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REVIEWS OF Fantastic Sams IN Wisconsin

sanath kumar

Miriah Schwartz

Jen is great! It's so hard for me to find stylists I like, and she does such a great job. Sometimes it's difficult to get something same day since they're understaffed and really busy, but they do great work and planned appointments always start on time

Chanel Clark

Jen is high energy and awesome!

Pamela Jo Anderson


Melissa Leanna

Asked my stylist if she could do what I had wanted to my hair (showed many pics to her) and she said absolutely. I ended up with orange, rusted tips when I had requested a chocolately brown ombré. She had also left me by the bowl while she tended to a customer and I waited about 30-40 minutes for her to return to doing my hair. Sitting at the bowl or at the chair, it’s still a bit inattentive and rude in my opinion. I politely asked the manager, Jen, for a refund and was told that wasn’t possible. I then agreed to having it touched up without a charge. The next day I arrived and asked about what was going to be done to fix my hair when sitting with my stylist and Jen interrupts us to condescendingly explain that my service may result in extra fees. I told her that I only wanted it fixed as was agreed on, as a customer is entitled to and that I wasn’t going to be paying any more. I asked my stylist if she could fix it and get it right within the re-do policy and she said yes. Well, It was still a little orange but not as “bad”. I was upset because I wanted my hair done prior to my daughter’s birthday party and paid $140 and felt embarrassed by my hair. I went to Madison College’s salon and they were even shocked at how much I paid to get such horrible results, along with the attitude of the manager. I was able to have my hair fixed and it looks gorgeous. As far as my stylist, she was nice and well meaning. The manager Jen, on the other hand...what can I say? She’s a chain salon manager, and the satisfaction is definitely apparent (sarcasm).

Ryan Teague

Always friendly, always professional, and I always get compliments from others on my hair. I have recommended to many others and they have always been very happy with their full service experience.

Julie Udelhoven

Great service, friendly staff, and my hair looks great!

Cindy Heberling

Great service, fun & friendly atmosphere.

mason kuchenbecker

Greg Tardif

What a great hair cut! Courteous stylists. Autumn not only did a great job on my hair but my wife's hair as well! Thank you

Amanda R.

Great haircut and color

Gary Heberling

Christina Young

The person I had did an ok job on my hair cut but and the color looked nice but I don’t know what kind of dye she used. It is the same blonde I always get and it legit lasted only 3 weeks! My hair color lasts normally 4-6 months so I probably will not go back for that ever again. I paid a lot and she should have told me if they don’t use long lasting on dark roots.

shaina henniges

Whole salon was empty so I went in for a walk in haircut because I was lead to believe walk in’s were welcome, apparently not. The one hairdresser that was there- Jenn, talked about how she didn’t like walk in’s and people need to make appointments the whole time she cut my hair. She sloppily cut my hair in under 10 minutes while making me feel bad for not making an appointment. My hair is extremely thick and definitely takes longer then 10 minutes to cut, I asked for for layers and my hair framed around my face she but one uneven layer in and never framed my hair, after she was done cutting my hair she then washed it which makes no sense at all, never have I had a hairdresser cut it dry then wash it. Overall horrible, rude, and uncomfortable experience-never returning. IF YOU DONT WANT WALK INS DONT SAY WALK INS WELCOME!!!!

Tony O'Rourke

Jennifer Heberling

Liberty Martin

Great service, stylists, quality, and prices!

Oneiro Bolivar

(Translated by Google) Beautiful (Original) Hermoso

Abbey D

Paul Walker

Awesome cut every time! Friendly and professional staff. The fact that I can make an appointment makes it really easy to get in and out and on to the next.

Marcella Hammond

Amanda Rickon

Eric Ho

Dean Bridge

Great staff

Saundra Bates

RUN -- DON'T WALK TO ANOTHER SALON!!!! BEWARE: NO REFUND POLICY! EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL SERVICE and no reasonable discussion to resolving a dispute and she is NOT UP ON THE LATEST COLOR TRENDS AND TECHNIQUES. The manager should have just admitted that she didn't know the technique -- I would have gone elsewhere. No harm, No foul. I even did the standard --go in and get a consultation before letting the stylist do my hair. I asked for dark roots blonde hair "beachy" look and asked if she could do that...and she said 'yes'. BIG MISTAKE! I started with golden blonde hair and some root outgrowth. I have had this technique before and it is accomplished by first picking two coordinating colors --one for the root color and one for the blonde color. Some salons actually carry swatches for coordinating the dark root shades and blonde body colors to achieve this technique. The manager quoted me a price of $113 - $139 for said "beachy" process. During appoint she said that it would be $163+ and I became totally confused at what process she was doing and how much it would cost. She started mixing light/med brown color, which I had believed, was the root color and thought she was going do the blonde highlights on the body of my hair. I am in the chair and in her mother walks in on a cell phone and talking with the salon manager who was doing my hair. They talked about some crisis or problem with an elderly relative that was in a nursing home. She also had her daughter there playing and attempted to attend to her all while trying to talk to me about my color choices and process. To say SHE WAS DISTRACTED IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT. She also booked so tight that while I was sitting with my color on I waited for over an hour while she took another client for a cut and color. I don't mind a short wait but that was too long to sit with color on my hair. I didn't complain. It is no wonder that I went in to get dark roots and blonder hair and came out with NO BLONDE at all. I got a mousey brown flat hair color that NO ONE WOULD PAY $140 in any scenario. Even while she was mixing the color I stated -"well the one thing I DON'T want is to leave with mousey brown flat lifeless hair." Any self-respecting stylist would have STOPPED right there and clarified the color! But she didn't want to waste $20 of color she had rather ruin my hair and cross her fingers that I would just go with it. She THINKS she is listening to her clients but she is so distracted with personal family issues at the salon while answering her personal cell, the salon phone or dealing with walk-ins --she isn't listening to YOU the client. I didn't want to embarrass her by complaining about her technique in front of the waiting clients --so I paid and left. I called back immediately and left her a voice message telling her that my hair was brown and had no blonde and it wasn't at all what we discussed or even close. She told me to come back and get highlights to fix it and wanted to charge me another $89+ to actually get something closer to what I wanted in the first place --- but still not what I originally requested. I waited for over an hour just to talk to her to try and get a resolution. I went into another salon about fixing my hair and they recommended that rather than pay another $150 on top of the $140 I already paid. I should try and work it out with her and see if she would fix it. They also said that it is customary that if a stylist screws up --the fix should be "no charge". She asked to come back at the end of the day to resolve it--so I did. Then I asked for her undivided attention and she DID NOT LIKE THAT! She accused me of just wanting something for free (keep in mind I had already PAID $140 and had neither dark roots or blonde hair). Needless to say...she wasn't interested in making things right she just wanted to go home. I was out all my money but worse I have to wait for probably a good year or two to grow out this brown color. My advice: DO THE DRIVE INTO THE CITY IF YOU WANT A TRENDY HAIR COLOR OR TECHNIQUE -IT IS MORE THAN WORTH THE TIME!

Luis Soto

After a botched haircut, a friend recommended Autumn at Fantastic Sams. I went in thinking a buzz cut was the only way to fix my hair but Autumn worked a miracle! She was very kind and professional. I would highly recommend!

Kari Hicks

I worked for this company previously for 3.5 years and now I'm back. Love the atmosphere and the people I work for and with. Great attitudes and high energy place to be.

Chris Matthews

Taken care of very well and very professional on every visit.

Jeremiah Preston

Good haircut. They always take care of me and are consistent.

LaVay Morrison

George Senteney

I walked in at about 10;45 am, as I was told there were two people ahead of me, i was told it would only be about 20 minutes. I said just put me down for an appointment at 11 am and I will be back before that. I returned before 11 am and saw two new people waiting who I later learned were both also new walk ins. They two people who had been ahead of me were both by then back into the chair areas and were being serviced. When those two customers were finished I was shocked to see that the stylists just went ahead and took the new walk-ins ahead of me despite my being there first and despite my 11 am appointment. At that point I walked out-it was already almost 1/2 hour after my scheduled appointment, and would still be waiting if I had stayed. Ridiculous!!!!

Troy Nethery

Andres Rivas

Dave Waage

Michael Childers

Jenn is the best!

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