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Allegra McCullough

This Center has done nothing for my brother who is a Stage 3 lung cancer patient. He was diagnosed February 2019. To date, these quacks have not given him any treatments. They break commitments and are rude. How can this center have as part of is mission the careful treatment of the elderly and not accept Medicare?? Money-grubbing jerks. If I could rate this sham of a hospital at O, I would. Let me here from you. I dare you.

nicole clay

MESSAGE TO THE OWNER‼️. My friends were at your facility that you say you own tonight, I have reviewed other people's comments and then you chime in with " message from the owner" which has gotten old rather quickly. Because it is apparent based on all of the comments nothing has changed . In case you are not a aware it is a HIPPA violation to complete a patients registration process in front of several other patients . ( I took note ). Secondly how the nurses under Dr. Matthew Stephen presented themselves presented themselves was unprofessional evidence by their rude reactions to customer request ( again I took note) one patient ask for a blanket because she is cold , nurse refuses to give it to her, another patient ask if she can have a guest in the room nurse kicks out the guest while other people are allowed to be in the room, AND explain to me how a contusion comes up on an X-RAY and there is no evidence of such which questions my trust I have in doctors especially the diagnosis that Dr Stephen gave My friend .... That is obviously not correct. You don't just pull crap out of the clouds and diagnosis people . ( again I take note). People are sitting in the emergency room who had just recently had a stroke that have come in by ambulance mind you !!!! ( I take note) , people are sitting in the ER with pneumonia what are you're safety precautions to assure no one else gets pneumonia? Then I observe an elderly Man running out of the hospital with security guards chasing him down, ( I am pretty sure he had good reason to run). Now that you know what the problems are since you are the " owner" what are you doing to change these obvious re occurring problems . That are not only minor that can be dealt with disciplinary actions but can be taken up to your highest hiarchy which I plan to do. You're hospital staff should not be working in a facility that requires patience , care, and passion. I won't even take my dog there . It is beyond disturbing that patient rights are being violated left and right? Please don't respond to me if you're answer is going to be the same as the 25 other responses you give patients that have a complaint. You obviously don't see the problem that is an obvious systemic one. These are people's lives you are dealing with and if I have to be the voice that makes the change with your hospital that only has a 2.9 rating then so be it. You're staff need to stop treating people poorly talking to them with no respect or dignity. These patients are sick the last thing they need is you're staff insulting their intelligence because they don't think people know their rights. I am glad I was there tonight to observe the poor care your're staff gave not too only my friend but to about 15 other patients, not too mention all the HIPPA violations.......

Connie Anne

I'd give our experience less than one star if I could. My MIL was taken to Banner Boswell after an episode of LOC by ambulance. Once there they wouldn't allow any family members (my FIL) to be with her. We were left in the waiting room with NO information about what was being done for my MIL, who wasn't fully coherent and unable to really answer questions for herself. This went on for close to an hour before they FINALLY (and after several trips to the nurses desk) let my FIL go back to be with her. While we were waiting there was a VERY elderly woman in a wheelchair PARKED just inside the lobby doors in pajamas and open-toes slippers and a tiny blanket. The poor woman was freezing every time the doors opened. I walked over to help cover her up and she asked to speak to a nurse so I went to the nurses station to get one for her. They actually looked at me and said "No." I mean, what the hell? There's a freezing old lady out here and you can't be bothered to get off you ass (or back, as ALL THREE were reclining in their chairs) to come out and help cover her up? Isn't that your JOB? Finally, one of them came out to basically yell at this woman that her car service would be there shortly and that if she hadn't wanted a particular car service it wouldn't have been so long. The lady just wanted to get WARM! So, now we get to go in to see my MIL. YEAH! She's awake and responsive and has some of her color back. This is all good news. REALLY good considering no one seems to care about her as an individual. They don't have her med list, they just run a few basic tests and walk away when they can't find anything. The ER is run down. It STINKS! and the staff is more worried about chatting one another up then the patients in their care. The MD on call was a joke. Now, she's been there for a couple of days. They can't decide if they should feed her or not. (the woman is diabetic, so these things matter) She's in a shared room and she STILL hasn't seen the surgeon that's supposed to decide if she needs to stay or if she can go home. He had to take a 2 hour lunch. (You know, that meal that they won't let my poor MIL eat?) Over all, I'd almost go to county before I'd EVER go here again. The only saving grace is that the Non-ER staff seems more polite then the pre-pubescent, phone attached, lazy staff in the ER.

Krissie Varano

This is the worst hospital.. they mis treated my mom and three separate visits. they did not change her sheets or gown offer her a tooth brush. they are rude and disrespectful to their patients. this is completely uncalled for.

shelby mustang

This hospital is rediculas. We have been in the emergency waiting room for 3 + hours now and are still waiting. Good thing its nothing life threatening.

Katherine Luensman

I can't say enough good things about the ER or ICU. It was great. They saved my life. Thank you.

Mary Bone

My husband has been in and out of this hospital. If his insurance would let me I wouldn't ever take him back. Nurses and doctors are the worst. Long wait time and they never know what is wrong with him. Today we were there again wait 45 minutes to go back. When I told them I would just take him to another hospital I was asked if I want to talk to a supervisor? I said yes when she was called the nurse calling was told the supervisor eas going to lunch and she would talk to me when she got back. There is no concern about patients or family. Don't go there if you can help it.

Eileen Maroney

I had surgery on 3/1/18. The entire nursing staff, pre-surgical registration, pre-op, recovery, post-op and 5th floor observation, including the CNA, were excellent! I could not have asked for a better support team. Thank you!

Chicago Native

you guys need your fax number on this website

Vinia Cryer

Wonderful experience at this location.

Randy Kaleikilo

A typical Banner hospital, it appears there is quite a bit of construction taking place.

Anytime Fitness El Mirage

When my Mom passed away i met an Employee of Yours Name Martin Viramontes. Before meeting him i could not stand hospitals. With the Class, Character and Professionalism he Showed, i highly recommend this Hospital!!!

Dick Manns

Hi, I have been admitted twice. April 8 for angiography and sent to 5th floor for the nite. I couldn't be more please with the care and crew attitude. Not fond of being in hospitals but if it has to be, this is a first choice. I was admitted again April 26 thru 30th for angioplasty and sent to 2nd floor. I was there for quit awhile as the heart wasn't doing well. During this time, just as on the 5th floor the personnel were all top notch. If you must lay around a hospital this is a good choice. I want to give a shout out to all of the Banner crew.

Lora Daigle

Horrible place. They have you waiting for the longest time despite the Urgency of your emergency. Bad treatment overall.

Joanne Julien

My husband was a patient there for 7 days. The staff was amazing. Kind, caring and knowledgeable. Especially his nurse Jordan. She was so kind. Treated my husband with such love. And respected me as his care giver also. Hospital is also very clean.

Nidra Love

Shalon C

Very racist and unprofessional

Megan Brown

My dad has been in this hospital for about a week now. Most of the nursing staff is horrible. Examples of horrible: - My dad called the night nurse and requested a drink of water. She REFUSED and said she doesn't serve him at his whim, and told him he'd have to wait an hour. - It's been 7 days and no one has brushed his teeth. - He's requested a bath multiple times and has still not received one. - He's asked for his hair to be washed, and was told they don't do that anymore. - He's only been helped into a sitting position once in the past week, and then the nurse couldn't find anyone to help her put him back in bed. - No PT visit! His muscles are atrophying and they haven't sent in a PT to help him. - His doctor gave instructions to a nurse, in front of my family, and then later the nurse said she didn't hear the instructions. One of his doctors has agreed that many of the nurses at this hospital are bad. Are decent nurses really in such short supply? My dad has been pretty incoherent. You know it's bad when his first coherent text message in over a week says, "This place sucks".

Sherrilyn Beall

Worst Hospital EVER.... They have no Regards for Patients well being. They treat you as if you are a number. They sent my father home even though he was not able to walk, take care of himself. They did NOT help with physical Therapy. This hospital is suppose to be in the TOP TEN... I will NEVER GO back to be treated at this facility. Being seen at this hospital has made me incredibly PREJUDICE whereas I never was before. Pathetic Doctors that need to go back to the country they came from. Our Healthcare System Leaves A LOT to be desired.

Deborah Lee

If I could give LESS THAN 1 star, I certainly would. I'm going to be writing a letter to Peter Fine, Banner Health President & CEO, as well as Debbie Flores, Banner Boswell CEO. After 2 hospital stays within 1 week at Boswell, for my 3rd hospital admission, I refused to return to Boswell & went to Del Webb. The difference was like night & day. I would suggest to anyone to avoid Boswell if at all possible!!!

Andrea Galiendo

The hospital has extremely long waits. Staff. Was rude.


Brought my elder 82 year old grandfather in with flu, difficulty breathing with his copd, and showing all signs his kidney doctors told me to watch for in kidney failure. Been here over 3 hours, others have gone back already even when we were ahead of them including one guy who literally just walked in, this guy walks in and says outloud " bad day for a sore throat" he was taken back 30 mins later, i asked the lady at the desk why we haven't been called back yet and others did, she says "it's all based on severity of symptoms " I guess an old mexican isn't important. Great Job


1)Forgot to send my mom's meds home on discharge, then expected the assisted living facility to send someone for them. 2)Nurse providing discharge report told the assisted living facility my mom needed to be isolated and had been on isolation in hosp. After checking with hospital, I found they never had my parent on isolation . She has spent a week confined to her room for nothing, because of a sloppy process at Boswell.

Mike Jones

Very good hospital best in valley in cardio care.

mike cerda

It may seem like a good hospital to work for,but the reality is that management is some what unorganized, they overwork employees to the fullest, they only provide 2 15minutes breaks and 1 30 minutes lunch for employees that work 12 to 14 hour shifts. by law in the state of Arizona its every two hours employees must receive a 15 minute break. Even at any warehouse/ labor job they grant break every two hours for emplyees. Not to mention the nurses there, some of them are really stuck up! looking down at the cna, transporters, and other techs there. also found nurses puching off the difficult patients to cna just because they dont feel like dealing with the patient. This hospital should be a place where their employees look foward to going every day and to feel like managment cares about their employees, give them opportunities for advancements, do events that brings the staff together and rewards them.

Miranda Mart

Love Banner Boswell hospital this is the best hospital in the west valley hands down! Not all banner hospital provide the same level of care nor do they all have good doctors and nurses but the medical staff at Boswell goes above and beyond and provided much better care than any other hospital I have ever been to even with children even though it's not there specialty I would bring My kids to this ER over any other the care and compassion they provide is top notch. They have even fixed many times mistakes other nearby hospitals have made for example My husband went to Del Webb because he was sick with an infection they kept him for 4 days upon discharge they did not recheck his lab work before clearing him to go home and just 5 hours after leaving Del Webb he got extremely sick at home so I rushed him to Boswell and even though they were EXTREMELY busy they still provided amazing compassionate care in a timely matter. They realized that his liver was affected by the treatment he received at Del Webb and that was why he was sick (although those weren't there exact words they explained events that occurred and reasoning for what was happening in a way that was easy to underatand.) They quickly got him a new consult with infectious disease and he is now on the road to recovery. Although we are VERY upset that we have to pay another very large copay to Banner for a second admission less than 12hrs after he was discharged we are very happy and greatful to Boswell for getting my husband on the road to recovery and fixing the mistakes Del Webb has made. I wish all Banner facilities provided the amazing care that Boswell gives. :) (Side note upon discovery of what caused the problem im very proud to say they stayed very professional and didnt say anything negative about there sister hospital Del Webb I was very impressed your ER staff at Boswell are clearly proud to be Banner employees which says alot about your company)

Maria Gutierrez

Never going back here again! I'm still too weak to write a full review.

David Brereton

Nurses don't respond to call lights due to the facing away. Doctors do not properly communicate with each other or with patients and families. We thought my mother was going in to have a stent installed only to find out in the operating room prep area that she was going in for an Angio gram. I do feel for the nurses who had to clean and change my mother constantly.

Darlene Buchanan

I met with Dr Schulman after being referred for cancer. She was sooo kind and understanding. She gave me a lot of realistic expectations and treatments. She started taking care of my case and also referred me to endocrinologist that is also excellent Dr. Narula. I highly recommend both of them.

Tammy Engstrom

Do not take yourself or anyone you care about to this facility. The facility is dirty and the care is lacking. I have had patient experiences at many hospitals and have never seen anything like this place. I completed a comment card two weeks ago asking to be contacted to share my concerns but have not been contacted.

jen b b

By far one of the worst hospitals I have been to in the valley. I went into the ER Tuesday 2/16/16 with shortness of breath, swollen tonsils and felt feverish. I was told by the triage nurse that I couldn’t have any water until a doctor saw me. Which was fine at first. But then I waited in the lobby for almost 3 hours before they took me back for xrays and bloodwork. I almost fainted then, and the nurse had to put me in a wheelchair. During this time they didn’t take my temperature, but I told several nurses and technicians that I felt feverish and dehydrated. My request was ignored for water or IV fluids. Once I was sent to a room, the nurse came in, said I would get IV fluids and left the room. Over 2 hours went by, and still no IV fluids. During this time I almost fainted again when trying to use the rest room, and yet again my request was ignored for water and IV fluids . It wasn’t until the doctor came to try and see if I could drink real water to be able to take antibiotics and be discharged, that I asked him if I was going to get IV fluids. He said I should have gotten them already. I reminded him that I had been there for the last 6 hours and no one provided me with water, IV or even ice chips to rinse my mouth out. The nurse came in, hooked up a bag, apologized and said she forgot, and left the room. After about 30 minutes, the bag was half gone, she said she was going to remove the IV and send me home, because as the nurse said in the hallway “We are full to the max and upstairs isn’t looking so good either.” I went home dizzy, dehydrated and with a massive headache. As soon as I got home I took my temperature and it was 103 degrees. A very dangerous situation to be in. I will never go back to this hospital again.


I was there due to having high blood sugar because of a steriod dose pack I was put on because I had an allergic reaction to a medication I was taking. I was admitted through the ER. Everything up until the next day was quick and handled properly. Then, the following day, I was suppose to have training on insulin and be sent home. They did none of that and kept coming in to take more and more blood. Here it was 5pm and I was already suppose to be discharged. I had already asked a couple of times what was going on and when was I going to see the doctor and was told that he would be in soon. Well, again, it was 5pm and nothing. My husband calls the hospital to find out what is going on. First, they tell him that I am not there. That made him very mad because obviously that is where he left me when they decided to admit me and he went home to get a few hours of sleep, so he could go to work. Then, they find me and the nurse he is talking to tells him that they have not done anything or released me because my magnesium was too low. Well, they did not tell that to me. And when my husband said something, the nurse admitted to not telling me that was why they were keeping me. My husband shows up after getting off of work and they finally come in both the nurse and the doctor and talk to me and give me insulin training and everything and I am discharged and on my way home about 6pm or there after. My husband has vowed that I will never return to that hospital for anything. It took him flipping out on two nurses for me to find out what was going on and be able to go home. Never will I go to that hospital again.

joseph todaro

My wife and I have been using this facility for the past 10 years, and it's always been a positive experience, except for my last visit . On this past New Year's Eve I was getting prepared for a New Year's Eve party I slipped on a wet tile outside and hurt my rotator cuff. Because I was hurting so badly my wife drove me to your emergency room that afternoon. After three or four hours an x-ray and 2 Percocet, I was told to see a doctor get an MRI done because I'd probably have some torn ligaments. I was able to get an MRI done on January 9, and I need to wait till the 26th for a consultation. I am upset because I am still in a lot of pain and may not get this resolved for over a month. My question is shouldn't I have had an MRI and an analysis of the MRI in the emergency on new years eve, before I left the hospital. PS I noticed my insurance company was charged 3000 Dollars for 2 Percocet and x-ray.

albert dane

This hospital gave me lice.... and they keep it really hot... worst service... they don't even have public phones you can use!!!

Dean Synan

They CARE!!! HAD to get my Brother there Stat!!! They took great care and what a Team!!!

Julie Barringer

HORRIBLE consistent experiences with the registration and billing dept. Nasty, mean, rude, ruthless ladies even though I do a precheck-in when they call me the day before! It's always a different story when I get to hospital the day of my appointment! Looking for another provider!

james lewis

Seems like i am a prisoner. Lets do more tests that are not necessary for more money

Mark Harnish

Mom went in as a patient. Has dentures but hospital carelessly lost them. Now I'm getting the run-around trying to settle this. I can see why reviews on here are so negative. Sloppy facility

joseph osvath

I had a heart attack and quadruple bypass surgery performed by dr Kathuria in June 2016 Honestly, I was treated excellent, it was kind, prompt and professional, which made a big difference, Dr Kathuria is doing God s work, he is just incredible good. The nurses were very kind, everybody was giving 100%. That was my take. Highly recommend. Thanks again for everything❤️

Sandra Babii

Came into this hospital got into my room quickly then when I got into my room I was ignored by everyone for 2 hours not one nurse or Dr. To come see me. There was alot of nurses passing my room looking into the room not assisting me or asking if I was seen this is the most unprofessional hospital I've ever been too will never come back here or recommend this hospital to no one, this hospital don even deserve a one star


I had a medical emergency and was taken to Banner T.Bird. I was in the ICU for over a week. My total stay was about 3 weeks. The staff were the most professional, warm, and accommodating that I could have asked for. They answered all my questions and concerns. I very highly recommend Banner hospital to anyone wanting the best medical care available.

DeAnna Forester

My mom was admitted for TIA's. She has a history of vascular disease, which should have been known by her team of physicians, but there seems to be little to no communication between them. On day one we were told they were planning carotid surgery. I understand these things take some time to schedule and tests and scans need to be done. It has been 11 days and still no surgery. She now suffers from severe hospital delerium and sundowners at night. Before she was admitted, she was completely independent. Now she is confused and tired and nobody has even tried to get her up out of bed in atleast 5 days. Out of approximately 10 different nurses, 3 of them were actually compassionate and on top of her care. Very little communication between nurses during shift changes. Fortunately she has atleast 1 family member here 24/7, or who knows what mistakes would happen. Finally today (day 11) she has an advocate in a vascular N.P. that has started the process to transfer her to a different facility that will perform sugery tomorrow. Still waiting 7 hours later to hear anything at all about transferring her out though. Be aware if you or your beloved family member is sent here. It seems patient care is not a top priority.


Worst hospital. Rude staff

Free Fall

I've never been treated so poorly. My mother has been working at this hospital for 40 years.. way before banner took over.. I could have brought a lawsuit on this person's actions.. I was sitting in the lobby in the waiting area at the main entrance. Waiting for my fiance to finish her interview for a job position.. this security guard came up behind my chair.. I was just sitting there watching something on Hulu with my headphones in.. said to me what are you doing here.. I used to walk these halls when I was 5... I was being racially profiled because I'm Hispanic.. mind you I was dressed in professional cloths.. dress shoes, button up collar shirt.. and just sitting in the waiting area in the lobby.. I wasn't running around the hospital.. I called the compliance line for banner but don't think they did anything about it.. yes I'm venting because I don't think anyone deserves this kind of treatment.. it may just be this one person.. the front desk staff at check in stepped in and said he leave him alone .. so if other employees are telling you that you are being wrong and back off.. maybe you should reevaluate training for your security staff.. I mean really, a suspicious guy sitting in the waiting area wearing business attire... there is more to this.. it would just be defamation of character.. but I will not turn into that person that did this to me.. I hope Banner sees this and works on training better.. thank you an have a blessed day..

gg sanmarco

I was visiting my Father at Banner Boswell Hospital. A case worker came into the room and started harassing me! I was not the patient! Her name was Barb that's all I could get out of his Nurse when I told her I wanted to file a complaint against her. She immediately began harassing me asking if I just smoked. I said I am a smoker. She said yes, and I eat chocolate! She said she could smell it on me and it was very obvious to her! She went on to say "do you want to end up like your Father?" My Father was not in there because of smoking! She had no clue!! I told her to leave...she started to say something else and I asked her to just leave..get out of his room! She had humiliated me enough and I wanted her to leave! My Father picked cotton most of his young adult life, he had been diagnosed 40 years ago with Valley Fever! He was just laying in his hospital bed...88 years old. I hate this hospital! No dignity! No human kindness or Compassion!

Daniel Estrada

Thank you to all who had a hand in me getting better and released in a timely manner from Boswell. I went in with pressure in my chest and difficulty breathing. They expedited my service without me feeling rushed. Everyone appeared to really be concerned for my well being. I appreciate there sincere and compassionate care they provided. I spent the night for observation. They made many checks throughout the night and each with dignity and respect. When I was released it didn't feel like "I gotta get outta here." I didn't feel rushed either and Steve in transport got me to where I wanted in order to exit the hospital. Prior to release all the doctors and nurses checked on me with true professionalism. For a hospital stay, I enjoyed it considering it was a hospital. If and when it's time to visit the hospital again, I will undoubtedly go to Banner Boswell in Sun City. Thank you again Banner Boswell Staff.

alex hootman

So I came in to see my elderly grandma an we where leaving an there was a bed alarm going off in another room we walked up to the decks in the middle and told them an a rude worker said that’s not my hall but I’ll get Right to it idc if it’s your hall or not your responsibility is to take care of these elderly people not come to work an sit on your but all day not giving a word about your patients

Zabrina Aguilar

Flat out no good

Ed and Kasey Ohrns

One star is too generous. How do you take a patient and not inform his family when you release him and send him to a rehab center when he went in for something different. Possible Medicare abuse? Beware

Marty Peoples

Fortunately, I have had few reasons in my life to be hospitalized but I was recently admitted to Banner Boswell and the care and kindness I was shown alleviated my dread of hospitals. The environment created by a positive staff was uplifting and encouraging. They made my stay as comfortable as possible. If I am ever hospitalized again I would certainly choose Banner Boswell as my hospital of choice.

Shaundra L. Hall

I am here nearly monthly with family members. I have experienced every department and every floor. I'm impressed with the level of care and cleanliness of the facility.

Timothy Bernard

Even though my spouse's procedure was successful and nothing abnormal happened. However, this is where it stops. The O.R. staff only let a family member go back for a minute before a patient goes into surgery. Once out of the O.R. staff would not let a spouse back after a four hour procedure. This issue is inexcusable that at least a spouse cannot see their spouse until just about to be release from the hospital. This is the first hospital throughout the country that does this. So a patient has to try to recover from surgery without any family support.

Jennifer Koski

I've tried calling my mother there and reception is rude. I know she's a patient and her room number but they constantly say she's not in the system!!! Very annoying!!! The receptionist needs manners!!!

Brittany Cartwright

The emergency department at this hospital is a big fat joke. I’ve been here for four hours, the doctor hasn’t been in to do anything yet despite the fact that I’ve told three separate people my fiancé is suffering. All of the nurses are sitting around in a circle eating their lunch and nobody is batting an eye at my fiancé who is having a severe allergic reaction to his meds. But they sure didn’t miss a beat on sending someone in to collect his co-pay. Pathetic! No wonder why this place has such a low rating. I would rather be treated by an urgent care doctor than deal with this bs.

Allen Knoll

This hospital was negligent upon discharge and failed to inform on anything that was important and released a severly sick person with no information.

Jennifer Simpson

My gown smelled of body oder. I was supposed to be admitted but sent home & on my paper work they said I refused! I laid in a room with no pain meds no water. I received pain meds AFTER I returned from my knee draining procedure. Which I laid in a dark office for over 35 mins with no one to check on me. . They were so busy & that's all they would keep saying. Telling me that I need to realx, I work in the health care field & I would never tell one of my residents they need to relax or we are busy & short staffed EVER! The hospital being under staffed & busy is not my problem! I was seen on a Monday morning it is now Friday & I don't have my cultures back! I called the hospital from 8:00am to 1:15 pm & was put on hold for 45mins each time with no answer. I finally spoke to a rude operator who connected me to someone who said she doesn't have that information. So I just give up. Hopefully I don't have an infection in my knee as obviously they are not too concerned with getting these results back to me. I am very disappointed in the health care system. There seems to be no compassion anymore. It's get them in, get that money & get them out!! Very sad!!

BullaTeairraThe Queen of Rap Briefs

Better care

Tyler Barnes

worse hospital ever! mother's urinary trac infection was not healing and she was getting sicker by the day. every time we took her in the doctors never bothered to do test to find out what was wrong with her. just assumed another 'MS episode' and sent her home after two days. few days go by shes getting worse. take her back in they still couldnt figure it out and sent her home again after a few days. after a thousand times we finally took her to arrow head hospital and the nurses and doctors have discovered she has ecoli.

Ron Seilbach

Boswell has given my son's mother the best of care .

E Wright

My spouse and I have been patients out and in at Banner Boswell and Banner Del Webb and we are so grateful for the wonderful care each of us received at both hospitals. Everyone was caring, patient and warm we tell anyone and everyone that will listen if you want quality care you can go to either of these hospitals and that is what you will receive!

Tima F.

Number is wrong.

Nancy W

The cardiology department is very good there. They see so much of it. Nursing can be good/not, but that's everywhere. Overall, I think it's a good hospital.

Mary Spiering

I have had incredible care from everyone from the emergency room to food services! ( By the way, the food service is wonderful) In my alcoholic drinking days I was rushed there 7x and hospitalized for surgery and/or hospitalization. Always the care was respectful and complete. Dr Cody Olsen an inspiration without even realizing it. An emergency room doctor stitched a very large cut in my forehead I got from a bad fall while dunk. I was still intoxicated in the ER. Although he was disgusted with me, as was understandable, his work was impeccable. Other doctors could not believe it was done in the ER and even though it was on my face, it is not noticable My two knee replacements were successful and I have a new lease on life! Volunteers are remarkable especially golf cart folks! The Catholic Chaplain care is lovely. Be safe. Go to Banner Boswell Mary

Jonathan Maya

You try doing their job. There was a moment or two if iwanted, i could complain about. However, overall it was a great experience. My wait was not long, i received a very thurough work up (that was needed) my IV was set perfectly on the first try. I had blood work drawn everh 6 hours for almost 2 days and each time it was a different person and they all got it pain free on the first try. ER P.A Grace ( i think )and her nurse Heather were awesome. As well as Dr. Patel, Dr. Huang & Dr. Gordon and their staff over the two day observation were terrific.

Deborah Fiumefreddo

This is NOT the Hospital you want to come to, if you need to find out what is wrong with you. You check in, then the nurse on duty detects who get sent in for further diagnosis; wow... why is his opinion the one who get seen by the PA or Dr?

David Cagle

Banner Boswell provides very good care, I am a difficult patient so this is saying a lot. The nursing staff and CNA's are very good at there job and care about there patients. The staff is able to put up with me and still provide good care. I fall often, I do not stay in bed, I order six to eight large meals a day when I am an in patient, I am very grumpy when I am there for more than a day (I am a smoker). Unfortunately I have had to be a patient at Boswell many times. Though it is the best hospital I have ever had to be a patient of. I have a significant amount of medical problems, so I spend more time in the hospital than I would like. The only issues I have had with Boswell are related to the fact that I am a paraplegic and tend to fall often. Unfortunately one lower manager on night shift for the Emergency Department (that I think is attempting to get himself fired), chose to trespass me from the campus because I am too much of a fall risk, too high a liability. After being released from an Emergency Department visit as I was on my way out the door to wait for my ride home he stopped me, saying that since I had left my room (I had already been discharged at this point) and did not wait for my ride in my room, that if I am on the campus he will call the police on me for trespassing. He stated that the reason was because I am a fall risk, and had fallen many times on the campus in previous visits. No one had let me know about wanting me to stay in my room after I was discharged. I had not fallen during that visit. Also at the time the Emergency Department was completely full, with a full waiting room, and patients coming in by ambulance without any open beds, so if I had known to stay in my room while waiting for a ride it would have tied up a badly needed bed for about three hours, and could have caused someone's life or health do to not being able to get seen. There are times when I am a patient in Boswell that they do not change my diaper often enough, and I end up having to treat a rash after I am released. This is not a complaint as it is just because they are also providing good care to all there other patients. I would recommend Boswell to anyone, it is a very good hospital. I hope that the one employee working as a night shift ED manager, and causing problems, gets straightened out. I do understand that it was likely a stressful time as I had never seen them that busy. I include the bad part of my experience to be complete. Boswell is a very good hospital. One other personal complaint: Every time my head gets hit when I fall they do another CT scan. I do not so much like time inside of tubes (MRI and CT). I have finally learned that if no one sees it and my head gets hit, I do not answer when they ask if I hit my head. So if you need a hospital in the Sonoran desert, go to Banner Boswell.

me mee

The PA on duty was awful. Im visiting from CO and he seemed to think I shouldntcome to ER with back pain. I have a bad back and sometimes it acts up. He seemed to think I should go to a private practice, as if they are gonna see someone with NO ins on the same day. So I got 6 tramadol for my troubles and probably a $1000 bill. And was bothered by the fact I wasnt in the database for recent prescriptions...thought that was a good thing.

Louise Chance

Friendly helpful staff in ER.

Glen Lynch

My wife is currently suffering from Pneumonia in the hospital. I was not told about this till today. I brought her in Thursday evening. She has not received the proper meds and a med prescribed for her by her family doctor. I have been treated rudely and insulted. I am deeply disappointed and upset that I cannot get to sleep. I brought her to the hospital for care. I have not spoken to or received a call from a physician and the nurses do not keep me up to date as to her condition.

Alicia Livingston

I had some testing done at banner Boswell over 2 months ago. They overcharged me significantly. I asked for a detailed statement to submit to my flexible spending account multiple times. I have yet to receive it. The flexible spending company advised me to download my explanation of benefits from United Health Care, and submit that. So, I went ahead and submitted that. The flexible spending company has suspended my card until Banner refunds the overage. They refused to let me speak to the department that handles the refunds, and continue to tell me to wait. I read some similar reviews on Facebook. What a corrupt company!

Kimberly Schmidt

ER VISIT.. Aweful to wait over hr in ER w migraine, especially w the ER construction. When got there 3 people waiting... at 20 min in... 20 people. Their prioritization needs worked on. Saw nurses all the way till almost out door. Then dr pops head in! SERIOUSLY!!!

Krystle Dunn

Several safety precautions ignored, nurses that were very rude had to correct the man doing my CT that it was a head CT not an abdominal CT he went and checked the chart then said sorry you're right lets reposition you it took three different nurses with the ultrasound to get in an IV the nurse manager was one of them and she was the one that was being the most rude she took off her gloves and left the room huffing and puffing that I was unable to lay down completely due to the fact that I was dry heaving and didn't want to aspirate the other nurse Jessica dropped one of her gloves on the ground and then proceeded to pick it up and still put it on to cover my bleeding arm. Very disappointed with the standard of care and practices at this facility especially when they have certain individuals practicing outside of their scope of practice c.n.a should never try and start an IV. Date of service 10/31/16

Patricia Wilson

Stellar caregivers and professionals to a fault. I felt safe, unlike Del Webb Hospital, where I have received less than stellar care at times. Very glad the week long stay has been punctuated by caring staff, from dietitians to nurses and doctors. I will always come to Boswell from now on.


I went in For pain in My chest. I Was in that hospital from 9:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. and basically had to ask questions because information was not given to me unless I asked. I was given nitroglycerin and baby aspirin just in case I was suffering from a heart attack but after an X-ray it was determined that my heart and lungs were fine. D dimer was a little elevated so they did send me for a CT. Scan to check for blood clots which also was clear. However upon arriving in imaging, the Tech rather then slowly inject the dye in my vein decided to just slam it through which caused pain in my arm. I have had these scans done before and have never had anybody shoot that through the IV so. I think I was out of that Room within 3 to 5 minutes and I don't know how they could get an accurate image being that quick. I don't feel that the die had gone through my system quick enough for him to have me out of there within 5 minutes. The only thing that was quick and thorough in that hospital was when the registration lady came in to tell me that I owed $500 for my visit and ask how I wanted to take care of it!!! I don't feel that I received care and I was told that since it was a geriatric hospital they weren't used to seeing somebody who's 47 come through. And when I mentioned the fact that the gentleman next to me behind the curtain was in his eighties and getting more care than I was I was then again told well this it hospital is for old people. I guess they don't care for anybody under 80 therefore I will never go to Boswell hospital again and I will never recommend anybody go there! Upon the follow up with my primary doctor, she asked where my papers/reports were. I gave her what I had in she asked is this all they gave you? Nowhere on the paperwork were the results to any test that I had done and the CT scan wasn't even listed on anything. She is contacting them to get my paperwork and will look into it further. She is what a doctor should be and she has been very thorough in my care. It's just sad that you go to an emergency unit to seek help when you are scared and don't know what is going on and it seemed as though the medical team didn't know what was going on either. I have no confidence in that place whatsoever. I will tell you what I love my grandmother so much and I would never send her there for any type of medical treatment. EVER When I was sent up to observation awaiting results to my test, I was immediately told that I would be discharged because everything looked good. When my nurse left the Room I could hear him tell all the ladies outside that I would be discharged and one of them replied O my God are you serious? I hate when this happens now I have to rush my paperwork to get her out of here. I was appalled. My male nurse was very friendly and compassionate that's all I could say in regard to that place.

Amy - JoOriginals

I am currently sitting in the waiting area of the Medical Imaging dept., while my friend has some tests performed. I don't know how the front dest folks get anything done. I certainly don't expect them to be sad and stare at their monitors all day, but this is definately the place to socialize, make weekend plans on your cell (while dept. phone rings), visit 'wit ya bra', while (a patient waits for the wheelchair ride that was promised 30 min ago.). The waiting lady finally complained, at which point she was told 'they (volunteers),were called'. When the volunteer came, she asked 'mia' was she saying she called before. Mia whispers, no but dont say anything. I don't think she heard her, she was already getting the lady to her destination. 3 having a social conversation behind desk while another patient waits 4 full minutes to be acknowledged. This is when I went to the desk and asked if they thought they could take a moment to help the woman. This may be why my friend was asked to be here at 9:30am, for an appointment that didnt take place until 11am. 'Oh, you just don't know how things work'. I can assure you I most certainly do. Why do people make statements like that when they don't know who they are talking to? I like Boswell, but this dept, is unprofessional and ineffective where concerns the patient.

Michael Sarrio

What an amazing hospital. Everyone was kind and treated my client with the utmost respect.Everyone treated us as if we were the only people there. The exact opposite of Banner Del Web. Great job Banner Boswell.

Alex Villarreal

I only been in this state for a month and been here 2 times already once for myself and other time for a member I work with. When I came for my self waited in the waiting room for at least 3 hours I was in pain and couldn't breath. And all they told me was I need to calm down and wait for a room. The second time that I came in we waited 4 hours to be seen. I understand that those that have a bigger emergency come first. But while waiting this older lady came in couldn't breath and was in. They told her to sit and wait for a room. The lady almost passed out. What type of Er is this?

Angelena Groshong

Had an appointment at 515am and we had to drive two hrs to get to the hospital so we had to leave At 230am when we get here we had to wait another 5hrs before the pre surgery. Went up to ask what's going on and they told us they switched the time to 9am are you kidding me. Not happy with the hospital at all they are not organized and if there not organized with scheduling. How organize do you think they are when it comes to there meds and other needs your loved onces might need. The worst worst hospital I have ever been to if you can stay away far far far away.

Donna Potter

Brother in Outpatient and surgery was delayed by an hour. No one told us of the delay. We left for lunch, returned and left cell number and husband stayed as we thought he would be done by 3pm. No one came out to give us an update and I had to call twice to find out what was going on. Husband has been waiting 4 hours so far. Finally, I called from home and got someone to come out and talk to my husband. Something is wrong and now they need to get hold of the doctor who has already left. No nurse or doctor ever came out after the procedure was done.

Evie Shrednik

They are all very caring individuals that work here. Unfortunately that doesn't make for a great experience. So much is overwhelmed under developed and lacking in technology. The emergency room is totally overtaxed because of the lack of available beds. The back up is almost out the door. Something needs to be done...ADMINISTRATOR: IS THIS YOUR RESPONSIBILTY? Sun City grows exponentially in the winter and the greatest generation is in their 90's, baby boomers are 70 and everybody needs more health care. There is an opioid epidemic. Do the math.

Dennis Kuhn SR

I went to the ER for shortness of breath and they one nurse played games with my mend I am being treated for cancer and AFIB they never called my cardiologist and it got to a point where I was afraid to have then treat me for any thing go to sun city west do not go to Banner Boswell

Jennifer Christianson

The bedside manner is terrible. The time management is worse. All that is important to the staff is to eat pizza and cake while they look at Pinterest on their phones. They clearly work for a paycheck not because they are compassionate towards humans and their needs. Their treatment of my grandmother has been unacceptable and I have the pictures to prove if you are brave enough to handle the truth.

audrey lopez

I battle a illness and in and out of hospital for past 10 years. I went to Banner Hospital a couple days ago worst experience of my life. I have never had one complaint about any hospital or nurse but this the worst ever. The staff was rude, the doctor I had was rude and lied were i even reported her afterwards. I will never go to the hospital again and with many doctors in my family I have spreaded the word so every hospital nearby is aware of my situtation and this terrible hospital and doctor. If your looking to go into this er or take your children drive a extra 20 minutes to a different location its not worth it.

Paul Dodge

Horrible experience. My fiance' was having severe abdominal pains and we signed in and waited. Triage nurse took her vitals and that was it. I thought triage was set up to determine which cases should bump other cases, not so when it comes to a person having severe abdominal pain. Sit in the waiting room. There was two other patients that got to go back immediately, triage worked for them. But to sit in the waiting room so kids with runny noses can go in before, someone doubled over in pain. No compassion from the nurses AT ALL. NO offer to lay on a bed in the hallway, nothing! Happened at both Banner Hospitals. The only way I will ever go back in that hospital is if I AM DEAD and don't know it. I wish I could post this without having to give them a star.

Sabrina Garcia

Came here for chronic pain in my ribs for them to only discharge me staying that it was only abdominal pain. They couldn’t find anything wrong due to them not running all the necessary tests. Went to get a second opinion and turns out that I was an intercostal muscle tear. Wish there was something I could do regarding my 10k bill since they incorrectly diagnosed me. I would rather drive an extra 100miles than go to this place again

Ron Bartkowski

I had Lower back surgery on 7/25. I was uncertain of their capability having just moved from Chicago to Surprise a few months before. It proved to be an exceptional experience in that everyone I met or dealt with from Pre Op to discharge were the most professional and nicest people possible. 17 days post surgery and I am doing great. Thank you Banner Boswell!

Judith Howay

I was very please

Raymond Hicks

Boswell has an excellent EP Lab with a great staff and Dr. Burns is a kind, talented, intelligent Professional.

Tatyana Vakhlakova

FRAUDULENT BILLING PRACTICES. They twice lied about checking that they accepted my insurance. Both my PCP and I were told that Banner accepted my insurance, but they never really checked both times. When my appointment was made, I was told I only had a co-pay, which I paid. 6 months later I got a bill for the full amount! I was assured that my insurance will be accepted at their Medical Center for occupational therapy. Financial services collected all my insurance formation and called me back informing that my co-pay will be $50. So I saw an OT for 30 min, and she gave me rubber band, a list of exercises and ultrasound, which did not help. Now 6 months later I get huge medical bill ($440) because my insurance group is not in in network with them. Someone in their billing department just checked the insurance website, but failed to call my insurance as required. I called the billing department to see if they will reduce the bill, but they just gave me a run around, stating it was not their fault. If I knew that my insurance has no contract with Boswell, I would never go there. Buyer be aware and check with insurance every time before believing Boswell. They did not properly communicate with my insurance provider. I will never again visit Boswell Hospital! This is our 3rd very bad experience there.

Cinthia Contreras Roberts

Bad place sorry to say took to long and they forgot about my son cause I herd the doctors in the hall talking about it

Valentin DeCastro

This place is the worst hospital in the valley. The er staff shows no care and are quick to treat someone like they're some sort of degenerate. Even though they know I have crohns, a disease known to cause severe pain they still want to assume something because I'm in pain. You would think Dr's would be able to differentiate between benign headaches etc and a disease known to cause chronic pain. But no..... this hospital is awful. Do not come here if you seriously need help.

James Bennett

Rns were good. Hospital smells of stale old urine. ER techs draw blood/start Ivs without gloves. Overall go down the road to Thunderbird much better

Conejita educada!!! Ñuquis y sus aventuras E&M

Lisa Darnell

The charge nurse Ashley was very kind and loving to my alcoholic friend. I was very very pleased with the way they treated him. Thank you so much for all your help

Susana Burgeson

Took my husband in because we thought he was showing signs of a heart attack. Turns out it was pneumonia. Dr. Butler and the RN Rochelle were absolutely amazing. Dr. Butler was calm, caring and very thorough. He had a very calming energy about him which relaxed both my husband and myself. The RN, Rochelle was so kind and sweet. We couldn't be happier with this visit to the ER. Thank you, Dr. Butler & RN Rochelle!

Lori Molsberry

What a wonderful experience, caring group of people here

Terrie Schwartz

The physical therapy department is excellent! My therapist, Jan, knew exactly what to do. She showed care and concern about my issue and was respectful and professional! I would recommend this PT department to anyone who wants excellent care!

Bob O'Brien

This is by far the best hospital we've experienced here in the Phoenix area. The staff really do care about us. They do the investigative work to find out exactly what's wrong with their patients, make patient and family members alike feel comforted and informed, and they have quality care like none other. I would recommend this hospital to anyone who need this level of care.

Michael H

Brittany is my hero!

Penny Winter

My mom has been in and out of Banner Boswell many times since being diagnosed with bladder cancer last year. No matter what floor she has stayed on, and she has stayed on them all, the staff were friendly, helpful, and genuinely cared and provided excellent service. I myself have been to the ER on a few occasions, and again, have nothing but good things to say about the staff there, as well. I also had my hip replaced there in July 2016, and the staff on that ward deserve a medal of the year for their outstanding care.

Amanda Steinburg

If you go into the emergency room here and you get PA Daniel Schultz, ask for someone else. This "doctor" has no idea what he's doing. He was willing to prescribe a medication that he knew prior to offering; that I was allergic to. I found out a week later he misdiagnosed me. With his bedside manner being so awful you would think he would at least know what he's doing.

Alice Spingola

I’m sitting in the ER now with my 86 year old dad. The staff here is horrible! He’s almost falling out of his chair yet the tech said he’s busy. This is the most horrible experience I e e we had in all the hospitals we have been to

Elza Macias

Went in for a simple procedure, they messed it up. I was there almost 3 weeks. Got charged co-pays for all 5 doctors that had to treat me while I was there because they gave me too many antibiotics and shut my one and only kidney down. Very frustrating! The Nurses were great though.

Randy Gust

Checking in with AGATHA at the front desk was very unprofessional.

Thomas Bugg

Horrible wait, no sense of urgency at all..

Adultcare Assistance Homecare

Working with the doctors and case managers at Banner Boswell Medical Center is always pleasure. We recently were called to help with a lady that was discharged earlier than planned. She was eager to go home and without the professionalism of the discharging case manager we would not have able to help out so quickly.

Renee Larson

The ER receptionist was beyond rude, disrespectful and totally disconnected from the idea that people in the ER are usually very afraid and concerned. It is amazing to me that you have wonderful volunteers to give you rides and there to help you get around but when you walk into the ER with your 82 year old Mom who (as it turned out had a 104 temp) needed her oxygen, was lethargic and falling over / there was no help with that. Other patients in the waiting area jumped up to help me because it was very obvious I needed help getting my Mom in. I understand you need information but when she asked me for my mom's social security number (last four numbers) of course I don't know so I handed her a card that has all that information on there and she said, I don't take those here. And I said the number you are asking me for is on that card and she said I don't take those here. Meanwhile my mother can't breath and not one hospital employee said - here let me help. That ER staff is horrible. Clearly untrained to at least act like they care. That is unacceptable for my Mom to be ignored that way. I will never take my Mom to that ER again. And my Mom has been very sick for years and we have unfortunately been to several ERs. They greeted us with concern and empathy. Not indifference. Bad and not acceptable.

Kalifornia Koala

My 79 yr old mother has been in & out of Banner Boswell every month since March 2019. I have to say the medical staff has taken excellent care of her. I appreciate thier staff 100%...

mitch falk


L. & K

People nice & professional.

Rocky Smith

Stay far away DR CHRISTIAN SANVANSON WOULD LIKE NOTHING BETTER THAN TO KILL YOU HE CANT EVEN DO A PRESCRIPTION RIGHT HE GOES AGINST ALL INSURANCE POLICYS. THEN REFUSES TO RERIGHT THE PROPER MEDS THE NURSING STAFF are great house doctors arrogant the food will kill the dead. I have eaten at my share of bad food hospitals and i dont honestly think i am going to stay tell monday i have never seen food runied like thay have i have already told wife something else happens take me out back . I cant take the destruction of food like this. Food is a big issue with me this stuff deserves prison time . And like i said i will not come back. But the staff are great and very caring. If you really cared with all the complaints prople would be getting replaced . And would be getting replaced . You just give lip service .i have no insulin since i left because he wrote priscription wrong and refused to change when pharmacy asked him to so stop the lies that will bring you into the liability suit. Show how you run it.

Mary Durkin

There remodeling bring patients


Took my dad several times over the course of 4 months . He took me they are going to let me die. They kept sending him home without determining he was filling up with fluid until it was to late. Last time I took him in they attempted to drain the fluid and hit a large blood vessel. He bled to death. Prior to his death the hospital social worker would not let my dad go home under hospice to die that he wanted. She insisted insurance would only cover a banner facility I was to upset to realize at the time this was a lie with Medicare he could go anywhere. He got to Banner Hospice and died within 2 hours in severe pain. They could not get hold of doctor to authorize pain meds. I would never allow anyone to go to a Banner hospital or their hospice

Just Me111

This is the worst hospital I have ever visited the triage nurse is rude as hell then a 2 hour wait just to be called. I came here because I just moved out here from Chandler and it was close. I will never make this mistake again. I will do the drive to Mercy Gilbert.

Linda guillen

I hope I never have to come back here. Been here since this morning emergency room staff was wonderful but while in my room no one cared to check on me or even offer me water. Ask for pain meds they keep me waiting for hours the sick here.

Diane Hays

terrible, had a loved one go seeking treatment for serious and life threatening issues related to alcohol use, he went with the intent of changing his life and walked out afraid of the staff. Terrible, absolutely horrible ought to be ashamed.

Miss Samantha

I’ve had one too many horrible experiences here, but now I’m going to write an actual review. My mom comes out of same day surgery and gets her own room around 5pm, but isn’t given any pain meds till around 9pm?? Are you kidding me? And the amount of pain she was in was awful to watch and her oximeter made the machines go off like crazy because her hand was too cold to pick up a pulse and it took 10-15 minutes for anyone to even care to turn it off and fix it. So many people around, but no one wants to do a dam thing. Thank you for nothing, I hate this hospital.

Tommy Waltman

I have been here for 5 hours because really bad stomach pains I haven't eaten in about 2 weeks really week vomiting etc..they have me pain medicine witch maid it alot worse I asked for something else and I haven't seen anyone since then....this place is aweful they don't care about the people here stay away worse place ever

Tom Griffin

Let met start off by saying that unfortunately I had had been in hospital stays in various hospitals over the past 10 years. Also the staff and personnel I talked to were about as good as it gets so it is no the personnel I am rating it is the hospital itself. This is probably one of the worst hospitals for this time in history that I have ever been in. It is not only outdated but some of the procedures are just terrible and the it was very dirty. I was admitted after going to the ER with a cardiac and breathing incident and subsequently admitted to the cardiac floor. I am not complaining about the time it took to get me into the back room of the ER as there were a lot of patients and after the EKG they did not consider it an emergency but it took about 6 hours to get me admitted to a room. It was a two person room which I thought was strange for a modern hospital which Boswell surely is not but my history was taken by a very polite nurse with her computer on a stand out loud so everything could be heard by my room mate which made him so uncomfortable he had to leave the room as he didn't not want to hear nor did I everything about my medical history. I heard a lot of personal info on him also which I didn't want to hear either. This should have been done in a much more private manner. I was next to two windows that were so filthy you literally could hardly see out of them and there was a large build up of cob webs and filth. I could not believe it and felt like I was in some field clinic somewhere in Iraq. Also the way the hospital is laid out you could hear the histories and ongoing situations of patients all day long. This is private info and should remain as such. I would give this a 1 star as a hospital but have to give it a 3 because the staff and doctors are extremely good and caring but the hospital really needs better management and a redo in this day and age!!!!

Diane Bedlington

how about having a phone number so people can call

Cool Cars 19528

Unable to reach Staff, Never answer the main phone... Unprofessional Service, If you value you love one. Dont send them here. Go up to street to Arrowhead

Dan Sova

My mother was admitted to Boswell on 12/03/18 with a number of health challenges of which she passed away from. However, from the time of admission through her short time in the hospice unit, I have nothing but praise for all the staff involved, especially the CNA's and nurses. Clinical Alignment Specialist, Tammi T., was amazing with her compassion, support and education during a very difficult time. Her ability to relate to family members and offer some comfort and reassurance was invaluable.

Aiko Matsuo

Went to the ER for my grandmother. We waited for the tests to be done for 8hours. Had some mishaps with the tests but the nurse Marie was great!! Thank you!!

Erica Root

Horrible. Emergency room staff were very unprofessional & room was dirty.

G Marvelous

Radiology really great , parking is the pits ,

laurie smith

My husband was brought in by Paramedics in the afternoon for excessive bleeding from stomach and rectum. When I arrived they had not given him extra blankets even though he was freezing. They had not cleaned him up even though he had soiled himself with bloody stools. They told me he needed to have endoscopy and colonoscopy to see where he was bleeding, yet they had not scheduled that until the morning. The nurses were unkind and rushed and the doctor only spoke to me for a minute. They still had not gotten him a room when I had to leave hours later because I had my 10yr old grandson home alone. At 8:30pm the nurse called me and told me to come pick him up because he wanted to leave. They did not ask me if I wanted him to leave, but told me to come get him. When I got back there, they wheeled him out of the emergency room doors. He was still soiled from hours earlier, and was clearly not capable of making a rational decision about his health care. I took him to Del Web where he ended up bleeding out and going into cardiac arrest, the Doctors and nurses revived him.. He was life flighted to Banner Unniversity Hospital downtown where he died several days later. Boswell doctors and nurses are clearly incompetent by not recognizing how deathly I'll my husband was! Their callous treatment of him is shocking and horrible! Never bring your loved one here!

Woodrow Wilson

Great rehab center.Very good staff.Mamau.

Carmen Nieves

2/15/19 First time seen in this Banner Roswell medical center in 10401 w Thunderbird blvd sun city and the last time coming, the experienced that I suffered on the hands of this hospital staff if had to grade it will be zero the nurse Bonita and Tina and the Filipino nurse that drawn my blood the rest Of the staff I can said treat me like I wasn’t a human being on pain I was ignored my pain was ignored and I wasn’t taking care , I don’t even want nobody else experienced what I was put through today not even my worst enemy. First when I came into the emergency around 8:00 pm the hospital staff let three patients that came in after me caught in front of me when I stand up and asked the receptionist to please let me know if they are going to keep letting people that came in after me to be seem before please let me know so I can go to another hospital and her answered was! We doesn’t see patients as first comes first we seem patients according to their medical needs and nobody has a cut or accident the one that went in front of me they were like me on pain. Then when they put me in the room a physician assistant came in by her name Petroff , Lori M she didn’t even checked me well and not even asked what brought me here and ordered some blood text and when the results came in she said everything came out good like she was ready to sent me home and I said to her but I stilled on pain and she didn’t order not more text and her last words were we cannot fixed that and a day. She so unprofessional I am telling you all I’ve never been treated so poorly in emergency care. She even said to me we don’t used Hydromorphone because I mentioned to her that due to my higher pain tolerance other hospital used morphine before for my pain it didn’t work on me and I’ve told her that the only thing that works on me it was Hydromorphone. In other words I left this hospital on pain, she didn’t even asked me how much was my pain between the scale 1 through 10. The worst treatment in my life I experienced here.

Omf Omf

Wonderful experience at this ER. I was seen quickly & dealt with in a professional manner. I was in the ER for a spiderbite. Everyone from the PA & nurses were caring & courteous. I couldn't belive it when the Doc came in as well. Dr. Peters was very kind, explained what needed to happen & was patient with me as I had several questions. 5 star service all the way. Thank you to the entire ER team. I was admitted for several days & although not a place anyone enjoys being for any period of time, I was treated with great care & kindness. The nursing staff are exceptional here. I had two docs that came in each day & covered where we are, what the treatment plan is & how it will be executed. Amazing, proficient, competent staff. The food was excellent & you actually get a choice! Thank you to the enire staff at Banner Boswell & keep up the good work. More hospitals could learn from this model facility. 5 stars

Jennifer Bernard

Worst hospital I have ever been to. I have been here in the last 6 months with my dad who was in horrible pain in his abdomen. His blood sugar was over 300 he is diabetic and they could have cared less. Left us sitting in a room no one talked to us when I finally asked what we were airing for as in what’s the next step she screamed at me hey you know ER visits are like 4-5 hours so your just gonna have to wait. Everytime we tried to ask her a question she walked away from us mumbling. Absolutely will never come to this hospital again I will chance it and drive farther to receive better care and Service. This hospital should be ashamed to staff people like this. For as much as we pay for healthcare we deserve to be treated better than this. I will definite be taking this higher up the chain.

Sophie w

Horrible. Not worth explaining why. Just hope that people will realize the number and score on the review is wrong. If you want to live, go somewhere else. If you want to die, go to a Banner hospital. That's the best way I can put it. This is not just from my personal experience, but from so many others who have made it out of there alive by miracle alone. Please! Trust the negative reviews on this. It is not worth risking your life going there. Make sure you know of other hospitals around that are not Banner. They are a corporation and it is not easy to file a malpractice case. It's you against a huge, non caring corporation that calls themselves a hospital.

Sarah Hager

They completely forgot about me in the ER and I do mean completely forgot about me. My urine test was sitting in front of me for an hour and a half before a nurse came back to check on it to see if they could give me pain medication. Come to find out later, it's because no one was ever assigned to my case so I sat in the ER for 10 hours because they broke protocol. After being admitted because my neurologist advised them to do so they had me transfer rooms at 3:00am. The nurses were even confused. Apparently that is very odd and never happens. Which my experience agrees with, that has never happened at any other hospital I've been admitted at. I transferred rooms 4 times. Why? They told me by back pain was just from laying in the hospital bed. Only after my mother fought with them for hours did anyone look into it at all. Come to find out it was actually a kidney stone. I left with a giant blood clot in my hand from the IV that took two months to go away. Do you think anyone there noticed when they took out my IV, that 'hey, she has a potentially deadly clot?' Of course not. Of course, that would've been asking a lot out of nurses that didn't even always clean my IV before giving my more medication. Thanks for risking my health to save yourself a few seconds. By far, the worst hospital I've ever dealt with on all levels.

M. W.

I'll start off with the good. 90% of the employees I interacted with during this stay were as friendly as anyone I deal with on a daily basis. But as friendly as the majority were, no one seemed to listen to a word I said. Friendly only goes so far when I ask for water and the employee smiles, makes a casual joke, says "Let me see what I can do"... and then walks out not giving me (or the water) a second thought. THAT, in a nutshell, encapsulates the entire stay. I got to the ER about 2:30 or 3:00 AM with severe chest pains. I couldn't catch my breathe. By 4:30 they were fairly certain it wasn't a heart attack and by 7:00 they had pretty much ruled out that it had anything to do with my heart - yet I still lay there waiting for an observation room that I told them I didn't want. By 10:00 AM they had finally transferred me to the observation room I had told everyone and anyone who would listen I didn't want, the cardiologist had already been by and pretty much confirmed that my heart had nothing to do with the pain. By this time the pain was subsiding and I was getting hungry. Around noon they brought a small plastic 1 oz cup with some pills. I had to ask for water to take them and they brought me a small 8 oz styrofoam cup with crushed ice with water in it. It's hard to take pills with crushed ice. That was all I had to drink in the well over 12 hours I was there. By 2:30 or 3:00 I couldn't stand it so I asked the nurse who had come in to check on my room mate if I could order some food. "Do you have a diet order?" She snapped, assuming I would know what a "diet order" is. She started looking over the bedside table, I guess to see if there was a diet order there. She noticed the the heart monitor box laying there and barked, "Why is that just laying there." I said they took it off when i went down for the cat scan a while ago. "And they never put it back on?" She almost screamed. I didn't respond. I figured it was obvious they never put it back on, and she was already storming out of the room anyway. "I'll check with your nurse to see if you have a diet order" she bellowed back as she left. She then went to the nurses station and spent the next 5 or 10 minutes laughing and joking with other employees, (none of whom were "my nurse.") 20 minutes later my nurse came busting in with a huge grin shouting, "GUESS WHAT - THEY'RE RELEASING YOU." I'm guessing there wasn't a "diet order" so getting me out STAT was easier than rustling up a $3.00 sandwich. It's not like I was there to be "observed" or anything anyway. I originally went to this ER because it is the closest to me. My chest hurt, I couldn't breathe and I was scared. I didn't stop to look at reviews. Now I know. A lady came to me in the observation room and had me sign a paper saying my co-pay for the visit was $250 (something). Two days after I was home another lady called and said my co-pay was now $600 (something). I said, "What about the paper I signed in the hospital saying it was only $250? She said, "That was for the ER only, not the observation room." I didn't want to go to the observation room. The lady who brought that paper to me to sign brought it to me in the observation room and never mentioned it was only for the ER. I was only in the observation room for 4 hours out of more than 12 hours total. I only had 3 or 4 people come in to check on me and one was the lady who wanted the signature. I'm not sure what was being "observed."

Linda Williams

The visit 5 days ago was disappointing. Retarded sister had a very swollen, painful right knee for the 2nd time in 3 days without any activity or injury causing the swelling. She is 66 years old. Knee was so swollen she could not put her weight on knee/leg. (Thursday then again on Sunday evening). PA was nice but did not seem to really want to help. CT was done. He recommended we see orthopedic. I explained we were having trouble getting in to see someone. He recommended ortho but doc only did sports med and would not see her either. Disappointed that an actual DOCTOR not nurse, not PA did not see her. The diagnosis was hemarthrosis. New in AZ. VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY disappointed in the quality of care and the lack of concern here in this state. The state legislature needs to get with state medical board and set a standard of care. Spoke with several people who said NEVER, NEVER, NEVER go to any Banner facility. I believe they are correct. Made an appointment in east valley with a highly rated ortho. Trying to get a copy of CD and ER summary notes. Having trouble with that as well. Both should have been given to me when we left ER. I was hoping the doctor or PA would do IV antibiotics for possible infection, but the PA stated she needed to be admitted or placed in rehab facility. I asked what for and he said to do icing, elevation and wrap. I explained we had been doing that for 3 weeks and it was not helping. I told him without making arrangements it would be very difficult for me / us to have an hospital admission that night. I asked if he could give antibiotics by IV and let me get in to see doctor since blood work was normal. If the knots and swelling were caused by infection the IV might help until we saw a ortho doctor. Unfortunately, no ortho would make an appointment with us, these doctors in west valley wanted us to go to PCP first; we had already see PCP twice and they said get to ortho, yet no ortho would see us and then ER. Not a good way to handle patient care. Very poor medical care compared to state we moved from. It is probably not the staff by the overall management of the hospital that has set rules that do not work well with patient care. Corporation should not be running hospital care. Doctors need to do their job and it seem doctors here in AZ want medical assistants and PA to practice medicine. That is not a good thing at all as medical assistants and PAs do not have the training to make qualified decisions.

Jason Edward Thurwanger

Well, I must say that Banner Boswell Medical Hospital has evidently added themselves to the list of former quality care centers that has now become a mockery of it's former self. The competent doctors are outnumbered by the cowardly, incompetent,arrogant doctors by a 4:1 ratio. I have had 3 good nurses and then 12 not brilliant nurses. The ED team was a dysfunctional farce. I answered scores of questions during my time here. Yes, I know that is necessary when trying to ensure that response is consistent. However, what is truly necessary in order to measure a customer's response is that the doctor's and nurses actually listen to patient responses to ensure understanding. This the vast majority of dr's, nurses, and administrators have proven to be absolutely terrible at. You then have to spend an excessive amount of time correcting them. It is also quite fascinating when you see that they do not productively refer to your prior treatment received to shorten their learning curves. If this organization was serious about being better, they already would be by now. They are only experienced covering their own behinds. Document absolutely everything, as I have done. You will make your lawyer's job so much easier. If the hospital finally reaches out to discuss your concerns now, let them know there is no need. The case has already been filed, and all parties can discuss in that setting. Do not let them con you. Do know give them the benefit of the doubt they did not give you and/or your loved ones. Shortly after discharge in the next day or two, I will follow my own advice and initiate my own legal recourse. Update: My stay at Boswell had to be extended by several more days due an unsuccessful discharge. Less than 30 minutes ago, for the third time in as many days, nurses and assistants walked in on me using the washroom multiple times without having been summoned. I did not pull a chord for assistance, rather they just barged in each time without knocking or checking first. Apparently, trying to humiliate you and strip you of your dignity is all acceptable to them. With a few exceptions, the largest part of the staff at this hospital very short on patient focus and very long on their own hubris, interests, egos, etc. This hospital has been fined/cited previously for sketchy practices. Do not bring your loved one here!!! You can do better and deserve better.

Shelly Vincent

This has been an absolute horrible hospital. My father has been there for a week due to complications from a reversal of a eleiotomy. 4 floor nurses are poor. Room an absolute mess. Just stack stuff wherever. Don't follow thru with messages you give from one nurse to the other . I would not want to take my dog there so disappointed in care , attention by staff. Time to find some nurses who went to school for some bedside manner which includes managing the patient in away you would treat your own family.

Jose Luis Aguilar Rios

The best experience possible nurses really friendly and helpful... They alway on me asking if I need help or anything... I would recommend this place 100%... always be nice to them and they will be even nicer to you.. I want to say thanks to my nurses and my CNA that help a lot to make me feel better and at home...

Mike Herrera

Took my wife to see her doctor for abdominal pain. The doctor sent us to the ER thinking it could be appendicitis. Dr. called ahead to let them know we were coming. 2 hours waiting...although once she got seen the staff was professional and caring.

Rosa Vega

Patient myelf as well as my husband, took great care of us.

Greg Cravens

Overall horrible experience. I went to the ER at the recommendation of my PCP for a foot infection. I was tested for infection and kept in the ER waiting. I was told I may have MRSA and was told that two tests came back with growth on them and they were inconclusive and would need time. I was placed "under observation" which I didn't really understand although later saw that I had signed a paper saying I did. I was under extreme stress and they should have known by my insurance to admit me as an inpatient as this would cost me a LOT less and was basically the same treatment. I was eventually admitted the next afternoon as an inpatient and kept another day and a then told on the third morning that the tests showed normal staph and I could go home with 10 days of oral Keflex. This was at around 11am. They did everything in their power to keep me another day including refusing to discharge me without home healthcare being in place after I told them I didn't want it! I told them that I would rip out my IV and was going home regardless. They even sent some nasty woman from "Financial services" who harangued me and told me that I could have NO financial assistance and needed to pay my bill. I was stunned at this total lack of professionalism. The patient advocate even tried telling me that the home healthcare was stating that I had no insurance, that my policy was invalid. I gave her, Sarah, my insurance card and fumed. I got dressed into my street clothes, removed my electrodes, and sat outside my door more than once saying I was leaving "period". Again, I was told that I couldn't leave without the home healthcare. I was ready to call 911 and report being held against my will when magically my discharge went through after about a 5 hour ordeal. I will NEVER recommend this group and will be changing my medical group as soon as I can with the help of United Healthcare who is my Medicare Advantage plan. Shameful behavior on the part of medical professionals. My name is Greg Cravens and I am not going to do this anonymously. My dates of stay were August 18-21st, 2017. Take my advice wisely.

Robert Alvarez

Good place gave 3 stars because seems like not much help with directions to room inside


I was admitted here for dehydration, vomiting, diarrhea, racing heart beat, and extreme nausea with body aches. The doc prescribed no pain meds, asked me to swallow medication (instead of putting it in the IV that took 2.5 hours to be placed AFTER I was already in my room, the hospital was really loud because of construction, my nurse never had any answers to any of my questions, and I had to take out my own IV upon discharge because "they forgot". Just. Horrible. Avoid this place at all costs. Yuck.

Mike Smith

Came in the emergency room and got taken in within 10 minutes. My experience with the staff was great however the cleanliness procedures are severely lacking. The er nurse was going to inject meds using a syringe but dropped it on the floor and then preceded to use it instead of disposing it. Never wore rubber gloves the whole time I was in the room. This transferred to my hospital room where the staff would not wipe the IV prior to injecting meds. Can't wait to leave. Accident waiting to happen.

Alexis H

I went to Urgent care, two blocks away from this hospital, two days before my ER visit The doctor told me my Stye was SEVERELY infected.. I was advised to go to the ER if my condition gets any worse. So, i went to the ER the next day, because it got extremely painful and bigger. Sat in the waiting room for nearly 2 hours. The person, who i thought was the doctor, came in... He did not even introduce himself. He explained to me that it was a stye... I explained to him that it's severely infected and was told to go to the ER if it got worse. The "doctor" rolled his eyes and said the only thing i can tell you is warm compress. I explained to him that it wasnt working. He then tells me "Well then you should see an ophthalmologist."..... I explained to him that I sat there for 2 and a half hours for him to tell me this.. And these were his exact words "Well I guess we can give you some pain medicine".... He was terrible. I wrote a complaint and gave it to the floor manager. I also had to find out his NAME from one of the OTHER nurses. Oh yeah, he wasn't a doctor... He was a doctor's ASSISTANT. In his twenties. David Lepley was his name. I strongly believe he treated me the way I did because I am in my early twenties. He did not care to hear how I hadn't slept in days and spiked a fever twice, although fever was small.. It's still a fever. The other nurses and I guess they were doctor assistants were extremely unprofessional. They were cursing while conversing with one another.

Danielle Bol

Wish I could give 0 stars! Honestly, the worst experience ever! Not even towards me but the rudeness towards other patients. The nurse who was "helping" everyone didn't want to cause drama but made my wife sit in the waiting room while the person next to me had 2 other family members and didn't get told anything! The registration is done in front of 15 other people in the little seating area... there is absolutely no privacy.. i will NEVER go back to this hospital... should of just drove further to been treated fairly with respect.

Anastasia Debono

Doctor Sanvasen. I hope i spelled your name right. Hes on the 5th floor is the nicest and caring person he takes time to talk to patients explaining things. He will answer any of your question you have . Keep your beautiful personality xo Anastasia

Don Burdick

Terrible service. My wife was brought in by ambulance. She is suffering from Alzheimers and can be somewhat difficult. I was told she had pneumonia. They kept her overnight and released the next day. Upon release nothing was said to me about pneumonia, instead i find out she is constipated. They gave her laxatives, they failed to tell me this. I get her home and in 15 minutes she soils her bed. She is just as sick as she was when she went in the hospital. We were told the hospital would help us with home care. Today i get a call from them saying they could not help us now. This is my worst experience ever with medical professionals. The indifference shown us was unexcusable. This experience shows how bad our medical care is in this country. I am lodging complaints with the proper agencies.

Gabrielle Meyer

Couldn't find my sister on the directory even though she's in the hospital. Had to call her on her cell.

enej stepanovic


Bridget Durfey

I was seen for severe vomiting and dehydration. I was in the waiting room for an hour. When I got there, I got triaged and my heart rate was so high that they had to give me an EKG because I was tachycardic. I then had to wait an hour to go back, and when I went back I felt like nurses completely forgot about me. Today, I called to get on my banner portal invite and every time that I would try talking on the phone somebody would put me on hold before I could even get anything out. The last time that I came to this hospital for severe hip pain from an auto immune disease that I have, I was put on a Bed in the middle of the hallway. I have never been treated like this at an ER ever before. I think that Arizona is way behind at times in patient care.

Carolyn Johnson

I was a released 1 week ago today, my stay was 7 days. All I can say is Boswell has gone down hill in 1 yr to worst experience of my life!! ER was great, observation unit great but once they get you on a floor look out. Let me tell you, this is what I experienced!!! Un healthy safety practices, nothing is clean!! My roommate was discharged and someone came to change her bed, he wet a dingy cloth with water from the sink and ???wiped??? Down the plastic mattress, made bed and nothing else, not wiping the bed rail or light/nurse call buttons. I ask him why not disenfectant and I was told that “Banners bigshots made a bad financial decision with a building in Tucson and they are in the red” no more HR dept, hiring freeze, cut staff and I must have “some damn good insurance to be kept” When my roommate left I ask for the toilet to be cleaned as it had stool and blood on the seat, housekeeping came in and left without touching the toilet! Finally I called and an Aid came in, same one I showed it too, she said she would get the housekeeper back, finally after 2 hrs the Aid cleaned it herself!!! Boswell has declined and I certainly will not go back nor any family member without a private duty nurse! Wish I could give a -10 Stars!! Do not/will not recommend.

Lorrie Ruiz

Kathy Killgorre

My husband was left laying in urine for 3 hours he did not have a urinal in his room. He rang for the nurse to get one no one responded so he soiled himself. The nurse said when she came to change the sheets he yelled at her. So they left him like that I had to come up at 9:00 at night to find out what was happening he was still laying in a soiled bed. Fortunately they were changing shifts and I spoke to the new. Nurse he was very professional and took care of it right away. He may have yelled at the nurse he gets confused sometimes but they are supposed to be professionals and should have tried to rectify the situation . He also did not get to eat dinner because he was sleeping when it came so it was cold they would not get him something else. Shameful to treat anyone like this!

Carol Smith

I was a patient in June '18 in the ER. Nurse seemed interested in his break rather than care. Not busy at time of visit. Is it hospital policy to let a patient walk out of the ER especially at 4 am with no one asking anything? Come by ambulance and was barefoot. Asked for socks and was told here now there's the door . Needed a ride home since my sister had just had knee surgery and could not drive. Told phone by the bathroom. She never blinked .... Also billing errors and rude girl in billing department. Take up your questions with your insurance company. My sister still gets bills for my 25 yo niece on her statements. TriCare for life Maybe inpatient services is better. Thanks!

John Wentling

Horrifyingly poor care, in spite of well documented radiologic and serum evidence of various disease processes including liver disease and symptoms consistent with it, clinician attempted to attribute symptoms and imaging findings to "nerves". Certainly suggestive of hepatobiliary disease and perhaps obstruction. Bias was manifest, bordering on outright discrimination. Patient beware, suspect their body count is higher than average. A physician assistant remarked to me that medical care was terrible, and that there were "only five White doctors in the hospital." Remarkable.

Brittany Watson

I had my very rude doctor with a "I dont care" attitude basically hand my paperwork to me and tell me I needed an immediate follow up apointment and after telling her that I lost my insurance under my father because he was laid off and I just dropped out of high school to work two jobs, she said "Well I cant help you" and walk out after cutting me off mid sentence. The nurses are nice but I will NEVER be going back to his hospital ESPECIALLY after being in the ER for 6 hours. Id never go back, even if my life depended on it. Not to mention the highly unprofessional setting where I can literally hear the nurses in the hallway say terrible things about the man in the room next to me amd laugh at him while EVERY door in the damn hallway is open. This hospital is very unclean as well, bandaid wrappers, bloody gauze on the floor of the triage room, and used urine cups in the restroom. Talk about risking the health of other patients.

Pauline Hopkins

Took forever and no one cared that my back hurt and couldn't walk. Was there 4.5 hours with no care at all. Just sat in a bed in the hall with no care and rude staff I will go across the valley next time I have an emergency.

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