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REVIEWS OF Alaska Regional Hospital IN Alaska

Wayne Christiansen

Very fast response to my entry and very professional service and advice. I have been to other emergency rooms over my life time but none compare to Alaska Regional’s speed and professional service. I would advise anyone that needs medical care to use their services!

Stanley Vang

Both doctor and nurse came in rude did not give there name. I do not care if your shift is almost over your job is your job pick a different life career if it doesn't suit you to stay pass your time.

Jonathan Skinner

A culture of kindness and caring was evident in every aspect of my visit.

Jeffery Wood

Everyone was very caring and concerned. I was truly impressed.

K Degler

Excellent Emergency Room crew. A+ rating Overall a positive experience. The second time I was woke up for meds went pretty good. I was not bothered at night again. Thanks!

MsBea Haven

Staff is friendly and efficient. I love coming here, everyone treats you with respect and always answers my questions.

Alice R

Some prefer compassion in Providence

Debbie Mumma

An emergency room is one place people don’t associate with wanting to spend much time at and I’m one of the those people. I will say though the time I did spend there was in the company of total professionals. From the doctor to the nurses to all the attendants that constantly checked on me, I felt I was in very good hands. Thank you Alaska Regional for having my back.

SV Wenger

I really could give 5 stars because everyone who helped me when I was in the ER was fantastic but after being there for many hours they still could not find out what was wrong with me so that was a bit frustrating but again nothing to do with the staff of course, that is just the medical field in general that has a problem. Everyone at ARH was kind, friendly, helpful, and funny which really helps when you are in the hospital. The staff at this hospital get a big thumbs up!

Stephanie O'Sullivan

I was in and out in 30ish minutes! Unheard of! I really appreciate the ability to see what the wait is going to be like online before I show up. Care was great, check in was quick and easy. Everything was clean and sanitary. I didn't feel like I was leaving with any diseases that I didn't come in with. I will hopefully never be back but if I have to, I'm heading straight here.

Ron Ringel Victoria Paulson

What impressed me most was the nurses asking me to prioritize what was most important to me and then actually striving to achieve just that. How else would they have known how much I covet being warm in their chilly rooms? What they couldn't achieve was a Dr. behind schedule, but that I could live with as long as his time with me was exemplary. It was.

Brad Brown

Staff were pleasant and professional

Sue Watkins

Actually a really great experience. I was very late for my heart cath procedure because of highway construction (I live 200+ miles away). I was still able to have my procedure.

Velonika Tolutau

My husband is currently in ICU, he's being treated for flu and pneumonia and the staff there is just wonderful, very caring and they always let you in on what's going on even without me asking! I love and appreciate every nurse who is tending to my husband's need! God bless you all and the work you guys do!

Susan Haman

From admissions in pre op, through surgery, to discharge from out pt surgery, everyone was professional and very kind. I had a great experience. Thank You!


I always receive the best of care at Ak Regional.


From the perspective of someone trying to visit someone in the hospital, awful. For how much they charge For procedures there should be people at the basic information desks. Yet for people who don't already know the hospital inside and out, rpm is the magic time when nobody will help you.

Mary Hogan

Prompt service and respectful, caring staff.

Quaker Oats

Props to the hospital staff, they are very caring people. Wait times is quit fast so no problems here.

Bill Barnes

The staff was attentive, compassionate and very professional.Excellent care.

Barb Somers

my experience in Anchorage Reginal Hospital was excellent . The nurses and Doctors were extremely professional and thourough . Recommend highly for any emergency visit.

Diana Canady

I have never had a horrible experience at the hospital. However I can't say that now when I was seen in the ER in October! Very disappointed/ in how the lady handle me when asking about my injury all the way to the billing! I will be contacting the head of the ER Dept for some unanswered question that I have.

Mary Sandy

I was not feeling good when I arrived for my appointment. Having driven from the Peninsula I had an issue with my left arm and hand from my carpal tunnel and nerve damage in my shoulder from crushed clavicle. I wasn't sure what was going on. Your staff was so caring and so nice to me they made me feel like they really cared about me. Even the lady who did my mamogram was just the nicest, most professional staff ever. Also it was the quickest and most painless mamagram I have ever had.

Sasha Ann

while getting seen a lot of people were just talking, some of the nurses were very passive aggressive & rude.

Randall D

I am concerned with your lack of commitment to privacy. Your policy on privacy and the display we witnesses were appalling. Coming in for day surgery, when we first entered the pre-op area, the first thing we see is a gentleman’s backside gleaming out through a crack in the curtain. We didn’t want to see it, but no one cared enough to close the curtain. Every one entering that area would have been exposed to the same view, for it was the first room as you entered. When my wife was in her hospital gown, the staff came in and started to prep her for the operation. A male nurse came in and left the curtain open at least two feet and then placed himself across the hall on a chair to have full view. As they picked up my wife’s legs to apply the operation leggings, he could see her bottom end. Your staff may see this sort of thing every day, but it does not make it right or professional to be so callused in your approach to privacy. The operation was not on her bottom end. He didn’t need that exposure. There is an emotional element here that should not be ignored. My respect for him falls at the same level of respect that I have for a pimp pushing young girls. The female staff could have closed the curtain, but they did not. When they did close the curtain, it was with a fleeting fling, which may or may not have provided privacy. The arrogant attitude of the male nurse causes me nightmares. This is the third night I have not been able to sleep. It is now 1:29 AM. It is so ironic that you have us sign a paper in relation to your pompous commitment to privacy when your staff doesn’t know the meaning of the word. You have my permission to post our medical records on the Internet, for words mean nothing, but please take serious your commitment to true privacy. The sanctity of one’s own body is sacred and personal. It should not be flaunted by those who thing they have some special control or an inalienable right to display or view another’s body as they will. If I am a porn addict, and I see it every day -- that does not give me the right to pull a nurses pants to her knees. I don’t know if there is a hospital that takes serious the elements of privacy, but I am going to look for one. I realize your staff has a job to do, and time if of the essence, but it would only take a conscious second to close the curtain properly to offer true privacy. When my wife’s legs were lifted, every passerby in the hall would have been able to see the same thing. When I realized what was occurring, I closed the curtain. The bed could be turned around so the feet point toward the wall. Steps could be taken to offer privacy if the nurses are too apathetic or lazy to close the curtain. If the nurses were naked on the table, I am sure they would want the curtain closed so they would not be exposed to everyone in the vicinity. Maybe like a stripper, they are so callused, they can’t even relate and privacy means nothing to them. I would ask that you increase your level of professionalism and start taking serious your commitment to privacy. I am willing to pay for the extra second it would take to close the curtain properly to offer privacy. Exposure of one’s personal body should be on an “as needed basis”, and not at the will of someone who thinks they have the right. A medical license does not give you the right to trample on the integrity of the person being treated. To me it is so ironic, that your anesthesiologist spoke so quiet as to not divulge any personal information, but true personal privacy was taken so lightly. The only way you will start taking serious this element of privacy is if there is a public outcry. I for one have raised my voice.

William Ennis

Alaska Regional is the preferred hospital for my insurance and I couldn't be happier! I and my wife have been provided health care for ailments critical and small, but it's always been excellent. I dealt with a very serious issue last week and every single person with whom I dealt was kind, supportive, and professional. Each person was seriously concerned with my care and my reaction to the care. I was always fully informed and was treated with respect and privacy. The nurses, physicians, and support staff were focused on me and my wife, making sure that we were receiving the care that we needed. I'm grateful that AK Regional is our hospital. Thanks to you all.

Shannon Richards

Took my husband to the ER around noon for abdominal pain. He was diagnosed with appendicitis by 2pm, admitted by 4pm, in surgery by 5pm, and home resting in our own bed by 930pm healthy and with minimal pain. Bravo and thanks to the many medical staff that took care of him. You guys are amazing!

Juan Cordero

Really bad service tonight in the emergency room. it seems like they just wanted to get rid of us they didn't test my daughter for flu or pneumonia my daughter has been coughing for the last 3 days and has difficulty breathing now that we came back from the emergency she is worse The nurse try to give her the medication by mouth we always tell them that she don't like taking oral medication but the nurse try to do it fast without asking for help and my daughter throw it out and the nurse said (oh well there is nothing we can do now) we have had good service before but tonight was the worst.

Lee Hodgkins

Unfortunately, I've had to use the emergency room here quite a few times for myself and for my daughter. A few were terrifying & potentially life threatening. Never once have I not been completely taken care of, my child too. For over 6 years since we have lived here consistently. PROV? Yeah, nope!

Nancy Hart

My son was well taken care! Everyone was very nice and helpful and patient!

Myron Yoder

I am from oklahoma and was in anchorage on business trip. Had an emergency health situation. Received top notch care! Hospital cares for veterans and does it extremely well! I wish to thank you all for the extremely best care I have ever received as a veteran. Please know that your staff was well appreciated!

Keri Wittwer

Where do I begin? Every single one of the staff members have been amazing and nice. I'm here for a lovely two night stay, with great views all around me of beautiful Alaska, for an appendectomy that occurred last night on an emergency basis. I was diagnosed and wheeled into the OR with two hours. I literally waited for nothing, CT, labs, IV......... nothing. They set the standard for hospitals everywhere in my book. And I've been to Las Vegas and California hospitals. Amazing. Thanks to Alaska Regional Hospital. Love, love, love this place.

G.C Mone

It's only hospital I will go to in town if I'm dying. Knowledgeable friendly Doctors, Nurses and Staff.

Todd Running

Very friendly staff and efficient process. Pressure to pay before the procedure was a bit much even with a 10% discount. No idea what I would be paying for with no itemized invoice. Hopefully this will change in the future.

Hope Young

Strange to have been sent this when I was not even there. Now I am concerned with my privacy.

Jean Prior

Far from home on vacation. Staff was excellent, efficient service that saved our trip. Kudos to Dr. Baurick.

Di Chord

I had a good experience during my extended stay at the hospital. I was well treated by all the staff -- from meal preparation to all the medical staff who cared for all my needs. Thanks to all.

Koala Bear

Awesome staff. Iv been to the ER, given birth, and brought in a sick infant. They were nothing but wonderful. ❤️

Cordell Lucia

Incredible team at Alaska Regional.

Zjok Durst

I would not use the emergency room. The wait times are short for a reason. The billing is very confusing as you will get multiple bills from "contractors" they employ instead of having their own staff. The whole thing is very sketchy.

Sumariam Low

It is hit and miss as far as quality of staff at the regional. The daytime staff was excellent never had any issues and they were very helpful with information and whatever else I needed. The nighttime staff on the other hand was a different story. One of the nurses didn’t know how to use the equipment. And when I needed assistance to go to the bathroom after my surgery no one would come. I had to unhook myself from the equipment and try to get myself to the bathroom or have an accident in my bed or on the floor trying to get to the bathroom. It was a good thing I have some medical training of my own and New how to improvise and help myself. They put me on this machine to help massage my legs and half of the time they would turn it on and half of the time they wouldn’t. It was supposed to help circulation so that I wouldn’t developed blood clots after my surgery. I don’t think that it really helps to have it on if no one is going to turn it on for you. And when you have to help yourself to the bathroom it’s one more thing you have to try to on to the bathroom it’s one more thing to have to unhook yourself from.

YuYu Chang

I went to this Alaska Reginoal Hospital on 2/20.18 askin for treatment due to my neck and waist are very painful that day. and my two hands are almost feelingless. I went to te emergency room and asked those people near the window. i asked those people how much shall i been charged? she said she doesnt know.because i am so painful, so, i just entered. but they only asked me some questiones, then they help me to measure the blood pressure, and weight , also they asked me to change the clothes and let me wait. There is one person who is not a Medical Doctor told me i can go back home. I saied my neck is so painful , I need one doctor to give me some treatment, He said no need to see the doctor, and he asked me to go back to take more rest, massage, and use the ice to cover it is okey. If after three days passed, still so painful, then i will need to come back to see doctor. that man said. the man said no need to check by x-ray, though i asked. i am worried , and confused that this hospiotal have not any treatment to me only asked me questions only. then i asked if they can give me prescription? The man asked me to go to any supermarket to buy some pain release medicine is okey. this kind of treatment is not what i need. Its because i feel so painful, so i go to hospital, i want to do the whole body checking. and i want to ask if i need to do some operation? Now today they just charged me usd 617.19. i feel i am cheated. That day when i want to leave the hospital, i ever asked that person in the front desk, why no bill? THey said they will send to my house. Then i waited for quite long time until 3/5/18, i only get one form asking me to fill if i have any medical care something. i feel it is a cheating behavior , i never know how much is the bill , then why i should need to fill the form? The whole case i didnt see the medical doctor, at all, and they didnt give me any prescription though i told them i needed it so much, but they all rejected to me I come to this hospital is for a complete X-Ray checking and treatment for my neck , but actually they didnt do anything for it, it is all out of my expectation.the man didnt care for my sickness and my pain at all. they just asked me to go back, and waiting for the bill, Is it a good attitude to a painful patient like me? also the message the pospital give me is all wrong information. So. I am here writing this complain letter to ask my money of usd617.19 to be returned back. Pls investigate for the whole case and all what i said is all truth. I am very painful. I need them to help me do the bottom inspection.I need to have some X-RAYS takn.and Nuclear Magnetic resonance.But no one wants to help me.

Sue Fredrick

Had to get CT scan records in a hurry from a recent visit to AK. My husband had fallen while visiting in Anchorage and Regional had taken a scan. When back home other medical conditions arose that needed results of that CT- but we were back in New Mexico ! Leave it to Natalie in medical records. They sent copies of records stat. Thanks so much. You have heart and we appreciate it!!

Heather Nelson

Kind staff that communicated with one another over shifts; helped my people feel at ease and understand the process; and relay information from my doctor with clarity.

James Bonham

I didn't like the window tech and security it's supposed to be private

faith davis

Professional, compassionate caregivers make each individual patient feel as though he really matters, as it should be. At ARH, you aren't just a number. Having been a patient at both of the major Anchorage hospitals throughout the many years, I speak from the heart. ARH is my hospital of choice!

mary gunderson

Dr. Stephen’s was an excellent surgeon. My post op recovery went very smoothly thanks to his skill and the amazing staff at Regional. The friendly, helpful staff in admissions, the incredible ER doctors, fourth floor nursing staff, support staff(pulmonary function etc) and food services all contributed to my having an excellent stay at Alaska Regional. I have been singing your praises to all my friends. Thank you so much for taking such good care of me. Mary from Talkeetna


Great service as always

Becky Fowler

We had to make an Emergency Room visit over the weekend (last Saturday). We were in and out in an hour! The wait to get in was only about 5 minutes, and the staff were extremely attentive and friendly.

Renee Goentzel

I went in for an MRI. It was pretty quick and the staff were very professional and thoughtful. I had an appendectomy there last time. Great doctors and staff, but I waited almost an entire day to leave because my doctor was in surgery so he couldn't clear me to leave.


Worked there for 12 years as a employee of the company and 3 years prior as contract. Alaska Regional and its staff will always have a place in my heart. Being Security Supervisor there as long as I was, I truly could see how the company operated and how well nursing staff treated their patient's. I believed it was the best hospital in town at the time I was there. Due to its smaller size and friendly staff it had a family like atmosphere that people who came there could sense which put them at ease. I haven't been there in over a year now so I cannot say how it is now. But then it was the best...due to its staff and the depts director's. The majority were truly good people who worked hard for the patient's and were loyal to the company.

Camy Marroquin

I’ve recently had a couple of procedures at ARH, and had great experiences. The team members I have encountered as a patient have been very kind and thoughtful. One in particular, David T (MRI), provided exceptional support and demonstrated extreme patience with me. Thank you.

Michael Bradley

The care was outstanding. The staff at the Ortho ward were great - couldn't have been better.

Witness 93

I love their Mother-baby Unit! The bed was big and comfortable. I got to share it with my husband. The nurses were awesome and took great care of me and baby.

Michelle Morris

the front office lady who assisted me Shirl or Cheryl was so incredibly kind, informative and made sure I was comfortable.

Bret Bartrom

Attentive, compassionate, caring and courteous. Addressed each individual problem with an exact plan that found each issue. Excellent female Dr. And all nurses.

Ruby Green

It's a good hospital with a catering staff.

Bonnie Moeller

I had to wait almost an hour just for a blood draw. The longest I have ever waited at Providence was 10 minutes, so it was disappointing to have to sit in a waiting room for so long, just for a quick blood draw.

Kim-Sandy Kline

Day surgery for breast cancer completed at Alaska Regional. Everyone was polite, professional with a bit of disorganization but.... my pre op nurses, Kelly and Craig were incredible - interactive, communicating each step, answering question, good humor, professional. My anesthesiologist, Dr. Light was incredible - listened, explained, individualized his attentions, professional and excellent bedside manner. Post op nurse, Mallory - woke up fearful do to surgery and anesthesia and she was 100% there. She explained what was going on, (repeatedly without frustration), asked about my emotional needs and physical, fed me ice chips, a true professional, kind and caring. I was then released to my discharge nurse (same nurse as pre op), Kelly, and again she was professional, kind, considerate and extremely capable. These folks made a very scary surgery less scary. I need to add here that my breast surgeon, Dr. Sandford, is a gem of a doctor. She is professional coupled with an amazing kindness, explaining her treatment, excellent bedside manner, calm, answers questions, sincere, caring and knows her field. Her and her office staff make this very frightening experience feel manageable. Thank you to them all, at Alaska Regional and at Dr. Sandford’s office.

Jarad Carter

It's a clean hospital and seems less busy than the other one. You don't have much choice when it comes to hospitals, but our experience here was better than what we experienced at the other hospital.

Anne Mulligan

Thank you to the members of the KKK who currently work for Regional Hospital in the ER....... Because of your wonderful KKK members I will soon be the new owner of Regional Hospital.... its very illegal to kick out a injured patient that required medical treatment......Have a nice day!

Monique Thorn

They will murder you for your organs. My dad (Patrick Michael Peterson) was making full sentences, the day before his death at Alaska Regional Hospital in Anchorage, Saturday 9/23/17 before I had to leave for the evening telling the nurses to "go away" and "leave me alone". His nurse told me I did not have to worry about my dad passing away, because he had too much life still left in him after my dad hit and kicked a nurse right before I left. I do believe that the staff was intimidated by my dad's 320 pound size, so that is even more of a motive to kill him to sell his organs. Whatever they were doing to my dad was terrifying him and they would talk about how he was going to die right in front of him with totally disregarding the way he felt. My dad kept reaching his hand out to me to try and get me to help him and I feel terrible that he was to big for me to move. My dad recited the whole alphabet first and the counted up to 30 reciting the next letter or number after his grandson on 9/16/17 before becoming too tierd to go on with my 10 year old son, Keehnen Patrick Emerick, only messing up on a couple letters of the alphabet. The day that I met Dr. Emily Church (the executioner) on the 6th floor of Alaska Regional Hospital she told me with a very sick and twisted look on her face,"Starving to death is not bad." I have paperwork that my dad signed saying that he wants to be kept alive and that he did not want medicine to cloud his judgment that my dad specifically wrote in the advance directives in handwriting. They totally disrespected his wishes and kept giving him heroin to not have to deal with him. Once I found out they took my father of of iv fluid, I demanded that they release my father to me. Right after I left for the night after demanding the release of my father after my newly imposed curfew on my dad's room at 9 pm I believe they killed him, possibly overdosing him. My son's father was getting very upset that they kept shooting my dad up with morphine and sleeping medicine "To keep him unagitated" in order for my very large 320 lb Norwegian father to not struggle with them and try to escape. My dad told me Trent in Progressive Care Unit did something bad to him and that he was mean, so I had to put a block on Trent entering my father"s room in PCU. My dad told me he was going to tell me what Trent did to him once we were alone, but the sitters would never give us alone time. A sitter let Trent in after I put in my dad's chart that Trent was prohibited from coming in the room to help change my dad's depends and when I left the staff told me that he was yelling my name and trying to leave the hospital freaking out over seeing Trent. They discouraged me from even talking to my dad or waking him up incase he would try to run away when I really wanted to let him know I was there and tell him that I love him. I noticed marks on the top of my dad's head plus tons of bruising on my dad's arms and legs. The autopsy investigator asked me why there was a bunch of scratches on his legs, which was from the nurses abusing him. I am waiting for the toxicology report to come back, because I think they overdosed my dad on morphine, tranquilizer, and sleeping medicine on purpose. I believe the staff was using excessive force on my Dad. I told Trent I though he was holding my Dad's arms too hard squeezing bruised skin when I saw Trent was looking at my Dad in a very cold and harsh manner that is still leaving me very disturbed and I will probably never forget that look on Trent's face. The hospital refused to let me try to feed my dad applesauce, even if I bought it in from the store and give him water. I told them that my Dad was better off with me than in the hospital where they were killing him. The staff told me that they were about to permanently kick me out of the hospital, so I could not be with my Dad if I kept saying they were killing my father. If you are an organ donor, I recommend taking yourself off the list or else they are going to murder you to sell your organs.

Maria Rollins

My anesthesiologist and nurses were phenomenal. The care I received was second to none and genuine.

marvin brown

Well, after driving around parking lot, the hospital looked to be pretty busy. After giving the rain a minute to let up I went in and up to my appointment and after signing in, I took a seat to fill out the information form and I couldn't complete my first name before they were calling my name. I was shocked none the least. Anyways, the nurses and technicians were courteous and very attentive. After having to do two procedures, they got me in and out rather quickly, less than two hours. Thanks ARH, Marvin

Jim Foss

My son was born there, and I been in for two surgerys ... great place if you have to go to a medical facility.

Diane Wessing

Always noticed ER wait times posted at entrance to complex. Checked myself in for a persistent cough that has hung on far too long. From admission to discharge, the team was thorough and professional: from Technician Allen Dr. LaVoy, all the nurses and technicians (including x-ray) to ER Traveling Nurse Caleb who escorted me to the exit. Thank you for getting me breathing better.

Sharon Menzo

Once I arrived to leaving, it all was very professional & timely. I really do appreciate the customer care & attention everyone delivered. Thank you for the timely fashion it took, that was wonderful.

Airis Messick

I went to the ER today and everything was super fast! This hospital is super clean, friendly, and organized. I was in and out in less than 2 hours. I came in super sick and everyone was friendly and courteous! When I had to get an xray the young lady stopped and got me a toasty blanket, my nurse was my favourite! I wish I could remember her name but she was a breathe of fresh air and kept it real with me. We need more nurses like that. I even loved the note they put in my discharge papers. I'm so not use to being treated this way with medical professionals and it was just amazing to be treated like an equal. I strongly recommend them!!

Susan Gaudin

Very caring staff.

Cyn Premo

I recently had joint replacement surgery at AK Regional Hospital, and received excellent care from nursing staff Janie, Hyona, Zack, and Silas, as well as therapy staff Cameron and Kathy. I also enjoyed Marcus from the kitchen, and a lovely woman from housekeeping whose name Hanoon (?) I know I am massacring, but I assume she is frequently on the 7th floor. I can’t say it was a pleasure to be in the hospital, but it WAS a pleasure to have care from professionals who not only know their stuff, but are compassionate and possessed of great humor. After many years in the medical profession, I know that laughter can play a large part in healing. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for these people. To AK Regional administrators, your staff is doing you proud. Cyn Premo

Marissa Johnson

Friendly people who truly care!

Zkk Pt

Friendly staff knowledgeable and trustworthy as well and I don't even go there ill never take my wife to providence again

roi cotter

Very prompt and friendly staff.

Brook Predeger

Usually my experience at Alaska Regional is excellent. The reason it was less than par this last time(s) was due to the excessively long wait time for a basic blood draw at the outpatient lab. Had to wait almost 90 min then left and came back another day, then had to wait another 75 min (with hardly anyone in the waiting room). I was later told this was because there is only one outpatient lab or tech post earthquake. I understand this, but am sure I’m not the only one complaining and considering paying for labs out of pocket somewhere else so I don’t have to go through that again... Please add another lab or tech or both, the demand is obviously there. Thank you.

Jarrod Palmer

The staff was super friendly, got me right in took care of my foot, and made sure that i was taken care of and not in pain,

Merri Rowe

I had a good experience, the nurses gave excellent care.

Brian Chronister

They advertise a quick evaluation and they don’t make you wait you in the lobby. I found the experience to be surprisingly excellent! I intend to start using this hospital more often

Hope Umphrey

I would give this negative stars if it was an option. I came in by ambulance for a broken leg, I saw the doctor for maybe 2 minutes from the time arrived until I was discharged. The nurse was very helpful. The “doctor” assured me that I was fine and that the xrays showed a minor fracture and I would be walking in 4 days but to call an orthopedic doctor to follow up. I was in agony!! They discharged me at midnight with 2 prescriptions and no way to fill them!! I called an orthopedic doctor that my kids has seen got an appointment for Tuesday and was scheduled for surgery on Wednesday!!! The “minor” fracture needed a plate and 10 screws to fix!! Needless to say I was NOT walking in 4 days. The ER doctors and radiologists SUCK at Ak Regional!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR HEALTH ON THEM!!!

Cameron C

I had a baby here in June and the people at Regional were phenomenal. Nurse Elizabeth during my C Section and Nurse Shelly in the labor and delivery department were God sends. I cannot give them enough praise. The accommodations were wonderful. They had a kind size bed so my husband could stay and bond with the baby and help. I highly recommend Reguonal as the hospital for births.

Robert Bagian

My problem began shortly after arriving in Anchorage from Pennsylvania. I was admitted through the Emergency Dept. Care was excellent from beginning to end. All staff members were courteous and helpful. Medical care (I am a physician) was top-drawer. Couldn't have asked for better. It's no fun having a medical emergency several thousand miles from home, but despite my complex medical history, everything went very well.

Johnna Tipton

I was extremely pleased with the quality of care I received during my recent trip to the emergency room at Alaska Regional Hospital. From the moment I stepped through the door, I was treated kindly and with respect, and was given thorough and quality care by the entire staff. I was also impressed with the follow-up that was done. Thank you to all involved.

Gerritt Waterlander

Immediately was processed into ER, had an immediate consultation with the ER Doctor, diagnosis was fast after a CT scan, Doctor and Nurse were very polite and thorough. Thank you.

Leslie Jennings

xray tech was great..first nurse was great all the way til Dr. Dow. Her bed side manner was the pits. And her tech that wrapped my foot. NO communication. I had to ask what was wrong with my foot. You had to be there. Would be unbelievable if other things weren't afoot in this world. smh.

Marilin Bretey

The staff was polite, friendly and very efficient. I was in and out of there in short order. AND I didn't have to wear those awful stickers this time! Yeaaa! :)

Jon Cornwell

Very poor experience!


The two people manning the front desk at Radiology went above and beyond. The gentleman there wasn't able to reach my doctor for the paperwork for a thyroid cancer related blood test, so he went to the doctor's office in search of my paperwork (located on another floor). They are always helpful at the front desk in Radiology. The phlebotomist was pleasant and professional.


All steps from registration to final release after surgery went smoothly, timely, and with full attention to my care. Thank you!

Brian Kemp

Great people taking very good care

Isiah Dobkowski

great people they really take car of you

richard jenkins

I owe my life and a second chance at living to The ER staff, nurses, doctors, and everyone involved who helped me when I arrived Friday morning around 1:30 am. They did everything possible for me. Yet my heart stopped beating and for a brief moment I was dead. They restarted my heart and took me directly into surgery placed 3 stents in my collapsed arteries and I was all fixed up 2 hours later. I stayed 4 days and was treated me like royalty. And I am just a lowly peasant. My thanks to all the superheroine nurses in the CVSU. 5 stars is not nearly enough. I rate them all infinity stars. Thanks again, my sincere gratitude. FYI I have not smoked a single cigarette since being discharged and sent home. I could go on and on. Hugs and kisses and god bless you all. Rich Jenkins

Tyler Greeson

Dr. Luke Liu in building D suite 240 is THE BEST pain management specialist in the state, if not the country. For three years, he has treated my pain from a severe car accident. He uses several techniques including physical therapy, injections and, if need be, pain medication.

Camille Edwards

I flew to Alaska a couple days ago to visit my brother whom I hadn't seen in 20 years but talk to on the phone quite a bit. Anyway, I took a taxi out to his house and found him in the bathroom on the floor almost dead, he had hit his head on the bathtub and caused a brain bleed. Anyway, the nurses and doctors are so wonderful each an Angel! The nurses are Alli, David and Megan and the doctors Dr, Cohen, I can't remember the others but each one is so special in CCU! I have watched my brother improve so much and they all are so kind and special! I will never ever forget and I want to Thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for taking care of us!

Pam Doerr


Lisa Tobin

My experience with AK Regional for my colonoscopy on 4/23/19 was very pleasant. I was treated with care and respect from start to finish and everyone went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable.

stephanie speer

Had a nuclear stress test. Everyone was so professional and friendly. Love the nuc med tech. I wish I could remember his name. Very pleasant and explained everything being done! I highly recommend this hospital.

Marilyn Standridge

Every person I encountered on 4/3/19 was professional, caring and friendly. It certainly made my visit more comfortable. I left there with a very good feeling about my treatment.

Clayton Roark

Oct 4th 2019. This is the second time i have brought some one to this hospital. 1st time they turned us away so i took her to Providence were they found she had a concussion this time the ladys at the front made me feel like it was a inconvenience to answer questions.. i thing i interrupted her reading.

Colleen Bayas

The place was quiet and room was spacious at the mother/baby unit. Staff was great.

Frederick Rostorfer

The healthcare was amazing


From the Nurses to the Doctor, they were very compassionate and caring and treated me well. The best ER care I've ever had. Thank you. It means a lot when you are not feeling your best. The only thing I didn't really appreciate was the check-in window tech. It is very important how you receive sick people, she didn't know how to properly receive sick people, showed little compassion, care or concern.


The staff is fantastic but taking care of my needs and explain to me everything that was going on it's really enjoyable and relaxing experience considering I wasn't feeling great

Aimee Hart

Terrific staff from pre-op through recovery. Clean and comfortable. No reservations should we ever need to be hospitalized again.

Toni Romero

Very professional and polite staff

Chakaphan P.

Alaska Regional hospital is a great hospital. The facility is nice and very clean with great and up to date technology. Staffs (front desk, registered nurse, lab technicians, and doctor) provided exceptional and professional service. They are all very nice, knowledgeable, and very helpful. I don’t really want to come here again but if I have to, I will come here again.

Greg Mears

Date: May 3rd, 2018 Patient Name: Gregory A Mears DOB 09-01-1960 Check-in/Check-out time: 11:00am/5:30pm Regarding a very, very disappointing visit. A VERY DISAPPOINTING VISIT! I am really a person who does not like to complain and who understands how schedules and procedures can change due to unforeseen circumstances but this lack of communication in one setting needs to be addressed. First off, Registration was done @ 11:00(scheduled and arrived on time) and a bit awkward due to simple English phrases/words. The Registration agent could use a little be more help with the English language in stating the word “Op” and not using the word “APP”. Twice I had to ask help in understanding of what she was saying, I was able to finely understand her only because the word “App” was associated with her phrase, “Pre-App”, instead of “Pre-Op” Secondly, “Pre-Op”. The initial admittance was taken without fail but what happened after was a complete communication breakdown. Admittance information was taken down and logged by 11:40am but no further action or attention was provided for up to 1.5 hrs. after, @ approx. 1:10pm. Not one visit from any Hospital Staff Member, RN or Doctor was given. At approximate 1:10pm I called the Nurses Station to bring this to their attention and within a few min. a RN came to the room asking questions regarding my check in and at that time stating the initial RN had gone home for the day and that the Doctor was still on his first Procedure also stated she had seem me in the room but thought I had been a sleep and did not want to awake me. She also stated that she had seen my Doctor in the Nurses Station Area and thought he would have stopped in and provided “Orders” to get my Procedure started, which he did not do due because of the previous procedure he was still attending to. She also stated my “Procedure” was not scheduled until 1:00pm and from the time estimated of start it did not start till approximately 3:00pm. My wife had shown back up to the hospital at approx. 1:50pm and inquiring at the front desk, giving my name clearly the information agent looked at her schedule and repeating the name of “Frank Mears”, which she (Agent) stated she didn’t know how she came up with that name, and was told I had 1/2hr. left of my surgery. My wife accepted this information and waited that half hour, she then used the restroom within that half and check the surgery board only to realize and asking another hospital staff member that I had not been in surgery at all but was still in “Pre Op”. When asked the name of Check In Agent that provided such wrong information she was not there because she had gone home for the day as well. Now I ask, how much more could go wrong, really???? This all really started when my Doctor did not have the courtesy to inform anybody on how delayed he was due to the procedure before. I checked in @ 11:00am (on time) and did not get out of the hospital until 5:30pm from a procedure that was supposed to take 1.5hrs. starting @ 1:00pm. A TOTAL BREAK DOWN OF COMMUNICATION!! Gregory A Mears

Adrienne Miller

Highly recommend this hospital. Wonderful staff! All of the staff were very attentive, caring and helpful during a family member’s recent stay from a surgery. Special shout out to Brendon & Wendy from nursing, and Barbara from dietary who never failed to have me laughing with her sense of humor!

Dryven Libs Krazi

Top notch care. Professional, attentive, responsive, caring, friendly, plus lots of other positive adjectives. Very thorough procedures to diagnose and treat the medical issue. The Dietary department even visited my room to take my orders for meals. I was amazed. Hospital of choice for me. If asked, I would recommend it.

Shay Kluth

The doctors here are not very knowledgeable and they don't read your chart before they come into your room because he tried to give me three things I was allergic to if you're dying go to Providence

Jeff Lee

Excellent staff took care of my needs during my endoscopy,and after care with a nice hot coffee milk and sugar to go.

John Parker

I was extremely pleased with the staff and attending physicians during my Utereroscopy surgery. All the staff I dealt with were true professional and certainly came across as concerned over my care. I have noting but praise for the facility and the level of care. I most assuredly would recommend this hospital to anyone who needs such care.

Michelle swam

I recently delivered my first baby at Alaska Regional and couldn’t be more happier with all the staff in L&D and the recovery and baby unit. Nurses were very attentive and helpful with everything as well as lactation consultants. I went in for an induction everything was explained to me and all my questions answered. Thank you to Dr Fenton, Dr Gifford, Nurse Mary Etta, nurse carol, Stephanie, Miranda, Amanda, Ericka, Stephanie,Kayla, and anesthesiologist. All nurses were encouraging, personable, caring and extremely helpful, I can’t express my gratitude. I received an epidural everything was explained to me and it was a positive experience. I can’t remember my night nurse’s name during my induction but she was great as well, everyone was very attentive and I had a positive experience during my first delivery.Thank you everyone!

Thomas Hildreth

Never had an update, even when procedure was done and to give any updates and it took nearly 2 hours after the procedure that we had any word on his condition. Unlike before, we had frequent updates.

Heather Hebdon

They make you feel welcome and like you are their only concern!


I made a midnight emergency room for what turned out to be bilateral kidney stones. I was pleased with the professional medical services I received. Unfortunately, when I checked in, I specifically asked if AK Regional was "in-network," with Blue Cross Blue Shield - Federal Employees because if it wasn't, I would go to Providence. The response was yes - it was in-network. I have now received my bill and it turns out that AK Regional is not a "preferred provider," and is instead a "participating provider." When I called customer service to discuss this, I was told that "technically, we are in-network because we have a contract with Blue Cross." The result is that the associated co-pay at AK Regional is 35% of the plan allowance as opposed to 15% at Providence, making my bill more than double at AK Regional (approximately $1,000 more) than it would have been at Providence. Obviously, this is an expensive lesson learned on my part. I am writing this in the hope that others don't find themselves in the same situation. If you are insured by Blue Cross, please specifically ask if your plan is a preferred or participating plan and what this means as far as your co-payment to AK Regional. You may then want to go to Providence; I know I will.

MissKelly 30

I was brought to the ER by ambulance and upon arrival until release, the staff from the Registrar, RN, Doctor, and Lab Techs all provided superb customer service. I am beyond thankful and grateful for my experience with this hospital. My passenger did not have any trauma or physical bodily injuries, and she was also treated well. Before choosing this hospital over Providence, my friend was told the wait time for non emergencies was only six minutes.

leslie haskins

I went there four months ago to get med's refilled. First time there and I felt like I was family. They are very pleasant and professional that tee. If I needed to I would definitely go back to them any time. Thank you Alaska regional hospital. Leslie Haskins.

John Mohlman

I came here under protest one night. I wanted to go to Providence. I'm glad I came here instead. I'll never go back to Providence again. Nice staff. Knowledgeable and friendly.

Carol R Harmon Bowling-Young

Your nursing staff is the best I've been around or ever seen. You took exceptional care of my younger sister Kariena in her final months. Although this was a couple of years ago, I still think about that time often & am thankful we had you all caring for her. You made her end and our very large families end time with her more bearable than I could have ever imagined. Thank you to your excellent nursing staff & caregivers!

Amanda Love

I had my son there and it was such a fantastic experience! I was absolutely blown away by what wonderful staff they have. Everyone from admitting all the way up to the Nurses were incredible. They treated us so very well. I would have another baby here in a heartbeat! Dr. Logan was so fantastic to come in on her day off and give my son a circumcision because we had to fly back to Cordova. The fact that they don't have a 5-Star review blows my mind!!

lala wu

Outpatient lab , pre surgery, post op all the nurses where awesome ! Dr Todd is so amazing plus his staff truly caring and amazing ppl ,! I was out on the 7th floor Dr Swanson took Good car of as well as all the nurses on the floor Wendy ,Brooke , Marissa Wonderful ladies !

Chuck Farmer

I arrived at the ER and was assessed by the intake medic and was admitted into the ER within a few minutes. I was seated in a very comfortable chair/bed and vitals were taken. Then Lee did the admission necessities and insurance information. Soon after, Dr. Levoy administered to me and ordered an X-Ray. The nurse (forgive my forgetfulness by not remembering her name) then let me know what was happening. Another medic shows up and wheels me to get the X-Ray, which took only a few minutes and I was back in the ER. Dr. Levoy came back to let me know her diagnosis and cleared me to leave. The same medic who initially assessed me fitted a brace to my wrist. Finally the nurse came back to go over the medicine usage and instructions on exercising my wrist, then let me leave. All of this happened within a time span of 75 minutes. This is the best ER I've ever visited -- out of many. Please thank the staff for very professional and friendly treatment.

Donna Millwood

Friendly and efficient. In and out in 20 min for chest X-ray

Steven Lanners

I brought a relative for an appointment in building D. It was extremely difficult to find the dr office needed. There are almost No signs directing us where and how to get there. Even asking workers, they were confused directing us. I won’t be back unless it is life threatening and then I will take a taxi to providence!

Rae B. Kozlowski

Scary reason for coming to ER. Was treated very well and had excellent care. Ended up staying the night. Even had the night nurse stop and visit with me when she saw I was awake in the wee hours. I love Ak Regional!

Jean Krupa

The surgical team were professional and friendly. They showed how proficient a team can be. I definately felt like I was their high priority while under their care in pre-surgery, surgery, and post-surgery. The team who started with me Thursday morning made sure they worked with me again on Tuesday when I actually had the surgery.

Svetlana Arndt

Fastest and most pleasant check-in. Every step was prompted, all personnel very caring and sincere. I had two visits within one month and very impressed. Glad my medical insurance has Alaska Regional Hospital in network. Thank you for great staff, expertise and strong management of this hospital.

Kjerstin Lastufka

It's not the largest hospital in town, but I appreciate the more cohesive, friendly atmosphere. As an employee, I may have a biased opinion, but I get to experience first-hand how my colleagues truly care about the community that we serve.


05 / 08 / 18. Worst night in the psych area. Highly recommend Providence psych ED instead. I felt worthless. Amazingly enough I felt that way prior to arriving.Also, you guys may consider different sizes of paper scrubs. People come in different sizes. The feelings I experienced were extremely negative. Generally those types of feelings are what bring people into an ED for that reason. I have chronic pain which is worsening & brought in my own medications as I knew the ED probably would not provide anything for pain. I've heard that ED's actively dislike people with pain.They took my meds to the pharmacy & refused to give me my evening prescription. Apparently they were very busy & psych pts are the lowest of the low.I had an interview with a telemedicine medical provider. At that point I realized that in order to leave such a situation I needed to provide the answers the telemedicine person needed to hear. I had no one to come pick me up that late so needed to take a midnight bus home. No one walked me out or even noticed when i left. It might seem nice if a security officer could escort a woman to the bus stop which is in a dark, quiet area of the campus. I had noticed other pts being escorted to the ED exit by ED staff.Again, I felt completely worthless. Would NOT recommend for psych issues. Just a suggestion, the mind is as important as the body. Edit: Should mention one person who was kind, a CNA "sitter" who came on at 2100 whose name may have been "Brianna"? Not sure of name but she is a credit to you. She helped in some relatively small comfort ways but those were appreciated. Also thank you to whomever responded to this, these may not all be objective facts but are what I felt.

Bear Kelsey

Great doctor, Great nurses and great care !!!!!

Steven Hall

Awesome nurses and great care in CCICU! Special shout out to Molly, Vanessa, Tonika and Ashley. Steve


The staff was very courteous and kind to me. I had no complaints about pre or post op staff. Everyone was very attentive to my needs.

Bully Billy

I have had the worst most traumatic experiences of my life have been thru the doctors at this hospital, what they are all about is negligent medical grey areas. I have a new doctor in a new city and they are finally treating me like a human, had to leave alaska becuase of being traumatized by these doctors. I have had to advocate hard to my new doctors and my new doctors completely understand my stories of alaska reginona hospitall; the people at regional hospital are very terrible negligent-profiling doctors that care only about money and nothing else. This is one of the worst places to see a doctor they will ignore you over and over to the point of a malapractice lawsuit..Contact me anytime for more detailed information. This is the worst health care in the country. My new doctors know this and are completely in shock the way they treated me,,it has caused me severe PTSD.....Do not go to this hospital or any other hospitals in Alaska....

Maria Linares

The wait time was extremely fast for the ER. That was the one positive, another being the size of the rooms (very nice and spacious). However, once they saw me all they did for me was take my blood pressure and listen to my heart and stomach. The nurses seemed extremely tired and it showed in their level of care. The doctor gave me a referral, prescribed me some drugs and appeared eager to move on to the next patient. I wanted to add this to my review: I was given a prescription for Omeprazole. This drug is a proton pump inhibitor. Even though the ER doctor performed no tests on me to pinpoint the cause of my pain I was given this prescription and told to take it or not to take it, and if I had an ulcer it would treat it. Of course, I asked "if I don't have an ulcer won't there be negative side effects?" He responded no. After picking up the prescription and reading the medication guide, that clearly isn't true. The guide states: Do not use Omeprazole for a condition for which it was not prescribed. It also lists all the possible side effects. My main concern is taking a drug with negative possible side effects for a condition I may or may not have. Very aggravated with the care I received. I would not use the ER services again.

Alexis Rollo

I was seen right away at the ER for a kidney stone. Very friendly and caring staff. Would highly recommend!

Anissa Boston

When I was younger I heard bad things about the hospital. But as an adult I prefer to over Providence..No matter what I have come there for the staff are nice they have bedside manners..

lee Longoria

I had a good experience here. Everyone that I ran into at the hospital was so nice.

Kay Elliott

All of the staff, nurses, and doctors were very helpful and concerned for my welfare. I got excellent care and I highly recommend Regional Hospital.

Allen Richter

Great hospital and staff, recommend it for all you're near death experience's. Yeah, yeah I got it, I need to stop smoking! Scheese!!

Elizabeth Graber

Shoulder replacement surgery is no fun, but I am so grateful to every single caregiver I encountered during my stay at ARH. Although I encountered a couple of bumps in the road such as a longer than usual stay in recovery because of a room-posting glitch, and a bit of an ordeal when my nerve block malfunctioned that first night, absolutely everyone tending to me went above and beyond. Particular thanks and gratitude go to Cece, Brandy, Zach, and Stephanie for their caring, competent, and compassionate care; and to Janie and Mosaes, you are my heroes. Thank you.

Annette Kittleson

My radiology test was easy and quick, no waiting time, easy registration right before my test saved a long run across town. Staff were very nice and attentive.

Steven Schmidt

I recently had a surgical procedure done at Alaska Regional Hospital. I spent the night afterwards to be monitored and to aid my recovery. During my stay, I received great care from everyone I came in contact with. From pre-op testing and medical history interviews, to prep for surgery, to post surgical recovery, to overnight nursing care, to PT training, everyone I came in contact with was friendly and focused on providing me with the best care possible. Every contact introduced themselves and explained what they would be doing. I don't believe I could have received any better care or outcome.

Wesley A Smith

Very nice, people were very friendly and professional. Will go back any time.

Lorraine Coulombe

When we arrived, the nurse took my husband into the emergency room immediately and did not ask questions about insurance or other unnecessary details about his injury. Their only concern was for his well being. We had already been turned away by two other clinics with the reasoning that they did not take his insurance. It took one of the places nearly 30 minutes to tell us this bit of information.


I had fairly major surgery here last week. I was terrified on the way to the hospital, but AK Regional made it a great experience. From the nurse who set me up in my room to the anesthesiologist who came in to chat prior to surgery, everyone was kind, fun, helpful, soothing, and extremely competent. I had no less than 6 people getting me ready for the procedure throughout the morning and every single one was amazing. I would not hesitate to recommend AK Regional to my friends and family. I felt cared for and supported the entire time. They even called to check up on me twice in the three days after I left the hospital. And my surgery went smoothly, so I would assume they do this for everyone. Great hospital with great, caring, professional individuals who made it clear - even just through their actions - that my health and comfort were important to them.

Rick Helm

I was treated immediately, by competent, caring staff. No complaints.

Jasmine H

They didn't do an mri to even look at the problem

shara sutherlin

Thank You to Dexter! in the Radiology Dept for taking the opportunity to address a long wait time for us 4 patients on your rounds with a very empathetic + helpful attitude. You exemplified great care! Serena Ashley

Richard Palmer

I had a hip replacement at this facility a week ago and was extremely pleased with the service from the check in to the discharge at this hospital.Everyone was very friendly and professional.


ED staff was as fast as possible as well as courteous. The layout is open and in the public areas it is quite nice. Patient rooms are fairly spacious and the staff are generally helpful and seem competent. Would not hesitate to be seen here.

Taylor Wade

Wait time in ER - FAST

Robert F

Had a bicycle injury and had to come in and visit the ER. The staff, nurses, and doctors were awesome. Great bedside manner, very attentive, friendly, and helpful. You'll definitely be in good hands here.

Colby Wright

I have been to this hospital several times now and while some experiences weren't the best times of my life, my most recent was incredible. The staff were easily the best of any hospital I've been to. Friendly, fast, knowledgeable, and even entertaining. If anyone I know ever needs medical attention this is where I would take them or send them to. Hands down.

Abbey Valentine

I've been to Alaska regional twice in the last week. Once for surgery and once for an infection to the ER. Most everyone was pretty pleasant, although I have to say that being told to "calm down" before surgery is really not a positive way to help someone relieve anxiety or stress. I'm terrified of surgery and they ask in an initial card, "What are your priorities for surgery today." I specifically mentioned my anxiety and it was not addressed. The 'get treated, not seated' is a misnomer. You do get seated, we waited for 45 minutes before even being triaged. Meanwhile, the ER was swamped with APD bringing in drunks and indigent people to the ER who pretty immediately got 'treated'. That's fine. Really don't want them running around the waiting room. My overall experience was not a positive one, not because staff was incompetent, but because I ended up with an infection from surgery, waited 45 minutes to get triaged for a rather serious incident, and it seems like patient care is only the priority of some of the policies of this hospital.

Will Ghormley

Having had 2 surgeries within 90 days at this place, my stay was well taken care of and the staff, from the ordering of chow call (choices off menu) to late night staff dealing with my aches and pains, they all did exemplary! Highly recommend.

Fred Pollard

As my first experience with a hospital I must say I feel blessed for the treatment and personal care I received for my cancer treatment.

Susan Crowder Brown

It was not a good experience at all. The RN that checked us in gave us some scrub in a bag but didn’t tell us what to do with it. When he got his pain nerve block, no one gave us instructions or said be very careful with this as it can come out easily. He was put in a room on the oncology floor and not the orthopedic floor. The nurses had no idea how the stay ahead of the pain. We would ask for pain meds and 45 minutes to an hour later get them. We ask for sleeping pill and got it an hour & half later. The nerve block worked it’s way out and the pain was so unbearable, they gave him morphine, Valium, Dolata, they did not know to the Cather as it has come out of his vain. We waited an hour and a half for the anesthesiologists.When she finally came, she couldn’t find where it should go and had to go get a more experienced anesthesiologists to help her. When she finished they tied the bag the bed instead of putting it around his neck and did not tell us. He got out of bed and riped it out. I told the nurse and she got the anesthesiologists to come back. She said”I am not doing this again!” . She was able to fix it but had a horrible attitude. Dr Sparks and his Assistant were absolutely wonderful. The nursing staff and anesthesiologists were definitely lacking bedside manners. My husbands hospital stay was 30 hrs and he got 2 hours of sleep.

howard vance

In for shoulder replacement surgery, I was impressed with the cosistantly attentive, friendly, and professional staff, including doctors, nurses, aides, housekeeping, and food service. Made a short but painful stay go better than feared. Thank you.

savannah wayman

I did not have a good experience

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