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REVIEWS OF Drybar Milwaukee IN Wisconsin

Caryn Gullifor

Leslie Jensby

Kelsey Mcginnis

I love going into DryBar in Milwaukee. All of the stylists are fantastic. Talented, kind, and they do a great job making you feel pampered and relaxed. I am constantly sending friends to go in for services, confident that they will love going in as much as I do. As a busy mom, I especially like that my blow out lasts for days- worth every penny!

Natalie Whealon

Unfortunately, I do not have much good to say about Drybar. I had scheduled 4 uptini appointments for my sisters and my mom for my sisters wedding. We were scheduled to start at 10:30. My appointment did not start until 11:00. It went fine, but when the stylist was finished my hair felt very loose. I asked her to add additional pins to my hair because I was afraid it would fall out. She stuck a few more pins in and I left...feeling a little worried about the hair. By 1:00, pieces of my hair had already fallen out. I walked back over to Drybar (thankfully we were staying the the third ward for the wedding) and asked them to fix my hair. They told me that they did not have any time to fix my hair and I told them that I would like to be refunded because now I need to get my hair fixed before photos!! They said they would refund me. This was not entirely true. They refunded me HALF of the cost to get my hair done. An uptini is $90!!!! I had to frantically spend an hour trying to pin my updo together to make it to photos in time! I would not recommend this place. Poor customer service and inexperienced stylists.

Alexander Zarek

My wife came to this place hoping for her to not have to stress going to a party and having a professional do her hair. She called me in tears saying that they did not do anything they asked to do. She specifically wanted it curled and when she got home it looked just like it did with braids that were falling out. Had to redo her hair for the party any way making us an hour late and what was suppose to be a calm and relaxing experience was just Horrendous. I would not recommend this place to anyone.

Becky Curran Kekula

Joy created a great culture for this place. I love getting my hair done for events in town. I look forward to my next visit.

Sandy Reitman

Everyone is super nice and well-trained, but it’s not the best blowout for super curly hair. Can’t win them all!

Tara Price

I was disappointed with my initial experience with the salon yesterday. I was looking forward to trying a blowout at a new place since the girl who cuts my hair was not available and I wanted it done for engagement pictures. I made an appt online and the day before my appt I received a confirmation email. Within the email I was reminded to be on time or I could lose my appt. I made sure I was a few minutes early. As soon as I got there I was told they were behind. I waited 15 minutes and went to the desk again and asked if I would be next. I was in a slight hurry because my appt was at 3, and engagement pictures at 430 with my wedding photographer. The manager said they take requests for stylists first. I said, even though I have an appt? And he said yes and explained why but I don't remember the reasoning. It sounded like they took walk ins before appointments. I asked if they could get me out by 4 or 415 and he said by 415, yes. I sat down and waited another 5-10 minutes. Then I was taken by a stylist and she did a fine job but didnt know what style I had wanted which on the appt form I had selected. I was given $10 off my cost since I waited which I appreciated. I was given a survey right away via email and filled it out. I immediately got an email back from the same manager I spoke with in person and he apologized and explained why I had to wait. I wish the survey would have gone to someone else. Not the best experience. Won't go back. But, silver lining is I made it to my pictures with my fiancé and my hair looked great!

Courtney Vaughan

Added the 10 minute scalp massage and the charcoal scrub, but the scalp massage was definitely not 10 minutes, considering I was side by side with my mom, who did not add the scalp massage and was done only about a minute before me. When my hair was done, one side was completely flat and didnt even match the other side, so I had the girl try and fix it, and then were were also just ends sticking straight out versus down, which also didn't look good. Requested she fix those, too, and she completely redid my hair with larger curls and a curling iron (not the style I asked for- and she was previously using a straightener to do the curls). Tipped a little less than I normally would considering the style wasnt what I wanted, and the girl ringing me up asked in an accusatory tone what was wrong with my service. She did offer to fix it, but at that point, I just wanted to leave. My stylist was super friendly and I did like the atmosphere, but overall not a great first impression. Definitely not worth the money for what I ended up receiving.


Kandy Styles

Relaxed and friendly

robin kaplan

Words can't describe my experience with Joy the owner of the Blowdry bar! We were in town for my sons wedding in Milwaukee and when my mom and I were done with our great blowouts Joy saw me in front of the salon freaking. Uber couldn't come up the block because of a street fair. I was then late for my makeup appointment Joy grabbed us and drove me to makeup and my mom back to her hotel!!! Thank you again for your kindness and for our amazing experience . Wish you were in Florida.

Christine Plamann

So happy that drybar is finally in Milwaukee! Great location, great staff, great hair

Theresa Kettner

Awww yah. Finally.. Mallory is amazing. I have textured hair and she was fine with it. Smooth and silky straight is what I came for and it's what I got. Highly recommend.

Kelsey Barber

SO HAPPY we finally have a Drybar in Milwaukee! Every stylist I’ve had has done such a great job on my hair. If you have a special event or just need a girls day (or don’t feel like washing your hair), this is the perfect place!

Ami Govindaraju

Had a fantastic experience at Drybar Milwaukee! I loved my blow out! I also had the 10 minute floater ( scalp massage) which was exactly What I needed after a long, busy week!! My hair feels So clean and silky soft. I was pampered from the minute I walked in the door. I know I will be back soon. Just found out about the awesome membership program! I could get used to two blow outs per month!! :-) I. Am. Hooked!!!

John Munoz

A trendy Place to get a stylish haircut

Ruth Koziol

Very nice stylist had me out in half an hour!!

Milw Man

Jennifer Schmidt

Jaclyn Bero

Wonderful experience. Booked online for myself, mother, and sister. Appointment started on-time and we all walked out with perfect wedding guest hair. Would book again!

Lindsey Kriete

Fun experience

sarah schultz

Cherie Barbian

I loved my blowout that Bethany did!! She is an excellent stylist and extremely knowledgeable about the products. My hair is ‘older’ and the way she styled it and the products she used made it feel and look so healthy. The bartender was extremely friendly and helpful. She helped me choose the perfect products to take home. Highly recommend this Drybar for the experience and quality.

Allison K

First time going to a blowout bar and had an amazing stylist. Jeneba took the time my crazy thick curly hair needed and really made sure I loved it! Best blow out I’ve ever had! Thanks Jeneba!

Lydia Doyle

Frat Brother

HORRIBLE! Stylist rushed on my hair, and management (joy) didn’t even do anything about it to compensate for the rushed job. Usually I love my hair, but this time around not so much. I will be taking my business elsewhere.

Jordyn M.

Heather Vanden Berk

Love this place. Staff very professional and skilled! My flat, lifeless hair looked great and lasted for days! I usually have to wash my hair everyday and was surprised when I could go without! Grab and girlfriend and go!!


Vicki Pate

Drybar in Third Ward is perfection! Fantastic stylists, amazing service! Welcome to Milwaukee! It’s about time!

Eileen Laffey

I had my hair done last Sunday for my daughter's wedding. I had never been in this salon before. Unfortunately I do not recall the name of the gal who styled my hair. It looked amazing and I got so many compliments I felt super special all night. I kidded that I looked like David Bowie as it was rather high and severe, but ELEGANT, GLAMOROUS is a much better describer of the look. You did an awesome style! I'll be back for my next special event!

Mary Maslowski

Love going to drybar every time I’m in Milwaukee. I walk out feeling good about myself and smelling so good. Stylists are great and I love love love the products! Beautiful place.

Kimberley B Anderson

What an amazing experience! From the moment you walk in the door they make you feel fabulous, and the pampering doesn't stop there. I have thick, curly hair and I can't believe what they were able to do with it. I've seen several stylists and they were all great! My blowouts last 5 days, which was amazing. Sign me up, I'm a Drybar Barfly now on the awesome membership plan!

Rebecca Gross

Asked for Manhattan style (sleek and smooth) with a braid. The hairstylist did not even put a straightener through my hair. I believe she was trying to wrap up the appointment because she spent about 20 minutes on braid before seeking help from a co-worker. She did not know how to do the braid. The appointment took 1 hour and 20 minutes and made me late to another appointment. She announced she was finished, and I had to ask her to straighten my hair. She did it but very quickly (still was wavy). I ended up buying a straightener at the salon where I was getting my makeup done right after since I would not have time to go home and use my straightener before my event. Yes, I could have asked her to straightener it more, but I was already running very late and was afraid my makeup appointment would not take me anymore if i was too late.

Colleen Williams

Great experience and friendly staff! Will be back in the near future.

Donna Deck

Love Dry Bar! Everyone so friendly, store is beautiful! Left feeling pretty!

Tim Vertz

Drybar is great for Wisconsin! It's great to see the Third Ward attract such a great company.

Chelsea Rossi

I have wanted to try Drybar since it opened and am so glad I did. Stylist was amazing and fun to talk to. My hair looked and felt great afterwards, will definitely be back. I have long thick hair that takes a little longer to dry and my stylist was great.

Nadia M

Teala Bailey

Amy Bauer

I've been to DryBar twice since they opened and I'll definitely be going back again. As someone who can't do their own hair to save their life I appreciate the staff at DryBar so much! Its definitely an experience as well - from the snacks available right when you check in, to the unlimited drinks option, and the movies on the TVs to watch while you're getting your hair done, it's a nice break from reality! The first time I went it was before a charity event I was co-hosting. I wanted to look great but not have to worry about my hair holding up all night. My hair looked perfect for more than 12 hours of running around, putting out fires, and a million pictures. It even looked great the next day! The second time I went wasn't as great but it was just for fun anyways. The stylist decided I had "great hair" and she didn't need to use a curling iron at all. My hair looked more like a style from the late 60s than what I was actually hoping for. That being said, don't be afraid to tell them what you want! Next time I'll make sure to do that. Whatever products they make and use are fantastic - my hair looks and smells great 2-3 days after my visit without showering. A lot of their stuff is available at Ulta however, so I recommended picking it up there to save a few bucks. All I can do is hope they open another location soon somewhere out in the suburbs so I can get my Drybar fix more often!


Valerie Gonzales

I went to Drybar the day of my bridal shower & experienced the most relaxing service ever - which was definitely needed ! I truly recommend this place, for a bridal shower, wedding day or whenever you want to treat yourself! Thanks Drybar for the awesome experience!

V Hodgson

I tried Drybar in downtown Milwaukee for the first time a couple weeks ago. I would highly recommend this salon. My hair looked great. They offer multiple blow out styles which I love because everyone does not want the straight look. They kept to schedule, called me back right away and style took only 30-45 minutes. I am definitely going back. I can not wait until there is a location in Brookfield- looking forward to it. I hope they keep up with the good work and service.

Alysa Rone

Elizabeth Lein

This is my second appointment where I have been disappointed. After my last blowout was over 20 minutes late and was not friendly, and was not the style I was looking for, this blowout this past Saturday was supposed to make up for it. Unfortunately it was just as much as a disappointment as the last. I was told in email that I would be receiving a free blowout and that they would put notes in my profile that it would be free and that I would be given a senior stylist to better fit my needs. This did not happen. First of all, my appointment ran 17 minutes behind the start time. I arrived at 9:05 with an appointment time of 9:15. I checked in right away and waited patiently. As others around me were called on time for their appointments, no one informed me until 9:30 that ‘someone would be with my shortly’. Finally a few minutes later a stylist approached me and took me back. I showed her a picture of the style of blowout I wanted and she said she could do it, but did not look confident. The stylist did not make any conversation with me throughout the whole appointment, and to be honest, she was very awkward and made me feel uncomfortable. When it came time for her to begin braiding the top of my hair, she literally pulled so hard on my scalp that my eyes were watering, when she was finished she decided to take out the braid and try again, so for the second time she pulled at my hair so hard that my eyes watered and did another terrible braid. This time she showed it to me and I asked her to redo it because it was very slopping and hair was sticking out of the braid. So again she braided my hair and when she wS finished it still looked like a 3rd grader completed the braid. Finally she called the manager over who had to redo the braid for the 4th time. When going to check out when my hair was complete, the desk had no knowledge of my blowout being comped and I had to sit up there and embarrassingly dig through my email to give the receptionist ‘proof’. Then when I showed him the email, he said ‘oh i sent you that email’. I just don’t know what to say anymore about how this has been the second terrible experience and I don’t think I’ll ever be back. Extremely upset as I was so excited for you guys to open in Milwaukee.

Lou Perrine's

I was looking forward to a blowout and wanted to see what the buzz was about. I chose the blowout I was looking for and was sadly disappointment. My stylist was nothing but nice and engaging, but my hair looked like I was going to prom and had semi tight ringlet styled curls with a lot of product build up which I don’t like on my hair. I much prefer a nice round brush blow out that doesn’t feel like it’s weighed down my hairspray and product. I was hoping for a different experience and style outcome

Christy Belsky

Josh Chaimson

Great Staff that was very helpful when getting products for my girlfriend.

Mary Schaefer

Nice to have your hair washed, dried and styled. Tons of product is used and didn't like the teasing as it's hard on the hair. Next time I'll just get a blow out in my style.

Busy Working Mom

I have a horrid complaint. Cant get through to anyone in the USA. Have a living social coupon. NOWHERE does it state I must give a CC to receive my appointment. Asked to talk to someone in the USA, and I was called names. Was told all the locations dont have a telephone number. Is this true?

Kate Flynn

I'm in love. I never want to wash my own hair again. The shop is gorgeous. The staff is so friendly and my hair has never felt so bouncy and clean. It looks spectacular even 3 days later. Will absolutely be back!

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