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Jamie Gage

I had a good experience w my first birth here but w my second it was terrible. I came in at 8cm dilated my water had broken and I was in excruciating pain, the nurse acted like I was fakin it so she took her sweet time and of course I had to time for an iv or epidural and then when I was screaming they t9ld me to be quiet and calm down are u kidding me I was having a damn baby w no pain meds and the doctor was rude as well b4 and after delivery . Y'all don't go here if you're having a baby

Jayden Early

Just had a baby the other day . Nurses and doctor were great . However social workers extremely disrespectful and rude . Not to mention inconsiderate. Oh and if your a father expect to be treated less the whole entire time your in this hospital. They make it seem like your a second class citizen. And this being the birth of my first born daughter it was terrible experience being treated the way I have been .

Francesca Mendoza

I had my baby back in June. She was born at 33 weeks at the time of her arrival the NICU was full they were able to keep my baby at that hospital till I was able to go home. They transferred her to banner estrella NICU they told me they would pay my ambulance bill not to worry about the cost. So when I got the bill in from the ambulance I called them they said they had no record of them saying they would pay it. After back and forth phone calls and them telling me they will look into it I'm stuck with the bill that is now in collections. So if you have a baby that needs to be transferred to make room for other babies make sure you get it in writing that they will pay the bills. Other then that issue I love the staff and doctors.

Christina Maticic

Went into the ER. When I walked in, the waiting room was full. I waited for 3 1/2 hours just to be taken to a room. The doctor and RN were extremely nice. They ordered an ultrasound, which took an hour for them to come and get me. Once the ultrasound was complete, it took another 2 hours for the doctor to come give me my results, which is a really long time if you ask me. I wasn't given any solid answers as to what was going on with me and my baby, and was told to follow up with my OB. So. overall, I think this was a waste of my time...and once that bill comes, a waste of my hard earned money.

Jessica Jacobson

They are lazy. They don't care at all


Wow. I'm sorry about the bad reviews I see here. That was not my experience. I visited the Wound Center and worked with Ashley Forrester LPN. I was supposed to be seen by a Dr. Dhillon, but after encountering Mrs. Forrester at the wound clinic on 12th street, and her telling me she was moving to Glendale, I said "See you there". Mrs Forrester is one of those "tell it like it is" people. She worked with me when she was heavily pregnant, and had a workload which would leave other people insane. But through it all, she was funny, sharp, caring and professional. The people that worked around her were a dream. Two stand out that worked closest with me. I'm going to find the paperwork and update this review with their names. They took extra care of me and tried their best to fight I-Don't-Care1st to get me the things they felt I needed. They along with the rest of the staff, spoiled me rotten. I was actually sad when my care was over and I had to ring the celebratory bell for the first & last time. Treat them right, and they will go to the moon and back for you. Cop attitude, you'll still get service, but it won't be the experience I had.

Jennifer Natera

I have never had a more horrible experience at a hospital. The triage woman told me that “from an emergency standpoint, there is probably nothing we can do because it’s not an emergency”. Do you think it was her place to say this? Is she a doctor? Does she know what’s wrong with me? Does she somehow perform a magical diagnosis as she does triage? I have a large mass that formed on my lower back, that I’m in extreme pain for and I was already visiting with my regular doctor. Obviously, i felt I had no other option. I went to work today and it got 5x worse. Trust me, I didn’t want to sit 3.5 hours at the emergency room (that’s what security was saying was the standard wait time) after two hours and people who had minor issues (I know because we sat there talking) cake and went ahead of me, I know that she left me to rot at the bottom of the list. I will never go back to this hospital, I’d rather be sent to baptist or St. Joe’s, ACROSS town.

Portia Jones

Update:I had my baby here on 3/19/19 and I regret it each day she has to stay here. My baby is still admitted after I myself has been discharged after my CSECTION. There are absolutely no attempts to make parents comfortable as there child stays in the NICU. As her condition progressed her comfortability level decreased significantly as far as parental visitation is concerned. Being moved to "CCN" Made for a very stressful time. There is absolutely no accommodations for parents to both visit at one time as the space is the size of a broom closet and then there are 4 babies occupying that small space. So, trying to stay with my baby overnight was nearly impossible. There are no parent restrooms to use we must leave the entire NICU unit to use the pubic restroom. Imagine how hard and uncomfortable that could be for a mother who just had a C-section days ago. This is by far the absolute worst experience I have ever had after giving birth. I would never suggest this hospital and had I known these things before would have never chosen this hospital. Feeling a little down this morning

Mike Miller

It’s a shame this day and age that a hospital is runs by Nazis yes Nazis my wife was there with heart failure A case of ammonia and kidney failure her myself and my two sons were treated like we were in a concentration camp ruled by Nazi Head of security and his lynch mob acted like a SS commander The chief of staff nurses were under his command also sounds like I’m joking but oh so true influencing doctors in nurses to treat my wife and my family like we were in a concentration camp ready to be drawn in the pit of dead bodies after only being amid it for less than 24 hours forced to take my wife out and sign herself out fear of her and her family‘s well-being no joke they admitted it security in head of nurses that that’s just the way it is at their hospital do what they say or leave Making up rules as they were going that’s how this hospital works I told him that I recorded them end it came with legal papers telling me to leave the hospital shame on banner Thunderbird hospital please pray for me and my wife she’s only 50 years old we have four kids 15 grandchildren and don’t know where to go one Roman family oh call gypsy living in Arizona since 1988 I am born and raised in the United States God bless America please help

Ayana smith

I had the WORST experience of my life when i went to the ER. Every one was very rude from the front desk person to the nurse and the ER doctor. later when i did some research about this hospital i found out that this hospital hires people that has bad reputation and was fired from other hospitals. WOW that's very sad.

Terry Bolte

This hospital was extremely remiss and negligent and their duties, along with the home health nurse who contacted EMS for transport!! My best friend was visited by her home health nurse yesterday afternoon. My friend lives with her sister in her sister's home. My friend always insists het sister leaves when she sees the nurse, so she went out to her patio then came back inside to bathe. When her sister finished bathing the nurse was still there, so my friend's sister went to visit a neighbor until the nurse left. At some point during that time the nurse called for emergency transport for my friend, but NEVER attempted to call or licate my friend's sister (whose vehicle was still at the home). Nor did the nurse attempt to call her! My friend's sister has been worried sick for roughly 16 or 17 hours. When the nurse car was gone she could not find my friend (her sister) anywhere. Thought maybe she called for a ride. But she continued looking and trying to call with no answer! My friend's son came over and attempted to help locate his mother. She did not answer her cell phone! They contacted the police and close friends and family. None of us heard from my friend nor saw her. They contacted the police who also did not know where she was. Finally they began calling hospitals and found out she was being held in Banner Thunderbird ER for transport to HonorHealth Deer Valley! It's absolutely inexcusable!

Kate Wallace

They claim to be a tobacco-free facility but be forewarned if looking for a tobacco-free health facility to heal in, this policy is NOT enforced. Not only do visitors constantly smoke on the hospital grounds but employees do as well. The entire hospital grounds smells like an ashtray and cigarettes can be found basically anywhere. How are we supposed to heal in a place like this? What bothers me the most is that on the website they are very adamant about the fact that they have a tobacco policy, but in reality it has very little to no meaning. Why even have a policy of its not enforced? As per the Banner Health website, this is the tobacco policy that they have. ”Banner Health Is Tobacco Free Banner Health is tobacco free. This means that all forms of tobacco – including cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco or chew tobacco, as well as vapor, herbs and tobacco-less cigarettes (such as e-cigarettes) or like products – are prohibited for use by employees, volunteers, medical staff, patients and visitors inside and outside all facilities. Banner Health is committed to promoting good health and offering the best healing environment for our patients. Our tobacco free policy is one more step in our commitment to proving excellent patient care. We recognize this may be difficult for many individuals and are committed to supporting visitors and patients coming to our hospital. Please ask a staff member for assistance. If You Are a Smoker Coming to the Hospital for Any Reason: Please check with your health care provider about nicotine replacement options such as gum, patches and lozenges that can assist you. If You Are a Smoker and Are Being Admitted to the Hospital Following an Emergency Room Visit: Please notify your nurse or attending physician that you would like assistance through nicotine-replacement aids. Please inform your visitors about our tobacco-free policy. Aids such as chewing gum and candy are available in our Gift Shops to assist your loved ones while visiting you in the hospital. If You Are a Smoker Visiting a Loved One: Please remember Banner Health does not allow smoking on any of its properties. If needed, our Gift Shops have chewing gum and candies available.”

sonia hernandez

Staff just sits around talking about there personal life. Don't check on you to see if your ok. I ask for a blanket said was going to check for fever and never did.

Sasha Milan

I work here . It's the best job I ever had . My manager Jenny , my supervisor Chris and all my coworkers are such great , hard working people. I'm very proud of all of them .

Ana Melendez

My nephew went in Friday and right when he got there they were soo great and nice where we got no answers at 2 other hospitals including Childrens hospital they did what the other ones lacked to do.He has been having seizures and it was very mild a seizure 1 every couple to a few weeks and these last couple he was having them every hour it range from 7-13 seizures a day and we would go to er n got no answers childrens never kept him they sent him home did nothing.Banner hes been there only since fri hes still there and they have done so much Dr's,nurse's,pca's have been so attentive to his care I cant explain how grateful we are and wish we would have came here sooner but thank you guys and for the great team you have on board!!!

yesennia felix

Great Staff and Doctors! my husband was in ICU for a week and all the staff were exceptional!! Thank you

Colleen T

The absolutely worst ER, Ive ever been in. I will never go back. Triage is completely inept and the dictors and nurses refuse to provide care simply because they dont want to. They treat you very badly, gossip about you and laugh at you. They refuse to get any history or medication list and refused a physical exam. They also put patients with compromised immune systems in the waiting room with patients who have contagious illnesses.

Paul Marfia

The right hand doesn't know what the left is doing and the nurses have to keep it all together. I felt like I was more in prison intake than a hospital.

Shawn Stone

Absolutely freaking ridiculous. I've never seen a hospital so slow and wait times be six freaking hours. I'm trying to pass kidney stones and sitting in the emergency waiting room for 5 hours begging them for help. Ended up having to walk out and going somewhere else.I couldn't take it anymore. And I even have family members practicing there. And I find it amusing that because they get so many bad reviews all of their responses are copy/paste. Seriously, read some of the reviews. You'll pick up the pattern. There's 2 or 3 different ones. The ones that are the same are word for word.

Amanda Myers

Worst place to go for ER. Got there at 9pm, come 4am still waiting to see a doctor. Asked why it has been taking so long. But for some reason I was out of the system. Didn't go outside at all, the lady sitting next to me came in about half hour after I did. She was still waiting. Was busy when I first came in but then about 2 no one was really here but still have to wait to see doctor. Took 8 hours just to get into a room

Diana Clara

My friend was in the hospital , I never go to hospitals I’m not sure what to do. There was one nurse who would explain what to do and kinda guided us but everyone else was really rude. I asked for a pillow because my friend didn’t have pain meds yet and the nurse just handed me a pillow. She had a open wound on her leg and no pain meds. I tried to put the pillow under my friends leg because the nurse didn’t and it caused her pain. The nurse just watched me do it.. it was really uncomfortable . The nice nurse sent us to the waiting room. I know it’s a hospital but I would think people would have a bit more empathy or at least just walk me through what’s going on.

Miriam Peacock

My Dad was in this hospital for a week and the whole staff was very friendly and helpful. I was totally impressed with how well they took care of my dad.

Elijah Gelsey

I was transferred last night from the Phoenix VA for evaluation. All the information was sent but I have been waiting “hours” due to them waiting for them upload Radiology images to their system...SMH This not cavemen trying create fire for the first time... The reason I give it a “⭐️ ⭐️” is due to staff being polite and professional. But in all seriousness, to be in 2019 and to take this long to upload data is absolutely ridiculous!!!!!!!

Michele Mummel

My son is currently in the behavioral health unit. They are not consistent there. He has seen 3 different doctors for a few minutes each time. Each one tells him something different. They don't listen. They think they understand what is going on with him. Don't take your loved ones here.


Went for a prolapse repair. Everyone was very kind and patient. The surgeon (Dr Wong) , anesthesiologists, and nurses all explained everything going on in great detail which isn't something you get every day. The iv that was placed by the nurse, Mary, didn't even hurt at all. She was very sweet and very positive. All the nurses were just lovely and fantastic. I woke up really quickly after the procedure, and was fully alert with no nausea, so the anesthesiologist was just amazing in my book. I called with questions after I got home, and also once in a panic over something, and they took care of me right away. I can't speak for food there or being kept overnight as my procedure was a quick urogynecological outpatient one. I usually don't review stuff like this, but I felt the need to with how my day went. Thank you for reading! :)

Jay Garcia

Very kind Nurses and staff. Very professional and quick to help

Kristy Enricco

I went to the emergency department this evening for severe knee pain. It was busy as expected. But staff was extremely rude. I was put in a room, not one person acknowledged me. Did not even pop there head in to say hi, someone will be with you later. I was already upset by this. I signed myself out. I understand there are priorities but all your nurses were just sitting at the desk gossiping and talking about nonsense things. I get it they are busy but if you have time to gossip and talk about people,you clearly have time to pop in to acknowledge someone. I use to be so pleased with this hospital. But now I will commute and use this as my last resort.

Little Bag of Comfort LLC

The triage nurses at Banner on 55th Avenue and Thunderbird are some of the most rudest people I have ever encountered. I thought to be a nurse you should be compassionate. My daughter has had nothing short of a troubled pregnancy since she has IBS She is over 38 weeks pregnant and in such pain all the time. She calls for their guidance and they are nothing but short answers, unsympathetic and RUDE. And this isn't one nurse this is basically EVER nurse we have encountered at the triage area of this hospital. I would never recommend this hospital to a mother to be because of the uncompassionate nurses here.

Jo Bowen

Our Banner Thunderbird Medical Center ER experience was an absolutely horrible and extremely upsetting one. I doubt there is anyone in this world who would be happy with having their attention taken away from their very sick child in order for the medical establishment to get payment even though valid health insurance details had already been taken. We would advise others to look at an alternative ER. People we have told about our experience have been shocked and disgusted at what happened while we were in the ER room with our seriously ill daughter. On March 15th, our daughter was put on the bed in the ER room and nurses were setting up an IV. I was holding my daughter's hand to help keep her from being distressed and reassure her that she would be okay, when what I presume was a hospital administrator wheeled in a computer and said we had a $3,000 deductible and asked us for payment. I was shocked and asked "what now?" to which she nodded her reply. OUR DAUGHTER'S CONDITION HAD NOT BEEN STABILIZED AT THAT TIME. She did not offer to deal with this at a more appropriate time. She did not move and even the nurses and doctor were having to step around her. This person's highly inappropriate action drew our attention from our very poorly daughter who needed us. My husband and I were so shocked and embarrassed. We felt as though we had been put on the spot and with the simple desire to get the person out of the ER room as quickly as possible we offered an amount to be paid then and there, including me having to sign more things electronically. I know that the medical staff within that ER room were also very uncomfortable with the situation, keeping their eyes lowered to the floor to avoid eye contact with myself or my husband and not one of them spoke up on our behalf. Our daughter had an urgent and very serious condition which needed further treatment in the Pediatric ICU.

Erika C

Great Doctors! I would highly recommend Dr.Hillary Charles! She is efficient, funny, always on time, very informative and cares about the mothers needs regarding all stages of pregnancy! The Hospital is right next door to her office and they are wonderful as well.




They have the best nurse I’ve ever seen so far. Her name is JEANNE and she helped me at the ER room. She is really professional, very nice, patient, serious, and great listener. It looks like she really likes to help people not just to get paid. I wish all nurses become like her. To be fair, Other staff members were nice too. Thank you Jeanne. God bless you.

David Troyer

I have been at slow hospitals but this is the slowest!! It took three hours to get me to an ER room even knowing I had DVT in my arm!! It took another hour (total of 3) to get any pain relief! They checked on me in another hour and decided I needed to spend the night ... It took a total of 7 hours to get me to a room!!! They missed two of my medications that were to be taken that evening!! Spoke with the Doctor this am and he said they were going to do a CT scan and blood test and then discharge me .. I spoke with him at 8:00am and its after noon right now .. Still no CT scan!! Got the blood a couple hours ago!! I should have been discharged hours ago!!!!! Still here but I do appreciate Banners quick response below!! I am here still waiting 5hours after seeing the doctor at 8 this morning!!!! I gave you my room ... Come talk to me!!!!

Robert Hasbrouck

Great experience when we took my mom to ER early evening on July 4. From check in to check out, all staff were a delight to work with...professional and pleasant throughout. Great at interacting and cleary explaining each step taken. Best experience ever in an ER!

Kian Snake

I've felt horrible for months, came in expecting a long lobby wait, but surprisingly there were two nurses by the door checking vitals before registration. This is new to my knowledge, but it's a great idea and should be implemented in all emergency rooms. I was taken back immediately and helped right away which I am very thankful for as my problem is worse than I thought. Every staff member has been very kind so far and I'll be sad to go when I eventually get discharged, but I look forward to getting well and getting back to my life and family and friends which thanks to the wonderful staff I'll be able to do soon.

Matthew Griffith

A few weeks ago, our son had croup, on 5/21 he woke up at 4:00 in the morning having a hard time breathing. Our on call physician told us we should go to the ER. The staff including doctors and nurses were great, this is why Banner gets 2 stars as opposed to 1. We were there for an hour, they suctioned his nostrils and gave him a $35 medication. The amount they billed the insurance company? $1800. There is honestly no way those services should cost that much. Because we have a high deductible plan we were on the hook for over $1400. At no time was the cost of service transparent to us, the billing office has told us that the amount of time or services rendered during the visit are irrelevant, that the ER visit is based on a flat rate given the urgency of the condition. Our son was not rushed back, we had to wait, not a long time, but I would say of the hour we spent there, about 75% was waiting. Banner is a clear example of what's wrong with healthcare in America, lIt truly pains me to think of all the families that could have a similar experience and face the choice of seeking medical care for their child or taking their chances to wait for their physician or urgent care to see them. He was starting to feel better during our wait, how hard would it be for the staff to tell us, "Before we take you back, you should know that we will bill your insurance company $1800."? If what the billing department told me was true, that there is a flat rate, this should be possible. The lack of transparency is clearly intentional due to the hospital counting on the non elasticity of emergency care. It's bad enough to be scared for the health of your child, but to be financially taken advantage of adds to the negative experience. My advice? See if you can get into a 24hr urgent care, and avoid the extortion of all Banner hospitals if you can.

Dana Moncrief

I gave two stars because the nurse that helped me throughout my labor and the doctor were amazing everything else was horrific. I came in having contractions it was my fourth child so I’ve definitely had my cervix checked many of times. She checked me so roughly that I was crying and 10 minutes later pouring blood like I Peed myself. She told me that was normal which I’ve never heard. I’ve heard spotting is normal not pouring blood like you were peeing. Then after I had the baby they told me do not give the baby more than 30 mL every 2 to 3 hours after we get discharged I take the baby to his pediatrician who told me it should be 45 to 60. I feel like they treat people like in in and out service and some other nurses really don’t know what they’re talking about. I will never come to this hospital for anything again.

Ask for Mash at RightToyota Sales

Always get better service here!

Irene Holt

ICU nursing staff completely unprofessional. You would think the staff in this area would be highly trained and they would understand human nature.

G McD123

Was transferred here when my water broke at 25 weeks and spent the next two months in antepartum. Every staff member I encountered was kind and caring. The doctors took their time to explain everything in detail. The nurses went above and beyond to help me relax. They would arrange scrapbooking for me, take me on wheel chair rides during their breaks because my family lived far away and I was not able to leave my room without supervision. Even the cleaning staff was very friendly and remembered long term patients. I experienced this same level of care when my son was born and we transferred to the NICU department. Top notch team of doctors and nurses. The one and only thing we did not care for was when we arrived a woman from their financial department came into our room and tried to get a deposit. Almost insisted on it. We’ve never had this happen at any hospital or doctors office. We have insurance and then get billed for our share so we did not understand why she was so insistent, especially when we had just arrived and were so scared about losing our baby. A bit tacky. Once my husband put his foot down and told her to bill the insurance then us and no other way they didn’t send anyone else. Other than that, our experience was amazing all the way through. I’m shocked to see this hospital not have a higher rating.

Mr. Roboto

Very very short staffed. Nurses were nice, but the hospital needs more staff. The ER waiting times are ridiculous.

Chad Gullett

The Maternity and Labor unit are simply amazing! Delivering our baby girl there was perfect, they helped us through everything. Would highly reccomend this hospital to bring your little joy into this world.

Megan Mason

This place would have gotten more stars but the staff in OB Triage showed judgmental tendencies and the ER in general is nothing short of comical. Once I was admitted though the nurses were great and we were treated pretty great. If you need immediate care, do not go here. Urgent care is both cheaper and faster.

Andy Nano

The worst hospital iv ever been to i left without getting any help i was there for 9 hours they shouldnt even get a star there killing people not helpping

Tawny Hernandez

Had my baby here on May 11, 2018. All my nurses were extremely nice and very helpful with every need or request I had. Every shift rotation, each nurse had made reports to the new nurse coming in making it 10 times easier on us patients. A special thank you to all the nurses who helped me through the new process of becoming a new mom! Great staff! Great service! Hoping to be able to keep having my babies at this hospital!

Michael Denham

I've had to wait a long long long time in the past so I would go to Arrowhead hospital if possible. Unfortunately Banner T-Bird is the only place that has a dialysis.

love.your. sign2

Some of the nurses ans the obgyn that came and talk to me were against what i was saying. I have 2 living children and one on the way. I had explained to them even though I'm due July 3rd, 2019 I've never delivered pass 37 weeks with my other 2 children. I have high-risk pregnancies. The obgyn said there's nothing wrong with me and she d/c me this afternoon. I'm still having contractions every 3-4 minutes and i can't walk. The same thing happened with my 2nd born and i had a csection. I didn't want to go to this hospital but this was the only hospital closest to my address. I'm supposed to have another csection at a hospital in goodyear because that's the only city that covers my health insurance. The ob told me they don't like to take fetuses out the womb before 39 weeks because of their lungs. Their lungs are already developed and what's the point of having a NICU? The nurse told me that i wasn't in labor a week in a half with my 2nd born and the ob said I'm alright. How are they going tell me what i experienced and how I'm feeling? I wouldn't recommend a pregnant woman to this hospital and she knows her body. I have to force myself to urinate and with my 2nd born i could not do anything. My water had to be broken by my previous ob and she took my mucus plug out before i had a csection. The nurse said I'm going to call security on you if you don't leave. I didn't do anything wrong. I'm still crying because my contractions are too close.

bency jacques

I went there when I was 3mths pregnant. The nurses didn't even care. I told then i was bleeding the let me Sat for almost 3hrs. Anyone you have anb emergency do not even think to go there.

Alyxzia Arnold

I visited the ER last night. Checking in with the front office was fast and they were very friendly!!! I was taken back to a bed within 20 minutes. The nurses and medical assistant in the back were another story. I sat in that room for 4 hours only being seen when they took my blood, felt my back, and wheeled me off to do a cat scan. I was told by a nurse that she would bring in something for the pain and she never brought anything. For 4 hours I sat there listening to them talk about what they were going to buy from a shopping catalog and antagonize the belligerent man in the next room.During my visit I signed up to receive text message updates about my bloodwork etc...I got a message saying that I was being checked out and a nurse would be in shortly to discharge me. An hour and a half later I was discharged. The nurse didnt even read through the papers with me;told me to just sign and I could read them at home. Being 1:30 in the morning and disappointed beyond belief with their care, I signed the paperwork and left. And I will never return.

Dominique Oneal

I have been at thunderbird hospital in the CARS unit since Friday the 15th and I am still currently here . Overall it has been a horrible experience I am in what they call a over flow area where the doctors do not come talk to me everyday , I ask for doctors multiple times a day and they don’t come , some of the nurses I had were great but most of them (different nurse everyday in over flow) are very slow to simple request , rude or just ignore the call button completely. I have been here 5 days with no bath I have expressed to them that I want a bath and everyday they give me the run around day I v the next day I will be moved but I have yet to be , just this morning alone I have been waiting on a new IV to be placed for over 4 hours which means I have been with out my IV medication for 2 hours and no one seems concerned , nurses said my diet was changed but no one know why and they don’t know when the doctor can come talk to me. I feel like my treatment plan is not being discussed with me , I would not recommend coming here and I will not be back I asked to leave the second day I was here and be transferred to another hospital and they said if I went to another hospital my insurance would not pay the bill .

Lillian Bruemmer

Had a baby here a month ago. He is beautiful and healthy and I am so happy for that, but my experience here was absolutely awful. I was treated so horribly I still can’t believe it. I arrived in labor and I was so hot that I fully undressed in my room which I thought was just going to be me, my fiancé and the nurse so I was comfortable doing so. A woman came in while I was completely naked and SCREAMING in pain asking for a payment, I have insurance that covered most of my cost and she came in waiting for money while I was in so much pain, I was obviously not going anywhere so idk why she couldn’t come back later. Once I was moved to labor and delivery I had a lovely nurse Melissa who unfortunately was ending her shift & I got switched to a new nurse who was so rude and was very aggressive. I had an epidural and couldn’t feel anything from the chest down and she kept telling me to move, when I told her I physically couldn’t she would answer with “okay then just move a little this way.” I could not move without help.. I also requested early on in my pregnancy to have delayed cord clamping and as soon as my son was born they had the cord clamped. I had to get stitches from tearing, she put an ice pack in my underwear that was wrapped in a little mesh thing and once my epidural wore off I told her the mesh was stuck on my stitches and she pulled it off so hard!! I am so upset with my experience here I do not recommend to anyone.

Adalberto jimenez

I am constantly getting the short end of the stick when I go to Banner Thunderbird hospital, I tried to get order menu for a late night snack I've got a meal lunch room is closed I don't understand all last week I got the last meal every night but this week it's closed I think Thunderbird hospital just isn't on my side, I think I should just leave. And just go to a different hospital next time no matter what to come and take your money they have a 2.6 rating for a reason, as I continue my stay at Thunderbird hospital hopefully I'll be able to go home today I have run into an attendant that runs the nursing station on TowerA 1st floor I keep on running into issues you know I called the front desk and they don't send my messages to my nurse and it's important that my messages get to my nurse and I was told by several of my nurses that the message was not delivered to them and that she never got the message that I sent out and it's important that I get my medication before I eat my meal that's the way they want to do it and my meal will get cold waiting for the front desk to transfer my messages to my nurse I find it call the front desk and ask the front desk for his name he told me it was Jacob I don't know if that's true or not but that's what he told me and I don't feel Jacob is on my side I feel that Jacob is not transferring my messages when I asked him to that's why my food gets cold before my nurse gets the message that I need my medication I don't know how many other people run into this problem and I do not know or want this problem to be somebody else's problem a front desk Clark that answers calls for the nurses should send the message to the nurse as soon as they get it they have the little talking things that they can send messages to everybody from everywhere I mean it's like a little tricorder and people talk to each other across the hospital and that's a great way to send a message but according or what the front desk is doing is not sending the messages to the nurses and one day somebody God forbid it's going to send a message out to the front desk and I hope that Jacob does not answer it because he will not send it out and something might happen to you that patient while he is waiting for Jacob to transfer that message to the nurse my case in point it's a simple thing it's just medication and I will get it eventually I just don't want my food to get cold and it does every time

lucas maestas

Been waiting in the emergency room going on 5hrs now, Brought my mom here because she fell and now she is having extreme pain in her chest and cant move without crying in pain, please keep in mind she is 75. She cant move, she is in extreme pain and can hardly breathe... The staff is rude, made her get out of her wheel chair because it was" too crowded". I will never come here again. I never am one to give bad reviews but this ER is horrible. If you care about your loved ones please take them elsewhere. Even it is far. The most unfriendly staff i have ever met. They have no compassion for the sick and elderly. If there was a negative star i would give a negative

Samantha Urban

I gave birth here and my son experienced an extended NICU stay. To start they did not trest my fiance and sons father like he was the father at all they treated him like a stranger and were extremely rude to him constantly ignoring him or questioning why it is he wanted to help his PREGNANT girl who had been going through contractions for 3 days. Creepy male nurse in labor and delivery and very rude delivery doctor she should not be involved in such a special moment in someones life. Each time we would visit our son we would get unpleasant stares from the staff and the majority of the NICU nurses would treat you like you were and idiot or get overly attached to my son and treat us like we were not his parents. They often did things without making a phone call to us so next time we visited we would be surprised to see something else such as an IV sticking out of his head thought they promised to call of anything had changed. They would not check on my son as much as they claimed and I'd often have to instruct staff to fix something for him because they just werent paying attention. I get it's busy but you need to check all your patients or staff more. The 2 stars are for the fact that my son made it out early and for Nicole who was an amazing labor and delivery nurse who made my fiance and I feel welcomed and made him feel involved.

Mike Owens

Banner is one of the best hospital administration in the country. This particular facility has gotten better in terms of care, than when they were before the change over. One of the key components is this facility deals with a multitude of difficulties. This includes mental health and dependency. The registration specialist and triage nurse were very kind.

Troy Root

ED wait time is TERRIBLE. You apparently have to be a good actor or needing drugs to get seen. My boyfriend has been actively waiting for over 4 hours at this point and has some pretty severe pain. Clearly they don't even care. Definitely helps that he's a Banner employee as well... NOT. This is atrocious. Update: they said they have a room for him and they're just "cleaning it"... only to keep calling other names! Also, the wait time posted here on yelp says 39 minutes. What a joke!!!!! Update part two: finally in a room... the attached picture is apparently the definition of “clean” a jug and sample cup of someone else’s urine. Delightful!!

a&a AZ

I look at the reviews and sounds like its better for care at St.Joseph's hospital or the va

Joe Vizzerra

Thank you so much

Ronnie Shaver

Horrible and disrespectful, dishonest and uncaring staff I’ve encountered. Not all the staff but most and the same at Banner Estrella! The cleaning people have more compassion then the doctors and nurses. Yes I am an as***** but when you make decisions for me without consulting me that’s not ok and I have the right to be upset

Savanah Rohde

Kristen, the NP, saw my father and she was great. Her bedside manner was awesome and she is very knowledgeable. I am super impressed and so is my family. The entire trauma team is amazing.

Vikas Kailash Upadhyaya

Good luck with your bill payments only if you receive your bills. When we registered at the hospital I cross verified the address and everything was good. I was forced to pay some amount before my wife got admitted. After 3 months I was wondering why I did not receive any bills. I went to hospital and they told me the amount I owe and also cross verified the address. Everything was correct. I was asked to call to Banner Health Financial Services to pay the amount and clear the account. When I called them and asked them why I did not receive any bill they told me that the address was wrong. There was some amount which I overpaid in Mother's account when she was admitted and I was told on call that the balance due will be adjusted . This week I have received DELINQUENT statement and I am being forced to either pay the amount or go for payment assistance because it will take 2-3 months for them to refund the amount which they initiated today only.

Rob Shannon

Nice, clean, well kept. Expensive!

margie may

The nursing staff was wonderful, great to have knowledgeable nurses. Thanks everyone

Cortney Johnstone

I cannot say enough positive things about the care I received in Maternity/OB Triage. I recently gave birth to my first at this hospital. My daughter had to be in the NICU for a few days and I had to stay a couple extra nights. All the doctors and nurses were absolutely amazing and wonderful. Every one of them genuinely cared about my pain and the NICU nurses kept me very informed regarding any updates with my baby girl. Highly recommend this department and feel totally comfortable giving birth here again. My doctor Rebecca Branaman was a godsend and couldn’t imagine anyone else taking on the difficulties that my labor faced.

lana Krasnoperov

They save my life Prays the God they removed my stones , they are so professional doctor that I can trust , Thankyou everyone

Anna Jordan

This hospital needs a zero, they do not care, they do not act as if things are an emergency. I’ve been here twice and both times I’ve sat for 4-5 hours without getting a room or any type of care. They are very snobby when you ask them about the wait time. They act as if they are doing you a favor, like it’s not their job or something you or your insurance pay for. I do not recommend this place to anyone. EVER. The staff are a**holes and the service is awful.


Please NEVER go here for psychiatric care. The unit is a volunteer work unit, and it shows in the quality of care from your staff. The RN's are okay, but the technicians are absolutely horrible. Alicia flirts with the Male clients and is passive aggressive to the females. One of the worst places that I have ever had to stay. Traumatized from it.

Josh Lehr

Great hospital great staff

Randal Cole

Absolutely the best hospital care of any facility I've been treated at-----hands down!!!!!!

Rhonda Collett

Experience in the ER, ICU and Intermediate Care Unit -found all staff to be extremely caring and compassionate. Nurses, Aides, Respiratory Therapists and Housekeepers

Julie Coutts

Took my son to the emergency room with a screaming stabbing headache they told me it was a migraine pumped him full of drugs said he had to spend the night to get an MRI the next day I slept in a hard chair spend $15,000 that night to sleep there had to explain my sons situation 16 times to 15 different doctors All did nothing but pumped him full of drugs to keep him quiet nobody wanted to know why he had headaches just said he had migraines. Which I argued with because kids don’t just wake up and have migraines for no reason . Then the neurologist comes and says the MRI was clear and that he was having rebound headaches from all the drugs and when I tried to argue with her until her that’s impossible they started before we gave him migraine medication she gave me an attitude and told me I could go to a different neurologist . turns out or year later it’s nerve pain if somebody would’ve looked at his neck and said of just his brain they would’ve seen that the C1 vertebrae was out of place pinching and his nerve unacceptable this hospital is the worst ! A simple x-ray is all he needed ! Never will I go to the hospital again !!!!!!!

Scott Lively

Zero stars if possible. My elderly mother is in the so-called Observation Unit right now after having surgery today to help with blood clots and remove a filter. She did not ask to go to this hospital. She was told to go there by here cardiologist. He never even came to see her. Her heart is in a weakened state and no one seems to care. Her phone in the room has no cord, so no means of calling me. Had to leave a cell phone which worries me it might get stolen. The AC is not working proper and the room feels stuffy. The room has glass windows from floor to ceiling so all the heat is being drawn into the room, making. it hotter. Closing the blinds didn't hemp. Needless to say that it got hot in that room today. Staff told about it early on in the day. No one came to check on it. Nothing is being done when the staff is told something is wrong. Before the surgery when my mom was in the ER, they left her in the hallway. No heart monitor eventhough she's in her 70s with an admitting resting pulse of 160. She was in AFIB and still is as I write this review. The ER doctor left here in hallway for 8 hours in this condition. My mother mentioned heart and chest pains. No medicine given for pain or to help lower her pulse. No repeated EKG. I'm no medical doctor but this doesn't not sound how to run a hospital, especially an ER. Shameful. If my mom is not released tomorrow, I'll be asking for her to be sent to another hospital that can care for it's patients. And like all the other negative replies on here, I expect to get the same generic response. One filled with fake empathy and asks me to reach out to the hospital via email to talk to the appropriate care team. Wonder how that will go given the level of customer service my family received thus far with Banner Thunderbird Hospital. I leave this in summation as a warning to all thinking about going to this hospital. If you want to go to a hospital where the nurses are seen chatting with each other rather than tending to patients, doing each other's hair and not washing thier hands before touching medical equipment and doing homework instead of doing thier jobs... Banner Thunderbird Hospital is you're place. It felt like a high school more than a hospital. But hey... they offer nice hot patient rooms just like a sauna, no phone access so you're not bothered by family and get to worry more about the poor service so that you don't worry about what ails you. Those can be seen as positives, right? Best of luck if you are thinking of going here.... You're going to need a lot of lucky pennies if you go to Banner Thunderbird Hospital.

Misty Vandenvrijhoef

My fiance was brought in after a horrific motorcycle accident and unfortunately did not make it, but this wonderful hospital and staff tried everything they could including brain surgery to give him every chance. The Nuro Surgeon, Trauma Doctor and Nuro ICU nursing staff were so compassionate and caring during this difficult time. I am forever greatful my Scott was brought to this hospital after his accident. They treated him with such respect and dignity as he left this life. And they were very comforting to me and our children as we struggled through losing our Scott. Forever thankful and greatful, Misty

Zemina Sifontes

The staff was very professional and caring as well as helpful.

Brian Walsh

Basically worst hospital to go to in the United States of America. Seriously not joking. Banner is the worst medical facility I have ever been to In My Life. Discharging people from the hospital, while they are still violently throwing up. Just to come back 3 hours later, and have to sit here in the waiting room for 3 more hours, just to be seen by a doctor again for help.


I called the OB triage department to tell them symptoms I’ve been having that had me worried. (I’m 37 weeks pregnant). The person who answered the phone was not only no help at all, but probably one of the rudest people I’ve encountered when calling a workplace. I even called back a second time to ask her name, which was Debbie. (She hung up on me the first time before I could even finish talking). I’m actually nervous to go into labor now because I’m wondering how the rest of the staff will be here. If you don’t know how to be decent towards people, you should not be working in a hospital setting.

Alkurdi America

The worse hospital ever , I have been 3 hours in the hospital and nobody come check on me . I don’t recommend to no body

pat w

Morning ofJuly 8th call 911 when my mom was expirenceing stroke like symptoms. She was transported to your hospital since it was the closest. Two hours later called to see how she was doing and much to my dismay I was told she was discharged, could not tell me how an86 year old woman with no ID, no purse, and noc clothes could be discharged and or if she had transportation. Don't waste your time say it was a mistake or sending me an email I'll be in tomorrow

Ginny Reeves

As an outpatient I was give good care. Tara and her staff were excellent. My only concern is lack of proper maintenance of "equipment" resulting in delays of procedures. tsk tsk. Y'all can do better.

daniel tirsoreanu

I have been a volunteer for over 3 years and I have been very grateful to work at Banner Thunderbird. The people I met in my departments were high quality and kind people but I was not a patient myself.

Melissa Bigelow

Just gave birth to my daughter here and had an amazing experience. Nurses had the best bedside manner and were all very knowledgeable, Mary kay and Michelle especially. Recovery was just as great. Special thanks to Dr. Goad who was the on call doctor who delivered my daughter you did amazing!

Jessica Alcoser

Yesterday, my hundand and I came in to Banner Thunderbird. From what I thought I just had bad seizure the night before. When we got here all staff and volunteers were super amazing and went above and behind for me. One nurse on the 3rd floor named Alex is fantastic. Yesterday, I just kept asking her about the catholic chruch coming by and saying a pray for my family and I. As she was looking for someone from the catholic church. She went down to the gift shop and got me a big eyed stuffed animal and key chag with a cross on it. About an hour later the sister from the church came and said a pray with us. It was so sweet. I love it. Well i have to go, my doctor is going to do my surgery now. Come to find out it just wasn't a seizure. I have a brian tumor.

Jessica Green

The labor and delivery team was amazing. They made me feel safe and comfortable and help motivate me to keep pushing. Wonderful experience. Thank you for helping me bring my beautiful baby into the world.

Kris Adams

My dad was admitted here for 7 days as of today and was just released. The staff in observation was amazing, Kurt was our hero. Stephanie In Endoscopy was amazing. The staff on the 5th floor went above and beyond anything I ever expected. Mike, Kelsey, Dr Shah, Bridgette, all amazing souls. I know I have missed a lot of names but I appreciate each and everyone of you for taking care of my dad. It was a long road but we are so glad to be home.

Thomas Venafro

The nurses during my wife’s pregnancy were very understanding and caring for my wife. We didn’t even mind that they were training someone who was observing. Something we normally wouldn’t have wanted, we were okay with here.

Adalberto Jimenez

They have not even posted my problem with this hospital it's a good hospital but the nurses are bad especially on the third floor they make up stories. The nurse is on the first floor awesome they do the job right they don't give me problems at all

John Debottis

They put me in a room for 2 days and never did anything had to wait to shower they had no supply’s for bedding ihave And ammonia I could’ve just stayed home we got the same treatment as I go to the hospital I wouldn’t recommend taking nobody there

Vivien Enders

I have been in OB Triage a few times now after being told to come. I will be speaking with my doctor about what a waste of time it is. The nurses are rude and dismissive. They make you feel as if you’re an inconvenience. You advise them of your symptoms and they do not respond. They monitor you and send you home even with the symptoms being unresolved. Once I went and was advised I could go wait in the ER to get more testing. Isn’t that why I came to OB Triage? The ER initially sent me to Triage. I could have stayed home. Each time I have been placed in a room there has been someone else’s urine cup or hat in the toilet, gloves on the floor, trash, etc. When you advise the nurses they leave it there with the previous patients information on the sample cup. Makes me concerned for my personal information.

Monica Andrade

In regards to my recent visit with my 5year old we went to Banner Hospital on Thunderbird Rd. In Glendale on Saturday September 28th. Due to my child having a fever up to 103.5 prior to arrival, once we got into our “room” and the Dr. had came, she was rude from the moment she walked in. The worse attitude anyone could get from a Dr. on a First visit. It was the worse experience we’ve ever had at this location. We as parents are told to bring our children to the ER if they have a fever that goes up to 104. My child has had this happen for the past 4 days and the Dr refused to check her because she was already on antibiotics due to Impetigo and said it would make no sense to check her for anything when she already has medication and was bringing to argue with me about it in which it made me give the same energy back to her which then led her to finally say ok we’ll check her. It shouldn’t have to take a parent to put their foot down with a Dr. we come to the hospital because we need a Doctors help, not to get belittled. I will never return to this hospital even if my life depended on it. Nor will I refer anyone to visit this hospital.

Lovelypinkheartmarshello pinkylove

I love this place doctor was amazing I could cry joyful tears what they did for me I give it 20 stars I recommend here

Victor Macias

The doctors,nurses and staff were great, I felt pampered. The menu looked delicious and had great options although I didnt get to try it because I was on a liquid diet during my stay. I picked up my prescriptions from a pharmacy they have inside the hospital, very convenient. I was almost sad I had to checkout. Thank you Banner Thunderbird.

Mariana Willmore

Our experience in this hospital was great. We just got discharge today. My 6 year old daughter has a transient synovitis. And the doctors that looked at her were good. Nurses were so friendly that makes my daughter felt easy and less afraid. Thanks. I hope you keep up your good job and will do more improvements.

Adalynn Suarez

In my point of view the nurses are all nice and its very quiet not like in alot of hospitals where the nurses just gossip all night and dont let you even rest.

aracely ruiz

I had both my sons at this hospital one in 2013 and the second one in 2016 and the nurses were amazing with me and my sons. One of my sons was in the NICU for two weeks and the nurses were amazing with my son. They took very good care of him and I really appreciate it.

Lisa Nista

I went in with my son who was dehydrated and the medical staff took way too long to tend to my child and did not treat my son as a priority. I am highly disappointed in this location and would not recommend to anyone.

Megan H

Been in the ER 6 hours with no end in site. Watched half the people who were here after me who seem just fine called back while I continue to wait in blinding pain. Clearly the staff here doesn't care.

Natalie M

Staff and nurses are horrible they will leave you alone standing,,I had my 13 year old sedated for an MRI and he was barley waking up and she was trying to get his clothes on rolling her eyes!!!! My son is non verbal and has autism it wasn't just her,it was like that when I walked in there...bad hospital for good service verbally...

Jon Fenderson

A very friendly and courteous staff.

Tiffany Kingman

Do not come here!! In the 20+ years of coming to this facility, I have never been so unhappy with their service. The staff doesn't listen to the patients. The staff in the waiting area could really benefit from a course a interpersonal communication. I will most likely never come here again.

Francine Simkus

The check in lady laura.. about 4pm or just after 4pm today ( check cameras) was very rude to a differant patient....not myself. He was dropped off after having and appearing to still be having a mild seziour. His ride put him in wheel chair and left him in line. He waited about 8 or 10 minutes as only one check in person was available. We could see he was coming out of it just before his we approached to move him forward and ask if he needed a blanket as he was cold to the touch( alot of people were freezing) She then said no it would effect his triage.....not buying that at all... Tank top shorts slumped over stating he had just had a seizour and was in need of a blanket ...a non heated blanket does not affect a seizour....or a triage!!! Then moves him to the corner of the room by strangers who can see hes either having another seizour or so cold hes shaking to death....few minutes later triage nurse comes calls his name realizes hes in corner shake her head (not sure she was disgusted by him in corner shaking or because she thought he was a addict) either way she was gental with him and covered him with blanket and did her job kindly..he is a person who wanted help...reguarless of what caused or did not cause his seizour. 3 employees were asked if they could give the checkin ladys bage or name to us so we could make a one knew her name and knowone was telling us...eventualy a second check in lady came...and we got Laura's name that way... Laura your in a position you dont get to judge others or give a different level of kindness to others....shame on you!!!

Jennifer Foster

Long wait... Took my daughter to get seen for a desended belly due to consitpation.. the Dr was a total a## towards me, made me feel like I wasted his time. Not Coming back again.

Tiffany DuPre

If I could give 0 stars I would. I went in for a hysterectomy. Let's just say I was admitted overnight to the psych ward. Due to "no" beds avail. The bathroom was locked, could not get toiletries or a phone for hours . No one even knew what surgery I had. And when I asked for pain meds the nurse was rude and argumentative. They never followed abdominal surgery protocol. And when I said something they brushed it off and said "oh well" DO NOT GO THERE Edit I went thru patient relations already. It's a joke. Because I didn't get a blood clot or something no one cares. It's fine. Never again will I give a dime to this hospital and will be filing with the board.

Shannon Johnson

This is day 2 of coming to this er. Yesterday I waited 4 and a half hours and only got as far as triage. I'm a single mother of 2 and had to get home to my babies. So despite being in pain since Sunday I went home hoping it might pass or get better. After not lifting anything or doing much of anything in fear of making it worse I had come back so I can get some relief or answers as to what is wrong with my back. I'm not sure if they are just really short staffed but being a big hospital and a well populated area I'm confused as to why it is taking so long for the er wait times. I'm not bleeding to death but the pain has gotten worse and sitting in a waiting room for hours on end certainly hasn't made it any better. With this many reviews of horrible wait times why has this issue not been addressed?


Absolutely the worst ER experience in my life. I had faster care going to the LA free hospital with lines out the door. This place was heavy impacted by the flu so I'm sure that is my parting gift. Hospitals normally keep the ER and additional rooms set to 74 because germs don't spread as fast. This hell of a place had all the rooms with heaters on to 85!!! Waited in both trauma rooms and even got a bed..... Well 6 damn hours later.... And yet I had no provider signed up to see me. All the doctors are contracted so there is no care here. I offered 1k to please end this endless wait and please see a doctor... Of course, they said no. This place smiles to your face while twisting the knife causing more pain and agony. I ended up just releasing myself and taking my chances. If I end up in a

Vicki Borromeo

My son came into emergency n under went 6 1/2 hours major surgery. Everything went well until we found a guard by his door after they ran a background check on my son n found out he was a registered offender. Their reason is so my son who is in major pain will not do something or wonder out in the halls! My son is there to recover from a traumatic injury, but now he is treated like a criminal? He is not a threat to anyone after 11years of dealing with ignorant people who nothing of his level of having to register. Why dont they so a search on those that come into the hospital and run background checks that can do more damage. This is not a place to get better or be treated with respect to recover. We are from not this area but we will never want to get help from this facility even if I was on my dying bed!

Jonathan Dugger

My wife recently had heart surgery here and even though she was in a lot of pain, the staff was awesome. So we would like to mention them... Jennifer L Valerie N In the CARS Unit Janet A Ro Joanne Kelsey In the Outpatient Observation Unit Rosa in Transport Chad in Echo Security at the East entrance A couple days later we needed to return to the E.R. which was extremely slow (reason for 4 star rating) but again, the staff was awesome. Rick Griffith - awesome doc Nicole - Front Side Briana M Evy All these people went above and beyond their duties as medical professionals and were very much appreciated. Definitely feel they need some recognition!!! Great job guys and thank you!!!

Tanya Dragomir

This is the most unsanitary hospital I’ve ever seen! I was taken to the hospital due to having signs of a stroke. I was left in the waiting room for upwards of an hour in a dirty lobby (unknown liquid on the floor, trash, etc) before being taken back. When I was finally placed in a room, their was a container with urine on the medical tray that is used to prepare IVs with, blood spots on the floor, and dirt along the edges of the wall. When my husband complained initially about the state of the room, the nurse apologized and took the urine container but did not take me to a clean room. I was being treated in that room for about 3 hours before a person in charge apologized and admitted that they were running behind with cleaning that night and offered to move me to a clean room. What’s the point then? I’ve already been exposed to whatever the previous patient(s) had!

Kellie Edwards

This hospital deserves a zero rating. As a nurse, I was shocked to see how my daughter was treated in the ER for an intestinal infection. Her nurses were rude, judgemental, and inattentive. She was given medication that made her WORSE, and she spent 9 hours in the ER before being admitted. Nurses FORGOT to hook up her IV fluids, both in the ER and in the hospital, and no one cared. They did nothing to make her comfortable. We had to ask for a pillow, and her nurse acted disgusted by the mess when my daughter got sick. The same nurse never returned to the room after that point, and we were left hanging for hours. She also pre-judged and made repeated accusations about drug use, although tests proved negative. Definitely NOT a caring or healing environment. We will discourage everyone we know from visiting this hospital, because NO ONE deserves such treatment. Shameful.

bell pepper

I've been to this hospital like 4 or 7 times and the only review i will ever give is 5 stars, because they do deserve it. All love to her and everyone who works there❤

Jessica S

Nursing staff on postpartum Ward is great! Social workers sent us home with paperwork that wasn't ours and a mistake was made on a vital document which will take more time to get fixed. I'd drive further to a different hospital if you can.

Melissa Blacklock

My mother is currently in the CVICU and was admitted just a little over 2 weeks ago. Every nurse has been spectacular from Dee to Jessy, to the RT, David. The have honestly been such a wonderful support system taking the time to explain things and always available for questions. I think they need to be recognized for their stellar nursing and RT care!! One bad experience we have had was the nurse Angela. She is extremely rude. She makes us feel as if we are bothering her every time we ask questions, she is abrupt in speaking with us and is very condescending. My mother is in critical condition and the family has lots of questions. My sister and I asked to speak to the ICU doctor and she told us "the doctors already been in here to speak with other family members and they will only speak to one family member about your mothers condition and to basically get the information from the other family member" I know that not to be the case working in a hospital. There are care managers who can put together a meeting to meet with the family so that we are all on the same page. I feel like Angela has the worst bedside manner. I work as a Clinic Manager in another state and if any of my nurses treated patients' families the way she treats us I would have written them up. So very unprofessional, it's as if she is unhappy with her job and takes it out on the family members making people feel very uncomfortable.

Ron Burgundy

Great hospital speedy E.R.

Nina Dusan

For this hospital being a banner medical center it isn't serious need of some changes starting from very top is absolutely unacceptable for a hospital to tell its patient it will be getting in bed and 5 hours later still having to wait for rooms to be cleaned I mean is it that short staffed. This is by far the worst hospital have been in I would seriously not recommend anyone come here unless you expect to stay all day waiting hopefully Someone has the Curtis you explaining why this is ok..I really hope that I do not get this standard response that I keep seeing another reviews I will be emailing the director of this hospital to voicemail concerns as well as whoever else I can get a hold of

Amber Wilde

Had my now almost 3 year old here and had an amazing experience. It was a scheduled cesarean that went off without a hitch. The nursing staff kept me informed and tended to me and my baby for all of my needs in a timely manner. They were accommodating to my partner as well. I am about to have my third son (second time at this hospital) and I am super excited. If you are looking for an amazing OB ask for Doctor KOON. He is the man!

Josh Parry

They take great care of kids. The ONLY problem in the peds unit... They wake up these sick kids to do vitals, shots, and other things. If the kid hasnt slept well, transferred from another hosptial, been up for more than 20+ hrs, or 'if rest is best' then let kids sleep. Some kids have a hard time getting to sleep, then you come in to do stuff, that can wait, or that they dont need to be woken up for. A head scan can take a temp without waking a kid. Most of the nurses get this, but when I ask one of you nurses if it can wait, I'm politely asking to wait. I guess next time instead I'll just say "Piss off til they are awake.' Maybe then you'll get the hint.


Very kind and attentive staff.

Tony Gallope

I dont remember all of the nurses drs and staff that helped us these last 48 hrs but they were all fantastic. One person did stand out above the pack, Misty in the storks nest! When I was there with my newborn son she and I spoke about people, life, babys, and tattoos. I can genuinely tell she cares about her job and loves what she does. Thank you for taking such good care of my boy. You really made an impression on me and I wish you all the best!!!! Thank you everyone

Tracy Blakely

Hmmmm, where to begin. I brought my mother here with a bursted appendix and yes she still had to wait over 2 hours to be seen in ER. She did have surgery and after the fact one can't visit their relatives after surgery. Then when the surgeon comes out, we had a 30 second poor assessment of her condition and wouldn't answer questions. What's sad, it only gets worse. She was admitted to ICU where her stay only got worse. Upon her arrival into ICU I've never seen a more unorganized outfit ever and I work for an airline and this hospital takes the cake. Unanswered nurse call bells, charts that had no information given from one department to the next, poor building management such as unclean floors, broken elevators and unlit corridors. Did I bring my mother to county hospital, maybe I should of because I think that I would have received better care had I took my mother there. BANNER GET IT TOGETHER!!! I will be bringing this to the attention of the State.

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