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Jack Hill

Very informative,very professional ,great staff. Treated my wife very good from e r to the nursing staff.great staff.

jin lim

Stay away! If you don't have insurance they treat you like some drug addict criminal! They made me sit in a chair in the hallway for over 12 hours and said there were "no beds" when I saw countless people come in and go right back because they have insurance. Then the doctor rachel seaman kept trying to prescribe me medicine after I said no she said well i'm going to prescribe it to you anyway. That's about all they cared about. I guess she gets money from it. Also charged me an insane amount of money for sitting with iv fluid and urine test...$5300...yes a bag of water

John Esser

ICU, wound care, and the doctors are the only good things here. The regular floor units are so understaffed that unless all you need is a band-aid and a urinal the nurses simply don't have time to provide quality care. They're stuck doing med pass and computer work almost all shift. The air conditioner system will never get your room on the west side of the hospital below 74 so good luck if you have a fever or burns because there's nothing anyone can do. Get used to hearing that a lot by the way, because seriously, there really is nothing on the medical floor that anyone can do.

erica jones

Because they actually really care

Nadia Gilk

Best of everything

adam lime

Patrick Jones

A friend of mine came in due to a wreck & had an inmediate surgery because one of his legs were shattered. The staff DIDNT give him any pain meds for TWO DAYS since they had his information in the computer as a 110 year old man...he's 22. After arguing with them over it they FINALLY corrected the info in the computer & gave him the right medication. Then after only 5 DAYS with a shattered leg USA kicked him out due to not filing his insurance correctly (mind you the insurance is Blue Cross Blue Shield). On the 6th day he went to Mobile Infirmary to get help instead to find out there were leftover bone fragments in his leg from his surgery at USA. Now my friend can't get ANY medical help from other hospitals because they don't want to be reliable. Not to mention the staff was horrible. DO NOT GO TO USA. I repeat DONT do it. It's not worth it.

Steamy Maid Mates LLC Diane Ledbetter

My son Wesley Horton was in a bad car accident. He has broke neck multi head injuries broke arm multi other things. Cause of this there sending him home out of the ICU. And without pain meds and he is in a lot of pain said give over counter. This is due to being poor and not having insurance. How low down can a hospital be. Don't take a love one there.

Kenneth Orr

Every nurse had an attitude towards my fiancée and put her in more pain than she was already in when we got here. I will never recommend this place to anybody!

JustSrick 95

It was a outdated,run down hospital. They keep you in the emergency room for days,waiting on a room to be available. They don't have funds to give you a pillow or a blanket. The staff put you in a little room,and you have to ask for medicines and food,and any other necessities.The er was too noisy to rest.

Amanda gomillion

My husband had a three level neck fusion, the surgery and recovery nurses and doctors and staff was wonderful, they keep me updated on everything they did. We was put on the sixth floor, the nurses on the sixth floor was wonderful, have to give a shout out to Devon, Julie, Katie, they were wonderful. Would go back there again.

Isabelle Griggs

Not very good experience here.

Joseph Cazalas

I cannot thank the doctors, nurses, technicians, and all the hospital staff enough for their kindness, professionalism, and cheery attitudes during the 3 days my daughter was on the 9th floor as she was monitored to determine the reason for her seizures. Our family wants you all to know how appreciative we are that each and every one of you went the extra mile to ensure her comfort and safety during what was a stressful situation for us. The medical team performed their duties with precision, timeliness, and visible eagerness to make sure no stone was left unturned, and even though many times some of you worked with her into the wee hours of the night and morning, you always did it with a smile and the soft, kind voices and hands that, in my opinion, went above and beyond any expectations we had. The entire time there, you made us feel like family. Thank you.

Steven Roy

Not satisfied with their service.

Lashaunda Dennis

The people who answers the phone are rude. And the nurses never call to update family

cheryl Tzavaras

This was the dirtiest, nasty place I have ever been to. They asked for a urine sample and directed my to a toilet covered in urine and phesies. Even after I asked for a clean bathroom they sent others in there. I was in terrible pain and they nothing for the pain or vomiting. It was very slow to be seen. After a cat scan was ordered it took 2 hours before the Tec even brought me the contrast to drink over the next 1.5 hours. And Dr. Blew off that I have pancreatitis and that my abs are very distended upper left just because he also found a UTI. Bad, lazy, dirty place! Go anywhere else!

Kimberly Crane

Because I was born here.

George Richards

Davolyn Brown

excellent care from beginning to end!

Walter Phillips

Discriminating staff at the E.R. front desk. Let everyone go ahead of us. Been here for 3 hours til they called up back. Worst of the worst

Joe Tillson

Never use this ER. Took my daughter there from falling off a horse. She could not walk due to the pain. After spending 8 hours there and seeing a Nurse Practitioner and a RN after having a CT and X-Rays of her lower back they told us to go back to the waiting room for the 5th time to wait. I refused until we saw someone. Then the RN came in and gave her a pain pill and told us the tests did not show anything. She told us if we wanted to see a doctor we could wait for a room! We left and will never return. 8 hours of pain and rudeness was enough.

Perri Landry

Wonderful hospital my son had a 4 wheeler accident. Busted his spleen, lacerations on his kidneys was taking by ambulance surgeon's waiting for him.NEVER been in such a fantastic place and everyone was so helpful.

Brian C

I believe the doctors here saved my dads life. 2 other hospitals failed to provide any help for his strokes and just sent him home after a MRI. The neurology department is great. If you ever have stroke issues this is the place to go.

Elizabeth Capitini

I had come into the hospital with chest pain we are new to Alabama and really don’t know what is a good or bad hospital to go to . On that note the staff in the ED was amazing I loved ever moment when we first came in Mike RN took Excellent care he was friendly and very out going then Martha RN and I don’t remember his name I think it was Mike Rn as well and the doctor LORI her bed side matters are wonderful they all made me feel so welcomed in the ED then when I moved up to the 3rd floor I was greeted by Monique and Alexis they were absolutely amazing as well HOWEVER ALL THE GOOD TURNS BAD ... as a nurse I make sure that my patients have trays are ok and don’t need anything... breakfast came up at 800 and it is now 1030 and I HAVEN'T RECEIVED A BREAKFAST TRAY ! I’ve asked the nurse and the CNA to call down there so I can eat they haven’t call at all ! At least offer me a sandwich pudding crackers ect ect two I haven’t gotten my morning medication at all either and I suffer from migraines and the nurse was going to give me medication so the headache goes away that was three hours ago I don’t think I be back here

Jossiane Kaza

gamer nuk

I suffer with a clotting disorder but I have to be feeling very bad to want to take a trip to the ER. So this morning, around 9 I decided to go have myself checked out because my heart has been fluttering, my arm muscles spasming and I've been feeling faint for a few days. Upon my arrival at USA medical I was welcomed by two of the most unfriendly, very unprofessional desk clerks who were engaged in a conversation. The one with braids finally acknowledged me with the rolling of her eyes and asked what did I need I informed her I needed to sign in so she shooed me off to the other window where the older lady was who slid some papers under the window with a pen no clipboard and demanded my id. I'm shaking, barely can write my name, short winded and feeling like I could just drop at any moment. These two showed no urgency, sympathy, compassion or want to assist me let alone anyone else. The ladies in the back were great which kinda made up for the poor service upon my entry. Needless to say after having a EKG reading performed on me I was tossed back out in to the waiting room where I sat till 2 pm. My name was never called again and no vitals initiated. After waiting and not feeling any better, I returned to the window where the older lady with the ugly attitude sat and asked her if she would remove my name from their system. I didn't want to continue to be charged for services I was not receiving and decided to take my ailing body elsewhere. The lady rolled her eyes at me, unconcerned on why I was leaving but stated, "I ain't got to remove your name, when they come out and call you and you don't answer they will no you gone". USA when people aren't feeling well this poor customer service upon arrival of at any time is unacceptable and should be addressed.

Aimee Stewart

Do NOT go to this hospital!!! I was in a jeep wreck mudridding and they transported me here. The night nurse and staff had NO bedside manner and I was absolutely APPALLED at their temperament! I NEVER not ONCE ask for pain meds or ANYTHING and they treated me like a DOG y'all! I have NEVER been to an E.R. with this kind of treatment. I will say when dayshift came on they were VERY polite, LIKE THEY SHOULD BE, and actually treated me like a HUMAN. I will REFUSE treatment or rather DIE then go back to that place. Just a warning.

April Thomas

Michael Powell

The staffs at USA are very respectful and kind. I came inside through the MRI door (lower level) and asked the MRI staff for help getting to X-Ray Department. They were able to direct me to the first level Check-In office. A janitor helped me to get to the elevators area. The staff at the Check-In office, after checking me in very quickly, walked me to the X-Ray Depart and I was Check-in without any problems. The X-Ray staff was very gentle with me throughout my Skeleton X-ray procedure. I was very pleased with USA's services!

Jacqueline Hunt

Was transferred there for pelvic trauma surgery. Surgery team did an awesome job, immense relief of pain immediately after surgery. Night time nurses on the 6th floor were SUBERB! Hated I had to travel over 3 hours but it was worth the results, now at home recuperating.

Teddee Jordan

Matthew Johnson

The emergency room is absolutely terrible. Feels like a third world country emergency room. Filthy. Rude staff. Unreal.

twofake hartley

The birth clerk that did my daughter's birth certificate is such a heart less and pathetic human, that she did the birth certificate without putting myself as the father. Since I had to leave to go work and now under father it's blank. What kind of sense does it make if my daughter has my last name, when even my fiance doesn't but I am not even listed on the freaking certificate. Plus all the paper work that they gave us says that there not responsible for any errors and that we will have to pay a $20 fee to fix it.

Rainy Day

I just moved down to Mobile from NC and had an infection that required antibiotics. So at first I went to Woman's and Children's hospital, but they didn't have a doctor on staff and had to send me to this hospital. If u ever have to go. I suggest not taking ur children and bring a Phn charger or something to do. I was in the waiting room for 4 hours. Actually it was for hours and some change. But once I got called back the sat me on a cot in the hallway. I wasn't liking it too much. Until the nurse came and talked to me. It was maybe 5 mins after I sat down. She was amazing and very friendly. So was the doctor who also had to see me. All said and done I was in the ER for 20 minutes and enjoyed everyone who I talked to. My only real complaint was the wait time and the waiting area's bathrooms are quite nasty. But the nurses in the ER and the doctors, even the receptionist was very nice. How they keep their chipper mood with all the angry patients I will never know.

Gabbie Gibson

Do they ever clean this facility? If so it's cleaned very poorly. This has got to be the worst place to bring someone. They can't seem to do anything right and have done nothing to make our stay here easier. I've encountered some of the rudest snarkiest nurses. They haven't been in here to change my fiancee sheets and have let him lay in his filth for 3 days until I stepped in a took care of him myself. The worst facility and faculty hands down I do not recommend anyone go here you're liable to catch staph as hot and unsanitary they keep it. It took the nurse 30 minutes just to come check on him when he called for help and when I walk out there they are all just cutting up having a good ole time. The patients best interest are definitely not in mind. Alot of inexperience here.

Maria Lena

Staff need improvements in their behavior.. Treatment is ok by the way.

Donna Browder

Super Fly

I was not sure if I was being admitted to a hospital, or Mobile County Metro Jail. I had to push the button 46 times just to get someone to let me in the room, so i could sign in. This ER is pure trash.

Twinkle Davis

This hospital only get 2 stars from me because their staff does not communicate well at all. My child had a surgery and was asked to be there at 6:30 a.m...We waited all day til about 4 pm before the surgery began. No one would inform us of what the problem was and explained to us about the wait. We could have remained at home and waited if that was the case. The excuse given to us after surgery is sometime they have to prioritize cases. Seems to me that you would prioritize cases before giving someone a time to be there for a surgery. Don't wait til everything is setup and decide well we going to get the other patients first. I just feel like they didn't care at all and I will not ever recommend anyone to come here unless you're going to be cared for by the trauma team. Their trauma team is phenomenal. There is one nurse in particular who was awesome while we waited and her name is Queen McCary! She is very compassionate, Godly, and have exceptional customer service. In all honesty, my child did not receive the best care he should have.

Kim Walker

Quick service and knew exactly how to diagnose and treat my illness. The staff is knowledgeable however the facility is a step away from disgusting. I was visiting from out of town when I fell ill. Whoa, the appearance, filing system, tidiness, security etc was lacking 100%. I survived, thanks to the staff.

Cheryl Parnell

Well I'm actually still here. But I have been treated very nice. Well I am home now. Everyone was absolutely wonderful. With a couple of exceptions housekeeping left a lot to be desired, and the cafeteria was an absolute joke.

Kemal Ozturk

Holly Hager

Justin Lewis

Worst experiences ever.I promise I will never go to this hospital ever again. The absolute worst staff every. They are very rude and will lie to you in a heartbeat. I ADVISE you to go to PROVIDENCE HOSPITAL if you want the care you deserve. These nurses yelled at my 10 year old daughter like she was one of there own. When I stepped in to say something they tried to escort me out. Needless to say I almost went to jail. PLEASE don't go to this hospital if you want the care u deserve and if you want to get treated like a human being STAY AWAY FROM THIS HOSPITAL

Cynthia Thomas

Margaret Semelfort

alex oberoy

Nice service, good staff

Jerrie Austin

They were absolutely wonderful in treating me for my Lupus, (No one else knew what was wrong with me and why my organs were shutting down) and when I experienced some complications the follow year they were no less than perfect in treating my illness then either. Wonderful Staff. They will treat you like family.

Lila Reed

How does this hosp stay open my daughter came at 4.00pm for her ankle has yet to be seen by doc her bloodpresser has risen because she has got so upset and in pain it is 151 am and she has yet to see doc

Cassie Hamlin

Perry Reed

They helped me through my stomach issues in the ER and when I saw the gastro doctor they instantly helped with out any questions. That was the best experience I have ever had when it came to situations like that. The ER does really good everything they tend to have going on. They can work on there wait time a bit but that's anywhere you go.

Blake Blackston

Arrived at USA trauma center at 11:30pm, To get checked out due to severe stomach cramps and nausea/ vomiting. Had to sit in the waiting area for over 4 hours without any service, I only came as a last resort because of a injury To my esophagus i sustained in January. I was worried this had something to do with my injury. I consider myself to be high risk due to this previous injury. But was treated as if I was the Lowest priority! Unexceptionable!!!

Wendell Pruitt

Never encountered a more professional staff than the STIC ICU staff, We were briefed right along with the Doctors and Nurses who would be continuing the care started in Ocean Springs Ms ER and transferred to USA ER by life flight, this inclusion as our Son was transferred out of the ER to ICU made it much easier to grasp the severity and expectations going forward, no question was left unanswered and they listened to, evaluated and and where necessary and proper incorporated our input into their care planning,...

Katherine Edwards

Jesslynn Saxton

So much for southern hospitality. I called to find information about a patient who was brought in by ambulance. Apparently you can't get information without a name. Understandable. To hang up on me? Just rude.

Lukus Hancock

Haley Hill

This is the worst hospital I've ever been too in my entire life ! If I could give negative stars I would . Dr Dawson is hateful as can be . I was in horrible pain , screaming , and crying , couldn't sleep , unable to keep anything down . She simply didn't care that I was in so much pain . My pain was so bad that my blood pressure was 200/117The doctors and nurses here treat you as if you are lower then nothing . I hope and pray that they all lose their medical licenses . May God have mercy on their souls .

Dustin Gray

I came in to the emergency room complaining of symptoms including vomiting and nausea headache diarrhea and weakness and pain. I now know I have a stomach virus but no thanks to USA medical. I was quickly brought in to the triage to be examined but I was soon moved back to the waiting room with a bucket. After waiting an hour and a half I asked nurses and receptionist in the e.r. if there was anywhere I could go to lay down I was told there is no beds which is why I was still waiting in the waiting room. After I complained again and threatened to just leave the receptionist responded "then leave." So needless to say I left. had it not been a Sunday I would've seen my regular doctor but this hospital was closest to me. It is doubtful I'll return

Haven Haze

Wish I could give no stars honestly. My mom went into the hospital because she had gallstones and it was making her very sick to the point that she was dying. First bad thing was she was getting endoscopy and they didn't give her enough medicine to keep her asleep, so she woke up during the the endoscopy and instead of them taking the damn thing out and re-medicating her to make her go back to sleep, they held her down and finished like it was no big deal, mean while she's gaging and almost throwing up because it's down her throat and in her stomach. Second bad thing was she had to stay in there a whole week eating nothing but crushed ice because of a black holiday and all of the doctors couldn't be bothered with her surgery, so she's in the hospital dying and now starving and like I said this lasted a whole week. Then they have the nerve to give her a 35 thousand dollar bill, my mom almost sued the hell out of them, I do not know how they are still in business with their poor skills and lack of medical intelligence and care for there patients. Do not go to this hospital, it's terrible.

Zack Anderson


Deborah Kennedy

Very friendly helpful staff.

Cindy Roberts

Shameful. Absolutely shameful. With Broken ribs and a chest cut wide open 'here's a paper gown go sit in the waiting room'. Are you serious?! Little old lady in a wheelchair sitting there for 4 hours FOUR HOURS, shivering still waiting to be seen and people in scrubs all over the place on their phones. Nope. Nope. Nope. There's not one excuse for what we saw. Absolutely shameful!

Natalie Ballard

Myca Pereira


Valerie Sherman

Dr. Marcus Tan and his group of Doctors from the USA Mitchell Cancer Institute along with all of the nurses at the USA Hospital did cancer surgery on my husband, he got excellent treatment for him and our whole family. We couldn't have gotten better treatment anywhere. A big thank you to the whole staff.

Kissha Hawkins

joshua holbrook

I am on day 5 with a bad leg infection. This is one of the best hospitals I've ever been in. The staff have been great from bottom to the top. Doctors come to see me 6 or 7 times a day. It has been a great hospital stay. I was on vacation and I'm 6 hours from home. Update: I'm home now. Everyone was great. The doctor called personally to check on me.

darrick lewis

faithisbeliving behappypeace

the nuses are rude and nasty who hired them i had family who reported two nurses and the staff sucks big time i tell everybody i know go to providence hospital they only be nice when there job is on the line this is my personal experience i'am a real person mrs.myara b.

Gabriel Torres

The worst experience of my life in this place. They do not know about customer service.

JoHannah Miller

The Neurosurgery department is top notch!

Hayat Hamdan

I have nothing but great things to say, from the front security desk, to Mr.Ron Nelson who helped fill out my paper work so that I could be seen and all the staff at the wound center who took really great care of my burned wound and specially nurse O. Long who was incredibly amazing at explaining everything to my mom and I. We are so thankful!!

Katrina Gordon

Nurses and doctors were amazing. Very rude staff. I’m talking support staff. Security was rude. She wouldn’t even attempt to help me before sending me some other place. Outpatient secretary just looked at me. She didn’t even ask if she could help me. Worst customer service ever. I wouldn’t even give one star but I have to give something.

Veronica Horn

Robert Welch

Jessica Gaddis-Waite

My father had a liver biopsy at University Hospital on October 10, 2018 and was later admitted into the hospital on October 12, 2018 due to complications from the biopsy. There was an issue with bleeding from multiple incisions, and it further complicated his cancer. He was treated well in ICU, but once he was placed on a regular floor he was given sub par care. He was left alone for hours in a broken bed and no lights turned on in his room. After our second complaint, the nurse finally procured a new bed, but they left the new bed in the hall for hours instead of transferring him. Consequently, someone else took the bed to a new room, and my father remained in a broken bed until he was discharged. During every visit we saw the staff spending a large amount of time in the hallway loudly socializing, and he left University hospital with bedsores and had chafe marks and bruises around his arm from the blood pressure cuff. In addition to these issues, my father's wallet and the money from his money clip were stolen from his hospital room, and the nurses were unconcerned with the theft. He was afraid to say anything more and risk worse treatment. Finally, we were assigned a social worker who was brutally insensitive and spent several days pushing us to send our father to a nursing home versus encouraging him to receive care. She completely robbed my father of his dignity. It is very apparent that the negligence of the hospital with this biopsy and the time wasted while he was admitted afterwards hindered my father's ability to get the care he needed to add time to his life. As a USA alum, I am shocked and ashamed of this experience.

Tyneisha McQueen

The doctors and staff are wonderful. The patients are well taken care of, and everyone showers you with love and is so respectful.

Becky Yeager Smith

This Emergency Room saved my Husband of 29 years Life...though they NEVER ASKED....he didn't have any Insurance. USA has given me Faith in Mankind again!

Laura Gibson

Very good made me feel good about being there. Great staff.

Megan Stevenson

Excellent care

Libby Donaldson

This is the worst hospital I have ever encountered.Nurses yelling at my family because there was gauze in the floor.Telling her she needed to be in a nursing home if she could not keep her room clean.lying switchboard operaters.Lazy.Then on top of that they keep a patient over a week and do nothing but give meds,,instead of running test. When they finally do get the test run it was because she got sick as a dog because of the air temp in room,,,And on top of all of that they will not release her test results unless she drives 2and a half hours there to get them face to face,,!!!Yes everyone understands heap law,,but when someone is so sick they can't even walk why not call or fax this info with proper ID..Dont use this medical hospital.unless your flown there with no consent.Then get out ASAP.

Tressa Smith

This is the best hospital in Mobile, Al. The Doctors, Nurses and entire staff are very detail about there patients. Keep up the great job.........

Crystal Ard

Let me say this first, THE STAFF AND NURSES ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING...... Are you scheduled for fissure surgery and concerned about the recovery? DO NOT LET DR. PAUL RIDER TO DO IT Fissure surgery is performed on anal fissures. Surgery is only required in about 20 percent of patients. Patients who have acute anal fissures that are causing symptoms for at least three to four weeks who have NOT responded to other medical therapies AS MYSELF, FISSURE SURGERY RECOVERY IS DIFFERENT FOR EVERY PATIENT, but there are some things that all patients should know and be on the look out for. After surgery patients will spend a VERY short time in recovery and as long as there were no complications they will go home the same day. The patient may experience some pain, but this pain is typically worse than the fissure caused prior to surgery. Patients should not drive or participate in any dangerous activities for the rest of the day after surgery due to the anesthetic. However, most patients can resume their normal activities the day after fissure surgery, NOT TRUE...... After the surgery, the patient will often be prescribed fiber supplements and stool softeners. The fiber supplements will most often be recommended indefinitely in order to prevent future issues with constipation. Patients will also need a post-operative visit with their doctor so the doctor can examine the area to make sure the fissure has resolved and to ensure the wound is healing properly. During fissure surgery recovery there is A CHANCE that the PATIENT MAY EXPERIENCE COMPLICATIONS. INFECTION is rare and only affects one to two percent of patients. If the patient is PRONE to INFECTION, is IMMUNOSUPPRESSED, or has ASSOCIATED CELLULITIS, they may be prescribed a course of antibiotics after the surgery to help prevent an infection WHICH I WAS NOT TIL I HAD TO GO BACK AND DR. PAUL RIDER SAID THE GREEN AND YELLOW PUSS THAT WAS OOZING FROM RECTUM WAS NORMAL and then GAVE ME ANTIBIOTICS. But the other 4 Drs that I seen that looked even said that it was infected and needed to be drained. But of course according to DR. PAUL RIDER they don't know what they were talking about that he is the only one right. Patients may experience incontinence, but the rate of incidence is not exactly known because the definition and incidence of incontinence varies so much from study to study among the different fissure surgeries and pprocedures. NOT ACCORDING TO DR. PAUL RIDER THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN, BUT THATS WHY I HAVE TO WHERE A PAD BECAUSE I LEAK BOWEL FLUID FROM MY RECTUM BC I CAN NOT CONTROL IT because DR.PAUL RIDER CUT THE internal MUSCLE. Some patients may experience their fissure either not healing or recurring. After SURGICAL care, it is estimated that one to six percent of patients experience either non-healing or a recurrence of their fissure. As much as 50 percent of patients who experience NON-HEALING or RECURRENCE experience this due to UNDIAGNOSED, UNDERLYING CROHN'S DISEASE. It took a lot of pain and research from family and friends that are in the medical field to help me realize that DR. PAUL RIDER was doing nothing but hurting me more. Please do your research before you let someone Butcher you.

Spence Walker

My dad was admitted for cancer surgery in 2011 and a heart valve replacement in 2012. With every experience he was provided excellent care. Thank you USAMC for all you do.

Melissa Evans

My mother is there and they brought my mother back. I Love this hospital. Everybody was so nice and friendly. Thank u for working with my mother . Hugs and

Denise Clark

Each experience I have had has been wonderful. Definitely my hospital of choice. Nursing care is outstanding! Emergency unbelievable. Visits by team assigned to you upon admittance standing. And follow up with attending physicians easily obtainable. I rate them 100 out of 100. Denise Clark Bay Minette Alabama

Cheryl Kelly Dolbear

Sr having surgery on his arm dr thinks there is nerve damage. They haven't started yet they r getting him ready now.

Gwyn Dickinson

Thank you to ALL the emergency room STAFF, ALL STAFF @ the nurses station on the 5th floor that had room #520, All the physicians. Special shout-out to Dr. Cox, and RNs Jo anne and Sylvia.

Jessica Smith

Omkar Singh

The hospital is very good

Vipin Narula

clang theo

Everyone was very nice and attentive to my mother during her outpatient procedure, but they will nearly let you die before relieving your pain. My mother had a cortisone injection in her spine and was in incredible pain afterward. We had to beg them for one pill after they offered ibuprofen.

Killey Rawls

Felicia Robinson

Latecia Leggett

Best place go.. Doctor go above and beyond for there patient's

Stacy Smith

Terrible hospital , poor service by staff . my husband was constantly not getting meal trays. When I notified nurses they said they were calling dietary to get him one and he still never received anything. Staff half the time never put on gloves , husband caught severe infection that almost caused him to loose his leg. Husband had to have 11 surgeries ,8 weeks of iv antibiotics home health services all because of this hospital. Every time he was admitted services were the same . nurses and staff hardly ever come to room when you call for them . officially the worst hospital we have ever been to . will never use this hospital again.

Benjamin Brown

December 13, 2011 was extremely painful! The staff that I had for a little over a month WAS INCREDIBLE!! I owe y'all my life!! I'm still here with my 5 beautiful kids and 2 grandchildren! Thank you for what y'all love to do!

Meghan Ruff

Parath, RN, ER (hope I'm spelling that right) was VERY KIND, efficient and professional in her skills and manners. She was the calm in the chaos that is an ER on july 5th. My husband was admitted through the ER after being transferred from Gulf Breeze FL. Everyone from the ER intake to the cafeteria staff was very pleasant. Dr. Bright, trauma/burn surgeon had a great bedside manner and was also proficient in his skills. Connie, RN, BURN ICU was also a bright light during our visit. She was very sweet.

Daniela Allison

Staff is not polite and not fast as well.

sam nickels

Wife scheduled for enteroscopy. Appointment 8:30, hospital did not initially show her on the schedule, now she has been in pre op for 4 hours because someone forgot to have to correct equipment available!!


If you are student looking to engage in scholarly work, don't waste your time here. 3 months and nearly 2 dozen calls into my attempts, I have made no contact with anyone willing to talk and help me with what I need. This hospital is clearly unprepared for, and uninterested in, helping students with such ventures. We should all honestly expect more of a facility affiliated with as reputable a university as the University of South Alabama

loren smith


Keisha Turner


ER experience started out good, with attendant helping my elderly father out of the car with genuine patience and caring tone, saying they would take care of him. I checked in after parking and then was left sitting for nearly 3 HOURS without being given any information. He had labored breathing, trouble walking, pain, weakness, swelling, elimination system failing, so I was worried. Dad had been triaged and was waiting for an on-call doctor, they just didn't tell me. They left him sitting unattended in a separate area, and didn't call me, nor inform me of his vitals, diagnosis or care plan, until I was persistent. They were apologetic, cited being unusually busy. They sent him home, a big surprise. There were four security guards in and around the front entrance, but NOT ONE in ER waiting as there is at other hospitals in town. ER waiting and bathrooms needed cleaning. USAMC ER is the only Level One Trauma Center in the city, where you will be sent if you need brain surgery, at which point you will be expedited, which is our previous experience. New lighting in parking lot is exceptional. They need to renovate ER and retrain ER personnel to better keep up with family and communicate, to improve experience and reputation.

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