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Emerick Wilson

Tim Kelly

Mario YungBlood

I had surgery there in Aug, it seem "promising" After the surgery the Head Nurse was there, I would ask for doctor she would say yes, but would just sit there? She wouldn't get up??? I ask again she would yes again but she wouldn't move!?? She look at me smiling, the third time i ask this time can you get up? & look for the doctor that perform surgery? She said yes but why??? Omg i remember that day vividly. A month went by still in pain. Two months pain along with headaches and my ear popin, by the end of 2nd month it happen i hear a pop! I knew i was going see doc. In early Oct. They call to reschedule i tell person on line about my ear waiting 4 a call back a few weeks l8r they call again telling me all appointments cancel due 2 bill )': i try telling about my ear I mean you guys did this to me )': now i Hear my pulse clear thump thump thump it sounds like a baby puppy, or a bed squeaking and wind. It keeps me up at Night somethimes all night!!! I have to be tired like really tired to sleep. I tried going to People for help like sueing them nobody help me, they all say you sign it. They probably help a lot families AMEN for that. But this is my story to me they dont deserve a STAR not even half a star.

Belle Starr

I was mis-diagnosed on August 2 at the ER, by Dr. Nicolaus Hawbaker, discharged with anxiety and headache (though I told Hawbaker other symptoms) and went home to suffer a near-fatal low sodium episode that left me unconscious on the floor for a day, broke three ribs and caused a stroke. EMT's took me to FMC where I was finally treated and hospitalized for five days. Hawbaker did not order the correct blood work, despite there being evidence in the FMC records of a previous hyponatramia (low sodium) episode six years earlier. His negligence resulted in weeks of convalescence, high medical bills and the permanent reality of the stroke.

Paul Lee

My girlfriend went in to ER due to extreme near-crippling pain and we were forced to wait in the lobby for 3 hours. In the lobby, there were some obnoxious kids making noise and running around and no staff-member came out to tell the family to quiet down. Once in the ER, we waiting for two hours to be seen by a doctor who tried to convince us that my girlfriend's pain located near her uterus was probably due to an STD even after a nurse found blood in her urine which was usually associated with kidney stones. By the end of our terribly epic and awful experience, they indeed did diagnose her with kidney stones and told her all she could do was take pain meds and pass the stone(s), This was the worst service we've ever gotten at a hospital. Thankfully, we're moving to Tucson where there's more options for healthcare.

Tom Lambo

The worst experience I ever had !!! The doc was fast but he could not give me meds because I was driving , he need to get me a prescription for Pain meds . As of now I'm waiting for one hour and still no prescription . I'm in excruciating pain and when I'm done the pharmacy is closed , whitch mean no Pain release . So no help at all .

julie Dubiach

It was the worse ever! The emergency doctor had no compassion and I am still emotional about the the way he treated me! If he reads this I hope he gets out of the emergency room and finds something else to do! Very upset!


They charged me 5000 dollars in medical expenses which are false. These people are horrible treated me like an illegal immigrant. Beware

Hank Mallery

The hospital in Flagstaff offers excellent services from emergency and trauma care to surgical services. They have a team of more than 3,000 doctors, nurses and other experts. They are committed to meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of patients and generally deliver. They are dedicated to community health solutions in Flagstaff and throughout Northern Arizona. They have free handicap parking and accessibility throughout the hospital.

sly fx

It's probably healthier for you to just drive the 2 hours to Phoenix.

Lydia Paar

I have a friend with very serious epilepsy: she's been to FMC many times because she is a student here and doesn't have the option to move from Flagstaff. She's been worried many times about her treatment here, and the last time she needed to go in, after having seizures all day and throwing up on herself, the folks who checked her in just didn't seem to believe how many she'd had and asked how she knew how many if she was having seizures ("how could she count them? Did anyone else witness them?"). Some of the staff were kind and patient and put us at ease, and this was great, but my friend's heart rate kept dropping below 45bpm and they just turned off the volume on the machine. They took about an hour to get her the IV drip and anti-convulsive med (ultimately unsure or not whether it contained lactose, an ingredient my friend is allergic to) after 4 more seizures, said they would call her normal neurologist to consult and then...didn't, and after being asked twice, never brought the previously prescribed med for the back pain she has from seizing down a flight of stairs previously (we didn't have time to stop for her pills en route to the hospital). I'm appalled. This is a person who needs real, knowledgeable help, not a brush-off or lackadaisical, guesswork treatment. I am considering filing a lawsuit.

Anne Alexander

I just went through a grueling month of calls to the Pt. Financial Services trying to find out why I was being charged for services 2 years ago... 2 yrs after my surgery. No one in the Collection Dept. could give me any explanation..just kept insisting that I pay the bill. I made no less than 6 different calls plus callling medicare and my insurance company to try and understand what the charges were for. The people in the Financial Dept. just kept insisting that I pay the bill but could not tell me what the charges were for. I finally was connected to the Business center and it was explained immediately for the charges were for. Just want to tell people out there that might owe money to this hospital, question the charges and ask for explanation of charges, no matter how many phone calls you have to make. Will think a long time before I decide to have surgery there again. Anne Alexander

Jay Lauren

The passion the staff shows is second to none. Made me feel like I was important.

Alec Reif

ive been to hospitals ALL OVER THE WORLD. and this is by the far the worst experience I have ever had. Came in with a head injury but the DR insisted to give me and ekg, 5 chest xrays, and a heart echo. Got one CAT scan where the injury actually was. Was discharged bleeding from my elbows, knee, and finger. Was given no referral for a Neurologist even after being told I had a concussion. Instead I was referred to a cardiologist AFTER A HEAD INJURY. The doctors and staff here are utterly incompetent and rude. Do yourself a favor and drive to Winslow and see a doctor with more than half a brain. THIS HOSPITAL IS A JOKE TO THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY.

Charisse Baca

We live in the valley and were there for the NAU graduation. My 2 year old daughter had just spent a week in the hospital due to the flu and one week later started to cry and complain about her privates. She was restless and couldn't sleep and kept reaching for her diaper and saying "owie". Because she had just been so sick, I was worried, so we took her to the ER within hours of this starting. We told the doctor about her symptoms and said "because she doesn't have a fever, I don't think it's a UTI." He wasn't planning on doing a catheter to test her and my husband and I had to request that it be done. She unfortunately isn't potty trained yet. The doctor said he believed it was pinworms. I asked how she would get that and he said from school or daycare. My daughter is in neither, so I didn't believe he was correct. I asked if there was a way to test for it to be sure and he told me that there wasn't any way to test for it. He said he was going to prescribe her an antifungal and it should clear it up. The urinalysis came back positive for a UTI! I was LIVID. He was about to prescribe her something she didn't need for something she didn't have and let her suffer longer with her UTI and pain because he was being lazy and didn't want to do a catheter. I will avoid this ER at all costs next time we are in Flagstaff. Misdiagnosis and laziness. UNACCEPTABLE.

Rayan Alzahrany

Charlene Thompson

I appreciate the AH-BHS Unit staff that assisted me in 10/2014. Thank you.

Maya Verona

Pierre Thompson

Pedro Reyes

it changed my life, I was a patient here and it gave me back my life. truly an experience I will never forget


We came here for Labor and Delivery as an emergency and we were taken care of super quick, the RN was so nice and caring, so was the ultrasound tech, they did an amazing job in taking care of us.

Tommy Nester

Doctors and Emergency Medical Personnel from the Emergency Department too Surgery were caring, polite and made both my wife and myself feel very comfortable. What I saw that bothered me was a not so clean environment. The floor was dirty in my wife's room and after 24 hours the made the bed for the patient that checked out do they could put another person in the bed but no sanitation efforts were made. The mopped that part of the floor but failed to sanatixze the bed rails sink or any places the gormer patient may have touched. Trashcans were over full everywhere you went from room, hallway, restrooms. And waiting roomd. Saw plenty of environmental workers pushing carts but doing nothing. Hand towel, paper towel rolls, dinks, door knobs and areas too numerous to name should constantly be sanitized and sanitation and environmental workers should be supervised. I run a business and insist that the building desks kitchen restrooms hsllesys etc be cleaned.great cafeteria ate all my meals here and the only time I had a not so good meal was a double hamburger. The lettuce waz wilted and the parties were reheated but remained not so hot. Again thanks for all you did for my wife.

Debbie Mcroy

Petra Chavez

Sergio.. we want OLD SCHOOL DANCE ..... and I guarantee u will have a full class ❤️.

Colt Sullivan

I was there today visiting my mom who was flown to this location from Prescott Valley after suffering a mild heart attack. One amazing nurse inparticular that I would like to express my deepest gratitude to is Anika. ( I think thats how you spell her name) in the step down ward of the ICU. Not only is she a student but she does her job like she's been doing it for 20 years. I couldnt have been more impressed with how friendly, courteous, and professional she was. She spent time explaining medications, reviewing notes, asking questions and paid very close attention to her patient. She has a way of making people comfortable no matter what they have just been through. She has an amazing personality and in my opinion is probably born to do her job. The medical field needs nurses like her and I believe any hospital would be honored to have her. From the bottom of my heart thank you so much, you are truly wonderful.

Diana Owens

My granddaughter was in after an accident,the front reception women were rude,in triage area the tall woman doctor. Was matter of fact,short with answers and sarcastic.

Leah Clinton

They lost my glasses.

Susan Reitmeyer

Thank you for getting me better came in by transport from Cottonwood and now I'm doing do much better than you God bless

Andrew Shouse

I've been to the ER and the actual hospital and while the staff has always been kind and helpful the price for medical care is outrageous!

Victoria Tarr

Worst doctor ever was not helpful litterally forgot about my antibiotics and was short and rude I have been here many times have had all of hildren here and this lady ruined it for me ! Worst doctor I have ever met and that's coming from someone who works I. The medical field!!! Sarah is a no go!

Kathy Willoughby

While vacationing, my husband began having chest pain. We stopped at this hospital and within 10 minutes he was in the cath lab. Every staff here was exceptional. We were over a thousand miles from home, but we felt like we were with family. Thanks to all the staff we were once again on our way. Kathy Willoughby Shawnee, Oklahoma.

Trevor Roberson

Great looking page! FMC is really starting to reach out via its social media!

Raquel Vega

Waited 3 hours for my 7 year old to be seen. I understand it gets busy but children should be a priority. I've lived here for 7 years off and on and for fmc being the ONLY hospital up here they sure do suck. I just feel they do the minimum to get you out of their facility

valentina asquini

Antonio Slim

I got bit by sum bug or spider it was relaxed easy going atmosphre

Kandie D

I'm writing about the cafe. GARBAGE the food was terrible! $19 bucks in the trash.

Udo K

Nach einem Motorradunfall musste ich am Knie operiert werden. Sehr guter Service. Toller Operateur . Habe bis jetzt keine Probleme, da die Operation sehr gut ausgeführt worden ist. Sehr gute Organisation im Haus . Rückführung nach Deutschland klappte problemlos. Allerdings furchtbar teuer .... Danke Dr. Cashmore !

Bobby Chin

We are from the SF Bay Area and were visiting our son, a Freshman at Northern Arizona University. My wife experienced a medical emergency this past Thu-10/27, during an evening music performance on campus. Our son was able to get help quickly through the professor who contacted campus police and local EMT. My wife was treated as a potential stroke patient given her symptoms - both the ER and CCU teams at Flagstaff Medical were thorough making sure they covered all the bases to help her recover as quickly as possible from this event. She was released on Sat-10/29, allowing us to fly back home this past Sunday. We just got a call from the hospital this morning, Tue-11/01, to make sure my wife's recovery is going well and checking to see that she will have follow-up visits with her primary care physician and neurologist. This was a positive experience for us and we definitely appreciated how professional, friendly and comforting all of the staff were. A special shout out to the ER Nurse - Andy; and to the CCU Nurse - Lyndie for being available to answer all of our questions and being so attentive to my wife.

Paul McDonald

Worst place EVER. Insisted on send my 80 year old mother in law home with a fractured C-6. Continually blamed Medicare, even though I talked to medicare and they said they agreed. All the doctor needed to do is send a referral. Hospital refused to help in anyway. very unorganized. Transferred between case workers because they didn't know who case worker actually was. Never talked to so many rude people in my life. Go elsewhere.

Cristofer Aguirre

The Emergency Room department sucks at helping patience who are in need of help they dont help people who are too intoxicated from bad chemicals they accidently take too much of they just try to keep you alive through pain instead of helping alieviate it they cause more stress too it and prescribe low grade anxiety meds like lorazapam that mess you up and are more intoxicating and less profoundly mind altering when at other hospitals like los alamitos they get you attivan and inject it in you to make you feel better. The behavioral health center is small does not respect people who have religious view that says against taking certain meds and forces them on you for the entire visit. Other places like rehabs that use good nutrition and excercising for detoxing are better or just bigger enviroments are nicer people will feel so couped up some times in that place.


Had all four of my kids here. Our last one was a nightmare, they thought they left a sponge in my wife. They are expensive also, about double the cost as having a child in Phx. Service definitely went down.

Alfio Longo

Brent Richie

My Husband Mark is currently in ICU, I am so pleased by the treatment he is getting. Simply put the best care, and the staff is stellar. I love the ICU staff.

Vitas Zukowski

Despite having been born at FMC, and having seen affiliated primary care physicians throughout my childhood, NAZ Healthcare completely destroyed all copies of my medical records. No copies made and never digitized, so my whole medical history from birth to age 18 was destroyed by their shoddy recordkeeping. I asked if they still had any record of my birth and they were unsure. Staff were unhelpful, condescending, and took over a week to tell me my records were destroyed following my initial request.

David K

Justin Davis

Excellent service and staff.

Deborah Sheehan

It’s a huge bureaucratic mess in which the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. They only care about money

janet McMahan

My husband " Mack" had back surgery on January 30,2019. Five stars to His Surgeon, PA, PT, Dietary , Cleaning People and His wonderful Nursing staff. We are forever grateful for the care you all gave to him.

kalen alyssa

They took good care of my nana but the bad was the nurse took forever to come to the room and my nana had trouble breathing and the nurse told me to hold on but they did take good of her. Unfortunately my nana passed at flagstaff medical center on Nov 12 2015.

Jason Lofthouse

Horrible hospital. They'll kill you before they help. And they employ homophobes.

Larry Martin

VERY friendly staff

Morgan Zack

First and foremost, the medical staff here was incredible to me and did their jobs very well, I literally owe my life to them. However, the billing department is a complete disaster. Over the past two years, they have messed up countlessly and have almost sent multiple bills to collections because of it. Here are the two worst instances I have encountered, I am only listing two because I don't feel like writing an essay on the subject. On one occasion, they entered in my insurance information incorrectly, leading to a bill for over $120,00 nearly being sent to collections due to a simple clerical error on their part and a failure to even look into the matter. I called three times to correct it, they kept insisting that it was my fault or my insurance companies fault, until my insurance company had to step in, they got FMC billing to finally recognize and admit to the mistake and correct the issue. This took over 4 months. On another occasion, they failed to even bill my insurance for a $2,000 bill and insisted that I was not insured and was responsible for the entirety of the bill. I called, informed them of their mistake, once again, and they said they would submit a claim. Then, a week and a half later, I got a final notice in the mail. When I called my insurance, they said they never received a claim from the hospital. After calling FMC back, they realized that they didn't send the claim and said they would now do it. This was 3 months after the hospital visit. If I had not spent as much time and effort as I did to get this office's attention and to get their mistakes corrected, my credit score would likely be in the toilet for the next 5-10 years. As if having to go to the hospital that often wasn't stressful enough, having to do the work of someone in the billing department after I was released made it that much worse.

Josephine Eke

THIS PLACE IS ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. Nobody in ER shows any type of urgency. Took about 20 people back before they took my friend who came in by an ambulance. Don’t waste your time at this place, it’s a joke. If I could give negative stars I would.

Thomas Harrington

I was taken to your facility by ambulance. I was severly dehydrated and suffering from exposer. You treated me gave me a ct diagnoaised with a kidney stone. You set me up for an apppintment to see a Urologost at your hospitl. I told you I was homeless. I asked for help. One of your staff said to sleep outside behind the hospital? You knew I was homeless and had no money. So what you did was to place me back in the same situation I can to your ER for. I did not know where I was at two am. So I waited for my appointment outside for a day and a half. My appointment was for8:00 am Monday morning. I can back to the ER @4:00am because I was shaking hypothermia. The Security Staff refused to let me wait anywhere in the hospital. What they did do was tell me if I came back I would be arrested. Hey I told them your Hospital treated me and I hax an appointment in four hours. Justify your Hospitals Actions......"Do no harm" did not apply did it.

Conor McTapout aka 0-1 aka 0 Title Defenses

Everyone here was very polite. From the front desk to the nurse and the doctor and even the medical biller I spoke to over the phone! The doctor was very knowledgeable and explained to me why I was feeling pain and told me approximately when I would be feeling better (he was right on the mark). This hospital was so much better than the one close to my house I was surpised that a hospital visit could actually be pleasant. Everyone here seemed to actually care for me and the wait was no more than 15 minutes possibly even less than that. The only negative thing was that there were no pharmacies open in the entire city, but that's not the hospitals fault.

Lulu Belle

My dad is in the hospital. I am in Co but hearing of how awesome the care is. It is such a relief knowing he is getting great care.

franklin brandenburg

I was treated very bad by nurse than the doctor told me my pain sounds STD related and wanted to treat me for an STD with out running any test I refused after running test of course it came back negative then the found that my pain was overie related... Never would of thought this after having a wonderful birth experience at this hospital.

Robin Hafey

Amazing professionalism and compassion for the family after a very serious accident! They worked as a Team in the ICU explaining what was happening medically,then helped contact family members and set up a Conference call with her children to.explain the very serious situation. The Security Crew OKed that an RV could stay in the lot as long as needed. This was an exceptional Team that made all the difference for our family at the most tragic time. Thank you ALL for your kindness and support!!

Greg Phillips

I was flown from Lake Powell to Flagstaff. Was treated very well and my injury has been healing well. Their care was exceptional. Much better care than the follow up I received at TOSH in Salt Lake. I would highly recommend them.

April Hartford

Just want to shout out the the kind and caring lady at the Outpatient Service Reception Desk. She is so kind, patient and caring with a lovely smile and warm greeting.


As of January 1, 2019 FMC is required BY LAW to publish the contents of your master price lists — called “chargemasters” — online. I am unable to find them on your website. Please show us a link where these can be found.

Joshua Sayers

I came to fmc Sat night because of severe abdominal pain. I got there at 9, then set in a chair in the emergency room for 3 hrs to draw blood, then still in severe pain taken to ct at midnight. At 3am, after being given morphine and sleeping, Ben, told me I was being discharged and had to leave the hospital. I could barely walk and asked to see a Dr. I was told no, and security escorted me to the parking lot, where 4 security guards watched me and told me to call a cab, and I was told by Ben, my treatment was over and not to call 911, so i walked away only to collapse at Walgreens and call 911. So, I was taken back to ER around 6am, put in the back of the ER with armed security guards. Then I was made to sit in a chair for 3 more hours in severe pain. I asked to see a Dr and was told no, I was not allowed to lay down. Then he gave me more morphine and told me I had 2 leave and I cud barely walk. Then taken out the back of the WE and was told if I don't feel good to sit on a bench. So, I collapsed at Weatherford, and ambulance rushed me to ER, I was made to sit in another chair in the ER waiting room with no medical attention, then taken back to ER only to be moved to the back where the armed security guards were. The nurse refused to put a bandaid on my arm where I got my shot and made the armed security guards get it for me. It was a Nightmare! No one should be treated this way. I had no privacy with armed security guards in my room while any nurse or Dr came 2 see me. I called patient relations and operator begging for help, No one came or helped. I called patient rwlarions, Holly, and her attitude was hospital was justified in their treatment. Patient relations represents the hospital, not patients. NEVER GO HERE!!

Betty Hernandez

gabe wallace

I think this is a valuable medical facility and i had as best an experience as i could have had while going to a hospital. The staff are welcoming and helpful.

Deborah L Smith

My husband and I are very thrilled to say our experiences with Flagstaff Medical Center have always been excellent. We have dealt with this hospital off and on for over 13 years. These past 5 have been moreso. We live just outside of Holbrook and we have traveled up there because they have one of the best facilities and medical staff around. I highly recommend this hospital. Now, the ER is a different story. Last time I was there, it took hours for them to care for me because it is so under-staffed. It only had 1 nurse on duty when I was there and she was being run raggedly. The office staff was not cordial nor sympathetic to my needs. Thank goodness it wasn't crowded that evening. I was there over 4 hours. I can imagine the wait I would have had if it were busy. I highly recommend the hospital but not the ER.

Kaylee anderson

Ridiculously slow. Came at 5am and literally no other patients were in the waiting room to be seen but for whatever reason it took an hour and a half just to get to the medical room. Then waited another hour and half and saw the staff was literally just standing around and gossiping with each other. It wasnt busy whatsoever and it's honestly sad that these people can see someone lying in pain and needing of assistance and they don't want to do their damn job and help.

Curt Swalley

irene tachias

Suzanne Motsinger PT, DPT, CSCS, CWS CERTIFIED WOUND SPECIALIST She is Amazing! With her help and expertise in my 83 year old Mothers care. What a professional Woman & Doctor! In dealing with many doctors during my Mothers care it was Suzanne that was able to get Mothers health back in order when it became problematic. She knew what need to be done regarding Mothers care. With that information I was able to stay on top of things to get my Mother the correct care! My family in forever in you debt Suzanne! Thank you for doing your best! And you did it straightforward and professional. While being humble and making us feel comfortable. You and your team are the perfect example of a GREAT Professional team!!!! Flagstaff hospital, you should be honored to have her..

Aldo Musso

Non finiró mai di ringraziare tutto il personale dottori e infermieri di aver salvato mia moglie (. 2 by pass al cuore) e il trattamento ricevuto .no 5 stelle. Ma. 10stelle Grazie ancora. X Santina

Val Berry

We were so happy with treatment and care! Heading back months later to thank our fantastic nurse, Jesse, and all caregivers there for their patience and the utmost care and consideration.

Chris Appleton

Fabulous. Best hospital is Arizona!

Sweet Pea

I'm going to give surgical services/pre-op area and recovery room 5 Stars as they were great with us and my son who was having surgery. Day shift in the PICU was an amazing experience(on April 24th, 2018) but unfortunately when they left we got stuck with nurses who didn't really seem to care. One of the nurses the next day made us wait an hour for medication my son needed and then made us wait forever it seemed to be discharged. Very disappointed in the house keeping staff, my son had finally fallen asleep and she came in without asking. She flushed the toilet and made all types of noise and this led to my son waking up screaming. We were pissed to say the least however day shift made it up to us by giving us 10$ to spend at the cafeteria which we appreciated. Also, room service was kind of rude too and they were iffy about the food(didn't really want to give us a guest meal), overall our experience was ok and it would have been better if the issues I mentioned hadn't happened.

Dawn Dickey

Dr Regina Hart literally saved my mom's life thank you Dr Hart her grandson are so thankful as is the rest of her family you will be blessed Dr Hart.

Deneane F

The staff was great but the radiology department was super slow! It took over two hours to get a xray and another three to get a CT scan. We would have been in and out had it not been for waiting on them. Instead we got to sit there for eight hours.

Senor Gallagher

I agree with the other reviewers. If you about to die .... at that instant.... you might want to concider going to FMC emergency room. Otherwise drive to PHX or Prescott and concider yosurself lucky to not deal with the incompetent doctors and ridiculous fees. I went in with severe abdominal pain and waited 3 hours to see someone. Upon being brought back I sat in another room for another hour and then was finally seen by the doctor for 2 minutes. No physical exam or anything. They ran about $30 worth of blood tests and then a nurse came in and said.... well are you ready to go home? I insisted on seeing the doc to be checked out and was told to just take antacids and see a gastro doc. I was soon to find out the wait to see a gastro doc was 3 to 6 months. A few months later I got a bill for $1400, a thousand of which was out of pocket. Don't be fooled by the responses to others reviews where they say they are interested in resolving the situation.I went through the whole review process and was told.....yup you either have to pay the full amt or get your credit score dinged. I said...$1400, the doc didn't even do a physical exam. To that they said, "well he said he did one." I responded by saying that we have a bigger problem on our hands if he is documenting things he is not doing. In the end I was bullied into paying the outrageous fees. Like I said.... if you have another option...... urgent care, hospital in a different city, maybe a school nurse then just go see them. Ridiculous fees and bad care. Update: As if they hadn’t wasted enough or my time, I received the response below asking me to contact them to discuss the experience. Hesitantly, I contacted the customer relations department only to be told I needed to talk to someone else and they would be in contact with me. A few days later I received a message from one of the people in the department assuming that I had asked to contact them and not the other way around. Obviously the left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing....even in that department. Complete waste of time as surprise surprise they wouldn’t admit their docs falsified documents about care given nor would they admit that $1400 was a bit overkill for $30 worth or tests and 2 minutes with the doctor. Don’t be fooled by the responses to negative reviews saying they would like to come to an agreement. They like to fake customer relationships and satisfaction, but they have no interest in remedying situations and are simply looking for a quick boost in PR. I stand by everything I said before, and by looking at other reviews of mine you will see that I’m not in the habit of leaving negative reviews.

Jon Goetz

Terrific care for my son who had multiple imaging tests while we were on vaca.

Greta Murphy

I have been both an emergency room patient and inpatient on several occasions. I have also had many tests, x-rays, etc, at the hospital, and have had to go there to get copies of some medical records. In each and every case, I was treated by knowledgeable, pleasant, helpful, and kind professionals at all levels. I've never had to wait an unreasonably period of time for any visit, appointment or otherwise.

Anna Ruppert

The staff was great. Yes we waited, but at home we usually wait 4 to 8 hours to be seen. We were headed out the door in about 3 hours including 10 stitches.

Kathy Williams

I was seen there a week ago they took my ins out of their system and put me as a self pay .Don't go there for medical attention.

Kirk Andersen

as a concussion patient i waited and waited while those that arrived before and after me were treated. not even an ice pack was offered, no followup in waiting room. I left after more than hour and half of waiting room hell. i should have called 911 from waiting room.

Jenny Woodcock

Brittany Rednour

The staff here was amazing. While on vacation and camping outside the grand canyon, I found myself at the ED in this facility. I was scared, far from home, and in a lot of pain. Every person I encountered while I was at Flagstaff Medical was friendly, reassuring, and took excellent care of me. I was seen and assessed immediately and was always informed of the next steps, never being kept waiting any longer than necessary. I could not have asked for a better experience under the circumstances.

Donna Molina

Ann Sloan

Can I give zero stars.

Mary Underhill

I would give minus stars if that were an option. I had a total left hip replacement surgery on 1/30/19. I had been taking Hydrocodone and Tramadol for several months prior to surgery and told my surgeon I would need a stronger pain medicine after surgery. I told him this twice, once on my initial office visit and again as I was being prepped for surgery. After surgery I was In excruciating pain and found out they were only giving me Hydrocodone and Tramadol (both of which I was taking prior to surgery that didn’t touch the pain even before my surgery).There were a few dilloted meds put into my IV that I had to beg for. It was a night of pain I will never get over. It took three days after surgery until I finally was prescribed Percocet, days of extreme pain, inadequate pain management from my surgeon, rude and incompetent nursing, and nurses not following the orders. I cried in pain and frustration for tree days because of this and they wouldn’t let me go home because I was in so much pain and emotionally a wreck. My room was not kept up and I was berated by the nursing staff. Much of this limit on opioid prescription is due to a new AZ bill restricting doctors in what and for how long can be prescribed for pain. I would love to see one of these legislators endure having their body cut into, bone sawed off, hammered and chiseled and not be given appropriate pain medication. Animals are treated Better. I will never again have any association with FMC and I caution those if you who are considerig any procedure there.

General Beau

If you are in the Flagstaff area and you’re literally about to die, like maybe a bear bit your leg off and you are bleeding out, then you might want to consider coming to FMC. If it is anything else, go to Prescott or Phoenix. The doctors here are friendly, and reasonably competent I guess, but you will wait in the waiting room for hours thanks to all the homeless drunks who take up all Flagstaff‘s resources. And when you get your bill, expect it to be three times as much as any hospital in Phoenix or Prescott. And expect at least two different bills per visit— one from the hospital and one from the doctor you see. And if you are a hard-working tax-paying citizen and actually have a job, don’t expect them to help you with your bill at all. They will demand full payment within 120 days or they turn you over to collections. And their prices are absurd. If they give you an aspirin it’ll be 50 bucks. If you get any sort of medical scan or evaluation expect to pay hundreds. Unless you are a drunk homeless piece of filth you will pay through the nose. If you’re homeless and drunk, every procedure is free. And back to the competency of their doctors— I guess they’re OK, but they completely misdiagnosed my 11-year-old as having a minor salivary gland infection when in fact he had a significant infection of the jawbone. A BACTERIAL BONE INFECTION!!! So, unless a bear bit your leg off, go to Phoenix or Prescott. Meanwhile and I’ll keep paying off thousands of dollars for their misdiagnosis. UPDATE: So far we’ve gotten 3 separate bills from FMC for two ER visits totaling $3300 dollars!!! $3,300 for a misdiagnosis and a severe allergic reaction to their doctor’s prescribed medication. Are you kidding me? Anyone know a good malpractice attorney in Phoenix?

Amy Green

My elderly father has been hospitalized several times over the past few years, incuding Behavioral Health, and continues to receive out patient treatment. I am consistently amazed at the level and quality of care, and the caring staff. I live in a large city and seldom find this in our huge hospitals. Thank you Flagstaff Medical Center!

Wyn Miller

This is a great hospital and the employees try really hard to be exceptional.

Spooky Anxiety Girl

I live in Winslow and do my best to make it to FMC instead whenever necessary. LCMC misdiagnosed my mother after having a series of TIAs. We took her to FMC ER and within the hour, she was properly diagnosed. They did a CT scan, MRI, and had her speak to a neurologist from the Mayo Clinic. I am so amazed and grateful for this hospital and their wonderful staff. My father-in-law had been experiencing significant pain in his side, abdomen, and chest. He went to LCMC ER, waited for hours, and was sent home with no diagnosis. Pretty typical for that hospital. The following day, he went to FMC ER and was immediately seen and after conducted testing, was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism. He was admitted and stayed for four nights. He's doing well now thanks to FMC's medical team. A year and a half ago, my best friend had surgery at FMC on her cervical spine. It was very successful. Unfortunately, however, she had some issues 2 days post-op. She was having a very difficult time breathing and we rushed her to LCMC's ER. They did a chest x-ray and discovered that she also had a pulmonary embolism. She was immobile for months due to the condition that required the surgery she had. LCMC ER had no idea what to do. She had a saddle embolism and had to be flown straight to FMC. This hospital literally saved her life. If she had gone to bed that night instead of the ER, she would have died within 6 hours. I honestly cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for FMC. From every doctor we've seen to every nurse and tech and CNA, I'm thoroughly impressed. I hate to say it, but many of the providers at LCMC are a joke. It's such a breath of fresh air to go to FMC and receive appropriate care. Thank you for everything. Thank you for saving the lives of people I desperately love and cherish. It's such a relief to know that instead of having to always deal with LCMC, that we can go to FMC and know that we are in caring, competent hands.

John Traveler

They have the professional competence to thoroughly and clearly explain the conditions they found, the treatment options and risks, and the reasons for their proposed plan with the precautions they would take to minimize the risk. The entire staff was very professional.

Masha Park

Fantastic ICU, trauma, and subspecialists. Nurses and staff are wonderful, attentive and caring. Highly recommend.

Dawna Larsen

Nurses- excellent, patient care- excellent, food- excellent, Housekeeping- very poor. On my 3rd day there, I walked to my restroom to find a moderate amount of blood dripping down the wall near the shower stall from the previous patient. I also had to ask to have my floor mopped, as it was filthy.

Common Sense

Came in Friday afternoon with broken ankle was admitted to have surgery next day had it first thing in the morning boy I'll tell you what the whole staff from orderly to surgeon (Dr's Gibson and Marval bless you and ty for your amazing work) was AMAZING!!! RN's Lisa and Tim and Zack and Jamie in ER I just love you guys to pieces thank you so much for everything... Rachel Huggins

Christopher Skinner

Everyone was nice except for the neurologist, been waiting on him for upwards of 8 hours to get discharged, freaking ridiculous lol

Betty Thompson

Michael Benes

Went to ER with flu. They couldn't find source of stomach pain. Hey genius, I told you I'd been vomiting for three days. So, they did a $5,000 CAT Scan. Rip off and incompetence make a bad combination. If these bastards ever try and touch me again I'll sue them for assault. Go anywhere else...preferably Phoenix.

Ryan Pauley

EXTREMELY long wait times and not a friendly staff

Lisa Park

There was one mistake after another. 2 failed surgeries. Had to another hospital for help. If anything should go wrong, they won't help you.

Nic M

Went to FMC with cardiac issues and was treated like scum. They didn't listen at all! Completely ignored multiple symptoms like a badly swollen leg and discolored skon. I ended up getting discharged two hours later because they said there was nothing wrong. As soon as I get out of the room, BOOM I'm hit again. Done with FMC I'd die en route to Phoenix before going back to FMC.

Mona Descoteaux

We were vacationing in Williams, Arizona when my husband became ill. We were transferred by ambulance to Flagstaff Medical Center. I can not express in words how wonderful this hospital was to us. The doctors, nurse's and staff were all so caring and attentive to my husband's needs. Being away from home, I was scared and upset. They were compassionate and caring. I felt my husband received the best care possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

nathan love

Wyatt Brown

LnD baby times at FMC is very nice

Jacqui Velde


Ronda Stump

Julie H

Absolutely fantastic place! They coordinate care extremely well, and took great care of my grandchild. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone!

Dayami Blanco

bob power

Worst hospital ive ever been too. Was unable and unwilling to help me then charged me 1000 bucks for no help. This place needs to be shut down and all staff needs to be fired. Mental health services there is a joke cause there isnt any. The "therapist" there is a joke. Talks with me for 15 mintues offers no help then trys to charge my insurance a 1000 bucks? This place is a dumpster fire that trys to rip you off. If i could rate it lower i would.

Richard Marckstadt


Alexis Mcdade

Worst hospital expierence ever. No urgency with anything (nurses), must be under staffed.

Julian Bell

I have never used this hospital's services for any reason, but late last year, I was mistakenly saddled with an extremely expensive bill (notified only through email) that I was told would be resolved by their IT services promptly upon speaking to management. Three months of no contact have gone by and I now am being threatened with having the bill sent to collections, with no possible way to even view said bill on their online system. Being blown off for this long on an issue that would have major repercussions for me definitely speaks volumes to the judgment of this hospital's billing staff, and their overall lack of professional behavior. Going off of this incident alone, I would recommend you avoid dealing with this institution if at all possible.

Edwin Tenney

Slow billing. On multiple occasions I haven't received my finalized bill until 11 months after the visit. This is an issue when paying with an FSA (Flexible Spending Account) card . Recently I got a bill in April 2017 for a service performed in May of 2016. Because the FSA card dollars must be used by March for my plan, I now have to reimburse my FSA card with post tax dollars. Thanks for the inconvenience. Get your act together.

Laurie Achee

The day shifts are very helpful and caring. The only night shift was very helpful and caring was Janelle who went to another site.

Mike Ferrin

Dr. Rodda had been highly recommended by a family member. And the trip into Flag was well worth it. They never tried to upsell (I have minor eyetooth issues) and the staff treated me with great respect. Couldn't be happier

Angie S.

I love this hospital.. My mom went and had a knee replacement and they let me stay with her the whole time she was there.. They even gave me a bed to sleep in and towels and soap to shower.. They treated us like family and the food omg exceptional.. This is for the 3rd floor north

Jon Fenderson

FMC is full of knowledgeable and helpful staff taking hospital service to a new level.

Bonnie Sanders

Rachel Smyers

Consistently incompetent and incomplete service is provided here. Nobody is perfect, I realize that, but big mistakes are too commonly made at this place and they take advantage of the fact that there isn't any nearby competition. Go to phoenix!!

Robert Eddins

I had cervical spine surgery there on 6-18-2018. Dr Ritland did a great surgery and my bad headaches have stopped. From pre-op to recovery to one night stay, I was treated great. FMC is also dedicated to stopping infections from stays, and they really made a believer of me. I would use and recommend them.

Crysten Cookie

Steven King

(Translated by Google) N / A (Original) N/A

Alireza Shamsoshoara

Carla McCuistion

Parents of NAU students, please do not traumatize your children further by letting them be transported to this very lacking so-called medical facility. The service is worse than the bad reputation of the Maricopa County Hospital in Phoenix.

Chloe Boucher

The staff was fine but I received a bill from the hospital for my ER visit AND a separate bill from the physician for my ER exam for almost the same amount. I'm from the East coast but I have never received two separate bills for one ER visit as if the doctor and the hospital aren't even affiliated.

Desertcity Sun

I was hospitalized (on the 3-West wing -in Room 3706) for the first time (after a horseback riding accident -requiring leg surgery and a 5 day stay) the week of 11/11/2017. I want to thank all the wonderful staff for EXCELLENT & AMAZING care. Everyone from the doctors, nurses, patient care techs, nursing students and food service people made me feel cared about. They were professional, warm, friendly and caring. I felt very well taken care of and everyone made me feel as if I was the only patient there. I have been in/around hospitals in the past (when relatives were ill, etc) and I know that the care was not a good as what I received. I can not tell you how much I appreciate it especially since I was mostly alone (no family here and I had the accident near Flagstaff but live in Phoenix) and my husband had to drive back and forth. I hope I don't have to ever be hospitalized again because if I am not at Flagstaff Medical Center I don't it is going to be as good of an experience. Anyway, I would like to specifically thank Dr. Brandon Clark, Dr. Amber Randall, Dr. Richard Hays, Dr. Mark Mellinger, Michael Browne PA-C, the hospital discharge social worker, Nurses Sarah, Maddie, Jessica, Whitney, Gretchen, Angelica...and all the others whose names I can not remember -so very sorry!! Thank you for all you do!!! You are ALL so very special. I will pay the kindness forward....

Ben Forstie

Great Hospital!

Clay Corman

Incredibly supportive staff. They get time and efficiency, combing that with compassion as well! Had to stop on vacation. They were wonderful. ER doc was perfect, ER nurses were fantastic too! Also need to give mad props to cardiology. The whole team worked well together to save my trip to Arizona. Can't say enough good things. A sincere thanks to all of them!

Josh Williams

They must be hurting for money. I'm very very close to living paycheck to paycheck and told them that when I said I can't afford the bill. They act like I have millions to spend. Since when does banking 50 dollars a month qualify for paying this bill. I may have to file for bankruptcy. Now you'll never see this money you think I have


I came to the ER very early on a weekday morning with severe abdominal pain. Being from out of state, I was leary about going to an unfamiliar ER and having to wait for hours in agony. Fortunately the ER was not very busy at that time. They recognized my condition and took me in right away. Everyone was very nice, considerate, and responsive. They gave me the right pain meds intravenously which helped with the pain immensely, then did tests and CT scan, etc. and quickly determined the cause. The doctor and all the nurses and administrative people were wonderful and helpful.

Deedee Clark

While on vacation, I suffered a fall where I believed I broke my arm, I was brought to the FRMC emergency room. It turned out that I dislocated my left shoulder. The ER staff, although shorthanded that night, took great care of me. Jason, the EMT Charlotte, the nurse, and John the enormous muscled Doctor, were wonderful. They were able to fix me up, even though I was a big baby. They do great work. Thank you!

Rena Shaw

First of let me say I've been here a million times it seems from my mom being sick and loosing two children. I remember when my mother didn't have insurance and a doctor said to her well yur not paying for this visit so what do you want me to do then he googled her symptoms right infront of us. Then there was the time a nurse yelled in my mothers face right infront of me thnking I wouldn't defend her while she was obviously unable to speak or know what was going on. And then there was my first baby that they told me was just a urine infection yet didn't check till I was crying in pain to see that I was going into labor at 22 weeks yea or how about when I went into labor with my second born and they did a c section and the put the wrong adhesive in me making me go back into surgery and making me not get to phnx intime to see my son before his death that I was told was caused because the puntured his lung with a IV. Yea flag medical is a joke to me and I'm here tonight as I write this and the nurse is beyond rude it discust me that ppl say this is a good place smh

Destiny Begay

my grandpa was treated nice and was well taken care of thanks to the ICU staff....for doing a wonderful job...

Donn Puckle

This review is specific to the ER and is long. It wasn't a bad experience exactly. Just for clarity, 3 stars is as low as I will rate a business, anything lower and I won't post a review. So, complications brought on by a pre-existing condition occurred following an endoscopy which I underwent on 12 September in Tucson. Having undergone a procedure called a Whipple 8 years ago the area surrounding what's left of my pancreas tends to get annoyed when it's poked at. Happened to be up for an nau game when I was seriously ill the night of Friday the 13th, uncontrollable vomiting, cold and clammy skin, white as a supremisist and horrible nausea. When my friend dropped me at the ER my pulse was all over the place, a high of 128 dropping to a low of around 34. Normal resting pulse is 52. Now, this is why 3 stars; first thing was an EMT began yelling at me and treating me very rudely as if I wasn't worth his time. Granted, my weight is down to around 136 (pre-surgery ~197), my teeth are suffering from decay due to chemo, malabsorption etc so I may look a bit like a meth addict. When I finally gave the medical staff my history, they asked 2 questions; what is ampullary cancer? and is your pulse rate always that low??? I mean WTF? It's a hospital! I believe that there were preconceived notions as to what I was before I was even triaged. When I left the ER, there was no transport to the door and no one even seemed to notice.. I mean they already had my insurance card so, I guess, why bother. Lastly, on a high note, both Megan's (my nurses) were awesome.

Abbey Richardson

Terrible! The staff commented to each other in front of me that I work for "the B word" because of my Banner insurance and I felt like I got poor care because of it. My daughter busted her eyebrow open and I drove there from Williams because as an RN I knew she needed stitches. However- the lazy doctor didn't want to give her stitches and told me" She will have a scar- so what- kids get scars" and that he didn't feel stitches were any better than just gluing it. Consult any doctor or medical website and it will tell you high tension areas, hairlines, and facials lacerations should be stitched! I could have glued it myself but instead I paid hundreds of dollars to see a lazy idiot who did not do anything! Her scar is TERRIBLE!!!!!

Michael Smith

Joyful Stones

My husband is alive because the heroic efforts of the doctors, nurses and techs! BRAVO ! He was extremely sick and collapsed many miles from the hospital and the ambulance got there very quickly. He crashed again shortly after arrival at the ER and it was 30 minutes to resuscitate him. A week later he is still alive and does not have brain damage. A miracle. I am eternally grateful for the energy and kindness shown by all of the staff. I made a wrong turn and heard harp music and went to the chapel where I received a wonderful blessing. The food I had in the lunch room exceeded expectations. I have nothing but the most positive things to say about all of the people here. If you do not have a life threatening situation you might have to wait because if someone is near death's door these professionals will stop at nothing until your loved one is out of danger.

Erin Smith

Security seams tight until someone in the waiting room is barfing, swearing and harassing everyone. Sent my bf home without the medication he needed. Ended up having to come back when it was worse. Very expensive.

Dave Bliss

I'm very grateful for the care I received here. Everyone was kind, professional and attentive especially my nurse that night. The doctors were great helping me find resources and info regarding my condition. Thank you so much to everyone there in my time of need.

Tori Watanabe

They keep you waiting for 2 hours on average. If you have another care system, you shouldn't come here. It is a waste of time.

Tanya Holliday

kahn shao

Stacie Thomas

Very Worried Family Member!!!!! My Family member was in a really bad accident and has been there for about a month. The doctors and nurses in ICU and the Step Down were Great, very helpful answered every question we had and went above just answering our questions they even gave us information about him that they felt we should know. He had a really bad head injury and as the days pasted he was starting to make small improvements and he no longer need to be in the Step Down as the family was told over and over that he was going to be placed into skilled nursing center we had got great news that because he had been making improvements that he was going to go to a rehab center. He was still making improvements, the nurses and doctors were very shocked on how he was improving. Then he got moved to the Humphrey South and it has been a freaking nightmare for everyone! They keep saying on he is going to be moving to a skilled nursing center and it's been over 2 weeks. The nurses and head nurse are VERY RUDE to everyone including him and they dont know how to take care of someone with a brain injury and know he has got worse because of lack of care from these so called nurses. They take there frustration out on him when he doesn't even understand and then when he is being hurt and says something to them like that hurts they ignore him. Sense he has been in the Humphrey South and because of lack of care he has Fallen Twice and has hit his head and then we asked if they did a scan on his head to make sure he didn't get hurt they said he was to agitated so they will just watch him..... When we would call most of the nurses were very rude and frustrated at him and would not tell us much other then he is sleeping or he is agitated. Then on the first night he fell we didn't get a call until the next morning because it was right at shift change!!! Now he has security guards in every time he gets a little upset and they have NO TRAINING on how to handle a person with his injuries.Then the nurse was holding his leg right on his wound and he was saying that hurts and then a family member said don;t push on his hurt knee and the nurse said i have to hold his legs down and then the family member said then you can hold above or below his wound. We had requested that he be moved from that wing of the center and 3 days later he is still there.These nurses are neglecting and abusive. I will be looking into this and talking with my lawyer!!!!!! The only reason they get one star is for the ICU and the Step Down nurses and doctors, if it wasn't for them i wouldn't give this hospital a star at all!!!!

Katrina Matthias

Great service! I got into a snowboard accident and i came here. They took care of me so well ! If every hospital was like this one in the whole country there would be less sick people for sure. Thank u all for your help!

michael andebirhane

elizabeth fryer

Gene Fann

I had total knee replacement on 7-6-17 I can't express it enough from the surgeons, nurses pt and everyone else gave me and took very great care right down to the dining people and even the cleaning people did a great job thank you very much for all the you all so very much for great care....your patient gene f

Leenora Adison

The best place to eat food that's good

Jacqueline Hunt

We were traveling home when my husband got sick from low oxygen levels. He is already sick, so this was very scary. The people that work here went above and beyond anything I've seen. They helped us, and took excellent care of my husband. They got oxygen for us for our trip, made an itinerary. We really like this hospital. Kudos to the staff!!!!!

Janis Perry

My son cracked his heels and he couldn't walk. Since it wasn't life threatening. We waited from 8 hours to finally get called in the back and My other son's wrist totally broken but since it wasn't life threatening.. We got skipped over and over to people that looked fine but I guess we should lied... So if u ever HAVE to go here say your dying and they might get seen sooner

david cencak

Very clean and respectful staff was very friendly and helpful

Ally Aeschliman

I've met a wide variety of doctors in my life but Dr Hsia took the cake as the most rude, uninformed doctor I ever had the misfortune of ending up with. FMC would have been a much less traumatizing experience if I had anyone else in charge of my loved one's care.

Matthew Bradford

The EMTs that we saw were super nice and responsive, however it took the doctor at least two hours to see us and once she did she spent two minutes with us. I totally understand that we aren't the most-urgent of patients but we definitely didn't deserve to wait two hours without anyone telling us anything.

Parsifal Druddle

Heaven-sent Angels, every darned one of them. Always knowledgeable, kind, patient and supportive. Very level-headed and calming. Honest, caring, and pragmatic. Never heard a false word from anyone there. Never felt out-of-place or scared for long. Always got good answers, follow-ups & "How ya doin' today, Pars?" and the prices were pretty good as well. They're tolerant of anxious patients, parents, grandparents & friends. It's a hospital, not a charity. It's a hospital and everyone can't be first in line. It's a hospital and it's full of stress and sadness and joy (when we are lucky). I spent the scariest day of my life there, and they did not let me down. I'm no one special, just another Joe-Bag-o-Donuts guy who is quietly terrified of hospitals and dentists. I get anxious, whiney and scared. They smile and cheer me up, calm me down, get me breathing and they don't know me from Adam's second-cousin-twice-removed-and forgotten. Things do not always go the way we wish and at the pace we desire - that's life. Responding kindly to someone in that situation, under those circumstances - that's Angelic. Many thanks to the Staff of FMC for your empathy and kindness. Thank you also for not having any Dentists about when I'm there.

Kristi Olsen

One of the best hospitals in Northern AZ!

Samantha Pope

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