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Robin Kandil

Well based on a couple nurses here and the doctors, I would have given it a 5 stars, but since hearing my Mom deal with the social worker and some of the other staff I eould give it zero if I could! My step dad is going home on hospice and they have been nothing but rude and pushy and only worried about when hes leaving and why were not there sooner. My Mom has pneumonia so bad right now she should be inpatient but let me tell you these people dont care!!! Not sure what to recommend on a good hospital because they have some great doctor's here, but the rest of the hospital needs work. It saddens me to say this because there the main trauma center in the area

Yvonne Herrera

Hi, my son and his wife had their first child at this hospital and I can say the staff was wonderful, kind, humble always looking after my daughter in law. The food was stupendously delicious. Thank you to everyone who helped my grandson have a fantastic birth. You all were awesome

Eljon Fuerza

My girlfriend had a terrible ear infection that spread. Hurt unbelievably, so at 1 am we needed to go to the ER. We've been waiting since 2 am to see a doctor. ITS BEEN 8 HOURS. 8. FREAKING. HOURS. AND WE STILL HAVEN'T SEEN ANYONE. They stopped taking patients at like 4 and began taking them at 7 so we had to sit and wait so we dont lose our spot which doesnt even matter because people just go ahead of us and this place is poorly organized

Thomas Carlson

I recently had a brother that was treated for cancer at uhc. The cancer was deemed hereditary and he was given a letter from the genetic counselor to give to family members to be tested for free except for genetic counselor appointment. I had no problem with that and answered several phone calls for information which I supplied. 5 days before my appointment I got a call to supply insurance info to them, I re explained that the letter said free testing but supplied my insurance info. The person I talked to said the appointment cost would be about 160 dollars . Again I had no problem with that. Then I get another call saying that they don't accept my insurance, again I explained that this was supposed to be free except for the appointment with the genetic counselor. They explained I could change my insurance or could cancel my appointment. I canceled :) I judge my medical care by how I am treated and this looks like a classic bait and switch tactic which this hospital should be above doing.

Frances Gil

Terrible . Absolutely terrible ! The staff for the emergency room are extremely insubordinate and are neglectful with their medical records. My daughter was rushed in with a life threatening diagnosis and she did not have any vitals taken until 3 HOURS after arriving. As a concerned mother trying to find out information about my daughters well being I was brushed away and made fun of for asking questions by one of the standing RN's for being such a known hospital their staff selection is pitiful the only respectful and helpful staff member was the lady helping us register our selves in the system. Thanks UMC for making an extremely delicate situation much worse for the families going thru an already difficult time.

Mrs. Sanchez

If I could put a 0 on here i would. This is the worst hospital I have ever been to. I had a huge gash in my arm that was bleeding out pretty good. Waited and waited in the waiting area for over 2 1/2 hrs mind you they were not all the busy. When I finally got back to the room I waited another 1 1/2 before the nurse came back to tell me the doc would be in shortly to stitch me up. Bad part about it all is he didnt even look at my wound assumed stitches and didnt even care that I told him I couldnt feel my fingers to look to see if I have nerve damage. I waited another half hour for the doctor still nothing my husband and I could hear him bad talking other patients. And i left I had enough of the games and not being treated the way I should have. Worst piece of sh*t hospital ever if you want to be treated like a patient go to TMC hospital where they will get you back asap for a issue that is serious enough and they inspected my wound and did get stitches and got told I may have some nerve damage.

Emil Bodkin

This place is terrible. Though the campus is beautiful and brand new, the care is terrible. My uncle came in due to chest pains and spent his entire visit in a small windowless, grimy ER room. The ER staff here is rude and dismissive. When my aunt had concerns and was upset about my uncle, the nurses answering the call buttons would just turn off the call button. Don't send your family here.

Greg Martin

I had a cyst and had to have an emergency surgery. Well they kept me awake during it and the lady made me feel horrible by screaming out during the surgery eww gross. How unprofessional not to mention embarrassing. I was so humiliated already and she was the head nurse. Made me feel even worse.

Mark Paschen

My wife and I got in a really bad car wreck, caused by a drunk driver. The staff here didn't clean my wife's serious facial wounds until 36 hours into her visit. It became severely infected and now she need plastic surgery, on top of the dental reconstruction she already needed. They neglected her and continue to do so. DON'T COME HERE.

Jeff Goers

Helpful people but very hard to find parking or navigate inside, a security person even gave me wrong directions.

Samantha Hicks

I’d rather not even give this place one star it’s nothing but a fraud and license killers and you don’t take anybody concerns seriously that’s why I have been suffering and discriminated by banner And nothing ever changes for the better.


Horrible hospital, No one seems to know what’s going on, I watched a nurse playing on her phone for 20mins straight in this so called “waiting area”. Also I’ve been sitting in this so called “waiting area” (which is really just a hall way) for at least 30mins and a nurse nor doctor has checked on me nor let me know what’s goin on but will be my last trip here I’ll stick to TMC The one and only good out of this hospital is the triage staff they were great

O Valenzuela

We had 3 people ahead of us and we still waiting 5 hrs this is a joke of a hospital. The ER receptionist is a joke as well your better off going to North west ER.

Austin Coleman

This is one of the best hospitals.Great Emergency Room.Very kind nurses and people who really care!What a amazing experience . Fast and painless check-in process.

Nicholas Baar

They did the wrong surgery & it's all documented. The first doctor ordered a nose lift the next doctor he handed me to drilled right though my nose. It wasn't successful he never even checked my chart I just assumed he knew what he was doing so I consented. Huge mistake.

Thomas Higgins

Waiting times are so long that you could die poor service not a place to bring anyone this is the second time that you have to wait for over 8 hours the first time we left and found another place if it is that busy maybe they should hire more staff or maybe it’s the management that is at fault they seem uncaring about people and their lives


We're newer to AZ & came from a place where the medical is far superior to AZ yet when I had to have a procedure everyone said how awful Banner is yet I found they were the ONLY hospital in this city to help me! I came out of surgery the best I ever have & I know it's because Anesthesiology listened to me about problems I've had in the past, & when you come out of surgery feeling well it really does set the pace for how you heal!

Gator Moore

I would've given no stars if that was an option. All the staff tells you is their really busy and no one knows when you'll be seen. This is the worst ER I've ever been to, and I've unfortunately been to a lot of them. I would even prefer going to Casa Grande ER instead. 3 hour wait time!

C. Scott Zimmerman

Never had so much difficulty with a phone system. The automation is dreadful, and incresing anxiety in patients trying to deal directly with providers is a beaurocratic nightmare. Always thought of this hospital as being far better than this.

james coder

Went to ER and needed a wheelchair to get out of car. Was told they were low on wheelchairs. After 45 minutes left and went to another ER where i was given a wheelchair immediately

Lindsey Herring

Don’t go here! Save yourself the time and money, go somewhere else. Checked in at 7:30pm and had labs and urinalysis done at 8:00pm. Was not admitted to a room until almost 12:00am. By this time, ok fine, you kept bumping me because you felt others were more urgent, I can deal with that. I travelled an hour so I could specifically go to this hospital since it is the only hospital near me that has a 3T MRI machine. I was informed that they only do an abdominal MRI if you have a spinal injury... It is widely known and common knowledge that MRI’s show more accurate details than an X-ray or CT, especially in the abdominal area. Yet they continue to avoid an MRI at all costs maybe because they might actually find out what the problem is and will loose their cash cow. I have been battling nausea, and abdominal pain for over 8 years. I have continued to get worse to the point where now I have severe malabsorption, gut bacteria overgrowth, and suffering from malnutrition. I have constantly received the bare minimum of treatment from every single hospital and doctors office since I first got sick. I have had doctors argue with me about my own symptoms, I’m pretty sure I know my own body better than someone who just met me and only adheres to the general male standard, not female. I have yet, in all my years, ever see any hospital or doctors office have a female standard for blood tests. Moving on, fine, you want to only do the bare minimum, even though a CT was preformed 2 weeks ago at the ER, fine be redundant. Fast forward to now going on almost 9 hours, I have yet to get my CT, and they didn’t preform a pregnancy test on the urine so I could even go to CT. Icing on the cake, no one told me who my nurse was, not that it matters since I’ve only seen a nurse 3 times in in all this time. Oh yeah, pretty sure the sheet on the gurney was from the previous patient and there was no pillow, and now nurse call button in case of emergencies. How can a hospital that has the ability to run smoothly and efficiently, be so completely unorganized and scattered? I have dealt with condescending doctors with the worst bedside manners, but never encountered nurses who visually showed they didn’t care about the patients along with horrible bedside manners. I have been to A LOT of ER’s since first getting sick, and this is BY FAR the WORST experience I have ever had at a hospital.

Katrina Dublo

I was seen by Doctor Wannemacher, who I feel went over and beyond with the care he provided for me. He is the prime example of how our doctors should treat patients with empathy, compassion, and going over and beyond to help me. Thank you so much for all of your help, you certainly made my terrible day a little brighter.

Liz Brown

I find it really difficult to give a rating and review for a hospital. Who likes getting sick, injured and having to stay at a hospital? UMC is reputed to have a good trauma center. I'm hoping that the doctor who did my surgery did it well, to the best of her ability, I hope she didn't make a mistake, and I will suffer for it later. I can't say I liked my doctor, she was pretty aloof, didn't seem very caring. Some of the nurses in the ER and OR thought it's okay to address me with "hon" and "sweetie". I absolutely hate that! It's unprofessional and demeaning. All the nurses and techs at the Clinical Decision Unit, where I was taken after surgery, were great, though. Very nice and caring, I think they really did their best within the time restraints they have. I was pleasantly surprised with the food they offer. There is a full menu, almost like at Denny's, and the food tasted good, too. It usually takes about an hour for the food to get delivered, so soup and coffee weren't hot, but still edible. I hope to get out of here soon and get on with my life.

Kelli Hesse

The care of our son seemed good at the time. We were visiting from out of state and our son couldn't stand upright due to severe abdominal pain. We suspected appendicitis as did the doctors...turns out he didn't have it but they admitted him for monitoring. He was there 16 hours (admitted for 9, although we were told we could leave at 8:30am, they didn't actually discharge until 2:00!! The staff just kept saying they were too busy and couldn't get to it). Everything seemed OK until we received the bills. We were out of network for insurance and no other options. The prices this hospital charges are astronomical. We have been fighting with them for months to try to get the bill reduced to a manageable amount. I paid less (less than half!) for giving birth to a baby and being in the hospital for 24 hours with her than we were charged for this incident...and all we got out of it was an over-priced MRI and Miralax. If you are out of network, you are better off to charter a plane and fly back in network...seriously. Travelers beware.

Diane Hungerford

My husband just got out of the hospital today. He couldn't get help when he asked for it. Spent 6 hours in waiting room and 18 hours in ER. He had heart failure, kidney function issue, type one diabetes, and emphesyma. He comes home with high blood sugar after giving him the wrong. insulin Doctors never listened or got to him when he needed assistance. Last year he had a toe amputated because he wasn't attended to in time. Getting bigger doesn't mean getting better!

Destiny Wright

Unfortunately my surgeon works out of this hospital. I have had a sleep study there, the rooms were dingy, old, out dated, no private restrooms, the beds were terrible. I was scheduled for a endoscope and never received any paperwork just a call saying I can bring someone with me. I took medical transport as I live 2 hours away, they sent me home with out the test because MEDICAL Transport was not good enough for them to take me home. It had to be family or friends. I felt embaressed and discriminated against because I don't have family to just drop everything and go with me.

Sheree Barss

Great customer service at the Front Help Desk and Patient Registration. Staff were friendly and courteous. I had my appointment with the Radiologist/MRI/CT department and the radiologists were very professional, courteous, and made me feel at ease for my appointment. The doctor/resident/nurse took the time to talk to me over the procedure. They asked me questions to better understand my situation and why I was there for the appointment. It was a great experience and I thank that team for everything they did. Thank you!!

Marty D

I can see why they received a D grade for their 2017 JCAHO score and 2 out of 5 from Bathrooms are dirty for days. There are lots of friendly staff and some competent ones like the CICU but many units seem consistently overwhelmed & unsupported. Essential inpatient services like physical therapy & food can be delayed nearly all day. Procedures require multiple requests and the techs drop needles and lose applicators and leave medical waste all over the room nearly early time unlike functional hospital staff. The valet service is a waste of space making pick-up and drop-off unnecessarily difficult and hazardous. Highly trafficked hallways that go unlit. We are instructed to park on the north side of the bldg despite no unlocked doors for half a mile at night. Healthcare is always tough & this is a crazy time legislatively. Southern AZ is one of the poorest places in the country so its not surprising these guys are so underresourced. The emergency room staff were friendly and competent but I had to pitch in to prevent fecal contamination. I am frightened to have a surgical procedure here and advise anyone who can, to go to Phoenix instead for planned major interventions.

Melissa Marble

Worst service ever. We travel 100 miles one way for my sister having. Allegic reaction . Hives over her whole body and throat swelling. To be seated in a waiting room from 6:30 til 11:30 and still waiting to see a Dr. This place is a joke. They have no remorse for the I'll or hurting. . Or the people here to support there loved ones I will be filing a complaint . Absolute ridiculous!!!

Julie Arteaga

The dr's here care. They're good at what they do. The nurses are great too.

Lupita Gonzalez

Security staff on the Children diamond entrance 03/20/2019 8:00pm was acting very rude even though we were following his instructions. Thank God our situation was not something critical beacuse it could be the family of a dying patient or something really bad and he does not have any manners to treat visitors. He was acting like a super "SERGEANT" or something above he's level sorry officer you are nothing but a SECURITY STAFF MEMBER. Your ego is taking you way too far. Banner i dont know how expensive could be to have a very well trained security staff. But i guess you can't afford it or you just simply don't care.

Joey Woolen II

No parking.. Have to walk far.. I hate this hospital !! I refuse to go there!!

Mauricio Espinoza

Nurses are great. Its the discharge that takes forever. Longer then the jail release. While you wait 1,000 hrs to be released they wanna give you more bags of fluids, and meds to charge more to your insurance or access, whichever your on

Sandy Gasca

Worst experience of my life. From the medical staff to the billing staff Never to go there again


Don’t go there ! It’s sad when someone is feeling ill and you go to the hospital to get help and to feel better but becomes a unpleasant visit . The staff ER on adult north side are very rude and they hardly check on you and didn’t show any interest at times and would see them laugh at certain situations or make side conversations about other patients .(morning shift most) The morning sup or idk who she was very rude and unprofessional her name is Rachelle I won’t say the last name for her identity but she was a dr. And started with and H & ends with A. I arrived at night staff was ok night sup was very friendly . And night staff was also friendly . Morning shift came in and they were very rude and careless . Dr. H came in without introducing herself or questioning first what was happening she came in my room was being very unprofessional idk what she thought she heard while me and the nurse were talking that she came in and yelled at me to calm down when I wasn’t doing anything or disrespecting anyone even the nurse looked at her confused she came in my room like she new what was happening all along when she had barely just arrived , she seemed like she was having a bad day or was angry so being the kind hearted person that I am I tried not to make a big out of it but it actually was because her attitude changed my perspective about UMC . Morning Staff hardly checks on you because they’re always in the middle desks area hanging out and talking most of the time . And I have no problem with that but if they’re not checking there patients that seems very unprofessional. They never offered me water or food while I was there I was there for a day and a half I was waiting maybe I wasn’t allowed to have water and I was they just never offered . I had to ask if maybe they were doing something that I wasn’t allowed to have anything and they told me no I could have water and food .Yeah thanks for the water almost two days there . Also I understand some are uofa students but they did my IV 3 times because they kept messing up and the fluids were going into my arm instead of vein and was swelling my are it was painful they took forever to come and do a check knowing the fact it could be possible for it to happen the 2 nd time so I had to go call them because it stringed and I knew it didn’t seem right . Idk this was my experience and honestly I don’t think I will never go back

Julian Amaro

I write this as I sit in the ER room with my 78 year old mother who came in with bladder/stomach pain. We got here at 10pm. It is now 2am and all that has been done is her triage. Talking to the guy seated next to us, he said he had been waiting 8 HOURS. That is totally unacceptable. And it's not even a weekend. It's a Wednesday night. I have been to many hospitals in Tucson, as my job sometimes requires me to. This has got to be THE SLOWEST ER room. If her insurance would allow her to go somewhere else I would have taken her out of here and to somewhere else and probably seen a lot faster. UMC used to be the standard, now it fails to compete. Over 400 reviews on here, and if you read them most negative reviews are of the ER room. Should this maybe open some eyes and be looked into? If this is a staffing issue, then someone needs to fix it. If it's a room issue, then this new ER room is a bust. Banner social response team, would you bring your family here? Update: it is now 5:15am and we're still waiting fo be called back to be seen......unreal.

Chris Wincek

This hospital gives hospitals a bad name. Dont go here and if your Dr got their education here..get a different Doctor immediately.


Absolutely the worst in waiting to get in to the hospital!

jean krach

They allow people to stay at all hours so it's never quiet in here when you're in bed sick you don't want to hear all the yak Yakety Yak. Takes hours to get to test run in any procedures done that you need. Got in here at 6 yesterday morning hadn't had any food or water for 18 hours at that point and didn't get taken care of until 7 p.m. that evening. Still haven't had my procedure and it's the next day. Not happy camper

Taylor Bergin

My daughter was in the hospital this year. I just want to thank everyone that was involved in my daughters care. They did an AWESOME JOB!!! They were kind, caring and very thoughtful people, they went above and beyond anything they had to do!!

J Campbell

It's unfortunate that you have to walk in to a filthy waiting room. There coffee cups and empty trays with FLIES all over the place. The floor is just littered with crumbs and other unknown particulates. Then you get to be greeted by a rude member of the staff, "sign in and sit down ". All of this so early in the morning before a procedure. Maybe the stay will better

adrian watters

This is the worst hospital in Tucson. I unfortunately have to go through this institution because of my multiple specialist that I see. The staff are rude and unresponsive to any of your questions or concerns. The doctors treat you like your a prescription drug addict. So if you can, I would chose a different hospital to use. I’m currently looking to see if I can find another facility that would accommodate my situation. You would think they would be happy to treat someone like me. I have 3 different insurance plans to cover my cost and they still treat me like I’m a bother to them.

Gabe Elliott

This place is a joke...they gave my girlfriend a infection when doing surgery, rude and very slow to help her while staying almost 2 weeks because of there mistake. Then offer her home physical therapy and just because of where we live they wont do it now. And expect her to come in every 2 to 3 days. What B.S. It's there fault she has to do this so they should be kissing her a** to make it one from the administration has come to talk to her. She had to wait 4 days to get a pic line added for antibiotics because they moved to a new area and it was "crazy" there, fu**in lies. There is no excuse why the treatment is so awful and rude...

Wendall Kekumu

This hospital is unsafe for human beings in need of major surgeries. Surgery and recovery is very good but once you are sent to the wards it becomes absolute chaos. The ward did not possess my wife’s medical records and were “Unversed,” in her history concerning drug allergies. The Staff tried to force my wife to take opioids that she is highly allergic too. They refused to contact her current long term doctors or remotely try to obtain her records to give my suffering wife medications that she could take. Prior to this surgery it was made clear of these allergies and what was appropriate to use, however; these nurses refused to gain the absent records so they could appropriately treat my wife to a safe recovery. The ward just went crazy with everyone screaming and speaking extremely rude to my wife and myself when we were trying to tell them of the allergies. Being that my wife just was coming out of an extremely major surgery, this was not a good scene and was actually quite dangerous because her main artery was resected and stitched back together. My wife needed to remain laying down, quiet, calm and treated with caring hands. Instead of my wife receiving professional, respectful and compassionate care, one nurse literally tried to force my wife to take drugs that could have cost her life. My wife could not swallow or take pills at that time. No one remotely even try to understand the allergies. No one tried to do anything to calm the situation, but instead staff escalated the situation in making up stories to other staff members in trying to recruit them in their cause in blaming and accusing a patient that just came out of a major surgery. When we decided to leave this hospital, the staff called security as if we did not have the right or option to leave a horrible and dangerous situation. When you first enter this hospital instead of comforting faces you are greeted by a team of security cops with a dog. (?) It is not an peaceful atmosphere for sick patients. There isn’t accountability of paid staff on the wards, which is apparent in the abilities for nurses to have a “Free for all,” that places patients in harms way. The 2 nurses that were assigned to my wife should be fired and get rid of the swat team from the main entrance. I received your Robotic “Generic” copy and paste response for us to send you an email with our contact info? During our lengthy registration with your hospital you collected ALL of our contact info. So if you are truly concerned I suggest you go there and get the info that you need.

Maryrose Larkin

I spent more than 5 hours waiting for someone to read my ct scan. I didn’t have a brain bleed thank goodness but who knows what could have happen. I think they have 2 waiting rooms one where they put them people they think are actually sick (fast track) and another where they put the rest of us. So disappointing

Dan Sarich

Dr. Rabinowitz provided gentle and reassuring care while draining my rectal abscess.

Pam Aschenbrenner

The emergency department is so unorganized you get called in 3 times before getting a room needed to update the ER There must be 50 people waiting yo be seen Will not come here again

Dani Her

Went to the ER because I was not feeling well. After waiting for a few hours, I was put into the "trauma" department. I was not asked or told I'd be going there. I only found out where I was once all of the trauma patients started coming in, which resulted in me staying for a total of 10 hours. Poor decision making on whoever decided to put me there instead of a trauma patient. I waited 5 hours just to be discharged. It would have been nice to AT LEAST have the needle taken out of my arm where the IV was. Avoid being taken to the trauma section, unless you have extra hours to hang out. Nurse was extremely rude as if it was my decision to be put there. He had me leave without giving me the medicine that the doctor said would be given to me before letting me leave. Very spiteful. Was still feeling sick.

Leilani Gutierrez

No stars⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️If you love your children and family, DO NOT TAKE THEM HERE! They target poor, low income families and they call DCS for Anything and everything and they make it the hardest to get your kids back over the smallest and false ACCUSATION. BEWARE! ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ MEDICAL KIDNAPPING IS REAL HERE!

Chris Mason

My dad was transported here with severe abdominal pain ect.. after several hours of waiting and the pain increasing, I made my way to the reception area to get an idea on a time frame. I got the normal spiel on people are seen based on their condition. I proceeded to ask where severe abdominal pain falls on the to be seen list and was basically told to kick rocks. The best part is earlier we had received a text messages up saying a provider ordered more test and would be discussing this at approximately 9:30, not 5 minutes after talking with the "receptionist" we received an updated message of the same nature but now with a 11pm time frame. The staff were less then professional to this point. Jessica the first nurse probably needs to reconsider her career choice. I dont believe I have been around a worse group of callous people in my life. I spent a good part of 20 years in the public service and I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I treated people how we were treated and how I saw others being treated while waiting.

Lisa Scheider

I'm a caregiver/friend of a patient who is currently in banner. He went in Saturday,. I took his wife up, and stayed half the day for the last two days. He is a stroke victim, who had passed out Saturday. Yesterday a.m., they told his wife they we're releasing him, that there was nothing wrong. When we went up to get him, the room smelled really bad, and he was leaning way to the left. He couldn't keep his head upright, so we asked to see the Dr, who again said nothing was wrong. I took his sheet off to get him dressed to go, and there was bowel all over him I asked one of the assistants to help hold him to the side, so I could clean him up. The guy barely tipped him, I couldn't get to the mess, so I called for someone else. The two of them worked to clean him, very roughly, hurting him. They left the putrid trash can filled with bowel for about 3 hours before they finally emptied it. I got started on washing and dressing him, and he couldn't stand up. I literally had all his weight on me. We asked again to see the Dr., When he came in, he wasn't really happy. I showed him how the patient couldn't stand up, so he ordered an MRI, "stat". Here is is, almost 24 hours later, and the MRI, still hasn't happened. If you want dr.s and staff that care about you, Banner is NOT the place you want to be!!!

Tom Allen

They always assumed that people are there seeking drugs when I was there for disc degenerative disease and they acted like I was seeking drugs so I will never go back to Arizona again it’s a satan corrupt state and government

Rob Regal

Banner provided me a quote for my wife's ultrasound. Their billing department provided me an estimate of just over $200 based on two CPT codes. After the ultrasound on 10/19/18, I discovered that they had added an additional CPT code which raised my cost to nearly $600. After numerous calls to Banner, and after involving the BBB, Banner finally agreed to drop that additional charge. However, this morning I received an unexpected charge from a physician who is said to have performed diagnostic services for that ultrasound, which makes no sense since my wife's GYN provided the diagnosis. Nonetheless, Banner never disclosed the possibility of such a charge when I asked them for a quote/estimate. After speaking with Banner billing and patient relations, they have told me there is nothing they can do for me regarding this bill. I am reporting this to the BBB. Needless to say, I will never use nor recommend Banner. I spend a serious amount of time on the phone with their rep (a gentleman named Raymond) trying to secure an accurate quote. I explained to him that I wanted to make sure there would be no unexpected charges. My diligence was wasted on Banner. No one seems to be accountable, nor do they sound like they care.

Cynthia Gedick

I'm here with my father in the CVICU, and without this team's professionalism, knowledge, care, and the ability to adapt, improvise and communicate ,we would be hopeless. I hope everyone on the 6th floor who had anything to do with my father's care, including facilities and janitorial, to also include those who calibrate machinery - especially the ECMO machine - understand the impact and importance of their position. We owe you a debt of gratitude, regardless of the outcome. Ya'll are amazing!


Between the Doctors and nursing staff not communicating with each other and the lies that were told to the patient and Family I would not trust this hospital. The whole Hospital Staff are Rude,Disrespectful, have no Morals and if their lips are moving they are lying. The United States Health care system needs to be Reformed ASAP. The Hospitals Need to Answer to People who Truly Care. Bathrooms have pee Everwhere and Rooms are Nasty. Disgusting Hospital. They will discharge you with the same symptoms you came in for. Sorry excuse for a hospital that's supposed to take care of its patients. I wish I didn't have to give a star because they deserve a negative

Greg Crayton

Visiting from out of town for a family member going through cancer. Had an emergency so we had to spend 12 hours there. ER visits are never fast, quick, and easy so that was expected. The nurses, doctors, and staff were very helpful and knowledgeable. After this experience I will even cheer on the Wildcats as long as it’s not against my Huskies!!

Don Carlo

Are you new to the area and need to chose a hospital? Search no more. Banner University Med Center will take great care of you and you will walk away feeling better and wanting to pass out gift cards to a large number of dedicated, patient, and professional staff members from the cafeteria to the surgeons. If you have to be in ICU, you may be blessed to have either Caroline, Kendall or Dave as your nurse. All are like breaths of fresh air during a stressful and scary time. Take time to thank them and everyone who contributed to your healing and discharge. You won’t remember every name but your impression will make you smile and realize how lucky Tucson is to have such a hospital. Thank you to everyone on duty December 8-10, 2018 and thank The Good Lord for the wisdom to make us chose Banner.

Christina Huerta

Worst hospital ever!!! I came in for knee pain. I can’t walk or bend my knee after waiting almost 12 hrs from the time I checked in to the time I check out. All this stupid dr told me was take more Tylenol And rest.then call my pcp. WTH. If I wasn’t really in such pain like I would wait all time time for not thing. I will never in my life come back here again

James Purcell

To be updated as the experience continues. This place has the worst service ever. They make you wait hours to be seen, then when they get you in the back part, the nurses have no idea what's going on so they just place you wherever they feel like it. Theres no closed off rooms in the section we're in. We have a lady with an airborne sickness next to us and only a curtain protecting us. It seems there is a major lack of communication here and just a lack of common sense.

Mona Perry

I have been to various hospitals always have horrible experiences when they draw my blood... Today Stephen Trenkle BUMC-T paramedic did it within seconds... Usually there's blood all over the bed and floors usually my veins collapse, roll or whatever... So I would like to say thank you...I was treated kindly by the staff and appreciate you...

Janet Wilkinson

I've been a patient of Banner UMC, and despite the negativity surrounding Banner, I don't think that the Banner corporation itself is the issue. Banner University Medical Center Phoenix was, and probably still is, a very good to great hospital with a lot of nurses, doctors and others who really care. Really, many of the doctors at Banner UMC Phoenix are downright inspirational and normal, yet talented and driven, people who just care a lot for their patients. Fantastic nurses too. You will run across reviews here, perhaps driven by newer staff at BUMC Tucson that perhaps sometimes don't have the more experienced and polished manner of interacting with patients. (I don't think I had that many, if any problems when I was a patient). I think it is because the staff is new to the field. The issue, which was an issue long before Banner took over UMC, is that UMC was (maybe still is) a large and well respected teaching hospital, and the staff, many of whom are in training, were under a lot of pressure. WELL BEFORE Banner took over UMC there were famous and notable physicians in Tucson who refused to work at UMC, there were always power issues going on and big personalities. I'm not saying who was right or wrong, but people align as being anti-UMC/anti-Banner or pro-UMC/pro-Banner, which doesn't help Tucson. Banner UMC Tucson just needs to be more engaged with the emotional aspects of patient care and creating a welcoming environment for patients, it is of paramount importance to be focused on getting the diagnosis and the treatment right, but also inspiring faith in the hospital and the care that patients receive is part of helping people to live healthier lives, and to continue to want to seek care at Banner UMC Tucson and just to improve their health. Unhappy staff and patients will translate into poorer patient outcomes in the longterm. It is sad for all of Tucson that BUMC Tucson dropped-off the US News and World Report list of ranked hospitals in Arizona due to patient experience problems. It is stuff like this that brings down all of Tucson. Banner needs to do something to forge a unique identity in Tucson, something positive that is equated with Banner and patient care there. I know that they will sponsor El Tour, but that is just writing a check, they need to work on something innovative that gives back to the community in terms of improving health. I changed my rating to 4 stars, it was 3 stars, I think I was swayed by all of the negative press Banner has gotten. I can't say that my patient care experience was bad, it was actually good.

David Hahm sr.

E.R. is a joke in poor taste. After X Ray's showed significant damage my pain was not addressed. I did not want Opioids so a topical was discussed and ordered. 2 hours later I hadn't recieved it. Day shift nursing were good, and the day Nurse Manager was great. After 3:00 PM all went bad. No care, compassion, or brains on staff. I was in very severe pain and movement on my part was extremely difficult and painful as I have injured a disk in my back from a fall. When the nursing staff was very rude and showed no care, I was forced to leave. Why should people stay and be treated as if we are a bother when they make rediculas amounts of money. I went to another facility and will have the surgery done there. We have choices

Elliotts Property Maintenance

I went to Banner Tucson on Mothers Day with all the signs of stroke complete with loss of ability to move arm on right side.They took a former diagnoses of vertigo and applied it to this... then said maybe a TIA.. when asked to run some further tests they declared it's mothers day and it's not going to happen. They sent me home and 3 days later had a full blown Pontine stroke. Thank God I survived because of St. Joseph's wouldn't recommend anyone to Banner

Art Ells

I took my husband Arthur Ells to Banner South emergency room 06/10 he was immediately put into the emergency room and unfortunately remained there for 28 hours because there were no ICU beds available anywhere in Tucson...All the staff from the E.R did the best they could and eventually finally Arthur was transferred to their ICU they eventually got him transferred to the main campus to be overseen by the Bone Marrow Transplant team. Everyone was very good to Arthur and was just an incredibly painful journey and ultimately Arthur could not survive. I have never met such an incredible team of professionals dedicated to their patients and found time to support me...They fought really hard for Arthur and me...and were honest with me when all hope was gone...I want everyone to know all the people involved with Arthur's care were amazing the Arizona Oncology, Banner Cancer Care Center, Banner South and Banner University Medical Center Main Campus...I will always be great full for all you did...I just regret despite your efforts it was too late...

Amanda Victoria

unfortunately my brother has had to visit the BUMC emergency department in Tucson, AZ three times recently. I am disgusted by the way he and my sister, who took him there, were treated each time by nursing and other physicians, First time he went it took multiple hours to get a physician to order a certain test on him to check for a head bleed which he had a fall and was on a blood thinner. I would assume someone should treat this as an emergency and order the test STAT. then told that the lab was down and blood samples were being routed to a nearby hospital. this is shocking as how are very sick patients being treated urgently? second time was probably the worst. my brother again suffered a fall with possible dislocated knee, however the physician and resident both looked confused as to what it could be in front of my sister, did not explain things. my brother stayed overnight and when another physician took over said he was ready for discharge when clearly he wasn't since he could not walk and would need nursing facility. He was not given his seizure meds (that my sister was requesting multiple times) on three different dosing times (he takes them AM and PM). pharmacy never came to clarify meds. the nurse didn't seem to care about this either and was baffled when my sister told her she gave him his medications from his own pill bottles since no one was doing anything it. i don't even know if the physician even ordered them to be given. he was not offered food or told not to eat for close to 16 hours. my sister had to buy him food at the cafeteria. the last time he went my sister decided it was unsafe to take him home with so many falls so requesting he get sent to nursing facility. the case manager made her feel guilty not taking him home, nursing and physicians seemed moody about having to take care for him in the emergency department after finding out he would need to stay there until placement was found. It took more than 1.5 hours to clarify seizure medications and yet again my sister had to give his own medications. nursing had a bad attitude. my sister tried to clarify meds again with her, but she said she already clarified, then later would ask for clarification. the resident physician quick to assume diagnosis and unable more like unwilling to update family contact information that can very important when decision making especially for my brother who suffers from intellectual disability. I would hope that if any of these people have family members that go to the hospital they would be treated better or at least like a human being. we only take my brother to BUMC because he always goes there for care but after these incidents we will be looking elsewhere.

Mobile Clan

My boyfriend attempted to get help at this Banner twice in the last two weeks. He was in with a complaint of severe left sided pain and was told to wait for hours on end. He went home because of such severe fatigue and sweating to sleep just to muster up enough energy to go to another hospital. He’s now at St Joseph’s and they admitted him right away and was septic from a severe kidney infection. Along with other issues. He has never been sick almost his whole life and because this facility didn’t take him back with his symptoms he had a delay in care and could have ended up in the ICU. I work for Banner University in Phoenix and I’ve never seen this level of care in my life. I’m very disgusted and now have to take a leave of absence from work.

Ken Yamamoto

Although I could have gone to Urgent Care, I asked what the costs would be if treated in the ER. The ER registration and financial representatives misinformed me by saying it would be exactly the same cost either way and falsely quoted what I would owe at the time of service. They subsequently billed me over 10 times more. They may care less and feel nothing from it, but their potentially intentional misinformation or negligence/incompetence severely harms real people and their livelihoods. To hold these hospital staff members accountable for their wrongdoing, I contacted the patient relations department. But, they are disinterested, extremely slow to respond, and ultimately fail to listen to patient grievances... clearly because they have no incentive to reimburse the extra money they swindled.

Elisabeth Kfn

Slow service. My mom was sick, we got here at 11pm, we had to wait till 3 in the morning to get her started with the treatment and everything

Frank Duffy

My 87 year old dad has been in the hospital for seven days and we could not be more pleased with the level of service and professionalism. The surgery went well and the after care has been phenomenal. The nurses are friendly, thorough, responsive and caring. We have since heard from other doctors that if they end up as a patient in any Tucson area hospital, they would demand Banner.

Anthony Nelson

The UMC is not the same anymore. I’ve been taking my children to the UMC for years. The ER has merged Children with Adults previously it was separate. My wife was upset over it however I didn’t believe it was a big deal. After 5 minutes of sitting in the ER I noticed why they had previously had it separated. There was drug addicts going through withdrawals upset cussing, people with Psychological issues, and some vomit or some kind of bodily fluids on the floor in the waiting room next to us. Thankfully the intake noticed we had an infant with us and got us in fast. During the intake process a women who was on the phone seemed to be withdrawing hardcore just past the intake room. After getting us to a ER room on the Children’s side it was totally safe environment. All staff was professional although there is a noticeable difference in the policies at UMC. It felt comfortable on our previous visits with staff always checking on our children and the needs of us to have a comfortable visit which are usually around 2AM in the morning. This time staff was great but again you can tell the UMC is ran differently. Seems like its a numbers game quality of service is not bad just not what it used to be. Lastly this is the first time I’ve seen security on super high level as previously I’ve probably only seen two on all the visits we’ve had at the UMC in intake we seen two security guards exiting we seen two additional patrolling the hallways. It gives that feeling of a psychiatric ward or jail. All in all this was once a safe place to take the kids now it doesn’t seem as safe as it used to be.

Christina Davis

Don’t ever do a walk in at the emergency room at Banner You will wait for hours and still not see a doctor this Is the second time I’ve walked out without care because I couldn’t wait no longer in pain in their emergency room try another hospital if you need care

Jon Cooper

Absolutely no help, wasted 2 hours and two hundred dollars to be told I’m okay. Blood pressure spiked at 180/98 at TMC. Thank god for options, my advice is to make the right one and then not use Bamner.

Kent Johansson

I don’t normally share my views via social media, but after reading the negative views of others, I decided that a different perspective was in order. My experience with Banner Hospital’s ER Department was nothing short of outstanding. From the ease of registration to the physicians and nurses who attended to my injury, my stay was an example of what an efficient and caring health care provider should be. Having never visited an ER facility before, I expected the worst - a crowded waiting room, an indifferent staff, and harried nurses and physicians. It was just the opposite. I honestly believe that I received the best care that any hospital in Tucson could provide.


Its horrible horrible the big hospital and 4 to 6 hrs wating time. They should not take on more then they can very nasty rooms and restrooms you can actually see stuff sliding down the walls can't they wipe once in a while

Kirstie Renee Valdes

I have not gone to medical school but I wonder if I can still get a job application because you obviously don’t need to know anything to work there. After the nurses were so insanely rude I decided to stick up for myself and be rude back which will earn you a ticket to NEVER getting seen by the nurses no matter how high your blood pressure machine is beeping. I had to resort to just throwing up all over the bed and myself and every time I’d throw up my heart monitor would go up which is an alter for the nurses to come in. Not one person checked on me for hours until they changed out nurses for a new shift all because their feelings were hurt, which is very unprofessional especially when the nurses were incredibly rude first and I wasn’t just going to stand there and take it. I beg my friends and family to just let me die next time instead of ever taking me there again.

Jessy Elaine

Their new automated system for calls fails horrendously. I didn't think I could hate the call system more. You cant call departments directly anymore. Their doctors are restricted in what they're able to do with big brother watching over, regulating in ridiculous ways. Doctors cant even treat appropriately. Also, with this new system they should really ask their providers for feedback. When refilling medications they can't even see the last dose and directions they provided, so they have to guess and often do so wrongly. Then if you get hospitalized, THIS incorrect dose is all they'll give you. I hate this place. Patient relations never calls back on a concern, so they clearly aren't working on their issues.

Vannesa Bingham

Had to visit the ER with a friend. The intake was stressful and it took a while to get her seen, but once she was, the docs (or NPs?) were very kind, caring and answered all our questions even though you could tell they had a lot going on.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Horrible nurses and doctors. They should have training manners. We went because my son got a " sprain ankle". After waiting for more than 5hr in the ER. A Barbie looking doctor" came and told that if I wanted to know more about broken bones I should go to study medicine, just because I asked for sons X-rays. Stupid So after all he told me that my son got a sprain ankle, when it was actually broken. What an idiot. If he is a doctor I'm an architect.

James Harsha

Simply amazing. Felt like I was important to them to get diagnosed. Very comprehensive in their approach and consistent with updates. Thank you for this level of care in Tucson.

Daniel Barney

Went in for possible kidney stones at 830am on a Tuesday morning. Didn’t get seen till 1130 it’s now 130 and still no xray. This is awful and I am sure I will get ridiculous bill. Never again. Post edit... 3pm... Still here....


My first visit here sucked - was kept waiting an hour past my scheduled appointment with no warning and no updates. But I decided to give this place the benefit of the doubt, mostly because it was the only option I had for another test. Oh boy do I regret that. Less than an hour before my scheduled slot, they called me at work to say a piece of equipment had failed AND they had an emergency coming in, so they couldn't see me until 2 hours after my current appointment slot. And I get it, in this field emergencies do happen. But when I asked about my options for rescheduling, it was implied I'd have to start again from square one. I waited over three weeks for this test to begin with, suffering weakness and pain of the afflicted limb. I was pretty mad and still am. It's unacceptable to basically tell a patient that they HAVE to deal with last minute changes (After my ride had already left to pick me up from work) or tough luck. An option should have been provided to reschedule within the next week if the change didn't work for me - after all, this wasn't MY fault. But instead I had to shut my mouth and cancel my plans for the evening. Update: I arrived at 5:30 PM as indicated. Was left waiting for 2 hours before finally getting my MRI (again, no indication of the wait time and no communication during the wait). Left at 9 PM. Didn't get home until about the time I need to go to bed for work. This place REALLY sucks.

Woo Loo

Registration is professional. ER is bad. Patients are suffering in the waiting room. Some of people are probably low income, and using free insurance. I don;t see this system works. Bad, it is just bad.


The surgeons in trauma are awesome, the night shift staff are amazing, some day shift staff are good. Food service is slow, the food is cold, and disgusting. Some day shift staff take a long time to answer call lights and flakey. Not a fan of this hospital. I would write more, but theres to much.

Dan Justice

Went to Er was taken in immediately to the er waiting room and was given an Ekg. I was told to go back and sit in the waiting room someone would be with me shortly to draw blood and put me in a room where I could be comfortable. A hr. Later they finally came and got me to draw blood, inserting a IV. Again sent to the waiting room. I still had a hard time breathing and very dizzy dozing off and on. I waited another hour and a half. While I was waiting they brought a young man in the same waiting room head,leg and arm bandaged,with a bloody face and shirt. There was another woman there having pains in her chest and down her arm that had waited longer than me,she to was upset that they brought,this young man in the Er room to sit with us. After about an hour and a half later I went up to the Dr. In charge and ask him when I could except my test results,he said he would check.This is the dr.on duty doing nothing but checking people in and talking on the telephone to his son. Never once to look over at the folks waiting in the waiting room. I thought that was a little funny when he personally told me he would take good care of me not to worry! The staff was working hard, one of the staff went to the dr.and told him that he had a patient with bacterial meningitis. Within 30 min of that conversation we were ask to leave the waiting room to go to the main waiting room because they had to decompress the room. That was it for me. I went out to the other waiting room. I spoke to a man that had waited 14hrs to see a dr. Well I waited 4 hrs. And was never given anything to ease my pain or even checked in on. I told the nurse to remove the IV. From my arm or I would do it for her. She removed the IV, She also told me she did read the results from the blood test. And that she was not a dr. It was nothing to worry about. I left after waiting 4 1/2 hrs. Never seeing a dr. I have had this condition for over 3 days. Can't get enough air and severe pain. One would think that being in such a high rated hospital. Someone would be concerned and why would they put a IV in if they didnt suspect something. I never been treated so badly in such a high rated hospital. And to think they will charge me for that IV which was never used all because there wasn't a room or a dr. This hospital should be investigated.


Massive incompetence. Do not come here unless you want to risk your life. Extremely poor service, am diabetic and have had to wait over 4 hours for food. Also had to remind nurses of my condition multiple times. Had to remind them to change my dressings and give me my meds. You have to keep constant vigilance that they don't screw up. There seems to be no communication between staff, if you are at all comprised be sure you have friend or family there to be your advocate.

Frances Noriega

Most of the staff it's very caring and helpful this is one of the best hospitals they have very good cardiologist were on the 4th floor and everybody it's very friendly


I was over there the day before yesterday they said there was nothing wrong until I went to another hospital and they found a cyst in my ovary

alejandro leoleon

Best hospital!

Jocelyn Ainza

Horrible experience with the ultrasound tech!! Very rude her and another tech were actually laughing at me!!

Stacy Goodwin

UMC was the ONLY hospital I trusted in Tucson. I went into DKA and the hands down saved my life. However, in 2016 I became very very ill and was once again admitted there. This time while there I lost vision in my left eye no treatment was provided other then eye drops. I could not feel my feet, could not get nurses into my room when I needed things, thank God I had family, I am on dialysis and they had NO CLUE how to hook up or use the machine and I ended up in fluid overload that took MONTHS to correct once I was home again. After being there for 10 days I was released but could not reach anyone to correct a medication problem and I got sick again a week later. This time i went to TMC and it was amazing the care I got there. They are now my go to. I live in Mesa and the hospitals there are Banner as well and I never had a problem there but the banner in tucson is the worst thing that has ever happened to UMC.

Stephen Ray

Nurses are great! Dr. Bellacose! Horrible.. Does not listen to her patients.

Brian Litz

My daughter received a bone marrow transplant at the facility and the billing department is the worst ever. They could not code the bills properly and ended up billing me rather than the insurance company or my daughter. After dozens of conversations, countless hours, and 18 months of going through this they still are unable to solve this, the end result is that they just don't care. Perhaps this same attitude is why they have a massive turnover of doctors at the facility.


I used to think UMC was the best in town but since Banner took over I would rather go to a different hospital.

Marcia Krause

I have pulmonary disease and have had many appointments and tests at Banner. When I'm there the service is perfect. On time, polite and thorough. But when I'm not there and want to reach someone it's a nightmare. They don't return calls, are unavailable, it's like I don't exist. Recently I was out of state and had a medical emergency. A cardiologist at the hospital I was in tried over and over to reach someone at Banner to get records on my tests, etc. He was never able to talk to anyone. He got transferred here and there, got disconnected several times and finally gave up. I will do everything I can never to deal with Banner hospital again.

Russell Kriete

Waited in er waiting room for 6 hours to be seen. Ten patients there when I got there. Every one of them seen while I waited. 7 m oi re came In after me and they were seen. I was told they had no more rooms, but they keep taking people back. I know I wasnt a top priority, but six hours!!!!

Felicia Heimback

I get all my specialized care at what is now Banner UMC. Was at Banner Main campus Thursday for a outpatient neurosurgery with Dr. Kasoff, and the only complaint comes from my mom who says the waiting room chairs are NOT comfortable at ALL!! Was at Banner South campus today for my monthly infusion in the pain procedure/endoscopy area with Dr. Ibrahim. Both Doctors I have mentioned are top notch physicians who not only are intelligent men, but caring individuals who treat their patients with dignity and respect. The nursing staff are wonderful, loving, and caring people who are attentive and capable. Having Dercum's disease is not a fun lot in life...and I understand I have to suffer a lot with it. But I am so happy that my specialist is at Banner and I will have to be dead before I go ANY WHERE else for treatment.❤

dan justice

Go elsewhere! I took my wife there for severe chest pain. We SAT for 3 and a half hours waiting for test results.No effort was made to make my wife comfortable. Took 1 hour just to get the blood drawn. My wife got fed up and had the nurse remove the IV line they inserted in the waiting room. We left and searched out a different hospital. Had to give one star to write this review they didn't deserve it!

Chuckie B

This hospital has some excellent doctors and nurses that seem to really care. The i.c.u. people are amazing. They saved my wonderful lady. The only problem was someone stole my wallet from my bag. So dont leave your personal possessions when you walk away. Besides that this is a good hospital.

Angie M

My son was treated here after an infection. The service was immediate and we were given a room right after the ER. The nurses and the doctor always checked on him frequently even though it was late at night. Thank you for caring for the children and all those who come in with an urgent condition!

Elsa Rodriiguez

Super disappointed!! Dad is in floor 6E, been calling all morning RN would said he was asleep, but really was having surgery....couldn't give me info. Due to HIPAA. My aunt went and told her he was in surgery, they tought she was the wife. I would ask how my dad was doing, nobody knew anything. "Whatever job it is you do, make sure you enjoy, because it's not fair for costumers/patients ".

barbara muterspaugh

Our daughter gave birth to her baby on May 29th 2019. We was very happy with the care she received the two days we was there. The doctors and nurses was very nice . the rooms were all big and very clean . Banner University Medical hospital is the only place I would go for any care . even. Though I live one mile from. Northwest hospital. I won't step in that place if it's life or death. I would recommend Banner. University medical to any one. One thing I would like to see more of is. More wheelchairs. And more rooms in the. ER room Other then that it's a great hospital.

Chevy Salazar

Keep pushing my nephew surgery back, say gonna come back and never do. Im disappointed with this place

Samantha Rice

My boyfriend recently had surgery and stayed overnight. We noticed on the bed he had in his room had blood all over it, the blood was not his. We called housekeeping many times to come clean it but no one ever came to clean it.

B. Kyle Jorgen

Every single experience I've ever had here has been TERRIBLE! I can't believe how astoundingly disorganized this hospital is.

Pamela McClure-Campbell

I went to the Medical Center for a colonoscopy that I had put off. The staff was amazing, and the Dr was Fabulous!! The facility was clean. All around a very positive experience!

Sydney Card

Pharmacy is a joke. Don't acknowledge you when you walk in busy or not. Always see alot a employees working but only one helping customers. Rude in the phone.Need to have some seating in there since you have to wait so long at least you can sit. Then the drive around by front door is a joke. Why are the parking attendents letting people park and leave their cars, not enough room to get around them with valet being there also. And the vans to pick up employees should park somewhere else. Its a cluster worse than it was in the old part. I know nothing will be done but so frustrated.

James Hollis

I recently had an order placed Pharmacyat Banner University medical center's family Pharmacy to have my medications delivered and to shocked they were lefty medication all of it at my front door no signature is no longer required for medications that are valued under $10,000 this is absolutely absurd one of my medications which is you could say a life-sustaining medication is valued at $1,400 a month but apparently it is not that important that it requires a signature the rest of my medication is all heart-related medication which apparently is not that important to Banner Pharmacy or Banner University medical Center of course I did call the pharmacy I did explain my shock and dismay with the supervisor who said it would be put in my profile that I require a signature for delivery but there are certainly neighborhoods in Tucson Arizona that it is not advisable to leave any medication at the door or any packages of any kind at the door what would it be like if the medication had been stolen what hassles would I have had to gone through to get my medication this is absolutely absurd University banner medical Center and your policy needs to be changed and as I am speaking to this machine my phone and it's typing out the text messages you are not hearing the tone in my voice but I can guarantee you that I am not happy with this at all so whoever runs that establishment needs to go through their policies on delivery of medications and require a signature on every medication that is delivered to every single patient that its delivered to this is absurd absolutely have dabsurd. I have countless times referred people to Banner and spoke highly of Banner. but you are slowly losing my approval rating including the fact that you have to stand in the pharmacy and wait to get your medication you have no chairs inside the pharmacy I have degenerative hip disorder severe degenerative hip disorder so standing there while there are two people at the counter and only one is helping One customer and then when she's done she walks away and gradually takes her time to come back is ridiculous as well put some seats in your Pharmacy area so people can sit down while they have to wait ridiculously long to get their medications. Like I said your ratings are falling with me very rapidly and I used to be an employee. I'm sure you can get my information and my phone number if you wish to have any further contact with me in regards to this matter most sincerely James Hollis

Rob Tolin

My friend has been in the ER since 6:00 A.M. and at 14:00 they decided to get her a room. However, the time now is 21:13 and she still is sitting in the small ER room in pain. They told us at 16:00 that her room was being cleaned. I checked up on the status of her room at 20:00 and they told me once again that her room was being cleaned, at 21:00 I asked for an ETA and they told me that her room was now switched to a different room and now they have to clean that room. The first nurse I spoke to was very sarcastic in her response to me even though I treated her with respect. The second nurse looked so tired that she barely noticed my presence. No one knows what is going on and the communication is very obviously lacking.

Phoenyx Ratmyr

My mother spent the last six weeks of her life in the care of Banner University Medical Center. The nursing and patient care technicians of 4NE (too many to name off) took awesome care of her to the point my mother had nothing but praise for them And upon the passing of my mother, the on shift team, although she had been moved back to ICU due to complications, were extremely heartbroken, saddened, and made comments they would go give their respects to her. I cannot be more grateful to their care and respect given to a great mother. I am forever indebted to their kindness.

Julio P.

My mom went to UMC ER and it took them 4 hours for her to be seen plus the lady working at the registration counter was extremely rude when we tried to visit my mom making us wait because she didn't know how many people were in the room after I told her there was nobody she told us to step aside and she would let us know. We waited for 30 mins while she help a line of people and I Still had to go to the counter again to see what had happened just for her to tell us she got busy and she forgot about us. Finally she gave us only 2 visitors passes (it was 3 of us but we agree to 2) as we were walking away to the hallway way she made sure to tell us if somebody goes in to the room without the visitor pass it was going to be kicked out like if we were sneaking somebody into the room. She treated us like if she was doing us a favor. Nobody wants to be in a hospital, specially with your mom sick.

james morse

Horrible nurses, on there phones laughing about Facebook then when patients ask why there not being seen they try to intimidate them with there security guards they clam to be full but I bet they have plenty of space it’s a big hospital.

Paul Peate

4 hours waiting with mom still have not seen a medical doctor yet

Rob Zen

After being hit by a car and taken to Banner, I would rate my experience here as "very good." My only complaint is that after my initial CT scans and X-rays, and hour or two would pass between anyone checking up on me. I did manage to get a little rest though, once I was given something for pain, despite the very uncomfortable bed. I will say that any time I actually asked for anything, I was taken care of right away. My first nurse was going off-duty right as I arrived, but my 2nd nurse was great. Very respectful and kind, he was a big help, especially toward the end of my day there, getting me ready to leave, fitting my immobilizer, making sure I had some dry clothes, and letting staff up front know I'd need some help to the car when my ride arrived. Everyone I interacted with was generally kind and helpful—doctors, nurses, radiologist, and whomever wheeled my bed places (not sure if that was a nurse or some other job). Aftercare info was made clear to me. They made very sure I really felt like I could go home before releasing me. I haven't spoken with anyone about billing yet, so hopefully my experience there is as positive as my experience in treatment. Will update.

Andrew Flores

Horrible hospital super slow so unorganized understand it's at the university but if they dont or cannot complete task at hand properly an efficiently then move them out the way an have someone who can do it... I dont understand how people's treatment can be pushed to an extent in a hospital

Jeremy Frady

Arrived to ER at 4:45 because my partner was complaint if chest pain, shortness of breath, and palpitations related to an existing condition. Sat in triage for 3 hours now. About two hours in a guys name was called who asked for a wheel chair and no one ever showed. Could have driven to Scottsdale in this time and seen a real ER.

Nickolas Pelletier

Banners billing system treats everyone like criminals. I have never felt so frustrated, or insulted in my life. We paid our bills, and then recieved further bills citing late fees for bills that we already paid at the time of service. We are being harassed by this institution. Our 1 year old daughter is recieving cancer treatments at this facility. We have the best private insurance that you can have, and they still treat us like criminals. I wonder how they treat folks that dont have premium health insurance plans.....

Andrea Castillo

I can't thank the staff/Doctors at Banner UMC Main Campus 4th floor NW Wing ICU for all the care they provided my father until the very end. The doctors and nurses were amazing and very compassionate with great hearts! Thank you for everything you did for my dad! I highly recommend Banner UMC Main campus!

Howard Stern

Great medical facility with caring professionals.

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