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REVIEWS OF Providence Hospital IN Alabama

Donnie Johnson

It is HORRIBLE how long it takes to be seen! No one knows anything and the wait time is exhausting, currently going on 3hrs in the waiting room! Smh

Breanna Forrest

Their service is slow, their communication skills suck, their food sucks . Overall the worse hospital. Never coming back

E Smith

Spent half of July 2014 here & the only problem I had was resolved the VERY next morning.... Hope I don't have to go back in but ...NOTHING negative about anything here from NURSES TO THE DRs


Most unorganized hospital we have ever been in. My wife just had a baby there and it was a terrible experience. The vibe here is that you are a burden. It took the anesthesiologist two tries to get the epidural in. This put my wife in extreme pain. After having the baby while moving my wife back to her room they tipped the IV cart over and if it wasnt for me being there, it would have fallen right on my wife and new born. I was lucky to react and catch it. Oh and they forgot to put the security bracelet on my newborn. So anyone could have walked into the nursery and took her without anyone knowing. I suggest if you are in the Mobile area and need a hospital, go to Springhill.

Hazel Woodward

Thank you for the CAT scan of my head and neck. Thank you for the xray of my spine. I'd just been trampled by a horse running full speed and somehow you missed my broken pelvis. Thank you ER doc for spending 3 minutes of your time with me. See, I told you my groin area hurt. Do you people even read this?

Crystal's page

I went to the hospital September 27th 2019 I had shortness of breath was having a very hard time breathing ended up sitting in a waiting room gasping trying to breathe for 5 hours I ended up just going home using my son's inhaler and his breathing machine just to get by until I can go to another hospital the weight is ridiculous if you are sick this is not the hospital you need to go to.


Take too long to get you in very helpful but horrible when it comes to fairness we came in before most of the people at 10am and wasnt seen until 1pm

Diamond Aries

This is the absolute WORST place to be, EVER! I was neglected because of lack of insurance. First, I waited for seven hours to be seen, with chest pains!!!!! They don't know how to draw blood, none of them, they stuck me four times and only got barely enough for one lab. They kept coming back in saying I had a dangerous levels of something, and needed more blood, and would not tell me what! Three different people took my blood, for one test. I had a fever for a week, which is one of the reason I was there, the intake guy didn't even take my temperature, he just wrote down a normal temperature. I only know this because the next nurse said my temperature was normal. I told her, and she "took my temperature", but didn't even touch the thermometer to me. My blood pressure was dangerously low, and the bottom number was 50, which is abnormal. They don't care about you or anyone, they are there for a check, NOT TO SAVE YOU. Lastly, the nurse who took my IV out, literally RIPPED MY IV OUT OF MY ARM, causing my blood to squirt everywhere, and she did not try to help me cover it, just laughed and walked away. Two weeks later, I still have the bruises from her. I was very clear that I could not afford any medication that was not on the "Four dollar plan" , and stated this SEVERAL TIMES. They gave me two medicines, one was $55, and the other at the LOWEST was $64. I called for days trying to get them to switch it to something I could afford, and finally, a social worker paid for my meds, no thanks to theEMERGENCY ROOM STAFF. .If my life was depending on them, I'd be dead! Also, a few days ago, a friend needed to go to the ER. I accompanied said friend. As I was in the waiting room, a woman came in screaming about her father having a heart attack. He was out in front, and the glass of clear, so everyone in the waiting room could see. The woman rushed to lead the ER employee to the man, but the employees LEISURELY STROLLED out of the door. Not only that, the man was unconscious, and they were having problems getting him on the stretcher safely. The employee who was strolling and taking his time THREW THE MAN IN THE BED HITTING HIS HEAD. The security cameras seen this as well. THESE PEOPLE WILL INJURE YOU EVEN WORSE THAN YOU ARE, DO NOT VISIT THIS EMERGENCY ROOM.

How Bac

Worst treatment I've ever had even thowe the wait time was short .I had savor tooth pain with infection I came in after the Tylenol didn't help and orajel .and once back there they gave me antibiotics and when I ask for some relief from the pain they said the antibiotics would stop the pain within 48 wth is wrong with ur doctors .and I ask for a mang I got the the charge nuirce and she told me we don't give narcotics and I said I didn't ask for that and non narcotics would be fine instead because the Tylenol didn't help .instead of agreeing she said no and take ibphromine and allergic to ancets .and so they wouldn't help so I'm wrighting this so ppl won't go there

Chris Nieves

My wife gave birth there a month ago. I have nothing but good things to say about the staff and the overall treatment received. Everyone was polite, respectful and very attentive to the needs of my wife and child. Their food nutrition service is excellent too. My son was born prematurely so he spent a couple of weeks at the nursery, we never had an issue spending a little time with him when possible, the nurses and doctors always kept us updated on his health status. It was a pleasant and positive experience and I am very thankful for everything. Blessings.

Kady Hall

My Mother passed out in the kitchen the morning.They took her by ambulance to this horrible hospital.She is a diabetic they didn’t feed her for hours.They didn’t help her in anyway and they rushed her discharge so she had to sit in the waiting area for my sister to pick her up.If you want you loved it be to be taken care of PLEASE take them somewhere else to be treated.

Mallory Zafiris

I am currently at Providence Hospital right now with my five year old daughter. We arrived at 2pm and waited 15 minutes before they called us to fast track/ minor care. We had the flu and strep test done and I had to ask 3x if she had the flu. I finally got an answer after 15 minutes. They came back in 45 minutes ago to administer the strep test and we haven't seen anyone. I understand this is a hospital and they are very busy, but 45 minutes waiting on a strep test in fast track? Ridiculous. I was also told they would give my daughter something for her fever, but nothing so far. This is absurd and ridiculous. The CRNP Leann came in for literally 30 seconds then ran out of the room. Providence you need to get it together!

Marty Mac

The biggest problem I have is their handicap parking. There are just a few spaces near the front entrance. The others are over 100 feet away up a long, steep ramp. They need to go to that large grassy area in front of the main entrance, and make some more there. It would be much easier for people with disabilities.


Wish I could give no stars! My wife was in a head on collision August 11 2018. She was taken to the emergency around 2 pm. She had cuts on her wrist and ankle, along with serious bruising and swelling. They did an Xray on her foot immediately and forgot to do the wrist initially. After hours, and I mean 3 hours they finally did the wrist Xray. It was 4 1/2 hrs later they finally cleaned her wrist and foot. To go further into how long it took to clean her wounds, it was after shift change. We heard the nurses in the next room around 5:15 saying their shift was almost over and they probably wasn't going to start on anyone else. They said that the wait was due to the Xray system being messed up, which was ok, but no pain meds where offered to ease the pain till after shift change. She was told she needed a tetanus shot but that was also given after shift change. The bright part was the second shift nurses where awesome.

DJ DirtySouth David Johnston

I feel like I have been forgotten by staff over and over. I feel like the staff in the area im in are lost. Im not going to bash on these ppl but i have been telling them that I am starving and cant get any snacks. They are supposed to keep gram crackers peanut butter juices for patients But I guess it's one of those things is not my job to restock anything up here for the patient so it just don't get done so the patients are left without anything if their hungry. This hospital of used to be the greatest hospital in mobile now is no different in USA hospital matter of fact USA might be better than this.

Ellie Smith

Not at all impressed. I've been to Providence ER twice. I will never go again. I do not have much faith in this hospital or the staff. I've been to Springhill and what a difference! At Springhill they actually do tests and blood work. I understand it's an emergency room and typically if you are there it's because it's an emergency but if you have the extra time go somewhere else!!

Travis Poellenitz

This is the worst hosiptal in Mobile County... Me and my wifr have been here 11:11am and she yet to be seen and its 2:45pm. And she has an open cut on her face that needs serious attention. I wouldnt recommend my enemy to visit this place :(

Linda Eyermann

Worst hospital in Alabama, would not take my dog there, doctors are uneducated and rude! Find a real hospital!

Kathy Cameron

Too bad there isn’t option to give negative feedback stars!!!!! Your facility is grossly incompetent and Abusive to my sister having surgery and her after care/abuse!!!!!!! I hate I live so far away or I would’ve been letting you know in person how incompetent your hospital is!!!!!! Know I will be contacting the heads of departments and hospital about this inexcusable treatment!!!!!

Gina Howell

The worst hospital EVER! Was admitted after a stroke. CT scan showed signs consistent with stroke. The next morning I had an MRI. The neurologist came in my room to tell me I'd had a stroke. NO KIDDING?? How much did my insurance Co. have to pay you to tell me something I already knew?? No details or anything! 4 days later I was discharged with a list of follow-up appts. One of which when I got there the receptionist informed me had been cancelled on the same day by the same dr. who made it! Nice to find this out after wasting my time and gas to get to the appt. I'll never use this hospital AGAIN! IDC if I'm dying and it's the only hospital on earth!! While staying at this hospital I asked for a cot for my daughter who had been by my side the entire time and was very tired! The nurse said she "forgot" when asked again. We waited for 24 hrs for a cot for her. The next day I had an Ekg done and they sent her out to the hallway while doing the procedure. At this time she saw them rolling a cot into a room 2 doors down for someone who had been there maybe 30 minutes!! I give this hospital a ZERO! I gave them 1 star 8nly because NO Stars wasn't an option!

Lisa Comeaux

My 21 year old daughter (college student) went to the ER for stomach symptoms (severe cramping, diarrhea). They did labs and her WBC count was high. But Dr. Boyd said "she looks fine". She had been unable to eat or drink that day due to stomach pain. I am a nurse and live 3 hours away. I worried that she was getting dehydrated, but again Dr. Boyd (on the phone with me) said "she looks fine". She returned to the room and told my daughter that she could go home and drink water or she could give her fluids in the ER (only because I asked about dehydration). Will NEVER go back there again. Dr. Boyd was rude and uncaring. (My daughter has good medical insurance, so this was not a factor in this case.)

7 Wilson

I went there last night for abdominal pain! The worst experience of my life! The customer service there sucks . People who was there before me had been sitting there longer for pain or whatever the case might be .I was in the er for almost 4 hours and still didn’t get seen. So I ask one of the nurses at the front desk ‘why it’s taking so long and one them got smart and said you have seven people ahead of you and you can leave if you with an nasty attitude‘? So, I’m like really! So,I left and came back the next morning only to waited a little bit longer. Come to find out they lost my cat scan paperwork from last night so I had to take three more cat scans for them to tell me nothing what’s wrong with me. But I’m still in pain even after, I got discharged. And one of the nurses was very rude and she put the iv in my arm wrong! When she took the iv out blood was gushing everywhere! So no,I would not recommend this hospital to my worst enemy. I’m going somewhere else the next time. Because providence hospital staff does not care about their patients at all. They would let you sit in the er for hours and then when you get to the back you’re sit there even longer. While the staff gossiping about their personal issues and forgot that you’re still back there waiting.So please people do yourself a favor find you another hospital to go to.

ralph sweetland

I had back surgery on January 29. Not only was my hospital stay the worst experience I have ever had, the nursing staff was horrible. I have two insurance companies that split $50,000.00 for my surgery and stay of 3 days. Providence Hospital wants to charge me $250.00 for a facility fee. My insurance companies paid a lot of money and they want to call me night and day for this fee. This is absolutely disgraceful.

Laura Willis

My 82 year old father was told to be at Providence Hospital at 7am for an Out-patient back surgery. At 11:30 am Dr. Robert MCGINLEY appeared. Why was my father confined and in pain for four and a half hours. He is at home now and in worst pain than he was when entering your hospital. What is wrong with you people?

Jeff Blithe

Slowest ER I've every been to in my life. Believe me I've had plenty of trip. PLEASE PEOPLE GO SOMEWHERE ELSE

patrice curtis

I wouldn't recommend anyone going there for the birth of their child. It was a nightmare. Some of the staff were attentive and others were pure butt holes working for a check. They will stick your baby numerous of times instead of getting someone who is more qualified. Rude to the consumers. They are incompetent nurses fresh out of college, basically practicing on the babies/moms to be.

Mary Dobson

I had a horrible experience it three hours to get back, I was crying and gagging and in so much pain. I asked how long it would be and all I got was you only have one person in front of you. "At least your not here on a six hour wait night". While the front (triage) nurses are not doing anything between the patients they are flirting and playing on there phones. To find out I had hydo and a blocked kidney something very painful. Way worse than my childbirth but treated the same way as someone who stubbed her toe or the other girl who had a bruise on her arm. I finally got back to find one nurse and one Doctor doing everything. One are you kidding me, is he Superman?????? This is supposed to be a Catholic not chaotic I was really disappointed being that I am coming back in to the church we are not representing well.

sharon brewer

I have had two heart surgery and a cancer surgery. My husband has had heart surgery and we have always been treated with kindness and respect. MY whole family was very pleased in they way they were treated and the way they were treated during and after the surgery. God bless the staff and the doctors.Keep up the good work.

Ladon Jefferies

This is a wonderful hospital. My mother was in there for tests plus her heart doctor is located here. They were knowledgeable and helpful. They really take care of their patients. Good doctors on staff. In fact, some of the best in my opinion. Everything you need located close by. Would definitely recommend this hospital in or outpatient.

Business in Excellence

ER rooms dirty; sheets smelled uncleaned. Doctor diagnosed my daughter with UTI and sent her home with antibiotic did X-ray and EKG only. Had to take daughter to a different ER and found out she has cancer. BAD HOSPITAL. Would not recommend you take anyone there.

Temeka Bradley

I love Providence. It's great

Jack Huggins

Excellent Service from admittance to discharge. Fantastic nursing care

Sarah Mansfield

If your looking for a hospital that provides good communication and passion that's written on their boards in patients rooms THEN DO NOT COME HERE. The nurses and CNA 'S are not helpful at all. Their sign says "your safety is our concern". After advising a CNA of being shaky,weak, and light headeded i proceeded to need help to the bathroom. Only to have her leave me there and saying if you need help up there s a call light. No concern for their patients. Nurses say they'll be back but return 3 hrs later on numerous occasions. When asking for help they act like your a bother. The only decent experience would be the actual doctors who genuinely care. Will not be back.

Deitra Mobley

Stay away from oncologist Dr. George. He's a cowardly doctor. I never witness him touch my mother during a visit. He is very insensitive and don't provide needed information. If you cross his path. RUN! He's serving death. The insurance companies need to step in and his license should be taken. Hospital is less than mediocre. The people in the area don't have many options. It's sad.

Louie Merritt

it only toke 6hr for them to check her out

Antoinette Dukes

Nothing at all horrible service never coming back to this specific hospital

Elisabethlee.lm Martins

Brought my fiancee in for bladder retention following his bladder ca. The wait time was less then a hour and we were brought back to the urgent care where the staff was amazing. The Nurse Practitioner Benjamin Clark and his staff nurses were so amazing, kind and professional. We were able to leave with the correct diagnosis, supplies, medication and discharge instructions in a very timely matter. The entire experience was positive and a highly recommended ER staff. Thank you all for a very wonderful experience.

Courtney Shain

Worst ER experience I've ever had. The lobby wait was 8 hours long. The staff was unbelievably rude. Once you make it to the back, the wait period is another 3 or more hours. I understand there are other people with cardiac issues and other illness which need to be handled first, but more than 15 people were put ahead of me from the lobby that night. The triage nurse 'upgraded' a lady ahead of me, (right in front of my face) I may add. When I spoke with the charge nurse about this, he would not keep his voice down which was humiliating, and had a nasty narcissistic attitude. My particular situation was not handled properly, so I ended up going to another ER, Springhill Hospital. Springhill Hospital is where my family usually goes and I will be going there from now on if I have an emergency. My husband and I are still in shock by the waiting room experience. Overall, going to Providence Hospital was not only a waste of time, but also a waste of money. I'm thankful to Springhill Hospital because as it turned out, my situation was worse off than I had even thought. The only person of staff worth any credit to mention was the security officer who sits in the lobby. On notice, she was friendly and kind to everyone waiting treatment. There were elderly people maybe in their 80's who were also waiting for several, several hours and I had so much empathy for them having to wait so long as well. I work with older folks and know the body pains elders experience when sitting for so long in hard uncomfortable chairs. The building is absolutely stunning on the outside, but do not let this fool you. This is not a good hospital to visit in my honest opinion. I've never written a bad review in my life, but I hope this helps anyone else whom may have either had the same trouble with Providence or may be going for treatment.

Trey Hildesheim

If you truly care for your loved ones, DO NOT TAKE THEM HERE FOR ANY REASON UNLESS YOU JUST WANT THEM DEAD! As close to a Real life Hells Pass Hospital as they can get! Wanna take this as a joke? You have been warned!

Martha Slater


Aimee Stewart

I love this hospital! Anytime I have had to go, maybe 3xs, they have treated me with DIGNITY and RESPECT. Unlike USA.


Nurse Luara in the X-ray/radiology department was very nice to me. I am 13 and previously hurt my ankle. She was very gentle to me while repositioning my foot. She knew exactly how to do her job and we got it done in one try. There was a crazy woman in the emergency room and security dealt with it without sending her away. Good environment for a child except for when people like that show up. But that is what the security is for and that is what they did.

Ronald White

Do not go here for an actual emergency. You will wait for 2+ hours. Unexperienced staff leads to a backup of patients in the emergency room. When someone comes in practically about to die, you may or may not be seen. They have no clue what theyre doing.

Mike Meadows

First off I have always used providence Hospital as my personal 1st Choice Hospital And I had two stays just in 2017. I have Always recieved great care at Providence but the staff now always seems short handed and they are working themselves to death. Things were much better when it was Providence Hospital before Assension Healthcare A Patient satisfaction survey should always start with the Employee Satisfaction first . If you achieve High Employee satisfaction then the patient Satisfaction will follow, I would imagine the staff turnover is very High which is a good KPI and I don’t see this as a Successful long term business model, Thank you to all the Providence Staff for the Difficult Jobs that you do that sadly go unrecognized by so many Sincerely. Mike Meadows

India M.

Nurses were very kind. The visit only took 2 hours!!! My daughter had a UTI. Other ER's I've been to in the past have taken way longer.

Shanna Schmidt

Going to any of the doctors or outpatient services here is always pleasant. The staff and doctors take you seriously and work hard to get you in and out without a rush. The ER is now a much better experience than ever before. Taking my daughter to the ER when her pediatrician told us to used to be a chore, this time I went in and was taken seriously and the doctors and staff made sure they knew what I was there for and what meds she was on, and we actually got treated like people this time! Very pleased with the improvements, but some of their staff in the triage still act like you are in there because you are an idiot, and get mad when you have to tell them they didn't ask for some vital info after they "dismiss" you.

Maggie J

The 6th floor nurses were great. But the wait time for a heart Cath was long.

Angie Teston

My husband is currently here for chest pain and arm numbness. We dated it was a heart attack and they currently have him sitting in the waiting room not doing anything for him. Worse hospital in Alabama!!!

Jody Schoening

I first waited in the ER 6 hours. Then got called back to a room where I was seen by Dr Boyd witch I have to say was great. My son went out to the nurses to tell them I was in pain still and I need to go to the restroom. The nurse comes in and says we have a room upstairs for you. Still I am in a room with no clue what is going on and still in pain. My son asked again why I am staying with no answer yet.

Timothy Davis

ER is a nightmare. On June 11th I requested Providence after having a sever car accident. Worse decision I have ever made in my life. I was taken immediately in at ER. I had broken my right leg in several places and my right foot and a cut on left eye lid and brow. Three of my family members came and they were rudely asked ro leave by the nurse. This happened after I asked for no one to please touch my foot. The nurse actually bumped my right foot with his elbow seconds after i made the statement. A "Wet Cast" was placed on my right leg while "glass" from accident remained on my leg. The Dr. Was very nice and kind. But the nurse was the worse. He showed stress and frustration of being overly tasked and was rude. I was given very limited pain meducations and sent home in tremendous pain. Went to Mobile Infirmary and was immediatly admitted and cast was removed. Surgery was performed the next morning. The painful and insinsitive treatment in the Providence ER needs investagated. I for one would like to see the results.

chip slaughter introduction quick alien coil

Some of my experience has been very pleasurable dealimg with certain staff. What i did not like was while in the er the dr.z sent my grandmother home after a fall and completly missed the fact she had broken ribs. Wich i umderstand stuff like that happens but on the most recent occasion wich is 3 monthes since the last he misses a fracture in her neck. Comes in the room and says the ct scan came back ok and so after talking to the nurse some more and her helping us get more scans we find the fracture but get this now im visiting my grandmother and this nurse comes in and decides to cut her wrist band off because its to tight and while my grandmother is screaming cuts a gash in her arm with sissors and says it because her skin is so briddle and i guess im stupid i call bs well i ask the other young girl what her name is and she said teressa more. Well the woman finds out im writing this reveiw and my grandmother ask her what her name is and the woman lied to her and said her name is not on the board in the room but she said her name was Teresa and wouldnt give her last name while the board says t. Moore alsi after the one nurse told me her name now explain that if anyone can please inform me on how to prevent stuff like this from happening when doctors like bowden or james walker are not on duty i mean seriouly oh and the cna reniata and the rn and .nurse manager from lastnight where amazing so thank you for the ones i spoke positive about i just wish there was away to prevent these other things or something i could do ok i was a little to jumpy her name is not t moore it is teresa hodges or something like that so sorry for the messed up info

Kate Beane

Waited in the ER for 5 hours Monday with acute chest pain and pulmonary embolism, after which I was admitted for 4 days. The day after I was released, symptoms worsen and my gp told me to go to the ER again and she would let them know I was coming. Waited another 5 hours to be seen. This is absolutely ridiculous, patients presenting with chest pain and measurable symptoms should not wait 5 hours in the ER! The hospital needs to improve triage protocol.

Kristin Paige

There was dirt on my sheet, my gown smelled funky, and doctor Boyd was rude. Furthermore, the girl at the checkout desk had the WORST attitude. Those two people are EXACTLY what I wanted to deal with when I had been awake all night in pain. My nurse was amazingly sweet. I loved her

Connie Coulter

Beware! If you ever set up a payment plan with them! Had a procedure and my out of pocket was $1000. I set up a payment plan. After several months I started getting my online payments returned because they never posted them to my account and after 90 days my bank credits back. Ok so they keep billing me for past due. I try to explain what's happening, they didn't wanna hear! I keep making payments. Now they turned it over for collection. How about that! Ruining my credit because if their incompetent employees. Don't get me started on the rude employees....never will I go back there!

Kelsey Martineau

They call themselves a "christian" hospital. This place has put me in debt for thousands of dollars after I became temporarily disabled due to a broken jaw. Stay away.


The Emergency Room has the rudest staff. I’m a nurse myself so I know how hospitals work. I asked this clerk if I can speak with my brother who’s inside the ER and the lazy person at the desk was like I’ll get up and check later and just sat there rolling her eyes. We had more staff be rude to us later on and was very unorganized. Be prepared to wait 6 hours in the waiting room to even be seen. They also let my brother go in to lay down on a bed because he was nauseous and throwing up but ended up kicking him out until he was next to be seen! He’s currently laying on the floor outside with a sheet! I’ve never had this problem anywhere but here. Very rude staff in the emergency room they need to be fired. I was so nice to the workers but was getting rude responses back to everything. Don’t come here this place sucks!

Jacob Adams

Wife and I went here for her staph infection. The ER doctor was just as rude as can be. I asked her to lower her voice as my newborn was finally sleeping. Instead she told me to wait outside and then proceeded to be rude to my wife while pushing on her already painful staph bump only after asking us "do we just need to leave?" Talked to my wife like she was an idiot. When I went to apologize for asking her to keep her voice down would not even look in my direction as I attempted to issue afore mentioned apology. When she spoke to me as I issued the apology, she had a certain "I'm better than you and I think you should know it" attitude. Lady, just because your butt hurts because you have the graveyard shift does not mean you have to be rude to all your patients. Never going here again.

kate morris

I'm not overly fond of Drs. Period. But I have never had an issue with any of the staff. From the top nurses to the sweet ladies on the housekeeping staff Everyone I've met did their utmost to make me feel at home. Wonderful people.

Melissa Cochrum

Emergency care for my mother was excellent. Trying to get information out of ANYONE is like pulling eye teeth. She has been in here a week and still no answers. The family communication is terrible.

Jaye J

The emergency waiting room is a joke dropped my wife off at 10Pm it is 2:13Am now and she just got a room...1/5/2019. She had a DMC at this hospital and was having complication afterwards...

Mallory Howard

Hospital is in need of major renovation. Things are very outdated. Nurses are ok, but seem very strung out. Not knowledgeable in breastfeeding, and practically push formula. I enjoyed the CRNA that was present for my C section. Billing department is uncooperative and plain rude. Asked the lady I was speaking with (June of 2018) to speak to someone else, she said no, ‘no, do you want this changed or not????’ Was her response. I told her I would speak with someone else to do so. She said have a nice day- great! You too. Guess you won’t get your money if you won’t let me speak to someone else to update the address? I’ll add I haven’t lived at the address they are billing in over 15 years. On my last admission, they didn’t verify my address. They clearly didn’t look at my license that they made a copy of to verify the address in their system. They also had my OB records, which has the correct address on them. My bill is in collections on no fault other than the hospitals. Yet, that affects me. Update- 6/23/18 I’ve emailed the patient relations manager Dianne Wattman with no response, either. Not sure how they expect me to fix this issue when they won’t answer? You’d think they’d be glad to help someone who is WANTING to pay their bill. 7/3/18 still not response from Wattman 8/17/18- reforwarded email to Wattman. She forwarded email to Lesley Wilson, patient account supervisor, who requested I call her on Monday 8/20/18. I called, no answer. Left voicemail. 8/22/18 I email again requesting a manager. She reports she is one. I informed her that I’ve called and emailed with no one seeming to care to help. I get an apologetic email saying their phones were not allowing to dial out? That she’d put a bill in the mail for me.. great another bill sent to an incorrect address as no one has helped me get the correct address in their system. I replied asking her if she had the correct address, and of course, got no reply. I’ve concluded that I’m done trying to pay my bill. If they wanted my money, then they’d be willing to help. I mean.. trying to be an honest person and these folks act like they’ve got better things to do than get paid, so, they can eat the bill

Karen Blansett

My father had spinal surgery, which went well, but it was all down hill from there. Mistake after mistake by the nursing staff . The number of mistakes is just unreal. From pulling tubes to no IV fluids for over 36 hours. One of our day nurses was on her phone texting constantly and would not even look up to say hello as we would walk by, just horrible care. The room was horribly dirty and dark and depressing. We were sure he would die before we were able to get out of there. There was one night nurse that my dad would brag on, a nurse of 32 years or so...she could run the entire floor better by herself than having the young no care nurses. Shame on those girls. Shame on them.

Sharon Dickson

I was here the other night with my friend who had a foot infection. They took him back immediately before someone who was going in and out of conciousness with type 2 diabetes. Also someone pulled up with a friend having a heart attack. He asked for help and the staff looked at him and kept doing what they were doing. After an uncomfortable period, I got up and took the very distressed man a wheel chair.

Cayla Booze

Wen I came in I was the only person in the ER now two hours later the waiting room filled up and is just about empty again and still I sit watching people come in sit for five minutes if than and then go to the back I'm pregnant dizzy not holding nothing down and can barely stand but yea I guess I'll be seen wen they get the ER empty again or a few more hours if I'm lucky but at least I know wen I finally get to the back they willing get me out of there as soon as they possibly can

Raqual Dennis

They don't care about the people health they only there to get a pay check, I feel if u working at a hospital u should be there for the patient and there well being if not, u need to find another job. This place is not for your love one and it's sad.

Cameron Hodges


Patricia Knapp

They don’t deserve that! Worst hospital ever! My mom was taking to the hospital because she fell at home. Her speak was fine at him and on the ride to the hospital. While at the hospital they didn’t put the side rails up on the hospital bed and she fell out. While in Er her speak gotten slur. They did nothing to help her and let her suffer an major stroke. Now she is bed risen and can’t do anything talk, eat, move NOTHING. Please don’t take your loves to this hospital if you love them you want!

emily kate winstead

THE MOST FILTHY AND UNORGANIZED HOSPITAL IVE EVER BEEN IN MY LIFE. We've been here for 3 hours for my grandmother to be seen for a torn epithelium. This is the only hospital within 100 miles that has a ophthalmologist on call and they will not call him. The ER nurses and doctors are too busy talking about their latest snap chat stories and gossiping about other people's children on Facebook to be bothered by patients. ALL OF THEM HAVE THEIR PHONES OUT. IN THE ER!!!!!! They refuse to call doctors that are on call, and I even had a nurse stand up and straight up walk away from me when I asked for an update. Absolutely ridiculous! The floors and walls are disgustingly dirty.

Seraphina Lynn

It only gets a 1 star because I can’t rank it any lower. I am extremely dissatisfied with the services and most of the staff that I have been provided with. I gave birth to a son here and since then I’ve had nothing but problem. They didn’t take his insurance information and has since left me with the bills and no one in billing will pick up a phone, or practically anyone in the hospital for that matter. I spent a week in the hospital for my son after I was discharged, the only really good thing I got from that. But most of the staff were too busy to even provide me with adequate help. I realized there are a limited number of nurses but there were only 2 the whole week I was there that took the time to actually make me feel like I wasn’t an annoyance at best. Anytime I would use the call button I would have to wait at least an hour while my son’s bed was covered in urine, forcing me to let him sleep in my arms for the entire time. Also I realized that my son was due for a feeding a few nights before we were discharged so I went to the nursery to feed him, now my son is in the nursery where he and the other babies need constant observation, no one was there. Not a single nurse and I ended up having to rush in cause I heard my son chocking on his own spit up. I shudder to think what would have happened had I stayed in my room and waited for the nurses to bring him to me. Now that we are back home I am getting bill for him that should have been taken care of by my son’s insurance but is not. Even worse they misspelled my son’s name on his birth certificate. A minor mistake that would probably take no time at all to fix. But I’ve been calling since 9 am it is currently 2 pm and NOONE WILL ANSWER THE PHONE aside from the front desk who can only transfer me to people. The same people I have left several messages for. To make matters worse, this last call I had I was told that the woman in the birth certificate office has most likely already went home. I have been calling since the lines opened. This is utter ridiculousness. I am furious. These things are not hard to do if only they would give the proper attention to the patients. Never going back to the hospital. The doctors at the little clinics around them are fine. The hospital is awful.

Bonnie Allain

I am a cancer patient and have been in and out of Providence hospital alot over the past year. Just came home today, while in ICU, my RN, DNavia was absolutely the best nurse i have ever had. I sort of hated to be transferred out of ICU to the cancer floor. The Cancer floor nurses are great, but DNavia in ICU really stood out. Hooray for Providence for having her. Bonnie Allain

Justin Powell

This is an absolutely AMAZING hospital. All of the negative comments make no sense to me. I've had surgeries here and have been kept for observation multiple times. The staff is amazing and the Dr.'s are wonderful people.


In October 2016, this hospital saved my life, hands down to the ICU unit on the 5th floor, I loved all my nurses and miss them, I might of missed a week of my life on a ventilator but I know they were making sure I was taking care of,my family told me anyways, also my pulmonary doctor Dr Seibert is my best friend and I love him dearly, I was there from October 15th to November 1st, I might be on O2 for right now but I am gonna be ok

Shay S

Maternity ward: knowledgeable, well-trained and friendly staff on all shifts

Dennis Clark

Chest pains, had no insurance. Best hospital visit of my life they were extremely helpful and took it seriously. I went straight back after a zillion tests and questions and staff was friendly and professional. Was worried over bill usually hospitals would put a $10,000 price tag for all they did mine was only 550.00. But their was some kid who was sitting out in waiting area for 4 hours with a broken collarbone and family not happy but imagine priorities. This is the best in Mobile as far as I have been too. Went to U.S.A. hospital once that place is a government based deathtrap actually left with a broken arm to go to the infirmary down the road year while I'm reviewing so you know.

Theresa Watkins

I cannot thank this hospital and it's staff enough for the amazing care they provided for my dad! I live in Texas and have been unable to get there to him due to financial hardships. However, his AMAZING nurse case manager Brittney Cain has gone above and beyond all of my expectations! My dad recently had his 3rd stroke. We have no one in his area able to take care of him and have been trying to find care close to my home. I kept hitting walls everywhere I turned... But this amazing woman not only found a place for him, she also managed to set up medical transport to get him here!! I am so grateful for the amazing heart you have Miss Brittney Cain! May God bless you and your family! Thank you again!!

Pam Sullivan

The nurses and ER staff are great. If I ever have to go back to the hospital this is where I am going. My husband was at another hospital for a major surgery and my care was far above his for a less severe issue. The nurses and CNA's even made sure to check on him while he was with me. They are the BEST !!

Michael H

The ER is a joke. They should be ashamed of the way my mother waas treated. No more Providence. Ever.

Kathy Ortmann

I received a call from a collection agency saying I owed $200.00 to Providence by 3:00 p.m. or I would be reported to the credit bureau. The bill had already be paid 1 1/2 years ago. My husband had to take 2 hours off work to go to Providence and try and straighten their mess out. This entailed a trip to the bank to get a copy of the appropriate bank statement. Finally they called off their DOGS!! I would not use Providence because this is not the first time something like this has happened. I PAY my bills!

Rick Howard

What a dump. The services provided by the emergency room doctors and staff reflect the appearance. One in particular so called doctor was Kahalley.

Amanda Hutchinson

This morning my step dad was taken by by ambulance to the ER and after MANY hours and MANY tests the ER dr. told my mom he had a HERNIA, an obstruction in his bowls and gallstones ( which my mom already knew ) but they could not admit him until they talk to his PCP . My step dad has MS and was in the hospital the first of April and the doctors knew then he had these issues and would not do anything about it .The ER Surgeon that saw him then was very rude and refuse to do anything . I HATE THIS HOSPITAL ER DEPARTMENT This is the second bad thing that i've experanced they dont deserve this one star i gave them but I could not post this without it :( :(

tammy diamond

I loved them my mother was in ICU the nurses weren't very nice but when she went into the hospic care on the 11th floor they where great they treated her and I with love and respect

Kirsten Victoria

DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL! They discharged my dad with a urinary tract infection and infection in his blood. I’d mentioned to his nurse that he seemed very confused SEVERAL times!! They ALL told me he was fine. I even had a head supervisor go check on him and she told me that he was fine. 2 days later I took him to Springhill Hospital, while he was there for 1 day, he spiked a fever of 103 and started to have seizures! He’s now in ICU unconscious on a ventilator. If he would have been treated for these things at Providence this would have NEVER happened. Not to mention my dad needed dialysis, which they didn’t provide for him. He already had shunt in his arm that was healed and ready to be accessed! This hospital is TERRIBLE!! Same thing happened with my mom in 2017. They sent her home with pneumonia on the WRONG antibiotics, we had to take her back to the hospital which resulted in her becoming septic and passing away. DO NOT TAKE YOUR FAMILY TO THIS HOSPITAL. If you have.a similar story ; get a malpractice lawyer. There’s no telling how many people that might have lost their lives due to this hospitals negligence!!

Dana Cook

I was admitted by my doctor for kidney stones and was on the 8th floor. It took the intake nurse 2 hours before giving me my IV and any pain meds. Frequently throughout the night the pain medication machine was down so the nurses couldn't access my pain medication. I went for a CT and The room was disgusting. There were globs of dust and something spilled all over the floor. The following morning I had my procedure, and my Dr told me I could go home. ..8 hours later I went home! My nurse left me in my room and never checked on me. I repeatedly called the nurses station and she would not come to my room. I finally had to have family come to the hospital and tell the nurse that my Dr had released me to go home. She then looks in my chart and was like, oh you're right... Worst care ever. I will never go back to Providence Hospital!

Rebekah Smith

I absolutely had the best experience giving birth to my twins here! Dr. Wood and the entire mobile obgyn practice are phenomenal! Every nurse, every kitchen worker and the ladies that helped keep my room clean were top notch! My other births were at mobile infirmary and I would pick to deliver at providence any day!!!

Robin Youngblood

Great hospital- I had my child here 2 years ago and received exceptional service

Marie Lange

My second mammogram and then stomach and pelvic exam total professional totally helpful how old is it this Hospital very many times

H Taylor

Have been to ER at providence several times in the last year always. a 4 to 6 hour wait triage fast to keep you there

Leslie Whiston

Still trying to get bill corrected after three months and 4 phone calls. Over-billed due to a coding error on their part. Insurance has already paid correct amount.

Christopher Anglin

The triage nurses in the ER are so pleasant and made me feel very comfortable even while running a high fever. The triage nurse Madelyn Howard was so unbelievably sweet and she even got me to laugh during my vital check. Considering I was by myself on this visit she made me forget how much pain I was in. I've never seen such kind staff. My x-ray nurse was very helpful and noticed I was shivering from fever chills and had my x-ray done really fast so I could put my jacket and blanket back on. I wish there was a way to speak to their superiors I would express to them how much they helped me today.

lindsy renfroe

Don't let the neat architecture of the building fool you. On the inside there are some of the rudest and unprofessional staff I have ever seen in a hospital. I went here only to be talked down on and very rude to by the er doctor. The entire ER staff acted like they could care less about their jobs let alone any of the patients. I would HIGHLY recommend USA hospitals (women's and children's have the best staff I have ever seen) before ever going back to providence. Avoid this hospital at all cost. There are MUCH better options in mobile for better care than this.

Debra Harmon

They have very understanding, caring, loyal Doctors and Staff. Very clean hospital. If they say you need a certain medicine or Diet. You can trust them. I will always trust them with my life.

Chris Lyn

I wouldn't give them -20 stars if it was possible. This is THE worst hospital in Mobile county! One of my closest family members was admitted for surgery, while in recovery that family member died due to negligence from THEIR brainless nurses. to make matters worst, they tried to cover it up! If you have a loved one in need of medical services, AVOID this place like the plague in which they are!! The nuns & priests they have roaming around that building are strictly ornamental because there is NO GOD within that place.

Karissa Johnson

Just had my little boy at Providence{9/27} it has been a great; wonderful experience so far. ((-I had my little girl at USA, I can say hands down Providence is the way to go when it comes to delivery!-)) The stuff is awesome especially Wanda she's a RN, she is the greatest and most sweetest lady!!! Made sure I was taken care of the whole time she was on duty. (I wish she could stay with me the whole time I'm here.) I couldn't of asked for a better nurse during labor & delivery! (Thank you Wanda for everything

Alyssa Kennedy

This is where you send someone to die. Be sure your life insurance and funeral arrangements are in order, you'll be using it. Woefully incompitent staff from the doctors to the technicians to the janitors. I wouldn't let my dog be seen here. I wouldn't let roadkill be seen here. You want an early grave, go here. They specialize in deathcare. Darth Vader takes tips on mass murder from them. You have better luck with a group of five years olds playing doctor than you do with the morons in this facility. Rule #1: Don't let idiots answer the phone. Rule #2: Don't let said idiot place you on hold in order to retrieve an even dumber idiot. I'm pretty sure you could have these people take an IQ test and it would be lower than the weight of a 5lb sack of potatoes. I would rate them zero stars but that would be an insult to all zero star establishments.

John Mcgiboney

Outstanding care. I was treated with compassion and respect. My room was clean and kept. The nurses on my wing were very nice and professional. The ER was full, but what do you expect when all the other hospitals in the area would not take any patients. Providence was the only hospital excepting patients. For this I Thank you.

Sequilla Ford

Some of the Doctors are Rude, inconsiderate, and one minded. If you go there don't let Dr. Nicholson deal with your family. He's very rude.

jenniffer ploeger

My vascular surgeon (Dr. Melanie Rose) and her team are amazing. My nurses Justin and Courtney (ON the 6th floor) and cnas makaela and laura, were very caring. Based on just the above mentioned this would be a 5 star rating, however I had to deal with hospital admissions and their lack of communication is unacceptable. It took me 2 days and 3 trips just to get admitted. Which put my surgery off for 2 days. They are pretty good at pushing you of to the next person they transfer you to. The floor supervisor Lisa Holmes was my saving grace. In a matter of minutes she solved all my issues and had me admitted. The care I received while I was there Was nothing less than exceptional. It superseded all of my expectations. If you're scheduled for surgery here, I would recommend the 6th floor staff. They still know how to care for the people in their charge.

Bradley Roe

Wonderful staff that actually care, listen and make the worst of experiences easier.

Kustom Jewelry Channel

Ok i cut my finger went in to er to get stitches at 2.30 today. The lady used so much numbing medication my finger swoul up like it was gonna pop. I asked her not to use at all. The syringe was filled up to 8 and a very big syringe. Then the stitches. 2 of them were not even over the cut. What is really going on here in mobile AL Here it is 8.30 pm and my finger is still swollen and numb from the meds. Very unprofessional the girl that did it. She had on royal blue scrubs and i do not know if she was a tech or nurse. WOW unbelievable. I will be communicating with corporate over this. This place is the worse. For anyone needing medical attention do not go to this place.

Dianna Alston

I was transported by ambulance at 9:30 pm with bad stomach pains and throwing up. I was put in the emergency waiting room sick as a dog until after 2:00 am. I was afraid it was my diverticulitis acting up I was afraid of a bursted colon. the Dr. ordered a CT scan with contrast, then had to do another one because they used the wrong contrast, the Dr. wanted me to drink 2 bottles of the stuff to kind of light up the abdomen. He found out It turned out to be a stopped up colon and told me that the stuff I drank would help the blockage and maybe cause diarrhea, which it did. I had an accident on the way to the restroom the first time, I go down on my hands and knees and cleaned it up and apologized to the nurses, crying I was so embarrassed. They told me not to worry and they had someone to clean up. The night shift came on and I had another accident and was trying to clean it up but lost my oxygen and could not breath, a girl in a pink outfit came in raising hell at me because I didn't call them first.I was already upset and embarrassed and told her I was going home, she said "WHATEVER" and walked out The nurse Named Laura came in and started speaking to me in a loud voice saying if I leave I have to sign papers saying i was Leaving AMA. I did it, then she got nasty and asked if I had a wheel chair because I couldn't use theirs. I told her I had a walker, my sister went to the truck and got my walker and oxygen and we left. I informed her that I was contacting the Administrator's office about my treatment, she of course didn't care. I will NEVER go back to this so called hospital. and a 1 star is too good for them !

Anhkiet Rodriguez

This doesn't apply to all of the staff working here, but please treat everyone with respect and have more compassion please. The non-verbal communication from some staff members are terrible and please be professional at least. Remember, you chose your profession, life path and will deal with people on a daily basis, please uphold your oath.

Amber Mauldin

Smh is all I can do....I recently had my daughter there and I did not have a good experience at all unfortunately. I love Dr. wood he’s awesome and always has been but the nurses were horrible.

Xylina Goodiel

Worse hospital in Mobile. Been here 3 hours waiting. I have chronic pancreatitis and have blood in my stools. The staff here is rude and very unprofessional.

Nicole Dixon

This hospital is bull! I feel so freaking horrible I’ve been in the ER SICE 4:45am it was only Myself and another patient it’s 7:20am currently and still haven’t been seen! The secretary just called me over and said they can’t see me to 8am because that’s when the urgent care nurse come in

Quavardis Morrell

Great Nurses but the parking lot and parking area is not as secure as it should. There has been a series of break ins. PLEASE BOOSTS SECURITY & CAMERAS PRESENCE TO ENSURE BETTER STAFF & PATIENT SAFETY THOSE ARE OUR LOVED ONES!

Tracee Wallace

Check in clerks are loud unprofessional and extremely slow

Jordan Botta

I had a great experience with the ER we only waited 10 minutes

Jeff Liller

I was admitted to the 9th floor with Diverticulitis at the beginning of September through the ER. The ER was efficient and I was processed immediately. Had a wait once I was in an ER bed but the was expected. Everyone in the ER was very nice and I was diagnosed there and started on IV antibiotics. Admitted to the 9th floor and was there 2 1/2 days. Everyone including Nursing, Dietary, Housekeeping, Hospital and outside physicians were so kind and hospitable. Nursing, Dietary, and Housekeeping all went out of their way to make my stay as comfortable as possible. Courtney and Kristy, day and nightshift RNs were fantastic. I was impressed in particular with the adherence to infection control protocol. Thanks to their hard work I am back at home feeling better. I would highly recommend this hospital.

William Dougan

All the folks at Providence are down home ppl. I would trust all of them with my body. I have successfully beat colon and bladder cancer there.

rara rachel

ABSOLUTELY ABSURD AND UNRELIABLE!!sat all night and all day after being admitted for chest pains and irregular heartbeat and told in the E.R that i had an ifection of a sort around my heart valve ...waited for test results and for the doctor (Cochran) to get bak to us with results ...never showed and was told by a nurse that nothings wrong and we can go home!!!!!!was never put on antibiotics for the so called infection . .i was never aproached by the actual doctor and either we were told false information or the infection miraculously went "away" . this hospital is a complete JOKE!!!! DO NOT COME TO THIS HOSPITAL!!

katrina ogren

I got to the ER at 8:30am. There were not many others in the waiting room at that time. I watched as other patients came in and were called directly back to see a doctor. I was not brought back until 11am where I waited some more. I was told that I was not sick enough to be seen yet.

Jackie Johnson

Parts of the hospital like covenant care are amazing,other areas are horrible. Beware of the billing department they will double dip your bank account repeatedly and then take weeks to refund your money with no concern for the problems it has caused you! Emergency department is horrible. After a serious Auto accident my teenage daughter was taken there by ambulance because it was the closest hospital ( definitely not our choice) after several hours and multiple test she was diagnosed with a concussion and broken arm. I ask repeatedly after looking at the exrays myself and my daughter telling them she couldn't feel her fingers would it require surgery and was assured by two doctors it wouldn't, she was young it would heal fine just follow up with an ortho. Took her to our ortho the next day and he had her in for surgery the following day because it needed multiple pins and plates to set it correctly and get the pressure off the nerve that was compressed. If you have to go here get a second opinion!


They are about the most unprofessional staff that should not be aloud to ever work in a hospital. The hospital needs to do a routine sweep and fire the whole emergency staff !!! It’s sad knowing you go there for a emergency and you get treated like you just got brought in by the state prison. I will go to a veterinarian hospital before I ever go back to PROVIDENCE HOSPTIAL!!!!!!

Scott Brown

I've never witnessed such a level of apathy by anyone anywhere as exhibited by the staff at Providence.

Shanell Dubose

My father also went there for a mini stroke came out of there almost Dead. They sunt him home on hospic 2 months ago...and i tell yall i believe my dad had to stop eating in order for him to get out of there(veteran's thing) i dad is stil hangin in and doing better. Thank you God!! Donot i repeat Do not go there if its serious...go to USA...yeh yeh i kno...but when it come to saven a life...USA has d best Trama Team Hospital. And

William Quinley

If you can go to Mobile infirmary go there. Providence is dirty, the staff doesn't hold.a candle to the staff at Mobile Infirmary. They seems to be very unorganized, and lack the basic skills to get things done efficiently. Go to Mobile infirmary.

catherin lowe

I had an outpatient surgery and was treated like a queen from the time I signed in until I was discharged. My doctor was Dr. Shawn Clark. The nurses and staff at Providence were so caring and compassionate.

Monica Cherolis

Well I don't know where to start.. I came in to the hospital with a heart rate only 15 beats per minute. They said it was normal and sent me home. I wasn't I had 1100 counts of a bacterial infection that almost shut my heart down. They didn't run any test. Just have me fluid and sent me home to die.. because I didn't have insurance at the time. Well my step dad did have insurance they sent him home with a bacterial infection in his bladed just because he has cancer and old I guess. I don't know but this hospital use to be one of the best. Now I say it's the worst I EVER seen.. I wouldn't send a dog to them. Someone needs to fix the problems or shut it down until they can actually fix the problems they have. People do matter.

Sharon Akins

I recently had a ruptured appendix removed at Providence Hospital this week, since my release, I have almost returned to my old self again. Thank God we don't have but one appendix. I wish to thank the freindly nursing staff on THE NINTH FLOOR for providing me with the best care

DeNae Mitchell

Everything about this place is unprofessional and I don’t recommend it!

Tracy Hunt

By far the worst hospital in Mobile, Al. My dad went to the hospital September 17th complaining of difficulty breathing and a fractured arm, this red headed doctor with glasses in the ER was HIGHLY arrogant, very rude, and just a flat out nasty attitude; someone who most definitely doesn’t belong in healthcare. Doctor walks in, “why are you here?” Dad tells her about his arm “oooook, that’s an outpatient procedure we don’t do that here, this is an emergency room, what next?” “Dad tells her he can’t breathe really “oooook, we will do a blood test.” Nurse comes in after sitting for an hour, tries to draw blood and we are told it’s too thick, lab comes down and draws it fine. 3 hours later doctor comes in “blood tests are normal, I’m discharging you, do you need home health care?” Dad said no, in a rude attitude doctor said “fine, oooook, I’ll note you’re refusing it, well have a good day then!” Next day dad laid on the floor, died of a pulmonary embolism. If you want to LIVE, don’t go to providence. I would rather go to Mobile Infirmary or Springhill over providence now. I would rather die on the way to the hospital if I were being sent to providence. I will never step foot anywhere near that death center again. They have 100% lost my business. Rude doctors, rude nurses, overall their quality of treating patients have declined over the last 5 years. I’m not sure who runs the place, but they need to be fired. Doctors and nurses all need patient bedside manner classes. I would rate it a 0 if I could.

dakota kirkham

My Name is Tammy Kirkham the people in the emergency room have saved my life 3 times! heart a tack . They are there to save life,s not to make friends . I find they do there job well are i would not be here to say this . Can i have a AMEN PS : sorry to be so blunt but i am thankful .

Pamela Hembree

My husband recently had a hip replacement completed by Dr. Baird. Our entire experience has been exceptional. The pre-testing, pre-admit process was flawless. The nursing staff the day of surgery was excellent. We were in a room before 2:00 pm. All nursing staff during the 3-day stay was excellent. The P.T staff was wonderful. They had all equipment and supplies ready for the day of our discharge and discharge was quick! We have no complaints! All compliments!

Brenda Nelson

we went to the er Saturday June 8 although we had a 2:30 hr wait when my husband was seen by the x ray tech and finally the er Dr Boyd we were treated very professionally and with great care. Dr Boyd was great . and the whole er staff was very professional and kind. one suggestion if a script is needed it would be a great plus to have the option of having it filled at the hospital . I had to wait until the pharmacy opened the next day for my husband's meds.

Sam Peterson

This hospital has went so far downhill. The staff are rude and unprofessional. There infection control is severely out of policy. I will never allow any family to ever go there again.


The entire staff on LV 12 North has been great. Always checking in and always with a smile.


My parents were in Hospice on the 11th Floor. The best medical care I have ever seen. Very grateful both of our parents were able to be in such caring, loving, gentle, respectable and knowledgable care to the end. The finest, the 11th floor Hospice Covenant Care at Providence. I was there over 2 months and seen first hand how well they take care of ALL THEIR PATIENTS. Can't say this enough,,, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all y'all do. Y'all deserve metals, trophies and big bucks. Y'all are ANGELS. 11th floor HOSPICE COVENANT CARE medical team, nurses, social worker and Dr. Dill. Tons of love sent to you all. Y'all are the BEST.

Katye King

Worst nurses and doctors especially Dr. Boyd who was supposed to help me with a severe miscarriage. She almost gave me a shot of Toradol which I'm highly allergic to. As I'm bleeding there uncontrollably the nurses offered Tylenol before two very painful invasive exams. I decided to leave but not before one of the nurses painfully ripped out my ekg things on my chest then brutally took my IV out. We took video of it and called our attorney. We have all the names of the nurses who were cold as ice. I suggest ANY hospital over Providence.

Torrey Hudson

***update*** Worst experience I have ever had. Security and registration ladies are both rude so far we will see if the service improves but the future looks bleak. The wait was long and didn't seem to be getting any better. However I then met Dr. Jha. He is fantastic and a realist. He seemed to be compassionate. After having met by Dr. Jha I would say this was well worth the wait and the rude entry staff. The registration lady seemed nicer since we made it into the back

bryan x

Emergency room is a joke. Ever since singing river took over this place has went from caring for people to now just another number.

Gօʀɛ աɦօʀɛ

Went into the E.R. at midnight due to severe headaches, neck pain, nausea and vomiting, a 102.7 fever, overall aches and pains, and other not pleasant symptoms. The clerk was very rude to me and my husband, and the security also kept giving me very rude looks. It took us until 4:30 AM to be brought to the back, even though I had been violently vomiting in the waiting room. When I went back to the room, I was hooked up. Had to be stuck twice due to being so dehydrated. The nurses were nice (especially the triage nurse) but the doctor didn't really explain what was wrong. It was until a nurse who was discharging me came in and told me that I had a severe UTI and if I was any older I would be hospitalized, but since I'm so young I should "bounce back". So I was sent home on antibiotics and told to come back if i am any worse.. I'm not sure if i want to. I feel absolutely terrible still and dont really have any answers. I was told that I would be getting X amount of tests but it seems they only did 3 of them before rushing me out. I feel like I may not be diagnosed 100% correctly and that worries me.

Jennifer Fondren

This is by far the worst hospital I have ever been to. I am here for severe asthma complications. I am supposed to get breathing treatments every 4 hours it has been over 7. The albuterol has triggered a severe migraine. Imitrex hasn't helped so I asked for toradal and benadryl injection which has helped me in The past. I've been in agony since noon and am being basically ignored. This is beyond incompetent and I will NEVER come here again. I want to add Dana a nurse here is amazing and has done everything in her power to get the docs to help me. There is no comunication between shift changes. I am frustrated beyond belief, in excruciating pain, and can't breathe. Haven't seen a Dr since 7 am even though he was on the floor. He didn't bother to check in on me personally. Too bad I can't give 0 stars.


Thanks for the quality service today through emergency

Valarie JH

Nurse's are very caring and do the best job. Their job is hard enough without having people complain about service.

Shiloh Gaska

I attempted to call the Hospital this morning to check on my grandfather in the ER. After the first transfer, they had me on hold twice, then after telling them his information for the 3rd or 4th time, they told me they could not help me or give me any information over the phone per their policy. Then they lied to my mother and told her I was cursing them out on the phone! Can You Believe?!! No wonder this hospital has such a low star rating. The people who work there are rude and unprofessional. If anything worse happens to him in their care, I will sue. Look at all these 1 star rated bad reviews! Should have enough for class action lawsuit by now if there isn't one already. What's truly Amazing to me, is that this place is allowed to continue running as a medical facility with all of their flaws, rude bedside manner, and from what I have read, illegal practice. This is America, not some third world country. I would expect so much more from our health and care industry. Just sad! They should all be ashamed of themselves.

Christina Wilson

This place had no care in the world that my oxygen was EXTREMELY low and the nurses were so rude! I then left and went to Springhill Hospital where they put me in ICU for 9 days. I will never go to this hospital again.

Anthony Cosentino

I have always been very satisfied with this services and the care I received at Providence Hospital.

jamie barton

Worst hospital ever .Everytime i come theres a 3 to 4 hr wait. And my child has a fever , its only going higher. And shes bout to throw up now. And they tell me that there most urgent people come 1st .... Ummm chlid fever high ..... Throwing up .... Pretty urgent . and did i say shes been up for 48 hrs crying in pain?? Her screaming crying in pain in the ER for 2 hrs !!!! I cant wait till next time Providence calls for a survey !!


The COMFORT CARE in Providence Hospital is fabulous. The nurses and staff are so helpful and do so much to help the family. They are also so delicate with the patient.

David MClendon

A little pricey. But a good Hospital. Nice and clean.

Conor Caffrey

This is where I was born. Seems like they did a pretty good job.

Stephanie Hudson

Every time I’ve had a surgery there, everyone was so helpful and totally competent! It’s my first place to go if I need their services.

Larry Middleton

Sad enough that the hospital has so many problems but not with nurses but with the ones in administration that run it need to be replaced with people that know how to staff a hospital. I just saw a nurse that had tattoos on her right arm from one end to another. I'd would have thought in a professional work place they'd be covered.. Like I said it starts with management that know what it takes.

Mariah Henley

Been here 5 hours waiting to see any form of a doctor, I have watched everyone who showed up after us get called back way before us. Never will come back here

laVal cameron

My mother was brought in last night about 5 in an ambulance for heart problems, they put her in a wheel chair in the waiting room for 2 hours. When we asked to speak to the head nurse they got pissy and started to tell at my mother. They then tried to get my father AND mother arrested when we tried to leave to go to the infirmary. We watched people go back one after another for a bed while my mother was sitting there nearly dying. Come to find out when we got to infermary there WAS SERIOUS PROBLEMS . I will never return to this miserable excuse for a hospital.

Brian Harris

Awful experience with the emergancy room. We were on a long road trip when our daughter started throwing up. She threw up nine times in two hours, at which point we decided to take her to the ER. This was the closest one, although we had TWO locals warn us against going here. We took her deapite the warnings. Two hours later we STILL hadn't been evaluated by a nurse. One showed up, but then walked out mid-sentance and didn't bother coming back. Our daughter had perked up at this point so we finnally just walked out. Unless you're dying and don't have another option, find a different ER.

Molly Fields

My dad died in their ICU. I saw so much poor nursing and physician care it's unbelievable.He was sent home from ER coughing and urinating blood the day before being admitted to intensive care, the ER physician never listened to his chest nor took a x-ray, if he would have he would have saw he was hemorrhaging in his lungs. A nurse in ICU told my mom and 16 year old that they would be wasting their medicine to code him. Poor sanitary/sterile practice, picking things up off the floor and using. P.S. you don't feed a patient that just comes off ventilator, it's called aspiration (and his board said npo so I'm sure chart did)but we can't be there to watch in ICU. I absolutely hate this hospital. I believe if my dad had been somewhere else he would still be alive today.

april pasley

Had my first son here, great hospital

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