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REVIEWS OF I AM Natural Beauty IN Washington

janae thomas


Don't waste your time going there if you just loc your hair. According to my experience, they will never see me and my money ever again. The girl did a bad job and wanted to charged me extra.

Agent Hatter

The owner/stylist is very talented and has such a lovely vibe to her, she makes sure you’re set and makes you feel at home. I am in love with my hair, happy with how long it lasted and would definitely go back 10/10. With a nice area and nice set up inside it’s a place for everyone to come.

Emily Iverson

Yvonne and Iyana were wonderful in helping my wife and I with our daughter's hair. Our daughter is pretty tenderheaded and they were patient with her. The cornrows Iyana did are amazing. She's super fast too. Our kid now has the coolest hair at her school complete with rainbow beads. We found our daughter's hair salon!

Yana Thomas

Porsche Campbell

Sabrina Thornton Johnson

Very pleasant and professional. Great conversation. Relaxing environment. I found a great place for all my natural hair care needs. Will definitely return!

Sierra Smith

Elayna W



Marshawn Woods


Horrible! Wish I could give 0 stars.


I had an appt which I was excited to get booked. I was happy to have another black owned business, and it was in the area. Once arrived I was suppose to start at 9am and no one was there, so I had waited for a good 25 mins into the time I was suppose to be started, so I'm hoping the madness stops there-nope it gets worse. Once inside they were very nice and respectful, so moving on, so I explained to them I was there to get a touch up around the edges mind you I called this appt in with the details of what I needed done with the owner agreeing they're able to do Senegalese twist/I was booked for an appt. So I'm in the chair and I ask how long has one of the girls that greeted me that morning being doing hair and she responded for 6 yrs, and I also found out that it's not just a hair salon it's like a school for beginner(which they don't tell you and it's wrong)but come to found out she had no clue of how to do Senegalese twist including the actual lady who was to do my touch up who wasn't even there yet. I swear for that whole time I was there I had three people try to redo the edges of my hair while wasting my time, hair they mess/used up, the owner was like whispering saying this doesn't look good and I was like your so correct, and I had to go ahead let them so try cause may hair was all over and I came out that shop looking hot damn mess. To the conclusion of my story I did not pay them for their service. It was HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE.

Lyndie Ivery

Myra Odell

Myanna always does a great.

Ted Schneck

New Brew

Ebony Klinger

these women are professional powerful energetic and knowledgeable I found my new family in the hair industry I will never go anywhere they did such an outstanding job on all the customers I saw walk in today including myself I didn't think that I could look so beautiful but they topped it so if you're wondering if this is the place you should be at don't think just go

Sherelle Jones

I have been to this salon three times myself and my sister has been one time. I really wanted to love this salon and support a black owned business, however each visit has been sub-par at best. The first two times I went in for a shampoo/condition/trim. The trims were terrible but at the time I was new to Seattle and had no other options. The third visit was perhaps the worst experience I've ever had with a salon. I called to scheduled for a touch up for Senegalese twist. I requested 3 rows to be completed in the front and 1 row in the back. The price quoted was $85. That in it self is outrageous but I agreed. When I arrived the front desk stated that the appointment was listed as two strand twist (which if you know REAL Senegalese twist that is two different styles) and that she needed to check with the stylist to see if she could actually do it. The stylist said she could. When I sat down in the chair she started complaining that the hair I brought in was not pre stretched and that she was not able to actually pre stretch hair. At that point I decided to leave and told them I would reschedule. Instead of allowing me to leave the stylist kept asking me why I wanted to leave and basically tried to hold me hostage. It was so unprofessional and very inconvenient for me as I had to take off work to make it to this appointment and I drove 1.5 hrs in traffic. My sister also had a very horrible experience. I was with her and she went in for a simple trim. That is all. To give you background my sister has short, VERY VERY THIN, VERY FINE hair. When she got in the stylist insisted on giving her a "cut" (basically changing the "trim" to "cut" so he could charge more) he packed on a ton of oil on her hair and burned her scalp. She actually had sores from the flat iron because he was burning her. After all this they charged her $75. Again I really wanted to like this shop but will never do business here again. The stylist really do not know how to care for natural hair outside of locs which is disappointing given the name of the salon. In addition even though the front desk lady tries her best to give good customer service the shop overall has no people skills and no customer service.

Tatiawna B

Naomi Marache

Kiiame santana

Maegan Wilson

dee spdr

Clon Dute

Kizzy Joye

My 1st visit and I'm so pleased! My locs look amazing! The staff is knowledgeable. The customer service is outstanding! I will definately come back.


Ki Smith

Great service and people

HEALING Jalani Khose Ra'Quan

Very beautiful atmosphere, they make you family..not just make you feel like it..very loving and professional

Alise Moss Vetica

Love the salon - especially Ms. Yvonne whose customer service is over and beyond.

Ebony T

So good to have a salon that specializes. I'm tired of going to places that say they do everything. Thanks I AM Natural Beauty for being real.

Dominique Bailey


Gladys Rugendo


I love the vibe , as soon as i walked in music was playing, everyone was working and looked like they were enjoying what they do. So much black beauty in one place, knowledge, clean, small shop , if i didn't live so far away I'd make this my go to place.

Shantavia Johnson

J&A team

TYSON French

Devils Advocate

Cosha Foster

Messed my friends hair up then tried to say it was there fault unprofessional! And no certifications ! Need to just close the dang salon.

Whitney Dale

Trevor McDonald

Terrible customer service!

Dutchie Monroe

The work here is horrible, they are a black owned business that dont know how to style, cut or do any type of black natural hair. Far from "natural beauty" they do NOT blow dry hair correctly, thet have HORRIBLE customer service. Honestly someone needs to report this business because I highly doubt the stylist there have licenses. They act more like the hood spot than a professional establishment. If i wanted a easter sunday hairdo I wouldve went to my aunts house and got the hot comb. You people ruin good hair. Shut down! Bad Business!!! Stop making black business look bad.

Julio Meza

Horrible experience I showed up on time and the person to braid my hair showed up 45 minutes late then sat around talking for 10 more minutes. After no apology for being late she finally braids my hair and the braids were very sloppy and uneven. Already upset I just payed the lady and took the braids out in the car.

Carol Ingram

I did not have my hair serviced here. Via the phone the staff wasunprofessional and confusing information provided. Information provided did not align with website.


Myana C. Thomas

Very well organized, workers work well together, very unique styles.

Akua Kariamu

I was able to get an appointment right away. As soon as I arrived they put me in a chair. Stylist went beyond what I expected.

Dante Jenkins

Nunya Bidness

I've been going to this salon on and off for a few years, and haven't had one bad experience. The staff is professional, knowledgable about natural hair and provides quality service to their clients. If highly recommend this salon to others.

Rafael Ventura


A Barry

I have been going to I Am Natural Beauty since August 2016 and I could write a very long review singing the praises of every aspect of this salon, but they say a picture is worth 1000 words, so I am including a pic of my most recent style. I will add a few more words: Everyone at I AM Natural Beauty is talented, professional, and genuine. If you're in Seattle and you think that the popular natural hair salon on Yesler is only game in town, it's not. If you are fed up with awful customer service, inconsistent talent, and overall bad energy, treat yourself to a better experience - Go to I AM Natural Beauty.

Darren Harris

rigoberto hernandez

Tanisha Major

If I could give it a zero I would do not come here a customer hair was ruined and after experiencing all her hard work destroyed she was then disrespected when the stylist was in the wrong. Smh run stay away.

Fatima Farah

Terrible customer service! The workers there was acting so unprofessional.

Reylah Eversley

Jamila Rivers

courtney boone

I went here on and off for over a year. At almost every visit I was passed off to some new stylist. I went for a loc retwist every 4-6 weeks and there was always new stylists at the shop. Regardless if I specifically requested for the owner to do my hair (b/c she does a good job), I somehow got stuck with other people who weren’t as good. I incurred damage (holes) in my locs due to stylist incompetence. Every time I went there I was usually there anywhere between 3-4 hours, sometimes more, and that’s with an appointment! I got tired of tired of the inconsistencies with the stylists and quality of care and I finally left.


kearstin kearstin

I had a good experience at this place.

Aleah McWilliams


Elliot Traven

These ladies do an excellent job come here if you want that A-1 service I'm going back for round 2 and many more thank you.

Camillia Peoples

savannah shane

I hate leaving bad reviews but honestly it’s needed. I was really excited to find a black owned salon little did I know this was the worst choice and I wish I never came here. I got my hair straightened and an all over color. I never straighten my hair only once a year! I had my hair straight for a week and when I went to rinse my hair I noticed parts of my curls were not going back to my their natural state. It’s been a couple years that have passed now since this happened and parts of my hair is STILL straight. They damaged the hell out of my hair it makes me so depressed I’ve tried everything in my power to try and get my curls back. DO NOT GO HERE!!

Lanice Joye

Zerb Dod

Vanessa gave me a short haircut which I am in love with! She is so sweet and she takes the time to understand what you are looking for and what will suit your face.

Sam Jackson

This was my first time in the shop and I was not impresssd. I was getting a wash, deep condition and was going to get my locs two strand twisted. The wash was fine, but after that if was down hill. There is only two hair dryer so I sat off to the side with conditioner in my hair. Once the conditioner was out the retwist began. For starter there were too many hands in my head. (Four sets) If I wanted to tip for the service I wouldn't have know who to give it to. The first stylist who started my hair was twisting my locs to the left!! Huge no no!! One, two,three sets hands later I was done and ready for the dryer. I go and take a seat a the dryer and was forgotten about. I sat for 15 minutes until someone finally came and cut the dryer on. I sat under the dryer for all of 20 minutes, than go back to the booth. I get asked "was there anything else you were getting done?" I say,"no that was it." I'm sorry but if one person was working on my head than it would have been known already that I wanted two strand twist. I walked in at 12:30 and didn't leave until 2:45. This appointment took way too long. For this establishment too be in business as long as it has (5 years) I would have expected more. Over all my hair came out good,not great. I could of had one of my homies do my hair and it would have came out looking better,more crisp. I did not get the salon experience.

Uel Coles

Aïda T.

Out of the approximately 6 appointments I’ve had, these people were late on all of them, except one! To top it off, when I arrived at my last appointment, I found Iyana, whom I had an appointment with, doing someone else’s hair. She was double booked! She seemed surprised to see me and said she had no idea I was coming in today. Mind you, they called me the day before to confirm my appointment. I had to wait 2 hours and, while I waited, she had another person work on my hair. What’s shocking is that this person not only is not trained to do Sisterlocks but appeared to have never done it before. I could tell she was learning on my locks that I paid well over one thousand dollars for! Iyana eventually came and finished up my retightening. I actually talked to someone the day before my appointment to confirm and reiterate that I wanted a sisterlocks consultant to work on retightening my locks. I did NOT want Iyana’s teenage daughter working on my Sisterlocks. Why? Because after my initial install, I went back 10 days later to have a few locks in the front retightened. Iyana was not there and I was surprised to see that they had booked my appointment with their daughter who is NOT a sisterlocks consultant and was NOT trained by the Sisterlocks company to provide this service. Sure enough I realized a few days later, while I was out of the country, that she had screwed up my grid line by locking locks from two different grid lines. If you know anything about Sisterlocks, you know they are super tiny and, most importantly, the grid lines have to be ON POINT. I had to find someone while I was out of the country and PAY THEM to fix what their daughter messed up. Needless to say, I contacted them and politely gave them feedback requesting that my next appointment be, REALLY, with an actual Sisterlocks trained person. They assured me Iyana would do my hair but they once again had another unqualified person work on my hair because she was double booked! Here comes the best part: After this ordeal, I wake up the next day, on a Saturday morning, and get a call from her teenage daughter berating me on how she is now the “manager” of this location and that Iyana was going to be moving to Federal Way and if I wanted my Sisterlocks relighted, it would have to be with her. You’re NOT even a trained Sisterlocks professional and you have THE NERVE to call me mouthing off about it’s you or no one else! This girl was condescending, patronizing, negative, and out right rude on the phone. She kept on talking about how I had complained about her messing up my grid line and how she didn’t charge me for the 20 minutes she spent screwing up my locks. Girl please! I gave your mother a $200 tip when she did my initial install. So, like I said, it ain’t about the money! She tried to blame my hair type, talking about it’s thin in the front; thin or not, her mother (the sisterlocks trained person) did it right. Basically, she was upset because she provided a bad service and I gave them feedback. I didn’t even give them a bad review. I gave them feedback and gave them the opportunity to rectify the situation. $200 for retightening by unqualified people! Since you want to be grown calling customers, being rude, and talking about “I manage this shop!” (Nepotism at its best!), how about I have my attorney reach out to y’all for violating the verbal contract I had with your parents; which was to have Sisterlocks installed and maintained by professionals that have been TRAINED by the Sisterlocks company!? So far, you all have had, not one, but two unqualified people work on my locks. Just running my fingers through my locks I can feel an obvious difference between the ones on the parts the unqualified person retightened and the ones Iyana did. What you need to do is apologize for your constant tardiness, the double booking, and having unqualified people work on my hair. NOT call me mouthing off about nonsense! AND, for your information, you’ve already been replaced with someone who is qualified, trained, and vetted by the Sisterlocks company.


Bad customer care, unprofessional and they did the style I didn't ask for! My fiancé and I were so excited to go to this place and get a special hairstyle for me to take back home since I was visiting US. I had on mind a hair that I wanted put on but they convinced me to get a different one and also it was not done the way I wanted it to be done. They were supposed to start working on me at 10 and I got there 15min earlier but they started to work on me at 10:45 and at least 4 ladies were replacing each other to work on my small head; taking some breaks just leaving me there waiting. They didn't put on all the hair I bought and they wanted keep it saying that I won't need it anymore but I was wise enough to say no. I was visiting US and I wanted go back home with a new nice American hair style but I was really disappointed and I had to pay a bill of 350$ to them after buying a hair of 200$, they made me spend all that money for something which didn't worth it. And I had to take their hair off back home and then cut my hair because of disappointment. I had that bad feeling of having wasted money. I will never forget that bad experience I had in this salon. On my return to US I found an other place which is much cheaper and they offer incredible service! So not all US hair salons are bad indeed.

Zarria Cook

Just look at the stylists' hair...there's no hope for this place. Don't risk your curls here

oli .via

Margaret Kibinge

Lovely place, the owner is Amazing. . The ladies are amazing highly recommend this place for natural hair care

Julio Agosto

I have been coming to I am Natural Beauty for a year and a half and the LOC maintenance service has always been great and my final product has always been pleasing. Ask for Tameka.

Cedtrecia Passian

Sunnas Thomas

Vicente Spencer

Kenechukwu Ubaka

Iyana Thomas

Timothy Spehert

I asked to have my hair dyed purple and even asked for a specific color. When I showed up- she didn’t have the color I wanted- but something else. I felt like I had to say yes- mainly because I just spent time getting there and was excited for the some color. My hair is a dark brown and she didn’t bleach my hair or do anything to prep my hair for color. Obviously my hair turned to a darker shade of brown/purple. Honestly- it was a very ugly color. She acknowledged that it did not turn out and said that I should just wash it out more at home and it will go back to my normal color soon and that in a couple weeks I could reschedule to have it redone. Before I left I was also asked to pay for the service and the dye. I paid because I wasn’t thinking clearly. After I left I was so mad at myself. She definitely took advantage of me and did a horrible job. Since then- I have just done my own hair. Bleach. Tone. Dye. There’s a Can’t believe that she wouldn’t know better and then would also make me pay. Never went back. Would NOT recommend to anyone. Also- doesn’t matter who you book an appointment with- it will be changed without notice and at least 2 different people will be working on your hair as they are preoccupied with other things. How this place is still in business is beyond me. (Anytime I refer to “she” I am referring to the owner)

Jeffon Lee

Felt like I paid full price for half a job

Nina Driver

Thomas Locs

Myana did an excellent job on my dreadlocks. Thanks Girly!

Nonya Johnson

Tracy Petit

Iyanna Thomas

Karleasa Mitchell

Kika Dancy

My hair stylist does my hair good and she's bringing it back to life.

Diana O.-P.

Great Salon & Customer Service! Today was my first time in and I was very happy with my experience. I am starting locs and spoke to Yvonne to get an appointment scheduled. I appreciated the sincere care and concern shown to me as a customer. From Yvonne, to the owner Iyana and even the barber Kevin, I got tips on how to take care of my locs. I left feeling informed and well cared for. I look forward to coming back and bringing my kids as well!

Mister Pat

Wonderful staff that treat their patron well. I got me loc done and there beautiful

Natalie A

Love this place! The owner is amazing and truly treats all of her customers so well! I don't usually leaves reviews but this place is it for me.

Ashley-Bria McCormick

Chana Gurl

Truly unprofessional stay away

Lucinda Lovett

Breanna Cummings

Blacc 206

This place is awsome very comfortable environment for everyone. Clean and smell good. The staff are very professional. I will come back.

Inez Stone

Kysha Hill

Marlon Thomas

Best place in Seattle to get natural hair care services.

Chelsea Brooke

Unprofessional, horrible customer service.

Danique Hodge

This is my third and final time visiting the salon. Today's experience was disappointing. Not only did I come in early to adhere to their scheduling but when I arrived there were no stylist available to complete my requested style. This is something that should have been clarified before rebooking me. I regretfully agreed to a style I did not come in for, and one that was not salon worthy. As I pulled my style back to make myself presentable before departing I was scolded, and told to let the stylist fix it. However there was no fixing to be done. I offered the stylist in training to work on her symmetry and ensure each twist are roughly same width and looseness. Instead of accepting my kind critic I was told my hair is thinner on one side. I then had to point out the very visible variations on one side to the other. Long and short lesson learn for me, is to walk away when it's clear services can't be met. To make this experience even worse I was charged full price despite all the noted shortcomings. As a student, teacher and avid learner I find value in giving others chances but in this case I felt taken advantage of, and unfortunately will not be returning.

Dimiitrix D

Eddy Woodhouse

RENAE Gaines

Iyanla is Amazing she keeps my hair on point

NyShae Petty

I worked at I Am Natural Beauty for a very short period of time. In working there I never received a paycheck. Which is illegal, doing labor for free. In my time of working, I was taught how to do loc maintenances, I post my work, that I completed (which I NEVER RECEIVED MONEY FOR) and get scolded on social media. Their customer service is not the best and some don’t even have licenses!

Adam Dunmars

Love this place. I just moved out to Seattle and got my dreadlocks redone, the quality of the work is great! Found my new place to get my hair retwisted.

Abraham Augustt

Very friendly service

Keith Thomas

Sara Ben

J Chew

Jenika Guillaume

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