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Tanya Marez

Went to the ER with severe abdominal pain. Yes had to wait awhile to be seen but once I got seen all staff from nurses, dr.’s to lab techs to radiology was the best care I’ve ever received from any other hospital. Had emergency surgery and was sent home right away. Thank you.

Crystal Mora

Wen't to the ER for having chest pains. Staff and nurses were pleasant and professional. I was treated very well here, and received a room quickly. Dr Southworth was AWESOME! Thank you for taking care of me!!

Teressa Turner

Ryan Fudge

On the night of Thursday the 4th of October 2018 I was taken to the Banner Casa Grande Medical Center Emergency Room for medical treatment after a physical fight, and also to talk with a CPR Crisis Counselor at 11 AM the next day because I had made a suicidal statement out of frustration after the physical fight had ended. I had come to the ER on a voluntary basis to speak with a CPR Crisis Counselor. Shortly after my arrival to the Emergency Room I made my way to the ER's restroom. I found another patients blood all over the toilet seat and on the floor in front of the toilet. I complained about these unsanitary/unhealthy conditions to the staff, and they stated they would have housekeeping clean the restroom. I returned to the restroom after a long time and the blood was still there. I was still expected to use this restroom despite the unsanitary/unhealthy condition, and the staff did not seem concerned at all about cleaning up the blood yet still expected patients to utilize the restroom. It's important to know that a previous time I was at this ER I also found another patients blood on the toilet, floor, and the sink of the very same restroom. I had notified staff of the condition of the restroom and yet the blood was still there over 3 hours later. Because of these conditions and the complete lack of care the staff had for providing a safe, clean, and healthy environment I decided to leave the ER and seek treatment elsewhere. I calmly walked out of the ER only to be picked up by the local Police Department and notified that I was not suppose to leave until I was cleared by the CPR Crisis Counselor in the morning. I fully cooperated with the PD and was brought back to the ER. I was greeted by a security guard who unprofessionally expressed his anger at having gotten mud on his boots as he followed me across a field when I left the ER. Although I was completely non-combative and had stated I would not leave the ER again, I cooperated as I was placed into 4 point restraints for what I believe to be the purpose of punishment, simply for having left the ER and for the sole convenience of the staff to ensure I did not attempt to leave again, as well as retaliation by the angry security guard. This was illegal false imprisonment and a violation of my rights. Restraints are by law only to be used in emergency situations described as followed: "A patient should never be restrained solely for the convenience of the hospital staff or as punishment. Such punitive or convenience restraint use is prohibited expressly by most state laws, Medicare regulations and JCAHO standards." "A person undergoing treatment pursuant to article 5 of this chapter shall not be subjected to seclusion or mechanical or pharmacological restraints except in case of emergency for the safety of the person or others." "The key principle underpinning the use of seclusion and/or mechanical means of bodily restraint is that they shall only be used as a last resort when all other options have been considered and shall not be prolonged beyond the period of time that is necessary for their purpose." "Federal law states that all patients have the right to be free from physical or mental abuse, and corporal punishment. All patients have the right to be free from restraint or seclusion, of any form, imposed as means of coercion, discipline, convenience, or retaliation by staff. Restraint or seclusion may be imposed only to ensure the immediate physical safety of the patient, a staff member, or others and must be discontinued at the earliest possible time." Upon being placed in the restraints, I asked what I was suppose to do if I had to use the restroom. A nurse replied rudely and unprofessionally "We could put a catheter in you!". The security guard informed me to tell somebody if I had to use the restroom. However, when I later informed the security guard of my need to use the restroom, I was completely ignored. I was not allowed to use the restroom for the rest of my stay in the ER. I was also denied water for the rest of my stay.

Dead Headed

I recently went in because I was having severe pain in my tonsil causing me to not be able to talk without hurting really bad. The nurse shined her phone light down my throat. They took a swab and had me sit with a bunch of other patients. Came back and said I had no strep that all I had was a common sore throat. Nope I've had many sore throats in my life and my throat wasn't the problem it was my right tonsil. They gave me Ibuprofen and something for infection. Didn't give me any answers and kept speaking for me saying I was having throat pain. I ended up going to a better hospital and they concluded I had tonsilitis not a sore throat. I had been told by few that this hospital was awful I saw first hand myself the staffing did a terrible job.

crzchris 246

Took a 5 year old with ear pain in and waited there for 2 hours. Asked to talk to the nurse in charge to ask whats taking so long, a smug nurse told me very proudly that the average wait time is 3 1/2 hours so we were still under the average. He told me not to worry bout it and told me i should've went to chandler or sacaton. This place needs to shut down...this place is a death trap.

Nancy Kink

i had to go to the emergency room in the middle of the night for intense pain in my right side, did not get an answer to my problem, will follow up with my physician, but the care I received was impressive, I was wheeled in by the security guard, immeaditly taken into a room, within 1 hour my tests were done, the staff were very friendly and efficient, their concern was like they were all my friends. thank goodness they are in casa grande close to home. thank you to all the staff.

Travis Fuller

Worst hospital I've ever been to. Took x-rays on my finger after I accidentally slammed it in a door. Sent me home with a wrap around 1 finger saying it was just a bone bruise. Went to a different hospital and they told me I had a fractured finger. This was a month later mind you. Banner doesn't care about you. They just want your money. DO NOT GO HERE.

Jill Kubatko

My daughter and her fiancé and I were in Arizona for vacation in March 2015. He was not feeling well and we took him to urgent care who charged us $50 and told us to take him to the hospital. When we got to the hospital they said they would take urine and blood sample. We waited more than an hour. We asked to be seen by their expedited services because he was starting to feel better. Now he has to pay $2000 and he was never seen by a doctor. That is the worst thing I can think of for my daughter and her fiancé who are saving for their wedding. I will be writing a letter to the local newspaper about our experience there. $2000 is ridiculous for a two hour wait and never seeing a doctor. You are a disgrace to the hospitals of this country. You ruined our trip and now you've taken away money from the kids who are planning to get married soon. I will fight this all the way to the top. You are a disgrace.

Andd Becker

Phoning the Banner Casa Grande Medical Center phone number listed on the receipt that BCGMC gave me last week, I was surprised to hear a recorded message advertising an alert system, Dish, Disney, case insurance, and a Bahamas trip.

M Eig

Lessette Rose

Matt Objection!!

There is nothing good about this hospital. They are rude. Their policies are out of line. They wont even allow admitted patients outside if its dark out

Deborah Houston

I was amazed at how fast I was treated after I registered with the ER check in.

Charles Collier

Bad, slow service in the intake area. You can tell this I JUST a job for them. Not something they got into because they care about people. If you have to go to the ER there. Make sure to bring a change of clothes and necessities. Because you'll be there awhile. Banner buying Casa Grande Regional is the worst thing to happen to Casa Grande health care. This review won't ever make it to the eyes of Banner mobsters... I mean executives. But if you just have a small situation medically. I recommend going to Nexcare Urgent Care.... not Banner ER. Edit: They've started having patients wait in the waiting room, as they're being treated. Instead of bringing them to the back. This hospital is getting worse by the day.

Susan Walker

best place to work. Dr's are great. nurse's are awesome

Joanne Julien

My husband was taken to ER via ambulance. The fire dept and rescue squad staff were phenomenal. The people in the ER dept need compassion training. They were the rudest people I have met in Arizona. My husband has been fighting cancer for 5 years and I’m just not used to being treated so poorly by medical staff. It was traumatic enough without the horrible rude treatment by staff there. It’s also disgustingly dirty. I will avoid this hospital at all costs. Wanted to add also that my husband was there 1 time prior to this for horrible pain on his right side chest. They wanted to remove his gall bladder... he had shingles. Had we went forward with the surgery it would have been catastrophic

Fabian Orr

Came in for an er visit and the lady at the front desk couldn't here wait and said, so she said "what" in a very rude voice. Then the doctor comes out to ask what was going on with me, right in front of everyone, as if i wanted everyone to know my conditions. Then the receptions nurse was rude asking for my informantion. I've had good experiences here before, but this time I felt like I wasn't welcomed here.

Linda Walter

Specialists in insufficient patient care

John Andrews

Peter Borghero

waited for three hours, never saw a physician

C Arizona

I wish I had read these, or checked their government rating before allowing myself to be admitted. I have had many many hospitalizations over the years. This was something out of the Twilight Zone. From a nurse sneezing in her hands and turning to work with equipment shared all over and getting annoyed I asked her to wash her hands, to a anesthesiologist actually drooling on paperwork, wiping it off and handing it to me to sign, to being mixed up with other patients more than I care to think about,, having calls for help ignored over and over and on and on and on. I asked to be allowed to leave, insisting on it, before I was actually ready, simply from fear I would never leave if I stayed any longer. There were a few bright nurse, Dayna, who was excellent, and 2 techs, Brandy and Tiffany. Thank you 3 so much! And the ER doc for his compassion and professionalism. Get out of there! You deserve better!

Kostas Kravvaritis

Love's oasis. In the middle of nowhere some people smiles and take care of you. The best hospital i ever visit in an emergence time. Thanks to: Willie,Ester,Warren,Delmarie,Chiraku,Eskandar, THANK YOU ALL << Mr K>>from Philadelphia

Dee Sucket

Went back n for an emergency gall bladder removed. They were the best. From behind to day I left it was top notch. Doctor was awesome and continually explained procedure. Care of nurses etc could not have been better. Wish I got this good of care in North Dakota

Margie Hernandez

0n 4/16/16 i took my mother in for face numb, face droooing, speech disoriented, head pain.we arrived in the ER at 11am sat...we were in tge waiting room libby till 5pm, then they finally took her back to a was obvious there was something major goiin on, she was then transferred to Banner University Medical b in phx. Terrible service.

Michael Vigil

Great nurses. Caring caregivers.

luz fierro

This hospital sucks,my husband took my 22 month old son in, for throwing up non stop and the dumb ass Dr diagnosed him with strep throat just to get him out of there. Once they gave him medicine for step throat and he threw it all up they knew it couldn't be that...I will not take my kids back there if I do not have to, my husband, or myself. A friend of mine took her 8 year old girl in for stomache problems and they told her it was appenicitis, when she took her to a different hospital they ran test and told her it was an infection. This hospital needs to shut down or should hire appropriate staff who know what they are doing.

William Doyle

Jezuz Luna

3hrs in the Emergency waiting area for a family member to be seen, bad bad idea to come to this hospital. Try going to Chandler/East Valley.... 2 bad can't give a - ⭐

Lindsie M.

I went to the ER here yesterday and honestly have never been treated better by any other hospital! I live in Mesa, AZ and would honestly drive to Casa Grande to have the care I received here yesterday. All of the staff was happy, friendly, professional and kind! Great experience for having to be in the hospital on my vacation!


This is the worst place ever! If you want to be ignored and left waiting for 5 hour and more, then this is the place for you. It awful staff will keep telling you you're next, but you won't be. When you finally several hours later get a room to be seen you will be left there for hours. I couldn't help but notice most of the rooms were empty and most staff are sitting in what looks to be a break room talking and laughing. There are no Drs. To be seen what so ever. I have no idea why were left hours on end if the rooms are not full or being used.

Harry Lucas

Went in with stroke symptoms and was put in the waiting room because they didn’t have a clean room. They said we had to wait for house cleaning to clean the room before they could evaluate a patient with stroke like symptoms!!! When we asked how much longer it would be before we would see a doctor the nurse rudely told us “Don’t get an attitude with me, I don’t even know you”. Unbelievable! Immediately left and went to Dignity Health where they know what to do and started a “stroke protocol “ upon entering the emergency department. You would think that Banner Casa Grande would look into implementing this, after all it’s a standard of practice that has been around for awhile.

Weston Williams

I'm honestly gunna say I wouldn't even of gave them a star . The names on the board are nurse caring for u is. tanis holly. doctor name .southworth treiman. I'm put in a room after waiting in the waiting room for 2 hour . Then they put me in room 8 if I could post a picture of it I would but there is green stuff growing under the sink . It is a open face sink so u can see everything. NeXT the doctor comes in and says what do you what me to do for u . Like I have no right coming in the first place . Very rude guy . No bed side at all . Then he gets a phone at 330 pm and says he will be right back well here it is 6pm and he sitting right in front of room 8 eating for 2 1/2 hours and I must say the thing that was that he picking his nose. And it's not like they are under staff there 6 nurse just hanging out at the desk.

terie vass

My husband had a problem 2 weeks ago and came in for a catheter, they did it wrong. A few days later he had to return to have it done again. And he had an infection. And we had to pay again when it was their mistake. Sadly, there is no other place in town. If I need surgery I will go out of town.

Crystal Kittle

Very caring, knowledgeable staff.

Jaime Wallace

Worst hospital ever. Have kicked out my husband when his saturation levels where dangerously low, 83%. Which is admitting worthy. Kicked me out of the ER in the middle of a chrones flair up, puking my guts out and begging for them to keep me. Not to mention to horrible care my father recieved here before he DIED.

George E Castillo

Most of the nurses here do a wonderful job! The Doctors are good too!

Marquiseo Granderson

lucas wallace

Oh my god,I took my 8 year old daughter to the emergency room at 12 :30 am,because she was complaining about chest pain,It was 2:00 am and still waiting to be seen,I had to go to the front and ask them,and they told me that I still had to WAIT.RIDICOULOS

Paul Roop

I lived in Tucson before moving out here. I will say this; there aren't a lot of other options out here. However, if you need x-rays or have a condition where you have the option of driving to a Phoenix or Tucson ER, I would say don't bother to go to Tucson - the ERs there are not any better, and many are way worse. Avoid Emergency Rooms altogether if at all possible. They are always the most chaotic, most mismanaged hospital departments with high staff turnover rates which tends to mean less experienced staff. I drive to Marana to the 24-hour urgent care whenever I need to see a doctor right away for minor infections, rashes, fevers, and stuff they can handle, and I would highly recommend them. I've always gotten signed in, seen by the practitioner, treated, and sent home all in less than an hour every time I have been there. My recent experience at Casa Grande, however, took nearly six hours total. But, comparing ER to an urgent care facility is like comparing apples to oranges - nearly all urgent care facilities are happier, friendlier, faster, more efficient places than ERs. But, sometimes the urgent care can't do what you need and you have to go to the ER. My wife started a new medication recently that increased her risk of blood clots. Days after starting it, she experienced sharp pain in her calf, and her doctor sent her to the ER for a leg ultrasound. The meds were her only risk factor, she's young, doesn't smoke, and doesn't drink, so the doctor told us that there was a decent chance that the pain wasn't a blood clot, but she wanted to make sure because blot clots can kill you. The ultrasound showed that she didn't have a blood clot, so it took them nearly six hours for a fairly simple visit, but that's nothing compared to the waits at some of the hospitals in Tucson. My grandpa waited three days for a hip x-ray at TMC, and I have a number of friends that have waited more than 24 hours at various Tucson ERs. The nurses at Casa Grande were excellent. They were friendly, polite, and professional and made my wife feel completely at ease and reassured her that she wasn't an inconvenience at all. My wife was feeling kind of embarrassed about going to the ER and not finding anything wrong with her. The ultrasound tech needs to have someone explain to him about assessing pain. He was pressing so hard with the wand that my wife was in excruciating pain, and he just yelled at her for not holding still enough for him to get a good picture. She was tearing up and biting her knuckles, trying to hold still for him. The doctor seemed like he was in a hurry and interrupted almost every sentence, but they got the job done, and we were able to rule out blood clot like our doctor wanted. However, once the ultrasound came back negative, they sent us home without any kind of discharge instructions or attempt to discover the cause of my wife's pain. However, we called our doctor in the morning and she is handling follow-up amazingly well. So, while it wasn't a fun experience by any stretch of the imagination, they got the job done. That's the best you can expect for an ER. So in conclusion, try to avoid going to the ER at all if humanly possible. But, if you need to go to the ER, Casa Grande is better than the Tucson hospitals, so your better off here. Just make sure to follow up with your own doctor afterwards.

Jordan Ramos

This place is terrible, I came in with bronchitis, and I couldn't breath, I had passed out a couple of times, I was told while getting my vitals taken that basically I had to suffer and that they don't have a "magic pill' to heal me. but I was there because I couldn't breath, I know full well that when your sick for the most part you have to tough it out, but I came in and literally stayed there for four hour's only for them to tell me that, while I heard at least for people coming in with vague back pain and getting toradol shots and being sent on there way. it was just terrible, there was blood on the floor by the restroom and on the curtain divider.

Marilu Jamias

One of the best place to work!

Donna Mollet

We were on vacation and I had to be taken to the ER. This medical center and its staff is a treasure. The staff were all very professional, compassionate and helpful. I would highly recommend this medical center.

Cutie Pie

The emergency room care is PHENOMENAL but being admitted is another story. The abuse and negligent attention to patient is absurd!


Gosh. I don't ever write reviews really, good or bad but tonight was the worst experience ever. Hope their employees get their selves together, the community depends on having a place they can be treated for serious situations and this place is putting lives in jeopardy. I am at awe in how horrible these people are at their jobs

John Burton

I am very disappointed / displeased on how I was treated!!! I am a Veteran of the U.S.M.C., and am dealing with over whelming anxiety, that is causing chest pressure and pains. NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE. Your staff has no heart!!!!!


It's O.K. for simple procedures. The nursing staff are good and they do care. The facility is getting new equipment and it is being modernized. But, remember that it IS run by a major corporation and time is money. The big problem is the surgeons, doctors and higher level medical staff. These medical people work in Casa Grande, because they can't work anywhere else. Their experience and education, in my opinion, are below par. If they were good, they would be in Phoenix. Go North or South to the major cities if you need important diagnosis or surgery. Don't take the chance in this facility. Oh! and one other important note. If a doctor or nurse do something wrong, your complaint falls on deaf ears.


bad service, I was more than 8 hours for the doctor to see me

Tammy Foxall

Nothing has changed. The level of incompetence is astounding! Your hospital sent my son home. The wounds were not superficial as you diagnosed! He required trauma surgery... Massive amounts of IV big gun antibiotics. He could have died, or lost limbs because of your lack of care. Thanks to John C. Lincoln Hospital for expert care!


This place is ridiculous longest wait was 5 long hours . I bet if my head fell off they’ll tell me to sit and wait for a couple mins

Mary Campbell

Waited only 30 minutes. Very efficient receptionist. Went in for a Cortisone shot in husband's knee. They don't do shots but we're good at the process.

DeAnna Mclendon

My daughter had a beautiful delivery experience Dr. Smith the Nurses and the anethesiologist who did the epedurial were absolutley amazing They where very attentive to her every need and helpful

ceedryk dyott

My grandma went in for abdominal and vaginal pain at 54-year-old they did blood work told her that her potassium when a little high but she was okay. Next day was even sicker. Nothing. 2 weeks later she passed away. Banner needs doctors who care. You're doctor's now just want money. I am so disappointed. Thank you for nothing.

Joe Cruz

Worst hospital I ever been too staff sucks

Mark Hill

k tem

Dirty facility from ceiling to floor. Went in with a stomach issue and developed a staff infection as a result. Had to see my primary for antibiotics days later as a result. I do NOT recommend this facility. Staff treat you like a number and treat you like an inconvenience, which is sad - kind of goes along with the gross hospital.

David Dick

My wife is currently a patient . It is very disturbing to see nurses ignore call buttons. For example had to go to the bathroom. She went and the alarm went off. She returned and then got back in bed which turned off the alarm. I personally saw them ignore the call button. It does not instill confidence that if she falls she would get help. They also refused to tell the doctor what was going on with her ailments. Wife made a list of her issues and ask to have it given to a doctor that would not listen. One nurse specifically said, "oh no, you are not taking to a doctor. What does she think she she get special privileges."This a person's life and if the do not care, how can they be trusted. Very not good. This place is a malpractice waiting to happen. Instead of helping my wife they made her worse. She can count on one hand the number of people that were actually seemed to now what they were doing. One nurse took her off a medication with out doctor's permission. She even bragged about it. The doctor put so much blood thinner in her they caused her to have massive lumps and huge bruises. They acted like they were experimenting on her instead of trying to help her. One nurse laid on top of her to force her to hold still to adjust a pick line that only a surgeon should be doing. Then after she took her off the medicaition, she tried to give her morphine. MY WIFE IS ALLERGIC TO MORPHINE. Then she tried to change her out of her bed into a new one at 3:00 AM and struggled so hard she was trying to rip out the pick line. Two other nurses told her to stop and then she realized that people saw what she was trying to do. Over all she is now worse off than when she went into the hospital

Wayne c

I can't say enough about the staff at this facility. I recently checked in at Banner after becoming ill during a recent vacation to the area. The courtesy, compassion, and professionalism of the entire staff was top notch. In spite of being extremely busy, the doctors took time to consult with me on several occasions. Every test and procedure was thoroughly explained before hand. Test results were relayed to me in a timely manner, and explained in layman's terms. I was never once made to feel like just a number. Many Ohio medical facilities could use some lessons in patient care from these folks. I will not hesitate to come back to Banner for future medical care once I retire to the area.

beans rice

Crystal Decker

Not a damn thing and I have a disease slowly killing always getting sent home

Tiana Elyse

I am 12 weeks pregnant and went to this hospital with cramping and bleeding which is obviously a huge concern as it is a threat of miscarrying. I arrived at approximately 2:30 pm and wasn’t seen until almost 7 o’clock, which was devastating as I continued to bleed out. The intake staff was unorganized and sent several people to be seen who arrived hours after I did. There was even a young lady who was experiencing the same symptoms as I, however she had only been waiting 30 minutes before she was seen. This absolutely infuriated me, no sense of urgency to something that could have resulted in tragedy due to my hours of sitting and waiting. Once I finally got upstairs, the doctor was absolutely phenomenal. He was quick, knowledgeable and apologized that I had been waiting so long. The nurses who assisted him were kind and did everything they could to make sure I was comfortable. Turns out everything is fine and my baby is okay. I really appreciated how efficient the staff upstairs were and how fast they gave me a response in such a scary moment. The downstairs intake staff could learn a thing or two from them. I more than likely would not choose this hospital again for any pregnancy concerns and I do not recommend this place to anyone needing immediate service.

Garagebuilt Performance

this place is nothing but a pos with all the retarded staff they have this place should be closed down

Diane Duteil

I arrived at the emergency via ambulance Sunday afternoon. I was put in a room and made comfortable by a multiple of people all very polite and was immediately seen by Dr. Ryan Southworth. He was so nice and made it very clear what he thought was wrong, and all the tests that they would be doing. Everyone that came in my room smiled, was very polite and told me their name and what they were going to do. Rachael was so nice she did the EKG. Glen was very nice he took my blood and he was very gentle. He popped in later with a smile and a request to fill a jar. These are just a few of the very nice people that helped me, there were so many. Dr Southworth came in to see me before I left explained everything to me in a language I could understand and answered all my questions. I am at home feeling so much better. Thank you all very, very much.

Winifred Quinn

I got an infection after surgery, and the ER does not follow any privacy laws. All of the patients are herded into one room with chairs. I felt really bad for the elderly man there who could not pee. He seemed really embarrassed. Homesweethome1

Wrest place ever.

Jose Zavala

My wife and I just a had a baby there in the new labor and delivery facility and all the doctors and nurses were awesome! I couldn't of asked for more. They work so hard. Very pleased thanks Banner CG!

Jeo Parra

My wife is currently a patient and i will personally see to it that we will never be victims of the staff ever again. I don't even want to give them another chance. We feel like cattle to shepherds. Banner medical has always been reputable before it met casa grande medical center. I hope no one has to go through this.

Donovan Salas

Very good experience!! I would like to regconize Dr. Cortes, Dr. Michael Jackson. Dr. South worth, and P.A Kathy. Nurse Kathy and Karin. And the others I don't remember. Thank you, thank you ,thank you. For you compassion and care.

Steven Dedeian

Had massive heat exhaustion, nearly stroked out with a bleeder in head....was deliousrios in med wagon, when arrived was immieeately taken to er room where no less then 5 staff doctors and nurses, brought me back from the verge of dying..On very sharpe young doctor Comfort Brindly, a nice girl, found that indeed, I was peeing out electrolytes, because the Tucson VA had prescribed for me Lisinipril with Hydroclorzide, which dumps fluidss from your also dumps out your bodies eletrolytes at the same time..Had it NOT been for this er and hospital er staff, I wouldn't be here today...five stars to say the least..others may have had worse experiences then this, but certainly, being alive to talk about this , is pretty damned good

Niya Michelle

Horrible horrible horrible. If I could give it no stars, I would. No privacy. I’ve been there about three times and they tell you your diagnosis in the hallway “waiting” area where other patients are around. Something very devastating happened to me and it was literally a person sitting next to me and I was VERY surprised that the Dr. still openly gave me my diagnosis and instructions even tho people were next to me and on the other side of the curtains in the hallway “triage” area. I felt so humiliated. I’ve had kids try to bother my IV, the other two times that I’ve been, I’ve got diagnosed with “most likely’s” and “maybe’s” and given medications anyways, and they’ve LOST my urine before. None of the nurses or Drs. seem sure about what’s going on with any patient in there. I’ve heard everyone’s diagnosis, issues and names in there and I remember faces, so if I ever wanted to tell someone’s business after I’ve left, I definitely would be able to.

Charlene Snow

Great staff . Very caring. Empathy kindness . Family member all needs were met and staff went the extra mile. Care plan given and resources made available. Treated my love one like their own family. Wonderful Nurses CNAs doctors outlined care. Highly recommend .

Liz aguilar

I must admit that in the past every time I had to go here was the scariest place I could ever be at. With rude nurses and the attitudes from staff. every visit of my own and also family members was horrible. We always got warned from nearly every person do not go to HOPE U MAKE IT HOSPITAL. I must say that recently I was taken by ambulance from Florence hospital to casa grande banner. Well I was afraid again that I would get misdiagnosed as it has happened once to my 4 year old with a broken arm!! I was afraid I would have to wait all night to see a doctor but I was mostly afraid of nurses telling me I wasn't in pain or being uncaring of me. But I was surprised. I am no longer scared of going here they have changed so many things I am grateful for that. My nurse was amazing her name is CONNIE In ER all I worried about was NOTHING. I had surgery n I had the best experience possible. She's a wonderful nurse. My doctor was great. The only thing I noticed that could be changed would be the intake person in front lots of chit chat and laughing while people were in pain listening made it seem like they were taking their time fooling around. It has nothing to do with the wonderful staff behing those doors. Attitude is everything.. And CONNIE YOU ARE AN ANGEL. THANK YOU... MARTHA.

Mark Komurek

I went to the hospital a couple hours after my motorcycle accident. They did not clean out the road rash. I told them that I had a headache and they gave me pain pills. This is the second time I have gone to a Banner Hospital and both times I found that a trained monkey could do there jobs. I am sure that I am going to a doctor's bill even though I only was helped by a PA. Do not go!!!!!


Nichole Calnan

Ive been dealing with this hospital since 2012, Because of a mistake their staff made when I was pregnant and in labor. They do not keep their word! Ive been fighting with them and collection agencies to pay a bill the Hospitals CEO said they would take care off.

karen campos

Samantha pannell

Wish I could give this place a no star review. Had to go to banner on two different occasions and each time ended up waiting 8 hours before getting called to a room and then I waited a couple more hours to see the doctor. This is the worst run hospital I have ever seen.

Williams Famiily

Emergency room is nasty.... Rude RN's What privacy no room at all.. Stuffed in a hallway fr... Wow

Gaby Herrera

So I asked for an interpreter for my mom because I am not fluent to translate medical terms in Spanish. I didn't know I was going to be given fu**en attitude because of it. Yes, I speak some spanish but what if I translated something incorrectly and have them prescribe my mom something they shouldn't have. What was the big deal to have someone properly explain to the night shift doctor on the clock right now? He comes in and makes me and my mom by the way, feel uncomfortable about it and basically says WITH attitude (we have been nothing but kind to him) “she needs to see her own doctor and to see a dentist because we don't do that "here" and we’re not dentists” and shrugs at me like I’m an idiot. Although my mom doesn’t understand english fluently, she understood him enough and how hostile he was towards us. We came here because of an emergency: burning sensation and bitter taste in her mouth that’s causing her not to sleep. So yeah we came to the ER for some medicine to calm it down until tomorrow so I can try to get her to a dentist CAPTAIN OBVIOUS! We were already going to do that but we needed something to help her sleep because she was hurting. We’ve had good experiences here until now & I can see why people bash this place and prefer driving miles out to chandler. His attitude and hostility was completely unnecessary. Take a fu**en nap or eat a snickers AND do not take it out on your patients, especially those that are being cooperative & kind.

mark eshe

Poor excuse for a hospital. Very poor

Tracey Smith

What a nightmare. I was seen at the emergency room, I waited and waited after finally being seen I was told I needed to stay overnight for observation. Knowing I could not afford this, I told the doctor I needed to be discharged. I was basically threatened by the doctor, he said if I did not follow his medical advice, my insurance company could refuse to pay. My total bill to the hospital not including attending physicians costs was nearly $20,000. Although I had Medicare, I was sent a bill for nearly $500 ironically, Banner Hospital is a nonprofit, the have a charity program. If I had no insurance, and made less than $145,000, they would absorb the cost of my bill. I have reached out to banner trying to get some help. I'm at poverty level, and simply don't have the money to pay this bill. I was deneied. Reviewing my bill, I noticed several errors. I contacted banner requesting an audit. Months later I had not receive an itemized Statement for charges. When I did finally receive the review, it was just a list of charges without description. I have made numerous attempts to arrange a payment plan. Recently, I was turned over to a collection agency. I was told I need to make payments of $50 a month for the next 10 months. I explained that was simply not possible I did not have the funds. I offered to make payments of $10 a month until my account was paid out. I was told that was not acceptable. I have been dealing with this nonsense since March 2017. At this point, I am contacting the attorney general as well as Medicare and filing a grievance. I also was charged an extra hundred dollars by the attending ER physician. The charges listed after hour service, (10pm-8am) I was not admitted to the hospital after 10:00 PM I arrive much earlier. My records indicated I arrive at 10:45 PM I was discharged @ 1151pm that same night. My records are completely incorrect. I was not discharged until the following morning. Inaccurate records, fraudulent charges, Zero customer service or help resolving issues. I am exasperated by my experience from start to finish. My advice, unless your injuries are life-threatening, go to a hospital in Phoenix.

Donna Errazo

Nurse name Jenny at the icu department was awesome for taking care of my dad as well as Linda. The case manager Patti went beyond to help us out and always in communicating with us for updates. The filipino kitchen staff was really good at taking my dad’s food order and accommodation that they provided him.

Kimberley Gonzales

My real name is Kimberley Roskens. I will never have another surgical procedure here at BANNER CG. ever since Banner took over this hospital it has gone down hill tremendously. I had my best friend spend the night with me after a hip replacement and Im glad Sarah witnessed this so called patient care also. The nurses dont care what amount of pain youre in they close your door and let you scream in agony for hours! If Im having a heart attack I wouldnt go back to this hell hole! Please people go to the Valley!!! My next hip is being done in Chandler! Never again go here!! You would have better luck going to see a veterinarian for dogs and cats because I wouldnt leave a stray cat in their care you suck!!!!

Marcia Lusignan

If I could put a 0 I would. Not only is this ER small it is understaffed. I went in for breathing problems and chest pain. I sat there for over 3 hrs before getting in. The dr that finally came to see me acted as if she cared less that I was there and the same with the nurse. I was told I would be held for observation over night. After about a 4 hr wait I was taken up stairs to a room. What I saw up there was just plain ridiculous. People were leaving and new patients were going in as soon as they did a quick "clean" of the room. It was like that until I left the next afternoon. If you are going to get an infection it will be there at Banner Casa Grande. Plus the poor nurses and help are so understaffed that they were running around trying to do meds and book patients into their rooms. Talk about chaos. I was a bit better when I left but at least my personal dr gave me some meds before I got home. If you go to Banner expect LONG waits and a mad house. I will not go there again unless I am on my death bed. I will be going to Chandler hospital from now on. The one bright spot was Kevin on my floor. He kept the jokes coming while taking care of me and the girls from respiratory were nice. The nurses tried but they need more help on their shifts. Our insurances pay enough hire some people! Enough said.

Lorie Dominguez

jesus quinones

Yvette Martinez

The nurses are very nice everytime I go never have I been treating bad that's why I always go there for my emergencies.

Monique Barreras

Kevin M. Burns

Slowest ER ever. Rude staff to match

Marton Koonce

This should never be call a hospital. I would not take a sick family member and that means my pets. They might get that right. Staff is not professional or caring. People are taken in ahead of others that have been here 3 to 4 hours earlier. No triage just bad personnel .

House of Joy

Sue Zane

If your insurance is under the Native American Health Plan i would not waste my time here. You come here for an emergency visit cause one figures that since it is closer its a safer choice, but no. I suggest if you hold this health plan, just take the extra time to drive to sac. Alteast there they wont skip you and take others that came after you. Very upsetting. But wont be coming here again.

Regina Davis

I needed an x ray .me and my husband were in a car wreck and we were treated as if we weren't in pain. After receiving 2 shots and still in pain we find out we were treated with non narcotic meds . you would think that after a car wreck they would of taken our condition seriously. Its a joke.

Ashli Rivers

There's nothing nice to say. They are rude crude, & unexceptional. They ought to hire new staff and fire the old ones


I had already been harmed by a doctor at this hospital years before and I swore I would never go back. But when my colon ruptured I knew that if I didn't call 911 I would die. Many days I wish I hadn't called. The EMT's that came to upstairs apt. said, "there's an easy way down and a hard way and we are taking the easy way." Now I weigh very little so bringing a stretcher up would not have caused much work. And even though I was unable to stand and was screaming out in pain they grabbed me by the arms and pulled me down the stairs and across the rocks to get to the ambulance. I know this sounds unbelievable but it did happen. At the ER Department somehow they recorded that I was having complications from influenza with a my symptoms were never correctly recorded. It was a busy night in the ER and I was at the back of the list to see a doctor even though I required immediate surgery. One nurse even told be to stop my loud moaning as I was upsetting the patients who were truly sick! When I saw a surgeon 7 hrs later I was unable to communicate with him and tell him my true symptoms as I had developed extreme sepsis and was delirious. Today the best colon surgeons in AZ have told me that too much damage has been done and I am now too ill to survive corrective surgery. Yes, malpractice attorney's want my case badly but I just want to live a life without extreme pain and without the fear that my colon may rupture again at any time and kill me. I didn't die though so I have something to be grateful for. But if I don't warn people about the dangers of going there I myself am being negligent. PLEASE do not go to this hospital. Mercy Gilbert isn't that far away and you will be treatment quickly so most likely you will be seen by a doctor/surgeon before you would be in Casa Grande any way. And keep this in mind as it is very important and something I have learned recently. Good surgeons do not want to operate on someone who has been harmed by a previous surgeon. If they take on your case they are concerned that they will be in court constantly down the road if a malpractice suit is started which will result in a large decrease in their income. Also, their malpractice insurance company frowns upon them taking on surgeries to try to correct previous surgical errors as the outcome of these attempts is frequently unsuccessful.

Marina Love

Horrible facility!

Destinee Martinez

William Bushnell

I show up with a possible broken ankle and not even offered an ice pack. Worse than that, I have to walk on it because the nurses say its faster for THEM if I just walk. Worst hospital in the country. If they made me walk on a broken ankle, they will be putting my kids through college because I WILL SUE THEM FOR NEGLIGENCE.

Tay Lor

In the end my loved one lived all is well thank you

Ashley Land

This place earned the bad reviews. I went to the hospital after taking a medication and becoming violently I'll. The medication had just been returned after 6 months. The doctors never looked at it. First it was I no longer had a tolerance then I had pancreatitis. Pancreatitis is deadly and if sending your meds and infor to the wrong doctor and pharmacy is the best they can do expect death. No imaging was done and my labs weren't given to me so not sure how they determined this.

Jesus Corona

I need help begging please no one will lelp me

J b

Very quick, clean, professional yet warm, friendly. Most people don't like hospitals but I'm downright fearful of them. Phobic of germs esp in an er, and social anxiety makes the type of necc interactions at an er next to impossible for me. I have had numerous dislocations without ever stepping foot in an er because of these fears. Broke a rib and couldn't breathe so no choice, but I quickly was relieved after getting there. Here I didn't have an issue with either anxiety issue. I was calm and was able to deal with the emergency at hand because it was obvious how well run this place was from triage to doctor to all the people in between who keep it clean and running.

steven Urrutia

This is the most embarrassing medical institution I've come across. When low level security have the authority to bring in dogs against PATIENTS and FAMILES how can people feel welcome? What do you do when your doctor refuses to let your family see your dying uncle the day before he dies? Beyond just disappointing, I will never be able to trust them with my health or my families.

Jamie Tafarella

The Labor and Delivery unit was amazing. They were ver attentive to my needs and and my sons needs. The NICU is phenomenal! I cant praise the staff enough for their patience and determination to provide the best care to my son! I definitely recommend the Casa Grande hospital.

Carol Pfotenhauer

NEVER EVER GO TO THIS HOSPITAL YOU WILL WAIT AND WAIT AND WAIT, Filthy hospital, staff is so rude. THEY MISDIAGNOSED MY 7 year. Now she is in Chicago at the university of Illinois getting so much more care. Go luck Banner I’m going to own the HOSPITAL AFTER IM DONE WITH YOU IN COURT. DO NOT TAKE ANY SETTLEMENT FOR THIS HOSPITAL

Ida Olson Horning

My husband would have died if the staff here weren't focused and skilled. He had a MASSIVE HEART ATTACK, and everyone worked together immediately, knew what to do to help him and the doctor on duty did what had to be done to save a life. The only negative experience is that the food wasn't very good, but he is alive to complain about that! He had a 100% blockage before arriving in ER. No question he was in the right place at the worst time in his life. Kudos to Casa Grande Regional Medical Center.

Ted Cooper Jr

I went in to the ER for heart problems. I was put in a room fast which was nice. Then a RotoRooter guy came in the room and started snaking the pipes it smelled so bad i was gagging. The guy who took my information for my insurance thought it was bad. I asked to get transferred to another room. They put me in another room and forgot about me i was wired to a heart machine in a bed next to the door the ambulance comes thru. I was trying to get attention of someone so i could use the bathroom for over a half hour i was yelling for a nurse. No one would come i got out of the bed to try and reach a jug thing to pee in and couldn't reach it. A DR. came in and said it was right here i said i know i was trying to get it but i have all these wires on me i couldn't reach it. They took my medical insurance information and i have only gotten 2 collection agency's after me to pay my bills there one i have fixed the other is playing games. Thanks for the help Banner next time i would rather not go in and get all the hassle and stress of going there for care!!! I Rate them a Zero!! Had to do a one rate or they wouldn't publish this

Alexandria Smith

I am in awe at the staff members and security's demeanor. I work with people who have mental, behavioral, and physical disabilities. I took my client in via ambulance, and their attitudes are disgusting. How can you work in a place where your JOB is to ensure comfort and aid to people? It took every ounce of me to remain humane, because I am the bigger person.. I would much rather drive to Chandler. At the end, Dr. Garcia came in and she was so polite. I really hope she finds a hospital as wonderful as her.

patsy burruel

I have a friend currently in the ER. He was told he was going to be admitted, that was over 4 hours ago. He is still currently laying in a bed in a hallway. Has not eaten since noon and was never offered anything. When he finally asked the status and if he could be given food the staff was first rude then granted his request. Is this how Banner staff treats their patients? Is that how you would want to be treated if you were lying in a bed in the hallway after finding out you may have suffered a mild stroke! Yes ER's get extremely busy and stressful but this is the job you signed up for, it requires you to have people skills. Being run by Banner didn't make the hospital better. This has completely changed my thoughts I had about the Banner company. Just because we are in a small city doesn't mean we deserve less.

Ashley Valdovinos

Went in on a Friday morning with severe infection....was discharged with pain medications only... my symptoms worsened so I went back to the emergency room... after watching 4 patients be taken back that arrived after me I asked the front desk why was it that all patients that arrived after me were being seen...”it’s based on acuity of care” so my swollen face that is causing me to have difficulties swallowing and breathing isn’t a priority and good ol jack that twisted his ankle is...your better off driving to Mexico for quality of care .. this hospital is a joke !!!

Jeff Hartley

So glad I chose to give birth here! The facility was great and the people were amazing! They have everything to make you comfortable during labor including great cheerleaders aka nurses. Everyone went above and beyond for ALL our needs

Robin Osweiler

I've never been somewhere that the administration was so unorganized. My brother was there and the nurses hardly ever came in to check on him unless they were called, and then is was 45 min to an hour before they responded. It took 3 days for them to get him transferred to another hospital. They gave us no information and left us with " I should be anytime now". Then when he was discharged, they didn't call us to let us know transportation had picked him up. I would consider a vet clinic before I would put another person in Banner hospital.

Shanna Adams

Awful hospital!!!!The doctor and nurses in the ER did nothing but bad mouth patients and co workers! The doctor kept interrupting me and would not let me explain my symptoms. They only have chairs in the examaning rooms. How can a doctor properly examine someone when they are sitting upright in a chair? It is clear they do not care In The least!!! If you hate your job so much do something else!!!

Barbara Felix

I really like this facility, Ms Lana is an excellent therapist, the office personal are helpful & kind .... I've enjoyed my sessions very much

Pat Rascon

Hats off to Banner Casa Grande Hospital. I went to the ER the other morning and was taken care of immediately. I want to thank ALL the staff for the excellent care I received. I spent 2 days and they were on top of my medical problem as well as my personal needs. 5***** all the way. Thank you again.

Elena Reyes

UPDATE:::::::: my daughter had to have emergency surgery to remove her appendix. Thanks for nothing Casa Grande ER. Awful. Banner Health states on their website that they are "Deeply committed to our mission: “To make a difference in people's lives through excellent patient care.” Casa grande banner hospital ER staff is awful, no empathy for their patients. I should rephrase that, the front desk staff was awful, since my daughter didn't see a doctor the 2 hours she was there. Her urine sample sat on a counter for at least an hour before being sent to the lab. I am 13 hours away, my mother brought my daughter in for abdominal pain, when I called to ask questions, Sonia was unfriendly and dismissive didn't like that I was asking questions told me too hold and passed me off to Ana, who surprise surprise, was dismissive had no empathy for any of her patients stating "ma'am we have people waiting for four hours" WHAT?! Is that suppose to make it ok? We have had experience with banner desert NICU and were extremely satisfied with their care, their staff, and the overall experience. I cannot believe this is the same company that runs Casa Grande Hospital. I must say that is very disappointing.

Xristy Zentner

I am updating my review of Banner Casa Grande. My recent experiences with this hospital and their doctors have been great. The past review is no longer valid.

Danielle Peterson

A month ago I had to go to the emergency room for my gall bladder. The staff was very compassionate and all made the process easy. Dr. Steven Simon did the actual procedure. His office took care of all the details I just had to show up. Shortly after, I was aware that I had 2 issues going on so he did an endoscopy at the hospital. Again different staff of nurses and techs. All made me very comfortable and made me not feel so nervous. The scope discovered I had a hiatel hernia that needed to be corrected. I again had different nurses and aides. All made my rough situation better. Eager to help. Truly felt that they cared. Never felt that I was a burden. Truly thankful for dr Simon and all of the many nurses and techs I had contact with. Just to name a few that I can remember Kaitlin, Stacey, Charles, Edna, Bridgette, carol, Veronica... The staff was so good I have absolutely no complaints. It is the best hospital I have ever been too. So blessed and thankful for banner hospital casa grande

Fernando Valenzuela Fernando

Área de descanso phoenix tucson

brooke stone

Zuzana Seba

I and my husband are Canadians so when we travel to the USA, we have to purchase extra travel medical insurance from a private insurer. If we have a claim, we have to submit to them all the medical reports so they can pay the medical provider, in this case this hospital. I took my husband to the emergency last Thursday and was informed by the nurse they won't release the reports to us only to our family doctor and only if he requests them. (My husband visited this emergency department in the past before it became Banner and we always left the hospital with the reports; we did not even have to ask for them.) So we will now have to ask our family doctor to request them (I don't even know if there are going to be any charges for this) and then ask him to give them to us so we can send them to the insurance company. How ridiculous is that? Our doctor is not going to pay our hospital bill; our insurance company will. One would think the hospital would want to have the bill settled as soon as possible. But they won't be paid until our insurer processes our claim, which they can't without the reports. For this reason I give this hospital only one star.

Eriya Karadarisu

Very nice staff, not a long wait either. In and out within 3 hours with a migraine. Would definitely come again!

Audrey Hernandez

PeaTear Griffin

As far as ERs go, this experience was pleasant as it could be. They did a great job all around...Thank You

Abimbola Biyi-Lebi

I was treated nicely. They have wonderful staff. The whole experience with the birthing of my baby was good.

Olymphia Allen

This has been a bad year for me healthwise. Tonight just broke me. My husband overheard staff speaking of me in a derogatory manner..again. By again i mean it was brought to my attention on a prior visit that the staff who were familiar with me spoke of me as if i were drug seeking and a hypochondriac. This was told to me by a tech drawing my blood. I am hurt and disappointed

Carye Dallas

Horrid!!! is all I can muster for this place. Hearing what a friend of mine endured on the morning of 7.5.2018, I cannot get my mouth off of the ground. What hospital treats patients, customers, HUMAN'S the way that this hell hole treated a patient this morning!!! My friend's significant other was in pain and I am sure is due to a lengthy recovery from a prior auto accident not vrey long ago. He waited quite some time for a bed this morning. When he could no longer deal with the pain of sitting upright he opted to lay flat on the floor, FOR SOME RELIEF PEOPLE! Security and K9 are called??? What kind of filth do you have employed at your Banner worthless Casa Grande unprofessional so called mediical center! Will be contacting the medical board, BBB and all over soical media.

Ama Abdylah

Shirley Applegate-Rodriquez

Ask a question but no one know anything and nurses are rude as hell.

Pauline James

This place is so bad. I hate this hospital!!!! The staff spends more time talking to each other the worrying bout the patient! It’s so sad

Sally Oja

I have never been more disappointed in an emergency room procedure. I went to the emergency room on Sunday and was there for about 3 hours, due to I pop something in my knee, thought I had broken a bone, after having x-rays taken they said that nothing was wrong. Meanwhile, I couldn't put any pressure on my leg and was given an Ace bandage and a set of crutches. I basically had to beg for some kind of antibiotic or pain pill. Mind you I do tolerate a lot of pain so it's not like I abused pills. I wasn't offered a wheelchair to go from one room clear across to another. When it came time to do the final paperwork, I was told I owed $750. And they referred me to an orthopedic doctor right next door and said that on Monday morning to call and the doctor would get me in immediately and look at my leg. I've called every day left messages and finally got through Thursday afternoon only to be told I don't have the special insurance that they take. It's United Healthcare that I have. The hospital didn't deny my insurance. So I called back Friday, got a hold of somebody again and they looked at my x-rays, which so nothing is broke, but I know I have a torn ligament because my whole leg behind my knee is black and blue. So now they tell me I need to go to a primary doctor and have them order and MRI. Which makes no sense because the hospital should never have referred me to him. I will never go back to Banner Medical Health Center in Casa Grande due to the inconsistencies at what people say

Katie Walker

If I could rate it lesser I would! So ridiculous! Was there for 11 hours and still never got a room for my fiance. They say he had a serious enough condition to where he needed to be admitted overnight. He was processed, tested, and given CT results by 2pm. We arrived at 11:20am.... Not too big a deal there.... But after being told he needed to be admitted and it was serious, he was given IV fluids and meds..... And we sat and sat and sat in basically a waiting room while he was hooked up to an IV receiving meds and saline..... Nobody saying anything to us or ansering questions really...... Until hours later a hospitalist gives a little more detail on what the diagnosis was..... Ok. Fine. Hours more pass. An elder lady, who was drinking the whole time, gets a room.... She had came in 3 hours after we did.... Hmm... Whatever. Then a nurse taking someone else's vitals in this little room they stuffed us in, overheard my fiance being upset about not knowing what's going on and why we are still waiting for a room 7 hours of being there, comes over and shows him what the results were and what the doctor said. Ok a little more information, but no real explaination as to why, if it's serious we can't get a room for him to lay down. Finally at 10:30 he asks another nurse doing this other person's vitals if we can just leave and go somewhere else. He immediately takes the saline away, and brings us out the waiting room place. They say the hospitalist that just got there for the night will discuss it with us. 20 minutes later, he comes and says he needs to stay just in case. The nurse also tells us there will not be any rooms opening up until sometime tomorrow. Yet all we needed was a surgeon to look at the CT and determine if surgery was needed or not. Then the meds either way will do the trick or help him be ready for surgery. The discharge papers states he denied service and that we were warned he could die overnight if he went home to lay in bed and be comfortable taking the same meds. It was not told to us in that manner. How can you refuse a service you never received?! How can they blantently lie about what was told to us?! And when we got back to our vacation place, we look it up and find out the surgeon was right there helping others and checking things and speaking to other patients just an hour after we first were told we needed to stay for a surgeon to clear him..... Really?!?!! He was there! Why couldn't he view it then? While he was wandering around and speaking to others? Very poor service. They care nothing about anyone visiting out of state, especially minority people visiting from out of state regardless of insurance. Stay away!!

Showri N

Good Hospital and Loving Staff.

Nina & Jim Fields

I have been in that hospital and my experience was mostly positive, however, I would blame the hospital staff for this seriously low rating. I would expect that management would make this priority number one. Those people that work in that facility should look at that review rating, and be individually ashamed. From the CEO down to the cleaning staff should have two mottos, cleanliness, and friendly caring compassionate service, to the patients and anyone associated with the patient. They should treat every patient as if it were their grandmother.

Jeff Harbison

Hector Rodriquez

Charged me 780 dollars in the emergency office for a miss diagnosis. I had metal in my eye and they sent me home with a pink eye work sheet and they did nothing to relieve my severe eye pain from the metal. Til this day they are still trying to collect that money even though I already mailed in a dispute with the deal medical records from a local eye doctor. They diagnosed me with minutes and took the metal out the same day. I will never return to this hospital. They don't know what they are doing. They for sure aren't getting a penny from me.

Ignacio Soto

From start to room very professional and grea staff. If you get to choose a hospital this place is great

Bobo Chkn16

Ive been ther twice, and each time they ran every check known to man to make sure I was ok, my nurse was awesome and so was my Dr. Went in for chest pains and they made ne feel so comfortable, I wish I could remember their names ti give them credit I was there on 2-21-19, My name is Norman. Thanks alot you guys, youre2 AWESOME!!!

Claudia Gathercole

My husband has had nothing but excellent care. Everyone from housekeeping to the doctors have been extremely helpful and polite. His treatments have been given at the times we were told and techs are very kind and knowledgeable. Any time we ask questions we receive clear precise answers. I'm thankful that Casa Grande has such a good medical facility.

Leslie Gibson

Unexpectedly had to deliver here and I was very happy with the delivering doctor Bronitski. The nurses were good and the rooms were clean. Happy overall.

Velda Trictis

My aunt had a terrible accident and they discharged her and my cousin's with just pain meds. This hospital is so bad, it doesn't even deserve one star. Never go there. I Mean NEVER, unless you want to wait forever and not get the proper treatment.

Brie Burggraf

Horrible, I said 2 years ago I was not going to come back to this hospital for the ER. The people who check you in were very friendly and kind, but once I got to the "fast track" side of the ER. I waited at least 30 minutes before one of the nurses ever said hello to me. I was in there for severe abdominal pain, I ended up leaving with out being seen after they decided to take the women who checked in after me for a toothache! Really?? How unprofessional and just plain wrong. When I asked why they saw her first the response I got was I don't know.! Awesome. So I went home and called the charge nurse (katie) , still waiting for her to call me back. I feel bad for the citizens of Casa Grande that this is the only hospital around. But I will be driving up to the valley to get real help!! Thanks for absolutely nothing.

Jeff Cardita

If I could give a negative star I would. Long story short.....Wife went in for horrible pain and we sat in the waiting room for over 3 and a half hours. Lots of excuses and empty promises about getting care.. only services offered were typical tests like blood work and a CT scan... Finally taken to a room where we were told that nothing was visible but they think it was a kidney stone (despite having no evidence of such) and gave us a pain meds script and told us to leave. Got the bill and they charged $10k to my insurance and I filed a complaint on the patient portion of my copay. Got a letter from the CEO saying how disappointed he was that they gave horrible care and did not meet expectations, but could not make any adjustments. We will never be going back to Banner Casa Grande.... I'll wait for the standard computer generated response from Banner about this bad review asking me to contact patient relations because they value my input. ......

rose gleesing

My doctor called ahead of time because something was wrong with my EKG . So I get there at 2 p.m. they do a EKG , chest x-ray , and blood drawn . And at 6:45 pm I asked how much longer there still was like five people ahead of me so I left . I figured this way my heart must not be to bad if I can sit in the er for five hours no thank you .

Lil Brazilian

A nightmare! Took my 15 month old here and waited nearly 3 hours before even being seen by a PA by the name of Michael Jackson. The hospital atmosphere is comparable to a 3rd world country.(yes I would know I’ve live outside the US for many years in the past) My baby girl was having such extreme fits of coughing, she could not sleep or even breathe. I do admit, once I took her in she coughed rarely, but I wouldn’t go to the ER, especially with such a horrible environment for nothing. I believe based on looking at her the PA made up his mind she was fine, but I knew as a mother and explained to him her demeanor was not normal for over 2 weeks now. Finally after questioning him and his “this is normal, just upper respiratory that is treated with rest and over the counter meds” he was pressed to offer a chest X-ray at which I accepted based on what I read at how walking pneumonia was diagnosed. I then waited another 1 and 1/2 hours for an X-ray. These PA’s and nurses are heartless, giving out narcotics to obvious druggies, which I saw myself, and leaving sick people, even babies to suffer while waiting countless hours! After finally receiving the X rays(from the one nice woman in there) I waited another hour! finally I said something, then a doctor comes to me with the PA telling me indeed, my daughter has pneumonia. The PA did not apologize, acknowledge his doubt in me as a mother, reassure me, nothing! He even told the doctor my baby hadn’t coughed once the whole night after I told him she couldn’t stop coughing at home!!! People know a cough is much worse laying down. Finally, the REAL doctor suggested antibiotics to which I agreed and waited for them to give my child ASAP. I then waited an additional hour and a 1/2 for them to get the medicine with The ER basically empty!!! while my child was crying and screaming from discomfort, bright lights, not being able to sleep etc. Only after confronting them did they attempt to move and the PA was horribly rude telling me, “ if you want your child treated we need to wait for the pharmacy, what do you want me to do!?! Blah blah” while the sat on his butt at a computer. NEVER in my life have I seen such sad health “professionals” unsympathetic, lazy, which such a complete lack of empathy for sick people, in this case a baby!!! I will NEVER return to this disgrace of a hospital and further more, I will warn everyone I can to stay away! I should have driven the extra miles to have my child seen by people who care and have passion to serve the sick. Sad sad place, please stay away!

Johnny Dionne

Renee Noyes

Idiot want a be doctors. I went in with pain. Showed the doctor pic if compression fracture in vertabrae. He replied what am I looking at? I don't see anything wrong with you. Gave me morphine and said well it looks like your walking alright to me. Then I begged him to send me to a nuero surgeon he sent me to one that doesn't accept my insurance. So I got no where. For months of hell of ice bags in my back 24/7 couldn't move. Used wheel chair during the whole time. Yeah morphine let me walk but Ajay damaged it even more. Dip s!!!

John Seroka

My first time ever at this hospital. Took my 5yr old daughter here to be seen by a doctor when she woke up at midnight with a really bad cough and respiratory issues and the lady doing the admitting had to ask what her name was and how to spell it 3 times. I then gave a card with my daughters name and spelling on it. She looked at it and said "I only have 9 minutes to get her signed in or I will get fired" not worried about whether the information was accurately put in the system. I then at point was concerned about the level and quality of care my child would receive and took her to Phoenix Children's Hospital instead. The reviews about this hospital concerned me before I went there and my concerns were justified by the way the employees act and operate. I will never go there again.

Nathaniel Watt

staff rude.

Valeria Arredondo

Braeden Brown

They don't even deserve 1 star. ER sucks and is rampant with incompetence. THEY WILL KILL YOU! Unless you are looking for a lawsuit....RUN! This is 3rd world medicine at it's worst. Fly to India first!


I went to the ER and ended up being admitted. All I can say is they were amazing in everyway .Thank you for not just doing your job and treating the illness but also for lifting my spirit in a hard time .God bless you all and thank you all. Sam & Evlin

Tom Babbage

Can I rate it lower?? One star is way to much for this place. Discharged after 8 days with the kidney stone still in and absolutely no time table to remove it. Discharged with no instructions on what to do next. Suppose to have a blood test tomorrow but no one knew when or where. Left in as much pain as did when admitted and a huge bill. If anyone who has the choice of going to the valley for treatment do so . Don’t come here they’re pretty clueless and several were incredibly rude as well.

Zach Harvey

Been sitting in the emergency waiting room waiting for four hours with what appears to be a dislocated shoulder/ broken collar bone. Absolutely ridiculous experience. Would probably choose going to a local vet before returning to casa grande hospital again.

Brittney Quinn

This hospital is a disgrace... The nurses are rude the staff is rude even the security guard is rude... My 3 year old had the worst experience ever.. My daughter use the bathroom on herself and they wouldn't give Mr hospital clothes.. My husband came in too be seen and they thought he was lying about his pain.. All they care about is getting paid.. They need to shut this hospital down...

Monica Lopez

Not very organized

George Schimmel

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