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Raine Ciummo

I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy today yesterday as this is the hospital of choice for my OBGYN. I have also delivered both of my children here. I had a good experience all 3 times, with this last stay the best. The admitting staff friendly and helpful, my anesthesiologist was great. The 2 nurses assigned during my overnight stay, Margarita and Eugenia, were wonderful and took very good care of me.

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx

Overly aggressive case workers who bully vulnerable patients.

Carolynn B.

I had an outpatient surgery and had a smooth experience from the moment I checked in to the moment I was released. This was my first surgery and my first 'hospital stay' so I was very nervous. The entire staff was very comforting and made my stay comfortable. Considering my Doctor performs surgeries here, I would never consider going anywhere else. Thank you all for making an uneasy experience for me a comfortable one!

Amanda Aguirre

I took my son to the ER here after walking into Phoenix Children's Hospital across the street to find not a single empty seat in the lobby. I knew that not only would I have my sick child waiting for hours to be seen but I would highly risk the chance of him getting even more sick from the countless other sick children in the room. I decided to head over to the ER at this hospital as I have done before. I have seen advertisements that the ER here can treat anything and I had a pleasant experience with my son here in the past. The doctor in the ER at the time had even told me to come see them when the wait was too long at Phoenix Children's. My 3 year old son has been sick for over two weeks. I took him to see his pediatrician today and found that he has a sinus infection, an ear infection, and a fever of 101. I have been doing everything in my power to get his fever down and he has been taking the proper medicine. He only became more and more lethargic, will not eat or drink anything, and his fever went up to 103. After calling and speaking with the on call nurse for his pediatrician, I was told to take him to the ER immediately. I was glad to see that not a single person was waiting in the lobby when I got there. I was checked in fast and called into the room. The lady in the front was pleasant and everything was fine until we got in the room. DARLENE was the nurse "assisting" us. After finding out why we were there, she immediately told me that this is not Phoenix Children's hospital, that fevers happen when children have an infection, and asked if I have given him medicine or a bath. CLEARLY IF I AM IN THE ER WITH MY CHILD I HAVE GIVEN HIM MEDICINE AND A BATH AND DONE EVERYTHING IN MY POWER TO GET HIM BETTER. Instead of taking his temperature or actually trying to treat the patient in front of her, she was more worried about being judgmental and assuming that he is fine and has no reason to be there. I told her that I clearly know this is not Phoenix Children's Hospital and that they had an entire lobby full of sick children and there was clearly no wait here. She said well yeah he is a sick child so basically that is where he should be. I am sorry but if you are a nurse in an ER with ZERO patients waiting and you have a 3 year old in front of you with a fever of 103 - you should be doing your job and trying to help him, not making your patients feel unwelcome! The level of unprofessionalism and blatant disregard for her patient is despicable and I will make sure that I or anyone I love never comes back to this place. It is sad that I had to visit three different ERs in one night to treat a child with a fever that high.

Debbie Jefferson

I went to ER on Aug 4,2015. I actually had a wonderful experience with both ER and once I was checked into hospital. The staff were great, from the kitchen to the nurses. When I checked out they handed me the invoice for my copay and I lost it somewhere between the hospital and home. I called twice about getting the invoice sent to me and was assured I would get it soon. Got my insurance breakdown within a month. The invoice showed up in January 2016, was having a bad day so set it aside. Within a week a got a call from billing and they immediately started talking about collections agency- which made me mad. Since I was now wasn't working we made a payment arrangement which I have made on time every month since then. So now I get a letter saying that they have not been able to contact me - and again threatening collections. So have to call and find out they made a mistake and didn't update my account. So Abrazo you have taken what was a wonderful experience under the circumstances and ruined it.

Patty Anderson

The folks here are professional and caring. They are also very efficient! I dropped off my husband at the ER and before I could even park the car (lots of choices), they had him back and hooked up to an EKG. Great experience!

Brandon Robertson

Came in around 3am for a child's fever, immediately checked in and seen. Doctor was great!

june rohrbach

Everyone was great, even the doctor

Rolf Wigand

I had a very good experience for 5 days: The nurses and staff were excellent, very friendly and became almost like family. Also, the food was very good.

Meika Bryson

Acute care is what this hospital statement says, well I would say different.....I went to the emergency room with a dislocated shoulder and in severe pain around 4 in the evening, there was a couple and another women in the ER waiting when we arrived. I checked in and was told to wait back in the waiting room for a room. A older gentlemen and his wife came in with his head bleeding and I could tell he needed stitches. They told him to wait to be called for a room. BLEEDING from his HEAD. Every (about 10) spanish speaking individual who walked in to the ER told them they had the flu and got in to be seen right away. The old man and I were of the wrong ethnic group (White) obviously and blood dripping was not a good reason to be there to be seen. Dislocated shoulder (hanging and obvious to anyone) was not a good enough reason to be seen. Would suggest going to a hospital with a English based name for treatment drive a little bit further so that you can get the help you are needing. ABRAZO is obviously more suited for the immigrants who come here to live from other countries to use our health care facilities like a doctor's office and get treated. I left after waiting for 4.5 hours and I will not use that hospital again and I will warn everyone I know how poor the service is and was that day. PATHETIC. Not to mention there was two individuals who came in with their children stating they had influenza and one of them even said they had a doctors appointment the next day. Neither of them got masks for their child or got put in another area from the rest of us in the waiting room.

Clayton Canada

Don't be here at night especially if your having a baby! The nurses that cover the night shift are both clueless and retarded. Good luck getting any kind of treatment from these terrible night nurses.

T.D. Boyd

My nurse was very attentive and took care of my needs even though it was pretty busy

Beautiful Butler


Crystal Thomas

If I could give 0 stars I would. This hospital treated me like a joke today. The Tall asain doctor grilled me as if I was lying about my pain. I felt it was pure racism since the lady next to me was treated fairly and they were constantly checking on her. Not Once did tje doctor or nurse show empathy. I just watched this whisper about patients behind their backs. It was disappointing and disgusting. I will not Ever return.

Nichelle Tripp

This hospital is the best heart hospital ever there service was so fast and everyone is so nice . They took great care of my dad!!!! The Dr was amazing!!

Kathy Resar

My husband was taken here over a year ago off a mountain he was hiking. H was having a heart attack. He had never had one. They took excellent care of him.Put 2 stints in. Kept him for days and let him go home with great PT after care. I can't say enough about the wonderful care he was given. I didn't know about this site or I would have put this up before.

Vera Kleven

My recent surgery at Abrazzo Scottsdale Campus (formerly Paradise Valley Hospital) went smoothly. The nursing staff and other healthcare staff were compassionate and caring. Dr. Valerie Sorkin-Wells was fantastic, as always.

k murphy

One of the best Emergency Rooms that I've ever been in. The staff are compassionate and professional and are dedicated to making their patients and the patients family get the best care possible

Barbara Smith

My husband had a procedure where they upgraded his pacemaker and everyone, from the DR, the RNS & Others were spectacular. We would definitely come back if need be.

Maria Garcia

Staff and doctors amazing. My husband went with chest pain and they took him back within 3min and asserted his condition within 5min.


Went there with injured toe. Referred from an urgent Care center. Did not have time to warm up seats in reception. Within minutes was admitted, taken in and doctor was checking in. When leaving nurse even went as far as giving start time of his shift next day in case needed to call with questions on what to do next. Every single person had to deal with was caring and professional. Cannot say enough.

Chanel Lewis

This place is not the place to bring ur elderly grandma's or mother horrible staff the whole time my grandma was there there was one nurse that was good to her in icu named Mark and the rest had an attitude lazy as hell told my gram there over worked and there just not responsible workers they rilly need to weed out these people people are dieing behind there actions frfr. Now the office staff is awesome I made a complaint and they came up to take the report talk with us right away now what they do with that info idk but I personally think some staff need to be firrrrred fast b4 they get this hospital in a lawsuit.

Steven O'Donnell

My son was treated for a broken nose from a wrestling accident. The Doctor was worthless and the equipment they have doesn't work, 4 times! The Doctor needed to look in my son's nose so he grabbed the Otoscope, which didn't work. So he grabbed another one from another room. Nope, also broken. He moved us to another room, broken. Moved to another room, finally found one that worked. He said we needed an MRI of his nose and never saw him again. We were there for 2+ hours and the nurse finally came back and said, "didn't the Doctor come back and tell you the MRI results, your son's nose is fine. You can leave." We just got the bill for the doctor's worthless 5-minutes of work, $1,028 (just the Doctor, the hospital bill was another $3,374.35). This place sucked when it was PV Hospital and is no better as Abrazo! I'd never go back again!

Jim Rice

The choose your time option for the ER had me drive 40 minutes so I wouldn't have to wait. It is now 1 1/2 + hours past my time and they still say I have 4 people ahead of me. When questioned the receptionist said "that just allows us to know you're coming"!! Find another hospital to go to! Absolutely ridiculous

Ashley Olson

Staff doesn't care about your well being at all. Dr. Yekta Babak hardly blinked an eye when I told him about how sick I am. I signed an early release form and left to head to a different hospital. I will NEVER return to this location.

Samantha Hooper

I went in Tuesday morning and had an okay experience, the staff all but the doctor was very caring for me and friendly. I felt like I was looked at for just coming in for pain meds when I had extreme pain and difficulty breathing! I was sent out with Percocet and ibuprofen and my situation just WORSENED! I went back that evening and dr. Hickman and the staff was AMAZING! You guys definitely take emergency situations in faster than any other hospital in the valley. That night I was discharged after an actual X-ray, blood work and ekg was done as they did not perform those the first time! I was dx with pleurisy and to continue my meds. Two more days passed with no relief and I had my boyfriend call to see what we could do and he was informed over the phone that I could be in pain for over a month so I took it in my own hands and went to banner thunderbird.... Horrifying experience by far there but I did find out by a CT scan that should have been performed with your team that I actually have pneumonia which is the second reason next to the first doctor I gave this a 3 star review. I will still always choose abrazo for my health care needs because banner is a 0 on my scale! Thank you again to the wonderful team at this hospital besides that one doctor and not so caring lady who took my boyfriends call!

Deborah Lex

My husband had a procedure this morning at 9. I haven't been allowed to see him since. He's recovered but been waiting hours for a room. Why can't they allow him to speak with me on the phone? This staff just doesn't display any empathy for the families waiting all day to know that their sick family member is ok.

Jennifer Harris

I took my 4 year old to their ER for a unidentified sting. The doctor and nurse ignored him while he vomited for an hour straight. He was hallucinating and screaming. They misdiagnosed him with a bee sting reaction while he was actually experiencing a severe reaction to a scorpion sting. Our pediatrician had to get involved to get a second opinion there and then we were transported to PCH for anti-venom. My four year old suffered for hours due to their misdiagnosis. I will never go back to this hospital again. Worst care ever.

Fallon Cooper

We are currently in the waiting room with NO other patients, but we've been here over 40 minutes with my mother who has severe pain in her stomach and feels she is about to pass out. The sense of urgency is ridiculous. You'd think health care providers would care a little more about patients....hope I never have an emergency near here and the ambulance gets routed to this place, I might die.

Sheila B

Ive heard this hospital recently changed ownership (used to be Paradise Valley Hospital) and it must have because our experience there in Sept 2016 was a wonderful one. The only reason I didnt give it 5 stars is that weekends were understaffed and it was a bit more challenging then, but otherwise had wonderful, caring staff and doctors. We were from out of state but they took care of us promptly and professionally. We brought my husband thru the ER and he spent 3 days there with congestive heart failure. Would definitely go there again for emergent health needs!

Matt Dineen

I was in the hospital over the weekend and I had a heart Cath that turned out ok. I'm having a sorts of shoulder paintbrush Doctor flat out refused to to and e X-ray on my shoulder " this is a heart hospital" yet they advertise anyone one can come here with any problems I fell I the bathroom I pulled the cord and no nurses can so I got up and made to my bed I have a foreign nurse that really doesn't speak English very well. A. Nice women named Jo Johnson Came by and said to call her if i have any problems but the charge nurse said she is nothing just a rounding nurse. I would not reccommed this hospital unless your having an active hospital. This hospital is not good one star

Harry 3540

Best doctors for your heart. Nurses are knowledgeable and know their jobs. My surgery was solid but recovery sucks. The staff I met helped me out a lot.

Andrew Ericson

Worst hospital. Came in since my heart rate had been feeling elevated for a few days. The nurse who took me to my ED room asked if I had chest pains. I said no. Then he said 'then what are you here for?'. I did not feel welcome. They performed lab work which came back OK at the time then I was discharged...About an hour from when I stepped in the front door to when I got discharged. A doctor called me 3 hours later stating they were busy and just got the rest of my labs. I was severely anemic and he said to take iron pills and an RX for iron pills called into my pharmacy. Next day I was still feeling just the same. I went to another hospital non abrazo affiliated and they ended up needing to give me a unit of blood in the ED and 2 day hospital stay based on my labs. My labs from abrazo and the other hospital were the same and the non abrazo could not believe they missed the findings on my labs. No intentions on going back to ANY abrazo hospital again.

Az Freedom

First thing, some of the doctors AND nurses need to go to "better bedside manners" classes. "Nurse Snarky" was all smiles the last time I was in there because I received a follow up call about my treatment at Abrazo, I complained about the nurse's attitude toward me. Just because a person walks into an ER unassisted, doesn't mean they're OK, I'm single, no car and the buses weren't running. My former employer didn't pay me enough to afford a cab. I had an overnight stay last year and returned to the hospital a week later. I said, "I have a blood clot and my arm is killing me. So the intake nurse says, you "think" you have a blood clot why is that? I said no, "I know I have a blood clot and it's from last week's IV catheter." He gave me attitude and says "whatever, we'll see what's going on." Neither of the two came into my room to tell me I had A BLOOD CLOT. The ultrasound tech did, that's unusual it's usually relayed to your nurse. My overnight stay was a pleasant experience, Sharon in the heart section of the hospital, was an absolute pleasure. Another gal that used to run the unit, Rose, I think, very concerned and caring. Made me a lot more comfortable about being in the hospital.

Annalinda Velasco

I went into the ER on Thursday evening after having passes out earlier in the day and I had a terrible headache, I have a history of heart issues so my neighbor (she drove me) thought this would be the best place for me! She was right. I did not have to wait more then 5 minutes in the waiting room before being taken back, while in the ER the doctor and nurses were amazing and before I knew it they were running tests and doing everything they could to make sure I was being well taken care of me. With my history and no known reason for fainting the doctor felt it best I be admitted, it wasn’t long before I was moved upstairs in my own room and for the next 2 and half days received the best care ever. From the nurses to the aides, the technicians who ran the test and of course the doctors I truly believe I got the best care imaginable. Thank you Abrazo staff, I am grateful for all your help!

Jennifer Burk

Very bad hospital, no bedside manors from anyone there...

Leaugeay Barnes

My brother in law is here. He had surgery, got out of ICU and after a day in step down mysteriously ran into problems, one staff member stated an accidental pain med OD. They thought he had pneumonia but could not find a cause. One conversation with my sister who mentioned Amio and I was thinking pulmonary toxicity but somehow they missed it and put him back on amio saying it was the only med they could use for an atrial arrhythmia- not true. Somehow, they eventually decided cardiazem would work but not after impairing his respiratory status still more. The staff is elusive, habitually say they haven't read his chart, Dr.s walk in and never introduce themselves or their role in his care. They refuse to provide his wife with meducal records despite her having a power if attorney. One nurse admitted to upping sedation just so they could see to other patients. WTH?! I am hoping there is a good explanation and I am just missing it.

Holley Williams

Horrible hospital & didn't get any answers or discharge papers

Random Name

I wouldn't go back to this place if my life depended on it. I came in for a deep splinter on the top of my finger. I was here for a total of 30 minutes. The staff took my blood pressure and then the so called doctor looked at my finger for about 45 seconds and went to make a phone call. He came back 15 minutes later and told me I needed to go see his "friend" the hand surgeon. He wrote me a script for antibiotics and they gave me a tetanus shot. Then, they billed me 700 dollars for my visit (after insurance) and told me the so called doctor would send his own bill later. Well, I just got the bill and he charged my insurance over a thousand dollars, half of which I had to pay because he was apparently "out of network" (I wonder why?). I looked at my insurance website and they sent multiple charges totalling over 4 thousand dollars (so I expect more bills to come) . All to do absolutely nothing and send me on my way. Do not go to this hospital unless you want to be robbed. I regret ever walking in the front door. I'll be paying off my credit card charges from this trash hospital for the next 2 years. And the splinter is still in my finger. Edit: No I'm not sending you my information I can't see anything good coming from that. I also noticed on the papers I recieved that they put me down as a "Heavy Tobacco User", which is a complete lie. I haven't used tobacco products in years and told them that when they asked. Edit 2: And the extortion continues. Just recieved yet another bill for over $350 dollars. Called and asked what the charges were for and they are sending an itemized bill. The lady on the phone was really nice, but I don't know if I can send anymore money at this point. Edit 3: So the scam artists won in the end. I paid the bill in order to not take a hit on my credit. Hope these fake doctors are happy.

Laura Hoff

Thank you for providing excellent, collaborative team-based care which was delivered by compassionate and attentive nursing staff. As a hospital dedicated exclusively to cardiac health, their renowned surgeons, will customize a plan exclusively for you. The care I received was exceptional from the moment I walked through the doors until I left. I highly recommend this hospital for both preventative and restorative health! Five Stars!

Trevor Wishon

sneaky, unprofessional, & rude

John Zwark

Everyone is so nice and helpful

Starr Davis

I have had surgery 5 times over the past 8 yrs. I was delighted with the care I received from doctors and most staff. However my last stay in 2014, CNA personal were not responsive and felt that they were above helping. I had a severe surgery procedure. I have no complaints with the doctors and nursing staff. The building appeared clean and sterile for the most part. Pre-Surgery room was not as sterile as it should have been however, the staff was wonderful. The important part was I AM ALIVE, THANKS to my doctor and staff. Thanks AZ Heart.

aa avad

I came in to the hospital with pain in my shoulders and left arm, service was so horrible I leafy with my pain and stressed, I was wondering why there was a big sign outside the hospital (less then 15 minute ER wait) this is why BAD service.

Jackie Flowers

Don't do It! Don't do it! Don't do it! You will be waiting forever!

Damian May

Medical Staff and Nursing care are above excellent. I think perhaps some people who gave low scores may have troublesome stupid/difficuld people, not the staff.

jacqueline vogle

My husband was there for a heart catherization on an outpatient basis. I thought the hospital staffwas exceedingly pleasant and helpful. The hospital was very clean from what I saw of it.


I entered Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital on 2/28/19 for a Catheterization with possible Stenting. The entire experience exceeded my expectations, as the staff was courteous, professional and caring. Since their speciality is the heart, I knew I was in the right place for this procedure. Everything was explained to me prior to the procedure, and I was made to feel very comfortable. I opted to stay for one night, and the nurses were very adept at taking my vitals as necessary. I highly recommend this facility for any heart related issues.

Timothy Eagan

In all honesty when the Dr kang trys to have a a verbal altercation with me in the emergency room while I'm in an afib attack 160 beats per min , like I said to him "how unprofession" and the nurses insulting bye saying to my nurse as she's walking back to my room and I quote" 49 beats per min beat 160"yes 160 to 49. In 15 mins be careful.. and once again I said nice and loud "I can hear you and that's so UNPROFESIONAL" and I hear another one saying "goodluck to my nurse" um they call themselves professional but it would be my option that thier childish conduct was that of a bunch of high school bullies..behind your back... then as before I leave I push the nurses button and I can hear them two rooms down going, " I'm not going in there you go" head nurse was involved there and as I get fed up with this,,like I said childish conduct i walk out asking my nurse for my new prescrptions the nurse Megan denies me my paper work..ONCE again so unprofessional...take it as you will but I wouldn't bring my dead dog Dr Jamal he's alright guy and good surgeon but 50 percent of his staff should be out on the curb with the opioid do like that review children?

J. P. Leyva

Friendly, kind, attentive staff; from the receptionist to the paramedical staff and the physician. Great to know they provide full ER medical care (not just cardiac). Million thanks.


I hate that place!!! I lost my beautiful angel because of them. Was getting different answerday from every one that we saw. They should be shut down!!!!

jai tom

Priscilla Mcghee

Az heart is one of the best hospital they help my kids father he had a procedure done there on the heart in 2016 shout out to Dr Goldstein for his outstanding work he is having another procedure done I trust the drs and nurses they are the best I recommend people to come to this friendly hospital

RFH 007

I wish i could rate this place a ZERO. My mom was recently here at this hospital and it was horrible. We are appalled at how she was taken care of. Doctor never saw her and the nurses were so insensitive to those who are sick. I thought this was supposed to be one of the best heart hospitals around. SMH! My mom said the nurses spoke about the patients loudly and with no care about who heard them. One of the nurses said to the other one "so what happened to the patient in room 247" and the other responded "she died remember?" And then asked what was wrong with the patient in there now and said "she's dying" isn't there some kind of code? or even just out of respect that you don't speak like this especially in front of sick and possibly dying patients. They never checked in on her and ran her IV too fast and when she brought this to their attention, she was already in severe pain from her arm being so swollen from backed up fluids, and yet they just gave her an ice pack. The next nurse had to change her iv to the other hand. On top of it all they do not answer their phones and are very rude. My mom finally answered her room phone but was so sick could barely talk and she said all the nurses were sitting at the desk but no one would answer. They have a quiet time from 2-4 pm and 10-4 am so the patients could rest, but when i arrived it was very loud and nurses were laughing and playing games. My mom also stated that the nurses would check in on male patients next to her and talk and flirt with them all the time, mean while only checking in on her once while she was severely sick and in pain. It makes me so upset that they could treat other people's loved ones with such disrespect and insensitivity. Thank god! She's not there anymore, but i feel for the ones who are. Some one needs to check in on this SERIOUSLY! !!

Harry Allen

They can't get the billing correct, ever. Go somewhere else.

Andrea Smith

My review is based upon the billing department. They were unwilling to work with me to pay the bill over time since I have no insurance. The amount charged was more than the blue book of medical expenses. I looked it up. I made a payment on my account but they sent it to a collection agency less than 2 months from my discharge date. I didn't want to go to this hospital in the first place but the ambulance drivers would not go anywhere else. So now my credit is going to be ruined because they were unwilling to accept my payment. Shows where their priorities are. Make money. Patient's well being come second.

Joei O'Grady

All the staff were great! I was so nervous about my heart procedure but the staff RN Suzy spent time talking to me about the procedure and answering my questions. My surgeon Dr. Phan is the best!! I am on my way to a great recovery and would recommend this hospital and my doctor in a heartbeat!!!

Mochi Chan

Terrible pain management, if you're hurt in any way AVOID THIS HOSPITAL AT ALL COST!!!! They will give you some ibuprofen and send you home with a huge bill.

Inyati Bedliners Chandler

I went into the ER on Sunday 1/5/14 with pain in my lower back. I can't sit, bend, or even walk up stairs. The Dr. stepped into my room, ask a couple questions and left. The nurse came back in a while later with some prescriptions in her hand and my discharge papers. (I drove myself there, so I refused any narcotic injections. Fast forward to tuesday and the pain is exponentially worse and I manage to drag myself back in. Different doctor on duty who I am pretty sure got her medical degree from a cracker jack box. She asks me a few questions trying to get an answer from me that would indicate that I am constipated. It is not constipation! I tell her two or three times. She left and shortly after a nurse arrived with some pain medicine to inject me with. After 15 min, I was handed my discharge papers and sent on my way. Keep in mind they just injected me with Demerol, Toradol and ativan. I sat in my car sobbing knowing that once this wore off, I would be in the same pain. So PVH, you really dropped the ball on this one.

Candi Yatsinko

WOW... I felt so CARED for!! Having not been in a hospital overnight since having kids 25+ years ago. This ENTIRE STAFF from the ER staff, whom made me feel so at ease, I'm sorry I didn't take down all your names. To my nurses, May, Rosy, Alma #1 & Alma #2, Patty who did the ultrasound of my Heart to Cory who did my Stress Test. THANK YOU ALL! Never was my obesity brought up to make me feel uncomfortable, these people are TOP NOTCH!! and they offered every service I needed to complete and assure me that my Heart was good and Healthy! Each and EVERY ONE of you went out of your way to make sure I was comfortable and I can't THANK YOU ENOUGH - Please know I appreciated you all very much! If there is a way for me to let your BOSS'S or a CEO of ABRAZO know, please give me the information, I have told everyone about my GREAT EXPERIENCE, if you can say that when going to an ER with Chest Pains, and I can after experiencing this with YOU ALL! Thank you from the Top & Bottom of my HEART!! - Candice Yatsinko, Cottonwood, AZ

alexandra karamanova

My mom had her triple bypass surgery here and the care she received was great. Her icu nurses and the doctors were so professional and answered all of my many questions.the whole medical team was excellent and we are so grateful for their help.

Chad Gullett

Loved my time there, Aprille Ashley is an amazing nurse and helper on their staff! She deserves to have more control over the industry. Fantastic person!

Paul W

Abrazo Arizona Heart is one of the best hospitals in my opinion. They took care of me and solved my heart valve problem. The staff and doctors are the best that I could have asked for. My stay was a very pleasant experience. My thanks to all the wonderful people I have met during my stay.

Dead Account

What can I say about going to this hospital? Don't! Go somewhere else. I've been here twice with none heart related problems. The 1st time I was here, the nurse was rude and awful at her job. Today, I take my daughter and I in because we're both sick and we wait hours for crap all. She isn't given a prescription for her nausea and they ask me what I would like for my pain. I tell them, then the doctor refuses! Instead, they shoot me up with toradol which has done NOTHING but make my arm hurt and sting. Az hospitals need to stop treating patients like they're all drug addicts looking for a fix. It's sickening! And how about listening to people like me who have substantial allergies and know what our bodies can take or can't tolerate. Awful experience.

Ashley Roth

Long wait, nurse was rude and didn't show any empathy if you were in pain. 4 hours wait for a level 8 pain and nurse did not soothe my worries. I had to wait an hour in the hospital room with no pain relief and no doctor. I left immediately to a hospital where they provide quality care for patients.


I was in the hospital at the Phoenix Location. I had wonderful Care, was check on many times during my stay, everyone showed concern about everything. My Dr, Dr. Warren and her surgical team were fantastic. Sorry I do not remember your names.

Ken Shortt

This is the best hospital I've been to the Er staff & other staff & doctors art do caring

Ali H

#2nd UPDATE: the hospital had the nerve to send me a bill for the nothing they did. They have not responded to any of my calls or emails. STAY AWAY FROM THIS HOSPITAL!!! #UPDATE: I reached out to the hospital like they requested in their Google response and NO ONE responded back. They only sent a message to make it look like they care about their reputation and reviews but it's a lie. Worst emergency room experience ever. I went in at 6:30am complaining about visible swelling and instense pain in my neck. Dr. Jacob Gerstman did an exam that lasted less than 5 minutes and said "well, whatever it is won't kill you today, wait until tomorrow to see your primary care physician " He said because I didn't have a fever he wasn't going to treat me. I had let him know that I had taken tylenol at home and that was probably why I didn't have a fever. He completely dismissed me and my pain and odd swelling. Didn't offer a CT scan, ultrasound, nothing but a prescription for Ibuprofen. When the nurse came I told her that it was unacceptable to be turned away when something was obviously wrong with me. She looked me straight in the eyes and said "We're not going to give you drugs if that's what you're here for" I was so hurt by her statement. All I wanted was to be treated and she and I'm guessing the Doctor were accusing me of being a drug seeker. I left the hospital crying and scared. Thankfully I went to a REAL hospital with doctors that care. Turned out that I had a massive infection in my lymphnodes that required me to be hospitalized from that Sunday until Saturday night. I went to Honor Health and the doctors did a CT scan and knew right away that I was in medical danger. Shame on you Dr. Jacob Gerstman. I am going to report him to the Arizona State Medical Board. He thought he was being funny by telling me "well, whatever it is won't kill you today" but it actually could have.

Pamela Roush

Communication is Unbelievable! I was referred here Wednesday for a procedure. Have been told conflicting information even after I contacted Cardiologist that referred me here and she called them and told them directly the issue and sent the information here. Very scary and concerning. One doctor says one thing, another something else and so on. Never had procedure referred for. Another doctor today said maybe could do Monday? I cannot afford to continue laying here being ignored by RN or she sarcastic and rude. Have Never had this nightmare. Terrible when you have to be treated this way especially at Heart hospital. Blessing, Christine, nurse assistant awesome THANK YOU.

Jacob Mulitch

Everything came out just fine. Luckily my grandma didn't have to wait too long in the waiting room before being called.

Stephanie Facto

They got my husband in quick they cared for him like he was family the nurses and doctor were caring an respectful the test we're back in a timely matter very professional top notch full service emergency room

Nicole Chesley

Dr Jessica Anderson wants to charge me 1500 bucks 1 she violated my privacy by telling a visitor what was wrong with me 2nd 1500 for doing nothing. I would say this is the same hospital that tried to save my son their was nothing they could do but in that case they really supportive

June Wiley

I can't say enough about the wonderful staff and care my husband is getting at this facility.

Rhonda Aleman

My husband had to have emergency procedures done. The doctors (Warren, Foley) are truly gifted and kept us informed and educated the entire stay. These are the type of doctors that are so rare and treasured all the more. All of the nurses were very attentive and caring. Several of them came to visit and check up on us as we moved to different rooms. I noticed that you can nominate a nurse for an award, but honestly they all deserve one. I just can't say enough about the members of this hospital. You are all wonderful. God bless you all!

Samantha Drudge

Took my fiance in for his excruciating wrist pain. We got into a room quickly, saw a nurse quickly, saw a doctor quickly, had x rays done quickly and then we sat around for an hour and a half to be told he just uses his wrist too much. He was given a brace and prescriptions. There is obviously a bone or something out of place because you can FEEL IT. They didn't even bother to stand there and listen to him as he was describing it. They just ordered x rays and claimed he overuses his wrist. What a joke.

Linda Wyatt

Horrible! I asked how much it would cost in total, numerous times and I paid them and then paid the doctor separately, then they started taking hundreds of dollars out of my account. I only had a cold.

Stephen Blazick

Prices were ridiculous for doing so little. Received 3 separate bills and all were way over what I was quoted. Bad place. Go elsewhere.

Desiree Cusack

After having my newborn, I was able to stay with him until he was discharged. While I was Nesting the staff was helpful, informational & very friendly with me occuping the room until my child was eventually discharged about 2 weeks after his birth. I couldn't be more pleased with my treatment I recieved while I was here as well. I would recommend this hospital.

Jesse Sanchez

They treat you wrong here like the doctors don't care or they don't believe what you are saying It's wrong. Hospitals are opposed to help !

Teresa Waggoner

I wish I had noticed the poor reviews before going to the paradise Valley hospital emergency room. I ended up being billed separately for services, all of which were outside my health network. This wasn't mentioned when I was checked in - there I paid the deductible. six months later I am still getting bills for some aspect or another of my two hour visit, technicians, doctors, equipment, emergency room - everything is billed separately with almost no documentation or explanation. When I've called no one seems to know how this works, the hospital (when they finally come to the phone) says it isn't anything to do with them, they collect at the time the services are rendered and give insurance information to all the other vendors. 16 thousand dollar later (for a bump on the head) I will NEVER walk to the door of this hospital again! The business side of this hospital is spectacularly lacking in professionalism.

Dan Simione

Since PV Hospital was taken over by Abrazo they have impressed me with how serious they took the previous poor performance and have made themselves the gold standard.

Jamie Land

I haven't been there but I was trying to get a hold of someone there and a rep would pick up put me on hold and then after 5 min hang up on me. I understand if I need to hold just let me know that don't hang up on me.

Erica Crawford

The nurse MO in the ICU has terrible bedside manner. She's very rude and needs to be reprimanded quickly. She makes patients and their family feel very very uncomfortable. I can't wait for them to release my mom to another floor. Hopefully the nurses there have a little more compassion.

Customer Service

I didn't even go to the facility. The first woman I spoke to on the phone sounded like she wanted to die. Saying she was NOT helpful is an understatement. The next woman I talked to stated the obvious and talked to me like a child.

daniel hernandez

Only reason I give this place 1 star is because they have thieves working here. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR MONEY IN ANY BAGS OR CABINETS THEY OFFER. SLEEP WITH YOU WALLET!!! They came into my room when I was sleeping and stole my money. $615 worth of my money and $48 of my girlfriends money in her wallet. At least take $100 or something but I can't believe they took it all SMH horrible I can't believe this. And after i left a message to the risk management lady Kathy Evans all she said was file a police report we can't do anything for you. We are not reliable for your money. You shouldn't have left the room with that much money. Thank you for such good help Kathy you were no help at all I could've guessed you were ready to say that. AGAIN PLEASE DONT TRUST THIS HOSPITAL AT ALL. They didn't even put my girlfriends bag as a valuable of hers only her phone that's all can you believe that ? Ridiculous and then they didn't tell us they had a safe where we can put out money and valuables away safely she tells me this over the phone. When it's too late after i got robbed. What a horrible hospital

Ceyanna Rain

Waited over 3 hours just to be discharged. Although the doctor was kind and the nurses were great, it just seemed incredibly understaffed. I will not be treated at this hospital again.

Lakisha Coulter

Best ER in Arizona. Doctors, Nurses, and Techs are phenomenal. The only place that I trust with my heart.

Katherine Knight

I was in excruciating pain when my friend went in to get a wheelchair the doctor and staff came out and took me inside. The care was amazing and it was several hours before anyone was asking about insurance or payment information. I highly recommend this hospital!

Dianna Russell

Went to get a 3D tee test for my husband, staff was polite, explain procedure and Dr and nurses were all helpful.

Lisa Tohannie

Excellent hospital. Very attentive nurses and doctors. The best hospital stay I've ever had. Thank you Abrazo, thank you very much.

David Thompson

Yes I walked in and after a month in the ICU and months of rehabilitation, I'm in a wheelchair and I didn't get a dime! They covered their asses nicely.


Everyone is super nice and helpful.

Joseph Nevulis

I should disclose that I am not the best patient nor am I known for patience in general, but the two weeks I had to spend here were made as comfortable as possible due to the high level of care I received from all the staff from janitors to surgeons. I cannot suffiently express my gratitude to all involved for the care and repairs shown to this old soldier.

Elizabeth Setlow

My nurse, Pat, awesome friendly, kind man. Only thing human about my experience. I'm on my way to emergency abdominal surgery this morning after a "gut" feeling told me the ER Doc had been cold, dismissive, and judgemental. I was given NO DIAGNOSTIC TESTING. I was not offered pain or fever management. I was the only patient I could see, they were NOT busy. I was sent home with a swift kick after asking both the Doc, Sprout or whatever, and Pat to help me - my pain was FAR TOO SEVERE for the diagnosis. My symptoms didn't match the diagnosis. I was right and Thank GOD I sought a second opinion or I would have died. I'm leaving out details in case I take this to litigation, but I wanted to warn against going to this ER, especially at night, and probably just avoid the place altogether. Not worth the risk.


My ER visit was outstanding. My RN Kirk and physician could have not been more caring and compassionate about what they do. Thank you sooo much for your help!

Jane Greenburg

Very impressed with the care I received. No wait to be seen and cared for in the emergency room. Will definitely go here if I need emergency care.

Jill Amato

My brother is in there right now, for a surgery to remove an abscess in his stomach. I visited him on 3/26/16. He was told his surgery would be that afternoon and he hasn't eaten in 2 days, as they told him not to, to get ready. During my visit, some random doctor came in, said his surgery was the next morning, and was totally confused by why he hadn't eaten for two days. And then looked at me and said "well you should get him some food, he needs to eat". So they don't offer food either? What is even happening there? I left more ways to contact me as well for updates and follow ups, and have not heard anything. I have to contact them for ANY updates what so ever.

Caleb Cook

This is in relation to labor and delivery and women's services. My wife and I just had our second baby at Abrazo Scottsdale campus, last one was 3 years ago. Both then and now, we had a very good experience. Every time I drive home and pass, I feel truly thankful. For our son 3 years ago, Dr. Bartell attended and all the staff were truly, truly great then. It's been a while so I can't give proper kudos any longer, unfortunately. This time, Dr. Erica Montes, attended. Sharon our delivery nurse was great. Our day nurse Amy was so friendly and helpful. Other nurses Carolyn, Nicole, Kim, Amanda, Katherine our lactation consultant and child seat inspector, and Gracie, all were excellent. I don't know what else you truly want, which is why we came back. Smooth admittance, delivery, service and just knowing they care. We love these folks!

Darren Donaldson

Literally no wait time to get admitted, every staff member was incredibly fast and excellent at their jobs. Take care of a very personal and serious complication I had with dignity and respect leaving me feeling completely comfortable and satisfying mine needs completely. Couldn't have asked for a better experience at all will definitely be going back again if in need of any medical assistance.

Nickolette Fredericks

I could literally break my arm right now infront of 5 nurses(whom are just standing around) while waiting for a doctor to come evaluate my son AND STILL NOT GET SEEN FOR HOURS. You have a better chance at becoming your own doctor while waiting... Otherwise you'll be waiting forever!

Joanne Reynolds

The doctors and staff are simply the most fabulous I have ever experienced. Dr. Thorpe in particular is brilliant and compassionate. A rare combination in today's world of medicine. The staff were equally incredible and worked as a fine oiled machine taking care of every medical need with grace and kindness. Thank you all for caring for my daughter and literally saving her life. May God Bless you all and bring you the peace you have brought to our hearts. Mrs. Joanne Pachtinger

Emmy Morales

I have been in this hospital twice. First time was 9 years ago and the last was 4 months ago. This place is a nightmare. While the treatment has improved since the first I was there, I have been waiting 4 months to receive a bill for the services rendered. I have called the business office several times and been told that the charges aren't finalized yet. Finally, last week I called and asked for a supervisor who advised me I could pay my portion on the phone without receiving a bill or an opportunity to review the charges! Then today I receive a notice thanking me for making arrangements for payment (which I did not, just said I would pay when I received the bill) and it had to be paid by 7/28/2015! Are you kidding me?! They want me to pay without receiving a bill or having a chance to review it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

venus rihani

This is absolutely the worst hospital I have ever experienced. My father got the worst treatment. It took forever to get pain medication and his other medication that he took daily. He would often have to call 2 or 3 times just to get someone in the room and when you look at the front desk the nurses are doing nothing but sitting and texting on their phones. I have never seen any of the nurses or doctors even crack a smile when they walk in to see my father and he would be nice and smile and greet them but they can't say anything back? They didn't even notice when my dad got up and walked right out of the hospital. They are very heartless, rude, and completely unprofessional. I had one nurse yell at me because I was upset that my father was not getting any treatment. They say that they improved this hospital? All I see is bad treatment and bad reviews. I really hope they get their karma one day. Terrible terrible hospital. Do not bring your loved ones because their life means nothing to them here.

A.K. Young

Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital was my medical destination for three days recently and I cannot praise the staff and facility enough. Entering the emergency room with chest pains I encountered the most efficient receptionist. Within minutes she handed me off the ER Nurse Edward, the most professional and funny nurse I’ve ever encountered. He put me at ease and explained every single aspect of what the staff were doing as they worked on me. I ended up being admitted for a few days. The floor nurse, Abby, provided care above and beyond what was necessary. She explained all procedures -- as did every single technician throughout the stay, provided medical information in laymen’s terms, answered the simplest and most complex questions all while smiling and acting as if she loved her job. Technician Kheri did likewise; she was so personable making the multiple blood withdrawals bearable! Cardiovascular specialist, Drs. Saks checked on me multiple times and explained every question I had. Arrhythmia surgeon, Dr. Vijay Swarp -- an active and published researcher – and the best explainer of complex procedures explained and arranged my follow up care to the hospital stay. Even the facility director and the social worker stopped by to check on me and see how they could improve my stay and my continued care after the hospital visit. I cannot praise this team enough. For a time that was potentially frightening, I was make to feel well attended and well informed. Thank you! Allen K. Young

Leslie Fredrikson

I JUST READ THE RESPONSE FROM THE STAFF MEMBER WITH ABRAZO....WHAT A JOKE! HOW CAN THEY SERIOUSLY "LOOK IN TO THE MATTER" IF THEY HAVE NO DATES NO TIMES NO EMPLOYEES NAMES - NOTHING!?!? THE RESPONSE WAS SO GENERIC AND HAD ZERO COMPASSION OR EMPATHY. HAD I GIVEN A GOOD REVIEW YOU BET YOUR BOOTS I WOULD HAVE BEEN PRAISED AND GIVEN A 5 SECOND PEDESTAL LIKE THE OTHERS! GO BACK AND COMPARE FOR YOURSELF. THE GOOD REVIEWS ALL COMPARED THE BAD REVIEWS ALSO LOOK AT THE ADMIN RESPONSES AND YOU WILL CLEARLY SEE MY POINT. NOT ONLY IS THE HOSPITALS STAFF SCARY BUT THEIR MANAGEMENT OBVIOUSLY IS NOT MUCH BETTER, EITHER! AND THESE PEOPLE ARE COLLEGE DEGREED??!!!?? SOMEONES BEEN CHEATING ALONG THE WAY..... MY OPINION DOESNT CHANGE....IF YOU WANT EXCELLENT TREATMENT, A CARING STAFF AND OUTSTANDING PHYSICIANS THEN DONT VISIT THIS HOSPITAL BECAUSE YOU WILL BE SADLY MISTAKEN. I gave one star because I had to to post my review. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THE HOSPITAL ON THOMAS ARIZONA HEART HOSPITAL. Totally unethical staff and I mean ALL of the staff from the desk to the Drs. The experience and treatment I received was frightening, to say the least. The lack of skills, knowledge, professionalism, morals and empathy are immeasurable. I left this hospital in more pain then I went in, was treated so bad that i was frightened of their lack of abilities and have never dealt with so much mistreatment and heartless people in my life. I am appalled at what all i experienced personally from this staff. They were mean, unprofessional and did not know their job. Its bad enough that even after calling ahead letting them know we were coming but when we arrived here was not a staff member in sight. My husband had to scream for help and for someone to bring a wheelchair, which took so long he ended up CARRYING me in! I am suing this hospital and will not give up until the staff I interacted with are all terminated from their positions with the real reason for their termination clearly written. I expect a letter of apology for my treatment and warn everyone I can just how life threatening it is to go there for treatment. I wish I could elaborate more on my experience but can not due to legal reasons. Please just believe what I tell you when I tell you to stay as far away from the 19th st and Thomas location as possible!! You will not get the care you deserve! You will put yourself in more danger if you do!

Annie Laure

This hospital is one of the best. I felt in such good hands. The nurses on the unit floor conducted themselves with the utmost professionalism & integrity. Like a church, the staff used low voices, keeping the hallway noise to a minimum, respecting the recovery of patients. I will have to go back for another procedure but I rest in the confidence gained from my first hospitalization. Deepest thanks to Dr. Michelle Mix, & the nursing staff who attended to me, including Meredith, Rachel, Wilson, Cynthia & many others. Also, kudos to the dietary department; great service & nice variety of deliciously prepared foods.

Ryan B

Very detailed and thorough


Do NOT go to the Emergency room here! Care was substandard, it was filthy, overpriced and Dr. was horrific! I had an infection he acted like he lanced it and DID not. It was by far the WORST experience I have ever had! BEWARE. I then got charged thousands of dollars.

Mary K

Im giving it two stars because we had mostly negative experiences, but not all of them were because my mom was treated very nicely by the ER nurses and the doctor as well as the day shift nurse from the med surg floor once my mom was admitted. The problems started on the med surg floor when my mom received the wrong diagnosis. According to her, she felt like she was pressured into getting surgery by the doctor. The night shift nurse even said "I think she should just do it and get it over with" which I thought was kind of rude - talk about nontherapeutic communication. What happened to being a patient advocate and doing everything in the best interests of the patient? The day shift nurse, however, was very pleasant and displayed compassion, support and great care. She had called me by phone and kept me updated at all times. P.S - I just wanted to let others who wrote very negative comments about PV and those reading this in the future know: 1. You will wait for a long time in any emergency room. That's how it is. They can't control how many patients they get coming in and out every second. You have to be a patient patient. The triage nurse knows who to look for in an emergency setting and who's critically ill enough to be put before you. 2. They will give you motrin for mild to moderate pain. So if you tell your doctor or nurse your pain is 1-5, expect medication you can get over the counter. If you state your pain is on a scale of 6-10, expect opioids and the meds you can't get without a prescription.

Holly Hamling

Excellent care. My husband had heart surgery and was treated with respect and dignity even when he was being difficult. Doctors are exceptional and take time to talk to family and explain exactly what is going to happen and what did happen. Doctors check on patients constantly. Nurses are knowledgeable and caring. They are in room whenever called and explain what they are doing and why. Very pleased with care we received at this hospital.

Andre DePriest

Fast, in and out of the emergency room within a half hour

Tj E.

Doctor Jamal and Dr Makkar are good drs their nurses in surgery are good also at what they do..But a very serious issue is they apparently don't forward information upstairs when you get sent up there for recovery..and or the nursing staff dose not read it.. I would like to thank personally Valorie?, Rachel and Alisson the night shift crew very professional polite and on their for Helga from hellsinkie and the rest of the incompetent nursing staff should be looking for jobs in a much more suitable field like a flagger on a construction crew..this will be the last time I subject myself to that sort of ignorance..seriously that is the last time I will walk out of there the day of and after surgery be cause of potatohead nursing staff.unbelievable unacceptable unprofessional..thank you to the drs and the good nurses but, if you go here for treatment stay on top of the nursing the owner you need to scan or train your nursing staff better

Jaime Cardenas

My wife received excellent care in Cath lab, ICU at this hospital. Resolved a chronic issue she has been dealing with for many years. Referred from LV, NV because of the expertise, skills, and excellent reputation of Dr. Thorpe.

Erin Maddux

My grandma was admitted and a patient for 4 days the care she received was amazing! If it wasn’t for their staff we would be planning a funeral not celebrating her home coming!

Jeannette Allan

I just got out of your Hospital today my Vascular Doctor set my surgery up there i had to have a stent put in my neck due to clogged surgery was scheduled on 7/18/19 with overnight stay for observation 7/19/19 on my discharge the nurse Vilmar was very rude to before the doctor's made their arounds they discharge me Vimar was to give me a shot for blood clots before the doc show up so i said nurse are you going to give my shot her broken English no you dont understand she's was talking about the doctor he hasn't been in my room to see me make long story short i got discharge one hour later still waiting already had a taxis on there way to pick me.. up they still haven't sign my discharge paper so i made a scence yell where my discharge papers needless to say i left without my papers and, blood thinner &pain medication so a lady nurse pled with me please i was already mad i left i spoke to the woman before the elevator doors shut send it to my pharmacy which u have it in my records wal-Greens so i call the see if the blood thinner and, aspiring for pain i ask for pain pill not aspiring i alright take aspiring for my heart iam home now still in pain now p.s the nurse give me a blood thinner pill before i left she also prejudiced i wont return there that's not all of my story...i will however, look at my bill double check it..another all the nurse that took care of were good to me 9

Josh Jbzy

Worst hospital yet! Hit you with 2 bills even tho you have insurance but send them 6months later

Susie Mulder

The Doctors and staff are the best! LOVE LOVE LOVE Thank you Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital

Matthew Hawkins

Went into their ER with numbness in my right arm, constricted breathing, and a sense of dizziness. Was told to sit down and wait behind someone with a cough. Waited 30 minutes to be seen by the triage nurse with no results. My wife spoke to the attendant and explained I was exhibiting signs of a stroke and the receptionist was very rude - yelling at my wife that he knew what was wrong but that I needed to be patient. There is no time to be patient when your life is on the line. My wife, the quick thinker she is, shoved me back in the car and took me to Scottsdale Healthcare off of the 101. I was seen within a matter of minutes and given the help I needed. I would not recommend this hospital for any person. My grandmother also recently passed at this hospital - all of our family were treated with such terrible bedside manor that I honestly do not understand how this hospital is still standing or in business. In an age where your health is a service being offered to you by a hospital acting as a business, I strongly suggest you take your business elsewhere.

Sandy Hecomovich

Had a very unexpected triple bypass there on 12/05/18. Couldn’t have been a better experience. Doctors and nurses awesome! They really care about their patients. Another experience last night in ER. Everything turned out well and they were caring and expedient during the entire process. Highly recommend.

Angela Schafer

Took me 4 hours to see a doctor who gave me a 30 second evaluation and left. Waist if time and money for zero treatment.

Maureen Porter

First let me say the healtcare system in this country is deplorable! !! But after 3 months of trying to get a thyroid surgery I finally had it completed at Abrazo Scottsdale campus today. From my pre op visit with RN shirley to my surgery this AM by Dr Gutman and each and every RN, Anesthesiologist and all other staff I was giving 5 STAR care!!! Home now recovering but I had to take the time to Thank Everyone <3

Bea Senff

This past weekend I was hesitant to go to this ER because of a past experience, I had at this hospital but it was before they changed their name. Besides it was the closest so I had no choice. I woke up feeling like choking and couldn't breathe right. I felt like vomiting but my esophagus was too tight to let me do it. So it was just horrible. Once I arrived vitals were a snap and into a room I went, tilting my head a certain way to let air in to breathe. Finally a wonderful Dr shows up, then takes one look at me. Did his quick review and already knew what was wrong with me. Uvulitis, and said I needed a steroid, antibiotic and pain killer for the pain and then I could go home. I told him, that I was afraid to fall asleep again because I didn't want to wake choking again. So he told me to try and take a nap after the medicine for a little while to see if its working. Then he said if I felt it was getting worse or not changing to go back or give him a call the next day. I can definitely say this, I have never had a Dr. call me the next day to check up on me. Especially from the ER. That right there is a REAL wonderful Doctor and I wish he was my primary instead. The whole staff actually was very calming and concerned for me, and it made me feel like I am not just in the way but seriously taken care of. Thank You!!!

Leon Rush

I had excellent care. Doctors, Nurses & Staff were great!!

Sorrel Overton

Having lived all over this country and overseas, I've experienced numerous medical professionals and facilities. Abrazo had the best Charge Nurses, RN's, CNA's and other staff - overall - of any of them. The Physicians were very good, other than the minor detail of not informing me I was bing admitted to the hospital from the ER! The ER staff was good, thorough and reassuring to an older lady! Should I need hospital services again, Abrazo will be my go to facility! The Thank You card was appreciated as well. In the afternath of the Oblowme disaster I found your facility refreshing.

Customer Support Nitek

I would give less than Zero if possible. We refer to Paradise Valley Hospital, as Death Valley Hospital. The ER is a disaster, the people are rude. No one listens when trying to explain...too busy coming up with other diagnosis which has nothing to do with actual cause. Spent hours there for NOTHING..wrong diagnosis. Cost me a small fortune. Need to fire all the staff and get new people, doctors are the worst there.

Sheray Garner

This was the worst Hospital ever in my life, I will send over from my doctor's office for racing heart dizziness nausea and pain I was put into the emergency room room and left there from 5 o'clock until 7 o'clock then the nurse came in and hooked up the IV and then left didn't hear anything else from her until she said that the doctor said that I was getting discharged. The doctor came in and said I had an infection and then left nothing for the pain management nothing about the racing heart nothing about the dizziness and was sent home I sat from 5 till 7 45 with no IV absolutely nothing the whole time that I've been here and I'm not exaggerating.

Robin Zimmerman

This is a great hospital I am a former patient. I had a triple bypass done by Dr.Hessel he has a great bedside manner and made me feel like I had known him for years. The nursing staff was also excellent. My hope is that no one has to have a heart attack but if you are sent here you're in great hands.

James Roberts

Everyone had a great positive attitude and was very professional

Krista Kariniemi

Went here to have my baby and had a good experience! Service was fast. I wish I would have been offered pain medication earlier but was not offered it until I asked. I would definitely go back though! It did help that I had an awesome night nurse.

Stephanie W

The staff had no clue what the status of my Mother's condition was. They released her way too early only to have her return one day later due to an infectious disease that was still contagious and not cured. I am still not sure what the status is of my Mother and wish someone would pro actively reach out to me to advise. In the meantime, I am calling everyone at the hospital with no response to date.

Alyssa Fazekas

I cant even have a review for my appointment because i didnt even make it past the phone call. I had surgery on my ankle a month ago and it became infected so my doctor suggested i go here for wound care. He wanted me to go asap the same day. i called numerous times no one picked up and finally when someone did I was treated with such disrespect. The receptionist kept yelling at me saying she couldnt hear me. She gave me barely an opportunity to ask why- if i was speaking too low, or if my car was too loud- turns out my air conditioner was blowing too hard. Whatever. Anyways she then proceeds to ask my address, I tell her I live in Chandler. She then rudely asks me "Let me ask you something, why are you seeing doctors in phoenix when you live in chandler?" Uhm excuse me? First off, its not your business, secondnly, Ive had my fair share of bad doctors. Being that I'm a professional ballet dancer proper care is extremely important to me. So I don't care how far i have to travel for good care. She then begins laughing and i can hear her say to other receptionists "haha this patient is so annoyed, she having a tantrum, ahah i can barely hear her" She then tells me after all this the soonest opening is in two days. I tell her "you dont understand my doctor requested I be seen as soon as possible, he has been faxing you" She then says in a very condescending tone "and i am telling you, you will not be seen at all." I got angry and said she was ridiculous for the way she was treating me and I hung up. She didnt even offer other options, other locations, or to maybe figure something out with the doctor. I am generally not one to get mad at receptionists because I understand that have to deal with people all the time and its get difficult when phone lines get tied up. But this woman was rude to me the moment she picked up the phone. I wish I had read reviews before I called so I could heed some warning, but I didnt even get passed making an appointment.

A Flo

My job allows me the unique opportunity to visit my clients in all valley hospitals. Abrazo Heart Hospital is one of the best. The medical professionals are fantastic! Being a specialized hospital, my client has been in & out for various reasons & the staff are always consistent with care. They even remember the name regardless of the unit.

Briana Riddle

I wouldn't even give this hospital one star, if it was an option. * Warning- a little TMI* Tonight I went in for severe abdominal pain, abnormal bleeding, frequent urination and other (more explicit) vaginal issues. I told them that I have had on and off pain for a while now, but more recently my symptoms have increased and gotten worse. I also have an IUD, and informed them of this. They had me take a urine sample about 15 minutes after I arrived at midnight, and took about 30 minutes retrieving that sample from my room. After about 45 min- 1 hour of waiting for any sign of life from the nurses, and my pain increasing I called the nurse for medication for pain and they supplied me with Motrin. At around 2:30 a woman entered the room and told me their lab equipment to test the urine sample wasn't performing efficiently and it would be a while before any results could be provided. Baffled, I asked her if they were going to do amything else, and she stated that it wasn't necessary because my issue is not an emergency because I'm not pregnant and that for further testing I need to see my primary care doctor, or an OBGYN. They came back after the urine specimen analysis had finally finished and informed me it looks like I " MAY have the start of a bladder infection " handed me a prescription for anti-biotics and my release papers. I asked her if they could prescribe me anything to subside the pain for the meantime, and she told me they sell Motrin over the counter. This is by far the worst hospital I have ever been to. I am not a nurse, but i know the symptoms I provided her with that I am experiencing are not because of a bladder infection (which I have had) and they clearly showed zero sign of interest or caring to help me feel better, or find out what is wrong with me. Now I have to wait 2+ weeks to see my doctor, in the same amount of pain with unanswered questions- whichwas the whole point of my emergency room visit- I wouldnt have gone had it not felt like an emergency, and I would not have gone if I had known I would be treated like because I wasn't filled with bullets and bleeding out in front of them that my pain or emergency was in fact a waste of their time. Judging by the other reviews that I wish I would have seen prior to my visit, and according to what i experienced tonight, i feel pretty comfortable saying this is the saddest excuse for a hospital and medical personnel in Arizona. **** DO NOT GO HERE!!!!! **** ^^^^ ^^^^ THESE WARNING STARS ARE THE ONLY STARS THIS HOSPITAL DESERVES.

Tim Mellberg

Theresa Martin

My cardiologist saw an anomaly in a Calcium test. Went to AHH and arranged a better look - I had three blockages and would have collapsed in days. I was asymptomatic and no pain. She ( Shani Sacks) got two excellent surgeons( Jamal and Ghazoul) to do a CABG( bypass) the best thing- I am alive. The treatment, expertise, staff, just everything was perfect and my gratitude is huge. Thank you and blessings to you all as you have blessed me.

Dennis Klus

Absolutely great care for a major operation. Empathy by all concerned. Highly recommended

Angelica Salinas Lama

I am highly disappointed in this hospital. I took my 10m old and husband here, for stomach flu like symptoms and my husband suffers from aniexty and ptsd they demanded we be in separate rooms the only hospital in last almost 9 years of being a mother and been to that split us up and would not treat them if in same large room. The charge nurse also told me the same information. This is last time I being any of my family to this hospital.

Alan Rockefeller

The ER here has bailed me out more than once.. The hospital care is appalling, seen much better in third world countries

Rene Painter

We were treated with respect and dignity. The nurses were on the spot, and the doctors were top notch.

James Deddo

Never getting lost again with maps.

Patrick Gormley

Staff did not work with any kind of urgency in the ER.

Chris Crash

The Dr's are great so don't get me wrong. But when my girlfriend's insurance decided to stop paying they decided for the Dr's to have them stop caring. Now it's becoming very quickly a matter of life and death. All over money. So because if this they have pretty much curbed her. "Healthcare for the rich and sickness/death for the under privlaged".

Helen Staren

Everyone was so helpful and knowledgeable. Took such great care of my mother. Only place I will come to for cardiac emergencies!

Rusty Shackleford

Long wait times, uncaring staff. Very poor service when you are in need

DesertQueens CarClub

This place is garbage all the nurses and doctors included. My father was hospitalized due to heart failure and he didn’t even know what it was as the people there just told him it wasn’t serious the nurse Blanca is a real b*tch she just told my father he was going to die anyways after my dad asked if there was anything they were going to do for him. My father stayed about a week he said they wouldn’t take him his meals even after we had to call in his order they never took him food we had to buy him food. He was transferred to another hospital and when he was being transported by this hospital they sent him on an empty oxygen tank which caused his heart to just give out. We are suing this hospital. It needs to be shut down. Stay far far away from this hospital.

Shantel E

I had a procedure done here by Dr Strumf. Every staff member I encountered was awesome. I hated that I had to be there but I didn't have a bad experience. I can only remember a few names as I was loopy and delirious lol. Brooke (maybe) in recovery, Eric in ICU and Emma in the regular rooms. They were really nice and made my time there better. Everyone was nice tho, they always asked if I needed anything. I hope I never have to come back here but at least I know I'll be in good hands if I do have to. Thanks!

C.D. Cromartie

The staff here is good. They took good care of me. I was brought in, diagnosed, and treated promptly.

Lizeth Franco

(Translated by Google) This hospital is a disgusting NEVER ATTEND WELL (Original) Este Hospital Es UN ASCO NUNCA ATIENDEN BIEN

Marti DeSpain

I want to say the staff at Abrazo Scottsdale are the most caring and skilled. They communicated with me and my family and helped to ease our fears. Thanks to all at ASC

AZ Vince

They saved my life on 11-1-2012. I guess I better give them 5 stars.

Danny R

This hospital was a nightmare. The doctor was entirely unprofessional, rude, and did nothing to help me. I was treated as if I was a waste of his time. I recommend going to anywhere else, preferably the Mayo clinic which is a 10 min drive from P.V. Doctor Hickman is not worth seeing if you want any respect of solution.

Benny Cowand

Everytime i have gone here for help, i got nothing but sub-par care. 8 years ago it cost me my lrft ring finger, which mayo clinic care was what that took to make it right. and this time was not much better. i was in severe pain and my iv mach beeped for 50 minutes and then a call to nurse it rang for another 40 minutes, i have diabetes and admitted at 7:00pm i was not given anything until after 10:00am and several complaints. then i was irate and for the Dr. to act like i had no right to be mad, and tell me to 'coolout' or security was coming, (like hes anybody but a second rate punk). i left a.m.a and never plan to go back! EVER!! DO NOT RISK YOUR HEALTH BY GOING HERE!

Erica Vigil

The nurse Elizabeth is a OUTSTANDING nurse. She actually cares about her patients and does her job above and beyond. She takes her time to get to know her patients to better accomedate there needs. I will forever be grateful for her services. She is a asset to this hospital. Thank for having such a Wonderful nurse here. Any hospital will be lucky to have her.

Kimberly Clark

My father in law got excellent care and the nurses were great. The nurses were helpful, happy and knowledgeable. My father in law had a heart attack and the staff took great care of him.

rakan mufleh

My wife deliverd there. Nice hospital and the staff are so freindly and understanding . Its a five stars experience for us. Thx Abrazo

Wes Chavez

Excellent care and staff !

Scott Stickel

Absolutely horrible dealing with admin staff. 11 MONTHS after a so called visit they decide to bill me for $2,500. I have emailed asking why, but they refuse to answer any email. If you try calling you will be dead before they answer. I would drive 50 miles just to avoid them, absolutely a joke, worst customer service I have ever seen. Be very careful using these people.

Angela Levings

I believe that this hospital is responsible for neglecting my mom in a very difficult time. She needed help with breathing, and my sister-in-law told the nurse. She waited to hours and asked the nurse again. The nurse stated she had other patients on the floor. My mom did not like this hospital to begin with. She was taken there because of an incident at her regular hospital. I am not saying all the staff members are horrible. I do feel that my mom was neglected.

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