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Went to pick up a friend at their emergency room and was almost ignored and spent a total of 6 hours for 2 x rays and a cat scan and the staff was pretty rude

Caitlin Gullette

I truly love this hospital. I have worked/visited in other hospitals and this is by far my favorite one. Everyone is so happy to see you here and at least one person will always greet you when you come in. If I get lost or have questions I feel comfortable asking anyone because they are all so incredibly helpful. This is also a non-smoking campus, which is amazing. My grandma was on oxygen when she stayed here and it was nice to go outside with her and not have to worry about anyone smoking around her. I will always recommend this hospital to anyone. Everyone is there to help you and create a professional caring environment. If anyone in my family needed to go to the hospital I would gladly choose this one.


Very bad service, I was waiting for two hours to get a room for my son, he was so sick. Then after two hours I left with out seeing a doctor . I will never go back to this hospital

Rich Behling

Two days I've been promised an epidural shot in my spine for a herniated disc, a bulging disc and a disc fragment lodged in my spine. After two days of waiting and intense pain I'm being discharged without the hospital fulfilling their recommended medical care. They said I could stay and wait but then there is still no guarantee I will receive the recommended medical care.

Johanna O'Bryan

My husband was admitted with the worst migrane of his life, and cat scans revealed a brain aneurysm. The staff here have been incredible, supportive of not just my husband but myself as well. All my questions have been answered, and I am confident in my husband's care in the ICU due to the reliable nurses and doctors in that department. These people don't just help people, they treat them like human beings when their patients are at their very worst medically.

Keith Smith

Just another hospital sending me away without a diagnosis because I don’t have money. I’m almost 40 and this problem has sent me to prison and emergency rooms and the “agenda” keeps them from doing their jobs. I’ll die with my issues just forget it

Monica Jacobo

I had an outpatient surgery here and the medical staff was just great. The nurses were very nurturing and an exact example of what one would expect a nurse to be like. I've had to go to other hospitals in my care path and I wish I could say the same for the medical staff there.

Jill Garr

I went into JCL/Honor Health's ER very early on Monday (9/30) morning having severe abdominal pain which I suspected was appendicitis. I chose JCL only because it was the closest hospital to my home and I didn't feel like driving very far. I am so glad I made that choice. I had barely sat down before I was taken into triage, and was in a bed in the ER in less than an hour (all private rooms, no silly curtains separating patients). Over the course of the next several hours, numerous tests were performed - blood drawn, IV lines inserted, CT Scan performed, etc. As it turns out, my self-diagnosis was correct. My appendix needed to come out. Things get a bit hazy after arriving in the operating room (of course), but afterwards it was a mostly restful night. I must say, the nurses, docs & techs who work the night shift are absolute saints. I woke up the next morning feeling much better, the appendix pain gone but new pain at the largest incision site (there are 3 incisions total). I was released around noonish with some scripts for pain & antibiotics. This is the first time I've ever checked into an ER or been admitted to a hospital. During the entirety of my time there, I was visited by more staff members than I can remember. EVERYONE I encountered was kind, professional, caring and empathetic. The hospital was spotless, the staff incredible, my recovery is moving along quickly, I couldn't ask for more, except for it to be free! ;) Thank you JCL!

Valerie Rosenthal

I arrived at the hospital at 8-45am on Sunday morning I was treated with kindness and perfect service. Warm blanket as I felt cold my arm was broken I was put in a splint until I could get to a orthopedic doctor the next day. Left the hospital at 11-45am I would go there again if I had a problem.

Yole Keliihoomalu

My dad is there right now, he finally got a room, the one concern was waiting on the Dr and tests that were done or needed to be done,tomorrow I will be going to see my dad and hope the hospital is on their best professional attitude ,I understand they are busy but we are also patients not numbers or not important because of age

Carol Reger

Two stars because the nursing staff and techs are excellent. Otherwise, I would have given 1 star or none if I could. After communicating my concerns about 2 problems that began while an inpatient there and should have been resolved while there, no one from the hospital staff even came to discuss them with me. Dr. Robinson was the only who showed an interest in resolving the one that was in his area of medicine, but I was discharged before he had the chance. Medicare will be hearing about my experience.

Paul Woods

I have gone ro John C. Lincoln twice. I went a to see if I could see orthopedic sugeron and I treated but it was a couple of x rays and was sent home. Last night the emergency room doctor was pitful. I will never go back to John C. Lincoln

Anything Goes

Would give 0 stars if I could . This insane asylum is a joke ! Ive gotten restrained several times for no reason by 8 or 9 white cops who also bought a k-9 in. One was pressing his hands so tight and deep around my neck so I couldn’t breathe & I still have the marks in my neck from his nails . They forget to feed you , treat you like your in a damn pysch ward , keep u there for long periods of time for insurance money . This hospital needs to be under investigation & shut down . Will NEVER go here again. EVER AGAIN

Melanie Gutierrez

It took us 3 hours to get taken back to a dirty room with someone else’s blood, and sharps on the ground.

Jihn Hewitt

They are trying to kill the love of my life I swear they are almost torturing him for sport can't understand everything they are doing he was in kinda bad shape line a week ago but not that bad well they put him on a ventilator and feeding tube for what reason they won't say exactly then they took the ventilator out but kept the feeding tube in I swear so he can't speak with it in. And so it will cause more damage then they had him strapped to the bed like he was a criminal or something. Something is so not right there. I used to love thisJ hospital truly was the best service I have ever had the pleasure to encounter but now seems like the grim reaper is running the place

Linda Navarre

My stay at John C. Lincoln, North Mountain, was wonderful. It felt more like a spa than a hospital experience. The nurses at this hospital are absolutely exemplary in every way. They are so nice, so caring, so attentive, it just couldn't have been an environment more conducive to my recovery from surgery. It was such a welcome surprise to be treated this way in a hospital. I give them my highest score, gratefully.

Sue Webster

Had surgery in December. First day went fine. Went downhill after that. I required transfusions; took two days to get transfused because the first IV infiltrated. I had to show the nurse that it was infiltrated, even after the comment was made about it the blood running slowly earlier. Then it took another whole day for the IV to be restarted and I didn’t even get the full first unit. Also had a severe headache for three days because they put me in Trendelenberg when I got dizzy. The treatment got even worse. After seven days the staff got really bad about answering call bells. They would answer the voice part but not send a nurse to the room for assistance. I hope I never have to have surgery there again. This is particularly unfortunate because my surgeon prefers your facility.

Roberta Patterson

Everyone there from checkin, triage, nurse, imaging, and doctor were all very nice, respectful and thorough.

Mark Fast

I am not surprised that this hospital has a 2.8 star rating. Except that may be over stating them. They will not communicate with the family. My mom went in on a Saturday night for heat exhaustion, and today is Thursday...I had to freak out yesterday after waiting for 2 days for them to return my call/message, to get one of the Dr's to call me about her condition, diagnosis and discharge planning. If I don't get something taken care of, I am going to discharge her myself. They are taking about getting her back to her baseline by sending her to another facility for an unknown length of time for physio and occupational therapy when they first met her following heat exhaustion 5 days ago. "WHAT IS HER BASELINE?", I asked..."WELL.... Uhhhhmmmm.... Ahhhhhh...." Don't wast your time bringing your loved ones to a place that is clueless about taking care of people. They want to shuffle her around like a piece of paper. Lord help you if you, if you find yourself in this cesspool of incompetent fools.

Camella B

My one star goes to the doctor I saw in the emergency room. The rest of my experience was horrible and I’m traumatized.


My dad came here and the staff were so helpful and understanding. They made this rough time a little better. The whole staff was excellent. I'm grateful for this hospital.

Ashley Allegro

I have come to this hospital 2x and both times had great experiences. I was treated well, I was treated quickly and the nurses and doctors were very pleasant. I have gone to another hospital in the valley and because of the awful experience I will drive across town to be treated here if the need arises.

Brad Lisle

I had surgery for back trouble on Aug.19,2015. I can say the care which I had was never as good as one would think.Every person was full of personal care for my needs.Going beyond to make sure all my needs were of the best. Even asking if my meals were on time and what I desired,if not make sure to call your nurse.The room was very nice and even asking if the room was comfortable. I never had to wait for anything my heart desired.At 9:00 pm I did feel the need for more food and it was taken care of both times even after 10:00 pm. I felt to eat more. It was care which I must say beyond what one could think of.I just wish I was able to name the very people who took such care of me,my heart and prayers go out to them for all the love and care which was given me.It was a blessing to me in my very time of need.I ask at anytime if there in need of help may it be as as good as my help was. Every DR. every nurse was as good as one could ask. I would send any loved one for care,knowing just how great a job each person does.Your in good hands.

Brian Culver

They saved my wife's life last March. She was throwing up blood and lost five units of blood. They stayed with her round the clock!

Bonnie Eden

The night nurses don't care about you. They don't care about how much pain even though the pain is caused by a borken disk in your back. If I could I would give it a -5 but not a options so no choice but to give it a 1 8nstead of -5 so I get to sit in pain been told not make noises. Been here since early Tuesday morning and have not been able to sleep they have me on the first floor the observation wing for people who are only going to be overnight at the most. Used to really like this place, I even candy-striped in my teen years. What's happened to this place I'm do have surgery this morning. How does a body handle going through surgery on no sleep and being in extreme pain. But don't care about the outcome just the money they are making if I make it through going to see about talking to an attorney. They do not care if you are crying in pain especially right after a surgery.

Geri Gabriel

I was seen for some pre-op testing and everyone I came into contact with were extremely helpful and very nice. I pray for the same treatment when I have my surgery.

Carolyn D

Normally when I come the hospital is fast and 70% of the nurses , MA's and techs are pretty nice but today was different. I do understand that some people's issues are medically considered more important than others but tonight was unacceptable. People were in pain from car accidents, people were having trouble breathing and etc. Yet the nurses got mad when being asked how long was the wait after waiting over 2 hours or had very snippy comments and attitudes. Your in the wrong business if you can help a patient when needed. Overall completely unacceptable today.

Angelica Olson

Amanda! My whole stay and my whole experience was amazing because of one nurse, I was on the fifth floor, I don’t know her last name, I’ll find it out but she had really long red hair and her first name was Amanda, she really took care of Me. Like went above and beyond what she even had to do. She cleaned out my wound, which I had really bad MRSA, infection and was a crybaby and yet she still took her time to take care of me. She seriously made me feel comfortable and actually took care of me. I’m beyond grateful for Amanda. Thank you Amanda. You really are dedicated to your job and you have a heart of gold.

Dan Xta

Very kind knowledgeable and compassionate staff would recommend to anyone who needs care

Anthony Sharp

Got into a room after sitting in the lobby for nearly 45 minutes on a Monday night hmm slow night slow lobby 45 minutes

Stephen McAuley

This place is a death trap. Do not go here! Find a real hospital if you value your life


It is where all the drop out doctors end up. They miss diagnose me every time I have gone there. They've even miss diagnosed my daughter. I typically have left there and gone to the urgent care across the street to receive a proper diagnosis.

Evelyn Meredith

First I want say something about the emergency room it's self. I'm sure it irritates the doctors, nurses, cna's, and whoever else works in that department -- to find out that you came to them with a cat scratch or something they cannot see until the next time you go in. At least that is my personal experience. This review is about BEDSIDE MANNERS and my LOTHING of the treatment they gave me. I've fallen and have osteoporosis, bone pain seriously hurts, I broke my ankle, both sides of my ribs, twice broke my eye orbital bones. First time they did nothing to address the bone pain. Second time, they took xrays and found out too late about the first time, these were a group of eye surgeons. They said we cannot do anything with my eye now. Total diregard for their BEDSIDE MANNERS. Then I was watch a young man with his brother, at the hospital. He place hardly able to stay on the wheel chair. Picking his guts out in the bathroom. His brother tried to get there attention buy, to no avail. I have noticed when I come, and I've sat in my car thinking oh no should I go in, ok so I will. I get this look from the employee's like," oh no it's her again"!!!. Well you get the jist!!

Mr. Roboto

I was on military leave and had a Traumatic Brain Injury from a hit and run while driving my motorcycle home from my unit. I was in ICU for a few hours I was told and then places in a different unit. I was told after being released they didn’t think I had medical insurance, a friend of mine overheard someone discussing my personal medical insurance! Had they listened they would have known I was on military leave and was covered by Tricare. They send me home the next day after having a brain injury??? I went home and the next day woke up with half my face paralyzed, and pressure in my head. My wife at the time took me back to this horrible hospital and they missed a basal skull fracture?!! This time because they were covering their you know what, they kept me for over a week to thoroughly check everything. I then was sent back to my duty station where I followed up with Army docs. I hope to God they’ve cleaned up their act. This was no way to treat anyone much less a soldier who served his county and was on leave at the time of my accident!

M. Rackley

From the initial emergency questions and explaining when and where my pain was,(left chest area), when asked if I drank or smoked how much etc, I was immediately labeled an alcoholic! I was given an intervenious bag,which I later found out was electrolytes, vitamins etc. Typically given for alcoholic. Because my blood pressure was extremely high, I was admitted for heart problem. Went thru every heart test known, nothing. Pain was worsening... and all the while continually asked if I needed something for withdrawals or a nicotine patch. After 5 days, 2 CT scans, 2 MRIS, 2 ultra sounds, countless blood draws, exrays, an esophagus scope (which 2 people said it's probably a hole due to drinking)...not founded, also within a half an hour of gall bladder removal!!! They started to give me antibiotics which started to work. Morphine didn't even help with the excruciating pain!!! Discharge papers said Principal Pleurisy, partial left lung collapse!!! Trust me there is more to this nightmare... I would never set foot into an Honor Health facility ever!!!!!! One week later admitted to a Banner hospital, with the expert care of a pulmonologist, Dr. Geoffrey Ronn, 1/2 litre of fluid was drained from my and out in 2 1/2 days!!!! Recovered nicely no further issues...

Alexander Williams

Came here a while back with a boxer fracture of right hand. Was seen fairly quick but the treating DR failed to set my hand and on top of that the cast was the wrong cast for this type of fracture. Now since my accident my right hand aches badly and cannot write for more than a few minutes. Fast forward to last week , came to the hospital for extremely bad ear ringing and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING was done. I was not happy with the service of my DR and asked to speak to a Hospital Administrator and was told theyd be right out to talk to me. I waited for an hour and the person never showed up. If you have a serious medical problem you should seek help elsewhere. The level of care at this hospital is sub par and the attitude of the staff rather odd.


Ridiculous amount of wating time. Im so upset right now that i feeel like slapping my damn phone on the ground. If your problem is not serious go somewhere else.. Thank me later.

Josh Kebert

I went in there this evening with a bad shoulder. Basically I'm still impressed. It wasn't long at all to be seen, I felt as if the medical staff was there to help, and everyone was extremely nice. Naturally, in hospitals, nothing stays the same with the flow of patients.....but with that all being said...Well Done.


I was unfortunate enough to be run over by a truck and severely injured on 3/3/19. But I had no broken bones, and was treated very well by the nurses, physicians and tech staff at this hospital. John C. Lincoln has several campuses in the Phoenix area and I just cannot thank them enough for treating my injuries so promptly, and for getting me home after the worst accident in my life just one day later. They allowed me to rest from my injuries which fortunately after their testing turned out to be just bad cuts and bruises. I had recovered well enough today to even take a short walk to a local store, walking I know is important so muscle atrophy does not set in. It was this hospital's treatment plus the strength of my own body, despite being 57 years of age, that saw me thru a very dark day for me and having to go thru what we fear the most, being a pedestrian hit by a vehicle.

Scott Moody

Some of the staff are nice, but the rest are terrible. Pretty much got yelled at for trying to be informed about my wife's situation.

A DePape

My husband had a life threatening motorcycle accident and was air lifted to this trauma hospital. From the moment he arrived he was taken under the wings of AMAZING professionals. The level of care here is unbelievable. With the multiple injuries from his accident, my husband stayed here for 6 weeks. I stayed with him 24/7 and witnessed daily superb care, attention to detail and a team of doctors, surgeons, nurses, case workers, therapists, assistants, dietary, administration, cleaning crew that all worked together as a team for my husbands care. He would not be alive today for not the amazing people at John C. Lincoln Hospital. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Andreanne & Chazz

Jim Pell

Rooms are not very clean, when I was released by my dr, I had to wait over 3 hours for the hospitalist to discharge me. What a pain, I don't even know this guy but he has to discharge me and do the pain prescriptions. I had sugery 2 days ago and still very uncomfortable, then I had to just wait for this guy to discharge me.

Doug Landers

I'm sure there are good doctors here but mine were not. There were at least 12 to 15 people in the room, some in training, etc but I was being asked questions by 4 to 5 medical staff at the same time. When answering one question it was being interrupted by another staff member in disbelief (because I was answering a different question from a different staff member). After being involved in a possible life threatening accident and in extreme pain it is difficult to process multiple doctors asking questions about different areas of the body at the same time. Fractured bones were not identified, suspected fractures matched no reports of pain, and the worst part was the assistant physician telling me to stand on my crushed ankle and broken foot. Even after explaining it was impossible to stand on it he insisted I try. 7 years later I had 5 surgeries and 6 physical therapy bouts and had to fuse my ankle. I have no faith in this trauma center.

Sheena Vito

My experience with most of the staff was fine. They were nice the guy at the ed window, the curly haired nurse taking vitals, the man who comes to call people back, and especially Dr Garcia and the nurse who looked after me. I didn’t catch the nurses name she is a small, Asian girl with ombré hair who had a cat shaped keychain thing she was wearing clipped to her pants. It kind of looked like a hello kitty thing but not quite sure. She was super sweet and caring, brought me blankets and was basically everything a nurse should be that most nurses do not act like unfortunately. Dr Garcia also was very kind and her demeanor puts you at ease. She is everything a Doctor should be. She was the perfect Doctor to me. She has a very cheerful disposition. My only complaint was some of the dirty looks or smirks I got from some of the random female nurses in the back, but I mean who looks their best at midnight when they rush off to the hospital? Or who really wants to go waste 3-5 hours of their life visiting an er unless they actually feel they NEED help? I really just wanted to commend the nurse and Dr Garcia. I feel they represent what true healthcare professionals should be like. Not at all dismissive, stuffy, rude or judgy like other Drs and nurses I’ve seen. They are wonderful.

Dale Buchert

I am reluctant to give this rating, but I must say the doctors are ok, but the nurses are rude and fake. They act friendly to your face and talk about you behind your back. Other than that this hospital is a great place for medical treatment.

Miranda Nunez

The very worst hospital in the valley. If i were bleeding outside this hospital i would call an ambulance and ask to be transferred elsewhere. My dad asked for a wheel chair when he first got in the ER and the nurse told him to hold on a minute and never came back. They never cleaned any blood off his face(there was lots) or checked if he needed stitches, took blood and never gave us the results, didn't give him any water, neglected the fact that he hadn't taken his meds for the day. The tv in the room didn't work (not a huge deal) but neither did the remote to call the nurse. I went to tell a nurse he needed to use the restroom she told me to hold on a minute and never came back, a technician saw me waiting and helped disconnect him from everything. I asked to have him moved to a different hospital so he could be closer to his doctor and no one update me about it until i told them he was in pain. The nurses response? "Oh, they didn't tell you, transport should be here for him in about 2 minutes he can wait till he gets to the other hospital" This was the WORST experience, I would never come back here or trust these people to take care of my loved ones. They don't follow any of there "values" of honesty and integrity, patient care is at 0. To top it off when we got to the new hospital we were told no one from john c. lincoln had sent his paperwork over so they had no lab results, and nothing to go off of.

james tarnauceanu

They will harvest your organs for profit!!! They do not have your best interest in common!!!

Jeff Dur

Been sitting back here in the er in pretty significant shoulder pain, nothing for pain offered. (No history of drug abuse). Asked for something, nurse just walked off with a scowl. Still haven't heard anything. Pretty frustrating. Probably would not come back here. Dr was nice though.

Shonntrell Armstrong

Went to the ER. The floor was disgusting! It was gray with white streeks when it was supposed to be white. Sticky shoe prints on the floor. There was debris all over the floor. The doctor had me take my blood pressure arm strap off myself and didn't grab it from me. Had me take a urine test and never took it to the lab. It was so unorganized and filthy! Mind you, I got sent back right away, but this whole process took nearly 2 hours for me to pee in a cup that they didn't use and to check my blood pressure.

Lyndy Martinez

In January I was taken to Honor health John C Lincoln by ambulance, I woke up from a coma 4 days later. I received Exelant care, they were compassionate, thurough and very informative about my illnesses. I was there almost 2 weeks total and would defanitly recommend them. I even occasionally go back and get dinner from their cafeteria!


Bad service if you are sick and need help find it somewhere else it take for ever to get help here.

David Cagle

Unfortunately it is not possible to give a zero star rating. TO AVOID OTHERS BEING HARMED by John C Lincoln Hospital this review contains some personal information about my medical treatment, it MUST REMAIN PUBLICLY VISIBLE in order to protect others, through knowing. THE FOLLOWING IS BASED ON MY EXPERIENCES WITH John C Lincoln, and should be taken as the experience and opinion of only one patient. John C Lincoln North Mountain Hospital outright REFUSED TO TREAT ME in there Emergency Department. I went in with potentially dangerous symptoms (Contusion to the head, extreme sharp head pain, extreme dizziness, blurry vision, and multiple positive Loss Of Consciousness events). They got me back to a room in the Emergency Department, a nurse began telling me what they were probably going to do, then another nurse came in and informed me that they are not going to do anything at all, not even examine me to see what may be wrong. The symptoms continue as I write this. I feel that it is important enough to share this information with all that I am writing this review instead of pushing to find alternative medical treatment (which I will do after I have finished this review). I believe it is more important to protect others than to worry about ones self. The above is the worse I have ever been aware of from any hospital. The previous time that circumstance had it that I had to go to John C Lincoln North Mountain hospital (after being hit by a car, hit and run), they examined me, took some X-Ray photographs and discharged me. It was not until I read the radiology narrative that I found out that they had discovered a couple of fractures in my leg (both Tibia and Fibula). This lowers my personal opinion of John C Lincoln, any location, even further. In dealing with my Mothers and my own health in the past I had already discovered that the location at Deer Valley was no good, and even ended up causing the death of my mother due to an incompetent Oncologist, in diagnosing her cancer (verified by two second opinions, that unfortunately came back with there results one day to late). THIS REVIEW IS BASED COMPLETELY ON MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE AND OPINIONS, as informed by my combined experiences, and aided in part by the input of third party physicians of varying kinds. THIS REVIEW NEEDS TO BE PUBLICLY VISIBLE, despite containing some personal information about my health and treatment, it is important that this INFORMATION REMAIN PUBLICLY VISIBLE so that others can avoid being harmed by this hospital.

Mark H

Mother has been a patient, as well as an emergency room visitor this past year, and I can truly say that on each visit, she has been met with total professionalism. From the Emergency Room Admit Nurses, Major Medical Staff, Admitting Physician to the Sixth Floor Nurses Station, and Consulting Physicians, everything was handled professionally and courteously to make her well again. I did not see in any instance, a lack of compassion or caring. A special thanks to the Security Team for keeping me going the first night there through all the diagnostic tests!

Noneya Bidness

I was scheduled to have a procedure done at HonorHealth John C. Lincoln Medical Center. A nurse called me the day before the procedure to get information. I encountered two, significant, problems with this place. The first problem was that the nurse asked if I had advanced directives. I told her that I did, and that I have a Do Not Resuscitate status as part of those advanced directives. She told me that HonorHealth’s policy is to resuscitate patients. Essentially, she was telling me that their policy was to ignore my advance directives. I argued that I know my rights and that my advance directive must be followed. I told her that I was very concerned about fact that they were not going to respect my wishes, should something go wrong during the procedure. She said she would check on this and call me back. She called me back and said that she did some research and found that I was correct. In other words, they must honor my advance directives. I found it appalling that a nurse would have to be told, and then research, that kind of thing. A nurse should know that a patient’s advance directives should be followed. The reason why I know this is because I was a nurse for 25 years. After that issue was cleared up, we moved forward with the nurse collecting information; and then giving me information. She told me that I had to have someone take me home after the procedure. I told her that I had scheduled a taxi pick up, because I have no one to pick me up. Once again, HonorHealth’s policy was shoved in my face. She insisted that I could not take a taxi home because their policy is that the patient has to have someone escort them home. I explained to the nurse that I have no family, they are all deceased, and I don’t know anyone else well enough to ask them to pick me up. She did not miss a beat in repeating the “policy”, totally ignoring the fact that I told her that any close family, or friends, were deceased. I was, again, appalled that a nurse would be so insensitive. She told me that I would have to talk to the director of the department where I was scheduled to have the procedure done. I decided to try to enlist the help of the patient relations person. I spoke with a woman in that department, and explained the situation. She repeated the policy. I told her that I was already acquainted with the policy but that I could not just go out on the street and find someone to accompany me home, to accommodate their policy. She said that she would call the department where the procedure was to be done and call me back. She never did call me back. I had to call my doctor’s office and cancel the procedure. HonorHealth will tell you that their “policy” is in place to protect the patient. That might be part of the issue. I believe that they are more concerned with protecting themselves from a lawsuit, in the event that the patient leaves the facility and has an accident, or other adverse event, while determined to still be under the effects of anesthesia. With this in mind, I had even offer to sign a “Against Medical Advice” form to release them from any liability. Neither the nurse, nor patient relations person, seemed have a clue about such a document. HonorHealth needs to have policies that HONOR PATIENTS and their needs. They should not be so rigid that they cannot find a way accommodate a patient with special, or unusual, circumstances.

Roberto Yanez

Dr. Riahi was really rude to my 69 year old father kicking him out when he was telling her he was still terribly ill. My dad has been very ill the past few months and everytime he goes in it seems like they dont care at all about his well being. Horrible experiences here but do to insurance this is the only hospital nearby next one is over 15 miles away.

Princess Ava

Took my daughter in for running a high grade fever 103, hardly any patients, get back to the room pretty quickly and sit there for over an hour without a doctor, nurse or anyone checking in on her. Unacceptable......I walked right out....their concerns obviously aren't taking care of the patient.

Joe Damms

Took friend in afternnon. They took temperature, blood pressure and was told to wait. Doctor looked in his mouth asked what he was allergic to, said he had strepp throat and would prescribe antibiotics. Then woman comes in and tells us it will be $1,600 or we can pay $275 now. Can you say racket or ripoff!? That's ridiculous and blantly ripping off people. Being that expensive in the first place is why so many people hate the medical system. But to take that much off two minutes after the doctor left, tells you a lot about this place. They don't care about people, just getting their money!

Terry G

I spent 5 days in this hospital, on the 4th floor. I don't like hospitals, nothing odd there, and I've been in a lot of hospitals in the Phoenix area. I've dealt with a few good nurses, my share of bad ones and too many that perhaps should find another line of work. The entire length of my visit was met with exceptional care! The doctors were wonderful and consistent, I was taken care of by the best group of nurses you could imagine. Every nurse on every shift was wonderful. Every nurse assistant was wonderful. Everyone on the staff was wonderful, caring, giving, and knowledgeable. I can only say that if I have to be hospitalized, I want to be there! Thanks Honor Health for the outstanding care.

Mark Seifert

Great nurses. Exceptional culture of care. I have been an inpatient on 3 occasions. I consider myself a very well informed healthcare consumer when it comes to choosing a hospital. I'm a physician whose practice is predominantly at this Hospital

Rosie Nunez

Terrible, ridiculous wait time stay away from this ER room. Read all the previous reviews regarding there quality of service and now experienced it they are absolutely 100% true. Being there over 5 hours and still no answers with test after test make me feel they dont know what they are doing I barely have seen the dr. This hospital needs help with managing there patient flow. I understand it's an ER and they are busy but this felt like a lack of management and organization

Maggie Wendt

I've worked here for 5 years and have great respect for my nurses and doctors. Know matter where you work your going to have your good and bad days, but it's nice to work for a hospital where you have more good days than bad days. Great place to work and great boss. You really feel like a big happy family here.

Justine Ghoat

I would give five stars however I did experience a problem during this visit. I came in for symptoms due to trauma from a concussion. Also low potassium levels. Most of the doctors and nurses were great except one. I’m not even sure if she was an actual nurse maybe just an aide. She was wearing pale green scrubs and was a little chubby but not fat and was blonde and had her hair pulled up. Her hair is blonde and she looked young. She was extremely rude to me for some reason. She was very rough when needing to scan my armband/ bracelet which was on the same arm as my iv. she was very snotty to me whenever she talked to me. At one point she came and stood in my doorway for like 10 minutes. She asked me if I need anything I said no but she still stood there and kept smiling and my husband and glaring at me. She was perfectly nice to my husband. She really shouldn’t be working at a hospital if she’s going to be rude to patients. She was sitting up at the ER window/desk as I was leaving if that helps you guys find out who she is. It was between 10pm or 11pm December 13 2018. Didn’t catch her name. Was too much in pain to care or ask yesterday. Didn’t appreciate the way she acted toward me seeing as I have never seen her in my life. Definitely would rather take a chance on passing out completely or traveling a greater distance to a different hospital next time. Everyone else was great but she was very rude and made me very uncomfortable. I actually walked 3 miles home last night after being released rather than ask her to use the phone up at the desk because I just did not want to deal with her horrible attitude again. Also next time she should just ask for his phone number. Hes a real peach. Free concussion included.

Angel Lampi

One of the worst experiences of my life.. went in with my nephew with a small head injury. Only 5 people on the waiting room area.. front and back.. but it still took them 2.5 hours to get us seen.. they shuffled us from waiting room to waiting room while my nephew's head is bleeding.. I had thought I was going to a honor health hospital Because in the past I've had great experiences at the location in acoScottsd. However that is NOT the case with this hospital.. please avoid at all costs.. I'm not sure if I walked in dying that they would take care of my before I died on their floor..

Leroy Romero

A joke not trained pushed me on the floor securely blamed me had to call 911 again. They are a joke

Alex Granado

This is the most unprofessional with the most rudest staff ever I went in to be treat with severe abdominal pain I was also vomiting and was about ready to pass out and they had me waiting for two hours I was literally hunched over in pain and people who would show up 10 to 20 minutes after me we're being seen before me, I even asked for a blanket while waiting because I was really cold and they told me no, so I finally sent my wife to ask why I wasn't in a room yet and they told her there rooms were full and closed the door in her face, so about 2 1/2 hours later I decided to tell them I no longer want to be seen and I am going to go some where else that I don't think this is right that i have to wait this long in pain and people who were there after me are being seen before me and there reponse was OK with no care in the world, at this point I couldn't even walk and they wouldn't even work with me to try and put me in a room, as I walked out the door you could hear they staff laughing behind me, like me being in pain was funny, if you can avoid going to that hospital because obviously you being in severe pain isn't an emergency and the staff would rather talk and laugh at you then to help you and the sad part out the situation is I went to a different hospital that night and turns out that my appendix had burst, I'm suggesting if you have any kind of emergency and want a professional and kind care go to st. Joseph hospital.


Terrible experience. I felt like an inmate. as soon as they saw That I was paying with a state medicare card, I sat there while everybody that came in after me went through. and when I asked why? they got angry.( I guess this inmate was a trouble maker) When I finally got sent back to the second waiting room there was a room full of angry people being completely ignored for hours. So finally after about 5 hrs. I got a room There were patients so angry that they were cursing at each other from one room to the next. Then after hours of blood tests and monitoring this new age hippy Doctor told me straight to my face that Doctors can no longer administer Ativan to patients anymore because of the opioid epidemic. Complete bleeping lie. She lies right to my face. meanwhile I've never had an opioid addiction. Then when I started to respond she walked out the door. She had no interest in being bothered by me anymore. So then at this point I'm supposed to wait for the social worker to give me info. another hour or two goes by and I decide to rip off everything they had on me except the one where the medicine goes. This must have prompted the correction officer ( I mean the nurse to call security). This dork shows up asks me if I need anything and I said yes I want the nurse to take this off me so I could go home. He said they're waiting for the social worker and I said I'm not waiting 2 hours, he thought that was funny and laughed at me. so needless to say I will never be a patient here again. I didn't feel cared for at all. It was a horrible experience.

Jamie Davis

Stay away! If you have other options, take it. My wife takes prescribed medication for her anxiety and depression. Last night she had a head ache and took some Advil for it. Unfortunately the two medications didn't agree with each other and she ended up passing out on her walk by the stairwell. Phoenix police and the fire department showed up and I got a call on my phone from my wife letting me know. As I was acting as a mediator between my wife and the first responders she ended up loosing consciousness. as the first responders and I were trying to get her up on the gurney she became a little combative. They ended up dropping her down against my advice and took her two John C Lincoln hospital. Apparently she was out of it a little before the first responders because she made a couple random calls to some of her friends, and her mom. I don't know what was said during the phone conversations, but the staff at John C Lincoln hospital seem very convinced that she is suicidal. I don't understand how trained medical staff are unable to differentiate between depression, and suicidal behavior. I've known my wife for over eleven years. She is not suicidal. after they brought her back to the ER I waited in the family quiet room for over five hours to see, I talked to five different employees, just to have a security officer tell me that I had to leave for a few hours with out giving me a reason. I honor the request and ended up calling back the next day. This time after being hung up on the first time, getting the run-around the second time, being treated like s*** over the phone by the employees that were in charge of her the third time, the fourth time I actually got a hold of someone who gave me permission over the phone to visit, but only for 15 minutes and essentially accused me of being the reason why she was in the hospital. All I'm saying is that they need to be more professional, instead of simply relying on rumors, and here say about suicidal tendencies that don't exist, and assuming that because I'm her husband that I'm the one to blame. To be completely honest, I really don't trust doctors even on the best of day, due to life experiences I'm also not a big fan of pigs, and public pretenders. I would just like to clarify that Phoenix police actually did a good job in this case, they were non judgemental, didn't jump to conclusions, and genuinely seemed like they wanted to help. the only thing that I feel could use improvement was their approach in the matter. They showed up in force with roughly about 15 police, and only one of them was female, making my wife feel that much more uncomfortable and making situation that much more tense. I feel like the police would benefit from a little bit of training having to deal with people with anxiety, and depression. Especially since they seemed completely unaware, or unwilling to admit that she was out of it. just because someone is barely moving, does not mean that they are fully conscious. At this point, when a person is not fully aware their subconscious takes over. Unfortunately, once again due to life experiences and a severe amount of distrust for the police she started kicking as we were trying to get her onto the gurney. the fact that there were fifteen armed men around her trying to hold her down didn't exactly help the matter. In times like this I think it is important to remember that even though she was being combative that the police are in fact in service to the general public, not the other way around. Aside from that kudos to the police, never thought that I would actually say that. Getting back to the point, it is extremely unprofessional to simply assume that someone is suicidal just because they are depressed. Furthermore, chaining someone down to a bed and keeping them away from their family does not help anxiety, and will only make it worse. it is also not only unprofessional, but extremely insulting for them to assume that just because I am male, and she is female, and we are married, that that somehow has anything to do with the reason why she is in the..

Grace Vangen

This place is terrible. Sat there for ten hours for them to do blood work and everything came back okay? But everything is not okay. Gotta goto another hospital thanks for nothing. These people do not honor health..

Eric Sinclair

Fixed me a room real quick, Allergic reaction to penicillin and they stuck me on a IV Benadryl Drip for 5 hours and I was good, Staff was awesome as well, I recommend this hopstial

melissa brockwell

Horrible experience. They left patient caked in poop. Didn't turn him. He got bed sores. Still wouldn't clean him up so he was left with poop on his bed sores for hours. Trying to clear up an infection this sure doesn't help. When talking to staff about it they did not care and did not come to clean him.

Chris P

DO NOT COME HERE!!! I’d say it was the worst care ever but we never received any. After 5+ hours in the so called emergency “fast track” the only thing they managed to do was take our insurance information. After assuring that they’ll get paid; they couldn’t care less about their patients. I checked with the nurse’s station every half hour or so to make sure we weren’t forgotten about. I was met with the most condescending and unprofessional conduct I’ve ever encountered. I understand that in emergency rooms things pop up and a person might not be as high of a priority as another. But with the majority of the staff standing around doing absolutely nothing; I believe that they don’t care about their patients in the least. The e.r. fast tract, coensiding nurse’s station and radiology departments all should be completely disbanded. We are leaving to find a hospital that cares about patients and not just insurance money.

Scott inPHX

Waited in a non busy emergency room for hours before being seen by a doctor and given something for pain relief. Just done understand how they can leave a 90 year old woman in severe pain go for so long with out help. I spent a week in paradise valley hospital and had great care during four surgeries in four days . Will never come back to John C Lincoln hospital again. Been here almost eight hours and see a nurse once in about two hours and doctors about every three hours. Not a place for a sick person Now on top of all the incompetence they transferred the patient more than thirty miles away to a different hospital against our expressed wishes. This was done to accommodate a doctor that we had only seen twice. I can’t believe that a patient has no say in the care or lack of care received at this hospital. We went for hours without a nurse or doctor coming in the room to check on the patient even after repeated requests from the charge nurse to help. There excuse is they can’t do anything without doctors orders. This is the emergency room for God’s sake. Do not go to this hospital with someone you love!

Darrin Jackson

I spent 3 weeks here! I had surgery on my stomach due to a tear and I was impressed by the staff and how I was treated here. I recommend this hospital the nurses were out of this world and they showed me courtesy and explained everything to me in great detail. They also did not shove me out the door when I seemed to get better they made sure that I was in great health and able to carry on tasks. I found this to be the best hospital I have been too. I would most definitely go to this hospital again if I had to choose. I am also alive because of these guys and I would like to thank the staff at this hospital.

Amy Thompson

I love the staff here. Very caring, kind and honest. I'm living today because of the care I've received here in the past 10 days. Without the diligence and expertise shown by the staff I would in a very Grim way. Shout out to Patty and Maria for being the best nurse ever I love you guys thank you! Love Amy

Jerry Snead

My mother in law recently spent several days here for cardiac care. There are too many people to mention but every single medical professional we came across was first rate. I could tell her care & comfort were of the highest priority. There was a lot of hurry up and wait but that is the case with every hospital I have visited.

Alkurdi America

The worst hospital ever , I have been here for 7 hours to wait for the ct scan test . And no body come to check on you . So disorganized,

Morrie Agaid

1hour 20 mint in Jhon Lincoln hospital just ask for my description that was recommended to me by 4 doctors and aprove it by other hospital sense year 2011 the doctor in that hospital say I will give better medication name AmLODIPine Besylate 5MG TAB MYLAN, for 3 days taken that medication didn't do anything finally I find out that doctor is advertising that medication that was pall out the market and internet into the market ander the new name then I went to same hospital, asking my medication to be corrected instead of doing I was asked to enter into emergency again, finally went to private doctor and got my old medication, the bill they send was near $ 6 Thousand, I call that a legal rubury and most of that is tax payers money,

Sandra C

Horrible nursing staff on the 6th floor, my mother came up from ICU. They are rude and show no empathy. My poor mother was restrained and had to use the restroom, she pushed her call button after 15 minutes I went to the nurses station to demand assistance. They placed the bedpan and left for another 30 minutes. She is in pain and her IIV is disconnected and her bedding is wet. This floor is not busy, I don’t understand. Very very disappointing

david piontek

Brought someone to the emergency room not a good experience we waited hours communication from staff was minimal. Rude nurse during the admittance. Go to another hospital or urgent care

Sarge Smith

Took my wife here yesterday and she was admitted. Very nice security guard got us a wheel chair and my wife was in the ER in 10 minutes. Time around 7:45 am so that guy deserves a raise or something! ERS are ERS but I really cannot complain after the end result. Wife is still in hospital but from what I have seen and her phone calls things are going great. Very clean place and every person I have spoken to is very nice! Wife even said her dinner was very good! The guard when making his rounds even checked in on us while we where in the ER and went beyond the call of duty! Days 2nd and third all has changed! Very rude staff--hate it if you ask questions and have not even cleaned the room my wife is in. There are a couple staff members who are nice so I would rate rude staff at 90%! It appears they just do not like you to ask questions but it is my wife's body they are fooling with as she lies there in pain. There is a lady in Blue Scrubs they should fire but I cannot catch her name but she works days! I will update review as things go along. Next day MRI ordered and as of 7:14PM zip! Excuse is they only have one(1) MRI machine so maybe tomorrow? MRI only ordered after my bitching as it is the only good tool to see what is her problem! Awful sad when I must know what needs to be done better then a Doctor! Ran into 5 patients outside and they where saying how awful this place is!!!! I will be calling my insurance and stay tuned for the ending of this review! Another day: Wife calling me in pain and BP is very high-High enough to cause a stroke! No MRI as of this time 9:11 AM. Tuesday: Called our insurance and was told to file a complaint against this place. No MRI after waiting 30 hours. Pulled wife out and upon seeing discharge papers could not see where they where not giving her her proper BP meds! Heard other patients again today on their phones calling people to come get them out and complaining about this place. I put her back on her proper BP meds at home and it went right down. If she has any further problems she will not return to this place. Also a guy in a suit with a brief case came to her room before I got her out to say he was sorry about not getting an MRI! If you have any care for anyone who is sick, do not take them here! This place is like a circus and I saw better medical care given by medics in my three tours in Nam!

Ricky Jay

My son had a double bee sting and his hand was swelling pretty good. My wife checked in the emergency room and she wasn't called back for a whole 2 hours. Then she got placed in a back room with my son where they were left for another hour never getting vitals taken or even seen by a nurse or a doctor. Meanwhile my son's hand is swelling more. The emergency room was a mess filled with trash under the seats out in the open filthy bathrooms that look like you could be infected just using them. The emergency reeked of urine and was up kept at all. Staff walked back and fourth at times chatting it up with one another when that waste of time could have been used to help my son and I. When asked about what was taking so long we we're told oh we're at capacity. So what does that tell me? Is anyone gonna see my son or not? People have jobs to be at in the morning kids to feed at home and a life to continue on. But here we are waiting and waiting and all you can do is smile and walk off chit chatting with you unbusy co-workers? Unacceptable!!! I think someone should be reprimanded for this. I don't know who because we could never get even one person to talk to us but this is unacceptable. Still nothing to resolve the issue so we left for St.Josephs Hospital. DIGNITY HEALTH ACTUALLY SHOWED THE EFFORT. Thanks for a horrible experience John C Lincoln North Mountain. Never again.

Mikayla Hernandez

I have been to almost ever hospital in the valley. I have never experienced the kind of comfort or care I did here. Not only was the staff all very polite but it's clear there's a healthy work together attitude among everyone. The hospital everywhere from the ER to the OR to recovery was quiet and clean . I never waited more than a minute or two to have my call light answered . I mean whatever this hospital is doing . The others should take note .

Evelyn Christine Mawk

I would say that they are trying to improve the nursing staff image in Emergency Room. That doesn't mean that the triage nurse has the best personality, he had to give me a run down on his glucous meter blah blah blah. First person you seeing almost always great. The wait time is still really long once you get past the triage. It's maybe one half hour to one hour.

Amanda Lindquist

I have been sitting here waiting for my mom to go into surgery for almost 3 hours. Everyone’s been super friendly but they’ve been testing the fire system all morning. My mom has epilepsy and the fire system uses STOBE LIGHTS!!! What the F kind of alert system is this for a hospital? The strobe lights flash continuously through the fire alarm. Change this for the safety of your patients. What if it was a real emergency and she ended up having a seizure during an evacuation? The staff have been so accommodating and apologetic through it. They’ve provided sleep mask for and everything. I’d say just rethink the fire alert system as a whole. Maybe a red light that illuminates the whole time instead of flashing I don’t know but anything but a strobe light.

John Debottis

Had an awesome experience there never been to an emergency room where they treated you so nice as of 8-11-19 the emergency room crew at this hospital saved my life the service I got while I was at the hospital was totally awesome

Buster Hyman

Wow!! What a transformation! I had surgery in 2011 and this Hospital was a picture of doom and gloom. My son just had major surgery and I was amazed at how the facility has changed for the better. The lighting is lively. The floors and walls are less institutional. The rooms are very soothing and all the features actually work. The staff, are amazing! There's no "Nurse Ratchet" here. All the Nursing staff have provided a safe, comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

alan mireles

Horrible I brought my granda in por back pain she's been in pain for the past 2 hours and the nurse was to busy to come by and give her something for the pain

elizabeth sanchez

Front people and Nurses are unprofessional, you will wait hours to get in a room. Brought my mom with chest pains She was feeling terrible and registration people was laughing and joking with each other. Terrible don't bring your love ones, I recommend the Honer Health on shea blvd best doctors and nurses. Get you in and out fast and people that love there job.


My wife is 23 weeks pregnant, and she is running a fever of 100, with severe lower back pain. From what I have read, this can be very serious and even lead to birth defects the longer it goes untreated. She started running a fever yesterday, we wanted to see if she felt better today before taking her to the hospital. She didn't get any better, so here we are. We've been sitting in the ER waiting room almost 3 and a half hours, and they just keep taking in people who got here after us. Even a woman who showed up an hour after us with no visible signs of pain, meanwhile it is all my wife can do no to cry. The chairs in here are very uncomfortable, especially for her back and my wife would rather just leave so she can go back home and be comfortable rather than keep feeling ignored, while sitting in these awful chairs waiting to be treated. All in all, I am very disappointed by our lack of treatment. We will be going to another hospital tomorrow, and will not be returning to this hospital again. If you have to go to the ER, do yourself a favor and choose a different hospital if possible.

Johnie Roberts

I was admitted thru ER at Deer Valley last Fri morning (2/9), with my blood pressure running amok. My primary doc sent me there to be evaluated for possible heart attack. Everyone was helpful, kind, professional although they were busy and full, with patients in the hall. Had to wait awhile before the ER doc came in and ordered Med to bring BP down. They had no ICU beds there so he got me transferred to the JCL on Dunlap via ambulance b/c of the drip. Second hospital ICU was great with excellent nursing staff as well. First doc to see me was critical care and stood outside my cubicle giving orders. He sounded Greek and name too but never introduced himself. He seemed arrogant and aloof. Only my opinion. Later I met hospitalist and liked her immediately. Also cardiologist was great. Very reassuring. I transferred out to telemetry unit next day and again had very nice nurses. Went home on Sunday with BP still high but not as bad as day before. New meds are bringing it to normal (for me) range. Overall my experience was mostly positive and I wouldn’t hesitate to go there again.

Clark Thompson

The worst hospital I have ever! DO NOT GO THERE! They take for ever to do anything. It took me 36hrs to even see a doctor. Also I had cellulitis and they were like your ok heres a script for antibiotics. Nothing got better and i went to another hospital and they were amazed that I was just sent home. They immediately put me on in iv antibiotics.

Daniel Dick

There is a time and a place for everything. When you receive a spinal tap the last thing you want is to have Beatrice (charge nurse) walk in 2 minutes later, while you are crying and screaming, and unempathetically ask, "you have a 200 dollar copay, how do you want to pay". Then take a card and leave. This was the craziest most unprofessional thing I have seen in any John c. Lincoln Emergency room. No sympathy, empathy or compassion. I can't imagine that in an ER. Otherwise, the male nurse on staff we saw was awesome. I just can't believe the nerve of this girl.

Trapper Chacon

I'd give zero stars to this place! I came in per my doctor's order. I've been on blood pressure meds since about 2000, in 2009 I had some problems BP was spiked at 220/110, stroke level! Was admitted right away. My mother had first heart attack at 38, and passed at barely 54, I'll be 54 in 2 months! Was at a doctor's appointment for orthopedic and Thursday and BP was 150/90. Im case manager for SMI clinic that is severely mentally ill people! Been in the field all day, woke up with a bad headache 320 this morning. When I got back to the clinic, work I had the MA take my BP because the headache was pretty bad and I knew what the blood pressure headache feels like, chest pain, trouble breathing. BP was 188/118, she had me rest five min took it again, same called dr. She said get to the ER now. And told me not to drive, but I had to have my car upon DC. I reported this entire story to them at in take at 5:02, still in waiting room waiting for a room, and it's truly not that busy, been in many ER'S in my lifetime it's 7:14, still waiting! Never again!

Vanesa Garcia

Terrible experience. Came in with my 3 year old daughter, who was screaming her lungs out because had a fever of 104. I waited for two hours because they had no rooms. When I asked how much longer the wait was she said four to five hours. Wish they could have told me how long the wait was I would have definitely gone somewhere else.

Yudith Gracida

Got in a car crash and bad service never coming here a again

Sandy Wilner

Miserable quality of care in ER After being sent here by honor urgent care, we spent 6+ hours here. Released and sent home. Within 45 minutes patient was significantly worse, called hospital and told ER we were returning. In waiting room for 2hrs, now, still haven't been seen. Not optimistic that we're getting quality care. Nursing staff indifferent. That said, I would give the inpatient facility, specifically 5th floor, 5 stars. Once she was admitted after spending total of 6+ hrs in ER first trip and 8 hrs in ER second trip, the quality of care was exceptional

Kathy Myers

There are very few doctors that are courteous and compassionate. My sister was admitted to the hospital and the first doctor we saw was polite and so knowledgeable. Later I found out that the doctor was actually a resident.. Dr. Kumar... I wish I could have told his boss what a pleasure he was and how he is asset to the hospital. He was the first doctor who was actually taking the time to listen and was compassionate about his profession. Very professional and glad to know such doctors exist. Hope his boss gets my reviews. Excellent service.

Valenzuela Fam.

Worst hospital! Not only did my mom pass away under their care, but they were the most UNinformative hospital I’ve ever walked into.


I was brought in to John C. Lincoln's ER for an issue and had the WORST experience ever! The nurses didn't meet my needs and neither did the doctors assigned to me. when I had to meet with a social worker before discharge, he, an older man refused to treat me with a nice attitude. He belittled and was very unprofessional to me, as was the nurses on the floor. They pretended they did not hear me when I said something. When trying to get a hold of personal and the CEO, I was not heard and was told I had to get a letter in the mail saying they were sorry. that does not change the way I was treated and it seems they did NOT care for the patient. I have never been treated so badly in my life!

Evelin Valenzuela

I rate one star for this hospital because -8 is not an option! Horrible patient care and rude staff. Lacking in organization. You could literally be dying in pain and they do not care! I do not recommend this hospital. Sorry John C. Linclon I don't know what happened this used to be a good hospital.

Kimberly Schoner

My son went to this ER last Friday and they did a Lumbar Puncture for Meningitis. Well, they did not have him lay still for 12 hours. Sent him home and he got so sick because he was losing fluid out of his spine. He had to go back yesterday because his head hurt so bad and he could not walk. They ran tests and then they had to put blood from his arm back into his spine. Horrible hospital.

Megan Hoover

I honestly can't thank you guys enough for the care you gave me. I was TERRIFIED, & tried to take care of it once before in January at Banner on Thunderbird. The PA at thunderbird was HORRIBLE, & very rough with me. It was so bad that I walked out with the IV catheter still in my arm. The nurse that checked me in at John C Lincoln (man 40's dark salt & pepper hair beautiful eyes) was so very kind, & helped remind me that I was in a safe place, & my fears were valid, & to keep myself centered & aware that I'm in control. The nurse I had in my room was very patient & understanding as well. The PA Suzanne Dunn who took care of me was AMAZING!!! She didnt judge me one bit, & respected all of my concerns. I'm finally for the first time, in quite some time feeling more like myself. Thank you so very much for everything, I will in the future return to see you guys when I need medical attention.

Bill Russ

The communication between meals, nurses and doctors is nonexistent, they kept bringing in food trays and taking out old ones that were never touched and neither the food people nor the nurse told the doctor that there was no food being eaten. If I ever need the paramedics the closest trauma is lincoln. I would probably never come out.

Brenda G

Went in last night 1st time there and they got me back in like a minute after i checked in and then in other minute got me in the back to see a doctore that was a first for me at any hospital lol they were very professional and kind they took very good care of me here i would defiantly come back here the next time i need to go to the hospital thank you guys :)

Chandler S.

Always the best care, no matter what. The staff is caring, helpful and listens to my concerns. Thank you Honor Health-John C. Lincoln (Dunlap)

Boris Alayev

It’s so pitiful that medical staff (nurses) miss treating patients in need of service. ED is really the bottom bordering 3rd world class., I can go into detail that would last paragraphs, save the time, drive an extra 10 min, it’s worth it.

Rose Emily

Best hospital ever always come here for any emergency. They take care of you. The staff are awesome and always attentive.

Terri Bostic

The ER staff at this location is very unprofessional. The only way I'll go back to this emergency room if I'm unconscious. I'm going back to John C. Lincoln Deer Valley.

ann Cano

This is the poorest hospital I have ever seen! So disorganized! Do not go there unless you want to be ignored when you are ill!

Dapheney Rainey

My fiancé is a cardiac patient, the first time we visited this facility the ER staff were very courteous, caring and efficient. Today when we had to visit I’m sad to say he did not receive such care. One of the technicians that registered him was even a bit rude. After 30 minutes we decided to go to another hospital where he had to be admitted for a condition that should have been taken more seriously at this facility. There’s a few other issues I had with today’s visit but to sum it up, there was a total lack of customer service and patient care. I’m sure this is a wonderful hospital with great staff but today that was not exemplified.

Sabrina Younger

I am joshua Chastain and I would like to thank the RNs that work there and the doctors because of them my girl is still thank you all and plz keep up the good work. All the staff at John c thxs

Renee Davis

Don't ever go to an Honor Health facility if you are in a car accident and have a choice of hospitals. They are infamous for digging their hands in any kind of settlement you get and will file lawsuits against their patients to get every penny they can, even when they've already been paid by health insurance. Buyer beware of these guys!!!

Rob Audiss

I had surgery at JCLMC and recovered on the 3rd floor. Every nurse and tech was absolutely 110% on top of their game and I totally felt my comfort and needs were their top priority. I could not have asked or imagined for better patient care. You absolutely have an amazing team at JCLMC!

Carole Hugelmann

I love the staff here at deer valley. Very caring, kind and honest. I'm in peace today because of the care my mom received here in the past few days.. Sincere thanks to Dr. Hashimoto and a resident Dr. Kumar for being the best doctors I love you guys thank you! We were so worried as a family .. long story and had tons of confusion but then Dr. Kumar with his contagious smile came over .. gave us hugs and assurance that my mom was doing well and she was the path to recovery. Dr. Hashimoto and Dr. Kumar were a dream team and so glad they were taking care of my mom. Dr. Kumar continued to follow up even late in the evenings.. stopped by multiple times to check up. My family was so impressed that I had to take the residents and the doctors name and Dr. Kumar wrote it on a piece of paper lol. Dr. Hashimoto was diligent and gave Excellent care, were compassionate, through and very informative. Thank you again Dr. Kumar and Dr. Hashimoto .. Keep serving.

Debra Jackett

Dr Provenza great bedside manner. The nursing staff should do rounds with her.

Brittany Perrone

Very professional and on point. Nurse staff is extraordinary! Doctor was on point and very respectable..clean and not exhausted looking. Thank you

Martin Madridista

When I came with my mom for her surgery, her remote to call the nurse wasn’t working and the maintenance man Sam was really nice and approached me quietly while my mom was sleeping and asked me if it’s ok to change the remote and he did and it was working, thank you for hiring such a great guy.

Daniel Rivera

Full disclosure, I work for Honorhealth. This is my experience for a recent surgery as a patient. I came to the emergency room here and was seen promptly. My wait time before speaking to a triage nurse was less than 30 minutes in the ER. It appeared others had the same experience that night. The nurses and doctors were friendly, and talkative. I talk a lot when I'm nervous. Not everyone laughed at my bad jokes but I don't believe that is required. My overnight nurse seemed a little grumpy but he was still professional and helpful. I have zero complaints about the staff at this facility. Professional, caring, responsive. Exceeded my every expectation. The facility itself was clean and everything appeared to be in good working order. The parking lot was well lit where we parked our car. I have zero complaints about my time here and I am glad I chose this facility.

Jennifer Carbajal

Best Hospital To Go To Indeed ! They're Always Trying To Do The Best Possible They Can Out Of Their Job. They Are Always Working So Hard To Help Everyone.

Roxanne Aragon

They dont answer call bells. Nobody is to be found. Been here 8 hours and STILL in pain! This is the WORST care i have ever experienced.

Cactus Hobbies

SCAM SCAM SCAM! Called before going to make sure I was not going to get the E/R blow off before going for a torn tendon in my arm. Was promised a thorough exam and referral to a surgeon if needed. First, they are very careful to get you to sign all the paper work releasing themselves from responsibilities, noting the doctors are contracted and not hospital employees. Got some guy, apparently fresh out of school, who bent my arm the direction I had just told him not to, then I had to ask for a sling and some pain meds since he was about to leave without doing anything. Gave me a referral to some doctor who was not supported in any way by my insurance carrier (they were holding my card). Also incorrectly diagnosed the injury, telling me, "If they are going to operate, they can't do anything for four weeks" which is completely wrong. According to the orthopedic surgeon I saw, after two weeks its too late and inoperable. Filed an appeal. Got a form letter with a photo copied signature from Kenny Bramwell, Chief Medical Officer, with three different apologies but no change to the bill. How they could over-look this failed level of service is somewhat amazing. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME

Susan Gates

ER is amazing but if you think you will have to be admitted, go to another hospital! Their communication with one another and to patient and family is the worst! If it wasnt for me and my brother, mom would be rotting in this hospital waiting to get to her rehab! They have zero care for ones well being and the case workers....don't get me started on that worthless group!!

Rylan Amber

My second worst experience next to thunderbird omg. They are rude. I have thyroid diseases and they say you fine. I'm vomit and falling, collapsing and blacking out but let me just go to arrowhead where they actually help u

Tracy Blakely

I'd like to know what their triage procedures are because I've now been here for 3 hours with chest pain and I've had previous issues with heart problems before. Whoever the charge nurse is needs to look at prior complications with issues that currently going on. There has to be a better way because this isn't it. Time to go to Banner Health I think Honor Health needs to learn about their name, Honor, because their isn't any here.


This hospital is a joke, The wait is insane the hospital is dirty there's actual trash on the floor. The staff is unfriendly I've seen more people walking around talking and laughing then helping people. We've been waiting for an hour and a half to be seen there's a line of people in front of us Some have been waiting for over two hours or more to be seen. This is honestly just awful. Edit: I just walked up to the glass window to see if we could get my mother who has a fever of 103 and is vomiting a gurney so she can rest. The receptionist was on her phone playing with her hair I taped on the glass this woman looked me dead on the eye and turned around. She sold not have this job. This is pathetic There are people in sever pain not being treated. and I just noticed a tweaker asleep in the same lobby as the patients. Pathetic.

Jolene Moler

I was admitted for two nights. THE MOST LOVING HOSPITAL STAFF I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED. From ER to Release everyone treated me with a love and compassion i have never witnessed this type of care in a medical facility. Especially Dr. Flaherty (Oncologist) My nurses: ROY, Kathy, & Nicole. The aids - Miwako and Millie. Even the cafeteria staff called to remind me to eat - that's huge! when you are sick you forget to eat. I thought that was a nice amenity and very kind. #JESUSHEALS #MIRACLES

Adi Oze

The worst service ever. If there was an option to give a zero i would have done that.

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