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Nathan Zuccarello

I do not recommend having your baby at this hospital location. It was just an unpleasant experience overall. When we were first admitted the nurse stuck my arm over 4 times in the dark trying to get an IV in and finally had to call another nurse to do it. All she had to do was turn the lights on and got it within one try. Communication was lacking tremendously and we didn’t find out we were going to be admitted until 3 hours later when the next shift came in and a nurse showed up to take us to the delivery room. When we entered the delivery room the first thing I noticed was the very strong odor. It had a very distinct smell of a dirty/wet dog. The furniture was outdated with broken and tattered walls. To be honest I was really nervous to have the baby because it seemed unsanitary but at this point it felt like we were past the point of no return. The delivery nurse was amazing but it turns out she only fills in sometimes at this hospital. The delivery part was not bad and everyone I encountered on that side was actually pleasant. However, when we were transferred to our room this is where I felt we were most frustrated with. One of the nurses we encountered I told her how I had a pain on the back of my calf muscle that wouldn’t go away. Instead of examining it she just told me I most likely sprained a muscle. The part that was frustrating was the thought that it could possible be a blood clot and she didn’t even look at it. It more of hey let me examine and if it not awesome but to not even look is concerning! The nurses seemed to forget to check in on you and would not bring the medicine that was supposed to have been administered already. I found that whenever I was in pain I always had to call the nurse to receive the next dose that should have already been administered. The next thing that was off putting was the nurses talking bad about the employees who would come by to survey the patient. As a patient, that is incredible unprofessional and imagine you don’t like them because they are telling you there is room for improvement. The next day finally came and we kept having to ask our nurse about discharge. She would ask if we’d seen the doctor and we would say no, finally we asked if she knew if she would be in. Again, very inappropriately talked unprofessional about the doctors implied they do what they want. I get it people are busy, but having other kids at home with a babysitter you need to be informed. Finally the doctor came in the afternoon, and a few hours passed and we hadn’t seen our nurse. Finally we called to see if someone would send her by so we could be discharged. The last thing that bothered me was if I didn’t ask for my IV to be taken out I am almost 99% sure they would have forgot and sent me home with it because no exaggeration that almost happened. This is my 3rd child, and it was a disappointing experience compared to my last two. We tried to save time by going to a hospital closer to us but I really wish I had someone to warn us before we went. Just please if anything just take the communication aspect back to your nurses. It really makes a huge difference! I really hope this will help another mom unsure of her decision on where to have her little one.


Had hemorrhoid surgery here while 30 weeks pregnant. Nurses are great but ob not good at all. Had to tell them how to do their job. Case manager told me that my inaurance didn't cover equipment needed for home. Called insurance myself and they did. Food was good. Housekeeping sucked. They only cleaned my room once and I had to ask. I advise if you come here to know something about protocols of the medical field. If not then your pretty much screwed. Don't take their word. Check yourself or you'll be coming out of pocket for things your insurance will cover. Won't come back or refer to anyone to come to this hospital. Oh and when pressing the nurse button and saying what you need. They just hang up on you. Only 1 nurse was good at IVs too.

Austin Tidwell

The Labor and Delivery department was incredible. Everyone was so friendly and compassionate. Every staff member that we interacted with was so genuinely concerned about my wife’s well-being and answered every single question we had. Everyone loved to be educators and provide peace of mind about any of our concerns. We had an amazing experience at this hospital!

Keia Noland

I had my twins there. They made me comfortable for the 21 day stay.

Haddi Sage - SLE Extday.

I was admitted right away & the care was excellent. The nurse's were Great & made sure everything was done in a timely manner. They were very informative on my health condition & made sure I understood.

Joe Ream

I am writing this regarding my husband Joe's care. He had surgery on Tuesday and only spent the night thank goodness. The admission person and Oregon nurses were great. Also the volunteers at the post of waiting room desk were very helpful. Then he was moved to his room. When I went up to see him the bed was a mess blankets from post op still on him and the covers were not straightened. I asked if he could have some water I knew he could but was told by the nursing assistant only the nurse could clear she made no attempt to find the nurse we were told she had come on shift early. A nurse came in the room I asked if he was my husbands nurse and was rudely told he was not he was for the roommate and going off shift in ten minutes. Then the IV started beeping called the nurse she came and fixed it still no water. It beeped two more times during the forty five minutes I was there. He finally got some water I was told delay because of shift change sorry that's not a good excuse My husband was out of it due to the medication from anesthesia. What happens to the patients who have no one there for them? He called me the next morning and said his night nurse was great. He asked the nursing assistant if he could go for a walk around 4:30am as of 8:30am he was still waiting, He did say his breakfast was good. I came to get him around 11am and the assistant and nurse were very helpful and kind. Please do not say you are striving for better care. Care starts with the staff and their attitude which some really need an adjustment. This was our first time at Arrowhead and if we have our way the last. Cathy

Alexis Ramirez

Worst hospital to ever go to. The staff, nurses and doctors, are extremely rude. They do not care for their patients properly. Been here twice, and I’ll never go back. GET BETTER STAFF

Christina Maticic

Their OB department is wonderful. This is my first pregnancy and when I have had to visit, they have taken such great care of my and explained everything in detail. Thank you!


Very good staff. Took care of each and every thing nicely and professionally. Listened to all my questions and answered in detail. Everytime we need someone, staff was there on one call. Our doctor was Erickson, awesome man. My experience with doc and hospital was more than expected. We felt like we treated as VIPs. I would highly recommend abrazo hospital and Arrowhead woman's center.

Soleil Winfrey

If you are looking for a new place don’t come here, they are completely over booked. All waits regardless of visit type are a minimum of an hour or more. There are also more attentive options out there.

Margarita Blaze

Amazing staff for child birth. I haven't come to this hospital before giving birth however this will probably be were I go in the future. The nurses are great an very caring an responsive. All the staff from the RNs an assistants even the cafeteria staff was kind an respectful. I highly recommend for child delivery for a great experience

Anonymous Person

My husband and child checked in to what was an empty lobby. They were immediately triaged and placed in a room. After an hour of absolutely no staff communication, I called and checked what there status was. I was told they were just seated in the back and still had not been assigned a provider. Had I not already video chatted with my husband earlier and seen them in the room, I might have believed that lie. My husband decided that it was better to drive home safely with our children than take care of his broken hand, as he has been awake since 3 in the morning. We now understand that broken bones and ear infections on children who have permanently lost their hearing due to provider neglect are not important enough for this facility and will keep this in mond for the future.

Madeline Capp

I brought my 1.5 year old son into the ER after he hit the back of his head pretty hard on our tile floor. He was looked at by a doctor (not even very thoroughly) and we were discharged. The bill for the ER visit was an absolutely ridiculous amount (approximately $1,900 before insurance). I called Abrazo thinking that there was some sort of mistake. Their billing department told me that the amount was correct for a level 3 visit (seeing a doctor in the ER). The only reason I brought him to Abrazo was in case he needed imaging (MRI / CT scan). I will never, ever, use the Abrazo ER again, unless it is a life or death situation. The care provided does not even come close to the amount charged. UPDATE: I see a response to my issue "We will be working to address this situation." Unless you lower your cost for service, I don't believe that you will address the situation. Please let me know what you will do to address this situation.

Katie Caracciolo

Last night, unfortunately, we had to take our small daughter in to the ED and were pleased with our treatment to say the least. We want to thank nurses, Amber (two Amber's in fact) and Kris, PA-C Tiffani, Dr McDowell, RT Ava and registrar Randi for showing her the compassion and care they did, for explaining things to us and for being efficient through the process.

Diane Webber

I want to thank the North Peoria ER for the excellent care they provided to me when I was there for abdominal pain. Dr. Dean, Sabrina, Lisa, Karen and Denise from CT were awesome. They should be very proud of the great service they provide to everyone who enters their doors. I want to thank them for the great care.

danica miller

I just had a 2 day stay for giving birth. The labor and delivery nurses were good. The post partum nurses were amazing. My absolute favorite nurse was Denise! She went farther than above and beyond! She was easy going, very informative, explained things in a way I could understand her, and was very easy to talk to. I'd have another baby at Arrowhead just for Denise!!

Dan Kovalcik

Worst hospital where I've ever been treated. Some of the staff were very good but too many are unprofessional and incompetent.

Tony E

Edit: So over a month of Abrazzo allegedly "investigating" and have yet to receive a phone call or response to this review. In fact, the only thing I received since then was an additional bill for $5900, five months after the visit, bringing the total cost to nearly $50,000, yes $50,000, for a normal vaginal delivery without any complications. Best part about this new bill is my insurance carrier has never received this bill and has no records of it existing and when I call Abrazzo, they cant provide a straight answer as to why. Adding to the crookedness, is also incompetence Original: Crooked hospital and billing department... $26,000 in various room charges for having a baby, including an emergency room charge despite walking in through the front door. Was given a balance upon discharge, two months later was billed an additional $10,000 for apparently fictitious charges. Fake consultations from doctors, the list goes on... Pick a different hospital and save some money. The staff was friendly and it's a shame they work for such a crooked hospital.

Adan H

Went here for a small emergency. Very bad communication by all the staff. Dont go here if you want to be treated correctly.

alex montoya

Love this place! Always so helpful and heart warming help that cares for your family like family. Recommend this hospital to anyone!

Rocket Science

Went in with throat, neck and esophagus pain and shortness of breath and they sent me out with a prescription for antibiotics and NSAIDs. 3 days later st Joseph's tells me that I had 1% chance of surviving the illness and surgery I just had. DO NOT choose this hospital if you value your life.

Rachel Hamilton

My dilivery was well taken care of. I paid my bill in the hospital. Later I was informed that they charged more than was needed. I called to ensure that the overage would be sent back to me. I was told it would be sent in 20-30 days. I asked if there was anything that I could do to speed up the process. They stated that they were waiting on information from my insurance company. I called my insurance company immediately and had them send the required information. I called back two weeks later to see where we were in the process. They gave me the same info that it would be 20-30 days. At this point I asked to escalate the issue since things didn’t seem to be moving. I asked to speak to a manager and was told he was in training and that they would send an email and he would call back the next day. I did not receive a call. I was given the same information each time I called after. At this time it’s been about a month and a half and the check still hasn’t been sent and all they tell me each time I call is that they can’t do anything and that they will document that the account has been escalated. In the future I will not pay my bill in the hospital. They will have to wait on my timeline since they don’t have the courtesy of respecting my finances.

Sherry Minks

*edited* I was admitted here yesterday afternoon by ambulance. The care I received in the ER was quite exceptional but was dismayed that one specific male nurse on my floor, since being admitted nearly could use some training. After speaking with the Director of Nursing, she was prompt to come to my room and assure me that he would not be back in my room as well as gave me her card if any further issues. I appreciated her understanding and efficiency in handling the matter.


I delivered my baby Rocco here on Jan. 13, 2019, and I have to say one of the best hospitals I have been to for delivery! The nurses in the maternity ward truly care for their patients. My night nurse lori was the absolute best! I wish I could have thanked her before I left but I honestly thought I was gona stay another night and i would see her again, she was one of those nurse with a good sense of humor and went above and beyond! Marty was also a great nurse she was in the delivery room when I gave birth. My husband really liked her alot as well she was very kind and just a overall great nurse. I recommend this hospital for anyone who is expecting you wont be disappointed!

Luis Montano

I would give them less than one star but i can't. the review is for the ER department, i was there Thursday night with severe lower back pain, i was seated in the lobby waiting to be called back after 2 hours two parents came in with their daughter the little girl was balling her ayes out and screaming in pain this child was left like this for 30 mins without any help, at which point several of the other patients waiting including myself told the parents to go to phoenix's children's hospital, at which point one of the nurses called security and had security threaten one of the patients by telling him if he tells another patient anything he was going to be kicked out. at no point was anybody being rude or loud(other than the security guard) at that point i and my wife decided to leave at which point i asked one of the nurses behind the window if they thought it was ok to have a child seat in pain for 30 mins straight, their response was to tell me to leave(which i find funny since i was already leaving), the rude security guard started to follow me very closely to my vehicle which was not necessary this made me feel threatened since i was with my 7 month old child . i told the gentleman to backup which he refused to do so until i turned around and yelled at him to back the "F'' up. in all and all worst experience ever and will definitely not come back here at all

Albert Echevarria

My wife delivered here back in May. Our first baby, so everything was pretty new and a nerve wrecking experience. Jami and Kylie were the nurses that took care of my wife at labor and delivery and my wife loved them. They were so helpful, informative, kind and compassionate. They are the definition of nurses. Now, the reason why I gave it 3 stars was because when they moved us to the postpartum room for my wife , myself and baby to spend the rest of our stay, the nurses that took over we’re rude. As my wife was learning how to breastfeed (mind you it’s 2 am and she’s been up for over 24 hrs) I guess she didn’t hold our son in the correct position to breastfeed and the nurse that took over told her “hold him like your a real mom!” She was very rude, and made us feel uncomfortable every time we had a question. The next morning a new nurse took over for that one and she wasn’t any better. She was also very rude and kept pressuring my wife to go to the postpartum discharge instructions meeting “so none of the nurses dont have to do it when you leave” We definitely plan on having more kids but it won’t be here. It sucks that the bad had to outweigh the good.

Cindy Meyer

This hospital sucks from head to toe!!! Top to bottom. I had my knee replacement there and my recovery is not progressing due to the lack of care I got at the hospital. Was there for 2 days and only got out of bed 3 times to walk. The staff did not even offer or there was one patient hogging the nurses. I mainly was going back and forth to the bathroom and was left for over a hour sitting in the chair and had to get into bed myself which was not allowed but had to do it due to the swelling in my one leg. Food sucks. Surgery waiting is ridiculous and they withhold your surgical records from you and your dr. Those records should ALWAYS be in your Drs offices records not withheld by a hospital. When I requested my records the system was conveniently down. It has been down for over 24 hours. That is completely alarming to me.

Bud Phillips

Excellent patient care & best ER visit I've ever had! WOW congratulations on a job well done. Most needed when patients need it most.

jeff Kiefer

What a bad hospital drs and nurses completely worthless ignorant humans bunch of deplorables.

Sarah Ronzo

Some of the worse nurses you could ask for. Just left Labor and delivery (daughter just gave birth) these nurses have the worse bedside manner we have been here since Wednesday left on a Sunday her personal nurses need to learn bed side manners or not to come to work. If you hate being asked a question about being a new mother maybe you need to switch to a different floor. We had 1 person who was friendly the whole time a night nurse named Anna and a CNA who worked the front desk. My daughters delivery nurse was a complete waste. She was too busy walking in and out of the room. NICU was out 4 minutes which was another issue which was fault of the stupid nurse. NICu even yelled at the nurse for the 4 minute wait to he called out. The only wonderful nurses are the NICU they're caring and dont care if you ask questions as a new mother, yet alone a worried new mom. Let's talk about rushing someone out of a room we get different explanations on what is allowed for a "nesting" mom after she is technically discharged let's say my daughter was treated so rudely trying to get the correct answer what she was allowed to do stay more nights or nights the nurse had her in tears. I had to keep my mouth shut as a mother even I was looking for an answer as we were getting different answers. They had the rooms. Onto another subject the lack of nurses I hear the nurses talking how of they work extra shifts (not enough nurses why I dont know?) They get prizes. Still not done the cafeteria doesnt stay open the hours its supposed we went down and it was supposed to be open nope closed even the worker was like I guess I'm not thirsty. Again the next night nope not open. Grubhub can get expensive. Also they no longer take debt cash or Workers ID card who has cash anymore! Arrowhead has gone way downhill. I hate that I leave in Arrowhead Ranch but I will drive the extra few miles to go to either Banner or Honor from now on sorry Arrowhead you lost my business and I will tell my friends and family which I know you really dont care about. Cause your nurse's don't.

Arianna Hernandez

I have delivered all 3 of my kids here and each time I've had great experiences. Not once did my nurses make me feel like I was a burden. They all genuinely seemed to love their jobs. They cared for my baby and gave me alot of advice on my first born. Any questions I had they answered. I would go here again if i ever had more in the future. Clean as you can get for a hospital. Friendly staff. And the last time I delivered there (July 2017) we were given a parent celebration meal which was just awesome.

lance kwiatkoski

Horrible hospital please dont go here. Most nurse staff are rude and contradictary. Hospital was very dirty and not kept up. Also food service was always wrong, cold and disgusting. Most uncomfortable unpleasant experience of my life!!!!

Ray Snyder

Had a family member taken to the ER at Abrazo Arrowhead Campus . From the moment we arrived to discharge, we were treated with compassion, dignity and respect by the entire staff. This was not our first time there and as usual, we couldn't ask for better treatment. I can't thank everyone enough for care they gave us and will continue to make the Arrowhead Campus our family choice for all of our medical needs!

Laurie Latham

Absolutely worst experience of my life. Most (all but two) of my nurses were, slow, insensitive, condensing, and just rude. I awoke in my room from a major back surgery and was already scared because you want to stay in front of the pain. Unfortunately for me, it happened to be “shift change” so for the next 40 minutes my pain became unbearable. After crying and waiting for a pain management doctor I suggested (fun fact, they don’t have pain management doctors.) I spent the next two nights at a minimum of a 8...most the time ten plus. Also found out the pharmacist do change what your doctor has ordered, without speaking to your doctor! I still can’t believe this place actually cares for people. I’m just fortunate I got out of there. Horrible experience, forget Patients Bill of Rights. Need better communication and overall care for your patients.

Birdy Man

I have a perfect credit rating.This hospital lied to me about what my surgery was going to cost after I asked 5 to 6 times.After arguing with them they told me they’re going to take it off since I’ve had 3 to 4 collection letter sent to me. Stay away!!

Sean Sayman

I came with a very troubled breathing problem where my tonsils closed off my breathing and I was diagnosed with strep throat with no throat pain and preceded to wait hours just to be discharged in large amounts of pain and very troubled breathing


Absolutely love this hospital i had my first born here and i recently just had my 2nd baby a month ago all the nurses there are amazing very friendly specially Elizabeth and Mary I didn’t have no complications at all very happy with both experiences

Sherry Schwind

My 88 year old father was bleeding. Dr never checked the area that was bleeding, order a bladder scan and discharged him, but we were never told until 2 hours later when the next shift doctor came in wondering why we were upset. The he started yelling "What did you want me to do?" Very unprofessional doctor and we felt we were not important enough to let us know what was happening until 2 hours later. The patients are the customer, without them there would be no paycheck for the staff, so make them feel like they matter.

Dorothy Angell

Took my husband into the emergency room today. He was feeling dizzy and has several different health issues. I tried to go with him but was told that the nurse was going to do a quick triage and he'd be back out. He disappeared from the room and I inquired about his where abouts. I was told that he was taken back, I couldn't go to him nor was I entitled to know what was going on. I waited in their germ riddled waiting room for an hour. Inquired again and received a very condescending comment, just rude. It's making me sick that I left him there. Made a phone call and they're just as rude over the phone as they are in person. If this is one of the best, I'd hate to see the worst this area has to offer.

Jamie Richardson

The care they gave my father for the 3 weeks he was admitted was great!! I have to give a special shout out to nurses on the 3rd floor ..Austin, Joanne & Martha They are truly a blessing and are so kind.

Jeff Pordes

Terrible professionals took over an hour for someone to come in and check on me as I’m screaming in so much pain from an knee injury no call buttons in any rooms and nurses talking to one another and could care less about patients I got up and left and went to honor health where they took great care of me By pass Arrowhead Hospital sat all cost

Andrea Vaughan

My 85 yr old mother was a patient there on 3100 unit just a few days ago. I am a RN and I was very pleased with the care she received! Nurse Michelle W. took care of her both days and she was amazing! Very attentive and responsive! I would highly recommend this hospital! Staff are great!

Destynee Poreé

If I could give 0, I absolutely would. Im not one to complain but this place is scary! I would never allow my loved ones to seek care here. I was seen for dehydration and bad cramping. I am 10 weeks pregnant. Ultrasound was extremely short in my opinion, hence the reason they missed a major problem causing my cramping (ill get to that in a minute). I was finally given fluids after 3 hours waiting, and then here comes the nurse with benadryl and reglan to combat my vomiting. Both meds were pumped into my iv line in less than 20 seconds all together. Literally 30 seconds after, my heart began to race and I was on the verge of passing out. The nurse says "oh, i must have put it in too fast." I was delirious and in pain all at once and crying hysterically because I was afraid. Nurse left to apparently tell my other nurse that I was having a reaction. No one ever came back to check on me! I was checked on all but twice and once was by the insurance rep, who showed more compassion than the whole team there! She noticed my bed was raised in an akward position and lowered it to my comfort. God bless her. I pulled my red string for help as I need to use the bathroom but unable to walk from the shakes after meds given, and was walked to the restroom but to my suprise, the guy did not bother to wait to walk me back to my room. I nearly fell twice. Waited a few more hours in pain only to get a "clean bill of health." I was discharged and followed up with OB 2 days later. Guess what?! MY OB FOUND A SUBCHORIONIC HEMATOMA ON MY PLACENTA. How does the ER miss this? Im very upset and will never return. Thanks for the bag of fluids, I guess.

Sandra Hale

My 88 year old mother went to the ER on 12/26 at for back pain and stomach nausea . After 8 And half hours of pure hell. She was discharged. The "nurse " on duty could have cared less . No empathy concern or personality. She had no pillow . Blanket till we asked for one because she was freezing and maybe 40.minutes later he brought one. He gave her medicine that she clearly said she was allergic to and caused a reaction that then had to be treated. I wouldn't recommend this hospital to my worst enemy. My mom last words be fore she was discharged was get me out a here before they kill me. How sad is that. . I have never seen a slower non caring patient facility in my life.

joe delvecchio

Was admitted afera hip replacement Surgery. 1st shift nurse and staff was kind, caring and quick on call lights. Shift change came at 730pm didn't see my nurse till 1030pm just to turn off call light didn't address my pain issue. Had to use call light again for help to rest room the MA came tight away but couldn't unhook IV she tryed to page nurse no answer so I disconnect it myself. Nurse shows hour latter to ask why I shut off IV. What a mess I'm very disappointed

Martha Bieschke

I had my baby on March 2017 in Abrazo and it was a wonderful experience for me. I was very well care, the nurses are wonderful, they listen, talk, give awesome advices. My room was very clean, I loved the special menu of welcome baby for my husband and me from the cafeteria. Loved the food. The bill was as expected, no surprises. All the people who work there seems they are willing to serve for excellence, Its great to see that. I also took the tour previous to deliver so its great to see ahead where to go when the deliver time comes. Thanks to all that served me and my baby Devin!

Linda Robinson

My husband was in the hospital recently. We brought him in to the ED thinking it was something minor he had gotten bitten by a cat and his arm was really red. Once we arrived the nurses and doctors in the ED were kind and compassionate. They moved us through quickly and we were going to be admitted. The hospital was so busy we thought that the wait would be terrible. Within a short time to our surprise we were being taken to a room on the third floor. We were greeted by some of the sweetest compassionate people. They welcomed us to the floor, the charge nurse came in to greet us and went over what we could expect. We were shocked that he would have to be admitted for a simple cat bite but the care was excellent. He received multiple doses of antibiotics and was soon better. We were waiting on a survey but didn’t get one so we thought this was the next best thing. My husband and I could not have been happier with the care he got at Arrowhead. This is now our hospital of choice and we will tell everyone to come there for healthcare.

MyNurse aka Michelle

ER staff were so good with my mother even though she didnt know how to speak english. Nurse station on second floor that took care of 2310 were excellent staff. Everyone took good care of my mother. Thank you very much. ❤❤❤❤❤

Barbara Segovia


Daniel Hansen

We had our first child here on March 21 2019 and my wife was born here as well. It was a very pleasant experience and would most definitely return. Also did their ba y classes and that was a wonderful class to get you prepared for having a little one. Thank You Abrazo.

Jennifer Dimmick

I can’t say enough good things about the staff here. I went in through the ER and was seen pretty much immediately. The nursing staff were all great, very knowledgeable, and were always around when needed. My main nurse was Corrin (unsure of the spelling) but she was fantastic! Phil was also helping out and I can not say enough good things about him! Our Dr (unsure of his name) was very thorough, came around often and made sure we understood everything! I highly recommend this hospital!

Monique M

Have my son here at this hospital amazing nurses were amazing My Doctor Austin was awesome the staff members were great

Jonathan Defreitas

After being left for dead at Banners intake lobby, I rushed here and was greeted with care and concern. Complete excellence from intake staff, ER physician, nurse and imaging staff. I came in so much pain, I can not thank this staff enough for controlling my pain comforting me and diagnosing me with such personal care and kindness. Your staff is a blessing my nurse was amazing, thank you so much for getting me well.

David Fields

Took my wife in to the ED and had a wonderful experience. In and seen within minutes. Great nurse's. Very kind and compassionate. If I ever need a hospital this is where I will go.

Mikel Guerrero

I have been a patient for a week and my best nurse has been melissa C has been the best nurse , she took the the time to actually see where im coming from and gave me nothing but the absolute best care possible she has comforted me and enssured i am in good hands ! Thanks you Melissa YOU ARE THE BEST !

Cindy Lopez

I gave birth to my daughter last month at this hospital and I honestly had a great experience from the moment I arrived and got triaged to the entire stay all the nurses we were amazing to me and my baby always making sure that we were ok asking me if I needed anything, my Dr. was great fast and healthy delivery and the pediatrician was great with my daughter as well thank you all for being so great.

jack smith

Great nurses. Caring

Seantae Butler

Before Dec 4th I had a different review on this sight. However after having an Emergency C-section to bring my little girl in this world, I have no choice but to change my review. The Labor and Delivery staff were AMAZING.I was terrified when I was told I needed a C-section. The staff calmed me down and basically told me everything was going to be fine, and it was. The recovery and the stay were even better. The staff was nice and extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend and come back to have my next baby at this hospital.

Barbara Adams

My brother was at your hospital for 12 days. He was never given a shower, bed bath nor shave. Food was cold when it arrives. Dr's were not informative at all. He was sent home without scripts for meds for pain. He has lung and prostate cancer. I would not recommend your facility to my dog.

Chloe Arms

The staff were very professional though I was charged $2000 for a 3 hour visit for vomiting and stomach pain. I feel like I shouldn’t of gone. I don’t know how I’m going to pay this or why it’s so much!

Stephen Leeman

The people here have taken great care of my wife

Veto Tovar

Worst er ever very uncaring staff been great offe three house and have not been seen in this unbusy please

Erik Morgan

Do not go here if you can help it. This will just scrape the surface of how awful this hospital was: My wife was sent to the ER after going in to Urgent Care. The PA at Urgent Care had suspicion she had pneumonia and did not have an X-Ray tech available to diagnose there. So we went in to the ER and were treated extremely poorly. After about 10 hours of blood draws, tests, X-Rays, CT Scans etc. the Dr. comes in for the first time and explains they don't know why she has a fever. That was the only thing the Dr. could get her mind on is that my wife had a fever and that it was ridiculous of Urgent Care to send her to her hospital. Well 2 days later we get a call that her white blood cell count is high and she needs to get to the ER again. We went to Chandler Regional instead (we were unfortunately just in the area when we came to Abrazo) and in a matter of about 4 hours they had her diagnosed with pneumonia and on our way back home with some antibiotics.

Jennifer Jacobs

Worst physician collaboration. Most staff lack critical thinking skills-that includes medical providers. One hospitalist told me he didn’t “want to step on any toes”. It’s not about “stepping on toes”, its about doing the right thing and providing proper care; diagnosing and treating based on clinical information and not a guess. There wasn’t a clear picture communicated until my family was in critical condition and even that was horrible because the doctors like to keep the information to themselves and give you the bare minimum so you don’t ask questions. The care is passive and few staff are proactive. Most physicians walk in and out without even assessing the patient, yet thats your money paying the bill. This place isn’t worth it. Don’t risk your family’s lives. It would be interesting to see how this facilitys mortality rate compares to other hospitals in AZ and nationwide.


Had Major Surgery there and they were great! Dont like sharing a room with Curtain but my Roomy was cool

Trixie King

I was in the ER on 5/30/2018 for hypertension and abd pain.Thank you so much for such great service.Everyone was so nice and respectful. I would like to thank my nurses, Ct , Xray and ER tech and registration.Thank you so much for all you do. Last but not the least I would like to thank Dr.Hickman for taking the time to explain what was going on with me. Again thank you all so much.

Kelli Hidalgo

I recently had my third c-section at Abrazo Arrowhead. I had a wonderful experience. The nurses, aids and physicians were very attentive, concerned, caring and compassionate. I can't say enough about Dr. Littlejohn and how amazing of a physician he is. He always maintains a calm demeanor even in times I know to be stressful. I am an emergency nurse and understand stress as well as balancing patient demand with needs from a first hand perspective. The whole staff worked so hard and were diligent about not only my comfort but my brand new Son's comfort as well as my family. Everything has been as pleasant as can be expected in surgical recovery. Thank you Arrowhead, that's why I choose you!

Mary C

All the people I came in contact with were so nice. My husband and I have had surgery there and tests run. Excellent experiences every time.

Shel Gorman

I just recently had surgery at Arrowhead. I absolutely love my surgeon but the rest of the care was very inadequate. Starting from the financial all the way to the nurse care post surgery. I was on the 3rd floor and was very disappointed with the care. The lack of professionalism and talking about patients while other people are around is very inappropriate. I heard other patients calling for help and their calls being ignored until I called and asked for them. When they were going to put another patient in my room she called many times for help and then ended up going to the bathroom on herself. I have numerous examples and thankfully I was only there until Friday. Very disappointed in this hospital and the care that they provide. My surgeon is chief of surgery and I will be talking with them. Your job is to take care of people and this was definitely not done.

Stella Goshow

Surgery went well because it was my doctor. However, the aftercare was horrible. The nurses on the 3rd floor were not attentive. Thank God for my mother in law (who is an RN) and my husband, who could be with me and help me from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. While I was there recuperating, it was my husband who helped me in and out of bed. One day nurse didn't check on me for 6 hours and another night nurse didn't answer her phone or her phone was busy every time I tried to call. I was there for 3 days and I swear I just wanted to go home. Unfortunately, I was dizzy from a low blood count and my doctor would not release me to go. Terrible that I even have to pay for services charged that my mother in law and husband did. My husband even learned how to hook my back up to the leg machine that prevents blood clots. That goes to show you how great their aftercare nurses were.

Elizabeth Edwards

Came in through ER. Staff was very casual. I was whisked up to a room (nice clean room) where staff greeted me. There was a mix up and I was suppose to go for a procedure from the ER. Bryan was very upset (rightfully so) with the ER staff as he told them as did I that he would be right back to get me. Anyway I just feel there were positive moments and many times were communication was a problem.

Donald Stadnicki

PLZ do not go-to this "hospital"!!2 reviews in 1. I went for a boil to be lanced at the er somehow i had to go back 2 hrs later because I ended up with sepsis yeah blood poisoning ended up getting admitted for 3 days! About a month later I brought my wife there because she was having back spasms . Nobody was in the er. Took about 45 mins to get a room in an empty er. They asked some ridiculous questions and I thought the doctor was going to get meds for her. She told the doctor she was at an 8 pain level. Nope!! A very rude lady came in to get my insurance info . I was so frustrated and my wife was crying in pain. I said you know what forget it it's been over an hour and 25 minutes nobody trying to relieve her pain were leaving!! She quickly grabbed my insurance card and swiped it then said" it's ok your getting charged for it anyways. Just got the bill for almost $2000 . They did absolutely nothing in the 1h 30 mins. BTW when to t bird got in and out in an hour with her pain being relieved to a tolerable level. Complained the next day to admin they called me back and acted like they cared. But no response from them except a bill. Shall be calling my lawyer this week. You do know how you get sepsis? Yeah a dirty filthy hospital and their equipment.

Ashley R

My father was admitted for a blood transfusion. He was given painkillers around 4pm and after alerting staff of his odd behavior, I was reassured he was fine and went home for the night. This morning I find out that he WAS NOT fine and had to be resuscitated after his overdose. I will NEVER come back here.

yuriko orozco

Great expiernce ! Had my 1st baby here and i had the best care from all nurses except for maybe 1 but overall great. The nurses helped me in my every need and i was cared for during labor and after. I was even thanked from 1 of the nurses for experiencing her 1st insight of natural birth. Thank you for all your care. Would have my 2nd baby here

Jake Christou

My father was put here for an emergency regarding stomach pains and fainting and they gave him some stuff that made him drowsy and disoriented and then they put him outside in a wheelchair for 50 minutes before my mother came to pick him up with no supervision whatsoever, this angered me too because they didn't say anything to him nor wrote what they gave him down on paper and tossed him out like trash.

cheryl malicki

Zero stars if possible...admitted and then proceeded to go on a tangent of tests unrelated to my pain. I kept asking and never got a straight answer, ignored. In essence, they racked up a huge bill and I left there still in pain and no answers. No recommendation here!!!!

Tami Biggs

To the emergency room staff, radiology, periop and SSU teams-- thank you for your kind, attentive and excellent clinical care-- you really do make a difference to patients. Thanks to Dr. Rodriquez (ED), Dr. Boccia (Hospitalist) and) Dr. Jain (Urologist) too! I appreciate how you listened, included me in the treatment plan and were so available.

April Finlay

Fantastic staff, nurses and ER in the area. Unfortunately I have had to see 3 in the past year, this one is by far better than Honor and Thunderbird. Cleaner also

Maxwell Cohen

The great doctors where severely out weighed by some of the terrible nurses. Don’t get me wrong, there are some nice nurses but the ones that where in the L&D room didn’t have a clue what was going on. The facility is outdated and cramped. It rained while we where there and our recovery room flooded. We told the nursing staff and nothing was done. Not exactly safe when having to walk in water and not just a little water either, it ran from the window to the door. Our experience with the hospital is one that we will not go through again. We loved our obgyn but this hospital did not make for a calm and bonding experience with our new son. The discharge education class was disgusting and cramped. Filled with adolescents. Please get a case manager to assist with discharge instructions on a personal level.

Jameson Bates

When I was out of state I received a few Tick bites and a lot of mosquito bites. After the 4th day back in Arizona with still feeling dehydrated and having a headache since I returned I thought it was best to go to ER and see if the world run tests to see what happened. As I was leaving for a week long backpacking trip with no cell service. Well they took a urine sample and several blood samples but did not run any tests on those samples(just threw them away i guess). They just gave me a RX and said follow up with at PCP the next day. But what am I following up with the PCP. NO LABS ORDERD? WHY WOULD I HAVE GONE TO THE ER IF YOU JUST GIVE ME SOME FLUIDS and say good day. What a waste of money to see a Doctor the next day and he ask if I would like to get some labs. THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE AT THE ER when they took the samples. ABRAZO CARES ABOUT MONEY not patient care! This is why I do not go to Doctors most I have been to do not care about me. I am just a number, and $.


came to this hospital with severe chest pains, was left in waiting room for 2 hours and when i finally got called into a room , i wasn’t given a bed. when i got moved into a room with a bed an hour later, i was waiting there for 3 hours before a nurse came in to take pictures of my heart. i had to wait another two hours before hearing that there was something wrong with my thyroid , which they did not specify nor give me medication. mind you at this time it’s 3 in the morning. the ER department has NO sense of urgency and common decency and proper care. would NOT recommend coming here, id rather go to a ghetto beat down “hospital” in a basement in mexico

Elizabeth D.

Very unkind check in staff in the ER. They were very rude to my husband. They rolled their eyes at us when we asked questions. So we left and went to Mayo. The staff at the Mayo were very nice.

Lisa Darnell

Very friendly and helpful... The Staff is great. Thanks so much for taking care of my mom.....

Randy Wright

I don't understand in the ER where they can use my PICC line for my IV and medications and downstairs I spent from 6:30 down there 2:30 p.m. I was it's now after 7 and I still haven't received my schedule thank you my sandwich was it brought up stairs and to give me medication or any of that they had to do an x-ray it's now after 7 and I still haven't received my schedule thank you

Ron Brooks

My 2 year old granddaughter fell at my house and cut her chin and tongue which both required sutures to close. I really appreciated the professionalism and compassion displayed by the team that provided her medical care. They were awesome with my granddaughter and certainly helped my daughter, son-in-law, wife and myself endure this ordeal. Props to Ambers (2 of them), Kris, Tiffani, Dr. McDowell, and Ava. Thanks for making a bad situation as bearable as possible!

Donna Daniel

My husband was admitted on 12/24 because the Abrazo ER recommended my husband have an MRI for his vertigo. Arrowhead hospital did not have a bed available so he was put in an outpatient room in the surgical center until a bed became available. That never happened. He was in the same bed in his regular clothes the whole time he was there. Then, when he was never taken for his MRI, I asked the nurse when this would happen. She told me it was never ordered. That's why we were sent there in the first place. The nurse we had on Christmas Eve was nice and tried to help as much as possible but nothing was ever done. I had to ask for the MRI results, for medication, for clean vomit buckets. I did not leave my husband because I was afraid he would be completely ignored if I wasn't there every minute. The facility itself is run down and understaffed. The dr wanted a SECOND MRI on my husband however, the MRI tech left instead of doing the MRI so we had to stay another day. So on Christmas Day I had to plead with the staff to get the on call tech back so we could get the results and possibly be home by that evening. The ONCALL tech strolled in at 11am, mind you, we were told this was all going to be done on 12/24 first thing in the morning, and did the MRI. Again, I had to ask for the results 3 times before we got them 3 hours later, on Christmas day when the surgical center was basically empty. We needed medication. No pharmacists are open Christmas day and the hospital doesn't have one on sight so again, we were told, not their problem. We could stay ANOTHER day or wait on meds until Wednesday and take our chances with my husband's well being. After the horrible care he received I decided to take our chances and have him at home in his own clean bed. Abrazo is business first, patient care last. That is clear. They were asking for money the day before we were even discharged. We paid our bill and still received horrible care. The neurologist and 2 nurses we encountered were knowledgeable and kind. The rest of the staff was incompetent and indifferent. We will never recommend or utilize an Abrazo facility again.

Janice Gawlinski

I was in for a hip replacement on 3/19/18. I recieved excellent care. Especially my nurses Tami and Marie were most attentive. I also attended the class prior to my surgery with Kati which was very helpful. I highly recommend this hospital.

Mark Rohrkemper

The staff at Arrowhead Hospital are friendly and professional. I especially want to thank the nursing staff who took care of me for nearly 24 hours: Claudia, Victoria, Josie, Maria and Arlene. Thank you

Charles Brewer

Bad cause won't leave bath often or others .staff were very pasconatepaand did good for patients health.couldnt let me keep. Hygene . Thanks

Mary Stayton

I really like this hospital. I have had to go to the ER several times and I also have had to be admitted. I also have to have a procedure done monthy by the IR team. Dr. Cooney is the best doctor. He is so patient and kind who explains everything he is doing so I don't get afraid. All the IR nurses are the best. The nursing staff and the doctors in the ER and on the floor are also very good. Thank you for the great care I receive.

Tiny House Developers

My daddy, the love of my life passed last night. I'm completely broken.

Trapper Chacon

ER Sux! Been here almost 2 hours and watched several people WALK in before us when they came way after us. When I ask what's the deal their response was it's based on severity, and this isn't people that came in by ambulance, they walked in! My friend can barely walk period, broken foot! Dumbass staff!

John Schmitt

I am very disappointed in this hospitals labor and delivery department of the hospital. My wife and I move to AZ a short time ago with our child. We are expecting out 2nd child. This pregnancy has been very rough on my wife. This hospital is the preferred one of her doctor. We had to go in a week or so ago because we thought my wife’s water broke. This happened mid morning. And the nurses were awesome! All of them from reception and triage. We explained to the triage nurse whom was the nurse in charge, our situation, and that I had to go get my 6 year from school, and asked if we could bring him back. She told use that it’s not a problem that they are use to the situation and could easily accommodate. They ended up sending us home. Wednesday night I came home and my wife was in dark room, showing signs of dehydration, and not doing well. I called her doctor/nurse line and they said get her in asap. So, I grab stuff for my wife and son. And we head down there. Apparently when the sun goes down so does the quality of nurses! The nurse at the reception can easily see my wife doesn’t feel good. As I was filling out the forms . She asked me for the last name, so I tell her, then she said and what is her name? I gave her, my wifes name and she look at me and says “then why did you write your name on this form?” Sternly. I said oh, I am sorry, I will correct it. She then continues, why did you write your name, are you having a baby? I said very irritated now, ‘I have been working all day, come home to find my wife feeling very sick, unable to walk, and I am a bit stressed at this current time.” She said oh sorry ‘I was trying to make funny.” Are you kidding me? There is a time and a place. Then we get taken back to triage, I set my son up with his tablet up with his head phone so he would be content. They tell me wife to go do a urine sample. I told them she couldn’t walk by herself but none of them were willing to help. I take my wife to the bathroom, then stand in a spot that I can get to her quickly if I need to since the nurses weren’t helping and where I could see my son. There was no other people in triage and we were in bed one approximately 4 beds away. Once my wife was done she came out and said to the nurse are you the charge nurse. She said her name was Bethany and she was. My wife said; they said up front we had to ask you if our son could be back there, we figure it was a technicality as when we were in there the nurse in charge said they are use to this situation. WOW we were wrong! Bethany asked who was with our son because I wants in the room with him. Ok first off triage is rooms with walls on 3 sides and a curtain on the front. 2nd off if they would actually help the patients I wouldn’t have had to keep checking on my wife. This Bethany said that my son and I would have to go to the waiting room or else because of policy. So, I help my wife in to her gown because surprise, Bethany couldn’t be bothered to help yet again. At this point, I am voicing my dissatisfaction with this rude, disrespectful, self involved nurse. Bethany then comes in to the “room” almost runs into me, and said that my son and I had to go now. That there was a waiting room with a tv and vending machine so I would be easily distracted. This nurse needs to make the news. This is a truly horrible person. Who in the medical profession could be so callous, to insult, and attack family members of people whom had to go to the hospital. Not to mention those worried about their wife, and soon to be born child. I was absolutely shocked. The way she said what she said to me was just as bad as what she said. I was wear my vet hat, so she knew we were alone, and I think got enjoyment out of splitting us up. I WOULD SAY TO OUR VETS AND ACTIVE DUTY if you are away from family avoid this hospital they are not understanding. I reach limit for this review space. the other issues were bethany scared my son, he doesnt want to go back. Their billling policy is to take deposit before tests comes back.


I’ve never been more disappointed and disgusted by the hospitals staff and service. They didn’t help me with any of my needs and just brushed me aside like a piece of trash, instead of attending to my needs they’re outside my room sitting and talking about spray tans and when their shift is over. Staff treated me with ZERO RESPECT. I don’t care if it’s the night shift and you’re “tired” if you CANT PERFORM YOUR JOB WITH ALL EXCELLENCE YOU SHOULDN’T WORK AT A HOSPITAL. WORST TIME AND NIGHT OF MY LIFE, that is time I will NEVER GET BACK.

Hope Leclair

This is a horrible hospital please beware if you have to have any major surgery's or any surgery's find another hospital the nurses in there ICU ward are borterline dangerous. They do not communicate with each other at all. They give out medicine with out reading your charts. If you value your loved ones take them somewhere else because itsi a very real possibility they will not come home with you.

Ashley Lindsay

ER Doctor Hickman, Nurse Lisa, and ER techs Ryan and Kyle were amazing. Doctor Hickman has great bedside manner, and answered all of our questions. We only spent about 3 hours at the ER in total, which included a lot of tests, and labs. I was between hospitals to deliver at, but now I’m almost certain we’ll be coming here. They gave excellent service :)

Kristin A

Charged me $9000 for one night in the hospital for food poisoning. Gave me a water iv and anti nausea medication. Never ever go to this hospital. You’re better off doing almost anything else.

Gabriel Salazar

Brought my 7 year old daughter into ER for stiches. ER staff was awesome. We recieved quick treatment and staff interaction with her was A+. Thank you.

Taya Hamilton

terrible expiernece being in the labor and delivery part. the nurses on this floor are extremely disrespectful to my family and I. One of the charge nurses named Stacy was so disrespectful because I took my blood pressure to see what it was, and she missed it on her screen while she was just sitting down on her phone. When I asked her to have my blood pressure taken every hour she got the biggest attitude, grabbed my arm hard and placed the blood pressure cuff around my arm so hard I had to say something I just wanted her out of my room at this point. I asked to speak to the manager but of course one wasn’t available. I asked to speak with my dr, but they told me she wasn’t available as well. Had another nurse tell me if I didn’t keep the monitor for my baby around my stomach my baby could die, and yes those were his exact words. Mind you they strapped them around my stomach way to tight leaving marks, also indents in my stomach from them being on to long and to tight. I thought coming here would be a great experience but it seems like most the nurses here are just flat out rude and disrespectful. never have I EVER had an experience like this. all I can say is I wanna go home and never come back here.

Krystal T

Staff was friendly, facility was clean, no wait time. I was very impressed

Devin Crabtree

I had to give one star but, really no star should be given. I had the worst experience ever at this hospital. First hospital I've been admitted to in Arizona and I wouldn't refer my worst enemy to seek care here. For starters in PreOp the nurse shoved an IV in my arm I advised her it hurt. Her response was IVs hurt and I'm no exception. I then told another nurse and after she removed all the gobs of tape, she said she put the IV too far up in my skin. After surgery I had a nurse name Epy. She didn't give me my pain meds on time, and when I told her I was in pain she said "I have other patients." A CNA name Ruth kept coming into my room with a hoodie on in the dark just standing there trying to scare me as if she was the Grim Reaper. She was trying to scare me. She left my catheter open after she emptied it. As a result, when, I got out of bed to walk urine went everywhere. She also, grabbed my IV pole bumping it up against the bed and chair pulling it without me. She got it caught on the curtain. She snatched the curtain almost ripping my IV out of my arm. I had to quickly sit up and grab the pole. I wasn’t supposed to use my stomach muscles due to my surgery. I called for the head nurse to report the incident. I was advised Ruth wasn't my nurse and wasn't supposed to be taking care of me. The patient I shared a room with received superb care. She also stated that she witness how awful the staff was treating me. I guess I'm not the right ethnicity to receive adequate care at this facility. I will never go to this hospital. If I was dying and it was 5 mins away. I still wouldn't go back there. They’ll probably let me die. Most of the nurses are interns in PreOp. This was a life changing event for me. My memories of this was ruin. In addition, who pays to have poor medical treatment. I guess I do! When I asked my nurse Epe for hygiene products to wash up or brush my teeth I was ignored. I had to ask the nurse who was taking care of the patient next to me for help. In addition, my nurse removed the catheter and didn't provide me with postop underwear or maxi pads for the bleeding. She let me bleed on myself and the bedding.

Miranda Grant

Wish I could give zero stars. I hadn't been to this hospital in 7 years before Tuesdays visit. It was the most unprofessional environment I have seen outside of working in a bar. Nurses hanging all over paramedics, nurses and doctors openly discussing medical errors they had made in the hallway outside patient rooms, HIPPA violations, several staff members eating at the nurse station. EVERYONE chomping on gum, and a nursed just sitting with her feet popped up while patients had been waiting hours for care. I was referred to this emergency room by urgent care with something called a "fast pass"for chest pain. I was given my results from urgent care and gave that ( and the fast pass) to whoever checked me in. I was 1 of 3 Patients in the waiting room. A very irritated looking nurse did my EKG and drew blood all the while complaining that because I couldn't remember what my heart rate was at urgent care. (It was in the file I gave at check in) Then asked me to sit in a different waiting area while they got my blood results. 6 HOURS later someone comes in to draw my blood! I asked if they had lost the first batch. He looked at me like a guilty child and lied saying "no this is for something else" since I had been ignored for hours and hadn't consented to further tests I was alarmed.... Fast forward to the nurse screaming my test results to me in the hallway the doctor telling me they don't know what's wrong. They hadh no problem collecting the $ for the bill. I then waited another 2 hours. I finally took my own IV out and went home. Only to have THE POLICE show up at my house hours later because the hospital told them I called the nurse with chest pain and never showed up at the hospital. I showed him the receipt for my visit and went back to bed. Horrible experience. If 8 hours while people eat and put feet up is "fast pass" I'm concerned. I hope no one else is subjected to this ER.

Marilyn Rayes

I appreciate each and everyone who have treated me throughout my overall care and all the procedures i had done. Everyone was very nice, and it is nice to be treated well since you are the patient in need of help. Caring, smiling and pleasant, it is a good atmosphere for patients. Always the great team of medical staff. Thank you very much!

Jovial Sharma

My wife recently had c-section in this hospital. Most of the nurses here are so nice and friendly. RANDI who was her nurse was an amazing and fantastic nurse. She took care of my wife and child while i was not there. She is professional, friendly and caring nurse ever seen. She is a good example of nurse. Good job Randi. You are one of this five star among five. Keep up your good work.

Cat T

I've never had to go to the hospital for injuires or sickness in my 23 years of life until August of last year. Excruciating pain in my left abdomen area and vomiting on and off for 8 hours before breaking down and having my dad take me to the ER. Kidney stones at a level 10 bad. Went in and no one was in the ER lobby. Went to the window and started to check in but I was ready to vomit from the pain again so I looked for a trash can to throw up in, trying to be considerate to the janitor and staff so they didn't have to deal with a whole bunch of nastiness everywhere. I was on the ground hovering over the tiny trash can and all I hear the lady behind the window say is "Oh she can't do that. Tell her to come over here." She didn't even try to hide her irritation with me. Guess I should've just threw up everywhere. Then went back to the next nurse who was asking all the questions and I was shaking over a tub ready to throw up still and just didn't feel any sympathy. She just stared at me as I struggled to talk. The bed side manners were very rare when I was placed in a room. There was one male nurse I really liked who prescribed me medication but everyone else was very cold. And to top it all off, after a grueling 4 hours in the ER, once they sent me the bills for the whole visit that included an abdominal ultrasound it amounted to over $20,000 before insurance. I don't have much experience with costs of medical but that just seems ridiculous for one visit that just ended up me having to essentially pass it on my own! If I have to pay that much, I better be treated like a human being instead of a nuisance. ER is a mess and I hope they are taught a basic level of manners. Even went out of my way to go here over a closer hospital but I'll make sure to go to them next time.

marilyn Wallace

Worst triage nurse in the ER. Tall blond her name is Nicole she is the spawn of satin. So rude not only to me but to the elderly lady in the waiting room. Totally hateful. She should not be helping sick people. It took everything in me not to check her. Flirting with all the male staff but treats the patients like trash. NEVER AGAIN will I bring a loved one here.

Earl Robinson

I happened to get bitten by cat and needed emergency care. I went to Arrowhead and was treated like king. The ED staff were professional and proficient. They cared for my bite and the doctor decided to admit me. No one wants to be in the hospital especially for something as simple as a cat bite. Needless to say I was required to stay 2 nights in the hospital for antibiotics. I was admitted to the third floor and was cared for by a team of angels. They were absolutely phenomenal. They were attentive and checked on me all the time. I never had to ask for anything they were always right there. I was well taken care of and I would recommend this hospital to anyone. I give them a 10 out of 10.

Monte Rice

The staff here have been nothing but excellent I would recommend everyone I know if they have to go to a hospital this would be number one I’ve had nurse Natalie nurse Peter nurse Jen Al Darlene everybody here is been just outstanding I think them for making my stay A great experience

Leyla Phx

First time customer. Took my son to get xrays for the first time. Overall great experience. Thalia in registration was awesome and super friendly. My son was a little nervous and Thalia made him feel at ease by interacting with him. We were checked in right away. There was no wait at all. Xray tech was really nice and explained everything. Would return for any future needs ( hopefully not too soon :)

Aimee Beth

My daughter had gave birth here. The staff was very rude. Abrazo is horrible. I will be going to St. Joes. They are different now. I love St. Joes.

Eric Winkler

I had to go to emergency on a saturday when I had an incident at home. I had severe pain in my hip and back, both where I had more than half a dozen surgeries and implants. I was worry that the artifical hip on my left side could been broken or damaged due to the pain. A very good friend of mine drove to the urgent care closest to my home. There we were told that they can't do complex x-rays like hips and lower backs etc and recommend the bigger urgent care about ten mins down the road. There, the doctor came out to see me in the waiting lounge. He said when he saw my report and my pre-conditions with several heavy diagnoses, he does not want to take my money (as foreigner I pay cash and get it reimbursed by my insurance) only to see that he needs to send me to the hospital for a CT or MRI. I found it very professionel and polite that he told me so. Than we went to the Arrowhead Hospital Emergency. There were about 10-12 persons waiting, however once I filled in the paperwork they called me after five mins waiting only for a first analyze. With another 5-10 mins waiting they finally brought me in, showed me my cabin and bed etc. I noticed that everyone said first their name, very clearly and loud so I could keep the names. In addition they all had a name tag that was written big enough and placed so that one can see their name again. My "nurse" Tom was extremly friendly and helpful. He explained everything what he's gonna do and why etc. Markus, the guy from registration came in between explained me the costs very detailed, so that I exactly knew for what I paid now, and what will be charged later. The doc too explained everything in a way that also people without a doctors degree knew what she was talking about and what she's gonna do. Than they set an infusion to give me morphium against the pain before they brought me to the radiology. There I was treated so gentle, knowing what pain I had, it was a pleasure to give my part too, holding breath, keeping positions etc. Back in my room Tom told me again, what will happen next and so on. I don't want to go in more details except that lucky me, the hip transplant was not broken nor did I had any other fracture. I don't understand, why there are so many negative reviews. Of course I don't care about those giving a one star rating but have only one review at all, however for all other negative reviews, I can only say my experience was far different. Of course I can not say much about other stations, treatments, docs & nurses or the food, rooms etc but in the Emergency department I felt so well treated, they cared, were very polite and gentle that if there is ever again an emergency I would choose The Arrowhead Hospital with any hesitation as well as I can recommend it to everyone else. I do have a simple rule; treat others like you want to be treated, thats the base of every fine conversation and treatment.

Luma Aribi

I hate this hospital! Every time I've gone in there I get the worst treatment ever. Nurses are nice but my god the ER DR? Makes me wonder if the even went to med school. I went in today for high blood sugar 394! I'm type one diabetic, all they did was give me IV, took blood test and discharge me, and told me to follow up with my Dr. Even though I was very dizzy, blurry vision. They didn't even bother to try and bring my blood sugar down. Very disappointed as always. Even the nurse was shocked when he told her I was being discharge. They didn't even bother calling my Dr.

Prakash S

Small hospital with better care

Sarah Stewart

The Private rooms are amazing and staff takes great care of you.

mary reichel

I had surgery at this hospital last week. The staff at the surgical center and up on the surgical floor were awesome and very accommodating. I’d like to call out Nay an Effie, who were my nurses that went above and beyond my expectations. Jen was also my Nurse Navigator who was very helpful and managed my expectations. It made the journey so much easier. I would highly recommend this hospital, everyone so so friendly and professional!

Maria Aranda

My elderly mother has been here twice. This is an excellent hospital with excellent medical staff. Everyone was not only very knowledgeable but courteous and professional. I came to the ER once and I was extremely pleased with the medical attention I received. Plus the cafeteria has the best food! This is the best.

Sandy Lu

Was scheduled to be at hospital at 5am for surgery and the doors were locked and the hours of operation were not posted. Why schedule someone if you're going to be closed? Once we finally got inside, the admitting nurse was rude and didn't even acknowledge that we were there. To top it off, the entire area smelled like a dirty public restroom. This is by far one of the worse hospitals I've ever been to. Hope I never have to go back again...EVER!

Mari Arigoni

I came into this hospital on Sunday, 03/17/19 With a very disfigured/deformed ankle from falling. Unfortunately I was not impressed with the quality of care received. The doctor told me my ankle wasn’t fractured in review of the x- Ray. He didn’t review the x-Ray with me nor advise if either my fibula tibia or foot was fractured that caused my ankle to become deformed. Gave me a boot with crutches and sent me on my way. Per being discharged I asked the nurse if she was aware of or in general knew what the typical cost was associated with this DME. I have insurance through Aetna I gave it to registration; I was hopeful that may ease any anxiety I had about cost. She said she didn’t know, which I expect and understand. However I told her I was considering whether I should take it as I have access to such things through family who have sustained similar injuries. The nurse told me, “well you already signed the paperwork”; suggesting I had no choice. The paperwork, a blank form that did not say who the DME provider would be or anything. No physician signature, nothing. Literally blank, with just a patient signature on it. So you sign forms that the hospital can later input information into. How that is ethical is beyond me. The doctor referred me to an orthopedic surgeon who I will be seeing on Friday, but I must express the lack of patient education I received / experienced in this situation. Never do I go to the hospital, and I was very disappointed I did to pay the amount we/I do for that level of professionalism. No education related to pain I may experience. Never was I asked if I wanted medication to alleviate the pain. I’m expecting something significant is wrong with my ankle or surrounding area, but I will be discussing that with the specialist once more X-rays in addition to an MRI are completed. Thank you, Cole Arigoni As an update I’m following up to advise that my foot is fractured in two places, so the specialist I was referred to from the ER attending isn’t even able to help me. Excellent job Abrazo arrowhead.

Trenton R

I've been to Arrowhead several times. They are way better than the Banner hospitals and the wait times are not bad either.

Stacie Martell

my grandmother was in the hospital on the third floor. she was treated with dignity and respect. while i was there i noticed nursing staff were very kind and compassionate. as her granddaughter it is important to me for people to treat her like family and they did that beyond my expectations.

Carissa Ramirez

Worst service . No one cares here . Only there for a check that’s it. People are suffering and they treat them worse than animals. These are real people. What happened to compassion and humility. This place makes me sick how evil people can be. Racist individuals . Was taken there buy ambulance and the guy who tried to put my IV missed my vein . I look horrible with a long bruise half way up my arm still there a week later . Idk just don’t trust .I live close but I rather drive far next time .

Esther McGourty

I an seating in the pre operation room for almost 7 hours waiting to be taken to have a cervical surgery. The nurses are very unprofessional, and having very inappropriate conversations. The nurse that put my IV didn’t know how to do it and she tried 3 times before she can get it right. No body has comeback to check on me or to apologize for the wait, no explanation nothing. Terrible service awful hospital and people.

Ari24 Ari24

Would not recommend to anyone especially the er department should be -10 stars not an exaggeration

Leslie Fraze

I had the worst experience at this hospital and I want to warn others. I was shocked at how insensitive and uncaring the staff were. I have had several surgeries in my life. I've been a patient at Flagstaff Medical Center, Show Low Regional Medical Center, Honor Health Scottsdale Osborn, on and on. The staff were constantly moving beds, furniture and other needed equipment in and out of my room while I was trying to recover from major surgery. The staff were perplexed on how to bring another patient and bed into the room while trying not to disturb my rest. I was in tremendous pain when they decided that I had to be moved. They proceeded to manipulate my bed by adjusting it every which way possible to reduce the size,.....while I was in it. One nurse had the others gather around me and lift up the sheets to hoist me up and back. That's when I just started to cry and asked if I could just leave the hospital. My husband and daughter and got me up and dressed in the bathroom so I could leave. I had half of my colon removed the day prior and was in severe pain. The thought of this happening to anyone else is more than I can comprehend. Chose another hospital if at all possible!

Lisa Brando

WOW! This hospital saved my life!!!! I thought I just had the flu and was dealing with it at home but I just kept getting worse. My son finally MADE me go to the hospital and if he didn't they said I would of died for sure at home. I actually had UroSespis which is fatal if untreated quickly. I was so scared and very sick. The nurses were so comforting and on top of everything and sooooooo nice. The doctors were the same and gave me the time to explain things to me because they knew how anxious I was. When I finally got out of ICU and the hospital and was home, in the mail was a thank you letter hand signed by everyone that took care of me. Even though this was a scary experience for me, the hospital not only saved my life but were amazing while doing it.

Ashten Lopez

This hospital will always have a place in my heart! All four of my babies have been delivered here. L&D staff is amazing, caring and so kind! We have had three live births and one stillbirth and even in the worst day of our lives we never felt alone or put in a corner and forgot about. We were so kindly taken care of and really shown compassion and love. The nurse who took care of us held my hand and cried with us, the amount of time and care given to us ment the world. Also with our last born "or rainbow baby" our nurses were amazing and encouraging. I decided to do it unmedicated and she was an amazing source of encouragement and support! I could go on all day about how much I love this place! Thank you Abrazo Arrowhead!

Thaddeus Tuffentsamer

A fantastic place to work. If you are looking to join an organization where you are recognized for your hard work, and rewarded for results, Abrazo Arrowhead Campus is for you. The administrative team is a true source of support, the directors care about you as people, not just workers, and your colleagues work together with you towards your mutual success. All under the leadership of an administrative and director team that cares about you. I worked there for over four years and the people there became my second family. We tackled issues together and worked as one, no matter what department you were in, to achieve our success. Though my path is now pointed in another direction, I highly recommend anyone who is seeking an opportunity with a company who cares about you as a person to consider Abrazo Arrowhead Campus. My time there was fulfilling and I will carry fond memories with me always. I miss my colleagues terribly and wish you all continued success. But, life is always about change, and when you think about, we all grow and change, and become different people than we were, over and over again, all throughout our life, and that is okay, as long as we always remember the people that we used to be. I assure you, I will not forget one moment, not one single line. I will always remember when the director of environmental services at Arrowhead Campus was me!

Nina Collier

The "head nurse" with curly hair said I must have kidney problems when I came into the ER because my ovaries were 4 year old is smarter than that! I thought, wrongly that if I let them do their assessments to rule out my kidneys as the issue THEN they would help me with my REAL problem-my ovaries in sharp horrible pain! After a cat scan and x-rays, I was told I DONT HAVE ANY PROBLEMS!!! SHE DID NOT CARE ABOUT WHY I CAME IN. They just scammed me and my insurance for money with NO OFFER of even TRYING to help me! Nobody here cares about their patients. They hire shitholes that are just funneling money in. Apparently it wouldn't have been convenient for THEM to look for ovary related problems! I wound up losing piles of hair and suffering radiation poisoning afterwards but NO HELP! I would have been better off not going to the hospital at all!

Suzy Solvesky

I WANT to love this place, but..... The parking lot is confusing so make sure you have instructions to get you to the right place. Inside, it's all hallways, as in most hospitals, so again, know where you need to go. The employees and the volunteers are VERY friendly and helpful. The only gripe I have is about discharge. When a patient has been in for surgery and has been on strong medications, it would be helpful if the doctor gave instructions to the family member about medications at home. You can't trust what the patient thinks he remembers being told! Also, in the discharge packet, there are many, many pages of information about meds, but nothing really helpful; it's just basic information about each medication. There are pages in there which are meant to be signed, saying that the information was provided and that it is understood, but NOTHING was signed, which is what made me realize that dosage info was not given to the patient, let alone to me, his wife. YES, of course the dosage is on the label, but has the patient received any doses already today? Might be nice to know that. Bottom line is that I believe the medical professionals here are in too much of a hurry and they take shortcuts, which could be disastrous.


ZERO stars if possible. The triage refused to admit me for childbirth and discharged me 3 times that day. I kept coming back and asking for an epidural and to stay because I knew I would give birth. The last time they sent me home I ended up coming back 15 minutes later and delivered my child. I had to do it without any medication because the staff was completely unprofessional and lazy. I would not recommend this place for anyone. I should of planned for at home delivery, probably would have been less stressful. I feel like this hospital definitely discriminated against me for not being wealthy. It was unfortunate that the insurance I had did not cover delivery so I am positive that is why they did not admit me and I had to have a natural delivery. They did not want me to get any prior treatment to delivery (epidural) probably because they were worried about payment. Greedy!!!

James Crecson

I was in the hospital for basically 2 painful procedures, everyone I came in contact with was friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I couldn't have ask for better care I received from the staff 0n the 3400 block.

Camelia Ratiu

Horrible. If you can please avoid!! They only care about your money!! I went with my husband to the emergency room because of pain in his right side. The service we received was horrible, the doctors did not have the slightest interest of treating you. After 3 hours, my husband was released with instruction to take Ibuprofen if the pay still persist. Since this 'awesome' treatment we are keep receiving bills over and over double charging same procedures. When I called the billing department to dispute that, they provided wrong information and told us to wait that our request is being reviewed and supervisor is going to call us in 2-3 weeks. SO we waited based on her word. this was in 03/08/2018. Today 04/03 I called again. after 15 minutes a girl answered. She did not gave me her name and hung up on me. I called again and after another 15 minutes of music a guy answered. I explained my situation and that we did not receive a call back from the supervisor as his colleague told us, and you could feel the sarcasm thru the phone when he said "She gave you wrong information. This is what you need to pay and this is it. State of Arizona agrees with our prices so you have to pay!" Totally unprofessional and rude. I don't know what kind of business they conduct there or how the employs are trained, but management team should really take action! For sure we will not come back to this hospital ever again! For them is just business. No compassion for the patients! PS. Until today we did not receive a statement from them. Today are 45 days since the service took place.

Sherri Topilko

I was a patient in your hospital for five days after becoming septic. I received incredible care from the staff on third floor who took care of me over that period of time. Because you made me feel safe, my husband was able to feel the same, as well, and able to go home at night knowing I was in capable hands. Thanks to all throughout my stay.

Kim Sertich

A family member passed away at this hospital and it's been 29 days and still no reasonable cause of death provided to the medical examiner so he can issue a death certificate and release the body for burial. The hospital has no sense of urgency or decency.

Joel Bram

Great staff, got in really quickly with my urgent care fast pass. Smells and looks clean but dated interior and room separation curtain design. It felt dark in there. Wouldn't go out if my way to go there but not bad.

Jeniffer Rose

I would most definitely give this hospital zero stars if I could. Sitting in that hospital room with my blood sister and seeing her and what she had to go through because of this hospital is a tragedy. They don’t care about the patients that walk through the door. They think this job is just a pay check and sadly It’s not. Especially not in the health care field. My sister could of had a seizure while pregnant because they are way to busy sitting on their phones rather than doing their job. They didn’t have her blood pressure cuff on her like it should of been and going off every 15 minutes. She was admitted because her blood pressure was way to high which could cause her to have a seizure at any given moment.They even lost my new born nieces BIRTH records. So of course they made us come down their and fill out paperwork that was already finished and supposedly put in a file but it was lost. In thin air. A day after my sisters delivery they told her they don’t have a room for her to nest in which means stay in a room with there baby and mom and dad for 24 hours to nest with the baby. Be careful and think twice before coming into this hospital. We were lucky enough to make it out. Some people aren’t so lucky unfortunately..

derald rine

My daughter was treated well here for her first child birth. Lots of bad reviews for the ER but our experience over 3 days was great.

Samuel Michael

My wife's c-section delivery was scheduled in this hospital through Arrowhead Women's Center. We were new to the hospital procedures and paper work. Labor and Delivery department on-boarding staff patiently explained about the forms and authorizations. Jamie was my wife's nurse to handle IV procedures. Jamie was very caring and helped with teaching on how to feed a baby in the recovery section. My wife was treated by the best nurses (Emily, Mary, Julie, Mindy, Murisa, Elena and Chastity) we have seen in our life all through her days of treatment and healing in the hospital. Marv Erickson was the post operative doctor and he was excellent. The finance/insurance person gave clear information on estimated billing. Had a bad experience with the lactation consultant Lisa. She might be a specialist in her skill but not a good human seeing a c-section delivered mother literally cry asking for help to pick her crying baby when her attendant is not around. Nurses assigned in night shift were hesitant to come to the room for help when baby was crying and we were not experienced on how to handle.

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