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215 Perry Hill Rd, Montgomery, AL 36109

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REVIEWS OF Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System IN Alabama

Tiffany Williams

Theodore Paige

Michael Taylor

Michael Neal

Checked in and was seen within 20 minutes. Had a professional screening for increase in benefits and was sent to x-ray room and was seen there within 20 minutes. The staff attitudes were nice and the facilities seemed clean for the age of the place. As usual bring your own paperwork though, as I loaded mine into Ebenfits months ago and the lady still couldn't acess them and had to lok at mine.


Horrible experience in a week of inpatient care. Nurses joking around loudly all night, not allowing you to sleep. Doctors are rarely available. However, some nurses are really good. It's a shame they keep the bad ones.

Sandra Smith

T Potts

Wait times here seen long. Much prefer the Tuskegee campus. Adding some pics from the Chapel on 3rd floor

Luis Ojeda

I'm not sure why I had to wait 4 hours to be seen with only 3 people there. I was in agony.

KPX 1138

I’m actually sharing my review on the new VA Chantilly clinic located just off of Chantilly Parkway. While it is apparent that the VA spent a considerable sum of money building this beautiful, modern and technologically advanced facility, they didn’t appear to be spending any of that money trying to recruit and hire doctors (not nurse practitioners)! I’ve been assigned to this embarrassment of a medical clinic since I first enrolled in the VA back in 2015 and I’ve yet to see an actual M.D. A nurse practitioner is all that I’ve ever been allowed to see. (I will call her Nurse H in order to protect the...ahem, innocent.) Nurse H is a joke. She’s not allowed to diagnose any problems because she’s not an actual medical doctor. Every time I see her she always orders lab work (blood and urine tests). She receives the results very quickly and then calls me into the exam room where I typically wait 1 to 4 hours before she finally walks in. Then she typically says something like, “I see that your liver enzymes are highly elevated. What’s the reason for that?” I guess that I’m supposed to diagnose myself! She does this with my high blood pressure and every other medical issue that I come in with. Maybe I am wrong but I thought that the medical professionals were supposed to be the ones with the answers. She orders major medical tests like MRIs without ever mentioning it to me beforehand much less telling me what they are even looking for! One week after that visit I received a phone call from radiology asking me when I would like to schedule my MRI. I was speechless. “What MRI? What are you talking about?”, I asked. She explained that nurse H had ordered a brain scan. I asked why but the technician didn’t know. I showed up and took the MRI anyway with absolutely no idea why. She promised that nurse H would contact me as soon as the radiologist reported his findings. I waited patiently for two weeks before I tried to contact nurse H, but she refused to return any of my phone calls. I got frustrated so I ended up calling radiology and asking them what the radiologist found. Of course, they could not tell me the diagnosis, although they did tell me that the radiologist had reviewed the results and recorded his findings. I explained the situation and how I was getting nowhere, so they sent me a copy of the report but it was all in medical jargon and meant absolutely nothing to me. I also suffer from severe seizures and have been trying to get the VA to send me to a neurologist since 2015 to no avail. I implore anyone who reads this to avoid the Chantilly clinic if at all possible! If I could give zero stars, trust me I would! It’s time for all of us to band together and contact Congressman Martha Roby. She sits on the Veterans Administration Congressional committee.

Sapphire Moon

This Five-Star review is specifically for the Patient Adovate, Mr. Jeff Flowers. If you need help, this man is the best. He truly cares about Veterans and their care! God bless

Patricia Price

Excellent doctors and staff, clean environment, wonderful experience,.

Jimmie Landers

This VA really sucks.... They drag ass to get to people. They would rather be talking all on their phones and talking and walking around rather than getting to their patients. If you are a vet and need to go to the emergency room I believe I would go to a regular hospital than going to this place. You will be seen a lot quicker there than having to wait 3 or 4 hours to be seen at this VA. And I wouldn't give them a whole star but that's the lowest I can give them...

Cecil Dewey

My doctor is a nurse practice. She is not caring at all. I would rate her at a minius 3.

Chris Lucier

By far the worst VA system I've had the displeasure of dealing with. Including Chantily Clinic and Tuskegee. Need to vet those who don't want to do the job and put those in who do. Shame on you CAVHCS... You need to model yourself after successful VA systems.... Or just close it down and let us go private sector....

Christopher Cordell

Went to the er just to have the Dr tell me I needed blue cross so I didn't have to deal with the va. They need to just close it down. I'd rather go to a real hospital

Johnny Sanders


Greatly appreciated the care and immediate attention! Night shift at early morning were very polite and ensured I was & felt properly cared. They treated sudden acute pain and wrote a note for work. Treatment plan is currently working. I had a bad experience many years ago and it took extreme pain for me to go back. I'm glad I did! Highly recommend night shift! We shall see about day shift as I hope to transition back to VA from private practice I've been paying $$ to see.

Tae Han

Tony Dinkins

Very helpful! !!

Tamika Ashford

It's sad that there is only a hand count of people that work here that actually wants to help you. The rest of them are rude and unprofessional. They half ass diagnose you and you have to make them correct their mess. Alabama VA system is horribly operated.

Renee Mims

This is your typical VA center. It does have an ER which makes it nice. I am a disabled Vet and am thankful for the services they do provide. Sometimes it takes longer to get appointments then I wish. Doctors come and go so you don't get to see the same one for long. But being military used to that. Clean, most of the staff is friendly.

Eddie Horne


Horrible service. I've come to the ER 3 times in less than 2 months for the same issue, and each time there I'm told that there is nothing they can do because they don't do MRIs from the ER. They don't care that I'm screaming in pain, that I can't sit still because I have severe nerve damage. And I'm too scared that if I go to a Civilian WR to get fixed, that the VA will choose npt to cover the bill, since I can't afford Civilian Health Care. Avoid this place at all cost.


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