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Sharmila Devi K

Yara Sánchez

Jason Nierenberg

Friendly staff and a fun place for kids.


WOW, WOW, WOW. Amazing Experience. My sons played Xbox and my youngest loved the new Mickey Mouse Chair. Both stylist were so caring to my children and my wife loved the haircuts. This is the place to go for kids haircuts!

Anant Aneja

Ari V.

Ben Pierce

Always a fun trip when we take our 4yo!

Kawish Siddiqui

Don't have option to give negative rating. Very bad experience, we reached here at 8:25pm and asked receptionist for for our baby's haircut and she bluntly lied on our face that her stylist is leaving in 10 mins so she doesn't has enough time. We got a feeling that she is lying. We spent rest of the time in kid's playarea just beside this shop (observe) and saw at 9:00pm (after 35 mins) they both (receptionist and stylist) closed the shop and left for the day.

Arthur Schneider

Birdie Sam

mary west

Somesh E

mee free

Love love mikia she's the best

Ashley Ridinger

Great experience. The moment my 18 month old stepped into the salon he began the temper tantrum to end all tantrums but the sharkeys staff handeled it beautifully. By the time we left I had a smiling a toddler with a great haircut.

Nely Herrera

Kimberly Alvarez

Anna Waismeyer

Fun place for kid haircuts. Staff are super nice and really patient. It's our go-to salon for the kids. Pros: Kids can watch shows, get glitter or spray color in their hair, get their nails done. Gender is not an issue. :) There's an indoor playground right next to it which is great for killing time if you get there early or for getting out wiggles afterward. And it's close to a clean public restroom for those last minute potty emergencies. ;) Note: if you're in dire need of coffee, Starbucks is down one level and there's another coffee place down two levels. Right below the salon. Warnings: 1) There is a cupcake store right next to the salon. With cupcakes in full view behind glass. 2) The salon itself sells toys and the toys are within easy access of small children. This can be hard if you are like me and not going there to buy a toy.

cierra meske

We got our sons first hair cut at 1 1/2 years old today so it was a big deal. The more I look at his hair the more I literally hate it. It’s so choppy I want to cry, and it all around looks horrible. His hair should definitely look blended. She didn’t listen when I said to cut it according to the way it naturally falls, and cut it the way she wanted his hair to go. It’s also very uneven. Never coming back I’m so upset. She cut it so short I can’t even go get it fixed for god knows how long. The staff was okay. So we paid $32 for them to horrifically jack up my baby’s hair and play with toys we have at home. Lady had red hair.


Will never go back to this store or probably any Sharkey's Cuts. We moved from Canada and we went to a few times to the Sharkey's store in where we were. The cost was like around $25 Canadian dollars (in 2014 and 2015). There was a Korean lady helped my little girl's hair cut. She was very patient and kind. She cut and decorated my little one's hair beautifully, with some hair gel and sparkling color glitter. Every time we went there, the lady took care of my little girl, and she turned into a little princess, like the one from a cartoon. We love that store a lot. Everything else was good too, including the nail polish and the environment. We just moved to Seattle and decided to try this one at Bellevue. It was just terrible. First, the hair cut was so bad, my little girl turned out to be like a 30-year old from 60s. The lady appeared to be clueless and had to check with me a few times. If I (as a man) knew how to deal with a little girl's hair, I wouldn't have paid in a store to do it. I want you to tell me how to make my girl pretty or like a princess. Not saying she has to be pretty, but the point is, if I take my girl to a store, please help me to design it. Second, the cost was too much. In here, we ended up paying over $32 USD after tips. It's just too much for a little girl's hair and the whole process was like less than 15 minutes (including the nail polish). Finally, the quality was just not there. The nail polish went off even before we left Bellevue square... she was simply playing with some toys in the Disney store, and one finger's polish went off. Sigh... The hair, and the pony tail, was like, no love at all. After the cut, my girl's cloths had a lot of hair. I asked the lady if she could help to brush some hair off and she refused to do anything. I just couldn't feel that I was happy to pay the money, unlike the store we went when we were in Canada. Very disappointed. With this cost, I expect much better service and higher quality of work. We will never use Sharkey's cut anymore...

Leia Hassen

John H M

Scott Kielty

We took our daughter here for her first haircut at 3 years old. It was time. The staff was amazing and very nurturing. The woman cutting her hair was a bit less outgoing but she did a fine job (not amazing but it wasn't botched). The woman at the front desk went above and beyond making sure my daughter got a balloon and big old shiny ring as well. We'd certainly go here again, but we'd try another stylist. (my daughter decided to get her hair done in the Lightning McQueen car but it wasn't functioning - no battery.) Setting kids up in front of their favorite show is a wonderful idea when getting a haircut and made the whole experience a breeze.

Joo Oh

I brought my 3 year old grandson into Sharkey's inside the Bellevue Square Mall. We had a wonderful experience there with Tomarra! He normally does not like haircuts and will scream and wiggle throughout the entire time. But this time, we were able to seat him in a Swat truck and he watched his favorite movie on Netflix. Before he knew it, he had a fantastic haircut! We went home with a balloon and lollipop and he has been asking to go back Sharkey's to get his haircut again! Thanks again and we will see you soon!

Uladzimir Karpeychik

This was so much better that a previous place!

Huda Swelam

Unfortunately, the worst salon experience yet and of all days on my daughters seventh birthday. All we wanted was two french braids that were then put into two buns. Very simple, easy, and straightforward. The braids were uneven, loose and ugly. The buns were messy and it took an hour for just this style. When I mentioned my dissatisfaction they could careless and didn’t make any attempts to improve the style, or offer alternatives. In the future, I’m definitely asking at scheduling if the stylists can do french braids.

Joaquin B

Ben Betz

Sandra Zawitkowski

Laura Moench

Phenomenal staff, geared towards young children, and our favorite place since first haircut.

Chi Yi

I’ve never complained any salon before, but cannot help doing it this time. We tried to walk in last weekend to have my daughter’s hair cut. They told us there’s no stylist available at that time and recommended us to make an appointment. So we took the suggestion and made an appointment for today 11:00am. Today, I was a little late parking and got their phone call 11:05am mentioning we couldn’t be late for 10 mins otherwise they would cancel the reservation. We tried our best and finally made it to arrive there before 11:10am. My daughter was sitting there ready to do the hair cut. The lady asked me what style we want. I told her we didn’t have strong opinion and just need the simplest cut. We asked her to use her judge and we were okay. She told me she couldn’t do it, and she need my guidance. WHAT!!!?? Then she was asking how long to cut the hair left, how long right, how long back and how long front as if I was designing my daughter’s hair style. After we decided, it’s around 11:15am, and the lady told us the time was not enough (she said she’s not comfortable finishing the hair cut in 15 mins even though we need the simplest cut) so we had to reschedule. This was ridiculous and I was so speechless. Here’s something I would recommend: 1) Improve the scheduling system to leave some buffer. Having strict 30 mins slot makes it so hard for the customers. They need to be exactly on time, and they need to have the style in mind. Otherwise the hair cut cannot be done which is a waste of time for both customers and the salon. 2) Be flexible on the styles. When customers have strong options on what style to make, then try making it happen. When customers don’t, then use your best judge to make the haircut. 3) Have better tolerance for the customers. I know I was late for 10 mins for the appointment (I was sorry about that) but that’s still within their allowed range. However, after we spent 5 mins deciding the styles, they decided the time was not enough. This is so ridiculous and I was so upset! In summary, this is the worst salon experience within past years. I definitely would’t go there again.

Nicole Cross

Been going there for 3 years and they always do an awesome job!

Kumar Gangeneni

Umar Farooq

Sara O'Keefe

ALWAYS CALL AND CONFIRM THERE ARE STYLISTS ON DUTY IF YOU DON'T HAVE AN APPOINTMENT. Called to see if they had availability, they put me on hold for a few min, I tried to hang up and call back but it was busy (from my hold) so I decided to drive down, we arrived at 7 and they had already phased out all of the stylists, even though their hours say they're open for business until 9:30.

Sean McGinnis

KC Walasek

Was Shaaaf

Best for kids

hemant saini

Great Experience with my Nephew. Excellent Salon for Kids. Tamara did great job. Will recommend my family and friends as well

Martina Lasrado

We've been coming here since my son's first haircut and he loves this place. The staff are very friendly and patient with kids. Leila is the stylist that cuts his hair and she is fantastic! Kids get a balloon and lollipop after their haircut

Bartis Hawley-Wall

Acceptable, but they couldn't manage the cut I requested for my son, even with a reference picture.

Srinivas Hegde

Harish Kumar P V

neha behl

Ryan Collier

Alexander Jing

Good service, barbers that are patient, although a bit pricey.

Kristine Brandes

Great place for first haircuts! We love Leila. She is really good with dealing with kids that move fast! She did a great job with our daughter's naturally curly hair. Not everyone knows how to cut curly hair.

Varsha Hulekal

We like it here.we have been here a couple of times and liked the themed chairs for kids and the plus is they play videos of kids choice.

Noel Prince Devaneyan

Good place for kids haircut!

Emily Stechmann

I took my son here for his first haircut. He is 21 months and had a head full of curls. I was so worried going into it because I did not want to get rid of all of his curls. The owner and the stylist put my fears at ease. The stylist took her time, was kind and gentle with my son, and did a great job. I got the first haircut package, so I got to take home a certificate, a before and after picture they took, and a lock of his hair. It was a great experience.

lili jimen ez

anu jagtap

Had to wait sometime Even though I had an appointment. But the service was excellent. They have nice interior which is catered towards kids. Has video monitors on each station so kids could be distracted. They have cute cars as chairs. Hair cut specialist are really good with kids. They handle them gently and work very smoothly with their hair. My toddler doesn't let me comb hair at home. So I was expecting lot of crying. But she didn't cry at all. Overall a very good experience

Georgia G

Expensive!! $45 for toddler haircut!?!!

samantha rodriguez

We were late for appointment due to parking and getting lost and they were so nice and amazing about it. It was my sons first haircut he is 13 months and they made it the most memorable experience. I was emotional and they completely understood why. My son was screaming and crying and would not sit still and the hair stylist stayed calm. She wasn’t rude, no attitude or anything. She tried to comfort him they played with him talked trying to make him feel comfortable. I am so happy I chose this place and I am very appreciative and grateful for the staff that we had today.

Annalisa Conserti-Jones

Jonathan Lee

Jessica Rogers

I took my 3 1/2 year old daughter here for her very first haircut. For $30 she got a shampoo, professional haircut in a Frozen convertible while she got to watch Frozen, had candy scent put in her hair, had her nails painted, got a balloon and a sucker, before and after pics taken, a certificate, and we got to keep a chunk of her hair. It was a really wonderful experience for her first haircut! The girl at the front desk was so nice and Leila, our stylist, was very professional and kind. Definitely recommend this place!

Kimberlee Varkett

Leila is the best!! ♡ We drive 30 minutes to have Leila cut my kiddos hair because she is so kind and always does a great job! Everyone we interact with here is kind and helpful. It's a fun adventure every time and my kiddo loves playing at the play area after too! Worth the drive and extra expense for the experience

Suad Palamarchuk

Awful!!!! I was scheduled for 6:40pm they moved me to 7! Thats was fine! I came at 7, they they said 10-15 more mins! My toddler wasnt seated untill 35-40 minutes later! Which totally fraustrated him! Then worth! They claim to be oveebooked and busy - no wonder with ONLY 1 HAIRDRESSER AND A FRONT GIRL WHO WAS ALWAYS ON HER PHONE! not even offering my son toys books etc! I went and got them myself! And she was aware how long we were waiting! I showed pictures to the lady who was doing haircut - we decided on 2 in between! She just cut everything so short I am speechless!!!! Nothing even close! When i was asking her what was she doing it is not what I asked she said well with his hair you wouldnt be able to get that! HELLO YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO SAY IT BEFORE!!!!!! NO?????? THEN WORTH! UNFORTUNATELY I cannot put image here! She jammed my sons ear with the buzzer....he started crying but I thought he jjst didnt like the sound....or feel of it! But OH MY GOD!!!! We came home and I ve noticed it under the light!!!!!! You have no idea how mad i am!!!! You should not hire someone who doesnt know how to work with kids!!!!!!!!! Its a kids salon!!! Im coming back tomorrow to show pictures and talk to a manager!!!! My heary is bleedingI have my crying sons face in front of my eyes and how I had no idea what she did!!! She even didnt stop!!!!!!! What my son is an animal????? Couldnt you at least tell me so I calm him down????? ...........i have to stop here. DONT GO THERE!!!!

Charli Cuevas

So my experience was okay at first... I drove 1 hour away...and thought I made an appointment online....but didnt..but honestly I did lol..then when I got there I said I had an appointment...but they said I was not on there...and that they were booked....pretty much saying oh well.....I was low key upset cause the drive....but they said you know what we will make it work! we will squeeze you in!!! honestly Lana was wonder!!!! she did an amazing job.....super sweet. the workers are wonderful but advice makes sure booking goes or you dont waste a trip...I was grateful they work with me and wasnt a son first hair cut was a success!

kelly McGregor

We just went in for a bang trim. The woman cutting my 4yo hair was brusk and impatient with my kiddo. She kept putting her hand on Kiddo's head and pushing down her bangs to trim them. Usually the kids are given a little style but the hair dresser pulled kiddo's hair into a messy ponytail spritzed her with some scent and glitter (with out giving kiddo any choice) I went back fifteen minutes later because a the hairdresser missed a huge chunk of hair. When I asked her to fix it she called over the manager they argued for a few minutes in another lani age then the hit dresser came back and made kiddo's bangs uneven I asked her to even them out a little and she cut them brutally short. They're still uneven i told her to stop and got my money back. We will not be returning.

Yasmin Armstrong

I took my 8 year old daughter in to have her ears pierced. It was a wonderful experience. They made her feel so comfortable and part of the process treating her just like the big girl she is. Also, it was so fast and she barely felt it! Thank you all so much for a wonderful experience!!

Ken Banks

Rachel Yeh

Great place to get a cut for kids. Took my little to get his first haircut and they did an amazing job!!

Meg Clear

Amy Johnston

Great experience!

Nora Noel Canaday

The hairdressers at this haircut joint we're all so amazing. They each made all 4 of my kids feel special and they all looked great in their new cuts.

Roman Washington

Traci Haynie

Game changer! Our son was terrified of getting his haircut before coming here. Now he actually asks to go back and get his haircut. Lovely environments, clean, courteous. It's a little pricey for a children's haircut; however, because of the care and the time they spend on the children upwards of an hour if needed it is 100% worth it.

Vivek Sharma

Revathy M

I had a very bad experience in this place..One lady of this place messed up my toddler’s curly hair..That was the third time i visiting this place and this was my first worst experience..i never recommend this place for curly hair cut..

vanessa pozos

Driving from Renton to the Bellevue location - TWICE (yesterday & today) after a 10 hour work day was horrible. Online it says they’re open until 9:30 but they close at 9. I was hoping I’d get my sons first haircut (he turns 1 in two weeks), when we walk in - we were told that there was no stylist on site since she had finished her last “appointment”. Mind you- I arrived at 8:10. 50 minutes before closing- with no other clients in the store. & was denied due to no stylist being on site. The worst language came to mind - furious & ready to explode due to a long day & TRYING TWICE IN A ROW TO GET MY SONS HAIRCUT. Don’t claim “walk ins available” if there is no stylist on site until closing. Ridiculous.

Joshua Oh

Took my nephew to the Sharkey’s in Bellevue and Travana was amazing! His haircut came out great and the customer service was superb! Would recommend to anyone.

silvi p

My girl really like this place. Got nail polished ( service is included to haircut price) , got barbie’s ride and watched tv and got pretty haircut. I liked it too

Chris Yee

What a great experience with my daughters ear piercing. I would recommend Sharkey's for any kid that wants their ear pierced. Lana did amazing.

Vasu devan

Lincoln Bean

Case Sweerus

Super friendly staff

Kamakshi Sridhar

Worst shop, never keeps the appointment properly. Always change there schedules and never inform properly... total disappointment. I gave chance twice and twice they messed up with the schedules. Worst shop, kids also get dissappointed because of their change of schedule.

Dinesh Chahlia

Katie Gietzen

Hussein Ahmed

ilandra odoherty

Not for curly haired cuties like my son but she did the best she could... I wouldn't suggest coming here for mixed textured, curly haired boys. Overall the experience was very pleasant and the lady was very nice

Jerica Thomason

We really enjoyed getting a haircut here! It seems they have thought if everything to occupy the little ones and make them feel relaxed and happy for their haircut. The little cars to sit in, toys to play with, shows to watch, suckers to eat and a balloon to take home at the end were all a huge hit for my kids. My son was getting his hair cut and they offered to let my daughter sit in a car too and watch a show with him. The stylist did a great job and was friendly too. The only reason I am not giving 5 stars is because the price seemed very steep to me. My husband's barber charges almost $10 less. But I guess that's downtown Bellevue for you.

Michael Berg

Jenny Rice

This place was great! My daughter loved it! The young lady who cut her hair was exceptionally sweet to her!

Aswathy Fam

I have been going there for more than a year as service from hair stylists and front desk was good. Was noticing staff's been changing and quality going down. Last visit gave me a very poor customer service.

Thatikonda VR Murty

Whitney Martel

They were so good with my son! Perfect place to get your toddlers haircut!

brandon turk

vamsi Korlepara

Unprofessional customer handling. We made the appointment two days before the schedule, but at the store, the staff didn’t attend us stating that they don’t have our appointment on their record. Missing to record an appointment is fine, but you shouldn’t deal with your customer unprofessionally

Azra Maqs

I have never needed to sit down and actually write a review about a salon. But my first (hopefully not last) visit to this place was not very enjoyable, but will for sure be unforgettable. I was able to get my kiddo seated right as I walked in and was very happy about that. First, he did NOT receive a shampoo and wash which is Included in every cut, as it says on the website, as the full experience. Second, after I explained to the stylist SUZAN what I wanted for my kiddo she asked to see a picture which I had shown to her. She didn't make it sound like it would at all be a problem for her. As she started the haircut I did tell her that my kiddo wasn't the easiest to cut hair for as she soon found out. After all it shouldn't have been any different than what she does regularly. Not soon after she had cut the sides she began to say, "yeah, we may not be able to have time to do everything you said today." To which I said, well please don't just give up on him. I would appreciate it if you could try to do what I explained for him. Umm, excuse me I mean, that was very ridiculous to hear that she wouldn't have the time. As she "finished" up the haircut she said if I were you I'd cut this at an angle, I said sure! Your the professional, I'd be open to any suggestions to make it look suitable for him. Right when the make that final cut, I ran my hands through his hair and only asked her where that angle was and she literally started to rant, saying "I don't have time to stand here and tell you... There are Soo many ways to cut time we can do more." I only had asked her a simple question. I felt very humiliated. My child's haircut was rushed because she had another child seated after him. That is no excuse to rush someone else. I was also told that other places would charge more for this cut, but I won't charge cause it's your first time. I told her money would not be the issue as long as it was what we wanted. The customer service I received for my kiddo was absolutely ridiculous and ruined this experience. SUZAN didn't even brush/ blow-dry off of the hair after the cut. She completely ignored doing the simplest things that would've made all the difference. Which is very sad because the rest of that place is pretty cool and my kid did enjoy the rest of what it had to offer. Either way for those reasons I will NOT be going to SUZAN again. But I would love to go back and try anyone else for my babies. Rushing, being rude, ignoring, pretty much yelling is no way to treat anybody, let alone a customer.

Kanchana Krishnan

Erin Mok

Priyank Mohan

Chris link

We have been taking the grandsons here for almost four years.They love the cars to sit in and videos.The staff take time to make each haircut a great experience.

Shannon Madsen

Alex Deak


I didn't finish my conversation she just hang up I tried to ask her name she didn't tell not nice

Tey Cheng

Great customer service and haircut.

Yaoguang Yang

(Translated by Google) Children's play area (Original) 儿童游玩好地方

Christina Andrews

Nagarajan Sreenivasan

sharmila ramalingam

Ppl are very kind here , professional and quick . My child is a crier when it comes to hair cut but at this place he never knows he is in haircut .. before he knows they finish it . My reason for 4 start is price. It is very costly . Otherwise I always prefer Sharkey's.

Shikha Aggarwal

Fluff fluff

I have been at Sharkey's several times. They used to do a decent job, especially the African American girl who worked there. But not anymore and not the rest of the hairdressers. They take shortcuts. They skip washing hair but charge for it. The haircut itself is done really unprofessionally. I was supposed to have layers, I have none. The hair blow at the end was also very symbolic. Cheating. Disappointed! Never again!

Kayla Johnson

We were able to get a quick walk-in appointment for our son, but they couldn't fit our daughter in. Instead, she was able to get her hair braided with sparkles and scented spray. Completely made her day! The ladies working there were both very nice, and great with our kids!

Edna Valenzuela


Christina Limon

My daughter just got her ears pierced by Lana. She did an awesome job. She was quick and was able to make my daughter feel comfortable. My daughter only cried just for a few seconds but other than that she was totally fine.

Indu Sanka

These two stars are for the hair cut. They did a decent job. But, I had to rate low because of their rude nature with customers. They are not welcoming. I had scheduled an appointment with them, and when I turned in with my 9month old, they said they couldn’t find the booking. Then after few conversations, they say you were late by 5mins so we cannot get a hair cut. I finally ended up waiting for 2hrs for the baby hair cut.

Danielle Barber


aditya kiran Korlepara

Terrible customer service. Have zero respect towards customer.

Tso Pigu

Funny place

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