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REVIEWS OF Carondelet St. Mary's Hospital IN Arizona

nunez793 n/a

Extremely rude staff they really don’t give a rats ass and it shows.

Edgar Figueroa

Had Kidney stones and instead of offering any medication they left me to to sit there for 4 hours having to deal with the pain itself would of been better if I stayed at home. The nurses were all really nice except for one male who was really condescending.

Richard Petersen

Gave me 24hrs to make a life Or death desion

Blake Ann Abramovitz

St. Mary's is a great place, with friendly staff, volunteers, and excellent service. St. Mary's ensures that all their patients needs are met, and that they are doing everything they can to make their stay excellent.

Juan Jd

Nice hospital not the best....... although the history is fascinating and the Chapel is awesome they have mass 12 noon pretty much every day I think

bebe pavon

It seems like 9 out of 10 times, you will encounter a doctor in that hospital that is rude, insulting, and couldn't care less for your well being. And I should know because I've been there multiple times, Being disabled I cant really be picky in an emergency, but this one takes the cake!! If you are ill, they will yell at you and be short with you, and treat you like you are wasting their time. Apparently they can read your mind too literally yelling at me that there is nothing wrong, when my discharge papers showed an irregular heartbeat via EKG! They didn't feed me for 16 hours!! HOURS, not even Water!! And to boot they just released me without making sure I had a safe ride home!! I'm 55 and disabled!! CAN BARELY WALK, WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD DO THIS!! They threw me out into the streets like garbage! They should all be ashamed. Talk about following their Hippocratic oath!! If I can help it I will Never EVER go back, Not even in a body bag, because I will not place my life and body while i still have them in danger like that again!!! Especially by putting my life-MY LIFE! in the hands of such irresponsible abusive greedy people. I can get better medical services from,a monkey in a lab coat than from that rude staff. If you are in there for a missed prescription, their fast track section isn't fast at all, and no one has time for you for anything so don't even ask the staff... Just go to U.M.C. (Banner) Avoid all Carondelet centers. And finally whats making me write this long review is the straw that broke the camels back... My son broke his LEFT wrist a few months ago, and naturally after his major operation, he could barely stand the pain. We weren't even out of the O R for more than a week, maybe 4 to 5 days after a major operation and we went into the hospital for assistance. BUT because he was in an accident a month before involving his right arm, they insulted him in front of me, embarrassing him in front of all the other patients and staff!!! the doctor had the nerve to tell my son he had a drug problem. I guess he couldn't see the fresh scar tissue, splint, and white/pale hand! My son and I were so angry, we left the hospital and walked out!! He was in tears that night and didn't sleep till morning pacing the room holding his broken arm, and that broke my heart!! How could they do that to my son!. We. Had. Enough.

Kaylie Larson

Wonderful experience, very fast and excellent care.

Anita Jack

My daughter has a broken back from a car accident in 1999, reinjured her back 2 weeks ago and could not walk. Ambulance took her to St. Mary's. They made her lay in the hall for 4+ hours. They treated her like a drug addict. She won't take pain meds because of 10 yr old son. Never saw a doctor and the NP that came to give her a shot told her to get up and walk. They said youre all done. But took 45 more min. (Still in pain) to get her out. She still couldn't walk and they prescribed Ibuprofen. Awful experience. They are uncaring and they were all very unhappy people working there.

Eftimi Etzoglou

Never put a deposit no matter what. You'll never get your money back.

Jennifer Biggs

Modern hospital. Excellent physicians and staff. Faith based hospital delivers caring and compassionate patient care.

Julian Soza

Staff are always smiling and helpful. The people at the information desk were a great help to get to the 4th floor, I appreciated the acknowledgment right when I walked in the lobby. It was nice to see smiling faces and them actually enjoying what they were doing.

Lacey Ochoa

I went in to the ER. I had a good Dr. Who sought a gastroenterologist advice before sending me home. Thank you Dr. Herbert. I appreciate that you used wisdom instead of sending me home without answers. You also provided me with help to a gastro that I will go see in a few days to address my issues that you found. Also thank you for your honesty. My nurse Kelly thank you! What a kind down to earth nurse! You took great care of me and you were friendly and compassionate and so calm natured. What a wonderful group of healthcare providers! Thank you. Wait time was actually better than I expected too. Was in and out in under 6 hrs that's great since my experience w other hospitals is 12 plus hrs! Thank you again for treating me with respect and dignity and caring enough to get me the help I need!

Cj Spiess

Went in to the ER via ambulance after motor vehicle accident on the freeway with another car and a semi truck. Told staff I had hit my head, requested that they check my head and shoulder as I was in a lot of pain. Doctor Curry refused stating he didn't want to run unnecessary hello I just got hit by a semi...smh. Staff was more concerned with getting me to do a pregnancy test than why I was there. Was released with ibuprofen and Tylenol. Will never go back to St Mary's I'd be better off going to urgent care! Thanks to my PCP I got the care I needed when I went to her no thanks to St. Mary's staff

Austin Coleman

Staff are always smiling and helpful. We received the best care and compassion! We highly recommend Carondelet St Mary's Hospital


From the time we walked into the hospital doors, we were treated very well. The nursing staff on the 4th floor of the main hospital (room 43**) were the best I have ever seen. They cared for our family member with skilled care and good humor. They supported the family as well as their patient. It's what real hospital care should look like everywhere. Thank you.

Jorge Apodaca

Excellence service and customer service, clean and detailed from parking lot to the last floor in every building!

alejandra delgado

My brother was in ICU. This hospital has an amazing team! Raquel, Christine, Bonnie and RT John treated us like family, they made us feel comfortable with allowing us to stay as close to my brother. They answered every question as honest and with compassion. The ICU team treated my brother with respect and went above and beyond for my brother and our parents. I work in a hospital and honestly the ICU nurses and RT's truly care for their patients and families. Thank you Raquel, Bonnie, John and especially Christine.

Jane Devin

This review is for the Rehabilitative Services Department. I was referred by my PC for lymphatic drainage. It was a poor and ineffective experience. I received a lot of lectures (patient information) about a condition I'm all ready familiar with, and very little actual hands-on therapy. There was no actual lymphatic drainage done--no lymphatic massage before the bandaging, which is absolutely critical to having the bandaging work. In addition, the therapist was slow-moving, slow-talking, and 60 minutes was eaten up with trivia and useless talk. Finally, I was stunned to learn that all bandages, including gauze, were transferred from one patient to the next. How gross is that to reuse materials that have been on someone else's skin? And when I had a herniated back disc and couldn't return these bandages right away, the therapist left a message threatening to show up at my door or call my daughter (who lives in another state) to hasten their return. It was just nuts. The bandages were returned. I, however, will not be returning.

Erica Mcclain

I checked in to the emergency room online to be there at 12:00. I got there right around my time, I was checked in and taken immediately to triage. The RN got an MD to make sure I wasn't contagious. I was in and out very quickly. Dr. Reid is amazing. I love St. Mary's, the care is excellent!!

Carmen Pallanes

Worse hospital ive ever been too!!! Nursing staff is horrible and mistreats their patients, techs are useless, housekeeping cursed me out because i had to use the bathroom and he said he had just cleaned it! Everyone here is rude and disrespectful.. my gradmothet had a horrible time here.. DO NOT COME HERE!!

Tena LouAnn Troy

In the waiting room for three hours with a concussion. I ended up leaving because they would have basically told me to take some Advil and get some rest. Id rather die in my own damn bed than in that glorified band aid station surrounded by drug seeking losers. Most of the people in the waiting room weren't even hurt and two of them were laughing/joking around right up until the nurse called them in and then suddenly they were "dying". There was a guy bleeding and those dirty vicodin addicted welfare leeches got seen before him. If you have the option avoid that dump at all cost.

Nancy Hofstede

I was admitted to St. Mary's Hospital a week ago Sunday as I had passed out from my Hemoglobin being only 4.2. Although, I can't say enough about the Nurses in the ER and the Nurses' on the floor, the Hospital itself is a mess. Half the time I would get food, the other time I wouldn't. When they would serve what looked like it came out of a pigs coop they said they ran out of silverware, napkins, not even plastic. Had to fight the whole entire time with them. The Nursing staff is excellent, the Technicians need to be trained on how to do their job as I feel most are there for the paycheck and to leave. Not caring, willing to help nothing. I pray to God that I NEVER have to go back to that Hospital again as I literally almost didn't make it out alive.

robert magrie

Dont go there. They cut me open and gave me the wrong meds and made it worst. I had to go to a different doctor so they can fix there mess up. They made me alot worst. The infection was staff.. they dont us clean stuff or it is a dirty hospital... plus watch out on your Bill's they send you. They will start add on extra money soon as you get close of paying it off..

Brian Hughes

As an employee I've always considered myself pretty friendly to patients, visitors and staff. It's a very easy way of being when you're constantly surrounded by people who care for you and everyone around you. I've been a patient here a few times over the past several years and when I'm here in that capacity I instantly become an observer. Everyone here genuinely cares for one another and the people they're helping. I've noticed this far more prevalent than other hospitals in Tucson. You might think I have a little bias in my views and you're probably right, but I really have seen the way people treat each other and it MATTERS. This is a very caring, friendly, loving environment. You don't find a better balance of family, friendship and professionalism under one roof. We all know we have one of the most important jobs in our lives and the lives that come here depending on us. I feel I can completely trust my life to those around me. We are a focused team and we focus on the importance of healing. We do not pride ourselves on saving lives, it's just something we do. We live normal lives and we're normal people just wanting to lend a hand and help in any way we can. Not only to those under our care, but to those in our community. Everyone matters. Even me. Brian Hughes - St. Mary's Facilities Employee.

andrea rodriguez

OK, so we have to switch insurance and pick up a Marketplace Obama-care............ Unfortunately the insurance is good but the doctor service just sucks, almost no one accept it. Nobody knows why accept a humor that the money is not good enough. Today was my third appointment to third doctor for my daughter speech therapy. The month before a hassle to find a doctor who will remove her kissing tonsils. Mrs. Julia Warner, administrator from OP Rehab called me and schedule appointment after my pediatrician sent a referral to her office with all insurance info. I show up today on time to fill it up another paperwork even I done it so many other times and my daughter had three evaluation done already. Than 15 minutes later after searching for ENGLISH version of patient info that I can fill up since seems only Spanish is available in America now, she came to me and say sorry but the therapists Keila Gutierrez can't see her because they DON'T accept Marketplace. I simple asked her why she didn't ask me this over the phone when she was verifying the insurance. WE ARE JUST PEOPLE WHO TAKE OFF FROM WORK TO BE AT THE DOCTORS OFFICE ON TIME SO THEY CAN PERFORM ON THEIR SCHEDULE AND HELP MANY PATIENTS....all Mrs. Warner has to do is GO AN EXTRA MILE and ask one more question. What kind of service are you running??? How can you treat people like this...I will never step in this hospital ever again.

Analucia Davis

Everyone is so professional here! I have had the best experience, everyone is so kind and will go out of their way to make sure your needs are met.

Tim Slay

Told my wife she was fine. Left the state and she had a tumor in her stomach. No insurance and you get left to die. 0 stars

Ashley Degnan

Absolutely horrible hospital. They are extremely inattentive and will leave you for hours without checking on you. I was here for 3 days and my grandmother is here now. I Will never return and my family will not come back again. So sad.

Ruth Thomas

I was inpatient at St Marys and was actually pleasantly surprised by the care I received . The staff was attentive and caring. Nice job!

Serena Doan

I used the InQuicker App, very fast and easy and it told me to come into the ED right away. My stubborn self decided to wait it out and see if it will go away in a few didn't. I came to St. Mary's ED and I was very impressed by how fast I got in. Generally, it takes a few hours to get into the ED based on what you came in with but they took me in, asked what was going on and offered me reassurance that I was going to be taken care of. I felt extremely pampered by all the attention I got. From the physician who sat down and listened to my rant about what has been going on for the past week (he didn't interrupt me but actually asked further follow-up questions) to the nursing staff who worked as a team to help make sure everything was taken care of for me. Rosalie was my nurse and she was extremely compassionate, checking in on me often asking me how I was doing and encouraging me to use the call light for any emergencies. When I was getting ready to be discharge and to leave, she asked me repeatedly if I felt okay and encouraged me to close my eyes for a bit longer. Trish worked with her to make sure my IV was tended to while Rosalie was with another patient. Talk about teamwork! The Imaging techs were very respectful and told me what was going on every step of the way and made sure I was comfortable with the test before they proceeded doing anything. There are so many people I want to mention and I cannot remember them all and my only regret was that my stubborn self didn't come in sooner! Will definitely come back here again!

B. Borjigin

This hospital doesn’t respect the community they have made a commitment to serve. We are not worth a doctor but a student when a loved one has a TIA. No cardiology referral because heart attacks happen in the heart and stroke happens in the head? I have tried to write this review several times and it is upsetting I was admitted through the ER I had to leave because my planned treatment was a bag of fluids. I have experienced enough judgement, disregard and harm from St Mary’s. No more!

Iltzemar Martinez

Been waiting in the HALLWAY for almost 3 hours. My mother in law is having bad pain in her stomach, her pressure was high and she had a fever. Everyone that got there after her got treatment. She got left in the hallway and the nurse had to poke her like 5 times because she couldn't find the vein. Bad experience. And it's not the first time.

Gilbert Meltvedt

Absolutely NEVER AGAIN! These people only care about money... and getting it before treatment...even if YOUR DEDUCTIBLE HAS BEEN SATISFIED! They also HARASS you on the phone...I’m in awful pain, they decide that they’re going to get the intake forms and such done WITH NO REGARD FOR SAFETY OR ANYTHING ELSE...THEY ONLY CARED ABOUT THE FORMS, NOT THAT THEY WERE ENDANGERING ME TRYING TO KEEP ME ON THE PHONE WHILE DRIVING...or in the drs office...two different lines from the same office rang in the very same moment. These people haven’t done one thing to make me feel good about having surgery here. Maybe change the name from something that gives the illusion of compassion...not gonna get that here. Unfortunately it’s a year later and I’m back. And yes, it only gets worse. Thank you so very much for not feeding me for TWO DAYS, and then it’s cold after waiting 2 hours for pain meds so I can eat it. I can hear all the fun the staff is having, but I don’t understand Spanish. Thank you so very much for making a very bad experience even worse. If I could walk I would leave in a heartbeat! I’m sure there are some of you who are not like that, to you I apologize. The rest of you can go to the devil.

Asher Yisrael

I had a great visit there.Staff takes care of u real good!!

Gaddy Lopez

Rude customer service. Don’t even try calling, there’s are more rude employees than kind. Go to UMC

Chris Verduzco

They don't care about their patient's was in pain severe pain for 12 hours and still didn't get any treatment. Very bad don't even treat you like a human being and last time I was here I contracted mirsa not good . DONT COME TO ST MARYS HOSPITAL

Jackie Lowe

I had surgery in 2010 and the nurses were very caring and nice. I just had back surgery 5 days ago and my nurse who's name is Joe was the rudest nurse I have ever had in my life,and I have had 14 surgeries in my life. I was in so much pain after surgery and the nurses didn't bother to find out about pain meds. I would not recommend this hospital to anyone!!!!!

Loren Mossor

Been a patient for many years, for the last 6 months my prescriptions have been monthly and I have had to call repeatedly and drive there twice to complain and try and get my prescriptions taken care. I just ran out of one again! If you use this group you better pay real close attention!!!!!! You could expire with your meds!!!

Magnificent Failure

St. Mary's has always been a great place for me and my family. We have been going there for almost a hundred years. Just last month I had outpatient surgery and the staff and medical team were their usual, helpful, cheerful selves. Next week I have a follow-up procedure and I am so confident it will go well that I scheduled it for my birthday. :)

Greg Conner

I had a close friend in there for colon cancer surgery. He was there 5 days in Ice 3Rd floor. I visited him every day for several hours. The staff is extremely unpleasant and unhappy. I known this because no matter how many times I walked the halls none of the staff ever said hello,good morning,how Ya doing. The staff hardly talk to each other. I never heard a staff member Laugh. What a Sad place to be stuck. I been in most of Tucson's hospitals and never experienced anything like it. I would Never go to this hospital as a patient.

Tamara Englert

There customer service here STINKS!!!!! i was doing business with CFO and i was told no longer here and was hung up on. Guess they don't want their money back.

Marie NaVeaux

Vascular Center admitting person was wonderfully helpful and solved more than a few snafus and still got me in right on time for my procedure. Pre-op nursing staff were kind and efficient; doctor and operating staff were superb. Husband hospitalized here a year ago and had similar excellent care.

Josefina Armenta

Just called TERESA long distance very concerned for my father and hoping to check his current state after being admitted to ER. After she put me on hold for 8min and forgot me, I called back. She is rude and unprofessional. Offered NO HELP, suggested NOTHING only said I can't give info over phone (I am familiar with privacy laws to protect our info) she got rude, talking over me and would not let me speak to ask if ANY OTHER option AFTER SHE TOLD ME TO CALL MY MOM.... WHO IS DEAD. Said she had just called and I would need to speak with her, his "wife".... SHE'S DEAD ... I kept telling her. **DO NOT RISK YOURSELF OR LOVED ONES AT THIS HORRIBLE PLACE!!** If you should happened to live 1000 miles away, you will NOT be helped. Can't imagine the entire hospital

Lynne B

The care here is adequate, however you better watch your bill! The ED contracts with a firm out of Oklahoma to staff with physicians, and these doctors are not contracted with the same insurance as the hospital! I'm on the receiving end of a $1630 doctor's bill for 10 minutes of care. I have Blue Cross insurance because everybody takes it and it's worth the extra expense. Apparently Carondelet doesn't feel like hiring in-network physicians is worthwhile. I'll take my business elsewhere.

Claudia B

Front desk was extreamly rude. After multiple complaints finally was taken back in to lobby. His head was wet with sweat. The nurse who came out to help was more worried confronting us than helping. Horrible... Not even a dog would be treated like this!

Nico Barraza

Worst ER period. I was in a bike accident and someone in the ER wrote I was hit by a car. This caused me to be sent 5 separate bills instead of them actually billing my health insurance correctly. Absolute horrible care in the ER too. My injuries were incorrectly and not-fully assessed. Do not give these people your money.

Paris Hills

Will not give me my records!!! I asked while I was there on the emergency visit and they said I just go online and retrieve them. Got back and went to do that and they need to sign you up "in person".. I am handicapped and have no way to get all the way back there now that I moved. Going to tell my insurance don't pay for it, since I could have went anywhere else to get treated and have RECORD OF IT. If they know you have ACCESS they do not care if you can bill another party. Will be informing Higher chain in Catholicism as well. My Mother worked taking care of the elderly Nuns and I volunteered when I wasn't handicapped.

Norma Garcia

I've always had good service here, l have gone for Dr's appts & have checked in several times & l always had great staff and was treated with lots of care.


In severe pain, and nauseous. Put in hallway. Asked for blanket twice, was ignored. Left for an hour throwing up in my hands, and freezing, completely ignored. Asked twice for info and help ,only to be stared at by entire nursing staff. At this point I am covered in vomit, and told to wait or leave because they had "patients" to care for. What the hell was I!?! Apathetic staff couldn't even pretend to care. Left angry, scared, in pain, humiliated, and without treatment. Horrible place, staff has no trace of compassion, or basic humanity.

W Porter

Two of us checked into ER at 5:55pm, separate because two totally different issues. First let's talk HIPA! No privacy the girl behind the glass partition says what??? When I asked to see a Dr. After repeating she says "for What" I start to explain and she says just for what??? Stomach pain. What's your name and last four of your social??? I knew the name and last four of the social of everyone who came after me. Not good. After check in one of us went to a room and one of us the waiting room. Three hours go by and at 9:05pm the Dr shows up in the room to see david just to say we can't help you, go to EL Rio and get a PC so they can referr you to a podiatrist. No x-ray no exam. I'm still in the waiting room waiting to be called. Now we came to the er because we have full medical insurance but have just moved back to town and don't have a PC yet. David was in pain walking on his feet. Too bad, Dr says go to El Rio, leave the hospital. You know they will charge $500 for waiting over 3 hours to be told we aren't helping you. Plus at 9:25pm they had not come back with discharge papers. Im in the waiting room with the stomach pain in the right side was never called back. I went and informed the front desk not going to stay. After the girl at the desk yelled through the scratched up glass partition that "I can't hear you! She got what was said and wanted me to sign a I'm leaving against medical advice! Wait... What advice? Never saw anyone! They claim there was only one Dr and he was too busy and defineatly didn't want to help david with for pain, what advice could they be referring to? They actually chased David down in the er hall trying to get him to sign a leaving against medical advice paper instead of giving him the discharge papers. Leave against medical advice? The dr himself told him to go and to go to another facility! . If they charge David weatherbee for three and a half hours of nothing plus we will do nothing then this place will have a problem!!! We are going to take to billing... Insurance...bbb ! Stay away!!!! Wendy Porter

Mitchell Stonebraker

Had a really nice experience, the people in the front were kind and helpful and my doctor was knowledgeable with a nice sense of humor.

daniela cawthorn

I was quite disappointed with our experience at St Mary's hospital. My husband was in an accident on May 5 and so we rushed to the emergency room. This was the best part, they admitted him immediately. We quickly discovered he had fractured his spine. He had multiple Cat scan MRI, X-rays to confirm this. Then brought up to the 4th floor for observation. The doctor was extremely brief ( as the wife, I never even met him) I was there 80% of the time and I did see numerous people from the billing department. During the second day there was a false reading for his blood oxygen content and he was ordered an unnecessary lung X-ray. As our insurance was not adequate, this was an unnecessary run up of the medical bill. There was no one really in charge and every day we asked if we can be released. They did not seem to know which doctor should do this. When we finally got the OK, it took another 1.5 hours to secure a wheelchair and person to take him down to the car. Definitely not a fan of this disorganization. Plus no real follow up to get a handicapped placard or enough pain medication. Would not recommend to go to this hospital

Ann Gertz

Today I went to St. Mary’s for a left hip injection for osteoarthritis. The experience was great, terrific Dr. and staff. Admissions was very prompt and then took me to radiology where procedure was to take place. I was brought back right away to Nicole, R.N. She was extremely pleasant and professional. Explained procedure to me in detail, has a great sense of humor. Dr. S. Sakla came in and introduced himself and procedure. Very nice man, answered all questions. Grant, his assistant took me into prep room. He was great. He and his co-workers made sure I was comfortable and explained everything they were doing. The staff in prep room really worked well together, I really felt I was with people who really knew what they were doing and really friendly besides. Dr. Sakla was right on time, explained everything he was doing and continually asked me if I was ok. The procedure was pain free and very quick. He came in to check on me in recovery to see if I was in any pain. He told me what to expect over next few days. This is my second procedure here (lung biopsy first time) and it was just as good as my first experience. Dr. S. Sakla, Grant, Nicole, R.N and prep staff are amazing. I won’t go anywhere else. Ann M. Gertz

jeff jones

Wonderful warm friendly staff. Prompt patient care. These guys are the best I hope you never need to meet. Thanks all for taking such good care of my friend. Love you all. Jeff

Mar Moore

I went to the ER. Had lab work. Was told they would call with results. Nobody contacted me. Almost 2 weeks later I went to get results. Need meds ASAP. Neglect on their part.

Victoria Khalidi

We rushed to St Mary’s after I was attacked by a pack of javelina. From the moment we arrived (when a nurse leaving the hospital at the end of his shift turned immediately turned right around to help us) to when we left by ambulance to the trauma center at UMC, we received excellent attention and care. Many thanks to Michael and Ron and every other nurse and staff member for their kindness, compassion, and professionalism.

Danielle Eternicka

If you ever need medical records for yourself or loved one....GO IN PERSON!!! We live out of state and need medical records for deceased sister, we faxed all needed verification papers a month ago and still waiting (with weekly calls to check progress). Today we learned they Fedex'ed the whole medical record to the deceased last address, even though the right address was clearly marked.....SO WHO HAS THEM??? Carondelet...No! Fedex...No! Whoever lives at deceased last address...But I guess it doesn't matter since shes deceased right!?!? WRONG!!! WE CARE!!! So, please never request records unless you can pick up in person or have them picked up!!!

Jo Harmon

Yesterday I had apt. for a Nuclear Bone Scan and a CT Scan. I arrived early since they stress not to be late and to have all your information handy, which I did. When I entered the volunteers were great and one escorted me right to Out Patient Sign in. I had a very short wait and the Lady was great and took me to Nuclear Medicine. They also got right to work inserting the IV and injecting the dye. They also escorted me right to CT Scan. Thats when things did not go as well. I had a 9 am apt. I checked in and waited and waited. There were nurses sitting there talking about what ever. I started getting a horrible headache, I didn't know if I was having a bad reaction to the dye or what. maybe a lack of food, water, Ect. Finally I asked if they knew how much longer this would be and one of the nurses jumped up and started this tirade about just because they are siting there doesn't mean they had nothing to do and how more things go on there besideds CT Scans. Where did that come from guilt? Another nurse quickly called to find out what the problem was. Of course the answer was an emergency. Fine but couldn't some one have come out and said we are sorry for the wait can we do anything for you? My back was killing me also which was the reason for my having all these tests done. As for the rest of the apt.s every one was so wonderful. Even when I missed the exit some one helped me get out of the building. If these nurses are waiting for the patience they need to help they shouldn't be sitting right there in the open window talking like they really don't have anything to do.

Michele Burg

I have a dear friend that has been under the care of St. Mary's for that last 2 weeks. He has progressively gotten worse, and is being told after much testing by nurses and Dr.s, that there is nothing wrong with him. So frustrating. They are supposed to be there to take care of the sick, but they act like we inconvenience them. My sister in law was there last month and had to file a complaint against 1 of the nurses that was assigned to her.

Donna Stallings

Great care

Kelly Cain

This place discharged my older brother with a hole in is lung,without even saying anything about it. He had an infection within his body and need antibiotics but they only sent him home with ibuprofen after two day.

Yvonne Fernandez


Adolfo Lara

St. Mary's has been serving Pima County for over 100 years. We are lucky to have them here in Tucson helping all of us when we are in need.

Sara Ivester

Not a community player, will not share their parking lot with local hikers and will tow your car even if parked far from the entrance in an otherwise empty lot on an early Sunday morning

Connie Moore

My husband and I would like to thank everyone for the excellent care we received after our car accident last night. We received the best care and compassion! We highly recommend Carondelet St Mary's Hospital

Bruce A

Sat in the waiting room for over an hour and I was first. Then this “fat” person in registration yelled across the room that there was some sort of sign on the walk. Don’t waste your time UMC is much better. The nurses name is Marcy. She has no customer skills; sympathy, caring, urgency, etc. she sat next to me and didn’t even acknowledge I was in the room. Needs to find a different job where she doesn’t have to deal with people!

Jay Z

2nd time here with a senior parent needing urgent care. Prompt & caring doctors & nursing staff who do their best. Very good about responding to questions and providing updates. They were great 2 yrs ago when in-law had a stroke. Quick action & acute PT on site resulted in 100% recovery.

Valerie Rodarte

The lady's at front are rude as hell! Went in with chest pains and painful breathing. Told the lady upfront that I have costochondritis but this seems different and worse and she laughed and said it sounds like your just having a flare that's what she told the person who decides who is the more important patient and gets to go back there I sat for 4 hours from 7pm to 11:27 when I finally walked out and went to UMC where I should of went in the first place! The only reason I went to St Marys is cause I felt like I was gonna pass out and they couldn't care less! WORST ER EVER!!

Kyle Ardle

Don't know who's worse the patients or the staff

Bobby Martin

Not to happy very mad!!!!!! My wife was there in the er Friday night and all day Saturday. The nurse she had friday night was very very mean to her kept telling her to shurt up when she was calling for me and I was not there and the nurse kept crusing at my wife also. Never again will we be going back to st.marys for any reason at all!!!!!!

Anna Morrison

St. Mary's compassionately took care of our Mother including hospice care; and, made room in ICU for my stepfather (when there was none and were going to transfer him to St. Joseph's) so that they were together. Our family deeply thanks the doctors, nurses, attendants and staff for your kindness and care.

Phil Delaney Sr

I was in the Heart and Vascular unit for a procedure, that was the best care i've ever had in a hospital, the nurse that took of me was very professional and personable. phil

emily bash

Im a dialysis patient and today my back gave out on my my bp. Is through the whistle and i have small fever.johnkow is a life saver

Laura S

My grandma was in the this hospital and every five minutes the bell from the room next to us was ringing for service and it kept ringing for 10 minutes and nobody acknowledged it. My mom tried to find someone to help her mom(my grandma) and nobody was even around. They were all in the office with the door shut and nobody even did anything. Finally she caught a younger lady and asked her to help and she didn't do anything for her. Not the best experience

Robert Alvarez

No privacy was always in hallway. We where here already and thought it was rude to leave.also lack of hygiene lots. Hope we don't need to come back

Nathan Mcfarland

Will definitely not come here again

Jennifer Bee

The quality of patient care is beyond poor. My grandmother is admitted and the staff are less than attentive to say the least. The staff walks around like zombies and seem to be bothered when you grab their attention. I do not recommend this place!

chrystal huber

They are helping me

Lori Matiella-Murray

The Nogales Clinic is the most inept Clinic I have ever dealt with. Shameful.

John Christian

My daughter was seen here in February and was given the best possible care. From the doctors to nurses to xray tech's etc everyone was kind, knowledgeable and cared about my daughter as if she was their own. Keep up the great work!! St Mary's is where I will take any family member in the future as I know they will receive excellent care, and staff that go above and beyond!!

jean pollock

It looks like the hospital has changed hands and things are going downhill. The day I was there they had staff parading in orange uniforms with the paramedic logos. Just like the traveling nurse phenomenon is not bad enough, I had a terrible and humiliating experience with one of the female "paramedics". If this is going to be the norm in what otherwise was a caring hospital, I will demand to be taken elsewhere like Northwest Hospital or driven to Oro Valley. The company that owns it, also owns the hellhole called St Joseph's Hospital in Tucson.... Enough said!

Laura Anderson

Need care for deep cut in my knee. Being away from home, it was necessary to visit ER at St. Mary’s. I was treated with excellent care and concern. I had stitches put in and was on my way.

Emilee Young

Excellent hospital! The staff truly cares and treats their patients like family!

Chris Hodge

My wife has agoraphobia (a mental disorder that causes fear of unknown places and people) she was having a bad panic attack so we took her to St Mary's. They kept her in a bed in a hallway surrounded by other patients for 5 hours. She never saw a doctor. She demanded discharge papers because it only made things worse being there. They gave her Valium (not what we were there for) and sent her home without her ever speaking to anyone.

Leann Leslie-Larson

Took my daughter into the ED yesterday. Seen immediately and out quickly with an U/S, labs, and referrals. Excellent care and service!!! St. Mary's is the only hospital I'll use in Tucson.

Tom Jones

Original post deleted. Had a problem with the emergency room staff taking my insurance. So I posted a negative review here. Both St. Mary's and Sound Phys Emer Med of AZ quickly contacted me the next day and sorted everything out, and they were very nice about it. Thank you!

Deeds Marble

The staff spent more time gossiping then actually paying attention to their parents. I was there from 9 am until 4pm, in need of some sort of substance. My boyfriend asked if I could eat something, it took them an hour and a few more requests to actually help. When it came to discharging me, it took an extra hour, because the nurses didn’t notice my paperwork. Super unprofessional, felt like I was being treated by high schoolers.

Victor Chanez

Horrible experiemce at the E.R. Doctor was very rude and went off on his on tangent of diagnosis, not listening to the patients symptoms. Not going over diagnosis and telling a patient to look it up on google is completely unacceptable comimg from a doctor. Not the first time i get this type of care at this hospital. They should really think twice or be more demanding when hiring. Urgent care has better care than this hospital. I wouldnt want anyone to undergo the care that St. Marys hospital offers to it patients.

Todd Prefling

I enjoyed working here although I was a temporary employee in the basement answering phones mainly for St Joseph's but also for St Mary's hospitals. I was told the job could turn permanent. I worked for 3 months and I believe I did a great job the way I was trained. I loved this job and I wished it would have worked out permanently. The reason for the lower rating is at the time I worked there Carondelet was selling to another company. Because I was a temporary employee being considered for hire, I believe the hospital and my temporary employment agency allowed me to fall through the cracks. If I were to be contacted to do this job again I would.

Savage Unicorn

Nurses in the ER sitting at the desks are very rude and unresponsive! One of the nurses was too busy taking selfies and ignoring me while I stood There to ask a quick question! If you are in the medical field and have no compassion for patients or the family members then you should find another profession point blank period!!!

Amanda Jackson

Absolute nightmare. Please go somewhere else. Wait times are ridiculous. Only staff are nurses.

Olga Ambriz


Bri Nunez

Worst experience I’ve ever had in my life! I got into a car accident yesterday, i came in here explaining that my chest is hurting me that i can’t move my neck my back is hurting i feel extremely weak i can barely keep my eyes open and i been in this waiting room for 2 hours i went up to the window to talk to to lady about some ibuprofen. She said she couldn’t give me anything that if i was in that much pain i would go next door and get ibuprofen. I was in customer service so I don’t know what kind of customer care that is! This is ridiculous!! Idk how this hospital is even open! Every time I’ve ever come here all i ever so is wait! The front deck lady is horribly can’t multi task! This is crazy hopefully my Pelvis or collarbone isn’t broken!

Angel Yazzie

Take good care of you

Maria P

St Mary's ER. Worst care EVER. Uncaring..Definitely NOT a place of healing. Not empathetic. Nurse's light on for over 45 min ....ignored...horrible horrible experience. Ignored my son who was screaming in pain for over 45min...ignored him completely..asked for ice chips from another nurse because the attending nurse was ignoring us...nurse that got ice chips was extremely rude. While my son was yelling in pain the nurses were laughing at their stations talking amongst themselves. They were bothered that I was demanding attention for my son. I wish UMC was closer..St Mary's ER is the WORST

Deb Dennie

The Doctor's saved my husband's life. They are quite a team of professionals. Amazing RN and everyone is there to help your loved one recover

Edward Taylor

Bad, Bad, Bad. If your in pain DO NOT go there they will give you valium.Worst experience of my life.I realise they have strict pain policies,but I have had multiple back surgeries and I am not a drug seeker. I recently moved here and had to move furniture and I strained my back, which is fused and I can barely stand up and all I got was a shot of Toradol and some Valium. Valium for pain,what is that about?I don't think the ER is a good place to go if your suffering badly from lower back pain!!!!!!!!!

Courtney Giebink

WORST EVER. I went in for a fractured foot. After almost three hours of waiting, they referred me to spine specialist. Why? No idea. I was finally able to find the care I needed, no help from them. I got the bill for my visit, worked it out with my insurance and paid my portion of the bill. For the next 9 MONTHS, the hospital harassed me, sending me bill after bill - the portion my insurance covered. Repeatedly, my insurance had to call them and tell them that they had already paid it. They would acknowledge it, and keep sending bills. Eventually, they sold the debt to a collection agency, putting my credit on the line. I don't know if it was something in their system, or if they are really just that greedy. Either way, it's not worth it to go here for care.

Laura Calvert

My husband was here for a Cardiac procedure. We needed help finding exactly where we needed to go, everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. We would come here again

Paul Vaughan

Came in with a 101 temperature, starting my 2nd hour burning up while I wait to be called, to have blood drawn. No attempt to reduce the fever, or even try to find the cause. Should’da gone to TMC.

transmogrification central

Had to take a family member here... they were quick and helpful... they come quite a way but have a lot further to go

Samantha Hendrix

Awful awful awful. Brought my mom to the ER and the doctor wanted to give her meds to rule out GI issues for her chest pain. Almost two hours later and still hadn’t gotten this med. Went in late on a Sunday night/Monday morning and there was hardly anyone in the ER at all. The doctor finally came back in to say ‘sorry you haven’t gotten your med, the nurse is overwhelmed’. Wow, just pathetic. I’m a nurse myself. If you can’t handle the stress of an ER on a non busy night then maybe you shouldn’t work there! Learn how to ask others for help or quit nursing. Then my mom was discharged not even 20 minutes after receiving the med without so much as a follow up from the doctor or anyone. Other nurses had to step in to help administer the med and had no idea what was going on with her care, and I sincerely didn’t even know which nurse was assigned to my mom since we never laid eyes on her to my knowledge. Thank goodness I was there with her and had some background on hospitals and the process otherwise my mom’s head would have been spinning because nothing was explained to her at all by these incompetent fools. I wouldn’t bring anyone to this hospital, they can’t be trusted to give decent care!

Susan Heffley

I had a health issue that needed attention and I visited St. Mary's Emergency Room several weeks ago. I was seen immediately and the care was terrific. I called ahead to check on the wait time. When I arrived, the registration clerk, Crystal knew my name. WOW. I was seen by Dr. Levine she ROCKS..!!! All the staff was caring, considerate and polite. I will tell all my friends & family to use the St. Mary's ED in the future. I was seen and done in an hour. Thank you St. Mary's ED staff.

Avi Soza

St. Mary's is a beautiful hospital! The staff are professional, friendly and always helpful. They work hard to make sure each patient leaves with a positive WOW moment. My sister was seen in the emergency room at another hospital in Tucson and after hours of waiting, she was told to schedule an appointment to get her gallbladder taken out. Frustrated, she went home looking for patient care. After contacting St. Mary's she was quickly able to schedule an appointment with Dr. Levine and his team, he instructed her she could not wait any longer and was amazed they sent her home without taking her gallbladder out. The next day she arrived for surgery and was amazed with the communication between the nurses and her surgeon. Afterwards in the PACU, the treatment she received was excellent, she left understanding her discharge instructions and was beyond happy to have picked St. Mary's Hospital for her surgery. We will no longer go to another hospital and are happy advocate St. Mary's to our family and friends.

Kristina Dickinson

I have been there a few times for family members and my baby they seem to do a good job. They make sure they don't over prescribe on antibiotics for my baby. They asked all the right questions to my Tia when she had a fall and really covered all their basis. As far as I can tell they have done a good job making sure they have ruled out any serious problems before discharge way better than TMC when it comes to this.Is the wait long yes, duh, its an ER.

Amanda McGann

This hospital told my mom nothing was wrong with her, released her, she died 2 days later. DO NOT GO HERE.

carissa Frazine

I have chronic pain issues but also mental health and anxiety issues. Because of this i have had to come more frequently than i want to. Unlike st. Josephs, i have always been treated with respect. Even one visit i felt so embarrassed because my anxiety made me stressed out about nothing. But the dr and nurse were very kind and patient. I rarely have to wait very long to be treated. Yes it takes a few hours sometimes. But not nearly as long as other hospitals I’ve been to. Staff is courteous and kind.

Michelle H.

If you have serious complaints, contact the Arizona department of health, or Medicare (if applicable) they can actually affect changes, unlike a useless Google review. That being said, any intelligent person can see the difference between the real and fake reviews, here. My family has had multiple negative experiences at St. Mary's. I'm going to do everything I can to convince my loved ones to never come here again, or at least until something changes corporate-wise, or until state regulations and penalties are imposed. Good luck and good health!

skid marx

I came in about 3 months ago with a broke spine. I was booted out and left to sit in the hallway while some chick named Courtney complained about her poor wittle fractured foot. Some physco waiter named Jose at on the border cracked a plate over my head which caused my broken spine. I'm at the SPINE specialist and this COURTNEY chick complained so much about her stinky feet that smelt the entire hospital up because it was fractured. Meanwhile I am sitting here with crabs and a broken spine. UNREAL!

B. Kyle Jorgen

Excellent experience here. All of the staff were friendly and helpful. Carondelet is the best. Thank you!

Carol Grondahl

I was brought in with acute pancreatitis. Imaging and xray were set up immediately. I was assigned a room and fluids began. I was assigned a dr. there as mine did not have privelages. These drs. are responsible for your overall care and monitoring of your treatment. The dr. Assigned to me was excellent and thorough. The entire health care team there from transporters to Rns. were kind courteous and patient. In the entire 6 days of my stay the care was consistently high. I realize St. Mary's is an older hospital, but it is immaculate. Their support structure for patients works well. So many of them told me that they loved working on the team. I know it will be my hospital of choice if the need arises.

Rosemary Roe

ER was a wait as usual.

Stacy Molina


Matthew Jacob Dougherty

I'll just start off by saying that I never review anything...however, I work for a behavioral health agency and this is honestly the most pleasant experience you can have in a hospital in Tucson. I believe we had doctor Chris Bentley and nurse Sherri williams. They never talk down to you, they truly seem to see you as soon as they can, and they're incredibly patient and kind to my clients. I honestly don't want to go anywhere else ha everyone we've encountered here has been excellent.

Cory Motzkin

I am very pleased from the time I walked in to when I left. The staff was fantastic with costumer service I would highly recommend coming to this hospital.

Sergio Ramirez

Very rude staff food is bad had wait hours for request for something to drink

April Valencia

If I could give 0 stars I would!!! My 58 yr old mother broke her wrist on Dec 14th Friday and we went to st Mary’s. Took them 20 mins to call her name, check her vitals and then being told to go back to the waiting room. It was at least a 2 hour wait!!! As I’m waiting I see people coming in crying and begging them to hurry because of they’re pain and being told to wait. After waiting another 2 hours we got called in and it took another hour and a half to get an X-ray. I’m pretty sure the signs in the back of the ER say “please be quiet in courtesy to others” but did your nurses follow that rule?! NO. They were being really loud and being unprofessional while my mom is pain!!!! It took another hour for a physician to come by!! Honestly I will never send any of my relatives here anymore!!!!

Andrea Castillo

My dad has been there for a week now, was admitted to ICU 4 days ago. They have him sedated, I called this morning and the RN Maria is ICU was beyond rude, she told me "I'm very busy to be taking phone calls, ask your sister for updates when she gets here". I feel that he is not being properly cared for, I am trying to get him out of this hospital!!

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