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Sarah Boone

Can’t add a second review so here it goes. Went in with chest pains and hard to breath and feelings of passing out ( still having these issues and of course it takes so long to actually see a regular dr ) didn’t get seen right away. Only had some vitals and blood work and X-ray then sat in a general waiting room! Never put on a monitor didn’t take my pain seriously at all was told I prob have anxiety. I know what anxiety is and I know my own body and that’s why I’m at the er! Told I was fine yet again! I’ve had to come here multiple times been there six times last year once this year drs still don’t know what’s wrong with me later saw they tested me for heaven drugs. Never asked just judges me. I wish a Hosptial was closer it aucks this is the only place close and I try to go to the same hospital where my specialist are so they can see my visits but the er never looks at your history from the same hospital it’s like a completely different world they do not care about you they only judge you they do not listen. Maybe go here if you’re really on the verge of dying. Second time going. Told again nothing was wrong with me. Overhead the nurses saying “ she is prob just bulimic” still having issues and don’t ever want to go back to that Er. They just run blood tests and tell you you’re fine and don’t listen to your actual issues

Malene Swenson

The surgeon and medical staff are capable, professional, empathetic and kind. Administration is abysmally slow, inefficient and unprofessional. The administration at this hospital makes a joke of the term "medical professionals". Too bad the real professionals can't work without admin. They drag everyone back to the 1950s.

Stan Grainger

I’m from Cincinnati and found myself at St.Josephs for emergency brain surgery during a planned five week stay. I literally could not believe that the doctors and nurses along with all of the support staff were so attentive to my every need. Due to my chronic illness I have a vast knowledge of hospitals to compare them to. They really care for you. The nurses such as Caitlyn, Ileana, Vanessa and Aryssa were exceptional and extremely positive reflection to the nursing profession. I’m actually considering moving to Phoenix so I’ll be able to receive better medical care.

Derek Boissonnault

I went to the er here yesterday. The nurse in the er proceeded to try to give me medication unrelated to my complaint in front of my friend who I had not agreed to release medical information to. My friend ( who was an off duty nurse for st joes) then tried to argue with me on the side of the nurse. I had to stop nurse and tell her I would not be discussing medical care in front of my friend. Then tell my friend she was no longer welcome at the hospital. Basically you will get no privacy of medical care at this hospital.

Stephen Gonzalez

Filenon Hernandez

Monique Blackman

Worst experience in a hospital out of 38 different states. Staff rude and far from empathetic. Constantly shifting people around like batons at a track meet. Rough with exams, inconsiderate, obnoxious nurse practitioner. Just overall would rather die than to be brought to this dump again.

Yudith Gamboa

Took great care of me, Michael Holmes from Laboratory services was a Pro! I'm still in disbelief. He could've took all my blood & I wouldn't of notice... Like what poke? Awesome staff, THX guys.

Heather Peters

Emergency room ? Not so much. Be warned. If you have an actual emergency you will not get in for at least 6-10 hours. They told me it is like that every night. So you think you might catch a break going in one day? Yeah....not really. My boyfriend and I were there for over 10 hours (from 4 pm to 2:15am) before finally before just leaving. Not to mention we were next on the list for about 3 hours. What’s even more f*** up is they take the less serious people first! They explained why to me but that is so ridiculous and should definitely not be that way. *yeah let’s make the lady not breathing okay over here wait the longest* (something they actually did) like seriously haha what? My boyfriend was in for very very bad chest pains he’s been having off and on and we never got to see a doctor. So again, if you have a emergency do not go there. Most of the staff was polite and nice about it but when they switched shifts around 11-12, the receptionist was just plain rude. I am so shocked and baffled that at this day & age in 2018 and how advanced we are that they have a system still that is so inefficient they make hundreds of people who go through that waiting room pissed off and upset in a week. I will never go to St. Joseph’s “ER” EVER again. HEY ST. JOE’S! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Jordan Robinson

This has taken me awhile to write especially since my Dad had his surgery back in July 2017. This hospital gets one star because they did do the surgery, so I guess that's something. It took me a few months to get the true story from my Mom about her full treatment at the hospital during that time. Here's what happened, my Dad had stage 4 cancer and needed to have surgery on his tongue, after the surgery they brought him back to his room where my Mom (who hadn't been diagnosed with Parkinson's but would be in a few weeks) was waiting they didn't even bother cleaning him up. My Mom's first sight is my Dad covered in blood, she was so very upset! They eventually cleaned him up but it seems common sense that you would do that before anyone else sees him. My father stayed there a week, in this week they made it VERY VERY clear not only to my Dad who had part of his tongue removed and then reconstructed that he needed to leave because they needed that bed before they could do more surgeries. Seriously?? Both my parents ask if he can be transferred to the Dunnville Hospital since they live in that town and he can get the care he needed. Their response was no, they just can't do that. So by the end of the week they decide yep he can go home. Now comes the ridiculousness that was discharge, they gave my Mom the short hand on how to take care of my Dad and what to watch for, you did not need to know my Mom well to know she was having a health problem of her own. She was shakey and she could stand and walk if she has something to hang onto. They figured she could clearly clean and care for my Dad's feeding tube.... really??? When my Mom asked questions because if you don't know Parkinson's can do a number on your brain functions, the nurse responded really rudely and acted like my Mom was an idiot and how dare she ask any questions. My parents make it home my brother was there to help them get settled and get the meds they need, one problem half the prescriptions aren't even signed and it's after 5pm so NO ONE is there to make these medicines happen. My dad wasn't even home 1 hour before my Mom needed to call an ambulance to get him some help. When he arrived at the Haldimand War Memorial hospital in Dunnville, the Doctors and nurses were baffled that he was released in the first place. Moral of the story is this place will do your surgery, but don't expect any empathy or help. Also check your discharge papers and DO NOT LEAVE till they are right. Since you don't get a choice of where things happen I know people can't avoid this place all I can say is I hope everyone stays healthy so they don't need to rely on this place!

Stacia Kilpatrick

I've been here multiple times for kidney stones. The first few times they were great. This last time they forgot about me. I sat waiting for a CT and when we asked, they said they didn't even know I was waiting. The doctor had horrible bedside manner. He told me I didn't have a 7 mm stone, that the last time it was only 1 mm, even though my urologist confirmed it with an IVP. We finally left because I had not been given any pain meds with a 10/10 pain. Horribly disorganized, treated very poorly. I will never go here again.

Anita Jack

Went for a heart ablation due to A-Fib. Doctors and nurses were all outstanding. Most requests were seen to within minutes and room was clean and comfortable. Was very pleased and highly recommend this hospital.

Alex Killens

After a recent emergency admission and surgery at Saint Joseph’s, I cannot stress the outstanding service I recieved. From my surgeon, nurses, lab staff, food service—literally EVERY person that I came in contact with were professional, friendly and provided excellent service

Johnny Valenzuela

Great customer service. Doctor Anita King is awesome went the extra mile thank you.

Richard Rice

False job advertising. There is no openings. Some one @ EEOC should look into it.

Tim Freeman

Wife went in to the emergency room with breathing problems, the nurse James had a attitude problem, the doctors at St Josephs don't listen to the patient or other specialist within their own system. Had to go to another er in the dignity health system in Goodyear, within 2 1/2 hrs they diagnosed her with a partially collapsed lung and pneumonia , gave her 4 prescriptions to fill to alleviate her issues and recommended finding a new primary care physician. That's a true er out in Goodyear

Jane Bonner

The doctors and the staff were outstanding I was in a new area 7N and it was top notch. Everyone cares I would only have one suggestion and that is they need to work on the food service a tad bit. But everything else was exceptional.

Peggy Pierce

The nurse who cared for me was professional, knowledgeable and efficient. The PA in charge of my care was unimpressive. The facility was very dated and not as clean as I would expect for a hospital ED. The PA didn't seem to be very interested in my reason for being there. His discharge instructions were lacking. He showed minimal concern for me as well as the patient across the hall. I am happy that there are other hospitals in the city, I hope I never have to return to this one.

dianne arman

Terrible ER care,

Priscilla Garica

Kathy Bracamonte

My Son was always treated very well at this hospital.The nurses on the 6th floor are fantastic especially Carissa

Vera Catlett

Emergency Room has very poor service. Try to push me out of the department as fast as possible. I have BCBS insurance, comprehensive plan. They did not do full investigation. I did not see doctor. Did intravenous some medicine, and did not inform me what it is. Send me home without recommendations. Now I have amnesia half my body and half my face. Do not go to this emergency room.

Jesus Maldonado

Don't even bother !

Darrel Presley

Wow did not did there job right like should be staying there to get more tests done on me. Because I knew there is somthing is wrong in mine insides its kind like a sharp pain hurting bad.

Jackie Williams

Vicky Lujan

My 80 year old nana came in for back surgery, was left in her own poop and contracted ecoli here .. they didn’t tell us till 5 days later when she almost died and needed her back cut back open and flushed sinc then she’s contracted another bacteria infection and needed a 3rd surgery.. this has been the worse place ever .. she’s going to end up dying here for the negligence

Jesus Manjarrez

This places sucks been here since 10 pm last night I'm scheduled for surgery at 1pm today and I still haven't gotten a room yet even tho I'm admitted

Amber Ann

A negative star isn't an option I was in the ER Saturday and I was going through and checking to make sure I had all my ER discharge papers and they not only gave me my discharge paperwork and transfer of care summary but they gave me another persons as well!!! If this information got into the hands of the wrong person I can only imagine what could be done with it this is beyond unacceptable not only do I not understand how the ER could ever be HIPPA compliant because your in a room with other people who can hear you answer to every question your asked because your only separated by a curtain but this level of irresponsibility negligence is absolutely astonishing to me.

Mike Perpich

Very disappointed with the discrimination set forth by Brian Kummet in emergency room. Not even a real MD just a practitioner. Pre diagnosed me before any of my testing was even done. How can I be throwing up black coffee like liquid and nothing be wrong. They should not allow non MDs make diagnostic decisions.

Michael Lawrence

Janel Jones

Welcome to America where privatized medicine is worse than socialized medicine! I could not believe my experience last night in the emergency room. I immediately felt like a criminal walking in. You have to check in with security first. Then you check in at the front glass. Then they call you for vitals. Then you get called they stick you in another room where a nurse practitioner barely spends 5 minutes with you. Then they put you in the hallway where they do everything in the open. Nothing discrete here. I knew all the medication and the procedures the person sitting next to me was going to have. Patients in gowns laying in beds in the hallways. Then the corral you to a waiting room until you get called for the next procedure. Each time going back and forth to this waiting. When i got my test results the doctor didn't go over them with me, instead a nurse did and she couldn't answer any of my questions. I was given prescriptions one being a pain medication which confused me since i wast in all that much pain. Let me just say this. Residents of Arizona you are getting taken advantage of here in the medical chapter. They run their hospitals like its 1980 at a state ran hospital. The nurses are being overworked and obviously underpaid. Seriously! Socialized medicine was 100x better when i lived in England and Italy than what i recived last night.

Marliee Harper


On more than one occasion I've tried to see doctors at St. Joseph Medical Center. I've had tons of files faxed over to them, then wait 2 weeks to a month, before I get a phone call telling me they have rejected me and won't let me schedule to see a doctor. I have never had this happen to me anywhere else except St. Joseph. Horrible customer service when a nurse reviews all of your health files and makes that decision to reject you, then makes the referral coordinator break the bad news. No doctor ever review my files. Don't waste your time going there or trying to get in.

Jennifer Davis

First let me start by saying if a could give no stars I would. The service I received there on 6/6/19 was poor at best by the time the doctor came in I was feeling so bad. He was rude and didn't take a lot of time to find out the issue. He then went on to say that I needed an Mri that never happened as there was always 2 people ahead of me so demanded to leave after several hours of this if I had been having a stroke it would have been to late for me as I've had strokes in the past and this is unacceptable level service I received at your facility. I probably will go somewhere else for emergency needs if this is how business is conducted there.

Mickey Mullng

Update: the doctor told my mom she had glaucoma and won’t be able to see again.. I took her to an eye doctor and they laughed and fixed the problem. We could sue them for diagnosing her incorrectly. How outrageous that the doctors here can’t properly do their job! This emergency room is absolutely terrible. Super unprofessional and isn’t even a full emergency room. You walk in and get scolded by the security up front and then taken to a triage that’s out in the open. Then we’re taken to a “room” that has a glass door where you can hear another patient and doctor talking. Absolutely no privacy! Doctor comes in for 2 minuets and walks out. We’re moved to another one of their “rooms” down the hall. It’s one small room with a curtain down the middle. You are sharing a small corner with another patient. Again, absolutely no privacy! I had to hear a 20 minuet depressing discussion about how this lady has cancer and should go to hospice. I feel bad for the patient we were sharing the room with! Seriously, they should have had their own room. I don’t get why we are forced to share a small corner with other people? All this money you bill the insurance and you can’t afford rooms? The doctors and staff are so miserable and slow. My mom is experiencing vision loss and they ask such stupid questions. “Can you walk?” Obviously she can walk but she CAN’T SEE! How do you expect her to just get up and walk around? I would rate this facility a -5 if I could. Please don’t come here if you are looking for attentive and professional staff or care.

Jerry Robles

Went in to see what was wrong with my stomach waited 3 to 4 hours my pain kept getting worse amd would ask the staff if there was anything they could do i saod damn inder my breath once and one of the nurses heard me and had me escorted out becaise i said damn once talk about great hospital

Julie channel

this is the worst Hospital and is very dirty because when I brought my dad there they just wasted my time and didn't do anything from morning to midnight we were still waiting for a room to open up.i don't recommend this hospital to anyone.they didn't have any service and was very bad.

Kim Fisher

My mom checked in to ER on Saturday, 5/11/19, a.m. she had fallen and injured her eye. Surgery was later that day. The Bad communication begins...she was assigned to room 5T01 and seemed like a big disconnect between staffing. She was there for 3 days and no one changed her bedding or cleaned her up. She was moved suddenly from that floor to the family or friends were there as this was unexpected. Hospital staff packed her things and transported her. Her cell phone amongst all her property was transported except the phone charger. I went to the room where she was moved from to look for it. It wasn't turned in, it wasn't in the room and the nurse on duty told me there wasn't a charger in there but I know it was because I brought it to the hospital and used it the night before she was moved. I went to security and nothing. I went to the operations center and they were no help. That was a $25 charger for iPhone. May not seem like much but it is an expense and inconvenience.

tina huerta

Not very happy. My 80 yr old sister had recontructed spinal surgery in april. Because of her meds she had a poop accident. Nurses did clean it up correctly cleaning her bed but not the gown. Now she has ecoli infection on her incision. They hurt her arm to where she screamed. So they took her off oxygen tubes causing the infection to increase rapidly breaking her blood vessel. Losing a lot of blood. Emergency surgery again third time. Now my poor sis is in critical condition. Stressing so much and anxiety. Not to mention my poor sis

Gloria Gonzalez

Went on yesterday I'm having early contractions and I'm only 30 weeks pregnant and my first time being there I don't know where to go for triage so me and my husband go through the emergency room and the front desk lady (Amber D) Yes I remember her name because she was so dam rude!!! She first YELLED at us saying to get in line and then we Finally reach the window after like 10 mins while my husband went to park the car she asked me the usual questions whats your DOB etc. She asked for my DOB 4 times and I told her i just gave it to you 3 times she's like we'll my system kicked me out! In a very rude tone! Then she was ridding in this paper and taker sweet time. Me after getting irritated and have contractions she was asking me something while I was having a contraction "she asked me 3 time" and I look up and tell if she can wait! Then once I answer question about my last name, I ask her what floor is Triage she response "OH I'M NOT SURE"! and rolls her eyes. I'm still reporting her after this post. And when they took me to triage nurses where nice, but my doctor was not avalible. So I had Ells I believe for my doctor. She was nice and polite but the wait time was horible! I was there since 6 and didn't leave till 10pm at night and got my check up like at 9:30pm..

Denise Navarro

i had my baby at the labor and delivery the nurses and doctors were very nice they helped out so much and were very kind to my family and i even under the circumstances that my daughter was a stillborn i highly recommend the labor and delivery department

Blake Binnard

My friends father has had a bad time with back pain at 81 years old. He and his daughter were kept waiting while here for the majority of the evening. Her poor father was not offered food water or pain medication while kept to wait in an uncomfortable wheelchair in the waiting area while there were other patients scattered all over laying in beds against the ER walls doing the same thing. Highly unacceptable to keep people in pain sitting for hours uncomfortable waiting to be helped.I highly recommend going to any hospital but this one. Do yourself a favor and seek the treatment,respect and attention that you truly deserve elsewhere.... Pathetic !!!

Nein Lives

Went in with Serotonin Syndrome, if you're unfamiliar with it it's essentially a central nervous system attack due to excess levels of serotonin in the body, it was a reaction to an antidepressant my GP put me on. They handled the intake very well, rushed me to a room to administer testing and find out what the issue was. The staff was not able to find a cause, they were able to pump me full of Zofran so I would stop vomiting, however I didn't stop vomiting stomach acid until I was sedated fully (asleep via heavy dosage of Adavan). I was discharged, don't remember a thing from the discharge process because of how doped up I was, not complaining because it really fixed the hyperventilation and vomiting, but I called back to confirm that this is the location I visited to gather my medical records for a leave of absence from work, and they informed me they cannot tell me if I had visited that hospital which is understandable but still a shame since I now have to literally drive to every emergency room in the valley to figure out if I came here or not. (Found out I did come here via Google Maps tracking thank god). The staff was okay, I remember my nurse getting frustrated multiple times because I wouldn't stop moving (keep in mind my body was receiving toxic levels of serotonin, hence the nonstop movement and uncontrollable jolts) and made a pretty decent hole in my arm for one of the IV's. I don't think it's very professional for a nurse to say "look dude if you don't stop moving i'm done with you", but that's just me. 3/5 - Had another serotonin overload 2 days later, decided I'd rather go straight to my doctor to be prescribed a benzo to level my body out so I would stop vomiting and tremoring. Thanks for the read, not a bad place, just a mediocre experience.

Sami Amer

Jade U.

George Arvanitis

Dr. Jeff Keny iCU IMPRESSIVELY RUDE WOW Slow to respond, (5.5 hours) appauling bed manners, abnoxious to say the least. Unfortunately, i can not give a minus 5 star review because he has certainly earned it.

Dave Bentley

This place is a joke. Most of the staff were rude and condescending. I get that they're busy, but at least pretend to care and listen. You'll basically be rushed through a triage and wait for a doctor to see you for 2 minutes,then moved to sit in a hallway, and then back out to what was the other side of the waiting room where a nurse is supposed to "monitor" you. They're not able to meet the demand apparently. There were no rooms or beds available, which forced my gf who came in with a back injury to sit up when she physically couldn't, she needed to lay down. There was never any communication about what they were going to do to treat her or anything. All around poor experience from beginning (being yelled at in the security doors) to end

Paul Sova

Ads for this uncaring hospital make me sick hello human kindness. They showed my brother no dignity or human kindness


healingspirit 777

Staff is friendly and nice. I was a little off put cause I had to come back after they for got to give me my prescription. I ended up going through this with staff constantly apologizing to me. Saying they could not give me a new one unless I got checked in and seen again. I sighed and was upset. I understand this is a mistake that can happen. So I went along with it. What upset me was it felt like they thought I was drug seeking which I was not. I went through this all again and even told them well since I am here you guys thought it was a ac tear might as well get a MRI. Which they don't have Yes I am upset but at the same time they can only do what they can. I don't fault them things happen and I am grateful that I was able to get my prescription again but please be careful with phrasing words. When I was asked were I want my prescription sent made me think it was sent electronically not written. I did not find out until I went to CVS to find out it was written which I never got. You guys were busy that night and I know accidents happen. Thank you again for your help and taking care of me again you have amazing staff.


Virginia L Hernandez

Sean Madrid

Don Steele


My father was just seen there this weekend. Daren and David on the 4th floor of Neurology were amazing. So compassionate and attentive to my father and my family. Unfortunately, my father passed away and they made this experience less traumatic for us. Thank You!

Teresa Avelar

I was at the hospital in July because my mother was having a procedure done. She ended up having to stay over night so I while she was being admitted I went to the cafeteria and ate off the salad bar. Within 2 hours I was severely ill with diarrhea and vomiting and the nurses had to take me to the ER. I told them what I ate and we were told they removed everything from the salad bar and after blood tests and an IV they told me it was a classic case of food poisoning. I am still fighting them on the bill which is over $1700 since it was their food I became ill on. They are now telling me there is no documentation saying I had food poisoning. I was also told that I would not be responsible for this due to the fact it came from their cafeteria. This has taken over 6 months for them to get back to me and tell me this. Now I continue to fight them.

Mark Seuse

I absolutely love this facility and would recommend them to any of my friends and family. Thank you, to all the staff that deal with the stresses and demanding healthcare industry each and everyday.

Tina Ciezkowski

This place is the worse. If you avoid it at all costs do so. Run run run, they lie to you they will give you meds you refuse and say it’s something else. Don’t trust them. They may even give you something that your allergic to. If you value your life don’t go there. They collapsed my husbands lung, broke his trach tube while in his neck and he has had nothing but problems now. Just run run run.

Tee Burns

Helped me quickly and were very kind

Nathalie Fuentes

If your trying to die come here! Perfect hospital where they make you wait hours to be called in! Only to wait about two more to get checked by a doctor and on top of all that! A bunch of nurses just in the hallway having great conversations. When they could at least check on patients that have been in a room for hours waiting for a doctor! Never again I swear I don’t know why I keep coming to this terrible hospital! I can not stress this enough GO TO BANNER ESTRELLA!!!

Rachel Jackson

This is horrible!!! I've been here 5 hours as if now. My sister came from Japan, where she was visiting and had a stroke. We came here because they are suppose to be the best heart/stroke hospital. THEY COULD CARE LESS that you get care promptly. And no..I will not be calling someone about this experience, why? BECAUSE RIGHT NOW ITS HORRIBLE. My sister was told she may have to sleep in the hallway because the doctors cant be found or is taking his time to evaluate patient. This has made our medical emergency worse by the care of the hospital.

Leanne Henry

Ive never been to a worse ER. You only get your own room for 2 minutes then are shuffled off into a hallway to get tests done and then talk to you about your tests in front of everyone in the hallway! My roommate was obviously in pain and they did nothing about it. When things worsened for her and I told someone, they contacted the original NP and he said “well that’s not what she told me” and brushed it off. On top of it all we waited in the room for over 45 minutes before the NP saw us. This is absolutely absurd service and they shouldn’t have the right to have an ER if they’re going to treat everyone like trash.


Kawi Ken

This “ER” genuinely sucks donkey balls. First off it doesn’t matter what type of pain you’re in. You’re still gonna be checked off in single file line like a kindergarten round up... after you’re triaged you’re thrown from room to room.. the doctors ask you the most common sense and obvious questions it makes you want to walk out and find another ER.. I was brought in straight from a bad motorcycle accident with full body injuries and was still not admitted and still had to wait to be picked off.. and to top it off was forced a discharge all after about 4 hours... “here, here’s a prescription and bunch of wound care materials , but wait we’re not gonna give you advice on how to take care of those wounds”... I will admit there were a few good bunches in this donkeyball fest of a ER but let me tell you I was ready to tekken 5 with the doctor “Bennett”... to the point where I wouldn’t reply to him at all.... Find another ER people because St. Joseph’s needs A LOT of work to start receiving back to back 5 star reviews..

occupiedjoker74 sal

I dnt know about the bad reviwes but i love this hospital always respectfull ever sence i took my son and thy took good care of him nd i happend to check my self in for my appendix they where awsome and thank you to the nurse who was careing for me was really helpfull first time surgery mad me feel real good there and the nurse who help me name was gloria thank u!! All of the staff a++ team! Thanks agin...

pollito s

Bad service!!!

Debrah Allen

Completely irritated with this place. Arrived ahead of schedule (12pm) for husband's minor heart procedure at 1pm. Procedure took place at 3pm. He was in PACU (recovery area) by 5pm. WAITED FOR AN OVERNIGHT ROOM UNTIL 12AM- 7 WHOLE HOURS AFTER THE PROCEDURE!! I stayed with him to follow care and recovery like many spouses and family members, some got tired of waiting and left. Room was scheduled to be on the 6th floor in Cardiac post-op center we were told they have to transport patients to different floors or wait for outside transport in order to make rooms avaiable and to clean them which took approx. 2hrs which obviously wasnt true. A PACU nurse said its a common issue to make patients wait long periods of time due to how extremely booked they always are and another male nurse mentioned how "uncool" it was that we had been waiting 7 hours. There needs to be a better bedding protcol. There is a serious mishap somewhere and makes the flow of patient care and recovery seem careless and unprofessional. Rescheduling non emergency procedures would be more convenient than overbooking/scheduling, making patients wait several hours until rooms are available. My Husband said his night stay was ok, however, we're never having another procedure in this hospital.

Glitter Gang

I live in Tucson Arizona and I have been to many of doctors and hospital's but I have to say that I would rather drive almost 2 hours from my house to this hospital any day especially when I have a new surgeon with them who actually cares about his patients and is willing to help undo a surgery that wasn't supposed to be done. Thanks Dignity Health and Dr David Row y'all rock Sincerely Sophia

David Jackson

They saved my life!

Rahimah Majidah Muhammad

I came to St Joseph's Hospital on Saturday evening January 6th, 2018 at about 8pm. I drove 15 min there with an excruciating Shooting, Throbbing pain in my left shoulder. I was in tears and It was extremely difficult for for me to walk across the street from the parking lot to the emergency room. When I walked in I went to the window, there was one person in front of me. I sat my jacket, purse and headphones on the floor. I was in tears and I was massaging my shoulder and circuling my arm trying to relieve the pain. All while I was in tears and excruciating pain their security guard insisted that I pick up my things. While I was waiting and to move away from the window. I moved away from the window and explained in tears that I was in pain and needed to leave my things on the floor because I was massaging my shoulder trying to alleviate the pain!!! He kept insisting that I pick up my things and hold them while I was waiting in line. By this time it was my turn to be registered, he kept insisting that I hold my things or I would not be seen and would have to leave the hospital if I didn't pick them up. By now, the worker at the window also stated that she would not help me unless I picked up my purse and jacket off the floor. Again I explained that I was in excruciating pain. I gave her my ID and Medical Insurance Card and both she and the security guard still refused to help me even though I said I would pick up my things up and hold them after they registered me. By this time I am distraught, in pain and feeling humiliated. I refused to hold my things until she finished taking my information. I explained that I would pick them up once I was registered. By this time there yelling. and I am too, at the stupidity, rudeness and disregard for my pain. The security guard then grabbed me and physically threw me out the front door. I have never been so insensed and humiliated in all my the life. There's more to the story but, to sum it up. They gave me my things my ID. And my Medical Card and refused me service. I cried like I have never cried before. I struggled across the street to my car. Drove another 20min to an out of network hospital to be seen. Maricopa Intergrated Health Hospital, ( County Hospital, helped me with my things and treated my symptoms courteously and promptly. If I had money for a lawyer I would sue St Joseph's hospital. And Monday Morning I will definitely be filing a complaint with the hospital.

Star Mack

The worst experience ever! I brung my 14 month old son in for strep throat and a fever I was checked in and sat for 3 hours was never seen. My baby is in so much pain I have to leave here without being seen and find the nearest Childrens hospital. They seen every other patient even those who came after us but did not treat my baby. Im not from this state Im from Wisconsin just visiting and I am so disappointed in lack of care for others here.

Frances Galvan


Kody Kelleher

Not sure why St. Joseph's has such a low rating. I was in the ER early last week really not feeling well and received quality treatment. The nurse practitioner who I spoke with a few times, Julie Shirling (spelling?), was really knowledgeable and caring which really helped me get through the experience - no one likes to be in the ER after all anyway... I really appreciated having someone like her there during my visit.

Michael Elijah

Horrible hospital. Nurses yelling across the room for patients to come to them. Some patients in wheel chairs, i.e. ME. Others patients have to tell the nurse that i’m in a wheel chair and then come over and say “oh, i’m sorry”. One nurse mentioned something to me about something i may have had due to my injury.. They gave me an x ray and took blood. Once again another nurse YELLED my name and another patient helped and rolled me over. She never mentioned anything to me about my blood or even the x ray. Or even bothered to tell me what was wrong with my foot, which is why I WENT THERE IN TH FIRST PLACE. She just gave me a boot and send me on my way... Didn’t tell me how long i needed it for, or when to wear it, nothing. As i was leaving i asked another nurse about a doctors note, she the proceeded to say WITH AN ATTITUDE, now i’m gonna have to go through all of you’re paper work again, you’re GONNA have to wait until i’m done. Which would have been fine if it was said without the attitude. Will not come to this hospital again, nor will i recommend it anyone. VERY unprofessional staff.

titi odance

Am disappointed a nurse or who ever he is, that attends to patient at the ER after checking in could say to me and my son that he doesn't care. He's not supposed to work in an hospital environment and shame on him.

Emma May Starr

Every time I come it it gets worse..i was npo for 3 days had the surgery and oh surprise still the hell are you going to keep a diabetic with out food and water...lets not get started on how they screw up your meds and give you meds that you no longer take and haven't in over a yourself a favor avoid this hospital at all cost

Jordan D

Poor ER service dose meet standords for customer service

Bronwyn MacIsaac

My husband was released too soon after open heart surgery with difficulty breathing and gallons of fluid in his body that wasn't addressed with any concern... resulting 7 days later to faint in the middle of the night, taken to the local ER where he was in critical condition with broken ribs, 'drowning' anounts of fluid in/around his lungs (3200 cc's of blood upon initial placement of drain) and a contusion on the back of his head from the fall. Due to the severity, he had to be life flighted to Dignity's Chandler hospital. In addition, my husband signed a release to receive all hospital records at st joes; also, my husband was told to sign the "if you want to appeal" rights literally as we're being wheeled out of his room. This appeal was as to his being discharged! The only response we got when i asked about our concerns re his difficulty breathing and excessive edema, the response was always "that's normal". As good a nurse that we had that day, it was clear they needed his bed and apparently he drew the short straw...i cannot express how disgusted i was with my husband's care with, in the major majority, "floating nurses" couldnt make this stuff up!!....appeal...ya think? There wasn't a zero star choice...

Jay Lee

I Went To The Emergency Room Yesterday And the lafl checking people in put the wrong I'd Band on the wrong person. The emergency room was filthy.

Monica A

Went to the ER last week. Once a neurological problem was ruled out, I was diagnosed with an inflamed pupil. The ophthalmologist I followed up with indicated that this was a difficult diagnosis to make and was a little surprised it was accurately diagnosed by someone who isn't an ophthalmology specialist. Thanks to a really sharp ER nurse practitioner, Scott Stewart, once I got my Rx filled, I started to get relief, and I am healing nicely. I haven't been to an ER since 2005, but after 2 other experiences at St Joe's, it was my first choice. After this experience, it still is.

Heather Gitelman

Trust me when I tell you the negative comments on this page are spot on! The facility is dirty, unkempt, lacks in privacy, and needs updating desperately. The staff itself isn’t much better, two words: overworked, and underpaid! From rude nurses who discuss private patient info out in the open, to PA’s who obviously could care less about their patients overall wellbeing. From the second you walk in the door you’re just another number in the system, and it’s quite obvious they can’t wait to get rid of you. It seriously blows my mind how such a “world-renowned” hospital, associated with Barrows Neurological Institute, can have such a ridiculously terrible, poorly run emergency room? Save yourself the disappointment (and possibly your life) by directing your ambulance driver to the nearest Banner or Honor Health facility immediately!

Yvette Espinoza

The “nurse” asked me to pee in a cup. He absolutely smelled of cigarettes and was making my nausea worse while he unhooked my IV. I go and pee in a cup and once I’m done, he is nowhere to be found. So I walk back to my room and realize that he’s not around to hook me back up. I have to go into the hallway, and ask one of the laughing nurses to hook me back up. I can hear their hesitation, it makes me want to apologize for being sick! No one seems to care or want to work. It makes me feel really uneasy to be here. I then get taken to get an mri and the lady that takes me keeps saying something but I can’t hear her. When I ask her to repeat she treats me like a small child who’s in trouble.. I hate it here

jesus flores

Fatima Duarte

Mandi Robinson

I'm 33 weeks pregnant and had to go to the E.R. for problems with my GERD. I hadn't been able to keep solids or liquids down for 5 days. I was first sent to the maternity ward so they could check the baby. While this was happening my fiance parked the car and went in the main entrance. I had already texted him and told him I was sent to maternity. He asked the guy at the desk how to get to the maternity ward and was told 5th floor. When he asked for directions to get to the right place the employee told him he didn't know. Now I'm being taken to the E.R. and I text to let him know. He asks the employee how to get to the E.R. instead and the employee keeps telling him to go through doors that are marked for personnel and require a badge to get through. In the E.R. we finally meet up and after about a 20 minutes I am taken back to be seen. The nurse was good, I believe her name was Amber. However, I can't count how many times in the 5 hours I was there that a nurse or doctor didn't know where or what was going on with their patients. I myself was asked 4 different times why I was there being treated.... well it's on my paperwork. The doctor and I agreed I wouldn't be sent home until we knew I could keep something down. I was never given anything to try to keep down and was discharged without ever seeing the doctor again. It was 2 days later that I stopped throwing up. I'm supposed to have my baby at this hospital but I'll say that my confidence in the staff has been shaken.


Please don't take your loved one here. Hubby was in a MC accident and it was the closest Trama Hospital. He had major injurys. The care was inhumane! I tried transferring him out of there twice, They wouldn't let it happen. I fired one nurse for mistreatment to my husband. Reported it, but no wrong was found, but yet I witnessed the abuse. So I was basically being called a lier. Not just my husband but an Elderly lady in another room, yelling for help. I went in her room, she wanted her sweater. I told a staff member and her reply was she's just old and confused, ignore her.

Julia Le Arko

Leyla K

Came at noon, there are a lot room emty in emergency room but we are in hallway in a gurney at 5 am. Nurses are saying we want to keep rooms empty because of if we get any worse cases. Hallway is so cold, noisy, bright, dirty and no privacy at all. I started to think that this is kind of discrimination because of we are foreigners. They will charge hospital room or hospital stay for a gurney on hallway. Horrible experience so far.

Melody Maynes

My father recently had surgery at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center. What an exceptional experience for our family. From the moment we checked in, the hospital staff made certain my father was comfortable, well taken care of and all his needs were met. The doctors and nursing staff were exceptional; their kindness and caring treatment were beyond compare. Every question was answered and quality service was provided throughout his stay. It was certainly evident patient care is a top priority! St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center is a 5 Star facility! In my father’s words, “The entire process was over the moon and I am so grateful.” William Jones

Melanie Puckett

It was awful. Was told to go in by phone triage because there was a chance I had a mini stroke also called a TIA. Got there and was taken into the back fast, blood work fast but that where it ends. I was told they were lucky to have an MRI machine so I could take hours to get the test. Finally got the test, not a mini stroke but was told there were abnormalities. Neurologist would be by to give me results but it could take hours, MIND YOU FOR A TEST THAT WAS ALREADY DONE. Have not had food or water for over 8 hours. Nurses have not checked on me in the last 3 hours and counting. The bounus is I get to hear all of the information about the patients around me because the nurses have no problem announcing at the station in a very loud voice.


Tammie Eddings-Morgan

St Joseph hospital in Phoenix has always been good to me until last night. I have had 3 surgeries in the last 5 months on my shunt. My neurosurgeon Dr. Smyth was concerned about symptoms I was having after my 3rd shunt revision. So he told me to go to ER to have a assessment done on 6/21/18. So following my Dr's advice I went. Terrible mistake, when I first got there they checked me in. I saw the ER doctor ( which I can't remember her name). She seemed concerned at first. They took my blood and got me the tests I needed. And that is where the courtesy ended. I did not see the ER doctor again ( hence why I can't remember her name). The nurse Claudia was to busy talking to other nurses to deal with me. I was put in a cramped room designed for one person but had 2 people crammed in there in the most uncomfortable chairs (no beds) God forbid you go there because your sick or hurting and need to lie down. I guess money means more to them then comfort. Oh the chairs lay down but don't expect to get comfortable. After my tests I sat for hours 4 1/2 to be exact. The nurse maybe coming in twice. She didnt know who Dr Smyth was. It wasn't to make sure I was ok and not in pain. Finally got her to call her supervisor where then she told us there was only 1 neuro in the hospital!! And oh yeah he was taking care of everyone in the hospital so I was at the bottom of the list. So possibly 5 more hours just for him to review my tests. Did I mention I was in the ER? While the nurses were so busy my husband over heard my nurse talking to another one explaining how it depends on what insurance you have to how fast you get helped. Wow discrimination much? Then another nurse comes in closes the curtain so we could be totally shut off ( easier to ignore us). Then she comes in to let me know oops they forgot to do a urine test so if I could cooperate. Umm no. She the comes in with another iv bag. Because I wouldn't pee for them so they were gonna try and force me? I told them I was just going to go home. The chair was killing my back and I still had no answers. She then offered to ask the Dr if I could have something for pain. After 5 hours your concerned with my pain? No thanks getting out of that terrible chair would work faster. Then out of the blue the elusive ER Dr showed up and low and behold she had some results of my tests. I don't know how long she had been sitting on those. I was not under any danger so I decided to go home especially after I was told they didnt still know when the neurosurgeon would be there. I know Dr and nurses work very hard and I am grateful to them. But apparently these two didn't take the same oath.

Calletano Serna

I just wanna give.a HUGE SHOUT-OUT to all the staff nurses and doctor on the 5th and 4th floor labor and delivery..this is my my 4th child being born here and the All the staff are simply the best at what they do.they make you feel like family and they do an amazing job!! It amazes me how incredible these women working here are this will be my last child I just had to leave this positive review really just to say thank you truly from the bottom of my heart for everything!! The nurse Karen was the best after her shift was over she called and asked the nurses how we we’re

Priscilla Powell

Got in as soon as I walked through the door. The nurses up front were very nice and concerned about me. They did everything to help me with my situation. Had an MRI done and got all my test results real quick. All the staff that attended me on 9/10/19PM were wonderful. Thank you

larry hintz

I brought my mom to the ER today. Check-in within 10 minutes. Triage area another 10 minutes. James E. and Hannah S., my mom's nurses were true professional s that had her dialled in and squared away in less than 10 minutes. She has blood work, EKG, Chest X-ray all done in less than an hour. The support team of Linda A.and Sarah S excelled 100% when Q and A time was upon cast upon me.

Shannon Acton

AWFUL!! Plan on spending your entire day WAITING!! My 81 yr old father with severe back pain spent 12 hrs waiting in a VERY uncomfortable wheelchair in a waiting area. Not one nurse or doctor even asked if he needed a sip of water, food, pain medication, NOTHING!! Patients are scattered all over the ER...laying in beds against the ER walls, very very sad scene! PLEASE GO ELSEWHERE, if you or your loved one needs to be cared for.

Amy Iverson

I have never in my life been so mad. If the was a LESS THAN 1 star I wouuld. I was transferred from Kingman to this place due to neurological issue. Placed in a 'reception area' sat in a recliner for 5 hrs. No monitor of anything on me. Just sat there. Student Dr. ame in and said they were going to do something for me.. next thing I know a whole group comes in... another dr had me to the grip test and walk (which I was so weak could barely do)... then says your fine go home! When I asked about not 1 BUT 2 MRI'S that were done and mind you I am in medical myself and know what mri states... she says mri is wrong. I'm sorry, because machines lie? And not 1 but 2 lied? Um ok. This place came so recommended and I am beyond words to say how TERRIBLE IT IS

Marco Mejil Jr

Worst hospital! Asked for something to eat bc I was hungry and felt faintish and never got one. Asked many other staff standing around and still never received it. The staff in there like looked miserable and dead. Not one smile. Took us from room to room to room. Overall theyre lacking in a huge way and I hope something gets done about It in the future.


Too many policies, long waiting times.

Sara Kelly.

Helped me when I cut my thumb open. The only thing I didn't like was the waiting period

Wilma Avalos

We got in right away in the emergency room. The nurses are very nice and accommodating. I recommend coming here.

Janie Stegall

Make everyone stand and sit in tight quarters. Move you from room to room, hurry up and wait right here, now over here, okay now wait here in the even smaller room while we get your results , over 2 hours later JUST FOR RESULTS. RIDICULOUS. Threaten people who want to leave after the ridiculous wait. Don't hold to the rules of only 1 visitor. Oh yea, and parking lot, BEYOND RIDICULOUS. Nurse said there are 12 of you and only 1 of me. They must be getting some kind of kickbacks for keeping people there longer, justifying there hours and pay??? Have phone charging station that doesn't even work, don't know how many people tried it, unplug the damn thing or remove it, HELLO...

non yorefth gototheyofeif

I wasn't even offered an native service provider with Indian blood and I had all of my tribal booklet info with me on both dates of framature last month the employees appeared ancey pants.all with reluctantly and I had head wounds with an broken thumb .

Scott Lupke

Great emergence room fast service. Great nurses and doctors.

Maria Shiraishi

I was just there and the service was horrible. Once I arrive at the hospital they took forever to get me situated once I was situated in a hallway on a bed the doctor just came in Didn't physically check me to make sure I was OK all he did was order blood work x-rays and cat scan after that I didn't see the doctor till he came back with the results and all he said was everything looks good except for my Kidneys and when I ask him for more information about that he just gave me a number and walked away. I hardly saw my nurse cuz she said it was a busy night. the next day I had to go see my primary Doctor and she said that I had a mild concussion my left hand had a sprined finger i told the nurse that my finger hurt and never looked at it they did not give me any medication for the pain after i just been in a Serious car accident it was just horrible all way around. Well never visit this place again

Derick Huebner

Wouldn’t even let me the father see our first ultrasound for our baby this place is a joke!

Jerri Hoover

Lana Dale

I cannot recommend care at this facility. Lack of attention to urgency for access to care; insensitive to patient needs, including having to request anesthesia and pain management; critical errors in performing routine minor surgical procedure, resulting in a severe/emergent, preventable, side effect; incompetent billing department (over a year and they’ve still not resolved my bill!). I’ve worked in nationally ranked, top 10 hospitals, for over 20yrs and have been cared for by world class care providers. This place won’t hit the radar. The nursing staff told me my experience was common.

Mike Okamura

This hospital has gone downhill, from some nurse's to some doctor's, they were rude and inconsiderate. The appearance and cleanliness is at a all time low they brought me back to an unclean room so the nurse took me to another, to where you can still see the oils from the other person. No wipe down and now the dr. O'Mara who just came and supposely the only doctor on the floor is upset that I don't want to sit on this table he is so rude! The floor are so dirty you can get a wet towel and write your name in it. Used ear exam covers on the floor. Oh the nurse came in saying they don't clean or wipe down the beds they only pull the bed cover. Gross!!!!

evl1cam civic

From check in to the nurse checking you in you know they dont care about you it feels like they dont even want you there its an inconvenience for this hospital to have patients go to banner better care

Jack Tripper

Best in Phoenix. They really care.

Amber Goins

Company deals in Identity thief! They clearly never checked any identification for whoever "supposedly" was me. I just seen through Credit Karma that they went through a third-party for collections and is attempting to bill me 33+ thousand dollars. I'm completely outraged and nobody seems to want to help. Shame on this hospital and shame on their billing tactics!!

Gisela Romero


this hospital is SCARY! They did a massive surgery called a Whipple on my underage daughter WITHOUT A CONSENT SIGNED!!! this week she had surgery for complications from that whipple surgery and the complications have been going on for the 6 months since the surgery. Two weeks ago the ED doctor told my daughter nothing is wrong with her and to take TYLENOL if she still has pain, he refused to do any helpful tests BUT told her marijuana (with card from doctor) causes vomiting that just wont stop, he was condescending, belittling, rude and told her that SHE WOULDN'T DIE iIMMEDIATELY if he discharged her & that was all his job was....well here she is with a blocked bowel, emergency surgery, two days in the ICU and who knows how long she will be on the floor....if he would have done a simple test, he could have saved my daughter weeks of pain, and had the first ED doc done the obvious test, they would have saved her months of pain, vomiting and ending up with 15 pound weight loss!!! however, there were a few shining stars........Night House Manager 'Maria" was the ONLY one who advocated for my daughter and fought to get the doctor to help my daughter that night. Natalie RN in ED was the most AMAZING woman and caregiver I have ever encountered!! We spent 6 months back and forth from EDs before they found out what was causing my daughters health to fail. I was exhausted and frustrated and Natalie was the one person who was always honest and went above and beyond, not only taking care of my daughter, but our family unit as a whole. I can't give specifics but Natalie should train her colleagues in compassion and conflict de-escalation. The drain in my daughter's shower came loose and was a slip i asked for plant services to come fix it....Jorge & Alex from plant services came up within 15 minutes and fixed it perfectly! They were kind, friendly and courteous!! They even adjusted the temperature in the room to make my daughter more comfortable and came back to make sure the new temp was good for us! These two men are an amazing asset to St. Joes.....they could not have been better!!! Jessica RN and Theresa RN on the 8th floor were my daughters favorites, they were patient, kind COMPASSIONATE and AMAZING CAREGIVERS, I really believe they helped expedite my daughter's healing!!! Taylor RN on the 5th floor was fabulous and literally ran all night trying to make my daughter more comfortable before her surgery. Please note that my 5 star review is only for the individuals mentioned here.....sadly, these are the exceptions, the facility would only get 2 stars overall. Thank you!!!

Erika Garrett

Very rude staff and security, asked me and my daughter big we had weapons but know one else, and nurse act like we are wasting their time instead of treating us like people and patients.

Amanda Smith

This is the second time I've been into the E.R. unit at this facility, each time has been for my older sister because she suffer's from a seizure disorder that has not been diagnosed in the five years she's been struggling with it. Each time we dealt with rude employees, do they have no shame in the way they treat their patients? I ask a different nurse the first time I was there where her nurse was and I was met with hostility and anger. She's lucky I didn't catch her name or she'd be mentioned in this review. Now this past Sunday I had to take her in because of the medication she's on make's her psychotic, and she tried to kill herself; I knew against my better judgement than to take her there but I had no choice we live right across the street. As we arrive there she's starting to vomit and pass-out a few feet away from the enterance, I start to scream for help; it took people walking out of the hospital to gain the staff's attention, and then as they're taking her in not one, two, but three of your employees start to laugh and giggle as they take her back. If this is a neuroscience tower shouldn't your employees be a little more sensitive to patients that suffer from neurological disorder's? She was already paranoid and your staff made it worse. My husband has called off from work to be able to be by her side once she's transferred to the proper facility but your fine establishment has neglected to call us to let us know where she has been transferred to and when my husband reaches out to your hospital they only give him the name of where she's been transferred to. What are we suppose to do with just a name? No number no address. Now I'm sitting here at work very angry and anxious because I can't find my sister because of your employee's neglected to inform my husband and I like I was told they were going to do.

Allison Kolhepp

I am extremely disappointed in the ER staff that was working on 8/21/18. My daughter was sent to the ER by her OB/GYN for rapid heartbeat/breathlessness. He called to make them aware she was coming and what testing he wanted done. Every nurse/doctor asked her if she had discussed her symptoms with her doctor. They did move her through testing relatively quickly, however they let her lay in a hallway all day and refused her food and water. She is five months pregnant and was there for 10 hours with nothing to eat or drink. Her last test was done at 5 pm. They said results would take an hour. By 9:45 pm we still didn't have the results. By this time my daughter was more sick than when she came in due to not eating. Every time we mentioned this to the nurses they just laughed (not real sure what they found funny). The nurses finally came with test results after much complaining on our part. They said she was dehydrated (couldn't have anything to do with the fact that you had refused her anything to drink for 10 hours?? ). I have always thought highly of St. Joe's but no more. You should be ashamed of the way your nurses sit around chatting instead of working. You should also teach your doctors and nurses to read the charts of their patients. We will make sure we let everyone know the kind of treatment they can expect from St. Joe's. For a Dignity Health hospital you show your patients very little dignity, compassion or understanding. Your staff should review your hospitals mission statement and try to follow it.

Chad Arthur

They have the best doctors there and nurses

Jai Mendivil

Here at St. Joe's. Emergency room in pain but was forced to listen to one of the Employees flirting and carrying on with one of the patients she stood next to the patient for more than an hour. Is that what they are payed for?

Rhonda Barnett brothers leg was a time sensitive situation with no circulation....took too long waiting for anesthesiologist before surgery...still after over 5.5 hrs...only heard from someone once over 3 hrs ago

Mary Jane Chiefers

Emergency room is the WORST they are super slow. Waiting for eyedrops for 3 hours. When i came in no one was even in the waiting room.. now its full. The eye drops did help tho so i aporeciate that. But now im sitting in a room of sick people and thats the worst feeling ever

Alejandra Alvarado


Hunter Novak

Bounced around from room to room. Was there for over 6 hours and all they did was wrap my finger. Didn’t clean the hand or anything. The discharge instructions weren’t clear and as I was trying to ask questions about it the discharge nurse was clearly annoyed and just walked away and said I could leave. Awful experience.

Betina T

Another Very BAD experience, at a hospital ER, in the state of Arizona. Just, Wow.

MeganTrantelGml Gml

Hi Stepson

Casidy Duncan

Went in for an abscess tooth. The staff were quick and friendly. Doctor had to drain my infection which was very painful and they were very understanding and patient with me.

Phillip Leroy

The experience coming through the ER intake folks was less than acceptable. My mom was Air Evac'd to the facility and awaited further notification. Intake folks later had security escort me to Consultation room, indicating someone would come update me. Approximately 3 hours later a helpful RN was about to close up the room, thinking no one was there and then explained, no one ever alerted them any family was present. My other family member's drove over 3 hours to arrive and finally we we're with our mom in the Trauma ICU. Appreciate the careb being provided to our mom, but not an ideal first experience at this facility.

joe rowles

Seeking answers to billing is a joke. I have a Dignity Health Physician whom I will continue to see, but, any medical testing or treatment will not be done at any Dignity Health facility! They need to provide complete information as to charges. This current bill is the second time I have called and cannot get complete reasoning for added charges on testing!

Aurora Dannon

Normally I love any dignity health. This is the worst experience ever. The doctor was rude, told my gf she was wrong about her pain. She got left in the CT waiting area and no one knew she was there. 2 hours her pain is at a 10 and no one had even offered anything to help.

Aimee Beth

My daughter was admitted. They gave her a charger. They were so friendly to her, I was SURPRISED. THIS IS NOT THE ST. JOES I KNEW IN 1998. I love the new look and professionalism.

Andrew Gallegos

To be fair, I did not go through what others who left negative reviews went through, but I have nothing but praise for this hospital and its staff. I have severe asthma, and I'm usually in the hospital upwards of 17 times a year for it. Every single time, St. Joseph's has performed extraordinarily. I'm seen nearly immediately, due to respiratory being a medical priority, and within an hour or two I'm being discharged with prescriptions, advice, and a physical sense of well being. A friend of mine had brain surgery here following an injury from epileptic seizuring, and he was back at work in less than two weeks. That is amazing. I've always understood that life threatening cases take priority regarding admittance, that this is a difficult and demanding field of professions, and that clinical research takes care and time. This isn't a drive thru. Quality care takes quality time and I assure you that the nurses and doctors want to see you too instead of disempacting a person's stool, so try and have compassion for these guys. A hospital is an impressive feat of organized chaos, and St. Joseph's performs it admirably.

noor samaale

I took my brother to that hospiatl and they treat us really bad .my brother had flue and he died in that hospital. I remember when the doctor told us that our borther has to die coz he spending to much expenses

Risa Review

The rooms are so dirty....I had two great cannot get any rest, other nurses ignore patient calls....I'm happy my nurses were great....

sharita wright

This was the worst hospital I have ever been to. I was in the middle of the emergency room exposed. The nurse was blatantly racist. I was treated inhumane. I am traumatized behind this experience. The administrator does not care how her staff treats patients. If you request to see her she will never come. They will leave you in the hospital in excruciating pain. If you want to get better i would not suggest you come to this hospital. You will not be treated with any kindness or respect, and their motto is a lie.

Allison Clough

Outstanding nursing in observation unit following surgery for an orthopedic injury! Just wonderful care! Frequent checks on room meant I did not have to ask for help. Stayed on top of pain. I made a rapid recovery and no doubt excellent nursing was a big part of it. Gluten free food was awful. Fortunately a kind aide remembered there were some frozen Amy's brand gluten free meals. But a chunk of dried out chicken and a scoop of rice does not a meal make. It was inedible. PACU nurse was not on top of pain management. Dr. Jacobs deserves his great reputation.

Stephanie Ramirez

Charles Thomas

Worst place ever they lie and they do not care about ppls health... They killed my wife and hope it gets shut down

Hazel Rose

I can't begin to even explain how amazing the people doctors and nurses are here. Brad on the 5th floor ICU is one of the best people I've ever had the privilege of knowing. When we came in we were scared & hopeless. Brad gave us hope with each passing hour...he gave us the positives...he laughed with us and took the time to make sure my papa was comfortable every minute he was there. He made my papa feel safe and smile. And the biggest part is it is genuine. You can actually feel and see the love coming from within the staff there because they truly care. I had lost it and stepped out of the room and another nurse took me aside and hugged me amd reminded me what I had to do to be strong. She let me cry on her shoulder and that is an experience I won't ever forget. These people don't do it for the money. They do it because they love...because they care...and because they want to heal. And they are doing that for us. Thank you all so much

George Perhach

July 5th I visited St Joseph’s ER at the suggestion of my spine car specialists office. I was having severe sciatic pain and they were unable to get me in. I scheduled my ER visit on line, got a call from a very nice caring nurse to discuss my symptoms. All that changed when I got to the ER. I was seen fairly quickly by a nurse from triage, then called into a room where the good service ended. The PA on duty came in and did a 30 second evaluation upon not deeming me emergent as he would have thought, dissuaded me several times form getting further treatment. Stating I “could” wait for an MRI but it would be at least 6-8 hours and even before they would do the MRI they would put me through a battery of tests because use they were required before any MRI’s would be done. I’ll give you a few minutes to think about it and i’ll Come back he said. I attempted to call my Dr’s office while in the ER to see if they’d order an MRI at another facility without the “battery” of un necessary testing. Unfortunately they were closed. The PA returned and again stated we “could “ wait for the MRI but any codes we heard over the past system would only delay thing further. I was in terrible pain and not even offered a damn Tylenol. I said I’d wait for the MRI but the longer I sat there the madder I got. I found a nurse and told her to tell him I wasn’t going to wait and she would have someone check me out. I received triage, a 30second evaluation and poor advice from an uncaring provider, for that I received a $568.00 bill. Talk about adding insult to injury. They made me feel as if I were a drug seeker looking for pain meds instead of helping me. Avoid St. Joseph’s ER if you can, level of service and compassion from their provider was awful!

Amber Calderon

Staff is wonderful and they dont make you wait long at all..They were very helpful and got me seen right away. And made my visit a great one.. Friendly staff and checked on me to make sure I was good no complaints at all ... I don't like hospital or going to any.. But st Joseph is my choice hospital for any future visits ... You guys are awesome thx for making my visit wonderful..

David L

Depriving a pregnant women of food and water when shes at the point that shes crying because she so hungry and thirsty is great professional work! Having her spend all day in a hallway and then saying you dont know why shes there proves how unprofessional that hospital is! Instead of replying to everyone that had a horrible experience in your hospital why not say something different to show you care and reply something that doesn't sound like it's coming from a automatic reply system. You want me to call for what? To offer us a gift card as a apologies, to Express how sorry you are? To tell us that you promise to really take good care of us on our next visit? That should have never happen to begin with! We entrust you guys with our love one and when we have experience like this, makes us never want to go back!

Demaree Shott-Sanchez

Isela Mayers

AMAZING! The people are so nice!

Enrico Palazzo

I went to the emergency room for what I thought was appendix pain. I was told by the first doctor who saw me after an hour that it is more than likely not. Just to be save, they wanted to run some test. Long story short, I spent about 7 hours at the hospital, was put under the MRI had tons of lab work done and was discharged by a nurse,, who told me since the doctor did not write anything on my record, i am probably ok. Today I received an invoice of over 8,000 dollars (this is not a typo). Apparently, they also did not apply my insurance, information, which I gave to them twice. Read the other reviews and stay away from this place as far as possible.

Donna Payne

We almost lost my Grandson when he was 11 yrs old. We didn’t know what was wrong with him. We went to urgent care 3 times that week and they kept telling us it was a virus and it would just have to run its course. By the time we got to Saint Joseph’s hospital his legs were so swollen that he couldn’t walk. They immediately knew what it was. He had endocarditis and the infection was eating away one of his heart valves. They took him to surgery after a day on intravenous antibiotics and repaired the valve.Everyone there was amazing and so very concerned about my Grandson. He was there 2 weeks. They allowed me to be there with him every minute. After being released he still had to have a pic line to continue his antibiotics. The repair of the valve was done so well that even today there is no murmur and zero leakage. His cardiologist couldn’t believe it! Thanks to this wonderful hospital and the staff there, my grandson survived this ordeal. He is now 21 years old and in perfect health!

Thomas Calderon

Love this place always in quickly never had to wait for more than an hour... Never had any complaint.. Banner Estrella is by where I live and that place is a nightmare.. So Id rather drive out this far to a place that will actually care about you and be attentive to what you need. Than a place that doesn't... St Joseph over Banner Estrella every time.. Don't know why anyone would choose otherwise... They are the best..


If I can give anything less I would give that. It seems they have only one nurses in whole emergency who is only working in bit and pieces. Just one query to the nurse you have to wait for at least two hours. If you ask at the nurse desk after 2 hour of wait then the reply “honey you have to give more time” More importantly the nurse will confirm that the medicine has been send to pharmacy and we have to collect from there. I repeatedly reconfirmed before I leave and she was very sure. When I reach pharmacy there was no prescription. When I called no one bothers to response.

Michael Harrop

I came in for severe fatigue & diarrhea. Feeling incredibly ill. I was dismissed with nothing but a prescription (not even the pills) for a nausea medicine after they said the blood & urine tests showed nothing. No attempt to check if there was a gut infection. This is absolutely absurd EMERGENCY ROOM treatment. You go to the ER when you feel your life is in danger. There was absolutely no attempt/care for my life. I have full insurance too.

Denise Isaac

Was in and out in two hours quickest visit ever .Was very caring.

Natalia Q

Horrible experience and incompetent residents run this place.

Ken Morgan

This is the worst ER I've ever had to sit through they don't update the patient they leave you sit for hours in a crowded room. I've had my wife in here several times in the last 5 months I'm tired of being ignored.

William Winblad

My wife and I went to St Joseph's hospital she has head and neck cancer had 36 radiation treatments she was in unbelievable pain they treated her like a drug addict didn't help at all sent her home with low sodium 128 and high blood pressure 156 over 98 St Joseph's use to be one of the best but in the last year went from a 4 star rating and now it a 2 and a half it really declined. I'd check other hospitals before going to St Joseph's.Everyone treated poorly and disrespectfully should call the attorney general's office and state your complaints.

Q. Johnson

Came here because I needed to see a specialist been admitted almost 24 hours still haven't been seen. My situation deteriorated while waiting, then I demanded to see a doctor. This place only cares about billing the maximum dollar amount to your insurance. I definately should have went to a different facility because this place is disorganized and inadequately staffed.

Karen Lonewolf

This is the worst emergency room I have ever been to in my life. The floors were dirty the staff didn't wear gloves. The only person that wore gloves thankfully was the woman who drew my blood. The staff is non caring and treats everyone as though they are frequent fliers. Stay away from here if you want quality care. If the system would allow zero stars that is how it should be rated.

Caitlyn Jane

Sandie Koscomb

MOST of the people i interacted with during my mother's stay were lovely and efficient. MOST of them did what they said they were going to do within a timely manner. HOWEVER, as the holder of mom's Power of Attorney, I should have received a phone call when it was time to transfer my mother to another facility, and that did not happen, so I had to spend the morning making phone calls to locate her. This is an egregious oversight, an intolerable mishandling of the situation and I hope for the next family's sake it never happens again. The people that allowed this to happen should be ashamed of themselves. Nurse Simone on duty at 5T, room 04, on 2/13 was mom's nurse, and is the one the instructions to call before moving were provided to. If she wasn't on duty when the transfer occurred, it was her responsibility to inform whoever WAS on duty so the phone call could be made. Also, watching her and her NA (David?) attempt to move my mother from her upright seated position in the wheeled chair next to the bed back *into* the bed was a joke, since these medical professionals thought a woman who hasn't stood under her own power in 4 years could stand and pivot into the bed (with assistance) instead of being lifted, and almost dropped her on the floor. What should have been a 60 second task took nearly 5 minutes because of their ineptitude. Embarrassing for them, infuriating for me. If you want something done right, do it yourself, I guess...

Oscar Rodriguez

Hello everyone, for me my experience at this hospital did not meet the standards of a typical hospital should be. The nurses and P.A assistance are overwhelmed to much. Not ready for there job to meet there area of expertise. I'm not saying all the doctor's here are unprofessional or don't know what there job is. It's a 1 and 5 chance you will run into a doctor who will understand you and completely listen to your problem, very rare. You got the Up's and down's. The anger the inpatients, the time waiting, the pain. And it could get to you mentally and very emotionally. The waiting rooms the rooms they provide or Evan the bathrooms are not very well sanitized or clean I would say. The lack in ethics, the lack in building a strong team to get things done the right way. What a way to represent the hospital (LowStandards). I know allot now some people just come to visit and get treated for medicine which I could completely understand in the point of view of doctors that's uncalled for. But when someone comes in legitimately hurt or don't feel good in some type of way, please help the person.

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