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REVIEWS OF USA Children's & Women's Hospital IN Alabama

Leigh Rodgers

The Emergency room staff need a refresher course on customer service and manners. I am beyond pleased with my daughters care while here. The first time she was here Dr.Silver saved her life with emergency surgery. Now this time it waa caught ahead of time so no further action was needed. But there are 2 doctors that i find to be quite rude and impatient. Goslings and ohih. They both took my deep concerns as a mother and brushed them off like no big deal. Very rude.

Tisha Driver

They have been very wonderful to my daughter and grand daughter. My daughter had my grand daughter at 29 weeks. she weighs only 1.14lbs and is 11 weeks early. They had to do an emergency C- Section due to her liver swellen and to save the baby. The nurses in the NICU are wonderful and a true Blessing from God. So I give a 5 star!!

Jennifer Daugherty

Todd Shaw

Nurse Sharon Adams All of the staff during our visit was very helful. I would like to recognize two individuals. Linda (Ultrasound tech)was absolutely incompetent and has a severe case of the "that's not my job" syndrome. On the other hand, RN Sharon Adams was our hero! She went above and beyond when she saw us struggling. We are new parents and had our first tough night with our 13 day old son. Nurse Adam's came to the rescue and quickly made our problems vanish. She is passionate about helping others and goes about doing so in a polite efficient and graceful manner. She is a major asset to Children's and womens.

Dolly Steele

The MRI staffing who calls you and reminds you of your appt.was not all that professional,we drove 2hrs to Mobile just to hear them say o I'm sorry someone should have call you to let you kno your baby appt has been rescheduled due to another repheral from the Dr.,like OMG! all we got was a reminder of the baby appt.

Lakesha Harris

Kellie Ratcliff

Miranda Jackson

This hospital is a nightmare. Gave my friend a rough wash rag to wipe the baby when asked if they could give her something softer they said that the hospital has nothing but that rough wash rags. When I say rough I mean rough motel room wash rags. When the baby came back from the nursery baby was dirty and crusty And starving! Nobody should be treated this way. Only reason I gave 1 star is that was the only way I could write a review.

Ruben Ali Fuenmayor

Hannah Seale

I had both of my children here and 5here is a large amount of people there for anything you might need. But my most recent baby was just a couple weeks premature so she had to go to the NICU which has an excellent and very helpful staff whom I truly trusted with caring for my baby when I could not be there. The doctors 59ld me if I was 100% honest with them that there would be no repurcussions so I was...ten minutes later DHR 2as in my room telling me I could not longer be alone with children without supervision! I felt so betrayed and punished for being honest. The other negative side to that is that the NICU doctors expect you to be there 24/7 and sleep on a fouton that is hard as a rock and doesn't even pull out. I'm 5'1 and I barely had enough space. So my husband who is 6'1 had no way of being able to even attempt to stay the night. You also have the doctors come in and wake you up every single morning making heir rounds no matter how exhausted you are and just repeat the same information to you every single time to the point of purposely not being in the room around that time to avoid them. They also spoke down to me like a was an irresponsible teenager and get onto me if I wasn't there 24/7. They don't realize that we still have lives outside the hospital and some of us have other kids to tend to at home as well as getting everything ready for the baby to come home. They use a score sheet every day to rate how the baby's progress is and that determines when they get to come home. When I was there my baby had near perfect scores but when I'd leave to get real lunch and get a shower, ect, I'd get a call from the Dr saying that somehow all of a sudden her scores had dropped dramatically which I find hard to believe. Especially when it happened every single time. It got to the point to where I'd start having a panic attack before going in because I knew I was going to be scolded in some way and made to feel like I wasn't a good mother. I'd they could change their approach, it would be a perfect place!

derrick thomas

I had cancer leukemia doctor little-wilson saved my life i been in remisson since 1996 thank god.

Amber Mclean

Shelby Shaw

Thankful for the staff here during our weekend stay with our kiddo.

Taylor Adams

When I stayed in the hospital with kidney infections Sharon Adams was by far the worse nurse I have ever had!! She was very very rude and treated me like I was pure stupid! If I told her any little problem I had she would complain and act like this "well your pregnant get over it" attitude, I took my socks off and she put them back on my feet and told me to stop being complicated! If I ever get attmitted again she better not come 10 feet of me! I do NOT want to deal with her EVER again!!

Jennifer Fleck

Great staff and doctors!

olivia jones

Nick Miles


2 out of 3 of my children were delivered here and I have never had a problem with anything. Very nice facility

Gypsy Dean

I am currently here now my nurse was EXTREMELY rude. I'm sick so is my 16 month old son. They treat him wonderfully if he ever needs emergency care this is where I take him. I needed er care and thought if they're so good to my son obviously they'll be good to me. Newp. I've been here two hours and this nurse has literally just referred to me as the flu girl. Different hospitals working underneath the same name. The children's ward is amazing at least my expirience with them has been. But, as a pregnant woman attempting to keep my unborn and self safe I'm not feeling its warmth. If you're working in a hospital please get a better attitude. Please value peoples time. I am always so nice but, this place today? My patience is done.

Mo's Journey

This hospital has completed some very nice upgrades...But the evening admitting staff at the OB-GYN desk was very unpofessional...discussing every patient that came through admitting with the top flight security staff. In my opinion...the security staff should be monitoring the premises instead of engaging in comical conversations with the admitting clerk. He was sitting down like he was the clerk..

James Parker

Only giving one star because that's the lowest you can leave. I went to visit a friend at this hospital and where do I start. A/C was broken very hot in the room. Remote was broken nurse call button didn't work. Lady who just had a baby was having to reach up to the television. And then to put the icing on the cake rude staff and, I can't make this stuff up BLOOD SPLATTER ALL OVER THE ROOF!!!! Please avoid this hospital at any means necessary.

Paige Sowell


Worst hospital experience ever. Nurses were rude, loud and obnoxious. They are so persistent on you breast feeding that they don't want you give you any formula. I understand the importance of mothers milk but if she isn't lactating or hurting you have to substitute for formula. They would give you the stink eye just because you wanted to ask a question. Been here for 4days and the bed was never made. Trash was full and no one came to empty it. Just a horrible experience.

BraKeya Watson

Thanks so much

Sammy Kertscher

Philip Judice

Rafael M

Awesome staffs, always aware

Amber Smith

Alicia Cross

I had all three of my brain surgerys here. After developing temporal lobe epilepsy when I was 12 caused by an astrosytoma in my right temporal lobe. I only got the best care here and though it took three tries to remove the tumor and eventually my whole right temporal lobe they did cure my seizures. I every once in awhile have a very faint seizure but nothing like the 12 a day I was dealing with. Wonderful staff and surgeons. Wouldn't have chosen to be at any other hospital.

twofake hartley

The birth clerk that did my daughter's birth certificate is such a heart less and pathetic human, that she did the birth certificate without putting myself as the father. Since I had to leave to go work and now under father it's blank. What kind of sense does it make if my daughter has my last name, when even my fiance doesn't but I am not even listed on the freaking certificate. Plus all the paper work that they gave us says that there not responsible for any errors and that we will have to pay a $20 fee to fix it.

Denise Harvey

Jaylyn Orr

Rainy Day

Went here and was sent away because I wasn't pregnant. They didn't have a doctor only a nurse practitioner. Its hard to tell where the ER is since its not stated. Its called an evaluation area. Also the receptionist were rude and weren't helpful at all. I'm new to the area and not use to the way this hospital is set up. So I asked if I was in the right place and she was very rude to me. The nurse who triaged me was very nice tho. He was, from my experience here, the only positive.

Glen Perry

Brooklyn Randall

My first pregnancy they gave me an epidural that didn’t work . I told them and they thought I was lying ! So I delivered her with no medication . My second pregnancy I went in because my water was leaking and they sent me home and told me it was just pee. Went to my doctor that following morning and he was furious because my water was leaking so he sent me straight to the hospital with a letter . Third pregnancy I went because I started bleeding and they let me sit there in the waiting room and have a complete miscarriage. While this other lady that was there that was already showing ! Was screaming in pain bleeding she was also left in the waiting room right beside me . Now I go to mobile imfirmary

Yogendra Sen


Kimberly Gates

Great helpful & Clean I had all my kid's there best hospital

Melissa Fulbright


I have been coming to Children and Women Hospital since I was a kid!! I had all three of my kids there too. The customer service has gotten better and better over the years. My 13 year old son had surgery today, an i have to say everyone from the surgery waiting room til the ride out the door to go home was great. The hospital has change over the years, so full of colors and shapes, let me not for get the art that's everywhere With great service from the whole department. THANKS to everyone at USA Children's & Women's Hospital.

Bernardrea James

The nurses were amazing the doctors here went above and beyond to make sure my baby had proper treatment made us feel like we were the only patients they were seeing

Manuella Hayes

torri clayton

alex oberoy

good governance, good staff

Shannon beam

Nadeem Studio

Rima Hamdan

Constaleen Morant

Eric Fell

I could leave a long and detailed reason for only 1 star but I'll make it short and sweet. Do not bring your children to this hospital I say again do not bring your children here. If you care for the safety and well being of your loved ones find a different hospital period.

Tracy Perkins

Brandi Tait

William Parrish

Takes good care of ya

Margarette Lee

I give women & Children hospital 1 star .. Some staff members are rude and unprofessional. Doctors are suppose to listen when you tell them how you feel. But instead of listening, they tell you how you feeling. The doctor for ob-gyn are even ruder. They tell you stupid stuff like"it's getting close to your time. you going to feel pain. But that don't mean you're ready to have your baby." Once again it come to listening, I don't dilate and my contraction are 2 minutes a part. My body actually hurts. You have all these special doctors and no one really want to help. Being pregnant and having a illness that can effect you and your child should be a specially treated. U.S.A.Women & Children is a specialty hospital for just that kind of treatments.

Melanie Mellon

The only reason it has a 1 star is other wise it wouldn't let me review .... this hospital is one of the worst hospitals you could bring your baby! The doctors do NOT care for your child and will brush you off like there is no problem. I had to bring my baby boy to the emergency room because his belly button wasn't drying so one of the student doctors put silver nitrate while a certified doctor looked on. The student doctor ended up putting it all over his belly, burning him in the process. At that moment his belly looked normal. The next boring his whole belly was gray and there was thick white discharge coming out, so I ended up taking him to the emergency room again by the time I got there he had blisters all over his tummy. We waited 4 hours to be seen just to be told it was normal and that "it happens all the time". When we got home all the blisters busted and the next day again his whole belly was black. When we went once again to emergency room they told me it was fine and that there was nothing wrong! I had to actually threaten the doctor I was going to call my atterney before they took it serious and gave it another look before admitting him. We ended up having to be admitted in the hospital for 4 nights due to the student doctor burning his whole belly and giving him an infection. If the doctors would've tooken everything serious he wouldn't have gotten an infection or burned! These student doctors have absolutely no idea what they are doing! Please do not go to this hospital for the safety of your baby!

Janell Hayes

Shirell A. Dortch

Very nice professional services. State of the art trauma hospital for Women and Children.

Brian R

VERY NICE STAFF!!! They treated me very good.

Victoria York

Janemarie Crider

Great staff and service. The best near Gulf Shores in fact (Thomas and Baldwin are awful). They make sure you have what you need: Ice, blankets, IV, proper tests, wheelchair, basin, wet rag, proper meds, etc. Great bedside manner. Pretty fast for a hospital. Efficient and highly recommended. Only a few issues: Building layout is confusing and crowded. ALSO: Avoid the waiting room like the plague (ambulance is only choice). No "well room" for pregnant women and it is crowded with very sick people.

Jacob Fields

Nursing staff really great and friendly. Very friendly and professional. The place was clean and had no odors. Therapy came in and did an amazing job with great directions and recommendations.

Ted Smith

My granddaughter has been there four days now with low oxygen levels. After numerous breathing treatments and being supplied oxygen, the best diagnosis they can come up with is a respiratory infection. They've treated her for the infection and yet the low levels keep coming back. Her parents have asked and asked to talk to a pulmonary specialist and it falls on deaf ears. For a children's hospital, they sure don't seem all that interested in taking care of a child.

contrece Ellis

The Emergency Room is horrible, I will never come back to this location. The admitting clerks are very friendly to the patients, so is the Rn that check your blood pressure and temp! I went to the ER thinking I was having a misscarriage. Lorie Davis did vaginal check on me, which I was told I didn’t have any bleeding, yet when I returned home I still had some clotting and discharge. I asked Ms.Davis could she check for a heartbeat to see if my unborn was ok, I was told she didn’t have a probable cause to check the babies heartbeat, and she wasn’t calling the tech in to do an ultrasound on my unborn child. A total of waste of time!

J. K. Glover

Great faculties and staff

Yessenia ponce

Nice and comfy rooms the doctor so nice

Trisha Brown

Thanks for absolutely nothing. That was a total waste of time and money. The doctor had no understanding of the deficiency of good medical care outside of the city, and sent us home with nothing, to a town where they cannot help us. We will go elsewhere next time. This hospital did not take my son's difficulty breathing seriously enough to even provide a proper diagnosis. They were lazy, inaccurate, and irresponsible. What kind of person sends a three year old home with a bogus list of guesses and neglects his problem completely when the doctor doesn't immediately know what is wrong? Who does that? Someone who does not know the helpless terror of watching their son gasp for air, and knowing there are no acceptable hospitals within an hour drive... I will not use this hospital again. They took our money but did NOTHING to help my son.

lindsy renfroe

I had my baby at this hospital 4 weeks ago. They were the best staff I could have ever asked for. They were all so helpful and took excellent care of me and my newborn daughter! They never let me be in pain and really cheered me on during labor even when I wanted to give up. I loved the entire wonderful staff on floor 2 and labor and delivery. Highly recommended!!!

Ashley Brewer

The doctors here are amazing and take good care of patients

A.j. Cunningham

Tina Lord

kierston moore

First off I wish there was way to rate this hospital a flat out ZERO..the staff was very unprofessional! the “nurse practitioner” that my child saw was unprofessional and rude as hell.! She basically told me “there was nothing that she could do for my child even tho she said he had a respiratory infection,fever,running nose,and diarrhea”...she stated that’s it’s not her responsibility to take care of my child!...secondly this same “nurse Practitioner” stated that she was there for her mortgage...what did that have to do with me asking about my child’s health I still haven’t figured that part out yet? I was told by one nurse that my child came in with a fever, but the nurse practitioner said he didn’t...they were not on the same accord they were literally digging through paper work trying to see who was correct I wouldn’t recommend this damn hospital for the family dog

Chris Powell

If I could give them 0 stars, that would be more accurate. The receptionist was almost helpful! The nurse was impatient and barely attempted to follow through with the scheduled procedure. I’m sure many people have had decent experiences here, but I’m embarrassed to say I’ve donated to this hospital in the past. Hopefully, it was just a bad day for them.

Tamela Alexander

Leslie Goodman

Great doctors and nurses I’ve had 4 kids here and wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Tiffany Ott

I went 5/26/17 for a painful abscess on my right breast and was treated horribly. I checked in and knew that it was Friday there was going to be a wait, I waited almost two hours before I went to the back to be put in a triage room instead of the emergency room. A nurse came in a touched the abscess mind you it's very painful even to the touch and said she could not do anything they would have to call a general surgeon. They left me in pain in triage room till the had a bed in emergency room, nurse told me she would get me something for the pain and never did. I was then asked about ten minutes later if they could do an xray in the room I was in since they had no where else to do it, sure no problem they sat me in a chair next to some equipment and asked me to wait there for a minute. They do the xray and tell that person they can stay in room. I was left in the hallway next to hospital equipment, no pain medicine after being poked and prodded and listened to the nurse discuss my abscess with everyone in front of other patients. I felt humiliated and like they didn't give a damn, after twenty minutes of being in the hallway I got up walked out and will never return to a hospital who doesn't give a damn about their patients.

Thomas Beck

Children's and Women's Hospital where we deliver


Go elsewhere! Horrible wait times and customer service.

Logan Smith

My sister was cleared of cancer here, thank you guys

li huifen

When I have my baby , I been told the nurse so many times I don't want any student doctor, but they still sent 2 student doctors , after one student doctor pull out my baby , other one try to stitch wounds , my husband look at her and think about same thing like me , the student doctor was looking for something, so me and my husband ask her what are u looking for? She said one of the needle she can't find it ! !! That is so ridiculous! After I hang in my leg about 30 minutes, she told us the other one student doctor said he put the needle on the wall red box , but me and my husband not trust her , we have to do x-ray after she stitching my wounds. Good thing is the needle is not in my body . After couple months, I call them I also sent them letters told them about what happened to me when I was in the labor, but no one care . Nobody pick up the phone and no one tell me sorry ! Do not risk your life! If I have baby don't go this hospital! It just so horrible!

Trevor Reeves

Horrible don't go here you'll die in the waiting room im still waiting been here 2 years now

Dionne McDonald

I tear up when i think about how concerned they were for my baby girl and I. She's still in there and i know she's in great hands. Best experience ever!

Jim Coleman

If you have been up all night and waiting all day..... and turn off some of the lights in the waiting room.....the custodial staff will snap the lights on an announce that no one is allowed to go to sleep in the waiting room. Very unpleasant. These are the same folks who spend millions on marketing. They should spend their efforts securing the parking lot....which is poorly lit and terrifying

Brandy Havard

USA is the reason my 3 year old baby girl almost died...

rosa bowman

juan carlos alvarez

Lumine Chan

Liam Smith

Good hospital. I am satisfied with their services.

Amy Shepherd

shree saulter

This Hospital labor and delivery/surgery department are the most unprofessional and disrespectful individuals that i have ever encountered after having a fetal demise procedure at 26weeks and i delivered with no one in the room only to return today to deal with a entire staff with poor commutation skill after surgery i was released with a invalid prescription after driving to 7 different pharmacies only to find out its not covered on my insurance so i called back and explained why my prescription couldn't be filled i had to push myself out of bed to fix their mistake go back she writes same prescription different doctor and in Pain i explained and she assured me it would work it didn't more time wasted get in a yelling match with the doctor while pain at all time high on top of just irration of driving around after giving them a chance to fix it and only to get another invalid prescription and i call back and the doctors that wrote it up said to pay 17.99 unbelievable

Ralph Dolatious

One of the better kid's hospitals in Mobile...

A Google User

I Love This Hospital When I Was Born

Miller Miller

Becca Mathews

I have had the absolute best care I have ever thought possible! The entire staff nurses, care assistants, cleaning crew, residents, the folks hand delivering meals, nutritionists, lactation nurses, doctors, everyone have been a complete 10 in taking care and answering questions and overall comforting their patients! I never thought my stay in a hospital for this long would be so memorable and remarkable. I've stayed in very clean rooms, enjoyed good food and have been reassured I am and will be taken great care of. The staff here do everything possible to ensure comfort and efficiency in recovery and care. When you're far from home and family it can be tough hospitalized and at USA children's and women's hospital I've only missed my family with all other worries and concerns eased. This is a student learning facility and even their students take extra care and patience with all of us here. We are all waited on hand and foot and want for nothing. If we're in need of a single thing it's brought to us with absolutley no attitude from staff. I only wish I could do more for the entire staff besides leaving the best review since they've all become like family ❤ I'm excited for our son to be born and am emotional with how wonderful care I've been. I love this hospital staff. I highly recommend!!

Ryan Spradlin

Best place ever. Really good staff very helpful not a long wait, will use again

jeremy Branch

We have spent a lot of time inside this place , my son likes to vacation here at least a couple weeks every year . Most nurses and doctors here are great , they do everything possible to help these children and to make the experience a good one. Like everywhere there are a few exceptions but the good far out weighs the bad , many ofthedoctors and nurses have done wonderful things for my son and I can't thank them enough.......

roman khan

Kali sherman

They are very amazing

Jessica Turner

I'm pregnant and I started bleeding today I've been sitting in the waiting room for 2 hours this is horrible hell I could be having a miscarriage or anything don't ever come here ever!!!!!

Julio Cesar Raudales Galindo

loren smith

Good services

david richardson

It's was horrible I sat there six and a half hours before I was finally able to see a doctor not only that the staff was just plain out rude one of them was holding a container of urine walking up and down the hall with it saying "wat dis is?wat dis is? wat dis is?" If your in mobile alabama I highly recommend you go to either Spring Hill or Providence Hospital.....

Hec Tuesta

Michael Smith

My wife is home after an amazing and magical experience. The first person we ran into was Charlotte who checked her in. She was sweet and passionate about her work. The next nurse we encountered was Kara and a student Jessie these two were there from first contractions to delivery and were absolutely amazing. Kara was informative and Jessie was an amazing and quick learner. Kara was able to make the worst contractions easier for her to deal with until it was time for an epidural. Then there's Dr. Roth who was outstanding. She came in and promised just a few more pushes and he would enter this world. We have made it home now after spending a couple days recovering and the two of them are perfect. Thank you USA Womens and Health!

Cece Rough

My grand son was treated for the flu for three days. They did not do a flu test,. The residents, dovtors in training did not relay information properly to the REAL doctors and treated us like we were stupid. Finally , after 3 days and throwing up over 200 times, they called a GI doctor. We had to wait another 2 days for a test. Had the test, found oyt what was wrong , started treating it with correct medications and got alot better. If they would have NOT assumed he had the flu, he could have been treated properly earlier and got better sooner. The residents were horrible. The nurses were great.

Shanice Jones

Very nice staff, The nurses here are very sweet and caring.

Lawanda Singleton

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