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Always go here, as always

Michael Apata

Jordan Blackmon

A fantastic service for those of us who are gifted with African hair

prince OfCharm

Rarity will you find a Black Salon...with such poor customer concern/service!!! 2 Days in a row ive called to just simply have my hair washed being that this is a salon...i would rather spend my money in a black owned business...but this is a great example as to why our community is so divided...because their is no togetherness...or future planning...there is only in the moment thought..its 2018 i can call an establishment for a general service that they provide...and still be treated this way...Based on the interaction it further defines my mindset and outlook and understanding...I understand that Success and Money isnt for Everbody... #InaBusinessEvery$Counts #InaBusinessEvery1Matters

Mighty YoungSir

Chelsea Doran

LeTania Severe

Ken Nsimbi

Excellent service!

Andre Perkins

Kemi Azeez

I had a very bad experience here. Will not return. I wasn't satisfied with the result. The stylist picked up on it and started badgering me about the tip. It was extremely uncomfortable, but the stylist continued and took it to a personal level. I ended up leaving without letting her finish. Other than the really bad treatment, my stylist didn't know how to do natural hairstyles other than dreads or braids. I wish she had been honest about that fact. The receptionist ended up giving me a discount and offering a do over. It was a nice gesture, but I'm good.

Ernest Tutt

Dorothy Capers

First of all, I would like to say that I am a business owner and appreciate anyone staring up a business, in particularly a Black woman in Seattle. That being said I was not happy with the stylist that did my hair. I was in the shop from for over 4 hours. I watched while she did her hair and left me under the dryer for way to long. FYI, your business is only as good as those who work for you. I know good help is sometimes hard to find :). Wish you the best of luck!

Anne Watson

My daughter had her hair cut here this past weekend. The people were nice, and the cut seems okay, but she was terribly burned. She didn't speak up when it happened, but I don't understand how it could happen in the first place, or once it happened, how it could go unnoticed by the stylist. In this case, a picture is worth a thousand words. Be very very careful here.

the elite clan

Its good for dreads

Toninette Anderson

Janine Hunt

They do a very professional and profound job. I travel all the way here just to get there services for my hair.

Patricia Chu

Nana I.

My stylist Tasha was amazing, she was very informative, friendly and on time. The salon however, often doesn't have a receptionist and no answered when I called and there was a lot of hair on the floor like it wasn't swept up after the clients leave.

Ms Air

Caroline Soi

It had been many months (like almost a year) since I had last visited this salon. I learned a few weeks ago that it was now under new management and some reviews were negative about the new management and staff. I visited the salon a day ago not knowing what to expect, however I was pleasantly surprised! The reception staff were much nicer than those from before and furthermore I was extremely impressed by the work of Micah the stylist who did my hair. He did a good job of scrubbing my scalp well during the wash and the finished loc maintenance twist was very well done. I am a very happy client. I will be going back again whenever my locs will need maintenance!!

Green Point

Gladys Rugendo

Loved the service. Friendly owner. Will be back again for loc maintenance & styling.


Great place to get your hair done at a reasonable price. I've been going there for years and loving it!

The Niner Ya Love To Hate 510


Very professional place. Money well spent.

Tutorial Info

Dakota Johnson

Lady C

Went for my first appointment this week. Very talented staff/hair artists. If you are looking for natural styles or suggestions for black/African American hair, this is the place to go. They also work with other types of hair when it comes to braiding/cornrows

Tarajnae Murphy

Every time i call they never answer the phone and it’s honestly annoying

Taiyah Mac

Will never visit this place ever again went in there for services And it wasn’t good Lem Lem the Styles and owner has horrible Customer service Rushed my service I wasn’t happy at all. Couldn’t really understand her English. She missed treats her employees . I well never be back ever again. I know there is better black hair salon in Seattle. Help please Never again. Lem Lem has no communication skills at all . Thanks for the bad Service Lem Lem



My new place to go

Willmary Dill

Shelley Moore

Askari AbdulShakur

Nana 206

Made an appointment for my daughter over a week in advance for a very important event today. After one hour of waiting, she was still not seen. We had to walk out. As a business owner myself I do not understand how businesses like this survive with such poor customer service. Not only they missed out on a regular client but they totally ruined our day today. Definitely don’t recommend it.


wonderful environment with beautiful people who take hair care seriously.

Rocheta Lovelace

I'm very excited to be starting locks, and Nickole was very nice and she made sure I knew everything to start this process.

Michelle Davis-Clark

Melanie Goodman

So done with this place! Called today to book an appointment, the lady who answered was super friendly (being sarcastic), she put the phone down to help another customer, totally fine, and then never picked the phone back up. I was waiting on the phone until it was disconnected. I tried call back but apparently the phone is still off the hook. This is not the first time I have had a bad experience with this place, today was the last straw. I have booked a couple of appointments with this place in the past, only to have them cancelled for some unknown reason. When I call to reschedule, they are booked out for months. So I get on the books again, then I receive a message about how they cancelled my appointment and to call back again. I have never actually had a service here as I can never get in. It has been about a 2 years since my initial experience and I thought, well maybe things have changed so I called them today to make an appointment, and as stated above, the girl who answered didn't seemed thrilled at all to be answering phones or helping me book an appointment. I don't understand why it is a freaking production to schedule an appointment with this place. So long story appointment, yet again.


Great place and they definitely care about hair. I started my dreadlocks here in August and consistently went until a month ago, where for my own reasons I decided to learn how to do maintenance myself. Everyone was very friendly and professional and made sure you left liking how you looked! Edit: 9/3/18 I think it's probably time to update this review. In the 2-3 years that I've been going to Good Hair Salon the place has been slowly declining in terms of care. The beginning of this year in particular had been particularly rough, but LemLem (The stylist who started my locs and, as of June was still there? ) really kept me going you know? I'm a patient person and willing to put up with most things, but when no one showed up for my last appointment (It was scheduled for July 7th at 8am with someone other than LemLem. I received a reminder, got there half an hour early, and yet still waited outside until 9 in hopes that someone would come. Spoiler alert, no one did.), I decided to cut my losses and ceased going there. Apparently as of this weekend (according to a voice mail I received), they changed management again. This could be a good thing for them if they play their cards right! Unfortunately, I have decided to go to a new salon, which is much farther away and less convenient, but so far hasn't left me standing outside.

Mackenzie Rowe

Rukiya Reed

Great people! Great service! My hair looks and feels wonderful!

Reginald J R Gillins Jr

Please PLEASE get your hair done here. You need this. They are exceptional and they are very accommodating.

Timothy Spehert

The BEST place to get your locks looking amazing. Always the most friendly people working. The owner does my hair and she is the sweetest woman ever. She takes her time but is quick and efficient. She makes everyone feel welcomed. My boyfriend liked my hair so much, he started going here as well. Spread the word! This is the best place. I get compliments constantly for my hair.

Alisha Mackey

Kota Vess

Its ghetto unprofessional and disgraceful

Kellee Plumlee

Beautiful salon with some highly competent stylists! Rueben did a wonderful job on cutting my hair. I loved that he asked plenty of questions about my regimen and offered some great advice to me about improving my current maintenance routine. The best thing is that he gave me exactly what I wanted! My hubby loves my cut and so do I. The best part was that I had my 9-mo old with me and the salon was very welcoming. It also helps that my kid isn't fussy ;) Eka, another stylist, even held my LO while Rueben lined me up. Very friendly and welcoming environment. Professional salon, professional work-- done in under 3 hours. I will definitely be back! Thank you, Rueben and thanks Good Hair Salon!

Riko Valentine

So the salon was recently purchased about 4 months ago. It's under new ownership. The stylist doing my hair was very accommodating. There was a child present that belonged to an employee. I didn't think that was professional but that was merely an observation. If it keeps the parent working then she had to do what she needed to do. He didn't bother me a bit. He wasn't the stylist who was doing my hair child so I was cool. The salon needed some updating and charm but it was good enough. Considering it was a recent purchase, these things take time. As far as my hair, the stylis did what I asked.


It has changed ownership. I came in for a shampoo, blow dry and cut. The girl that washed my hair was super knowledgeable about hair and taught me about the porosity of hair. I got a trim instead of a cut because of their recommendation. Then they braided my hair in 4 cornrows. I wasn't expecting that. I knew it was a natural salon and they had no hot tools (that I saw). They were all nice. Reason for the 3 stars: Even though I got a trim by their recommendation, I was charged $50. They did 4 cornrows -- and charged me an additional $25 (shampoo & 4 braids was the exact charge). But, that wasn't stated when I was getting it done. $10 deep condition was waived for 1st time customer. $75 is a bit much in my opinion. I could of got 2 strand twist from them for less. Recommend going to them for Loc maintenance a ton of people came in for that and it looked really good. $50 for no style is a bit much for me.

Nettia Johnson-fripp

Great and friendly staff. I was attended to on time with no wait!

Talks with Josiah

I'd have to say the bussiness side gives the customer the short end of the stick. Thriving in an area where black businesses prosper, you feel obligated to speak fondly of this establishment. Unfortunately, good hair hasn't given me experience nor the words to do so. Let me make myself very clear, my experience has NOTHING against the hair stylist. Don't get me wrong, my hair looked good after my process. I just feel my overall experience was handled poorly by customer service. It's just with me being a college student and them calling in the middle of the day to switch my appointment right before one of my exams; I found it difficult to see this as professional. They started working on me 30 mins after the scheduled time and later on I found myself being skipped over for another customer. Even when I was scheduled right before them. If that wasn't enough, they showed no mercy in chewing out the back end of my wallet when charging me FULL PRICE of 80$. Then called the authorities when I voiced to them how unreasonable they were being. I do admit I could have handled the situation better. In the heat of the moment I told them they didn't deserve full price for the service I was shown. Long story short good hair is a decent drive when you are in need of a touch up. In the end you won't be able to walk the same without it costing you an arm and a leg. You'll find yourself amputated by their lack of concern for their own unprofessional costumer service. As a customer I feel like I'm also paying for the experience as well as the product. So if you want to be charged for a decent look but a customer service program that is bias, unprofessional and unreasonable; this is your store! Essentially walking out of good hair is no different of a feeling than being pimped. Both leave you looking below standard but just above mediocre, confused on why you settled for a last resort and why you did this to your poor wallet, I mean, who's got time for that? If you prefer quality over quantity I'd recommend a hair store that was more prolific. It just goes to show you that these kind of impressions stick with people forever. I thought we as black people graduated from this kind of behavior. It saddens me to see it still continues. Not only do you deserve GREAT hair, you deserve to be valued like an asset to the bussiness because their bussiness thrives off of your money. Remember that. You call it good hair, I call it "Hood Care"

Fran Washington

A very good salon for women and men of all colors who love to wear their hair naturally. They do it all loc starts and maintenance, braids, color....full service salon. Very friendly atmosphere

Steven Taylor

Marsha Tolon

Krystal Smith

Went there for my first official natural hair appointment. Very hospitable environment, my appointment started on time, and the stylists were informative and courteous. The cut and style was spot on!

Spencer Seton

Herlecia Brown

Ona is my stylist that's a quick professional. Very creative with my braiding styles and wants to please her clients.

Dr. Cherise Monique Murphy

Very Good people and service. I am used to having my natural hair deep conditioned under the dryer, typically, as part of the service.


Howard Mosley

I called this place made an appointment for today at 3:30 I get a call from her saying they are busy with walk-ins and has to cancel my appointment and can I reschedule for tomorrow why would I reschedule when you can’t even honor my appointment I have a wedding in the morning this is why I made an appointment but very unprofessional make appointment at own risk

Desiree Anderson

love the staff.. and my hair is always perfect

Sheryl Sonnie Breedlove

Delightful, perfectionists with tons of humor !!! Love my cut!!

Warren Becoat

This place is an absolute pit! Very confused and unprofessional staff. I made an appointment several weeks in advance, got there and the person said that she couldn't do the style requested, even though the receptionist that booked the appointment assured me that it could be done. There are too many other places in Seattle to get your hair done, seriously skip this one. I had to give at least 1 star, or I couldn't post this review, but they don't deserve the 1 star.

Juan Rodriguez

Not sure what the other recent reviews are talking about.... I have been going to this Salon for a couple of years and I have only worked with LemLem. Every time I call in someone answers the phone to get me scheduled & when they need to call back to confirm the appointment they do so. I have been booked at the last minute many times & there is usually no "month" wait regardless of how busy the Salon gets unless it's on a weekend which is usually busy given a lot people don't work the weekends. LemLem has kept this place alive & running even when she was not the owner. This is by far, hands down, the best salon to get your dreads started or maintained or any hair work! I have gone to other salons in the Renton & Everett area & none perform the way that LemLem does. She is very fast, multi-tasks all day every day she works. Yes, she will have a few clients she works on at the same time but she works on everyone. I was not at the salon when it was good but there is still one good stylist left from that original group, LemLem. This Salon is working it's way back to being a great Salon again where anyone can come & get fast service without any bs.

Simran Parmar

Really really bad customer service. I just called to ask about chemical relaxer but the call attendant was really rude. I dnt like the place cuz of that. 0 out of 10 review

linda shoji

Really outstanding. I've gotten two last-minute post-work appointments so far with Yuri, and I couldn't be more satisfied, especially for the reasonable price. I basically asked for "trim, light layers, professional" and she worked her magic. Quick, well done haircut, with sweet staff. I'd recommend Lux highly!

KeKey Jones

Rian Ellis

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