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REVIEWS OF Freya Salon IN Wisconsin

Kristen Pesature-Olds

Cate Herringer

I have been getting the Deva cut for curly hair with Kay. She also gave me tips for styling curly hair, highly recommended!

Noelia Schaffer

Found them online because needed someone skilled to cut my curly hair. And skilled is an understatement. Absolutely worth every penny for the deva cut! Am totally in love and have found finally found my salon!! Thank you so much Kay for being amazing and patient with my hair!!

Kendra Koeppen

Cassidy Multhauf

buddy elliott

Kerry-Jo Pfeiffer

Great salon.


Marie F

I have never before stood in front of the mirror every day amazed by just how bad my haircut is. It's shocking it's that poorly cut, hands down the very worst I have had in my adult life. The worst part is why on earth would I go back to have it fixed by the person who butchered it??? Seriously? Looking at my hair in the mirror every day is a bizarrer JOKE. I should have known better, but I went in with an open mind. I wasn't asking for anything complicated and what I got is a 90s botch job at best. $65 haircut and a $20 tip (sure, it looked "fine" when I left), but this haircut can't stand on its own without totally working with it. Not now, not for months from now. A good haircut doesn't require so much fussing to hide what is BLATANTLY uneven when I don't style it. One side of my head has I don't even know what you call it and the other side is noticeably longer. Shapeless layers with a "V" at the back (?? is that what it's supposed to be??) of LONG hair. If you've never left the South Side of Milwaukee, you'll be just fine here. Ask for a perm while you're at it.

Danny Torres

Freya is the Norse Goddess of beauty and partying (among other things) - It is a fitting name for this salon.

Nell E

Collette R. Bien

Sarah R

Jason is the best hair stylist I've ever had. I recently moved back to Milwaukee after living in Chicago for several years. Freya was my Milwaukee salon and I missed it while in Chicago. I'm so glad I booked my cut and color with Jason--he's a creative artist with the technical expertise of a craftsman. Jason helped me find the most flattering cut for my face and a beautiful hair color that looks stylish and classic, but not time warpy. He has a pleasant, low-key demeanor that equals low stress visits to the hair salon for me. When I leave Freya I know I look my best.

Eva Beyer Wiegman

Molly is amazing! I have been seeing her for 8 years, and she does an impeccable job with my hair! My color is flawless, and my cut is spot on! I always receive compliments on my hair. I love the vibe at Freya! It's super laid back and relaxed. Molly is a super cool chick on top of it! I always have a blast getting my hair done. It's almost like a little escape from the craziness. Schedule an appointment with Mollyb you won't be disappointed!

Сергей Куликов

Alicia Storin

I've been going here for years and I'm extremely happy. They are very accommodating with allergies, which is not always the case with salons. Beautiful up-dos, manicures, and makeup services, along with the best short haircut I've ever had. Maria is amazing.

Annalise Browncollins

So I went here for the first time about a week ago. I wish I could remember my girls name!. I had a Devacut, I am biracial with 3c hair. I have never really found a place I liked very much to do my hair. I have never gone to the same place twice. HOWEVER I loved the woman I had. She really listened to my concerns and was gentle. When she washed and conditioned my hair after the cut she took her time and made sure every stand was saturated and smoothed out with product. at the end when I asked for an oil to add to my style as well and she was more then happy to. she separated my curls and made it look nice before I left The only thing I would change about the actual apt would be to give the costumer the option to not blow dry with heat. They sit you under a hood to dry but as I am natural I do not use heat. In her defense I did not say anything in the moment to her, I did mention it at the start of the appt. The only reason they don't get 5stars is the insane price!!! I really enjoyed my cut and would come back however any place that charges more for curly hair I find to be discriminatory without even realizing that they are being! They don't charge more for longer hair they only charge more for curly hair. This is something that is completely unfair and its not just a problem with this salon. Many do the exact same thing! Everyone should be trained to handle curly hair as well. after tip I paid $100 bucks for a haircut. just a haircut! again the woman I had was AMAZING and very sweet and the price is not her fault but I will have to really consider whether or not I will be going again.

Meghan Hilliard

This Deva Cut is incredible. Great place to go for curly/ethnic hair. They know their stuff and execute it very well and carefully for a great price point! Great people, great art, amazing teas and top notch service.

katherine sommer

Maria is the best!

Stephani Lohman

I love this place. Kay is the best!

Abby E. Block

Kay has done an amazing job with my hair. Worth the drive down. The DevaCurl cut and styling products have so improved my hair... and life!

Sandra McCormick

Awesome salon. Emily's the best.

William Chase

Superb! Molly is the BEST!

non ya

Sarah Krchma

My favorite salon ever!

Brenda Brambila

Roberts BrownsxXZd

Alicia Halvensleben

Loved my DevaCut from Adrianna today. Highly recommend

Denise Mulcahy

Kegan&Alivia Markwardt

Absolutely LOVED my deva cut from here so much better than a place literally twice as expensive!

Jessica Young

This is such a fantastic salon.They have such great products that actually work. They have yummy drinks to have while you're waiting. Very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Have ALWAYS left adoring my hair color and cuts.

Dominika Steinova

Denyse has been doing my hair for little over a year now, she is awesome! I get highlights, a cut and few times I got colored ends (lilac/pink). Always turns out amazing, plus their products are excellent. I also got a pedicure here few times from Mikel which was one of the best pedicures I have ever gotten! Highly recommend going here.

Ivana holevova

Today was my First experience in Freya salon, found very excellent service , Jason did my hair, they were damage from highlight , he did marvelous job , was very patient and took his time to work on it !!!! Already book another appointment .

Stephanie Hernandez

Jesse Gifford

I have spent almost my whole life trying to find a good salon for my curly hair and I am in LOVE with Freya. I know Deva cuts are a little more expensive, but it is so worth it! Every stylist I've been to has known exactly what to do with my hair. The entire experience is enjoyable, the atmosphere is great and you will leave with a cut you love!

Nicole LeCapitaine

Katherine Reyes

These people do wonders! Best place for curly haired people.

Meghan Dorn

Andrea V

Maria Velez

I've been going here for years and by far the best salon ever. I will never go anywhere else.

Peter Coffin

Lauralei Schmidling

Kay is amazing. She takes the time to listen to exactly what I am looking for and makes it happen. The whole staff at Freya is welcoming and accomodating.

Katy Benway

Eye Lee Ah

Tyler Jauquet


Jackie Hauski

Amanda Dominguez

Denise is amazing, but the whole staff is warm and inviting. Love the aesthetic of the place. Reasonably priced for amazing services

Migdalia Vargas

I took my daughter there on Saturday for a haircut and the stylist name is Adriana and she did a great job with my daughter haircut, and we loved it and she love it as well.. Thank you ❤️

Sylvia Gozdowiak

Brian Krieger

Always satified beyond expectations.

Melissa Jarosz

Kate Berumen

Marques De Vaughn


Very friendly staff. Alex did a great job with my hair. They also offer you cofee, tea, wine or a beer. Nice service

Nikki Allen

As always, a great place to get the best hair I can have! Molly is a wonder with color, making my hard-to-color gray hair disappear. I have had service with other stylists there who are also great, but Molly is my favorite.

Megan Oleszek

Danielle Washington

Every time I have gone, I had a positive experience. Molly has given me two devacuts. She is the only person I trust in Milwaukee to cut my natural hair.

Megan Puebla

When I was 20, all I had were bad haircut experiences. Never did I enjoy getting a haircut for anywhere and I finally looked into a best rated salon to get my next. That is when I found Freya. In the heart of Bay View, it stands with beautiful exposed brick and vintage, 50's modern furniture in a modernly stylized interior. My problem with salons in Milwaukee is that it seems the owners try too hard to create an image -- I think of every teal walled, Moroccan Oil filled to the brim, and gaudy chandeliers, or salons that are so white and posh and reception desks so scary you wonder if you dressed well enough. I also see the most men getting their haircuts here than I've seen at other places. And man, do men leave looking sharp. Freya is none of those. It's urban, modern, clean, and everyone is so friendly. They display local art so well and beautifully, they serve coffee, tee, beer, and white and red wines. Their price scared me, as I was used to 20-30 dollar haircuts. But Maria, who I've been seeing for three years now, always does a fantastic job with my hair. The salon is owned by six of the employees, leaving one chair that is rotated frequently by 2-4 other stylists. The receptionists, which there are several, are always very organized and professional and have helped me book appointments in short notices as well as months in advance. If you refer a friend, you also will get a coupon. When you book an appointment and give them a cell number, they text you in advance your appointment time and date which I find very handy. So, yes, I've seen Maria a total of a dozen times and she does anything I'd like perfectly, and when I try to be too adventurous, she'll give her feedback which I appreciate. My last appointment was with Emily, who is their master colorist if I say so myself. She has fixed my friends hair that was so badly colored that it needed to be stripped completely and re-colored, and she even got her natural color to a tee which my friend hasn't seen in years. She has done my mother's hair, who is in her mid 50's perfectly as well (full color, highlights, and covering grays). I wanted to color my hair a ombre purple with pink, and Emily did a perfect job explaining to me the process and what to expect, she is such a wonderful person to have you do your hair and it was a great experience. What I also like about Freya is that they do not push products they do not believe will work for you, and they have more variety than just Moroccan Oil. Leaving Emily I wanted to buy over three Kevin Murphy products, but she insisted I buy only one because it encompassed the three products in various ways and it fit my hair color and texture best, and she also recommended over three shampoos but would note if clients have complained about certain ones or which ones smelled best. Meet Emily and Maria, they're my favorites out of the salon. And if you know men who need a well done cut, recommend this place!

morgan jones

This was my second time to go to Freya. The first time Emma gave me a boring haircut and did not do some of the layers I had asked for. In about a month I had the dreaded triangle head hair that people with curly hair know well as a sign of a sub-standard haircut from the 80's. The second time was actually a truly horrible experience with Joseph. Once again I did not get anything I asked for, but worse, he butchered me! I have felt like crying for two days now and have even considered going in to ask for my money back! He gave me a guy's haircut! I'm a girl, a very feminine girl! This is not my style at all! I showed him a picture of an old haircut that my old hairdresser from SF had created and he didn't even look at the picture. Upon leaving, I let him know that I was not happy with the haircut and had not expected so much to be cut off. He replied that he was Vidal Sassoon trained and that was how he cuts hair. Vidal Sassoon is very passe. So my advice for anyone looking for a cutting edge hair salon that gives up-to-date hairstyles is to go to Art and Science in Evanston, IL. The cutters at Freya are nothing more than hair cutters with out of date educations.

Alessandra Gillen

Sam O'Sullivan

Had another great Deva cut with Alex!

peachy girl

I asked Denyse for an ombré and my hair ended up exactly the same walking out as it did walking in. Waste of 200$.

Jean McCoy

I love this place the people are very pleasant and they do a very extraordinary job.


I got the worst haircut of my adult life here. However, that's not the reason for the review. After sharing my concerns with the owner via email and even showing her pictures of what had been done I got zero apology, empathy, or kindness. I could tell she was irritated that I didn't want it fixed by the same stylist because she didn't want to pay another one. When she eventually let me know what appointment was available so that I could get it fixed I called within 30 minutes of receiving the email to confirm that yes, the time would work for me only to be told that they had already given it to someone else. After less than 30 mins of offering it to me! At this point I felt way too uncomfortable to ever go back and then was told that they don't issue refunds under any circumstance. Ive already cried and spent almost two weeks with my hair in a bun because it looks so terrible down. Please just be a little more compassionate to your clients.

Kara Eike

Abby White

I get my hair done by Denyse and my nails done by Mikel. They are awesome and really attentive. I've never gotten a bad hair cut, color or manicure there. The rest of the staff are really nice and welcoming too. There is always a smile and a warm greeting when you enter the door...and a nice cold beer or glass of wine waiting for you.

Lisa Maxfield

Kay is fantastic with curly hair. I love my Deva cut!

sara devecchis

Kay did an amazing job on my hair. I chopped off 19 inches total and could not be happier with the results.

Muneca Nena

Been here a couple of times. Prices are HIGH. But I recommend Kay she does a great job. Place is cozy & nice. I enjoy coming here for the deva cut and color. Would recommend.

Samantha Schwartz

Amazing! First experience getting a Deva Cut for my curls and I won’t go back to a regular cut ever! Alex did an amazing job! She asked questions and got information before she started and really took any input I had to heart. The salon is very zen and quiet, quite relaxing!

Liza Jane

Deva cut by Molly. My curls haven't ever been this happy. Thank you!

Michelle Comeau

Love Freya. Hair cut, color, or nail services - you can't go wrong. The staff are extra nice and accommodating to be sure you have the best time ever. If you're on the fence, get a free 15 minute consultation to talk out your wants. Otherwise, jump in and get a great service!

Emily Wulfkuhle

I have been going here for 10 months to get my nails done. I have loved every experience, and Mikel is so creative with her nail designs!

Georgene Gruendeman

The best !!

alex miller

So happy with my hair done by Jason, first time getting my hair dyed professionally, really went out of my comfort zone but my experience at freya was amazing, Jason dealt with my very textured curly hair very well, big thanks!

Adriana Ramirez

I had an amazing experience at Freya through & through, this is definitely my new go-to spot for anything hair related. The best part of my experience there was definitely my stylist, Adriana Kirsch, from the consultation to our appointment she was amazing! I wanted my dark (already colored) hair to be lightened as much as possible in an ombre baylage blonde/light brown. Because my hair is so dark i knew it was going to be a process and Adriana explained exactly what it would take to get there. I didn’t expect it to lighten up too much this round but my expectations were far beyond exceeded and I’m so happy with my new look! Adriana was also able to recommend the appropriate shampoo & conditioner for my new hair. If you’re looking to change up your color, cut, anything! I would 100% recommended Freya and more specifically Adriana, she definitely knows her stuff and can work wonders when it comes to hair!

Linnea Marsh

Alex is the absolute best! She always takes the time to make my hair look terrific, whether she's coloring, cutting or styling. She gives me suggestions too! I love my hair now that I see Alex.

Benjamin Kartheiser

Labrina Blagg

The salon is such a relaxing environment! Jason rocks and knows what my hair needs even when I have trouble communicating it. I always leave feeling and looking my best!

Diane Watson

Such a relaxing atmosphere. Amazing service providers really care about the work they do! I will absolutely be back!

Rebecca Marlis

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