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Cathy Cupp

Husband went in forms fall ,possible broken ribs ,has a bone sticking out of his hand ,an his knee was the cause of the fall ,did one catscan found a blood clot an wouldn't check the other issues out,they admitted him for two days ,only time he ever seen the nursing staff was when they gave meds or had to wait hours an us his call light,last day at hospital he had not been on a bed alarm an all of a sudden the nurse on his room desided to turn his bed alarm on making him feel very uncomfortable with being there.on top of it all they did not keep him updated on any of the test they had run on him which isn't right to leave people in the dark about there food was like eating rubber,this hospital needs a better way of running things.

Beth Gonzales

The nurses were top notch as were my physicians.

Abigail Helm

Dr Martinez and the nurses were fantastic in the ER. They made me feel cared for, they were efficient and even made me laugh. 10/10 great experience.

cathy Ainsworth

Wonderful staff! Great experience for me. I'm surprised to hear about all this negative reviews!

Morgan Madison

The staff were incredibly nice and helpful. My nurses, the guy who put in my IV, and the CT scan operator were super friendly and made me feel a lot better. However, I came in with sepsis from a gum infection. I had a 3 hour wait and there were people in the waiting room who were actively bleeding and weren’t seen. The nurse that put in my IV was the only person to look at my mouth. I was treated for my headache and nausea and sent home. Abnormalities were also missed on my blood panels. My personal physician noticed after I was sent home. I had to go to a different hospital the next morning to get treatment. Basically a huge waste of money to be incorrectly treated.

Marga Frantz

These reviews are scary however management response is scarier. Hope my loved one who was just admitted will get at least adequate care. Addendum: turns out my mother received relatively expedient service, the staff are all welcoming and friendly, her nurse was kind as well. The room had a private shower and Porto potty, with nice picture on wall. So...all in all very good, definitely better than jc Lincoln

Blain Hoogendoorn

I'd give it a zero rating if it was possible. I got transferred to this hospital because the one I was at didn't have any rooms, fine I understand. However not informing the patient the proper information he's entitled to is unprofessional. I was suppose to be served dinner at 8pm, the nurse that was on shift said that she forgot and could get me food at 10pm only. I waited until 10:40pm to get a burnt over cooked meal that wasn't appealing. I was told that my doctor was supposed to see me at 9am the next morning to do a follow up, almost 4pm and still no doctor, and no information what's so ever on what's going on with my test results. For someone who is having extreme stress and anxiety the hospital could care less on how they treat their patients. Don't come here.


I would give ZERO stars to the so called NURSE'S on floor #6 recent stay 7/31/2017-8/2/2017 also ZERO stars to the two so called Hospital hired Doctors to look after me before and after my surgery for my own personal Surgeon who is the expert in his field NOT those quacks.... Thank you to the kind pregnant Aide who helped me get through the most horrifying experience of my life at that hospital and the Cardiologist Asst and the Cardiologist himself very professional and nice. I was also disappointed in the wait times for FOOD but they did do their best to correct the problem thank you. I want to give 5 STARS to Dr.J.Yang my hand Surgeon on many occasions and the Surgical team and Surgical Nurses and all Staff who worked to ensure my safety as I am allergic to Anesthesia and have suffered episodes of Malignant Hyperthermia in the past and last but not least thank you to Shelley Akers in charge of patient relations complaints against quality of care from Nurses and Doctors VIOLATING PATIENT'S PRIVACY and RIGHT'S. I will continue to be Dr.Yang patient but I will NEVER go to this Hospital again and will let my friends and family know my experiences so they can make a inform decision before they or their Loved ones go here.

Jacqueline Titchenor

Came to e.r with severe headache waiting over an hour and a half to be seen i will NOT recommend this hospital to anyone!!

Roland Lakey

Went to visit my Mum who is dying of pancreatic cancer after finishing my night shift. Had been in at the same time for the previous 4 nights. Was accosted at the door by Steve the security guard. Steve was very hostile unwelcoming and extremely rude. For someone who is the face and first person to greet you on entering the hospital I was taken aback by his demand I sign in especially as I had not been asked to sign in on the previous 4 evenings. Had he approached me in a less hostile and aggressive manner I would not have had any issues. Honor health needs to address this as the rest of the staff are very pleasant and polite but Steve as the person at the door needs to be coached in dealing with the public and customers in a more respectful and polite way.

Anonymous Review

Worst Hospital for Quality and Care As an employee for HonorHealth, I wanted to be someone who helped care for patients. However, it appears that my own personal goals DID NOT align with the hospitals "goals." On the surface, HonorHealth Osborn strives to be one of the best facilities for patient care in the valley. So what really happens? Nurses are angry all the time, nutrition staff hate their jobs, and the rest are just "trying to get by." Because the employees are mistreated by THEIR OWN MANAGEMENT STAFF, they are less likely to care about the people they should be helping. This is the second time I've been employed by this company, so it really doesn't get any better. LOCATION MEANS EVERYTHING. If you have a choice, DO NOT come to this hospital, transfer out.

Shelly Busby

March 21, 2016 through March 28, 2016 - My father fell and was knocked unconscious on Monday evening. He was transported to Scottsdale Osborn Hospital by ambulance. His eye was swollen shut, he had 3 broken ribs and was admitted to the hospital. Throughout the week, we were told that the Orbital surgeon would visit him. The surgeon stopped by early Tuesday morning never to be heard from again. In spite of the fact that he can not see, my father's eye was never checked by an appropriate doctor. On Saturday, I was at the hospital for 9 hours and never saw the nurse. She did not even come in to introduce the new nurse at shift change. My father needed to walk but was simply left in bed for 7 days. The doctors and nurses who did stop in had different ideas about his treatment and release. It was very clear that they did not communicate with each other. I do not believe he was being appropriately cared for. I have had numerous hospital experiences in Colorado Springs that were much better than at this hospital. I would not recommend this hospital. He moved to a rehab place where I hope he can get better care. I will say, that the Aids were very good.

Keith W

Staff is nice and helpful, but they are under staffed, and one hour estimate turns into three or more hours actually.

Janine Gearhart

Scottsdale Memorial is the Best I have been in other hospitals visiting or being admitted. Scottsdale Memorial has been the best by far. The staff is extremely positive and kind. They admit you quickly and they truly care!

Barbara Carter

I have never seen so much incompetence by hospital doctor and some of the staff. Don't ever spend a weekend here...skeleton staff, no care. They have almost killed my mom the last 2 times she was here. I'm not normally a complainer but they seem to be understaffed and overworked. To much falls through the cracks.

James Krusell

HonorHealth has a problem. In Sun City 2 of their Doctors made me wait for an hour and a half each before they would see me. When I complained they acted surprised. Some people said they have waited over 2 hours. I saw people get up and leave. They did not even say anything ...just let you sit there....very rude....Sorry I'm not used to being treated like that.....

Joshua Mathew

Clean hospital with good service.

Mohammed AL Darraji

Bad service and customer service, everyone has bad attitude and no respect to customers.

janet blackledge

I was recently there for 3 days, and I just want to commend the nursing staff on the 5th floor! They were so sweet and special. It would be hard to pick a favorite...I loved them all!!! Crystal, Craig, Amanda, Kalina, Tiffany and Trinity!

S s

I came to ED and waited for 2 hours to be taken care of! The worst ED experience!


Great experience considering it's a hospital. Food was really good as well.

Leslie Kroker

Do not go to this emergency room! The staff is very rude. Three people sat around and offered no help or assistance. I turned around and left. I went to Mayo hospital and was treated with kindness and respect.

Venu Chowdary

I came with my friend. His suffering with some serious back pain. Came at 2:15AM to an Emergency window. They took his details and told to wait. We are waiting from last one hour. I think it’s an EMERGENCY. But waiting time is more than hour

Cody Dryer

I had a hernia repair done and the are awesome. Very friendly, very knowledgeable, and very careful. I was nervous going into surgery but the staff was comforting and assuring which helped my nerves.

Timothy James

Took my wife to their Thompson Peak location for a simple outpatient procedure. The quote they gave us was completely bogus and they refused to even give us the quote in writing. Two weeks after the procedure, they send us a bill for more than DOUBLE the quoted price. They claimed the doctor did a whole bunch of stuff he didn't do and now I have to pay for it. If you go here, you will have your bill doubled for no explanation.

Celeste Soto Valenzuela

Very rude nurse. We were visiting a sick relative who was alone in her room. Our large family was seated around her, some on the side bed that had been empty for a long time. Nurse comes in & very rudely tells us to get off the bed & complains that now she has to change the sheets because a patient could come in "any second". We got up nicely, but her demeanor didn't change so we began to feel uncomfortable. As she leaves someone says that it's okay she can just change the sheets, & the nurse chimes in with attitude that that wasn't the right answer?? This hospital seems to dislike large families. Or maybe just large, tan families.

Kona Alan

Saved my life in the er and in their surgical icu so I’m happy that I’m no ghost.

Prinsceilla Coulter

My daughter went in & still there with no answer..testing & still waiting for a test.N which i waited there all day. My daughter says staff( nurses, physician) have been really attentive & nice.

Marjorie Gillis

Honor Health Osborn and Shea are both very good hospitals in a very competitive city for health care. They have caring staff and excellent resources and follow up. Highly recommend!

Olivia Wein

I had to go to the ER when I was extremely sick and had no idea what was wrong with me. The staff was so friendly and knowledgeable they had me feeling better in no time! The nurses made me feel comfortable and cared for! Thank you all!

Lu Dog

Fantastic food selection with online ordering straight to your room! Great view of the mountains and fantastic selection of movies while you're laying in your bed being treated by the friendly staff ever!

Yvette Kinkade

My dad was transported to the hospital about 3:00 pm on 12/3/18 after 911 was called because he did not show up for his dyalisis treatment. He apparently had low blood sugar and was unresponsive. When arrived at the hospital The nurse called me to say they have to run tests and I immediately informed her that my dad required dyalisis because he has kidney failure and has to have dyalisis religiously every Monday Wednesday and Friday for the rest of his life or he will die. She said ok you can leave him here and we will give him his dyalisis treatment. I was assured by the nurse that he would get his treatment as directed. The next morning I went to see him. They did not know what was going on. Nobody had any idea of what tests were done. And the worst part is that his dyalisis treatment was not completed. When I was asking questions andout what was going on they were rude and lacked empathy to my dads needs. I will be taking this issue further. As the hospital should take responsibility of thier patients and have some knowledge of what thier primary job is and that is caring for people and thier needs. My dad could have died as a lot of people have done in this hospital because the staff does not care. Do whatever you can to avoid the hospital of death. Do not come to this hospital even if you are dying. Go somewhere else where they will at least make you comfortable in your last days.

Summer Shrelle

Idek where to begin. I come in to the ER at 3am, and didnt get seen until 5am. Mind you, when I came in I was the only one there. 2 others come in after me & they both went back before me. When I asked the registration nurses they said its not first come first serve its the severity of the issue. Mind you, I came in crying and when I went to ask them I was crying as well. Thats not severe enough? I’m in that much pain but its not severe? Ok. So when I finally did get seen my doctor was horrible. She said “so theres really not much we can do, its all about pain control.” What? Duh! Thats why I’m here! She was very insensitive, and nonchalant. Almost like she was just going through the motions. The only person that was understanding & thorough was the nurse who came in to give me the medicine. The medicine they gave me for pain did not work & all they were saying is that it could take up to 30 min to kick in. They let me leave in pain. I wouldn’t recommend this hospital even if its the closest one to you.

Meghan Ouimette

They were rude and judgmental. Absolutely disgusting care. I am a nurse and was completly astonished by their behaviour towards me. They also told me it wouldn't cost more than a few hundred dollars for my two hr visit. I supposidly owe 4500 Canadian dollars for an iv and iv fluids. How in the world!? Very very bad experience.

Max K

This place was exemplary in their professional etiquette, pleasantness, and effectiveness. I left the E.R. feeling 100% better.... I was thoroughly impressed with every member of the staff I spoke with! Every level of health care provider from CNA to the provider exhibited a professional demeanor with compassion. I truly believe they live up to the name "HONOR HEALTH". THANKS

Elizabeth Capitini

Had my brain surgery here the nurses are amazing thank you for all you have done!

Matthew HALL

really bad staff and did nothing for my girlfriend and the lead nurse was very rude as well and the nurse matt on floor 2 in 204 bed 2 he was a joke should nt be a nurse at all and they have other pple use her restroom and give her meds what she was allergic to

Nathali Gonzalez

Love the hospital, but i do not like most of the nurses attitudes. My aunt has been coming to this hospital for many years, the only reason she comes here is because she is unable to go anywhere farther. For as long as i can remember The nurses she has had are disrespectful, she has asked them to please be careful when moving her because shes in pain and a nurses response was "i know what i am doing". As of today We are in scottsdale hospital. She was here about a week ago my aunt was having very bad pain in her right leg. She had asked if she could please get an xray done on her leg. Docter said "it will be fine just try and walk and it will get better". She now has her pelvis broken and is in so much pain and is struggling with her pain because "it will be fine just try and walk and it will get better (Doctor)". I am officially frustarted with this hospital.

Camille Abeyta

Excellent Trauma Team

R. Cociarelli

I was on the fourth floor from 2/7 to 2/13. A shout out to these exceptional nurses (Nina, Chelsea, David, Andrea, Sarah, Physical Therapy). No, the food is not good, you hear a lot about how good their food is. It wasn't that way for me. So happy to have a private room. A few of the other nurses were drill sergeants. There is always a few nurses that absolutely ruin your stay. Well, I have names but I don't think Google would allow me to post them. SHOUT OUT to the above-named nurses for your hard work and patience.

Kathy Eglinton

INCREDIBLE! Couldn't have asked for better treatment! Spent 30 days (almost) in rehab 4th floor and the entire staff was EXCEPTIONAL! I was hesitant to transfer to a rehab facility from a trauma facility in Chandler, but the second we got there, my fears were alleviated and we received the most excellent treatment, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy that could ever be received. They not only took care of my sweetheart, they also took extremely good care of ME! We so love all the staff there! You can't possibly get better treatment anywhere else and I wouldn't want to try!

Joseph G.

A good hospital in Scottsdale and always striving to improve. A very good group of staff.

Cathy Treat

My husband was brought to ER then admitted for surgery the next day, worst experience ever after being admitted. Not only were his clothes and pillow stolen while in surgery, the same afternoon a staff member moved his food tray, knocked his cell phone off the tray and cell is broken. VERY noisy at night and patient care is non existent.

Diana Corral

They have no idea what to do or how to react when dealing with opioid dependency and misuse. They seem to not really care. Took my loved one in screaming and in dire need of medical attention. They had him wait for hours without medical attention. He's still there and it has now been 8 hours and they still don't know what's going on. They did the same thing when I admitted myself. Addiction is real and it's an epidemic. They should all be required to know the basics. I recommend going to the hospital on Shea.


Every time I called the operator they couldn't find the person I was looking for. Even gave her the room number and she still couldn't find him. So far, it's been 3 days in a row. The nursing staff was always very helpful and friendly.

LiLi luv light

I recently was admitted for surgery and was very underwhelmed by the nursing staff on the 5th floor: They were not very attentive. My first nurse when i was first brought up to my room lacked warmth and hardly checked in on me. I was in a lot of pain and all he could say is “ i don’t know...” He was not very comforting. My bedding was all over the place. When he did come in my room, he seemed like he was in a rush to somewhere. My overnight nurse was a little bit better. She seemed to care about my pain levels. My morning nurse was okay, but she kept Forgetting things when it came Time to remove my catheter. Thank god i only spent one night, the staff just lack genuine warmth and care. There was hardly any communication and I felt like a number and not a patient. I will say the nurses who cared for me prior to my surgery were wonderful, awesome bedside manner.

Kelly Belford-Peck

After going to another Emergency room with an hour or more line we went to Scottsdale/Osborn. We were in and out of the ER in less than an hour and a half! the staff was great!!

David Koontz

We were admitted quickly and the nursing staff was professional. We saw the doctor for a few minutes and then were handed over to nurses/technicians. We completed all the tests and counseling they wanted and were satisfied with that service. We completed all the billing paperwork and then we waited over 3 hours to be discharged! We asked several times about this but were told our discharge was waiting for the doctor's approval. My wife had a painful IV in her arm that was going unused and asked for pain medication for her leg but we were told there was nothing they could do until the discharge went through. We felt like after the initial treatment they really didn't care about my wife's discomfort/pain. I will not be returning to this hospital.

Doug S

Quickly seen in the emergency room. Over seven hours received an x-ray, MRI, CAT scan. Surgery that evening. Grateful for their help.

R. Cesaro

One star is too high for this place. The ER is full of incompetent, uncaring and rude people. They felt it was okay to leave a 70 year old women in agony for over two hours. When I asked why she couldn’t have a room as there was space I was told that there weren’t doctors assigned to those beds. When I begged for someone to please just look at her so she could get some pain medicine I was told she was fine. The triage nurse threatened to have me removed by security for asking for someone to just please help. I am a 4’11 woman in my 40’s. I did not yell. I did not pose any kind of threat. I just wanted some help. The triage nurse should be fired and perhaps use his salary to get actual doctors on staff. It is a disgrace for such a place to even exist. We left and went to the Shea location, which by the way was much busier, had a room in the ER and pain meds in 35 minutes. Perhaps spend some of that north Scottsdale money down south. My mother had what was described as a “crater sized gastric ulcer” which was threatening to eat through her stomach completely. This hospital really needs someone in administration who possibly cares about people rather than profit. I am disgusted!

Forest Wright

Simply the best work here! My wife agrees

VaginalProtrusionOfTheCystFilledLabia Labia

I came to this facility for a simple refill for buproprion which i am given regularly for depression. my pharmacy has been unable to get a hold of my primary care physician ( dr. mark poulin of terros ) for the past two weeks and this isn't the first time he's done this to me. I was told by the physician's assistant that they can't refill a prescription i take regularly.... yet the er is allowed to carelessly give narcotics and benzos ?? It makes no sense to me . luckily they gave me the refill anyway , this one star is for the doc who prescribed me the refill and the hospital gets 0 stars because you guys should be able to give patients refills on prescriptions if you are able to give out narcotics and benzos like candy. suck my ass !

A. M.

I had surgery at another hospital in another state a few years ago. Prior to having that surgery, I experienced an event which led to the need to have surgery. I recently moved to the Phoenix area and thought I was having a repeat of that same event. I visited Honor Health Scottsdale Osborn and am hugely glad I did. The staff was so warm and friendly, I had great conversations with everyone and received such terrific care. My issue was taken very seriously, I received the tests I hoped to have, and got the result I wanted (nothing wrong!). I didn't have to spend my weekend worrying whether something was seriously wrong with me thanks to the excellent ER staff at this facility. Highly recommend!

K.W. L.

5 stars = makes customers kings and queens, or offers superior product(s); crushes competitors that offer similar service and product(s). 4 stars = provides something extra for customers, or offers better than average product(s). 3 stars = provides good service and good product(s). 2 stars = provides low quality customer service or product(s). 1 star = fails in customer service or product(s); you suck; please go out of business. THE REVIEW I took a girl I know to emergency during summer of 2015. The staff was very helpful and friendly. They believed the story she told about how she injured her knee, and rendered excellent service in reducing swelling, and treating infection so the body could repair the damage over time. We were in and out within a couple hours. I highly recommend this hospital emergency room for speedy service, quality treatment, patient respect, committed staff. This is just a very good hospital emergency room.

Shellie Masini

In all my life, I’ve never been so disallusioned by a medical facility. Absolutely the most hostile, incompetent staff EVER! If you have aging loved one -(stroke patients)- please rethink your decision. *No need responding, OWNER(auto response)

Nevarez Isabel

Horrible service the nurse who took my iv Out didn't wear no gloves or neither did she wash her hands . Now do to her medical malpractice, I live with fear of an infection or disease do to that error. I wish all doctors and staff obey rules. That will make people like myself more safe.

Alec Mccrady

Sadly all the good experiences have been nullified by our last visit. The ER, neurosurgeon and the entire support staff are wonderful. Go to the ER. It is top notch. Do your best not to be admitted


Horrible. First I must say the staff is friendly enough but beyond that the experience was terrible. Went in at 11:30pm and it was not that busy, only about 4 other people in the waiting room. Took us 3 HOURS just to go see the doctor and then many more hours just to get some simple tests done. Everyone was slow and was working at the pace of a snail. Overall was there for over 7 HOURS and didn't get to leave until 7:00 am the next morning. Then when it was all finished they wouldn't even give us the total of our bill and said it would be mailed to us later. Very unorganized place and a big rip off, go somewhere else.

Wraydell King

Best hospital!!! I came here cause I had severe abdominal pain...and not even 5 minutes they called me in checked vitals, and put me in a room. Nurses were very professional and very kind! The only reason it took awhile for the doctor to see me was because of incoming traumas. If I were to ever need medical treatment again...I'd prefer this place.

Bryan Delgado

Kuz i feel like i have a chance

William Terrisse

The nurse staff violated the HIPAA act while I was being treated as well as the nurse that were treating me today profiled me and I was able to hear them talking at the nurses station and I was very unpleased with what I heard about how they were taking about me and my wife as well as other patients at the time very unprofessional in my opinion

Mckenna M.

Very kind staff! Came in after a bad allergic reaction and they were able to get it under control quickly.

Paul Athlete

Scottsdale Healthcare Osborne is an amazing hospital. The staff are warm and friendly. The doctors are excellent. Bedside manner is very good. My wife received excellent care all the way around. Oh yeah, the cafeteria has good food.

Grace Brooks

Took someone here with complex symptoms Oct 2012. I was *amazed* how quickly we got in -- literally walked from check-in into a room, and I was encouraged to stay the entire time. Quality of care and "bedside manner" both excellent. And unlike an earlier commenter, I found that the doctor was willing to dialogue with us about what tests we didn't need to do if we wanted to save money.

Dale Buchert

I went in for abdominal pain and vomiting blood. I was so scared and it seemed like no one cared. The Dr came in and asked me a few questions, pushed on my belly, which caused more agony. Then he left. Didn't tell me what was going to happen or anything. A nurse cane in and was very nice and explained I was going to get a IV put in some nausea medicine and some pain medicine. She did her work very quickly and efficiently. I was impressed with her ability to get an IV as I usually have to get an ultrasound just to have one placed. The Dr came back a short time later and said I was going home. He said my blood work was normal and I didn't need any infusion of blood. The point of this review, I understand there are a lot of people needing to be seen by a Dr. But take your time and explain things a little more the Dr I had was in and out so fast I had no idea what was going on. The nurse I had however was great and I liked her patience and understanding.

Kristina L

Ob/family birthing suites, the nurses were so amazing every step of the way and I'm so great full. No pressure to do anything I didn't want too and only encouraged me every step of the way. Thank you.

Jeremiah Truelove

I am in the hospital about 5 times a year and uave been to most the hospitals in Maricopa County. I was recently at Honor Health Scottsdale Osborn and the staff was wonderful . My Nurses Aubrey and Lexi/ nurses aid Vanessa and Craig were all top shelf!

Dez Stagnitta

Woman who directs calls was very rude.


Very unorganized, little to no communication amongst themselves or towards patients. Most of the nurses are kind and do their jobs, can't say the same thing about the doctors, social workers, or psychiatrist. Very rude, monotone, and condescending . Terrible staff aside from some, not all, nurses. I found it to be an atmosphere of racially biased care. I recommend you or your family stay away from this hospital and it's affiliates.

Marianne Shipman

My husband and I were visiting from out of state when I had to take my husband to the emergency room. He was admitted for two days for observation. The care he received at this hospital was excellent. My husband is very hard to please and he continues to talk about what a great hospital. A very caring and qualified staff !

Rob C

When a loved one is in the hospital both the patient and family should be treated with respect not like it's a job. Being uncomfortable with even being there isn't appropriate.This is at least the forth time my Mom has been hospitalized at this location but it has been a couple years and the first time I've ever been disrespected by most of the nursing staff. Very sad!! No human kindness this stay!!

Albert R Pino

The Palliative Care Doctor from Uganda was AMAZING! She gave the best treatment & bedside manner I've ever received! Thank you SO much!

Matt Walsh

I visited the emergency room here against my better judgement after a bicycle accident in September. It all starts with the ambulance staff, who kept urging me to go to emergency room even though I had not suffered a concussion and passed all of their field tests. They rolled me into the Osborn Emergency room where a room full of approx 15 people did every test imaginable. I answered all of their questions and $25,000 dollars later had done absolutely nothing but confirm that my clavicle was separated and 1 cracked rib. The worst part was that I waited in the recovery room for the Orthopedic Dr for over an hour and instead of coming in to speak with me regarding my shoulder, he phoned down and said that it looked like an old injury and released me. WRONG AND INCOMPETENT! To top it off, my records from that day mentioned being hit by a car everywhere, which is not the least bit true. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the state of our healthcare in the U.S.... Hospitals overcharging for unnecessary and negligent care. So unimpressed I am still beside myself. Update: Total Bills for an approx 3 hour visit just over $34,000. HonorHealth recently reduced their portion of billing from $30K to $19K and then down to $3600 due to me qualifying for financial assistance. This makes up for much of my bad experience but these costs need to be the same whether I pay them or my insurance pays them. They need a menu with pricing where everything is disclosed ahead of procedures.

Jen Courtney

If only I could give zero stars. Worst hospital by far. This place needs a serious lesson in Hippocratic oath. So many problems and food is nasty! Just avoid this place like the plague. They like to make their psychiatric patients have breakdowns and test their limits. It’s disgusting. No, you’re not crazy. They are. The CNA’s openly admitted to messing with me and said that it was part of my treatment. What? They made fun of me and laughed at me every step of the way during my recovery. Nursing staff was very inattentive and would at times take over an hour to come to my room after I pressed the call button. Also some illegal activities.

Kris landro

Never go to this hospital if you want to live!!! I wish I could give them 0 stars i would

Edy Brodrick

My son was brought in from a horrible car accident. The Osborn trauma center put a cast on his wrist and sent him home (after being there only 2 hours) saying "we checked everything you're good to go, make sure you see a dr in a couple days". Took him to a different hospital because he was passing out and getting dizzy, and find out he had whiplash and a bad concussion. Osborn should consider trying harder at providing care for trauma patients.

Phillipp Ostrov

If I knew that this was the type of care I was going to receive, I would have driven the extra 12 miles to the other ER The rudeness of doctors and nurse Bedside manner out the window Willing to take care of the patient, down the toilet Listening to patient, not here The type of care you will receive depends on the staff Each patient, each time, priority care This visit not so much Instead I received crass, rudeness, doctor walking out of room while I'm in mid sentence Don't even try to complain to them ER supervisor, upper management,etc your concerns are just tossed aside How are they ever going to become better if they only think they know what's best, there not living in the patients body.. One size approach, does not work for all No compassion, no ethics, no morals I've never had this experience ever in the past Turnover rate must be high The negative staff pushes there problems on to patients Reflects on bedside manner So I spent 150.00 copayment for no services to be rendered instead I was there punching bag I told them I didn't feel comfortable with taking that medication, but I reluctantly did End result I left in more pain and nausea I didn't have the nausea in the first place If they would have looked at my charts and did research Instead I walked out of there highly disappointed... remember the care you get all depends on the staff work... you either feel cared for or you feel worst after leaving... so what did I pay 150.00 for in the first place?

Charity Carlson

Never even saw a Dr before the billing girl was in my curtain wanting payment. The Dr on duty (Itty) did almost no physical exam besides the simplest of neuro exams. Did not listen to heart or lungs. Nothing. Now several months later I am receiving past due bills because they never submitted my bill to insurance for payment even though payment and insurance info were given BEFORE they would treat me. I have called repeatedly in an attempt to straighten this out and each call has gotten me through to a petulant, rude billing employee who couldn’t care less if they resolve said issue. Patient care is not their priority, and it shows.

Cherrie Janes

The staff was friendly and place was kept clean but they need to work on communication. In all fairness, they were implementing a new system during the time I was there back in October. But it entailed logging into the computer more than communicating with patient. Everytime someone came in to the room they had to login all this information, which is quite time-consuming and time not spent with the patient. Hopefully over time, when it becomes more familiar, they will spend more time with the patient and not the computer.

tasha mac

Had my baby here and it was quite strange and uncomfortable. My doctor was great but the nursing staff here was very rude and unprofessional. First, the nurse on shift came in after my epidural didn’t work and told me I was too loud and scarring all the mothers on the floor and I needed to be quite. Lol!! Mind you, I was only moaning a little at a time and my mother & husband were baffled. One- because I wasn’t being super loud at all (they would have told me haha) & two.- I WAS IN LABOR! lol Than said She was getting off her shift soon but kept on telling me I may need a csection because I wasn’t dilating fast enough. She kick my parents out and starting giving my husband his surgery wear. 1 min later, my doctor arrived & said I was 9cm! She gave her & all the ladies in the room a meannnn look. So It was time for me to push! So from csection to natural birth in under 3 mins? All of the ladies that were assisting my doctor started arguing on how I was supposed to push or hold my legs? Which frustrated & confused me. No one I met (but my doctor) was genuinely nice or caring at all. Luckily, my doctor took care of me and my son. After I had him, lots of relatives said that this hospital has very high csection rates and told me after because they didn’t want to scare me. I wish they told me sooner. My next kid will not be born here.


Good place to die ......would not ever go there again requested a respotory nurse for my dad 4 times thay never came ....

Daniel Aubel

The hospital staff was very helpful with a bill discrepancy we had, and the staff really cares about their jobs and keep patients well informed. The only negative I have to say might be that they are tight on staff for specialists but honestly, that is the current reality in healthcare across the country.

Heather Bauer

IF I could give zero stars I would. I went in with excruciating pain from a fall and unable to move my arm. The doctors acted as if I was a drug seeking alcoholic. Just because someone is intoxicated does not mean that they do not know their pain. At one point I was in so much pain I almost passed out and yelled for help and no one came. They told me I just had shoulder pain and prescribed me 200mg of ibuprofen. Three days later and I can still hardly move my arm and have been throwing up because of the pain. The doctor who was working that night was the rudest man I’ve ever met. Will never go there again.

Christopher Parkins

Well, for a first time - this was a much better experience than I could have imagined. The staff was very helpful, many thanks go out to Dennis and Carly (Great nurses!). Had to get surgery and the surgeon (Dr. Mitchell) thoroughly went through the procedure, possible complications, etc. Hopefully I won't be in a hospital any time soon, but if I do, Scottsdale HealthCare will by my first stop! Thank you!

Johnny C

Such a disappointment most should quit there job. Worrying about pay and not helping people. Especially the two ladies in the front. I would go to shea if I were you. Quick and kind people there.

Eldonn Parks

This place is a horror show. Doctors only interested in putting a pace maker into my 91 yo mother. They said recovery was only a few days. That might be true if your 40. Sent her to a snake pit rehab place for two weeks. They didn't want to let her go. Finally got her out of there and home. She had a fainting episode and went back to the hospital. They let her return home. East Indian doctor said to me " Your mommy is OK." She died two days later.

Christian Villafuerte

Horrible care... Literally did not see a doctor for 24 hours, was given tylonel once for a fever of 102. My overnight nurse was so overwhelmed at one point she walked out in the middle of drawing blood to help another patient. I was in for a serious condition and they could careless... I finally called me doctor in the AM and they were shocked, I decided to leave and they could have cared less... Came to Thompson Peak were I have been treated before and was night an day... Do not come to Osborne its horrible!!

L. R. K. V.

DO NOT GO HERE. Not only did their patient care verge on negligent when I came for an outpatient procedure that turned into a collapsed lung, premature discharge, return to ER and a multi-day inpatient recovery, where 12 hours or more would pass between vital checks and every scan was delayed by hours (and would only finally happen when I asked why it was delayed), I'm STILL in a billing dispute with them after nearly 10 months. HonorHealth Osborn is the opposite of honorable when it comes to both patient care and billing procedures.

jstsaucing Around

Im here with my friend and hes in pain and the nurses here are no help what so ever. He has cancer and they are treating him as if his pain is nothing . they say its nothing because the nurses had kids and thats more worse than what he is going through. He is in pain and they just say hes moody .. They tell him to keep quite because hes yelling of how much pain he is in? Do you have cancer? Do you know the pain? No you dont and stop comparing it to yourself

Ronny Gorkin

I went last Friday on 9/6@9.00am to the lab to have three test done which included 14 vials, needles to say that (6)of them that had to be picked up & brought to the shea location was not delivered on time and caused cancelled all of them due to.expiration time that it. Was drawn This is so pathetic and know there billing my insurance company.for there carelessness.They should be ashamed to even think of billing cause I’ll probably end up paying for them .

Crystal Culek

The nurses and Doctors here are amazing. The check-in is fastest I've ever seen. Dr. Doehranam was the very sincere and humble. He made me feel comfortable and that was good. I hate Banner they are jackass's and they need to take some lessons from the staff here at honor health Osborn!

sherrill gaston

Very clean,birthing area was a sheer delight ,any woman would be pampered ....great team of dedicated Nurses,Doctors who are Outstanding in excellence

sean brooks

Nurses are awesome......however the doctors could be a little more helpful and direct you on what you need to do for aftercare.....if you go here also be careful about any specialists you see and make sure it's covered under your insurance. They have a tendency to overlook your insurance and place you with any doctor not covered under your plan.....even when they are available. Then you get the bill.....not a bad place overall but you need someone with you to make sure that your finances are cared fore as well as your health.

Kara Palmer

They misdiagnosed and almost killed me. Albeit they did finally correct their mistake after weeks in the ICU and over a year of recovery. Then, stupid me goes back. Get a diagnosis of a terrible infection. They send me home. Three days later I was in sepsis. Another wonderful hospital stay. Had a pic line in and had to cancel vaca due to lack of treatment in the beginning. Today they are putting my healthcare choices to the judge because they are saying I said something I didn’t. It seems to my they are the ones who need the oversight. The hospital has forever damaged my heath and takes no responsibility. Where is thier oversight???? Go only at your own risk.

e jette

Was there with my two year old tonight.... the staff was wonderful and made every effort to make her smile even though she didn’t feel well. Also very greatful the doctor was on top of things and checked her throat even though I brought her in for vomiting and a fever... turned out to be strep! Big thanks to everyone who was working tonight! Including the very nice lady who did our registration and checked on statuses of labs and discharge for us without us asking :)

Hannah Fritz

Dr Kurt Solem was rude, condescending and dismissive of the concerning symptoms my friend presented with in the ER. My friend went in having vision loss in her left eye, images of objects sticking in her vision long after she's looked at them, unable to see parts of words, and pressure, tingling and numbness in her head. Dr. Solem made a point to tell her that there were other worse patients in the ER. He did a "neurological exam" which consisted of him pulling on her fingers and balancing on her toes. Then asked what disease she was paranoid that she had. He said she was fine and had nothing wrong with her but if she really wanted she could get a CT scan so she wouldn't be paranoid anymore. He then made a point to say that they are expensive, alluding to her not being able to afford it and said it really isn't necessary because, again, she's fine. When I asked him if he would feel comfortable sending his own daughter home with these types of symptoms, he equated my friend's symptoms to his daughter complaining about menstrual cramps. Dr Solem was unbelievably condescending and dismissive. Absolutely terrible patient care.

Franco Vitella

ER staff is great. We had to make a visit for my daughter while on vacation...only problem is 60 days later they still haven't filed a claim with my insurance, even though both myself and my insurance company have contacted them regarding the matter. Billing department takes HOURS to pick up or return a phone call, even when I call right as they open. And only answer I can get it is that they'll bill the insurance within 30-45 days, even though it's already been over 60 days since the visit. Meanwhile, they've sent me a bill for the full amount and a past due notice. If you have to go to HonorHealth, really consider the mess you might encounter after your visit.

Jerry Nix

Overall experience was excellent. Some areas left desires for better care. One in particular was in area of patient hygiene. If patient soiled their bed, could take 45 minutes to over an hour to get someone to clean.

Stacy Davidson

My husband had a planned surgery for tumor removal and we got excellent care from the registration to discharge. We can't say enough how thankful we are.The surgical and hospital staff were amazing.

Shalonda Bell

Very good job helping me get better these dr.s was great and every body was very nice.. if I told someone about what hospital to Ghanajo to honorhealth Scottsdale Osborn every thing good the food is good too.

Giovanna Rosenfeld

My mother has been in this hospital several times. She has also been in other hospitals in the area - she is elderly and quite sickly. The staff here is so loving and caring, they always take the time to tell the family what's going on - the communication is better than I have seen in any other hospital. We feel comfortable with her here. ER takes a long time no matter where you go - it depends on what else they have going on (it's an ER) - so that is on par with other hospitals - however I will say again, the communication here is better. The Dr. and nursing staff are great at that, which as a family member that lives far away - it essential for me. I am very thankful that this hospital is in my mom's neighborhood.

Debbie Martin

Very nice staff

Kennan Francis Parish

From the very start, this Medical Center out did everything that I was expecting. Exception care and compassion for the entire stay. I didn't want to go home!

lorena velasquez

My boyfriend was in the hospital when the CNA took his blood glucose didn’t wear gloves they never offer him water the IV lines were touching the floor and they didn’t have the Curos caps on they didn’t clean the IV before giving meds when asked for something they seemed to be bother wouldn’t recommend this Hospital.

David Brandon

I went there with a broken hand and I have no complaints. The only thing that kept me from a 5th star is their handling of the visit.

Valerie Lagunas

I was very emotional yesterday and the staff at Scottsdale Osborn was excellent! Couldn't have had a better experience! I love them all❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Come here if you want to die. My mother was admitted with slight pneumonia. They treated her for 4 days and were intending to release her to rehab across the street. I visited her 2 days before she was to leave. Her condition had worsened. I had to feed her lunch. She could not do anything for herself. They disposed of her to rehab for 2 days where she went into cardiac arrest then sent her back to the ER where she died. This meat market hospital should be torn down and replaced with a parking lot which would serve humankind better.

Carlos Hernandez

Came here for a broken leg and everyone Doctors and nurses where really friendly and professional makeing me stay here very comfortable.

Maria Gonzales

I went in for a gunshot wound to the buttocks, was in great pain! My nurse were Pleasant especially one in particular named Eddie he went above and beyond for all my needs and made it a wonderful experience. The only thing I have to complain about if they didn't give me a card to write a good review for my nurse Eddie.

Lindsay See You Later

My mother was admitted on Thursday around 1:00 pm and discharged today, Friday, April 27th 2018 around 6:00 pm, with no reasonable explanation as to what caused NUMBNESS on her entire left side of her body. After at least 7 PRICEY exams and no direct answer, coming from a healthcare professional, that is absurd. She was used as a pincushion, given 5 times is not enough PROBING for a decent vein before calling in an ultrasound tech to properly detect a vein for an IV. During her CAT Scan, the machine pumped the iodine contrast too quickly, so aside from her already 2 blown-out veins, she then gets to experience the contrast solution dripping from her tube. Needless to say, they had to perform her CAT scan a second time. I am extremely disappointed at the wait, lack of knowledge towards the most basic rules of Phlebotomy as well as the "unknown" reason to her illness. Sign of stroke was "ruled out", but I will be in the office to receive clarification as to why my mother was just another number in their system. The overall care was so bad, she did not even want to tell me about her second CAT Scan because she knew I would become upset with her care, or lack thereof. DO NOT SEND YOUR PARENTS HERE. An " I'm sorry" does not heal her bruises or treat her illness. We WILL be seeking another PROFESSIONAL opinion. SHAME ON YOU, HONOR "HEALTHCARE".

Don Riegler

The staff were outstanding. I was actually surprised at the amount of empty beds through our visit. My wife had spent three days here and she said the food was outstanding. Nurses took very good care of her. For her second procedure, I was there with her and this is some pictures of the room just after the room was prepared for her. I am shocked. Would be 5 stars but feel the lack of cleanliness for a hospital procedure room was unacceptable. I also noticed the picture of the two laptop computers that were in the procedure room was removed from my post somehow. There were two laptop computers with a plexiglass overlay and you can tell they have never been cleaned. I would be embarrassed too.


Excellent Nursing Staff. True caring professionalism. Quick testing & diagnostics

Ally DeRungs

Went here twice with my boyfriend in the course of 1 month because he was having an extremely hard time breathing to the point it hurt his lungs to breathe in. Through the tests they ran they told us nothing was wrong and sent us home, 2 separate times. The reason for the visit on his discharge papers the most recent time was ‘weakness’ even though that wasn’t the reason we were there at all. After going to a completely different hospital today (Banner) we finally have an answer as to what’s wrong and plans for recovery. I’m extremely frustrated with how I felt we were treated at this facility and we’ve both agreed we will never be back and we will let everyone else know that Banner is the much better choice. My biggest hope is that this hospital will CARE for its patients better and try to help them figure out hats wrong, since I assumed that was the job. Overall huge waste of time and money going here, save yourself the hassle and find a different hospital.

Cordell Ruzewski

After girlfriend got a surgery, they rushed her out while she was still in too much pain to sit up. I witnessed it first hand as they were nearly forcing her out of the surgery room only 5 mins after she awoke. The nurse was very vague when telling me about the medication she was to take, and I was rushed out of the waiting room. After nearly 30 mins of "helping" they got her into the car. By help, I mean they were yelling at her to stand up and get into the car. So now we're at home, one day after the surgery, the medicine not helping, and boat loads of pain. Summary: Unfriendly Short tempered Long wait times Would never recommend, dont waste your time or money on this place, it is not worth it. Seriously.

Faye B

I just want to say I cant give a review yet, I am scheduled for surgery next Wed, after reading the reviews I am worried now. If someone from the hospital reads this, I hope these reviews are wrong as I am Nurse as well and I am having a bi lateral TKR and I really don't want to be stressed out.

Logun Smith

I was in a motor cycle accident had major knee surgery stayed in hospital for 4 days 3 nights and I had a history of drug abuse and track marks clearly all over but they did not once treat me like a less than a human being they were friendly ,professional And kind hearted they made me very comfortable even gave me methadone while I was there all I had to do was show them my take home bottle. and they knew I did not have health insurance so for all they knew I wouldn't pay my bill and they would be out over $60,000 but my lawyer made sure they got paid they even discounted us $20,000 from the total bill. Thanks honor health

Darren Shope

My wife was recently treated here for hyponatremia. She went hiking Cholla trail and fell ill on the way down. Her charge nurse was Carla and Carla was great, the 2 stars are because of Carla. She answered all my questions and showed great concern for my lovely wife but I was not on this hike and we live about an hour away so by the time I got to the hospital they were already trying to discharge her. Carla said the doctor felt comfortable in discharging her but I told them that I was not, due to my wife's altered state of mind, caused by the hyponatremia, which this condition is very dangerous. She had lost a lot of electrolytes and was sluggish and slurring her speech. The doctor was adamant about discharging her because when asked, her response was "I'm okay". She was not okay, in fact she started having an anxiety attack coupled with hyperventilating in the car on the way home and after we got home I had to call Gilbert FD to come check her vitals and make sure she was stable after collapsing on the floor of our bathroom due to this condition and having shallow breathing. If they had only kept her 1-2 more hours and allowed her to "stabilize" I'm sure she would have been SAFE to go home. How do you let a patient suffering from hyponatremia leave the hospital less than 2 hours after being admitted, which by the way can cause a coma! Lastly, don't make the mistake of trying to leave thru the ambulance entrance, just normal looking double glass doors (which is not marked at all as NO EXIT) or the staff will YELL at you and treat you like an imbecile.


Mostly good employees. some rude ones. Great cafeteria. Gets kinda noisy sometimes though. Staff is smart. Nice

Samantha Cinque

I’m really shocked to see all the bad reviews. I went in around 8:30am on Sunday 3/17 and I couldn’t have had a better experience. I came in because I had hit my head pretty hard on the ground the night prior by falling off a scooter. I was very, very nervous. I was checked in within minutes and brought to the back to be examined by a doctor in about 30. I was given a CAT scan, an X-ray on my shoulder, and a tetanus shot. By the way, I’m petrified of hospitals and needles and all that Jazz. The whole thing took a couple hours. I saw Doctor Bagnasco. She was so friendly and brought such a positive energy into the room the second she walked in with her smile. To say she made me feel safe and comfortable is an understatement. She was knowledgeable, attentive, and caring. Thank you so much Doctor Bagnasco. And thank you to the nurses and staff that gave me that same comfort. Meghan, Evan, Cookie and Tina. You all were so amazing.

copi blan

My husband went to the hospital last night . He was in terrible pain .the bladder was completely block .the nurse and doctor took care him and was very nice to us . We feel the best care we never has in emergency

BeNice ToEveryone

The ER staff was fabulous. Five stars to them. This review is for the hospital staff after getting admitted/moved from ER. The nursing staff on the 2nd floor, particularly one named Laura, was completely abysmal. The patient was admitted for detox and clearly not mentally stable or capable of making rational decisions. Laura consistently got mad at the patient for fiddling with the IV. The patient didn’t even understand why there was a bandage and “needle” in the patient’s arm. Instead of compassion and understanding, Laura showed frustration and annoyance. If she is going to be annoyed because a patient is out of their mind and can’t comprehend what is happening to them, perhaps she should get another job. Terrible terrible terrible. The hospital should be embarrassed to have someone like that on staff.

Alchemy Coeur

Awful, awful hospital. I went in cuz there was blood in my ears and sinus, I had profound vertigo, my ears were ringing so bad i could barely understand speech. Walking was really hard also. The doctor claimed, lol, they didnt have the equipment to properly diagnose or treat whatever is wrong with me. Really? REALLY? A major metropolitan area emergancy hospital, supposedly a teaching hospital, doesnt have the equipment to help me? OMG. REALLY? I wasn't even upset until I got home and told my loved ones what had literally howled with rage at the doctor and hospital...several others berated me for over an hour for not demanding better treatment. REALLY? How am I supposed to fight with a hospital and doctor that have no regard for their patients? My pain, my blood, the pictures I showed them of the bizarre stuff oozing out of my ear, the horrifying smell and taste, and on and on..they referred me to doctors that will take literal months to be seen by...

Ernesto Delgado

I was in my first car accident... I spent 2 weeks here and the everyone from the nurses to the transporters were very kind and understanding. Liz, along with a few other nurses that took care of me went above and beyond to make sure I was doing well. Even after 3 surgeries Dr Ortega and Dr Staple were very professional and did an excellent job with the 3 surgeries. Overall very awesome staff, clean and organized. They make tv shows look bad.

Alinna Flores

Horrible experience and will never recommend a HH facility again. If would take my chances at Tempe at Luke's. The most unprofessional and rude person I have ever met goes to Cyndi the ER nurse at SOMC , I get that you see alot of things in the ER and your day is probably so long and busy but when a new pt walks in don't act like your to good to do your job, you chose this profession. Her bedside manner was just terrible and she was just rude and her eye rolling, like what are we in jr high. I have never felt more low then how she made me feel , I'm obviously scared because I'm there and just want to know the next step, but she just rolls her eyes and says well follow up with your Dr we just see you to rule out your not dying but the ER doesn't fix the issues. Like you know what lady , hope you have a great night and good health but you are a PROBLEM!

D. Rae

Absolutely horrible experience in the emergency room. We have been since 1:30am, here it is 4:37am with no update, no patients being called back on anything. Nurses/front desk do not communicate anything to patients. Terrible service, would never come back

Niki M

Great nursing staff!! Very clean and the food was outstanding! Very happy being in a wonderful hospital to heal. Thank you all!!!

Monki Moran

So grateful for the treatment and care by staff! Thank you for the relief!! Truely couldn't be more grateful!

Kim Williamson

I was there 3 days, nurses were caring and attentive. I had 1 trauma surgery,1 orthopedic, various doctors and therapeutic doctors touched base with me numerous times, and their staff followed up with me after my discharge days after the stay . Clean cut & professional staffing. Surgeons gave me options for the type of procedures they advised and were successful with procedures performed. I go for my follow up visits this week which I can be confident in saying they'll take good care of ME!

Darlene Harrison

Very good I’ve been there several times and never had a bad experience. It’s a hospital not a resort people.

Lori Castillo

Rip-off, scam, malpractice!! Came in for a couple of reasons. Dr. Holland came in and looked at my nasal cavity which has been extremely dry and causing headache. Spend less than 3 seconds and said it looked fine. Had a spot on face, she says, "IT'S CANCER FOR SURE." Went to dermatologist he said no and for $200 it's gone. 3rd had a problem with foliculitis I think it is called. SHE GAVE ME A BUNCH OF ANTIBIOTICS! I did not take them!! I got a bill for $800 from Dr. Holland, total malpractice and complete joke!! Plus $700 more from hospital!! Basically it is like a $1500+ blood-pressure check, that was the only accurate thing. Hate this hospital!

antonia Haro

The best nurses I've ever had! Had my baby boy delivered at this hospital highly recommend this hospital for delivery,my boyfriend also had to go to emergency room he was in and out with a hour n 20mins he had a cyst and was treated very well, complaint is the hospital food but who likes hospital food and the room they gave me was right by elevator shaft I heard doors All hours opening n shutting going up n down.and my shower was not clean I could see what looked like old blood in shower corners ,needs huge renovation could use a facelift in delivery ward, I could look pass all that because I was treated so nice and catered to with care.

Kim Coleman

Delivered my son here and had the best experience! All the nurses and Dr's were amazing! I had a high risk pregnancy and they did everything to comfort me. Had to stay for 5 days and they helped me with everything once he was born. The food was great, staff was great, the beds not so comfy, but I'm so glad I chose this hospital to deliver. I actually miss some of the nurses and being catered to ;) Would highly recommend this hospital for anyone who is looking for a great place to birth!

Kathy Storer

Procedure went very well but practically impossible to pull up to admitting. Staples truck taking up needed space and 2 yard maintenance trucks when first arrived. That should be for patients only.

Kristina Synowiec

Their emergency nurses were great however, their trauma nurses are absolutely horrible! Worst service Ive ever witnessed in a hospital. They do not care for their patients. My Fiance was in bloody sheets for 2 days! They didn't clean him or change his dirty sheets, they looked grossed out any time they came into the room. Then after doing nothing they want to ask you for payment before your even released! DO NOT GO HERE!!!!

Clinton Sachleben

I wouldnt bring my pet fly here!!!! Beauty fades Dumb is forever .Dont judge a book by its cover. Just a few quotes when i think of my stay here.Starting with two of the nurses didnt even know the address of the hospital.Call me crazy shouldnt you know that before you start working at a job so you can get there especially a hospital!! And it goes down from there.If you are smart enough to read this then teach your nurses the address of the HOSPITAL or write it down on their hands like they do to you on your first day of pre-school. I Very Very Sad and cant trust your business when your employees dont even know the address of you business . I am 100percent sure if you as a business did something wrong to them they would know your address.It just looks like they are there for a pay check and thats all.(and by the way the one nurse said to me thank goodness for direct deposit because she didnt know the address of the hospital) .try to explain that to your sick patients. .

Breanna Leigh

Great service

Nathan Albrand

Everyone and I mean everyone we had contact with was amazing and very good at what they do :)


I was born here 19 years ago and I'm alive and well and so is my mother...soooo yuuuh

Jan F

Went in for outpatient surgery and I so appreciated that everyone I dealt with treated me with kindness and professionalism and compassion. I had read some bad reviews but my experience was just the opposite and I can only give every person I dealt with my thanks and appreciation for the care I got.

Michael Flores

Great food and friendly care. Couldn't believe they got rib eye steak and garlic shrimp on the menu lol

Sandra Kristal

Wonderful birthing department! Separated from entire hospital which I love. It's right across the street. The nurses are so loving. I love being spoiled prior and after giving birth. If that's important to you then this is the place to deliver. Great food from Cafeteria! Lots of security too.

Corwin M

The day before my surgery they wanted a huge deposit even though I have great insurance. They badgered and bullied me into paying the deposit. Later I find out they kept it for themselves and never applied it to my insurance deductible. The care and services were good, but they are scammers. Don't ever pay the deposit!

Jennifer Frederick

Took great care of me! Nurses and Drs are amazing!

Just Foryou

The absolute joke of the medical standard for hospitals. I have gunshot would & first the drop the IV. Step on the hose while it rips out. Not bad enough? Then the newbie in the hospital (Which by the way there was 20 employees standing around in the emergency room who were asked to clear and didn’t listen. One with headphones nodded like it was some kind of approval, these people who didn’t need to be there but felt the need to have open conversations, make jokes especially Jenn, the African American Nurse “Manager” on duty Aug 20th continued to address me as “bruh” and told me to hang tight little homie. To be fair I was in or am in extreme amounts of pain but it’s not excuse for the unprofessionalism.

Abigail Wold


وينه علي عدنان ؟ كافي تضحكون عل عالم Hanson

I just left the hospital about an hour ago, I've stayed there for about couple hours , I've felt like I was waiting in a michanic shop, everything was laud and they treated me like I was bag of trash that must leave the ER.

Jams Crafts

Even though it was very busy in the emergency room of this hospital , the staff watched out for us. Emergency room, John, was the nurse who did the 1st trauma assessment , was the floor nurse watching out for mom in ER, then took us up to her room for overnight evaluation. Such good care deserves praise . Thanks to ER Nurse, John, we had a more cohesive experience even though they were very busy and our visit took over 4 hours . Thanks John !

Patricia Ward

I had surgery 6 weeks ago at a different hosptial and this one was by far a better experience. When you go to the ER it's because you're looking for immediate relief and I got that tonight. The staff from the check in, to triage, the nurse and doctor was amazing and made me important.

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