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REVIEWS OF Arizona Spine & Joint Hospital IN Arizona

Louise Mueller

I had surgery with Dr. Marc Dinowicz at the Spine and joint Hospital. Dr. Dinowicz is fantastic and his staff both at his clinic, as well as at the hospital are top notch. I had absolutely no fear or doubt that my surgery would go well, and it did. Thank you everyone.

James Callahan

If you have to have an MRI done this is the place to go. All the staff I came in contact with there were great. They were kind, patient and efficient.

Q Jeff

Dr. Rafath Baig was very very rude and disrespectful almost got into an argument with him because he didn't want to do his job i will never be referring anyone here ever

Donna Dahl

Needed to have repetition injury surgically repaired. Dr. Stansbury and his staff are THE BEST! I have never had a procedure done where we were all laughing and joking, playing movie trivia. This group not only does an excellent job of repairing the trigger fingers, they are a happy, positive family that makes the stress and fear go away. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND seeing Dr. Stansbury for ANY of your hand needs ❤

Mark Stevens

I would like to commend all of the staff from OrthoArizona and the Arizona Spine and joint Hospital. I started with Dr. Hanson and he was upfront and honest is stating that my damage was too severe for him to help me. He referred me to Dr. Sharpe. Dr. Sharpe was very personable and took the time to explain to me what he felt needed to be done. His PA Casey was also very helpful and again went over everything I needed to know while in our per-op meeting. When at the ASJH they both met with me and explained everything to my family. The anesthesiologist was amazing and comforted me knowing that I was a bit anxious about the spinal. Once out of surgery the staff at the hospital was amazing Nurses Judy and Madison and and NA's Char and Taylor were awesome. Always in a good mood and took great care. Dave was great with the PT and explained the do's and dont's in great detail. I sit here at home 2 days after surgery and the only discomfort I have is a bit from the incision when I stand up and sit down. I would recommend this staff and these doctors to anyone looking for great care.

Charles Ault

A crack team of dedicated, skilled and caring nurses, doctors, technicians and administrative support staff made total knee replacement a total success. I will not hesitate to recommend AZS&J to anyone in need of orthopedic care.

Crystal Kunzler

FIVE STARS!!! Dr. Dinowitz is INCREDIBLE!!!!! Dr. Dinowitz completed an excision revision of a tumor in my nail bed. My first experience two years ago with the Core Institute was terrible. The procedure was not explained properly, my healing time was underestimated, and I had numbness in the finger for two years following surgery. They ended up waiving my balance due to the terrible way I was treated by the staff and doctor... My experience with the AZ Spine and Joint Hospital was incredible!!! Dr. Dinowitz completed the procedure in under 30 minutes and just a few weeks later, my nail is growing over the surgery site. He set realistic expectations, completed the work he promised, and his staff was extremely helpful, professional, and compassionate!!! I would recommend this facility and Dr. Dinowitz to EVERYONE!!! I cannot say enough about what a wonderful experience this was compared to the NIGHTMARE I experienced two years ago at the Core Institute...

Kelly Morgan Merly

The staff here did a very bad job of managing my pain after surgery. There was a lag time between waking up and getting meds. The pain was horrible. Then the "drip" which I barely touched caused my blood pressure to drop to dangerous levels and nothing was done until my daughter brought it to their attention. Then the guy who was teaching me how to use the bathroom got me up to quickly and I puked all over the place and he started screaming that he shouldn't have to deal with this. Now, two years later, I received a debt collection letter from them. This is the first I have heard about it and I am sure they would not have performed the surgery if I hadn't paid up front. Ask to go elsewhere.

Patti Leath

I had surgery on May 20, 2015 for my spine at this facility. Despite my doctor running an hour and half late the care was good with the exception of one post op nurse. She was the person who called me the day prior to my surgery with the medical questions pertaining to my health history. She was short and rude and fired questions at me so fast that I am not sure how she could have obtained an accurate medical history. She went over discharge instructions with my husband in much the same manner and when he asked her if this was all written down she said yes. We found out later some of our concerns had not been addressed i.e. how long to wear the compression socks etc... Much to my bad luck she was also the nurse that was with me in post-op. She was again rude and short with both my husband and myself. I was in a great deal of pain after the surgery and told her I was hurting. Her response was if I give you something she will have to stay here another 30 minutes. It was crystal clear to both my husband and myself that she was in a hurry to go home. My husband told her he did not want me traveling home in pain. She told him I had to be the one that requested pain meds. She reluctantly gave me pain meds. Then when it came time for discharge my husband was instructed to go and get the car. This post-op nursewas helping me with my clothes and she was everything but gentle. She caused me even further pain. But the real sad part of this story was the wheel chair ride to the car. She turned corners and banged into doors as if she were driving a bumper car at an amusement park. She was rounding corners so fast that my husband could not believe how fast she got me out of there. It has since been 1 week since my surgery and I have yet to receive a phone call from Arizona Spine and Joint asking me how I am doing. Which I find very unusual for a medical facility not do a followup on their patients. This post-op nourse should not be employed there and if I ever have to have surgery again, I would request for her not to be my nurse. Not impressed with this facility which is suppose to be owned by doctors.

Stacy Kell

They charged my insurance for rehab that I did not even receive, I paid $150 the day of surgery then keep getting bills saying I owe $150 even though it shows I paid on the bill, Had multiple severe back spasms after my surgery and the nurse on duty acted like it was NO BIG DEAL and even asked me what I wanted her to do. The PT guy came in (1) time and asked me if I needed a walker when I go home , I told him no he said " I don't make anything off of it it's included in your treatment" I still said no then I get a bill for $450 for a walker I never received. I called my insurance and they don't cover it anyways if it was supposed to be included in my treatment why is my insurance denying the claim? I can go on and on. bottom line GO SOMEWHERE ELSE you will most likely get better service and won't get charged for stuff you didn't receive . And as for pain management NON EXISTANT NO PUMPS your at the mercy of the nurses if and when they decide to answer your call button.

Linda Mitchell

I had hip replacement surgery this past Thursday, June 6th and was so genuinely impressed with the level of care, the kindness and the respect I received that I felt I must share a review. First of all, my surgeon, Dr.Maxwell Thomas, is the absolute best! He is caring and he listens! Haven’t found another like him. The nursing staff was unbelievably attentive, friendly, knowledgeable and seemed to truly care about my comfort. The food was amazing, too! And the facility was spotless. It didn’t really feel like a hospital but more like a friend’s home. I cannot say enough about the care I received at this location. I would recommend Az. Spine & Joint to anyone with bone issues. And if your hips are the issue, it’s Dr.Maxwell Thomas of Ortho Arizona, all the way.

Rod Nester

My father came in for what was to be a simple muscle repair and an overnight stay. Turned out my father had a chronic infection for a long time and required a substantial amount of work. He ended up being there for 10 days and had three surgeries. My father has had multiple joints replaced over the years at multiple hospitals. On top of that, he is deaf. This requires having an interpreter on hand for him which is a substantial expense. I cannot express enough my gratitude for the staff and the hospital . They took the greatest care I’ve ever seen a medical staff give to any patient. Brought me to tears at times the way they helped him smile and keep smiling through all of this. Dr Thomas is an outstanding surgeon and I recommend him 100% as he did a phenomenal job helping my father recover from this.

Patty Kirchner

The staff has always been very helpful and caring

Frank Branch

I had shoulder replacement on March 5th, by Dr Steven Porter. Operation went great, and the medical staff provided great service and care to me while I was there. Having to spend the night after surgery, CNA - Chris and Nurse - Madison were always available when I needed assistance, answered questions and made what could have been a painful night, relaxing and pretty much pain free. I am recovering very nicely and I contribute a lot of this to Chris and Madison. Thank you.

Adele Ford

I just had Carpal Tunnel surgery here the staff was wonderful, can’t say enough about this place very helpful and caring people. Keep up the great work greatly appreciated.

Michelle Alexa

I highly recommend this place. They are great. I used Dr. lake for my ankle he came highly recommend. Nurse Debbie was my favorite. I was so nervous but she had me laughing and joking all the time. Made me feel so much better.

Claudia Williams

Linda was wonderful getting me ready for surgery and the surgery for bilateral (both knees) went real well. The nursing staff was wonderful and always answered my call button in a few minutes They also answered all my questions and took excellent care of me. I do have a couple of negatives. There was on tech nurse “Ellen” that was difficult for me. She would override the RN instructions and seemed very impatient with me. I cringed every time I saw her coming my way. Having both knees replaced was a challenge... I am a tall woman and the therapist insisted I get out of a low bed and chair and not use the commode which is higher. I was trying to pull myself up and it was Very difficult and extremely painful I just don’t understand why they let the men stand up to urinate and the women must struggle with the LOW toilet. I’m not an expert but seems we can start out a little gradual and keep raising the bar. I was so upset every time I needed to go to bathroom. I will discuss this with my doctor. The rest of the staff was excellent. !!!

Patsy Daller

My name is Fred Laux. I have been a patient 5 times for 2 knee replacements. A hip, and 2 carpal tunnel surgeries. My experience every time was excellent. I have recommended your facility and staff many times. You are top notch in every aspect of care. Thank you.

Jon Smithy

Sandie Pass

I gave it one star because I couldn't leave 0 stars! I came out of disc replacement surgery in TREMENDOUS pain. It took the nurses an hour and a half before they can figure out the pain pump. Then, the dose wasn't enough as it wasn't touching the pain. I cried out in pain for 4 hours and they kept telling me they contacted the doctor and he hasn't called back. Finally, about midnight, I called the doctor and immediately the dose was increased. Then, the next day, 8 AM, it was pulled from me. I had my wife stop at the doctors office that morning and when she asked why they had to pull me off so quickly, he gave her 3 choices to give me. 1) I can shut up and stay in the hospital, 2) I can go home or 3) He can have me arrested for being belligerent. Show me a woman giving birth without pain meds who isn't belligerent! I didn't threaten - just needed some relief! I got out of surgery at 8 PM the night before - they were pulling the pump about 12 hours into my recovery. The next thing I knew, they were discharging me - around noon. I ended up at a real hospital that night as I couldn't deal with the pain! I have had 3 spine surgeries - disc replacements and this was the WORST EVER! I just recently underwent another one with a new doctor out in Scottsdale Memorial. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. Came out of surgery peaceful and the pain pump was working properly. I DO NOT RECOMMEND this place!!!!!! Go to a real hospital!

Dan Mathews

Exceptional people! Very knowledgable and compassionate. You can see why they were given a 5 star rating for exceptional patient care. Keep up the good work!

Sean Hefner

Tom Klabo

John Evans

I received knee treatment from Dr. Bryce, carpal tunnel surgery from Dr. Dinowitz and received excellent care from both. The nurses and others offering assistance were also excellent. I would recommend these doctors and facilities to anyone.

D. Murray

This is the second time my mom has been here, and they're very attentive

Trevor B


Elizabeth Tharaldson

place is awesome ! my husband had his knee replaced .. everyone is very helpful and friendly.... will go here again when the other knee is replaced ...

Craig Anderson

I had a hip replacement and very happy with the results. Dr. Thomas explained everything to me and to my wife after my surgery. The staff, Don, Stephanie and Judy were outstanding as well as their assistants. Like any other business, it's the people that make the difference.

Nick and Tami Mizell

Hands Down one of the BEST Hospitals I've ever been to. They are clean & nicest nurses & staff I've ever had the pleasure of having. I've had alot of Surgeries in my life and this Hospital is the BEST !!!! They are & will be MY 1ST choice for ALL my surgeries !!!!!! AND...Dr. Crowder is My #1 Choice as far as Spine Surgeon's go, he is wonderful !!! He cares and is upfront with you. He is very straight forward but kind & honest as well !!!! Love him !!!!

Lovenia Morrison

Dana Palmer

I have been healthcare for over 30 years (Nursing & later as a Clinical Specialist) and I never experienced the kind of care I experienced at Arizona Joint and Spine Hospital. In every area from Lab to Nursing to the OR staff! was outstanding!! Special thanks to Melissa, Anncee & Char!!

Debby Williams

Could not have asked for better care. Everyone was wonderful and very caring. Best hospital experience I have ever had.

Shirley Jaenke

I had a left knee replacement last year on 1/12/16 at this hospital & Dr. Maxwell Thomas did a great job. The office workers & nurses were great. The food was awesome & my husband got to eat with me. I had my right knee done 8 years before in St. Louis & it was a lot more painful & therapy was so painful. This hospital had me walking & going up & down stairs within 24 hours. The therapy was unbelievable that I went to the day after I went severe pain. This surgery was a total miracle & my knee has been doing great. I was referred to Dr. Thomas by 2 friends of my sister & I will refer anyone who is having a knee replacement to go to Dr. Thomas at Banner Gateway Medical Center & be sure to request surgery at the Arizona Spine & Joint Hospital at 4620 E. Baseline Rd. Mesa, Az. 85206. I give them a 5 Star.

Sally W

The facility and staff at AZ Spine & Joint Hospital were outstanding. I had shoulder surgery in May 2015 and was nervous about it. From check-in to discharge, all staff were caring, personable, and very proficient at what they do, quickly putting me at ease. The care was excellent throughout my 4-hour stay. I was especially impressed by the anesthesiologist, who phoned me at home the evening before surgery to go over all details with me, and then spent time with me in pre-op to go over it all again. Likewise, both my surgeon and his PA spent time with me in pre-op answering my questions and explaining everything. I knew I was in good hands, relaxed, and let the pros do what they do. I rate the overall experience as outstanding and would definitely use this facility again. I was also given great advice and meds for pain management and have had good results. Of course I have pain, but it's manageable.

Björn Thomas

THIS HOSPITAL IS FANTASTIC!!! I have never had such a wonderful experience with medical professionals in Arizona... they have the best staff I have ever come across in this state... from the phone, to the door, to the room... every member of the staff was friendly, compassionate, & sincere... their positivity & kindness are the only reason I survived this procedure mentally... I cannot give enough praise... well done!!! Special shout outs to Hilda, Ellen, Melissa, Char, & Dr. Ayazi *GO TEAM HELEN!!!*

apex kech

This practice only cares about money well above patient care. As my provider they are supposed to obtain what's called a "pre-authorization" if they want to get paid/reimbursed by my insurance company. But since I didn't want to go to their specific location that they contract with (which was not preferred by my insurance), they refused to obtain authorization at all. Mind you, as the patient, I have the right to go to any location in my facility network that is cost-effective. So they refused to get authorization which forces me to spend more time trying to find a different doctor to visit that will assist in patient care. I do not recommend at all.

Dave Zinkel

Robin Weber

Buyer beware. 'They use out of network doctors. The surgery should have been totally paid for because our in network deductible was paid. They used an out of network doctor, the bill is over 5,000.00. We were not made aware of this. Otherwise great facitly and experience.

Kim Mccauley

Is this a facility I can just walk in. I am having major joint pains and can not get anyone to see me until April

Ralph Decker

Staff at this facility is lacking and lazy No communication with patients and they rush you out of recovery. It took them 6 days after the surgery to contact me (told my wife it would be two days). Then when I asked them about it I was told “ well I guess the girls were too busy to call”. They don’t care about their patients and procedures so if you have a choice of a different facility, save yourself the headaches that may arise using this surgery center. Just my experience with this facility

R Cappello

I got a bill from a collection agency from 2013 (currently 2016) stating I owe them $$ for an inpatient overnight visit - I WAS NEVER IN THIS HOSPITAL OR HAD ANY SURGERY ?!?

Ginny Sandel

Just had a total hip joint replacement on 9/28/2016. I was very pleased with the care I was given and highly recommend this hospital. Kudos to the entire staff!

Julie Dawes


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