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REVIEWS OF Havasu Regional Medical Center IN Arizona

Leroy Stuart

Denise Callanta-Norton

My son had stomach pains for a few days, naturally over the weekend. As a last resort, we went to the ER. They did a CT Scan of his abdomin, took a few vials of blood, an IV and then diagnosed him with an intestinal infection. No prescriptions or follow up tests. Just go home and follow a bland diet. The bill?? Just shy $13,000. My insurance paid a little over $10,000. I am angry that my insurance paid this insane amount of money when the services do not warrant the ridiculous fees. A $13,000 tummy ache?? Seriously?? I will never step foot in that hospital again. Kingman Regional or Vegas is where we will go. It's not that far of a drive and the drive is definitely cheaper. There needs to be a law for what hospitals can charge. They dont a crew people over like this in Vegas or in Kingman. This for profit hospital is going to put itself out of business. Moral of the story....dont go to HRMC unless you want to put up the mortgage on your house and/or sell a kidney and you will still receive mediocre care. And I dont want some stupid comment from HRMC telling me to call them to discuss this either....make it right for all you screw and put in the poor house because they come to you in times of bad health or emergencies. You know who we all are to bill us, use that info to make it right. Scandalous """UPDATE- Just checked the billing....they billed my insurance as my son as a level 5 . From what I have researched level 5 is highest level for care. How is a stomachache level 5?? No surgery, no prescriptions, no follow up care but level 5???

White Oak

Generally good results and have been there about a half dozen times. Only issue is that it's impossible to get anyone to tell you how much of a wait to expect.

Troy Mosley

I have only had one experience with Havasu Regional and it was a great one. My daughter was born in the maternity ward (obviously) and we had a fantastic experience with the nurses and staff. The nurses were so caring and helpful throughout the whole process. One night a nurse came in and asked if she could take the baby so we could get some rest. Overall it was a very positive experience and I would have no fear of my family expanding at this hospital.

Keith Negron

This hospital is the worst. My Father died of lung cancer because they did not think to do a body petscan even though he had been in there over many years and months. they would have found it well in time and at least prolonged his life. The house doctors and "PA"'s seem to be clueless, they hire the cheapest and the worst unskilled people. they have extreme "wet blanket" personalities. the nurses are very good caring people though. I went to ER for a bad bacterial throat infection while visiting havasu, when my father died there, got a "PA" who gave me very weak pediatric anti-biotics which made it bad a day later i couldnt swallow, and was worried my air way would close. my sister drove up next day from CA to take me to a real ER in anaheim CA (a 6hr drive at 2am) where they properly treated me with strong anti-biotics. My mother has been at havasu regional several times, and was diagnosed with myriad of things including lung cancer (by specialists), the house dr treated her callously. they caused her pneumonia to extend for months by giving her weak anti-biotics, no steroids, and not communicating with her other doctors including her pulmonologist which was key to her health. she had to skip radiation for 3 weeks because of that. my poor mother who is 81. go to another hospital if you can, drive to kingman, vegas, or even phoenix, until this hospital gets their act together. bunch of heartless bean counters is all they are.

Catherine Oliver

I took my husband a Vietnam vet to this hospital emergency dept. They made him wait 7 hrs to see a dr while waiting no one ever came in room to check on him and they let him sit there in pain the whole time. Then an lady from respiratory came in and said the dr ordered a blood gas test which no one told us. When husband asked her what for she ignored him and would answer and proceeded to doing the test any way. Which she found out after poking my husband and hurting him for 15 minutes she did not have the right needle. I told her to stop so she removed the needle.when my husband complained she got rude and started yelling at him and got very rude when yelling at him she was hitting the bed.she hit his leg. So he got mad and yelled back at her and told her to leave his room and dont com back.the hole er dept was rude to him. He is handicapped vet and they treat him that way. This is by far the worst hospital I have besides the Va. I will never take any of my family there again. So any one that goes to this hospital er beware

2SelfBTru Call

I was treated with more care from any hospital anywhere I got service that was above what I expected, was everything done right I don't know but I was happy with my stay here. January 31, 2016 to February 5th, 2016

buster B

By far the most despicable hospital this side of Arizona. They are for profit and charge an inflated amount. The emergency room PA's and doc's will conduct unnecessary exams just to boost their profits. The patient advocate employed here are not there for the patient. I could go on but why bother? There's plenty of other horrible experiences posted here. I wonder why Lake Havasu City governing bodies haven't done anything about this? It's a terrifying thought knowing Lake Havasu City has horrible health care. Havasu Regional owns most of the medical facilities in Lake Havasu City. If you can survive the trip, go to Kingman Regional Medical Center. It's a non profit hospital with trained medical staff.

Brent Hepler

Lori and the dr were awesome in the ER, in and out painlessly, nice service.

brad reese

This is a physician-owned, for-profit hospital that wants your money up front before any services are provided and they make this exceedingly clear from the get-go... La Paz Regional in Parker is a better option

David Stevens

I am considering moving to Lake Havasu, and have a health condition that will need to be monitored. I'm looking at your reviews, and although people normally post negative reviews, these were astonishing! Where can I find positive information so that I can make a better and balanced decision?

Stacy Gunnerson

I can’t say enough how truly wonderful this place is. I was VERY impressed with how this place cared for my father in law with his emergency open heart surgery. He was there for almost two weeks on two separate floors and every experience we had was exceptional. From pre-op to surgery to post-op to icu- wonderful staff, great care. I have worked in health care for over 20 years in 4 separate states and this was the best hospitalization experience I have ever had, personally and professionally. The discharging case manager even went to see Dad a week after discharge in the rehab facility across town to make sure he was doing well. Other hospitals really could learn from Havasu Regional!

Ashley Faria

Kind and quick staff usually, never had a bad experience.


Rachael Gladhart

My cousin has stage IV cancer and is not normally treated at havasu regional, however after nausea, vomiting and pain getting worse over the course of 24 hours she went to the emergency room at havasu regional, her care in the ER was great decided to admit her to get her hydrated and comfortable. The night shift nurse Molly was outstanding she gets 5 stars. However once day shift came in it was a while other ballgame. Constantly late with the pain and nausea medication. Her Nurse Ann G. Was rude. At one point a half an hour aftwr her medicine was due and never came we pushed the call light every 10 minutes for over 40 minutes and never saw a nurse, they ke0tbsayingbsomeone is in their way, meanwhile my cousin is vomiting and hurting and crying from the pain. I work in Healthcare and I understand things can get crazy but when 4 or 5 people are sitting at a nurses station doing nothing and you have a patient crying asking for her nurse maybe just maybe you should get off your butt and do something.

Michael Duran

DOCTORS BEWARE! I've worked at this little hospital in the anesthesia department on two separate occasions, and in my opinion the place was an ongoing mess. I'll review for prospective staff, and patients. Docs: The administration of this hospital hates you. I mean, more than the average hospital admin. They really hate you, and they want to see you fail, or at least control you and keep you under their collective thumb. Thereby destroying you. It's not just "the changing face of medicine," either, its that the individuals in the admin have serious personal power problems. No, it's not just my perception. I still clearly remember a staff meeting I went to, the morale was terrible and everyone was at one another's throats the entire meeting. I asked a couple people at my table if the vibe was always this bad, and apparently it is typical. Part of the problem is, their CEO's are rotating, typically lasting for 2-3 years before moving on. One I met was an alcoholic, the other one (I think the current one) is a grandstanding nincompoop with zero medical anything. The chief of medical staff is a physician, but a sell-out who notoriously treats physicians poorly. As a doc you will have no friends in the Havasu admin. As far as the Anesthesia department goes.. Well it is no better with Sheridan than it was with Apollo, despite the schtick you'll hear on interview. At the time I left, the anesthesiologists themselves were a pretty mixed bag of very inexperienced folk and a couple good ones. Patients: The hospital has a pretty bad reputation for internal medicine and related subspecialties, though I can't comment on that. If you are having surgery here, the surgeons here are actually pretty good. This isn't something most anesthesiologists admit very easily, but they really are an excellent group of docs overall. There are two bad players (though I can't say who they are) but by and large surgical skill is surprisingly good for such a small, out of the way place like this. Your anesthesiologist probably won't kill you. The head of nursing has a personality disorder, but most people make it off of the post-op nursing floors alive. I guess the takeaway is, if you are visiting town and you break your ankle you'll be good. If you're a doc looking for a job and have other options, move on.

Tyler Hinkle

My son Tyler was brought to the ER by ambulance after our drive in to my mom's from CA. He had been to Disneyland that day and had been in distress after riding space mountain. The level of care he got was great, they checked him for everything. However, the bed side manor of one nurse was ridiculous and even suggested our safety was in danger at home. My son has autism and scizoaffective disorder. He is 15 with a mindset of a 5 year old. He was given a B 52 shot so he was out of it. The last thing my son had done prior to this nurse coming in to get him ready for release was a catheter for a urine draw. She came in to wake him up she we aggressively trying to get his IV out with her hands in front of his face. I tried to tell her she being too aggressive, had he woken, with what he last endured, he could have bitten her. It had nothing to do with how he behaves on a normal basis, but everything to do with his frame of mind after having had these things done to him and having had a strong concoction of drugs in his system. He wanted to sleep. She wanted to aggressively get him ready for release. All his life I've refrained from certain medications. Never giving him anything too strong. He's never experienced a B52 before and had I known that's what they were giving him, I never would've agreed. Especially had I known they would send him home in a vegetative state.

Renate Rivera

hospital uses doctor/surgeons that are not covered by there insurance company leaving patients with huge surgeon charges

Joy Day

Incredibly positive experience! Everyone pleasant, professional and compassionate. Late Sat night but was able to get CT scan which was read by oncall Radiologist and discover fracture of sacrum which had gone undiagnosed after previous visit to Urgent Care in Cottonwood 10 days prior. Even though they were busy I was examined by Doc less than 10 min after arrival! Entire visit less than 2 hrs, compared to 5 hrs for ER when I lived in San Diego. Husband had cardiac catheterization some months ago, and it also exceeded our expectations.

Candace Cymerman

Nina Heath

Had a colonoscopy in 1995 in Texas, worse experience of my life. Refused to ever do another! Moved to Havasu & Dr. Powers convienced me that Dr Zilerman & the Havasu Regional Medical Center Staff would put me out during the procedure & I would not feel a thing and not be stressed like the prior experience. My doctor and the medical staff were very professional, friendly,answered all questions, and very timely. I was in & out! My thanks to the nursing staff!!

Heather Presley

I went into the ER on November 23rd for chest pain. The Dr. was great and so was the staff, however not even a week after I was in the ER I got a call to negotiate my bill that I had not yet received. And to date have not received my bill. I called to attempt to make payment arrangements only to be told by Billie (SP) I need to have a down payment . I explained I could pay $150.00 a month but that was not good enough. I called again last week trying to make sure they had my updated address but I have gotten no call back. The one thing I will say that is VERY alarming to me. I came to the ER room with an EKG in hand and they did another EKG while I was there. The Urgent Care EKG cost $75.00 the ER EKG was over $600.00.


Hospital never sent me a bill then went to collections! B.S.

Sean Pughes

Drive anywhere else - even if dying.

Andrew Armstrong

My father had surgery for gallbladder here. They took really good care of him.

Lisa Marchbank

Kept my mother alive but didn't treat her. They did lots of blood tests and gave no results from them, no discussion whether good or bad! Did an echocardiogram, when we asked the cardiologist about the results, he said he didnt know, but if there was something wrong he was sure someone would inform him. WTF? Signed a release of information so her records from her heart surgery could be requested, doctors kept asking my mom exactly what was done.....uhhhh....probably best to ask the doctor instead of a medicated person in atrial fibrillation!! Had to clean out the shower of trash so it could be used! On a positive note....the ER staff were wonderful, although it did take a while to get moved to an open bed after admission.

chip wad

This place is SAD & Money Hungry... God Bless all the people who walked in here looking for the quality help that You was expecting... I pd.these people at the window cash leaving the hospital for a flu swab ,xray,& I can't do nothing for you for $1500 then, Gf received a flu swab ,no xray charged$350 ... PAID In CASH walked out wk.later A collection agency was calling for $500 more... C'mon you gotta be kidding me!!! Lake Havasu You had us there & we questions, just take care of us & have a Great life,but you got greedy & charged an xtra $500. How ridiculous are you?


Gabriel Howard

Avoid this place if you can.

Jena Thompson

I know nothing of the bad experiences. I was treated in appropriate Triage time. They were packed to the halls and worked diligently to keep us all warm and content while awaiting doctors.

Paula Federico

I have always received quality care by the nurses and medical staff at this hospital. Last year I experienced a subaracnoid hemorrhage while caring for my disabled son. The on call nurse recognized my symptoms and rushed me to the ER where they diagnosed and treated me , and air lifted me to Vegas. They literally saved my life.

Melissa Lemon

I felt very disturbed by the way they treated me they are very discriminative

Long White Mane

DANGER!!! DO NOT USE THIS HOSPITAL!!! DO NOT LEAVE YOUR LOVED ONES ALONE IN THE CARE OF THIS HOSPITAL! I had open heart surgery on June 6, 2019. After 3 days the day nursing staff could not be bothered to care for me. I was supposed to be up out of bed with their help. So I tried to help myself and got in trouble. Only because if I fell the just walked into discharge me, AND I STILL HAVE THE IV IN MY COROTID ARTERY! So if you can't be bothered to advacate for your loved one, this is a good place to leave them to bad care.

Barb M.

They respond to negative reviews with "call us to discuss" but then never return your calls. I wouldn't trust the surgeon who did my partial hip replacement again as far as I could throw him. You'd better do your own due diligence before coming here for help, because they will tell you nothing, and make serious decisions for you, not in your best interests (apparently that isn't even a factor in their decision-making) for which you will suffer.

Juan Castro

Tammy Bennett

Everybody at the medical center was absolutely awesome. They were friendly, courteous and the care was great. Thank you Lake Havasu Medical Center!

Sara Brock

Bad hospital. Don't go unless you are dieing. They won't prescribe opiates even if you need them, are in severe pain and have no drug history. Didn't help me at all and got a thousand dollar bill after insurance. My doctor was the one that correctly diagnosed me a week later. Then the bill comes and their collection department started harassing me not even a week later when I already paid previous bills with them in full and on time. Felt like the collection department was treating me like white looser trash.

Tom Rioux

Debbie Hill

Went for fluids after having the flu for days. Forced a cat scan on me by having several people hold me down and knocking me out. I would never go there again!

SnD productions

No use trying to get anything fine done

Irene Espy

Worst hospital i’ve ever been to here in the US

Mike mcgregor

Came in for 1 test and was held hostage

Carrie Hepler

My nurse Lori and the attending physician in the emergency department. were both very efficient and caring. I did not have to wait long at all. Quality care I am very pleased with the care I received.


I went to the ER back in early Oct of 2017. I am still fighting the correct billing. As others have said, this is a FOR PROFIT hospital and yes, they decided to order a CT scan of abdomen unnecessarily to the complaints I was there for. With 5 different blood tests (which I still question some of those blood charges for the complaints), the chest XRay, the LE doppler and the EKG, I would think that would of have been enough. No, it was the one time that year they were updating their EMR system and upgrading their internet server and it was shutting down 40 minutes after I was taken in the back. Guess how many places they tried to take me in that hospital to get additional tests done? Yes....... ding, ding, ding....... A CT scan. A 7600.00 CT scan???!!! I have been trying to correct this for months. They charged my insurance company way too much money in which left me with a large bill after my co-insurances etc. The billing was inappropriate and I fought that CT scan to find out there was never a doctor's order for it..... OR, was it because when I wrote a letter of dispute to this unnecessary test, I was ignored until I kept calling and calling to speak to someone regarding my letter and dispute? I was acknowledge for this mistake as being told there was no doctor's order, however, the real reason was that the darn test was unnecessary and fraudulent. When talking to Billie whom does not care, or maybe is incompetent in her job, kept calling me by another name on the phone as if she was mixing up cases. How professional is that? Finally, that part was done, but the billing comes from some other outsourced company that obviously has not been communicated the correct billing. After many many calls someone refiled the claim with my insurance company 7600.00 less. Now, I am dealing with denials because it looks like Havasu Regional is double billing and that the other case that was paid has not been deleted, money has not been returned to my insurance company for the incorrect billing for that matter and any return or correction to my 2000.00 dollars I have paid out of my pocket thus far. Here the irony. This is the only hospital here. Do you think you would take care of your own? Or, is is because there is no other place close by that you don't care whom gets hurt financially or with less than adequate care. I could not at the time say anything negative about the staff and how much they were "on top" of things and seemed to care, be efficient and the staff I had caring................. OR... was the efficiency, urgency and positivity a ploy to get in as many tests as possible prior to the system shutting down. I may tend to think the latter because of my experience and the other reviews I am reading.

Nancy Rothman

My brother was there. One nurse lied to me to my face about his personal belongings and I later located the items at the hospital and then they mysteriously lost all of his clothes and they were not transported to the rehab center. Getting the run around.

Anakin Yager



Careless and underpaid staff.

Kayla Stutler

Pathetic hospital. Took my 2yr old in for a fall and suspected broken arm. The physician had her move her hand and fingers, then squeezed her arm a little while proclaiming "there is no way she broke it. She would be freaking out right now." She said ow and pulled back from him touching her. He said an xray wouldn be needlessly exposing her to radiation. We left with a huge bill and I was still suspicious but went with the doctor. A week later she is still babying the arm and saying ow when touched. Take her to the pcp, orders an xray (wow! a competent physician!) and the radiologist was kind enough to pull me into the reading room and show me her fractures. BOTH her radius and ulna had a big break straight across them. It had been 11 days since her fall and the ER visit. The radiologist was shocked she hadn't dislocated the fractures in that time. Of course the official report wouldn't be sent to the PCP for another week and I cant have the ortho see her without a pcp referral. Ended up using a credit card and paying cash so my little girl could get the care she needed. Had that idiot in the ER assessed her and had peds knowledge he would have done the xray, seen the substantial break and we would have had our referral through the ER and my toddler wouldn't have had to risk permanent deformity to her arm. Thank goodness I listened to my peds RN instinct and made up a makeshift splint to help stabilize/protect the arm Like most toddlers she is rambunctious and could have easily dislocated that break playing around. Complete incompetence. They dont give a hoot about their nurses or staff. Unsafe ratios, overworked and underpaid staff. They dont seem to care about anything but money. There is a reason they are staffed with traveling nurses and new grads...nobody else will work there! They have to offer up huge sign on bonuses just to lure them in even. Couldn't pay me enough to work in that toxic place.

Jimmie Harris

I checked into ER having had severe head pain from Trigemnal Nerualgia, I was taken to room for vital signs returned to waiting room ..After 1 1/2 hours left to go home , not caring attitude. My wife later had to go to Urgent care not run by the hospital and got immediate attention. Will go there next time if need to be seen by a physician of PA.

Mighty Mobile Power Washing

Private owned & Terrible.....They need to leave town! Careless and they let old grumpy volunteers run the place.. Terrible ER service!!! Ridiculous wait times..Terrible attitudes.... They act like it's a Cali. Hospital while they sit around chit chatting with a full emergency room. I could have drove my wife an hour away to an out of town hospital, been seen and helped and half way home, before you even saw my pregnant wife.. PITIFUL

Cara Nelson

My 14 month old daughter (former 26 weeker) had a first time seizure last week, which caused her to stop breathing. Her oxygen dropped so low she was blue and unresponsive. Once we got to the ER it took the doctor 2 HOURS to come see her for the first time. And an additional 2 hours to tell us he was transferring her to Phoenix, which he said he knew would happen the second we walked in..... so why did it take 4 HOURS to start that process?!? He also debated sending her by helicopter!! Then it took an additional 1.5 hours to get transportation arranged (yet the medics said they received the call 20min prior to getting to the hospital to pick us up-they were awesome). I am so thankful both my husband and I are well trained ER nurses ourselves and know better (we live out of state). In addition: they never got an accurate weight on her when we arrived (very important if she had needed rescue seizure meds), she wasnt on monitors while we waited, they didn’t have oxygen set up correctly in the rooms, no suction set up, lights didn’t work, things were falling apart, tests were done incorrectly, they left your room doors open and there was no patient privacy. They need to spend a lot of time training their medical staff, and put a lot of money into their hospital. I will never go here again, unless there’s no chance of making it to kingman, even by ambulance. As a medical professional this is a very scary place to take your loved ones.

Barb Short

Attention travel nurses, you will work as a CNA and sitter. And expect to be cancelled fairly often, no guaranteed hours.

Steve Garsha

I was very impressed with the ER. Staff and facilities. I am from the big city of LA. I have server Lupus and had a bad reaction to my medication and the Sun. The ER Doctor Michele Preston was very fast and smart on figuring the problem out. I have been to the best Hospital's in LA. UCLA , USC, and others. This Hospital is right up there with them! Thank You Havasu Regional Hospital for all your help when needed in a emrgency.. Sincerely Steven Garsha

Dirty Details

Never have been to a place that refuses to do their job more than this place. Unfriendly. Uncaring. Treat you as a burden when this is what they get paid to do. Enter at your own risk ☠️

Brandi Scott

Pathetic staff. Takes too long. My mother sat with an empty IV bag for an hour.. Still sitting waiting for these lazy workers to come get it. All of them sitting there on their phones.

Kelly Hansen

Great staff! Over all great experience with Nurses, Nurse attendants, Dr. Hade, Dr. Aquino, Surgeons Dr. Sias and Dr. Rizzo. I will never recommend for surgeon Dr. Chris Salvino for any of my family or friends. I will take Anyone else! Sent home my husband still in a toxic medical situation. Regular Primary saw Care Dr him after release in office and sent him back to for hospital for probable emergency surgery. Er needs to communicate sort term and long term plans better. Waited in ER for pending surgery after CT found it necessary, found out after 5 hours and being moved to a patient surgery waiting room, that surgery had been scheduled for the next day. Er was supposed to have informed us. Just not enough staff to go around. If you want the best care have someone stay with you, the nurses Don't always get the messages you need something. Sometimes have to flag them down. Rooms in the 350 's better communication then 300's great care when they finally do get the message! Kind, caring and knowledgeable!!

kara call

I had a culture done, normally at other labs I pay $25.00 for this EXACT same service, here my portion was over $300.


Lexington Wells

i had a split chin. when i was taken back i was not assigned to a room, i wasnt asked any of the routine questions, my weight, height were not taken. i was put on a gurney in the hallway where my chin was glued shut, mind you, the glue didnt last 24 hours. I was charged for a room an office visit and much more. I am not only appauled at their treatment but also the ridiculous bill i was sent.

Toni Ast

Went in for X-rays. Normally when I get doctor ordered tests, I check in, get them done with no up front pymt and if they need to charge me more afterwards I’ll get a bill for $20. Not the case at this hospital. First they checked me in and charged me $93. Okaayyy, different but okay. Then I get a secondary bill for $163 and some change.i have never ever had to pay that much for X-rays. I’d heard this place is notorious for overcharging. Thinking of calling my insurance company and asking them to investigate.

Veronica Rodriguez

Kathy Lane

The rooms are so dirty I couldn't believe it. My shoes were sticking to the floor. There was food or blood splattered on the walls. The sink looked like someone threw up in it. I have never seen a hospital this dirty.

Jerry Beacom

This is quite possibly the finest hospital I have ever visited. Every single employee there was outwardly friendly and the nurses were the most responsive I have ever seen.

Andrew Menke

Never go here for an Emergency Service Experience. Their billing is outrageous even when compared to other medical centers. This hospital is significantly more expense than others and they do not show you any billing prior to the visit.

Mary Monia

I am an old volunteer & I love my job. Sorry you didn't meet me.

Duane Blackburn

Great place for breakfast! Open to the public! They can make anything you want from the grill. Good food with very affordable prices. Open Monday through Friday. They also serve lunch until 1pm

Patrice Handsaker

My mom is currently there and I live in another state I have called numerous times to get an update and NO ONE calls me back. When I finally get a person on the phone after several calls and ask questions I dont get straight answers or told to ask my mom (who is not able to answer them)

crystal Davis

Sonia Koop

UPDATE TO MY BELOW REVIEW: I"ve tried to get my billed paid from my ER visiit and hospital stay (July 2016) for over a year! I gave them my contact info when I was admitted as well as my insurance info.. When I didn't receive a bill I contacted the hospital, was told I didn''t owe anything. ....Ummm I believe I do so if you do not want me to pay, please send me a letter stating I owe nothing. I received a letter stating I owed nothing. I then received a bill from a NPAS Inc from Kentucky in Nov 2016. I sent them a copy of my insurance card, a copy of the letter stating I owed nothing, my cell phone number, etc if they had questions contact me but please submit to my insurance company. Two months later I finally get a bill form Havasu Reg, so who is this NPAS company trying to collect money from me?? I gave them the same complete packet of information as well as a copy of the NPAS invoice. I was in close contact with my insurance company, going online watching if my hospital bills got paid and had to fight to get the individual doctors and servcies paid because insurance seen it as if they don't owe the hospital why should they pay their doctors, xrays, CT Scans, etc. So the only one holding up the process was Havasu Regional. Apparently they refused to not give my insurance company the form back or any statement as to why they were outside the billing alotment time. Legally my insurance has informed me I do not have to pay, I've done all I can and so have they. I however continue with trying to pay them. Makes me a bit crazy I guess. I've managed to get all the other doctors & services paid just not the hospital itself. I went in to the hospital and tried in person last week to get this resolved. Spoke with Billie she acted pretty much like those who admitted me, don't care to help you and apparently she does not do her job. She has not called me with an update which she said she would. I try calling there and the number below my review they gave me for the Director of Patient Experience is the outpatient scheduling department!!! They transferred me to Daisy's cell phone, she gave me the main hospital line, told to ask for Julie. Julie doesn't answer so left yet another message at this hospital. I believe now, there's no way they are this incompetent, I am no understanding they are ignoring helping me pay them because of my bad review. WARNING!!! IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO HAVE A NIGHTMARE EXPERIENCE BOTH DEALING WITH ADMITTING OR PAYING YOUR BILL WITH INSURANCE AVOID THIS HOSPITAL AT ALL COSTS!!! I'm going to do 2 reviews since its crucial the overly rude, horrible, unprofessionals working ER admittance & the female working Triage counter do not represent the rest of the staff. These 3 females need to be removed from not only this hospital but banned from the medical profession all together. I was brought to the ER one July 3rd around 2pm with a broken back. I begged them to please give me something hard like a clipboard to place behind my back because any curved movement was excruciating. They said they didn't have clipboards, even though they handed me one when they wanted my info so they made sure the hospital got paid!! The triage female was overly rude to me, went out of her way to punish me for arguing with them that I saw a clipboard can I have it back. I said if you won't give me backboard would she at least help me sit in the chair which looked stiffer. She said no! I was so delirious with pain whatever her rude comments were I started to blackout and can't recall.something about she doesn't know me and she was working a holiday so I can't expect her to help everyone with any little problem. I am going to ask various family members in medical profession how to make a formal complaint with the medical licensing etc. I do not want another severely injured person to have to beg for help in the ER ever again!!! If they hate the injured and have zero compassion then they shouldn't be in the medical profession!!! Shame on you for treating people this horribly!


"Abandon hope all ye who enter" should be etched on the outside of this place. The staff is the most indifferent and callow out there. Of course there are a few exemptions but by and large I believe the staff reflects the attitudes of the corporate animals who are responsible for this place. They obviously do not staff the hospital adequately as they seek to maximize their profit for the own selfishness. In severe pain and having to wait 90 minutes for a scheduled pain shot should not be tolerated. Dirty patient rooms, slow draining patient sinks, stained sheets and antiquated beds are the norm here. Personnel who do not know how to operated the equipment and are there supposedly for your care and welfare. It is hard to distinguish the doctors from the janitors at this place as they all dress in scrubs and do not introduce themselves or even acknowledge your existence when entering your room. They order unnecessary test that are ancillary to your condition just to pad their bank accounts. Lake Havasu City and mankind deserves better than this place.

Shawn Bowman

From the moment I walked in the door for my surgery, until I left six days later, every employee (including house keeping) treated me like they were happy to see me and took all the time necessary to answer my questions and kept me as comfortable as possible.

Kate parsons

Really terrible bed side manor

Julie S

Just had a knee replacement here! Great staff, great care and great surgeon!! Highly recommend!!

Chad abdel

Less than one star terrible hospital

The B Team

One visit here with labs and hydration costs me $3k with insurance. I was charged over $1500.00 in labs alone. I went to Kingman ER for two separate visits recently. I had a procedure done, labs, hydrations, 2 visits, etc and grand total was under $1k. It is disgusting how a hospital can charge these kind of prices. Kingman is a better hospital period. I would rather drive to Kingman or life flight me out to Vegas before going to HRMC. P.S. I have called and didnt get help. You guys won't budge a penny on one charge! I also will not fall for the the "multiple" payment plans because you do not have them.

Lisa Schick

My grandpa was there on Sunday for a Roto Root by Dr. K! I think Dr. K and his assistant Doug are the best! I totally recommend Dr. K, please pass this message to them both. I wish we had a good doctor like Dr. K in Seattle, Washington. :) Lisa Schick, Seattle, WA.

Sara Withers

Absolutely awful hospital!! My son is 11 months old and i took him in because he was throwing up for 3 days not able to keep anything down, even pedialite and hadn’t had a wet diaper in over 24 hours!! Dr Smith came in i told him everything he wanted to see if there was blood in his stool and asked if he could check i said yes he stuck his whole pinky up my sons butt!! I was absolutely appalled. They gave him a popsicle to see if he would keep it down and he threw up the whole thing right in front of the nurse. They said nothing was wrong and he had a virus and it would take 7-10 days to go away. I would never recommend this hospital which is very unfortunate because there isnt another one close and we will be there often as my dad is currently building a house there.

cody s

Worst hospital experience. They had no clue what they were doing. Kept us there for multiple hours and ran multiple un needed test just so they could charge us more money. Then tell us they have no clue what is wrong and sent us to vegas. All the time my 4 yr old is screaming in pain. Vegas knew what the issue was in no time with just one xray We are still getting bills for who knows what. Its great how many diffrent ways they can find to charge you for absolutely doing nothing Oh and the urine sample left on the counter the entire time we were there was a bonus

Monique Gonzalez

I still havent recieved my babys foot prints in the mail... Its been two weeks.

Ms billie

Heather Bree

No help for my little niece that has a 104.4 fever. Extremely short & uncaring. Leaving to take her to Phoenix where they won't be so rude & they'll actually help!

Thomas benson

My wife went into the er and asked if you took medicare. No body could answer the question. She turned around and left. A smart move. we will only go there if we cant get to kingman fast enough. That is one point I make to any of our friends who wish to move here. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE

Eric Farmer

I know there has been a bunch of negative reviews on this hospital but I can only go off what I have seen personally! I went in for full hip replacement surgery on Feb. 25, 2019 all I can say is WOW what a fantastic job the doctors and nursing staff did. A special thanks to the four nurses that waited on my hand and foot, Sam, Sarah, Elizabeth and Amanda. My room was kept very clean, any time a little bit of trash appeared it magically disappeared within minutes. The bathroom was cleaned after every time I had used it thanks to my horrible aiming! Even the meals were alright considering I did not have a huge appetite. Any time I needed assistance the nurses were very prompt to show up they really took very good care of me and it showed in their great attitudes. Huge shout out to my surgeon Mr. Doctor Heiner who did an amazing job on my full hip replacement, not only did he do such a Great job I was walking without the walker using a cane on my fourth day of recovery, also thanks to David at Pro-Therapy!

Patti Ingram

UPDATE TO THIS POST BELOW: If I could give 0 stars, I would have... On Tuesday 1/8/2019 my 83 year old mother was brought to the ER by ambulance after falling. After 9 1/2 hours of waiting on a gurney in the hall she was released with 4 broken ribs. It took almost 2 hours for the doctor to come back and talk with her after her x-rays. Her own doctor, Dr. Powers, said were horrible x rays, very blurry! If they need more staff at this hospital, they should hire them! I would highly suggest to anyone that if you can make it to Kingman, GO! I know that's where we'll take my mom if there ever is a next time. I'm sure she will get billed for way more than the care she received

Laric Lehmann

In an emergency it's the closest option in Havasu...that being said, keep in mind that it is a FOR PROFIT hospital - they will try to add diagnostics and other ways to 'pad' your bill. 1 emergency visit (without insurance at the time) for a kidney stone cost us $14,000.

Julia Dibs

1/10 would not recommend. My friend just broke her ankle and had to stay overnight, and the staff was basically unresponsive. Everytime she buzzed it took 267394 hours for someone to respond to her, and the pain meds they gave her worked for about fifteen minutes and they would not give her stronger meds, seeing as her bone was literally sticking out of her her ankle...not to mention they lost her xrays as well.. anywho, if you break your ankle when a golf cart falls on you I do not recommed attending this hospital.

Jamie Sturm Beaudoin

They took great care of me and knew what I needed for other factors of my care without my input, that made me realize how knowledgeable they were.

Brigitte Zeilinger

My worst nightmare became reality; Ten days in a new town, and have to take my husband to ER! I knew about the bad ratings of the local hospital, I panicked! Well, we were in for a big surprise. This is one big THANK YOU to everyone who has been taking such excellent care of us. The efficiency of the ER and hospital was almost frightening and I have had my share of situations like this in different states. Hats off to you! Everyone knows what they are doing and they do it very, very well. This experience has such a positive effect on us. We found a hospital where EVERY employee cares. Brian and Brigitte Zeilnger

Shannon Martin

About a year ago, a doctor at this hospital saved my daughter's life. Thank God that doctor checked his gut a ran one more test. But, this hospital does have some issues. I told my daughter who was begging for food and water, that she couldn't have anything because she might need surgery and some ass who walked the room and knew nothing about what was going on, opened a cps case against me for telling my kid what the doctor said. Since my daughter was deadly sick she was transferred to las Vegas children's hospital for a month and when I got home after 28 days in the hospital with her I had our towns sheriff at my door, accusing me of not getting my daughter to the hospital quick enough with a ruptured appendix. Our sheriff had the case closed within days of us getting back from the hospital but that hospital was wrong to have someone who walked by a room and didn't know the situation.

Deb S

Don't get mammograms at this facility! You will be told this facility is in network and your mammo will be read by a Dr who takes your insurance. They will then send your mammo to be read by a radiologist who does NOT take your insurance just so they can bill you for the money not paid by your insurance. Billing dept. will tell you that you just have to pay it and they don't have any control over who reads it. This is a Dr owned Hospital. Worst facility I have ever had to deal with and I have worked in healthcare for 25 years!


May K'm

Anonymous Reviewer

Melissa Capone

Went in with severe paindue to Gastroparesis. Took blood work said I was fine. Refused to call my regular Dr that treats me. I'm from California visiting my mom. I told them what is usually done when I have an episode. They didn't listen just shipped me out after about 20 minutes. I'm in such severe pain and nautious. But they didn't listen so now I'm suffering all they had to do was listen To me or call my Dr...No care.

Kim Longfield

I received highly competent care at the outpatient chemotherapy infusion Center, but was aghast when I received my insurance bill. Havasu had billed my Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance $42,000 for a one hour procedure. Whereas I have been billed $15,000 and $12,000 for identical infusions in Minnesota. So, I did some research and the average national cost is $12,000. Makes me question the motives of the Doctor's who own this facility. Are they getting rich off of Cancer Patients? Disgusting!

Jolene Marie

They don't answer their phones. My service was supposed to be 100% covered by my insurance but because they offered something that wasn't and didn't inform me i was charged additional funds and they never sent me a bill so 10 months later they have a collection person calling!!! If you can give ppl my number WHY didnt anyone call to let me know of the additional charge!?!?!? Poor services I'll go to Kingman from now on.

Mitchell Williams

A few days ago I left a one-star review for this Hospital but I was extremely angry at the time and I was angry at one person. So I am editing my review and giving it three stars because regardless of some of the employees horrible attitudes that shouldn't take away from the amazing attitude and work ethic of the doctors and the nurses that actually like their job and show it. Tracy - Nurse and Megan Wiese - doctor stand out among the rest and are a big part of why I change this review.

Richard Ocampo

I went here on 10/25/18 to find out what was wrong with me my cheat was hurting, throwing up, knee was hurting all they did was X-ray my chest and didn’t find anything and all they did for my knee was feel it no X-ray and the receptionist at the front wanted my fiancé to shut up my 1 yr daughter and they could’ go in the back with me. I would rather go to valley view before here again. My fiancé was in the waiting room she witnessed where one person asked for a wheelchair because someone was pregnant and another one was probably having a heart attack and another that was coughing and could barely walk and no one would bring these people wheelchairs.

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