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REVIEWS OF North Star Behavorial Hospital IN Alaska

Cassandra Lyons

my sons doctor was great. they were mor conservative with meds than his previous doctor though.

Angie Cochran

I heard they keep some of their patients and never release them no matter how hard the parents try so if you love your kids, I would consider somewhere else. Anything but North star.

Elizabeth Ross

Taking rights away from human beings is for prison, not a hospital. Maybe the for-profit model IS a big part of the problem.

Matt Pip

Great experience with our therapist , and floor staff. We were apart of the process.

Sam Lightle

Northstar is fantastic! My adolescent son had an Indian therapist (I forget the name my apologies) but he was very professional and genuine. I recommend very much.


how am i able to talk to someone i want to talk to? after finally receiving a message after days i been wondering where this person went , he said to call him and he is expecting a call sooner or later. like i called awhile ago and they said my name wasn’t on the list, i’m so upset like i don’t know what to do..

AidenJ Official

If I could have put 0 stars I would have. They lie to parents, my son was supposed to get a "mental clearance" because he stated at school he wanted to kill himself so the school wouldn't let him come back until they had something in writing saying he was fine. This evaluation turned into 1 year if "treatment" they wouldn't let me discharge him AMA, said that insurance wouldn't pay if we pulled him out. They threatened to press charges against us for neglect and abuse if we pulled him out, they also threatened to go after my professional license. They had us scared to death as 2 parents who are professionals and work very hard. All he needed was an evaluation thanks to the school freaking out about words that he didn't mean, it was child trying to get attention and boy did he get it!!! I got a child back that was exposed to things and words that would never happen in our home. This place needs to be shut down!!!! All they wanted to do was medicate him with about 6 different meds. When he cane home he's been off meds ever since and just fine. There are better resources out there. Unfortunately we didn't know any better. The school told us to take him to Providence psych ER for a 48 hour watch and they told us they were full and we had to go to Northstar for the evaluation and watch. Parents beware!!!


Nathan Brisbois


Wish I could give 0 stars. I would say that there were "horrible" services, but no services were provided to begin with. I wish I could report this facility for all that I witnessed during my stay, but unfortunately the time has passed for that. I will not be wasting my time with anyone affiliated with North Star again. Horrible people. We were put on a re-focus for weeks and all I was given to eat was cereal, with no milk, for breakfast, and little shreds of lettuce, with no salad dressing or anything else, that came with a spoon. How useful. Rights are violated daily. Physical, emotional, and mental abuse are a very real thing at every location. Staff are not qualified to be working their positions and don't care where you end up, as long as it's away from them. I was told I would be transferred after a week and ended up waiting nearly two months. I can recall countless instances of staff actually drinking from flasks behind the windowed desks and buying cigarettes from one another, all right in front of adolescents struggling with substance abuse. Not to mention, I sent in many formal complaints, just to watch the janitors empty the notes we made into the trash cans. The staff claims that they do room checks "quite often," but every time I walked into a different room where there wasn't a staff member, kids were crushing up their medications and snorting them through silk straws. Oh, and just a tip: locking kids with various mental disorders behind magnetic doors for days on end is not effective. This place worsened my depression significantly, regardless of how I tried to make the best of it. I was also in a neck brace for my whole stay, after being brought to the hospital just DAYS after a severe car wreck. Staff checked vitals sporadically and most of the time didn't even document them. What professional adults you have working for you, North Star. There were also many fire hazards. Since I'm talking about this, do I even have to mention the only dryer on the unit literally blowing up due to the staff's lack of noticing? Did the fire department come? Yes... 30 MINUTES LATER. How can you even consider this a behavioral health hospital? The staff are literally more unstable than any patient there. Moral of the story: if you care about your kid, do not send them here. Dramatically worsens everything. I'm going to get back to my successful life now. One that I have made apart from the experiences I shared at this pathetic facility. The only "thank you" I owe to this repulsive organization is for opening my eyes to never come back. Enjoy destroying futures! It's what you're best at. Delete this comment and you will be reported. Thank you.

Erin M

Caused me many problems as a teen. I still remember the I’ll treatment and would never recommend this place.

Kristopher Rexford Rexford

DO NOT SEND YOUR KIDS THERE. I'd give it a 0 star if I could.

Like-A Som-Bodee

Aliyha Rivera

It sucks reminds me of a little better prison

Sam Mcdonald

I have nightmares about this place often.. i still think about going back, but it was like prison. Perhaps all mental hospitals are like that, but i diddnt get help here.. i only learned how to hide my mental illness better..

Holly Green

Emily White


I was sent to the short term facility when i was 13 back in 2009. They immediately put me on medications for depression. One morning i went to take my meds and they gave me a pill i didnt recognize. I questioned the nurse and was told to take it. 1 hour later i felt like i was going to die. I passed out and was yelled at to get up and continue my school work. I can't believe they would treat a kid this this.

nba ski

place sucks no one cares about you there

Dustin Schafer

When i was there at the age of 4 years old it was really bad place they abuse clients experiments also they should be shut down

Kat Lauth

So, I was a missing person for a little bit. Just so everyone knows, I decided I was okay couch surfing and looking over my shoulder until I was 18. This place is awful. Self expression is treated as a privilege. Many of the rules are unfair and this program is not set up at all to teach "real life skills". Nothing about this place is anything like real life. If you love your child and you want whats best for them, take an hour out of you normally scheduled facebook time to go talk to them and work on your relationship. This place is not a daycare. Grow a pair and be the parent that you committed yourself to being. Being here was god awful. However I will say that some of the floor staff are great people who just got stuck in a bad position. I want to thank Chris A., Weilo, Ms. Mary, and especially Ms. Judy. Northstar... if your reading this, you need to give those four a raise. They do not get paid enough to do what they do.

Pallas ryan

They kept wanting to add more, and more, and more pills for every little thing. Although I learned some things, and some of the staff were nice. The food was pretty bad and we often found stuff in it. They would keep us inside and barely let us out. Most of us had low vitamin D and C. We're not allowed to see friends, we just work, eat , and chat.

kurt krohn

Andrei Caldejon

This is my review of North Star Behavioral Health, while being there three times. (Last time I went was about 3 years ago) I will try my best to not be as biased as possible. First of all, the staffs there a 50/50, most of them talk garbage, gossip about pass patients, have favoritsm (Which I really hate favoritism), and most don't really care about the patients inside the building who need help. While some staffs actually do care and put as much effort as possible. Second, the food. I mean the food is not bad, but it could be better. Finally, the experience. My experience there for the first time was a yay or nay. The second experience was pretty good. The third Experience was a 50/50 honestly. I don't really want to write my whole experience since it'll be too much writing and too much of a long review, so keep that in mind. In conclusion, North Star Behavioral health isn't really recommended because staff there, treat some people unequally and you are forced to take meds (which is pretty garbage if you ask me), and more which might make this review too long to read.


Thinking about sending your child here or to any other northstar facility? Don't. You can do better. This is more akin to a prison than a mental health center. Seek other options, most hospitals have better programs.

Kita Callister

You can go there and try to be good but trust me, they will not let you be good. You will stay in there longer then your supposed to and you will not come out the same. Someone needs to shut this place down

Kendra Chris

Was suppose to be there for only a month. But, was there for 2 and a half months. And, they send unneeded people out to a different treatment. Like, why!! I was suppose to be home after a month.

Heather Rasch

I feel like they keep the kids their waayy too long. Mine aren't there, but I know kids who are and have visited. A six to twelve month program? Is that really nesesary? Seems way too long to me for residential treatment for teenagers. It seems to me they're being robbed of their teenage years and time with their families. There seem to be some good therapists and caring staff there, yet can't they treat the kids in a shorter time period? Parents be cautious. Also, it's worth looking into what their profit motivations are and are they designing long treatment programs to boost their profits?

Lee Kline

Was an absolute nightmare and continues even after I have left there. The doctor playing as a shrink was like Jecyhl and Hyde! The have these rules to following yet they don't follow them but don't mention that because then you have holy hell to pay. Rules say no paperclips nor staples on the floor YET 95% of the handouts come with staples in them! It says no water bottles to be carried around YET the first night there the nurse checking me in and helping me get settled told me to keep it because ei was a diabetic and therefore I drink a lot of water. Thought that was very caring and thoughtful. Yet that was held against me for having that. Favoritism run rampant there. Returning patients get away with whatever they want. I filed a complaint and that was even a bigger joke. Literally everything I complained about if I didn't have proof was played off as I was the only breaking the rules. The ones I have proof on wasn't mentioned in their reply! So if you care for your veteran DO NOT SEND THEM THERE! Chris Kyle himself would be ashamed that his name is on that place! Veterans are truly not cared about at all! Glad I signed my life away to serve this country I love to only be treated like this when I ask for help from it!

Kay Triston

Do not! I mean do not take your children here. We had a family member (adopted) go there and their councler was GOD AWFUL! The councler is doing illegal activity and letting our family member who is adopted by us go out on public outings/stay the night at the bio family's house when the bio family abused our adopted family member and has been known to give her them drugs/alcohol. And then proceeded to not tell THE PARENT WHO HAS LEGAL RIGHTS TO THIS CHILD! THATS ILLEGAL. They don't help anything they cause more issues than what you start out with. They will tear your family apart. They are all about money and could careless about any child's interest. Your best bet is to go to a out of state treatment facility where there is better care and less drama.

John Robinson

had my sister sent here.... missed her but it helped her LOTS.. i almost got sent here too.... these people are really kind caring and will do anything to help....

Felecia S. Fields

I highly recommend you think twice about this place. I strongly believe that they are in it for the money only. My experience as a parent was full of regret. My daughter was exposed to more poisonous behaviors than healthy life experiences. The clinical therapist told me it would take to long to discharge her so she kept putting it off. Her name was Jamie. She was rude and very disrespectful. Please reconsider putting your child in that jail, because it literally was the worst choice I ever made as a concerned parent.

Chris Kunzler

They lie, admit patients without good cause, make communication difficult with children, treat them like criminals, have unprofessional therapists/doctors et al., make large decisions without getting sufficient information, nearly impossible to get information from any staff. As a for-profit institution it seemed that they are in it for the money and not for the best interest of the kids. Unless your kid's a serial killer, then this hellhole isn't appropriate. In summery, they are evil money grubbing jerks. addendum: half the parents that went there for visits appeared to be more of the problem than the kids. If they put their kid in there, they need to have their head examined. Anyone who make a career there must be a heartless snake to be able to tolerate the psychological abuses they inflict in the name of therapy.


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