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Per the usual VA standards, this is bad. I've left multiple messages on multiple numbers and even put my number down for a call back, every day for the last two weeks and nothing. No call backs, no return messages, nothing. It is incredibly inefficient and thanks to the awesome VA backlog, you can't get anything done. I need to reschedule appointments because I travel for work, yet they give me grief and get this exasperated attitude like I'm causing them problems. If you don't like your job at the VA, don't work there. Currently, one of the people I see to get my medications, which isn't even a controlled substance yet treats it like it is, is holding it hostage until I make an appointment, which I can't freaking do! Sorry I have a life and work, didn't mean to inconvenience you, VA personnel. So much for putting Veterans first.

E. easy

Dr. Eason is a dedicated professional who has a heart for veterans and explains everything so that you can understand what you're going through and what she maybe able to do about it. Thanks Dr. Easing.

Hobart Noll

Audiology Clinic is very responsive and professionally staffed. Receptionist is a pleasure to request assistance. I am proud of our Huntsville VA Clinic and the services they provided the numerous veterans living in the surrounding area.

Will White

They close down the call center early....just tried to call at 4:25 and the voice said "you've reached the clinic outside our normal hours". Well, five minutes isn't much but all I needed was some info on how to log in and see my records.

Kenny W

Lovely building, but it is a 100 dollar saddle on a fifty dollar horse. For instance, the lab techs have to walk out to the lobby and call the next patient by name, back and forth all day long, wasting tech's time. Their phone system often is stuck in a loop, for instance, dial 8 for the lab in fact starts the recording over. Who is in charge and what do they do?

In Our Own Backyard


worst facility in the USA dont go there veterans are treating like dogs..

Yvaughan Pierce

It is a very beautiful facility. However depending on what level of healthcare your expecting is a different story.

Michael Reed

Joshua Lincicum

Gerald Switzer

2 day wait for appointment for test. 5min. wait for test after check in after check in. Very clean, great facility.

Tyler Archote

Thought that this VA health clinic was different than ones I had previously visited, I was mistaken. I scheduled an appointment for a condition that is service connected and showed up 15 minutes early. Waited for almost an hour and a half without being called. Went to the front desk a few times only to be told that the nurses were busy with walk-ins. In the mean time, I saw several people being called into their appointments. They wasted my time and were unapologetic about the whole ordeal.

H Logan

The receptionist s are super nice. One or two of them... ?

Marvin Calvert

So far, nice clean place,with good people.

Harriett Nix

Such a great place everyone's very helpful and caring for you unlike the guntersville va clinic!! I highly recommend Huntsville VA clinic

Steven Glasgow

Always treated well there.

Matthew Urbanic

I LOVE my PCM (Dr. Curtis) and his staff! It's awesome to have another paratrooper care for you; he knows _exactly_ how a dude can hurt doing that stuff. He and Nurse Klee make a visit there almost-enjoyable. Minimal wait times, overall clean, modern facility.

Caleb Wright-Haynes

I recently went into the Huntsville VA as a walk in for an emergency instead of going to the Huntsville Hospital ER and potentially getting stuck with a huge bill that the the VA wouldn’t pay. I arrived at approximately 10:30 and didn’t get to see a provider until after 3:00pm, and then I was stuck there until after 4:30 waiting on my medication. Needless to say I won’t be returning to that VA Clinic. I’d rather drive to the Birmingham VA Medical Center!

David Fulcher

It still takes 90 days to get an appointment with my primary care physician. No way to contact primary care physician by phone or secure messaging on Myhealthevet.

Milton G.

They really need to work on their desk staff. When the two regular front desk ladies were out sick, I got more done with a temp (or non regular) than I did in eight months of going to the clinic. They also apparently do not know that it is 30 days for the Veterans Access Choice Acountability Act and on two occasions told me the wrong information (60 & 90 days). On several occasions after the act went through, they told me they "could not set up an appointment for me" as the appointment was more than 30 days out. Either they are refusing to do their job, do not know what they are doing or were told by a higher up to do this. Not sure how legal that is. They also can not seem to update my information after I requested to seen another doctor as the nurse was really creepy to my wife several times and every time I set up an appointment, I have to tell them I have not seen that doctor in a year but no one seems to be able to change the information. Long wait times on the phone, rude customer service reps (from Birmingham)....same old nonsense from self proclaimed "professionals". Not everyone there is bad at their job, some really care and try to help. Do not let a few bad eggs ruin your view of this clinic.

Brandy Hicks

Wish we had Emergency care locally, but the new facility is amazing!

joe baroni

Dr Cole Sutler and her nurse are awesome.

Kristine Watts

I have had nothing but amazing service here.

Joe Deak

Hard working people there who care about their patient population. Many of them are veterans themselves. Yes wait times can be long but this is not their fault. There are only so many physicians who already see over 1200 patients a piece.

John Muhlhauser

The wait to get appointments is a bit long. This facility is clean, the staff friendly.


First lady I talked to was a little rude, but the second was very polite. Sometimes they forget it's their job to take care of Veterans

Michelle Bailey

Joe Walker Jr

Here from out of state, medical bag stolen so needed my prescription refilled. The black male in pharmacy was great trying to help me but was unable so sent me to primary care, what a treat. The black female on the far left needs to go, rude. The other one said i had to fill out form fax to BRM va then see a doctor. Told me the best thing would be to have Jackson mail my meds to me. I am very upset and now my trip is over and i will just ride back home to get my meds. 100% vet got no help!!!!

Jessica Walker

Scott Passmore

The VA helps causes the 22 suicides per day with the BS... That they put veterans through... If I know I have to deal with them after serving.. I would have never joined the military.. VA shows how sorry the government is in this country... Huntsville va sleep clinic is apart of the problem..

David Angles

Best VA facility I have been to. It is new, clean, and you can schedule appts within a reasonable amount of time. I really like my doctors there too!

Tom Barber

Clean, modern, and caring staff. Never had any issues with being treated or served here.

julie whitt

i took my dad to the huntsville v.a. it should be closed down how can you tell a man we will get you a appt. in 3 months. i agree close the v.a.s give the vets a card let them go to local dr.s .


Leonardo Williams

Some of the staff members there have little to no concern or empathy for our issues, (physically or mentally) here at this facility. I wonder why some of these staff members even work there if they're not here to truly help the Veteran. If you're not there to help a torn or broken Vet to recover, or work through their problems than please find another occupation.

David Lewis

Great experience! Very kind and helpful staff! Took care of me in a very timely manner!

ken jones

dr, eason is a nut. i saw her for chest pains. she blew me off. that night i had a heart attack..also while in huntsville hospital found i have cancer in my right kidney. why do i have yo give them 1 star

Omar Reyes

Had my blood taken today and had a photo ID made. Wonderful service and it was fast!

Larry Taylor

I was hoping the new place would be better then the old one, But I was wrong. The doctor's are OK. But the ones you deal with at the desk act like they can"t be bothered with you and stay on the phone all the time you stand in line and wait. The other day I made a video with my phone and plan on writing a letter to my Congressman and sending hem the video Maybe he can make things a little bit better for all us Veterans

Joann King

The service from the doctors are excellent, but some (optometrist )staff while using his cell phones, refused to make me a follow up appt for my eyes, to see if I needed surgery.

Sean Redinger

Jeff Martin

It's a nice new building and I was checked in and called back to see the doctor within minutes. I felt I received very good care at this facility.

jennifer friend

Christopher Hart

Earliest appointments are at least two months out. What purpose does that serve?

Bishop Tommy Haygood

Professional atmosphere and personnel. Very excellent service and minimum wait times.

James Townsend

If you have good blood pressure they close the doors on you and say your healthy. Phone lines suck. Foriegn doctors. Wait time is way too long to have nothing done. They just hope we will die before fixing us. Stand up( all of us) and fight the real war . The war of not caring for the ones who help make America possible. Even non VA doctors will not help us, because VA will not pay them. This goes for emergency room visits. Everyone seems to hate us with a smile. One day vets will over take with force and make a better nation.

Dustin Shannon

I had a friend who went to this clinic, the foreigner doctor hardly spoke English and was very rude. I will not post the doctors name but he is going to report her. Don't go to this VA!

Rick Oberheide

Just spent 90 minutes on hold before finally giving up. On a Thursday afternoon? I'm now stuck with the Huntsville VA after moving here.

John Peoples

After playing phone tag in the automated system, I was somehow able to get ahold of an operator, at about 3:15 pm on 8/2/19. I asked about the shuttle service and there routes! And as usual, the male operator was a little testy, instead of just giving me the extension to the area that handles it. He asked me if I was coming from an outlying area, I said no I'm in Huntsville and I wanted to know where it is they take passengers to because of a future appointment I have coming up! My issue was his tone, abruptness, and snarky attitude, as if he was about to get off for the day, he seemed to think I needed him to solve my concern, all I wanted was a way that I could call them directly. One star, only because I got ahold of a live body...same VA, same attitude and treatment!

Dan Jacobs

This place is ridiculous. I called to make an appointment. Well, they couldn't give me an appointment but they put me on the list to be called when they could. It's been months. I've been with a couple of other VA clinics that did not do this. They were prompt with appointments. You didn't have to get put on a waiting list. Just how long must you wait?

Stephen Youngblood

*Update* Tried to call to make an appointment. They open at 8, called every 2 minutes until 825 when they finally didn't say it was outside normal hours. Then it said due to the high volume of calls the wait time is 25 minutes. How did I fall to 25 minutes when the phone line was open 2 minutes are the most. The VA needs to fix the Huntsville Office. The front desk staff is incompetent at best. Other than Mr. Pruitt they are all substandard employees who have personal conversations, personal phone calls etc while you stand and wait. Then they have an attitude with you when they call you up. You can never get through on the phone to make an appointment, and when you do appointments are almost 6 months out. If you suffer an injury or have a side effect you will not be seen in a timely manner. The doctors try, but the patient to doctor ratio is unacceptable. My Dr. tends to try to be too friendly and talk too much, so your appointment time and your seen time is always at least 45 minutes apart. Suggestion FIRE the entire front desk staff, hire a few more doctors, and do the scheduling online.

Daniel Heater

Lowell Staton

The new nurse was extremely rude..Dr.Scarria is useless and non professional....will try the patient advocate...

laci whitt

i took my uncle to the huntsvile v.a. 3 months to see a dr. he has cancer . i thought this is nuts . so i googled v.a. wait times . i was shocked to read 238000 vets died waiting to see a v.a dr. m close the v,a. down dont let another vet. die waiting to see a v.a. dr.

Mark Rowan

I have been treated with utmost respect. It's like as if a lot of these people went to a different place. Yes appointments are difficult to get at times. People work there, so sometimes they get tired, frustrated... just like you. They are there to help you with your medical needs, and when you walk in and throw off the already strained situation demanding your way, wanting them to do things they can't do. They might get a little rude. I have seen them go out of their way to help. Most of the people are there because, even though there are rude inconsiderate people coming in, they care! Its not their fault your hurting. If you want to gripe, gripe at the politicians, who don't mind sending you into a hot spot, but won't get off a dollar so you can have a better Hospital!! Or better yet, as someone said an ID that allows you to get help at a Hospital of your choice! Why do I have to go to Birmingham for a hospital bed? I have been under the care of Dr Eason who tries to make me well, and is very thorough. Physical therapy is amazing. Optical people are great. A pain to get an appointment and they don't have much money for glasses(they depend on donated frames). Some of these reviews are unfair. I usually don't leave reviews but these are just ridiculous.

Gee Man

Zac Haynes

Waste of time, they don’t do treatment anymore. Just medicate and observe till death. Try and drive Vets to suicide for faster results.

Chip Plylar

I'm so grateful for this place & I don't know what I would do without it.

ole school

James Latham

I called three times last week to make an appointment and get a primary care provider. Twice I was on hold for a half hour each time before I gave up. The third time someone took my name and number on Thursday morning. I called back Monday morning accualy talked to someone to make an appointment but the soonest appointment they could give me is in early August. I find this to be highly unacceptable that I can't even be seen in a timely manner to get taken care of. Instead I will have to find a physician in the private sector and have to pay out of my own pocket for my disabilities to be taken care of. Thanks Huntsville VA way to keep up the status quo.

Matthias Jones


Dr. Pulliyam is a JOKE

Marco McIntosh

Randall Cochran

Great service with the Audio Department, cannot say the same for Primary Care. Called on 3 Apr 2018 and requested Primary Care Physical Appointment, the person took contact information and said someone would be in contact with me. Had not heard from the Huntsville Clinic after almost 2 months and contacted them again on 31 May 2018. Again took my information and was told someone would call me back. After no return calls called again today 14 June and was told they have a backlog of a request for Primary Care that exceeds 90 days so they cannot make any appointments at this time. As much as I would like to not believe the bad things I hear about VA Medical Care through the various media outlets unfortunately it appears they are true.

Whitney Robinson

Physical Therapy Personnel are Excellent! Dr Curtis and Staff are also above par. They are attentive and professional.

Personal Gmail Acct Alabama

No comment

James T

Jerry Wilson

I have had nothing but good treatment and service here...

Katy Gibson

If you can get medical care ANYWHERE else go there!!

Bobby Galloway

Anthony ingram

1. How long must a person wait in the waiting area to be seen? 2. Is there no way to get an appointment without having to wait three months? 3. I had an MRI nearly 6 months ago, it almost seems that they refuse to tell me the results. 4. If you went to school 10 years for a job/ worked hard to get a good gov. Job then why are you not happy? Don't be a jerk, no one forced you to work at the VA.

Street Outlaw

Jeffrey Jolin

Been going here for 2 years have never had a problem. Appointments wait time in great, people are nice and the facility is clean. I believe the workers here really care about vets.

Dianne Hayes

I usually don't do this, but I'm frustrated. I had an appointment with a physical therapist this morning or so I thought. Received a call first thing in the morning for someone to inform me that my appointment has to be canceled because I was scheduled incorrectly. I was looking forward to my appointment because of the pain I'm in. Now because of someone's mistake I have to wait till the end of the month for an appointment.

Erik Byrd

Did a walk in and was from a different state. They were able to get my records, see me and get my prescription fill in about an hour.

Brenda Bradford

Beautiful building

Janice Putnam

Lemuel Leake


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