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REVIEWS OF Glamour Nails & Spa IN Wyoming

Gotham Knight

Heather Hansen

Em ily

Awesome. Hands down will be back.

Janelle Corpening

Pam Scott

Katy Sherman

I only do manicure once in a while. I'm leaving to go on vacation so I need a manicure that lasts well. I was thinking of gel color but when I went in they told me about dipping powder. I have no idea what it is but they said it'd last better than gel color so I decided to try the new product. OMG...look how gorgeous the color is...

Keri Kroeck

Emma Tully

I’ve used Glamour Nails for pedicures and manicures for awhile. I used to enjoy this place, but over the past year, every time I make an appointment and arrive on time, I still have to wait 30 minutes to get in. I’ve been asked to come back some other time or another day when they are less busy more than 3X now (again after calling ahead and making an appointment). When I do get in, the service is rushed and the quality does not match the price. Saloons are limited in Jackson hence why I return, but I would recommend making an appointment at Pro Nails in town over this place for a better experience.

Jared Anderson

Got a full set of nails. Cost me sixty dollars.

Athena Zone

Susan Jane Sutton

Glamour is a very nice nail salon. It is sparkling clean and all tools are sanitized. The techs are friendly and very good at their jobs. I don't go to Diva anymore - it's not friendly and more important, it always feels kind of dirt. Try Glamour.

Regina Parker

Had to wait for awhile. However, it was worth it. My technician did a really good job with the cuticle cleaning. My gel manicure lasted for 2 weeks without chipping off. Would definitely come back again before i leave Jackson.

Virginia Goolameir

I was only in Jackson to visit a friend for a few days. My friend treated me to this shop to pamper myself after a long drive. The experience was great. Shop was clean and nice. I came in without an appointment so I had to wait for almost an hour as they were super busy on the weekends. Price is a bit expensive but so is every other place in Jackson. I really enjoyed their spa pedicure. They offered a variety of different scents. Would definitely come back again if i'm in Jackson.


My girlfriend and I came to Jackson to visit her family. We only stayed for 3 days. Before we left, my girlfriend wanted to get her nails done. Her family told us to go here. We showed up without an appointment so we had to wait for a while. The place was nice and clean. They were very busy. The staff who took care of my girlfriend said her gel !manicure would take about 45 minutes because she had to soak the old ones off first. I decided to have a foot massage while waiting. It was awesome. The pedicure chair had so many options for back massage. Can't say no to that. Would definitely come back again.

Madeline Gail

I got acrylics done by Yvonne 45 minutes before close and she gave me excellent advice about what would be best for my nails and took her time ensuring she did everything carefully. They look flawless. She even stayed after close to finish! Highly recommend.

James McJunkin

Never used their services. They are very busy though they must be good

Mina Jenson

I've been here multiple times now. Sometimes, it's very busy and you had to wait for some time. However, they do seems to have more staffs now. They do honor appointments make by phone or email however if you're late, don't expect to have service if they already have customer s waiting. As for the services, they are good at what they do. I'd recommend Yvonne, she very much into details at what you want. Other good thing is that they don't force sale you on extra services. I hate it when the technicians at other places do that. The environment is quiet and very clean. They don't display discounts anymore, but when I asked for it, I usual get one.

Lesli Dana

Very rude! Felt like they were yelling and didn’t want to be bothered!

MIchelle Tzompa

Leo has a very bad attitude and he was very rude and he cut me with his tools and left me nails very thick

Lauryn Hansen

Candace H

Had an acrylic fill with gel polish this morning. I hadn’t planned to get my nails done during our road trip but they were past due and started breaking. Anyway, I was the first one in at 9:30am, my girl was nice but there’s a bit of rippling in the acrylic, so it looks amateur. At least I have shorter, camping ready nails. ** to the previous reviewer RE: dipping powder: it is NOT safer on your nails. It’s literally powdered acrylic. And can’t be “filled” like regular acrylic fills, so your nails take a beating each time you have to have EVERYTHING removed, rather than a few layers. Twice as much time to re-do and twice as harsh on your real nails. I learned this the hard way. :(

Adrienne Culliton

Amazing! Got right in and received an excellent pedicure. The glamour pedicure was absolutely worth every penny!

Tonia Herron

I've been using acrylic for a long time. I wanted to switch to something that's a bit less harmful on my nails so I tried this product the manager recommended called dipping powder. It's been on my nail for over a week now and still looks like new. Would definitely come back again. The shop is quite busy so I would recommend making an appointment before showing up.

Donald & Karen Saner

fine place to get nails and toes done!

Michelle Gress

DO NOT GO TO THIS SALON. I arrived at four left at 5:40 got a fill with gel. Design on two fingers that is the most horrible flower I have ever had... Do not go here.. And they charged me 60.00. RESPONSE TO OWNER: I don't know who you are responding too but by the description THIS WAS NOT ME! My nails were not PINK and I did not get flowers on 4 nails - I only had TWO FLOWERS. Next time you respond in an aggressive manner make sure you are responding to the right person

Prd Provost

Working in the Jackson area over the weekend and had broken a nail. I used Yelp to find somewhere good as I'm super picky about my nails. I called in advance and they gave me a timeframe where I could walk in. It took 20 minutes and she did a great job! I may just come here for my next fill next time I'm in town.

Eric hoffmaster

Suzy Davis

I went in for basic manicure but ended up with gel manicure. It was a bit more expensive but it was worth it. The color was vibrant and shiny. I liked it a lot. I didn't have an appointment when I walked in so I had to wait for about 15 minutes. Since I was a new customer, Yvonne was kind enough to give me a discount.

Kathryn Bratz

I will never return nor recommend to anyone! I was getting a gel manicure, the lady picked my cuticle too deep and made it bleed and picked at a different cuticle that I specifically asked her to leave alone! These nails are supposed to last from 2-3 weeks and CHIPPED just 3 days after getting them done. After a week, 4 of my nails have polish peeling off the ends. This was not worth $50.

Brett Taylor

Kelsey Schlenker

Very impressed !!!! My boyfriend and I went and got an amazing massage and excellent service!!! Highly reccomend to anyone!!

Laureen Canchola

Great massage on my pedicure

Susan Oremus

Kali Schott

Do not go here, they don't know the differences of they types of fake nails and will not do what you want with your own nails!

Michelle Redmond

Katrina Wilhelm

Walked in with terrible nails and Katie put a new set on with June Bride Gel polish. Perfect oval shape and fantastic service! Thank you!

Mary Cernicek

Rochelle Whiterock

I usually don't get my nails done here in Jackson but thought I would give this place a try. Never Again!! We, myself and two little girls (10 years old), came in as walk-ins for pedicures and a fill. I was told to come back at 3:00 even though the place wasn't all too busy. We came back a little before 3:00 but wasn't seen till 3:20. I was immediately able to soak my feet but my little girls sat at their little pedi chairs for 30 minutes barefoot with no water or any service offered to them. The girls weren't even given the chance to choose what color or design they wanted and this experience was a poor one for my girls first time. As for my pedicure, not worth the price or the time to get one done by this place. Next up was my fill. The guy seemed a little irritated that I wanted my nails done. He kept looking at my nails and kept asking where I get my nails done. Like I said not the same place I get mine done usually. He filled my nails but started to take over shaping them different from what I had. I had to stop him and say that was not the way I wanted them. He got more irritated with me. He grabbed my fingers, twisted them to the point my joints where hurting and I wanted to pull my fingers away. Every time I tried to pull my fingers away he would grab them, give me the evil eye, and my fingers towards him so he could finish with my fill. All the while digging his fingers nails into my skin to let me know he was irritated but still wanted to finish my nails. By this time I was irritated with him that I did not let him finish doing my nails. I wanted another technician but the other ladies were busy with other clients. I wasn't about to waste any more time and money on this crappy experience so I figured it was time to pay. They charge me $55 for a mediocre pedicure and $30 for a fill that was not completed. Let's not forget they ruined my little girls experience of what was supposed to be an enjoyful pedicure. Never again will I give this business another chance.

Brooke Christeson

When I called the salon to make an appointment I asked if they did gel nail extensions as well as how much their pedicures were. She told me they did, that they were $45 and pedicures were $35 and if I got them done together I would get a 10% discount. Once I got there, she told me it was actually $55 for my nails. I figured someone on the phone had just misspoke and didn't make a big deal out of it. However, they did not do gel nail extensions, they did acrylics. I only realized this after the guy doing my nails had cut them extremely short. I was upset but realized there was obviously a miscommunication and told him I would be fine with acrylics as long as they were pretty short and a natural almond shape. He told me he could do that, and so off he went. While he was buffing out my nails he burned two of the fingers at the cuticle and cut the other one so I was bleeding. Once he was done buffing and shaping I asked him, not once, not twice, but three times to please round them more. I even went as far as to tell him I didn't want them to look square at all. He got visibly more annoyed each time I spoke, which I understand it's frustrating to have someone tell you how to do your job but acrylics stay on for quite a bit of time and since I wasn't planning on getting them in the first place, I wanted to at least like them when it was all over. After he shaped them the fourth time he didn't ask me if I liked them (which I'm sure was purposeful) and just brought me over to the pedicure station while one guy did my nails, he polished my ugly, squared off stripper acrylic nails. It was not relaxing at all. My pedicure literally took fifteen minutes and then they were bringing me up to the front to charge me. I hate to say that I was actually happy to get of there at this point. The man who did my pedicure cut my toes extremely short so it was kind of funny to me, having no toenails and wicked witch of the west fingernails. He told me my total was $80, then the same woman who has quoted me $55 for the nails, yelled something in an Asian language and the guy said $95 actually. I asked him how $55 + $35 -10% came out to $95. The same woman came up and using a calculator, added $60 + $35 and told me that was my total. I reminded her that she quoted me $55 for my nails right before we started. She was extremely condescending and ended up charging me $85 total with the discount. All in all, it was not a good experience. I enjoy getting my nails and toes done typically because it gives me a chance to be away from everyone and kind of unwind. I don't mind spending the money to be allowed that chance. This is the first time I have ever left a nail salon feeling like I'd just wasted a bunch of time and money. It seems this is just another opportunistic business in Jackson that charges an absorbent amount of money because of where it is located without giving any really good services. I will never return and will never recommend this place.

Jessica Schiers

Justin Crabtree

The service was very great, the employees we nice and Very understanding! I had a pedicure and It was Very relaxing!

Sterling Scott

Clean, efficient, reasonably priced. I get an appointment and never have to wait because they took walk ins in front of me. I get a regular mani/pedi and go every other week. Everyone there is good, so I don't have to request any one specific. When I was undergoing chemo, one tech did all of my appointments because I could not soak and had to be careful of cuts. They were very kind and were extremely careful. I highly recommend this salon!

Alicia Schofield

Be careful the employees will run you down in the road. I looked before making my way across the road the one of their employees came up behind me, you can clearly see me (bright blue can't really miss me) in the road and almost hit me. If they have this attitude outside the company, I can't imagine how it is inside. Just be cautious.

Hooper Tiffany

I've been searching high and low for the best nail salon in the Jackson these past 2 years- I can happily report that I've finally found a place I can commit to as my go-to spot. I love that Glamour Nails is clean and they have an impressive color selection. They also offer nail art Pinterest worthy nail art with affordable prices. I also really enjoy their leather massage chairs. They offer an above-average color selection and a peaceful internal decor. I love this nail salon! Always coming back.

Nicole Bechyne

Jessica Baker

Probably one of the best spots in Jackson to get an affordable mani/pedi. The staff are Vietnamese, who originally started their business in LA and now operate in Jackson, WY too. Their is a staff of about 7 to 9 people and the only reason I don't give them more stars is that some of the staff members do a better job than others. When it's good it's good, when it's bad it's bad. I would say 2 out of 3 times it's good. But I keep coming back, so it must not be that bad!

Bonny Gray

The staff appear not to be very experienced in doing the powder dip nails. The man who did mine had color all over my fingers and tried to get it off at my insistence, but was unable to. I look like a third grader did my nails. Plus he charged me $100 for this terrible mess. A woman waiting to have her nails done refused to have them do hers after seeing my mess.

vanessa and friends

It’s a great place but this is what happened I made an appointment yesterday and today I went to get my nails done there and they said that I didn’t make an appointment they said I made an appointment for yesterday but no I made in appointment for today and they said they couldn’t do it until like three and right now it’s 12 so I don’t recommend making an appointment and if you do make an appointment make sure she writes it down

Amy Florrick

I went in for a basic manicure and pedicure. I liked it here because there was no chemical smell in the shop which was great. Also, the shop was nice and clean. I'd definitely come back again.

Sara H.

I went in for a regular pedicure, I was seeing quickly, there wasn't a lot of talking which I was okay with, and I was out in about an hour with very pretty toes.

Tina Babis

Easy to walk in and get your nails done, without an appointment. The owner (I believe her name is Yvonne) is nice and listens for feedback and overall, this this is a great place to get your mani/pedi done. I am unsure of the other services they offer, never tried them.

Baillie Linden

Typical walk in nail salon. Fast and friendly.

Debra Stern

The place is clean and convenient. They do not really hold to an appointment time but can do your manicure at the same time as your pedicure. They do a reasonably good job but it isn't cheap. I still had polish on my toes I took off myself!

JK Mattoon

Christine Puia

Elesha McAlexander

Had my nails done for my wedding, they got us in right away and the price was reasonable for white tips, yet they broke the day before my wedding. My bridal party was able to get in the same day within an hour for reservations.

Annie John

I visited this Spa on my best friend’s recommendation. I was initially a little apprehensive as I have never been there before, but I admit it's worth every penny. Its going to be my only choice for getting my nails done. Excellent staff , great atmosphere and very satisfying services.

Jones Julie

It's a short drive from downtown, but worth it! After a bad experience at another salon, called this one ! They took us in 10 minutes, the salon was so much nicer, excellent customer service and outstanding pedicure/manicure!!! Now, actually glad the other place did not work out! Thank you!!!! Will be back while still in town!

Rebecca Vanderhorst

I love this nail salon! I have been multiple times and have been very successful with their pedicures and waxing services. It is very clean and the employees are very professional and nice. I would highly recommend this spa!!

Alix Aguzin

These pictures were taken the morning after my manicure. The cuticles still look awful, and in the second picture, you can see how they cut into my thumb’s cuticle, causing it to bleed.

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