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Carla herrera-ontiveros

Very happy with this hospital. THE emergency room wait time was minimal. I found all the Staff to be knowledgeable, kind and respectful. I received good quality care for my medical condition. The doctors were very thorough and I felt great when I left my four day stay. This is my go to hospital when I am in need.

Leeandra Houston

I had my son there 4/26 and it was a great experience and the staff and nurses was so helpful I would recommend this hospital to anyone...

Aaron Sulvar

chairs in surgical waiting rooms smelled very badly and appeared very dirty. help the spread of germs!! very very rude on floor 7, after my wife arrived, i was told to wait in the waiting room by a very rude nurse! she swore at me in Spanish, assumed i didn’t know what PUTA meant!! waiting room in patient tower is super dirty, no wonder bacteria is a problem in American hospitals.

goose chaser

Cannot imagine a worse experience in a hospital in America. Traumatic brain injury patient and family told time after time that there were "no doctors and someone would get to you soon Just be happy you aren't so critically injured that they come to you sooner!" Tee hee. like that was good news? The doctor will call you. Never happened. They ran CT scans and MRIs at 2, 3, 1, 5, AM every time. Patient calls and no one comes. Wife begs nurse to call her when doctor returns so she can speak with him. Doctor never returns. Then wife is about to die after four days of no sleep and drives an hour to friend's house, so THEN, doctor finally shows up to tell a BRAIN INJURED PATIENT everything but never calls wife. Only it wasn't everything. No, now you need a neurologist. Now you need a trauma team. Now you need to be moved to a nasty, crowded, disgusting old room where the patient next to you has had his leg amputated and is wailing in agony for hours. AS LONG AS YOUR LOVED ONE IS STILL BREATHING, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

Myne Kname

I wish there was a negative rating for this place . My mom went in with a broken hip in severe pain. And was sent home with a broken hip and severe pain i guess i will have to contact as many media agencies as i can . And one last thing the video i have will look good on the news. Maybe a large protest at this useless place is in order.........Dont waste your time asking me to e mail you Hacks you can talk to the news and my family lawyer. ....

Norma Haros

This is the worst hospital I ever been in the dr and nurses are very rude and no help what's so ever I will never bring my family here again

steven wolf

My name is Steven Wolf this review is on behalf of my mother in law. She went in yesterday to have a drainage tube replaced after having it ripped out due to an accident at home on 6/9/2019. She called the surgeon the night it was ripped out and again that morning 6/10/19. The following day 06/11/19 she receive a call back from the surgeons assistant and was told she had scheduled an appointment for her to come in. She (The patient) had to call again and informed them that She did not have an appointment set according to the hospital. The assistant corrected the mistake and got her in the next day. Keep in mind the tube is sewed into the stomach and drains stomach bile. After going into the hospital she was taken to the radiology department. The radiology department explained her the two options for doing the operation. First one was to have local anesthetic and the other was to put her to sleep. Her and the person doing the surgery agreed to the second option. After being transported to the operation room the person doing the surgery decided that they were going to do option one instead of what was previously agreed to. According to her "It helped with the first punch but i could feel the other two". Meaning every time they pushed the tube in she could feel it. The person preforming the surgery knew that the first option would be painful. The patient is a 67 year old woman who has a high pain tolerance. After the surgery she was in tears from the pain. The person who preformed the surgery cannot be called a doctor.Doctors are meant to care for and help patients. This "doctor" could not care enough to carry out the wishes of his patients. He did not care that he put this 67 year old woman through terrible pain. Pain she is still in the next day after what they did to her. I am extremely disappointed in the level of care my mother in law has received . I would like the matter to be addressed so no one else suffers the way she has.


I visited Banner University Medical Center for a Stress Test on Nov 30, 2018. After the test and a visit to my Cardiologist, I was informed I needed work for heart artery blockages. I was referred to Dr. Preshard at the medical center. My first procedure was scheduled for noon on Dec. 10. We were asked to arrive at 10:00 a.m. for preparation. The procedure was scheduled for noon. I was waiting in pre-op until shortly after 2:30 p.m. During this time we were very close to the nurses station when Dr. Preshad entered and proceeded to chastize and degrade a colleague at the top of his lungs for several minutes in front of nursing staff and patients in the area. Everyone in within ear range was very taken back and disgusted with the unprofessional behavior of this arrogant person. Thirty minutes later the procedure took place and everything went well. It only took about 20 to 30 minutes. I was infomed I needed to return for another procedure on Dec. 13. We arrived at 1:00 for a 3:00 p.m. procedure. I was taken into the OR very quickly. Dr. Preshard and his fellow were in the room during this event. There also was a young female in the room believed to have been a doctor. This procedure took quite a bit longer than the previous time. It lasted approximately 90 minutes. The entire 90 minutes, all the doctors were joking around and laughing very loudly while I was having pain and extremely uncomfortable. This was a very very difficult procedure. It was NOT FUNNY, NOR A JOKE. I am not sure what I would have done if Jason, who was my nurse, had not been there. Thank goodness, he chose to be attentive to the patient. He nor I saw anything amusing. After a few hours in post op I was released to head home with my wife. No doctor ever came in to see me before we left. The next day I did not even recieve a phone call from the hospital at my home as I did after my first visit. Once they have your money or that of your insurance company you are no longer that important. I do appreciate the nursing staff in the cardiac area. Erica was nothing short of an angel on my first visit. And on my second vist I was taken care of by Brenda.

Pam Jack

Delays. Hours spent in procedure: 3. Hours spent waiting: 8.

Jacqueline Grogan

A nice place Most of the staff is helpful and friendly However it is beneficial to have family members visit in order to receive basic care such as personal hygiene This morning I was taken to the restroom by the nursing assistant, who took me to a chair to wait on my breakfast placing a monitor so I would not get up without assistance He never gave me any water or soap to wash my hands and face before my breakfast was placed before me by other staff. Two hours later I am still sitting in my chair He is singing and sitting at the computer desk at the nurse's station I have turned off the alarm and washed myself The toilet was not flushed from two hours ago Update: As promised Banner University Medical has contacted me about my experience. They are conducting a thorough investigation in order to ensure that my experience will be an anomaly. Overall, I am very pleased with my experience with Banner University Medical staff and facility

Ray Najera

I was admitted here over a year ago and I was treated very rude and this had always been my preferred hospital. I once stayed a month here when I broke my neck. I was basically throw out after arriving via an ambulance. I was in extreme pain. I don't know what their problem was but I'll never go back.

Dianna Patterson

People here are really rude , in the surgery waiting area, instead of working, they be talking with each other, instead of paying attention to the patients, my friend pager went off, because her doctor was ready for her to come back, we were waiting at the front desk and 3 workers there was so into their conversation, that I'm sure probably didn't pertain to work, when I said excuse me , they started rolling their eyes, guess I interrupted the good part, the lady finally asked was my friend the one she came for. It's okay to socialize but not when you should be working, and its no need for the eye rolling. Do your job!!!

Mr.Sniper 666

The new tower is all finished. New rooms are beautiful.

Annalisa Manzo

My aunt was admitted in this hospital in the ICU. We where waiting for over 6 hrs to not get not one infinformat about her status. The staff dr and nurses are very rude here. This is not the way to address patient health.

Tiffany Moore

I wait 6hours to be seen here for an emergency situation! Very disappointed didnt like my services there

420Dean Blazing

The security guard,s are neanderthals.And as for the medical staff I was just "discharged" with pneumonia. I wouldn't let my dog have puppies in the dump..You would think that with the amount of money put into the complex they could hire caring staff that actually became Drs n nurse's with the intention of actually helping patients.

John Wagner

Banner university is a horrible place I was sent from another hospital for surgery and they wrapped me up and sent me home and charged me for stuff I didn’t receive I denied Ladacane shots because I had them at the first hospital and they didn’t do anything but they still charged me for them when I contacted them they said I did get them when they cleaned my fingers that were ripped off and only attached by skin. Pretty sure I know what I got but i guess if they bring it in the room your paying for it so beware. And yes the sent me home with my fingers 1/2 ripped off and said to contact a surgeon within a week when every other doctor said I needed surgery immediately and it should not have waited but they are not wrong go figure. Just beware don’t use this hospital or you will get screwed over like I did.

Christina Carrasco

My first delivery here was absolutely relaxing & great! Clean hospital, excellent staff! Everyone made it easy & made sure I was okay & happy. They taught my husband & I everything for being a new parents. Every nurse that came in felt like my best friend, they were so sincere. Really wished I would've had my baby #2 here...

Susan Parker

I was at their ER and they were excellent!! I needed stitches from a fall that night and an Intern took my information, his supervising doctor came in to assess the information he'd relayed and agreed that I would need stitches. When that time came, the supervising doctor asked if I cared if he used this time as a teachable moment. I appreciated him asking and I'm always willing for someone to learn from my experiences!! Great work Doctors!!

Chaz Kelley

The saucey chef loved his time there

Armando Cardona

This hospital does not care about poor people. I wish there was a choice for no starts. Since I have been here I have received excellent care and the facilities are great. Thank God for insurance if I was homeless I would be thrown out like the trash they perceive you as. These future doctors are raised in an eviorment that is completely opposite of the path they take. It’s disgusting. There is a reason this hospital changed its name. Because it shows no resemblance to the Good Samaritan. Shame on you Banner

Daniel Shope

I spent a lot of time at this particular hospital when I was young due to a health/medical issue. The teams in ICU and Rehab made it possible for me to get back on my feet and not be some mindless vegetable in a bed for the rest of my life. Yes the hospital has changed over the years, new staff is coming in but I know the treatment and care provided here is top notch.

Kayla Burden

The labor and delivery / postpartum care here is amazing. Abby (sp?) in L&D went above and beyond for me. At one point I was crying because nothing was happening yet and I felt discouraged. She came in because she saw my heart rate rising. She was so kind and supportive with almost not even having to say anything. Throughout my entire delivery she was just beyond! I’ll never forget how well she treated me! Shannon in our postpartum room was so helpful and knowledgeable and honestly so caring! She felt so motherly and for my first baby I don’t think I could have found anyone to be so lovely! Definitely delivering here for my next.

Lee Glauser

Ridiculous. Went in for emergency care, no one took insurance information and then I was billed the full amount. I called in to give them my insurance information and they adjusted the claim to my insurance rate, and then sent the statement back to me. I called my insurance company and they never had received a statement. After 3 calls to Banner and 2 to my insurance I was finally able to get my insurance company a number to call to speak directly to their insurance billing dept. However, the only option I was given was to put my account in a payment plan to avoid collections...despite that they had never actually billed my insurance. The rude behavior of their customer service staff was outrageous. Oh...and we were given erroneous information my the nursing staff as to the safety of flying while pregnant. I would avoid Banner Health like the plague.

Scott Ferris

5 plus hours waiting on the emergency room. And being told I’m pushed because of other patients. I was told I’d have to go straight to a room at 4pm but at 7pm there still isn’t anything available

Gail Vazquez

I am not sure if this happens on all floors but the evening and overnight crew were extremely loud and unreasonably noisy all night long. Having to talk loudly, crush cans and plastic bottles, sharing way to loudly their personal family dv stories, shouting with visitors instead of using quiet calm voices for personal conversations, changing my garbage out at 2:30 am ... A few other things but I'm to tired to lousy them all . The frequent checks aren't what kept me up. It was the rude noisiness. On the upside, for the most part everyone on the floor was nice enough and friendly. Just wish it was not when I was sleeping. Or trying to sleep and recover I should say.

Darien Wilson

They didn't help me at all after I was discharged. I had to find my own way to the exit, and when I asked for help at the front, the lady at the front desk that I asked for help called security on me. (By the way, the lady that I asked for help, her name is Marisol, she wouldnt give me any other information.) I hope this review helps you in the future.

mikki gray

I was transferred here by ambulance to see specialists from Tempe. My room was ready and the entire staff has been kind, compassionate, considerate, attentive to my needs before I even knew what I needed. They are not the diagnose and kick them out kind of facility. They are caring for me. I came in after losing my insurance last month, they have done all the leg work in applying for the assistance I have never needed before. I am so grateful for this facility and staff. 7th floor kicks ass!!

Bill Secrist

My wife spent 30 minutes cleaning our daughter's hospital bathroom after she noticed black nastiness under the toilet lid by the hinges and rim of the toilet. 1 star for the environmental services but 5 stars for the nurses and quality of care.

Tanya Simons

I went here because this place was recommended by someone. Unfortunately my doctor won't see me until the end of the month and my osteoblastic lesions on my spine have been giving me horrible back pain. Well short story.... I was never seen. Waited in the waiting room for 2 hours after that I was so uncomfortable from sitting in the chairs I had to go home and ice my back. I will never try to be seen here again.

Maria Farias

I'm at this hospital right now, and has pas more than 2 hrs of waiting, the new shift came and the old man was calling in patients he left and the new guy is just walking around he seats and moves something in the computer and stands up again and gets hand sanitizer, walks around again and has pass more than 20 minutes without calling no one I'm pregnant, with pain and a bad headache all day since this morning, definitely not having my baby at this hospital

Star Ruiz

My son just had lung surgery at 7:30am this morning. He was supposed to go to ICU. 9 hours later, I'm still in waiting room. I checked every 2 hours because I'm a very patient person. They moved him without telling me and left me sitting for another hour. I get to his room and he is in excruciating pain and I ask the nurse for help and she doesn't come back for 20 minutes. I ring buzzer and I wait another 10 minutes for a nurse. I'm calling the surgeon and the hospital administrator and then nurse walks in and says they have to order his pain medication from the pharmacy. They have none on the floor because they ran out!! It's been another 10 minutes and nothing! A person in this hospital should not be made to wait an hour for pain medication after a surgery! Do not ever come to this hospital!


I am not impressed with the service and demeanor of the staff at Banner University. I have been to a few appointments here and the staff is mostly indifferent and treats you like a number, not a human being. Doctors I have seen talk over you and don't let you get a word in edgewise. Nurses here are surly for the most part. Nobody has been straight up rude to me here but you can see it in their faces that they don't care for their patients, or at least most of them. Kudos to the few who do. Then again most of the healthcare system in the US is like that. Too bad this place doesn't break that rule. I will not name names because I don't want to get sued but I can just say that if you want to be treated like a human being don't go to a Hospital system. Stick to a more private doctor/practice. That's if you can afford it. Otherwise deal with the likes of Banner University.

Courtney Penatzer

I’ve been in a lot of hospitals as a patient and also as a loved of a patient. This is my first time as a patient in this hospital. I was having a surgery and staying one night. I was very happy with the care I received. You have to know as a patient you’re not the only patient that the nurses are caring for, and they’re not perfect they don’t always remember everything. So sometimes you have to remind them, but asking nicely with a smile goes a long way. They’re not your slave. And they do come to your call button rather quickly. The food is good too. Everyone is very nice here. I had a very experience from pre-op, post-op, to my room. And in four days everyone has a private room. Yay for that!

Markell Staffieri

I’ve been sitting here since 9:00am this morning. It’s now 3:15pm. The resident ER doc said he could do what I need done but that he wanted an ENT to come in and do it. The ENT was supposed to be here by 12:30pm. Nobody has come back to my rook since. I was sent here from Banner Gateway and apparently that ER could have just don’t he procedure last night while I was there. The only reason I’m here is because they were supposed to have ENTs at this hospital. Absolutely ridiculous. Iso far I’ve paid $1,200 to watch cable TV in a hospital bed.

Gabrielle Oren

I found the Cardiology department staff to be A+ in all aspects - even when busy. Made me feel comfortable through each procedure, were proficient and knowledgeable. Would recommend them all highly. I did experience great service in radiology and transplant departments also. The whole experience at Banner Hospital (Good Sam)showed me how a well run hospital should be. I am grateful I’m in a large city with an upto date , professional hospital.

Nicole Gugel

I was in the outpatient surgery center where I had s tonsillectomy and this place was absolutely awesome!!! They took such good care of me and even though it was 30 min they briefed my husband who was sitting on nails... even after I went home they continued to call and were extremely helpful when my Dr milligans office was nothing but complete rude a******* no joke I went 3 days w out proper meds the hospital told me this is the protocol for this and this is what you should be going through etc... they went above and beyond and they don't have too.. thank you so much

T.D. A

Amazing Nurses, physicians, and staff. Great place to work and go if you are sick.

Best TravelandFoodTips

We are very grateful to the ER, especially to Dr. Z. His patience, expertise, kindness and professionalism was very much appreciated. The staff was very thorough and professional. I can't imagine how difficult their jobs are. We were sent home with confidence that comprehensive care was given to our son and with clear instructions for follow-up care. Thank you for all that you do.


Worst ER ive been to in the country. Come in with Chest pain and SOB and they make you wait 4 hrs in the lobby. Turns out it was blood clots in the lungs (Pulmonary Embolism). SMH I can't believe this place.

Arjun Dahal

It's not even close to the hospital that's in the areas of under developed countries. The staff are very rude, including the doctors that came to treat my mom. My mom had a bad car crash and got a care in the Banner Hospital near Thunderbird. She got transfered near the one at McDowell 12th St. Their health care system could even communicate each other, although they are under same brand/corporation. My mom had to go to extreme pain at least for 8 hrs before she could actually get the pain medication. And after 3 days of being in the hospital, they finally scheduled for a surgery. BUT again, they keep rescheduling at least for 4 more times before they could actually do the surgery. I asked the reason for not doing the surgery in time, they could not come up with a definite answer. Also, knew that it's not because of it's my mom medical necessities, but because of their negligence or doctor's unavailability. I hated this hospital so much. Hope the management will listen to us and change its policy, procedure and operational actions. Thanks

Terri Stewart

The nursing staff is THE BEST! The case workers and the rest not so much. Seems they care more about payment than they do about patient care.

Tiffany Peck-Belford

Our 1st grand child, a grandson Charles Francis Xavier Belford was born here on Wed. Nov. 7, 2018 @ 2:43a. Weighed 9.3 lbs. Length 22 in.

Kristina Buckley

This hospital has a great staff of nurses and doctors. They have saved my life several times now when my heart coded! If you are seriously ill or wounded, you won’t go wrong going to this Banner. They didn’t give up on me and have kept me alive. Literally!

a. s.

If you value your reproductive organs run don't walk away from Dr. steven chen in radiology at banner he will destroy your life i wouldn't lie. I'm very sorry no one told me about this monster of a doctor. He puts shame to the title Dr. He is a monster .

PlanetKrayzie Studios

My experience was very amazing! The staff took very good care of me!!

Lena Lawson

I had a cesarean and that part went great, but I regret not reading all the 1&2 star reviews for babies before choosing this hospital. Unfortunately, the processes in place to care for a new Mom and her baby need lots of work here. First, apparently there are "old" nurses and "new" nurses and they have very different opinions on how to care for a newborn. You'll get told conflicting information from everybody here so be prepared for more stress with your pain & stress. Pacifiers are like unicorns apparently and it was hard to get one so bring your own if you have to deliver here. Additionally, they could care less if you sleep and don't watch that so you need to make sure you get your rest and ask for sleep protection when you need it otherwise you will be literally interrupted randomly by vital checks, meds, residents, photography, social workers, lactation, Doctors, food delivery, loud doors, telephone calls from finance, extremely loud plumbing, noise of the staff & babies from outside your room (closing your doors doesn't provide much for sound), and I probably forgot a few. Oh, & your newborn being upset by phototherapy in your room is your responsibility on top of all the sleep you won't get. If a nurse tells you they can't move your phototherapy upset newborn to the nursery because he's crying non-stop that's not true. Ask for a supervisor. If you think someone gave you bad information here they probably did. Also, they make you leave in a wheelchair (long wait) out of the main entrance so have fun being wheeled past hundreds of strangers that want to see your newborn on the way out. The main entrance is nowhere near the 3rd floor parking garage entrance that you go to deliver so demand instructions from discharge as they were very vague about this and we wasted a lot of time waiting on the wheelchair to come & not knowing we had to go to valet to escape this place.#baby#delivery#newborn

Kari Gill

I am new to the area and I am so glad I ended up at this hospital for an unexpected surgery. The nurses and doctors in the ER, OR, Recovery and on the floor where I spent the night were knowledgeable, friendly and attentive. The Blue surgery team was outstanding and supportive. I highly recommend this facility!

Yolanda Estrada

This is ridiculous to be at this hospital. My aunt has been in the hospital, No doctor or nurse have gave us any information for the past 4 hour's. The staff here are very rude and very unfriendly. This is one of the worst hospital we have experienced.

Jen Day

Not a very caring hospital I had to give it one star to be able to write this review. My male nurse had a really bad bed side manner. So much so my husband called the head nurse to come see me then I only saw my new nurse when it was time to be discharged. I would rather have went to a county hospital. The nurse did something to my vein so I can't really bend my arm

Raven Brown

I was there for 4 Hours just to get stiches.. the WORST experience of my life!

Kristin Dutcher

Let me start by saying I generally hate hospitals and I have really high standards for medical care. I had my second child here almost 4 weeks ago now and it was a great experience that I have wonderful memories of...even though I had a very long and difficult labor. I was transferred here from a birthing center due to some minor problems. The situation was managed very well and they made me feel very safe and comfortable. Every single staff member was professional, friendly, knowledgeable, respectful, and went out of their way to be helpful. My wishes and preferences were respected and I was always asked before anything was done or given to myself or the baby. I highly recommend this hospital and will be back if I have another child and still live in the area. Hopefully the high standards don't change and stay the same ! Only thing that was not ideal were the aftercare facilities. Very outdated, small, and cramped. Bed was not comfortable.

Emily Dowling

Do not bring your infants here, they will kill them. I brought my 7 month old son into the Banner University ER, he was unresponsive, vomiting profusely, pale in color, and screaming in pain every 20 minutes. When my son would vomit he would stop breathing - when this happened I looked at my husband and said, "what do I do?" And the triage nurse responded, "what do you mean 'what do you do?' Youre the mom. You're supposed to know" as I was holding my sons limp body, gasping for air. The medical staff did not exam my son at all. They were presented with a shreiking, limp, heaving, and colorless baby and concluded without any exam or bloodwork that it was a stomach bug and to give him pedialyte. Without checking his glucose they brought in an inept IV proctor to give him fluids. I declined and asked to be discharged so we could go to Phoenix Childrens Hospital they responded that it would be pointless as we would just sit and wait as we had been there. After 4 hours of no examinations, no bloodwork, and no improvement they reluctantly transferred us to Phoenix childrens where he was immediately diagnosed with intussusception - a life ending illness if not properly addressed within 48 hours. After a simple Google search of my sons symptoms they were textbook - and the doctors, nurses and staff of Banner University Medical Center are incompetent. They advised us to force feed him fluids and wait it out. Had we followed their instructions, my son would be dead. Do not bring your babies here.

Thomas Phillips

I was admitted to the 9A floor for fever of unknown origins lasting 2 weeks. The nurses there that took care of me (Alice, Stephanie,student RN Lexi, Jason, Taylor and Laura) were all exceptional. Especially Alice and Stephanie. The specialist (nephrology department) were also very thorough with me. One complaint I have is the food i just got pretty tired of having oatmeal every morning.. Plus the tv set up is pretty high where my neck was always in a upright position. Perhaps they should have personal tv beds. I had to keep the volume down due my roommate being pretty old and sleeping a lot. Thanks again to every RN, CNA, Physicians and Speciality Doctors for taking good care of me. I've been discharged with a good bill of health again.

Denise Addie

My mother was airlifted to this hospital from New Mexico. We were told how fantastic this hospital was and that she would be in great hands! The first few days she was here on the 11th floor of the new wing she did receive awesome care. However, when she was downgraded to a lower level of care to the 5th floor of the old hospital boy was it a culture shock! It was like someone flipped a switch and the level of care went to hell. They tanked her blood sugars two nights in a row to the point she was having pins and needles throughout her body. Then they loaded her up with orange juice and apple juice to bring her sugars up which overloaded her body with fluids. So, then they had to start IV lasix to take the fluid off her body which then shut her kidneys down! This training hospital is a joke! Take your loved ones somewhere else if they are really sick. Don't let those learning to be doctors, nurses, etc use your loved ones as Guinea pigs. So, then they upgraded my mom back to the 12th floor because of their mistakes and the fact that she needed more one on one care. Care on the 12th floor of the new wing was good. Then they downgraded her again this time to the 6th floor of the old hospital. Where again you get all those that practicing! There were three really amazing nurses on that floor that went above and beyond for my mom....Ashley M from the night shift, Ashley N from the day shift, and Alettia from the night shift. These nurses are in this job for the right reasons....caring and compassionate! There was one nurse in particular that should have her nursing license taken away....her name was Alena from the night shift and on the 6th floor. We had discussed mom's insulin one night because she was going to give her too much and then I declined mom Trazodone because I really believe it causes her more agitation and aggressive behavior. The next night we had the same nurse again she was going to give mom to much insulin and tonight I discussed with her the Trazodone. I went ahead and agreed to let her give it to mom. Sure enough 45 minutes to an hour mom was say mean, hurtful, ugly things. I had had enough and need a little bit of time. When I came back 15 to 20 minutes later mom was worse! Elena had decided to give my mom Haldol which was supposed to be stopped a couple of days before. Because it makes mom a raging mountain lion with littler of for the next 20 hours which is what mom was awake being hateful, mean, and yelling. We had to put up with, other patients had to put up with, but more importantly than all of that my poor mom didn't understand what was going on. The doctors and nurses on the 6th floor don't know what one hand is doing after the other. Now let's talk about case management these people are about the heartless as you can get! They truly have NO people skills and they lie like you can't believe. They bring 5 or 6 people into the room so that they can intimidate you and make you feel like you have no other choices but what they flash karma has a way of biting hard. If you or your family member needs a hospital because you are seriously do yourself a favor and forgo the heartache and headache of coming to Banner University Medical Center Phoenix. Stay healthy and God Bless!

P Black

My friend had a cervical fusion here. She was getting better 6 hrs after surgery. The only issue is she wanted a mild shake and the nurses said there were non available. What's that? Anyway, the staff was good.

Taryn Tegg

We’re from South Africa and although we are super patriotic and love our country, living in Phoenix and needing to find a hospital for our delivery was important. We fell in love with the staff at Banner. They are all highly professional but kind and friendly and overall just downright amazing. It’s scary being in a country where you have no family but they made us feel at home and nothing was ever an effort- they were all incredible. They will always be our first choice in the future and we thank them for making our delivery such a wonderful experience. The facilities too are top notch! Great hospital and people.

Julian Flores

This hospital is the worst place to deliver a new baby and will not recommend it to any pregnant women had my girlfriend deliver a baby and after a while nurses refused to let me sign papers and didn't let me see my daughter

Sharon Smith

The wait time was ridiculous. I believe we were being ignored by the staff. My daughter is expecting twins and she missed the most important meal of the day. She was not provided any type of food whatsoever. I am disappointed that we had this horrible experience. It is a shame

Kristy Aguirre

We brought my elderly father here back in April and without going into detail had a HORRIBLE experience in the observation rooms where he was kept for 4 days. We swore we would never go back. Fast forward to a couple of days ago, we had another medical emergency with my father and had no choice but to take him back (it's the closest hospital to him). We were extremely hesitant. But this time it was different. This is in large part due to one of your nurses in observation, Michael. I know how difficult an 86 year old man who doesn't want to be in the hospital can be, yet Michael handled my father so perfectly. He took the time to explain things to us, and my father took to him immediately. When he was finally discharged, Michael took the time to make sure we understood everything and handled all with grace and a smile. While the first time we were there, he was discharged with absolutely NO help from the nursing staff to get him into a wheelchair (which they were hesitant to give us) and help us get him out of bed and wheel him outside, Michael made SURE we had assistance and even had someone wheel him to the pharmacy before we left. I cannot express enough what an asset this man is to your hospital. Thank you, Michael, for reinstating our confidence in the healthcare system.

Luis songs Gutierrez

Best experience with everyone , thumbs up. Thanks for your professionalism. And human kindest.

Anita Parker

The best neuro team ever! They saved my daughter's life she had an aneurysm she was in the hospital from June 23, to July 11. I want to thank Dr. Kumar Dr.Sunenshine and everyone that was involved for caring for my daughter. An extra special shout to the nurses on 10th floor in neuro my daughter was on pod B thank you so much Carla, Caleb,Michelle, Gianni, if I forgot to mention you my mind failed not my heart thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Last but not least Thank You Chaplain Asa for words of comfort when I thought I going to lose my daughter Thank You!!!!

Rudy L

Staff was friendly signing in, but Kevin the Physician Assistant was very condescending and useless. He basically told me listen to my doctor there’s nothing we can do here. I wouldn’t have come here if I didn’t think my condition was serious and needed immediate testing. No diagnostic questioning was done apparently this emrgkency room can’t help according to the PA.

Iris Suen

Great staff great service. All the nurses and assistant nurses are awesome and caring. My dad has spent 5 days so far. The best nurse is Jenny, very dedicated and caring. She should be the employee of the month. 2nd tower 7nd floor.

Brendon Halverson

Very kind and helpful staff.


So far, a perfect experience here at Banner... from check-in with Sofia at the emergency room, to short wait times for an ultra sound procedure, along with immediate pain management. Nurses Lisa, Jared, and Matt, along with CNA Rachelle were all extremely professional, caring, snd made my first over night here comfortable. And a special thank you to SC Tatiana! Thank you!

Jason Miszuk

One of the best hospitals in Phoenix. Caring staff, doctors, case managers, and nurses. New towers is fantastic. Clean and modern and big. Great job Banner! Keep on being rock star and taking wonderful care of your patients.

Julio Figueroa

They did good job take care my baby girl in my girlfriend :-)

Anandha Krishnan

As for the staffs working there its good. I have been to that hospital once. Good at infrastructure. But the negative thing is that they take money for parking from the visitors , which is kind of rude.

Shiloe Brawner

This hospital has a large waiting room which makes it hard to hear the staff call your name however instead of walking out and announcing your name they stand at one side behind the wall and call it. I waited for 2.5 hours before asking about my wait time as it was a busy day for hospital staff. Once i did ask though they informed me that i wasnt in the system and that i had been called twice. Must be nice to have super sonic hearing. I will not return to this hospital.

Edy Brodrick

My son was brought in after another hospital failed to properly check him after a serious car accident. The doctors and nurses are great, I'm so relieved that my son got the care he needed.

JC nunya

If you are reading these reviews to decide weather or not to seek help at this hospital(term used very loosely) I recommend you read the negative ones very carefully. Because those horror stories are exactly what you can expect from this hospital and it's staff. I am not a doctor and I'm not one of those people who assumes that 5 minutes of internet research can replace a decade of dedication and schooling. But i am human i do know what compassion is. I can tell when it is absent. There is a rather large disconnect between caring for patients and helping them get well, and the staff of this place. Honestly I have no idea how anyone on staff at this hospital (if you can call it that) sleeps at night, or even looks themselves in the mirror. If any of them actually think they are doctors or nurses then they are simply mistaken. I'm not going to detail what I've seen here because it isn't necessary. Read any other negative review and you'll get a taste for what you can expect. If you wish to add insult to your injury and a rather large Bill too. Then this is the place for you. If you seek actual help for any reason, I would suggest seeking that help anywhere else that DOES NOT have the word "Banner" on the sign. I might even consider seeking help from a death row inmate before I ever would consider going to this place. You take your life into your own hands the minute you step foot in this place. The fact that there are positive reviews about this place is utterly dumbfounding to me. Either those reviews are written by people with some form of financial interest in this place or maybe the staff themselves. The Only other plausible explanation might be that there could be 1 staff member that may actually try to do their job and help people. But honestly that seems like a very long shot. I assure you, you will not experience anything that is even remotely close to something that might resemble care or treatment here. That is just a fact unfortunately. Sadly if you end up at this hospital but some unfortunate turn of luck. You really should just have someone hit you over the head with a 9 iron, and save u the co-pay.

Paul Dutton

My daughter had her baby here and had a C-section. She said the service she received was very good and superior to another hospital she had her first child. When we went to go visit her we received assistance in finding and locating the correct room right away. The room was clean, and she said she was very happy with the attention she received. Sometimes it’s the little things and the service that you receive which makes the difference. Happy employees make happy customers. Great job management.

jay berger

Great staff. Trained to be pleasant and helpful. Busy doctors. Reasonable food. The team in ICU was particularly great. Your in good hands at Banner. Only four stars because there were two staff members that should have take the day off.

Loraine A. Roberts

My youngest grandson was/ is in neonatal icu.

Lee W

I haven't experience any negativity while preparing for surgery all the medical staff from registration to OR and staff. Wonderful and friendly personal and easy talk with. I have them laughing.

Delisha Spann

I've been in the ER and observation in last couple of days, just to be told that nothing can be done for me. I was advised to make an outpatient appointment. I would like to know what can be done for me outpatient that couldn't be done in observation? I have two VP shunts and have had the same headache off and on since the most recent one was placed last year. I've been prescribed different pain medication for it, but I feel it's only a temporary solution. I'm truly disappointed in the level of care regarding this issue.

Donna Ramirez

My Morher was on the 9th floor of the older portion of the hospital for 4 nights. The Medical Staff and Physicians were Amazing. But in particular my Family and would like to acknowledge Juvy, Barb(RN's) & Garrett (CNA). The love, compassion and support that was shown from them to us during this difficult time will be forever appreciated. God bless you all. Sincerely, Donna

Benjamin Peterson

This was the worst ER visit I ever had. I went in with horrible abdominal pain. The only staff member that did a good job was my night nurse. My night doctor only came in once, my day doctor was horrible at explaining stuff, and my day nurse took up to 45 minutes to respond to the button. We had to remind the day nurse twice to retrieve the urine sample. They only did a blood test, urine test, and ultra sound. They claimed they would check the appendix, gallbladder, and pancreas. They took 7 hours to get the ultra sound results back. They claimed they didnt know what it was and blamed it on a stomach flu and to come back if I have something burst. 2 days later, i had increased pain and instead went to Honor Health Deer Valley. They did a CT scan (which Banner could have easily done) and within an hour told me I had appendicitis and gave me an appendectomy the next day. We looked at the documentation given by Banner (which the nurse forgot to give us some of the documents we found out later on), and they hadn't even checked the appendix. They saw that I had infection due to white blood cell count, but didnt put me on any antibiotics. They only prescribed me antacids and tylenol. They also gave me omeprazole without first testing if it was H. Pylori, which the omeprazole would have made it hard to test if I had that, luckily I didnt. They sent me home in a condition that my appendix could have burst and I could have gone septic, without seeming to care at all. I wouldnt recommend this hospital to my worst enemy.

owen squires

Our little girl was in the NICU for two days after birth due to complications. The staff there took such incredible care of her, and us. They ALWAYS made sure we were informed of everything going on. They were kind, patient, knowledgeable, and diligent. I literally have nothing bad to say about this hospital and it’s staff. They took incredible care of our little girl. She’s happy and healthy now, four months later, and it’s all thanks to the strong start she had at Good Sam

Vicky Miller

Labor & delivery review Great nurses. They were awesome and treated me like royalty. They took very good care of my baby and I. Helpful and answered all my questions. The only down side was that I had a small shared room after I had my baby but I did only stay there for a couple days. NICU review A day after I had my baby, the doctors told me her jaundice level was too high and that she had to be taken into the NICU. The staff there was very nice. I stayed with my baby there every night until she was healthy. The nurses knew me and always supported me. Overall, I had a great experience there.

Marianne Moore

Great doctors nurses and all personnel.

Lisa Ortiz

Banner has been a lifesaver for me...i had a transplant 3 years ago ..unfortunetly i have had to return to banner do to some infections. I came in and was out of sorts but the staff here n dr.s have been very patient and fully understand my fears n wat i must been going thru. I recommend this hospital .they are great

Nikele Tiner

The only reason it isn't a 5 star is that I didn't know how to park and be an ER patient. I was in dire need for medical care but had to circle the parking lot near the ER in the heat, and parked the furthest away, the only spot. I barely made it in. I got sick in the lot from the heat walking. was only one space available in a whole lot. I drove myself because I am used to driving to ERs with this condition I have in my stomach. Don't have money for a cab. It was my first time here because I live far from it but was in that area. Your service was A+ once I got in. Not that I was very aware of it, just so sick that I only cared about the medication I needed to get better. Thank you for helping me so much.

Michael Pike

5 hour wait in er is ridiculous. Was in an auto accident possible internal bleeding you have got to be kidding me. Never in my life have I been to a more poorly run emergency room. Pretty damn sad.

Christopher Thorson

I was highly dissatisfied when I cut my finger to the bone and the nurse told me that its not important it’s just a scratch. He was very rude and disrespectful. I asked how long it takes to do a stitch because my son is in nicu. The nurse scoffed at me and said maybe I should just leave it’ll be a few hours other people here are actually hurt not coming to the ER for a scratch. Last I heard you cannot see bone if all it is is a scratch

Andrea Russell

My son will have been in the NICU for 73 days. For the most part, his care here was great. A few of the doctors really seemed to care about my son and took the time to speak to me frequently and answer any questions I had (Dr. Haidar, Dr. Rao & Dr. Katirivan). I will say that having a different nurse almost every day/night was super stressful & despite having certain nurses on my preferred list I almost never saw any of the nurses I preferred for my son's care. But, we had a handful of absolutely amazing nurses & I will be forever grateful to these people for the way they took care of my son & made an effort to get to know me and my family (Wendy, Aremy, Laura, Kirsten, Terry & Angie on day shift and Nicole, Amanda and of course, the best nurse in the NICU BENJAMIN on night shift). Christina in speech was amazing & very informative, and Kelly with OT was probably the staff member that made the biggest positive impact on my son & myself during our stay. I'm glad I had my emergency c section here & my son was taken care of in this NICU, him being in such good hands relieved some of the stress that comes with having a child born so prematurely. Thank you!

pearl Cooper

Had a life saving experience. Dr. Loli saved my life. Hee gave me a chance at a new life. He taught me I'm worth more then I have been showed in my past. He is the best surgeon in that hospital. And the kindest man I have ever met. Thank you Pearl Cooper


I highly recommend coming here caring staff well taken care of.

Brenton Baker

I have been to this hospital for two separate visits, each for three days inpatient. Both visits were as close to enjoyable as any hospital stay could be. I was fortunate enough to be able to take care of most basic activities by myself, but any time I did need something, help was provided. The staff were kind and efficient, the facility clean, and the food surprisingly good given the setting. In my time at the hospital (and immediately after my visits), I had only two negative experiences. The first involved a miscommunication about possible post-operative symptoms, which resulted in my visiting an ER a day after discharge for what turned out to be a common side-effect; the second was an unexpected scheduling change which resulted in a two-hour wait prior to my second procedure. Both issues were minor, and both were addressed (or are in the process of being addressed). Unrelated pro tip for future patients: bring a bag of chocolates for the staff when you come in.

Jeff L.Martinez

Staff on 7th floor tower 2 is sad at best behind on pain meds ask for assistance someone shows up that can't do whatever go to get someone who can and no one ever shows up have to call again.

Maria M

The updates look great but that's about it. I waited 3 hrs to be seen for a possible blood clot only to be taken back and wait even more. Some nurses are friendly but other are just rude. I knew from the beginning when I hesitated to come o should have just listen to my gut and not come. Oh well my mistake but never again.

Alexandra Martinez

This place deserves a NEGATIVE amount of stars as well as negative reviews. My husband and I spent 5 hours waiting for him to be seen. When they finally took him back, he spent 4 hours waiting to get an ultrasound. That’s a total of 9 hours we spent at this hospital for answers as to what’s going on with him. All for them to do a lowsy ultrasound and tell my husband that they don’t know what’s wrong with him. It is YOUR JOB to figure that out. That is why people come here. WE do not have the knowledge or tools to figure it out for ourselves so we go to professionals hoping they can answer questions. My insurance pays for you to figure it out for me. SO FIGURE IT OUT. Absolutely ridiculous to be discharged with a prescription for pain meds and NO ANSWERS to any questions we had. 9 hours of our lives WASTED.

Runa Grace

I don't know if it's the change in name from Good Samaritan to Banner University, but with this place, prestige does not equal good quality service. There is nothing Good Samaritan about this so-called hospital; it's ironic how the etymology of hospital derives from hospitality and yet the staff in this place are some of the coldest, inconsiderate, pompous and arrogant people I have ever had the displeasure of crossing paths with. I work at a hospital myself and I know what quality care is. On January 10th, 2019 my mother and I suffered a horrific car accident that only by God's grace and mercy no one died or suffered any life-altering injuries from. From the moment the paramedics drove us to the hospital, it was abysmal service. I had a serious knee injury and no one helped me out of the ambulance. I limped my way into the ED with a paramedic closing the heavy doors behind me. Upon arriving, this same paramedic had to practically convince the nurses to triage me claiming that 'This one wasn't complaining about pain at the scene but now she is.' Yes, sir, it's called adrenaline and the pain kicks in afterwards. How does a paramedic not know this? The triage staff who attended me with procedural questions was inconsiderate enough to see how I was barely able to speak from the searing pain and did not even care to give me ice for my bruised eye despite being repeatedly asked by my family who had arrived immediately. It's a wonder he even provided me a wheelchair because by that point my knee pain was unbearable to walk on. I will give credit where it is due. The couple of female nurses, X-ray techs, CT techs, and a few male nurses were warm and friendly. There was an X-ray tech that was so kind and helpful. She really went above and beyond and I won't forget that. That being said, even the doctors were rude to us. We crashed at approximately 6:30 PM and were sent home at nearly 4 AM. I want to make something clear. While I was in that triage I wasn't just focused on my issues though my greatest fear was losing my mother. I observed how they were treating those patients, young or old, hispanic, and poor and I saw cattle treatment. This place is an utter disgrace and I don't see how it can even rank at the top 50 in the nation. For my first time ever being hospitalized it was a bitter experience and that's putting it mildly. I award two stars for the staff who were actually doing what you're supposed to do at a hospital: care about the patient's well-being. That's being generous. A patient who is suffering whatever ailment does not care if you've been having a bad day or if you don't like hispanics or latinos. As patients we are looking for compassion, sympathy, and kindness. It's the least we ask for; we're in need of treatment and service, not your sly remarks, eye rolls, or delusions of grandeur. My experience at this place taught me that the patient is your number one priority and concern no matter what, and I don't care if you're the CEO, a doctor, or a technician. You are there to provide quality treatment and service. We live and we learn, and from reading some of the one to two-star reviews, I can see that I'm not in the wrong.

Cool Clean

This is the worst hospital ever. My husband side was hurting. Because he could not stand, they called security on him and told him to leave. Turns out that his appendix was going to burst. No thanks to those incompetent health care workers.

Tony Jones

I just picked up my wife from the ER with her IV in one arm and her purse and Discharge papers in the other. On top of that the treating nurse didnt do an initial assessment when she was taken back for treatment. I understand this is a Magnet Hospital and a small group may not reflect on the whole. Unfortunately it truly makes it hard to believe I can trust when clearly they dont take the time to make sure the basic standards of care weren't met on our first visit here. On the final note. She was told she just needed to sign discharge paperwork. After about 20 minutes another nurse comes in and tells her there is an issue printing, after another 20 I suggest we just leave because obviously they forgot about us. This is when a nurse immediately outside our door stops my wife, sifts through some papers and pulled the page she needed to sign. Almost as if to give the final F,"*k he could give to show that they truly dont care about their patients or priority. Ultimately with all that extra time they still failed to REMOVE THE IV FROM HER ARM!!!!!!

Relics Carclub

You can get better medical attention at the local vet. Banner is a waste of money time and your health.......

Stephanie Cruz

The infusion nurses are amazing! All of the nurses in the infusion center work together and help each other. Nurse Abby stood out to me though. She was professional, compassionate, attentive and friendly. She made my visit comfortable. Thank you. :)


After the 4.5 hours in the emergency area writhing in pain I finally see a Dr. This hospital is THE WORST!!!! 1 minute they r nice the next minute I was treated horrifically!especially by Dr. ANEESH NARANG! he proceeded to lie 3X's to me. after taking an hour to get a blanket he proceeded to yell FENTINOL twice and gave me NOTHING. Then i receive 2 tylenols or something. NO PAIN RELIEF. AFTER ANOTHER 2 HOURS HE SAYS I CAN GO HOME, BUT i NEED A RIDE BECAUSE OF ALL THE PAIN MEDICATION I RECEIVED. LOL I GET MY BOYFRIEND ON HIS WAY & I REALIZE THAT i HAD NEVER RECEIVED ANY PAIN MEDICATION. i HAD TO WAIT ENDLESSLY TO GO TO THE BATHROOM. I am leaving. I walk slowly ( mind you I just endured 2 operations so I am walking slowly i believe through 2 or 3 doors into the parking lot got into my truck and left. REALLY I believe that if I had received the medication he said (lied about) I would NOT be allowed to leave on my own. In fact I know this because when I left earlier they made sure I had a ride. He had to come into the hospital to pick me up These Dr's and his nurses assumed I was an opiate addict. Lied to me. treated me rudely and abruptly. I am definitely putting a grievance in about this DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL!!!! Banner has done NOTHING NOTHING AT ALL! May 4,2019 Banner contacted me on my e-mail asking for my phone # gave my number to Banner on April 26,2019.? still have NOT heard a word!!! Obviously Banner does NOT care, just as their NOT caring on March 29, 2019! Good Samaritan Hospital is a JOKE!! The name certainly does NOT reflect this dump. Where or what do i do next? Ignore me HOW DARE YOU , I cannot be the only patient this has been to. Whatever it takes to get to the top of this food chain I WILL DO! you are #1 HATED hospital in Phoenix. And then to ignore how a former patient has been treated unjustly. Your lack of any concern's or contact says it ALL.

DeJa Teal

Clearly your treatment is based on skin color. At least that’s the way it feels when you watch the triage nurses deal with white patients as opposed to people of color. The nurse told me that they didn’t need to ask my pain level and was extremely dismissive of my severe head and neck pain. And when I called to speak to the patient advocate I was told the charge nurse would come see me and 30 min later, still nothing. And during this time I’m watching how the nurse talk to and treat other patients of color as if they’re nothing. So I left. I refuse to put the care of my health on the line with people who’d rather not treat me. I will also be filing a formal complaint.

gena lewis

I had an emergency Double By-Pass at this hospital preformed by Dr. Kevin Brady. I was very scared but Dr Brady made me feel safe. He told me that he does these all the time. His bedside manner was calming and confident. He was awesome. The staff here at the hospital were outstanding. I actually hated to leave because they treated me so well. But because I was doing so well I was able to leave after 3 days. I can't say enough praise about the staff and service. They took excellent care of me and were very attentive to my every need. I never had to wait for anything. Thank you!

Lisa Vega

The facility itself seems to be managed with very little professionalism or common sense, but all of the doctors and nurses we interacted with were great. Navigation was confusing from the get-go. When pulling in, the first sign we saw pointed us right for same-day surgery, but that led us to valet parking when we really ought to have gone left for the parking garage. Better to leave signage regarding the layout of the hospital for foot-traffic areas only (it shouldn't be the first sign you see from your car). Elevator in the garage reads "GROUNG FLOOR" instead of "GROUND FLOOR;" that's always a good sign. At 5:30 a.m., we couldn't figure out where to go because it was dark, and the front lobby had the words CARDIOLOGY CENTER plastered on the front, so we assumed that wasn't it. Found the same-day surgery area (we knew we probably had it wrong but were hoping to get help), and were eventually directed back to main registration. One woman at the registration desk was especially nasty to both my boyfriend (the patient) and his visitors (his parents and I), unprovoked. Only after his mom filled out a complaint card did the staff member apologize to us. The issue she took with us was that she had called us multiple times with no answer. We had been listening, but the waiting room was large, there was no loud speaker and none of the staff were making an effort to speak more loudly or walk over to the far ends of the waiting area to be heard. After the woman's apology, she and other staff members began doing just that. After my boyfriend's surgery, one of the male nurses wheeled him down to be picked up, but we couldn't get the car out of the parking garage to do so without the parking validation, which he had. We were stuck for a little bit before I ran the parking validation over from the nurse to the ticket booth. Meanwhile, my boyfriend was sitting post-surgery in a wheelchair on the curb. How mercenary to put your $8 parking fee over the comfort and care of one of your patients. I appreciate that the nurse was patient and helpful while this was going on.

Licia D

I had moved to Phoenix about 2 months into my pregnancy and had to pick a hospital to deliver at. I chose Banner Good Sam and I completely regret it. Do not get me wrong the nursing staff were great! Kourtney, Alicia, Megan, Katie to name a few, but during the delivery the way the situation was handled was so stressful to the point where I never want to have another baby again. When I got to 10 cm and ready to push about 15 people (nurses,doctors,students) came rushing in the room all crowding around me. I wasn’t even able to have my mom next to me, which was very important. They told me the baby’s heart rate was dropping and needed to get her out, might have to do a C-section. Which I was already at 10cm I don’t know why they wanted to cut into me. It was just a mess. Nobody ever asked me for permission to have students watch my delivery. It was just horrible. I know they were students because they were just in the room observing. Maybe processes can be changed so another delivering mother doesn’t have to experience that.

Anonymous Customer

A nurse gave me an overdose of morphine. I started to die and told her I was dying. She asked me if I was taking street drugs. WT? She asked me twice and I said no. She finally gave me Narcan. I will never go back to this hospital.

Michelle Wallace

I had neck surgery. Fantastic Surgeon. Dr. Kumar.... Nurses were understanding, compassionate, and went above and beyond their position. Thank you...... I was so glad to see my family and friends could shop and eat there Best hospital I have ever been to

Shevin Shevin

Worst hospital.ever...dont come here they dont help 2 nd time giving them.a chance same doctor not helpful at all.i rather go . To.a county hospital.then this place...attitudes they all have back.there in er..

L. J.

So i had my baby there. We had some complications. We were there from Friday morning, had out baby Sunday around noon, discharged Tuesday. I have nothing but good things to say about the maternity dept. They were professional and very attentive. They always did what they could to administer care in a way that we where comfortable. Contantly explaining things and making us feel like we are in charge instead of just in for the ride. The hospital cafeteria downstairs is good. Much better than the cafeteria. Our first choice for birthplace is a birthing center, but that wasnt an option for us. I am so happy we came here. It is a teaching hospital. So there are students around. You can request no student nurses be there.

Jacquelyn Dulaigh

We waited 8 hours in the ER with a broken ankle for a BOOT! JUST A BOOT! My fiancee's foot is covered in blisters, he was ignored when he turned on his call light for pain meds, i had to pace the hallways on the er to find a nurse that was "clocked on", and all the other nurses thought it would be more entertaining to have a coffee hour in the middle of the ER, instead of attending to the patients. Never in my life, have i EVER BEEN SO DISGUSTED AND DISAPPOINTED with staff who are supposed to be CARETAKERS!!!!! Disrespectful, rude, short tempered and obviously incompetent because now we are in the waiting room yet again, to get it corrected. Do not go here if you want to live. Your better off in a ditch

Danielle Thomas

Trust me when I say, absolutely DO NOT go to this hospital for mental illness issues. The ER department is not trained in compassion nor in the deescalation of individuals who are unable to deescalate themselves. You will be disrespected for your symptoms and as a person.

M -Z

My aunt died there today. She was morbidly obese. 700+ pounds. She got such good care. They cleaned her well before she passed. There was a team of nurses, 5+ people, all working on her. They made her feel comfortable and as clean as she could, and she really deserved it. The nurses were so nice and didn't make her feel insecure about herself. She was in constant pain and the nurses made her feel a little better before they went. They did everything they could to save her and tried to keep her breathing for almost 4 hours until she finally passed. When we came to see her the Chaplain took us into a private room and explained to use what happened and that she was dead. He was very supportive and spent the day helping us. He gave us his pager number to call if we ever needed support or anything. Thank you, to the staff for making my aunt feel as comfortable as she could be before she went. It means the world to us, she really deserved it.


Some of their staff is very very rude, like security in the emergency entrance and lady from information desk. They make you feel dumb and ignorant, they don’t take on consideration that you are in a hospital and you are going thru difficult times. So disappointing for a hospital

Patrick Prendergast

This is terrible Peruvian food, the beef was over cooked and to match water in the sauces. The inions were not fresh and was terrible to eat

Jenna Noah

The 2 rude lady's in admitting we're so rude. Not only to us to each other we will never come here again .plus it stinks

Linda Maxwell

Worse place Banner horrible to patients and families in all phoenix area if you want good care stay away from money put Banner

Bill Radke

Just had my first baby here and they helped me finish best experience of my life! Thank you to all of the doctors and nurses! #TheBillRadkeexperience

Rose Marie

I want to thank the entire staff on the 11th floor of ICU - D pod for being so wonderful to my husband and I. They put together a wonderful last minute wedding for us. We will always remember that moment and have a special place in our hearts for everything they did for us. The liver transplant team gave me back my husband and I will always be grateful. Thank you all. Mr. and Ms. Randall Rath

Stephen Satzinger

Both my children were born here.

Terry wisehart

My mother was just in the Cardiac ICU for almost 2 weeks. I cannot speak highly enough about care she received there. She was treated with professionalism, kindness, dignity and genuine concern. She and we were very lucky to have them care for her.

Arp Brooks

Great nurses and docs very clean. Been here for ER out patient surgery and monthly chemo.

Rachel Ogle

I have had an absolutely terrible experience dealing with the billing department at Banner University. My due date for my son was in April 2019 so in March 2019 I called Banner to pre register for his delivery- providing all my insurance information as well as my personal information during the phone call. I also pre paid close to $1000 for the delivery (the representative I spoke with estimated this would be the portion I’d be responsible for after insurance coverage). My son was born in April as expected. In the last two days I have received calls from two different collection agencies regarding his birth (one from the hospital and one from the anesthesiologist who administered my epidural). I was completely appalled as I never received a bill/phone call/ email or ANYTHING regarding a balance due. As someone who has never even made a late payment to a creditor this was shocking to me. Both debt collection agencies read the address they had listed for me and it was wrong (being sent to 56th pl instead of 55th pl). I called Banner’s billing department and they confirmed that not only did they have my address listed incorrectly- they had also disseminated the wrong address to all providers who provided care during my hospital stay. The representative I spoke with Tino R (he refused to provide his last name) indicated on the recorded call that it was a clerical error on Banners part and he would “submit a request” to have to it recalled from collections. He also indicated he had updated my address in the system but there was nothing he could do about all the other providers who had been given the wrong address (and I’m now in collections for). He also said he couldn’t provide with me with their names so that I could call to attempt to rectify this huge mess, created by careless employees of Banner. He further indicated that Banner had received returned mail when attempting to send mail to my wrong address. I asked to be provided an email from him or Banner summarizing our conversation and indicating what he had done to correct the situation and he refused. I was extremely disappointed with the lack of assistance provided and that I was basically left to attempt to correct an error on Banners part that could result in my credit being trashed I am simply appalled that, upon receiving returned mail, no attempt to verify my address was made. Clearly, they had my phone number (since I am receiving calls from debt collectors). I’m sure they also have a copy of my drivers license in my medical records (which has my correct address). Furthermore, they have all my insurance information and my insurance company also has my correct address. The fact that Banner 1) made a clerical error that resulted in their records being incorrect 2) made absolutely 0 attempts to obtain the correct information, while being fully aware it was incorrect and 3) disseminated the incorrect information is grossly negligent and lazy. But what makes this situation even more egregious is that they are now willing to do NOTHING to remedy the situation. There’s need to be accountability for mistakes that impact patient.

Wenonah Flores

This was the worst experience of my life. I had a bad migraine And my migraine med was not working so the Doctor told me to wait and get a hold of my Nero to to take care of it.Epilepsy on top of that. Than I have factor 7 and was bleeding from my nose and the doctor would not cartorize the area that had been bleeding on both sides for a day and a half. I also have Rheumatoid arthritis with a compramized immune system so I had several infections. Sinus infection, thrush infection yeast infection, bellybutton infection from a past surgery. And when she pushed on my side I jumped off the table. All has been going on since February. I have lost 50 pounds. She didn't take any labs or do any ct scans or ultra sounds. She did see if I could see if I could keep water down. I kept a small amount down. Not three glasses like she wanted. Not even half of one. Then she sent the nurse in to discharge me and the nurse apologized profusely. She wanted to help me but said there was nothing she could do. I'm not a Doctor but I don't need to be to know she is in incompetent and her nurse knew it too. I won't go here again. Something needs to be done. I have looked at a lot of your reviews. Its not enough to apologize and send an Email to God knows who. What is you process after? You have all these bad reviews and nothing has changed. Make these Doctors accountable for their actions. Because one day someone with as serious disabilities like mine are going to end up really sick or worse. Pretty sad

Matt Kelly

Hello Everyone, for anyone seeking advice on their mental health I would say stop and think about it. This hospital cannot treat mental health of any serious type. They will lie to you to get you to come in, then hold you against your will. Then they will tell you when they do decide to let you go they cannot treat you because they don't actually have anyone capable and or qualified to treat severe mental health. When seeking out mental health support I would look at Napa Auto parts or your local Maricopa Library first. The employees are more qualified and they won't lock you up for 24 hours or more just to tell you they don't actually have anyone on staff to help you past holding you against your will until the last 4 hours of your stay. If you want someone to be detained unreasonably and without proper assessment, this is your jam. Maybe you just don't like someone, this is also your jam. P.S. Banner is great at saying they will take your issue offline and they value your input. In reality their social media damage control is much better than their awful service. Don't be wowed they say they can copy and paste they value your input...they do not in any way. If you care about you or your family enough to not take them to this location because they are not equipped in anyway to handle your issues please like this post so Banner knows.


They do not know what the hell they're doing. Botched a jtube replacement and when we went back in because nothing would go down the tube, all they did was take xrays and then said nothing was wrong. Went to the surgeon we usually go to and he had to UNTWIST the tube because nobody at this hospital knows how to read an xray or do a tube replacement apparently. Never going back!!

Cecilia Anthony

I had my son while I was here. His name was Adam Geer Caballero. I named him after my doctor. Her name was Dr. Geer. She was (is) amazing! I don't know what I did to deserve a doctor like her! Their Maternity Ward is the best experience I've ever had in any hospital setting in my entire life! Thank you again Dr. Geer!

Ravin Kumar

I must say the staffs in here for labour and Deliver are so nice!!! I never felt that at any time that I am alone!! They are always ready to help and very very helpful!!! To name a few Reema, Jenn and all the ladies who are taking care from delivery of a child and after mith!!! Thank You to The Wonderful doctors, who made things so easy!! God bless You all and Banner University Staff!!!

Shona McGee-Peters

Nursing staff is excellent at this hospital, at least on South tower 7th floor pod C. I was well taken care of and I survived!!!!

Adrianna Lopez

last i was in this hospital was 01/09/19. i unfortunately gave birth early and lost my son, but aside from the tragic and sensitive event the hospital was more than accommodating. they checked on my family and made sure they were taken care of. all of the doctors and nurses were great and one particular doctor i want to thank is Dr. Garcia. He had seen me the weekend before i delivered; i spoke with him over the phone through the OB on call number and my mom & boyfriend also spoke with him more than once. He truly did everything he could for me and was very patient and empathetic. The hospital has gone out of their way to have nurses call me to make sure me and my boyfriend are doing okay following the loss of our son. They also sent us a package recently with photos of our son and they're just beautiful. in such a tragic moment the hospital staff were so caring, understanding, and patient and we couldn't be more grateful.


My fiance and myself were extremely EXTREMELY happy with the quality of care she recieved. The nurses were amazing, the ER was fluid. The units we were in all amazing the doctors the ideas working all together. From the ER to her later same day operation hours later. Everything in between the nurses and anyone who was involved in her care. All kind patient relaxed and professional. This is the kind of hospital where I believe The cream of the crop doctors and medical staff are molded. This is why I am so happy to see that this is a university hospital. To have such an asset in our community is such a blessing. Thanks so very much! Kris & Josh

Megan Bruce

I was really apprehensive about coming here after reading the reviews. I had to go to the Emergency Room. However, all the nurses/doctors were fantastic. Unfortunately, the wait time was long. After finishing with the doctor, I had to hang around for an additional 45 minutes to get my prescription and finish providing insurance information. This was on a slow night.

Ronda Prentice

My husband has been at Banner University Hospital for the last 3 weeks he had open heart surgery done there 5 weeks ago two weeks after the surgery his incision became infected. They open up is just cleaned it out and rinsed it out and they ended up going back again five times in 7 days because they couldn't get the infection out. If there had been one more complication we were changing hospitals. We had a very traumatic time at this Hospital and we will not go back. If for some reason he gets taken back there we will move him. Every surgery that he's had at Banner since June has had complicationsons. He was hit by a truck in June and has had three surgeries from that.One of which he had a heart attack two days later because they gave him too much anesthetic. When he had the heart attack he fell on his eye and had to have surgery done on it again. I would not recommend this hospital to anybody I don't like the way they treat their patients and I don't like the way they do things there.

brittany dustin

This hospital used to be a decent place, now not so much. I care in today with extreme abdominal pain and was ignored, waited over 2 hours and nothing. Individuals with the sniffles were going back before other individuals who need to be seen faster; they have no compassion and like to see there patients suffer. The new ER is worse than the old one. Retrain your staff, they are a joke.

Frances Villa

I had all but one of my kids here. I used to highly recommend this hospital. This hospital received a makeover and nice renovations; sadly this did not improve its professionalism. The nurse my daughter has in Labor & Delivery has some of the worst people skills I’ve seen in this field. I will not allow my children to have children here going forward. Their new policy requires my daughter to feel scared and unsure as I was forced to leave her side, unable to be with her for support during her epidural. New policy only allows 1 person in the room. So I had to leave my first time parents daughter and her boyfriend alone. Both scared at the whole situation and forced to be alone. To take no consideration for my daughter and father to be to have a parent in the room is alarming and sad. Broke my heart that she cried asking if I was coming back. I HATE this place for that

Alicia Figueroa

Overall a great hospital don’t get me wrong but The Guy that stands by the door entrance had and gaved adetude since the minute I & my partner walked in. That shouldn’t be happening and know that they shouldn’t act that way with anybody .

Christine Vaile

Very warm, comfortable, clean, & calming! (Not a typical feeling when walking into a hospital). Staff is very friendly and willing to go above & beyond what's expected. Love the photos and artwork all around the campus...makes time for family staying with a patient a bit more relaxed with something educational or just beautiful to look at. We feel very blessed to have found a doctor who is determined yet still passionate for his patients working through a medical center as wonderful as Banner University has been for us! I appreciate, applaud, and deeply thank all staff members who are a part of Banner wouldn't be possible without all your hard work and compassion

Ron LaMee

UPDATE 6/13/2019 After Banner's "response team" left their comment to my review, I contacted them saying, "I’m wondering if your response to my review was one of those 'social media responsiveness gestures' or if you want to get some clarity about my experience." They responded on May 24 saying "We will be sending your concerns to the appropriate team and asking for them to reach out address your concerns." After three weeks with no further contact, it's clear they don't really care, but they sure watch social media closely! Original review: Banner Health is untrustworthy and has no compassion. When I went to my doctor appointment at Banner Health, I was told my appointment was cancelled. Banner treated me as if I was either stupid or confused. They decided to have a manager listen to my appointment recording a few weeks before to prove it. It turns out that they called my brother (similar name), who told them he had no appointment. My appointment phone call was clear and definitive, so their confusion is incomprehensible. They also lost a fax of my previous records I sent them. While I was waiting to speak with their manager, I overheard another patient trying to find out why his wife’s information wasn’t being sent to her care facility. When I met with the office manager, she apologized and admitted their failure, but didn’t do anything that would make me feel their organization is competent. Managing patient records is essential. Compassion and trust are essential.

Leo Heredia

Wife Waited 2 hours to get aaroom they lost her urine sample they didn't do blood work to figure the problem nurses and doctors had their little attitude after everything they offered ultrasound but it would take 3 hours more Saying we may or may not need it total time I was here 6 hours with all the communication and pelvic exam they did on her total time 20minutes wasted 5 hours an 40 min of just waiting and waiting 30 minutes to get discharged if something happens to my wife because of them not trying to figure out what was wrong with her and just sending her home saying she's ok I'm sueing.

Matt Griffith

Too bad I couldn't give zero stars! Had a very poor billing experience at Banner in Phoenix. They insisted on some kind of payment for treatment of a family member prior to allowing them to leave the hospital, even though we have excellent insurance coverage. I live out of state, but the family member is covered under my insurance. The Banner rep I spoke with over the phone arrived at a figure that seemed very high, and asked that I pay half to allow my family member to be discharged. I gave them my address and email, asking for an itemized statement. Never received one. When I received the completed claim from my insurance several weeks later, it confirmed that I did indeed overpay. I called Banner, whose representative told me their first rep contacted my insurance's provider services on the date of service, in order to arrive at the initial figure. I then contacted my insurance company, who verified that Banner never contacted my insurance company's provider services. Bottom line - Banner ended up with more $$ than they should have received about two months before it should have been due, and I am still waiting for an itemized statement, and a refund of the difference. Follow up - After about two weeks, I did receive my refund, and statement with thanks. However, after asking me to provide a cell number for follow up, no one ever called me.

Frances Starks

I would love to give a better review as I am having surgery at your facility tomorrow, but no nurse has called me with my surgery time tomorrow. I seriously hope that this isn't what I should expect tomorrow.

eitoon tar

Absolutely awful emergency room service. I went to the Banner urgent care because I was having severe stomach problems and they refunded me and told me to go to the Banner University emergency room asap and that they would call ahead to know I was coming. I'm admitted to the Banner university emergency room and they do testing like my blood and urine and for some reason a xray of my chest which I told them would be unnecessary because I have no pain in my chest area but they were very insistent on me having it anyway. After waiting over 3 hours after my testing they told me that I could be released without giving me any diagnosis. I asked if they knew what was wrong and they said that they didn't know what was the cause of my pain and to schedule an appointment with my primary doctor as soon as possible, and they also said that it would have been best for me to go to an urgent care instead even though I went to the Banner Urgent care first and THEY TOLD ME to go to the Banner ER. Immediately after they charged me a $150 co pay fee with I was unhappy about but paid anyway. A few weeks later in the mail I recieve a bill in the mail for $4,000 in medical bills from that day at the ER. Including $600 for the xrays that the stupid nurse said I needed even though I told her before hand would be unnecessary. Needless to say I am beyond disgusted by this whole ordeal. These people are a bunch of crooks.

Alan Sanchez Sr

This state-of-the-art hospital is one of the best in the United States! They've saved my son's life and the doctors and nurses are the best ever!

Kelley W

I would recommend this hospital for its neurological unit & ICU. Every staff member I encountered was super friendly, helpful & knowledgeable. My mom had 2 back surgeries, the 2nd not going as smoothly as the 1st but she pulled through. The entire campus is well maintained & kept & they were in the process of many improvements mid April when we were there. I ate there several times & was quite impressed with how much they offer in the cafeteria as well as quality & freshness. I dared to consume a pre-made egg salad sandwich & was pleasantly surprised. They carefully & intelligently pack these sandwiches, so no sogginess! And while the egg salad was a lil bland & could use a lil seasoning, it was not bad & definitely fresh. They offer vegetarian options. The 2 bean tostada meal is a great deal & enough to share with another person. Gift shop has a lot of cute stuff & of course it's overpriced but all proceeds go to the hospital so that's good. I also noticed it seems like this campus is aware that sometimes people have to wait around hospitals for extended periods of time & there is lots of confortable seating throughout the hospital as well as within the patients rooms. This campus is conveniently located & easy to get to. I really have no complaints about this hospital. If you enjoyed this review or found it helpful, PLEASE, give it a LIKE!

Mick Johnson

I recently recently had 2 major procedures performed at BUMC. My experience with all of the doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, radiology techs and every one else was nothing short of outstanding. Virtually everyone was extremely competent, friendly and compassionate throughout both procedures. Perfect? Nope. But all in all, I can't imagine a better experience. I put my life in their hands a couple of times in the past few weeks, and I would not hesitate to do it again in the future.

Jonathan Dugger

2015 I lost my fiance and best friend in a tragic horse-cart accident while trying to save our son. The doctors, surgeons, and nurses tried everything they could. When they told us she wouldn't make it, they were constantly checking on us for the next couple days until we said goodbye. They were absolutely great in such a horrible time. They also took her organ,s as she had just changed to being an organ donor just weeks before, and 4 people were able to live on or better. Thanks to all the great people at the hospital, the fire fighters in Buckeye/Goodyear, and the LifeFlight personnel!!! She will be missed!!!

Deniz Esa

Terrible wait service, I took my 8 month old for really high fever. We spent 4 fricken hours in the emergency department. I understand the wait is depended on the severity of the illness and so fourth but it's a baby needing to be checked out. I believe infants should be the #1 priority since anything can be wrong. I ended up just leaving from that place , there was like 10 other adults that had been waiting prior to us arriving so we were definitely not going to be seen soon.

Brianna Gianiorio

If you have an EMERGENCY, do NOT go here. I had a friend that was completely unconscious with alcohol poisoning... none responsive... not a single sole in the waiting room and 40 minutes later still waiting while the hospital staff was just sitting there with nothing to do. I eventually had to leave to go to another hospital.

Ken Schneider

Have spent over 60 days in the last 11 months in this hospital. .It is a great facility with some awesome staff..

Sabrina Zambrano

Er is the worse .I waited for two hours in the waiting room with chest pain. N an hour before a nurse would see me . N still waiting on the dr. Horrible customer service. Registration comes in to collect before a dr does

Chloe S.B.

I just checked myself out of this place after getting subpar care from the MDs. My nurses were both great but were clearly overworked. I was sent to this hospital by ambulance because the urgent care MD found an abscess on my tonsil and he wanted it removed. The hospital never uploaded the scans done at the urgent care center and the MDs never even opened the paperwork that was sent over - I had to tell him where it was. He went to look at the scans after telling the first MD to hold off on draining the abscess. That was at 11:30am. By 5:00pm no one else had been back in and my IV was no longer hooked up to any medicine. The nurse had no idea what was going on because no one would tell her anything. Horrible experience and I’m still in an inexplicable amount of pain but I can sit in bed alone and watch Harry Potter at home. Will literally avoid this hospital at all cost going forward.

Chika Velez

I have been waiting in the ER waiting room since 11:45 am is now 3:17 pm this is ridiculous. Then every time I ask how many in front of me the answer his 4 people.

Unbreakable knight

Good people good services like always.

Jillian Guintchev

Every single staff member was friendly and professional. Every one seemed to work well together and the whole process of having an out patient procedure went very smoothly.

Danny Davis JR

I have a lot of health conditions and being 29 Medicare and insurance was and is a huge stressor. This hospital tho treated me as if I was royalty reguardles, the doctors and staff where amazing (most of them), and they provided a solution to all of my medical problems , educated on how to prevent further problems, and even put me in contact with people to help insurance wise. Also the view from the new tower is amazing.

Sylvia Clement

Thank you Dr Kumar for saving my life. I love the care given by Banner starting with Dr Kumar all the way to the wonderful staff. The nursing care was excellent & I want to personally thank nurses Chloe & Kelly in ICU for the great care they gave. Each one checked on me constantly, all my needs were met quickly. If I had one complaint it would be the food. I’m a retired nurse & I understand how many patients need to eat & how difficult it is to get things out on time. My dinner was ordered around 1400, I had not eaten for over 24 hours. It was 1900 when I got my tray. Breakfast came at 0945, I couldn’t eat my over easy eggs because they were cold & I couldn’t cut them. I couldn’t eat the toast because it was not edible. Nursing was wonderful, thank you all again for the great job.

Rahnisha Lalexus

I can’t express how horrible the experience in icu is ! Making patients beg for ice chips and telling them to “be quiet” so you can get some sleep is an outrage ! Never will I ever recommend this hospital to any family friend or colleague ever again! You should really consider what kind of staff you hire because if they can’t handle taking care of a patient and their needs this is not the job for them!


Best hospital best hospitality and Awesome nurses:) great service they take the there time to assist you & make sure you have a great time :)

Priscila Lopez

Amazing staff!!! Just had my daughter in that hospital. My nurses and doctors where very caring and polite! They where on top of everything and always on my attention. I recommend this hospital and would totally go back in a heart beat, if I every have another baby again.

Georgia Ayres

Banner Hospital really care about their patients.

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