barely could walk mind you I was using a walker. I get to a room and was greeted by a nurse helped me into the bed within a few minutes this heavy set masculine FNP comes in I told her I had chronic Lyme disease and felt extremely weak and sick. She becomes very rude starts talking over me interrogates me like I’m a criminal asking thousands of questions which I was trying to keep up with knowing I’m struggling with memory issues at the moment. She then leaves says she’s going to call my neurologist why didn’t I contact them before I got there I told her I did numerous times. She leaves then an RN comes in asking for a urine test I’m not sure why at this moment so the bring in a bedside commode and I comply with this odd request. An hour later the FNP comes back in and has an very bad attitude says I tested positive for HIGH AMOUNTS OF MARIJUNA and if my neurologist knows? “Have you been smoking?” Have you been eating edibles? I said no and I use CBD oil occasionally for my severe Nueropathy. So yes my neurologist is aware matter of fact that’s what he told me to take for the pain. No treatment was done what so ever she literally said there’s nothing I can do for you it’s not an emergency knowing I can barely walk or move and was having cognitive issues. I asked her could it be the reaction from the other meds? NO! You need to ask your primary care or neurologist didn’t they discuss the adverse affects of marijuana I then told her I been taking this for years only been very sick like this happened in a weeks time. I don’t use it all the time. She then walks out of my room and tells me “ I will have someone come in here when I deal with more critical patients” So I told her excuse me could you have been any more rude to me and she stormed off. DO NOT BRING YOUR FAMILY HERE. I KNOW I SHOULD OF WENT TO BANNER. I live so close to this hospital and rather drive 200 miles to another one then ever go here again they are a joke. Mind you I had all my paperwork with me positive lab results for Lyme etc. A simple IV fluids and Benadryl would of helped be feel better my neurologist said!

Elyse Rowland

My boyfriend is the patient and based off of his progress and what he has said and what I've seen, it all depends on the nurses. The ED was amazing, caring for him and making him as comfortable as possible. The first day he was in the ICU, he seemed to be making progress. The nurse read his notes from the ED, was interacting with him, caring for him and for me, knowing I was a worried and emotional wreck. One of the respiratory therapists even came in just to check on him, and show he was cared about, since he saw how bad he was in the ED. The next day he got worse, the following day no improvement whatsoever. Both days of getting worse/no improvement, he had the same not so caring ICU nurse. She didn't really read over his chart, and I know this because I mentioned something that was in his chart and she looked at me like I was stupid. He has something in his mouth, he described it as hard and plastic feeling, she laughed and kept eating her salad. She said "maybe its thrush, I'll get something later and look at it." He told her the IV was hurting really bad so she put the fluids going into the IV on his other arm but did not do anything to make it stop hurting. She didn't seem to have enough time for him, but he was in the ICU so he would get the close attention. Finally the night nurse took it out and he said it was instantly better. If it weren't for the night nurse, he would still be in ICU. They worked with him and got him to be cleared to get out of ICU and to a regular room. The nurses on the regular floor are so much more caring than the ICU nurse that he had for 2 days and they have 12-13 patients vs 2 in ICU. Every day they have "quiet time" through out the entire hospital from 2pm to 4pm. Which would be wonderful if the nurses and staff actually participated in it like the announcement states. They were quiet for about 20 minutes of those 2 hours. He kept saying he wished he could get sleep, but they were so loud he couldn't rest at all. Just talking about nonsense, what they were going to get their kids or family for Christmas or anything he, nor I, wanted to hear about. All the machines and beeping and checking his vitals, he can sleep through that. But the talking loudly and constantly, he couldn't at all.

Daniel Trujillo

I came in I couldn't really breath. I had been coughing up blood. I arrive and get in quick. The triage nurse treated me cold and seemed like I was ruining his time. I go into my room. The Dr comes in and seems the same way as the nurse even. He makes it seem like why was I there I am ruining his time he says it is only bronchitis. I then have a new nurse come in she was very sweet. She showed empathy for my situation. They send in the respiratory person give me a breathing treatment. He was great. I then see nurse after getting a steroid shot. I feel great and I am not scared for my life. I would say if your reading this read the other rating that say how bad it is and listen go down to the other hospitals if you can. I will never come here again. I have been telling all family and friends. Never again!!!!


Upon check in was told online doesn't matter nor work cuz the only info they get is a call saying someone is coming in so had to give all info again and was told had to wait just like everyone else. So what is the point of having online checkin if it doesn't work?? Waited 2 hours to be taken back to be seen. While in waiting area, I witnessed a gentleman on more than one occasion end up on the floor and was ignored by staff including at shift change where more than 10 staff members walked by and of those walking by only 2 inquired about him. Security LIED to a supervisor on a phone that he was trying to help him when in fact he wasnt doing ANYTHING!! Plus this same security guard walked past him several times ignoring the gentleman to go outside to drive around the facility grounds. The female guard ignored him too. This hospital reminds me of county hospitals in Los Angeles where everything is run amok. Definitely didn't feel safe in waiting room. The nurse who took me back to room had an attitude as if I was an inconvenience especially when I refused a gown (which was not needed). No H&P was taken, medications were not updated. Was assigned a PA who clearly did not understand my condition. A nurse (same one from walking me back) came in to draw blood from my PICC line and then didnt clean my hub afterwards (had blood remaining on it) and reused the same dirty cap to cover it!! Not safe or sterile ESPECIALLY when I'm in their for possible line infection!! He also broke the overhead lamp over my bed sending dust and dirt over me and didn't bother to clean me up or change sheets PRIOR to drawing blood. Sent home with no cultures because CBC was normal despite history of line infections and no elevated white count. This is the worst hospital experience I've ever had since my diagnosis 3 years ago and I WON'T BE BACK!!

denice hoday

Very nice staff and clean facility, I was pleased with my daughter's care. A special thank you to one very special RN, Danielle made room 306 a wonderful place! And Alexander (the P.A.) was amazing and super nice! Moriaha and I thank you! God bless! ❤

Jacque Hodson

I want to thank all of the Labor and Delivery nurses who were there during my stay. Christina, Mary Alice, Mary, there were a couple more that I don't remember the names but just everyone did such an amazing job I get teared up when I talk about it. From the moment I came in until the time I left 3 days later they were all so kind, caring, compassionate, attentive and patient with my super low pain tolerance. I delivered my beautiful baby girl on halloween night and although my doctor didn't make it in time the nurse acted like she had done it a million times. She never pressured me... she sat there and stayed extremely quiet while letting me and my body do the work on its own command. It was peaceful, relaxing, I wasn't stressed at all- I couldn't thank them enough. My experience here was above and beyond anything I could have ever expected. I wish I could take those nurses everywhere with me for all future births... that's how lovely they were. Thank you so much again to all of you.

Jason Hodges

Everybody was super nice n helpful they all seemed like they wanted to be there n help

Ruben Lopez

I have had multiple surgery’s throughout my life , this is the worst experience I’ve ever had. I went in for a partial knee replacement, no big deal. After partially coming out of anesthesia I was told that the spinal tap I was given would wear out in 4 hours. Since not having water all morning and night I asked for some. She gave me two bottles of water knowing that I wouldn’t have control of my bowels because of the spinal tap. 1 hour later the occupational therapist came in to check rom on my knee. When I stood up and I pee’d on myself (no lower extremity control) 3 times. I was humiliated. They had me scheduled for an overnight stay, but I left the hospital ASAP. My IV bag was empty for over an hour with no nurses checking up. If you go elsewhere, then you should. I heard the staff arguing and snickering at each other, very in professional. Lacks compassion for the patient. I absolutely advocate against this place.

Jessie Parson

I am very discouraged with this place. My husband was scheduled to do a knee replacement on 5/28 today is 5/24. He is in severe pain and barely able to function. I was previously told that they do payment plans. Because as I explained to the woman. We do not have out of pocket money. We recieved a call today stating that they need us to pay 2 grand out of pocket up front, now had the explained this to us previously I may have been able to get the money. But 4 days prior to surgery.. very upset.

Kian Benson

I would not recommend this place to anybody who is under an emergency or to those who are suffering severe diseases as this hospital has been notorious for lack of training and overall ability to treat patients. As such, this led to my uncle passing away due to a lethal dosage to balance his pH levels, causing him to suffer extreme pain and cough blood until he had died. This was all due to neglect of medicine and the failure to document the medication that was specifically assigned to him. Apparently from what this hospital thinks is that any Hospice Care patient is a guinea pig for those who are severely undertrained or their staff are too mediocre and sloppy. This is an asylum for the criminally insane, not the frail and sickly.

Madison Gonzalez

Mountain Vista is one of the best emergency rooms I’ve ever been to. Staff was caring and courteous. I spent zero time in the waiting room. They brought me right in and made sure I was comfortable. Great experience. Thank you!

Landon McDaniel

One of the worst hospitals I have ever put my mother in the lack of communication her stuff went missing they told me she was going to die 1 day the next day Different doctor said everything is fine. Couldn't get one doctor to call me back not 1. Very understaffed and have no time at all for the patient. It won't let me post this if I don't leave one star otherwise there would be 0 stars lit up

Diane Smith

Very poor service sat there for 4 hours never got called to the back every time I asked how much longer they kept telling me I was next but everyone that came in after me was called and I never got called walked out after 4 hours of waiting the was a spill on the floor in the play area for kids when we got there and never had house keeping come and clean it up worst place ever

TJ Nelson

Felt very belittled and unfairly judged, just before and following a procedure ... one great nurse shadowed by a hard judgemental nurse and then one that seemed to not believe a report of increased pain ... :(. To the point if walking out and probably screwing up my insurance ... still sick following their procedure as there was no follow up .. then they called the police and never even called me ...

Freda Cook

The nursing care and physicians care was great however the billing has been a nightmare . The financial rep told me if I paid in full that I would get a discount. So I did pay in full on day of service. Then 5 months later I get a call from billing saying I owe $2600 more! I spoke with a rep several times, wrote a letter, and received a written statement stating that I owe more. My questions have not been answered.

Donna Dionot

My experience for a scheduled surgical procedure on 10/28/15 at Mountain Vista Medical Center was nothing less than the best. Everything was awesome, from the admitting process through my surgery and overnight stay. The staff was wonderful and attentive. The facility was comfortable and I felt they had the best to offer. I would highly recommend this medical center

Dustin Young

Before I get to the complaints, I will say the staff that worked with me was fantastic and I have no complaints about them. But I scheduled a biopsy at mountain vista for 8 AM this morning. Got there on time, got checked in. Waited an hour and a half till the nurse came. They got me a room and got the IV in, took me to the CT scan room, and then found out the doctor was a no show and not coming at all. Rescheduled for tomorrow morning, then earlier today got a call saying the doctor will not be coming again for that appointment either. They wanted to reschedule for next week, I asked if they could guarantee the doctor would be there for the procedure, and they said they could not guarantee. So obviously, why would I waste my time coming in again just to see if the doctor will ever show up? Wont be back to this hospital. Why even have a hospital if you don't know if the doctor assigned to you will ever be there?

Roanne Parker

We did not have a good experience here, this was in September. Thought he had a TIA turns out it was a medication reaction then they gave him the same meds the following night. He wound up confused, over sedated and transferred to ICU because he wasn't breathing well and no one called to let me know what happened. He was discharged from ICU at 11 am the following morning. They did all testing in timely manner medication took forever to get. Absolutely no communication with the nurses and they didn't seem to know what there doctors had already told us. Very frustrating. The next time he had to go in I made the ambulance take him to Banner even if this was closer by a few miles.

Nicholas Baron

What a Horrible hospital most staff have little to no bedside manor or respect, first nurse was very rude he got mad like a child and walked out because my chest and back are in so much pain a grabbed my chest with 2 hands due to spikes of level 11 pain. He nevee took my BP which is in the 240s btw and just left me there for 30 min. I was already accused twice of seeking a high for just asking for pain meds for actual level 8-9 pain! I Get transfered to room and for 4 hours I asked for somthing for sleep. I did not sleep at all last night. They then come at 7:30 after the suns out with something for pain! Then blame the Dr for not having medication orders. I asked for a hospital phone over 3hrs ago so I could get food and call my still waiting, got food though which consisted of 2 tiny pancakes that were dryer than eating sand. Processed eggs and oatmeal that tasted like chemicals. I am literally in level 10 pain now, did not sleep at all, and very hungry. Coordination and communication skills are very much lacking between staff and also with patients. If I had known how I would had been I would have never agreed to come here!!

christina tassell

This was s great place to get help, I spent the night and great service...

Jeannie Curtis

I was very impressed with the quality care Sean curtis recieved. He had been suffering for quite a long time and no one knew what was wrong. They new immediately It's so nice toto and such good service The rooms were nice and clean and everyone was nice and genuinely cared. Thank you. I have Son back!!

Ruth e

First and foremost, the volunteer ladies in the admitting are ANGELS. They are funny and kind. The anesthesiologists are from Wisconsin, so they ARE THE BEST. I feel confident my health is being taken care of here, although it is my responsibility. Thank you all.

Kris VO

This is the dirtiest hospital I’ve ever visited and believe me- I’ve been to many VA is it that I was seen and diagnosed, brought discharge paperwork without seeing the doctor who had to walk to the pharmacy to get the medications I need. Staff was friendly, but also seemed to be heavily under the influence of a controlled substance or two. The nurse was grinding her teeth. You’re better off going somewhere else.

william edwards

I took my fiancee to the emergency room for treatment of a serious kidney/urinary tract issue. The emergency room was empty except for 3 other patients. My fiancee has Lupus and Lymphoma and has a compromised immune system. She was put in a very small room with a chair only and left while patients who arrived after with less than serious issues were treated first my fiancee was basically forgotten about. The nurse at the desk was rude when asked about getting a bed to lay down. Worst experience and worst bedside manner i have ever witnessed. The V.A. treats it's patients better. That's saying something. Terrible!

Tonirenee Peterson

Beware of this place. It was the closest place to my house so this is where we went, but I will be going somewhere else from now on. I was told that my visit was handled by my insurance but now months later I'm being contacted by billers saying I owe money because the doctor didn't accept my insurance, something that would have been nice to know at the er. They knew which insurance I had so a heads up would have been nice. Then they sent my bills from the hospital to the wrong address. So I could have taken care of this sooner, but the information I gave them is not what they used. This is not the first time ive had these issues with this place, but I've learned my lesson and will definitely be advising against this place.

Brian Allen

They are here to just make money! Bill you for things you do not need

Darlene Willard

My mother-in-law was brought her to the emergency room with a major heart problem. We have no problem with the treatment from the doctors and nurses. The administration was a nightmare!!! Kim, the, RN and acting social worker was too lazy to make a couple of phone calls to straighten out some insurance issues. My mother-in-law is 75 years old, of course Medicare will pay her hospital bill. They treated her like some deadbeat. Her heart stopped, she needs to go to rehab!!!!! Couldn't even be bothered to make a couple of calls to make that happen. Awful!!! I've called patient advocate twice and left messages. No call back!!!!! Glad they're on top of this! And where was this patient when advocate they were trying to lick my mother inlaw out instead of sending her to rehab

Lauren Blanchard

I took my daughter for surgery and I was beyond pleased when I saw how clean and orderly everything was. The volunteers were as sweet as can be and the nurses were beyond amazing and every doctor took the time to get to know my child before her procedure. My daughter arrived feeling very nervous and they took such good care of her. We left with a very positive experience. I'm not sure what all the other reviewers are talking about who give poor scores. We had an amazing experience.

Eric Paulson

my wife went to emergency room..this hospital is part of our insurance network....the care was good....the billing and insurance was HORRIBLE....we received multiple, additional charges from doctors or specialists who were on staff but not part of our network, apparently....fine send us a bill and we will pay it...unfortunately...three of the bills were never sent to us...and were sent to collections....which we paid promptly...thankfully our credit was spared........THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE billing practices.............BEWARE of hidden charges and fees....ALSO...this was not an isolated event...this has happened to us regarding our last 3 visits... over the last 3 years....

Joshua Clark

Had 3 of my son's here always a very great experience very huge rooms and very professional and clean. I have been there several times myself and every time the nurses and Docs actually truly cared tons about my well being and I have NEVER had a bad experience here thank y'all tons I will always come to your hospital where y'all treat people like thy are at home. God bless all y'all do hope you realize it doesn't go unnoticed.

Lucinda Rhodes

My first time at Mountain Vista Medical Center...I had a great experience with staff.

Pete Mitchell

This hospital is terrible...went in for abdominal pain. They sent me home recommending a colonoscopy. Went to Banner Desert later that night...found out my gallbladder was infected and needed taken out.

Pam Berry

I was not a patient at Mt. Vista Hospital, but I am my dear friends caregiver and was with her at this facility. She had a very, very serious surgery so I was the person to be her liaison while she was there last week. The lack of professional staff appalled me. She was in an extreme amount of pain and was completely at their, or mine when I was there, mercy. The one doctor, Andrew Brown, was the only doctor whom I felt was legitimately concerned about her comfort and recovery. Most of the nurses and staff were unreliable, unresponsive, and unprofessional during her difficult stay. Her needs were not often met, even though she and I asked numerous times for different levels of help. She never even was given a shower while there, nor walked (per doctors strict instructions), not given any solid food before discharge! My recommendation for using this facility would be....absolutely NOT!

Verna Casey

Sadly, I had to rate this location 1 star in order to post a review. I just left the hospital a couple hours ago and left, feeling (for lack of a better word), DISGUSTED. My daughters heard their paternal grandmother whom they have not seen in 2 years, was brought to this location off the reservation (not her choice). Their aunts also drove into the valley to check on their mother. We, (my daughters and I) reside in the area, as I am employed at a local hospital. Myself and my daughters visited in their grandmothers room as their aunts were having dinner before they came to the room we were in on the 2nd floor. We did not leave once. The CNA never came in to introduce himself, check on his patient's water, or his patients positioning in the bed. The nurse assigned for the night came in and did her job. A while later, my daughters aunts arrived and we had a little reunion and were probably being a little louder than hospital standards. My daughter asked the CNA for a cup of ice per her grandmother's request, our only request. When we were planning for my daughters aunts to stay the night at one of our apartments locally, so they didnt have to drive home, a lady came in and rudely told us we were being loud. Which we were apologetic for. Then she stated "Just so you know, the food on this floor is for patients only", I asked my daughters aunts in front of this lady if they had asked for food, because I knew my daughters and I hadn't asked for any food, I didnt know if they had been there prior to us showing up. They said no that they had eaten at Panda Express and still had their soft drinks with them. I told the lady she must be mistaken, because none of us had asked for food. She continued to be confrontational and stated, while rolling her eyes, "Yes, u have! Every single one of u have asked for food all day!". I again told her she must be mistaken, I was completely appalled that she adamantly kept accusing all of us of continuously asking for food throughout the day. I told her their patient didnt arrive until 2 PM, so that was impossible that we were asking for food all day. She rolled her eyes again and said she wasn't going to argue. I asked her name, she stated Charisse, and she walked out of the room. The entire event was so unsettling I went to find the nurse assigned to our room, she was no where in sight, so I walked to the front desk, there sat Charisse and a different nurse. I asked for our assigned nurse, Charisse asked why. I told her I needed information as to whom I may complain to. Charisse asked what i wanted to complain about. I told her that the way she confronted our family about food we never asked for was uncalled for and I informed her that I work at a local hospital and I'd never seen such unprofessional behavior, but she continued to state, that we had been asking for patient food. I told her that my daughters and I ate before we came, and their aunt drives trucks for a living and she probably makes as much as she (Charisse, the Charge Nurse) did, and that they ate out before they arrived. So instead of giving me the name and number of whom I may contact, to formally complain, she continued to be condescending and insistent that we were begging for food all throughout this day. Finally she said I can call Janelle, but Charisse and the other nurse continued to laugh at the situation like it was funny that they treated us so disrespectfully. This room is a room in which footage was being recorded. We never asked for a thing except a cup of ice. Which would have been provided by the CNA, had he come to check in with his assigned patient. I, in my time working in a hospital setting, find it completely disturbing that Charisse is even actively working with patients, she is the most cold person I have ever encountered in my life. We did not choose this hospital for our family member to be transported to. How does this lady get paid, if it is not for the patients? And if it is discriminatory, because we are Native American, maybe Mountain Vista should stop accepting Native patients from reservations.

Lori K

Worst hospital ever! Do not go, drive the extra few miles to a Banner hospital. The staff was rude, did not wash their hands, and the lack of knowledge and care showed. No since of urgency based on patient needs. They do not have the latest tech equipment. After that we went to a Banner hospital to get my husband the proper care he needed.

Nicholas Harwood

worst hospital ever!!! Stay away, and this hospital needs to be shut down!!!!!!! They will hurrass you for a bill that has been paid for and taken care of!!! Stay away!!! If I didn’t have to rate this place with a one star review, I would say no star review, if anything all negative star review.

Necro Feleee

They helped me save my baby during my miscarriage. Great place for emergency.

Lynnette D

This is the worst hospital ever!!! I wish i would have taken my sister’s advice, but didn’t and I was a patient about a ago and so was some random lady and somehow I was put as her guarantor and sent tons of bills and I called and got it fixed up and now here later I’m getting collection calls for her… How could they mess up and not fix it after I call and talk to them??

Haley Warner

I am giving 3 stars because the first few days my great grandmother was in the hospital, the nurses were amazing. However, today, we knew there was to be a procedure done, and asked to get a phone call to let us know when she'd be taken down so we could make sure we were there. We were told we would receive a phone call. Didn't receive any calls, so we called (around 3:30pm ish) to make sure the time was still the same (4pm-5pm) and was told that she had been taken down 20 minutes prior to our call. When we asked why we didn't receive a call, my grandmother's nurse said, "I have 5 patients." Which I totally understand that they are busy and have things to do, however if a phone call wasn't possible, why tell us to leave our numbers? Or that we would receive a call? After her procedure, she was moved to her room and we went up to see her. The nurse that was in there was on a personal phone call while attending to my great grandmother and for whatever reason couldn't get off the phone. Her doctors and surgeons were wonderful. But the nurse I spoke with today really left a sour taste in my mouth. UPDATE AS THERE IS NO WAY TO RESPOND TO COMMENTS: I tried calling the Patient Advocate, and they still have their away message for the 4th. I left a message.

Jessica Huntsman

I went in the Friday before my Outpatient Procedure and had pre-op tests run. It was wonderful and very organized to be able to get blood work, EKG, Xray all at once. Every single person I dealt with was very friendly and helpful. Unfortunately for me, I was back at the hospital the next day with a fever. ER nurse Eric was compassionate, doctor was matter of fact and explained. I was admitted, and I did have to wait for 3 or more hours to get into a room, but not under their control. Once upstairs the nurses we’re very nice and quick to help when needed. I was happy with the care I received.

Dan Waters

Excellent ER nurses. Got in quickly. Turns out my anxiety makes me feel like I'm having heart problems that are non-existant. Gonna get a masive bill becuase I'm an idiot and probably should have bought some benzos off the street and saved everyones time and my money. This country needs a free health care system quickly. Don't be like me.

Vanessa Vallejo

The doctors, nurses and staff are amazing. A special thanks to my nurses Karen and Vinita, Dr. Kothari and aids Donna, Lisa, and Jessica, plus many others!

Norma Medina

The staff were amazing! They treated me with respect and never made me feel like I was a bother to them. Thanks for taking care of me.

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