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Samuel Junior

It was the best experience. I am an underage and was pregnant with my first child and I got no judging and the doctors and nurses were so friendly to me

avina grier

I took my wife to the hospital one late night at about midnight due to complication from an accident months back and the staff was beyond rude checking in was a complete nightmare Jessica needs a little more customer service skills, the old man that took her for X-rays could care less about her pain on the way to the X-ray room he hit her leg on the wall without a sorry or even asking if she was okay the only great experience was her nurse Cisco he was amazing he truly love what he does. I pray when it comes time for me to give birth I'm FAR FAR FAR away from this hospital I refuse to give birth or even die here! They need to just turn this place into an overpriced parking lot! Thanks in advance President Trump! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DONT WASTE YOUR TIME YALL DIE BEFORE YOU SEE GOOD SERVICE! Go to Banner Health or dignity health!

paul gwinn

If it wasn't for the ICU nurse Charlie and Kristi H on the 4th floor I would recommend negative stars. I have never been so uninformed and disappointed in a health care in my life. It was truly a horrible experience and no one should ever be treated like a second rate citizen the way we were. The food was horrible and consistantly took over an hour and a half to get to the room. Even after being transferred in to rehab they continued to make our experience putrid. They did not order meds to be continued so we had to wait for another doctor to approve meds. I do not recommend this hospital to anyone

Bobbie Hernandez

Was a little worried I had read a lot of reviews that were not favorable about this hospital. However my husbands heart procedure went very well he had two very nice nurses and he received excellent care.I would recommend them to anyone.

Rich Behling

These trucking idiots sent my prescription to the wrong pharmacy and they refuse to get my meds cleared through the correct location.

AVI Poudenepalisol

Came here for emergency at 4am and now it’s 6:10.. no help. Worst hospital.

hunter schomlek

Amazing staff, i had a great experience here. thanks to the nurses and the PA that helped my family Jeffrey Z.

Kimberly Molina

Came in with an asthma attack, oxygen level of 88%.. took nearly a hour to get a breathing treatment and still got discharged with difficulty breathing... ridiculous...

Leigh Bowie

Yesterday morning I was heading to a yoga class when I found a homeless man at a bus stop who was lying on the bench with a wheelchair near by. He had a very black dressing on one foot and told me his toes were amputated but he didn't know when or where. As a Good Samaritan I eventually walked him to the ER at Abrazo Central, the old Phoenix Baptist. Turned out half his foot was gone and they had released him to the streets like that 2 weeks ago. I stayed with him all day and made sure he was admitted for antibiotics. He was very cooperative with me and grateful. This morning I went back and was escorted off the hospital grounds by Phoenix Police for trespassing. I feel like my rights and the patient's rights were trampled. You cannot trust these people to put the needs of the patient above their own egotism

Jala Crudup

I went in due to having a mini stroke (TIA). The some the nurses were very attentive. However I was made to feel stupid by one male nurse and one student doctor, I think that is what she said she was.

Melinda Sanchez

I have never been to this hospital but know about the negative reviews. Last week my dad was rushed to the ER. He was having a massive heart attack. As soon as he was in the hospital, IMMEDIATELY the wonderful nurses and drs. began to work on him to save his life! My dad would not be here today if it were not for their quick action and proficient job. Everyone was so helpful and patient in a very, very scary situation. Thank you to all the Dr.'s, nurses and staff who saved my dads life!!!!!

Michelle Martin

Had outpatient surgery recently and everything went a smooth as possible. Every person that cared for me asked the same questions over and over giving a great sense of safety and attention to detail for the procedure. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS!!

Linda Abegg

I had my 3rd baby here. I LOVED the nurses (can't say the same for the other hospital I gave birth in)! The rooms were nice and the food better than expected. Everyone I met at the hospital was helpful and happy. It was an overall great experience and I would go back.

Tanya Escobedo

All though the people in the emergency room where amazing I am going to call out HELEN the receptionist rude rude rude

Iris Gonzalez

This hospital has the worst service through the phones , I spoke with an employee by the name of LINDA and I just hope she no longer attends other people the way she attended me, what a disgusting type of person Linda was. She didn’t care was I had to say, she literally just wanted me off the phone, with that service I can only assume that her life is not going good at all lol. I wonder why she’s so miserable.

Monique Rodriguez

This place is so not professional What so ever my son was throwing up clear stuff and I had begged them to see my son right away and the staff was so rude and inconsiderate I’ve been waiting for 3 hours and my son has not been seen the staff just kept walking passed us and not acknowledging me or my son. They were having conversations that shouldn’t been said around patients and playing loud music on there phone and being entertained with there cell phone I however will never come back to this place again

Sue Hegg

I was brought into ACC in an ambulance from another surgical facility because I stopped breathing and didn't wake from anesthesia. The ICU staff was amazing!! The pulmonary guy was very patient and professional when I woke up in a panic attack. He did not understand me, but the team worked together to get me calmed down, get the balloon out, and help me breathe again. Btw, mental health info is important because a person in a panic attack stops breathing, so I guess I hit a double whammy. The ICU nurses, Emma and Mitch, were kind, helpful, and absolutely wonderful! I was supposed to be released the next day, but was told you can't be discharged directly from ICU. We waited a long time for a bed to open up on the 5th floor. By that time, the doctors were gone for the evening, so I waited until the next day, which was good because I had reactions to pain meds. The nurses were ok on the 5th floor and tried to be as attentive as they could, but they all seemed way overworked. I asked probably about 5 times who my doctor was since I had been moved. No one seemed to know, so I started to worry that maybe I would be forgotten (lol, not likely!) It helped the nurses that auxilliary staff came in to do vitals, but the machines weren't very reliable. Basic things, like the poor quality of pillows, scuff marks all over an already dirty floor, and the hectic busy-ness in the hallway all the time made for a less than relaxing night. Overall, I was very thankful to have been revived! I'm just wondering if evaluating some of the systems and processes might streamline care, make the nurses less overworked, and improve morale. I'm really glad I didn't read all the previous reviews ahead of time. It is quite obvious that the hospital is an older building, but positive morale comes from being treated fairly as a professional and is reflected in patient care. In my case, I was in good hands, but I was more than happy to leave also. This would not be my first choice of hospitals -- ever -- even though my pcp is in the Abrazo system. Too much focus on numbers and whiteboards, too much stress and different routines. Maybe more focus on duplicating what is working well might help in overall operations. It is my opinion that many of the issues expressed in the reviews are typically attitudes that have trickled down from an authoritarian leadership that has created a stressful work environment. Perhaps that should be looked into. Take care of the patients and nurses. That should be #1 and needs to supercede innovative technology or any other cool new fad. Just take care of the people, then take care of the facility. Those are the important things. Thanks for keeping me alive!

Andrew Duck

Waited at least 2 hours surrounded by homeless to get stitches that had yet to stop bleeding through my bandaids. The triage nurses asst had 2 neck tattoos and a total street persona. Just not professional or welcoming in any way.

Gina Velasquez

Just left here and I can honestly say I feel the same now as I did coming here except I feel worse now. dont waste your time and money on this half ass hospital go to banner that's what I'm gonna have to do now. Oh and some random mental patient made their way in my room staff saw this and did nothing.

Jennifer Nasario

AWFUL PLACE TO GO! This lady stuck a needle in my husbands back, and his back has never been the same. She not only did this once but 3 times, because she missed the mark! They also claimed a fracture my husband had was OLD???? When he had an accident at work the day prior and landing on his back on the stairs. Another opinion from another doctor, stated how would they have known this was an "old" fracture and not a new one? It didn't make sense.

Jasmine Gomez

Every time I go in either with my son or my mom Sister dad my self Ext... they are very good attending you love this hospital had my kids there they are great doctors and staff

Royalty Squad

Sucks ass doctors infront and the nurses are hell a rude they Yell at you and get mad if you choose not to do some stuff you feel like you don’t want to do and the girls shitty ass attitudes

Helena Johnson

F E A R forget everything and RUN or stay a suffer The choice is Your Getting a new Name dose not make it a better Place!! You go in with Hope run out in FEAR !! I was there about 4/14/2016 time was about 7: 30 pm the staffs was so unwelcome / uncaring-I walk out to go to a better ER that will see you as a person Not a number in the hall way was about 11 staffs not do any thing but sitting all I can see is hollow faces.-not one staff ask me how are Doing or is there anything i can help - my pain is about 11 (1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest) - i could not even get into the bed or sit in a chair-or breathe in air without pain. i told them i have suicidal thoughts because the pain is so bad= I just wish the staff was accountable for their Action

Chris King

The worse hospital in the country. They send you to a room with no bed to wait. Eventually an overweight doctor with a holier than thou attitude will stop by and make a annoyingly obvious comment. Smoking isn't good for your health. Another one of those stupid doctors who's scared to death that your going to get high so he gives you aspirin for your level 8 pain. If Dr. Young and everyone else like him died it would make the world a better place.

Jonathan Flores

Last night I had came into the E. R because I had fainted while sitting at the kitchen. I had fell head first and that maybe triggered me to have a seizure. When talking to the Abrazo nurses and doctors I clearly stated I am a medical marijuana patient,a card holder in the state of Arizona. Once that was said it was like as if the professional matter had lowered due to their own personal beliefs.Their demeanor had changed and comments were made that made me feel uncomfortable. I was there for help, I was looking for answers. I was diagnosed based on their assumptions. My discharge papers say nothing in regards to my health or what was done as in blood work, results of cat scan but made sure it said I had marijuana in my system. I spent 5 hours at the Emergency Room wondering what was going on to only receive nothing but disappointment from health professionals whose job I thought was to help, not judge or treat others unfairly due to their own opinions and beliefs. This all could of been avoided had they spent a Little more time talking to me instead of joking around with Co workers. My room was literally in front of their work station so I heard conversations and comments being made by the nurses about other patients in an unprofessional way. So can you imagine what they thought of me? This is the second time I've came to this place and have had horrible experiences. It isn't sitting well with me how unfairly I was treated, I will be taking any action possible with this situation to ensure the next person gets the proper professional help that is needed.

Shantavia Lowe

My name is S. Barnett, I'm very pleased. My husband is a Stroke Victim. We have been to Several Hospitals Since April and this has been the Best Service we have had Overall. The Staff listens and Focused on our Concerns. Neurologist, Dr. Milton.... in So Many Positive Ways Has Changed Our Lives to Looking Towards a Better Future. She has given Us Hope! We Are Grateful!

Daniel Aguilar

Brought my fiance here with a temperature of 101 fever and after 8 hrs she left with a 101 fever . If you're sick I wouldn't recommend taking your loved ones here . Take them elsewhere where they'll actually be treated and get sent home feeling better . I only wish I could deny the charges to the insurance co.

Elizabeth Castaneda

from the moment my husband walk thru the door everything and everyone was perfect we waited maybe 30 minutes in the waiting room and they took us to the back and gave us an ER room about 5 minutes later a doctor told us he had hearth attack and after that every 30 minutes someone came in to check or ask if everything was ok we have to stay over night so they were able to find a private room once there they offer me a bed chair that was so nice since I’m pregnant and the chair was not comfy the nurse at the private room was the nicest most caring person in the world just like everyone else except for someone that came to do some hearth scan she told us she was from the agency she had a nasty attitude I forgot one last thing on our way up to the private room in the elevator a random nurse saw my husband on a wheelchair and ask him is everything ok all I can say this hospital is AWESOME I’m in the bed right now happy to know that my husband is in the best hands in the world

Charlie P

Mallory the PA was outstanding. Very compassionate. Brandy my nurse too was so understanding. I had to remove my makeshift bandage that had DRIED on. I wasn't looking forward to it.Between the two it was painless! I was in & out in 1.5 hrs. I say OUTSTANDING. THX PHX BAPT HOSP! I'm very very grateful. GOD bless you all.

Alicia Christian

Both nurses named John in the ER were shockingly disrespectful. We are still here. One John hasn't checked on us for 3 hours. The other one...(he said refer to him as John with a beard)...said things I won't post publicly. Thank goodness for the younger female and male nurses. (I think names are Ally and Michael) They have been wonderful!! Note...Phoenix Baptist should be nicer to mothers with a suicidal child. Our life is stressful enough right now without being treated horribly. Update: guess everyone has a bad day sometimes. John (not the one with a beard) has come back in with a new attitude. Brought me coffee and been so helpful. Thank you for making our visit turn around here. All is forgiven :-) God Bless you!!

Jennifer Lane

I have been at the Abrazo central campus since Friday with my family member who has been receiving amazing medical care. The staff has also been hospitibal to my needs as well. Thank you for all you have done to save my loved one.

Audrey Grenda

From the security staff to the cafeteria staff, all the way up to the icu staff my family cannot express enough just how much we love these people. We have been so cared for during a very difficult time. 7th floor ICU staff is absolutely incredible. Moncy & Molcy, Jessica & Jennifer, Mike, Micha, Susan, Sosa & Kendall...and Respiratory Therapist Tony... you guys are the absolute best.

Ryan Sanford

Awesome staff, quick wait. Good service!

Kimberly Hall

I have to give I big shout out to this hospital. I went in not being able to breathe. They quickly found out I had pneumonia and started treating me even though they were dealing with a combative patient and other life threatening emergencies. The Dr and staff were great! They even did a follow up call after I was released and helped me get a follow up appointment within 48 hours! I APPRECIATE YOU AND YOUR STAFF!

Luis Cortes

Horrible experience came through Emergency room its been 2 hours and still waiting to get seen by someone. Everyone complaining and they don't say anything.. horrible...

ana duarte

Love love love nurses were super nice doctors knew exactly what was wrong with me was super fast

Nneka Wilson

This was honestly the worst stay I ever had at a hospital. The employees had absolutely no respect or manners. The only ones who knew what they were doing was the doctor and the front desk. The nurse who escorted me back stopped multiple times to talk to colleagues about non work related topics. And mind you I came there for a dog bite to the face, and was bleeding the whole time to the room. When we got there the room was not even ready and the nurse was in no rush to help me get comfortable. When we left my mother said to me “what the hell” and I was too thinking the same thing. He came back in to the room and threatened to have her escorted by security and accused her of being under the influence when my mother has no business with drugs. As a nurse he should have left without a word and should be used to people freaking out and being frantic. This was highly unprofessional and uncalled for. Also my room wasn’t cleaned before I got there. There was blood on the floor (not mine) and feces covered the toilet. My nurse was naive to my wound and couldn’t answer my questions on my aftercare. Dr.Phillip was the only good thing about my visit. This is unacceptable and I will never be returning to this hell hole of a hospital.

Andrew Zukewycz

My mother was admitted to the ER after cardiac arrest. The nurses and staff have been incredible and so caring. It has been very tough and although my mother has been transferred to hospice I don’t think I could have made the tough decisions that needed to be made without all the information and support from the caring professionals at this facility. One nurse cane in on her day off to check on us, a security guard came during her break to bring us tissues. It has been tough, basically living in a waiting room, but the staff make this place amazing. I’m very happy my mother was brought here and my family can’t thank the staff enough.

Adrianne Meyer

Not quick, not informative enough!

latoya Mann

If there was a zero i would put it... I hate duing reviews but they honestly had me there from 3 pm until 11 pm to take blood they couldnt test because i am so dehydrated... They put an iv in after using the ultrasound machine for fluids not to use it!!!!!! They gave me water and said stay hydrated after the first little cup i asked two people for something to drink and they never returned... I left the same way i came high heart rate, low potassium, pain in my legs stomach and chest, dehydrated.... Private info spoken infront of another patient please dont go here its a rip off there dangerous

Michelle Welker

Horrible people. My dad is in ICU and when I called to get information the nurse just said too bad and hung up on me. Now I have called back and I’m waiting to speak with a nurse to get an update on my dad and I have been on hold for 25 minutes at this point and still on hold. I have never dealt with such rude people and at a time when we are wondering if my father will even make it I feel like he is definitely not in the right hospital. They clearly have zero concern for the patient or the patients family and if they don’t care then how can you expect that they are properly caring for your loved ones. A very sad excuse for a hospital.

Dale Buchert

I have been coming to this for years I was even born here back in 1990. I have never had any problems up until this visit. The nurses and most of the staff in the emergency department in particular were very rude disrespectful and did not care about my needs I also do not like the fact that abrazo central campus outsources their Physicians through sound physician company which is absolutely ridiculous because it is pretty much near impossible to get ahold of one of those positions when needing an immediate order for pain medication or medication in general I will definitely not be coming back to this facility

Hailie Lutz

I gave birth to my daughter in 2015 at Abrazo central campus. I was left with a birthing injury to my pelvis because of carelessness from the staff and obgyn Dr Sylvia Castro. The epidural i had recieved got stuck in my back and nurses were pulling at it dangerously. When the older nurse finally gave up they called the anestegiologist and he refused to come back that night so they taped the epidural to my back and told me he would be there in the morning to take it out.... I had an old IV that wasnt being used or flushed stuck in my arms for days at one point, and when a nurse realized i simply got an “ oops i hope that didnt cause an infection” .. those are only two of the many traumatizing events that took place during the happiest time of my life. Along with general mistreatment and rudeness. I thank god my baby made it out of there safely and I pray that other pregnant women with read this and choose somewhere safer to go.

Catherine Hillburn

This is the worst hospital! If you want to be taken care by nurses who are overworked and understaffed, do not go here. I just overheard and saw nurses crying in the nurses’ station because their boss was escorted off the property. All I could hear all day was how great their boss was and how Nursing administration only cares about shopping in Nordstrom and wearing shoes on a runway fashion exchange. If this hospital is firing good managers, and have idiots in administration shopping all day at Nordstrom, no wonder the nurses are crying. I did not want to bother the nurses for anything since they were clearly distressed and in a state of shock. I am also a nurse and I am visiting my neighbor who is a patient here. I was buying coffee in the morning at the coffee shop and I did see someone rush pass by me with short dark hair and high heels not smilingI wonder if she was the person the nursing staff is complaining about. Thank God I do not work here. I am assuming their will either be a mass exodus of nurses or a nursing union. But the administration here could not care less since they are the reason their manager is gone.

a p

absolute horriable hospital ever in my life if u want to die and horriable pain go here i am currently scratching my skin off because the dr refuses to allow me to have an antihistamine that works for me the dr here are the worst ever nurses nd staff are great but the dr will let u die a painful slow death just because they cant be bothered to answer a page when that is there job

Asi Bacallao

I have been here for more than 72 hrs and i have seen the Dr only 2 times and every time that he comes to me , he does not what is going on with me. The nurses came to me to take vitals and thats it. No answers, no diagnostic, no Dr. Really bad attitude. I have a big swelling in my legs since yesterday and they have no give me at least ome pill. Basically I came here to eat and wach tv. My legs still swelled and in pain. Fluid in my lungs and nobody has one answer for me. After i uploaded my review a hospital personal came to me asking questions about my complaints and they were really kind but after they left the dr came to me really mad becouse i complained about the medical atencion. He was angry and rude. He spoke some English not at all, and he was young. It is the first time that I see a dr so rude , he not even touch my feet and my leg to check pain or the swelling. About the nurses and cookers they were amazing and really kind with all patients.

Ofelia Gomez

I'll be comment

Tiffany Williams

I been in the hospital since Tuesday and will not be discharged until Thursday.Dr Bujak and his team delivered my baby and i have had the best treatment i could ask for.My nurses have all been friendly and helpful.Big thanks to Lavaya my current nurse for taking the time out to teach me how to breastfeed my son correctly.I would also like to thank Dr.Bujak and everyone at West valley for making my pregnancy experience easy and being there for me .My son was born premie and required a 4lb carseat Dr.Bujak assistant Adella was my life saver and brought me a new car seat so that i would be able to be discharged on time.Not only was that a big help but anytime i needed her she was there.Thank you all for everything you have done!!!!

Maria Saenz

Although some nurses and Doctors are very polite and give a good security that you will be well taken care of there are some Doctors that are extremely rude and discriminating who should not work in this field. Dr. Reeser in the ER does not deserve my respect. He is the most unprofessional, rude, disrespectful and discriminating Doctor I've ever met. Abrazo Central Hispital should not have a such person practicing there.

Anayeli Mora

The staff lacks of empathy. They show no feelings whatsoever. Idk how you guys hire such cold hearted people

balbina soto

I never go back to this hospital. they let you die

Izabella Ousterhout

If I could I’d give it 0 stars. They sent me to the wrong location for my appointment and when I called to notify them I’d be a couple minutes late due to the drive to the correct location, they told me they could no longer see me today and that I can get rescheduled for OCTOBER.

Kat Koehn

One of the better emergency room visits I've had. They warned us ahead of time that there was a two hour wait, but we were seen before two hours had passed. Staff we dealt with were all understanding and professional, and the facilities were clean.

Adela Cano

Im so thankful to the staff who was working the ER tonight. they were so kind. Miguel from triage made sure i knew that i was not forgotten. Abby Redwine my nurse was so caring and understanding. Ed ct guy made sure i was ok and informed about everything. I cant remember the doctor's name but she the was the sweetest ever. thank you so much for being amazing!!!!!

Fantasia Lewis

My daughter had developed a rash so I came to this hospital. The guys up front were extremely nice! A nurse (Ms. Sara) came in my room checked out my daughter and was extremely nice. then a physician "doctor wks" came into my room and asked me her medical history and I told him she was a healthy baby. Then, he went onto ask about her primary care doc. I told him I take her to the urgent care if she has a fever or anything. And very rudely he responds "that's unacceptable!" Fluttering his eyes and rolling them. Then he asks about her immunizations. I told him I choose to not have my children vaccinated. He says "well she needs to be vaccinated!" (Even ruder than before) so I said no she does not that's my choice and that it is only his opinion. He responds "yes, it is!" He goes onto be rude so I decided I wanted to leave. On my way out a lady with the last name owens was on her way out her room also complaining about Mr. Wks. I've have all 3 of my children at this hospital (7,4,11mnths) and I have NEVER be treated so rudely here or in my life. I went to make a complaint and I truly hope that this guy is in the health field for the correct reasons because he is making this place as a whole look bad. I will never come here again because of Mr.wks

April Hartford

My partner has been here for a number of days. The staff is amazing. As usual, nurses are amazing humans wherever you go. The food though, disgusting, every single thing ordered... even the orange juice is disgusting as it tastes of metal and plastic. I’ve had to bring in food for my partner to eat for every meal. And, I’m told they just redid the menu! They need a complete kitchen overhaul. Again though, nurses rock! And the lady who makes my cappuccino in the morning at the coffee bar.

a&a AZ

Been over here an hour and still waiting

brian Matthews

If I can rate 0 I would but for the love of god don’t go here especially if you want to see another day these doctors don’t care at all they don’t know how to keep you updated with anything going on with you I thought my wife was having a miscarriage and they were all nonchalant about it lol then they have bulletproof glass when you walk in the emergency room literally I been a few times and these doctors just take a guess on what’s wrong with you save yourself time drive further out to another hospital if you have to

Rosalyn Danielle

We came to the emergency room because my fiance has psoriasis and it became infected. The triage and registration nurses were so rude to both of us that we just walked out and went to John C Lincoln Deer Valley where they took his infection seriously and were very nice.

Robin Washington

This is the 3rd time in a year that I have had to see different people here since they have become Abrazo Central. I can honestly say that every aspect of what I saw has been improved. The ER staff was incredible. This morning they treated my friend like she was one of their friends. This last year has completely changed my mind about this hospital from past years.


So currently I'm here with my mother who has some very serious allergy problem... the problem is that these people seem dead in character or showing no sympathy towards their patients the whole desk was okay with asking and acknowledging the problem and no this review is not biased due to my mother being sick at all she is hopefully goIng to feel better but everything with the actual doctor and his nurses were very very dead into showing any interaction or asking how it's going or saying any word to me or my mom and the doctor mocked me when I told him hey I think her throat is closing which in my vocabulary I'd say it's a pretty solid statement and he mocked it like he's truly obviously smarter than me which I understand at least for now but truly said it like I was stupid or something which is really insulting and again said no words it's crazy how they act or do this please cheat them how to acknowledge and ask and feel a connection to a guest we are all guests and specially when it's serious business I hope it's not like this all the time but by just seeing the reviews I can definitely tell it's a patten in which needs to be looked upon and the service is slow Idk how people write 5 of 5 reviews maybe they've been lucky But prayers out to whoever is brought to this place...... needed to come back to say that they gave her incorrect discharge paper in which I just got furious that did she actually take the medicine for the correct problem or not? Like wow

Evelyn Sotelo

Most horrible services ever been past 3 hrs with the worst pain ever and still waiting to be seen this hospital should just go out of business horrible hospital ever all the nurse are super rude and not professionals disgusting attitudes

Goddess in the Making

I have been trying for over a year to get some information about a stent that was placed during an ICU stay . Linda L. House Supervisor was the only one that actually listened to me and got me exactly what I needed. She was very kind, has amazing bedside manners, she even gave me a hug, when i started to tear up. I will be forever grateful to her.

Abdullah Sherzai

Even this one star would to much to give to this place.This is one the worst places to bring someone, the Nurses are Rude. I took my wife as was dying and nobody cared. It took us almost three to get into a private room after I started aruguing with themand then I asked for a blanket as my wife was feeling really cold and waited three hours didn't get it and asked them again they ok wait and asked then thired time and finally brought one. As my wife was in really bad condition so they came give her IV and left and then the alarm turned on i had to call them three times till some one came to turned it off the sound of this alarm was really loud and annoying. Over all spent whole day without any result. Camparig this hospital with those third world countries it might a little bit better.

Tayonna Wright

First of all, I completely recommend! I came in because my son was wheezing and puking. They got me in and out! I love these guys man, they showed me concern and they addressed my son by name as well as introducing themselves. I had a situation where Walgreens couldn't fill my prescription and Abrazo helped take care of it!! They are absolutely amazing, made me feel like family. Definitely coming back! Sonny, Roxana, Don and more <3


This is one of the worst hospitals in the US. The staff are all borderline sociopaths, the rooms are disgusting and their services are almost laughably bad, were it not for the fact that they are the last thing standing between you dying or living. This is also going to be a long review on account of me being absolutely livid at this experience, and also because I want to try to pound in the experience. The short review is at the bottom. I came in with chest pain, pain in the left arm, a headache, and dizziness and confusion. I went into the lobby, walked up to the nurse, who was actually well-mannered, and I went in to get basic screening done. The guy who came up to screen me was a sleazebag - he asked me my symptoms, and I started to state them, and he seemed to consider it before promptly discarding everything I said from his head and started droning on and on about unrelated symptoms that I didn't even say. I tried to tell him otherwise, but I noticed he was locked on a different target - the big butt of the nurse helping him. He was full heat-seeking missile mode on her, and I knew I wouldn't be able to get through to him so I gave up. The only time he dropped his lock-on on her butt was to alert the nurse of my mental health issues after he read up on my records, so at least he got that right. After that, I was led into a room and I sat down and waited for a nurse to come. The person who came in was the most unsympathetic, uncaring nurse who made it blatantly obvious she didn't want to be there. She came in without a word, so I said hi. She said "What's wrong", and I explained my symptoms to her. She then said "Okay." and walked out having only said 3 words. This entire engagement took 2 minutes. I was left wondering what the hell had happened. That nurse was like a spectral ghost in the night, disappeared like a wisp within minutes. I was left waiting for about 12 minutes, and I was frankly mad at that point. Then a guy came in and starting droning on me about personal information so I just told him and that was that. He was a bit rushed but didn't bother me too much. Then, after a 20 minute wait, another nurse came in. She gave me a pill for nasal congestion, which I did not mention even once. And she gave me one pill. Just one. Not even a packet, it was literally a singular pill that you can buy in Target for a pack. She started to go on about how nasal congestion can cause headaches, completely disregarding all of my other symptoms including the chest pain, and at that point I was considering about complaining more, but instead I gave up and just accepted her information as absolutely true. I went home and did not die, though I spent another few hours in pain. To reiterate, the staff are a bunch of sleazy, rude scum who don't care about you, and generally put in the minimum amount of effort to do their job. I would NEVER recommend going to this hospital unless your a masochist. God help anyone who comes here.

Abby Sosa

My father has had alot of back pain and he was laying down when one of the staff members came in and told him to sit up quickly and stretch, knowing that he couldn't. The staff member began to mock him and raised his voice at my father. We wouldn't recommend this hospital...

Francis Lipska

Normally I would think twice before posting a review, but after feeling the way I have and experiencing the treatment i have received from these people who i've worked with in the past, I think its time to make people see them for what they truly are. Truly sadistic, backstabbing, uncompassionate group of people who work in healthcare with the exception of a very select few. I had probably what I would say was the worst chest pain that I ever had before. Came to Abrazo because it was the closest hospital in the area at the time. Checked into ER and was triaged and had EKG done and was put into a wheelchair and left in the lobby for over an hour and a half in pain . Their primary excuse was that they did not have the beds available, at first....i didnt care because I was trying to deal with it as best as I could. Then the chest pain was increasing to the point where i was kicking my feet and was feeling worse to the point where i thought i was going to pass out. My wife and mom were there and were telling the staff that my condition was worsening at which point I was told that the ER staff became rude and snotty and began making statements such as " we dont have any beds available and oh....what do you want me to do about it, i cant do anything!" It had gotten so bad that I had decided to go to another facility. It was at that point where finally they miraculously had a bed opened up, but it was too late as i was being wheel chaired out the door then one of the ER Techs became rather snotty and was making rude statements such as "well its his decision, its his body"...I kind of had to yell and shoo people to the side and leave. Again, I normally would refrain from doing something like this as I've worked with these people in the past....but after this episode, I would say to an absolute certainty....please reconsider your thoughts before coming here to ACC to receive treatment in the ER or in the hospital itself. I am even considering filing complaints with Arizona Department of Health Services and the Joint Commission. Nobody should have ever been treated that badly as I was that night.

sylvia segura


annfesha notict

8years ago I gave birth in this hospital. Worst experience ever! First of all they yelled at me, yes yelled. The nurse said that my yells of pain way to much and to knock it down so I don't scare anyone in the other rooms! Really!? I was in pain my first delivery I hurt. They ended up giving me so much medicine that I couldn't feel anything but drunk! I felt drunk and really didn't know what was going on when they kept snapping and shouting at me to push. I pretty much slept threw the whole delivery. Later on they moved me into a room they called the over flow room. It was the size if a closet. The window to outside was a facing a brick wall. I was unable to shower because the shower in my bathroom was stocked with walkers. The lighting was so poor in the room they tested my daughter for jaundice. Of course she did not have jaundice it was the lighting in the room. The nurses where rude mean and snapped at me all the time. I was treated like an inconvenience. To make it worse they called cps on me!!!! yep! My family got into an argument outside of my room with the father of my child. (no one yelled no one raised there voice they just didn't agree on him leaving me to go to work) They didn't even feed me. Well I did get breakfast and that was the only meal they gave me. It haunts me that my first child was born here and all these awful things happened within 24 hours of her birth. things that should have no happened!!!!! I hate this hospital! I gave birth to my second child at Banner thunderbird and I was like heave. It was happy unlike the birth of my first child. It should have been happy but because of the people that work at phoenix Baptist and the dirty place that it is it was a very sad and upsetting day. I urge you to never ever go to this place for anything! It would be a dream to personally slap the closed sign on this hospital.

Cassandra Cook

I dislike their customer service skills. Very very poor / needs more training.....

Kendra Loisel

This was my first experience at this hospital. I went to the ER for intense pain. Ended up having to get my gallbladder removed. Every single person I came in contact with from intake to surgery were AMAZING!! This will be the hospital I use from now on. Thank you!

Deborah Romero

My experience was a nightmare at Phoenix Baptist. The staff were rude. They could not put an IV in blown veins in my hands to start out. My Anesthesiologist seemed like he was on drugs. I went in for a total knee replacement. When my surgery was done I awoke in severe pain and flopping Ike a fish because I went into shock. Not to mention they did not control my pain. My gather who came here from out of town was denied to see me bedside in recovery. Why? Because I was not stable due to their incompetent staff. Do not choose this hospital. I won't be back that's for sure.

Ray Naugle

I recently had Robotic Hernia surgery here at Abrazo Central Campus and as an employee i got to see the other side of what we really do here. I want to thank everyone starting from the admitting staff, to the surgery staff, pre-op and PACU. My experience was above and beyond. Being my first surgery and not really knowing much what to expect, everyone explained and walked me through every step of the way. I also want to give my Surgeon Dr. Raghavan a shout out for his excellent repair, my recovery was quick because of how thorough he was and made sure he got everything.


Awful. My mom went in with severe on-and-off pain throughout her back and torso. The main nurse was short with her and rude. He didn't seem to care much. In the end they only did a urine and blood test. NOTHING ELSE. When she went to her primary care physician afterwards, he was appalled that Abrazo hadn't gone through the effort of at least giving her an x-ray because of her internal pain. Definitely says a lot about them. They only did the bare minimum (not even that, according to her physician) and then threw a pain prescription at her.

mary Stayton

On 3/11/19 I had to go to the ER again. This time it was a nightmare! The IR doctor was very rude! I was admitted for a night and I had to sleep in ER because supposedly they didn't have a bed on the floor. I wasn't asked about any of my medications I take. I didn't get them. I would never recommend this hospital to anyone.

Noel Perez

My father has several life threatening back pain, it's been close to three hours and still no help, my mother cried for help and nothing.

tina baldino

If I ould give them a lower score I would. They releSe9 ny brother and he had a stroke bumblingIDIOT'S

Jamie Hindman

Was recently admitted here for a few days and was satisfied by my experience. There was zero wait in the ER and the doctor was very accommodating to my needs. I was admitted to the ICU and the nurses were so kind and very supportive and attentive making sure I was comfortable. I was discharged from the ICU a few days later and feel a lot better. Thank you to the amazing doctors and nurses on the 4th floor.

Gloria C Goodroad

I was there on Saturday, I had a lot of pain on my left upper abdomen and all they did was give me pain killers. When I went to see my PCP she said they should've done an x-ray. This is the first and last time that I go there.

Tabitha Hacker

This hospital has a bad rating for a reason (BEWARE). After waiting for almost 2 hours in the ER, my mother was finally taken back to an ER room. She’s been to this hospital before (yes they were bad then too but it was an emergency) so she was familiar with some of the staff. In the ER room was a very rude nurse tech (?) who was asked questions by other staff and rolled his eyes and just blatantly said “no” to requests. Her actual nurse was nice but was struggling with putting fluids in so she decided to leave it for the next shift which came over an hour later. They didn’t want my mother to leave because she needed fluid and was loosing blood but didn’t end up hydrating her until hours after they said they would. Also, unrelated to my mother, we watched a nurse drop a spoon then wipe it on her shirt and still give it to a patient... how disgusting. My mom also has sever bruising on her backside and requested extra bedding or something to help alleviate the pain was was told they would bring her something multiple times but unsurprisingly never did. My mother has finally been moved into an upstairs room and has waited to see a doctor for over 5 hours. They will keep telling you that “things are coming” but it never does. They also don’t listen to what you have to tell them about your body and insist that they are capable of doing things they can’t, in our case it is maintaining an IV. Horrible experiences at Abrazo Central and unless it’s a complete emergency then we will not be back.

Nirvana D.

Dr. Carry did not address any of my concerns or run bloodwork. He just gave pain medication even though I presented with naseua / flu like symptoms as a recent post op patient. When I requested an Iv/naseua medication he said I didn't need it since I had not vomited. He did run a urinalysis that no one went over with me. (I assume it was normal?) I was discharged and was told to get Pepto when I again Requested naseua medication. Next time I will spend the money to get an IV nurse at my house instead and get zofran/IV. I have emailed and contacted the hospital. I hope they address this and question the Dr's action's.

Eric Sinclair

I went in to the emergency room due to a allergic reaction to Penicillin which made my face bloat up even more, well I went in with 3 people sitting in the waiting area fine and dandy, I seen about 10 people leave from the ER doors to go home, not one person did they call back in the 1 and a half hours I sat there waiting, the waiting room filled up with about 25 people by that time and not one person was called back, people were leaving the back er from being seen from previous but since I was there none of the people were called back 1 hour and half, so I left and went to another hospital, I was in a room right away, they do not care about the people at this hospital, no sense of urgency, go to Honor Health John C Lincoln Hospital if your north phoenix

Raven Smith

I am a type 1 diabetic that came in with blood sugars in the 850 range. When I initially came into the ER the staff was very attentive and got me in the back right away...but that’s where that ended. I was in the ER with the most rude service I’ve ever experienced before in my life and I’ve been diabetic for 33 years! I wasn’t kept up to date on what my sugars were and I don’t know what happened with my IV but there was a very excruciating pain that went from my elbow to my shoulder. I was literally in so much pain that I was in tears! When I told my nurse about it he seemed not to really care and stated that if he could flush my IV it was fine and that he would advise my doctor. My doctor never came in. I yelled to just come and take my IV out and was ignored. Because I was alone the patient next to me girlfriend advised my nurse that I wanted my IV taken out and wanted to leave. My doctor still never came. The rude nurse came to take my IV out very aggressively. As I left a nicer nurse asked if I’d been discharged and I advised her of the care I’d been receiving, she advised me to wait and that she would get me help. After that I collapsed to the floor where several staff members walked past me without acknowledgement. The one nurse that did say anything to me at this point was very rude and asked me my name. She asked me wasn’t i supposed to be leaving. I just broke down crying. I’d never been treated this way before. This was the worse experience I’ve ever had in a hospital!

Rick Acuna

I had the worst gall stone attack to date yet reluctantly had my friend take me here. I waited in the ER for just a few minutes to be seen by the admitting person. My friend up to this point had done all of my paperwork and answered all my questions (I could hardly speak). The admitting female told my friend to leave my side, after I asked him to stay. Then she threatened to call security (with her mouth full of food). Well, my friend had to stand behind a wall and continue to answer my questions anyway. She was unrealistically rude. HOWEVER, once I was given a room, on the third floor, it seemed as if the angels had come out of the woodwork (or the best looking vinyl floor woodwork) Every single person I came into contact with was incredibly knowledgeable, kind and with the best personalities! Dr Charles Matlin Removed my gall bladder with precision and I'm on the mend. Minus the awkwardly rude gatekeeper, this place is top notch. I'd even let my friends take me back!

Vicky Miller

Labor and delivery was horrible for me. The nurses that I had were very rude. They yelled at me while i was in labor. I'm sorry if i can't hold in my baby who wanted to come out! Yes they had nice big rooms but the staff was mean. Some of them were nice but that's like 50% of the nurses that attended me.

Debra Leno

Hi my name is debra vanmeter, the entire staff and Dr's should be praised for the outstanding work and looking after everyone's health. Saving lives everyday. Thankyou.

Rosee Maytorena

Very nice and attentive Nurses, Doctors are in tope of everything. Clean and caring staff. I will definitely come back. ER fast to attend.

Coron Whiteback

Doing this for a friend who was just there today. And boy was it a mess. She had to be sent into the ER due to a blood sugar level of 39 (she has POTS, which is important later). After being entered into hospital she was confused with another patient twice. Once for one who needed a foot x-ray and a second time with a patient who had their bloodwork done when hers wasn't. When she arrived, she was also having a panic attack. The ambulance ride wasn't really pleasing, to put it in nicer words. The nurse she was with was extremely short with her instead of being understanding or trying to calm her down. Many other nurses also lacked any compassion whatsoever. While is hospice, she asked several times for updates, and received none. She had no idea what was going on the entire time. When blood was being drawn, the nurse doing so dug around with the needle to find a vein. Yes, my friend was dehydrated, but I know for a fact that digging around causes a ton of pain. Suddenly she was discharged being told that "it was nothing to worry about." Mind you she has been drinking and eating regularly, and has POTS (and if you don't know what that is, feel free to look it up), so she wanted to know what could have caused her sugar levels to be at 39. This hospital gets not credit from the Ambulance and college fire teams that helped her. They were the only good parts of this experience and virtually have nothing to do with this hospital.

Carl Anderson

Today I called to make my final payment.I have payed every payment on time with a Due date around the 20th of each month.My bank mailed December payment out on 12/4/2015 and it cleared on the 12/11/2015. today, I called to get this month's last payment, and they said they could not give me a amount because they sent the file to collections on 12/22/2015.This is B.S! I know there are a lot of people that don't pay there medical bill,but I do. I have good credit. I always pay my Bill's.they are not even willing to call the collection company to correct this issue.

Eva Castruita

I have been to this hospital many times and have had great experience. Theres a few ER nurses that make the visit very comfortable. Especially the one from INDIA she is just so funny and knows how to make your visit enjoyable!!

Natasha Price

I have been to this hospital many times. I've had horrible drs. there. One dr in the er told me I was stupid because I had sprained my wrist from a slip that wasn't my fault. Another time I had gotten my tubes tied and I specifically told them I couldn't do a opioid as a pain med after but the drs still gave me oxycodone and I had a lot of problems after. When I had given birth to my son last year a nurse had held my knees together while my son's head was already coming out and I had told the nurse she said "so what". There has been some nicer drs and nurses there tho who have been very hospitable and we had a nicer experience with them.

Marites Cabalit

Nadine and Mary from Registration were friendly and accomodating.Maria and Liliani from the lab were both amazing!!!

sophia johnson

If you can avoid this place, DO IT. This has been weighing on my heart for awhile and I'm finally ready to vent. In October 2015 after coming in on an ambulance, waiting two hours before getting into ultrasound, and being offered morphine and Percocet more than once while I waited, I miscarried my daughter at 17 weeks. Now I don't know if she could have been saved but those 2 hours were critical. I get sick every time I drive past and say a prayer for whoever is in the ambulance when I see one pull in.

Diane Elken

My adult son is in this hospital right now. He is quite difficult at times. The Drs and surgeon explained what was going to happen prior to his surgery. The OR nurses were informative, professional yet compassionate. Most of the nurses and other staff have been very kind to him as well as to myself. The staff explain everything to him before the do anything. The PCAs have been kind and helpful as well. Saturday at approximately 1:15pm I went to the cafeteria to get something to eat. I asked the a dietary person where to pay and she told me my meal was on them. I guess I looked pretty worn out. The lady in the gift shop was so positive and greeted me with a big smile. My son has been treated well since being here. I feel he is in good hands at this hospital.

Oscar Esquer

Worse Hospital ever I hear the workers talking s#!+ about the patients that are in there. I wonder why they haven't shut this place down if everyone knows this is the WORSE. Ruined my whole day I had to leave from there. don't come here if you want good service I am WARNING you

Noah Hill

This is the closest hospital (a block from where I live) and thus I've been seen here several times. While at times I've had long wait times in the ER, I understand it's because cases are seen based on severity. When I was struck by a vehicle last week, I was seen instantly. And when I returned 2 days later for new symptoms related to the accident, Dr. Mason in particular was very helpful, very caring and ordered the tests and imaging and was patient and empathetic in giving her diagnosis and answering questions.

Jennifer Marquez

Just had surgery there and they did everything possible to make sure I was comfortable. Thank you too all the staff.

Gabby Salazar

The worst hospital ever!!!

Phillip Saulsberry


Virginia Rodriguez

My review is only for labor and delivery. I had my three children at this hospital because since my first delivery here I had a great experience. The staff and nurses were all great. They were all different experiences and they treated my great. I never felt mistreated at all. The hospital was very clean and nurses were there to help you deliver your baby. The food was not great but not bad. They now offer a special meal which is so cute like a mini date. We order the steak that came with veggies, salad and desert. In recovery all the nurses made me feel special and took very good care of me. I honestly only have posirive things to say. I know they were patient with me and my requests. They helped me take care of my babies and give you advice. It's s great hospital to deliver. I'm happy I had great experiences with my labor here.

Sheri Linderman

A wife's observation: My husband, Ed, was admitted to this Hospital to receive Rehabilitation due to a MS diagnosis. He was in there for two weeks, and All the Nurses who treated my husband, was wonderful and very caring. The Physical Therapist's & Social Worker all got an A+. This Hospital was just down the street from where we lived, made it very convenient for me to stop by to visit in the morning before I went to work and after. Thank you to you ALL, that made this beginning of our MS journey a true delight. God Bless you!!

Kayla Wheeler

WORST EXPERIENCE AT A HOSPITAL AND OUTPATIENT CARE I HAVE EVER RECEIVED. I was admitted after discovering an acute kidney infection, inflammation of my kidney, and 3 stones. The lack of communication between the nurses was unspeakable. More than once my urine that was to be collected and inspected to see if my stones had passed was poured out by nurses. My "emergency" procedure to install a nephrostomy bag was put off an entire day. It took hours and at one point a whole day to hear any news from the specialists about my condition and wether or not I would be able to return home. After hitting my call button I had to wait 30 minutes to an hour before a nurse came to see what I needed on more than one occasion. Professionalism and compassion were completely lacking. YOU HAVE ONE JOB. MAKE PEOPLE WELL AGAIN. If you can't do your job to the best of your ability GET A NEW CAREER. This place is a joke. Even if you have a LIFE OR DEATH EMERGENCY I recommend driving ten extra minutes to go ANYWHERE BUT THIS HOSPITAL. Complete garbage.

Teresa Roy

This place is the worse place to come to with an Emergency. We came because my son fell and knocked the wind out of himself and we didn't get seen for 2 hours and 3 hours before they gave my son Ibprophen for pain! It took everything in me to hold my tongue! It's now going on 4 hours and we're still here! As someone said before about this hospital it's only good for a parking lot!

Anonymous Customer

This is the filthiest hospital. The gowns stink of vinegar. Everything is dirty. The kitchen staff spit in my food and management swept it under the rug. A nightmare.

Gaby Leandro

I had the worst experience. Upon telling the nurse my symptoms she starts to yell at us; tell us that we need a neurologist. The doctor then comes in and starts to yell at us as well. I could not get to a neurologist because the I had to wait a month to see him. I went in to get at least a CT scan to make sure that there was no big medical emergency. Now I see that the staff does not care at all about their patients. I did NOT feel welcome, so I just left the doctor while he was still talking. AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS.

Mary Stayton

I came to the ER at 2:15. My nephrostomy tube was accidentally cut by my home health care nurse. I told the triad nurse exactly what happened and that the would have to be changed out. Now it is 5:24 and I can't get the IR team to change it. If the ER nurse would have talked to them soon this could have been resolved! Never come to this ER! You will get the worse service!

Eva Jimenez

Wish I could give negative reviews. Brought my mom in because her arm was bleeding because of dialysis treatment the night before. The put gauze and was discharged. Got home she’s still bleeding and brought her back again and they did nothing again and sent her home. Brought her to another hospital and they treated her and right away they stopped the bleeding.

Rikki-Hayley Cowart

I sat in the ER for 25 hrs. Of which 20 was waiting for a room. I had great staff there and would give anything to be able to go back... But the staff on the 5th floor.. they didn't have my spouses number right, didn't get that with severe vertigo I can't see straight, stand or walk alone and yet they insist I do... Even wrote it on the board after being told I needed assistance that I was a self assistance. He'll I can't even clearly see the TV how can I clearly see anything else. Told them I was hungry and brought me a menu and a phone fore to call the kitchen and order my own food... What part of I can't see straight do you not get... I hate this floor and these nurses. They have no heart or empathy. I'm wanting out of here more than I want to know about the lesions on my brain and why do I have vertigo. Edit: shift change came and it got better, while doing the report they caught the mistakes and attempted to apologize. Went out of their way to help more and bring compassion.

william rabe

Told my loved ones she was fine and sent her home she died two days later if they would of ran some test they would of saved her sad part is she said she disliked the place I've never heard her complain in my entire life but she sure told me she felt like this place didn't know what they were doing

Maria Estrada

Don’t go this hospital at all my dad was sent there for procedure and they did everything wrong he had an intern bleeding hematoma cause of that was in hospital for a whole week he came out worst that what he was. If i could not even a star i would give that hospital. They want to treat you like if every person is a junk or from the streets. The Emergency room was so dirty plus an 6 hour wait for my dad to be admitted into hospital and really rude employees at the from when you want to register to see a doctor. I will never myself or my family go back to that hospital ever again. Just happy my father came out alive just looked that doctors and nurses didn’t know what they were doing. I don’t recommend this hospital at all i give them a zero star.

Jean Black

Do not go there if all possible. I believe that they perform proceedures that aren't necessary just to milk the insurance. Went in for a none life threatening diagnoses. Was there 5 weeks . Tests were done not related to diagnoses. I came out with sores from tubes in my nose, never had a shower the 5 weeks i was there.

Sheri Dreyer

I read the reviews and was worried about coming here for my surgery. The staff was excellent. From the admitting staff, the surgery prep staff, the surgery staff, and my aftercare staff. They were wonderful. They answered all of my questions, I asked a lot of them. Their bedside manner was terrific. They were prompt when I pressed the call button. If I had to have surgery again I would definatly come back. The only complaint, the hospital socks are an ugly shade of brown.

celina b

WORST hospital ever!! My grandmother was In ICU for a problem in her brain and literally waited over 10hrs! NEVER even got to talk to a doctor until the next day!!!!!! What a JOKE!!

Tamela Lyons

Worst experience ever last night. Took my spouse here and Dr. R was terrible( removed his name because I was advised by hospital that he could take me to court). I feel this was a warning that i need to watch myself or there will be trouble for me.He not only yelled in my spouse's face but on top of that cussed him out on the way out the room. I think he thought we couldn't hear him but we did loud and clear. After this we left the hospital. I called after leaving and they treated as nothing. Then called this morning and it seems they don't really care about how their doctors miss treat people. It was really sad because back when it was Phoenix Baptist they treated people better. Just to say the nurses were amazing and we know they have it worst then the doctors. Good job to them

Kenneth Lutz

To much pass the buck. Circumstances warrant different actions. Whatever happened to compassion?

Dan krieger

Do not bring anyone here they will kill them. They take the side of insurance 100 percent of the time.

Hali Couch

Horrid staff. Shoved my husband in a room with a young man talking to his girlfriend about selling weed to the staff!! Are you kidding me!? This is the most unprofessional hospital i have ever been in i wish i looked at the reviews before i brought him here..

Iliana Soto

I love how they treated me,very caring and professional. Thanks!

Blelo Guillermo

Dr. Timbadia ripped open my belly at this here facility. Gr8 job!

Vincent Fodra

excellent service! all nurses at ICU was very patient and helpful! especially to my Brothers urology surgeons Dr. Jonathan Agins⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Sandra Slon

Abrazo Central Campus Inpatient Acute Rehab is incredibly professional, warm, caring, and effective in caring for and improving the lives of its patients. The physical therapists (David and Remmie) and occupational therapists (Kristi and Jade) worked with me with kindness, individual attention, concern, and knowledge to make it possible for me to walk again, and I am forever grateful to them. They are beyond amazing in the way they treat the patients, pushing them as far as they can go, but not beyond, and always encouraging and thoughtful. The nursing staff and their assistants (Summer, Manny, Cassie, and all of the others) and were always there for me, answering my calls for assistance and questions, making sure I was comfortable and cared for. I am truly grateful to the case managers and other administrative staff (Charlie, Helga, and Myra, and all of the others) for working through every detail to make sure I was cared for and given the absolutely best care and assistance. I really owe my ability to regain my life to the Abrazo Inpatient Acute Rehab staff. I wish I could give more than 5 stars, but that’s the most I can give, and Abrazo Rehab deserves every one of them.

Gary Hadley

My mother was admitted to Abrazo Central after she was found unresponsive in her bed. The ER staff was great! They got her emergency medical needs handled. The ICU staff was decent. Then she was moved to the 2nd floor, Telemetry. This staff was HORRIBLE!! We had one nurses aid who was really nice, but the nurses were rude, aggressive, and defensive when asked about my mother's progress in my absence. I had been told by others that the hospital was sub par, but now that I have experienced it first hand, I know it's true! Very sad to treat family this way when they are just concerned for their loved ones well being. If it hadn't been an emergency I would never have had her brought here. Live and learn!

Arron Coggan

Over the last few months I've spent some time in a number of hospitals both personally and visiting friends and family. Abrazo Central Campus has, hands down, the rudest most unprofessional er staff I've ever encountered. I seriously thought they were joking at first. And then I recognized the raw hostility the rained upon the patients and families. Not proud of this but I did some time in the state prisons and the way they treat inmates was a lot better than Abrazo Central er staff. Thats a bold statement, I know. But I stand by it. That said, once my friend was admitted and moved to a room it got a lot better. But that's a relative statement in and of itself.

Stephanie Stookey

Horrible experience! I waited 2 hours as well for them to see my sick 2 year old

Marbear Creeperslady1

Horrible people working there.

Jennifer Foster

I went there at 3am due to severe sore throat and trouble breathing due to my asthma and I got to say triage was great but when i got seen by the dr he looked at and just check me over and sent me home with no antibotics and just based it as a viral infection and bad sore throat. So hours later I got worse and I almost was ambulance to a diffrent hospital from my primary dr office and I couldnt breathe and turns out when i went to a diffrent hospital they actually did there job and turns out i had broncitis.. A breathing treatment later and a steriod shot and a dose of antibotics Im doing better.. But I do not reccomend Phx Baptist.

Alexandria Sosa

Went in with chest pain and shortness of breath I was told it was anxiety. They’re we’re rude and didn’t seem to care on how I was feeling. The nurse came back to give me anxiety medication I asked her why weren’t I being monitored or had an ekg done. I also explained I just had surgery and couldn’t breathe and would like my vitals to be taken before being given something for anxiety and her response was, “ I guess if that makes you feel better” as she rolled her eyes. I felt like I was gonna faint my cousin went out to find help and no one would come they told her to find Barbra and proceeded to say, “ why does everyone seem to be sick” while 5 nurses sat there and did t get up to look at me. I was discharged went straight to another er and there was a blood clot found!!!!! If you wanna live do NOT GO HERE!! They do not care about anybody walking through that door.

Aliethia Hubbard

I would rather die than go here and take a chance with some of the rude staff here. Came here with friend 3 times in a week. One nurse gave me a remote and pillow because I was staying over night and another nurse walked into the room, snatched it off my shoulder and walked out. One nurse called me to phone to talk to nurses station to talk to hospice and another nurse rudely came over and said nastily honey I need my phone back and the nurse who called me to the phone told her that I was on phone with hospice. Witnessed person at the desk in ER being rude to people coming in then I overheard her say that people just don't understand her job. PEOPLE ARE SICK!!! I helped my friend to bathroom and cleaned him. He ended up with bed sores during his stay. He came back by ambulance and I guess they looked at me and would not admit him because they thought I just brought him there because I wanted hospice to take him and not take him home. I brought him there because the in home nurse came by and insisted that I take him. People don't care anymore and it feels like hell on earth sometimes.

Levi Doncouse-Orozco

Worst experience ever. Had me mapping out escape routes to save my mom. ICU was great Angela and Ann Marie were great I love them for life. Dr D. and the nurses on level three except the over night nurse all need to be fired. Janelle you were great. I will never go back there or have anyone I love go there. Not to mention a couple years back when the mental health social worker forged my name on the petition to have my husband committed to UPC. Told me she signed my name because she needed two signatures. Unbelievable. Go to Banner

Antonio Sweeny

I was here a couple days the nurses aren’t great

Carmen VLC

To nurses Cynthia and Lizzie and Dr. Afzal in ICU, thank you for your compassion and care during an extremely difficult situation. You made a horrible experience more bearable.

Greg Jewell

Took a good friend because her husband beat her up! They were very nice and pleasant. They called the police on her behalf, but the report she'd given was never entered into police data. Her husband found her that morning and beat her again! She escaped weeks later to her daughter's where he broke in, started hitting her and finally the Police showed, but sooo much of that could have bee avoided if the Police and/or Hospital had entered that first report! Hi out decide and make sure you and they cross i's and t's! It can be a life saver or changer.

Patricia Rocha

My husband was seen today for abdominal pain so the Doctor came in the room for 30 seconds and ordered blood work and a ct which is common in this cases. The nurse came in the room a while later and said "seems he has kidney stone because of the medication that the doctor told her to give him" so I asked stones? Where? She said she could not say much as she can get in trouble, the doctor will come snd talk to you, I agreed. A few hours later the nurse came back and gave us our discharge papers. I told her the doctor has not come in to talk to us and she said "he is not" "you just have kidney stones" she stated. So we left without knowing any additional information that is needed. This is very unprofessional and nurses are not suppose to give you diagnosis as they are not the doctor. I have medical background and have worked with a Urologist in the past and there is a lot more information that needs to be given to a patien with kidney stones. Horrible place

Kristie Richardson

We had a wonderful experience and a horrible experience at this hospital. My mother was flown into this location. She had a massive stroke and we had to make the decision to take her off life support. She was taken up to ICU from emergency and made comfortable until our family could get there. We had the fortune to have Mitch an RN take care of her. Even though there was no signs of life he treated her with kindness and respect and us as well. I cannot say enough about his professionalism and compassion. After my mother passed, we waited 2-1/2 hours for a doctor to come in the room to pronounce her. The Dr. finally walked in without apology for how long we waited for him and blurted out he had to examine her. He looked at her eyes, took her pulse and listened to her heart and then turned around and walked out of the room without saying one word to us. I would say HE had no heartbeat. So callous to a family who just lost a loved one. Unacceptable!!!! I would mention his name but he never told us and they can't release it until paperwork is completed.

Kellie Van Gaal

Worse experience ever. My mom was released there and I can't believe they way the security guard and nurse left her. She is disabled and used their wheelchair to come out to my car and while we were getting her into the car she fell on the side panel of my car next to the seat I could not believe they took the wheelchair away from her and just left her there. I can't believe they would not let her use their wheelchair so she could lift herself up to get in the seat. It took us 10 minutes to try and get her up, finally someone from the emergency room saw her and ran out with a wheelchair so she could lift herself up and get in the car. I will never take one of my loved ones there again!!!

Monika Thomad

Best hospital in AZ if you ask me!! Very patient and kind!!

Paula Bryder

ER review - Nurse Dulce was attentive & kind. XRay tech Meatloaf was knowledgeable. Colleen who found blood for me was magical. Altogether, I highly recommend the staff & facilities (which were immaculate).

Tyler Loree

Sat In the icu with brain hemorrhaging for 33 hours now and they refuse to give me any updates. Keep saying how they are waiting for one doctor to talk to another like it’s a normal process that takes 8 hours. Don’t come here if you’re in an emergency seek out a different hospital even if it’s out of your way.

Gabi Bueras

Amazing staff and very helpful. Got me in right away and found our everything that was wrong with me. Thank you so much to the staff for making me feel comfortable and hopeful. Now I am feeling so much better.


Went into labor a year ago in November and had a wonderful nurse named Claire in the labor and delivery then I had another one that was an older woman who kept coming in and out and rudely opened the blinds early in the morning while my husband mother and I were sleeping and was telling them to get up and clean some minor trash in the room. Other than that Postpartum was great! I had the same nurse for 3 nights named Taima and she was awesome and fun.

McKayla McClure

Was there for almost three hours. During that time all that was done is a urine test and they did not even receive the results from the urine test. I'm 6 months pregnant and can't hold any food down for the past week. She answered her own questions so i just started agreeing with her.I finally got so frustrated I walked out on my own. The only thing the nurse had accomplished the whole time I was there was complain about how tired she was and how she was ready to go home. I'm so glad I stopped in on an emergency visit before deciding to have my child at this place. After seeing how they treated me I could only imagine how they would neglect my poor baby had I decided to give birth there.

Matt Golden

They treated me like an inmate the entire time. I stopped in the visitor room to watch some telivision. One of those illegal Mexican immigrants who can barely speak fluent English began cleaning the room and eying me up and down. Maybe 2 mins after she left a security officer appeared sniffing me over asking me for identification and inquiring about my personal business at the hospital When I finally left I found my car had been broken into and ransacked by thieves. Then it dawned on me: The security gaurds and illegal mexican were so busy looking at me that they never could see the felony that was committed under their noses.

Timothy Franklin

I went into the er with an infection in my hand that just had surgery on it and had pins inserted into the bones to hold the fingers together. They totally disregarded my pain level because I have a past drug history and literally pulled 31/2 inch pins out of my fingers with no anesthesia or pain meds while I'm yelling at the top of my lungs. I think it's so unfair that if you have any past drug history that the doctors at abrazo think that you should have to endure any amount of pain that they are willing to dish out

Jose H

ihate going to the hospital but the guy nurse ilesar made me feel comfortable and made me feel like i was in good hands. one thing i appreciate that he did was clean up my room even if i was asking the assistant and not him he said he is not above doing that. a lot of times i didnt understand what the doctors were saying because they talk in words that they only know and they also seem like they in a rush. but my nurse ilesar would stay with me and keep asking if i needed any thing hes a good man and want him to be my familys and friends nurse if they god forbid are in the hospital. i think all staff on the 5 floor was really nice even the cleaning lady was nice. a complaint i do have is that rooms are shared and its embarassing to talk about your medical problems with some one else in the room

Barbara Cronkright

Great care and attention given. Dr was amazing and took time to explain in great detail what was done and care needed.


If I come in for something don’t prescribe me medicine for something that’s irrelevant to my symptoms. You guys are notorious for this!

Erik Gibason

Although this hospital is in network with my insurance company. It's Dr. on staff isn't, BIG out of network charges. The hospital takes your insurance information when you arrive why would they send a doctor to treat you that doesn't except your insurance.

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