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REVIEWS OF Chandler Regional Medical Center IN Arizona

Matt Aldrich

The hospital is ok, but THERE IS NO PARKING, NONE! ZERO! If you can't get into "valet parking" then you are out of luck. They block off a huge amount of parking for valet, and sits UNUSED No plan, no concern for the patients and their families. Get rid of the "valet" parking if you can't operate it efficiently

David LSI

Nurses are phenominal, warm and caring. I have no reason to believe that the medical treatment and quiality is not good. But if you are looking to be part of the discussion or be informed of the plan look elsewhere. Doctors are in and out quickly. The actions are independent of each other and leave you with an absence of any sense of team. They descriptive words of time that never match the realty. I see first hand why they do not not have "Magnet Status". We are not happy and have no plan to ever come back; there are plenty of choices. Time for some proactive reasearch on my part.

Gulin And the Aktas family

They don’t care what you are feeling

Alexis Norice

ONLY PUT TWO STARS FOR ONE REASON: Everything was great and quick until the employee dealing with financial AID in to talk about insurance. Being 20 and having to come to the ER alone sick as a dog for the first time made of difficult to remember information. The woman was impatient and seems to become frustrated within seconds of entering the room. I wish I got her name, her attitude was awful. Everything else was great .

Brice Sang

Staff are really nice, but they don't try to solve any issues .I really messed up my ankle and after not being able to take it after two days, wanted to go in hoping they would do an MRI and make sure there were no ligament tears. I was informed by the doctor when I was being seen that, "We don't do MRI's." I thought I misheard him and he confirmed that. I asked him why that was and he said we just don't do them. You'll have to go to your PCP. That's the second time I've gone here and not been diagnosed. They just gave me xrays, when I knew that would be negative because I didn't fracture anything, and then gave me a prescription for pain and that was it. I told them that I was on blood thinners and that I'm sure it was a joint bleed, but it would have been nice to have a confirmation. This is obviously a money saving administration decision. But I think it's a load. I'm not sure why I would bother going unless I was literally dying.

Tedi Revenew

After I took my dad to Banner and had an awful experience of them not listening or talking to me and sending my father off when he was at his worse state, I took him to Dignity, and they helped me have closure. Dr. D. Reynolds and A. Waghray were amazing doctors and kept me in the loop with everything concerning my father. The nurses were also all super nice, and my dad enjoyed them as they took good care of him. Banner told me my dad was having strokes and that was causing the issues he was having but after taking him to Dignity they thought something more was happening and said they would turn even stone untill they were 110% sure they found the answer. They made me feel confident my dad was in the right hands. He ended up having cancer that Banner do not catch and passing away a week after they found it. They gave my dad and I closure instead of just saying " oh ya he just keeps having strokes." They kept looking and cared.

misha deblair

I just gave birth to my little girl. I had her on 09/29/16 at 5am and I had the BEST experience possible! The nurse's were All just wonderful. Julie in the delivery room was so cheerful and helpful she really made me feel at ease. The doctor was delightful and very professional. I love the nurse in the sensitive care unit Pat. She is such a sweet caring woman. She made sure that when my daughter had to stay that I had somewhere to sleep and food she even gave me her meal for her shift. She's so wonderful. Like I said all the nurse's were amazing I didn't have even one that was off or didn't care. They all care so much for me and my little baby. They treat her so well she has everything she needs here. Love this hospital and everyone in it!! Thank you all so much and God bless you!

David Bayba

As far as hospitals go, this one is pretty good. Nurses are great, doctors are good, and the rooms are good (movie selection helps get your mind off things). Also, the hospital WiFi is excellent. ER is slow, but not much worse than other hospitals

Dr Toni

I had a stroke. I am 48 and otherwise healthy. Still, I was treated like an emotionally helpless invalid. I was left alone to stumble the halls looking for a bathroom. I asked for help and received none. I asked for medical advice, and received none. I had a stroke. That might have been the worst thing Ive ever experienced. It was not. The worst thing I've experienced was this ER.

Mayank Garg

My wife delivered here. The nurses in post partum are really mean and lazy. They get angry if we ask them to do their job. This is the worst hospital to go and deliver your baby. All the licenses of nurses need to be checked. They don't seem to have any knowledge of how to talk to a patient in pain.

Erika Sanford

I took my husband here because they were the closest. It was horrible. We were moved at least 5 times. The recliner waiting was the worst. He was there for a bleeding ulcer and he would just be getting comfortable when he had to get up for bloodwork, Cat scan and other things. If it was possible to give a 0 star review I would.

Deb Bursell

Had some testing done at Chandler Regional Hospital outpatient services today and they really treated me great! All tests on time and all staff extremely friendly. Very healing atmosphere and a very pleasant experience.

wolf machine

This hospital is absolutely amazing. I had my daughter here a week ago and the staff are so amazing. The hospital is clean and friendly. They tried me so great. Made sure I was taken care of the whole time I was there. The social worker there is amazing as well. Everyone is. Especially the doctors. I felt as if it was meant for me to be there. So grateful for this hospital.

Nicolle Curtis

As fantastic of an experience as an ER visit can be! I used online booking, got taken back as soon as I arrived, quick care, and amazingly friendly and caring staff. The nurses and doctors explained every step of my care and talked to me like I was their friend or own family member. Also, the warm blankets were such a comforting touch. I’m traveling from out of town and they were wonderful! Thank you Chandler Regional for your kindness, caring, and compassion!

Dianna Patterson

My cousin woke up this morning saying she was going to die, that she needed to go to the hospital, I took her to Mesa Desert Banner, I dropped her off at the front door, and went to park my car, when I got in, my cousin said they told her, they didn't have any beds and it was 10 people ahead of her, I asked if she wanted to to go to another hospital and she said yes , I was more than happy to leave that hospital because a couple of months ago I broke my arm and spent all day there for them to put a splint.on, that was put on wrong, the people were rude, and lazy, walking around pretending they were working, it was so unorganized , Mesa Desert Banner is a horrible hospital I then took my cousin to Chandler Regional hospital, same routine, drop cousin off at the front door and go park my car, when I get inside the hospital, I don't see my cousin, I asked the front desk and they said, she was in the back and gave me a visitors pass, my cousin was in a bed and already being checked out, not 5 minutes later the doctor was in the room, 3 to 5 minutes later she was momoved to a treatment room, everyone at this hospital was so polite and nice, making jokes but working, after they got my cousin comfortable , they came right away to run test, my cousin had to have her gall bladder removed and is doing fine, when, I left her at Chandler Regional Hospital, I felt that she was safe and at the best hospital she could be in, awesome Doctors and Nurses.

Jeff Bradburn

This place is a complete fraud. Their billing Dept needs to be investigated. Went for emergency room visit sat in the lobby for 3hrs before even seeing a Dr. Ended up just going home and now I have $139,365 bill. I have good medical insurance. Why am I getting a $139k bill for sitting in the lobby. I would go elsewhere before going here

Debbie Iannella

I went to the ER because I thought I was having a heart attack. I was taken back quickly and they took my blood pressure and did an ekg. Also took blood. Ekg was fine. Gave me 2 baby aspirins. Kept me 6 hrs. Did ekg and blood work again. They new I only had Medicare part a. They just sent me a bill for $5077! Then a bill for $1516 from the Dr on call! I have no other insurance until June! They should have mentioned nothing was covered. I then could have made the best decision for me. I do not have that kind of money.

Elsa Lopez

Complete dissatisfaction from my latest experiences at this hospital. Went there after experiencing same symptoms I had 3 years ago that ended up in an emergency surgery for intestinal blockage. Even though I live in Gilbert now, I drove over because they would already had my files from past operation and would be able to get it fixed ASAP...or so I thought. They did take me in right away, and after explaining them my symptoms and previous surgery, dr ordered IV, and some meds for alleviate the abdominal discomfort as well as a CT scan with contrast. Was taken to a room were a male nurse placed an IV, no bed side skills whatsoever let alone some compassion, but whatever, I just wanted to get the diagnosis done and move forward. After the iv and zofran were given, was directed to get to the waiting area with IV on to wait for them to come get me to get the CT scan done and talk to dr after results were given. Sat in the waiting area along with all other patients, some in pain hooked to IV’s like me and some not so critical. Waited there patiently for someone to come get me to get this damn CT scan done, with pain and discomfort but didn’t want to even ask for meds, just wanted answers and to get it fixed. 3 hrs later, and seeing everyone was already been taken in and I was still sitting outside with an empty IV bag hooked on, I got up and asked at the not so friendly registration people... she called, said would be another 20 mins. Fast forward 2 hrs later and still in pain I unhooked myself off, walked to the not so friendly ladies and asked them to remove the iv, that I was done waiting and I had to go. Instead of trying to ask or even remedy what was going on, she announced to the others that I wished to sign out and that someone needed to remove the Cathether. I was never nasty...but I was crying in pain still and upset I was treated so poorly...never before I had encountered such cold treatment from that place. I am sure it will cost my insurance a few thousands dollars for me to be seating at the waiting area with an empty IV bag and a dose of Zofran. Another hospital will get the surgery money...last time I ever set foot in this place. Wish they had 0 stars. Don’t know why my name is not showing. Elsa Lopez

Ariel Garcia

Came here with contractions 1.5 mintues apart, triage made me wait in waiting room while in labor I was screaming in pain and crying.. when I finally got into triage I couldn't walk,talk or use bathroom they also sent me home and told me to take Tylenol ... Soon as I got home (15mins away) I called 911 and they had an abmulance pick me up I was about to have my baby few hours later she came out. I will NEVER go this hospital again!

Trevor Humes

Customer service is terrible... the receptionist was no help in connecting me to my very sick father when I live out of state...

Karla Aguinaga

A big thank you to everyone who took care of me after my car accident. Such wonderful team!

Kathy Tapaatoutai

I was in the emergency department today June 8 2018 with my adult daughter and the treatment we received was terrible they check you in and after waiting in lobby they move you to a chair to wait for a bed then the nurse came in with the Physician assistant and some one typing on a computer they asked her what she was there for we said we think it is her appendix and he said to stop thinking and then started telling me how it can't be appendix because it doesn't happen that way and if I got a doctor to take it out it won't mean the pain will go away. The doctor ordered a lot of test which I was told was a good thing but why would you be checking out the uterus when the pain is in the right side. To top it off they never asked what medicine she takes and after being told about allergies no band put on to let others know she had to keep stopping them before she had reaction. When we were all done and waiting for test results the doctor couldn't even come and give them to us the rude physician assistant did he said everything is normal and we can leave. My daughter was so upset with the treatment she was in tears before we left . I have worked in hospitals and spent a lot of time at a lot of emergency room and I will never go to Chandler regional emergency room again.

Teresa Marquardt

I had to come here for kidney problems. The entire staff here were so nice and attentive. The nurses were amazing- Maesie, Wendy and Yvonne especially! The surgery went well, Dr Hsu was an excellent surgeon.

Michael Vigil

Great staff, friendly RNs, c5 are clean and neat.

Grace Rocha

I delivered 2 babies here, 1st & 2nd, both experiences were good, the nurses were always great & very helpful but after delivering my 3rd baby at Banner Ironwood I realized that my experience delivering here could've been a whole lot better. I was totally uneducated both times on the whole breastfeeding thing & they seemed more helpful in giving me tips on how to stop milk flow than how to breasfeed my babies. I almost feel like I was robbed of that information & experience but I know it's not their job to educate first time mothers or 2nd etc. about all the benefits of breastfeeding, even though Banner gave me the wonderful gift of educating me & encouraging me on breastfeeding my baby which I will always be eternally grateful for. Other than that I have no real complaints. The food does sucks while the food at every Banner is like eating at a 5 star restaurant. Maybe things have changed since I was here back in 2013.


I left a message regarding being contacted for an appointment at the ostomy clinic on the CRMS campus 8 days ago and have not received the courtesy of a return call. This is beyond inconsiderate and unprofessional. If you don’t want my business, that’s fine. I am more than willing to travel to the NW Valley to get professional and PROMPT service from an ostomy clinic that actually cares. INEXCUSABLE!!!

Dionna Yang

They have an ok staff, my dr and my nurse were nice. But I do feel like this place is all about the money. I brought my daughter here because she had broken her nose, I mean it was pretty at all. The meat connecting her nose and mouth was disconnected. It was soo bad and she was in sooo much pain (she’s 3) and they literally did nothing... No pain medicine, she wasn’t really looked at at all, he didn’t think that the part between her nose and mouth was disconnected even though I was able to basically lift her nose back. She was sent home to just deal with it. Furthermore I ended up back there today for myself with double ear pain and loss of hearing basically In one ear, needless to say I waited in one waiting room then got sent to the next where I waited for what it felt like was forever, then I was sent to a room and discharged within 10mins... I’m in so much pain right now and I honestly felt like I was rushed and nothing was solved.

Chris H

I do not normally write reviews. Actually, I hate reviews and surveys. But this is a special exception… Entire emergency room staff at Chandler Regional Hospital made my Mom‘s passing yesterday a caring, compassionate and trusting experience. Every detail was covered along with empathy and true dignity. Thank you from top to bottom.


Amazing staff! Thank you guys for always going above and beyond

J Schmidt

Great people, great care, human kindness throughout the entire hospital. Highly recommend to anyone in search of care.

Izzy Garcia

Giving it a one star because I have to. Horrible hospital. I was here for 8 hours last night. The service was so slow and no one was in a hurry to do anything. .

Null Void

Recently visited the ER and was admitted as an inpatient in the hospital for a 2 day period. Was treated with nothing but respect and the Dr's and nurses were top notch and really made me feel like I was being taken care of and treated like a human being during that very uncomfortable time for me.


A word of advice to all. I Volunteer at a local hospital which I will not mention. Now that I compare every single facility around me seems to be the same rating avg 3⭐ doesn't matter where you go, the avg come out the same. It's pure Luck. Regardless Health care is a stressful industry combined with corporate greed. While competing with having more patients but not having enough quality staff to provide the adiquite care we all need. It's mind boggling how people go into medicine & health care and not care about what they are paid to do. You are the one that decided to be in this profession. So if you don't like or care about it find different occupations. I chose to volunteer in the hospital to make a difference in hoping to make up for the bad eggs in the basket. There are some genuine people out there that truly are compassionate with what they do, but it only takes a few bad ones to ruin it for everyone. But everytime I encounter a bad situation I need to make up for the bad quality of care. This is the reason why I choose to be there. To provide what others aren't willing to in hopes of a better experience. So the next time you visit your local hospital, I hope you got the good egg instead of a rotten one of the bunch..Thank You to all of those who truly takes pride in what they do in this stressful environment they work in. God Bless

Mayra Navarro

some of the staff was good others were rude starting with the doctor he was cold and rude and doctor prescribed me an abiotic For a UTI at 12weeks pregnant and I didn't even have a UTI my Ob said not to take it so I waisted time and money for nothing

Cole Beem

I cannot accurately rate this hospital, because the service we've received here over the past 2 weeks or so has been so hit or miss. We either have fantastic nurses, service, and help, or it's so awful that we considered moving to a different hospital. From individuals being rude, completely unhelpful (we had someone come out of surgery on her abdomen and had asked for help using the call button, of which it was ignored at first, and then when the nurse finally came in 20 minutes later, she did nothing to help her get up, remove the cords and devices attached to her, and no help in the bathroom.), and appeared to not even know what they were doing. If possible I would recommend somewhere else

Sherrie Mccarty

I had yet again another horrible experience at chandler regional- they treat you like a number not like a patient . You are bounced around to multiple different areas through out the whole time . When you are sick and uncomfortable the only thing you want to do is lay down ... NOT go into a “lounge” which is their lobby and a flimsy short wall with everyone around you watching you and in your business . Then placed into a cubby corner to hear back on results and then to another room for registration , On top of it the doctor was super rude and had no compassion . The only person i loved was the lady who did my IV . I highly do not recommend this place . If you can attend another one do it ! You will not be treated well here, it’s unorganized and very uncomfortable . I wish i chose to go to Mercy Gilbert and I will plan to moving forward .

Tanya Hester

If you work in the medical profession you should never let the routine make you numb or unsympathetic towards your patients! You need to stop and remember why you chose to be in the medical profession. If it was solely for financial reasons you need let me know so i can get a Dr. Or nurse that actually cares. These nurses at Chandler regional have been cold short and downright rude...the anesthesiologist who administered the epideral actually raised his voice at my daughter because she was taking to long to be still...i think it's important to educate first time expectant mothers as well as show some patience and empathy. If you're expecting, I highly suggest you not choose Chandler regional..i will shout out the current nurse Leeza, she has been a complete doll! Shame out of 6 or 7 nurses only one has shown genuine care.

Jerry Adams

I went here Saturday night for dizziness, they got me in right away about 9 out of 10 of the staff were very nice, the nurses were great, compassionate, just a few rude ones but most were great and helpful, they did tests right away, even though they didn't give me a diagnosis , just told me to follow up with a cardiologist for further testing, I would definitely recommend this hospital compared to other ones I've been to before, they made sure I wasn't dizzy anymore before I left,

Deborah Meintel

I have been waiting for one hour at out patient to have an EKG and x ray done. They will not set appointments. I’ll never come here again. I have been told I’m next. That was 15 minutes ago. Never again. One hour and 40 minute wait for a5 minute chest X-ray. Now back to waiting 20 minutes still waiting for EKG. No idea how long I’ll be sitting here. No one tells you anything. No water. Nothing. Unreal. They came once and told me I didn’t hav the chest X-ray. Then realized they were talking to the wrong patient. Are you serious. The only person who seems to care at all is the volunteer. Horrible customer service.

Maddison Love

This ER is beyond horrid. The staff and doctors are ridiculously rude. I was refused service because I had gone to this ER over 10x for a misdiagnosed issue. My GI found out that I had H Pylori and was in excruciating pain, rectal bleeding, mucous in my stool, nausea, pains in my body. This hospital did 3 CT scans, 2 X-rays, and an ultrasound unnecessarily! The nurses sit around and gossip about patients on a daily basis! The only reason why I go to this ER is because it is literally 5 minutes from my house! Think twice about coming here if it is a real emergency. Save yourself the hassle and headache! I’d rather drive 20 miles to St. Joseph’s hospital downtown!

Frances S.

Good hospital.

Dale Buchert

Just wanted to say that this hospital visit was by far the best one I have ever experienced! From janitorial staff all the way up to the physicians, everyone I came in contact with was so polite and wonderful! I will definitely be returning to this hospital (despite the distance from my home) should I need any immediate medical treatment. Chandler Regional Medical Center is absolutely an amazing facility and always clean and unremarkable. Thanks for all that you did for me, Doctors nurses and med tech staff you guys were great!

Cantrice J

Chandler Regional delivered both of my children. My 1st baby was 11 years ago under Dr Kells and remember them taking great care of me and my baby boy. So with second baby, I decided that I wanted that same experience with her delivery. This experience went a little different because it was a scheduled c section. Overall my stay was pleasant, they took good care of me and any concerns I may have. The nurses and doctors were prompt and caring. Dr Garza was awesome, he made sure that I was in good spirits, he perform a safe c section and made sure that I had successful recovery. The lactating consultant staff were my least favorite staff there. They were a bit too over bearing. I didnt have anything coming out and baby wasnt able to latch properly even with their help. At one point I cried, I began to feel embarrassed and like less than. But overall the stay was above average.

Amy Sillito

Was referred from NextCare to go to the ER due to a facial laceration and a head injury. The ER dr was laughing at me and said all I needed was rest, when clearly the dr across the street felt other wise, due to how hard I hit my eye to the corner of my nightstand. So no xrays were done to make sure I dont have a fracture. Instead I got laughed at and was released. This is NOT what I expect when I'm in severe pain. I am on day 4 and am having severe migraines and cant function at work.

Gina Normandy

Why does it take 5 hours (literally) in an ER for a CT scan because of abdominal pain? Got to the ER at 11pm. A FEW people (I’m talking 4-5 people) were waiting as well. After the second hour of being there I finally got my CT for some severe abdominal pain (which accounted for 20 minutes out of the 5 hours). The ER remains empty with no traumas, and we are still waiting after 5 hours to find out about my pain. There is no one else here. Why are there 15 doctors and no one seems to be doing anything? Why does it take 2 hours to get the results of a CT? 2 hours???

Kristi Rich

This hospital is horrible! My boyfriend and I arrived as a trauma red due to a motorcycle accident. I was put on a floor and left in a room without anyone checking on me for the night. I had road rash and other abrasions that were not cleaned out. The next day my friends whom are in the medical field and are not employed by this hospital came in and bathed me and cleaned up my wounds. The nursing staff asked my friends which cleaners they wanted to use on me and let them take care of me knowing they were not employees. I didn’t receive the proper care because I didn’t have insurance; I was basically just left in a room. When I complained to someone higher up the excuse I got was the floor I was on wasnt trained to deal with trauma patients. For all I dealt with I was given a coupon for a free Starbucks on my way out. Pretty pathetic! I spent thousands of dollars after I was released seeing specialists and having the proper radiology tests done (tests that should’ve been done while I was in the hospital). I had to go out on my own and seek medical care and I am now going to be having surgery to fix all that is wrong with me almost 10 months later. I’m thankful I’m in the medical field and know some great people whom have helped me. If I was dying and this was the only hospital I could get to I’d rather die!!!

Tina McGhee

"Dignity" health runs this place. I was here for surgery. It took 5 hours for me to get a room after surgery. At one point I was put in "overflow" for 3 hours. 2 of those hours I was in so much pain I was crying and no one did anything. The overbooking of surgical procedures is awful. It was made pretty clear that this is an everyday occurrence by one of the surgical nurses. The food is not even edible. I was woken up at 5am to landscapers. The walls are so thin you hear everything from the other rooms nearby. The only redeeming factor is the nursing staff once you are in a room. Avoid this place if you can!


Wow. The level of care has really diminished here. I left feeling violated, ignored and still very sick. I went in for an adverse reaction to a prescribed medication and was shocked that the nurse practitioner and ER doctor had to google the medication. It's really hard for me to sincerely believe their diagnosis when my husband and myself probably did more research on the the medication before going, than the 10 seconds they all spent reading about it on their phone when I first was seen. I was told I was being moved to another part of the hospital to be monitored on a continual heart rate monitor after an EKG, but instead just stayed in a room for over thirty minutes without being told what was happening and not being hooked up on any sort of monitor like the nurse said. While waiting in the room, I couldn't help but overhear the somewhat intrusive-borderline-gossipy comments being made by the workers outside my room. I wish they would have closed my curtain or something so I didn't have to hear their unprofessional cussing and chatter. I may have been confused (whole reason why I was there actually), but that doesn't mean I am dumb nor deaf. Now that I am feeling more level-headed at home, I am disgusted that they treated me this way. I left feeling the same and was told that since my EKG was normal that means I'm not "dying" so there's nothing else they can do because it's an ER. I also would like to make a suggestion that when a patient (especially female) comes in saying she's experiencing some mental confusion, nurses (especially males) should either grab another female employee or be more clear about the process of ripping a patient's breasts out of their sports bra to perform an EKG. I would have preferred to grab my own breasts instead of them being literally manhandled out and comments being made about protecting my "modesty." I'm so glad I now have the pleasure of paying these careless, insensitive people at least 400 dollars too! Yay! My recommendation is go to another hospital unless you want to be told the obvious and treated like a frisbee that gets tossed from one location to the next. This place is just a money-hungry hospital with zero care for its patients.

Chris Mcneela

My wife was at Chandler Regional Medical Center for a broken femar in B tower 2nd floor. It was horrible. The room was super small and 90% of the staff were rude, pushy and ignored her calls for assistance and when they did come they acted like they were being bothered and made her even more uncomfortable than she already was. They also let some Rep from Dignity Health Rehabilitation Center (which is owned by the same people as the hospital) into her room the day after her surgery, hassling her about coming to their facility while she was in severe pain, exausted and not to mention under the influence of a large amount of Opiots. Definitely not a healing or heathy inviroment. She was so happy when we got her out of there and in to a rehabilitation facility and is now recovering and comfortable. The only good things I can say about Chandler Regional Medical Center is the surgeon, Neil Motzkin M.D. was on his game and the food was pretty decent as far as hospital food goes. 9-9-19. UPDATE This place has still been a constant nightmare. They send bills constantly all different ones with different amounts with no explanation what they're for all looking the same, so very confusing. I had a payment plan set up and never missed a payment and they sent a bill for $154 to collections and the people at billing are super rude and misinformed. This place has been one or the worst experiences ever for me, I would highly recommend that you never go here and if you or a loved one ends up here check out and find a different hospital.

Lee Rodriguez

I've been very disappointed, not with my Mother's treatment, but with how they assign rooms to inpatients. My mother's diagnosis and surgery qualified as an inpatient but they kept her as an observation patient until after surgery. She's now been changed to an inpatient but is still in an observation room which does not allow for rest, recovery or privacy. We've been asking now for 8 hours when she'll be moved and all we're being told, is, the charge nurse is working on it. I am a R N. and work at another Valley hospital and have never seen such inefficiency at bed assignment. We have not been able to actually speak to a charge nurse or an Admin. Rep. The nurses have been kind and seem frustrated as well. I will be following up with administration in the morning.

Taylor Ruiz

I am very happy with this hospital. I was in twice this week. Once for me and once for my son and both times they got us in super quick. Every staff member from the front staff, the nurses and the doctors were so friendly, helpful and patient. It really makes a difference when you’re treated with such kindness and they knew exactly how to help to calm my son down. We appreciate it!

King K

Called for pricing on a diagnostic mammogram from their woman's clinic. They were rude, short, and way overpriced compared to other medical clinics. SimonMed is far better and not very far. Dignity Health is what is wrong with healthcare in America.

char dm

I came to emergency a few days ago. The admitting and registration staff was outstanding. I expected to wait hours for tests performed and results. To my surprise everything was completed in a timely manner. I was placed in the overflow unit. I was amazed. The unit was neat and i would not have known the difference. While in the overflow unit i had many nurses and they were great. Justin, a nurse, was so great. After surgery i was a bit loopy but i was told he was entertained. This was not my first choice but will be from now on.

Kari Harlow

I am very pleased with the way my daughter and I were treated from the moment we checked in until the moment that we left. We checked in and were sent to the waiting room. We sat there maybe 20 minutes before moving to another waiting room where they did her vitals etc. About an hour later we were moved again to where she saw a PA and within 20 more minutes she saw the doctor. The constant moving makes the wait, not so bad. I absolutely loved the care we received and really appreciate it. Thank you.

Laticia Paddock

was set up for a call to be induced after being talked into it by primary care obgyn over mercy gilbert. they called ahead for us to go tour since we have never been there before and we wanted to know where we were going. we get to the birthing center only to be told we would have to schedule a time. im very obviously 5 days from my due date. that made us a little unnerved that they wouldnt even show us to the right doors and where we sign in etc. then i get a call from the 3000 number. one ring call disconnected. i call back from a landline to make sure it doesnt happen within 2 minutes and get transferred to multiple departments before getting back to the woman making the calls. she said she has moved on to the next person in line....within 2 minutes no voicemail no trying my alternative number provided no even courtesy. she just laughs and says "whoops, you didnt answer" so i asked where that puts me on the list and she said you are next but it probably wont be today i was 2nd on the list as of this morning.....and supposedly they didnt have many patients when my physician called in. feel like i am being overlooked because of the type insurance i have maybe. to me with my history of complications during and right after delivery....this was not a laughing matter. maybe the name dignity care shouldnt be associated with the hospital.


Was transferred here from Gilbert Mercy after having an angio-gram and needing a quad bypass. Spent the first 8 days waiting for my blood levels to get where they needed to be pre surgery. I can say that the care and attention I received while hanging out was great. Everybody here from the doctors down to the people who cleaned my room were xlnt. It sucked to have to wait around for my body to get its act together but the personnel here made it bearable. After my bypass, again, great care and attention until I was discharged. I`m going straight here for my next heart attack. J/K. Thanks to all

Song River

Top notch care from the ER staff to the nurses, check-ins, surgeons, everyone goes way beyond to make you feel secure.

Vidya G

Excellent RN's and overall service at the labor and delivery department. Can't thank them enough, everyone is very attentive, caring and knowledgeable. I would like to especially mention RN Michelle who was on night shift while I was there. She's outstanding, she knows how to calm a fussy baby down. I'm very glad to have my baby at Chandler Regional medical center, a very good experience for a first time mom like me.

Tonya Cao

Had to be admitted into the ICU for sometime and a lot of the staff were rude and unprofessional. They seemed bothered by my questions and quick to leave the room. Made the environment very uncomfortable, there were some nurses who were kind but besides that I won’t be back to this hospital.

Reine Temple

My mother-in-law was admitted into the ER and placed under the care of one Matthew J Douglas, MD. I will not be referring to this man as a doctor, as he did not, and refused to show any signs of actual doctorate training. Over the past week, my mother-in-law has had intense, unbearable pain that started in her hips and, on Thursday when she went to the ER, began shooting down to her shins. She spoke to her primary physician, who told her to go to the urgent care immediately. Upon arriving there, they told her there was nothing they could do and had her sent to the ER. She arrived at 2pm. In total, she was in the ER for 7 total hours. She was treated extremely well from the nurse staff, I believe their names are Amy and Michael. They were friendly, made her laugh, and they had many nice things to say about her when my husband and I arrived to see her, at 3. She had called us right before, and told us that she was told she was ready to go. When we got there, they told her all the medications they would be giving her, and then promptly gave her medicines, all extremely heavy narcotics, and told her they were going to be doing an ultrasound that would take “about 15 minutes.” My mother-in-law decided that my husband and I should go out for dinner, so we did. Assuming we would be back soon, we went to a nearby restaurant. We were so wrong. We ended up driving hope because we have dogs that needed fed. We called every hour, at 4,5, and 6, asking if she was ready for discharge. Every single time we were told “probably in about an hour.” That alone upset us, so at 6 we decided to head up and find out what was going on, since they legally can’t tell us anything on the phone. Once there, they tell my mother-in-law that there is nothing they can find that is wrong. How can there be nothing wrong if every time she lays down, she cries in pain. But because you can’t figure it out, she has absolutely nothing wrong with her. Maybe if Matthew Douglas was a better “doctor” then maybe he could have given her some ideas on what she should no next, at LEAST. Matthew Douglas tell her that they aren’t going to even be sending her with any pain maintenance medication, and that she could “buy some motrin, or something.” Are you kidding me? On TOP of that, they decided to go over her payment and bill, which was going to be over 5,000 dollars, with her. Her, who was completely drugged up on morphine, and 3 other narcotics. That is extremely not okay, as she had no sense of herself or reality in that moment. The least they could have done for her is prescribed her some pain medication, but instead, and I don’t know if it’s because they assumed she was just there to get “free” pills, they told her to pack up and get out. It was the most unprofessional hospital experience I have ever witnessed, and I would never recommend this hospital to any person that needs immediate assistance. The “doctors” seem to have absolutely no empathy, which should be a prerequisite if you’re going into this field. If you work in this profession, you should not allow yourself to become numb and unfeeling towards your patients. If this is how this hospital is run daily, I feel horrible for every single person that needs urgent attention.

Daniel Hall

My wife had a hysterectomy here and had a great experience. Parking can be difficult since part of the grounds is under construction, but they provide free valet parking which is much better than trying to find a spot on your own. The staff was very attentive and empathetic. Communication was great through shift changes and her quality of care was consistent. We were very happy with this hospital and its great staff.

Donovan Salas

I went here for help with very bad pain. This hospital is bad.l am writing this review because. For a very, very long time I have been going to this place. Last night, I was very I'll. I am someone who cannot walk without the assistance . My wife and I with our two young children went to the er. I was in a lot of pain. To make a long story short the doc . Came in and said they could not do much but would look at my record to see if I was truthful. I was, I leave nothing to hide. I was feeling pretty bad 8-9 on pain scale. He came back described to me how narcotics cannot be given in this er. Anymore. They will be happy in the future to address any other needs. He said he was also putting me on their nercotic list. I did eventually get some shots of anti-inflammatory and steroid. As you can see I'm still up at 5:00 am. Writing this,in pain. It has been over close to a year that I've been here. He said three times was the limit. So I go once this year and get on the narcotics list. I know that they can give narcotics and that you can even be sent home with a small script. I have been this way for 18 yrs. Now and have never been unhappy with a hospital. I can say it's probably the first time a doc. Spent 20 minutes in my room. Not to help me but to explain how bad narcotics are and how he would love to just give me some because it would be easier for him. But cannot because his hands are tied. I packed it up and left and am still in pain and if I could do something about it I would. I know full well nothing will be done. I was an engineer for 35 yrs. Before my accident I am not dumd by any means. I do keep current on all narcotics laws. I am aware that they are changing. I am not a drug seeker nor an addict. My pain management doc. moved away and it's Christmas Eve and I cannot get in to see anyone else. A little help and care goes a long way. May be if he was not able to walk without assistance he would understand a little better what life is like when you struggle every day just to get up much less walk. I will not ever go back for any reason. I wish I could give this a zero negative I would

Adnan Radwan عدنان رضوان

The worst hospital in the state of Arizona, I was dragged to Median arcuate ligament syndrome and they treated me very badly as if they were dealing with a non-violent animal. Unfortunately, less than a day after the surgery I was forced out of the hospital and made a paper confirming that I was out of my responsibility and they know I am not fluent in English, I will see the surgeon as soon as possible and I will sue everyone who misbehaves It is regrettable that after I left less than a day I returned to the hospital by ambulance from the area of Mesa

Martin Rodriguez

Came in with pain on Thursday evening, leaving today Saturday still with pain. This hospital has Doctors that seem that don't care . It seems to me that they didn't listen to me. I will never use the hospital again. Was here 5 different times and got no relief . Wish I could have given a zero .Today is Monday called the number they gave me. Went to answer machine. They can't talk to you. I wish I could go and talk in person not on the phone. I still have the pain in my stomach.

Terri Porter

My daughter is having her first baby and we are relying on professional nurses and doctor today she was advised by her doctor office to go get checked out she chose Chandler Regional as this is the closes and convenient for her. I was very surprised when she called me and said she was treated so rudely by a nurse name Kate this nurse made her feel so bad she doesn't even want to go back. Kate had no compassion that she is a first time mom and doesn't know all the things a professional nurse does about having baby's. I wonder how many others she has run off from this hospital glad she doesn't work for my business.

Theresa Ryan

Excellent customer service, very compassionate.

Manjunath Bhat

Very neatly maintained rooms and friendly staff.

Brielle Santiago

I wish I could give this place 0 stars. First off, I had my child here and the nurse (Sam) was so evil that she intentionally kept leaving me unattended and not coming to my room when I paged her. I was initially 1.5cm dilated and by the time she came back, I was 8 cm. I had signed to receive the IV and the epidural. She vaccinated my son against my consent and then tried to send the same form I signed to not get him vaccinated up to Post partum. InituInit floor supervisors got involved and promised to follow up with me, but of course they did not. Ruined my experience having a child. Do not go there!!

Daniella Rocha

I would have given this place a five but a couple of the nurses weren’t very professional and were rude to me and my visitors. I was admitted 4 months ago for the birth of my first newborn and I have to say that my experience wasn’t all that great. They didn’t follow through with my birth plan and 4 nurses that I was stuck with were horrible. The appearance though of this hospital is nice, and somewhat comfy. I would say that it’s not the most horrible hospital either. Just wished things were done differently and promises made by the people there were fulfilled because they didn’t hold up what they say they would do for my birthing experience. Hope this helps you all for those wanting to go somewhere that’s The Best which isn’t by one star.

Lina S

I had injured my back really bad to the point where I couldn’t move an inch..picked this place..paramedics dropped me off on the hallway and left.. I was in pain waiting for 3 hrs no one came to just ask hw is doing or if I need anything..I was crying my husband called me and I told him what’s going on he called the ER and told them my situation then a nurse came checked my vitals and left then waited again for 1 hr nothing they took me to the room gave me pain med then took me out and said they will do X-ray...gave my room for someone else waited again for good hr or 2.. no X-ray no nurse no doctor my sister talked to them they said oh there is no X-ray she will be admitted..waited again for room next time nurse comes and tells me ur far the worst staff and never saw the doctor.. I’m from UTAh and I appreciate the medical attention and treatment..


Good signage so you know where to head. My mom was taken here after she suffered a car wreck in Casa Grande. This is the nearest trauma center for that area. Everyone that I spoke to was kind, courteous and helpful. I think they took great care of my mom. Great attitudes for the emergency department on a Friday night. Thanks to the ED & CG FD for helping my mama❤

Makenna Murphy

We were in a room for about seven hours, most of that time consisted of waiting for results

William Moody

Had an angioplasty here two weeks ago and What a great experience. Cody my nurse was the best along with the rest of the nurses and workers. I enjoy kidding around and the whole staff here gave it right back, made the time relaxing and enjoyable. Great Job you guys.

Natalie Woods

We just had our beautiful baby boy at CRMC’s Family Birth Center last week and were SO happy with the care that we received. Every one of our nurses from triage to labor and delivery and recovery were fantastic and I will never forget the level of care that we were shown! My overnight labor nurse truly made what, let’s be honest, is a miserable experience so much better! My delivery nurse the following morning was also invaluable and I couldn’t have done it without both of them! I am so glad I got to deliver here and definitely will next baby as well!

kevin gray

A doctor should NEVER. Shame a patient for coming in for help. My fiance and I came in here after going through severe anxiety and withdrawal symptoms and the doctor was absolutely horrible to her! She went in to get help and was told its HER FAULT for not having a primary care doctor after 6 months and completely just ignoring the fact that she hasn't been doing okay and instead pointed out the obvious of going to the er too many times and that oh I could go online and find doctors for you right now. Came here for help for suffering. Dont be a doctor if you have no compassion. Very sad and I hope you see you can hurt people telling them they're wrong for getting help. Dr. "Wilde", you should be fired. No one deserves this abuse.

Danielle Mitten

Chandler regional medical center is the closest to our home. While I have encountered some good doctors, nurses, and staff, I have also encountered my fair share of not so good doctors/nurses and also experienced bullying of a social care worker. My insurance company and I will have spent thousands of dollars on this place when the dust settles and really it was a complete waste of money. They missed the diagnosis’ an exponential amount of times that it begs me to question the care there and whether they are closest or not I will make the difficult, longer drive from now on if we must to ensure we receive better care as a family which is a shame to me when you can’t call any hospital in America dependable. I can deal with bad attitudes, but what matters most importantly is that we are diagnosed correctly and in a timely manner especially in urgent situations. I also realized and feel my other big issue with this hospital is that everything inside is independent. Billing representatives keyed in our social numbers incorrectly leading to inaccurate billing on more than 6 occasions. I have spent days on the phone fighting to get bills paid through our insurance and with the billing and credit departments to get this all sorted but because of these issues we will still be responsible for bills that would have been covered by our insurance had they been submitted correctly. I don’t understand how a billing system can even be that incompetent that you’re costing your patients for care that is covered by the insurance company. I also think while this place is quick in getting you in and out, quick does not necessarily mean quality care. They missed crucial diagnosis’ of cholangitis, anemia, vascular blockages, and liver disease in our family and when patient had to keep returning due to being so sick was bullied by a social worker and told nothing was wrong with her. I think Chandler has so much potential, but that requires treating patients as individuals and not a paycheck.

C Steele

Came in yesterday with hubby at 3:40 pm, have needed mri since 5pm 8/1; still waiting today at 4 pm. Seriously, no lie, feeling very frustrated. Can't be released without mri results. Staff here is wonderful, just seems like mri department isn't staffed properly. Whoever is responsible for coverage there needs a new job maybe!!! I would have given 5 stars because he was treated promptly and the service was great except this HORRENDOUSLY excessive wait for mri.!!

Jann Ford Petersen

With my mom in the ER. Gotta love the great nursing car, not ... afib at 170 "do you feel up to walking to the bathroom?", " just lock the door behind you"....hhhmmmm, did she miss the part about the patient passing out at home??? And, who needs alcohol when reattaching a cardizem drip? Theres no germs in the bathroom, right? As a medical provider I am appalled by the sub standard nursing care.

Craig Ludwig

I went in yesterday for a Hydrocelectomy at 6:30 am. The surgery was planned by Ironwood Urology. Upon checking in to leaving about 6 hours later the overall service was amazing. From admittance to the R.N's along with everyone that I worked with were AWESOME. Thank you......

danielle guerrero

I would not recommend this hospital to anyone . I went into the ER due to chest pains , I had originally went to urgent care who did an X Ray they found some sort of haze in my left lung . They then told me to go to the hospital to do further test , then they gave me the report and the X Ray to give to the doctors at the hospital. When I get to the hospital the staff was rude, the doctor I saw was horrible He said he's not sure why they sent me to the hospital that it was a waste of my time , he didn't want to even look at the X Ray and just read the report and told me I have Pneumonia . I had no fever ,no cough , no loss of appetite, no fatigue and no other symptoms of pneumonia besides chest pains . I told him I felt that I didn't have pneumonia because I've had it before and this is nothing like what I had before . I asked him if there's any test we can do that will show that I have pneumonia .he had no sympathy towards my concerns. He then asked me what exactly I wanted him to do , he stated there was no test that can be done to show I have it . He did not even take blood work . He didn't look at my X Ray. I would give this place 0 stars if I could .

Jean Harberts

Had surgery at this hospital. First charge nurse was amazing, friendly and very helpful. Post op nurse was rude and refused to give additional pain meds after it was obvious the med she did give wasn’t helping. What she did administer via IV was slammed into my vein and was very painful. Left the hospital in a lot of pain and had a 40 minute torturous ride home. Would give 0 stars for post op nurse.

Sarah Wingrove

Had our little man here. Great experience from start to finish

Carissia Luna


The Truth

I was admitted into the "observation" section of the hospital, due to a suspected blood clot in my arm. Krista was my nurse, and did an amazing job! Her attitude and ethics, should be the industry standard. In a perfect world, all nurses and doctors would exhibit her abilities and work ethic. She made my stay in the hospital easier and more comfortable.

Aaron Brantley

I had a great experience with the out patient surgery center here. The staff were great. Judi was a fantastic pre op nurse and April and Ryan in post op were great. I really felt like I was listened to and taken care of! Braden at the check in counter was really helpful and friendly as well. Surgery is never fun, but the staff made it the best possible experience. I would definitely recommend this place to my friends and family.

Ca Lem

Staffs are rude and unprofessional. Was in a room for more than 4 hours just to wait for the x-ray result and the doctor just said a few words and left. Terrible.

Scott M

The worst emergency room in the United State's. Anyone thinking of going to this pore excuse of a emergency room drive to another hospital. The worst.

Jeff Adler

AVOID AT ALL COST!!!!! THEIR INCOMPETENT STAFF WILL PUT YOUR LIFE IN DANGER. They not only misdiagnosed me but they left me in EXTREME PAIN for hours and kept forgetting about me. They gave me medicine that wasn't useful at all. Then after hours of pain to the point where I was barely conscious and heavily sedated they tried to get me to sign a waiver for treatments that didn't even pertain to me. They also wrote me the wrong prescription twice forcing me to go back and wait another 10-15min for them to write another prescription to the wrong person AGAIN. The staff basically spends the majority of their time relaxing in the hallways not treating patients!

Jaimie Cassandra

Despite not getting a diagnosis here, I still had a pretty good experience. I mostly want to acknowledge the AMAZING nurses who helped me during my stay. They went above and beyond with so much kindness and I really want them to get the recognition they deserve. Wilson was my ER nurse and he was so great. When the phlebotomist couldn't find a vein on my hand or arm, he came over and did the blood draw for her so fast I almost didn't feel it. He showed so much compassion when I was in pain and did his best to get me as comfortable as possible. Travis and Tim were my Nurses upstairs after being admitted. They were super attentive and I never had to wait for more than 1 minute after pushing my call button for one of them to come in to help me. I've never been to a hospital where that was the case and I've sat with my mom in many when she was sick. They were kind and both had a great sense of humor (that's really important to me as that is how I cope). The only thing that bothered me, was that when the Head Nurse came around to make sure I was happy with my care, it seemed like she was looking for faults or issues with my care team. I get that it's important to find an correct any issues but It's also important to recognize great employees and I wish I had been able to focus on that more. Tim, Travis & Wilson were fantastic and any patient in their care is very lucky.

Zay Parraz

Best hospital. I refuse Banner! My favorite hospital to work in and be a patient at. P.s. i love the cafeteria food!

Karl Dutson

Completely incompetent and unprofessional. A doctor from this facility called me and left a voicemail, trying to reach my step dad regarding my mom. He had the wrong number. When I called back, of course the doctor wasn't in. The lady who answered was rude, said she would transfer me to the nurse, and then hung up on me. When I called back right away, she didn't even apologize, instead said "[I] wasn't hung up on, the phone just got disconnected while she was handing it over to the nurse." Wow. She then threw some random other doctor in the middle of it and made him deal with it, and it was like pulling teeth getting any information out of them regarding the health and safety of my mother, and I was rushed off the phone with no reassurance of any resolution. I still don't know what the status of my mother is or why she was in the emergency room. Horrible way to raise alarms and make people worry. I'll make sure my mother and family never visit this facility again under any circumstances.

Kristie Kidder

RN at ST Joseph, delivered my son 2/11/18. OB triage, L&D & postpartum were great! Amazing staff, friendly and genuine

Albert Salk

Thank you for caring for my wife in our time of need. The wait was stressing i do not understand why in medicine we will be charged if we are late but often when early for and appointment made weeks or even months ago we will wait 30, 45 or even an hour after our appointment with out even an apology if this is the way of medicine in this country maybe they should consider improving the chairs in the waiting rooms.

Charles Swanson

I brought my wife to the Emergency Room because she was suddenly sick to her stomach and disorientated. Although the Emergency Room was packed, she was seen promptly. Dr. Wolf took charge of her care. A CAT scan revealed a meningioma, a brain tumor on top of her brain. The nurses in the ICU (Kim, Susan and Lindsey) were fantastic. Competent, compassionate, caring. Surgery was performed 36 hours later by Dr. Kaith Almefty. He gave her back to us. We could not be more impressed with the hospital or Dr. Almefty and the PAs on his Barrow Brain and Spine team. In our darkest hour, they shined for us. We are forever grateful and will never forget any of them.


My mom had a surgery recently at this location. Shout out to nurses Jarene and Emma. They were excellent in caring for my mom while she was at the hospital. I was able to rest a bit knowing that my mom was in good hands pre and post surgery.

Laura Rasche

won’t let me give it no stars . Awful hospital

Charlie Ottina

My dad just had open heart surgery here. Very professional group of people who take pride in helping others. Everybody, from the housekeepers to the doctors and surgeon did everything in their power to keep my dad comfortable and give him whatever he needs. Special thanks to all the nurses on 4c, for making his almost 2 week stay as pleasant as a hospital stay can be.

Tony Young

Buyer beware, like many people out there I have a high deductible plan. I had a procedure at Chandler regional hospital in October 2017. $6500 deductible met but I get another bill from the anesthesia group that is used by the hospital and they are not a network provider. The hospital is in network and the cardiologist is in network but the guy that gives me the drugs and sedated me is not. So I have been balanced billed for the additional $2036 dollars of the $6000 billed not covered by my insurance for the out of network provider I met as he was sedating me in the cath lab. Guy didn’t even come to the bedside before the procedure to take health history etc. my deductible was 6500 not 8536. Thanks Chandler Regional and Chandler anesthesia consultants.

Habla Español

I was admitted 12/27/18 for Flu and Pneumonia . Overall I had a wonderful experience. This is a hospital and there’s going to be good and bad experiences no matter what .I walked in half dead and was nurses back to life by the great staff at Chandler Medical .The administration, ER Nurses and Doctors were kind and helpful and there when you needed them.These are the names of the helpful staff who showed me compassion and quality care Aaron Jenny Andrea Jenna Niusha Brooke Mariela Dr Naqvi Dr Deyhimpanah The PCTs,respite therapists,cnas

Jessica Brown

They are quick to file a Medical Lien, and, once paid in full, won't release the lien. Billing department is worthless. They want YOU to call THEIR lawyer. Seriously? UPDATE: Called the magic number, had to leave a message. I won't be holding my breath for a response.

Tanya Chilcott

Wonderful ER! Care for Veterans is great, much better than having to go to Phoenix VA emergency room. Thankful for the Mission Act from the VA!

brianna allen

I was directed by my OB office to go to CR to get evaluated for pre term labor. I was experiencing painful cramping earlier that day. The women at the front desk were not friendly kind of rude but whatever. What turned me off was doctor who made me feel like I was bothering her being there. They also asked me to give a urine sample but didn’t use it. When they discharged me my urine sample was still sitting on the desk. As an African American woman I deal with doctors nurses etc not taking my health concerns seriously. I just felt uneasy the whole time. I was gonna deliver my child at CR but I’ll have the baby at Gilbert Mercy instead.

Dale K

We had our second daughter at the Birthing center. The staff and service was flawless. No complaints about any part of the birth, leading up to and aftercare. NICU staff were awesome, would definitely recommend all future parents to have their baby at Chandler!

Abby Martel

Working in the medical field, I get the dilemma we have as providers on ordering/prescribing pain meds. I get it. But tonight I have a different perspective......being the sister of a patient who has 10/10 severe sudden abdominal pain (which no one even asked once the level of pain she was in tonight) and who was offered two meds, which she cannot take. "Refusing" those two meds have opened a can of worms and ultimately she was just offered Tylenol for 10/10 pain. Dr. Wollf seems nice and although I know alot of medical professionals that know her, I am dissapointed in the lack of simple communication and discussion that could have been made initially between my sister and the doctor, which could have avoided alot of aggravation. My experience has regrounded me to remember to really really listen to my to them. Takes 30 seconds to talk to your patient about pain and what pain med to give and what we do not want to give for certain conditions and circumstances, etc. It's better then passing information through 3 nurses, developing lots of confusion, no listening, oh...... and no doctor.

Anthonie Ruinard

This is by far the worst hospital I’ve ever seen or heard of. I have not met one staff member here that should be employed in the medical field, nor in customer care. I would take the chance of myself or a family dying just to go a little further to the next hospital. Not only was the care they gave my wife extremely horrible, but I’ve seen them treat several others with a serious lack of professionalism. This place desperately needs a performance review.

Richard Lucero

Staff is friendly, genuine, and are trying to give you the best of care. Only 4 stars being the facility itself is not very private, your room is made up of curtains etc. Other than that no complaints on the help received.

Sara Alvarez

Terrible experience it took me 7hrs to be told that nothing was wrong with me., I literally walked out without being discharged when I saw the staff shouting at an elderly woman who was asking for an Uber. It was Disgusting the way the shift everyone around like cattle from one waiting room to another to give the illusion of progress.

Breeanna Stock

Do not have your baby here!!! My water broke at 30 weeks pregnant, I was admitted to this hospital to hold off labor. On the third day I felt strong contractions and they told me it was just gas, over and over they told me it was just gas. They refused to check how dilated I was and took literal hours to call my doctor. I sat on the toilet to get the gas out and screamed for my husband to get a nurse, after the new nurse came in took one look at me and had me lay down, she checked me and it was too late for any pain meds. I had the baby no more than 15 minutes later. The doctor barely had time to get his gloves and shirt on. The only good thing was the NICU staff, they were so fast and took great care of my son. But if you don't have need for the NICU, don't deliver at this hospital, and if your nurse's name is Carla do whatever you can to get a new one.

c oursland

When you overcharge my wife over $500 for a simple procedure of removing a cyst, that is expensive for a "non-profit" hospital. Secondly, it was unfair that her primary care doctor refers her to your ER, which has poor insurance coverage, when more cost-effective arrangements could have been made. Finally, your ER staff didn't do it right, and she had to get it redone at Urgent Care. If you want to live up to your name "Dignity", then the right deed to do is waive that ER bill

Bianca Navarrete

All the people here are great from house keeping to Doctors the RN are pretty amazing expect you got the younger ones and I’m 28 I don’t rush anything so I know everything gets done right. These young RN have so much going on they Faust of forgot about me. So far I had young one. I’m in labor an delivery and not one of the nurses have checked me nor my urine, or have asked me for you anything 3hours? I have loved and enjoyed all my nurses but these last ones have been so very unprofessional Ashley is one. There was another as well but I didn’t catch her name since she knew I was complaining to “head nurse” Lori which by the was is totally amazing! She helped me get everything she did go for Doctor and they both talked to me and treated me right. I hope I can go home tomorrow and get to the bottom of this. So I can call and complain about shifts7am 7pm on 4/3/18.

Chels May

If you have the option of having your baby here I would do it quickly without hesitation. I had a high risk pregnancy with several complications that included a five day hospital staunprior to deliver, and five days post delivery. My twin babies were also in their nicu. The care both myself and my babies hav received is nothing short of exceptional. The nursing staff go above and beyond and are phenomenal. I am so thankful I had my delivered here


I read some reviews and am in shock about some negative reviews. I have lived in areas in the states where he hospital care, cleanliness, and way of operation were very terrible. I don’t understand why people justify those hospitals by saying look at the area etc. I recently had a hysterectomy and let me tell you..... I felt I had celebrity treatment or something. I even asked at one point how much is this going to cost me. This hospital was very well kept. I never met a rude person there yet ( I have experience in the ER, pre-op, post-op, and all that come along with it. Not that it matters either but something I would like to add because in my world in makes a big difference. I am proudly married to my wife and we also didn’t get offensive looks, tones, etc being that we are obviously gay. I have a lot of trouble with that in other facilities and businesses. Alright. That is my rave !!! I hope this helps someone out. So, yes I was shocked about negative reviews because I had such a celebrity experience.

Cathy York

Dignity health care my a**. I wish I could leave negative stars. The Dr and nurses on the over night shift were very kind and compassionate, although I did dislike having to sit in the lobby with a bunch of other patients while hooked up to an iv and vomiting the entire time. The nurse assigned to my care that came on duty at approximately 7 am was very rude and condescending. If you can't or won't be kind and caring to people when they're sick or in pain then it's time for you to seek a new profession. She was so rude and belittling to me in front of other patients that I left without waiting for all my test results. I wouldn't send my worst enemy here.

Stacey Edwards

I am currently in this hospital for asthma. Not my first time being admitted. The emergency staff were great for the most part. I was waiting for a room for hours. When i arrived the waiting room wasnt very full and the er had alot of empty beds. The lady at the desk got me in quickly. She could hear my wheezing. The dr saw me almost as soon as i was in a room. They were going to move me to a low grade room but the dr changed it. He said i was in respiratory distress. They started treatments and i started to feel better. They decided to keep me. It took the hospitalist 8 hours to come in to see me. He admits me for "observation". At least this time i have walls and just curtains for doors. The last time it was all cutains. I am in a room around people coughing when i have a depleted immune system from all the steroids they have put me on for months. I guess playing russian roulette with my health is ok. Maybe i can get pneumonia this time. I see the hospitalist again today. He asks me questions and doesnt hear a word i say. I tell him i am in severe pain on my left side. He asks me what they are giving me. I tell him morphine. He tells me well we start with tylenol. If the morphine isnt working what makes you think tylenol will help as he tells me i need to walk. I guess walking to the restroom and feeling so winded i might pass out isnt enough for him. then he says we will wait for me to see my pulmonary dr. If he thinks you need to stay we will keep you. $300 my insurance pays for this guy to do absolutely nothing... there is a woman in another room who asked for pain medication and it took 2 hours for them to get ahold of the dr for authorization. When she asked again the nurse was condescending to her. Then she tried to blame it on the patient. Who tells a patient what are you fussing about now. I am not usually one to complain but they treat patients like cattle. No offense but $5000 a night for a room with no toilet is overpriced. I could go to a nice hotel and have better service and a tub with a sauna... if you are sick and might need to stay at this hospital i recommend you go somewhere else.

Nareshh Kumar

We were here at this hospital for my wife's delivery in June this year, it was a very nice experience. Everything at the hospital was smooth. I had to give 2* only because of their inefficient billing system and dept. I had called them nearly 10 times and met them in person once, they were not able to figure out what happened to my initial payment of $888. The problem I see is they have created multiple accounts for the same person w/ different first/last/middle names or there are some typos. I wish I had got a good support in terms of billing. They need to really fix this. My billing mystery is still unsolved.

Keshtheblacgoddess Ware

My mom was sent there because her potassium was high. They gave her , her dialysis treatment then left her in the hallway for 2 hours with no food or drink. While waiting a another girl was screaming for help and they just restrained her and did not help in anyway. After 2 hours my mom finally was able to talk to a nurse by the name of Kevin who was obnoxiously rude and told her that she should be grateful Because people have waited longer than that, up to 8 hours. I do not recommend this hospital at all!!!! And legal actions will be taken.

Tim Walden

My wife was having back spasms at a level that took significant work to just get her out of bed, and to a facility for care. On Wednesday we went to a local urgent care facility, which was an exercise in futility. On Friday we came to the Chandler Regional Medical Center ER, and received top-notch care that made a huge difference. All of the staff were abundantly empathetic and the doctors and nurses were exceptionally gifted. They provided great insight, never rushed, and the healing results have been dramatic. Looking at online reviews, ER's get a bad rap. Your staff gave my wife her quality of life back, quickly. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for that.

Grover Ferrell

Best hospital experience ever considering the circumstances. I arrived unconscious on May 16th, 2019. From the time that I became conscious I found myself surrounded by loving and caring people. I was treated with complete dignity and respect. I sincerely would like to acknowledge Christine D, RN. She was my Emergency Room Nurse and she did a fabulous job. She took care of my every need and always seem to be there when I needed her. Chandler Regional Hospital is very lucky to have such a wonderful person and everyone who will have her for their nurse. I am truly grateful for my experience and the care that I received.

Kat Heinrich

Worst hospital Ive ever been admitted in. Doctors refuse to communicate with you(the patient), nurses are very argumentative when you ask questions about your care, food is disgusting and the phlebotomists are rude as well as costantly messing up. No one seems to know how to communicate with each other, therfore patient care suffers. Doctors never see you when they are suppose to and when they do they dont listen. I will never recommend this place. Only reason i gave it one star is that you cant go any lower.

Angela Perez

I have given birth twice at chandler regional hospital and both times had an amazing experience with the labor and delivery and NICU. The staff and nurses have always been incredibly helpful, nice and so caring.


I was brought by ambulance from one of the small dignity Dignity Health emergency rooms due to appendicitis. I reach Chandler Regional at about 8 p.m. Friday night and had my surgery the next morning about 11. I had a pretty good experience overall except for coming out of surgery the nurse was rather rude. I was under anesthesia and I guess I kept asking the same question which of course I don't remember and she got upset about it. Then I asked if she could give me some ice chips because my mouth is really dry and she was feeding them to me like she was annoyed and the ice was going down my chin. If I wasn't so out of it I would have told her exactly what I thought of her. I'm glad I didn't read the reviews before I came to this Hospital or I probably wouldn't have come. All in all everything went great and I really liked my surgeon he was very knowledgeable.

Matt Brown

Having had a number of experiences with seemingly uncaring staff at other hospitals, I was unexpectedly surprised that everyone I dealt with at Chandler Regional was not just polite and friendly, but genuinely pleasant. From the intake girls at the ER check-in counter, the triage nurse and doctor to the nurse taking blood pressure readings in the waiting room, the ultrasound technician, and the ladies processing me out, I didn't interact with anyone who seemed tired, bored or unsympathetic. I had a wonderful experience (considering it was a trip to the ER!). The following day, I received a call from a lady at the hospital. I thought they must have had a problem with my insurance, but no...she was just calling to ask how I was doing and if I had any questions! I am really impressed with the quality of customer service this hospital has displayed, and recommend them highly.

Denis Okano

I just got an update phone call from the the the Chandler Regional Hospital I was surprised for the update call to see how I felt. I would say that this is a real medical service makes me have great confidence and people there thank you

Dwight E

I want to thank the staff especially the nurses on the 5th floor. My father spent the last week in their care. The nurses were so compassionate. I can never thank you enough for the loving care you gave him and our family. Thank you Thank you all.

Kelly Neubauer

Excellent hospital. The best experience I have had in a while. Wonderful, kind and caring. Fast service and very clean. Thank you Chandler regional you were awesome!!

Ashleigh Brown

Most of the staff was nice that’s my only positive. The waiting is ridiculous I didn’t care too much about how long it took but the new way of shuffling people from wait area to wait area is ridiculous! I was in so much pain and they took my bed away only to have me sit in front on recliners that no one ever cleaned and there was food all over the floor! I feel like it’s very deceiving to walk in and think there are only a few people waiting just to be moved in back where a bunch more are waiting .

Susie DeLancey

ER staff Rn Ryan ( your extra kindness made a difference) and Dr Andi Wolff made a scary stay, so much better. Great attitudes Thank you

Brimee Bree

I would do anything, and I mean ANYTHING to not go this place again. I was given horrible treatment, and now it's leading into the no so fun "medical malpractice". I would map out the second closest hospital to you, and be prepared to always be taken there instead.


I went in today for a needle biopsy for a tumor on my knee. My experience at this hospital was absolutely fantastic. Every single nurse and doctor I saw was incredibly kind and they made me comfortable and truly eased my anxiety. I have horrible veins and the nurses had no problem taking my blood or giving me an iv. My entire experience was just phenomenal. Thank you to the doctors and nurses that made my procedure quick and pain free Im truly grateful.

Chalise Newman

Father in law took a spill and we brought him here. He had a huge bump on his head and a clearly dislocated shoulder. We waited forever for his X-ray and cat scan and they didn’t even give him an ice pack. I had to go find a doctor to get one. They proceeded to tell him nothing was wrong and sent him on his way with nothing but a referral to an orthopedic. I could have gotten that information. They didn’t give him anything for pain, not even ibuprofen. His blood pressure was so high 1680/100 and they said it’s fine. This whole experience was ridiculous and I am so upset with the way he was treated. Staff was BEYOND rude. Trying to get him ice pack was like I was asking for a million dollars!!

Shirley Beauchamp

Humankindness is the word. Good all around staff. I Love teamwork

Kaui Wilson

**AVOID** TERRIBLE PLACE TO BIRTH!! Poor service, incompetent staff, doctors and medical staff don't listen, billing incorrect. Had my daughter here, COMPLETE nightmare. Nurses and doctors talked over me, wouldn't listen, wouldn't administer ANYTHING for PAIN!!! They couldn't get my name right. Then just didn't care to/refused to. Billing incorrectly done, so I was billed twice. Then sent to collections for one. HORRIBLE PLACE TO HAVE BABIES!

Andrew Ngure

I went there after i had a car accident . i was brought in at 4 pm and got discharged at 10 am the next day. I stayed over night for a total of 18 hours . After 1 week a got a bill from the hospital which i have never seen before. I got charged over 64,000 dollars for an 18 hour stay. When i called the hospital Financial department about it, they told me that it was not them but the hospital. I asked them why my bill was so high they said because it was and emergency. Please don;t go here , i would not recommend this place .

Cody S

If I could give zero stars I would. I brought my pregnant girlfriend in when she was having stomache pains at 29 weeks. They were quick to tell her the baby is "fine" after only getting the heartbeat. So they just didn't even want to deal with us in the ob quickly they asked her to get dressed, not even caring that she had trouble standing. They made us walk into the er and make my PREGNANT girlfriend be around sickly people, when she had already had a room and they could have taken care of it in one place. But no they just kept plainly offering morphine to a pregnant women to help pain they make her sit in hard chairs and constantly move up and down. When they finnaly have the common sense to move her in a room, (5hours of poking her with needles making mistakes with the i.v so blood is just dripping on the ground that the nurse used a napkin from her pocket to clean up, thats very sanitary) the room she is given has blood all over,as I'm trying to take a picture the nurse pushes in my way to clean up what should have been done in the first place before they moved a person in the room. the chairs beds and tables are discusting if you want to get worse come to this hospital it's clear all they want to do is dope people up rather than figure out what is wrong and make a solution. I will be calling the department of health services for Arizona first thing in the morning and they will get the pictures of what a gross and terrible hospital this is. I am not the only one every other person waiting had the same concerns, and they were not afraid to voice it as nurses walked by and they just chuckled at the complaints.

John Pope

Best place to be for labor and delivery.

Matthew Dulkowski

Terrible labor and delivery triage. I was sent home two times while I was in active labor. The doctor could care a less and I saw her 2 hours after my arrival where she only offered me tylenol for my pain. The second time I was sent home I drove home and upon arrival I decided it was necessary to go to mercy Gilbert. Upon arrival I was 8 cm dilated and bleeding profusely from a torn placenta. I delivered shortly after that. Had I not gone to Gilbert I would have had my baby outside by a tree. Baby could have been put in grave danger as I had a tear in my placenta. Now I understand why people die in hospitals from malpractice. On a positive note the nurse I had was very kind. I understand she was following the on staff doctors orders. I would never return there again, nor would I entrust any of them to care for my family. I spoke with someone and was told my copays would be disputed and now I’m getting calls about paying them.

Jennifer Gildelamadrid

Thank you for helping me with my pain when banner desert stopped looking for the problem. I am doing much better today. You will be the hospital I go to from now on when I need to be seen by a doctor

Christine McConnell

HIPPA violation every time I have been seen here. Came her for outpatient surgery. Registration service representative handed a form to person bringing me to hospital, I was not asked if this person was bringing mehome, was a relative or spouse. Verifying address information by being so loud all of the waiting area knows where I live ! Will not come here again.

Kim Lueck

This is by far one of the best hospitals I have been too. I work in the medical field and would highly recommend them. Very thorough and compassionate. They found critical findings and took great care of me! This is how it should be. I'm thankful for them. I had only one good experience there recently. I can't say after that I did. No one is consistent and the Drs litterally don't care if you go blind from a pseudotumor that they just stated Id be blind if I hadn't come in. I was promised by another Dr to come in and he'd do a blood patch. It was in EMR notes.. Then the nuero DR that was so nice and seemed genuinely worried , confused me with another pt who had migraine, then gave me a referral for a nuero to see and stated I needed to see him within 3 days. Well that Dr didn't even take my insurance. So just when I thought someone was going to help me they won't. Anesthesiologist promised and put it EMR. That he would do my blood patch. I got there and they admitted me after the ER DR.. tried to just give me fliuds and caffeine then dc me. I was astounded. I was admitted then to not have anyone help me, so I asked to leave. I was told to go back today.. Because my symptoms have worsened and I'm so till waiting on a nuero referral.. Being as ill as I am, I Dread going back there because of the lack of help. Healthcare has gone downhill badly.. It's mainly these Drs who don't care anymore. It's people's lives we are talking about.. I guarantee if they stepped into my body and felt what I did they'd be making sure it wasn't happening to them!

whitney baker

I will never come back again I brought my foster child who is autistic In for a head injury they didn't do any scans or treatments. But sent him on his way. We went to another hospital and got better treated there. Really sad hospitals don't care anymore just quick to get people in and out with out proper care.

M Tio

It’s an okay hospital, until it’s not. Misdiagnosed. Unnecessarily given an array of meds I did not need. Questions unanswered by nurses. All in one stay. My honest advice, have someone go with you and serve as your advocate. Question what the staff are doing or giving you. Don’t be like me and question everything about your care.

Destiny Rimmer

I’m getting discharged today with my twin girls I just had on the 16th. The staff has been taking good care of me. My favorite nurses are Sara and Stephanie and Kerry! They were so sweet to me, and helped me and asked if I need anything all of the time.


I LOVE this hospital best nurses I have ever had

Nicole Howell

Insurance Fraud Beware!!! I have been to the emergency room more than once in my life and have received the same type of tests that were done to me at my visit at this hospital. I just got a bill that they charged my insurance company 18,000 dollars and that now I owe them money. I have NEVER been charged 18,000 for anything but surgery and a hospital stay. I even just had surgery for the issue they diagnosed and it only cost 20,000 for a SURGERY that makes sense . Are you insane!!!! I will never ever ever go to this hospital ever again. I hope if you are reading this that you take my advice and go somewhere else. I also have read multiple reviews and see this isn’t the first time you are frauding people and insurance companies.

Tanner Zellitti

my wife had a procedure that I was told would only take an hour. it has been 4.5 hours now and the grind desk staff will not help me with talking to someone in charge. these guys do not have a sense of urgency

Mark Davenport

I took my girlfriend to the emergency room Jan 4th, 2019. She was called back and I stayed in the waiting room. I had to listen to a guy checking people in and wow he had a tone when he had to ask for the patients name twice (btw I heard them however for some reason he didnt). I have never experianced someone checking in sick people being so rude. Very disapointing and it continued all morning.

Alana Barraza

Horrible hospital filled with junkies and illegals and they treat all people as such my husband has been afraid of finding out he has cancer of throat and after months of trying to get him in anywhere to have it checked we came here and they laughed and said yeah you could die but your in the wrong place and theres nothing we can do for you dr came in made a comment his pa wasnt a very good one he pressed until we told him why then said oh your upset why dont u restart in the waiting after being there already for 3 and half hrs and nerves of wiating to get help or at least some answers and this is why its taken months to get him to a dr because both his mother and father died from it two older sisters and they all didnt make to there 60th birthday and hes about the age of diagnosis thanks hello human kindness right Hippocratic oath to do what nothing but collect money from insurance companies

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